Califronia Lawmakers Declare Cuss Free Week

by | Mar 1, 2010 | Tom of the North | 8 comments


In his most recent Outside the (Cardboard) Box News Brief, Tom of the North discusses California’s new sweeping legislation:

On Thursday the California State Assembly took bold steps to address the rapidly deteriorating condition of their State. Currently facing a $24 billion annual budget shortfall, rising overall unemployment, plummeting income, property & sales tax receipts and ever-rising costs due to intractable State employee Labor Unions and runaway entitlement programs, State Legislators demonstrated once again that California leads the Nation in identifying & taking effective action on the most expedient issues of the day. Although the measure is tremendously unpopular and will likely find little support outside of Sacramento, Legislators nonetheless declared the first week of March to be “Cuss Free Week”.

Read the Full Quasi-Faux News Story…

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    1. Californian

      Well i guess its safe to say that California cuss Free  week really Sucks Long Cucumbers!   Is that concidered a cuss word?

    2. Chris C.

      This is exactly why we’re circling the drain. With all the SERIOUS issues in our economy right now we have to be concerned with swearing. So what happens if someone cusses – do they serve any time? What’s the point of this exercise?

      You can add gay marriage to the list of time and energy wasting efforts, as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure there are plenty others.

    3. admin

      I thought the cuss-word filter would have censored “cucumber” but it looks like you’re good to go Californian.

    4. Californian

      Since i live here in California,I tried to contact the California Law maker that did this.Unfortunately,If your not in his district you can not send him e-mail ,Isnt that  something!   

    5. Bill

      No Shit!  What a waste of time, effort and money.  Seems like it could be better spent.  But what do I know, I’m just a carpenter.

    6. Rick Blaine


      Having lived in the Bay Area for ten years (before moving back to AZ), I have often dreamed about how awesome Northern California must have been like 50 years ago…

      As it currently stands, there is no better example of exactly why the beautiful state of California is currently a ticking time bomb than the fact that the State Assembly wasted the resources (oxygen included) they did in making such a declaration.

    7. zukadu

      Well, you can take a red-neck out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of a red-neck; so how are you going to separate “lawmaker” from “asshole” ? 🙂

    8. Brian K

      Comments…..Count your blessings.  They might have passed another spending bill!

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