The Threat of War Is Real – But Beware the False Hype: “The good news is that war is NOT imminent…”

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    Editor’s Note: The following commentary has been contributed by well known survival expert and World Affairs analyst Joel Skousen via the Strategic Relocation web site.

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    The Threat of War Is Real – But Beware the False Hype
    By Joel Skousen (Author of Strategic Relocation and Editor of World Affairs Brief)

    SR-logoRussia and China are both on the move against their neighbors.  Both are in a major remilitarization that makes Hitler’s Wermacht pale by comparison.  In contrast, the US is disarming in terms of strategic weapons despite Russian cheating on virtually every disarmament pact it has ever made.  Worse, the US has no treaty with China at all, which makes a mockery out of our unilateral disarmament, even if you could trust Russia and China to abide by them—which you can’t.

    Most Americans don’t know that the US recently removed 2  of the 3 nuclear warheads on the remaining 450 Minuteman III missiles, leaving a single warhead—a 66% reduction in nuclear missile response power, while Russia and China keep building new and more advanced missiles with up to 10 warheads each.

    The “why” has to do with a major globalist conspiracy to set the US up for a nuclear pre-emptive strike that, in turn, will drive the Western world into forming a militarized global government in response—ushering in the NWO order and the loss of liberty that conservatives have long feared, along with the destruction of war.   War will finally bring on the need for all the preparations Mac Slavo and others have been urging for so long.

    Don’t be lulled into false security by the establishment propaganda that “Mutually Assured Destruction” will keep nuclear weapons from ever being used.   Both Russia and China are building huge factory bunkers (Yamantau Mtn) to not only survive a nuclear strike but to continue producing weapons of war.

    Our leaders are building a series of new and huge underground bunkers deep underground and you can bet it’s not because of terrorism.  Notice that they are not warning you to prepare for nuclear war.  Instead the media makes fun of the “duck and cover” drills of the fifties—just to embarrass anyone who tries to prepare today.  They know this strike is coming and, in fact, are telegraphing the message of growing US weakness through continual disarmament, in order to induce our enemies to finally strike.

    PDD-60, that notorious 1997 Presidential Decision Directive that directed our nuclear forces “not to rely on Launch on Warning, but to “prepare to absorb a nuclear first strike” is still on the books and has not been repealed.  I think it is a hint that our nuclear forces are not going to get the launch codes when a first strike is launched against our missile silos and military bases. We will be set up to take the first hit, and all our major military and communications facilities will be taken out in that first strike.

    If you don’t think our globalist leaders are capable of such betrayal, think again.  Remember Pearl Harbor, and 9/11—both government planned provocations in order to get us into war, and together these two false operations killed almost 7,000 people.

    What better way to wipe away the growing opposition to globalism that is sweeping Europe and the US, than to create another war where the US military is taken down in a pre-emptive strike and the world will turn to any globalist promise of security in the new war?  Forget the propaganda from China about threatening US cities.  Neither they nor Russia want to kill the economic goose that lays the golden eggs, or be branded the bully of the world.  They are planning on targeting only military targets and then blackmail the West into submission.  The entire western world would be in a panic if the US military is decapitated.  Who would protect us and prosecute the new world war?  I believe our globalist leaders will emerge from their bunkers, already having planned the answer—a MILITARIZED New World Order, and the US and NATO are already making plans to build such a global military in Europe.

    While all of this is building, don’t be deluded by the hype about the Muslim threat.  The war on terror is a manufactured threat that has been created by US and British black operations and in order to help justify the dismantling of constitutional protections we once enjoyed, as well as to create a constant “war on terror” diversion so that you won’t see the real threat looming from Russia and China which have long been preparing.  None of the Muslim nations have any weapons production capability except Iran, and that’s why Iran is being targeted for eventual removal.

    But now that Russia’s new aggressiveness is showing in Ukraine, there’s a mass of hype developing claiming that Russia is merely protecting its interests and that the US is trying to provoke a war.  This hype is coming from two different sources: 1) predictably from the far Left, like Global Research, Stephen Lendman and Eric Zeusse, always trying to defend Castro and Putin or any other communist leader, and 2) from a few on the Anti-Globalist right like Paul Craig Roberts or who rightly see the threat of globalist control in the West, but wrongheadedly see Putin as the “savior” who, alone, has the power to take down the globalists and set us free.   That’s very naïve.

    Typical of this new wave of hype is this week’s article on about “Berlin Stunned At US Desire For War In Ukraine.”  Zerohedge keys off of a Der Spiegel article that builds on US Gen. Breedlove’s recommendation for strong US action against Russia in Ukraine as proof that the US is intending to go to war with Russia.   It’s not.  Breedlove is only saying the obvious—that nothing but real force by the West is going to stop Russia from slowly taking back Ukraine.  He’s right, but he’s not in charge of policy and Obama’s globalist advisors are never going to OK anything but weak diplomacy, paper sanctions and token advisors plus a few military exercises around Ukraine—nothing that would actually force Russia’s hand to openly invade or openly respond to Western intervention.  The West will wheedle and provoke in small ways, but never confront in a major way.

    Remember that for the globalists to drive us into their militarized NWO, they have to appear the victim while encouraging Russia and China to strike by weakening our forces with constant global interventions and unilateral disarmament.  They can’t be seen as directly confronting Russia with such a big military response that it forces Russia’s hand.

    The purposes of the phony “fall of the Soviet Union” in 1990 was to get the West to pour money into the bankrupt Eastern block, revitalize Russia’s industry including oil and gas, and allow them to rearm using Western technology.  Now that this is well on the way, Putin is riding the wave of anti-US sentiment in Russia and elsewhere (created by US global intervention) to justify his strong military resurgence of Russian power.

    Remember too that Russia moved millions of ethnic Russians into Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and the Baltics prior to the phony “fall” specifically to create future provocations, as in Ukraine, to justify other stealth invasions.  What we are seeing in Ukraine will next happen in the Baltics.  None will completely fall to Russia, and none will be taken over by open invasion at first, but Russia will use these conflicts to eventually get troops into many of the former Soviet states, as a prelude to the planned invasion of Europe.   Europe has no stomach to confront Russia, and will be in denial until it’s too late.

    It’s going to be a slow move to full war for two reason:  1) Russia has to use stealth troops to disguise the invasion and move slow enough to avoid a forceful response by the West.  That’s why these truces in Ukraine never hold, but they do give the illusion that diplomacy is working, even though Russia uses them to prep for the next phase of the invasion.   2)  Russia isn’t even close to being ready militarily to take on the US and NATO.  It’s presently in a huge 5 year militarization program and its top of the line weapons systems won’t be coming on line until the beginning of the next decade.  The same is happening in China, and its newest weapon systems won’t be ready until the next decade.

    The good news is that war is NOT imminent, despite the hype.  You’ve got time to prepare, but prepare you must—and for much more than just social unrest and economic collapse.  Those too will accompany war, but nuclear war requires that you prepare against fallout as well.  Don’t prepare against blast effects.  If you are within 5 miles of a military target, spend money on a strategic move —not on expensive bunkers and blast valves.  Todd Savage, the nation’s top expert in strategic relocation real estate can help you.  His consulting packages include consulting time with me as well to ensure your looking in the right region for your Strategic Relocation. In my book, The Secure Home, or the High Security Shelter book, I cover all of the architectural details you’ll need to do a lot of these preparations yourself once you make your Strategic Relocation.

    Even though I don’t expect war until sometime in the next decade, it’s more important to watch for key signs of war being imminent, rather than look to a fixed timetable or prediction.   I don’t think the coming war against Iran and Syria in the Middle East is going to trigger WWIII.  Russia won’t be any more willing to go to war with the West over Iran or Syria any more than she was over Iraq.  Russia lets the US have its way militarily in the Middle East while she eavesdrops on all our battle communications and tactics so as to further her preparations for the sophisticated jamming equipment that she must have to combat US weapons when the real war starts.

    Personally, my bet is that a North Korean attack on South Korea will be the likely trigger event of WWIII.  The North has such overwhelming force arrayed against the South, only 60 miles from Seoul, that the US would probably have to use tactical nukes to stop such an attack.  What better excuse for China to come to the aid of ally North Korea with a nuclear attack on US military targets, saying “the US was guilty of the ‘first use’ of nukes?   Besides, there has to be some reason to explain why the US keeps dealing permissively with North Korea, which has nuclear warheads and the missiles to deliver them (as compared to Iran which has no nukes yet—and which is threatened with every military option).  I think the globalists know that NK is being planned for the trigger event of WWIII, and they are making sure that trigger event is preserved.

    So, if you see a massive invasion of NK against the South, don’t delay in getting out of major urban areas, even if not a military target.  Both Russia and China intend to use an EMP strike to cause the maximum disruption followed by the physical nuclear strike within minutes.  That EMP strike will cause a lot of social unrest, and you want to be out of town before that happens.   Don’t forget to prepare in advance a strategic place to retreat to, even if with friends or family in a rural area.


    You can follow Joel Skousen’s regular commentary and analysis at World Affairs Brief.

    For those looking to explore strategic relocation possibilities as part of a broader preparedness planning effort visit the Strategic Relocation Web Site. For questions and guidance about relocation we strongly recommend contacting the pros at Survival Retreat Consulting.


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      1. Sounds like this planet will be fighting with each other forever….

        • That’s all humans know how to do including destroying the ecosystem.

          • Makes one wonder why humanity has lasted this long…
            What humanity could be if we all could stop fighting?
            I know, just dreaming…

            • Would be 8 billion millionaires then Eppe. Imagine the power to move decimal places.

            • If it wasent for war/strife/challenge. Humans would still be living in the savannas of Africa.
              Every Human society that has ever existed that embraced peace over war has been destroyed. The most successful society either good or bad embraced both.
              Like the story above suggests, We have people of ambition who want it all. They care little about us and have developed methods to keep the masses in check thru mas psychosis and propaganda.
              There is not really anything we can do to stop the coming destruction. But you can increase your odds of survival by preparing.

              • I doubt that war is necessary for a good society. Look whats in front of your face. War destroys and makes people even meaner. And concerning hunter gather society its foolish to down play it. Hunter gather societies are the natural order for humans. That order provides the greatest sense of community and spiritual developement than any of the other we have tried. Hunter gatherers are/were happier and far more sane than than any other way.we have tried. And they work far less and have much time with family and friends.

              • This is a lie. When the first Portuguese reached Africa, earlier in the last millennia, they noted that not only was the economy there GREATER than any European economy, but also that the people there left their doors open and had no fear of assault or theft. This was in spite of the fact that gold was LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. This is why they conspired to watch and study the africans so they could infiltrate and take over. You see, HUMANITY is not one thing; there are TRUE differences between the races.

                One is that Caucasians are a jealous, war-like, and deceitful people who look for any weakness to exploit. Before Shaka Zulu I believe it was, many wars in Africa consisted of only the leaders doing one on one combat to determine the outcome. It wasn’t until this leader that large scale warfare was begun. In other words, your contention that war is a necessary part of the human condition is false. It is within Caucasians probably because they were locked in the Caucus mountains for thousands of years.

                Did you ever wonder why ‘history’ only begins with the greeks? Humans have presumably been around for thousands upon thousands of years, so why only so recently? Because ‘history’ is more ‘his’story or the story of the Caucasians reemergence from exile. That’s why they ‘discovered’ america, despite there being people already living here. It was new *TO THEM*.

                • Seriously? Your “history” began when people were civilized enough to begin to use a written form of communication known has “writing”. African tribes were warring with each other long before recorded “history’ There is really no differences between the races as far as that is concerned. HUMANS have always fought each other. Cain and Abel? If you are going to call your self “The Truth” you might want to start speaking it and not spin it the way you want. History is the story of Caucasians? What “race” were cavemen? and what does it matter? HUMAN history IS history. Truth is you don’t know squat.

                • Africa is littered with destroyed civilizations and empires as far back at the beginning of man.
                  You can fill a small library with books on all the different civilizations that have come and gone mostly destroyed by war.
                  When the Portuguese reached Africa, they met the Zulu’s. The Zulus were at that time at the end of their peaceful cycle. Ripe for destruction by the Westerners. which is exactly what happened.
                  Just a few generations before they were at a constant state of war for generations with themselves and other tribes. They grew, expanded and thrived because of war. Not peace.
                  The entire rest of Africa was also at war at that time. Study The east Africa version with the Amhara. They were not so peaceful. The Portuguese did not fair so well there.

                  You shouldn’t base your knowledge on a made for TV mini series. I liked Shaka Zulu Too. But is was just what it was. Entertainment. Not Fact.

            • As long as there are religions, there will be wars.

              • As long as there are IDIOTS there will be wars.

          • Why wait to get out of major urban areas now?
            Oh I forgot, you want all the good things life
            has to offer first. Stupid me.

            • The USA is not inviting a First Strike to start WW III so that the NWO PTB can crawl out of the rubble to locate their assets.

              In a word, this analysis is INSANITY. LMFAO!!! 🙂

              China is becoming a FULL Managing Partner in the NWO. The CCP has everything to lose in a nuclear war with the West and nothing to gain. Japan has the ability to build and deliver 80 nukes, right now.

              Russia WILL lose everything to the NWO. One way or the other. That is just the way it is and Russia brought this upon itself by reneging on NWO investment in Russia, while confiscating the assets of the multinationals who invested in Russia. Siberia is the PRIZE, it will pass to China.

              If you were the Leader of the Chinese, who would you attack? Your biggest trading partners who is the source of your national wealth and keeps your people employed, or would you attack one of your biggest rivals that once conspired to destroy your country, with whom you have a largely unguarded 5,000 border, separating you from all the raw materials your economy needs to keep humming?

              Think people think!!! This analysis is full of false premises. Anyone who cannot see that both China and Russia are using the West as a straw man to hide their real reason for military buildup from each other and justify their military capabilities is delusional.

              That said, the Neocons do want war in Eastern Europe while the conventional advantage is with the NWO. 🙁

              • Agreed, DK. As for “Russian cheating on virtually every disarmament pact it has ever made.”, I’d submit that the UNITED STATES never met a disarmament pact or any other agreement that it actually honored.

                In fact, we are in the position with Russia that we are now, BECAUSE THE WEST REFUSED TO HONOR IT’S ‘VERBAL’ AGREEMENT NOT TO EXPAND NATO TOWARDS RUSSIAN TERRITORY. They said there was nothing ‘in writing’.

                I guess we’ll just have to pay attention to the writing on the wall. The Western Bankers are causing this mess, and we all know who those banksters control…

                • Your insight has no peer sixpack. Love ya.

                  • Lucky for me that I don’t depend on “peers” to validate me. My thoughts/opinions are not crowd sourced…

                  • The long time posters here should read the link:


                    If any of you here don’t believe that paid Russian trolls are not operating on Alt Media sites like this one in an attempt to sway American Public Opinion, you would be sadly mistaken.

                    Yes, sixpack the NWO breached its agreement to not expand NATO. 🙁

              • No, DK, I disagree with everything you say.

                • Barn cat: Ok, On principle alone or with info? Just curious…

              • I agree with DK and Sixpack…….the author of this article is coming from out of left field. As a matter of fact I just about to cancel my e-mail subscription to this site.

                • Skousen sells high end bug out locations and his articles usually support the need for a safe retreat.

              • DK–I actually, fully agree with you here. The premise that the US and the Western Powers would stand down and invite an unretaliated First Strike is ridiculous. For what? So that they can climb out of their bomb shelters and lay “globalist policy and police state rules” across the glowing landscape?–

                I thought India with its growing muslim population at near 40% and also Pakistan, a fully Islamic country also had nukes????? To flat out flippantly disregard the threat of Islam is also ridiculous–there are almost 2 billion of them!! They are growing in populace throughout Europe and the States–the enemy are within the walls for God’s sake ! The globalists may have initially used Islam as a tool to further their agenda, but they have sorely underestimated the evil of which they have allied themselves– it truly is like a cancer where even the smallest cells left alive will regrow into a future threat again.

                Another ridiculous premise is that Russia secretly seeded the Baltic states and Ukraine with Russians so that they could eventually justify a war against these countries–silly. The ethnic Russian people have lived in some of these regions longer than Americans have lived in Texas or California ! They seeded these nations so that they could conquer them as the USSR, then collapse into the Russian Federation only so they could later try and re-capture them to start WW3??? seriously?

                • Correction. It is “ceded.”

                  • no I meant seeded…as in “planted” Russians in those territories…. If you’re going to act as the Annoying Grammar Police, at least learn the importance of context……….

                    • Agreed Javelin. Personally, I believe that these territories under question in Ukraine should hold honest, monitored elections to see if they want to secede; as self determination is a basic human right.

                      With respect to the Baltic states already assimilated into the EU, Russia should invite Russian speaking people back to Russia with a guaranteed apartment, income, job,and pension and we could see how many really wanted to leave Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and live under Russian rule.

                      Call it “Freedom of Choice”.

                • Ya this is pretty stupid. If the us military is “decapitated” in a Russo-Sino Nuclear first strike, then what military force are these “globalist leaders” going to use to militarize the West and establish their NWO? The French? German? Brailian? YOU JUST DESTROYED THE ONLY MILITARY IN THE WEST CAPABLE OF FIGHTING THE CHINESE AND RUSSIANS WITH YOUR FIRST PREMISE.

                  Pretty spectacular failure of a plan…..

                  • One word. Submarines.
                    Anyhow. History shows us many ridiculous plans of world domination that have been tried. Some worked, some didn’t. Just because it is Stupid, moronic, suicidal so on and s forth doesn’t mean it wont be thought about or implemented.

                  • They don’t want a government for the masses of any sort. They want you and your kind dead. They don’t need you or your skills (if you have any) any more. The time has come for the singularity and most humans need to die. You must understand this before comprehension will take place. Most of mankind is no longer needed. They want an extinction level event. A-bombs fit this category. Globalists, because of their wealth, arrogance, and utter contempt for humanity, seriously believe they can survive the after effects.

                • Your presumption is false. Globalist bankers do not live here. They live in Davos. They don’t care about the USA with the exception of the wealth they have stolen for the last hundred years. If we be nuked so much the better for them as their computer analysis shows a revolt is in the near future for Americans. To control this a false flag will happen. It may involve nukes.

              • @ DurangoKid…

                I am with you on the interpretation of the article…with the exception that I would categorize it as the biggest ” Crock Of shit ” I have read in a while.

                I love the way it sort of lead into the ” Real Estate ” ad close to the bottom of the article…Call Todd…he can save yo ass !!!

                Was this an informative article or an ad for a Damn Real Estate company !!!

                From ” Drinking With Bob ”

                What’s Next …..What’s Next…..What’s Next !!!

              • DK

                Skousen is once again perpetuating his “getaway from it all” business ..this time using all out war as his premise..

                Since he is neither a member of the banking,political,nor MIC cabal.I’d give his summary a quick view then dismiss it all..


                and rumors of war..

                Let’s not get distracted by another fog in the midst..

                As far as denigrating the likes of Zero Hedge as a left wing pro Putin platform(, as a regular reader there,) I strongly disagree..they simply point out their worldview ,never complimentary, of Russia and Cuba,that our western media drivel cranks out daily as opposition..

                The entire world situation is not a simple left/right conflict..

                Nor does a summary by Skousen change my worldview either..

                As far as I’m concerned,they’re going to do what they’re going to do despite all the so called side liners conjectures…and none of us are privy to that intel..


              • Well, Russia obviously wants Europe to be its customer / cash cow. And yes, it doesn’t appear to possess expansionist ambitions (it’s got more than its fair share of land as is), but rather it wants to expand its sphere of influence in a zero sum game with the Antlanticist powers (US-UK), in which regard Russia should be considered to possess hegemonistic ambitions only.

                In Skousen’s defence, I believe the US-UK aka the Anglo-American establishment wants WW3 for their own reasons which centre on the creation of a revived Babel, that is, a supranational one world government that is more than just the talking shop that the UN is. The Anglo-American elites have been advocating global nuclear war as a means of bringing about a supranational world government for a century. But wait – there were no nukes a century ago… True, but the physics underlying them was understood. Hence HG Wells was able to write in his 1914 novel (that’s 101 years ago) “The World Set Free”, that a nuclear war could be the catalyst for the very kind of global government that the western elites have desired ever since.

                This idea is still alive and well today. I read a book written in 2011 called “How The End Begins” by Ron Rosenbaum, and in it the author lays out the current western rationale for WW3 from a purely Anglo American viewpoint: it could be used afterwards as the supreme justification for the pursuit of what Henry Kissinger calls “Global Zero”, i.e., a nuke-free world. To enforce that, a new properly empowered world government, with power to tax and police, would be mandated. They’ve been encouraged by the success of the EU; logic has thus far suggested it should have nosedived long ago, but come what may, it has been synthetically maintained against economic forces that in previous eras would have wrecked it. The same skilful intervention in the western banking and wider economic malaise is also evident; this is why I no longer listen to Max Keiser, Peter Schiff and other prognosticating pontificaters of imminent economic collapse. It should have happened, on multiple occasions by now had market forces alone been the only factor at play.

                What I think TPTB want is more than just a post WW3 nuke ban. That would be just the early cover story that would sell it best to a world traumatised by nuclear war and thus primed for a revolution in political thinking right down to man-on-the-street level. The real deal is the abolition of everything that led to the “terrible nuclear war”. Things such as: religious diversity, nationalism, diverse currencies, freedom of expression… I think the picture becomes clear where this is headed. And it’s not good for people like us.

                America itself is indeed postured to absorb a first nuclear strike from Russia. Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it’s also absolutely true. As Skousen says, Clinton set this up in the mid 1990s, ostensibly in case a rogue ex-SSR tossed one at the US without Moscow’s consent. The idea is that detonations on US soil would be first confirmed and then a response is formulated. So there is no such thing as Launch on Warning or Launch on Launch any more. Neither is there MAD. It’s all “wait and see”; consider Major General C. Donald Alston who, in an interview related How The End Begins, says,

                “The big debate is, do you wait? Wait and shoot or do you shoot while they’re en route? In my experience I have no propensity for a knee-jerk response in kind. They achieve their objective, what would be our objective in our reply?”


                “So that there’s such world attention on how the injured… the United States intends to respond, but there is a great deal of extraordinarily difficult decisions and there’s got to be cases for alternative decisions other than just nukin’ ’em back. With such world support, why would the United States take a course of action A, B, C?”

                What the general means is that the USA/NATO would not launch an immediate strike-back because doing so would preclude it from being able to take the moral high ground in world opinion prior to an appropriate response. The goal in stalling, apparently, would be to avail of the aftermath period to portray the attacker as unspeakably evil and worthy of whatever will (eventually) be sent its way. This propaganda windfall would constitute an emotive rallying point on a scale hitherto unimaginable, probably providing carte blanche for any kind of defensive measures (even pre-emptive nuclear warfare) and channelling the inflamed indignation of millions of young men towards military service. And moany unwilling sons and daughters will likely be conscripted on a tide of emotion.

                Clearly then, the critical propaganda phase aka “consensus-building” must channel emotions towards judicial revenge and away from demands for immediate American nuclear disarmament or surrender. Such is the not merely the work of skilled propagandists; certain very precise assumptions about the nature of the unprovoked first-strike against the USA / NATO countries are being made by America’s military planners, namely, (a) that the aggressor will immediately – and helpfully to Western propaganda – threaten and positively assault NATO or fringe states and (b) the aggressor’s first-strike will nevertheless leave a viable portion of the general public intact worldwide. After all, what good is propaganda if there are no irate masses still breathing to buy into it? This in turn implies the irate masses need to be alive and well in the parts of the world where public opinion sort of matters. Continental Europe for example. Australia. New Zealand. Canada. Maybe large regions of the USA too. Especially large regions of the USA.

                Or we can be blunter still and say the USA’s military planners are not merely confident that a first-strike nuclear attack would be directed at major NATO military infrastructure exclusively, leaving a viable number of cities and their outraged inhabitants intact; they seem to somehow “know” that that would certainly be the case.

                However, there are further possibilities inherent in the theory that the USA could survive an initial strike and still wage WW3. For instance, it could mean that the USA is in possession of some secret, game-changing military technology hidden and hardened beyond the reach of any known weapon an assailant could deploy against it. We’ve heard rumours about space-based weapons and Russian concerns about this, because they’re suspicious about the USA’s oddly defensive nuclear posture (their own being decidedly offensive, like the Chinese’s). This is why I think Anglo-America expects to win WW3, despite experiencing devastating damage to its military infrastructure. In short, invoking a chess concept, their plan appears to be to “sacrifice their queen”.

                But then there is the judgement issue. God may use Russia (and China) to scourge a ruinously immoral West once the fullness of sexual perversion is widely promoted, that is, the legalisation of paedophilia. However, having considered that homosexual “marriage” has been normalised throughout many parts of the US and in the UK and in some continental European countries, it now appears that the legalising of paedophilia has already quietly occurred, given that many if not most paedophiles are Sodomites and that gay “marriage” facilitates their adoption of little boys (which again, is the preferred gender when they adopt, at least from what I have seen). So perhaps the last obstacle to widespread judgement on the West (if indeed God has mandated that Russian nukes be the chosen instrumentality) is the delay in gay “marriage” being legislated into law in some US states and in parts of Europe. Of course, I could be wrong about that being connected with WW3, but going by historical precedent (Sodom, Canaan, the Tribe of Benjamin, ancient Greece, ancient Rome…), I think the West is in big trouble.

                The issue here is that judgement would inevitably mean more than a devastating strike on Anglo American military infrastructure, and this is where I think Skousen’s thinking is mistaken. It would entail the destruction of the large cities, those hotbeds of socialist, liberal filth. And there is a body of opinion that believes this is Russia’s (and China’s) actual intention, based on commentary from defector literature, even recent materials, in which case the Anglo American elites have grossly miscalculated. Factor in the prophecy in Ezekiel about Rosh (taken by many to mean Russia) one day attacking a godly Israel nation-state, and we can surmise that Russia will indeed win WW3 (if that prophecy is a literal rather than symbolic foretelling). How so? Because Israel today is far from being godly, having rejected Christ, so any attack by Russia on a godly Israel would seem to be generations into the future. And if Russia is able to perform such an attack on Israel, then it would appear that it will have to be a viable, powerful military force until that time… meaning it must, in the interim, win WW3.

                Whatever the actual fulfillment of a nuclear assault on Anglo America ends up looking like, in the meantime there are some really pressing issues that have to be considered, most notably that a hostile Russia and the US share a common enemy in the here and now: the US patriots. The grand reason for this lies in transition to, and expedition of, WW3, because Russia wants them removed to make any expeditionary campaign on US soil easier and the US wants them removed because they pose a threat of disruption / secession / rival power bases emerging during the post first strike phase and the prosecution of global war (WW3) beyond that.

                Nevertheless, we should be confident that this coming summer’s shameful proceedings (the Jade Helm exercise) will constitute a test run for the main round-up event, rather than transform into the main event itself, simply because none of the parties to WW3 are yet close to full military readiness or properly strategically poised; on that latter point, Russia still hasn’t secured the Ukraine or the Baltics; it would be insane for it to begin WW3 without that “cordon sanitaire” on its western doorstep locked down. By the same token, Ireland, Sweden and Finland remain neutral, with the former two still likely to join NATO, either officially or tacitly, before the USA-UK will feel confident to fully provoke Russia.

                So, over to you DK – and everyone else!

                • Hmmm… I must have posted it too late… everyone’s attention has moved on. Oh well.

                • Nice comment Jay, it is very true what you said about God’s judgment on nations that slide into immortality and wickedness, they have all met violent destruction, pompeii every second abode was a whore house, Herculaneum was full of paedofiles, I watched a show were they retrieved burnt scrolls from an archive in Herculaneum they used some advanced spectroscopy to read these burnt ash scrolls, first thing they read is a peado lamenting that can not choose between two young boys, sickening, no wonder they were destroyed, Port Royale labeled the most wicked place on earth, sunk into the ocean, the whole place just swallowed up, I really fear for western countries, our moral fabric is decaying, if we embrace sin we embrace death, the ground is getting shaky.

            • There IS NO waiting to get out of major
              urban areas – only the fool lingers –
              time is of the essence! MOVE! NOW!

          • Yea, that’s all humans know how to do. What an effin dumb A$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Only a dumb ass takes things literally. Think next time, it’s called putting things in context.

        • Why have humans not evolved. We still are cavemen we just have gadgets now.

        • In the old days, this was called “original sin”; viz., mankind is fallen as a race. So, what you say is very, very true. There is, in fact, succor for this. However, many seem not to want it.

          Reminds me of CS Lewis’ book The Great Divorce, about a bus trip from Hell to Heaven. Short. Fun. Well written. Pick it up sometime

      2. We really don’t have to worry about a war breaking out.

        Our administrations policy of getting tough with Iran and putting them in their place makes it obvious that we won’t put up with any nonsense and the enemy world fears us to no end and won’t try anything nefarious against us.

        Double dog dare ’em to try anything.

        Or maybe not.

        • thanks for the laugh–I really did need it after reading this article, thank you–still chuckling

      3. I don’t understand why preppers on this site spend thousands on guns and ammo, but will not spend 1-2 thousand on materials to build a simple but effective root cellar. They can go to different nuke sites to help them with the specs for free. Some parrot the MSM lib lies about nuke plants melting down without diesel fuel for gensets, thousand years of radiation etc. without the slightest knowledge on how a nuke plant runs and what their grid needs actually are. They rather spout reasons why it isn’t worth it, than admit they are just a bunch of fat lazy keyboard commandos. There are only a hand full here that really have their shit together. That would be Kula, Sixpack, MT, Maddog, Big B and a few others.

        • d:
          I try to be balanced on my preps.
          I have a tornado room, 6 sided concrete, like a root cellar.
          It has a book cased door, so you would not know anything was behind it.
          Excellent hiding spot.
          Whoever buys my house will be structurely prepped…

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            -The 3 ways a rooster helps your flock of hens

            Direct link below

            • KY mom, you are the best. Thank you for this.

        • d. I’d like some info on a fallout/ root cellar? is there a web site? thanks!!J.J.

          • HEY JJ
            Try this site out , lottsa good info.

            ht tp://

            • Thanks Hammer will do J.J.

          • Check out Mother Earth News

            • Thanks Kula appreciate it. J.J.

        • Not much point in preparing for a nuclear event. Those who aren’t incinerated will die of cancer very quickly. Like with Chernobyl.

          • You know B.C a root cellar/fallout shelter can also be used for a b.o.l. just in case. it all depends on location. Of course you must be thinking diversifacation and applied knowledge for it to be applicable!!!

        • Your opinion = my asshole.

        • In my little city we’re not permitted to build a little root cellar. That’s why, and no I’m not moving to suit your premise.

          • Are you silly enough to apply for a permit to build one?

      4. War in the NEXT DECADE?

        I’ll be dead by then.

        To build a shelter or not. How old are you and do you want to live in a radioactive world and its problems.
        Fukushima come to mind.

        • In any event, I’d rather prefer to avoid radiation poisoning, myself. Research what happens to the human body with a lethal dose of radiation. By that I mean, ad dose high enough to blister and cook your skin of your bones, but not enough to instantly kill you and put you out of your misery.

          Radiation is one time when the “middle ground” is not the best place to be.

      5. It’s going to be sooner than next decade.

      6. The war is on our wallets. Just got my electric bill and my electric rate went from $4.50 a kWh to $12.60 a kWh my bill is usually around $200 a month this time it’s $3.40 a month. I couldn’t believe how raped I’m getting my butt hurts and I’m pissed off now. Then I thought about the cheaper gas at the pump they gotta make up for the losses. Don’t have to worry about the grid going down you won’t be able to afford to get it from the grid. If I’m feeling it I know everybody else is too. Sucks no central air for me this summer. Good thing I have a basement that stays cool.

        • Do your sweat Mr Hat. Scorchio!

        • I’m having trouble with your decimal point placement. We have what is probably close to the country’s highest electricity costs at $0.38 that’s thirty eight cents a kWh.
          I’m going totally offgrid solar this year with a payback period of 8 yrs for a 8kW off grid system. If you are paying $1.26 a kWh you may really want to go solar or natural gas/Diesel generator.

        • Sorry Ass Hat but you know how that King Coal is destroying the environment, but our master Barrack came to our rescue, and we can thank him for warning us that our electric bill might necessarily be higher. But atleast we have Nuclear Power which is safe and clean,uh shucks, I almost forgot about Fukushima. Well atleast its clean, until we have a melt down or have to dispose of the waste. Oh well kinda like our debt, we’ll just let future generations worry about that. Trekker Out. Hope No One Took Me To Serious!

          • If I may add when I lived in Missourah I lived close to a Nuclear power plant as well as a Coal Fired power plant, I never really saw any problems with either. As far as the Coal Fired plant they had to burn a certain amount of Lime with the Coal to control emissions. And since there is no shortage of coal or lime, I say use what ever is available. Why be limited to any one source. Trekker Out.

        • We’re paying just under a dime a kw out here, if you’re paying 34 cents you’re being totally ripped off.

          Insulate your attic and your house will be cooler in summer. Blow it in a foot or more thick. A solar fan in the attic will move the hot air out the venting a lot faster than passive convection.

          Invest in good window screens and get the breeze, if you can stand the street noise.

          • It’s 14 cents here in eastern NC.

            I quit using AC a couple of years ago.

        • Well, Obungler DID promise “under my plan, rates will necessarily skyrocket.”

          Hope the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters posting from mommy’s basement get their electricity cut off

        • Where the hell do you live that you’re paying $12.60/kWh?

          1 kWh = 100 W incandescent bulb on for 10 hours (100W * 10 hr = 1 Kwh).

          We pay $0.10/kwh (residential) here in the PNW ($0.03/kWh for industrial close to the Bonneville dam).

        • Asshat, A lot of areas you can get an 8K grid tie solar system with no money down and 120 a month. Free install with a 10 year lease. 120 a month beats what your paying now. Look in the phone book for solar. Also many advertise on craigslist. Or outright buy a system 8k for about 14,000.

      7. russia and china both wont be ready to participate in a global war for a few more years, earliest 2017.

        so they will stay on their own turf behind their defense screen of intercontinental nukes till then.

        till then it will just be lil’ zog c.i.a. instigated conflicts like Ukraine , Venezuela and Syria.

        • Russian Military Spending Shows Putin Preparing for Bigger War

          After Putin made his final decision to intervene in Ukraine in February 2014, he says, Moscow’s military expenditures “were increased by more than twice,” a figure that suggested the Russian government intended not only to seize and occupy Crimea but all of what it calls “Novorossiya.”

          In February, March and April of last year, Russian military spending amounted to 6.7 percent of GDP and 27.7 percent of all budget expenditures.

          At the end of April, the Kremlin halted its most ambitious plans and reduced its monthly military spending for the rest of 2014 by approximately a third compared to the first three months of last year, reductions that were possible even though Moscow increased its exercises near the Ukrainian border and supported military action within Ukraine.

          According to Illarionov, official Russian government figures show that “the situation radically changed” in the first two months of this year, the latest period for which figures are available. Average monthly military spending increased 2.3 times, compared to the May-Deceber 2014 period, 3.3. times compared to the last pre-war period, and 8.8 times compared to 2000.

          For those two months alone, he says, military spending was more than 1.3 trillion rubles – that is, more than 20 billion US dollars – and it constituted 43.3. percent of the federal budget and 12.7 percent of Russia’s admittedly diminished GDP.

          Such a “sharp increase” in military spending provides addition evidence that Putin is preparing for military actions “on a far larger scale and much higher level of intensity than even those which [the world] has seen over the course of the last 14 months.” In short, Illarionov says, the Kremlin leader is preparing for a major war in Ukraine and/or elsewhere.





            Why is it OUR RIGHT to bear arms to defend ourselves, yet we tend to think evil of other countries for doing the same? Does Russia not have the right to defend it’s people?

            I only WISH our usurped govt would worry about defending OUR people…oh that’s right—this dual-citizen govt IS our enemy.

            • We hear you Mrs S. Well said.

            • I heard yesterday on a show that russia is now allowing its citizens to open carry firearms for self defense. They are even allowing homemade tube guns. Russia is arming its citizens and giving freedom while our POS govt. is doing the opposite!

          • Solus Lupus,
            what you have to understand is that to be a country and protect yourself you MUST keep up with whatever country is increasing there arsenal and so as they advance you must also or you run the risk of being taken over. this country USED to lead and so we were mostly pretty safe from attack, now with the scumbags in office and muslems infiltrating our military and defense we are going downhill or should I say starting to LAG behind and the world is seeing us as getting weaker AND that is where are in trouble!!! we will see how this plays out but it will not be pretty and you will see things here that you never dreamed could happen in our once great country!!your worst nightmares are coming!! hope you are ready, mentally and physically and supplied up!

            • A lot of what I read says the world now sees us for the bullies we are, and are hoping that we are getting weak enough to stop. The infiltrator PTB will kill us all before they’ll let loose of their NWO dream.

              Apparently, we’re not the only one’s who need to wake up…

      8. I would prefer to TRUST Russia and/or China 1000X more than the Marxist Fascists Terrorists that habitate in Washington, a Cesspool of Habitual Liars, Thieves, Frauds, Queers, that kiss ass of an illegal queer liar from Kenya as testified by him and the PM of Kenya on video.
        Therefore; if you support something lower than dirt you must be one of their party all GUILTY of TREASON?????

        • “Patriotic” Americans fail to understand that our govt has been usurped by foreign corporate interests. It’s NOT OUR GOVT anymore. They are not loyal to America or the people.

          We will remain behind the eight ball until we come to terms with reality. Russia is not the problem. The NOW globalist banksters is our problem. We’re habitually sighting in the WRONG TARGETS.

          • I meant “The NWO globalist banksters is our problem.”

            • Ha Haaah. A slip of the thumb! We know what you meant… Again we say, well said sixpack.

          • Yeah, I think Putin is a great leader and wish he was our president…

      9. You should make science fiction movies. What I just read is from out of a script for a new movie. You have a hell of an imagination.

        Obama will take care of us and won’t let nothing happen to his children. Hey wait a minute I just started a book of my own.

      10. the greater threat to you

        is not russia, is not china…

        the greater threat to all of you is a ‘culling’ of the tax debt slave useless eater zombie herd by your own zog amerika fedgov by zog false-flag.

        • Solus Lupus.Oh Pulease quit with the symbolic “ZOG” boogeyman bullshit… You’re twisting our fucking melons maaaaaaaan… Enough already. Sob.

          • ummm… just in case you missed the memo @oom ,

            isreahell did 9/11 and most other terrorist zog false-flag attacks

            isreahell owns controls the u.s.s.a. congress and senate

            jews control all of the u.s.s.a. media corp outlets and hollyjewood

            jews control all the federal reserves in zog amerika and most of the global central banks!

            so yeah! the greatest threat to once free zog amerikan’s is their very own zionist jew occupied government i.e. the zog amerika fedgov!

            it’s the jews dummy!

            consider yourself schooled!

        • Not exactly. The greater threat to US, is that the “zog amerika fedgov” won’t stop at culling just the zombies…

      11. This guys been drinking a little too much of the “MERIKA, F**K YEAH!” juice. Ukraine issue totally belongs to us. Of course Russia is going to protect it’s only warm water naval port. WTF.

        The bear well knows it can’t face to face with the US military. So they’ll launch. Keep poking the effin bear and let me know how that works out for ya….

      12. D I got a basement so no need for a root cellar if I had a slab home I would digg out some underground storage. I agree sitting behind a screen and preaching about guns guns guns I and unlikely scenarios without having your shit together is dumb. Sometimes I get in on tactical discussion but only because I’ve got my bases covered. None of my prepping is based on the movies like some people. I base it on sustaining my family as long as possible no matter what happens. I like to throw ideas out for people they can take what they want out of it. I take what I want from others ideas. We are all in agreement that the world is fucked up. That’s why we prepare as best we can it’s not a pissing match amongst each other IMO. I’m not gonna get caught off guard.

        • Yep Ass Hat, agreed. A person can only do so much to prepare for whatever. Most preps are versatile and you can in most cases adapt on the fly. No pre-planning is not without having to improvise on the run. D has a point about having a bunker of some kind or as in your case at least a basement. All I have is plastic sheeting, duct tape and plywood with some what of an air purification plan. Do need to get some more iodine tablets and another respirator. Always something. Thanks D.


      13. turnthekeys

      14. “Most Americans don’t know that the US recently removed 2 of the 3 nuclear warheads on the remaining 450 Minuteman III missiles,…”

        That’s the most unMIRVing news I’ve heard in a long time.

        • Good humor Scott. Lot’s here are too busy revealing their vast knowledge of world affairs here to notice!

        • Scott, here it is straight from SAC’s own website
          “In order to meet warhead levels set by START II, the United States has decided to permanently DEMIRV Minuteman III missiles from their current capability to carry up to three reentry vehicles to a newly configured single reentry vehicle system once the treaty enters into force. “Downloading” Minuteman III missiles from three reentry vehicles to one lowers the military value of each missile; reduces the likelihood of any country expending resources to preemptively attack America’s ICBM force; and decreases the probability of future US leaders being force into a “use or lose” position. For a downsized force of 500 single reentry vehicle Minuteman III to continue to be an effective deterrent force, the guidance replacement program will improve the needed accuracy and supportability that is inherent in a smaller missile force. Peacekeeper missiles will be deactivated by 2003, provided START II is ratified and enters into force. Ultimately, a total of 500 single RV Minuteman IIIs will be the nation’s ICBM deterrent force through 2020. ” Yes, we are that stupid.

      15. I respect and appreciate your comprehensive and long term analysis of world events.
        My father was a naval officer and I grew up in a family that had dinner discussions very different than those of my friends.
        I cannot accept information that is not housed in an historical context.
        Ideas to contemplate.

      16. Russia and China have murdered tens of millions of their own people. I see no reason why they wouldn’t target major US cities in the event of nuclear war. They don’t care how the rest of the world views them either.

        Islam is dangerous. Muslims hate anyone who will not bow the knee to Muhammad. Right now there’s a Nazi Germany-Soviet style alliance between Islam and the liberal west. It will last until one side decides to betray the other. Obama has let too many of them in the country. Muslims become increasingly violent, demanding, and repressive as their numbers grow within any country.

        • “I see no reason why they wouldn’t target major US cities in the event of nuclear war.”

          Russia is not the enemy. Russia is the example of what you get when you refuse to kneel before the globalists and submit to the takeover. We should be standing WITH Russia, except for the fact that most here are too brainwashed, medicated and scammed to realize who the real enemy is.

          It’s not Russia…IT’S THE GLOBALIST BANKSTERS.

          • By “here” I mean people in the United States/West, Not SHTF.

        • Barncat, good to see you back.

        • Barncat, I have to agree. Remember in the aftermath of 9/11 when Bush said we were in a ‘war on terror’? I knew that was false when the US govt. was still allowing Muslims into the country and started accomodating them on their demands to make certain changes to our culture they found ‘offensive’. I fully expect we’ll be fighting Muslims after the balloon goes up. Let them bring it. I’ll help them ‘find allah’.

      17. If I was a betting man I would bet it will be in 2017.
        Here is why. I believe that if a Republican gets into office BB will strike Iran and the war 3 will start. It won’t be right away but it will spread like wild fire. Some nation will think use them or loose them! This will stop Iran from getting the A bomb. and Russia and China won’t have the time to build their armies.

        You have to also remember that everything you see today is about 20 to 30 years behind time. Everything the Russian and China has today is what they we have now. I know that they are working on newer equipment, but we already have it.

        As far a bomb shelters are concerned I believe that the nuke strikes will be on military basses and major cities, and not the farm land. That would be the worst thing that they could do because they need our farm/growing land for food. It won’t hurt to have one.

        Then they will have one hell of a time with a rifle behind every blade of grass.

        My ideas for what it is worth!

        • Sarge, your scenario sounds plausible and runs parallel to my own ideas. I can’t picture anyone targeting the farmland myself. We’ve been feeding not only ourselves but other parts of the world for 3/4 of a century but those days are slowly coming to an end. I was the BOL in GA last week on another supply run and had a blast. More on that in a later post.

          • Yeah Cuz the reunion was a blast. And your still as full of shit as ever. But thanks for the new supplies.

            • NGIC, f#$% you! You’re the one who’s full of it. Go out and play in a busy street, dildo.

              • Braveheart
                What I can’t understand is why we have Trolls on this site. Like NGIC & D-man (that is handle this week)
                If you disagree with me that is fine. Just tell me why you disagree and we can have a dialogue. Hells bells you might teach me something or I might change my mind. or you might learn something and or change your mind.
                Happy Easter.

                • Braveheart and Sgt. I agree with you totally. smart people. Only problem is Sgt. you can’t have a rational discussion with a troll. For the most part they are a very sad lot of individuals and they will go to any site, that is dedicated to any topic and say the opposite of most posters. I’m sure somewhere there is a term for this mental illness they all have. I ignore them.

          • Brave
            Just and idea and watching and knowing history this is what I believe. I pray I’m wrong!
            The wife is in Tenn. right now looking at some places with her cousins. She left me home to work and make money. Some of those dollars that are worth nothing.

            • Sarge, I hope your wife finds something and you can get relocated down here before the year is over. I have another trip to GA planned for July but could be heading back sooner if conditions warrant it, know what I mean?

              • Mac, for the past week I’ve been trying to post on several articles about a new survival product I’ve tested but the post won’t go through. I bought 2 of them from ReadyMadeResources which advertises on this site. Once again, I was at the BOL in GA a week ago and tested 2 new Sawyer SP140 Water Filter Bottles I got for $39.95 each. Free shipping on orders over $50. They’re rated for one million gallons just like the other Sawyer products. They gave me some of the best-tasting water from the creek I’ve ever had in my life. They also work on tap water. I keep one in the truck all the time and keep the other one in storage for backup. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer. I hope the post goes through this time.

                • Brave
                  Where did you get them from? I’m looking to add something more to my preps.

      18. Your anaylysis is wrong. We are the aggressors.

      19. Just more US war-mongering. How would the US like it if Russia overthrew the Puerto Rican elected government, installed a Russian stooge, and started moving in Russian arms?

        It is the US that is pushing for war. Read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

      20. Sarg it looks like the US is running defense for Iran, with this bogus deal that was made with Iran, the US and a few other Powers kind of boxes Israel in when it comes to a preemptive strike. So now Iran can go on with their development of a Nuke. Before had Israel bomb Irans nuclear sites it would have just been a regional issue with a lot of flack, but now it will look like Israel has disregard the US and the rest of the world, so it will make it very hard for them to do anything. Should make all the Muslims and the Jew haters happy,”Such as Obama and some on this site”. Trekker Out.

        • MT
          They may box Israel in but Israel has nukes and we know it. Israel said never again and they mean it. They can turn that whole shit hole of an area into ash in minutes. The odd thing is that they could have done it the 75/76 war. They didn’t and they should have and we wouldn’t be looking at the problems we have today. Just like they should have let Patton and McArthur go in WW2 and Korea!

          • Sarge, are you REALLY that big of a fucking idiot naturally or do you have to really try your best to be? You sound like one really stupid son of a bitch.

            • d
              I take exception to being called a SOB. Your mother may have 4 legs but mine only has 2.

              Real tuff on the key board.

              If you said it to my face which you wouldn’t because you know that you would get your ass kicked.

              We really don’t need trolls on the site, so like any other troll. This will be the only time I respond to you. Go away little man. we don’t need you here.

            • D-man, what does the d stand for? sounds like dildo to me.

          • IMHO Russia and Iran /Persia will attack Israel, and be wiped out by God.

            • Howdy Dunjin. I agree. Hope you’re copping well matey. Blessed resurrection day to you.

          • Sgt. Dale,
            I agree with you and what i don’t understand is why we have so many brainwashed people living in this country and they are so blind what is really going on not only here but all over the world. appears to be only 1/3 pf the pop who are awake. hope that will be enough to get us out of this hole we are in!

            • A 54
              I believe you are correct about the 1/3. If it was 1/2 we wouldn’t be in the hole that we are in.
              The good news is that it only took 3% to fight and win the Revolution.
              I’m looking at this and the glass more the 1/2 full.
              Happy Easter.

      21. The nuclear weapons of today are more powerful than those of WW2. The smallest tactical weapon can do great damage. ICBM’s with multi warheads vehicles. Now do you think they are using one warhead for one military base? Count on three or more. Air burst. Ground Burst will put more dirt in the air. Underwater detonation. Then the type of weapon determines the total damage. Fighting an enemy after the attack will be low on our list to do items.

        • Underwater detonation, that could easily kill a very large part of the sea life living in the ocean, life we depend on to help feed ourselves: ……… and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea …..

          Rev 8:8

          We can’t know the day or the hour, but we can know the season.

      22. So all that babbling ended up promoting his book – figures!
        He’s dead on wrong about this going on another 10 years, because from an ecological view this earth is dying quickly, with many creatures along with it. Mass animal and aquatic die-offs equal famine, disease, along with the waters drying up in various places! Noway we have another 10 years here!

      23. It is extremely unlikely Russia or China would launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. Even if Bammy lost his nerve to retaliate our military leaders most certainly would and massively.

        Moscow, Beijing and other major cities would be gone. China’s Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world, would be taken out. The military capabilities of each would be hit hard.

        The main problem is fallout. Cs-137 and Sr-90, a bone seeker if ingested, would be dispersed via the jet stream and by rain and snow storms. These are 30 year half lifes. Numerous other isotopes would be present like tritium, the europiums, and lots of prompt activation products. Farm lands and water supplies could become unusable.

        Any modern nuclear war would be in the 2500 – 6500 megaton range. Even at the low end the northern hemisphere would be heavily contaminated in a matter of weeks and to some extent the southern hemisphere in months.

        Back in the 70s I worked in a university lab where, under contract to the Public Health Service, we analyzed rain, snow, and milk samples. We looked for fission products from Chinese atmospheric tests. Occasionally we would spot something but not enough to be a health hazard. So fallout, even from one test, does get around.

        Here are two links which talk about fallout dispersal:

        Now as for the bat shit crazies like North Korea and Iran (when they get nukes) anything is possible. But Russia and China know any nuclear war is not winnable. Mutually Assured Destruction and all that. MAD as it is called.

        Bottom line for me is I put nuclear war way down the list of SHTF possibilities. My number one assessment is a complete financial collapse and the chaos that follows. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened already. However, in today’s world insanity rules and anything can happen and I have no idea what it will be. Keep on prepping.

        • Agree 100% on the financial melt down as being more likely than nukes raining on us.
          As many analysts have said, we are in uncharted waters with regards to whats going on with world economies.

        • Lost karma: nicely said. I find myself looking more for posts like yours than ingesting some of the babble in articles like this one. I also have no clue why the financial bubble has not already burst, but every day it doesn’t is one more day to prep.

          Sarge & Mt trekker: The rest of the “thinking” world will know full well that Israel did the right thing when they obliterate Iran. I just wish they would get to it already. Then when the islamonazi Obama tries to retaliate, our actual leaders, if we have any left, will arrest the traitorous sob and imprison him and his sorry cohorts for treason.

          Not to wish my life away, but I cannot wait until that sack of Islamic poop is out of our White House.

      24. So you’re saying I’ll finally get to stop paying taxes?!

      25. I don’t believe Russia is the enemy either. American’s just go about their business, waiting for a reason to stand up against government tyranny that may never come. The overwhelming majority will just follow meekly the dictates from on high. How else could you describe the otherwise occupied short attention span and complacent attitudes of most people? This whole nation has been hoodwinked into submissiveness and loss of freedom.

      26. Considering that the US Navy is installing laser based anti-missle defense systems and on the verge of a fully operational rail gun, it makes you wander what DARPA has up their sleeves that none of us can imagine. If they are not pouting money into something that we think they should, its probaly going into a new breed of fire-power that we can only imagine. Just a thought.

        • Both sides will have secret weapon system but the USA needs to import all its tech from abroad and most of it comes from China.

          When the USA builds a tank it costs $30 million (well thats the bill past on to tax payers) but when Russia builds a tank it cost $2 million and they might not be quites as good and the american version but they are not ten times worse.

          Hilter had an array of secret weapons and it didn’t do him much good and today the USA is much worse than nazi Germany in the 1930 ever was so maybe we will see a repeat of history.

        • Both sides will have secret weapon system but the USA needs to import all its tech from abroad and most of it comes from China.

          When the USA builds a tank it costs $30 million (well thats the bill past on to tax payers) but when Russia builds a tank it cost $2 million and they might not be quites as good and the american version but they are not ten times worse.

          Hilter had an array of secret weapons and it didn’t do him much good and today the USA is much worse than nazi Germany in the 1930 ever was so maybe we will see a repeat of history.

      27. Trekker I’m not kidding the electric rates are out of control here they announced a rate hike in the northeast national grid is the electric company there was no other till now I switched to clear view electric looking at my bill that just came in today this time last year it was $5.44 kWh this bill for march it’s $12.66 kWh fucking outrageous. Clear view will be cheaper but how much cheaper. The tree hungers pushed to get the brayton point coal plant closed. It’s slated to be taken offline. The people that own it built cooling towers and scrubbers to make it cleaner and meet stricter standards. But then they bitched and said the plant was making fall river sooty. They built a plant at the dump to burn methane from the dump. We will see I’m gonna call the utility commission after Easter and let them have it. Then I’m gonna go up to state house. I know people that were on payment plans because they were struggling to pay the bill monthly. There are gonna be a lot of lights out soon everywhere. My monthly bill is $340.00 for 30.2 kWh then add other charges to get it to 340 I gotta move away from here it’s getting too expensive to live here. The only other plant I know of other than the one they built at the dump is pilgrim point reactor and the greenies want it shit down. These environmentalists are fuckin ruining us.

        • AssHat the power companies are just like the gasoline suppliers, they use every excuse under the sun to raise prices, gas just went up another 11 cents a gallon here to $2.48 a gal. Obama has done everything possible to shut down all the coal fired power plants, which is probably the most efficient and practical way to generate power. What really grips my butt, and if I may say, I was in the union when I worked for the railroad, and I wouldn’t have worked there without a union. But my RR hauled a lot of coal in the East and many other RR’s haul alot of coal and most coal miners in the East and in Wyoming in the Powder River Basin are all union workers and they were stupid enough to vote for this aberration that we have for a President. These rates that you are talking about are just another nail in the coffin of the average Joe. Trekker Out.

      28. If a bunker or cellar is not possible, a permanent or makeshift enclosed shelter (aside from the furniture fort) made of bricks or sand filled concrete blocks of at least 16″ also works at blocking radiation. The more insulated the better, best if in a basement, and the structure has to be strong enough to not collapse.

        During the Cold War many people had their own fallout shelter bunker in the backyard in case the west and USSR went nuclear. A lot of them opened up still had a few weeks worth of old food and water for the family, kind of like the bunker they found in The Road, but as far back as the 50s-60s. Most of them today are in pretty bad condition over the years from neglect, flooding, peeling lead paint, etc. If you happen to have one, lucky you. Now would be a good time to repair, refit, restock, and refurnish given the volatile geopolitical climate.

        MAD is a viable deterrent only if all sides believe in it and aren’t insane.

      29. I hope and pray for peace and non-violence. But I also know that mankind’s hearts without God are always race to evil and bloodshed. That being said, two thingsL

        1.)The classic book on nuclear war survival is by Cresson Kearney, Nuclear War Survival Skills. You can download it for FREE at

        2.) This site, has map where you can place a theoretical nuke, of any size you select, and see the radius of damage by level. Helpful to know if one thinks about relocation.

      30. For me, I have land in Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia. You will notice Halifax is not affected by EMP on most diagrammes(NO,I am NOT saying it will be completely unaffected!) I bought my land from, a 100 yr old Canadian company that sells Canadian rural land. And no, I am not associated with them in ANY way, other than being a happy customer. Unfortunately, Nova Scotia IS somewhat leftist… but no more so that Taxachussetts, Connectikrud, or the People’s Socialist Hellhole of Kalifornia. And yes, Americans CAN buy land, and it is NOT reportable like bank accounts.

        As an aside, how much of America will be left anyway after the gay fascist Brownshirts continue their march past Indiana from last week? And when do the gay Nazis start their book burning?

      31. Just a heads up; FYI. A friend just bought a very nice used car form a used car lot (he knows the owner) last week. He didn’t get home with it before the cops pulled him over (speeding) and the officer was the K-9 unit. You guessed it he used his dog and wham it hit the car for drugs a small bag of weed was found in the trunk under the spare tire. The only thing that saved him was he just purchases it less than 10 min before the stop. So if you are buying a used or even a new vehicle see if you can have the local K-9 do a sniff around on it, just may save you a lot of trouble down the road.

      32. I’m baffled by the Fox news posters on this board that somehow think they are not sheeple.

        Use your search engine and look up how the CIA overthrew the elected .gov of Iran in 1953. Look up how the puppet Shah gave their oil to the Anglo-Zionists until the people got sick of it in 1979 and threw him and the international oil companies out. They nationalized their oil for themselves. You don’t do that to the Western Bankers and their dual citizen government suckasses.

        Notice that the anti-Iran rhetoric didn’t start until Reagan’s term. The “Iron Sheik”… remember him and his nemesis “Sgt. Slaughter”? Propaganda for the sheep… like all y’all. USA…USA…USA,

        Stop lapping up the shit they serve you on teevee every day and search out some real history.

        Search up how they used Sadaam Hussein to fight a proxy war with Iran. See how they gave him chemical weapons and satellite imagery to target Iranian troops with chemicals. See how Iran refused to use the same back on Iraq. See how they turned their back on him when they wanted his oil.

        See the last war of aggression Iran started…Whoops… must be it hasn’t happened for a thousand years.

        See Hezbollah run covert ops to counteract the CIA and MOSSAD special forces. Why wouldn’t they?

        See the Anglo-Zionist Empire step on it’s dick when it tries to poke the Bear in the nose.

        See the biggest terrorist organization on earth when you google Washington, DC.

        If you’re too dumb to vote for a libertarian leader like Ron Paul, you will reap what your tyranny sows.

        • BTW…you can also use your search engine to find out who gave Iran nuclear technology and 20% enriched uranium for their reactor…yes it was the USA.

          When you cross the international banker backed Anglo-Zionist Empire, you put you’re existence on the line.

          • JRS, great points!

      33. Forced sterilization of all humanity is the only answer.

        • Or a 1 child policy.

      34. Eppe you are right. There will be no peace until Jesus returns as the King of kings

        • nice one O. King Jesus, Glory be to God.

      35. See JRS giggle uncontrollably every time the islamonazis scream death to america.

        See how JRS secretly hopes Iran wipes Israel off the map when they nuclear weapons. Er, except maybe not so secretly.

        See JRS justify Islamic terrorism against the West because, after all, we started it all.

        See how JRS conveniently forgets that the anti-iran rhetoric actually started during Jimmy Carter’s administration.

        See JRS shit his pants right before the nuclear weapon fired by iran fries his sorry America-hating muslim-loving ass.

        • Oh, and notice how frustrated JRS gets every time he flips from MSNBC to CNN when a commercial comes on, just to realize CNN just started their commercials too.


          • See how hammersthor’s brain grows to the size of a bb then rolls out his ear lol.

            • Hah haaah. Nice one Genius.

            • It’s Hammer’s Thor, Genius. Thank you for acknowledging that I at least have a brain.

      36. Wow!! What a load of propaganda. I had “ice cream brain freeze” behind my right eye by the time I finished reading!!!! Anyway …. Greetings and Happy Easter from Down-under. Spending Easter in the Southern Hemisphere with family. What a huge surprise stepping off the plane!! Feel like I stepped into Happy Land!!!! From broke and miserable USSA to a happy, positive, economically recovered, vibrant Down-under City!!!! I can’t believe I’m missing the fear and hype that Russians and Chinese are planning to wipe us off the map!!! Or hearing about poor Israel this and poor Israel that on the news every five minutes!!

        I’m feeling very vulnerable!!!! Where is the hate and misery here? Where are the Militerized cops? Why aren’t I hearing the Government and MSM pumping fear and propaganda into my families living room? Very strange …….

      37. Joel Skousen writes:

        “I still consider the nuclear attack on America as inevitable, both because the real axis of evil (Russia and China) are still building for that attack, and because our own government is controlled by those intent upon destroying US sovereignty and delivering our nation over to a socialist New World Order (NWO). [2006][16]”

        The Chinese have an old expression, 指鹿為馬 . It means “Pointing at a deer, but calling it a horse”.

        It is used to describe a situation in which a person falsely identifies a situation in order to deceive others, or speaks the opposite of the truth to justify an action.

        Offhand, I cannot think of a better example of this than Skousen’s ludicrous beyond belief claim that Russia and China are the aggressors and the US is the innocent victim.

        Even the MSM cannot hide the fact that the US is the one bombing half a dozen foreign nations on a daily basis, while Russia and China have been busing signing mutually beneficial, peaceful trade agreements with other nations.

        • Saw a deer did ya?

        • Saw a deer did ya?

      38. I almost hate to make this comment. Aw, go ahead Mountain Trekker get it off your chest. Earlier I was reading an article, that ask Why did Wisconsin’s basketball team only have one African-American on it’s starting team. Now follow this, in the final-four of March Madness, the three other teams all had 5 African-Americans as starters on each of their teams. Now since America has a White Population of around 70% and the Black Population is 10 to 15% it really seems the question should have been reworded and directed toward the other teams, don’t you think? I really didn’t have a favorite before I read that article. Trekker Out. But Guess Who I Like Now!

        • ‘That’s Racist!’

          • You Betcha! Those other three teams should be required to have atleast 3 Whiteys and a Hispanic on each team. Trekker Out. Wisconsin beat Kentucky, White Boyz Can Play!

              • Our country can hardly afford the means to educate or even employ our own citizens. Let alone bringing others from foreign lands to feed, clothed and shelter.
                Have you seen the homeless on the streets.
                These people already exposed to violence will bring that portion of their lives into ours for that is what they have only known their whole lives. We are talking thousands of refugees.
                In the future they will coerce our laws to become the ones they left behind. Instill their customs to our native born children. Make their language the primary communication.
                America is dying by being replaced by its traditional values. They have raised the flag of Mexico over schools in the south west. They will build their Mosques and sing their call to prayer.
                And the government will be happy to help them do it.

            • MT
              Did you see what happened in Lexington/Louisville Ky. after the loss. 5 shot one dead, (young black male) started fires all over the place. This was over a bloody basketball game. Just think what happens when TSHTF.

              • That’s what black people do. It’s in their blood. But when TSHTF they won’t last very long.

              • Sarg it seems hoodlums will use any excuse to show their true colors,”whether black or white”. Nobama, yes it seems there is an inordinate amount of blacks involved in shootings and violence, but there are also many blacks that are just like whites, they go to work, mind their on business and just get by the best they can, like all the rest of us. Trekker Out.

      39. Russia is not dropping bombs on the other side of the world and the same can be said for China.

        Both are being pushed into a war footing because the banker puppets in the USA are out to make a profit from all the military corporations that they control and they want to pass as much of the bill as possible on to the american public and need a enermy, well.. like , ere.. anyone from Russians to China, Muslims and people that think for themselves.

        The person who wrote this article has clearly taken the bait and should work harder so that his taxes can feed the monster known as the USA.

      40. +

      41. I had very high regard for Joel Skousen until this op-ed piece. I thought Joel was better sourced and better informed than this article indicates. C’mon Joel, “Russian aggression”? They have how many bases world wide? Were you talking about Crimea which had been part of Russia for centuries until that (Ukrainian) idiot Kruchev “gifted Crimea to the Ukraine (which didn’t even become an official “country until the 1940’s.

        Should we be prepared for war? ALWAYS! Would Russia attack our military bases here in the USSA? If provoked enough, yes. But please, Joel, cut the crap about “Russian Aggression”. Russian and the former Soviet Union are not even remotely the same except for location.

        My advice to you is either educate yourself or stick to the topics that I respected your expertise in the past. You just embarrassed yourself real big with this one.

      42. The path to war is laid, follow the yellow brick road. The USofA corporations biggest business is war, the build up to war and the banking of war.

        This high stakes game of chess is played out with only a half dozen moves a year. These insane pathological bloodlines maneuver over decades, protecting the family tree of presumed wealth. All the while pulling the wool over the eyes of the idiots under the dome.

        If any of does not get to utilize our preps, which I hope we don’t then I’d be glad to see them go to a young family that can.

      43. Off topic I want to talk about buying and selling guns particularly used guns. I myself tend to favor used guns. I just like the idea of getting a good deal on a piece. The used guns I’ve seen are IMHO every it as nice as new. A gun with a few hundred through it is still new to me. But it’s still used thus a better deal can be had on it usually. Most people don’t carry their guns and they rarely see holster wear on the exterior. I have bought some sweet used ones and for very reasonable prices. The thing that makes me really like used is when it’s time to sell it most pawn shops or gun stores don’t want to give you shit for it. So by buying it used you get it for less$ and you lose less $. I know what to look for with used and have never got burned. I realize in a private sale you could possibly get more for one because it will depend how bad the buyer wants it. The rarer and more desired it is the better. These guns I would call investment grade. But your run of the mill glock or ak47 how much you really gonna get for one of those. The market is flooded with them. They are as common as a honda civic. Sure they’re good guns but these are more the type for a prepper or concerned citizen that is worried about losing their gun rights to political agendas. I’ve seen people say you can always get more than you paid for a gun. In a unstable country with a civil war going on yes most likely . It’s only because the need to protect ones interests commands having a gun. But just in everyday dealings no. Let’s change the discussion and talk about each others opinions about gun buying selling and timing of selling guns to make the best profit possible. I’m interested to hear how y’all think. Most people I know like all metal guns unless they carry then they like the polymer

      44. Oh before I forget, Happy Ishtar day and pagan fertility festival! Be sure to have plenty of candy bunnies and eggs on hand. Fits right in with your celebration of Xmas and halloween and all the other bullshit holidays you just go along with. Ever think of looking into all this holiday bs and find out what it’s really about? You are played as total fools and celebrating pagan god dieties. But everyone else does it so you do it too. Don’t want to think for yourself or do any research, your brainwashed friends might think your a kook lol. 🙂

      45. Somebody tell me why I’m wrong about this being impossible. I would really like to know.

        For instance: if you nuked or EMPed Japan, you’d have a huge nuclear meltdown crisis on your hands. All their reactors going tits up all at once. Japan alone would be enough to ensure 57 eyed babies the world over for… basically ever.

        Now you’re talking the continental US?

        Are you insane?

      46. From what I’ve been reading it sounds like this is overblown paranoia however I am concerned about how close I am to our country’s missile bases out here in central Montana I’m starting to wonder if this really is the last best place?

      47. No one seems to know why all this is happening!! not even Joe or Steve Q or anybody else. But there is a reason and a cause why all these things, and it’s not how it seems on the surface and how it appears to be unfolding; Joe and every one else has it all wrong, it’s worse than anyone can imagine. I won’t tell you cause you would not believe it, beside the answers to all this can be found by anyone seeking truth. No! I am not talking about aliens people, the answers are here on earth, have always been, with their correct solutions, and not from those who are exploiting the events of the world today for profit, YES I SAID PROFIT, you heard right; pretending and sounding like they know! Or, think they know! Yes, even Joe and all others fall into this category. Again, I will not tell you as you would not heed nor believe, only through experiencing it and coming to the other side will you know, i.e. the remnant of man. Again, it’s going to be worse than anybody thinks and no pace at all will be safe from what is coming, no place on Earth whats so ever will be safe for anyone. Everyone is going to the wrong sources for advice, help, solutions etc, and they will just keep profiting from it. I would like to think that these men are sincere but have deluded themselves into thinking they know and can help people prepare, rather than deliberately deceitfully profiting from all this. However, by all means do prepare to meet your GOD! The power of the righteous throne has and will conquer and triumphantly enter the gates of mount Zion from above into His Temple of the Holy spirit and to remove the source of all the evil events of today. Now that is the day to prepare for!

      48. For once someone wrote an article that was not all made up speculation and conspiracy bullshit.

        I have read all these other sites that are screaming about impending attack, nuclear war and yadda yadda yadda.. and writing back and telling these people they are way out there and way off and exactly why that is the case..

        My comments pretty much mirror what this articles author has written. Right now Russia and China, even together, are in no position to take on the west, let alone the U.S. even in our weakened state. They ARE in a massive modernization and unit build-up and it is that which will be the tell in the coming years as to a time table.

        But it is not today. About the only legitimate threat today I see is from within… and it is based around our economy and the fact it is in a position that any small nudge could cause a major collapse. And with obama in office, that threat is only getting worse.

        My worry is that we still have two years of obama to go… and how much damage is he willing to do in that time and how much damage are we the people willing to allow him to do? If he has an agenda or plan to his madness, he knows he has to bring it on before his term is up… which means we only have a short time before something happens IF that is indeed the case with obama.

        The issue with that and Russia and China is that whatever happens with obama and if he is able to pull off his plan, it could possibly change the entire Russian and Chinese timetable forcing them to go sooner than later.. i.e. take advantage of the U.S. in economic meltdown and unable to finance major military operations or depending on how bad things are in our own country, even defend ourselves against major attack.

        If they hit us with EMP strikes first, we would be in serious trouble. Right now all this depends on what happens in the next two years of obama in our own country. And whether something occurs that China and Russia can use to their advantage overwhelming in action.

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