The Safest Areas in America: An Expanded Western Relocation Zone

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    This article has been contributed by the Strategic Relocation Blog

    I have often been asked to comment on Jim Rawles’ concept of the Redoubt for survival relocation.  Rawles’ criteria of distance from population threats, defendability, and agricultural suitability focus upon a fairly limited area of the Western US, centered around Idaho, and includes Western Montana and parts of Eastern Washington and Oregon.  In reality, it’s a fine area and certainly matches my core recommendations in Strategic Relocation for security, safety and livability, but it may be too limiting for most people.

    However, having consulted with people and designed high security residences for the last 40 years around North America, I realize all too well that most people have financial, distance from family, weather and other personal limitations that simply won’t allow for relocation to an area so far north and remote from their needs as the Redoubt.  Some people, for example, need access to an international airport hub, which doesn’t exist in the Redoubt.  Others need a drier, sunnier climate for health reasons or even more solar potential.  Others simply need something closer to the metro area that have to remain in due to job or family reasons.

    The map in Figure 1 below represents what I would recommend as an Expanded Secure Relocation Area. I don’t use the term “redoubt” because of its military defense implications. Even though I believe in defensibility at the retreat level I don’t like to infer that some broader military resistance strategy is possible for most people. For individual families I prefer less confrontational strategies of blending in, or getting out of the way, or concealment as the best form of defense for most people.

    Expanded-Wester-Relocation-Zone-Small(Click here for full size image)

    The area I have outlined is what is generally referred to as the Intermountain West and includes the Great Basin—that high desert plain between the Cascade/Sierra Mountains of Washington, Oregon and California over to the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.  These two mountain ranges converge as they get further north and merge in Canada.  They provide a pretty formidable barrier for those coming from the West Coast or the Midwest.  In addition, the Great Basin has within its boundaries hundreds of miles of trackless desert and mountain areas that provide isolation by distance and hardship for anyone entering the area without vehicles, fuel and water.

    That doesn’t mean everything within these bounders is equally safe, secure, or livable.  Obviously, border areas near California or Denver are not as safe as those in the central areas more distant from population threats. A person must be careful to select specific locations that meet the survival criteria others and I have outlined in Strategic Relocation.  The climate, for example, in this expanded area allows for a lot more use of solar in Nevada, Utah, western Colorado, and Northern Arizona.  And even though much drier than the Northwest, snowfall does fill mountain reservoirs which provides a reliable flow of irrigation water if you pick the right area.  Sure, the high mountain deserts can’t provide for large masses of people, but we aren’t trying to save the whole world here, just those who have the forethought to relocate in advance of the coming world crises, be they war, economic or disease.

    This expanded security area centers around Salt Lake City, which is the only big metro area in the region and which has the full range of commercial facilities including an international airport (hub for Delta Airlines).  Most of the other smaller cities in the West have feeder flights into SLC. The Salt Lake Valley itself is not recommended for security, even though it is safer than most other large metro areas, unless you have an additional retreat in or past the many secure areas which surround SLC.  Unlike Denver, where the high mountains are miles away from the unsafe city area, in Utah the Wasatch Front of the Rocky mountains come right down to the city’s edge and provide not only quick access to mountain retreat areas but a barrier to social unrest from the cities.

    This isn’t to say that you have to be anywhere near SLC or the center of the expanded secure area in order to find safety. I still highly recommend the Northern Idaho and Western Montana areas of Rawles’ Redoubt.  But for people who have to remain in California or Southern Arizona, it’s just too far for a retreat.  That is why I have included the forested higher elevations of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah for those needing to get out of Southern California or Phoenix and reach their retreat in one day.

    I have excluded much of Eastern Wyoming, such as the mountains and valleys around Sheridan Wyoming simply because of the danger inherent in being downwind of the Yellowstone caldera.  It’s just too potent of a volcanic threat to areas east of Yellowstone Park to recommend for retreats or full time residences.  I’ve only included about half the Colorado Rockies in Colorado to avoid being too close to Denver and Colorado Springs, which are major nuclear targets and contain high density urban threats.

    I’ve placed the borders of the secure zone clear into the Cascade and Sierra Mountains of the three most Western states even though they may be too close to the urban areas of Washington, Oregon and California—but that depends on how close you are to the major mountain passes that channel people through the mountains. You can find good retreat areas in those border areas if you carefully select areas not visible from or easily accessible from the highway passes.  This exemplifies why I emphasize more specific location criteria in Strategic Relocation rather than everyone trying to find the mythical “safe area,” which supposedly allows them to buy a home in a suburban area and feel safe.  It’s never that simple.  Safety is only relative—even in this general secure zone—so you must take care in selecting the homesite, as well as take precautions to secure your home, as I detail in my larger work, The Secure Home.

    In summary, this expanded area gives you a lot more options both for full time residences near major commercial centers, and for retreats and survival farms in rural areas—in what we survival experts consider the safest general area in the United States.

     This is also a good area for ultimate retreats for those who will develop their preparedness strategy first in other areas of the US to the East—which are all covered in great detail in Strategic Relocation.  What I mean is that if you need to stay in the East or Midwest, you should always think about “where do I go from here” if my initial retreat strategic fails or is overwhelmed with refugees?  In general, if social unrest occurs in the US it will flow from the overly populated East and Northeast to the Midwest. There will also be flows outward from LA, SF, and Seattle to the more rural areas but will generally stay within the area confined between the Coast and the mountains.  Few will dare flee into the hostile desserts of California and Nevada.

     If you have the financial resources to develop a staged strategic relocation (suburban safe home, farm retreat and short-term mountain retreat) that’s always better than putting “all your eggs in one basket.”  But, in the final analysis, don’t despair if the task seems daunting or beyond your financial reach.  While you should stretch and save to achieve your preparedness goals, we all have limits and can only do so much.  We do what we can and then depend on God’s help to make up the difference.  Be sure and seek inspiration in any relocation choice you make.  These major decisions in life should not be made by human criteria alone.

    Joel Skousen is a political scientist, by training, specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, and is also a designer of high security residences and retreats. He is the author of Strategic Relocation – North American Guide to Safe Places and has also developed a fact-filled companion DVD to help those looking to relocate out of major cities.

    Visit the Strategic Relocation Blog for more information and resources on the best places to live in America and how to find the perfect survival property.


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      1. I need to move.

        • Before you move you must be able to answer the big question of water availability. Also farming possibility ie good soil etc.
          Of course away from the refugee situation from large city. I have come to a point that I am in the best location for me and wife and sleep well knowing I did the best I could.
          Think I’ll mow the grass and then go fishin. God Bless, James

          • Yeah, I think I’ll stay here in the ole “lan’ ob cotton” where good old times “aren’t forgotten.”

            • US, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. I’ll still live and die in Dixie.

              • Yellowstone.????????????!!!!!!!!!!

                There is magnitudes higher chance of thermonuclear war than Yellowstone blowing. Even IF Yellowstone blew you could basically exclude almost all the map anyway as previous ash debris from Yellowstone going off have proven. The ash extended all the way to California. Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Most of Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Oregon and Washington would be buried.

                Yellowstone blowing is like a massive asteroid hitting the planet. You are F’ed within about 600 miles in ALL DIRECTIONS from the blast wave alone. I still would look more at possible fallout patterns from nuclear war than Yellowstone.

                I would say that the best spots would be from eastern Washington and Oregon to Idaho, parts of Montana and Wyoming as the best for NON-Nuclear survival because of the vastness of these areas. Also something to give consideration to is the gun laws of each state. Montana, Wyoming and Idaho people love their firearms. When the government tries to trash the 2nd. Amendment, these will be the last states to fall.

                Nuclear war is a different story, it all depends on the weather at the time. I have seen wind patterns draw in storms from the southeast sometimes, this is counter to the jet stream. Areas that should be safe from fallout would not be. This is the luck of the draw with WW3. The detonatation of hundreds or thousands of nukes could also alter the entire wind directions because hydrogen bombs in a sense vaporize the air itself. All sort of strange eddies of masses of air could occur.

                You look at a map of this and there are way too many varibles to consider. IF the world doesn’t go nuclear or Yellowstone doesn’t go off, then isolation is usually everyone’s best bet. The less competetion for resources and food the better. The less people coming after you also.

                IF Yellowstone goes off, then your best bet is to get south of the equator in South America, New Zealand, or Australia. Maybe some of the south Pacific Islands. Africa has always freaked me out because of the rampant level of strange diseases there like Ebola or Marburg.

                It really is determined by the SHTF circumstances where is the best place. Alawys consider the need for reliable water first, then food, then other necessities, then security, then environment such as too cold or too hot, after that the list goes deep and long.

                • THANK YOU. I wish I had a dime for every chicken little running around fretting about Yellowstone exploding. OK, it’s not the *same* scientists stirring the pot as the global warming alarmists, but they’re all cut from the same cloth and depend on the same super-duper scientifical modeling to soothsay events and phenomena that are nothing but statistical possibilities as if they were certainties written in stone for anyone (smart enough) to read. I’m 100% sure the sun will come up tomorrow and 100% sure that someday it won’t (in which case it won’t actually be a ‘day’ so maybe I’m already wrong), WHATEVER WILL WE DO?!?!?

                  • @ Aint Skeert. Back in 1959 they were really worried about Yellowstone going, NOTHING. Back in the 1970’s Yellowstone started to stir, NOTHING. Long Valley Caldera, Mammouth Mountain had four earthquakes from 6.0-6.6 and they raised the volcano alert for some time after this in the 1980’s. NOTHING.

                    What people don’t understand about the difference between a smaller volcano going off and a super volcano, or near super volcano blowing is that it takes a lot more to cause a much bigger volcano to erupt. I have used this analogy before, it is like the difference between a monster truck tire exploding and a bicycle tire with a small volcano and a very large one.

                    People think that the signs of a smaller volcano with a super volcano means the same. They are not. The tell-tale signs before a super volcano ready to blow would be enormous and not able to hide. They would be quite PRONOUNCED. You would not be getting little earthquakes, you would be getting moderate earthquakes, above 4.5 in swarms that would be frightening to behold. The amount of sulphur released would kill and poison the surrounding areas for many miles from water to to the air. The ground deformation would be very impressive, nothing like the dimple it is now. You might even have smaller eruptions larger than Mt St. Helens, even possibly larger than Mt Pinatubo. In other words, it would be obivous. Again, a sudden and violent enough earthquake could rip it open suddenly.

                    As of global warming. With every action there is an opposite equal reaction. The planet has negative feedback to any carbon released in the atmosphere. This is the planet’s defense mechanisms. The mere fact that the carbon levels in the past have been as high or higher than they are now suggest that the planet could be just going through a type of cycle. I would suggest carbon poisoning of the atmosphere by man ONLY if the carbons levels reached record highs. Otherwise it could just be a normal cycle that the planet is reaching.

                    Almost all the Earth’s heat that it gets to keep it warm comes from the Sun. Many different times in the past there have been ice ages and extremely warm periods based on the solar output. The distance from the Sun, the angle of the planet’s tilt, the rotation, the continents are played a part in this. IF Antarctica was NOT in the south pole region and at a mid latitude, the planet’s climate would be vastly different. Likely a lot warmer because of no really cold ice caps at the poles. Antarctica is very elevated in altitude. Solar energy is really what to look at with the thermometer of the planet. This factor is not weighed in with global warmer as it is automatically assumed that carbon is the culpuit.

                    I am far more concerned about the poisonous chemical slurry that is being dumped into the oceans and air than natural carbons that are basically just part of the planet’s past life forms. The planet can adjust itself with the carbon accordingly. The Earth cannot fix the unnatural chemical combinations of toxins it is being poisoned with. Fukushima is the ultimate example of death being unnaturally dumped into the ecological-system that everyone better be real worried about.

                  • I have lived most of my uneventful middle-aged life within the San Andreas or Yellowstone kill zones, where rain, snow, and wind have caused all the nature-induced issues I’ve had to deal with. Keep it in perspective people.

                  • Anyone seen or heard from .02?
                    Haven’t seen him post in a while now.

                    I am headed out to MT next week for a vacation and a look around with wife and children. Going to be staying a few weeks in the NW corner and would love to say hi to any of you that might be on the way or up that way. Already have one on here that I think we might do some hiking and fishing together. I think .02 was out that way too and offered to give me some pointers on shooting a while back. We are spending one night in the Kalispell area and attending Chuck Baldwins church…was hoping to meet Brandon Smith, but since he hasn’t answered email, I am thinking he isn’t interested. Hey New Ordnance, can we stop in Big Timber and get some corn from ya?

                    Anyway it is my wife and I’s 8th anniversary and our first REAL vacation. We are very excited adn looking forward to the trip out and all the educational stops for the kids and the beautiful scenery….then 2 weeks in the NW corner of MT with no neighbors and nothing but the sound of the Yaak………….aaahhhhhhhhh sweetness!

                  • Yes BJ I am here. Thanks for the concern. I will be going off grid and chasing those 500 dollar fish come Monday but they do have a free connect @ the marina but i am going to be dog tired after being on the water for hours. Going to be a blast as I have a pontoon boat with motor etc and it is going to be up close and personal. As far as the rest of your post, I am just 35 miles south of Spokane out here in the wheat fields nestled up against Idaho. If anyone wants to discuss tactics or if you want to meet up I will be @ the Boyer Park Marina below Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River. Nice area except for the rattlers. Lol.. good eating if you are really hungry and can get past the smell! If anyone wants to meet or anything you can reach me @ [email protected]. Again BJ, thanks for your concern.

                  • I would be glad to bring out the rifles and take you shooting!

                  • @.02

                    There you are, I was beginning to wonder about ya.

                    Email me at [email protected] then I can give you details on location for vacation.

                  • Hey BJ, watch out for the Dirty Shame Saloon on the Yaak. I got a hellova scar on my head from that place! Remember to check all knives and guns at the bar, they want to be sure they are loaded and sharp. I spent way too much time up there logging the bug killed lodge pole pine and drinking like a crazed indian (hence the scar). Pretty area back in the 70’s but then the yuppies, and rich Kalifornians kinda ruined the area imo. They have an annual crawdad fest that draws 1000’s to the area so you might want to try to stay away @ that time. I am not sure when it is, but I could only imagine the traffic nightmare that has to be.

                  • @.02
                    I just emailed you from my normal gmail account.

                  • According to the existing data (USGS) on Yellowstone’s past eruptions, we are still twenty-thousand (20,000) years away from the beginning of the time window where a major eruption might be expected. That window extends from 20,000 years from now to about 100,000 years from now. I think the megaquake, EMP, large-scale war, etc etc windows are just a little more critical.

                • Already moved there 7 years ago.

                  • Southern Louisiana area, the Great Southern Redoubt, discovered by the Cajuns who thrived down here. A person can survive without (much) heating in the winter, there is plenty of water, summer can get hot but it isn’t too bad (just dress appropriately, plenty of fishing, shrimping, hunting including duck, deer, etc., rice farms, sugarcane, etc. Many varieties of fruit grow here, including strawberries, blueberries, citrus, papayas, persimmons, figs, etc. You really cannot beat it. The local folks live close to nature already. Most of us know how to use our firearms, go fishing, camping, boating, deep sea fishing. Many areas have only one or two roads to get in and out. Special flat bottom boats are needed to navigate the bayous, lakes, swamps. It is hard to beat.

                  • Good for you! I grew up in western MT, but with the Californians taking over up there, there are way too many people for me. I live in eastern MT now and am quite happy living where there are way more animals than people. Good for farming, too.

                • WRONG AGAIN. Northern Idaho would survive a Yellowstone eruption…period. The 24/7 jet stream is west to east and so are the lower elevation winds. We might see the cloud way off but with TWO freaking high mountain ranges and hundreds of miles of mountains/hills and valleys between us and there we would escape the blast effect. It would go around the world and waste them and then in the end what is left would reach us and we would have plenty of warning about it by then. Of course people who do not live up here and drive to yellowstone and learn maps etc say otherwise. they also live in the dead zones as a rule and try to tear down wise preppers to justify their bad choices.

                • I don’t know Joel Skousen and not sure of his credentials but I can tell you as a Soldier involved with Pershing Nuclear Missles in Europe in the mid eighties we always war scenario’ed that a thermonuclear attack on CONUS would include huge bomb drops in the mountain west; the Soviets attempting to cut off the US west coast from the rest of the country by destroying infrastructure i.e. railways, interstates, etc.

                  I don’t really agree with his redoubt idea.

              • I’ll live and die a flat-footed shit-kicker from East Texas.

                • Or…..the Texas Hill Country…very serene & isolated in certain areas…….

                  • TX hill country is not as isolated as you think. I was always fond of the Hill Country until I visited the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains. I highly discourage those form relocating to the TX HC. The land has all been bought up from Kommiefornia. It is VERY dry there. Looks at the National Drought Monitor. Austin has expanded 10 fold in the last 20 years (Austin now ranked as top city for bad traffic). It just isn’t the same anymore.

                    I remember tubing on the Frio River. I also remember the Mexicans and the trash they left behind in Garner State Park. I can’t imagine what that place looks like now. So, you have a major metro area to your east, a dry no-mans land to the west, NW, and to the southwest you have the wonderful Mexican border. When Skounsen was interviewed by Alex Jones, I think he was just being kind to Alex when he referred to the TX Hill Country. Long-term, TX HC is not safe.

                    Also, because of the border, you have threats form roving vandals and drug mules. True story: Had relatives catch some illegals actually ripping out appliances at their vacation lake house. When the cops came, the illegals just acted like they did not know that they were doing anything wrong. They just looked up and said “Que?” Is really is too bad we can’t have neighbors to the south that are of the same caliber as the ones to our north.

                  • Texas Slouch,
                    Nowadays you have to keep going west until you get to the Trans-Pecos to get away from it all. And it’s all very dry throughout the Hill Country, as you said. Nice place to rent a cabin for a week, but I wouldn’t buy property there. An acquaintance who was a biologist in Fredericksburg had his house outside of Blanco. Believe me, they had to amend the shit out of the soil to grow anything there. But they did… ended up with a pretty nice vegetable garden.

                • Nimrod,

                  We should talk. My wife’s family is in lufkin area. I’m south of houston. Maybe next time I go up for a visit we could have a beer.

                  • I just love East Texas! Tyler area, out in the woods!

                    Y’all keep preppin’

                  • Cookin’ Mom, Been to Tyler as well. Sweet little town. Been about 10 years ago. Don’t know how much has changed. Took a tour of the old GE/Trane plant with my distributor. Had a grand ‘ol time come evening.

                  • Tyler area is really nice. I live just south of there in the Jacksonville area. But, the population density is much lower between Lufkin/Nacogdoches and the Louisiana border. Not much in the way of towns out in those woods, just small communities and isolated farms.

                  • Son of Liberty,
                    Sure, we could do that. I hate to sound ignorant, but how do you exchange contact info on this site?

                  • If I could just figure out how to exchange contact info on this site…

                • Yep, there have been “natural cycles of heating and cooling in the past”– of course! And at present, with around 7 billion humans emitting tons of CO2 from billions of cars, industrial plants, billions of homes with heat and A/C run by carbon emitting fossil fuels, you dern right we are heating up the planet at this point and time.

                  Look at a map sometime and see the enormous cities and imagine the enormous CO2 coming from running these cities– use your imagination; you don’t have to be a climate scientist to see!

                  The poles are melting! Humans have never lived in an ice-free world before! The poles are like an A/C and keep the planet at a hospitable temperature. Even the US Navy says the arctic summer sea ice will be gone around 2016– a very short time away!

                  Then we will see– we WILL have hell on earth because, unfortunately, there are billions of tons of methane gas in the permafrost (which is now melting)! Its no longer “permafrost”. Methane gas is 25 more powerful than CO2 as a green house gas.. at that point, when the methane starts leaking out, it will be game over. You can’t put the methane back in the defrosting ground!

                  • You might not LIKE what I say and put me a check mark down… but that doesn’t change the facts. The fact is there is a direct correlation between GHG emissions and GDP growth (burning oil). Look up Michael Ruppert videos, or read “The Long Emergency” by Howard Hunstler (an EXCELLENT writer) on Peak oi. Numbers do not lie. (the fossil fuel industry does!!!)

                  • @Anon; Really? The fact that the Great Lakes still have over 60% ice coverage in May and the Arctic ice coverage is more than it has been in over 40 years doesn’t forestall that “gloom and doom” BS about climate change? It’s going to snow in Colorado tomorrow. It’s effing MAY….. Anybody that “claims to know” what the weather WILL BE is full of …well, you know. The climate ALWAYS CHANGES…it is dynamic….duh!!! As far as anyone “knowing” what the weather is going to be next year….HAH…they can’t get it right next week. I don’t think I will count on them for next year, next decade or next century. It will be, what it will be, and we will know about it when it happens and no sooner.

                • Me too

              • I’ll die in Dixie too, hopefully from old age, but more likely fighting NWO scumbags.

            • “look away, look away, look away Dixie land.”

              • Y99, AMEN to that! Most of the rural areas of the South have always had good soil for farming. Our economy was primarily based on agriculture before the War of Northern Aggression. Sharecropping is what saved our ancestors from starvation during the Reconstruction era. We southerners can take any curveballs that life throws at us. We’ve survived everything else and we’ll survive what’s yet to come.

                • Boys, ah wuz born in Dixie – a cotton-pickin, catfish- eating, duck-shooting, confederate swamp rat.

                  I tell you what though. Old Dixie just ain’t the place I grew up in in the 1950’s.

                  My kids went back to school in the South but we are all up here in the mountains of Montana with increasing numbers of liberty-minded folk.

                  I gotta lot of respect for Joel for voicing his sometimes contrary opinions. I think he is right-on with this.

                  If any of you young’uns want to try something different,
                  come up and give it a look.

                  Just stay west of Great Falls and those Minuteman missile fields.

                  • New Ordnance,
                    I respect Joel’s advice, too, and I’m looking at my copy of “Strategic Relocation (2nd Edition)” right now. I’m happy you found your little piece o’ Heaven in Montana.

                    We can’t relocate to the Redoubt, for various reasons, but we’ve ended up basically taking Joel’s advice regarding a retreat in Texas (page 268).

                    Good luck in all your endeavors.

                  • Standing by in Big Sky.
                    Mcdave out.

                  • Dem elk are just hurrying down to sign up for Oshit Care so they can claim amnesty from the BLM.

                  • @NO; Why worry about the MM fields??? They won’t nuke empty silos….just sayin. Missiles have never been targets, empty or not. They target metro areas…MAD doctrine. The silos make good living quarters. If there is a nuke war, no one will be back to the silos for anything. Might as well use them for something. Be well.

                • The north was forced into the war because if Jesuit influence playing both ends against the middle. Issue surrounded central banking far more than slavery. Lincoln opposed central banking which lead to his demise. Research. The truth can be hard to find with so much deception.

                  • The North was forced into the war?????????? Are you referring to the War Between the States? Lincoln was a big government man. He was a tariff man also. The only reason he hung onto Fort Sumter was to collect import tariffs, that’s what really funded the federal government. He did not care what South Carolina and the other states did as long as they paid their taxes.

                    Mr. Anon. you need better resource materials to research.

                  • Wasn’t the south being taxes both ways? To get their raw products north and then taxed when they came back down as finished goods?

              • ive said this before ill say it again ,your far better off to be in an enviorment that you are famiar with than a strange land you know nothing about ,i have Joels book ,and i agree with some of his thoughts, but unless you’ve lived in all these places ,you cant form an opinion ,he says that florida is a bad place ,to hot ,hurracanes ,bad politics ,to many people ,i agree if you grew up in the north its probly to hot for you ,but i grew up in SWFL ,theres almost always a breeze ,and plenty of shade tree’s ,hurracanes? give me a break ,its all relitive ,hurracanes,earth quakes, tornado’s ,flash floods,to many people? ,the biggest percentage are retired (are they really a threat)bad politics dont even make sense ,who’s going to give two shits about the politics in a grid down ,besides you have bad politics in every town in the US ,i can walk into the everglades and you will never find me if i dont want to be found ,i can eat and drink year round without having to provide myself with a heat source ,i can ease into the ten thousand islands and fish forever,and i have plenty of barracades ,IE. muck bogg’s,rattlesnakes ,alligators,mosqitoes ,all of which ive grown up around and dont bother me in the least ,with an average elavation of 6-20′,this is my point what the hell would a person like me do in the winter ,what would i eat ,where would i get my water ,how would my body handle the elavation ,but for the person who grew up in this enviorment it would be perfect for them,so dont just think your going to live on the gulf in alabama and then when the SHTF your going to move to the rockie’s ,the chance’s are better you’ll die from the elements ,them some rogue gang

                • i might add we are one of the top gun friendly states in the union

                  • Lower40, First off let me make it clear that I’m not making any derogatory remarks toward anyone on this site nor toward poor people, but if you think your going into the swamp or the bush, so to speak, to survive, you better give it some serious thought. First, if you don’t already have a homestead or some type of shelter to flee to when the Schumer Hits The Fan you’ll be in deep muck. This is where high population density comes in, because how many thousands of other people have the same idea as you, and I don’t know if you’ve spend much time in the small towns and backwoods bars, but there are a lot of, for lack of a better word (base type people) that don’t spend their time on a computer and they don’t prep, and they already know those swamps. And believe me they will be there to greet any new commers, and not with a fruit basket. So if and when, things get as bad as we often read about on this site, you better know the masses ain’t going to be fleeing toward the rough icy cold of the North Country or the Rocky Mountains. But just as we say, Stock up on what you use. So also, stay where you know! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                  • hey brother M Trekker i follow what your saying ,i do have a homestead ive had for the last 35 years within walking distance of the glades ,thats why i spoke of being able to form an opinion on a place once you’ve lived there ,i dont plan on leaving my primary ,my point was if i wanted i could escape into the swamp ,and believe me there maybe alot of people that may have the same idea ,but thinking it and doing it are to different things ,the cross section of SFL on both sides of the big swamp are retiree’s ,transients ,and money changers ,i dont know if you ever spent much time in the everglades ,its one thing for those who talk the trash of hiding out in the swamp ,and accually staying alive ,my point was your far better in a enviorment that your familiar with ,both physically ,and mentally

                • I agree with you!! I’m in FL and can grow some kind of food year round. Heat??? I’ll take it over freezing to death and having cabin fever 6 months out of the year. Besides, I’ve got an artesian well that pours out water at 72 degrees 24/7 where I can take a cool dip any time I want. A Florida old timer once told me, “If a man can’t find food in Florida, then he probably deserves to starve to death!”

                  • i agree Goat

                    and now with the introduction of over 10K pythons into the glades by by the local morons ,theres even more to eat

                • FL…swampy, warm fertile. Yes, great temps and ample supply of warmth for growing food. The swamps are teeming with life. Just gotta be careful of most of the coastline…filled with people in diapers from New Yawk. These people are ill prepared and clueless. Likewise, big cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Miami are headquarters for the Free Sh!t Army…welfare goons and criminals. Doubt these fools would venture out into the swamps for the know that they could not survive and world not make it outta there alive.

                  • Closet Yankee’s

                    Florida Mosquito’s love them.

                • I’d rather have hot weather than cold anytime. I have sat sweating at 104 degrees, but it didn’t kill me. I believe sitting in 0 degrees would. As to hurricanes, we get days of warning, so if you get killed in a hurricane, it’s your own fault. Besides, unless you’re right on the beach, there is very little chance of your house being destroyed. The worst thing is possible flooding from storm surge. My house is over 80 years old and has never had flooding except for the back part of the yard next to the swamp (one of my extra water sources).

                  I’ll just stay here in eastern NC. I know the area. My wife and I are related to almost everyone here, and we’re friends with most of the rest.

                  There are more nice people than you would imagine here. A black family from NY moved in across the road recently. During our big snow earlier this year, the wife from that family came over and helped us shovel our walkway and part of the driveway.

                  I don’t think the typical busybody Yanks would like living here anyway. There’s “nothing to do here” because there’s not a bar on every corner, no fancy nightclubs, only one old movie theater, no super fancy restaurants, and no venue for big name concerts. What we do have is big name gospel singers at local churches, tractor pulls, bull riding, fishing, boating, and dinners to raise money for people who need medical help.

                  And don’t try sneaking up on anyone here. I don’t know a single person who I could say definitely is without weapons. At least one hunting rifle or shotgun is pretty much standard equipment for every house. I can hear practicing almost every weekend.

                  So I’m happy to stay in the South.

                  • Logged @ 44 below zero BEFORE wind chill. Didn’t kill me. It is all relative. 44 below sure makes for empty spaces tho 🙂

                • Wise word were never spoken. I know the ground where I live. Them bastards that come for those like me will only be finding comrade’s bodies till they end up in the count themselves. After that, not much really matters. It’s like this, the Father will dictate my exit. Its up to me in the interim to act accordingly. My greatest desire is to lessen the amount you all have to go through to make it. That’s my calling. If its my destiny to make it through fine. If not, OK.

                  • I agree with you 100%, Patriot….you’re my kinda people. 2-yr. plan in progress, then heading west myself.

          • James: good point about the water. I lived in the “Inland Empire” (Spokane) for four years and it’s fantastic; beautiful, lots of hunting, fishing, and snow in the mountains. But it can be a bit dry at times because it’s in the rain shadow so it doesn’t get the moisture like the NW coast. The area on the map in this article has been,and is forecasted to continue its drought cycle. Anywhere from D1: moderate drought in much of the area to D4: Exceptional drought in a few areas. Most of it is listed D2-D3: severe-extreme drought. The only exception is the upper half of Idaho and the NW corner of Montana. So yeah, it’s going to get harder and harder to grow stuff up there until the drought breaks. Tough call on a move to that part of the world.

          • Any place where the Winter temperatures drop below 32 degs will be a challenge. Unless you plan on using total wood stoves for 7 months out of the year to keep you house or shelter warm. You will spend half your lives cutting wood. And what ever amount of wood you think you need for heat for winter, just double or triple that amount of cut wood. Many people will die the first winter as you are snowed in and no way out. Sure it is remote and a good place to hide. Just saying. I think the best place to live for long term survival is in much warmer climates like south Georgia, or Central to Northern Florida, where everything grows like gardens all year round. Up in that Western relocation zone areas you will have few gardens, and will depend on trapping or shooting your dinner all year. The wolves and bears will eat your livestock. No doubt you can be very secluded and remote in those areas, so much so it will take centuries to find your dead bodies, and when they do they will find your skeletons clinging to your cast iron wood stoves.

            • Lol, you are a bit out of touch there wwt. I heat my place for 7 months on 3 cord of wood. Takes about a week to gather it if that is all I had to do, but I value my time more than money so i just fork over some cash to the wood maggots and everyone is happy.

            • You have to get creative, innovative and tough to live in the northern climates. Wood is not the only heating option by the way, so I disagree with your comment about spending half a lifetime cutting wood. Also, greenhouses, hydroponics, and other plant-growing alternatives provide northerners with fresh produce year-round. Livestock is fenced and guarded (a good dog is a great treasure!)as are the animal habitats that provide us with great protein-rich meat year round. Water is abundant (snow melt purified is storable and plentiful). We stay nice and cozy and well-fed up here in the north and in the higher elevations too.

          • James-

            I agree. The very area outlined is going to be the very first to run out of water within the next decade (read Blue Covenant).

        • Familiarity of a territory may be

          more important than it’s location,

          from a tactical point of view.

          • What do you know about tactics?

            Just because you know the word, you think you are tactician.


            Assholes like you, make other people victims.

            I hate these armchair warriors. POS

            • Easy!! black Marine. Who rattled your chain?

              I believe tactics are a mindset and not title

              specific as you suggest (tactician is vague).

              I also refuse taking the heat for making any

              other people a victim of anything, I don’t have

              that kind of influence over anyone.

              As far as your hatred, maybe you could try

              switching to decaffeinated coffee …..?

              • The only thing that makes me @ ease is: if your wife or daughter help move my organ. Your belifs are shit, you are shit. Come have a cup of coffee with me and I’ll have the donuts you have @ home. Only the fresh ones , you can keep the stale.
                You are a coward POS, can take you & others any time.

                T Jackson

                • Black Marine: Wait just a second I need to find the tweezers and magnifying glass to “help you move your organ”. Anyone who talks like you do must have been named ‘tiny’ in the locker room. So unless you clean up your act you’ll be known as “Tiny-the Black Marine”! Unless you think Peewee is better, then we’ll call you ‘Peewee’.

                • @Black Marine; You know I battle the bigots here from time to time, as it just doesn’t make sense to be that way, and yet you show up and “MAKE THEIR POINT” for them. You are a dip shit. I don’t give a shit how many times you “think” you been bad, but you have bought in to too many “internet history revisions” on “tumblr”, judging by your plaintive wording. Your feeble minded rants have only emboldened the rest of the feeble minded, just sayin. I doubt you’ve done any of what you said, or you wouldn’t be a Marine, unless that is the reason you don’t have a “good twenty”. 12 years means shit to 20 years. (I have 38 and retired) If you are still in with 12 and think this way, YOU WON’T MAKE 20. Might as well be two. The fact that you effuse mythical, sexual, innuendo into a hateful discussion, innuendo that is obviously wishful, revisionistic, bull shit, indicates your low-brow upbringing and mental status. Yeah, while you think your presence is “arousing my poor, hedonistic wife/daughter, beyond their ability to control their basee, animalistic selves” from your physical wiles, I’ll be butt-fucking your brain with some JHPs from my Glock, OR if I feel creative, I’ll ass-fuck you from a few hundred yards with a 77gr OTM HP from my AR. YOU, will be on the endangered feces list….oh, my bad, species list…duh!!! If you are going to stir racial shit up somewhere, it would be to your best interest to do it somewhere you might actually have a chance and have logic on your side. You have no chance here. I CAN AND WILL SEE TO IT ELSEWHERE, IF YOU INSIST….Been more places than you and done way more mean, nasty shit…worked for TLAs on various occasions and have the resources to see to your future success as fertilizer. I would say be well, but …..yeah, wouldn’t be truthful. Eat shit and die, you stupid fucker, there, that’s honest.

              • Black Marine thinks that living in a cardboard box down by the tracks is a more tactical place to live. Close to transportation and easy access to the closest FEMA Camp.

            • “What do you know about [being a marine]?

              Just because you know the word, you think you are [marine].


              Assholes like you, make other people victims.

              I hate these armchair warriors. POS”

              • Meet you anyplace anywhere. Mrs. Nurse. You call me asshole I call you a piece of shit. which is worse.

                What do I know being a Marine ?
                Just 12 years of active service. Not a pussy like you, mofo. I been knocking your mom for free many times. do You know what your mom used to do in High school ??. Your daughters are following in her footsteps. The last fucking asshole that challenged me I broke every bone in his body.

                T. Jackson. (torture jack)

                • Hey Black Marine.

                  Are you man enough to meet me? I got plenty of bones mofo. all of the unbreakable. You and your big mouth stink worse than your mothers anus. (that’s asshole for you ignorant POS).
                  People call me Rambo for a reason. I call you a black gay marine. mofo.

                • @ Black Marine.
                  The only bones you can break are chicken bones.

                  • Eat some watermellon and chill out.

                • Black Marine….save the anger for the politicians that put all here and use you guys for cannon fodder. I respect your service but help people with your experience. Don’t drive them away with vitriol. Everyone can’t be a marine….you’re lucky!

                • To Black Marine -Smoking Crack followed with Meth, and then Blogging only makes you sound and look stupid. Try Rehab location. That would be tactically safe for you.

                • Black Marine: Yeah, but chicken from Popeye’s don’t count slick!

                  • @A7; Really? That’s your snappy, and intellectual comeback to T.J. (too juicy, toe jam, top jerk, tiny jack, etc.). C’mon, get a life and work a little for the snappy comeback. Besides, Popeye’s is really good chicken. Don’t sully their reputation in this slug-fest. I’ll take a 3 piece, spicy, dark, meal with RBs and rice with an extra side of coleslaw. Be well.

                • Hey TJ,
                  You in the 2 FORECON , 2 Batt. Company C ? You sound a lot like a guy I know in the DHS DC Office.
                  How’s life in the DHS PHYSOP division TJ. Your just down the hall from me.
                  Make sure you know what side your on , it will suck to be you on that day of reckoning when it all goes to shit.
                  I would really think hard about what you are going to do when orders comedown .
                  Being a regime PMC TJ just following orders is not going to cut it at Nuremberg II,
                  You are smarter than that , LISTEN UNDERSTAND KNOW THEN ACT.
                  Yo know what is right and what is wrong , remember your warrior ethos.

                  FREEFOR WE ARE EVERY WHERE .

                  GOT TET ?


                  I MISS AMERICA

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • Black Marine….

              You should save your anger for TPTB for treating you and all of us as pawns, instead of as humans and peacemakers. Maybe this is all paranoia, but I doubt it. Too much has gone negative in the past 7 years. Good luck….

              • come on guys…”BM” is just part of an op… or droppings…
                Don’t feed the beast…and it won’t stink up the house.

              • I used to have a dog name ugly.

                Are you her pup?

                T. Jack.

                • @BM; Can you guys not do tenses or conjugate verbs? Really? “I used to have a dog name ugly”…..NAMED, FUCKING NAMED, YOU MORON. Not “name”…..past tense…fucker…named…not name. “I used to have a dog NAMED ugly”. That’s how it is supposed to be done. And PUHLEEZE don’t axe me a querstion. You POS. Oh, be well.

              • TripodXL: No offense to Popeye’s, just a stupid remark on my part to ‘Tiny-the Black Marine’ about “all the bones he broke”. I could have picked Church’s or KFC.

                • @A7; LMAO…YEAH no prob, I understand…be well.

            • Whoa Nig, what’s The matter boy, somebody piss in your cotton sack? If you don’t like this site or the people that post here jump on the Soul Train and carry your foot dragging boot lipped self on over to the Black Panther site where you will fit in better!

              • Mr. Mark.

                Your comment is racist. You are Unfit to be posting comments here.

                I will notify this site of your comments and you should be banned from ever posting again.

                A Pastor for decency.

                • hey pastor ,the last thing we need here are PC police ,we have enough of that in our daily life ,so while your getting people benned ,may as well go rub your knuckles in shit and get me banned also

                • hey pastor, who are you to judge anyone on this site? go ahead and try and get me banned also. you call yourself a “pastor for decency” I doubt your a pastor at all. you should be praying for people, not condemning them. your the type of “pastor” that Jesus ran out of the temples. your basically a liberal shill you can go away also.

              • @Mark; Yeah, you’re one of the ones I was talking about earlier. While BM’s rant is off base, unwarranted and to be worth less than shit, especially when not needed, YOUR comments are even less productive. While I ranted, I did not use “Nig” or “boy” or obvious racial slurs like “piss in your cotton sack” (OBTW it is not a cotton sack, it is a bag; you are obviously not from the south). It does no good to call names and continue a hateful dialog, though I’m sure you’ll find the time and effort to take me on. Racial prejudice has no place in “intellectual discourse” as it has no logical foundation. Of course there is the word “intellectual” which might throw you off a bit. But, I’m sure you’ll find some slur to throw at me to assuage your personal sensibilities and make you feel better about your pitiful self. Calling names is something that is best left to liberals, people of low intellect and less than astute social perceptions, and I’m sure that doesn’t include you. Please, be well.

            • Oh good grief folks.

              You have a standard troll here throwing out a stupid line and people are taking the bait like they were starving. And frankly it makes them look pretty dumb in the process.

              It really shouldn’t be that easy.


          • This is off topic. But I feel compelled, and this is the only site I post to, so ….

            I am a fan of Real Time with Bill Maher. I watch it, and fume at the content , jokes and defense of what seems all that I abhor or disagree. But I watch. I enjoy. And after last nights episode, I believe I know what it is,that I find appealing.

            At the close, Bill defended the right of each and every one of us to have the ability to speak our mind, or at least expect a measure of privacy when voicing our thoughts, and not be vilified. Bill once lost a show, I recall, for saying things that went against the grain. So he knows how this works. While I may disagree with much of his politics or beliefs, I value his right to say them, and I believe he values my right to espouse an alternate viewpoint.

            He earns a big Atta Boy from me. Bill, hate your politics. Thanks for your work.

            • Bill Maher is a subhuman, elitist piece of trash. He says nothing of any value…just another Hollywood shill. Don’t waste your time on a troll like Maher. Some have compared him to a modern day George Carlin…laughable as Maher isn’t in the same universe with that dude. Maher is whiny little bitch like Jon Stewart…just overrated comedians who have ZERO value to the truth movement.

          • Yeah, I know the blue ridge and Appalachia like the back of my hand

            • @ anony.

              You fucking lying POS.

              • I’ve heard a number of commenters like you accused of being Eisen, but come on now Black Marine, fess up. Your not really Black and you sure ain’t no Marine. I really believe you could be Eisenkrez, you talk alot like him, but you ain’t used no Caps yet. So maybe not! Trekker Out. You Sure Got A Foul Mouth!

                • It’s a troll. Nothing else.

                  Unfortunately it has been a very successful one.

                  Doesn’t speak highly of those folks it managed to nail.

                  Most especially the ones who responded like schoolboys exchanging racial slurs.

                  Wrestle with pigs and you’re gonna get dirty.

                  And the pig likes it.

        • My 2 cents find the hardest place you can to live. Snow or swamp or desert. If tommy green horn dont wanna go there thats your best place. As long as you can handle it!

          • If you enjoy reading History, the only American Indian Tribe that never surrendered to the Reservation FEMA Camps at that time, were the Florida Seminole Indians, who settled in the swamps of the Everglades, which was easily defended, as the US Army gave up trying to go into the thickets of the swamp water infested with mosquitoes, gators, snakes, and wild fires. Many tribes still live there today. And run the Gambling casinos and tax free tobacco, sales stands.

        • We need more right minded folks here in eastern Washington to counter the economic refugees coming in from Kalifornia! We have something nobody else in the west has
          ; abundant water thanks to the Columbia river. We grow more potatoes than any other state, and there are always millions of pounds of potatoes, carrots, onions in cool storage facilities around the growing and farming areas. Bring a sense of personal responsibility if you want to come thus way though. Freeloaders will be shot on site.

        • Good plan to move if near a major population center.

          I positively cannot believe the writer drew the line so close to the cities of Portland and Seattle, that he left out the ‘state’ of Jefferson in N. California, anexcluded the land of Wyoming and Montana west of the Big Horn mountains — and Yellowstone? The possibility of it blowing up is so remote, that it would be among the least of my worries when the Stuff HTF. And, drawing the line so close to Denver? He must know little about Denver and the political climate of CO.

          The writer could have done much better than this as a student of political ideas and philosophies.


          Son of Liberty

      2. If Yellowstone erupts most of this area is not somewhere you want to be.

          • Mac, AIN’T NO WAY I’m leaving the US, no matter what happens.

            • Renegade.

              You’re right. You are not leaving the US. You’ll be radioactive DUST. For the next ten thousand years.

              I’ll be dust too. Pushing flowers or tropical plants here in Costa Rica

              Right now The same amount of monies that you use for paying rent or mortgage. I use to pay feed, entertain,
              travel, pay wages for my house cleaning, and the little extras. Don’t even have a car. I live in paradise in a front beach resort.


              • @Ex-pat; Got guns? Got rights? Yeah, nice place to visit, been there. There is no place like home. Be well.

            • Amen. I’ll stay where the good Lord bore me.

          • Take a good metal detector with you and lots of seeds. 🙂

            • Each one of US have a place where WE are supposed to be if WE have a personal relationship with the Lord. It may not be in the South, or the Redoubt, or Argentina, etc.

              Only by going within and relying upon the Guidance God gives you, will you know where YOU are suppose to be. Be there to get there. 🙂

              • ^+1

              • Yes, we will welcome you with open arms.
                After what you guys did for us in the Malvinas (falkan) islands we want to repay you.
                You want to go were the royals rule, go and kiss royal butts.


                • Poor loser. You already cannot run what was the Pearl of S America in 1930. What have you devalued since then? 4 times? Over a Trillion to one? At the time your Gov said Gt Brit was just a has been, with no power, and you lost in what, three weeks? TO A GIRL!

                  • We lost because the brits. got an alliance with several countries to come and retake our islands. Them alone will never hack it.. We don’t drag other countries into our conflicts. That is called international bullying.

                    In a conflict the two nations if they got the guts, should fight to settle their differences, not bringing others and ganging up on them. That is dishonorable. Pussy brits. wont hack it one on one.

                  • Remember the message that Adolf Hitler sent to Mexico? Now it has come to be that the Brits. send the fake message. The U.S. fell for it. Can hardly believe how naïve the intelligent services were at that time to fall for a fake message, specially from an allied. That is what you can expect from the alliance from thieves like the royals.

                    Now you too, paranoid, go kiss some royal butt. and keep enjoying their royal shit.


                  • International alliance??? We let them use their own island. stop believing you own propaganda, that’s what got you in trouble the first time.

                • Fernando: When the Poles shift and Greenland melts, and the ice sheets of Antarctica break away, Buenos Aires will be under the new South Pole Ice Cap; or under water. The Falklands will be ground zero for the New South Pole.

                  Either way you are history if you remain there. Head for Medellin or Bogata at 8,000 feet. Be there to get there. 🙂

                • @Fernando (aka AA); You stupid bitch, you guys lost…LOST… to the British…they kicked your ass. All we provided were satellite photos. They, THEY, kicked you asses…and sank the Belgrano….bye, bitches. That’s why I wouldn’t move anywhere outside the U.S. Everyone has a hardon for us, simply because we succeed. ESAD.

          • Some things to keep in mind when relocating to another country and depending on what country.

            -If you a refugee you will be prey to thugs, government thugs, or other opportunists. They’ll be looking for you. Corruption can be far worse than it is in the states.

            -Unfamiliarity, not knowing the language, having few resources, having no friends in that country, and not being brown or black in a non-western country could make you an easy target because you don’t blend it. Especially if you’re not a citizen.

            -Don’t draw attention to yourself. Keep out of trouble, don’t flaunt any luxuries or valuables or anything that indicate wealth in an impoverished country. Being a westerner also means wealth, even the poor can live a privileged life in comparison. Think of the locals who could never afford the things you have, that can cause jealously and contempt.

            -Go with a country that has some degree of freedom if you can or at least will leave you alone, not a socialist police state and obviously not North Korea either.

            -Avoid areas of political instability or high violence. Don’t get caught in the crossfire, live longer.

            -Bring along any valuable assets. Like, a friend who speaks the language or has family there.

            -Travel light and stay armed, concealed.

            I live outside of the Yellowstone kill zone and immediate ash fallout (if the drift maps are correct) but I will say that I will not be going to Brazil, Argentina, Australia or anywhere they plan to herd people just like I’m not going to any camp. The ash circumnavigating the world will disrupt flights and travel, not to mention the chaos. I won’t say what my own contingency plans are if Yellowstone erupts, but know there are alternatives.

          • Remember, an Australian Funnel Spider can kill you just by looking at you. I saw that on TV — it’s gotta be true! And don’t forget the water purification tablets…don’t wanna be drinking crocodile pee… 😎

            • Funnel webs are deadly, but the Jack Jumper ant is worse.
              Bite you once, no problem. Again, maybe, maybe not. One too many bites and you better hope you have an epi pen handy.

              Snakes, some of the most deadly in the world.

              Then there is the price of property. If the others do not get you, that one will, especially when the US Dollar hits the skids.

          • Mac,

            You’re welcome over here anytime. And the same goes for you Renegade braveheart, BI, KY mom, Kula and many others. The outback is literally my backyard…the best place in the world to bring up my three beautiful girls.

            Don’t bring your guns though, they literally disarmed us years ago.
            And the place has never been the same since.

            You blokes in the US aren’t the only ones doing things tough at the moment.

            This is a great site….keep up the good work.


          • Imho

            If you’re not where you want or need to be and/or can get there in a day…you’re already screwed.

            • Ps…

              Your state of mind is more important then your location…
              You can be neck deep in muck, literally, and still be better off than someone cowering in a bunker…

              Got water?

          • Mac: You may want to rethink Australia because it’s going through a heat wave and drought-AGAIN. It’s summer there and they’re calling it the “Angry Summer of 2013-2014” where in 90 days 156 temperature records broken along with a severe drought. It’s a nice place to visit but would you want to live there?

          • Mac, Australia has Banned Firearms. You don’t want to go there and be a slave. Or be another puppet Pawn State of the US Military.

            • Rumjungle, WhoWuddaThunkit and Gregory 8 (and Mac) – gotta take exception to you guys (supposedly Aussies?) – we have not been disarmed at all. Yeah, some guns got onto a banned list and a lot of good guns, plus a lot of “junk” got crushed and melted but to say we have been disarmed is a load of bullshit! I have legally about 25 long arms – bolt and lever rimfire and centrefires from 22 through to 375H&H along with single and double barrel shotguns from 410 to 12. I have a half dozen pistols and revolvers from 22 to 44/45. If I want another I can go and buy it – have to wait 28 days to collect it but that’s no real big deal for me. In our infamous buyback of the 90’s the only gun I had to hand in was a Ruger 10/22. I was never into AR’s, SK’s and the like but did once have a Rem 1100 but didn’t have one when they were banned and kinda wish I could have another but I’m not losing sleep about it.

              Gregory 8 – I live here and it is now May (not Summer at all) – a long way from the week long heatwave we had in January! Barely above “average” anyway and who is to say it isn’t just “one of those things” – it was a lot worse for a few weeks in the 1890’s. And whats with this “Angry Summer of 2013/14” – more crap – I keep myself right up with the news and never heard that one here! Maybe some bored journo in the US made that up on a slow news day? And FWIW we heard about some pretty serious scorchers in Arizona last Summer – weren’t there new records set then?

              To bag Aussie as a place to be I do find offensive. We have 23 million people in an area the size of the Lower 48. If it all goes belly up in the worst possible way the sheer number of starving, desperate people in the US will make what happens here look like a fart in a Force 10.

              I really enjoy this site and usually ignore the clowns, rambo’s and the ill informed (and the just plain bullshitters) but I couldn’t let this pass.

              Regards to my favourites here – Brave, Sgt Dale, Ugly, BI, Granny, Cali Girl, KY Mom and others.


              • Thanks for your input Aussie, however a 28 day waiting period for a gun is a long time. You folks must carry a lot of anger and grudges over there for a long time to require 28 Days to cool off? haha Usually no longer than 3 business days here, for cooler heads to prevail. Just saying. Concealed weapons permit holders here in Florida can buy and walk off with any gun in hand within minutes. Thus the popularity of Gun Shows. Cash or Trade and Carry out the door.

          • @A7; LMAO…YEAH no prob, I understand…be well.

          • @Mac; Well, yeah those are the maps of the ash fall and as far as whatever deal the gubment made with those folks, if I can’t take my M1A, then I ain’t goin. On the ash fall, the borders aren’t the kiss of death. That is only where significant ashfall fell. As you get farther away from the caldera the ashfall tapers off. For instance, on the Missouri and Iowa border, if you were there, you prolly got 3-6 inches OR LESS of ash, but you were inside the ashfall zone. There really are not a lot of people in the worst of the zone. The only real metro areas are Denver and SLC. Yes the zones go out but they get lighter as the distance increases. Dallas has nothing to fear…yes, they will get dust..2,3,4,6 inches, but that’s it. Not an evacuation issue….unless someone is trying to get rid of population….??? I am inside the zone and I am not leaving. Spokane and the Columbia river valley, historically, has nothing to fear. If I weren’t within 400-600 miles, I wouldn’t be worried. The next years crops will be awesome. As far as radiation, there won’t be any. Volcanoes, as known by modern scientists, don’t affect radiation levels. Be Well.

        • If my aunt had balls, she’d have been my uncle.

          • …and if your cousin had boobs, she would have been your wife?

        • I’m a Geologist, retired in Wyo. Forget about Yellowstone. You will have lots of notice and it’s time scale is huge in relation to people, and if it really goes it’s a worldwide problem. On the other hand, for all you people that like gov, taxes, welfare, etc; and hate guns and hunting and that stuff: Stay away. We have lions and tigers and bears, plague, Indian attacks, blizzards, wolves and that’s just during the good times, stay away!

          • Paranoid is correct. Yellowstone will likely have a very long time to prepare for it when it is ready to blow. Supervolcanoes take months to build up to eruption. However IF a large enough earthquake rips a fissure down to the magma, then you copuld have a rampant eruption. Yellowstone is on a long time geological scale and not like other volcanic areas like St Helens.

            I would be far more worried about the fact that the U.S. is fu#@$%^ with two nuclear armed countries in Russia and China and threatening their national security. Either country could launch a rapid first strike that the U.S. would not be too prepared for. The U.S. in reality has assumed that Russia or China would never just launch their missiles out of the blue. Well, this assumption is exactly why it is more possible by taking the U.S. out mostly by the element of surprise. WW3 is way more possible and looking more and more likely each day. 🙁

          • Glad to hear from you Paranoid, and agree with all you said. The blizzards are terrible and there’s a Grizzly behind every bush and Yellerstone is about to blow, I can smell the sulphur now. Couldn’t believe what I heard on the news tonight, they said Wyoming is now in the top five for retirees. They better get out while they can, I can feel the ground starting to bulge under my feet as we speak. Trekker Out. Deo Vindice!

            • The bison are breaking my fences, the lions are eating my sheep and the wolves are running the elk.

              The ice age is returning up here. When the snowpack finally comes down out of Yellowstone, all those yuppies who built their home on the flood plain will wave good-by to their McMansions floating away to New Orleans.

              Meanwhile, there are always a few stalwart souls who respond to this:


              • NO,
                Sounds like great place to live , I like challenges , at least you know what to expect from the 4 legged preditors , NJ is just way too populated , thankfully I live in one of the remote areas in south jersey thank god for the pine barrens forming a natural barrier with its thick briers ( natures natural razor wire) and swamps making it a formidable barrier to cross. The population to the north will perish when most of the chemical plants go in the chaos of a grid down situation . Most will not make it to the south , I live in one of the most gun friendly counties in the state sort of a hold out area not typical NJ progressive areas we are used to getting nothing from the state .
                Firearm Permits are granted easily in the town were I live usually just a 3 week wait as opposed to 5 months else where . Adequate fish due to a vibrant bay , the only issue is dealing with the cold in winter. Just 3 major roads in unless you want to cross 30 miles of the barrens on foot full of unfriendly locals ( proud to be a piney from my nose down to my hiney ) who know how to walk in the woods and use them kenetic self defense implements.
                I think remaining where I am is looking better in the mostly likely scenarios to occur, grid down society breakdown. I know my local area well and know where the natural springs are they have been utilized in the past by revolutionary war soldiers old maps are a gold mine once verified not much changes in the protected pine barrens. The whole state is not as polluted as the north.
                Know you Terrain and it’s use before an emergency.
                Using stealth and common sense this may be survivable in the short to medium term , with a little work and Gods will longer term.



                Semper Fi 8541

                • Night Breaker, Them Pine Barrens are pretty neat. Had a Navy buddy many years ago that had family in the Barrens, last name was Swain or something like that, went home with him on liberty. Hope the Jersey Devil don’t get you, it may have got him. Trekker Out. Don’t Fear The Dark, Fear what Hunts In The Dark!

                  • MT,
                    OPSEC, OPSEC , OPSEC
                    SAME BAT CHANNEL ,

                    Semper Fi 8541

          • Paranoid.

            You have closet Yankee’s too?

            • Worse; we got people who only own 3-4 guns and think a 1000 rds of ammo is enough. That’s each of course.

          • I hear that every bear den has piles of yuppie Yankee hiker bones.

            • Worse than that, the screaming as the lions drag them into the caves. Some of the soft hearted used to try to rescue them but, the lions got to eat.

          • Paranoid: how about this one; “Rifles, and trucks, and patriots, oh my!”

          • When St. Helens erupted did the world end? Nope. Just for those in the immediate vicinity. I am growing tired of this Yellowstone BS. Yes, there are risks, but your largest enemy is large, unprepared populations, not a volcano. People bring things like disease, thermonuclear war, panic, and rioting.

          • Paranoid, hey, you sound like my kind of guy! Bless you, sir.

        • One of my favorite spots in Yellowstone is Boiling River just south of Gardner, Montana. You can jump in there to cure what ails you and feel that old volcano working it’s way through your bones.

      3. If Yellowstone erupts, the surrounding population will go quickly. Its those on the west coast that will suffer the most. I hope you have a plan on how to deal with 10′ of ash coming down on you. I prefer to go quickly than suffocate, but that’s just me! There are way more things to worry about than natural disaster! Keep your eye on the ball (meaning our corrupt government!).

        • I think the prevailing jet stream pattern would carry most of the ash cloud to the east and south of the caldera. Just my .02
          Mcdave out.

      4. The best BOL and safe haven is a place you know. A competent New Yorker could have a better area than an idiot from my state in Idaho. Look and gain knowledge. The best area could be just 20 miles from your home….

        • I’m with Ugly on this, although I am within the recommended zone there are always zones within zones you don’t want to be in during the initial SHTF moment. Like shooting it’s 60% about where your feet are at.

        • Ugly, I’ve already got my BOL arrangement in place. just need to get there in good time and I’ll be just fine.

          • braveheart and 99….

            Familiarity is the key. One person would love Pinedale WY and another would starve. One could make it 5 miles outside Chicago if they knew what they were doing. I wouldn’t make it there. I need the Big Sky country. You need people that are willing to work together. No man is an island as the saying goes….

            • Pinedale was awesome 20 years ago. haven’t been there since. The Wind River range is a beautiful and harsh environment that is not for the faint of heart.

              Or…you and I could meet at the Lander Bar have a few brewski’s, a steak and solve all the world’s problems.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • I’d like to join ya for that one. Maybe spend some time in the Tetons.
                Standing by in Big Sky.
                Mcdave out.

                • The Old Pinedale

                  I remember a few years back when there was a near riot and uprising in Pinedale when some legislator tried to limit open-carry in bars.

                  One of my favorite stops was an establishment that sold “Roadkill Burgers” – very tasty – eat a couple of those and you’re ready for the trail-head.

                  Thumbs up on Wind Rivers and Tetons.

                  The season may be late this year. I hear the “Winds” still have 200 inches of snow.

                  • New Ord, It’s snowing up there as we speak, just had a blizzard at my house a few minutes ago. Trekker Out.

                  • Getting ready to soak my corn.

                    Passing it around.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • Copy…over. lms

        • I remember an old joke by one the all-time funniest comedians from the late 1950s and 1960s, Brother Dave Gardner. He was doing one of his classic monologs, and he touched on a question that a lot of people were asking back then, due to the fear of nuclear war and the question was: “Where is the best place to be, if an A-bomb were to go off?”

          To which, Brother Dave replied: “It don’t make no difference, just as long as you can say: What was that?”

          I miss old Brother Dave Gardner.

          • Tuck, I liked the one where Brother Dave was in the snake handlin church. Trekker Out.

      5. Got no desire to relocate at this point.

      6. one word

        W A T E R

        not much in the “Redoubt”

        • I DOUBT and REDOUBT very much.

          • Burt, as I said in my post to Sixpack, I have my own DOUBTS about the “Redoubt” just based upon certain things I saw all those years ago. I’ll stay in the South, thank you very much.

            • I went to the Seattle area once, stayed about 2 weeks on a work related trip. I believe it was in the fall. Dreary weather, constantly raining, cloudy skies, and an incredibly depressing place to be.

              Plus, the place was literally infested with egg-sucking dog liberals, some of the greasiest kinds I’ve ever seen.

              I could hardly wait to get my butt on the plane to come home.

              That little bakery stop at the bottom of the Space Needle did have some of the absolute best tasting, monster sized chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten.

              But, aside from that one delight – the place did not impress me much.

        • yup and seems someone has the rights to it


        • Agreed! Right now it’s easy to tell where the wrong places are because they are suffering from drought. None here – have never irrigated, but water “springs” right up out of the ground should we need to. Add to the that the safety of geographical isolation, the lowest population density band in the U.S. plus hardwood forests, natural gas, and coal.

          I’ll stay right here in my Appalachian holler 1,000 miles from Yellowstone. Even if the New Madrid fault split the nation in half we still wouldn’t be in the flood zone.

        • Just keep telling everyone that.

          • Yup,
            Life is hard in the Redoubt. Best to stay put.
            Standing by in Big Sky.
            Mcdave out.

            • Wish I could give you ten thumbs up!

            • It is Mcd…I’ll take my chances here.

        • Gee lessee.. we have 2 major rivers (Columbia and snake) over 6000 lakes and literally thousands of feeder streams in Washington State alone. Northern Idaho has a flippin creek every couple miles plus many large year round rivers as well and a couple HUGE lakes.. Nope no water here.. go away.

          • “Sure, the high mountain deserts can’t provide for large masses of people, but we aren’t trying to save the whole world here, just those who have the forethought to relocate in advance of the coming world crises, be they war, economic or disease.”

            Yea right lots of water in “High mountain deserts”

            I guess reading comprehension is NOT your strong suit

            .02 I suggest you move to one of those “High mountain deserts” & report back how it works out water wise

        • Da Yooper – Yes, as I said previously, for total, long term off the grid, you need to live in a warmer climate, with lots of fresh water. The Western USA is screwed, and the Norther States are too cold, thus the best place in the US, is the south east, and GA or Northern Florida with clean fresh springs from the Florida Aquifer, and out of the flood zone of South Florida, below Orlando. No Nuke plants in N. Florida, and mild temps where you can grow a garden most all year round. And a slew of wild pigs to hunt on your own land 365 days a year. See where the closest Nuke Plant and radiation emissions are, to where you live on this Map of the US. www radiationnetwork dot com

      7. if one out of five american adults are on mood-altering drugs, we are gonna be screwed no matter where we are when it hits. i’ve decided to stay in place in so cal. presently in process of waking ALL my neighbors, so that our little community will be able to defend our turf. the truth is no-one knows just how BAD it will get. i personally think it can get to where many people are freaking out and rioting/killing each other. but it may not be as bad as some think…these killings/rioting MIGHT be fairly subdued, and only in a few places. but even if you’re in the great redoubt, who’s to say you won’t be jumped and disposed of? one thing’s sure, it won’t go down like we envisioned it. i’m stayin’ put. if you want MY stuff, come and TAKE IT!

        • There are fights all the time in Chucky Cheese now. Too many in society are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt now and will only worsen as the economy does. If you have convinced all your neighbors to prep, than you should be selling icicles to Eskimos. My experience is that they are stuck in the Matrix and don’t want to take the red pill. I hope your neighbors were not just giving you lip service to get you to go away, because they will remember you as the guy with the stash of stuff they all need. Good luck with that.

          • Fights at Chucky Cheese! Hahahaha!

            • Yeah, it’s the parents fighting. Cops are called all the time to Chucky Cheese because of it.

              • i’ve been to chucke’s probly a hundred times, and have seen a few fights. a friend was a manager there for a year or so, and BOY, the stories she can tell!

          • We live 100 miles from a city big enough to have a Chuck E. Cheese so whenever we go on vacation I take my daughter during the week and as soon as they open. It’s no so bad then, but I’ve seen the Youtube videos of brawls. Heard parents also hookup in the bathrooms, but I’ve never seen that either probably because those with school age children are not there when we are.

            Fortunately we have a locally grown alternative for those on mood altering drugs – marijuana. We also have the highest percentage of armed households east of the Mississippi and liberal gun laws. We already shoot people acting crazy.

            • Prepared Pastor,
              That made me laugh out loud, I was on anti depressants and weaned myself off years ago. I feel better now than I did on them. We are heading back to East Tennessee and I couldn’t be happier.

        • Bingo, buttcrackofdoom. Remember, the other day when there was an article up on this website that was trying to establish a link between legalizing drugs and keeping our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?

          I’ve known for a very long time that these dope addicts will go to just about any length necessary to try to sell their nation-destroying ‘drug legalization’, pathologically insane libertarian line of baloney – but, that was the first time I’d ever seen them try to use that particular argument.

          But, as you say – if one out of every five kwanzombies are hooked on one or more mood-altering drugs, and those drugs suddenly dry up, we are talking about people who are addicted to their meds and who’s moods will most certainly and quickly turn violent and desperate. That means these dope addicts will become an immediate, high-priority threat to the saner people in our society.

          As I’ve said before, anyone who thinks that it is a wise idea to legalize drugs and thereby most certainly INCREASE the percentage of our population who’ll be using those drugs – most of which are highly addictive – is either a moron of epic proportions, or they are working for the Cultural Marxists whose stated objective is the complete destruction of White Western Civilization.

          Ron Paul, who as a freaking physician ought to know better, even that IQ defective geezer is promoting the legalization of drugs. That is an important clue as to where this little turd’s allegiances lie, folks.

          • It’s depressing and comical at the same time how some people attribute cannabis to hard drug addicts and the downfall of American values. Still stuck in that reefer madness lies BS. Lies that have created the largest police state on earth. Lies that have created the largest private prison industrial complex known to present day mankind. You people need a wake up pill. The prohibition you support has no standing in reality. So what if people find enjoyment and relaxation from a natural substance. It is not addictive, it is nonviolent and only a threat to established concerns that push sickness and death for outrageous profit. Enough of the BS!

          • Follow the money…

        • Not a good strategy…not at all. Can’t wake up everyone. Even if 90% of the people within 5 blocks of where you live were “awake”, this still wouldn’t work. SOCAL is a death sentence and for various reasons shall be avoided: high population density, high crime, lack of water, pollution, earth quakes. You are kidding yourself if you think you would be able to survive their.

      8. Apparently Mr. Skousen hasn’t been following the aggression of the BLM and Forestry Service lately. It’s much easier to outrun the starving zombies, than it is to get beyond the grasp of the Govt. Drones can do mountains. The BLM thugs can chase you wherever you go…wherever YOU can go, THEY can go.

        The fact is, the government is swiftly taking control of every inch of dirt that we could use for an escape. You can’t escape the army by hiding on a military base…at least not for long.

        We can’t run and we can’t hide anymore. We have no choice but to come out swinging.

        • Sixpack, I agree Skousen is NOT everything he makes himself out to be. Lately, my family has been having some trouble with feds in north GA. BLM and Forest Service are doing their BS all over the country these days it appears. But the feds had better watch their steps dealing with my family. Not only north GA, but most of the rural areas of the South are very feasible areas for long-term survival. In the aftermath of the War For Southern Independence aka War Between The States, most of the South laid in ruins, but everyone in the rural areas who survived the war engaged in sharecropping and that is what kept us alive during the Reconstruction era. We Southerners survived that war, everything the Yankees threw at us, and all of the federal atrocities committed during Reconstruction, so we Southerners can survive anything. I’ve traveled to Rawles’ “Redoubt” once many years back. beautiful country and great people, but you have to freeze for 6 months out of a whole year and the sun doesn’t shine very much there. That’s not good for my arthritis. We Southerners prefer to be warm. I’ll make my stand right here in Dixie.

          • R Rb we are with you. Having lived and travelled out west we moved back to the South. Beautiful country out west, especially Montana and Idaho.,but those Winters and lack of sun are just not for us. If you move further south then you have water issues. Here in southeast TN we can grow lots of veggies and fruit. Water all round with a great spring on our place. But the real key is the small community where we are is made up of like minded people who look out for one another. Prepping here is just considered the way we live. Guns and hunting are our way of life. Sure we have druggies and crime but we will take care of those issues as they come. Yep I like our chances here.

        • Cuz them dang Feds came in here and was messin with your supplies, so we had to pile them up and burn em. Your supplies that is, not the Feds. We don’t know they may have bobby trapped them so we can’t take no chances. So instead of you coming over in June, how bout if I move in with you there in Memphis. Looks like I might be able to get on welfare pretty easy, cause it looks like theres alot of them there people already on it, if you know what I mean. Anyhow,I Love You Man!

      9. Skousen is Mormon, so that may cloud his judgement about SLC being the Great Hub of a safe area.

        • …Not to mention the big gubs new nsa spying/collection sites (in slc).

          Word on the street is that the big Mormons were recently seen in Tele Aviv to cut their own deal with the Zionists.

          nothing to see here…move along…

          • IF this is true

            there is another reason


            to move anywhere near Utah

            • Sell outs will stand no chance against those who understand how the earth works.

              Especially the morons.

          • lastmanstanding: Actually there is A LOT to see there.

            The “Big Mormons” are also cutting deals with the Chinese directly in Utah; and they are BIG supporters of illegal immigration. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty, and who has been nice …..

            Let’s see …. Chinese, Israelis, Illegals, and NSA. 🙁

            • Hi dk…should have hit the (sarc) button after my last comment.

              Lots of z’s and m’s in my ao…They want servants, slaves, not employees or contractors.

              I saw something the other day that was illegal in Utah that shocked the living hell out of me…I can remember what it was…it might have been water collection.

              Any way you get a green thumb from me and my wife says that lists are very important…and checking them is imperative.

              Thanks for the tip…lms

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Some people just can’t help painting everybody with the same wide brush, can you?

              Just because Harry Reid is supposedly Mormon, does not mean that all Mormons favor selling our land to the Chinese. That does not mean that the LDS Church approves of his scheming and outright fraud. I don’t think they want his dirty money either…now that they know, I sure hope they don’t. He sure isn’t acting like a Christian, much less a Mormon.

              ALL blacks are murderers
              ALL mexicans are illegal immigrants
              ALL poor are leeches and takers
              ALL Russians are killers
              ALL Politicians are corrupt—okay, I’ll give you that one, but my point is, there are a lot of honest, hard-working people who are also members of the Church…many of them are pretty angry with Harry Greid for making them look bad also.

              I’m not a Utah Mormon, but if I was, I’d be raising a fuss over Harry Reid and the NSA in Utah right now.

              As with the rest of us, don’t think everyone agreed to anything the govt does…Mormons are common people too.

        • Skounsen thinks Utah is a good local, but Rawles disagrees as he says that much of Utah depends upon supply chains from Kommiefornia.

      10. Great ideas, but this location coincides with the Yellowstone eruption kill zone. Exhilarating isn’t it???

      11. Hmmm? That looks like the immediate kill zone for the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

      12. I already have an arrangement with one of my cousins in north GA to move into her BOL in exchange for doing certain things to help preserve the property. The region is very, very feasible for long-term survival. one of them has a farm in the region. they all grew up on farms and each one has their own gardens. Before they all relocated to the mountains during the Bush era, their Dads and other relatives before them used to take them into the mountains periodically to learn how to hunt, fish, forage, swim, camp, hike, etc. they grew up with outdoor activities. Each one learned how to handle guns at the earliest possible age. Any one of them shoots better than I do, even the women. They can and do survive ANYTHING. Half of my supplies are already in storage at the BOL, so I DON’T have “all my eggs in just one basket.” I’ve been there enough to know there are great people in that region, beautiful country, sits on a good water table, great hunting, fishing, etc. I wouldn’t have any problem settling there permanently if it ever came to that. And no, I’m NOT worried about my supplies ending up missing, etc. These people are my FAMILY. I’ve always trusted them and we have always done right by each other. Never had any reason not to trust them. If I have to spend my last days in that region, so be it. A good and peaceful place to die. I’m planning another trip there for June to move some more supplies there. Who knows, that could become my final trip out of Memphis if we have another false-flag, etc. And that is coming; just don’t know how or when until it happens.

        • My brother used to live in Dahlonega GA. Pretty place. I would be concerned about Atlanta hoard there though. I hope your BOL is far deeper in the northern mtns. I rode hwy 129 from Dahlonega to Maryville TN. Beautiful but curvy road, lol. I have family that own 2 large farms but are close to Maryville. Worth millions for subdivision development. This makes them a poor sanctuary to me. Too many people wanting something and too hard to defend. I’m looking for a place on the Cumberland Plateau, about 1 1/2 hours away. If I find a place, I’ll have to finance it, which makes it less secure than if it was paid for completely. I hate the thought of debt. Choices, choices. What to do?

          • B G Cumberland Plateau has become a popular place for those relocating to more remote locations. Good area for such. HOWEVER you need to know the locals are a “clannish ” and tough lot. In fact most rural areas in East TN are. People moving in are met with “surface” friendliness but you will have to earn trust. The areas you want to look for are where you see gardens and “shade tree mechanics” and orchards. These are the people of the rural south who will be worth your time to get to know. Also look for signs selling eggs(always a great indicator). Rundown trailers with kids toys(druggies) and upscale resort subdivisions(richies) should be avoided . The Plateau has some tough folks almost scary but may well be worth the effort if you want to survive. Good luck.
            P.M. Another area to check out is the Secqueachie valley at the base of the plateau.

            • Sequatchie…. 🙂 yes, it’s beautiful.

          • 129 from Robbinsville NC to Maryville ( pronounced “Mur-vul”) is called The Dragon and for good reason! Next time you are up that way, wave! We aren’t too far…;)

            • Ohh The Dragon where you meet yourself coming and going! Know it well.

        • RB do yourself and your family a favor and get out of Memphis. I’ve been there, and it looked like a scene from the movie Blackhawk Down.

          • I think that is where the movie was filmed…

          • RB

            I strongly second Virginian’s motion. Memphis is no place to be. I lived there long ago but it’s not the same place now. A family member was stuck there for three years and finally got out in 2010. Despite elaborate bug-out plans, we knew the probability of getting across the river was nil so Plan B was a meetup on the Cumberland Plateau with other relations – not good choices. The odds are bad to worse for refugees. Make your move soon brother. Don’t wait til the flag goes up.

      13. Excluding natural disasters, I don’t see a there are many safe places in the US of A. From North to the south and East to the West I see a lot of mental poverty, a lot of heartbreak and hurt, and mostly, a lot of fear. All of these things are the antithesis of freedom and safety. And our compliance to all of these things that were supposedly meant to set us safe and free has actually left us still in chains. If anyone thinks moving to a farm in God’s country leads to safety he / she is in some fantasy world…..Just check to see what has happened to the land owners all over the USA. No one can and will be safe and free under the corporate fascists running our country. Until the day people rise up and bring humanity and justice back to the system, safety is simply an illusion.

        • No one is safe from tyranny, but a remote farm can help protect you from hunger crazed neighbors.

          • Very True Burt Gummer. However the security window still would be short since tyranny controls the logistics and soulless criminals who support it.

          • haven’t you heard about africa…i think it’s rwanda, where all the farmers are getting attacked/killed/run off their farms?…if you got sumthin’…someone’s going to be coming for it…..isn’t that what y’all are sayin’?….like i said earlier, nobody knows just how bad it will get, but if it gets REAL bad, there’s going to be NO SAFE PLACE!…i aint going to be stuck traveling around trying to find a “new place” when i got a decent one here….yup, it’s gonna be a bitch.

      14. Are you for frickin’ real? That area looks like Native American reservation land and BLM combined! Skousen needs to get his facts straight.

      15. Not sure about the map. There may be some honey holes, but you need all the pieces to make it work. We are hiding in plain sight somewhere west of the Missouri River, East of the Rocky Mountains, and South of the North Pole. No need on this end to worry about bugging. We have been bugged for years and didn’t even know it. 🙂

      16. I don’t have the means to make a big relocation. I am in Minnesota and can bug out to northern Wisconsin. Winter will take out a lot of the zombies and I’m OK with winter. Also its on the edge of the ash from a Yellow- stone blast. There may be a few refuges from the MPLS area, and my plan is to remain out of sight, nice and quiet like a mouse, but this mouse has teeth as well. I work in the city and can’t just leave my jobs but I’m living on the edge of this city so I can get out of town sort of quick like, sort of. Take a whole day just to pack up all the hardware:-)
        That’s the best that I can do. At least I ain’t all plugged in to the matrix.
        I keep planning and thinking about possibilities just need a lot of cash for some stuff and its nice to play some ya know!
        Have a wonderful day. Stu OUT.

      17. Having spent 2 weeks last summer in Utah and Az, I can say it is truly beautiful country out there. Also, VERY rugged and DRY! The few rivers out there, such as the Colorado river, can barely support the population right now… And much of the land in southern Utah is Federally owned and not available to live on. Other large land areas are indian owned.

        I definitely will vacation out there again, but large numbers of people relocating out there isn’t practical.

      18. I also do not believe that ‘map’ is anywhere near accurate. I can see why he excluded Denver and Colorado Springs (both huge military targets for a few reasons)

        Rumor has it that Denver is the ‘new’ Wash D.C. when the East coast is toast. They call it COG or ‘Continuity of Government’. Of course the Air Force Academy and NORAD along with 3 other bases are in Colorado making them all prime targets as well. That is also a reason DIA (Denver International Airport) is located so far away from the city, but does not exclude it from being a military target either. I won’t even talk about the DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases).

        As far as nuclear threats go, most of the Nuclear plants themselves are out of danger zone according to this map, as the prevailing winds and Jet Stream push everything East and North. That would include ASH from Yellowstone or radiation. If people really want to see some maps with cross referenced data, then get Prudent Places, 2014 (4th Edition). This disc has SO much data and it saved me a ton of time from having to acquire it all myself. I bought it and I highly recommend it!

        h t tp://

      19. Looks like we’re staying in Ohio. We had planned on going home to Oklahoma, but there is a severe water shortage in eastern Oklahoma, and earthquakes in central and western Oklahoma for undetermined reasons. We live smack in the middle of Ohio farm country, at least sixty miles from any large city or airport, the house and grounds are paid for and we’re pretty well supplied. Have our own stinky but potable well water and four gardens set up, along with a really nice orchard. This may be a really stupid idea, but think we’re going to slug it out here. Although we will suffer the ramifications of a Yellowstone blast, we’re not in the direct ash zone. I would prefer North Carolina, Kentucky or Tennessee, but it’s too late to move now. I would definitely get out of the cities, but work to make it bearable where you are. Blessings to all who post here!

        • No reason to leave where you are unless the ash buries you. I’d wait for that to happen, first, then go. Anything else happens, seems to be a good location to weather the storm.

        • I’ve driven through Ohio farm country….with a good long range rifle you could take out any threats before they get to you. I was surprise at how flat that area is.

          • The reverse holds true too. A sniper can take you out while you work the garden.

          • Burt Gummer is right. Flat land allows for people to see you at great distances. Also, flat land allows vehicles freedom to move wherever.

          • Ohio isn’t all flat. Go east to the hilly side.

            • The Amish would make good neighbors. Just saying. 🙂

      20. Dont look at the nuclear plant fallout maps if you live in the area lol.

      21. There is plenty of good, fertile well-watered land in the western slopes of Oregon and Washington to provide ample farming for hundreds of thousands of people.

        The requirement for distance from large urban areas is not realistic. The reality is most of the ‘problem population’ is going to turn on itself and remain in the cities, the rest of them, the ‘sheeple’ if you will, are going to flee. They can be settled into rural life on a few acres, and will do just fine once that happens.

        You can’t raise a single cow on much of the arid intermountain west without 80 acres to put it on, or raise a garden without irrigation. The map offered above needs to be revised to show watercourses, without water or power to pump water, the land is not going to support life more than a short distance from the rivers.

        • Smokey: Everyone needs to do their own homework and know where the springs, waters, fish, game, and arable land is at in your neck of the woods; how to use it (sf gardening) and how to protect it.

          I have Arizona covered from top to bottom if I HAD to bug out in my camper and adapt somewhere in the state. Old mines offer shelter from the elements and water. Yeah, those old prospectors had the foresight to locate their mines near springs and waterholes. So did I.

          Two words: Dogtown Reservoir. 🙂

      22. Please be careful and vigilant at all times wherever you are and have to be. Watch forever for new opportunities as they will become apparent, and learn to develop and trust your instincts. Trust people by their proven actions and not by their, or someone’s, wiggly words. Question(Maybe silently)and watch. Protect your loved ones and yourself vigilantly.

        It really won’t matter all that much where you are/will be, with the exception of staying out of cities and please do stay out of ’em, because there is more trash than you can even imagine right around or even amongst almost all of us. Deal with this issue now and be prepared always!

        Watch the extremely fearful for they will break and expose. Watch for watchers in your situation. They are there and they will cause extreme danger for all.

      23. No. Not a good plan for the most of us.
        Perhaps for the people who live in that region.

        I would prefer to stay in the area that I am accustomed to.
        Near my sources of supply. Near family members and friends.

      24. those at Ruby Ridge thought they were safe too.

      25. Question, if there is a die off in America (90%?), how long before the country is recolonized by other countries, such as China or Mexico. This is assuming other parts of the world are not affected by an EMP or some other catastrophic event.

        • Anything big enough to kill off 90% of Americans has manifested itself upon the rest of the world as well; if only in retaliation.

          Those Trident submarines pack a punch. 🙂

        • If there’s a 90% die off in America the survivors will probably be speaking Chinese in a couple generations.

          • If we don’t stop Harry Greid from selling our land to the Chinese, we’ll be having to speak Chinese a lot sooner than that…

      26. I’ll tread water here in the Shenandoah Valley got just about everything I need.

      27. We will not know what is going to happen till it happens and there are too many variables in order to peg it down tight.
        Every incident requires some special items to survive and as we prep. The trick is to purchase items that overlap each scenario. As far as heading to the hills, you better know what you are doing and your BOL well established or you will become an instant refugee if it’s not.
        Planning is good to do but you must be able to adapt to the battlefield. Information, material and TIME are needed to implement your plans.
        All the info you good people have supplied, I have made into time lines. Forty five minutes for a riot.
        About one to two hours to empty a large grocery. Rule of three.
        Lots of stuff to figure into the equation.

        Get to figuring.

        • Slingshot: Thank you for the work. That is what I am talking about..a timeline! Could you cut and paste the detailed version of your timeline. I would love to see it and your methodology. Thank you.

          • Texas Slouch.

            You give me too much credit.

            Each time line is different because of the things that impact you. Whether you live in the city or the country. Roads and type of transportation like interstates, airports, seaports, trains and bus terminals. Listen to your news and get an idea of the response time to accidents and the road closure time. Traffic rush hours. If you live around major military bases that have “Boomer Subs”, your time line is limited to about 23 minutes from sub launched missile. That is my timeline for nuclear war. The timeline for a hurricane is about 24 hours. That is boarding up and recheck gear. Yours may be different if you need to buy plywood or evacuate the area.
            Financial collapse.
            Civil unrest depends how long the EBT/SNAP cards last. The minute they are cut off it will be 45mins till the streets are awash with the masses rioting.
            Others will do the ATM with small amounts till the bank closes. I expect this to be about a month as inflation takes it toll.
            Next will be the bailout of banks and insurance companies with our retirement programs. I say six weeks from the EBT bomb.
            Then everybody joins the fray. Law Abiding Citizens.
            The very next day.
            Martial Law across the nation. The very next day.
            Civil War Begins.

            Nothing very scientific. I assign times to actions when they happen and push out the time by adding the things that happen around you. Draw from past experiences of news coverage.

            • thanks for the workup slingshot, good stuff there for sure! it gives us something to think about. sooo many variables.

              • Buttcrackofdoom.

                There are two types of time lines. One based on history. The facts of times and dates are proven. The second is speculative. Like you said too many variables but it can give you a reasonable idea of the time needed to put you plans into action.
                Where the payoff is, is that you are doing things that others have failed to do.

                Get money from the bank. Have a supply of food and water. The time it took you to achieve these tasks is what you assign to your time line. You match this against the total time of when you have finished your Bug in plan or Bug out plan.

                I know I need 6 hours to put in the sandbags. (So to speak) Nuclear war time line says I have 23 minutes.

                • I have absolutely no place to go for a nuclear fallout situation on the west side of the mountain. That’s one of the things I fear the most. I can’t build a shelter or dig a hole fast enough to save myself, and we don’t have cellars here.

                  My only hope is that someone could come get me and my preps, and share theirs.

                  I don’t fear being at ground zero of a nuclear bomb, I probably won’t even know what hit me. The slow agonizing death of radiation poisoning, that scares me.

      28. The safest place in America is right where you are standing. It all depends on your resolve and ability to face adversity. You can be anywhere, even in what the “experts” say is the safest place to be, but if you don’t have the resolve to pull the trigger when the time comes then you are not safe. If you are not able to feed and defend your family and self, when grocery stores, government assistance, electricity and water are no longer available, then you are not safe. If you don’t have the resolve to shoot to kill anyone who threatens you at gunpoint with grievous bodily harm, regardless of the color of their clothes or skin, then you are not safe. Without that resolve, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Montana, Georgia, New York, Louisiana, Arizona or Timbuktu. I have come to realize, the biggest contradiction in life is how resilient yet fragile humans are; they survive through the most horrible man made or natural disasters yet so many die so quickly and easily. For me… I’ll just pray and stay, keep on growing and stowing and work on my resolve. Just saying.

      29. i remain extremely skeptical that the usa implodes into some sort of dictator state like nazi germany, i’m of the belief the usa sinks into just another type european socialist country that caters to its immigrants and criminals overs its own citizens and places that you used to feel safe like Texas become a place where gangs rule and the local govt has caved.
        in that instance, i would recommend utah or idaho as the last states left with some semblance of safety and america as it was.

        if youre dead set on WW3 and nuclear war is coming(which i wouldnt want to live thru anyways) or days and years of living with having to scrounge for food, water and safety from others and possibly nuclear fallout or volcano fallout; i’d recoomend the appaladians. there’s all sorts of small towns there, plenty of water sources and lots of affordable places to put a house on.

        • I’d hate to be a gang member in Texas…

      30. Totally disagree. I’m staying in the show-me state in the middle of the country!!!

      31. Where I sit and type this; I was born here and I will die here absolutely no bugging out! No other place on the face of the earth would be home to me. But, when I do bug out, to the best of my ability it will be to HEAVEN. From the river bank.

      32. Just some more political news on the world stage. Israel is again talking about hitting Iran which would likely start WW3. This is the short paragaraph:

        US could finish Iran’s nuclear facilities in less than a night – Barak

        DEBKAfile May 9, 2014, 6:37 PM (IDT)
        An American military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities would take “a fraction of one night” to complete, if one was ordered by President Obama, said former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak Thursday night. He was speaking to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Barak went on to say that this would be a simpler operation for the US than the assault planned last year against Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons infrastructure. “The American administration has changed its objective from no nuclear military Iran to no nuclear military Iran during the term of this administration,” Barak said, adding that the US “is perceived to have been weakened” over the last several years.

        • So, Israel is still jockeying to get the U.S. to take out one of their enemies…nothing new there. We need to get the hell out of there and let Israel fight their own battles…send all of the dual-citizens back to their own country.

      33. I see a problem in this desert area. Where’s the water? Nuke tests and missle sites were in this area. What if their supplies ran out, how do you farm this area without water which most towns have taken up best positions for water? How much wild food can be taken? How much does it produce per acre? Not much! A lot of it is BLM and Native owned land, so will you be a squatter there taking Indian land and their natural supplies?

        I’m better off far from there where there is isolation, good gardening with plenty of water, plenty of wild food,and plenty of wood fuel.My township doesn’t have enough people to be organized.

      34. Safest of places ??? Yellowstone.. San Andreas fault… Nancy Palousy… Harry Reid… BLM…. water shortages… I suppose one could say “opinions vary”. I’ll stick where I’m at thanks !!

      35. Just a few comments in general about our southeast area. Fortunately for us our community is very right. Most of us are living on generational farms. The two largest farmers in the area have sons they are “grooming” to take over. The rest of us have smaller farms or lots. A couple of folks are like us and have moved back here where they feel safer. The local druggies were moved out by our Sheriff 7 years ago and their property purchases by one of the locals. We are a closed community now and barring unforeseen circumstances not likely to see any property sold to “outsiders”. I think many rural areas are beginning to close off this way. Couple wealthy landowners going up against outsiders in bidding wars on community property. More and more people are “waking up” as evidenced by items for sale locally. Walmart here has a special section for homemade detergent items,Dunhams regularly runs add for water purification items. Farmers Coop cannot keep chicken coups in stock. And Tractor Supply cannot keep enough rain barrels. My point is that moving to rural America is getting harder by the day. Our land is more expensive and harder to “come by”.
        Supplies are becoming scarce and costly. If you really want to move to the “boonies” you better do it soon. My own observation is there is only a few areas in “our neck of the woods” that are reasonable. A place called Reliance,TN, couple spots in western NC mountains near Murphy and Pikeville,TN area. Middle TN has a few areas that are doable but my personal preference is for the mountainous areas rather than flatlands. Course DH and I have said the ONLY other place we would ever move is Pocahontas County WV.

        • Oh, speaking of Pikeville, one of my buddies there has this homestead for sale….price negotiable. They need to move closer to the hubby’s work… So if someone is looking in the Eastern Redoubt, here’s a nibble…

          • BC55: It looks like a bargain for an extended family group. Personally, way too many zombies for me back East. A lot of nice small towns, though.

            Isolation is NOT necessarily a good idea IMHO. 🙁

      36. Hmmmm … living in California, I am THOROUGHLY familiar with the area depicted in the map.
        Roughly HALF of the area highlighted is useless / worthless desert land, with no water, and land unfit for anything having to do with raising crops.
        BEFORE relying on any such info from “experts”, PLEASE, PLEASE check out the area for yourself.
        For yours, and your family’s sake …

        • agmand: Hopefully everyone in California will have the same perspective and head to Oregon when the BIG one hits. For city slickers, the desert is a very dangerous place.

          For an experienced desert rat with knowledge and skills, it is as close to Eden that one can find. 🙂

          • We don’t need any more commiefornians here in Oregon, no thanks…we’re having trouble burying the turds we already have.

      37. The Department of Defense (DoD) is proud to announce a new fleet of
        Class 1069 destroyers. Having initially named the first two ships USS
        Daring and USS Dauntless, the naming committee has, after intensive
        pressure from Congress, renamed them USS Cautious and USS Prudent.

        The next five ships are to be USS Empathy, USS Circumspect, USS
        Nervous, USS Timorous and USS Apologist. Costing $850 million each
        they comply with the very latest employment, equality, health and
        safety and human rights laws.

        The U.S. Navy fully expects any future enemy to be decent and to
        comply with the same high standards of our behavior.

        The viewer friendly stacks will be painted in the “gay pride” colors.

        Live ammunition has been replaced with paintballs to reduce the risk
        of anyone getting hurt and to cut down on the number of compensation

        Stress counselors and lawyers will be on board, as will a union
        representative for each of the trades on board.

        The crew will be 50%/50% men and women and will contain the correct
        balance of race, gender, sexuality and disability.

        Sailors will only work a maximum of 40 hours per week as per union
        rules on working hours, time and a half for overtime and double time
        on Sundays and holidays, even in wartime.

        All the vessels are equipped with a maternity ward and a gay disco.

        Tobacco will be banned throughout the ship, but recreational cannabis
        will be allowed in the messes.

        Saluting of officers is now considered elitist and has been replaced
        by “Hi Sailor”.

        All information on notice boards will be in 37 different languages.

        Crew members will now have permission to grow beards and/or mustaches.
        This applies equally to female crew.

        A majority of Senators have suggested a “non-specific” flag because
        the current “Stars and Stripes” may offend some Nations during port

        The newly re-named USS Cautious will be commissioned shortly by muslim
        cleric from the Washington DC Mosque who will detonate a small
        explosive device near the hull.
        As she will gently slide into the sea the Marines Corp Band will play
        “In the Navy” by the Village People. Her first deployment will be to
        escort boatloads of illegal immigrants to ports on the East coast.

        The President said, “Our ships reflect the very latest in modern
        thinking and they will always be able to comply with any new
        legislation from the U.N.” His final words were, “I told you there
        would be “CHANGE!”

        • You forgot “free condoms”…nice job brother.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Right. Free rubbers and abortions..

        • Let’s pray for icebergs.

      38. I’m bored. I’m moving to inner-city LA. Shaky town and gang bangers. What could be more fun?

        • Poon, you are definitely in a target rich environment!

      39. In reality most people cant move to far from where they are now due tp various reasons. The area you mentioned may be the best but their are several areas in the east that would make good areas such as in the appalachian mountains that provide many of the same benefits with better weather than out west

      40. People have their reasons why they LOVE area’s of the country for various reasons. I love the west also.
        But with this much talked about drought in the west I think this may be a problem IF you try to grow crops out west. In normal conditions this area is dry, so dry farmers have to irrigate fields to get any kind of yield at all. In a drought where you going to get the water? And IF we get hit with a CME, EMP or a grid down terrorist attack there goes your power to pump water from the ground and now you are stuck.
        You also have such a wide range North to South I think the people in the North would be very interested in putting in a supply of heating wood more so than the people in the south. And speaking of the people in the south where are they going to get wood for heating purposes? They can’t drag it down from the mountains.
        Every area will have it’s special unique challenges that may or may not apply to other areas of the country.
        As for a personal preference goes I like the central part of the country, not to hot, not to cold, rains enough to grow crops (normally). And if you like mountains you got it, but nothing like the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada but mountain enough at least you can walk most of them. Find lakes, streams, you get rain, can grow crops and you can find areas where you can disappear for years (if need be).
        Just might be better than moving off to Northern Idaho where it can get down to 30 below in the winter…
        My Uncle told me a story about a 92 year old man who came down from the mountains to see a doctor. The first doctor he had seen in 20 years. He had a cancerous growth on his face and he was treating it with battery acid at home. He lived in a cabin in the mountains and was alone in the woods for 20 years. It can be done.

        • TPI, you don’t have to worry about fire wood in the south. The south has the most hardwood of any part of the country and in the last 20 years many areas have been replanted with oaks and other hardwoods.

      41. Personally, I would like to see mapped areas east of the Mississippi that would be “safe” areas. I know, I know, most experts write off anything east of the Mississippi. However, a lot of us simply cannot just up and move across the country. It would be nice to have other options closer to home. Besides,most of us Southerners have weathered civil war, reconstruction, the Great Depression, tornadoes, hurricanes and an occasional earthquake; we are not leaving our land, relatives and neighbors because of an “unforeseen” disaster. When you have lived through real disasters, you are not likely to move because of a disaster that might happen. Just saying . . . .

      42. There are other areas along the west coast which have excellent survivabilty long term.
        2 that come to mind immediately are Port Angeles Wa & Tillamook Oregon.
        At least in Port Angeles you will be with plenty of like minded people.


        • Port Angeles receives 25 inches of rain a year, while Sequim, 15 miles away and situated in the “rain shadow” of the Olympics, gets 17. Down side, most of California lives in Sequim. In comparison, Seattle gets approx 38 inches of rain a year , mostly in the form of that obnoxious “drizzle. Living in the greater vicinity of these cities/towns, I can tell you, overcast can get depressing. And it’s been a record year, thus far, for rain.

          • One thing about the NW coast, if you don’t like rain, you leave.

        • I have in-laws in Sequim. It’s a cute little town, or it was last I was there. As for Port Angeles, it has gone left over the years. Lots of local culture, lots of fishing-related stuff, but like I said, PA is getting pretty lefty. If you really want to rough it, head for Forks and way out on the peninsula. Remember that the Puget Sound area is home to several military bases, and at least one nuke plant.

          It is beautiful up there. I lived on Whidbey Island for years, my daughter was born there.

      43. My part of Texas and much of the southwest is in year 4 of a nasty drought. Water is the problem here. On a average year we got only 18 inches of rain but less than half that for the past 4 years. Wells running dry, towns without water and no rain predicted. We need a hurricane in the Gulf!

          • I live in the dark red “exceptional drought’ area of the Texas panhandle and rolling plains. We have gone from semi-arid to arid in the past 4 years.

            • Yep a few years ago I hauled a couple dozen semi truck loads of round hay bales to Texas. The cattle where starving. I Bought thirty head of those skinny texas cows for $450 each. Raised some calves from them. and sold them last fall & early this year. Those cows sold for a average of more than a $1000.00 per head.

        • I’ll bet you if there was a proposal to pipe water for irrigation from Canada to Texas, right beside the Keystone pipeline route, our president would approve the south half of it and kiss off the world’s breadbasket if it meant he got two votes from the econazis.

        • So are you just a trophy hunter, or did you put those carcasses to some good use.

      44. Southern Middle Tennessee
        still the best place to be.

        • You can get lost in them thar “hollers”, like falling in a sink hole… they goes way back deep ‘tween them valleys. No one would ever find ya if you didn’t want to ever be found.

      45. when it comes to many locations out west

        water availability is a MAJOR consideration


          Speaking of water, I’ve been seriously considering this device. Water from air. The “off the grid” model. Not cheap ($1600), but as long as one can generate some form of electricity, one can stay hydrated. Probably not much could be generated in Death Valley, but as long as there is Air, Water is not far behind.

          Around 8 gallons a day, or more, depending on relative humidity, and this one is designed for those off the grid…”minimal” power needed.

          Also, the water purification system contained within this unit is one of the best out there.

      46. Much of the land suggested is uninhabitable on a sustained grid down basis. A 400 ft. well may be powered by solar or wind, however alkali soil is too challenging for many gardeners. Utah’s interior is damn cold and windy for a long winter, and devoid of trees for fuel. Mountains can bury you in snow. Mosquitoes can eat you alive. However one should be safe from intruders. Mormons tend to be more prepared than the the average citizen.
        For those of us stuck for various reasons in other parts of the country, look for land you can farm, a water source, adequate rainfall, no restrictions, a somewhat bearable climate, and as far away from large populations as possible.

      47. I still like NW Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, and SW Ontario as bugout locations. Thousands of small deep glacial lakes for fishing and drinking water plus a low population density. You could still grow a lot of things but yes, the winters are long and cold.

        • I’ve camped in Northern WI before. The skeeters are worse than the IRS, and more efficient too.

      48. Uh maybe but three factors – Growing season- winter heating rainfall. Though no place is perfect I prefer the south Eastern United States

      49. I think we will stay in the mountains of Western North Carolina for now. Plenty of water and natural resources. There is also plenty of cover. I guess if the government decides you are an important target, you will not get away. They have so much technology at their disposal it would be hard to go undetected.

        • I’ve been interested in the Boone area. Been there?

          • Daughter went to college in Boone. Pretty much the same type of landscape. Here in Transylvania county we sometimes get to much rain making it hard to garden.

            here in T

      50. Off Shore, Blue water Sailboat…way off shore…south of the equator.

      51. I still love eastern NC. I went to a local seafood restaurant for supper. The clerk was a black woman. She had on a t-shirt with a picture of a double-barrel shotgun pointed at you with the words “If at first you don’t succeed, reload!”

        • Love it.

      52. very few people will have a chance to bug out. Unless you get a few hours heads up, you probably are looking at a few miles at best.

      53. So who is the IDIOT that came up with this one? Obama? or the FBI? FYI, That ENTIRE “plan” puts everyone who try’s it in the middle of one of the most hostile, waterless, deserts on earth. The “plan” puts the suicidal morons that try it in a place with below zero winters, gunpowder dry 110deg.+ summers. NO chance at farming of any kind, without massive irrigation and massive industrial use of both fertilizer and motorized transportation.– This is the same “white homeland” B.S. the “survivalist’s” (actually FBI infiltrators) came up with in the 70’s. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. This part of North America is depopulated for a REASON. Or did y’all think that the government put the toxic waste dumps there because it was a garden spot?

        • @ Ray..Its depopulated because Idiots and soft, weak people cant adapt and survive here. True preppers have lived here for a hundred plus years. We have lots of water, food, garden, game, extreme weather and few people. If some flatlanders bug out here, the winter weather will kill them in less than 3 days, whereas some of us spend a week and more out away from the cabin.

      54. This is a pretty area, but if I have my choice I’m going to the rolling hills of Tenn. Good like minded Christian people there.

      55. The biggest mistake here is the map expansion now includes parched areas where obtaining water is very difficult. My north Idaho Ranch has hay fields rain fed only, lush forests with both conifer and “deciduous trees”… (they need surface water all summer to survive like springs, we have year round ponds…more water. Many kinds of fruit trees and two gardens. Of course the gardens and fruit trees must be secured from the herds of elk, deer, bears, turkeys and other wild life we see daily on the spread here.
        Also life is a series of choices. I will never accept some lame excuse …gee I can not relocate to save myself and my family not to mention move to Idaho which has the lowest crime rate in the NATION and a wonderful environment to raise children. In northern Idaho we have no real racial issues and gangs, people carry 24/7 and have guns in their rigs. I hear gun shots everyday in the mountains as people are free to shoot and practice.

        Preppers and by that I mean the 2% of preppers which a the hard core true preppers stopped making girlie boy excuses years ago and just did what it takes to start with location first and build on that rock. The rest make excuses and build on sand, hope, wishes, self denial and other stories to justify their choices. IMHO 90% of preppers will simply perish because of lousy choices early on…..

        • And full nelson at the Country Kitchen hwy 95.

      56. Safe? Safe from who or what? give me a break. with roads vehicles ect. every place is only 24 hrs away from everyplace else in the lower 48. Bad people just like good people are everyplace. Im about 200 miles west of the new Madrid and ill stay in the general area . Im familiar with all the rivers caves ect. Now folks might want to build a root cellar tornado shelter. those big storms can strike almost anyplace. those in central Arkansas found out about that first hand reciently. In the after math a 72 year old man was caught looting. He sole a 4 wheeler ATV. Look at the US Navy future map of north America. I think if I was located in the lower elevations I would relocate to high ground.

      57. The modern prepper needs to get past growing in the ground.

        If you grow in containers. You have better soil, water, and pest control. Add in some kind of greenhouse and you might have year round growing.

        • Old tires work really well to grow in

      58. If Yellowstone goes just say good bye to the whole planet for about 10,000 years.

        Providence brought us to Northern Nevada, not a tree or a telephone pole for miles, just bug dust Mormon Crickets….horrid creatures, for real, they will eat you alive, and greasewood.

        Not a nice place so don’t move here….

      59. ohhhhh…and the real pests BLM

        • why do you think they call it a “SWAT” team?

      60. and at this altitude it’s the shortest growing season anywhere in the US, and the least amount of rainfall of any desert in the world…..less than 8 inches per year when not in a drought…..this season is less than 3 inches, it’s very cold in winter, we get mini polar vortexes, dust devils the size of semis that lift structures off the ground and drop them miles away, out of nowhere, even sowe still trust in the Lord, Amen.

        it’s been said that people run out of gas out here and they die of thirst in less than 6 hours, cause they freak out, 8% humidity, scorpions, nearest gas 30 miles, least populated county in the Nation, 6000 square miles, 3000 humans.

      61. yep…..Northern Nevada, my kinda place

      62. I fail to see the authors love affair with this part of the country. The NW is a socialist shithole, Utah will be a religious state , which will be great if your of that religion. All of it will be invaded by dislocated Californians. In a collapse scenario the west coast will be the first place both the Russians and the Chinese will expand to.

      63. I’m not an expert on volcanos or anything, but Mt St Helens sure came out of nowhere… (well, I wasn’t on the mountain taking readings, so maybe someone had an idea it was coming)

        • My daughter was less than 3 months old when St. Helens went in May, 1980. She was born up on Whidbey. The ash was horrible, gummed up your carburetor and etched your glass and paint like acid. We had to wear paper masks so we didn’t breathe any of it in. Ash fell as far as Portland Oregon.

          I was there.

      64. The very area that is outlined will be the first to run out of water in the next decade ( read Blue Covenant)

      65. Safe from what? ▪mormon Empire in thick with every Aspect of Shafow govermmeny snd vontinuity of hovernmrnt plans. SALT LAKE CITY isvsfter sll called Capitsl of CIA..
        Danger from Japanese radiation idbslready preseny and the Colunbia River Badins wsters woll soon be severely compromized by Hanford reac. WA HAS DEPLETEDMURANIUM IN MASDIVE QUANTIYIES BY YakimsmFiring range thay today is possible cause for high rates of cancer and severe numberd of still and deformed births.
        Way to many retired military thay eould turn whole area into one huge concentration camp and military base. NO PRIVATE ANYTHING.

      66. Ain’t…I’m with you..To much hypothetical going on with the caldron thing. Just like carbon dating, how accurate can anything be that is thought up by man? It is all theory, a persons OPINION… Have the scientist stuck their heads under the earth, and looked at the Yellowstone situation? No ! They just guess.
        It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and that will be in God’s good time..

      67. Unfortunately, the area highlighted in the map is also an area that will largely be deemed as off-limits to population occupation if and when “The Wildlands Project”, relative to U.N. Agenda 21 is placed into force. As certain ranchers who were in the news recently can attest to, it is likely the government might take exception to populations seeking refuge in these areas in the event things get nasty. Even the illegals – excuse me – “unaccompanied minors” (even though many are NOT minors) are NOT being relocated, as far as we know, to areas that would be designated as “Wildlands” or Federal lands in these maps. It would seem these items might support those lands being kept “open and available” (perhaps the land that has been offered as collateral for our massive loans from China? To be sure, China had to be given that assurance in the event the loans defaulted. Simply Google any variant of “China Debt Guarantee Land West” and find articles and maps, such as this):

        Knowing this, it makes sense why the ranchers are chased off of lands that are seemingly “open and free”. Persons who consider purchasing land in these areas, might want to be prepared for losing it if “SHTF” whereas Executive Order 13603 already allows for that to happen.

        Reported federal relocation sites of illegals:,-95.405273&spn=29.283014,54.404297&t=m&source=embed&dg=feature

        Map of Federal Lands:

        Wildlands Project:

      68. Even the eastern parts of Washington, Oregon, and California are to congested with people. I wouldn’t include any part of any of them.

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