Why Bankers, Governments and the Media Hate Gold

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    Our entire financial, economic and political systems since 1971 have been built on nothing but fantasy – paper fantasy.  It was after President Nixon closed the gold window and took our nation off the gold standard that we saw US debt explode, media conglomerates merge and expand their control of propaganda, and elite banking institutions take hold of the financial future of the people.

    The inflationary fiat paper monetary policies of the United States made it possible for private institutions to enrich themselves at the expense of working Americans, and for government to take a once productive individual and make them wards of the state.

    In Three terrible lies you need to know about gold, Porter Stansberry of Stansberry and Associates provides a must-read essay that explains how and why the media, government and economic experts lie to us about gold, the failures of paper fiat currency systems, and how a gold standard would change our lives – for the better:

    Paper money works great for the rich, who can hedge their exposure to the currency and whose access to fixed-rate credit allows huge asset purchases. But it is horrible for the middle class, whose wages do not keep pace with declines in purchasing power caused by inflation. If you want to know why there’s so much discrepancy in incomes and per-capita wealth in the U.S., look no further than paper money.

    …prices steadily fell from the end of the Civil War until the early 1890s, when they finally stabilized. You’d be hard-pressed to find a working economist today on Wall Street who could explain why the greatest decades of economic growth in American history could have been achieved during a period of deflation.

    Mainstream economists all believe prices ought to only fall during economic depressions because they’ve become so blinded by paper money. But I can explain what happened in the 1880s easily: With real money in place, investors were willing to make long-term investments.

    The result was an economy led by capital investments – not consumption. It was an economy fueled by real savings – not foreign loans. There was no need for a central bank to set interest rate policies or to “safeguard” us from inflation because the gold standard insured parity and fairness between borrowers and lenders. This all led to big increases in productivity and production – and wealth for the entire economy, not just the rich.

    And therein lies the secret to our story…

    Any reasonable study of paper-money systems versus gold-backed monetary systems demonstrates the superiority of gold immediately. So… why does almost every modern government choose paper? The answer is because paper money allows the wealthy and powerful vested interests in our economy to manipulate interest rates, prices, the money supply, and credit to their exclusive advantage.

    Read the full article

    Clearly, the government and the elite who benefit from the paper money system will do everything to avoid a gold standard. And, chances are that those among us who are uninformed will join them, because a transition would certainly not be easy. In fact, a switch to a gold standard would completely change the world as we have come to know it in modern times, perhaps destroying our existing economic and financial system during such a transition. But, the alternative may be much worse.

    The end result of such a transition to a sound money gold backed currency, one advocated by many contrarian thinkers like Porter Stansberry and Ron Paul, will be a more prosperous America and a more successful individual American – and perhaps most important of all, a government that would be required to live within its means.

    Recommended Reading: Three terrible lies you need to know about gold


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      1. It will take a herculean effort for this country to ever be able to operate within its means. I ain’t gonna hold my breath waitin’ for it.

        • Won’t happen. If you cut enough out the masses will riot. If you tax enough then businesses will die off and eliminate jobs and products to unsustainability. If politicians cared about the people they’d get gold and silver into the hands of the masses.

        • No, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but here is how it will happen, IMHO.


          Watch oil, as the major producing fields around the world shut down, and the internal consumption of the oil producing nations rises ( a double whammy ), the price of oil ( POO ) will hit the fan. And the oil producers are going to demand more and more of our increasingly worthless paper to buy a barrel.

          I fully expect a gallon of gas to cost 8-10 bucks in 3-5 years……and about 6-7 bucks is shut down price for this country ( assuming wages don’t rise dramatically along with POO ). Unemployment of 50-75% will result. Food will be extremely short, there will be riots in the streets, and so on. The Prophet Celente is correct, just his timing is way off.

          • They could try to inflate their way out. Bernake is said to be a student of the “great depression” and wants to avoid deflation at all cost – so he prints and prints which we know causes inflation. Fact is if they inflated the dollar a 100% they wouldn’t have a deficit with double the taxes….of course people would be starving because that $1300 in social security wouldn’t buy much.

            • Bernake is said to be a student of the “great depression” and wants to avoid deflation at all cost

              There is a reason for that. Deflation only hurts one type of business. The banks that depend on inflation for survival.

              Our only true enemy….

            • Yes Jim, with Bernake’s presses running 24/7 in what he calls “Printing Extreamly Effective” (PEE) when lumped in with TnAndy’s (POO), it doesn’t matter what hits the fan first… we are in for one big mess!

        • It will take more then that PO’dpatriot. Last September I wrote a article which Mac posted that outlined the type of cuts we would have to make.

          Most of the comments I got even on this site called me a loon. The fact is that we need to cut 43% of federal spending now to stay within the budget.

          The Machine’s have taken over; Government Machine. Humans can’t control the machine anymore.

          The Government Machine is now in a self defense, self preservation mode and is taking human life.

          The Government Machine absolutely will not stop till it terminates the economy and goes into a control mode.

          • Which is ‘socialism’??

            Just asking.

            • Facism at this point.

            • JJ: The definition of Communism is: “From those according to their ability, to those according to their need.”

              Socialism is capitalism with a communist skeleton hanging in the closet.

            • “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism”… according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx (age 30) and Friedrich Engels (age 28).

              Norman Mattoon Thomas (Socialist Party candidate): “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

          • maybe its time for its termination?

            • I would have to agree. We have done what our Founding Fathers tried to make us avoid. If we don’t change quickly the Republic will not exist.

            • VRF, the Republic doesn’t exist now. The defacto corporate government keeps it hidden from the view of the general public. If you get back into the Republic most of the taxes and the stupid statutes, codes and acts (that lying bankster bought politicians try to tell us is “law”) are GONE.

              Its funny, really, how you, we, all of us have been duped by liars and thieves to think we have to obey them. Even the cops are brainwashed to believe it.

              99% of the government taxes and “laws” are simply a ruse. …and I’m just started getting around them. That is to say, I no longer “pay my fair share”. I’ll leave that up to those sheople that never look past the fence.

      2. This alone is the reason that the Federal Government will at some point try and confiscate the peoples’ gold just as they did during the great depression.

        • Matt – The gold market is worldwide today as we are a world economy. There’s very little to governments can do to confiscate gold from its citizens without blowing the lid off the gold market.

          Don’t let that thought keep you from protecting your wealth.

          • + 24 carots 9999

        • They didn’t much of any last time…..only what was in the banks….any in private hands pretty much stayed in private hands…..and those with large, private holdings simply moved their gold offshore.

          The REAL purpose of the illegal acts of 1933 was to separate the notion that gold was money in the public’s mind….to set the stage for an all paper fiat. It succeeded beyond their wildest dream.

          Today, 99.9% of the public think Federal Reserve Notes are “money”, and it wouldn’t take much to move them from even paper fiat to all plastic or chip in the hand. They don’t understand what the qualities of money are ( such as a STORE OF VALUE ), nor do they understand ( or care ) that the FED and the Feds are screwing them royally.

          “Just gimme my MTV” ( or ESPN )………..

          • TnAndy: You said:

            “The REAL purpose of the illegal acts of 1933 was to separate the notion that gold was money in the public’s mind….to set the stage for an all paper fiat. It succeeded beyond their wildest dream.”

            I don’t think that is true for two reasons:

            1. To believe that the plan was to cut peoples notion that gold was money 40 years before Nixon’s decision is a stretch; a very big stretch.

            2. If Roosevedt wanted to separate the notion that gold was money from people he would not have artificially raised the price of gold to $35 an oz to get miners back to work and the economy moving.

            That dog won’t hunt.

            • Nixon closed the gold window for foreign countries. Roosevelt closed it to the people. People had been able to go to a bank and exchange their dollars for gold at a fixed rate, about $20 per oz. About a year later the dollar was devalued to $35 per oz. So foreign countries could go to the Treasury and trade $35 for an ounce of gold. Nixon put an end to that and we’ve floated ever since. Now all the way to what 1,900 per oz? Isn’t that SHOCKING?? You could once buy an ounce of gold for $20.

            • Re: your hunting dog.

              1. Yes, the plan was to separate in the COMMON folks mind that gold is money.

              On the international level, that particular dog wouldn’t hunt, and it wasn’t until France decided to force the issue by redeeming massive amounts of fiat that Nixon was forced to close the window, or loose all the US had left.

              Not only was gold withdraw from circulation, but gold certificates were negated, as were “gold contracts”….contracts that HAD to be settled in gold coin ( result of the legal tender decision of the Supremes in Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 – 1884 ).

              2. The reason for raising the price to 35/oz was simply a devaluation of the US dollar, which was needed as they attempted to borrow/print their way out of the depression. Any effect it had on miners was merely a side issue, at best.

              You REALLY think usurping the Constitution was about putting, what 10-20-30 thousand miners, (heck say 100k), at most, back to work was the reason for stealing the nation’s gold ? Probably 50 million or so employed out of 125M population…..what % in gold mining ? 1/100 % ? ( or less )……jeez….talk about non hunting dogs……

              No, the REASON was to separate folks from the fool notion GOLD IS MONEY….bankers hate it, because they can’t print or control it…..exactly as the article above says.

            • Durango Kidd,
              Roosevelt’s main reason for revaluing gold from $20.67 to $35 was to print more money. Because we were on a gold exchange standard, at that time, he needed to revalue the U.S’s gold hoard in order to print more money. Main reason.

            • TnAndy: I know all about Nixon and France and explained it all to Jane (remember Jane?) a long time ago. Thats a separate issue not relevent to my comment. Your linking Rooseveldt’s decision to Nixon’s 40 years into the future is not realistic.

              My comment about your post was specifically about the idea that Roosevelt’s goal was to separate the idea of gold being money from the mind of the people. If it had been his intention to separate the idea of gold as money from the people, HE could have taken US off the gold standard then. He didn’t. It wasn’t.

              That wasn’t his goal. His goal was to put people back to work and 25, 50, 100K miners working and spending their money may have been enough to spur the private sector economy while CCC and other government work programs were designed to make work on infrastructure.

              If consumer spending doesn’t pick up over the next 6-9 months to a year, we may see that sort of thing (make work programs) again.

              T may be right about creating more more money so he could print more money, but at that time, the US government was buying the gold production anyway, so he could print more money based upon purchased production and let the miners and the private sector spread it around.

          • I would have to say that most folks don’t even know who the FED is or where/what money really is. PREPARE

        • The Federal Government can’t do that and won’t do that. Here’s why; if they go after the metals they will be in effect drive it under ground and create a massive barter society. IE; no taxes and no way to detect transactions. Most people aren’t stupid and most are real creative. People will do what it takes to survive and fin for their families. The Government in no possible way can get a grip on a barter. Barter is and always has been an unspoken nasty little truth they like to quite. They don’t even want to acknowledge it existence. Even if a small amount of our economy say 15% went to barter it would shotgun their idea of what our economy should be and once it is in place nearly impossible to get rid of. They have way too much to loose if they pushed us into a barter system. Gold like guns, people wont give them up!

          • Well, from what I read and have read, the people are ready for just what you suggest…it will come…now or later, depends on the economic conditions that get worse every day???
            The motto seems to be, ‘starve the beast’. Oh, damn, now I’m on another list!

            Bartering is going on here already…and, oh, check the prepper sites.

          • Hammerun, you bring up an extremely interesting point that I agree with. But there is another reason they won’t dare try to confiscate gold. 70% of US dollars are held overseas. The moment the discussion about confiscation gets above a whisper, holders of dollars around the world will instantly understand there is only one reason they would do that: a massive devaluation. That would trigger the mother of all dollar selloffs, bringing on exactly the kind of crisis they are trying to avoid. Even the government is not dumb enough to think a confiscation program would work to their advantage. So the only possible thing is to allow private ownership of gold, keep the monetary yardstick in place, and allow those who hold precious metals to profit from their foresight.

      3. The Bernank keeps saying that there is not enough gold to go back to the gold standard, but that is only true at current prices. $12,000 gold would cover existing M3 currency supply.

        Maybe he means that Fort Knox is empty, so that there is no way to go to the gold standard. In that case, the US could start buying gold until M3 = US gold holdings. That would drive gold north of $50,000. That would reward those wise enough to have prepared for this, so they will probably confiscate instead and pay under market rates.

        Once again, bail out the foolish and punish the productive. Ugh.

      4. Our economy and financial system has been and is destroyed. The stock market is rigged, the paper dollar is falling and becoming worth-less, and the only safe place to protect your wealth today in this environment is precious metals. Not 5% and up to 20% like the financial bobble heads say… more like 80%.

        • The more they hate gold…. the more I like it!!!

        • ManUp,
          I agree! People need way more of their wealth invested in gold, but only money that can be tied up for 3+ years.

      5. They’re still too busy buying it up. “We buy broken gold”

        I’ve never seen broken gold.

        Going to be a long time before you see: “We sell gold”

        • Local TV commercial features well-fed 20-something male stating, “We buy gold and pay top prices! When you deal with us, you cut out the middle man!” And what does HE do with all that gold – bury it in his backyard?

      6. “Why Bankers, Governments and the Media Hate Gold”

        You forgot to mention the “you can’t eat it” anti-gold bugs, i.e. those that can’t afford it.

      7. I don’t know. I don’t see what purpose confiscating our gold would serve for them.

        Very few of us can even AFFORD TO OWN GOLD! They could’t get much!

      8. I don’t know. I don’t see what purpose confiscating our gold would serve for them.

        Very few of us can even AFFORD TO OWN GOLD! They could’t get much!

        Seriously, though. I think that’s why we don’t go back to gold (nice rally chant: GO BACK TO GOLD…repeated ad nauseum). We can’t go back to gold because our country isn’t in possession of enough to keep us in the game as a world power. They’d have to buy TONNES of it just to play.

        • sorry about the double post. (shame-faced)

        • Libya has (or perhaps had) more gold under Gadaffi than we in the US do.

          Why else would we be trying so hard to take him out NOW when supposedly there were stronger grievances against him in the past?

          There’s two reasons: Gold is one, Israel is the other.

          • W74: Gold was not the reason. Daffy Gaddaffi was making noise about nationalizing OIL. Big Oil. Ala, Chavez. That doesn’t set well with the PTB.

            Heavy oil from Venezuela that can only be processed economically in the US (and still is) is one thing. Arab Light Oil is altogether another thing.

            The NWO is running the table and no one is going to stop them. Not Russia, not China, not Iran, or North Korea. Syria is next. With American firepower and troops from Turkey, its a piece of cake. Those Syrian tanks are sitting ducks. without those tanks Assad and his MINORITY are toast.

            Turkey gave Assad three weeks to get his house in order, that was two weeks ago.

            • Nobody gives a damn if Gaddffi nationalized it or not ( well, maybe in the boardroom of BP )….he has to sell it or eat it.

              The reason was he didn’t learn the “Saddam” lesson….and was making noise like he was going to sell for something OTHER than the reserve currency…..the almighty US buck.

              Same noise Iran is making, and will likely get them the same result. Once a crack appears in the oil dike, and the US buck is toast on the international level, it’s all over for US…..so send in the bombs.

            • Waiting for the reports of “Turkish” drones taking out Syrian tanks.

            • Oil is certianly part of the picture and Daffy was looking for a better deal. Who knows if he was really planning to nationalize, or just a negotiating tactic? It is also said that Daffy had 144k tonnes of gold, a tempting target for gold short banksters. There is also this persistant rumor that Daffy was trying use this gold to establish a North African gold dinar (gold backed multi-country currency unit) as the basis of an African free trade zone. If true, the PTB would not like that much either.

              Either way, his primary error was in not building up his Air Force and Air Defence systems before taking on PTB. an

            • Just a reply though I haven’t been online for a couple of days, but I was referring to Gadaffi trying to create a gold standard for the trade of oil as opposed to the US dollar. If that means nationalization too then so be it, if we were stronger it wouldn’t be our concern, nor would Venezuela’s oil.

              Though I didn’t explain that in this post it came up earlier and I assumed it was well understood by the community.

        • CS: The US is suppose to have 8600 – 9300 tonnes of Gold; that’s twice as much gold as Germany, three times as much gold as China, and about 10 times as much gold as either France or Italy, if I remember right.

          Russia is buying all of their production but does not release data for its PM reserves.

      9. The Globalists hijacked our government and our currency in order to finance their Empire. They had to go off the gold standard because they needed more money than they could possibly tax from us. By seperating the dollar from gold they could print money freely to finance their Empire at our expense. The result of course is the dollar is now almost worthless. And they have all the gold. Ta da!

      10. If you bought paper gold, or you bought physical gold, but didn’t take possession of it, you’re screwed. When SHTF the paper will not be redeemable. And the physical gold, I regret to say, has been treated like a derivative by the exchanges that hold the gold. That means the exchanges have sold or leased that gold 100 fold. You will not receive the delivery of any gold. It’s not there. Venezuela just demanded their gold from an exchange. I want to see what happens because Germany, I am told, tried the same thing, and were told it was not available. I am told they were offered 125% in cash, instead of the gold. Let’s see what happens. Venezuela will probably get invaded for sure, now.

        • Do you have any news link on the Germany thing ? Are you sure about Venezuela demanding gold from an “exchange” ? They did repatriate gold that they had on deposit at several central banks..

          • The Germany story came out 1 or 2 months ago. I saw it on a gold website, either 321gold or goldseek.com. The London exchange is one of the biggest, maybe the biggest. Did Venezuela already get their gold? I think your right about the Venezuelans having the gold at multiple places. Even still, those places are using the gold for derivatives.

            • Wasn’t Gadaffi in Libya trying to replace the dollar with Gold as the primary means of trading oil?

              What would happen if the US were suddenly forced to buy black gold with yellow gold instead of paper funny money?

              Can anyone say: Through the roof?!?!?!? No wonder NATO is taking him out.

        • Libya has been a third-world cesspool/sewer of an Islamic Republic for as long as anyone can remember. So why is there all of a sudden issues with our favorite crackpot Colonel? Do you think that it could have anything to do with the fact that he was turning his country towards a gold backed dinar currency? Perhaps it was the talk that he was considering accepting only gold and NOT the US Dollar as payment for oil?

          Hugo Chavez had better watch his ass; I see an assassination attempt or a coup in his immediate future. The very idea!!! He wants Venezuela’s gold reserves returned to Venezuela???? Fat chance Hugo!

          As far as the US Federal Government ‘ordering’ the confiscation of all privately owned physical gold? “Give up your gold and silver to the government” rates right up there with “turn in your guns” as two of the primary ‘trip-wires’ to armed resistance in the United States.

          I have absolutely NO idea what the ‘final straw that breaks the Camel’s back’ will be; there are just so damn many possibilities. I don’t see the ‘helter-skelter’ as being very far off though. Keep your head down, keep prepping, gather your loved ones close to you and please be very alert.

          God Bless & good luck to all.

          • Seeing Hugo get tubmled would not bother me. He’s an evil person and does the world little good. That said he nationalized the gold production in Venezuela. This means the government there now owns all gold mines and all mining companies. IDK what he’s done about foreign held reserves – if anything?

            Syria could well be a catalyst to a third world war. If someone in the BHO or NATO decides to take a pop at hime I can see Syria, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela declaring war on the US. They’d start with making sure they accepted no dollars for oil or anything else. Then they’d probably get their troops over our southern border to create some of their own “smart bombs” on our infastructure. I was surprised Quadaffi didn’t have this done in retaliation for the attacks on him. I think Syria would – and I think they’d get help from Iran and Hugo in doing so.

            • Jim……

              If the US media portrays a man as evil, that generally means he is doing what is in the best interest of his people, and for the banksters not so much.

              Every government you believe to be evil are the ones trying to protect themselves from the bankster scams.

              Nobody wants to attack the US, they just want it to leave them alone. The only problem is the banksters will not allow it if there is ANY threat to their illegal monopoly.

              They have invested far too much in enlisted brain dead killers to go and fight for them to let it go to waste.

        • Isn’t that illegal???

      11. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. The more you learn about me, the more you don’t know. No gold haters yet? That’s amazing!

      12. Warning to all–those folks out there who “buy broken gold” are only offering 50% of actual value. They are profiting 50 to 75% off what they buy from you.Beware–I think it’s criminal to take advantage of people like that.What goes around comes around.Saw yesterday where congress wants a pay raise….yes, a pay raise for doing and accomplishing absolutely nothing in 2+ years but saying “NO!!” to everything purposed. In private sector they would all be fired,with no pension,health insurance or retirement.If it’s good enough for the american public why isn’t it good enough for those we elect. Minimum effort given minimum wage paid.Suggest to all thinking about voting for SLICK Rick Perry to contact someone they know in texas and ask them what they think of him. No matter whether republican,democrat,or independent you will only find 4% of texans who like him and think he is doing a good job as governor. Didn’t you guys learn your lesson with George W? Really want more of the same. Don’t get me wrong would love for Perry to be out of this state,but NOT in washington—-maybe Utah.

        • @Texsusinjun: If many, many, many (according to you) Texans don’t like Mr. Perry or “4% of Texans like…him” why has he been re-elected 3 times in the last decade? Or maybe it’s just you that doesn’t like him?

      13. You worry about the confiscation of gold while the value of a dollar and consequently the value of your labor is robbed of you every fucking day. Time to focus on reality here people. YOU are the currency of governments, they do not give one shit about gold, FRN’s, or unobtainuim.

        • Sanity: You nailed it brother! EVERYTHING is a tool for the gangster banksters; especially US. At some point We might see a gold based economy again, but only when it suites their purpose.

          And yeah, the government may eventually confiscate gold again, in say, a hundred years, when it suits their purpose. Its a long term cyclical thing, to be used after several generations have passed and no one remembers how it “use to be” or how it is “suppose to be”.

          its Economic Gradualism to impoverish all of US; or at least as many as they can who are not smart enough to anticipate their plans and act in advance.

          As much as I hate those bastards, I would rather OUR GB’s ran the world with OUR money then have Rusian, Chinese, or UN gangster banksters run the world with UN money, SDR’s, or gold and platinum.

          When the world is on a global gold standard you will have One World Government and Global Fascism. Be careful what you wish for people.

          Just saying.

          • Now you know why there a birth certificate issued at birth, a slave does have ownership!

      14. Norm (via The Golden Truth) wraps it up, so eloquently concise:

        Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves

        -Norm Franz, “Money and Wealth in the New Millenium”

      15. I’ll pay you tomorrow if you sell me a hamburger today.

        • Sorry Hamburgalar, no dice 🙂

      16. For those of you who don’t own gold yet go buy a Krugerrand with your funny money savings. Once you hold onto one and OWN it you’ll feel how awesome it is and if you had any anti-gold sentiment in the past you won’t after you try it.

        Hint: you won’t miss the funny money anyway.

        • They are beautiful indeed. We like gold bullion bars as well. If you’re a gold beginner, eBay’s a good place to start – private, no state tax and most sellers very reputable. GO GOLD!

      17. Pretty smart group of people here!

        • ANON: Please hold the applause, just send money!

          • What, no fiat?

            • ANON: No, no fiat. Make it RmB. By the time it gets here it will be worth even more. Thanks!

            • Send me your e-mail and I will send you a junk dime the year you were born. I assume pre 64. If not I will have to break plastic.

            • Never been there DK.

          • Or 30-gallon storage containers…

      18. Good points sanity and EA

        The banks already have the vast majority of gold, so a gold standard will be used to try to regain the confidence of the people. If you don’t have the gold in your hand, the paper that purports to represent it is still only paper. The banks still own the paper, and they still own the gold, while you have nothing.

        The last time the banks went too far with the money there was a revolution. I believe it started in 1776. That was the ONLY reason the Revolution was fought, forget what the corp history books tell you.

        Again, for the people, there is no way out that the banks will not already control. The banks, and corp USA, must be shut down through force.

        There are two ways to do it. One is through armed warfare, and the corp has everyone severely outgunned and a large staff of well trained, brainwashed killers to use them against you.

        The other is to STOP PARTICIPATING. Quit supporting the corp by sending your “pay” to the IRS and other assorted state corps.

        Sanity was right. YOU are the currency, and the only currency the banks do not control and abuse.

        If you don’t have balls enough now to revoke your tax forms and quit acting as government officials through your use of the SSN, when will you get the balls?

        My guess for most is never. That is the corps guess too. Go ahead and prove us wrong.

        If you insist on continuing on with your support of those who are raping you, you will eventually get exactly what you deserve. If you make the choice to pay for your own slavery, don’t complain about being a slave.

        Gutless people who use W-4 forms and SSN’s to transfer their property and rights to the corp make me sick. The war is easy enough to win, but there are no Men who are willing to fight the battle. Plenty of cowards who rely on their guns for defense after it is too late, but nobody is willing to stand up now while there is time.

        The truth will set you free. The corp will keep you as slaves.

      19. Well, since we all “just a speckulatin” here.. I don’t think we’ll ever see a REAL gold standard again.. too many trillions of fiat floating around.. if there is a “currency” crisis that becomes obvious to every one ( all of us here knows there is and has been one for a long time ) I think that there will be a digital currency developed, based loosely on a basket of currencys and possibly “paper” gold and silver. A digital currency makes perfect sense for international / intercountry business and would retain local currencies for day to day transactions. We have the technology and they are already spreading digital dollars around the globe. Once in place and fully functioning / accepted, they “world trade unit” could easily trickle down to replace traditional “folding money” at the local levels. Just my 2 units worth..

      20. Looks like the drudgereport dot com has removed the link to a story about a poll taken regarding the immense popularity of our glorious leader, BHO.. it was reported to be above 70%… amoung Muslims..

      21. GC: To stop participating is to guarantee that the Corp will overwhelm US. We can still control the beast. VOTE! The only way to defeat an enemy is to engage that enemy. You cannot defeat an enemy by ignoring an enemy.

        Pacifism never works.

        The people must control the government again, otherwise the uncontrolled power of that government will be brought to bear upon you.

        Opting out is a copout and will not restore original intent. Its stupid. Inaction is the action of a loser.
        Americans must become politically active. We have the government that WE do because We have left government to the dual citizens.

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it.

        For a guy that is as smart as you GC, yours is really stupid advice. It will change nothing and do nothing except get people dumb enough to follow your advice, and eventually break the law, thrown in jail.

        There is no way to avoid the Corp people, if you are to have any significant assets or significant income. Understand the laws of the Corp and use them to your advantage. the corp can make you successful, even wealthy. GC cannot have either significant assets or significant income and avoid the Corp.

        You cannot be successful by avoiding the Corp. And you can only be successful in avoiding the Corp for so long. Don’t believe me?

        Ask Wesly Snipes or the idiot from Survivor, Richard whats-his-name.

        • +1

      22. “Why Bankers, Governments and the Media Hate Gold”
        they also hate Ron Paul and our freedom, so, SCREW the banksters and the TREASON bastards in the government and especially the anti-American sellout MSM!

        Silver is ON SALE NOW ! and should see triple digits soon! Let’s get physical !

        Gold and Silver Rocks !

      23. Best link I’ve read on SHTF plan yet, thanks MaC.

        I’ve family in AUS who work in the mines – one flies in for a 3 week on, 1 week off schedule and makes 7-8 K AUS for that 3 week tour.

        If you have any skillz (electrician, etc.) you could easily be pulling 200K AUS per year; and Perth is a very nice city to live in. Beautiful. If you’ve got no job and balls to travel, you might want to look into it.

        Tying this AUS post together is the following link from the WSJ;


        Great story about how small miners are pulling 10 oz. of gold and more, per month, out of the ground in AUS…making 250K per year!

        So if you can’t afford gold, perhaps you can go pull it out of the ground personally!

        Note in the story that truck drivers for mining companies are making 150K+ per year…

      24. Note, link locked by WSJ. To read, google

        “wsj gold australia”

        and story should be available…stupid paywall!

      25. Ah yes, voting. That works. Not! Time is not on our side. We’ve actually lost the ability to vote our way out of this. I think that anyone who believes we can, is in denial. To acknowledge this reality is not a copout. We’ve lost this option. There are other unpleasant options. Peaceful resistance, avoid feeding the monster, sabotage the fed programs, doing anything and everything to bring the system down. And other active measures that I will avoid mentioning here. False hope is not hope. As a matter of fact, I don’t like hope. Hope is where failure hides. And if someone says God will save us, I’ll puke on my computer.

        • Mr Big: God will save US! 🙂 But God helps those who help themselves and who exercise their personal power. God doesn’t help those who sit on their ass, opt out, and let George do it.

          WE let George do it and THIS is what We have.

          Voting in the last national election in 2010 made a BIG difference! Imagine where we would be if the grassroots in this country had not gotten fired up and got involved.

          O’bummer would have total control by now and it would be too late. The border would be wide open with bus rides into America for all illegals; guns would be confiscated; and taxes would be sky high!

          Voting made a BIG difference. One election is a battle, just a battle. It is not the war. The war must be fought continually over a long period of time. WE didn’t get into this position overnight and WE won’t get out of it overnight.

          Victory always belongs to those who will not yield, not to candy asses and losers who say its too late we are finished.


          • Durango Kidd,
            All very good points.

        • I disagree with you for the first time Mr. B. If you’re not voting local and looking up you’re on the wrong rail road tracks. Can you vote for mickey mouse or maybe an independent? Electoral Vote and the constitution doesn’t say you have the right to vote for the president. Can you vote for the correct Congress wuise? Grab a pair…

          • Your ability to get rid of them at the polls is over. Do you register 3 million new patriots every year? No you don’t. That’s how many immigrants they bring into our country every year. Almost entirely from the 3rd world. 3 million every year. You’ve been overrun. You lost. These people are draining your country dry. We’re broke. Nearly all of the immigrants are getting some form of government aid. As they get to vote, they vote to keep it coming. Look long and hard at the most recent demographic stats. You’re a minority in 5-10 years! And the waves of takers won’t stop coming just because you’re a minority. Wussy? Grab a pair? I enlisted in the US Army at 18 back in 1966. I was a police officer after the US Army. In 1978 at my own expense I traveled to Rhodesia and joined their army, in an attempt to do what I could to save a western, anti-communist country. The US Government backed the communists. As a matter of fact the US has turned more African countries into communist than the Russians and Chinese combined. How are you going to vote to change that? Most of you don’t realize how far gone this country is. I have more piss and vinegar left in me. The only good commie is a dead commie. I ain’t dying of old age at a polling place. I hate to quote Mao but he was right once when he said the only true political power comes from the barrel of a rifle. Eeehaaa!

            • I have to side with Mr. Big’s view on this one—it’s too late.
              The communist, dual-citizenship traitors in this nation committed a ‘coup’ long ago.
              You know and I know how this will end. In blood IF we are lucky.
              Oh, damn, now I’m on another list!

              When 3 families working support 7 families not working, when I put lotion on my face from China(by mistake), when college graduates feel lucky to get a job at McDonald’s…where is reason???

            • If I was you, I wouldn’t just bend over and tell everybody to have at it. But I respect you & can top that. Maybe you could vote absentee if you think are growing old or having a mid life at the polling place. Hint, hint, they only want the morons to vote and you’re not one of them. Show them that you still count and have some more fun Sir. Nobody gets out alive, it’s your world. Thanks for what you do.
              I do vote paper JJ but usually it’s not here. I’ll vote for mickey before I refuse to vote. They want that too.

      26. Wow. just tried to post and the website told me to slow down, I was posting too fast. Lets see, the last time I posted was around 7:30 am est. Its now 7:30 p,m EST, WTF?

      27. Mr Big: WE don’t need to register 3 million new patriots every year. We can win at the polls with a coalition of conservatives and independents. That has been shown time and again. It was proven in the last election and it will be proven again in the next election.

        If the tens of millions of Americans who do not now vote would engage their government, it would be EASY to place patriots in high office, roll back the globalisation of America and re-establish Contitutional norms, politically and economically.

        If you have the moxie you say you do, then why are you willing to give up, roll over, and play dead? I thought MERC’s fought to the last man.

        What happened to you?

        Your rationale sounds like PROPAGANDA to me, especially quoting MAO. Do you have his little red book of quotes handy? You do not sound like a patriot to me, cop or no cop.

        Why not quote Jefferson, Adams, or Paine?

        • DK…I’m seriously afraid until we get back to paper ballots, we are not selecting the leaders…the gig is up for me…the machines are seriously compromised and that’s the only reason the traitor is in that White House—but, it didn’t matter; heck, the outcome would have been the same..it’s THEIR game and it’s a home game.

        • Wasn’t a merc, just a volunteer along with other Yanks, Brits, Aussies etc. My point was this, you don’t have the time to stop them. In the military it’s called being overcome by events. By all means go and vote, but don’t think that’s enough. Rhodesia, South Africa, SW Africa, Angola, Zaire woke me up to what my government is. I’ve studied the commies. They won’t let you vote them out. You poor naive children. I realize you all can’t be armed counter-revolutionaries. These are bad, vicious people we’re dealing with. Our government has destroyed countries that stood in their way. One after another. When they’re done with them they’re coming for us. Maybe sooner. You know what Homeland Security says about you? They sent out warnings to all police departments, that middle class white people are the most likely to be terrorists. Why do you think they said that? What do you think they have planned for you? Real soon. Think. YOUR government said that about you! And they’re going to let you vote them out? You may think I’m cold, but weak people think God will save them. Always someone else will intervene. Divine intervention. Ain’t gonna happen. Now, tomorrow morning get up and go to the range and practice. And when it’s obvious they’re coming for you, and they will, stand in the shadows and splatter their brains all over the sidewalk.

          • Stand in the shadows and splatter their brains all over the sidewalk. I like that. I should take up writing.

            • Mr Big: I like that too. 🙂 But a Revolution, even a revolution to renew OUR heritage is fought on ever level. That is the lesson WE can take from the IRA, and the Palestinians.

              Voting is one way and the preferred way for me. I believe it is still a viable option. I have no doubt that more physical attacks are forthcoming on Congress and Wall Street executives; maybe even on the FED, from those more “patriotic” than myself.

              If a Rogue Administration tries to legislate away OUR guns or impose another mass illegal amnesty, in their attempt to dissolve the Constitution and merge the US and Mexico into the NAU, then its time for every patriot to lock and load.

      28. Anonymous—you don’t see like I see–I refuse to play their sick game any longer.
        Of the paper absentee ballots, millions are still compromised…elitists/bilderbergs/NWO–1, peasants/peons/suckers–0.

      29. So now you’re afraid of paper ballots too. You have that right. You are forcing them to play “their” sick game when you vote absentee. One person does not have control.

      30. The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It

        “…if the people who run the State are almost unavoidably going to be members of the power elite, if the power elite can exert pressure on the State that others cannot, and if the kind of person likely to become a government official is almost certainly more ambitious and thus less principled than the average person, a simple replacement of personnel won’t do the trick.”


      31. “…The governments of your city and your county are as uncorrupt and responsible as government can be, right? [You’ve been “a man of ACTION!”, right?] You’ve chased all the bad guys out and replaced them with representatives who never break laws or overstep their bounds — true servants of the citizenry. Whatever inclinations they might have toward citizen abuse are curbed either by their integrity or their fear of what You the People will do to them. If the smallest act of abuse or corruption ever raises its head, you and your activist friends are immediately able to whack it down. This is how your local governments are run, right?…

        If this thing you’re always recommending [engaging government] worked, you’d already be working it in your own political arena, right? You’d have examples to show us. Your YouTube channel would be filled with videos of honest, helpful cops and honest, respectful, law-abiding politicians in action. You’d have Twitter feeds boasting of your clean government — or at least boasting of how terrified of you your local pols are. You’d hold seminars demonstrating how you did it. Freedom seekers by the tens of thousands would flock to your hometown — to live there or just to learn from you.

        I don’t see any of that happening. Why not? If you’re so darned sure [being a man of ACTION!] produces honest, responsive government … well, show us.

        I’m waiting.”


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