University of Texas Takes Physical Delivery of $1 BILLION In Gold

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Precious Metals | 38 comments

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    The smart money has been and continues to acquire gold at an ever expanding pace.

    After the collapse of 2008 most top level analysts shunned it as a relic. One top economist even suggested that $1500 or $1600 per ounce was “nonsense” even though he had predicted the real estate collapse. All the while, we and others in the alternative news and contrarian investment sphere recommended precious metals as one of the few assets that would retain or grow wealth during our modern day depression.

    The Chinese government saw it. As did the Indians and other Asian and Mid-east nations. They have been stocking up with no signs of slowing down, regardless of the price.

    The most recent addition to gold’s big buyers club may surprise you.

    Via The Daily Crux and Zero Hedge:

    The University of Texas Investment Management Co., the second-largest U.S. academic endowment, took delivery of almost $1 billion in gold bullion and is storing the bars in a New York vault, according to the fund’s board.

    The fund, whose $19.9 billion in assets ranked it behind Harvard University’s endowment as of August, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers, added about $500 million in gold investments to an existing stake last year, said Bruce Zimmerman, the endowment’s chief executive officer. The holdings are worth about $987 million, based on yesterday’s closing price of $1,486 an ounce for Comex futures.

    The decision to turn the fund’s investment into gold bars was influenced by Kyle Bass, a Dallas hedge fund manager and member of the endowment’s board, Zimmerman said at its annual meeting on April 14. Bass made $500 million on the U.S. subprime-mortgage collapse.

    “Central banks are printing more money than they ever have, so what’s the value of money in terms of purchases of goods and services,” Bass said yesterday in a telephone interview. “I look at gold as just another currency that they can’t print any more of.”

    Source: Bloomberg

    First it was small investors, contrarian thinkers, who knew something wasn’t right. They’re the ones that started acquiring gold assets in the early 2000’s. Next, emerging economies like China got in on the action because they saw a progressively depreciating US dollar. Now we are beginning to see large investment funds, and even smaller investors who got creamed in the 2008 financial collapse, starting to take notice.

    Gold may be nearing $1500 per ounce, but that’s not stopping anyone from buying. Better late than never.

    It is our view that we are still in the early stages of what George Soros referred to as the Gold Bubble. While we believe Soros’ comments were taken out of a greater context, in that gold is nowhere near its bubble top as of yet, we have no doubt that it will one day reach these levels. When your neighbors, friends, family and your local barber are all talking about the savvy gold investments they’ve made, then it will be time to sell.

    For now, if you’re a gold buyer, you’re still a little wacky, but certainly not a tin foil quack like you were back in 2008 or before.


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      1. If they actually move it TO Texas, instead of taking it out of the Comex and moving to another bank vault in NYC, it would count as “taking physical possession”.  Otherwise, they have a warehouse receipt from yet another bunch of NY crooks, and they may well find “their” gold is leased to a bunch of other warehouse receipt holders.
        As my old Cuban buddy says: “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

      2. True Dat’. When it comes time for delivery, there may very well be nothing there. Better to bury it under the Alamo.

      3. after the market news today….they just made even more money on it! its coming and every other country sees it but us. prepare,prepare,and prepare. Rome fell and so will the U.S. unfortunely.

      4. TnAndy, that’s the first thing I thought of as I was reading this article.  Why in the world would they put it in a vault/bank?!  Those people will just steal if from them if the shtf.

        Or, is that just a smokescreen so people don’t poke around their school looking for it?

      5. Yup…it’s time to don my trusty cowboy hat and boots an’ mosey on over to my birth state. Better bring my new-fangled metal deetecter and a shovel.

      6. Hopefully it gets stolen, Texas is Corrupt to the core, From the Bush’s to Halliburton, to Big Oil, to Johnson, To Rick Perry and all the Criminals there, are a big reason, this country is being brought to it’s knees.

      7. Comments…..when it all comes down, guns and ammo will be worth more than gold in the short term!

      8. crash and burn…
        Given what is collapsing, is it really unfortunate?  It needs to collapse so we can rebuild a system to protect the people from the corporations.
        That is the battle, and nothing more.  Right now the corporations are winning, but can they still win if they collapse?

      9. Comments…..Harry it is comments like yours that will bring on the crash of this great country!!!! I am a TEXAN and damn proud of it!!!And do you really think that it is one state that will cause the collapse? To you sir I say take a good look around your state and remember a guilty dog always barks first….

        • “guilty” dog? perhaps a dog in the know

      10. Remember the Alamo.

      11. Seems to me the people from TX are a little smarter than most……

      12. I have said it before and I will say it again:   If Texas secedes, here’s hoping,  Missouri will be smart enough to go with them.
        I might be lostinmissouri, but native born Texan.  ( I have a BC)

      13. Yeah them hillbillies in the south seceded once and got their asses kicked for it.  Seceding again will only result in another wood-shed whuppin.  Southerners, including texans, are not strong enough to secede and make it stick.

        • Texas is one of the more likely to successfully secede. It has sufficient food and energy.

          Unlike the civil war all a State needs to secede is one nuclear weapon to be in their hands as a threat to back off. Without it you cannot balance the enormous forces in opposition. With it you have a destructive capability that commands respect. Reason #1 why nations want to “join the club” and reason # 1 why the nuclear armed nations don’t want others to have it.

          Guaranteed Governors and Statehouses are at the top of the list being watched by the Federal Government. States with wealth will be bled of such to support the formerly manufacturing States and Cities. Jessy Ventura tells of an interesting closed door “meeting” he (only he) had with people of unknown position regarding his victory and intentions.

          The States internally are the next power grab. Actually we’re probably just seeing a somewhat natural (with some unnatural help) evolution of cultures. The tribes became towns, then cities, then city states, then nations. The big eat the little.

      14. Texas us the only state that was an independent country before joining the United States. I may be mistaken, but I believe that I saw it written someplace that Texas reserved the right to withdraw from the United States and become an independent country once again if things didn’t work our for them as a state of the union. Can anyone confirm this? Or, as is usually the case, am I once more full of ca-ca?

      15. No doubt there are a good many good people in Texas.I find difficult to locate one,given that between School officials “editing” textbooks,AWOL George I’m having doubts.And lest we forget,those so very NICE and PROPER local officials who deliberately falsified records of the levels of TOXINS(A BIG thank-Ya’all and tip of the hat to Texas oil and natural gas companies)in the water table AND local drinking water.Just getting more and more thankful I DON’T live there,cousin.
        Best to all(even the few GOOD Texans,I feel fur ya)

      16. Almost forgot… a note to the fine folks at the University of Texas…If you believe them Yankee-Boys Investment Bankers back east(let’s just say:have ya-all lost yer cotton-picking minds?),then how much you wanna ante-up that your gold goes “missing”a N.Y.C. minute before you need it.And,by the way,I got a bridge to sell ya cheep,SUCH a deal too!

      17. Seriously? I haven’t been in a state where there isn’t someone (usually in a position to gain by screwing over Joe Public) lying through their forked tongue leaving a trail of descruction and screwed over americans in their wake.

        The problems our nation has are dynamic and we can point to many things that will eventually bring us back to the proud nation we aspire to be, or possibly to our demise. Hopefully, if you are reading this website, you have your head far enough out of your keester to already have your PMs and other preps in hand.

        Hope you all continue to stay the course without blaming the other Joe Americans that are in the same boat you are in!

        April 18th, 2011 at 5:52 pm

        That’s what I was taught…Texas can ‘withdraw’ any time.

      19. Jonny V: Was that a “double-dare”? I think you are trying to stir some shit just to see it hit the fan!
        UT definitely needs to move the gold to Texas.

      20. Hey DK, just a simple statement of fact.  The problems we have won’t be solved by some childish “secession”.  The nation may very well break into some smaller countries, but I think it’ll all happen at once (relatively).
        Once the guy on the street figures out that there is no relief from the corporations that make tens of billions in profits, and end up with no tax liabilities after they get their tax credits for off-shoring American jobs, there will be guillotines in the streets.  Robspierre is waiting………..

      21. I agree that leaving the gold “in a vault” in new york is a boneheaded idea that smacks of a ripoff by the fund managers.
        I think states could secede easier than most people realize. Is obummer going to order carpet bombing of El Paso, Los Angeles, or Seattle? Even if he did, who would do it? Some of the top brass may be on his side, but not many of the people who actually drive the tanks or planes.

      22. i m  from  tennessee  and  i like  texans,  we   will all need each other, and when in the foxholes of survival,  i will be glad  for  anyones  friendship,  providing they dont want my preps.

      23. Everybody is taught that Texas was given permission in written form that once they joined the USA they could leave it again…The Civil War proved that contract was not worth the paper it was written on…and it also nullified any pre war contract that the government of Texas may have had with the Federal government. (since the government of Texas was considered to be guilty of treason for joining the Confedracy) A new government for Texas (military at first) was appointed for the State of Texas by the Union. That means that any contracts or treaties the defunct pre-civil war state of Texas may have had are worthless and unenforceable. (consider for example if some contract were unearthed that had been signed by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Germany…Today the people of Germany would not have to honor that contract, nor would any other government have to honor such a contract with a extinct government. Therefore, sorry Texas, you are in the woodpile along with all the other 49 states and several territories) of these here United States of Amerika..cause we is sure gonna get our backsides to smartin before our creditors and new overlords let us all out of the woodshed sometime in the future.

      24. Comments…..Man you people still don’t get it….It does not matter what the -f state i’m from….and yes it is TEXAS…..if we cannot stand together for this great country then we are helping the people that brought this great country down!!!!!!!its time to stand together and tell them we have had enough of this B-S!!!!

      25. DPS: I with you, man!

      26. Jonny V: I don’t see the break up happening politically.  It may happen physically with the pole shift. Look for a copy of George Washington’s vision of the future of America on line. That is the future of America.
        Third Great Struggle coming soon. But not today, or tomorrow. ( Hey have you seen the new Stec shotgun? Perfect for your Mad Max personality. 🙂  )

      27. Haven’t seen the Stec.  Used to have a Spas-12 (original Terminator shotgun) but it was too unreliable for me.  Nowadays I’m hardcore Rem 870 guy.  Don’t like any of their other products, but the 870 stands alone as a combat shotgun, and you can outfit one for way less than $500, good deal all around.
        I have consummate faith that Robspierre is going to make a return appearance.  Robspierre will appear before Jesus will, bet on it.  Just ordered up another 1K rounds of ammo (44 mag this time), gotta be ready!  🙂

      28. Regarding, “Man you people still don’t get it….It does not matter what the -f state i’m from….and yes it is TEXAS…..if we cannot stand together for this great country then we are helping the people that brought this great country down!!!!!!!its time to stand together and tell them we have had enough of this B-S!!!!”

        Wow, talk like a leader, man i got it long before you ever said it …….

        You can prep but you can’t hide.  With todays technology, they can find you no matter where you hide.


      29. Regarding, “Man you people still don’t get it….It does not matter what the -f state i’m from….and yes it is TEXAS…..if we cannot stand together for this great country then we are helping the people that brought this great country down!!!!!!!its time to stand together and tell them we have had enough of this B-S!!!!”

        Wow, talk like a leader, man i got it long before you ever said it …….

        You can prep but you can’t hide.  With todays technology, they can find you no matter where you hide.


        Comments…..Good people that post on this site,let me say I have been reading here for about 2 months now and for the most part everybody has a good grasp on the issues we face everyday…How ever the thing that is missing seems to be the good folks that are willing to stand up and say enough……Do the job you where hired for or get the F–k Out….As americans we have forgot what our families had to go through to get us here..Unless you are a american indian.. Now is not the time to sit your a-s in the recliner and bytch, Now is the time to stand together and tell them we have had enough…. Until we can all do this together we will achieve nothing…And yes MY State did just buy alot of gold that we have yet to see, but let me ask something ? How many of you good folks have not done the same ?
        Myself what can I say I”M POOR, however i choose to put my $$$ in the things that will help my family and the people I love..As far as who can secede it really doesn’t matter,because we are all on the same horse its just a matter of what day you get your a-s knock off…God bless us all…we sure as hell need it..

      31. The story of the gold being stored in NY is a ruse. It’s really hidden in the janitors closet of the athletic building on campus. But don’t tell anybody. It’s a secret…ssshhhh.
        harry- why don’t you peel that “hope + change” bumper sticker off your Prius and get with the program? C’mon, we know you’re a true patriot at heart!:)
         As for the state of Texas- if you’ve not been there or lived there, you won’t understand. Texas is a terrific place. I give them my highest compliment: Being a Texan is the next best thing to being an Okie!!
        And about the gold purchase itself- looks like more people are waking up everyday. Stocks, bonds and paper “money” may not be the wisest place to hold your wealth.

      32. Have any of you tried wiping your ass with a FRN? Not even good for that.
        To all the people who smugly recount the result of the last “civil war” (in a civil war factions are fighting for control of the government. In the American “civil war” the southern states wanted to leave like guests leaving a party they were tired of) in usa:
        If at first you don’t seceede, try, try again! How many of the obumma-type statists would volunteer to militarily thwart secession?

      33. All I can say is if Texas secedes tommorrow Ill be a Texan tommorrow,or any other state that has the brass to do it….and rest assured it will happen,so when a state decides it can no longer go down the road to hell that the fedgov and and the elitist planners want to take us and it rebels what will you do…..pull a Lincoln and declare war on them,or join them? Remember the fella in the White House says hes patterned himself after Lincoln,wouldnt it be ironic if he caused another “Lincolns War”? Just sayin.

      34. Interesting comments as regards to secession of the states.
        I suspect that after the Feds run out of ways to bilk us via mass devaluing of the “federal” money,the real fun begins.This is the scenario that might happen:First greenbacks(at a 10 or 20 to 1 ratio)get replaced with a “new beginnings” dollar(they love their cute phrases those funny and crazy REPOCRATS,they really,really do!)When that fails spectacularly,The States will need to deal with the fact that the time has arrived to take charge of their own citizens futures.I’m guessing we’ll have about four Confederacies/Unions around.
        It happened to the once mighty U.S.S.R.(so much for communism thanks to good old human greed,bound to occur sometime)Believe me,I really DON’T want or wish that to happen(think of all the old folks on S.S. who will be without ANY money or medicare),but the REPOCRATS continue stubbornly to refuse to make any efforts to help fix the Country in ways that might conflict in the slightest with the will of their UBER-Rich Masters.Perhaps I’m wrong,(I LOVE to be wrong when it’s beneficial to my health and well being)but to date,I doubt if I am.
        Best to ALL in these hard times,

      35. One last thought…I now offer my services to the States that will make up the “Southern United States of America” to be elected(by a popular majority) The First President.I believe while in office that I’d be responsible for the care of ALL the people,Hard money currency, and keeping the fiscal house in good order.So that future generations will have as bright as future as we in the U.S.A. once did.
        I DON’T wear no stinkin’ head rug either!

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