We Can’t Imagine What It Would Be Like If There Was True Chaos

by | Apr 14, 2013 | Precious Metals | 209 comments

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    In the 1930’s, when President Roosevelt seized physical gold from Americans, gold mining companies remained untouched by the draconian move. And, while stocks in the United States dropped precipitously and remained depressed for a decade, companies whose primary business was the exploration and mining of gold and silver rose to new highs. Homestake mining, a gold mining firm operating during FDR’s Presidency, was one such company that saw its shares skyrocket over 500%.

    A similar effect occurred in the 1970’s, after the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. By the early 1980’s gold had once again reached new highs – highs that were not surpassed until the debt crisis of 2008 took hold, nearly thirty years later.

    This crisis, like the deflationary depression of the 1930’s and the inflationary recession of the 1970’s, won’t be much different, as panicked investors hoping to protect their wealth will once again turn to the tried and true hard asset of choice during times of crisis: gold.

    Watch as one of the most respected contrarian resource analysts, Marin Katusa of Casey Research, discusses gold as sound money:

    If you take all the gold that’s ever been mined and that’s currently being mined… you can fit that into Dallas Cowboys stadium. Just to put that in perspective.

    Gold is a very rare thing because the economic deposits of gold are very rare. It is a precious metal.

    If you invest in one of those companies that finds and proves up an economic gold deposit, you can make anywhere from ten to a hundreds time your money.

    We always start with people. That’s the most important thing when you invest… who are the guys running this company that I am going to invest in.

    One deal that Rick Rule, Doug Casey and I are very large shareholders in because we absolutely respect the management team and we believe they’re going to bring significant returns and profits for us is a company called Brazil Resources, which already has gold in the ground. They’ve got millions of ounces of gold…their exploration projects are fantastic…. but more importantly, the management is top tier.

    In North America we’ve had such a good time that we can’t imagine what it would be like if there was true chaos. But when it happens, they’ll call the people who invested in gold and had actual physical gold, they’ll call them ‘lucky.’ But the true definition of lucky is being prepared when the opportunity arises.

    Indeed, should the worst happen in America, those who prepare will be few and far between, and those who failed to foresee the coming calamity will view them as “lucky” for having spent the time, effort and sweat to position themselves appropriately.

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      1. I can’t afford gold so I go with brass and lead. At least then I have something tangible that I can use for many purposes.

        • I do not have much gold at all. I have much more silver as when I add it at the current exchange rate to my food storage I want to be able to feed my family for seven years.

          For those of limited means, eliminating the need to purchases something be it water, electricity, heating fuel, meat, etc. means less cash, gold, silver, ammo, etc. necessary to provide for it externally.

          • If gold were “sound money” then America would go broke all over again. My peeps, its not the choice of currency that is the source of OUR ills; its FREE TRADE. Its the SYSTEM!

            Free Trade has real costs and is designed to enrich the very rich global investment class.

            Under this system, OUR gold would follow OUR fiat off shore into the bank accounts of the global investment class. I would rather that the GIC owned OUR fiat rather than OUR gold.

            Gold as money would hasten the Day for Global Government.

            • Unadulterated bovine scat.

              • Not true Walt. It would be financial suicide for America to adopt a gold standard while the rest of the world is awash in fiat.

                The reason that Nixon cut the cord between gold and the dollar was to keep gold in America and preserve OUR true wealth.

                If America were on a gold standard while the rest of the world continued to undercut US with slave labor and manipulated currencies, OUR gold reserves would be transferred to Hong Kong, Mexico, and South America.

                Even if the whole world was on gold as money, if the wages of labor in gold in the third world were less than the cost of labor in America, gold would still flow to the lowest cost producer. That is basic economics Walt.

                If gold were money, the government would control it. As long as gold is a commodity that REPRESENTS real wealth, WE the People are in charge of OUR financial destiny in a market environment.

                When gold is money again (and it will be), it will be owned by the GB’s and digitized for OUR “use”. Thus One World Government will emerge with total financial control over US.

                As long as gold is a commodity that represents wealth, WE have some measure of control over OUR wealth because We can use it like money, while it is not officially money.

                I got MINE Walt, get yours! 🙂

                • If you think there’s still gold in Ft. Knox….or in the Federal Reserve vault for that matter….that belongs to the USA, I’ve got a bridge in AZ to sell you.

                  It’s probably all gold-plated tungsten.

                  • I’m in favor of an audit. I hope it is there. If it is missing my gold is worth much, much more. 🙂

                  • if we still had to the cold then why was a sibling shot at Fort Knox that was not a random shooting of all things, that was to beef up security because there is no cold that person went to go see if the re was actual gold at Fort Knox and they shot him the time is near

                  • DK

                    If the gold is missing in Ft Knox faith in the world economy evaporates. Everything goes topsy turvy and quite possibly things just stop functioning with no goods to buy. Here is where the doomsday preppers plans bear fruit.

                    That gold has value somewhere between panic and collapse. Post collapse it’s beans, bullets and bandages.

            • Sorry but you have a really skewed view of gold and history.

              The reason Nixon severd dollar ties to gold? – Cause the US Gov was printing dollars like crazy due to Johnsons great society fiasco. — Other contries didnt want the dollars – they wanted the gold that dollars represent.

              Fact is – The dishonesty of the US Gov caused the break from gold.

              If this Government went back to following “RULE OF LAW” instead of ignoring the “RULE OF LAW” — Things would be fine.

              It wont happen – and – Dishonet leaders ignoring the law leads to dishonesty in the general population.

              Stick a fork in it – this country is done !!

              I dont sell Gold, Beans, my doomstead, Land or any other preps !!

              They are all for future hard times.

              If you sell your preps because you can get more FRN’s than it took to get the preps, your playing a fool to TPTB !!

        • Gold can be manipulated. That was one of the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire, was people were shaving gold, mixing it with lead and other feces, etc. etc. I don’t believe their is a foolproof monetary system, maybe the Talley Stick King Henry used back in the day, and it lasted for 6 or 7 centuries, till the Banksters and Money Changers got tired of it, cause they couldn’t manipulate it, and charge interest, so Oliver Cromwell, I believe started a war against the King, took him out, and got rid of the ol Tally Stick, and said “Tally-ho, Tally Stick!”, and even took it out of the history books, so no one would remember it. What an evil world we live in!

          • Any currency has the capacity to be manipulated. The difficulty in doing so and how it’s done determines the viability of said medium of exchange. Fiat currency is manipulated by the stroke of a key on a keyboard.

            • was watching a show the other day on Conspiracies and up popped Alex Jones he was ranting and raving about how the free masons are controlling the world and how they keep getting there hands into everything.typical story line.also he went on about Bohemian grove. and the rest of the Tin hat Crap. does any one really take this Ass clown serious ?

              he then claimed that OBUMMER is a Freemason and was chosen two weeks prior to Hillary dropping out of the race.i had never heard of this but he had Obummers press guy hold captive a whole plane of media and fly them around and keep them in the dark. so are we to believe that Hillary ( or in this case Bill ) is a Freemason and would give up a run at the highest office in the USA?
              All for what ?

              then i was struck by a horrible idea hows this for 2016
              Moochelle Obummer and Hillary lesbo Clinton
              its a cant fail ticket a black affirmative action female lawyer and a liberal and a in the closet lesbian feminist ex lawyer whore liberal. wheww !!!

              and if it happens ( and it could ) we are so screwed NO republican could ever beat that ticket.
              actually there are no real republicans there all repub light. i was noticing it after Romney got his head handed to him how suddenly all repubs went ass nut crazy. with all the touchy crap.
              NOW there all for illegal alien amnesty crap.

              Alex Jones other claims are that stocks are all controlled and will be dropping in value soon. OK when ?? i want a few thousand shares of Ruger and smith and Wesson.

              so before you invest in a company see if there are any Freemasons on the board. sounds like bull sheet to me but who knows.

              COME ON folks lets get rid of the Two party system

              Skittle shitting unicorn

              • Alex Jones is certifiably nuts.

                Its all about the money…

                the money he hates so much that he can’t get enough of!

                • Alex Jones might be nuts but then again it’s a crazy world. I seen over time more truth come from his sites than the MSM for sure. The hyper links from his sites are where one can drill for accurate information as Alex tends to embellish the content of those sources. The MSM sources too often have little core validity.

                • i have often wondered about him he seems to be the prepper version of Michael Moore. hates the money but has so much he cant live with out it or a lying shit weasel.much like Al Gore.

                  Jones foam laden rant he did on tv about gun control and how the Illuminati was behind it all and the third shooter on the grassy knoll type crap he was talking about had me convinced he was nuts. he did more damage then to the pro gun debate then you can imagine some one should have taken him aside and told him to cool it but i figure this is his little dog and pony show.and how he does it. there are too many of this type on TV on both sides.

                  he is kind of like the nuts on the Ancient aliens shows who think there are little green men behind every blade of grass. you know they sort of believe it but when the cameras on them they turn into Total believers. other wise there books and magazines and web sites wouldn’t sell.

                  but yes if you dig down far enough you can get some truth out of him it just takes some work and the ability to look past his TV Rants

                  and as the old saying goes even a broken watch is right twice a day

                  believe only in the truth and let the liars go down with the ship

                  skittle shitting unicorn

              • ssu…no way that this shit lasts until 2016.

                • lastmanstanding

                  well i hope your wrong but i think your most likely right
                  i see either a civil war or Martial law
                  i hope i have enough ammo and supplies in my second location to hold out

                  i don’t want to think what this country will be like with more Obama be it bull shit barack or moochella
                  more welfare rats and more baby mamas
                  more commie crap and more kinder gentler repukes
                  we will have so many of our rights taken away it wont be funny. i see nothing but a re work of the republican party.

                  i really want to see one person with Balls stand up and Take the democrats to task about all the un constitutional crap they have pulled in the last 4 years.

                  Skittle shitting unicorn

              • I was raised Dubuque,IA lodge #3, back in 2007 when I was working on my undergrad. While I am a dues paying mason, I am unfortunately not a very active one. I go to meetings maybe twice a month and help out with some community events. Also, I am not a 33 degree mason (nor do I wish to be that involved)

                Its a great organization for networking and is involved in lots local charitable work. The benefit of masonry in terms of networking is that – you have lots of people with diverse backgrounds (professional types, labor types, college students, old/ young, white/black/brown, christian (protestant, catholic, mormon, ect), jewish) grouped under one lodge were these piety differences don’t matter. So naturally, you make friends with these types and these relationships can go beyond the lodge (example – city alderman was a Mason, got an internship without doing anything).

                we have potlucks and poker/game nights. I even hunt with a few of them.

                Most of the members are older 50+ types. Brothers from all lodges all over the world are equal, but the bylaws of the organization prohibit explicit political discussion. Masonry is more about in my opinion learning to express personal freedom and building yourself to become a better man.

                Many members would gladly take you to a lodge and show you around. Meetings are closed door, but they are honestly not that exciting. These are just my observations at a ground level.

                • Andrew, just wondering, how do you get white/black/brown all in the same lodge. AF&AM. Trekker Out.

                • tank’s mucho much .


            • “Any currency has the capacity to be manipulated”…Absolutely true. The answer is to get rid of the manipulators. END THE FED and the global bankster cartels who profit from the manipulation.

          • Anon,

            The difference is Gold and Silver purity can be appraised and given value, paper cannot. “Good faith and credit” is not tangible, has no intrinsic value, and cannot be easily quantified down to an individual level of value. That is to say what a dollar is actually worth. I’m not an expert on this, but I know that currency backed by nothing, being printed and created out of thin air at the whim of immoral bankers with no discipline can never have the same monetary stability or value as precious metals.

          • This history is not lost. It still abounds today.

        • Are you planning on doing robberies? How are you going to pay for things? Just use your brass and lead? Guess what, you are not the only person with brass and lead. I suspect store owners will defend themselves.

          • Ever heard of barter there Einstein?

            Funny….I had an item for sale and posted it on a forum that I frequent. A prospective buyer offered to trade me some ammo for it. Had he made the deal sweet enough, I would have taken it. But I had enough of the caliber he was offering and he wanted to trade at the current price. I don’t even buy it at the current prices so I politely declined his offer.

            But my point is…..ANYTHING that has value in a SHTF situation will be something you can barter with. I’ve seen .22LR ammo used as bait to get a sale on another item. Buy this at a certain price, and get a brick of .22LR for free.

            You can have a TON of gold and silver….but I guarantee you that if you don’t have brass and lead (and the right weapon to use it) you won’t have your gold and silver..or anything else…for long.

            • Oh yes I have heard of barter. Let me explain.
              1). There will not be a collapse. We will successfully inflate out of this. The Chinese, labor unions and now Japanese hold the debt and no one cares about pissing them off.
              2) There will not be a plague as some comments suggest. This is laughable and used by msm to sell ads.
              3) The government has never and will not come after your guns.
              4). The Koreans will not attack the south.
              5). The bitcoin will not be in two years.
              6). The teachers are not all secret commie agents.
              7). The United Nations do not have troops in the US.
              8). There are not black eyed boogie men or children.
              9). You would not win a fight with the military. They will roll over you.
              10). Tim mcveigh and donner were both psychos. Mcveigh killed babies.
              11). Sandy hook did happen.
              12). You all look like morons on the prepper show. Crying when a gun goes off?
              13). You type tough but are not tough.
              14). Obama is an American.
              15). Obama is not the Manchurian
              16). You are all mental masturbating losers.
              17). I can’t believe I am even saying this obvious shit.
              18). Check past comments. Most predict the end is near in 2-3 months. Of course 2-3 years ago the predictions were made.
              19). You have wasted time and money you don’t have.
              20). I feel sorry for your families.

              • #18…What does the snail riding on the back of the turtle say? “Slow down, you’re going too fast.” Speed is relative. Living in a collapse may seem slow. However, history may record it as an overnight event.

              • @Yranar….

                Spoken like a true sheep. There’s nothing of interest for you here. Move on.

                (you sound a lot like JoeinNC)

              • “The government has never and will not come after your guns”

                LMAO! Check your history retard. Pay particular attention the reconstruction and what the democrat party did to the freedmen of the South.

                Next you’ll say Woodrow Wilson and FDR never rounded people up and interned them.

              • Yranar: It all about the economy pal. So tell me, how’s your economic life going, well I hope. How’d you do in 2000 and 2008? Did you see the bubbles in the markets and take appropriate action to protect yourself? Please don’t tell me you weren’t even in the markets then because then you’re a total wage-slave loser who has nothing of value to say on anything, especially the economy. Me, I did very well both times. 2000 was more luck than genius, but by 2007 I was economically saavy enough to see it coming like a freight train. Needless to say, I made out like a bandit both times. My suspcion is that you don’t know much about anything, particulary the economy because you’d have made money like I did and you’d also see this next train-wreck coming as I do. A wise man sees a strom approaching and takes cover. The fool ignores it and suffers.

            • Yes I have heard of barter. I was referring to the tough typer

              • Or perhaps you are Momo the Homo.

          • Unlike the rest of the unprepared in society I have most of what I need so I don’t have to be a robber. I can cast 30+ types of bullets, buckshot, and slugs, reload for 15 types of rifle, 2 shotgun and 14 pistol. I have skills in chemistry to make my own types of powder, primers and other things needed. I sell range brass on the side and cast bullets for sale. So to answer your question Yranar, no I WON’T BE DOING ROBBERIES, I thought i would be insulting to your lack of morals or intelligence but decided to be the better man.

          • This just proves even more the disconnect between physical silver value and paper silver prices.
            A large percentage of American silver is gone, shorting the Sunshine Mint by millions of ounces, cutting away a source for American Silver Eagle rounds, which are ALREADY in short supply…
            And yet silver market prices dropped $2.30 in ONE DAY?

            • @ silver surfer, you have to look at the bigger picture here.Everyone who bought in along the way up will loose money,the players who manipulate the margins still make money on the way down. gold and silver will continue to fall.
              Once they fleece the sheep, and drive the price down then they will buy up all the orange juice they can. This will be an overnight event,and will be a huge profit maker for those positioned correctly, all on paper of course.

          • One would think that if supply were to fall, the value of the now more limited resource (silve in this case) would rise, correct?

            So why has the price of silver fallen recently instead of rising????

            Price manipulation by chance?

            • Physical silver is still tied to the market spot price (paper).

              Typically….the premium on silver rounds is a couple of dollars.

              Now it’s getting closer to $8……and the availability of actual physical metal is going down.

              Think about it….the premium on a 1 oz. silver coin is 30% of it’s spot price.

              We are witnessing a disconnect of the market price (paper) and the physical.

              This should get interesting.

          • I heard on the radio there was “a slide” in the mine. I’m surprised that we didn’t feel that. Word is this will take over two years to dig out.

        • lead&brass will be worth more than gold very soon

          • The US government may not have the amount of gold it claims, but there is no doubt the government has enough brass and lead to make mine worthless.

        • Silver will yield a much better return from a percentage standpoint than gold when it all collapses. Silver is much rarer than gold and besides being used for jewelry and investments, is also being used for many industrial purposes.

          The historical ratio of silver to gold’s rate is anywhere between 15-1 or 10-1. Currently it’s at 57-1. When it all goes down, silver will be very difficult to find and buyers getting in late will pay dearly for it.

          Food, water, land, shelter, guns, and ammo are VERY important… But just saying, silver will not disappoint over the next several years.

          • I’m wondering what the industrial demand is going to be when TSHTF.

        • You can invest in small amounts of gold bullion. You can get a .5 gram or one gram bar for relatively cheap prices, about the same as one or two silver coins. I believe it’s important to diversify. Even if you only have $400-$500 in gold.

        • MM2nuke: I’m with ya; guns, ammo, food. Gold just tanked way down. I’ll stick with utility stks, JNJ, GIS,T all paying dividends and better than banks.

          • I personally wait anxiously for when gold drops enough for me to get my hands on some more of it. People act like if it drops in price, it is worthless—it is not worthless—ever. The only people, I think, who worry about the price of PMs dropping temporarily are the short salers. I buy mine to hold on to in case I need some cash, not just to turn over quickly for an extra buck. Prices go UP AND DOWN.

            Look at the real estate panic. All of those properties “losing” value? Guess what? The values WENT BACK UP. My property is almost restored to the pre-bubble value and I LOST NOTHING. I would have lost money, had I panicked and tried to sell it while it was low. I didn’t panic. The banksters count on owners panic, so they can step in and buy cheap, hold it and make money off of it when the prices go back up. That’s why tons of properties are still sitting unused—they are waiting for the values to go up again.

            Stupid sheep.

      2. Invest in storable food, water, water purification items, camping equipment, medical supplies, heavy-duty clothing, footwear, socks, underwear, guns, ammo, fishing gear, learn first-aid and all other survival skills that you can. These investments pay dividends like peace of mind and knowing you have the best chance of making it from point A to point B in any adverse situation. Just got back home from doing some more prep shopping and still doing so until the last minute. I’m afraid SHTF may be upon us sooner than anyof us think. Everyone keep prepping. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart –

          Many otherwise well intentioned people think that because they can’t afford to plunk-down the price of an oz of gold that they are SOL when it comes barter/exchange in a SHTF situation.

          Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, bar soap, disposable razors, stick type shaving soap, dental floss, carmex, deodorant, socks, briefs, drinking alcohol, hand/body creams, etc. will all be in high demand come the day after they quit stocking the store shelves on a regular basis. Salt, pepper, spices, coffee, tea, hot sauce. I wonder what a case of Playtex Tampons or a case of “butt-paste” to keep the kid’s behind from rotting off with a severe case of diaper rash will be worth when everything heads South.

          Keep your eyes open and look for sales. You probably really don’t need that pack of 10 toothbrushes, snag it anyway if the price is right. Shop flea markets and check out store closings.

          I really enjoy everyday that I wake up, the sun shining and everything still relatively ‘normal’ in my world. But I really don’t think that the PTB will be able to contain the current situation for very much longer. These are those proverbial “good-old-days” that folks like to reminisce about so much. We are living them today …… but you had better hurry up and put the finishing touches on your preps ASAP. I have a serious ‘hunch’ that these days are almost over and that the tribulation times will soon be upon us. Better get ready. God Bless & good luck to all who post here. Be sure to hug everyone in your family and let them know just how much you love them on a daily basis.

          • Markie, you and Braveheart are both spot on…

            I could have got some more silver Friday to add to the stash, since it did drop to around $25 bucks or so.

            I felt that the better INVESTMENT… was the Royal Berkley system. I only had a small filter in the Ole’ BOB now when the BIG Berk is added to our “accessories” we will be better prepared. 🙂

            Live is good in the hills.

            Y’all play nice.

            hillbilly SC

            • AHHH DAMN!!!

              It’s LIFE…

              My bad, only 3 beers and I can’t type. 🙂

              hillbilly SC

            • I’ve had 4 beers so I know you meant to say LIFE. 😆

            • hell hill,
              i thought that was just your drawl… 🙂

              On point though…I agree with you and them…

            • My buddy(supplier) runs a “Cash for Gold” operation. He was so busy BUYING he couldn’t see straight.
              Classic “bear trap”. These fools will cry soon. Sheeple.

            • Dont trust the BERKEY filters…read about them on AMAZON and elsewhere…they are junk. Get doulton replacements. Google “Black Berkey filter problems” and have a full day to read about the crap that they are.

              • Morning Hello,

                I did see some of the comments about the filters and that they are not as good as the Aquarain filters. I had planned to get some of those. I have not heard of the “doulton” filters, so I’ll be spending some time this week looking into those as my replacment.

                I got a good deal on the Berkley by used a survivalblog coupon code. (sorry Mac) and had read that the Aquarain’s had some splitting problems with the units themselves. I read that both filters will work in each other.

                Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

                Y’all Enjoy your day.

                hillbilly SC

        • what is the actual life of bottle water store bought

          • It lasts virtually forever. As long as the plastic isn’t the kind that biodegrades.

      3. MM2Nuke, I also have brass and lead. My 2 primary purposes for them are for self-defense and barter in post-collapse. braveheart

        • braveheart & MM2: do you really think it’s wise to trade something as valuable as ammo for goods and services ? There are a number of reasons why this isn’t a good idea
          . 1: Ammo will be an almost daily necessity, right behind food and good water, and about as hard to replace. 2: The person you’re trading with may not need your particular caliber unless it’s .22LR, which everyone will need. 3: It could be used against you unlike food, water, or PMs. PMs, junk silver, and .22LR will be the new currency when the dollar becomes

          • MM: I stand corrected. You’re probably one of the smartest guys in the room to have prepared yourself with all that reloading equipment. You have what amounts to your own “gold mine”. If I had the foresight (brains) I would have done the same. Hindsight is always 20/20. So what are you finding most difficult to obtain; brass, primers, powder, or the rounds themselves? Just curious.

      4. If you need to find gold you don’t need a financial advisor or even a salt and pepper bearded prospecter. Just closely follow my ex- she proves it is the Y that always marks the spot- not the x.

        • You trying to say that your Ex is sitting on a Gold Mine!

          • or a goldmember

            • @ML,
              Maybe not a gold member, afterall there is a lot of counterfeit gold around that is filled with tungsten. She just thinks she got a gold member.

              • maybe it was the tounge sten she was after

        • @McLovin,
          We’re going to get you through this, even if we have to drag you kicking and screaming all of the way to the bunker!!!! Hang in there man, you can outlast her.

          • Thanks Mordecai lol

      5. Lucky me..

        • Geez, why the red thumbs.

          “But the true definition of lucky is being prepared when the opportunity arises.”

          • The true definition of ‘lucky’ might be going shopping, discovering 3/4 of your shopping list is 50% off!!!

            Now, that’s the luck I can really handle!!

      6. Actually, those who know history can imagine it. And predict it.

      7. Good to have PM’s but get a good years worth of basics and other assets first. Ammo, food, seeds, some land, renewable sources of food etc.

      8. It’s ok to invest with extra cash after everything else is stocked up. Sure gold mining stocks usually go up in a crisis, but the time we are prepping for will be much different.

        You’ll never know how high your stocks went and you will never get your money back because when shtf, all electric, telephone, internet and the stock markets might never come back online!!
        molon labe

      9. Same old, same old. Read this a hundred times, it’s been 50 years and siver is still to come, I was young when this started now I’m old, I’m tired of waiting.

        • If you would have bought a ton 50 years ago you’d be sitting pretty now. 50 years ago it was 1.29/oz. now it’s bouncing around $26. Soon it will be much, much more. Or it will be used for barter to keep you alive, then it will be priceless.
          molon labe

          • Silver – Your all kidding yourselves. It is in a bubble, just like in the 1980’s. The only buyers are speculators. There is no store of wealth here. It’s only worth it’s extraction cost, and if the economy is in trouble, even that will be lower than today.

      10. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always skeptical when an alternative media site pushes one particular company or stock. This is not the first time they’ve talked about Brazil Resources. It just smells like a pump & dump.

        My concern about any stock investment is that I would not be able to get out in time. Plus, I am not privy to insider info and so would be left holding the bag when things go south.

        • IF i invested and waiting to see what will happen in this world, im not going to invest until this sucker goes down and we restart at lower numbers on the dow jones. its way too risky and its true, dont get into something unless you know what your doing. its like putting money on craps table and not know what you are doing, chances are they will take your money. I do think they contact these sites knowing people are willing to take chances on things since they know we are confused about our future and a reputable website may help that business get some money from us. I agree with you Mick.
          My mother told me that when you feel impulsive to buy something, dont buy it now chances are you will buy it and wish you would of never. She said to wait 3 days and give it thought. after 3 days and you still want that item with certainty, go buy it, i have been doing that for guns and certain items and it really works for me. Not telling you to just sharing what works for me.

        • There’s an old saying, “If you’re sitting at the poker table, and you can’t figure out who the mark is….you’re it.”

          • As the banksters say, “If you’re not sitting at the table, you’re on the menu”.

        • Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting take on this.

          The Daily Sheeple – Assault on Gold Update

          link to follow…


              DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

              RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next beg economic event.

              I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].


            • Remember what rosebud said!!!!!


              DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

              RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next beg economic event.

              I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].

        • Gold mining stocks are paper just like any other stocks. A short trip through BK wipes out those pesky investors. A model of this scheme is The Donald. He keeps going through BK wiping out investors, but keeps control of the projects. Not bad work if you can get it. Invest only what you would be willing to throw into the sewer.

          • Exactly Franklin….

            Bankruptcy or nationalization…..does it really matter?

            In either case…you’re screwed.

            Ask the folks who had Enron stock. Heck…ask the folks who had GM stock.

      11. same talking points just keep getting re hashed by different people. When it is going up it is the best thing ever…….going down it is no good… and for all the people who HAVE no money then lead and brass seems to always be the answer.

        No one knows what the hell they are talking about.

      12. Off topic-
        H7N9 bird flu confirmed cases in China are now up to 60 with 13 dead. That’s well over a 100% increase in both in just a week.
        Of course the WHO and CDC still say there’s no need to panic and that there is no fear of a pandemic.

        Everyone should watch the movie “Contagion” to get an idea of how bad something like this can get.

        Instead of gold I’m investing in more p95 masks, hand sanitizer, food, and water.
        If SHTF in a global pandemic situation then all the gold in the world will be rather useless.

          • You can actually view the documentary Outbreak: Anatomy Of A Plague at the following site.

            This is some Asian site, so you’ll have Asian subtitles…but you can view the whole documentary.


        • just make sure you dont get to close to others. stay your distance. if someone sneezes I remember about 15 years ago they said it can travel about 5 meters in the air to you. just stay your distance and wear disposable gloves and a mask and you will be alright. riding next to someone in a train in NY or on a plane is a deathtrap if something serious gets out.

        • Bet they all have HEPA filters at home.

        • On the last topic, Chip advised stocking up on vitamin A.
          I did. Puritan Pride…buy 2, get 3 free. Free shipping.
          I believe they advertise on Mac’s site.
          Thanks, Chip.

      13. Gee….where’s Eisencrap telling us how we need to be in bitcoin?

        • careful walt… if you say his name three times he shows up, kinda like beetlejuice!

          • I think he just red-thumbed me! 🙂

          • Eisencrap Eisencrap Eisencrap

            • YES, MASTER

              • LOL

            • he is most likely out on his skate board trying to get arrested so he can pretend he is the next George Washington

              the concept of that wasteful little puke leading any one except the fleas in his brain is horrifying.

              skittle shitting unicorn

        • GO AWAY TROLLS

          • Oh wow…..your mommy let you back on the computer?

          • dude go do your chores and homework

      14. I think having PM’s is a good thing to do.

        But I’m not big on mining stocks. Why?

        Well…it goes back to the saying, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”

        Stocks are a paper asset. The represent owning a percentage of the company…but they are not the company itself. Which means they are only as good as the integrity of the company that issues it.

        Also, what happens if the country where the company is located decides to nationalize the company? You are S.O.L.

        ANY paper assets are only good so long as a country is stable and operates under rule of law. Once rule of law goes out the window, so do paper assets.

        Again….if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

        (The argument can be made “and if you can’t defend it, you won’t own it for long.”)

        I also think the advice to acquire the things that you can actually use….food and other essential items is more important…..especially if you are already where you want to be location wise to sit out SHTF.

        But if you are faced with the possibility of having to bug-out…..it might not be a bad idea to have some gold (in smaller denominations like 1/10 oz coins) or silver dimes and quarters to take with you. If you are on foot, you can only carry so much food, water, ammo, etc. So….some PM’s in the form of coins might be a good thing to have. It might keep you from having to barter away some item that you would really rather keep.

        • There is a gentleman by the name of Andy Hoffman, who is most commonly known as Ranting Andy, works with Miles Franklin and previously worked in the miners. He HATES mining companies and is positive you will lose your investment, that they will be nationalized. He literally screams every day for you to protect yourself by buying and holding only physical. Like the inimitable Ann Barnhart says, if you can’t stand over and protect it with your AR you don’t own it.

          • Don’tcha just love her Hello Kitty AR?

      15. Gold down $84 a ounce atm.

        • A different perspective. Gold “isn’t down $84 an ounce atm.” The USD is temporarily stronger against gold. For how long? One of them has been everywhere valued as money for ten thousand years. One of them is funny green paper. Gold is the measure of fiat not the other way round.

          I followed a link from Drudge Retort to Goldman Sucks. Some useful idiot braying about how the value of gold was dropping because its dollar price was. bwa ha ha. If you like your steak, call it $25 a serving, and your restauranteur tells you with a sad face that it’s now $22 a serving are you going to mourn or buy it more often?

          • The really hilarious explanantion came last Friday evening on cnbs Larry Kudlow show when he exclaimed that gold dropped because of US energy independence and a strong ” King” dollar. As an aside,I read an article on Marketoracle about while the carnage was taking place friday,the London Metals Exchange computers mysteriously “FROZE” so no buyers could come in to get physical gold at 1525.00/ounce.Seems the only thing available was to sell futures contracts,thereby driving down the price even further. Jesus Christ,these guys don’t even try to fabricate a half way beleivable lie anymore,I’ll bet you couldn’t even get an ounce of gold dust off the floor of Fort Knox anymore.

            • Evening Anon,

              “…I’ll bet you couldn’t even get an ounce of gold dust off the floor of Fort Knox anymore.”

              Ummm, might be closer to the TRUTH than we yet know.

              A couple of weeks ago, the ‘Hedge ran a piece authored by Eric Sprott..the Candian metals tycoon…he had had his peole DIG through the some of the ‘less-fungible’ figures they could lay thier mits on…

              …no mater how you sliced it, the least amount of uncorrelated, unaccaounted for sales OUT of the country was 4700 ton…and Knox is only supposed to have 8200. The way they analyzed that was fascinating. I posted the link up here on site a bit ago. Worse, he asserted that under other slightly less stringent assumptions on the vearcity of the figures (and a couple of assumptions as well) ithe gihgure for the UNNAounted transfer MIGHT range to 11,300 ton….more than Knox by half again.

              I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall of the vault at Knox to SEE what actually remains…I kinda think it’s might be about, ummm, say…none? Wouldn’t THAT be the biggest sh_t-storm in History?


          • God made gold and silver.

            Man made funny money.

            Which one are you going to go with?

            (that’s a rhetorical question there)

            • …and that Walt is all one has to know.

              believe in all that is real and “don the full armor of God.”

          • @Anonymous6.8———— sorry einstein…the dollar was DOWN along WITH gold.
            Try again. You people do nothing but parrot the false info you pick up from the kooks.

      16. I would say this, when the wuro goes up silver/gold go up and when euro goes down silver drops. I bought about 100 ounces and most of my savings when it was at 43 bucks. Now its about 25 bucks. which is fine I just mark it in a box that I paid 4300 dollars for it. Im not worried because it will go back up some day. Now since the euro drops the dollar is worth more against silver and the price drops. So when the euro gets out or restarts prices are going to be crazy all over the place. Im waiting and sad to say, but once our dollar starts to increase silver will drop like a rock and probably around 20 bucks or less for 1 ounce. That is when im going to buy another batch or one gold coin. I have so much ammo im good im many calibers, .22 45acp 9mm .338laupa .17 and 12 gauge. we always can get more ammo but im good. I need some more food. I have about 3 months worth and good on water.

        I would take care of your supplies first, food thru guns etc. I would buy some silver if it drops below 20 bucks or close. But dont waste your money on silver and neglect your supplies. Thats what you need to be good off. Only buy silver if you are planning to make money in the future and if you dont have money go with supplies and barter items. im still convinced ammo and food will be gold in hard times or alchol etc. Dont forget a few boxes of 12 gauge shells. Youd be suprised people will be begging for them in hard times. Even if you dont own one get some 12 gauge shells. Just a few boxes. If this does fall apart you can thank me later for buying them. Respond to me what you guys think? Thats why we are here to share our knowledge and help each other out. Im not a canning expert or a well digger expert, but if you have gun questions Im the expert on that and can help any of you if you got questions. I will never lie, if I dont know I will be honest and tell you I dont know. LETS all help each other on here, we wouldnt be on here if we didnt care or have THE SAME THOUGHTS OF SURVIVAL.

        • Hey Clint, I do have a question for ya. I’ve always had a pretty good stock of .17hmr, but with the shortages out there, I kinda have been increasing it a lot because it’s one of the only things I can still find.

          Anyway, have you found a way to quiet down a .17 bolt action? They bark pretty good. With the supersonic crack I don’t know if it’s possible. Also, can you give any input on .17 handguns?

          Everyone, don’t make this a thread on pros & cons. We’re only talking .17’s.
          molon labe

      17. Eisen, can I have some bitcoins?

        • Gee……where IS Eisencrap?

          Must have blown a wheel on his skateboard. 🙂

      18. Well, it’s 4:15pm est here.
        Which means it’s 5:15am on Monday the 15th in Pyongyang.
        So all the NK’s are just waking up to the big day of the 101st birthday of the glorious leader Kim il Sung and they have all their toys primed and ready.

        If Lil Kim is going to start WW3 then today will be the day he’d do it.

        Keep an eye on the news over the next 24 hours and good luck everyone!

        • He’s not going to do anything he was distracting us during the dark of the moon so isreal wouldn’t attack Iran. And it worked. Isreal will now hold off on any attack. And porkey has a bff in the middle east.

          • I read an article where Kerry is promising to scale down our anti-missile systems if China helps rein in the little fat man.

            Now is that negotiating from strength or what? (I really need a sarcasm emoticon)

            So now China knows that all they have to do to get us to drop our guard even more, is to put a bug in the fat boy’s ear.

            Four full years into the ass-clown’s administration and it’s still Amateur Hour at the White House.

      19. If one has the unfortunate habit of doing one’s own research and thinking for oneself, and has the backbone (so as not to exclude the ladies) to act on one’s conclusions one has a better chance to optimize one’s outcome. Suppose you are the parents of a young child. You have her learn to swim. Twenty years later she is on a water taxi in a busy harbor. It sinks. She survives and rescues another. Several drown. Was your child knowing how to swim luck? Fortune favors the well prepared.

      20. Who’s got all the gold, anyway? Some gnome in Zurich? The price is obviously manipulated, but then again, so is the price of everything else. More importantly, the Value of your labor is manipulated. Which is to say, the total amount of cornflakes, gasoline, blue jeans or ammo that a day of your toil will be exchanged for is….Out of your hands! That’s the crux of the problem.
        I’m beginning to think the only way out of this mess is for everyone to opt out of the fiat exchange scam. The details are a bit sketchy, but I believe it involves making stuff, growing stuff, building stuff…and bartering for the stuff you don’t make. There’s a bit more to it than that- research is ongoing…

        There is one brief spot of good news. We had a block party to welcome our new neighbors. The guy two mailboxes down from us hosted it. In our neck of the woods, a ‘block party’ covers everybody in a 4 sq mile area. Had about 30 people there(not counting the little kids), representing some 18 households. The conversation turned to guns. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, including the newbies, was without a means to express 2nd amendment rights. I always knew my neighbors were mostly pro-gun, but, dayum! I never realized how heavily armed this neighborhood was! I’m feelin’ safer already!
        Plus, I just finished a complete inventory of ammo stocks. It doesn’t look like all that much to me, but at current prices, I could sell out and buy a new house! Just hope mrs okie doesn’t realize she could have me bumped off and retire in luxury to the big city…

        • Mayer Rothschild found he could issue more promissory notes than he had backing for, if he had someone’s gold to show his customers. He loaned notes to government, made money scarce, then tightened control and collected collateral through contracts. This was used to ignite a war. Then he would control the availability of currency to determine who would win the war. The government which gave him control of its economic system got his support, and he repeated the whole cycle.

          Collection of debts was guaranteed by economic aid to the enemy. The profit made Mr. Rothschild even more wealthy. He found that public greed would allow currency to be printed by government order BEYOND THE LIMITS of backing in precious metal or goods and services (inflation). In this structure, credit, presented as “currency,” has the appearance of capital, but is, in fact, debt.
          War balances the system by killing the true creditors (the public).
          Politicians are the hired hit men.

          From 1880 to 1920 American Robber Barons used his methods, often against each other. Since then it has mostly been the FED and other Central Banks.

        • Your neighborhood sounds like a very dangerous and scary place, with all the GUNS and whatnot. And children. You people let children around GUNS? What is wrong with you folks. Besides, what are you so scared of?


          • Rick, what in the world are you talking about? We don’t let all our children around GUNS. All our children CARRY GUNS! Trekker Out.

      21. TPTB want all to run into dollars, bonds and equities, anything but out of their paper game into real money; gold & silver.

        Scared TPTB silly to see 33 year record high prices for gold priced in yen this past week after Japan announced devaluation of their currency. That’s a big part of paper assault timing on PM prices Friday, had to stop dead that exploding exodus into gold before many noticed.

        What reveals the real value of the metals, is for anyone to try and buy any physical in quantity at these manipulated low paper prices, it’s just not available.

        Yes, you might still find some little, but not without a hefty premium that will more closely reflect it’s true, and much higher, real-world supply/demand value.

        Got God, Grub, Guns & Gold?
        Panic Early, Beat the Rush!

        – Shane

        PS – Gold/silver is for those who AFTER largely getting their preps & barter goods squared away FIRST, discover they still have a lot of paper dollars and investments remaining and can see it’d be prudent THEN to diversify out of only & solely holding paper wealth by acquiring some physically held gold/silver, too.

        • I’m melting silver eagles and casting bullets. Two birds, one stone.

        • Gold and silver are only worth what someone else is willing to pay for them. They have no intrinsic value.

          Intrinsic: Belonging to the real nature of a thing.

          You can’t eat gold or silver. You can’t drink gold or silver. You can’t get out of the weather with gold or silver. You can’t clothe yourself with gold or silver. You can’t get from point A to point B while riding on gold or silver.

          Read somewhere that Goldman Sachs supposedly is buying gold on its way down, even though they have opined it to have entered a bear market.

          An “investment” is not the same thing as intrinsic value. An “investment” is entirely dependent on being able to sell the “investment” at a future time for more than you paid, to someone who is willing to pay more than you paid.

          In the meantime, that “investment” does not feed, clothe, water, shelter or transport you.

          If it’s true that Goldman Sachs is buying at the same time as opining gold to be on the decline, then what do they intend to do with their “investment?” The only thing they could do is wait, or be expecting, for the value to go back up.

          It was interesting the the IMF chief pronounced Japan’s currency devaluation effort to be a good and welcome thing.

          Another interesting fact is that, apparently, Japanese citizens are selling their personal gold holdings (jewelry, etc.) at a rapid clip now that they can get far more Japanese yen cash for their gold, due to the currency devaluation. They are selling gold to get cash, and for more cash than they could get before the devaluation took place. Japan has been stuck in a deflation for many years.

          In my opinion, “investing” is for people who have money they can afford to lose. It is not for people trying to supplement or increase their income. Capital preservation is the tried and true, longstanding rule of thumb — anyone who survived the Great Depression knows it and all honest money advisors know it.

          If you have savings, protect it — don’t risk it and don’t surrender it for the lure of something supposedly more valuable or more lucrative. Remember, if someone else wants your cash, it’s because they have none or very little, and they know, perhaps better than you, how valuable cash is. Also remember, in a deflationary economy, which may be what we may be heading into, cash is king, for the simple reasons that there will be less cash available in circulation and therefore cash will be harder to come by, and, that it will buy more than before the deflation set in.

          I continue to be astounded at the extraordinary prices being asked for many things, much of it linked, I believe, to the high oil prices. Price increase is inflation. Price decrease is deflation. Peace causes deflation. War causes inflation. Inflationary depression causes revolution.

          I also notice the price reductions taking place in the super high end properties, like those of celebrities, etc. These properties became highly inflated in their supposed values, and now, when the owners wish to liquidate and sell, they are getting no takers and are being forced to lower their asking prices by multiple millions and are waiting longer to find a buyer. Also interesting is how many of these properties have been coming on the market — giving a strong impression that these high wealth individuals sense a need to raise cash and limit the number of luxuries they own and maintain.

          As always, protect your family, be prudent, be cautious, be frugal, work hard, be honest, and get down on your knees on a regular basis regardless of how important you may think you are.

      22. Wasn’t it being said roughly 6 months ago to get very worried when we saw a drop in the prices of PM’s? I can’t really remember the reasoning but I am sure there was some buzz going around about this. Maybe it is an indicator that a bubble is reaching maturity and will soon burst?

        • You may be referring to Doug Hagman and a source he allegedly has in DHS.

          Here’s a link to the article…Look for the reference to precious metals dipping near the end of the article.
          (This is actually a transcript of an interview)


          • I posted the direct link above, but maybe this will work so you can access it before it’s officially approved…


        • This is the last grasp deflation before massive inflation…spend the last of your paper wisely.

          They must have those with metal out of it to win.

          No way they win.

      23. If you believe that nothing will happen, then you can’t go wrong with silver because of its so many uses. Copper is not bad either. IF you believe that SHTF will some real punch, then a rich person is one whom has everything that they need to live because the monetary system is likely going to be based solely on this, what people need is what is going to be the NEW MONEY.

        Money is a tricky aspect, as it doesn’t have any value unless someone puts value to it. Gold is only valauble if someone is willing to give you something in return for it. Same thing with fiat currency. Food ALWAYS has value to it as long as people continue to have the need to eat. portection, guns and ammo and other weapons, ALWAYS have value as long as there is someone that wants to take what you need. Water ALWAYS has value. Shelter ALWAYS has VALUE. Your own personal skills have value. THINGS have value are what others need and want. Precious metals have value as long as their is a civilization left.

        Mad Max type of world, self defense will have more value to it than the most precious of metals and gemstones have now. Self defense weapons will so valuable and real hard core tangible money. Something to think about as these anti-self defense creeps try to take away your future money (firearms and other self defense) from you.

        • Gold will always have value. Somebodies, somewheres, has enough basics, and wants a store of value.
          Besides, bread goes moldy. But gold stays shiny forever. And forever is a long, long time.
          If I want bread in twenty years, or for my great grandchildren, gold is the solution.

          I’m not wealthy by a long stretch, but methinks gold gets beat up by those who can’t afford it. If you were a gazilionaire, how much water,beans, guns and ammo do you need? A warehouse? Would not a safe with gold be a little more sensible?

        • Be informed….You get my “Attaboy” award today

          Your last paragraph is the essence of prepping/survival.
          First and foremost one has to stay Alive before any of the other preps have any relevance.
          The most basic of animal instincts is Fight or Flight,
          and when Flight is not possible then Fight is the only
          alternative or die.
          The scale of survival is greatly enhanced by the better
          one is armed and equipped, both mentally and physically.
          Basic Survival 101. Obviously, this you already know.

      24. Off topic, but had to show this email I got.

        May God Bless Us All
        Our tax dollars at work to spy on us. This must be the change they were talking about.

        This Is Not A Mosquito!!………..

        All the current media has been focused on the helicopter sized drones…

        This Is Not A Mosquito!! Look closely………………..


        Is this a mosquito? No. It’s an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government. It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home. One can only imagine how these small gadgets will be utilized in the future.

        And to think we were worried about West Nile virus!

        I can’t get the picture to load, but if you google it, you’ll find it.

        molon labe

        • Kettle Moraine- I found a bunch of clips on those tiny drones on youtube. Now, that’s some scary stuff! Thanks for the tip.

          • Good for the goose…….

            Don’t they think these won’t ever get out?? Into the wrong…er, right, hands.

          • @S
            Revelation 9:3-5

        • That reminds me, got to get some fly swatters for my preps…

      25. I think stocking anything of value is a good call, the more the better!

      26. If you can swing it, 2-peso gold coins and/or 1-gram ingots, http://www.apmex.com . Get’em while the gettin’s good.

      27. The boomers will steal everything from you.

        Gen Xers… Buy silver and hide it.

      28. I finally read One Second After. If we go down like this scenario gold and silver will be like paper money. Food, water, food, food, tp, first aid supplies, food,… And don’t forget pet food.

        Now I want an old junker car pre ’80’s and spare parts and I want to learn to work on one.

        A skill was the only thing that would let a stranger join a community.

        What was traded for a squirrel, or possum, etc? Bullets, not money. So guess I should work on that, too, but I may have waited too long.

        I wish we could all get the book and mass mail it to o., arms will definitely be needed by the good people, because the bads WILL have them, and the gov won’t be around.

        And that joking about Texas being on the target? All it took was three ships, three nukes, blown up in space, and the rest of the world got to watch US wither and die.

        • If you don’t have a teacher handy, get a chilton’s automotive repair manual. Car’s pre-1980’s is my forte, but having a chilton’s is invaluable if you’re not well versed in ‘shade tree’.

      29. Invest in a bible .. It’s will go further than gold..at the time the SHTF..

        Praise god..Not PMs.. Because PMs are made by human hands.. God is not..

      30. Fellow patriots there are charlatans in our midst. Do not be baited and respond to outrageous comments. Support companies with our ideals. Blacks are not able administrators. Blacks are killing this country. Blacks are playing us for fools. Do not listen to blacks.

      31. The Great minds here on this site still need to address the ability to communicate with each other and aid those in transit….I have mentioned this before, and I find it to be of an urgent quest…..We may have all the preps WE need, but what then? And, what about those who cannot leave there homes as yet? Should not they be welcomed and aided in their haste to other locations? WE need to be able to recognize each other and act accordingly.
        May God Bless US Always….
        And May God Give US the Wisdom to Understand and Act Accordingly in any situation….and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves…..

        • *their….not there….sorry for typo…old eyes…but young, warm heart and mind:)

          • @ Feisty Old Broad

            … Are you still Spry ???

            I like my women like my wine bottles in the cellar … a little dusty with age .

            ;0P slurp

        • @ fob are you thinking of changing your handle to h. tubman? 🙂

        • Howdy FOB!

          Yup, ‘Tis a good call that…

          “The Great minds here on this site still need to address the ability to communicate with each other and aid those in transit…”

          IF this today DON’T ‘Go Well’ then it’s about time for everyone to get down to the local Radio Shack to pick up some CB gear. Practically speaking there’s not a lot out there there that can reach out 20 miles that isn’t VHF/HF or 30 meter…all of which is HAM, which most of the Folk here can’t get on short notice.

          Still, it’s QUITE possible to ‘relay’ over a CB ‘net if the stations are spaced closelty enough to allow for point-to-point between. Good call Hon’.


        • @ Feisty Old Broad.

          Communications are not going to happen unless you have already made them. OPSEC has killed any part of that happening. There will only IN YOU FACE encounters that may work.

      32. Gold is getting CHEAP. This is getting exciting…

        • Someone here said last fall that gold could drop as low as $1200 and it would be time to back up the truck. Who was that masked man anyway?

          Just asking. 🙂

          • So….just curious….did you sell your PM’s in the fall (when it was much higher than it is now) in anticipation of this event, so you could buy back in again at a much better price?

            If not…..why not?

            • No Walt I did not sell with the intention of buying it back later. That transaction would incur costs for the sale and create a taxable event for me as gains are realized on the sale of gold for a producer. I am a producer and holding all the gold that is not necessary to cover the cost of production.

              Gold will go much higher. 🙂

          • U r a wise man DK.

            • Not if he didn’t act on what he claims he knew.

              If he did….fine.

              If he didn’t…..he’s just one more guy with an opinion.

              • Or perhaps he’s one of the “insiders”.

                • Perhaps. 🙂

        • I love a good sale. And shiney stuff. Think I’ll get me some silver…and have it chromed!

        • Yeah, we’re sending too much taxpayers money to protect our opium interests…

      33. Keep Stacking PM’S …

        * the real market know gold is worth alot more as is silver .

        * just keep stacking as there will be plenty of alternative buyers and black markets when the time comes to sell .

        $UCK THE FED !!!

        • When I say “$UCK THE FED” I mean PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH AND $UCK IT!

      34. keep preparing …

        i do hope everyone is prepared for whats coming … those who aren’t will quickly become a threat against those who are .

        keep prepping .

      35. TPB are panicking, having orchestrated this massive takedown. The Nikkei is getting slammed with massive QE there, the EU is in a death rattle, so the timing could not be better for the Fed and its minions to rally the pathetic dollar with this brazen sell off of naked shorts in what will be a futile effort to save the dollar.

        Game on – the great unravelling is just beginning, as fear spreads worldwide, with no safe place to hide.

        Many of us expected such a takedown as precursor to a bond market collapse and hyperinflation. It is coming fast, now.

        Have been preparing resolutely for five plus years, and every month have put a little aside to buy both silver and gold. Fortunately, have most all bases covered. I’m not one of those guys licking my chops to see a collapse. Worked hard all of my life to build my business , and would hate to see it all go up in a puff of smoke. And doubtless, even with all the preps, life will get a hell of a lot harder.

        Don’t agree that quality mining stock will vaporize. Witness Homestake in he1930s. Sure, they might get nationalized, but I just don’t see it. Governments just don’t run mines very well.

        We ‘ll soon see just how bad this might get. I do expect we will see a freeze- up of the world economy, but nobody, even the PTB, Will benefit from that. Fact is, we can all speculate, but how this will play out, nobody knows. Even so, I do know that for most of us who comment here, our families will have decent grub, and will be protected as best we can protect them. God’s blessings on all you.

      36. @yranar….why don’t you do everyone a favor and go jump off a bridge you mental midget. Every one of your 20 points are an absolute joke just like you are there fella. Maybe you better pull your head out of your a** and learn about false flags, bio-weapons, teachers with an agenda, etc…etc…etc….and as for the tough guy comment? There are many people that come here that would beat your silly a** to the ground chump. You think you know what a tough guy is? I doubt it you liberal complete f***ing fool. My little sister could slap you around easily. I know your type….a metrosexual pussy.

      37. Morning All,

        S’bout…01:20 AM CST, Au is exactly at $1450, Ag is at $24.50. The Nikkei doesn’t know whether to ‘shit or go blond’ and the investors there are getting executed, China is getting hammered and within the next 10 hours we’ll gettin the earning’s report on several ‘Biggies’
        …the word on the street is ‘don’t look good…’

        Hmmm, let’s see here. Gold and Silver tanking…Why?
        In an environment where EVERYTHING is hypothecated, thus ‘enbumbered’ right and left…WHAT does someone do when the margins get slammed..what’s the one thing that they can access that is actually thiers to sell?

        Three guesses here Folks and the first TWO don’t count. 😉

        For some time I’ve been expecting a very large drop in prices due to this reason…here’s the BAD part. This would only happen if a very LARGE number of participants were simulatneously getting reamed in the larger markets, thus resorting – desperately – to cover thier postions broadly elsewhere…the economic numbers ALL over continue to plunge, as most of you already know, therefor, finally the question: “Is this it?”

        Simple Answer, “Could damn well be.”

        The system is so overburdened with everything in sight being used for collareal to get still further leverage that I AM beginning to beleive that we might all need to start getting REALLY nervous…


        This is almost the exact same thing seen in 1929 when it fell…there was a HUGE amount of the free capital drawn as actual BANK loans, then sunk in the market speculatively…this time it’s not bank loans, this time it’s everything that they can get thier hands on to gamble with…I suggest prayer..and VIGILANCE.

        IF you have some cash left that you ABSOLUTELY WON’T be needing, then pcik it up as you can (Au, Ag) else GET THOSE Preps up to snuff, quick.

        Good Luck tomorrow All…


      38. SELL your gold and buy silver!

      39. Gold mining stocks will be worthless after the dollar collapses and takes the world economy with it.

        We’re going to see hyperinflation in America. We’ll see a loaf of bread cost $20 then $200 then $2000 if the stores don’t close because they’re flash-mobbed by people who can’t pay.

        We’re fully prepared. I have most of my savings in silver. If I had more money I’d be buying more today.

      40. DHS insider EMPLOYEE tells All … BEWARE THE ZOG FEDGOV TSA DHS SHERIFF and local POLICE turning FULL TRAITOR acting as ZOG GESTAPO ENFORCERS for their NWO UN ZOG MASTERS disarming and enslaving the once free American Citizens Nation wide !!!


        So, what are you seeing at DHS?

        RB: We don’t have a lot of time, tonight—our meeting—as well as a country. I mean I have heard—with my own ears—plans being made that originate from the White House that involve the hierarchy of DHS. You gotta know how DHS works at the highest of levels. It’s Jarrett and Napolitano, with Jarrett organizing all of the plans and approaches. She’s the one in charge, at least from my point of view, from what I am seeing. Obama knows that’s going on and has say, but it seems that Jarrett has the final say, not the other way around. It’s [screwed] up. This really went into high gear since the election.

        But it’s a train wreck at mid management, but is more effective at the lower levels. A lot of police departments are being gifted with federal funds with strings attached. That money is flowing out to municipal police departments faster than it can be counted. They are using his money to buy tanks, well, not real tanks, but you know what I mean. DHS is turning the police into soldiers.

        By the way, there has been a lot of communication recently between Napolitano and Pistole [TSA head]. They are planning to use TSA agents in tandem with local police for certain operations that are being planned right now. This is so [deleted] important that you cannot even begin to imagine. If you get nothing else out of this, please, please make sure you tell people to watch the TSA and their increasing involvement against the American public. They are the stooges who will be the ones to carry out certain plans when the dollar collapses and the gun confiscation begins.


        PREPARE !!!

      41. It makes sense that the big boys run the Dow sky high. Sell it while it is high only to then jump on gold which they have previously run into the dirt. Looks like the perfect cycle for those that can make moves a day or more faster than the average Joe.

      42. youtube.com/watch?v=_f0a6umS7O8&feature=em-uploademail

        • Paper market on silver this morning is under $23.00 an oz.

          Usually, you can get a silver Eagle online at $3.00 or so an oz. over spot.

          Not today. Physical is still close to $30, depending on how much you buy and what method of payment you use.

          I’m thinking that before long, there won’t be any physical available.

          • Morning Walt,

            Hmm…haven’t seen THIS level of ‘backwardation’ in…forever. How long do you think the market can bear this before all the stops come out?

            Chantilly Lady made a point the other day…she indicated that EVEN the metals ETF’s were ‘leveraged’
            WAY UP there, over 100 to 1 (in her estimation)…what’s going to happen when all these guys who are on the far side of the rehypothecation curve CAN’T meet thier contracts….What happens if ANYONE calls up to say they want ‘Physical’….want delivery?

            The phrase, “Oh Shit” comes to mind, No?

            Bear in mind here everyone that Europe is LEVERAGED to the Moon…that’s BEEN the WHOLE problem there for the last 6 months…there IS NO ‘good’ collateral left…anywhere….it’s already ALL in the hands of the IMF ‘Pawn Shop’

            EYES open here Y’all…Suture them open if you have to…and GET THOSE PREPS UP!!!



          • Morning Walt,

            “I’m thinking that before long, there won’t be any physical available.”

            I wouudln’t argue that with you!

            Hmm…haven’t seen THIS level of ‘backwardation’ in…forever. How long do you think the market can bear this before all the stops come out? I’m thinking that THIS might be the last iteration of ‘covering the market with pocket change’…there won’t BE any left after this.
            There will be ‘no back-up’.

            Chantilly Lady made a point the other day…she indicated that EVEN the metals ETF’s were ‘leveraged’
            WAY UP there, over 100 to 1 (in her estimation)…what’s going to happen when all these guys who are on the far side of the rehypothecation curve CAN’T meet thier contracts….What happens if ANYONE calls up to say they want ‘Physical’….want delivery?

            The phrase, “Oh Shit” comes to mind, No?

            Bear in mind here everyone that Europe is LEVERAGED to the Moon…that’s BEEN the WHOLE problem there for the last 6 months…there IS NO ‘good’ collateral left…anywhere….it’s already ALL in the hands of the IMF ‘Pawn Shop’

            EYES open here Y’all…Suture them open if you have to…and GET THOSE PREPS UP!!!


            • DAMN!!!

              WHAT IS UP WITH THE BOARD LATELY!!!! $%^&$^&!!
              Apologies All…


      43. @ Yranar. I cannot stand crying wolf, and some of the events have and will never manifested themselves. However some will definitely occur, you can bet your life on this and YOU WILL IF YOU DON’T PREPARE like the other 99% of the brain dead zombies. Let’s deal with your some of the absurd statements of a non prepper.

        A plague, ALL life forms on this planet can be struck down with disease. This is the number one killer of both animal and plant life through the billions of years of life. Even bacteria can become sick. To blatantly say that there will be no disease either shows someone that is very frightened of what WILL happen or someone that is a total retard in regards to biology of the planet. Ask the American Chestnut tree about how a plague or blight cannot happen. Merree can more than describe from a professional medical standpoint about disease, and the absolute liklihood of a true pandemic as the population explodes, especially in hellhole of filth like the inner cities of India. Hell, read National Geographic’s very long article about this.

        During the past few years the WORST nuclear disaster ever happened with Fukushima, AND the worst oil disaster EVER. BOTH remain a problem, Fukushima a HUGE problem.

        Solar EMP’s happen, YES they happen. Unless you have someway of controlling the Sun, the3y will happen again. It is a virtual impossibility that the planet will not be hit with another 1859 Carrington Event or worse.

        Every single year that goes by without a world war, the statistical chance of one occurring goes up. After 68 years without one, if a world war occurs every 100 years, there is a better than 50% chance World War 3 will happen this year. Even if World War occurs every 200 years, the odds still stand at 30% that World War 3 will occur. In war ALL weapons are used by the losing side, it just happens. That means mutiple mushroom clouds.

        Earthquakes will happen, they MUST. The Southern San Andreas MUST break, and so MUST the central part. It is overdue by a century which means slippage that will exceed that of 1906 and 1857. This will clobber the economy when a 8.1-8.4 hits southern California, and if it continues to the north to San Francisco, you will see something in the mid to high 8 range. The Cascadia fault is about 40 years overdue. The New Madrid is about on schedule. Don’t even begin to challenge me on this, as Mac can pull up all the correct predictions of earthquakes I have made in the past several months as PROVE that forecasts on this site do come true.

        There has to be a ceiling on the debt and the economy, this is basic math. Now, the governments and the U.S. could just zero out all that debt and we all lose a lot of money on the dollar, as other governments have done this. This would be an ugly collapse and a nightmare to have everything tied into some Total Recall movie system of credit, using casion chip money type of currency. IT MUST happen, something that changes the current system that MUST fail. Look at history of Germany in the 20’s and 30’s as prove of this.

        You talk about people wasting their money prepping. This is the most stupid statement ever made by someone that hopefully doesn’t have their head buried in the sand like some ostrich. Ask the people that were smart enough to learn about what happens when the power goes out like on the East Coast a couple of years ago. What it is like to be freezing in your home or boiling hot in the summer without even a fan to cool off. Ask the people about how life is after Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Rita, or about 10 other named storms what life is like without preparations. Ask people in Joplin what a tornado can do. Ask the people in Haiti what life is like over this course of years. Ask anyone that has suffered through going without is like. Non-preppers are the stupidest most in denial and laziest people in mind and body there are. IF you don’t like this site, go hug and mount a blowup BO doll like the other trolls that poison sites like this geared to help people survive varying degrees of emergencies. Otherwise if you choose to stay, learn something from all the wise and insightful people here and ask questions on how you and others can prepare for disasters.

        • I always appreciate your posts BI….but you are wasting your time on guys like Yranar…..who I suspect is simply another incarnation of JoeinNC or Momo the homo.

          People like that are not open to reasonable discussion. So…why waste the time and energy it takes to respond to them.

          Just tell them what pathetic losers they are and go on your way. It’s much less infuriating. They are simply trolls. Possibly planted by TPTB to sidetrack and discourage the rest of us.

          We are too deep into this game to waste valuable time and resources trying to convert those who have deaf ears. Shake the dust off your feet. You’ve done all you can do.

          And then get back to filling the rest of us in with the valuable information and wisdom you provide. 🙂

        • Good Stuff B.I.

        • Morning BI,

          Friend…Walt is ‘spot-on’ here…


          “Why trouble yourself with Fleas, ‘Tis easy enough to scrach…”



      44. The Gold standard or even Silver are the only standards for real money. Everything has to be tied to something. Paper money is only worth the paper its printed on.

        Who cares anyway?

        The book of Revelation states that when the shtf people will be throwing their silver and gold in the streets!

      45. Thumbs Up Walt!! Its hard to watch Bi Gets so upset with these negative posters put here to keep everyone on edge with their negativity, he is far to positive and helpful to let these kind of trolls get under his skin The msm and ptb do this to us every day with their threats of war, etc. Be like yall beware say’s,thumb down and move on! Me for one is far more worried about what we don’t know than what we do!!


      46. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is staying out of the gun debate for now.

        The justices on Monday declined to hear a challenge to a strict New York law that makes it difficult for residents to get a license to carry a concealed handgun in public.

        The court did not comment in turning away an appeal from five state residents and the Second Amendment Foundation. Their lawsuit also drew support from the National Rifle Association and 20 states.

        • By their silence, they are speaking volumes.

          Gee….everybody thought Roberts was such a great pick.

          Wolf in sheep’s clothing is more like it.

          The Supreme Court Jesters will screw us on this just like they did Obamacare.

          This country is toast.

          • Howdy Walt,

            Yup, screwed, blued and tattoo’d…Damn Supremes are a WASTE of skin.

            I left a post above to you…I watch your commentary here all the time on the econ stuff, good calls always. Just wondering what your impression of the action today is with respect to the underlying.I have rather BAD ‘feelings’ about a shake-out of THIS magnitude; your thoughts would BE appreciated here Brother…


            • Hey JOG…..

              Frankly…..I just don’t know. I just wish I had a pile of money right now, because I’d plow it right into the metals.

              It’s so obvious that this is paper manipulation. And as you said, what are these guys going to to if they have to meet their contract and actually make delivery? Not going to happen.

              Heck…..anybody could do this (not without going to jail of course….you have to be part of the “white shoe boys club” to get away with the fraud that they are perpetrating).

              But who knows? Maybe in the coming weeks, the Comex will be exposed for the fraud that it is…..selling promises on paper with nothing to back it. That is what poses for good investment practices by the “smart people” on Wall St.

              These people should be hanging from utility poles.

              It’s obvious that they are trying to scare people out of the metals (fleecing them in the process) and into more conventional (paper) investment vehicles….which will pump up the market on that until they decide to dump that market (so they can sheer the sheep again).

              • Howdy Walt,

                “These people should be hanging from utility poles.”

                A DISTINCT possibility Brother…all too soon.

                Shee-wee…Helluva day Friend! Truly…I didn’t think it would go this far, this quick. Couple months ago DK and I batted the notion of an ‘initial event’ like this around and I thoughht that perhaps we’d see a drop into the $1425 range….I did NOT see it in the mid-1300 zone…sobering, ir is.

                As things sit now…in OUR times…the trick that FDR pulled wouldn’t work, the People are no longer the full class-sheeple from that prior age. Hence, the only way I can SEE to ‘return’ any of the metals into and under state-control is a concerted, broad-based effort on the part of the CB’s to ‘flutter’ the market repeatedly, buying on the downstroke at each turn. T’would be easy, No? When you are the controlling factor and there exist none of sufficient gravitas to sway your own action from it’s intended poin-of-aim then all you have to do is be patient, Eh?

                Your last point is well-taken. Astute observation. I don’t know if you frequent Busines Insider or no, but the articles up there today are just CROWING about ‘how great it is to have ALL that money pouring back into HUMAN things, like the stock market, as it exits the metals’…idiots, roundly. Take care Bro…Vigilance now. Thanks for taking the time to stop and chat…it is appreciated. 😉


                PS: Is it JUST me, or is it gettin’ a little hard to keep up with all the ‘stuff flyin’ here lately? I’m about burnin’ fingers OFF trying to get to it all!! Adios Friend.

      47. Feeling a little nervous today. Saw the drop in prices on metals and considered buying some more. Heading out to the store to buy some more food and non perishable preps.

        Also, my bank’s website is down. Rumor has it they had let their domain name expire but renewed it over the weekend. Doesn’t sound right to me…

        • If they really let their domain expire, I would suspect that someone in their IT department is putting out resumes right now.

          Sounds fishy to me too.

      48. So what’s the best buy right now gold or silver? Which has dropped the largest percentage wise and has the best ROI?

      49. Currently…

        Clearly, TODAY is not ‘run-of-the-Mill’,

        From ZHedge,

        “Reports suggest that a futures sell order worth $6 billion, equal to 4 million ounces
        or 124.4 tonnes of gold, by a large investment bank sent prices plummeting and spooked
        the markets contributing to the decline. The order was believed to have been placed
        through Merrill Lynch’s brokerage team. Gold futures with a value of over 400 tonnes
        were sold in hours and this is equal to 15% of annual gold mine production.”


        Any ‘weak hands’ – in ANYTHING – are being flushed out right now..AU @ 1365, Ag @
        23.15 as of this post…”Bllod in the Water?’…you betcha Folks


        • JOG…I think you have a pretty good handle on this thing.

      50. Gold down another $104 this morning. “Or the Dollar is up” if that makes you feel better. Whats with the big spikes lattly? I watch gold prices alot and silver but these are not normal movements.

      51. @ Walt, JOG, Thinker. Indeed you are all correct, but this was not only directed at the troll, it was targeted at the other trolls and “institutions” like the southern poverty law foundation. There is an attack going on preppers/survivalists that is so wrong, people that are sacrificing life’s little pleasures so their families have a chance after something does happen. When I see someone attack this site, the people here, Mac, and the good it does like this, sometimes I have to respond to defend everyone that are so worthwhile to defend.

        Usually I just thumbs down most of these trolls, but the shear ignorance of that one statement about there not going to be a plague set me off. There is already a terrible type of flu in China and throughout the history of the world disease has killed more than anything. I am very concerned about the laid backness of too many people about a plague. I want people to realize that a runaway virus is something that is near 10 on the level of horrible events. The other people that read this site don’t need to hear 20 reasons why people are wasting their time preparing, but to hear why we all need to prepare for personal SHTF that happen all the time to worldwide SHTF events that will happen. Most of the time in the future I will just help to collapse the ignorant troll butt dragging comment.

        The article I sent to Mac when he puts it on will send a dagger into those internet trolls, the non-preppers, and those naysayers that keep attacking free extremely informative sites like this one and their shear stupidity on the lack of need of preparing and storing up what you need WHEN it happens to everyone including them.

        • They have “Normalcy Bias” BI…..

          It hasn’t happened (at least not in recent memory…but these people aren’t students of history anyway), so therefore it won’t happen. In fact….in their weak little minds….it CAN’T happen. Kind of like the “This ship can’t sink” thing with the Titanic.

          For people to receive any kind of instruction or advice about the coming collapse, they have to have open minds. They have to be willing to at least look at the reality.

          But they don’t. In fact…they won’t.

          This is a common trait in humanity as a whole. The mass of any society tends to disregard (if they don’t outright stone) their prophets.

          I’ll share with people ONCE. If I get no response….I move on. I simply refuse to try to convince anyone anymore. As I see it, the evidence is so obvious that if they are not already starting to figure it out on their own….then they are probably a lost cause anyway.

          • “I’ll share with people ONCE. If I get no response….I move on. I simply refuse to try to convince anyone anymore. As I see it, the evidence is so obvious that if they are not already starting to figure it out on their own….then they are probably a lost cause anyway.”

            The absolute, unfortunate truth Walt…”Immaculate” The old “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear’ logic, couldn’t have said it better…

            BI, all but quoting here “Feeding just MAKES them grow!” YOU have been here a LONG time…far longer than I…perhaps there comes a time to ‘rise above all such’ and let OTHERS here address those issues as they arise? These ARE some good troops here, if you hadn’t noticed. Need I point out how fast – and thoroughly – some several of those here lately have been ‘auto-blotted’ into oblivion? ONE MORE TIME Friend,

            “Why suffer Fleas, ‘Tis easy enough to scratch!”

            Good Luck – to US all – and Good Evening Gentlemen.


      52. Everyone (Forgive Me) a Repost, with some added thoughts:

        We are traveling in a very desolate land now, and have come to a cross road. Behind us on the road we have been traveling on, there is a fierce storm on that horizon with a large cloud of dust billowing up in front of it. Our fuel gauge says empty, so we look down the road to the LEFT and see nothing, then we look RIGHT and it’s the same, nothing. Straight ahead down that road nothing to the horizon either, what do we do, where do we go?
        If we go LEFT or RIGHT down those roads, we know that we will be fighting what looks to be very strong and tricky cross winds, so the only way we have left is straight ahead, at least we will have a tail wind to push us along. As we take one last look in the rear view mirror, we see that the storm is not making that dust cloud up in front; Its FOUR HORSE’S with RIDERS and they are fast approaching.

        (We can see what our 3 governing bodies are doing, nothing that the Puppet Masters will not let them do. America must fall and in all honesty it will; only the time of it is the variable.

        We few prepares’ will live, through the fall, it will be rough no mistake about it, but we will survive. Just what kind of world will there be when the dust settles WHO KNOWS. I do know that I will see my love ones get though all of this the best as they can up to my last breath. Again what lay’s ahead NO ONE KNOWS, will PM’S fly high I don’t think so, LAND and the means to work it to grow food will be, for me where it is at, that will be the riches in the post American fall for a long, long time. Also if you have a source of fresh water; currency of the time will flow into your hand like water you have. But you must have a way to PROTECT IT AND EVERTHING ELSE THAT YOU HAVE PEROID!)

        Keep the FAITH

      53. BI… I can’t get Wilber (my horse) to drink if he dont want to, even though the next trough might be miles away. Those who prep will increase thier chances to live. those who dont… will die.

      54. Prepping is nice when you have what you can’t get very readily. I’ve got a few thousand rounds of .22LR that I can’t find now. Very nice to have them!

        By the by I have found centerfire calibers are obtainable in reloads. Just find where they are reloading and you have your ammo. Feds too stupid to buy those up!!

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