The Truth Rises – Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Precious Metals | 118 comments

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      1. I don’t know. If we were to conduct a coordinated buy on May 1st dealers would just run out of inventory and/or jack up premiums. Stopped by a dealer today and they wanted $8 over spot for silver eagles. I passed. It will take sovereigns demanding delivery of tons to bring down the paper bullion market, IMHO.

        • What the hell, I’m in. I buy silver for Christmas presents. Why not get them while the gettin’s good.

          • How is it good? They raised the premiums, now its way over spot and the same damn price it was when physical was higher!

            • gold coins still selling for 1600.+ and silver for 35.00+
              how is that working for ya?

              the real fight would have been no tax payment on April 15 (treasury gets the check but the funds are actually disbursed by the IMF- we are paying the UN)

              • Scotia,
                I accidentally gave you a thumbs down, sorry, I meant to hit the green one… haste and tiredness I guess?

                Yes millions and millions refusing to file taxes on 4-15 and changind their dependants on papers at work to 99 ….would be a real winner

              • scocia, don’t know where you’ve been looking, but I’ve seen several sites with their gold in the mid $1400 range and silver in the $28-$29 dollar range. maybe you need to look elsewhere for your gold & silver.

            • This campaign is ultimately pointless. It matters not how much silver is bought and hoarded. That will not make it a currency.

              Silver is traded like a commodity these days. Buying and hoarding is investing in a commodity. Sound money will only return when people start spending their silver into the economy.

              Yes, this is a big leap, and it will take many more years before this becomes a de facto reality. But that is what must happen for silver to become currency once again. This campaign will do nothing to advance that reality.

              But, by all means, buy more silver.

              • @chum you are aware that states are already passing law to allow folks to pay property taxes with pm’s correct , as well as grocery stores , convenience in cali are excepting silver as money for transactions ! – right ?

                it’s already happening across ZOG AmeriKa .

                I AM ;0p

            • BJ:
              I’ve been buying 1oz Silver coins from

              Global Silver Investors
              Ask for Frank Williams
              Always $1.50 over spot + USPS shipping/Insurance

              Coin is beautiful and depicts Medjugorje/Miraculous Medal (For those that are Catholic they should fully understand). Wish I could attach a photo of the coin’s front/back, but unable to. If you’d like to see what the coin looks like (I’m sure Frank or Larry could send you a pic) feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll send you the pic.

              They operate via W/T, and ship in around 3 weeks (historically).
              **FWIW, I have no affiliation with this organization and am not compensated for any referrals. Just trying to help a fellow prepper out**

              • Thanks and nice to see you post again….been a long while

          • I hate to talk about earthquake predictions on a silver article, but once again the system works, 7.2 at the Kuril Islands. Yesterday Daisy asked me about the swarm of earthquakes in southern Japan’s volcano zone, and I stated that the energy is directed at central Japan to the Kuril Islands and not at southern Japan. Right on target. Mexico to Chile is definitely still in danger as another earthquake on the western Nazca plate has occurred, this one was 5.3 near Easter Island. The energy is targeting Central to South America badly.

            For those that would like to see the forecast, it was yeaterday’s article, posted at 9:14 PM on April 17, and comment # 1490501, towards the bottom of the article.

            • What will be ready to go on New Years Day when Perigee, New Moon, Venus and Jupiter align?

          • @SilverFox,
            You’re on to something!!!! Only 250 shopping days left until Christmas.

        • Don’t be silly, few here seem to get it ….. By the commonly accepted theory here (money debasement), PMs shoud be going up not down.

          Simply stated, the theory is wrong, and PMs have been in bubble for a couple of years now. The momentum is finished, and the big speculators are exiting the trade and taking profits.

          The big speculators in PMs are all big buyers … they have no passion for metal over any other asset, they just saw the wave & the opportunity to profit, but are now cashing out and deserting the ship like rats do a sinking boat.

          The little speculators deceived by a plausible theory, while trying to protect themselves, are buying through the small outlets. But their volume is so pathetically small and disparate, that it makes no impact on the market.

          Wake up folks…you’ve been gamed again.

          • You nailed it.

          • Sure they are, yes they’re running to precious paper and overly priced Homes and Stocks lol.

            You go with that conspiracy.

          • You are an idiot. It’s for you.

            • Fist full of (silver) dollars?

          • Did you even watch the video? The majority of sell offs were in paper investments. Go down to any dealer, pawn shop or try looking on an auction site like eBay. The price for physical silver has not fallen much at all. Demand was at an all time high prior to the sell off. Do you really believe that demand will suddenly stop at a lower price? As long as people are stupid enough to invest in the paper PM’s the market can be manipulated. You’ve got to look at it as a long term investment and an insurance policy. the lower the price goes the more I’m buying. Don’t buy, that just means less competition for the rest of us.

            • Stopped in at a coin dealer today. He had no silver bullion coins (Eagles, Mapleleafs, etc). He told me he has an order in for 2 of the monster boxes of Eagles….that are already sold.

              What some people cannot understand….because they either do not pay attention or cannot think…is that the physical market is decoupling from the paper market. That is why the price for actual physical has not gone down at all. The premium has not gone up really. The price just never went down.

              I liken the paper market to driving by a gas station that’s been closed for 10 years. On the sign out front, they have gas at $1.29 a gallon. But guess what…you can’t buy it for that.

              These paper contracts are frauds. They are selling metal they do not have.

              To put it another way….I’m selling new Benzes for $10,000. You can buy as many of them from me that you want. Just sign your name to this contract…write me 10% deposit and we’ll close the deal. Just don’t expect me to deliver.

              Let’s put it another way. I remember when Mazda first came out with the Miata. There was a suggested retail price for the car. But you could not buy one for the suggested retail price. The dealer would just laugh at you. If you wanted a Miata….you had to pay what the market said they were worth….the REAL price of the car was what DEMAND for the car said it was.

              The guy at the coin store I spoke with today told me that they have contracts where they are selling 1000 oz. silver contracts every 6 seconds or so. Folks…..that silver does not exist. It’s a fraud.

              Precious metals are not a bubble. I laugh every time I hear that. Usually the people who say that PM’s are a bubble are heavily invested in bonds, government obligations, and the stock market. It’s all paper. Now….THAT is a bubble. And when they speak of PM’s being a bubble….the only way they are correct is when it comes to paper PM’s. Which is simply another “asset” based upon somebody else’s promise to pay.

              If you don’t hold it… don’t own it.

              • Anon, great analogy and you kept it simple. I concur with both what and how you said it. Been telling the same to people for years (paper PMs).

          • Doesn’t mean PMs won’t be a good buy one day, but not yet. Wait till this bubble bursts. Just look at the 10 year graph, take out the momentum ramp up bubble, and you will get an idea what you should be paying.

            If an asset more than doubles in 10 years, it’s most likely too expensive. Using the rule of 72, that makes anything higher than a 10 year doubling higher than 7.2% annual compound growth. That’s too high, unless we are talking huge scarcity of a necessity, and gold sure isn’t that.

            In past times, a piece of gold would buy a loaf of bread, while at others a bakery.

            • worthless metal, don’t come to me with it when your starving, I have no interest, how about fresh livestock genetics? no, cereal seed? no, 556? no, then get the fuck off my land

              • Let me know when you need something metallic joined to something metallic, you going to use seeds to do that? or 556? cereal makes agreat metal glue?

                I can use straight silver as a solder and it will be strong enough to mount an engine….

                Icollect all physical metals, ALL….and all other things as well, keep your mind open.


              • Let me know when your plow breaks or you need a new horse, tractor or refill of your diesel tank…you can pay in it in some oz’s or maybe a few hundred ears of corn…

                Realistically…look at it this way. There will always be a difference in the value of items and services. Money in some form will be necessary as an “offset” for the difference in value.

                You may be selling grain at x price…I may be a blacksmith or welder who charges 5x per job…when you need my services I can’t do a straight swap with you because I don’t need or want 5x worth of perishable grains…so I’ll take 2x of your grains and 3x of some silver or gold…so simple…get it now?

                • city boys talking shit, im amused, still, don’t come here with that shiny shit, ill take a beat up bible instead,or maybe you should keep it, theres some comments on money in there for ya

          • This site is quite unbalanced. Whoever edits it, also censors it against contrary views. I’d say they have vested interests.

            In this discussion, I have had 2 rational comments removed, and I notice others have been removed too, when they are against the accepted propaganda. None of the removed comments were abusive, racial, or even radical, just contrary.

            I know this one won’t last long. Heavy censorship always works hand in hand with brainwashing & vested interests.

            Truthers or selective truthers…You judge.

            • You are in error, This site mostly censors itself. Seems to work this way: You get ten more downs than ups you get minimized, I get it sometimes, mostly because I’m .nor a God fearing anything, (He wants help he can ask, but I don’t walk in fear of him or anything else, let him run his, I’ll run mine) I have no complaints, I have more respect for other options than some here, but It’s not my site.

            • reminds me of unions, they’ll find a way to shut the lone wolf up, before they get back to not doing a fuckin thing

              still amused

        • Anybody seen all the police congregated in one place in Watertown? If only they were the “real criminals,” maybe someone could conveniently find a few rocket launchers. UP theirs!

      2. Why do I get the feeling this could backfire?

        Also, I am so pissed about the greedy pm sellers and their disconnect between market and physical it is hard for me to buy out of principal. The price should be a lot lower and they just raised their premiums instead, putting a big middle cnger up to common man buyers when we should be able to buy at a lower market price and get ahead……fuck APMEX

        • Didn’t Bunky Hunt try this before…..?

        • You should redirect your anger to the real culprits, and it’s not the bullion dealers who are all simply responding to market pressures themselves as they should. The COMEX price of paper silver certificates bears little relationship to the price of actual physical silver coins right now, and you blame the dealers? Tsk, tsk. If nobody will sell you an American Silver Eagle for spot + $2.49, then THAT’S NOT THE PRICE! Ahem, sorry for the screaming, I’m much better now, thank you.

          Anyway, the culprits are the banksters trying to freak people into trading their real money for fiat paper by slamming a rigged market for paper certificates so that you THINK the price is falling. All this drama over the past few days, and what has happened to the out-the-door price of a 1-toz silver coin (assuming you can find any)? That’s right, nada. Still costs about $29, just like it did last week. So kwitcher bellyachin’.

          Wave to the Flagg…

          • $28.50 at kitco right now.

            • APMEX raised their price for pre 65 halves almost a whole fucking dollar just since yesterday……FUCKEM!@!

              • Here’s how the real world works, Junior: if you’re unwilling to pay the price charged by a merchant for their goods, then try to find another merchant with a better price. Stop throwing a hissy fit like Obama and Biden did after those eevviill Senators didn’t give them the gun registration bill they wanted earlier this week.

                And if there aren’t ANY merchants willing to sell for the price you are willing to pay, then keep your fiat paper and log off your parents’ computer. There are plenty of other folks who think current prices are a bargain, obviously, since sales volumes have skyrocketed.

                Salute the Flagg…

                • Wow, I’m really hurt, great insults……you practice much?
                  The ones who think they have it all down and know so much are the funniest ones of all. By all means please continue, I’m having a great laugh at your ignorance

                  • Laughing at me is fine if it comforts you, BJ, just please stop screaming epithets at companies who don’t want to sell you what they already own for less than the price they’re willing to accept. I’ve repeatedly checked over a dozen online bullion dealers this week, and they’re all doing the same thing. So it’s not just APMEX, or NWTM, or Gainesville, etc.

                    I agree with you that premiums are, relative to recent history, astronomical. But at any given (total) price, the choice to buy or not is yours. Just like the choice to sell or not is theirs. Why can’t you just walk away and let them keep it, then? Why get so angry? Wait a bit and things will settle down.

                    Honor the Flagg…

        • Those evil PM shops. How dare they ask a mark up to pay rent, utilities, insurance, security etc. they shouldn’t eat, drink or have any right to be Mary.

          Those of you angered at dealer mark p move to Cuba or a north Korea and enjoy your price controls. This is America a capitalist nation.

          • So usuary and 50% markups are free market? give me a break.
            same corruption the fiat masters practice, like vultures squeezing us for all they can

            • too many have been brainwashed as to the modern era’s idea of free market and capitalism, which is really a disguise ofr greed! But even preppers or “awake” people haven’t woke up to it, so your wasting your time trying to convince anyone here

              • BJ you act like a 47% er or worse, a govt employee. You rant on about the evil “mark up” because you don’t like it. Fine go some where else where the retailer is struggling and eager to sell for less. You are free to shop and guess what the businesses you don’t like are free to charge what they want. You do like freedom don’t you? I wonder some times. So do you think those businesses pay their employees? Do they get free property, govt subsidized insurance, and electrical hand outs? Really ? Wake up BJ it’s not all about you. People in business deserve a profit and even more important they deserve to be FREE to charge what they want with out cry babies like you beating on them.

                • Your post just proved my point about crony capitalist disguising their greed behind a misconception of what used to be capitalism. You did a better job of proving my point better than I could of…thanks!

          • Or you can buy from people on craigslist or ebay… good luck with those options with all the fakes that have come to marlet.

            • I actually have done very well buying off CL. I can usually score pre 64’s at 80/90% of spot. Yeah I wear a vest and go packing, and always meet in public.

        • PM’s are not scarce at all, all that is happening right now is a logistics matter. Demand from small buyers is higher than normal, so the supply chain doesn’t have enough stock. Because of price fluctuations, the small dealers don’t carry much stock.

          Why would they, because when prices fall, all the stock they have is suddenly worth less, so carrying inventory is risky. That’s a perfectly natural situation.

          The large players don’t deal through these channels. Don’t worry, you will get supply once the supply chain adjusts to demand. However, maybe this will not be a good thing, as the price is headed down, not up. Be careful what you wish for.

          This is the obvious signal most are misinterpreting.

        • So what if the paper gold or silver market collapses. It will have no positive affect on the price of those metals. Only a negative affect.

          The paper dealers are just speculators anyway, and will be paid out in cash if needs be.

          Most of you have been listening to the PM spruikers too long. These guys all have vested interests, they either sell gold & silver, or they store it, or they make their money selling their expertise.

          Was it Buffet who said something like; ‘when the tide goes out, we get to see who was swimming naked’

          Well, the tide is going out. Let’s just stand on shore and see. It might be a good laugh.

        • BJ, there is another way of looking at it. True Capitalism is at work here, along with true price discovery. I a dealer charges $10 over spot and sells out of product, guess what? The market has just found discovery. The market must work this way… Always seek out the highest price. That should show you that the price is, in fact, currently too low.

      3. Dear old Margaret Thatcher was a decent human being. I am really sad to see her go. I hope she dwells with the Lord until the end of time.

      4. save your money

        • Describe “money”.


        Selco adresses the bombings in his latest post.

        Highly recommended.

      6. Went in coin shop today. Inquired about 1986 Comm. Silver Dollar. Poor Condition. Told with straight face: 36$ USD. Plus tax. Phone app showed 17.95 Melt. Left.

        • Woulkd of felt good to punch the MF’er though would’nt it of?

          • Great response, BJ. If someone doesn’t sell you something at the price you desire “punch the MF’er.” It’s a wonder you’re not already dead with an attitude like that.

            • at 100% mark up…hell yeah. Your as much as a dick as the guy price gouging

              • You really don’t know, enjoy, or believe in capitalism do you BJ. Please by all means visit Venezuela they have lots of price controls. Stay a while it would suit you, for a life time.

                • I believe in real capitalism, not todays crony capitalism greedy evil bastards like you promote & practice.

                  You probably believe the price at the pump is totally on the up and up and it really is about “supply and demand” LMAO!

      7. Meanwhile,in a related story,Maria Bartiromo at cnbs corners the market on mascara……

      8. The question you all should be asking…
        If paper prices are headed down, and physical prices are headed up with higher premiums… what does THAT mean?

        There IS a report that the LBMA has already defaulted to the sovereign interests in Europe. That it’s going to take YEARS to RETURN their gold, is a dead give away…

        The paper game may be close to going into permanent backwardation. If that happens, hold on to your ass.
        But then, there is so much noise out there concerning gold and silver, it’s hard to fight through the bs. But, Willie, Schoon, Fekete, have been saying for years, that this would be the evidence of End Game. Gold is the canary in the fiat money mine… I wonder if the collapse of the Rio Tinto mine in Utah is an omen… 😉

        • I wonder if “They” triggered the collapse of the Rio Tinto mine on purpose.

          • Well probably not… they had been measuring earth movement in centimeters before they ordered all employees out of the pit…
            Looks to me like they lost some buildings and equipment but thankfully the safety officers were on the ball…

        • Piper,
          You are absolutely correct. It is actually a good thing that the manipulated “spot” paper price and the physical price are seperating. It is the canary in the gold mine.

          Hopefully, the rigged game will be up soon. Unfortunately that could also mean the bigger “game” is close to coming apart. Jim Willie really does have a good handle on all things shiney.

          I know a bunch of people want to see the physical silver & gold selling for these artificially lower prices but that is just not realistic. A lot of the mines are shutting down production because the cost of production is higher than the manipulated spot price.

          The mints and sellers can not sell at this lower price because they did not acquire their stock at this lower price. They have to sell through their stock at close to the price it was acquired at. Once that stock is extinguished IF they can acquire more metal at the new lower price then they can sell it at a lower price.

          That is retail 101. I do not see it as greed but more of preservation. We saw a lot of the same thing with ammo just in reverse. The first couple of months the retailers were able to keep the price relatively the same. Once the supply ran out they then had to purchase inventory at the new higher price which they then had to relay to their customers.

          I bought professionally for some 22 years and that is just how supply and demand works.

          Granted, there are those that do intentionally gouge prices for sheer greed and profit. Pooh on them.

          I sunk everything I had into silver many years ago and there is no way I would sell anything at these low manipulated prices.

          Just saying. Reality is a bear. How many times were people told to stock up while the getting was good. It’s a little late in the game to be trying to get a good deal now. Good luck if you can….kinda like trying to find quantitiy of ammo now at good prices.

          • Same bullshit story the gas station people say…yet when going the other way it sure as fuck doesn’t work that way….screw’em, screw that theory and the horse it rode in on!!!!!!

        • when we see a “terror attack” hit citibank, jp morgue or the fed reserve and take out the top zionist bankster scum? that will be the only proof its a genuine attack and not a govt false flag.

      9. Isn’t the narrator the same chick that does adds for Monex? Or one of the other PM companies?

        Wonder what kind of premiums they’re be charging on 1 May?


        • Totally missed by most- the West, Tx area was conducting mass casualties drills this week, including North Hills Hospital which had to cancel midstream when the event went live. check their own website, its on their update

      10. GOT PHYZZ ???

        buy your silver this week ASAP … while you still can .

        soon the common man will no longer be able to afford any pm’s .

        soon all your money will be going to shelter, food , water . gas and utilities .

        it’s already been written by the NWO ZOG FEDGOV and their PTB SHADOW GOVERNMENT BANKER MASTERS .

        THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL and the RATS ARE ABANDONING THE SS AMERIKA as it sinks shot full of holes of T as in trillions of UN-payable debt .

        AMERIKA is a LIE , IT’S DEAD BROKE and will never recover from this , it wont be allowed too !!!


        Prepare .


        • Come’ On ISREAHELL AIPAC ADL SPLC TROLLS ya’ AmeriKan Traitor ZIONIST DHS Bastards bring on the RED THUMBS ya’ corrupt Pricks !!!

          just remember this …

          “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
          — John F. Kennedy

          ” THERE WILL BE BLOOD !!!”


          • ” The Tree of Liberty must be Watered at times ,

            with the Blood of ZOG AmeriKan Traitors and Fascist Banker Tyrants alike !!!”


          • government misbehavior:

            In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipotent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. If government becomes a lawbreaker it breeds contempt for law: it invites every man to become a law unto himself. It invites anarchy.


        • “ Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God .”

          ― Thomas Jefferson


        • @twit … your still behind the curve Tough Guy .

          there is a hidden veteran prepper network here of old time @shtfplan members that spans across America coast to coast and even over seas , our numbers are in the 10’s of 1000’s and growing daily .

          our goal is building diverse prepper communities in every state and countries around the world … that is our strength .

          if you play nice … the ” Captains ” may contact you .


          • Screw all these shtf networks…. live in the real world and go to work everyday. Have a life and build society up and don’t be waiting for it to fall apart.

            Yeah, I did the prepping thing..
            It’s a trap.

            Focus on your family and career and life will be good.
            Be prepared yes…but don’t get sucked into this bs.

            It’s s waiting wasteland.


            Go back to college, plan a business, work on real estate, read more.

            I’m just saying….

            Time wil click by and you’ll look back 15 years from now and realize that nothing went down…that you missed all the opportunity to do good in life.

            People will still be born and still need food, a place to live, products and service.

            Funny how many preppers think we’re going to turn into mad max barter town.

            This sit is good…but it needs to focus more on making sure the SHTF does not hit the fan. I see no articles on how to build an in-house business network to keep your company up and running. Maybe that’s a prep.

            Think about it.

            • @wit … RESPECT .

              good point and good advice for all .


              • I think you two douchbags should get together and make a little douchebag. You’re perfect for each other.

        • With that attitude, I’d hire you. As an employer, I need people who can deliver, not place responsibility for the condition they find themselves in onto others. If my team is up to the task, I have no problem giving them a voice in the critical decisions. Your ‘rant’, though far from being politically correct, is valuable.
          Having said all that, I still have a personal supply of beans and bullets.

        • BLOWHARD!! I guarantee I have more employees than you. And I don’t brag about it all over the internet. The way you sound you won’t survive one minute if you’re little world falls apart. Either your “crew” will get rid of you or someone sick of your rants will.
          molon labe

          • “BLOWHARD!! I guarantee I have more employees than you. And I don’t brag about it all over the internet. ”

            You mean you didn’t brag about right before you bragged that you dont brag about it?

      11. There’s a good reason for the growing gap between the paper price and how much dealers charge for PM’s. It’s called supply and demand.
        The paper market is a ponzi with limitless longs and shorts which are unfortunately “owned” in large measure by a few major players. There was a move afoot a few years ago that was similar to this suggestion. It went something like, “But an ounce of silver each day. Crash JP Morgan.” Of course it didn’t crash anybody.
        The physical market though is limited by how many real ounces the dealers can obtain and thus is an example of a free supply and demand market. In relatively stable times supply can be met with new production or physical which has been sold. This Monday though was different and a good example of why the “premium” for physical has risen in relation to the paper price. Supply is fixed and demand skyrocketed.
        I, like many others decided to buy some silver on Monday morning due to the bargain price. Called Merit and just sat on hold till I gave up. Tried Westminster and couldn’t even log in to my account (bandwidth limit maybe?). Finally called Northwest Territorial and got a live salesman after about a ten minute hold. Short version, lots of folks are buying. Will this- or May 1 crash anybody? Nah.
        It would take many futures contract holders to demand delivery at the expiration of their contracts to do that. But should that take place, the COMEX would likely default because as the gent in the vid said, there are a hundred times more open contracts than there is silver to deliver. Who knows what the fallout of such a scenario might be…?
        Having said all that, I’ll probably try to stack a few ounces on the first assuming the price hasn’t gone through the roof by then.

      12. The reason why the physical lags the paper is that the higher priced physical has to be sold off before it’s replaced by the lesser priced stocks. Same as why gas prices lag behind the drop in oil. The higher priced inventory that’s at the station has to be sold off first. That’s why there’s a bigger spread between spot and physical. Give it a little time and the difference will narrow.

        • The difference will not narrow. The lower the price goes the higher the demand. Silver is affordable and people everywhere are starting to wake up. I’d be happy to buy anything you have right now for spot price if you’re so convinced it’s gonna keep falling.

        • At last, someone who thinks and doesn’t just rave the party line. Thankyou.

      13. Time. It’s going to take time (more than 48 hours) for retail prices to reach equilibrium. Let the retail seller sit on his stash overnight and after a few more big downdraft days he will be gun-shy to hold much inventory. Greed and fear drives markets — including those making them.

      14. They are running out out of options. All these little schemes are being exhausted,one by one and the Banksters are unable to create more schemes! Face it “what they are doing to gold and silver is exactly what they did to the stock market and money in 1929!” This time we don’t have gold to back up our currency! Why is the price of gold going up and the price of silver going down? because there selling the paper equivalent of it! Silver is perhaps the greatest investment right now! The problem is that there is not enough of it for sale right now! If you don’t hear the clinking and clanking of it in your pocket! You don’t own it! buy as much of it as you can! and may God bless, Steve.

      15. ALERT ;0p

        Economic Armageddon Is Imminent:

        George Soros Knows Something Dreadful Is Coming And Goldman Sachs Opened The Gates to Hell

        Ask yourself this question, if you knew that paper monies all around the world were to collapse, what action would represent your best option? The obvious answer would be to dramatically drive down the price of gold and silver if one had the ability to do so, and then buy as much as gold as one possibly could. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do so by utilizing their ominous shorting strategy.



      16. Silver, Silver Silver… For the record, I am by many standards a silver bug.

        Does this person in the video believe the TPTB are just going to take it in the ass??? When shtf, they will outlaw the private sell of metals. They will make it only redeemable for cash at a local scum sucking bank!

        Preppers, there are millions of Americans who don’t even know what a American Silver Eagles…

        Check out this video:

        lower middle class to poor, ( who makes up the most population ) only know Benjamin’s (paper money. My grandpa waiting for thirty-years saving his silver and this huge explosive never happen. Minus the Hunt Brother stunt that took silver to 50.00 an oz.

        I’m not bashing the metal, I am a holder. I’ve just learn from two tours and visits to some third world countries that there are a handful of items I would rather have then silver. So silver bug, that’s how I feel. When my family is thirsty and hungry, I would rather be a provider than a Richie Rich counting my silver or trying to find some person in SHTF environment to trade.

        Preppers, silver is a great preservation of wealth, no doubt but if you don’t have at least 9 months of food and water followed by enough arms and ammo for every person in your household, my advice is think physical (Life and death) PHYSCIAL SURVIVAL FIRST, MENTAL SURVIVAL SECOND and the rebuild third. <—– this is where silver will play a part

        Of course PPP

      17. Don’t get sucked into buying silver or anything else by the propaganda of the Metal Barons who need you to support their wealth! Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead. That “silver billionaire” isn’t a billionaire anymore.

        Buy when everyone is selling. Sell when everyone is buying.

      18. @ Be Informed = Good call at the 7.2 quake at the Kuril Islands.

        • @ Emily. It is getting easier to see where the energy signatures are coming from for these large earthquakes. Right now Central America to South America is going to get nailed, I hope that people like VRF that has family down there will remain safe. Mexico is really on target, could be further south, but Mexico from the previous quakes on the plate boundaries is lighting up. When you have these earthquake around Easter Island and the Scotia plate southeast of Argentina, South America and/or Central America is in big trouble. A really huge quake down there affects the North American plate which means the San Andreas, Cascadia, and New Madrid have much stress directed at them.

          Right now my suggestion to everyone is to first get their food, water, and other necessities ready for a long haul to what is possibly coming soon. then I would concentrate on precious metals. I like silver more because of all of its uses in a post SHTF world that may be barely functioning. Gold is nice for a world that still works at least somewhat. Still food and other plasures such as alcohol, cigarettes, etc. are prime one barter items. Did I mention common ammo? I tell everyone, when I see these earthquakes and this crap that is going on, I don’t understand why anyone would not be putting away at least something.

          • common cartridges are the new gold, valued in any environment, BI knows, tell em, it might save em BI


        • 2013 fractional gold eagles became available from the mint yesterday. $200 for a 1/10 ounce, plus shipping. $60 over spot at the time, or $600 per ounce over spot. No thanks.

      19. The guys who bought AR-15s at $1200 and $1500 each won’t drop their prices, either. The ones who have the capital to sit on their expensive inventory will sit on it, the others will drop the price and cash out.

        • New AR’s are on the racks here for $1,000. That rush is over. For now. If you want a black rifle wait for all those folks who overpaid to sell theirs to cover their truck payments in the coming months.

      20. I’ve saved silver since the 1960’s. I’ve been stacking 10 oz bars lately. LOL, its gotten much to heavy to carry. The world population is getting bigger and the silver supply is dwindling. The uses for silver are increasing and try as you might this paper crap they are selling just won’t substitute for the real thing. So I’ll just sit back and wait until all the belching and farting is over.

        • You might be in for a very long wait. My father collected PM’s since the 60’s too. He died ten years ago and never realized the gain of the purpose for which he started collecting silver. My brother and I inherited his cache of silver and I have since added to my portion, in addition to guns, ammo, food and land. I’m in my late 60’s and I do not expect to ever use the PM’s, and will not purchase any more but suppose it will probably be a generation or two from now before its usefulness comes to fruition… if ever. In the mean time, we all need to eat. Precious metals, especially gold, is a governments and wealthy mans safe haven, it never has and never will be for the lower or middle class, even when it has been used for money, and even though it has historically held its value, and especially now in America when it is NOT used for money but only as a commodity to be manipulated by dishonest bankers, government thieves and other nefarious ZOG humanoid creatures. The only true safe havens are guns, ammo, food, a small plot of land and the will to defend it. Lacking all or any of those five items and you have nothing, even if you have a bag of gold or silver, you will be just another poor wretched beggar trying to escape the clutches of the thieves in charge who will be chasing you to steal every thing you own including the clothes on your back. I would rather die in a hail of gunfire defending my holdings than to live on my knees as a wretched, starving slave. When gold and silver are not used as a medium of exchange then what exactly do “investors” trade their gold and silver coins for? Paper money? A book entry in a bank account? When there’s no food on the grocery store shelves, no amount of gold or silver will help you. The only people that have ever or will ever be able to use their cache of gold and silver are the wealthy and or government thugs who can buy the services of large gangs of mercenaries and brigands to rob the people of what few possessions they have and to burn and pillage. The wretched starving slaves will be part and parcel to this burning and pillaging. Their employers will feed them, clothe them and pay them off with a few silver coins and brain wash them into believing what they are doing is for the good of everyone. They will be driven by hunger. Gold and silver is what enables these evil creatures to perpetuate their game of murder, pillage and brigandage. It has been going on for several millennia and will continue until humans are extinct. Invest in guns, ammo, food, land and meditate to steel your resolve.

          • this is what i was trying to convey above, in less words, and few got it, im glad to hear youll be fine tho

      21. Gold is considered a safe-haven against government plunder. It is one of the few escapes from fiat currency debauchery that the small investor has. Whether this latest attack on gold was to make the bullion bankers better off or to scare those trying to protect themselves against government exploitation is irrelevant. When government intervenes (assuming it did, and the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong) in markets in such a manner, it is no longer a referee. It has chosen a side and is a participant in the game. There can be no fair competition when one team owns the referee. That is what happens when government participates in markets.

        Historians judge that it took Rome almost two hundred years to die. That determination depends very much upon what you mean by “die.” Arguably Rome died much earlier than historians acknowledge. Rome was dead-man walking before the couple of hundred years it took for it to fall down.

        The US is in similar position. Unless you believe in the miracle of sovereign resurrection, the US is over. The coroner-historians have not pronounced death yet, but they, like with Rome, are behind the curve. This dead man too will eventually fall down.

      22. When the SHTF everyone will soon learn you can’t eat Gold or silver, My mom lived through world war 11 in Italy as a child and has told us that no amount of money could buy a basket of onions when people were starving!

        • The Texas City explosion in 1947 was 10+ times bigger than that. Fertilizer can be dangerous.

      23. Anyone who pays nearly 30% over resale value is an idiot. Food, land to grow it on,shelter, clothing and/or education in the ways of helping others and surviving outside the “system” are far and away more wise to “invest” in.

      24. Bought a few coins yesterday, enough for the kiddies for special gifts. Silver eagles, Maple Leafs, and Wildlife all priced at $29.40. If it all goes to Hell I have something physical, if not….. they will. Its a win/win. Inflation hedge/fun gift. 🙂

      25. On a side note, the place I buy metal from is O-U-T of damn near everything. Good thing I placed a nice order a few weeks ago.. delivered, stored, done.

      26. Remember folks…When you look at the price of silver at the big houses, there are minimum orders and shipping to consider.

        Locally the rate here is $34 for name brand and $31 for generic. IF IT IS AVAILABLE!!!
        I just bought a hand full of Mexican pesos at $32 an ounce, and I am happy…They are also in the collector category so all is good.
        The big boys seem to be all out of the small stuff. I got a buddy in the business, that will let me piggyback on large orders so it looks like 10Oz bars are going to get me the best bang for the buck right now. I just hate large chunks…If/when the price goes up, they will be harder to barter..

        Remember, a Fat Sack of PM’s will hold their value much more than a sack of fish heads!!!

        • Yeah, forget the fish heads, I raise Tilapia. If you are hungry you will eventually give me all your silver for my fish. It doesn’t take a lot of room to raise Tilapia, can be done in a shed or a garage, they breed faster than rabbits and are the one of the most tolerant of fish in bad water conditions. A small solar set up costing between $500 and $1000 can keep about 300 pounds of fish alive and they eat most anything green. If you have a bit of land, chickens need very little to get by on. How about an egg or two from my chickens for a silver dime. Not hungry enough yet? You will be.

          Do you know how to grow and preserve your own food? No? How much will you pay me for my home canned vegetables? And I want the jar back, by the way so, there is a deposit. Can you build a shelter? Have enough courage and weapons to protect me, your food basket. Can you keep me sheltered and clothed? Your silver and gold will eventually fail. Stuff to keep you and yours alive will cost you everything. You will run out in a real planet changing catastrophe. What then?

          Only after you have made preparations for supplies for your family and yourself, and made yourself knowledgeable in the ways of living off the land as well as be of some use to your neighbors should you even consider precious metals. A small amount for temporary use (less than a month) is OK. After that it is man eat man, or his groceries. Gold and silver will be useful at some point, but how long will it take and will you be around to enjoy it?

      27. Been in class all week. Just read email from hubby at 2:30. His supplier pulled out last 19 rolls in the vault. First come first served. I’m sure they are gone. No silver eagles until June.

      28. The next plot is to nationalize the 401k and IRAs.
        Then they will crash the currency…
        Here’s your “dollars”’ll get every penny…but a gallon of milk will be $25!!!

        By the way…
        We need to stop immigration…
        The boston marathon bombing was a good example.
        Why do we need these fucks here? We don’t have enough jobs for our own people.

        Nope…this is not hate…just common sense.

        Or… in you want to live and work here…then you have to earn it…
        We hit them with an extra tax to kill the national debt.

        Imagine what his country will be like in 800 years?
        My own grand parents spawn the lineage of 80!
        Then I think all the resource my own family use up…water, air, food, energy.

        Anyone know the whereabout of.. mushroom and mannos?

        • How many self entitled “Americans” do you see working the minimum wage jobs these days? Trust me, it ain’t because the immigrant got there first. Do away with welfare, food stamps and government paid for ass sitting then we can do away with the immigration.

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