Report: Brinks Vaults Are Being Depleted: “This Has the Appearance of a Run On the Bank”

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Precious Metals | 110 comments

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    brinks-vaultThe price of gold and silver has seen a massive decline as of late, prompting one analyst to suggest that there is no compelling fundamental reason to own precious metals and the only thing investors can do now is “hope and panic, in that order.”

    But while current prices and technical charts may leave some with the feeling that gold’s bull run is over and the bubble has popped, others are scooping up as much yellow and silver metal as they can find, and in some cases they’re doing it by the tens of thousands of ounces.

    According to recent data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, private investors are rapidly exchanging their paper holdings and turning them into deliverable physical assets, an indication that the purported ‘free market’ price for gold on global exchanges is grossly undervalued.

    Brinks is now being depleted.  

    They have gone from 447,199 on July 3rd to 134,525 on July 9th which is a drop of 312,674 oz.

    If this is correct, then this is a decline of 70 percent in the gold held in private accounts at Brinks in just one week.

    If this is data is correct, it would not be too much of a stretch to say that this has the appearance of ‘a run on the bank.’

    Jesse’s Cafe Americain via Steve Quayle

    Commodities guru Doug Casey recently noted that it costs mining companies about $1200 an ounce to get gold out of the ground. Given that the price of gold is hovering right at that amount as of this writing it should be obvious that the going price for gold at this time is not sustainable. Either demand has waned and gold producers are going to be closing up shop soon because their business models will not be able to function under these prices, or we’re set to see prices bounce back significantly in coming months and years.

    If we are to believe that investors are losing interest in precious metals, then how is it possible that major gold retailers like JM Bullion were reporting weeks-long delivery delays citing “astounding volume” from the retail sector?

    Even the US Mint has seen such high demand (118% increase year-over-year) that they have actually suspended the sale of some of their gold American Eagles because they are unable to source the gold blanks required to strike the coins.

    Obviously what mainstream analysts are reporting and what is happening in the real world are two different things, as evidenced by the large scale physical deliveries being reported around the globe.

    The price of gold may have dropped 25% in the last 12 months, but a similar scenario unfolded from 1975 to 1976 when gold dropped nearly 50%, only to recover and go to new highs, quadrupling in value over the subsequent five years.

    We’ve noted previously that the volatility in financial markets will be so extreme that even gold investors will be shaken.

    If there’s one thing that should be clear, it’s that the global economic crisis is nowhere close to be resolved, and recovery could be a decade or more away. In fact, chances are we have yet to see the worst of it.

    It is during environments exactly like these – when the people fear their government and lose confidence in its ability to mitigate crises – that precious metals become the investment asset of last resort.

    It has happened throughout history. And it’s happening right now.


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      1. I know one bank that’s not being depleted.

        • Anyone with any sense sees that precious metals are true money and the price going down is nothing but opportunity for those with extra money to secure their futures with. First though should be food, water, and other necessities. It sure feels like we are on the cliff overlooking a jagged rocky future not too far away.

          • Yeah, I have several relatives with private vault accounts that are pretty well stacked, yet they have little in any other supplies. You’re right about the essentials, but some think they’ll just buy their way out when the time comes, using their metals as the currency. Some people, often family members, just won’t listen to reality and reason.

            • I’ll quit buying precious metals, guns and ammo,
              food and supplies just as soon as our government
              quits lying to us.
              HA! I should live so long…..

              • This article does not cover it’s subject very well. Brinks isn’t a bank, it’s a storage facility, as far as I know it does not loan gold or anything. It faces no 3rd party risk? Why should people want their gold? Who are they, and where is it going? Lots of questions no answers.

                • You could theorize that Brinks is trading their (small) customers’ physical gold for paper gold and is selling the actual metal at a premium to actual banks and precious metals dealers so the powerful and connected (or institutional) can trade their paper gold for the real thing.

                  And since it is only the rich, powerful and connected or institutional who can turn paper good into physical gold, it doesn’t mean anything good. I am thinking they are preparing for the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies they engineered, and once it happens they can set themselves up as a ruling class and that told would come in handy at doing what gold has done for centuries: buy the services of men with weapons to enforce the will of the men with gold.

                • Para, that’s what I get from this article – Brinks’ clients are taking personal delivery of their gold instead of paying Brinks to store it. Demand has outstripped supply so much that most people have realized if you don’t hold it, it may not exist. The big story is why has spot dropped so damned much when demand is thru the roof.

              • With you… Just sitting around tending my garden, counting my primers, and making slingshots.

                • Garden going good, hay is drying , beef are getting fat , a good supply of ammo, toilet paper, plenty coffee, flour, sugar, beans and last but not least a great generator. 500 yard shooting range . what more could ya need , maybe somemore homemade beer, coulpe of boxes cohibas but other than that, i think we got it !!!!

            • It’s going to really suck to find out those “private accounts” are locked down and they’re told to get in line.

              • No need to get in line, you will NEVER get your physical. The next step will be a complete cash settlement system (which they are already implimenting) because the physical is already gone…

          • Gold is not money, “true” or otherwise. It’s just a commodity. The dollar “is” true money. It stands for “a promise to complete a trade” and as such circulates freely. However, we have a very bad actor in this marketplace. It is our own government (and its private contractor, the Fed). They are making trading promises and certifying them (creating money) but have no intention or ability to keep those promises. Thus, DEFAULT is inevitable. And by the relation that governs all Mediums of Exchange (MOE): INFLATION = DEFAULT – INTEREST, having huge DEDAULT and no like amount of INTEREST collection, INFLATION must ensue. But the price of gold going down says the opposite. This is where the rubber meets the road … paper gold vs. physical gold. When the manipulators run out of powder, it’s Katy bar the door.

            • Israel is moving closer to a First Strike against Iran. Sell your basis when the price peaks and reload when it falls back.

              Engage your enemy or be destroyed by them.

              • Problem with “selling your basis” in physical metal is you may not be able to buy it back. Sounds like prices for the physical stuff are not coming down, just the paper promises.

                • The Missing info in the article is that just a month ago, an Hour long documentary was on tv(rt news I think it was). That documented and showed Miners mining Gold in Africa and Columbia south america areas.

                  Those mines basically work like workers did 3000 yrs ago. Carry hand made baskets on shoulder climb deep down rickity homemade “ladders” into the mines and By hand with shovels and picks mine gold out.

                  Their women folks up top ground level, take the baskets full of dirt and By hand sift it for bits of gold.

                  Most do find gold, some find alot. And there is NO way it is costing anybody $1200 per oz to remove gold from Those gold mines. These are basically nearby villagers defying private property signs, with cops refuseing to arrest them, or give em a slap on wrist warning.

                  The actual property/mine owners live in europe etc, and stopped regular mine operations due to it.

                  BUT those villagers Are finding and selling tons of gold the old fasioned hard labor ways. And this article fails to note this and african mines or lands with near exact methods being done there also.

                  That gold still sells on open market for spot prices, but costs NOwhere near $1200 per oz to extract it.

                  With so much gold from those areas, that has to change the numbers or outcomes compared to this articles predictions.

                  And those villagers have zero plans to stop mineing as that is about their Only method to earn money. Some are earning small fortunes. If I recall it right, I think the tv show speaker said the average per month income in Columbian gold mines for that group of villages was aprox,$1450 Euros per month. So thats what? about $2000 per month us dollars.

                  Thats alot of income for columbians. Some earn way less of course, depends how many hrs worked and plain Luck too.

                  But all in all they are adding alot more new gold to world markets and at way lower costs to extract it.

                  I do think it was shown on RT tv news, if so, their website archives what they broadcast on tv shows. I cannot now recall what they said was the official Total yearly Tons of gold amounts extracted. It was Huge numbers and not some fly by nite operations. Very interesting to watch and see how they mine gold by hand basically. Tough and Dangerous work.

                  • These small mines produce only a drop in the bucket of world gold production and are irrelevent in the scheme of things, this is the same as subsistance farming.

                • No fucking way you will get it back this time Bob/folks.

                  No way.

                  If you are/have weak hands…sell and stay the fuck out of pm’s because you don’t get it.

                  Buy like a mfer if you can. Have your preps, seeds, water, guns/ammo and make your last stand with God and the earth.

                  They will not win… only those who want to fight for freedom will have a chance.

              • The Durango Kidd says:

                “Sell your basis when the price peaks and reload when it falls back.”

                WTF are you hustling shyster???

                Don’t sell anything. Stand Pat!

                Hey… DK, please tell me again why I should be concerned about Israel?

                I guess I forgot.

            • Gold is money and has been for over 5,000 years. Dollars are currency and a fiat one at that. That is why everyone is dumping paper gold in order to get the real thing.

            • Todd B. Marshall says:

              “Gold is not money.”

              So, gold is not a measure of value, or a means of payment?

              “The dollar “is” true money.”

              The “dollar” is recycled DC toilet paper! It’s worth about .03 cents on 100 at this point (compliments of your loving government, and in cooperation with the private banking mafia).

              “When the manipulators run out of powder, it’s Katy bar the door (Martial Law).”

              You got that right!

              • I say again: Money is “a promise to complete a trade”. Gold, silver, oil, wheat … they’re just stuff … just commodities. I have a 1oz gold coin. I can’t buy gas with it. I have to turn it into dollars to make it be money so I can buy gas with it. I have a 1964 quarter in my pocket. I also have a 1974 quarter in my pocket. If I want to buy gas with either one of them I need to add 13 more quarters to exchange for a gallon of gas. If I say “hey, this 1964 quarter is 90% silver … worth $20”, they say “fine; exchange it for 14 quarters and I’ll exchange those for a gallon of my gasoline.” A properly managed Medium of Exchange (MOE) is a store of value (i.e. INFLATION is zero at all times and in all places). But the improperly managed MOE our Fed blesses us with has a 4%/year leak in it.

            • Nice try Todd but the Federal Reserve Note is currency. Money is what is accepted for trade. I’ll trade you an egg for that big apple. Semantics, gold and the egg will only be referred to as commodities until you cannot acquire them with FRN’s and it won’t matter how high the pile of FRN’s. Our present economic system is about to demonstrate the true difference between physical reality and digital fantasy.

              • True … we are about to see the difference between a true physical commodity and a fake promise to deliver a true physical commodity. But neither are money. The FRNs (called currency) and minted tokens (called coins) are our “money”. We get them by “promising to complete trades”. These promises are certified (as accounting entries or are printed as hard-to-counterfeit certificates), and we trade them. When we complete our trading promise we return them. But our market has a real bad actor. It is our government. It makes trading promises that it can’t and won’t keep. That’s called DEFAULT. It’s a leak that if left unreclaimed dilutes all the other promises in the marketplace. This is called INFLATION and the relation is: INFLATION = DEFAULT – INTEREST. INTEREST collections exactly matching DEFAULT experience must reclaim the money if the integrity of the MOE (i.e. INFLATION=0) is to be maintained.

                • The true test is what is accepted for taxation purposes. That seems to be, coincidently enough, what caused the first revolution. Do you think the IRS would accept payment for taxation in gold or silver? In a heartbeat, straight to the mint but forget any premium. The promise to complete trades is based and gets its strength upon what is accepted for taxation.

                  • No, the true test is “not” what is accepted for taxation. The true test is what is most universally accepted in normal trade. Taxation is not normal trade. And what is accepted in normal trade is not the same in all time and space. It changes continuously. This characteristic would go away with any properly managed the Medium of Exchange.

          • I’ll take brass and lead over gold and silver….. There are more uses….. 😉

        • Damn, now I know why my Ex was buying that shovel when I ran into her at Home Depot!

          • Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Watch your back. Lots of things can be buried.

            • LMAO,, good un.

            • This is true

        • I’m still working on lead and brass with lots of food mixed in. Hope to one day have some PM’s, but not too worried about it. I’m not rich now and never plan to be. If I have to start paying in gold and silver for my taxes, I’ll give them lead and brass instead.

      2. I remember reading from Peter Schiff and Ann Barnhardt that when Gold prices started to drop dramatically that it was an indication that things were going to get really bad.

        It sounded counter-intuitive at the time, but it makes sense to me now.

        • Cal. PM price drops are still being controlled. How’s the dollar doing? No change, still bottoming out.
          Very glad that I bought enough lead before tptb could control the lead.
          Patience folks, don’t sell your PMs. This is a situation where they want people to panic and sell.

          • @ DRD5508

            I agree 100%

        • And, CR, the “DHS Insider” who was interviewed by Doug Hagmann also said “Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].”

      3. Got physical?

        • Got a bad investment that does not produce anything? Got gold so you can trade it for well nothing if tshtf ever?

            • Sum
              Really? What a jerk.
              The issue is no matter when or why the SHTF you
              1. Survive
              2. Adapt
              3. Recreate
              True initially gold and silver will likely be just weight.
              But the idea is to move from just surviving to a decent life.
              For that you will need culture and economy at the minimum.
              Gold and silver are a trusted source for the latter.
              And joking about a tragedy makes you a jerk.


        • No, Not with you Bob… Never….

      4. I have a private bank, no one else makes deposits or withdrawals. People might call it an underground operation.

      5. What PM’s we have will be kept for future property taxes.

        • I just told a relative that only 10 minutes ago.

        • That reminds me of JWR’s discussion of people’s loss of their houses during the Depression for non-payment of property taxes in his book “Patriots”.

        • Won’t be property taxes in future.

          the people will be taking back control very soon.

      6. The pilings have been rapidly crumbling beneath the foundation,yet the bernanke keeps it propped up with fiat sandbags…

        Sooner or know the rest..

        Mac..will you write a “holiday” post once this occurs?


      7. The world economic crisis will not be resolved until all of the industrial nation, such as the U.S. are brought down to 3rd world status. At which time TPTB through the United Nations will have total control of the masses and as always those that have the wealth such as gold and other precious meatls will be be part of the ruling class. We as survivors may not have any desire to be part of that group, but atleast we won’t have to grovel at there feet if we continue to prepare a little at a time as thing go along. So don’t panic, just continue to accumulate alittle at a time. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • Third world status it is. When your boss lowers your wage to compete with the global “unit of labor” rate, you will be in a low enough tax bracket that you won’t have to pay any taxes. Thank him for his generosity.

          • You are Assuming they will let you remain alive at that point in their nwo plans.

            And if 3rd world status for all is it, that proves there will Never be folks pushing wheelbarrows full of dollars to cause Hyper inflation. Lowerd wages means way smaller wheel barrows. Even way Less dollars to tote in them.

            As for survivors emerge and rebuild with they in charge etc..Thats TV fantasy. Who has the absolute best caves to hide in, with the Most cash/gold/oil etc etc as wealth, and the Most stored food potentials, besides, TPTB folks and Their Young Uns? Nobody else thats who.

            Thats why it will never stop being TPTB in control, unless enough folks changes that outcome.

            Stacking food and gold etc and going to a bug out cave, won’t euqal that type fansasy idea of emerge and redo and control so we get a new wondefull existence. That won’t occure till Christ returns and changes it that way. You Wont then need any cash or gold for that new type world.

      8. Key point! when the US mint has a problem procuring gold to strike coins, while gold prices are hanging around the $1200-$1300 range, there might be a problem! Collapse is eminent! And if you didn’t see this coming after the effects of 2007-2008, you probably never will! Its a simple case of supply and demand, however this time the supply is being manipulated, by the ones whom demand it!

      9. I do not believe that it costs $1200 per ounce for mining companies to extract precious metals. This figure has only recently appeared and seems to be being quoted by “everyone” that believes PM’s should be priced higher. How did mining companies remain solvent when gold was $600 per ounce ? What about $800 ? Or perhaps $1000 ? No way it cost them that much to extract.. using bogus figures does not enhance the success of an argument.

        That said, am I selling mine ? Nope.

        • Current gold mining is done with ore that has one gram of gold per ton. I don’t have any trouble believing the cost of mining gold. Not when gold mines have stopped production because of low prices.

          • It is now more efficient to grind up old PC computers for their gold content than to dig ore and refine it.

            • how about some proof of that bs statement.

              It all costs alot…technology and energy are the 2 most costly thing to produce on the earth.

              The only way that they work is because silver is manipulated.

              Without silver, we would still be living in the dark ages.

        • Because with inflation the cost of procuring the metals has increased?
          Seems a sane logic to me.

        • the cost of getting it out of the ground has increased. (in dollars).

          gold has never changed in value.

        • @oUCH, Can you actually confirm the cost of bringing a NEW ounce of gold out-of-the-ground?

          I am NOT attempting to be an A-Hole, I really want access to any/all research you can provide. I don’t believe Silver can be “profitably extracted (even as a side product of other metal mining operations)at the current “paper spot illusion”.

          If you can provide intel/links to the contrary, MANY people would be interested.

          Okay, I won’t speak for MANY other people…but I would be damn interested!

          • I work @ a mine in Az, we move 400 to 500 trucks a day to our mill. aprox 50,000 tons a day. we are not a gold mine but our costs are about $12 a ton.

        • Cost of production is not a bogus figure. No mine will operate for very long at what they know will be a loss.

          Some mines can work at $350 a ton, others need $1000 a ton.

      10. QUANTUM DAWN 2 IS JULY 18TH – A VIRTUAL 911?
        (do a search on the operation name)

        VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Syria or Russia or China)?
        by Mike Rivero

        I imagine there is a great deal of frustration in Washington DC right now. Historically, the US Government gets out of these inevitable problems with the economy arising from Private Central Banks (in our case the Federal Reserve, which is no more Federal than Federal Express) by getting into a global war. Crash of 1907, “solve” the problem with WW1. Crash of 1929, “solve” the problem with WW2. Crash of 2008, “solve” the problem with WW3, which for all intents and purposes we have been engaged in for more than a decade. According to General Wesley Clark, the plan to conquer the world’s oil-producing nations and force them back to selling their oil (or other mineral resources) only for US dollars (as was the case with Iraq) , or to destroy any nation that refuses to allow a Private Central Bank to issue all public currency as a loan at interest (as was the case with Libya), was supposed to have ended in 2008 with the conquest of Iran. But four years after that original deadline, the war has bogged down, Iran remains uninvaded, the United States is bankrupted, the world continues to turn away from the US dollar, and the American people are tired of seeing their sons and daughters’ pale and shattered forms shipped home in cheap metal boxes, killed in wars they no know were started for no other reason than to prop up Private Central Banking.
        From the point of view of the warhawks, they have lost the initiative and need to find a way to reignite America’s lust for foreign blood, to fill the bankers’ pockets with foreign riches and domestic debt. In the wake of the lies about Saddam’s nuclear weapons, public trust on the government has evaporated, so a simply declaration that thus and such a nation is now “the enemy” carries little if any weight. Too many times have we heard dire warnings of non-existant nuclear weapons. Too many times have we been shown the evil face of “Al Qaeda” only to have the mask slip and reveal CIA, or Mossad. A new staged attack like the Gleitiz Incident, the Reichstagg Fire, or 9-11 is likely to backfire (like the official story about the Boston bombing), given the general awareness among the population that those events were staged by their respective governments to trick the populace into war.

        Something new is needed; something the public may not be expecting. Something unprecidented in history. Something that will directly impact every single living American directly, to make them all directly feel the threat, to fan the flames of war and conquest against the designated enemies, including Iran, against Russia (in retaliation for imposing state-control over their central bank) and against China (for daring to suggest their gold-backed Yuan makes a better international currency than the US dollar).

        I suspect what is being planned is a “virtual” 9-11; a ‘terror’ attack carried out in cyberspace, instead of the real world. I view this is highly likely based on the sudden flurry of media stories and statements by people like Joseph Lieberman about how Iranian hackers are attacking the US financial system computers. (Senator Lieberman has also been pressuring Obama to sign an executive order to take over the internet.) Of course, the common sense approach still applies. Why would Iran, which wishes to avoid a war, do something that provocative. Why would Russia, or China do anything, when all they have to do is sit and wait while the US financial system self-destructs?

        We know that the US and Israel are behind the cyber-weapons like STUXNET, DUQU, FLAME, etc., that these cyber-weapons were directed against Iran, and that one variant specifically targeted banks in Lebanon and Iran. We also know that the US financial system is stretched to the breaking point, and we know that if the government of either Greece or Spain is driven from office by angry protests, or Italy leaves the Euro, as Beppe Grillo is now saying, the trillions in credit default swaps sold by Wall Street against European debt come due, and there is no money to pay the claims. The Euro might even collapse, and that would trigger even more Credit Default Swaps.

        So what it looks like is being planned, and pre-sold to the American people with all these stories about celebrities’ personal information being hacked and made public (an activity that produces no profit for the hackers other than news headlines), and the “Syrian” (nudge nudge wink wink) hack of the AP Twitter feed that shocked the US stock market, is that the US Government will itself take down the US financial computers, and blame it on Iran /Russia/ China/Al Qaeda/Syria/Arabs and others to be named as convenient. This gets Wall Street and Washington DC off the hook, because now the financial melt-down is an act of war, rather than the result of decades of Wall Street crime and corruption and the predations of Private Central Banks. US banks have already been hit with cyber attacks over the last two weeks, to set the stage. And this would also explain why the US corporate media is paying scant attention to the riots in Spain and Greece so that Americans still dependent on ABCNNBBCBS will remain oblivious to the fact that the Euro is falling apart.

        This scenario also explains the testing of means to interfere with DNS to silence websites that may offer opposing interpretations of events (this too will be blamed on Iran).

        Such a cyber false-flag also gives the US Government the excuse to take total control of the internet so that those pesky truth-seeking bloggers don’t give the slaves uppity ideas that this is just another war-starting hoax like the attack on the USS Liberty or 9-11 or the Boston bombing.

        Between the possibility of a false-flag hack attack, or the collapse of the Eurozone, or just the continuing fraud by the US financial system, you should only have as much money in the banks as is needed to cover your outstanding obligations, and you should have the rest of your money under your own personal control in case those bank doors do not open and the ATMs stop working.

        • As for the DNS problem, there are a few things you can do ahead of time. One is to find an SSH proxy that allows outbound TCP connections. Then do this:
          user ~]$ssh -D 8080 [email protected]

          Then set Firefox up to use a SOCKS proxy, put in “localhost” for the hostname, and 8080 for the port.

          In a new Firefox window or tab, type “about:config” (without the quotation marks) into the address bar.

          You will get a warning not to tamper with settings, but do it anyway.

          Go down the list of settings to “network.proxy.socks_remote_dns” and double-click it to toggle it to “true”.

          Now all your HTTP requests, as well as your DNS queries, will go through the SSH tunnel.

          Chinese dissidents use this procedure to get around the Great Firewall (which uses DNS poisoning to answer queries with IP addresses that don’t answer on any service). Too bad they use their new-found freedom to look at the schlock on Facebook.

          If they block TCP 22 here in the States, get a friend in a foreign country to set up an SSHD on a high-numbered port, like TCP 56789, then do this:

          user~]$ ssh -p 56789 -D 8080 [email protected]

        • Another thing you can do is to install djbdns (tinydns) on a local Linux box. It has a program called dnscache that will retain all your queries in a local database.

          Make sure you visit every site you could possibly want to go to before the DNS goes down.

        • I forgot to say that the dnscache survives reboots and there is no TTL like there is with your plain vanilla local resolver.

      11. I’m not worried about the short term price of gold or silver. I own silver because we’re going to experience hyperinflation. Eventually, silver and gold will both skyrocket. If silver goes high enough I’ll be able to sell some of my silver and use it to pay off my mortgage. Owning even $1,000 worth of silver today means I’ll be able to sell it and buy food and gasoline no matter how high the prices go.

        • @ barncat…only if you have a buyer and it doesnt become illegal like gold did in the 40’s. The world will be on one currency and possibly (probably) a electronic debit.

      12. Gold will never be in a bubble. It just sits there and does nothing…like it’s supposed to.

      13. Retail sales account for less than 10 percent of the gold sector. Gold also does not cost 1200 to get out of the ground. If this were the case, why did gold sell for 500 a short time ago and was around that price for a decade? One analyst as quoted in the article does not mean shit. You can call yourself and analyst and there is not a test or standard. Quoting a person predicated on his “title” giving him insight or cred doesn’t make sense. Gold is a commodity and was sold without realizing they should have put a relatively small portion in the retail market and all will be right. This article is stupid.

        • Funny thing is one website siad $260. Another said $500-$950 depending on the country. Something like that. USA was cheapest. Africa was treated as if it were one country. LOL.

          Production price can be disconnected from stock market price for longer than you or I can last. Don’t bet on cost to produce being a floor for anything. Just like its not related to price (E.g. $100 oil which costs $25 to produce!)

          • I’m not sure what oil costs now, but the May 2013 Oil and Gas Journal breaks it down like this for $80 oil:

            $80 bbl of oil

            $33.24 = govt take

            $22.60 = capital costs

            $7.50 = operating costs

            So you can see that over $63 of that barrel is costs before any profit can be logged and that profit is around $25 a bbl. Don’t get me wrong, that is still a lot of profit when you pump millions of barrels a day, but the .gov makes more than the oil company according to this analysis.

            • Edit…That should be around $17 profit. I went to public school dontcha know.

              • Oil is probobly same as gold when it comes to cost to extract depending on country its done in.. I recall about a year ago on some big oil tv show they said arabs in saudi nation spend only $4 per barrel extracted from well.

                That is $4 Only to extract from ground in wells already drilled etc. Alaska is probobly higher labor etc.

                Gold is way cheeper to mine in comumbia, see my prior post near top of this thread.

        • The commodities “guru” said it, so it must be so. Seriously, I believe Doug Casey probably has miner costs figured into his analysis since he invests in them for others. And he admits it is a commodity. What he won’t admit is that the “black gold” commodity will be worth more than the “yellow gold” commodity in real value from here on out. The little bit of gold preppers have will be exchanged for oil derived products in order to survive long before they starve.

      14. The only investments that pay the dividend of “peace of mind” are food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, heavy-duty clothing and footwear, guns, ammo, guncleaning supplies, etc. Those are the things to invest in first and foremost. those are the things that will keep you alive. anything else is secondary. braveheart

        • @braveheart
          Is it true that you paint your face half blue every morning, wear a kilt, and speak like a “Scot”, while welding a broadsword, hey laddie?

          • Anon, i’ll only confess that the movie “Braveheart” is one of my favorites and nobody, I MEAN NOBODY plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. Also, that movie is based on a true story. Google “British Royal Family” and see what turns up. they’ve always had blood on their hands. nothing good about them. braveheart

        • Actually brave I’ve been buying PM’S for the last forty years just to be sure that no matter what I’ll always have enough of something to buy all those little cocktail umbrellas I’ll ever need.

      15. I’m think’n Trayvon Martin swiped it, him and a few million other Ghetto Rats.

        Maybe Brinks need to buy some of them new Zimmerman Brand rat traps. Sold in both 9mm and .40s&w.

      16. It seems Youtube has blocked me from posting comments in retaliation for my “hate speech”. My “hate speech” apparently consists of opining that Trayvon deserved to die and that it only went to trial because of the angry black mobs bringing pressure to bear on a cowardly prosecutor with reelection fears.

        • You made the mistake of speaking truth to power, or in this case, one of it’s many media tentacles. In an era of political correctness, or more honestly stated as suppression of truth, you’ve committed the unpardonable offense against the state. The calendar may say 2013,but you yourself know the real year is 1984.

        • Gave you a TD because you are only half right. Yes, the PTB caused an unnecessary trial. As to if TM deserved to die, don’t know, MR Z is an obvious idiot. IMHO it’s unfortunate they didn’t kill each other. Neither one is a real credit to anyone.

        • Eisenkreuz: This was a phony cause from the start perpetrated by liberals who infest the media. Jeff Burnside and Lilia Luciano were two of three reporters fired for doctoring the 911 call made by Zimmerman making him look like s racist when in fact he was responding to a question from the dispatcher, which the reporters left out. There we two young black kids who shot and killed a 13 month old toddler in his mother’s stroller in Brunswick Ga. Where’s the outrage there? Whites seem to be more civilized in each case.

          • The outrage will not be allowed to come to fruition by the ministry of propaganda. This story was scrubbed from the news 2 days after it happened, like so many other black on white crimes. I’d like to lay the blame for this on the chimp in charge but that’s not accurate. This selective outrage reporting by the propaganda networks has been ongoing for decades. Somebody is awfully god damned desperate to keep whites in a continual state of guilt.

        • Browse through TOR and create another account. If you just create one from your accustomed home IP, they will figure it out and start making “suggestions” that you befriend some guy named “Eisenkreuz”.

      17. Gas jumped 60 cents a gallon where I live since July 4th. I really don’t see it ever returning to around $3.25 again. I believe the mass inflation that many of us have been predicting is finally coming to pass.
        It will destroy everything in it’s path, like a wall of fire sweeping across America. A Tsunami of destruction, economic and otherwise.

        • Seems like your area is experiencing so moderate price increases. Might try asking the owner of the gas Station you are shopping at.

          In our area the prices have been down and still are, haven’t seen any increases in months.

          Try thinking and talking about some interesting and useable information for your fellow preppers. Sure would be more useful than a lot of the BS that gets passed along as “fact” on here.

          For instance, the proper methods to use to safely preserve the produce coming in from our gardens so we can be safe when we use it. have been canning for over 40 years and still occassionally find a new and better way to better preserve our crops. Grain is really looking good and locally is about 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule.

          keep prepping and have a good outlook, no more “woe is me” items to make human life looks so tragic.

          Who, knows I sure don’t want to be depressed today and die tonight of a heart attack from splitting wood in 90 degree weather.

          Keep locked and loaded and defend ourselves as necessary. If we are scared and afraid, the PTB have won, without actually doing anything to us.

          • Attitudes like yours is what gives we Christians a bad name. Who the heck are you to instruct this person on what he/she can or can not say?
            Unless you can show us all some nail scares in you hands and feet, you would be better off not judging others, as you have no way of knowing what God is doing in their lives.

            Gas in my neck of the woods has also gone up in the past two week. Your name should be “Church Lady” not ” A Christian man”.

          • @ C. Man……..And you must be from Iowa (please don’t tell me anything bad,while I hide my head in the SAND!) If gas is going to shoot sky-high again ,I’d like to know in advance!! Then I can sell my all my marbles to fill up my old van before it get’s HERE!!……Maybe you need to go to Mother Maybell’s Canning & Correct ?? Maybe you could SWAP Recipes ???Good Luck……

        • The price of oil is through the roof right now. Hopefully it will go down in the winter time.

          As far as the zimmerman stuff. Man its hard not to find myself thinking us against them, because of all the racial venom from the media. Then I think about all the black people that I have encountered that were just like me and I start to see why the trap was set. Divide and conquer.

          • If Zimmerman is able, he should flee USA. The witch hunt continues. This verdict will embolden other juries to resist the threats of riots.

          • Indy Colts says:

            “As far as the zimmerman stuff. Man its hard not to find myself thinking us against them.”

            That’s because you have a limited intelect.

            “because of all the racial venom from the media.”

            So you let the “Media” think for you?

            “Then I think about all the black people that I have encountered that were just like me and I start to see why the trap was set. Divide and conquer.”

            No Shit!!!

            • Your a government troll. Is you Obama phone out of minutes yet? Quit using the library computer to troll everyone here. Your unwelcome!!

      18. Off subject, but isn’t it amazing AG Holder and the DOJ are so “mindful of the pain felt by the nation over the tragic and unnecessary shooting of a (punk thug)” and how they bow to the pressure of the NAACP. Their words not mine, all but the punk thug. But on the other hand we don’t have the money or resources and the nation is not in pain over the Killing of an Agent pertaining to “Fast and Furious” or the Attack and Murder of an Ambassador and Navy Seals in Bengazhi. Seems the NAACP deserves more respect than all of the American People. But I guess we don’t make our voices heard except on internet blogs, and also we’re probably primarly white. Trekker Out. Live Free, Or Die!

        • Well said, Mountain Trekker, well said.

          • Mountain trekker: Just research Who invented the NAACP-Started-Funded-RAN it all from inception aprox 1909, till about late 1980’s, when their “Secrets” got exposed as to Who they really are. Thats when way More Blacks were installed in control positions of NAACP.

            But it dont change facts of for past 100 yrs Rusian Kommie Khazers is who “They” were/are. And the Main sole purpose for the naacp to exist was/Is.

            To draw in unsuspecting black folks, and Brainwash blacks with #1 Commie Principlas and #2 Vast Massive Hatred of ALL whites no matter where from. Hidden by a false cover, Facade of “civil rights for colored folks”!

            Of the 6-7 Founders of NAACP Only ONE was a Black man, himself an Admited member of the CPUSA(kommie usa party).

            The Remaining 5 or 6 men ALL were Russian Khazar(fraud/fake jews) and CHEKA/later kgb, Pure Kommies.

            Relevant info-Photos-documented validations etc of this info can be found at www dot realzionistnews dot com

            Look at Right side Listing of well over several Hundred articles, Each outing everything you ever wondered about, with tons of Names Faces photos of Past and Current Players and the Roles played by Them.

            Who surrounded Prez wilson 1912? or FDR staff and advisors etc? Inventors on communisim? names of-BOTH Birth name and Changed names(to sound more like Gentiles) etc…Its ALL documented by Factual proof at that website.

      19. There are only three precious metals that have real value. They are: lead, copper and brass. Combined, they produce a blend of value that actually increases as you give it away! Can you eat gold? Can you actually hunt with silver bullets? Nope. Yes, it’s pretty, yes the bankers and the financial soothsayers of our time swear by it’s ‘value.’ But what real value does gold have? I will take the venison I got with my precious metals. You can have the ETFs.

        • Silver actually has a lot more value beyond it being pretty. Sure, it has industrial uses and is a consumed metal, unlike most gold. However, the real everyday values in silver are the medicinal uses of it being a natural anti-microbial.

          As an example, my brother got a serious infection from a work related injury and eventually it entered his bloodstream. The witchdoctors jacked him up on some of the hardest antibiotics available. It wasn’t until he was given silver laced bandages for his wound, silver topical ointment and an infusion of some crazy ass silver based IV, that the infection began to reverse. He’s one example of how silver can really save your life. They only used it when everything else failed, of course. Silly witchdoctors practicing pharmaceutical voodoo.

          So, at the end of the day, I would personally conclude that silver is far more than a “shiny and pretty” metal. It’s one of my preps in several forms. Take from that, what you will.

          • Truth brutha. I had an open burn the size of a football several years back. The required treatment was a white cream which contained silver as the primary active ingredient. I had no pain, an apparent effect of the cream, and it healed well without infection, also an effect of the cream.

            I do believe the value of silver is far greater than it’s monetary worth.

          • There would not be “industry” without silver.

            Every bit of tech since the beginning of the industrial revolution has only been possible because of silver.

            Nothing else works.

            I love it when every techbag calls silver and “industrial metal.”

            I gotta leave it at that, bro…

      20. Well has it happened yet? Its July?

        • Yes, it has. Run to the hills dude. It’s time. Wouldn’t check back on society for at least a year. You won’t want to see.

      21. With the Chinese economy contracting rapidly and Europe, Japan, and the U.S. in a perpetual state of fiscal crisis with little or no loan collateral left to speak of, it’s only a matter of time before we reach the event horizon. It cannot and will not continue for ever. Central banks can paper over the crisis with ‘wealth effect’ based voodoo economics only for so long.

      22. After listening to the news on various stations this morning, I am convinced that the dear leader looks at the white human being as a thorn in his side. The white middleclass is to be destroyed through any means, including making them the enemy of the poor, using against them their belief in God, their right to own a gun, portraying them as psychopaths who foam at the mouth and want to kill anyone who is not white. We are being set up to become extinct or at the very least vilified and hated by the rest of society. The fact that we buy physical gold and silver really pisses them off because we know what they are up to.

        There is a cold war going on, it is against the white population and it is getting more obvious every day. This regime is determined to take what we have worked hard for and blame us when the entitlements that we pay for, are not there anymore. We are sitting ducks right now and eventually we will be dead ducks. This is happening right now and it is real, how the hell do we save our children and grandchildren.

        I believe the reason why we are singled out is because we have the most potential to turn the light on these cockroaches, in other words, we aren’t gullible like the entitlement sheeples. We expose them for what they are because we do not drink the Kool-Aid and we do not sell our dignity or freedom for free crap.

        Many seem surprised that there hasn’t been much violence since the Zimmerman verdict, I say wait a few days because the media and the regime are stirring things up. This will not go away quietly, they need rioting in order to use it as a means to take away more guns from their worst nightmare, US!

      23. If America had a jury system that I agreed with, it would look like Hitler’s Peoples Court-Barrack Hussein Obama, mmmm-mmmm-mmmm.

      24. Ha… I read one guy was “hoarding” silver…if they confiscate guns, he will just melt his metal into one. ha ha.

        I just keep buying silver…not mater what…
        Because the older generation will steal it.

      25. those removing their PMs from the organized crime syndicate’s possession are the smart ones… the day is quickly approaching that the banksters will be ordered by the corrupticians on Cap Hill to confiscate all PMs.. likely it will be a part of a “bail-in” process…

        wife and i keep only enough in our cu acct to make the unmoved pymts… everything else we hold at home…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher

      26. Oops! My brother-in-law works for Brinks, looks like he better put in some Apps. at th Pie Factory or maybe Wally World!!………mm~

      27. I’d argue that gold is a good before the crash currency, but it won’t be worth much after the crash (if it is severe enough). I’d say that the true fate of someone who is all gold but no food is the same as someone who is all bullets and no band-aids. When the time comes you will trade your Krugerrand for your neighbors bowl of rice.

        It goes without saying that the dollar would be worthless after a crash, but gold won’t be far behind. Fat chance that anyone will trade you a bucket of rice (6.00) for your Krugerrand (1300.00). If you don’t plan on dumping your PM’s once we cross the threshold, then you had better divest yourself and put that money into other more worthwhile preps.

      28. The metals market is so heavily manipulated; any reference to it on this site I believe is nothing more than another sales ploy. Don’t fall for it. Commodity trading in a collapsed economy will be lead by items of immediate value. Need I describe what those metallic and organic items are? Get real Don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s rain…please.

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