Peak Gold: Demand Will Soar As Global Supplies Dwindle

by | May 31, 2013 | Precious Metals | 64 comments

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    peakgoldIt’s been said that all of the gold mined throughout the history of mankind could fit into just three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

    With rising fuel and labor costs, successful mining operations have been few and far between, simply because there’s very little, if any, easily accessible gold, as well as its close cousin silver, left in the ground. According to Peak Resources, the supply of gold is now so limited that just 1 in 1600 new gold projects ever get off the ground. One of the key reasons for this is because mine operators have to dig deeper and spend much more money than ever before – often times just to break even.

    When you consider the supply fundamentals, and couple them with the high levels of demand experienced in recent months, you can see that regardless of what is listed as the official ‘paper market’ price, gold is likely going much higher. And that’s before we even get into the monetary expansion aspect of the discussion.

    While economists like Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke vehemently deny gold’s value as a mechanism of exchange, and leading market analysts take to writing obituaries for gold’s demise amid recent price swings, the fact is that all signs point to a continuation of the long-term trend.

    Gold is going higher.

    Michael Wittmeyer, the President of leading online gold and silver dealer JM Bullion, shares the sentiment of many precious metals investors regarding recent price movements:

    There seems to be a segregation between paper and physical metals at the moment, as physical demand has never been so strong, yet metals continue to slide in the paper markets and fail to find support at any of the historical key levels thus far.

    My personal recommendation is to stay the course, try to lock in the lower prices to average in a lower overall cost-basis on your metals portfolio, and stay focused on the big picture, where the fundamental reasons to own physical metals are as strong as ever.

    If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve no doubt realized that the fundamentals Mr. Wittmeyer speaks of are pretty clear cut.

    The big picture is that the fundamentals for gold, despite a massive hit to its price in recent months, have not changed.

    The following micro-documentary explains why we may well be on the cusp of Peak Gold, a turning point in the precious metals market that will continue to strain supply while demand across the world explodes to unprecedented levels:

    Gold has no flag or allegiance… as the fiat currencies get devalued to deal with the sovereign debt crisis, gold demand will soar.

    The problem and opportunity we see is that the supply is already maxed out. So, if a wave of demand comes, we can see the gold price move rapidly on supply and demand fundamentals.

    The inflation will simply be icing on the cake.

    Via Peak Resources:

    So, the question is, do we follow the direction of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who suggests gold is simply a relic, and focus our investments on his preferred asset class – the US dollar denominated Treasury Bond?

    Or, do we side with over 5,000 years of history, which has shown precious metals to be the go-to store of wealth during times of uncertainty and upheaval?


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. If I had enough money I’d be in physical gold and silver, but I’m poor so I buy food and ammo.

        • COBeach — no doubt — we’ve got to cover the basics first — food, shelter, personal defense, etc.. And if there is any left over, gold/silver are the mechanisms for storing that wealth without risk of losing it to inflation… or currency collapse.

          With respect to precious metals, one could slowly, and at a reasonable price, diversify into something like silver by purchasing (or finding) silver quarters and half dollars (pre-1965). You can pick up one or two at a time at a local dealer or online. Likewise, a one ounce silver eagle can be had today for about $28… The spot ‘paper market’ price today is 22.50 or so — I contacted three dealers in our area this morning; all of them priced at $6 above spot or higher on Eagles — one of the dealers was completely out of eagles, one had about 30 coins left, the third seemed to have a decent amount in stock. That’s a huge price disconnect there — over 25% premiums.

          The physical market seems more real to me then the paper Comex prices, and given these prices and the fact that dealers are running so short on inventory, it suggests to me that it is only a matter of time before the upward price trend resumes.

          • Earlier this morning, about 5:30 AM PST I posted the following. After todays stock market performance my apprehension grows.


            Last week I warned everyone to watch the U.S. Stock Markets. Again just like last week I will tell you that no I don’t think the sky is falling but cannot stress enough that the situation is growng worse and rapidly.

            This last week we have seen some 100 plus point swings on the DOW and a couple of times we went with swings in excess of 200 points. The government has been trying to control the market with fiat monies flooding being pumped in. This is a short term solution and a long term problem.

            “The Nikkei stock average tumbled more than 5 percent to a five-week low yesterday, dragged lower by the dollar’s decline to its lowest since May 10 against the yen, which weighed on exporters.” This is ver problematic in that the money fleeing the Nikkei did not come to the U.S. as is the norm. It instead went to the European markets.

            This shows that Asian investors in general are seeing that the Euro is gaining strength against the Dollar. Or is it seeing that the U.S. gvernment is in trouble over all? As always it is very hard to see what or maybe understand is the better word where the Asian mind is coming from.

            I will say that based on my tracking since 2006 we are definitly in a period that is resembling 2008. There have been put in place since then many stop gap measures that are supposed to prevent another 2008 which makes all of what I am seeing even more alarming.

            Most of you know I am not a PM man in general but it may be time to re-look at your portfolios. Have a great weekend everyone.


            • Too Right BigB,

              Both the Hedge AND CNBC are calling today’s activity ‘ominous’, specifically, that today’s activity exemplifies what both are calling “The Hindenberg Omen’, the specific’s of which are a tad beyond my meager skills to translate…both site’s are running in-depth articles thereon….”Happy Reading”, maybe….NOT.


              • Do not be fooled folks

                Gold should never be valued in fiat

                Fiat should always be valued in gold

                Ben Bunsuckie is a crook and a charlatan

                • My dog is smarter that Bernanke.

                  • Second Rule of Fight Club:

                    NEVER underestimate your adversary.

                  • Maybe he is Bill and maybe he isn’t. I am sure your dog is more honest and has more personality.


            • June is the markets worst month traditionally… people today taking profits.

              Nothing more.

            • Waiting for hundred swings days(both ways) on AU. After that, it will get silly…

        • I went the local coin shop today and bought about $28. of coins. I could have bought one sliver dollar for $30. I will never own more then two hands full of sliver coins.
          I to can not spend lot either. But I am trying to have little of all the Preps. A Silver dollar have been used in water barrows in past.
          And I know food is first but some time in the future taxes will come into being. And few silver coins may help. A roll of sliver dimes or quarters would be easiy to hide. I don’t do many silver dollars depending on future who will have change.
          Also silver dollar for each of your children or roll of dimes or quarter. Might be how they might have start at rebuilding. That my hope for future.
          Not just make a few years but have something to rebuild with.

      2. As Wiedemer stated in Aftershock, the gold bubble that is about to begin will dwarf all other bubbles. The wealth that can be made from early investments in this asset will reap safety nets and retirements if done right.

      3. Brass and lead my friend. I can barely afford that.

        • I have been buying silver off and on since 1985, (dollar cost adverting) but more in the past as a hobby or something. I have never sold a single ounce. I have been watching the PM market the past few years thinking DAM this Silver is getting serious. So I really went after it and start buying it in 100oz. chunks. (Eagles, J&Mbars, and Junk) I called Monex the other day inquiring about Eagles. My trader told me he had nothing in stock as far as silver, ZIP nothing! All he had was Gold Eagles and Buffalos. I asked what the premium was on Silver if he had it, he said spot plus 5.16 but we haven’t revised premiums since the Mint curtailed production for two weeks and that was two months ago and we haven’t heard shit since. He said think of it as close to $30.00 an ounce no matter the spot price.
          However, the wildly best investment I have made has been in Lead, this shit has gone Batshit crazy insane, sometime back a couple years ago I bought a case (5000rnd) of Federal .22LR, paid $210.00. I was at a local gun show a week ago and everybody that had them wanted $85.00 per 500 rnd box. That’s .17 cents a shot, that’s crazy! 9mm has bumped 25%, 44mag is about the same just plain dam expensive to shoot. 5.56 has nearly doubled, green tip is off of the charts. 7.62 x 51 (308) is a $1.20 or better, 7.62×39 is tripled easily. The only thing that has remained the same is the 7.62x54r I can still get it at original plus 10 to 15% over.
          Here’s the nutty thing, try to find some. The Walmarts are instantly stripped out; the last time I was there they had 5 boxes of 270 and some 20 gauge, that’s it. A guy here in town was to open up a gun and ammo store in February and had to hold off two months, couldn’t get ANY inventory, nothing, guns or ammo. There is a big gun and ammo store down the hill, the ammo they have in stock, ridiculously priced.
          Whoever would have thought Lead would out preform Silver and cover it’s losses, “whoda thunk”!

      4. I am surprised that this post was not shaded in light blue and marked with a “sponsored by” side note as the rest of the paid for adverts are on this site…Since it is lacking an any true and deep information, speculation or even knowledge…

        Keeping all that in mind…I for one do think gold is a wise investment…But I also think JM Bullion should get noted for their blatant advertisement….*sigh*

        Fed Guy 20002

        • Fedguy, JM bullion is a web site sponsor, yes. With them being a sponsor, I have the benefit of being able to contact their organization for their views and developments in the precious metals market. Please note that in the past I have referenced scores of articles and quotes from other precious metals web sites, analysts and dealers.

          I found Mr. Wittmeyer’s comments to be informative and relevant to the conversation on Peak Gold. Additional analysis on the trend itself is detailed in the Peak Resource video above.

          • You are such a class act, Mac.
            Is that enough said, or what?
            Going through several personal SHTF events at the moment – you have no idea – it’s great to have all of you here although I’m a slacker contributor. Preps have been coming in handy lately – imagine that. Husband may be seeing the light. Might be time to finally get the sailboat ready for a long-haul. Would that be nice..,
            Anyone have recommendations for getting the reluctant spouse on-board with reality? Intelligent and capable tho they may be? It can be a trial for a Christian wife with a truly masculine, capable husband who may just not accept reality for a while…
            Love and my best to you all.

          • Gold WILL go much higher my peeps, but it may go a little lower first. A very small percentage of people globally, own precious metals. the Central bankers of the world are stocking up on gold. Ya think they know something that the Sheeple don’t?

            A small percentage increase in ownership globally will move the price much higher over time. Big money will be rushing to gold as a safe haven as hostilities between Israel and Syria breaks into a no holds barred event.

            I got MINE. Get one.

            • I agree DK that precious metals could go lower. So long as the official price is tied to leveraged paper, there can be many manipulations along the way. I think what we’ve seen in recent months is a prime example. Likewise, I think that a market crash could potentially hammer gold as well, similar to what we saw in the summer/fall of 2008.

              The above recommendation about dollar-cost-averaging into pm’s is one that I prefer…. Stockpile what you can at whatever price is available, but do it consistently.Even if it’s one silver eagle at a time.

              I do believe there will come a time when those small percentages you speak of will take hold…. If there is ever true panic buying, such as what they saw in the early 80’s when lines formed outside of local gold shops, I think the price could swing to incredible levels in a very short period of time. (and, as a caveat, could likewise collapse just as quickly, so that is around the time one would want to implement an exit strategy)

              • Mac: WE are currently is a SEASONALLY down part of the price/demand cycle which has been exacerbated by the big banks to crush the PM’s.

                It was a good try, it won’t work. 🙂

              • I have a year’s worth of food and water source in my possession. I have camping stuff and alternate energy sources at the ready. I have more than one form of protection in my possession. I have barter items and tools of many kinds.

                I live on $900 a month with a little over $600 in bills for the roof over my head, per month.

                Yet, I’ve acquired 2 gold eagles and some gold jewelry items since January 2013 and have cash ready to jump again, when gold takes it’s next dive.

                If I can figure out how to get my hands on some PMs, almost anyone can.

            • The video does give a particular slant and it is a sales pitch. There IS a lot of gold out there, it has been discovered, but these locations have not been developed because they are owned by small miners without capital.

              The USGS also estimates that only 1/3 of the gold in America has been discovered. Some gold mining opportunities have been smothered by new national “Monuments” denying miners access.

              New technology does give an independent small miner an opportunity to make some serious ka-ching. There is a lot of regulation DESIGNED to inhibit the small miner, just as small business is finding it hard to compete with multinationals and chain stores who have the financial resources to devote to meeting government regulations.

              To get the cash to develop these locations the small miner must go to Big Miners or to the capital markets as a public company. Once they become a public company they are prey for the predator Big Miners. rarely can a small miner fund himself.

              Its a scam to protect Crony Capitalism. Which is why 1% of the global population control 40% of the wealth. Why 147 companies control 60% of World GDP and why 10% of the population in America control more than 90% of the wealth in this nation.

              The table is TILTED. The system is designed by the rich for the rich and to break into that “club” you must be exceptional. Average or even above average won’t cut it. You must be relentless with a bright mind and an iron will. Otherwise you will be their prey.


              • Right On, DK! You took the words right outta my mouth.

        • I get seriously pissed off at all the anti-capitalist/anti-profit BS that gets vomited out by some people.

          Listen up dumb-asses. Nobody is twisting anybody else’s arm to get them to buy anything.

          And the rantings of the anti-profit people are getting very old.

          If you don’t like capitalism and profit, then get the hell out of this country and go where your opinions are more appreciated. Maybe Korea, Cuba or Venezuela would be more comfortable for you.

          I’m sick of the leftist drivel.

          Bugger off.

      5. My wife and I spent an entire evening this week sorting through silver coins passed down to us by both sides of our family. Our grandparents knew the value of those pre 64 coins, and held on to them so they could pass them down, or use them if they ran into a jam.

        My American Eagles will go to my son and daughter, God willing. As we sorted and admired the coins and appreciated the foresight of our parents, we remarked several times how comforting it was to think of all these coins going to our children. I truly do wish we don’t have to use them anytime soon.

        I don’t play the silver market, so I’m not buying them them to sell as an ‘investment’ but I do know they will always have value, whether it’s in a SHTF scenario next week, or knowing my kids are admiring them as I pass on.

        Either way, I know I will get my money’s worth out of that silver. Every penny.

        • John 10 28

          I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

          • Bill….

            Thanks for what is the real importance in life. Somedays I feel I am following Oly more than I am following the Lord. But the Lord is whom I trust.

            To my Atheist, Bahia, and Muslim friends, just want to say thanks for being a friend.

            But for Ugly, I trust the Lord. The End is known, that should give comfort in how we live each day. Good luck to all !!!! Keep prepping.

            • Howdy UG!

              Friend, the stateemet you make, that;

              “To my Atheist, Bahia, and Muslim friends, (I) just want to say thanks for being a friend.”

              …is ‘Enlightened’. For Millemia Humankind has struggled along a dark and terrible Path, to arrive here, NOW. In time gone by we were ruled by Kings and Gods alone…for when was it ever seen that MEN could be so trusted…or rather thier ‘agancy’s’…which were and ARE to this day, but MEN. I too BELEIVE – by my Free Choice, in that One that you yourself clearly pray too – yet I AM not Him, nor are you….THAT ONE is Beyond us All…and I have Faith thet HE knows more than I…the One who CREATED us all. In that Faith, I BELIVE that He will lead ALL to Him ALL as are so inclined…by MANY different paths…I will NOT Judge them…we are enjoined NOT to do so…But I will NOT be so Judged – HERE – by Any, but only by Him.

              My CHOICE is made…I COMPEL NONE to that one, single way…Each MUST Choose for themselves and thereafter be Judged thereon. Perhaps, it is in the KNOWING that there IS ‘something’ Beyond this that allows for auch as you and I to accept that He is the GREATER…NOT ‘we’.

              I will NOT be Judged for the Choices of Others..they will be. I will be Judged or my OWN…ALONE, as will you Friend.

              IF my Father will NOT Molest the ‘Free Will’ of His Chidren…then WHO am I to do so? The PATH of POWER and COERCION has been CLEARLY seen to be the Way to EXTINCTION… I will NOT follow that way…nor lead mine thereon that path.

              As said, ‘Enlightened’….


          • Thanks for recognizing that, Bill, it seems only a handful of folks do. I can’t think of it without v27 first:

            My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

      6. The metals that are truly getting more precious are brass, lead, and tin filled with food. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium are rough on the stomach.

        Potato Out

      7. If you have reached a comfort level with basic preps, them a small amount of gold and silver is a good insurance policy. The idea is to diversify and not to put all your assets in one basket.
        For me, even at 1400 per ounce maybe more seeds, tools. etc are warrented. God Bless James

      8. Sometimes it’s hard not to be skeptical of the precious metals market. It’s hard not to think that if the market for gold hits 3, 4, or 5 thousand dollars that the huge investors like Soros or maybe the Chinese dump a lot of gold and or silver and crash the markets, then buy it back at reduced prices. Easy to manipulate the market in PM’s when you have tons. Nothing surprises me anymore. Although I have spent a lot of money on pre-65 coins and Eagles, I did so with the idea that I may have to apologize to my family someday.
        I also have stocked on lead and brass. Probably the best investment I ever made. Just went to the gun store and box of 50-22’s going for $15.

        • When Soros..or the Chinese…or JP Morgan…or whoever drive the price down. Buy on the dips. They can’t do it forever. And if there strategy is to shake people out, then don’t buy into that. Just stay your course.

        • I doubt you’ll see Soros dup loads of phys, just paper.

      9. @ john1028

        Liked your comment and the appreciation you have for your parents’ foresight. This is an extension of prepping..not just for ourselves but also for our children.

        I certainly understand the concern about spoiling kids, but assuming we instill a work ethic and don’t spoil them, I think they will need all the help we can give them, especially in view of the fact that they will inherit a world which in many ways will have far more serious challenges and fewer opportunities/rewards than we (I speak for myself at age 58) enjoyed.

      10. Gold is at $1400

        I could buy a Remington 700 .308, scope and probably 1000 rounds, even at these inflated prices, for $1400. That seems like a much better investment to me.

        • You didn’t buy in at $211

      11. Talk to me when gold hits $800.

      12. Mac is right, gold and other precious metals, even copper, will skyrocket in price. That is IF there is enough time before the world sinks into the darkest of dark ages ever. Without a crystal ball no one knows what is going to happen, all you can do is speculate. I say that the best course of action first is to concentrate on what you will need to survive in a world without currency or much of anything else. WHY?

        Let’s face it, even if the world doesn’t collapse, you just can’t beat having what you need to survive a personal collapse. Aside from utter eviction from your home, having what you need to live is a very logical choice. So much of everyone’s income goes into food and other everyday needs. IF you lose a job or have some sort of other SHTF event you will need to eat and have what you need. Collection vampires can suck your bank accounts, sometimes even go after cash money and watch you trying to cash in precious metals, but it is very unlikely that they are going to come after your food and supplies. Too difficult to sell off like say an electronic asset.

        In my opinion the EXTRA money should be concentrated on precious metals, and the highest priority should be first obtaining a certain amount of months or years worth of what you are going to need WHEN this happens. ON the list, again, in my opinion the following should be focused on first, second, third, and so on.

        1. Water and how to purify it from the outdoors.
        2. Food, starvation is an awful feeling.
        3. Protection, everything you can get.
        4. Sanitation, germs will kill you fast.
        5. Safety, place to hold up or bug out to.
        6. Money, cash and precious metals to purchase things.
        7. Heat and fuel to cook and sterilize items.
        8. Power sources, solar, wind, electric back-ups and more.
        9. Light, battery operated sources and candles.
        10. Communications that are EMP protected to know what is happening, especially short waves, hand to hand, etc.

        There are many more, but these are what I think should be highest priority in the order. Others will disagree, and will have excellent opinions of their own why. That is what is cool about this site, intelligent conversation about what matters, our survival.

      13. Amazing video, whoever made this video is a genius!

      14. Howdy All,

        Some weeks ago, perhaps three about, the Hedge was reprting that the South African miners were going full ballistic on the Mine owners..Again. If memory serves me here here , thier fundamental demand was for a 40% across-the-board pay-hike. Now, considering that those are – relative to the harsh work they do – some of the mot underpaid wotker’s in existence (arguably)- you might say, “Meh, give it to them…”, the problem is this – essentailly – this ENTIRE industry is CENTERED on Ultra-low wage extraction…once THAT is no longer an option, ‘What Happens?’ That IS thier entire ‘busines model’ and has been since they first began operating mines there.

        Draw your own conclusions…”Peak Gold”, QUITE probably so…


        • JOG—Good points, per usual

          I’m on the side of giving the 40% raise to the miners,
          as you have suggested. After all, that would probably bring their wages up to at least two bucks.

          Screw the mine owners in South Africa, they are only
          one generation removed from Cro-Magnon man.

      15. One day I will be an old man.
        My bones will hurt.
        I will live in a very small place.
        Why…not because I did not do well.
        But because I choose to live
        a meager life so my child and her family
        can have a life.
        I have all I need at that point…
        A bed, a roof, tv, computer, toilet, shower, sink and small kitchen.
        An average car. Average dress….now and then, a steak dinner.

        On my death…I will gift the next generation a safe full of
        GODS MONEY.

        It’s real. It exists.

        Further, in the future, I think they will try and outlaw it’s sale.
        Gold yes. Silver…too hard….as so many processes use it.

        The currencies will be all electronic.
        Silver will be the currency of the underworld.
        They cannot tax it.

        So I’ll be humble and exchange my silver if I have to …coin
        at a time for the fiat of the day.
        Most likely not.

        I do well… software.

        Silver to me is more of a tangible thumbing my nose at the bankers.
        I will grow old with my metal…
        No interest, no dividends…but as they crap on the dollar…
        The metal will soar in relation to the paper.
        At one’ might disconnect.
        Who nows.

        A happy man is one with his health, family, well stocked and armed.
        A safe that continues to be filled. A clean conscience.
        A loving wife. What else do I need?
        Got my bible and my software to work on the rest of my life.
        Life is good.

        My unhappiness is with the geo engineering…the “chemtrails”.
        THE SKY IS NO LONGER TRUE BLUE. This is a crime.

        How dare they speak of us being conspiracy nuts.
        I have three college degrees and ran businesses.
        I am intelligent. How dare they.

        Keep stacking, keep buying ammo. Live in peace.

      16. prep to get –> bag balm!!!!

        a small infection could kill you.

        also medical sutures and tools.

        being prepared is pure peace.

      17. When last I spoke with my coin dealer; he informed me that he was having issues in filling some of the “holes” in his inventory. It is this man’s perception that the prices for paper gold and silver have started to seriously “disconnect” from the current prices and premiums being paid for the physical gold and silver. We’ll have to see about that in the long term.

        If there is so much gold out there and it is worth so little, then why will it take the Fed. 7 years to return only 20% of the German gold that they are holding in supposed “safekeeping” from those ever pesky Russians?

        We do live in interesting times boys & girls. Please enjoy your weekend, God Bless and good luck to all.

      18. This site is like going to a flea market. You don’t buy everything there. You pick an chose to suit your tastes and needs. Bottom line is you get another slant on what’s available. “Thanks Mac”

      19. I’m a gold bug but I must say, that for years every time I go into LCS it’s mostly empty. At the present time, nothing has changed, and there’s plenty of gold for sale. Tulving has whatever you need, millions $$ of physical inventory, as well. Of course it’s different in Asia, but over there lots of seller exist as well, so again there is plenty of inventory. I am just not sure how this will play out, but have my doubts about a massive spike in price of gold. Gold is an ideal hedge against the collapse of government, but it mostly stinks as a speculative investment for quick profits.

      20. @ JustOneGuy. Did you see that 5.3 in the southeast Pacific Ocean? This is a new earthquake zone, as prior to April Fool’s day 2011 this region had no earthquakes. Since that time, when there has been an earthquake here major earthquakes follow. Japan, Mexico, Vanuatu, Burma, Costa Rica, and Aleutian Islands. This makes now 27 out of 30 times these precursor quakes have lead to a major one in Central and/or South American. The real issue with this is that this is a new fault that has opened up, probably an extension of the Nazca plate. We are getting earthquakes where there have not been ones before. The planet is in flux. This shows that something big is coming that much more so.

        • Howdy BI,

          THAT is WHY I’m here, now. THAT is NOT along a fault of any sort as near as I can tell…’ominous’, methinks. Thanks for the ‘read’ here…I can ALWAYS depend on you Friend! Ever-faithful. 🙂

          Another FWIW here…the mystery’s of the World are many; the Hopi beleive that ‘something’ will happen ‘in the South’ that will drive a VAST number of People northward, attempting to escape whatever ‘it’ is…that is, in part, why your prognostications on Mexico City make me a bit ‘nervous’ More is coming…I’m sure of that.

          JOG *9 Days*

          • JOG, BI,
            When KaliFORnia falls into the ocean, will it take Mexico with it? Or will the New Madrid just create a new inland sea?
            It does seem like the Earth, Sun and planets are being squeezed… eh? Know of any ‘particles’ that could do that?

      21. ***H7N9 UPDATE***

        no new cases to report
        however China is reporting a death

        this brings the death toll to 38

      22. OFF TOPIC, but!!!! From Steve Quayle’s site.

        Last week I was at JC Penneys in Lexington Ky while I had some time between appointments. I seldom shop and my wife’s purchases are mostly online so I don’t carry their store card with me. I went to purchased some slacks and told the girl at the register I did not have the card with me and she said that was not a problem. She took my drivers liecense and then told me to
        punch in my social security number on the pin pad; at. This point I thought we were done. The lady then went behind the counter and retrieved a scanner pad and told meto put my thumb on it for verification. I looked at her for a moment and then said; I don’t use biometric identification for anything!
        I than ask ,when did all this start? Is this a store policy everywhere? The lady looked at me for a moment somewhat dum struck and then said that this is what they want to move to and told to ask everyone to do. I’m not doing this,is this going to be a problem I ask? After searching around behind the counter and stalling for a few minutes she said she may be able to void the transaction and redo it, which she did. She then to me if I wanted to make a purchase in the future to let the cashier know in advance and I could just sign for it. I am fairly certain that if biometric scans are submitted in this fashion they will fall within the user agreements of the credit card and be shared between various banking intities and virtually be made available to the highest bidder and government agencies. I understand now why most stores are useing these out of date card scanner which are problematic and not replacing them with new card scanners. Because they
        don’t intend to! We are certainly going to gocompletely biometric way sooner than most can even imagine. Within the last month I have noticed I am no longer ask to sign for credit purchases at stores and now I am being told to have my thumb scanned.
        Steve I really pray that Christians will wake up and understand that ObamaCare, the imigration legislation and rise of communism to the highest offices in the land are the purely evil manifestation of power consolidation to control the masses. Thanks for always bringing the uncomfortable truth to the people. Praise the name of Jesus the Christ !

        Note by JayJay:
        Oh, Voy. I stopped using all discount membership cards and don’t shop at Sam’s Club any longer.

      23. This evening I went and did a little shopping. I love to coupon and stock up on stuff. Today I pretty much got my preps for 75% off. I had to buy produce and such, so between discount card (I know, I know) and coupons I did really well. If you are tight on money watch the sales and match the coupons to the sales. There are videos on stockpilingmoms dot com on how to do this. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on groceries and have a few months of food in my pantry. I keep my sons flush with essentials as I know their military salary is not great. My husband nor I will need to buy razors or toothbrushes for years. My husband laughed until this past winter when their was a snowstorm…umm blizzard…and we were all set. Made him a believer.

        LOL, The bagger asked my son if we had a restaurant. I told her no, just a bunch of bottomless pit teenagers hanging out at my house. Hook, Line and Sinker!

      24. Hodwy PenCRNA,,

        “I love to coupon and stock up on stuff. Today I pretty much got my preps for 75% off.”

        GOOD GIRL!! Thrift is and WIL be at the Heart of what comes….Everything that can be now obtained within reason, DO SO…even thingss that are suuiciently affordable but which are not – perhaps – your own needs
        …as CAN be afforded.

        Eveything we take for granted in out daily lives which is ‘ubiquitous’ will vanish ‘like smoke in the Wind’ i anytging DISTURBS Civilization…Manufactturing will simply cease; WHAT will be the value of even samll items – to you, or othees, then? What would you give to have the barest amenity which you take for granted NOW when while all such – now – is as plentiful as the very ‘air we breathe”…when there is NO MORE.

        Again, I say “GOOD GIRL!”, beleive me, the Light will SOON shine down upon your spouse…and his eyes WILL be opened! Your vindication will come…Your efforts now BLESS your own Family….by your foreight.


        • I make a really good income, but as you say, thrift, thrift. I use coupons so we can put the rest in PMs and buy things like a gas/wire welder. My husband is very practical and supports me, just can’t wrap his head around economic collapse and such. He does love to can, though and we are ready to have a bountiful harvest later this year.

          I posted my evenings activities yesterday in hopes that someone who is on a limited budget or income can see that you can accomplish stockpiling without breaking your budget. I have been blessed by God’s graces and want to give motivation to those who may feel preparing is out of their reach.

          • I gave you a thumbs up for a ammo coupon.

      25. THE PHYSICAL PM’S MARKET HAS SEPARATED FROM THE FIAT PAPER PM’S MARKET … there are now TWO markets TWO prices for pm’s precious metals gold and silver … the false low-balled ZOG FEDGOV BANKER MANIPULATED FIAT PAPER GOLD PRICE and the PRIVATE REAL PHYSICAL PM’S MARKET PRICE .


        N.O. ;0p

        $5000 SILVER & the BIGGEST SCAM in HISTORY! – BrotherJohnF & Woody O’Brien

      26. Barter with REAL goods. NOT, the ones that are shiny. Again, You can notEAT gold or silver. Wake up people. If you came to me with a pound of gold for a can of beans, I would not trade you. I would give it to you. Gold and silver had its’ hay day. Not any more.OMG people, WAKE UP

        • I agree about gold and silver. It is to transfer wealth from on money to the next. If someone has EVERYTHING they need in prepping, then they should buy gold. I wont buy gold because I always feel I need more items such as another green house, tractor impliments, fuel tank, fuel, tools, better flour mill etc.

        • Then your an idiot ……….SHTF does not last forever anywhere in the world ( except perhaps Somalia , but thats Afikah , white people do things differently ) and things eventually level out with some sort of rhythm and order , the gold and silver will have more value at that time , go ahead and trade the can of beans to the desperate bastard for that pound of gold , and do it with a smile . Also , history shows that after a severe economic collapse , militant nationalism usually occurs . That means ( especially today ) that because the collapse was caused at its root by unbacked currency mediums finally crashing , currency will at least for a time become backed again . After a severe economic collapse , its every nation for itself at that point ……….all trust in unbacked currency will be gone . Just sayin. Why do you think during WW2 , the Soviet Union payed for many of their goods with gold ? Because their money was almost worthless outside their own country and the seller nations wanted tangible value in trade . It will happen again .

      27. food will be worth more than gold , weapons and ammunition will be in higher demand also in a collapse . Sure , people will take it , but an empty belly will force you to trade it at an extremely substantial loss .

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