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Jim Rogers on Gold, Gold Stocks and Commodities

Mac Slavo
October 29th, 2009
Comments (4)

Jim Rogers on Ocotber 25, 2009 discussing gold, gold stocks, commodities and his forecast for the future. Below this interview is another video, dated October 23, 2009, with Mr. Rogers discussing commodities and China on CCTV.

Jim Rogers Interview:

Jim Rogers CCTV Interview:

Hat tip to All Things Jim Rogers for the heads up on this one.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: October 29th, 2009

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    1. ovals says:

      whoa whoa whoa Jim, wtf did you just say?


      “I wish China were….. I mean some day China will be rich enough and powerful enough to control all of the markets like that”

      I hope that was a slip up as he was developing his thoughts, otherwise i might have to put the smack-down on Jim. It almost sounds like he wants China to be rich and powerful enough to control the commodities markets, and given that they are still a bunch of red Commies, that would not be a very good thing for everyone else.

    2. Kitegeezer says:

      I think what Jim would like to see is that the USA wise up. As things stand, China is much better at capitalism than America and they are on the way to controlling commodities as well as manufacturing. Why? not because we gave it to them

    3. Faouzi says:

      Red commies ? In name only. Those guys can teach the west what capitalism is. Look at the US, point the free markets to me…there are none. Uncle Sam & the Fed own almost everyting.

    4. Ed says:

      Sad isn’t it? Capital and people flocked to the US because of our free market society. Now look at our economy, it is a shambles. The gov own huge chunks and want more. I have very little capital in the US and am a US citizen, a citizen that is fearful the gov will take everything. Watch out for your 401k’s and your IRA’s, when things get bad Zero will try to confiscate those as well.  Time for a new government and a new beginning for the US.