Hide Your Liberty Dollars, Secret Service Is Coming to Confiscate!

by | Aug 29, 2011 | Precious Metals | 135 comments

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    You may remember Bernard von NotHaus, purveyor of the gold/silver backed “Liberty Dollar,” who was convicted of making, possessing, and selling his own coins, as well as conspiracy against the United States. The lead attorney on the case made it a point to refer to Mr. NotHaus’ dealing as a special form of domestic terrorism.

    Since the coins NotHaus was selling have been deemed to violate Federal counterfeiting statutes, they are now considered contraband by the US Attorney and Secret Service. Coin World explains:

    Liberty Dollars held by collectors may be subject to seizure as contraband by federal law enforcement, officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Secret Service said Aug. 24.

    Statements by officials for those two federal law enforcement agencies seem to reverse the position taken in comments released from the United States Attorney’s Office in Charlotte, N.C., and published in Coin World in April, that mere possession of Liberty Dollars did not constitute a violation of any federal statute.

    That position has apparently changed, although officials of the U.S. Secret Service — which would be the federal agency likely charged with executing any possible seizures — would not provide any definitive comments concerning under what circumstances Liberty Dollars would be seized.

    Kessler [Secret Service Representative] could not provide a blanket position the Secret Service would take toward those owning Liberty Dollars, whether one piece or significantly more.

    He said if a Secret Service agent witnessed something considered to be contraband, such as Liberty Dollars, they would be duty-bound to confiscate it.

    If VonHaus was considered a domestic terrorist for violating counterfeiting statutes, you can be assured that those who purchased these silver and gold coins will now be classified as the same, because trading these coins in any capacity will in itself be an act of knowingly passing counterfeit currency.

    If you’ve got any of these coins in your possession, chances are that the US government knows who you are and where you live. While no confiscation policy has been overtly applied to owners of the coins, we can be assured that if the government has the opportunity to do so, they will take everything they can, just as they did with $70 million in double eagle gold coins seized from Langbord family.

    Our advice to concerned terrorists in possession of these coins is to either get a shovel, get them out of the United States (and even then you may not be safe under international treaties), or head to a smelter.

    Hat tip CT


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      1. Good Lord. What next?

        • 1. Confiscate our kids to work for their new world order.
          2. Water consuming tax.
          3. Carbon tax in breath in-breath out.
          4. Confiscate of property for the common good.

          Should i continue?

          By the way. Is everybody ok with the Irene hurricane?

          • Manos, while some might laugh at your suggestions, I certainly think you’re on the right track. [Direct] water and air taxes are coming.. right now they are hiding them indirectly. Property… the banks are going to take care of that for them, and then the Fed will just buy up the “toxic” mortgages and own the land. And while we don’t have a draft in the US anymore, it’s only a matter of time before they force our children into government service like they do in certain parts of Europe.

            Crazy — but it’s the way the world is going!


            • A new political model is on the rise: Banking socialism.
              Everything will be owned by the banks, and the millions of ants will work in slave terms.
              If you work all day long there is no spare time for you.
              If there is no spare time, you cannot think and read.
              If you cannot think, there is no way you wake up.
              That’s why they are about to implement a new education model. Parents will have no time for their kids , so slowly they will pass to the government control.
              I know some will laugh, but who could imagine 5 years ago all those things that we live today?

            • Rahm Emmanuel said that very thing concerning service!

            • What do you mean we do not have a draft? Last time I checked, 18 year olds were still required to register with Selective Service. While I don’t actually see the government forcing teenagers into the military, noncompliance would be an excuse to force same into FEMA camps or possibly slave type labor for said camps.

            • I agree Mac. And what happens to whoever has a “Liberty Dollar”? Do they have to turn them in but wont get reimbersed for the PM??

            • And university students are not allowed to register unless they provide evidence of their draft registration.

            • I know its kind of a teen/young adult book series but has anyone read the book series The Ugly’s, The Pretty’s, etc? Total government control. It’s an easy read and you will see what the government can become. They raise your kids from beginning to adulthood.

          • @Manos

            “If you work all day long there is no spare time for you.
            If there is no spare time, you cannot think and read.
            If you cannot think, there is no way you wake up.”


            • You you don’t eat your meat, how can you have any pudding?

            • Hmmm…work the parents and allow no spare time with the children. The “government” will raise the children. Sounds like they have dusted off the old educational model from Germany in the 1930’s.

              Has anyone heard about the focus of 9/11 programs for this year?

              I remember in 2009 Obama changed 9/11 to a “day of service” for school children. Around DC they had organized sites for the kids to pick up trash on 9/11 in 2009.

              I read this about plans for this year:

              Prayer and clergy excluded from 9/11 memorial

          • Manos, I see your banks are combining over your way.

            • Two banks merged: ALPHABANK and EUROBANK. Actually it’s the beginning of the realization that the banking system is for the crap.
              The EUROBANK recorded first half of 2011 losses of 580 million euros. Plus another 620 million from unpaid dept from households and businesses which is to be recorded in the second half.
              Actually the ALPHABANK saved the other, but the problem as i see consists of two main factors:
              1. What is going to happen to the personell due to the merger?
              2. How the customers will be treated in terms of interest rates, new loans, and renewal of existing loans.
              Generally speaking, in order for the bank to show profits, two things must happen.
              1. Reduce the operating expenses, which means layoffs and closing down branches.
              2. Increase sales, which means increase of spreads and interest rates.
              Time will tell, but i’m sure this merger and all others that will follow, will not have any good impact to the people and businesses.

              Be safe anonymous.

          • No problem in our neck of the woods – thanks for asking.

          • No, its not gonna happen. This is so stupid!

        • I don’t think we want to know….

          • Karen Blixen: Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.

            • yooo anon, gimmie som’a what your smokin XD

        • As best I can tell, the only ones who aren’t “domestic terrorists” are in a coma or have badges.

        • This is another scheme of the government to test us as to how far it can overstep its peramiters. To see how we as American Citizens react if at all.

      2. Thankfully you should be able to melt the silver down into a regular ingot and they shouldn’t be able to do anything.

        • Agreed. Once the Liberty Dollar is no longer a “Liberty Dollar” you should be good to go.

          • What if they were simply defaced without removing material? Say, use a metal stamp and punch a big X into the face and reverse? If the claim is that they represent counterfeit legal tender, then what standard would prevent actual legal tender from being accepted? If you brought a silver dollar to the bank with X’s stamped into it, would they accept it? If not, then would that also not remove the threat that stamped Liberty Dollars could be used/mistaken for legal tender?

            Just throwing out an idea… is there a better solution if you don’t want to smelt it but still retain the metal weight?

        • Yes there is something they can do, they can get bent, and as soon as all of the so called Americans get tired of this crap and start to band together instead of cowering down we can get to taking this country back from Godless power hungry thugs who have no souls.

          • AMEN MMF


          • I agree MMF, and I can’t imagine Americans putting up with any of this, we do have soem recourse left. It sounds as if the CFR /Bankers think they own us and can force us to do anything they want, they can’t, they are not as good as we are , they should be arrested, their money confiscated and doled out to pay our debts and the rest goes to American citizens only. The rest of the world is laughing at us and they hate this Government as much as we do, the only problem we have is all the muslims who hate American infidels and want to take over the country and then the world, everyone wants a piece of us.How bad can we be?

      3. “head to a smelter” you got that right. Just, for the sake of not losing more of your property to the tyrants, get them physically changed to any form not resembling the liberty dollars. These are pure gold and silver, right? (I think they are, don’t have any myself) But they are soft metals and anybody with the means to apply some heat or a mallet to them probably should do so before the sob’s come to get them.

        • I dont have any myself either — hmmm… i wonder if they’ll have any numismatic value???

          Interesting point about the mallet…. I wonder if that will work…. I’ve never actually given my silver coins the beat-down because I love them so much. but those Liberty Dollars ….. they deserve it.

          • Think choo choo.

            • Good answer!!

            • Super glue them to the floor and let the feds try to get them up!

            • Heads or tails?

            • Innovative! Hey, have you been THINKING !!! ??? Better STOP THAT RIGHT NOW, as that will soon be outlawed, in America…

          • lots of stuff on youtube about it. look under ‘melting’ or ‘smelting’ and whatever metal you’re interested in

            • Oh, my gosh……my son has a small pottery kiln. It’s high-fire and was advertised to be a glass smelter too.
              I bet he could make some moulds from clay, fire them,and then have a way to make silver bars or whatever.
              He lets me do all the firing after he throws cups and small bowls, I bet I could do it!!!!!

          • Whats NorFed?

        • A smelter will cost you 30%. Suggest you melt it yourself, okie. 1100 degrees F is not that hot.

          As long as you do not get in the way, or drop the torch on your toe. (I hate when that happens.)

        • Why are you all so afraid of the feds. Hell if they show up at your door tell them somebody stole all of your coins and to get the hell off your porch. Don’t be such a chickens–t. Keep them now and if others turn theirs in yours will be worth a hell of a lot more in the future, when they become rare.

          • Exactly, tell’m to leave or you’ll let them have some of your “lead collection”. Invest in real precious metals, Lead, Brass and Copper.

      4. I’ll tell you whats next! They will have a mandatory return of all gold and perhaps even silver to the US govement as they have in the past. In turn you will get some paper know as DEBT. That’s insane I know. But all currency is DEBT. You give them a tangeble asset and in return you get BEBT. LOL It just sounds so insane!

        • They have just asked for this in Russia on a voluntary basis.

          • Yes, “we” know.

        • Perhaps it’s already starting. Uncle went to purchase some old 1880s silver dollars at local coin shop last month and was told to give name, address, phone & driver’s license no. or he couldn’t buy them. Asked why driver’s license, was told that’s the law. Opinions on this?

          • I’d wager a guess that the shop keeper is lying. I went to purchase similar coins and all they asked for was cash.

          • The dealer might want to know so he can send someone round to relieve you of them later. I’d find a different dealer. I buy coins all the time, and never need to produce anything cept the cash.

          • There was an attempt to require reporting of precious metals purchases over a certain dollar amount,
            not sure if it made it onto the books.

      5. My advice would be to smelt them, and record it so you can see the coins being obliterated. That way if anyone comes knocking, you can hand them (or show them) a copy of the destruction. Then again, maybe you would be charged with destruction of illegal property, or some other such nonsense. Anyway, gold is gold, and it’s still worth its weight 🙂

        • Such a good point about destruction of property.. If they want to take you down, they will find a way… tens of thousands of pages of laws in this country…

          And to think, it all started with a six page Constitution…

      6. Keep this in mind people: IT’S BEEN DONE BEFORE.

      7. Didn’t RP get on a few of these?

        • yes but they were copper

      8. It takes a real high temp to melt silver, but it appears to be worth it !!

        • 1761 if it’s four 9’s which I doubt.

          • Clint Eastwood did it with a metal pill bottle full of match sticks while in traz.

            • Chuck Norris just glances at silver and it melts!

      9. Good to see some medicine on here.

      10. DON’T TOUCH IT! IT’S EVIL! It’s just a coin. No it’s not……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

        • Time Bandits reference? 🙂

      11. Put them on the railroad tracks and let a train run over them. Bet they will look pretty cool!

      12. Hope they don’t come for my Amero’s.. 🙂 Seriously, I have a few.. paid a ridiculas amount for them but it was worth it.

        A guy I know in Mexico, pretty rich guy, approached me and with all the seriousness he could muster, asked if the merging of Canada, the US and Mexico was legit. I relished his fear, so I just told him, who knows ? I’ve heard some rumors. As soon as I got back I tracked down the guy minting the Amero’s a bought a few. Son of a gun, as soon as I went back to Mexico the first person I ran into was him. I said, Hey ( name omitted ) remember you asked about the Ameri-zone ? I reached into my pocket and flipped him a solid silver Amero.. He almost pooped his drawers.. I never told him it wasn’t real currency.. I figured that was a good dessert.. he’s not real nice to the common folk there..

        • +1 oz

      13. Reminds me of a western with Kris Kristoperson playing Billy the kid.Remember the deputy that beat him in jail and threatened to kill him with his shotgun loaded with “10 thin dimes”? Kris took the gun away from him and shot him with it.”Keep the change,Bob” He said with a smile.Any questions…

        • i’ve thought up a few “special” shotgun loads. would nickles or pennies work? i dont plan on making any, btw.

      14. I remember when VanHaus was doing this and friends of mine were buying his products. They were buying Silver Liberty Oz at $20 and my question to them was… why are you paying $20 for his oz of silver when I’m buying eagles oz’s at $14? They didn’t have much to say.

        If gold and silver are considered money in our constitution, why is that what VanHaus was doing illegal? It’s not; It’s a threat to the fiat money scam system therefore they made it illegal.

        Smelting is the best option for this product.

        • According to Uncle Ben, “gold is not money”. I am sure that will be the defense. A good attorney and patriot could have a lot of fun with this case.

          The federal judge would be in a real quandry. If he says gold is not money like Uncle Ben, then he has denied the US Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold. If he says that gold is money, then he labels FRN as fiat.

          This could be fun. Bottom line Von Haus might be convicted with minting money without a license from the FED.

          Render unto Ceasar …

          • What is this “constitution” you refer to?

            & sadness

            • Yea, “The Constitution”. We put it in the National Archives along with all the other stuff we’re not using anymore. The National Archives is sorta like America’s attic.

      15. What about the copper Ron Paul ones I have seen? or the O’Bama copper bars I saw on You Tube prior to the election? Do copper rounds fall in this risk category?

        • Sunflower they don’t have dollars attributed to them; which is where this guy crossed the line. I still think our government should help the masses and issue silver and gold coins with higher face values to give us both inflation and deflationary protection.

          A $100 – One Ounce silver coin not a $.25 five ounce silver coin – thats just stupid.

          • The Canadians ‘diddled’ themselves with this one back when they issued the Silver Maple Leaf with a face value of $5. The value of silver dropped below $5 an oz. and the people took their Silver Maple Leafs to the banks and traded them in for $5 bills.

            • They also produced $20 coins in the 80’s I believe that did not trade very much at all until silver reached that level a few years ago.

              Our government enables the “Fed” to print money for foreign banks to remain solvent. This can be inflationary. It should “mint” silver and maybe even gold coins that make sense to the populus and give them a protection against silver; and a deflationary protection as well in face value. Not something silly like 5 ounces of silver for $.25. A $1000 (1/4 ounce) gold coin and $100 silver coin will get bought for paper very quickly in this country.

      16. Oh by the way Mr. Silver and Gold hoarder, while we are here might you also have firearms in your residence, just sayin!

        • Um, no.

        • Right. If they come after you under any pretense, they will leave you stripped bare, if not detained.

          In a widespread emergency I see the gubmint (fed. state, or local) trying to set up a system to encourage sheeple begging for “assistence” to inform on people who they think may be “hoarding” supplies that could be used for “the common good”.

      17. I buried them under my liberal neighbors house slab.

        • right next to the liberal neighbor

          • LOL

            • Triple Dog LOL!

          • Oddball: Definitely an antisocial type. Woof, woof, woof! That’s my other dog imitation.

            • and they load the shells with paint. It makes….pretty colors.

      18. [Okie tells him he’s behind enemy lines]
        Oddball: So they tell me. Everybody round here is very friendly. Look, baby, I’m kinda hung up. I need sixty feet of bridge.
        Okie: Hey, kid, they haven’t got you in the nut ward again?
        Oddball: Ah, Okie, for cryin’ out loud. That’s the the stinking, most awful, stupid joke and you’re always pullin’ that stinking awful stupid joke. You don’t want in this thing, you don’t get in this thing. I cut you out of everything. I don’t need you. Sixty feet of bridge I can get almost anywhere. Schmuck!
        Okie: So, what’s your other dog imitation.
        Oddball: I’ll tell you later. I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know.
        Big Joe: What’s happening?
        Oddball: Well, the truck’s broke and they’re trying to fix it.
        Big Joe: Well, then, why the hell aren’t you up there helping them?
        Oddball: [chuckles] I only ride ’em, I don’t know what makes ’em work.

      19. These piss ants and their numerous threats never end. Sign this, don’t do this, don’t, don’t don’t drives me nuts on one hand while delighting me on another since it means the end is closer… But I’m really pissed off when I see Americans ask how high ever time one of the little pipsqueaks says jump. Stop giving them power over you.

        To counterfeit means to imitate and try to pass off something to defraud another. The Norfed coins in public domain are a curiosity, not a counterfeit US Coin. Only an ass sniffing TSA pervert would confuse a privately issued silver coin with a legal US tender coin.

        • Off topic, but I wonder what happens if you “can’t help it” and pass gas while a TSA goon is feeling up that area?

      20. Regarding government getting out of control,
        I contacted a well driller here in south Florida last week about installing a well in case TSHTF.
        They said that the city will NOT allow a well for drinking since it undermines their racket of selling you water and of the county getting taxes from it as well.
        So what do I do? I used an old existing sprinkler well with a pitcher pump!
        Screw them! That is the answer!

        • I’m in So Flo and had a new well put in about a month ago.. I would question the well guy.. he may not have wanted to come where you are at.. the guy that drilled my new well told me that pitcher pumps were illegal.. talked to lots of other folks in the business and they all said he was full of it. I put one on my old well and have a spare in the closet.

          Try calling another well guy..

          • In my county, there are only a few approved drillers and everything is on the ol’ boy system with the county health inspector. I’d be hard pressed if I were in Dave’s position and needed to find someone who is looser with the rules.

            Maybe find a well drillernfrom another county? One that accepts cash. 🙂

            Once your well is installed, there are ways to hide it. For example, there are plastic enclosures you can buy that are painted and textured to look like boulders. As those may be well known by your county inspector, a better solution might be to erect an outbuilding so that the structure encloses your well head. Some government busybody driving around looking for rogue wells would have no idea you’ve got a well under there.

            • Drive your own shallow well (25 ft). Tractor supply has everything you need, or you can order it all out of Northern magazine. A pitcher pump is only going to draw 25 ft. max. It was either in Backwoods home or Mother earth news mags that gave a detailed description of what you need to drive a shallow well. I’ll try to locate it and give you the magazine number, or you can go on line and look at the videos. The hardest part is going to be locating water on your property using divining rods.

            • Mick; But a government busybody who is a a county appraiser may notice the building. These guys do periodic checks of county property anyway looking for additions, pools,covered patios, barns, etc that may have been added. He would insist on looking inside.

              Create a fake tree stump to put over it and set a pot of flowers on it.

          • If you need a couple of phone numbers for well guys in So Flo… post in reply.. since it isn’t my phone number, I’ll be happy to post it.. 🙂

            • The local govts are desperate for money. Had one of them walk on my property taking a pic of my house yesterday. Only the second time in 15 years. I smell a tax value increase coming.

        • water is an God given right, we werenty’ put on this planet with no food and water to drink, it doesn’t work that way, no one should have tohe right to tax water that is on your property. As a sdide note, what if you just bought jewelry and had it smelted ? they can’t really trace that. I also have a charm bracelet my husband gave me over 20 years ago with coins hsi mother had, gold coins, one is a mexican gold piece and onwee is a British gold piece, they are antiques, they cant’ do anything about that can they ? also have a gold charm bracelet with a lot of gold charms on it, its mine and I aim to keep it, I also have a gold ingot on a chain also old, can they take these things?

      21. You people talk so much shit !

        • apparently you like the smell.

      22. Id say to smash it with a hammer until its flat, then shape it to something else.

      23. if our fed dark overlords decided to allow gold and silver as a medium of exchange would govt minted coins and bars (silver and gold eagles) be the only type accepted? In utah I believe that is the case but their working on an amendment to allow other than govt issued rounds to be used

      24. melt them down to a nice caliber, and let the SS have em.
        isnt it ironic how the german SS and this SS seem so parallel.

      25. Interesting point of fact… It’s very interesting how a coin with the word “LIBERTY” on it is causing so much trouble??? I guess they don’t want us to have any! DOH!!! What did Patrick Henry say??? Give me Liberty or give me death…right? That man was way before his time, wasn’t he?

        Totally ridiculous this even happened, but I agree it was to confiscate his gold and set a precedent to label as many as possible “terrorists”…domestic or not.

      26. You don’t understand, they shot my dog. 0330 for the doughnuts.

      27. Pile them up in a nice metal box with a glass lid so they can be seen then tell the Stupid Suckers(SS)to have at em…only forget to tell them theyre wired up to 440V…or you can improvise another suprise….SS had better have brass ones twenty pounds or more trying to take some ole boys stash!

      28. Hmm Liberty Dollar. Special form of domestic terrorism. This article is crying out for air quotes. Lemme try:

        “Liberty” dollar. More than a little irony when something called a Dollar that has an actual value is “terrorism”, when a regular dollar that has no value is considered the legitimate currency LOL. And that word “terrorism”. Terrorism is an attack against a civilian target. There’s nothing civilian about this government anymore. So if you feel like it, you can call it an act of war, or subversion, etc. But it isn’t terrorism.

        • The legitimate currency – shouldn’t that be illigitimate currency? (but then, it’s not PC because every dollar deserves to be loved and appreciated)

      29. Re: Liberty dollar
        Hammer and anvil. Any questions?

      30. now those dollars will be worth twice thier value on ebay. (just buy bullion)

      31. Greetings Everyone!!!
        Guess the “Feds” are getting a mite desperate.Arresting raw milk distributors,raw almond farmers,coin makers,Organic farmers who refuse to grow GMO crops and any one who smells of individualism.At one time it seemed to me to be the red half of the REPOCRATS in Congress were the main culprits that kissed the feet of Corporate America(read multi-national).No longer,the other “blue” half seem to be in thrall to their Corporate masters as well.Doubt even Ron Paul can reverse the slide into the Dark Days of crumbling Imperialism.TPTB won’t go quietly into the annals of history.Before they give up even one iota of power to lessen the suffering of the many as things change,they’ll demand suffering on a MASSIVE scale.We know it’s time is near,as to when,only God and J.C. knows(and it AIN’T in September boyz and girls).Let them have their PM’s.Precious little good it will do them.Change is coming and TPTB feel it and shudder in fear.What’s about to come next cannot be controlled by guns,FEMA camps,savaging the people in general in the name of “National Security” or any other self-serving method of control the UBER-RICH employ.SHTF people sense the turning of the tide and are “prepping”(I hope)for the interim period that ALWAYS precedes a new paradigms for Civilization.The Russians don’t have a clue,the Chinese have ALWAYS refused to accept it to their peril,Europe is still clueless,and the REPOCRATS won’t change for it.Makes for “interesting times” to quote a ancient Chinese curse.
        Best to All
        Hug your Loved Ones(or get some to hug!)

      32. If all 67 of us and all those who read our post would just stand for LIBERTY it sure would make our forfathers turn back over in their graves!!!
        The question that you have to ask your’e self?
        Liberty or Death ?
        Which do you choose?
        Me ? I like My guns.

        P.S. A roll of nickles gains .60 as soon as it leaves the bank in melt value. http://www.coinflation.com

      33. Hand your coins to a real terrorist and the feds would never find them.

        • funny, but true..and if they do catch the terrorist he wil be killed twice

          • LOL, and thats funny but true.

      34. Woo-who !!! Not to worry, according to the Drudgereport dot Com this morning, the approval rating of our “glorious leader” is an amazing 70% !!!!!!

        Amoung Muslims…

      35. Bring em on! They walk away form my house perforated.

      36. When Castro took power in Cuba back in 1959 the first thing that he did was to seize all firearms which he did because there was universal registration. After the people that had kept their guns were either in jail or dead, he went on the radio and told the people that he wanted everyone’s gold and silver. Some people at that point wanted to fight him but they had nothing to do it with. That’s the dividing line. Once they call for gun confiscation the time for talk is over.


      37. Don’t forget, the feds raided Gibson Guitar Co. because they thought there was illegal imported wood there.

        If you own a Norfed medallion the feds would have no problem with breaking down your door in the middle of the night looking for your “terrorist” coin.

        Remember “Kristallnacht” in 1938 Nazi Germany when storm troopers destroyed Jewish businesses?

        And the Democrat left wing libs are constantly saying how our Constitution has no relevance today. Throw the bums out of office before we become another National Socialist state.

        • May you were not paying attention. It was the great Republican hero George W. Bush who referred to the Constitution as a “G.D. piece of paper”, and it was a Bush appointment, Alberto Gonzales, who called the Constitution “quaint”. So perhaps in your kooky little world of illusion it may be all the Dem’s fault, but in the REAL world, we know better.

          • You’re not paying attention now. Get real now!

          • Dboy, your source for “Constitution is G.D. piece of paper” has been proven to be unreliable and Capital Blue which published that garbage has a history of publishing lies.

            You are the one who is living in your world of illusion because you wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you upside your head.

            Quote a reliable source for your comments before spouting falsehoods.

        • They are all taking orders from the CGFR and George Soros, Mitt Romney is a CFR ,member adn Perry is a bilderberger attendee, McCain, John Bolton and Newt Gingrich are members too, no President except for JFK has ever been President without joining the CFR and they are still running, Obama was a member before he ran for President, George Soros is a member , they are all in the high ranks in the Pentagon such as Petraeus and Gates and the rest of the brass, thye have taken over, the Tes Party backs them wihtout knowing who they are, they keep getting in, they need to be thrown out. David Rockefeller is the leader , enough said, defeat them and you will have a decent Government, Ron Paul , God Bless him, is not the man to do it, too soft and too old, although his heart is in the right place. We can’t continue to live like this and bring our children up in this mess.

      38. Just squirrel them away for awhile…you’ll be able to sell them for a HUGE premium in a few years on SHOP AT HOME…he,he..

        • Now there is another Ben Dover present. Tjhe world surely doesn’t need TWO of them.

      39. Please do! I need practice with my new assault rifle!
        MOLON LABE!

      40. blah,blah,blah, you better vote all,all, of the crap out of DC next election, if we have one.
        My m-1, 38’s 30.30’s are in good shape……

      41. Will our own boys, own cops, turn on you. you bet they will. Stock up just in case……..

      42. It is already too late. The powers that are have full control of the white house with the imposter, full control of the congress will all of the thieves that steal from us, and full control of the media and the education system, so the only hope is that the small percentage of the population that have arms and are willing to spill a bit of patriot blood for freedom and liberty are our only hope!

      43. Also, too many so-called amerikans were willing to surrender much freedom and liberty for what seemed, appeared, imagined to be security and as Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those that are willing to surrender liberty for security – deserve neither!”
        Right now, as George Orwell clearly elucidated in his profound book, Animal Farm, in conclusion, “- – -and the sheep began to bleat!” I can hear them, can you?

      44. Freedom. How do ya like it now?

      45. The Federal Government doesn’t want any competition for their increasingly worthless paper Federal Reserve Notes.

      46. The Liberty dollar is the real US dollar. The reason the SS came after Bernard is that his money was more popular than the FRN!! Bernard is a true patriot. He put his life on the line to try to return America to a valid currency. One man armed with the truth rocked the Tresury, SS and the Fed. What have you done lately?

      47. if you do not have a smelter just deface the coins beyound recognition. you can do this with a hammer and still have all of the metal. just thinking of the non-smelting poor man. acid would also deface the coin beyond recognition. stamp the word “copy” somewhere. anything but give up your precious metals

      48. Hey guuys, you’re living in a fascist country!

      49. bitcoin.org

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