Gold and Silver: What the IRS Needs to Know About Your Investments (And What They Don’t)

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Precious Metals | 126 comments

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    With gold and silver becoming a popular asset class for investors in recent years many buyers of precious metals may be wondering what they should or should not report to the Internal Revenue Service.

    The following Infographic from JM Bullion provides a simple and informative guide to help you make sure you’re letting the government know what you’re up to so they don’t come banging down your door.

    Not everything you own needs to be reported (depending on the types of precious metals you have), but you certainly wouldn’t want to get caught up in an audit if the IRS knows you are in possession of certain types of gold and silver investments.

    (Click here to view a larger version of this image)


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      1. Next they will coming for your GOLD TEETH….

        • Let’s face it the IRS are like those thugs that the kings use to employ that turn you upside and shake you of any coins you have. They would put a price tag on the POTENTIAL sale of your internal organs as sellable assets. The government has become 100 times worse than a generation ago in which gold and silver and other precious metals was a routine practice, as well transactions within the banks that didn’t have a 1-2 week hold on them for checks over a certain amount.

          Do you know one of the biggest reasons for this crackdown on all potential money sources a person might have, besides the absolute control they want over every last aspect of your life? The economic debt is exploding like a supernovae while the MSM continues to print a happy face with rosy colored glasses that everything is wonderful and booming. That BO saved the economy. The MSM is fantastic and shovelling the horse manure at incredible amounts about the economy, the Ebola situation, the Middle East, Russia, etc, etc. etc………………………

            • Yes, read this article this morning….this is concerning….still can’t wake the family sheeple…


              • As the bumper sticker says: “The Government doesn’t want you stealing because it can’t stand competition”.

                • Why are people still afraid of the IRS?

                  They are a COLLECTION AGENCY and are just as easily turned away as a junk debt buyer.

                  Down below I see some of the 16th amendment arguments, and even the old “sovereign citizen” crap. It’s not about any of that stuff.

                  IT’S COMMERCIAL LAW.

                  NOBODY should pay a nickel to beast and it’s IRS. If they ever contact you, here is all it takes to make them go away:


                  Dear IRS,

                  You appear to be collecting a tax debt on behalf of the United States government. It is imperative that this matter be resolved so I can pay any amount that may be due as quickly as possible.

                  To verify your claim, please send me the following so I can get any tax I owe paid promptly.

                  1) A true and correct copy of the signed return that creates the tax you are collecting.
                  2) A true and correct copy of the assessment of the tax signed by the secretary.
                  3) Copies of all information returns made regarding the tax you are collecting.
                  3) A copy of your oath of office required by anyone who handles public money.

                  Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter,

                  Free Dude


                  The most important thing is to avoid controversy and conflict. So long as you offer to pay in full upon being furnished with sufficient proof of the existence of the tax, which they can not provide EVER, they will simply go away.

                  They have no other choice.

                  DO NOT refuse to pay the IRS, or say you do not owe a tax over some 16th amendment crap or that you are some kind of “sovereign citizen” when in fact you can not be a sovereign AND a citizen at the same time. If you claim to be a sovereign citizen, you are an idiot and have just signaled the corp that you have no idea what you are talking about.

                  YOU SHOULD NEVER REPORT ANYTHING TO THE IRS. Especially if it is something other than FRNs.

                  • Where can I rea more obout this approach in dealing with the IRS-they have made my life a nightmare for far too long-thanks.

            • Silver Lodge: That’s why no one with more than an ounce of brains, 1: keeps any money in a bank, especially large ones. 2: keeps more than what is absolutely necessary for weekly needs in any institution. Banks continue to make poor decisions and the bigger the bank usually the bigger the errors. Credit unions on the other hand a far less likely to do foolish things because they are so small (local) and answerable to depositors rather than shareholders and nearly untouchable directors on a board. Not a perfect solution but better than some large bank that’s in bed with the FED and the government.

          • Personally I am on the fence on the subject of Gold/Silver.

            I do have 5 x 1 ounce gold bars I have had for quite a long time but they are more for last ditch “bribe” my way outta the S situations. Probably got about 30 ounces of silver in various coins too.

            I figure in a slow slide there will be rampant inflation and it would be better to keep the stuff. If it all goes belly up in a big hurry gold wont be much use at all – and my hard assets, food, security items and means to produce more food – will be more use than gold/silver.

            A few ounces of gold may be just what I need to get out of a sticky situation but I still reckon a 150Gr 308 fast expanding projectile will achieve a better result (no chance of a double cross?) 🙂


            • Aussie .. pardon me for being obtuse, I thought firearm possession down under, and in all former British protectorates, was outlawed some years ago, yet you make a direct reference to possession of a firearm in your post.

              What exactly is the law regarding firearm possession in AUS.

              • Hi Navy Vet

                A common belief that we were disarmed after a massacre in 96 but nothing could be further from the truth.

                Gun ownership changed a bit after that. Semi auto centrefire and rimfire as well as pump shotguns were banned except in certain circumstances. Pump rimfire, centrefire, lever actions and all bolt actions were left untouched and while the individual states still manage their own firearm registries there was supposed to be “uniform” laws across the country. That is not a fact but we are getting by OK.

                Handguns have always been regulated but join a pistol club and shoot a half dozen times a year and you can pretty well have what you like except .50 cals and some states allow those. I am not in a pistol club anymore but I had a S&W 9mm, a 45ACP Colt, S&W revolvers in 22, 38Sp, 357 and 44 Mag. Could have had more if I wanted.

                I am basically a hunter these days and have about 25 longarms, from 22rf right up to 375H&H as well as maybe a dozen shotguns from 410 to 12G. If I want another that is no problem either – just cant go into a store and buy one like you can. No restrictions on ammo but I cant buy ammo for anything I don’t have a license for.

                At the time of our infamous and totally ineffective “buyback” the only gun I had to hand in was a Ruger 10/22. I had sold my Rem 1100 and Rem 742 x 308 a few years before.

                Having a gun purely for self defence is not a genuine reason to own a gun but if you are a club member, hunter or target shooter and if, during a home invasion you could get a gun out of your safe in time and use it you’d get away with it as our laws are specific in that you are allowed to use what force is necessary to neutralise any threat to your life or that of others. Bit “grey”, but like I said, it would be considered reasonable to shoot someone who was coming through your front door with a machete – just do it properly so there is only one (your) side to the story.

                Another thing – we had pretty much unregulated supply of suppressors in some states here and in my state they were only finally banned completely about 2 years ago. Until then you could own them but not use them. There are probably still many, many thousands of them out there as I heard of very few getting handed in. Mostly there were rimfire suppressors but there has always been a few CF’s as well.

                Perhaps to enlighten you further New Zealand has no regulation of suppressors at all and very sensible gun laws too. Suppressors are so common in New Zealand that the rifle manufacturers – Ruger, CZ, Sako, (all of them in fact) thread their barrels 1/2″x20 in the factory before they exported them – you cant buy a rimfire off the rack over there that isn’t factory threaded. For a while about 10-15 years ago a lot of factory rifles here were also supplied factory threaded.

                The UK also has sensible laws regarding suppressors – in fact it is nearly impossible to get a license for a 22 unless you also have a suppressor. “Cant have chappies wandering around at night lamping (jacklighting) rabbits and making noise that might upset the neighbours, what? Now go and get a suppressor and I’ll give you a license, there’s a good chap”

                The Brits are also leading the way with suppressing shotguns with remarkable success. Have a look at www-saddleyandgunroom-co-uk Put in dots instead of dashes of course. They are also fitting suppressors to centrefire rifles like the New Zealanders, both screw on and over barrel.

                While we don’t have your firearms freedom, we are still doing OK.



          • Satori, glad you saw what I was implying…

            • They’re coming after more than your grill in ferguson MO. FAA just closed low flying airspace there. No news choppers, no hobby drones

              • Do you think they will open fire, for a 3rd night of riots???

                • I don’t know what to think. Are they protecting those in choppers, or are they hiding the cops response from the public.

              • my wife lived there for a year in the 70’s, she stated it sure has changed since then, when an area turns, it takes years to turn around. Sad…

                • I had a strong hunch about the racial demographics of Ferguson, which I had confirmed by a visit to’s website. Come on, my fellow White brothers and sisters. How much longer are you morons going to continue to keep your heads jammed up your asses on the all-important subject of racial realism?
                  Until you’ve been reduced to a minority inside a turd world infested crap hole of a once great, 90% White nation and when the black and mestizo percentage of the USA is 64 percent or higher?

                  Black alone – 13,753 (64.9%)
                  White alone – 6,494 (30.6%)
                  Two or more races – 437 (2.1%)
                  Asian alone – 263 (1.2%)
                  Hispanic – 156 (0.7%)
                  American Indian alone – 34 (0.2%)
                  Other race alone – 45 (0.2%)
                  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 23 (0.1%)

                  Read more:

                  • Not to dispute what you stated, but this does make sense…

                    503 Days after Trayvon …

                    This pretty well sums up the issue.

                    During the 503 Days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman verdict…..

                    10,865 Blacks were killed by other Blacks that is, on average, over 21 per DAY!

                    Also: The United States ranks 3rd in murders throughout the world. However, if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom for murders.

                    These 4 Cities have the toughest gun control laws in the United States.

                    All 4 are also controlled by Democrats.

                    It would be absurd to draw any conclusions .

                    Ps. Do you know how to brain wash a liberal ?….Give them an enema.

                    Not to ruffle any feathers out there, but look at the facts….

          • Off Topic. Primary Elections in many states have come and gone and some are very near as in Wyoming, it will be on the 19th. I have one question, why do many people complain about the encumbents and some say we need Term Limits but come election day they either don’t vote or run right down and vote for the guy that’s already in office, and then turn right around and start complianing again and saying we need to throw the bums out. So next election vote for the new guy! Trekker Out.

            • because they complain about the “other guys”, not their guy. The reality is, the congress has the right representatives. The people in each district elect the guy who they feel will best represent their views.

              The patisanship you see is because of poor leadership at the top. Our last two presidents seem to be /have been devoid of any philosophy. Its the presidents job to convince the people who then instruct their representatives how to vote. Absence of any instruction, representatives default to the “party line” which by definition is partsan.

              Thats how I see it anyways.

              • C Spider. That is the reason Primaries are so important, even if you want to vote the party line. It’s your opportuniy to elect some one new. As far as Conservatives go, people will still go and vote the same old encumbent RINO back in to office instead of electing a Tea Party candidate as most primay elections have already shown this year. Vote or Don’t Vote, that’s your choice, but someone is going to rule over you. Trekker Out.

        • Careful if you ever donate sperm! We will all be taxed for potential gains from bodily fluid donations! Sheesh

          • There was a case where child support was ordered. A sperm donor thought he was being a friend to a couple lesbian women who wanted a baby. They had his baby and then “divorced.” The one who got custody applied for welfare and the state department of family went after the sperm donor.

            • “A woman will remember for 100 years any debts outstanding” -Ernest Hemingway

            • That should only happen in the case of a “direct” donation.


          • Only if you donate too much Some kind of excess profit gusher surtax.

            • At what age do we get to claim a Sperm Depletion Allowance on our taxes?

          • I’ve been known to “donate” on occasion.
            I’ll bet MCLOVIN has a story or two as well.

            • Yeah, but McLovin’s ex can tell stories about being on the receiving end of a few donations. Hence, the reason she’s the EX.

          • OH…MY..GAWD! you mean to tell me i’ve let a FORTUNE slip through my FINGERS?

          • aww, HELL! it sounds like i’ve let a FORTUNE slip through my FINGERS, kula?

        • Don’t tell the IRS a damn thing. It’s none of their business, these leeches will steal everything from you if you let them.

      2. Income Taxes Are Illegal! The IRS & FED Are Criminal Organizations!


        • spoken like a true “sovereign citizen” trying to stir up and get others into trouble

          • The sovereign citizen argument is brilliant and well-founded in historical fact.

            • AE and JOH,

              If you even remotely attempt the 16th amendment crap you are an idiot. It is irrelevant anyway, as the amendment did nothing to institute an income tax.

              If you are a citizen of something, you relieve yourself of sovereignty for the privilege of citizenship. Therefore, it is NOT POSSIBLE to be a sovereign AND a citizen.

              The phrase “sovereign citizen” was well promoted by the SPLC and propagated to cops everywhere, merely because making such an argument indicates that you are clueless about their system and are ripe for the picking.

              The same is true about most of the idiotic arguments you see for the IRS, or any other part of the corp. There is no need to pay the IRS anything, but there is no need to get in trouble for not paying what nobody really owes anyway.

              The key to winning ANY legal battle with the corp is to keep the burden of proof on it. Never disagree, always offer to pay upon SIGNED proof of claim, ie a contract. If you can do that, and it is not that difficult using their own rules, you will never see a courtroom or feel a collection action.

              The corp can be easily beaten, including it’s IRS. But not if you do things the hard way. A free man does not prove himself free with words and papers, he proves it by acting free and agreeing to pay his contracts IF a claim against him is proven.

              • You’re a total full of cowshit moron. ANYBODY who takes your advice will wind up in JAIL. People PLEASE do NOT pay any attention to this idiot unless you enjoy a prison cell.

        • That very well may be, but until the Supreme Court decides to both hear a case and rule against them it’s a moot point. You can cry about it all you want but might makes right and they have far more might than any US citizen does. Thus, if you fail to comply they will imprison or kill you, at their discretion.

          • An Unconstitutional Illegal Government Agency committing an Unconstitutional Illegal Criminal Act in violation of the Original U.S. Constitution is No Longer Protected by Constitutional Law and Fair Game!

            * See the 2nd Amendment of the Original U.S. Constitution for Reference and Grow yourselves a Pair of Balls!


            • So? A 45 still beats a good story, or 4 aces. Yell all you want. Short of a true revolution no country ever found it’s own taxes illegal and this one won’t either. So get off of it and get real.

          • Well,one can barter/work for cash/trade ect.,were possible grow own food and energy,every little bit you do to starve the matrix and ignore it helps,soon we will have no choice but to do afore mentioned things if we want to live.

          • Winston, I did the soveriegn thing years ago and what I discovered was the govt. is above the law! I have seen it happen to many others too. You can buy time with the irs but in the end they will destroy you. I did however get out of a bunch of credit card debt and got some property taxes dropped. I have a friend who is a millionaire and he plays theyre game and kicks theyre ass! I love to listen to his stories about how he uses the system to screw the irs. That guy IS a genius lol.

        • Wrong, the 16th amendment made it legal to tax income.

          • The 16th Amendment wasn’t properly ratified.

            making it ILLEGAL and legally UNENFORCEABLE!


            • JOH is correct.

              • JOH is NOT correct.

                The 16th amendment is part of the corporate constitution of the United States, not the organic constitution that is clearly no longer in effect.

                Besides, it did nothing to institute a tax. It was put there merely to confuse the people of the future when they awoke to the fraud being instituted in 1913.

                The IRS is easily beaten, but you must use commercial law. Only an idiot would argue the corps statutes and laws against it, in it’s own courts.

                The People are on an equal footing with the corp in their courts ONLY when using the commercial law they operate under.

                It is their claim, and they win by shifting the burden of proof to you. They say you owe a tax and you say you don’t, thereby accepting the burden of proving the negative.

                Agree to pay upon proof of claim, and since they can NEVER prove the claim they can never proceed against you.

                The only power they really have is through your own fear of them.



          • Income is not wages, learn the difference…

      3. There is no law that says you must pay income tax!!!


        • It was the 16th amendment to the Constitution.

          The IRS expects you to report any and all income from the sale of your precious metals.

          I report all mine. You should too. You tax cheaters like to make excuses why it’s OK to cheat the government but deep down you know it’s wrong, don’t you? That’s why you get so mad when I call you on it.

          • “No Taxation without Representation!”


            • WHO KNEW ?

              Who rules America? “A shattering new study by two political science professors has found that ordinary Americans have virtually no impact whatsoever on the making of national policy in our country.”

              A shattering new study by two political science professors has found that ordinary Americans have virtually no impact whatsoever on the making of national policy in our country. The analysts found that rich individuals and business-controlled interest groups largely shape policy outcomes in the United States.

              … more

              • You mean when the Monsanto lion roars it drowns out my little squeak? How am I gonna’ get my bit of govt cheese?

              • Absolutely 100% true. Anyone who thinks that elections have any impact on America is living in a fantasy world. Kennedy was the last truly elected president and it was a mistake that he slipped through. As we know they fixed their mistake by putting a bullet in his head.

                • Oh yea, and too drive home the point; they put one in brother Robert/Bobby and then sent a bullet with wings to bring John John down.

                  Teddy was playing the middle and used his senate votes to keep his sorry ass alive.

                  Somebody is gonna burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the smell of burning flesh.

                  It’s a good thing I have no doubts about which direction my little ass is heading. There will be no scorching on that side of the gulf.


              • Let the riots begin!

            • Always play by the rules, and here I mean THEIR rules. I know it rubs folks the wrong way but the best thing anyone can do is learn the rules and then you can find all the ways around them. I use to work at a bank and the rules (IRS) were that anyone who came in and deposited, or withdrew, $10,000 or more was required to fill out an IRS form. If someone tried to get around this by bringing in $7,000 and then the spouse comes in and deposits $3,000 or more so afterwards, they still had to fill out the form because the Feds have a name for this activity, it’s called ‘structuring’. They’ve prosecuted people for this. The same thing goes for taking this amount out of the country. It’s screwed up but they will seize your money and prosecute you. You don’t have to like it, it just is. To avoid either of these entanglements whether it’s cash or bullion, all you have to do is be patient and do it over long periods of time so that it doesn’t require any forms, and so that it won’t trigger a structuring investigation. Slow and steady wins the race.

          • the 16th amendment to the Constitution.


            WAS NOT MADE INTO LAW!

            ya’ dummy.


          • I am all for starving the govt. any way possible,really didn’t want to invest in the banks and other corps. but in theory the govt. forced us to,as I said in previous post,will soon be a trashed and then whole new economy.

          • Barn Cat,

            I could have sworn that the Government, AKA the regime cheats the American Citizen at every turn. What I buy is my own business and what I sell it for is also my own business.

            I guess you better report any food you have stored that exceeds more than a few days worth. You can’t have it both ways so if you want to call someone out on something then make sure you’re dealing straight.

        • I don’t know if you are right or not Jack, but what I do know is if you try and refuse to pay taxes you’ll be arguing from a jail cell. Not criticizing you personally here either ….. just an observation.

          Same here in Aussie too.


        • Question for you Jacks, do you pay your taxes?

        • This IRS and Taxes is similar if you ask about the Gun Control Laws in Germany in 1933? Then compare that to the Gun Control act of 1965. But nobody has a copy or can find a copy of the German Gun laws to compare the two.
          How convenient and nobody wants to look too hard to see if it almost the same.

      4. while purchasing an extra gas mask and some filters:

        older guy behind counter: is that it for you today?
        me: yes sir
        young guy behind counter(resembles a cop): what are you going to be using this for?
        me: … breathe

        • What type of store? Just asking because of some lists I’ve heard of. Tnks.

        • I’m gonna be using it to get stupid people to ask stupid questions — it’s a hobby of mine.

      5. What the govt. meeds to know about any precious metals a citizen may buy/hold/sell,nothing.

      6. I can’t afford gold I might buy silver a little at a time. The IRS has no idea I have it or can’t prove I have. Do I have silver? Do you have silver? What is silver? IRS do you have silver? You can keep guessing! I have already paid taxes on the money I earned, I’m not paying taxes second time!!!

        • Is there gold in the village? Where are the gems, the silver? Is there gold in the village?”

        • Why would I keep useless shiny metal officer? I only keep incredibly valuable government bonds! All of my money is safely stored electronically so no one can touch it! Now I’m off to pay my taxes like a good citizen.


        • Soon the cops will use ‘pain compliance’ techniques to make you scream so they see if you have any gold fillings.

        • Sgt. Dale

          You just told them that you “probably” do buy silver!

          Everything talked about or communicated electronically is collected.

          But we already knew that…….

      7. IRS Director Admits Taxes Are “Voluntary” 2013

      8. OK, a second purchase of gold 3 hours, or 24 hours later as “related” and must be reported to the IRS. However, what about 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years? Obviously, the idea is to keep the IRS out of it LEGALLY.

        This article does not speak to if, when, or how the Federal Government has, or will again, call back gold, like they did in the last century. I’ve read where there is certain mints of gold coins that are exempt.

      9. Reading the infographic shows that most amounts citizens deal in are going to be exempt. If you are trading 1000 oz of silver or 25 oz of gold at a time, you probably don’t have a lot to fear from the government, you probably have already paid them off.

        I have some silver in the safe, and I would buy more at today’s $20.00 per oz, but have re-focused back into food stores as the potential now for feeding more that family exits.

        Building teams is wise, while some freak out about op-sec, you have to sleep sometime. Everyone says survival is 90% mental, and if you can’t sleep or are on constant guard, you WILL burn out. If you can not trust a single person on this Eath other than yourself and God, than what the hell are you doing here and why would you want to survive?

      10. When the IRS comes up and provides congress with the missing Emails, I might then tell them of my purchases. Until then, they’re irrelevant.

        • True dat

        • @pissed of P …they are hiding those emails where they keep obama’s college transcripts and birth certificate.

          • You dog! So you had them all the time??????

      11. I was on my way home to report it but I ran aground and my boat sank.

      12. I’ll stick to brass,lead,copper and powder. The new money!

      13. I can’t afford the deep sea salvage charges to get mine.

        I thought the prices were supposed to be in the tens of thousands by now?

      14. The IRS has what it takes to take what you have.

        • Know this!

          And now they have access to your health records and can enforce health car taxes on you if you don’t comply with the matrix.

          Submit, sleep, consume, obey.

          I know it hurts to wear the sunglasses people. Never forget the truth that has been revealed to you. Waking most people up is like waking up your teenager before noon on Saturday.

          • “Put on the fucking glasses!”,have to say,one of the best drawn out fight scenes in movie history!

        • Why Stack airlines turned in plane voluntarily,hell,even filled the tank before he turned it in!

      15. That idiot Glenn Beck has all of you brainwashed against the early 20th century progressive socialists. Now what exactly are you railing against? Do you like child labor? 13 hour work days? 1 day off a month? Wage slavery? Uninspected food? Squalor? Denial of women’s suffrage?

        No don’t get me wrong public spending on education health and housing is what causes the rise in prices, but one has to understand that a socialist back then would equal a libertarian by today’s standards. Accept that the early progressives were a valuable and contributing influence to our society.

        Jack London and Ernest Hemingway were socialists too.

        • That is one of the dumbest posts I have ever read anywhere…. Socialists are socialists no matter what era they are in. They ALWAYS push for more gov’t control over people’s lives, nothing libertarian about that!

      16. The precious metals craze is a bunch of bullshit. Who would you sell it to in SHTF? Might as well put a bulls eye on your chest “come loot me”. Who would you sell it too in peacetime? Back to the PM company for scrap prices? THAT’S HOW THEY MAKE MONEY OFF YOU. BUY LOW SELL HIGH.

        I tried to sell back the wedding ring and was given insultingly low offers.

        Anyway trade in SHTF is the most dangerous option. It’s better to steal.

        • Acid Etch: Obviously you don’t understand much about economics in general, nor its history. Money is what ever medium of exchange most folks are willing to except. Over millennium it has taken many forms, salt being an important one for the preservation of foods. But nothing has lasted as long as precious metals, gold and silver in particular. These two have not ceased being a medium of exchange for well over 5,000 years. They are what most countries use to back their ‘paper money’ should folks figure out that the ‘paper’ is worth the paper it’s printed on. During all social and economic upheavals throughout history folks have fallen back on these two metals when all else has failed, and it looks like they will continue to be a safe haven for the foreseeable future. If things get very bad and no one wants your worthless paper, what are you going to trade with? There are some here that haven’t thought this out well and have no PMs. They will be forced to trade some of their food, water, ammo, or other critical supplies. Now you can ignore history and say like so many fools that “it’s different this time”, but that would be whistling past the grave yard. History never repeats itself, but it usually rhymes. Got PMs?

      17. I only keep a few hundred in checking and a few thou in savings. I didn’t work and save all my life to be punished the most by these vampires.

      18. This is something that I can use.

      19. The founding fathers pushed this taxation without representation fucking bullshit.

        Then when they got to power the fucking hypocrites promptly used military force to crush the three rebellions in amerikkkan history all fought over taxation without representation (Whiskey rebellion, Ayer’s rebellion, Frye’s rebellion) (excluding the Civil War, which was also fought over taxation without representation). Washington himself led government troops to the field to put down these just rebellions and used the terror of the soldiers to bring the sheeple under his iron heel and force them to pay the government.

      20. NOT to put too fine a point on it, but if you are playing in the “bullion” market you have a fool for an investment adviser. Like the crap tables in Vegas, the house always wins in the long run.

        • Amen coach but I think those who buy bullion do it for long term wealth security. When the dollar collapses commodities will skyrocket. Heard this once: What is the definition of Broker? What you become after taking there advice.

      21. Take a break from the insanity,tis the week for the Perseid meteor showers,enjoy a free show weather permitting and enjoy life!

        • Clouded out. Bummer.

      22. got silver phyzz ?

        Mexico On The Verge Of Tying Its Currency To Silver .

        if they do silver will be 1by1 par with gold eventually.


      23. Obama’s lies know no limit. Sure he is just a puppet in a long line of puppets, but the criminality of his actions leave little hope that his agenda can be thwarted. He backs the Muslim Brotherhood and is likely a member. He is the stealth president beholden to the enemies of America. This evil cabal he is the leading frontman for are diabolical murderers and want us all dead. When will the American people chop off the head?

        • America will never rise up and defeat the serpent. People voted this clown in, twice. We are getting exactly what we deserve.

          It is a sad day, but this ship can not be righted. A republican president is not going to fix anything. It is game over. I have been saying it for a few years now.

          Manage The Collapse.

          And no, I have not conceited, I am not giving up. I simply realize the situation and have already completed appropriate actions to secure me and my family, and possibly a few others. Any extra time from right now until the false flag event is just a bonus, as the staples are secured. Now I am working on luxuries like cinnamon, garlic salt, vanilla extract.

          Do I have some silver, yes. But it will not be used for trade on the day after. It will be worthless for many months, as you can’t eat it. After we come out of the darkness, and rebuild a just and moral society, small as it may be, then we can use silver.

          If not, there are plenty of colloidal silver folks here I can sell it to! Take it easy now, that was a poke at fun. It that stuff works for you, more power to you. It is all natural, better than anything that big pharma will sell you. However in my humble opinion in is likely the power of you mind combined with “faith” that creates the desired effect. That is not to say if I were in dire straights I might not try it. I prefer using nothing until an ailment is present. The body was designed to heal itself. Clean food, water and a good night sleep is very effective.


      24. The Gov. is always trying to get into you POCKETS
        Are they the real MAFIA ????

      25. I fear that this is the last piece before it all comes down.

      26. Friend told me banks have similar reporting requirements. Illegal for a teller to tell you them – so don’t ask. Can freeze your accts if you xfer from/to bad county like paki’s land (despite its enormous population resource!) Stacking transactions similar to above infographic triggers a report. Cash deposits without known business justification triggers. Etc. If you don’t think someone is watching you all of the time, then you are not awake.

      27. Buy and sell under the reportable amounts. Keep it to every 1 to 2 months. Not reportable, not illegal. Also keep as low a balance in the bank as possible and stay out of debt. When I buy a car I make a substantial down payment with a credit card, pay that balance off in the next month with cash and pay the car off in 6 months with cash already held. It’s raised my credit rating and there is no reporting of large transactions by the dealer or bank.

      28. GENIOUS

        If you are out there check Aug 9

        • SS,did ya’s find some extra federal for genius,I you know how he loves the stuff!

          • Warchild, why are you trying to be a smartass? Several others here expressed the same problem. Its a FACT federal ammo has way more fail to fire issues than any other brand. My own however has NEVER had a failure. I usually like your posts and give you many thumbs up but maybe you have issues with calling out what the military is doing. Im glad federal works for you but for many others it doesn’t. If my life is on the line, my ammo won’t be federal. Have a beer and relax, it’s all good man 🙂

        • straight shooter, All forgiven here too my man. I hope things get better for you. I do some wildland firefighting and I know what it is like facing the flames of fury. I too try and help people by sharing my knowledge and ideas here. Bullshit wars and blind patriotism are a big peev of mine as you may note if you have read this forum for a few years. We have no legitimate government as it is only for the power and control for the bankers. They engineer every war and love killing. Stealing resources seems to be theyre game and you are right, iraq was going to sell oil in other than dollars. The axis of evil is every country that was going to do the same. Your list of shit they do was spot on. Good to see you are awake and not brainwashed by these evil bastards. Sadly many people are and they are a threat to us all. I have seen some very real psycopaths come out of the military and they are dangerous as hell and need to be identified and called out. My best advice is to warn people and wake them up to joining the military and teach them who they really are fighting for and why. Im glad you see it for what it is. Peace be with you, Genius

          • Nice post Genius…

            It reflects my thoughts as well…

          • Solid copy on everything Genius we are of the same mold.

            I was figuring out your ammo problems and the only recommendation I can give you is really really clean your rifle every year I mean really break it down.
            Check your firing pin. I have not had any problems with FEDERAL ammo. I am more of the old sand-by REMINGTON type.

            But here is a real secret if you can get it where you are get the CHEH STUFF Sula bullte (spelling ) you get a lot of bang for the buck and I have never had a misfire ITS better then our stuff.

            I do not touch reloads for the simple reason I do not trust them In our area last year with the ammo shortage guys were buying brass and bullets but were putting SAND!!! in place of the POWDER and charging high prices and they di di if you get reloads get about a half a dozen and pull the bullets and check the powder.

            Also watch out for the RUSSIAN .22 cal I have heard a lot of war stories on them not sure about the truth thou. But the way things are going I think we are going to see WW3 and it is not going to matter.

            That is it any advice I can give you let me know

            Peace Brother


            • straight shooter, The only reason I bought the federal was because I wanted mil spec cases and the annealed necks for loading my own. I fired it out of a bolt action that was very clean and the primers were struck good and solid. I still have a few boxes left, maybe I will just fire them and reload the cases to my own match grade specs. I load all my own stuff with winchester primers which I have never had an issue with. I guess I just paid a bit more for brass than I intended lol. I would have bought once fired brass but I dont want mixed headstamps and I want annealed necks. Oh well it’s all good my man, thanks, genius

              • That sounds like a good idea. You know its true some rifles and pistols like certain ammo. its like they have a mine of there own or a finicky eater.

                Example: years ago when I was shooting competitively I would get better groupings with Greek ammo. then Agentenia Ammo.
                I never had a misfire with any foreign stuff. mmmmmm even if it was 50 years old.

                Man I would love to find all that WW2 Ammo that they buried in crates here in the U.S. Some one found it and the Ammo looks like it was just made.

      29. Someday when I’m an old grumpy bastard like my dad…
        I’ll have a nice safe of silver.
        I won’t spend it.
        I’ll sleep well with it hidden in many safe and secure placed.
        Folks, never put all your eggs in one basket.

        Then…when I do need some of the fiat of the day…it’s off to the coin dealer with just a few coins…enough for he week or month.

        Or… meet a private seller….say a Doc.or a Lawyer for coffee and arms length.

        The #1 reason to have metals…so you can tell the IRS to fuck off!!!

        The jews have enough of our money in the form of interest and taxes.

        Gods money…. The only thing I trust.

        • I’m on a posting roll tonight so I’ll speak to this whole “It’s the jews” issue. Let me share a secret with you. And before I do I’ll put some perspective on it. Lets take fiat currency, loaned at interest. Evil right? Kill the jews cause they loaned us money and now you have to pay it back PLUS something more.

          Well I guess you hate free markets and capitalism as well. Do you expect others, be it people or corporations, to sell their goods at exactly the cost to make them? Or should there be something in it for them? Maybe some profit? Maybe the worker who produces the good should get something out of it too huh? Oh no fuck that, that is INTEREST!

          Get some perspective on things before you blame one group, race, religion, alien or government for all the woes of the world.

          People sign on the dotted line, on their honor and/or word alone. Take some responsibility for your actions and quit blaming everyone else for your short-comings. Can’t afford your mortgage? Is that really the banks fault? Did you realize the bleeding hearts made it so they HAD to lend to people that had no chance of meeting the obligation?

          This is an engineered collapse of society going back over 100 years. It is called Marxism, Socialism, Communism.

          You didn’t actually think we won the cold war did you? We are being destroyed from within because everyone is looking outside of themselves to find the problem.

          • And what racial group developed, promoted and orchestrated Marxism/communism, leading to the murder of millions along the way?

            Did you know there were rabbis in Karl Marx’s family tree? Hmmmm…

      30. Well this was a very informative article………..

        I cannot believe how those damn Rothschilds get their hands into everyone’s wallet…………

        These folks make John Gotti seem like Mother Teresa…..

      31. islam is the enemy of the world…

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