Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Precious Metals | 144 comments

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    The following exchange between Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and the Fed’s attorney Scott Alvarez proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that The Federal Reserve has no gold backing the US dollar.

    Most in the alternative news sphere suspected it – now it’s fact.

    The Federal Reserve does not own any gold at all. We have not owned gold since 1934, so we have not engaged in any gold swap.

    What appears on our balance sheet is gold certificates…Before 1934 the Federal Reserve did, we did own gold. We turned that over by law to the Treasury and received in return for that gold certificates.

    The exact relationship between the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and these non-tradeable gold certificates is not exactly clear, but an attempt to explain what’s actually going on has been put forth by goldnews.com:

    In any case, we can analyze the implications of the basic facts and come to a couple of conclusions:

    1) The widespread notion that the Fed owns gold is false. The corollary to this is the mistaken belief that the Fed understates its gold holdings on its balance sheet by only reporting certificates based on the $42.22 statutory gold value. The Fed does not in fact own the US gold stock multiplied by the market price of gold, unless the Treasury defaults and even then its not clear. The Fed does, however, own a claim to currency totaling $11.1 billion and this value has a remote chance of going up significantly if the Treasury revalues its gold and maintains the practice initiated in the Par Value Modification Act.

    2) The fact that the Fed owns no gold, nor claims to any gold, means the fundamental value of the dollar lacks any backing besides dollars themselves, not including Fed building and equipment. Dollars are in essence worth a lot less than many people thought, and the Fed is much more impotent in using the prowess of their assets, and conducting monetary policy in general, than many believed. In all, Alvarez’s clarification strengthens the case for gold’s high dollar value immensely.

    An interesting perspective, and one, if true, suggests that the value of your dollar in terms of gold is actually much less than believed – like close to zero. Our currency is not only not backed by gold, but in the event of a dollar meltdown the only assets backing the world’s reserve currency are worthless toxic mortgages purchased by The Fed in recent years from insolvent banking institutions.

    The only thing holding this thing together at this point is market confidence. When that goes, everything else goes with it.


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      1. I knew it..

        because if they had any , a long dam time ago when the debt was small (er smaller) they could have easily paid it off…but noooooo.. and why? ’cause like I said, they didnt have it than.

        F-ing theifs and they should all be held responsible and thrown in jail…

        when do we start?

        • ASAP

          • Accoring to Congressman MacFadden, the National Gold Confiscation of privately owned gold DID go to the Federal Reserve who THEN shipped it all out of the country over to England.

            So the sorry MF is lying, and LIED to the US Congress.

            We are waiting on FEDERAL INDICTMENTS and CHARGES on Bernake now.

            ALSO, in the undergroud rubble of 911, it was widely reported when the rescurers finally reached the underground level that CONTAINED large amounts of gold bullion.

            WHO was in charge of its removal?
            WHO owned it?
            WHERE did it get put after it was removed?

            Personally, I wonder how many human beings were trapped with the gold, who may have died from a lack of oxygen, water and or food?

            • One more item.

              WHEN will we be sending our largest battle ships to surround England, and DEMAND the RETURN of all of our Gold?

              THEY don’t leave until AFTER we have collected ALL of it.

              We regularly invade Middle East nations for their oil, even while at the same time, we have PLENTY of Oil in 6 land-locked states not subject to any disruption by hurricanes.

              In fact, we have 4 to 6 times the amount of oil ever thought to be located in the Middle East, inside these 6 states:

              1) Colorado
              2) Wyoming
              3) Utah
              4) Montanna
              5) North Dakota
              6) South Dakota

              So WHY do we continue to risk World War THREE over oil in the Middle East?

              WHEN we have more oil then we could ever possily consume, even over literally hundreds of years, and EXPORT oil – For Profit – as well?

        • The debt can never be paid off, and everybody knows it – Except yur politicians.

          There are billions or even trillions of TOXIC DERIVATIVES that nobody knows about. Every time we cut one budget then two more pop-up from nowhere.

          The same group of people, (the private) Federal Reserve Bank, are in-charge today, as when this mess was created since aprx. 1913 (100 years ago.)

          And the toxic derivatives do not include the banks and Wall Street that are also our creditors.

          Why should America be forced to pay this gigantic debt, and there are still hidden debts that Americans don’t even know about, and Americans did not create this debt.


          • Durango Said:

            “JANE: All you say is true, but it is not relevant to the gold. The FED is a private corporation. Any assets it has belongs to the member banks. The gold America has or is supposed to have, should be in the custody of the US Treasury.”

            Regardless of who is actually holding it. The Fed knows where the gold is at. The system is designed to be unbreakable.

            – We saw people who robed banks, and guess what, the Fed hunt them down like dogs.

            – And the people who made counterfeit money, guess what the Fed hunts them down as well, (even though it’s not the Fed’s money.)

            It’s not about a couple of hundred ounces of gold, but 8,400 TONNES OF GOLD.

            The U.S. gold is used to stabilize the economy and to insure our currency retains its value to the world. Without it, our currency is worth nothing and the economy would crash.

            No one is allowed to buy the country’s assets, and owns it privately, it’s illegal because they are considered as national treasures.

            – Just like no one can own the artifacts of Egypt.
            – Steven Spielberg had to return a painting, because it belonged to the museum.

            As America has said, whoever has the Fort Knox gold has to return it. And RON PAUL (as Paul has demanded)or any politicians are not allowed to sell the Fort Knox gold because it’s illegal to do so – I report, the people decide.


            • What I meant to say was RON PAUL demanded that the U.S. to sell Fort Knox gold to the Federal Reserve, and he said it’s a good and moral thing to do.

              Most people disagree with Ron Paul. People are afraid If Ron Paul gets elected, he would sell this country down the river.


            • Jane: Actually its the FBI that hunts down bank robbers. The Federal Reserve isn’t involved in the police work at all after they are robbed, except to give a description of events and copies of the videos to the FBI.

              Actually Jane, the Treasury has its own police for counterfeiters, and I think that is handled by the Secret Service, within the Treasury Department.

              Actually Jane, the US left the gold standard in 1971 when Nixon took US off the gold standard, so that the French, among others, couldn’t drain our gold reserves by redeeming gold certificates.

              Federal Reserves Notes have not been backed by gold since then. The 8,400 tons of gold which America is suppose to possess, no longer backs the dollar nor does it stabilize the economy.

              It has been paper and promises ever since 1971: backed only by the “full faith and credit of the United States”.

              Actually Jane, parts of the Toll Road system are being sold to private corporations to maintain and operate; at a profit. These parts were once “assets” of the USA.

              As for the treasures of Egypt, well I think someone should tell the British Museum of Antiquities about that.

              Its past my bedtime, Jane. Night,night!

            • Durango,

              1. Our police force and the FBI are funded by the Fed, but paid by OUR tax dollars.

              2. Nixon was tricked into taking the dollar off the gold standard; he though it would promote the dollar world wide, and Nixon did not know about the future of Obama’s bailout and his name was smeared because of this. If Nixon knew, he would never have done it….. Obviously, President Nixon could not have known.


              Duranago you said:
              “The FED is a private corporation. Any assets it has belongs to the member banks.”

              – The founding fathers fought with their blood and died to build this country into what it is today, not bankers.
              – And Bankers came to the U.S. only with a shirt and a pair of pants, that’s all.

              The American people have:

              a) paid for their houses,
              b) paid for their taxes,
              c) paid to fix their homes.

              And if you miss a few payments, they would take your house.

              Bankers only received bailout money (taxpayers’ money) and make money out of thin air. And you know that is the fact.


            • Actually what Ron Paul wants is for the gold to be sold to the people from whom it was taken (by FDR). Then the people can control the money as free people must. If the government controls the printing of money there will be corruption and power grabbing.

            • No, Jane, Ron Paul DID NOT say sell the gold in Fort Knox to the Fed. He said the opposite: mint it into coins and SELL IT TO THE PEOPLE.

              If you’re going to lie, make your lies harder to refute.

            • Durango, You’re trying very hard to convince ppl that Fort Knox gold is one of the assets belonging to the banks. – NO, IT’S NOT according to the people.

              The Government assets can not belong to bankers/Wall Strett/ or the private Federal Reserve bank or any corporation or any politician; therefore they can not decide any private corporation or individual who owns them……. IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE (who have worked hard for it); THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE OUR GOVERNMENT.

              Bankers are part of the Fed and have not earned anything; all they do is used money printed out of thin air by the Private Federal Reserve Bank and lend it out to the public and later on bankers foreclose on the loan and keep the lands and the people’s money.

              It like an octopus with its tentacles spread out in every direction and to make the dollar as the global curency.

              Duranago, since you said:

              “The FED is a private corporation. Any assets it has belongs to the member banks.”


              As I’ve explained to you, I SAID:

              – The founding fathers fought with their blood and died to build this country into what it is today, not bankers.

              – And Bankers came to the U.S. only with a shirt and a pair of pants, that’s all.

              And there are many articles about the Fed out there.

            • Mark,

              Here’s the article, read it: “PAUL IS WRONG ON THE U.S. SELLING GOLD TO PAY OFF DEBTS” by the examiner dot com

              You are intentionally lying, making false allegations and insulting people at the same time. I’ve checked and there are many articles saying Ron Paul advices America to sell Fort Knox gold to pay gigantic debts. THIS IS JUST LIKE POURING SANDS IN THE OCEAN. The Federal Reserve Bank is “ the largest of America’s creditors.”

              1. Trolls, you, Ron Paul, the filthy rich and the mainstream media suggest selling America’s assets.

              2. AS I SAID YOU CAN’T SELL OR BUY NATIONAL TREASURES, BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL…….. Just like it’s illegal to buy stolen property. You and Ron Paul suggest selling gold to the citizens, but some billionaires or trillionaires will get it first before the Fort Knox gold reaches the public.


          • .

            1. “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan

            2. “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group,” – F. D. Roosevelt


            • This is not a democracy this is a REPUBLIC a democracy allows this type of robbery. In a REPUBLIC “WE THE PEOPLE” are the masters of the government and the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and our Bill of Rights states this clearly. We have the rights and we grant privileges to the government that can and should be taken away if it doesn’t stand for these rights under the oath that each are given. This is the only country in history where the people have taken this power and the rest of the world couldn’t stand it so they have tried to take our power any way possible ever since, Wake up WE THE PEOPLE the rats are eating you out of house and home!!!!

            • I have to say this about 1. Ronald Reagan was being politically toneful. I will not–supposedly prostitution is the oldest profession and many politicians are prostitutes like many lawyers and many others across the good ol’ USA. Selling out everything, everyone, and themselves for a little temporary creature comfort. There should be no politics what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Sell your soul and stay quiet and you can be part of the team. Here is another about 2. from FDR He helped feed the lie of this being a democracy.—>

            • “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” F.D. Roosevelt (D)


        • start with bill clinton hilary clinton and lawrence larry summers … they are the ones who stole all the gold and melted it into tungsten bars!!!

        • This is why I can’t stand Ron Paul. Instead of forcing the culprits to speak and defend themselves, good Ol Ron Paul runs his mouth on and on and on like he is at some campaign rally. Rest assured the Fed culprits laughed about the whole episode at a steak lunch because they basically had to say NOTHING.

        • big deal – its the treasury that needs to have the gold

        • I join the negative view towards our government. However, in this instance, The U.S. Treasury (Fort Knox) holds over 8,100 metric tons of gold. I believe China was next in volume, and growing quickly as the world’s number one producer and purchaser of gold at about 2,200 mt3. Either number could be off 100 tons, not a drop in the bucket when my total ownership is measured in ounces. The US Gov’t often has a very longterm view in mind (selfish) when confronted with unacceptable, immoral and illegal behavior. Nothing new and yes I’m ashamed.

        • We went off the gold standard under Nixon. You can’t redeem dollars for gold. What gives the dollar its value now (other than it is our legal currency), is:

          1) You have to have dollars to buy oil
          2) Convenience for our trade (until its value changes too quickly to be useful in making transactions)

        • The american dream………

        • Sept9 at the white house in D.C..

      2. Hey, all you Guards at Fort Knox.. you aint fooling me
        ya’ll can go home..hell soon enough your lay-off notices should be in the mail

        • Fort Knox doesn’t necessarily equate to Federal Reserve. Although I know that a number of people have pushed for another audit of the Fort Knox Vaults to no avail. No doubt its possible that it may have been cleaned out.

          • Yes, this is confusing. Wikipedia (
            https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/United_States_Bullion_Depository) says that in 1933-34, FDR forced U.S. citizens to turn in their gold to the Federal Reserve.

            But it was the Department of the Treasury that built Fort Knox Depository in 1936.

            It does seem doubtful that the Fed would turn the gold over to the Treasury…why should they? If there was a law about it, why? Why involve the Fed in the first place?

            The Wikipedia entry also claims:
            “Even so, the [Fort Knox] depository is second in the United States to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s underground vault in Manhattan, which holds 7,000 metric tons (7716 tons) of gold bullion (160.8 million oz. troy), some of it in trust for foreign nations, central banks and official international organizations.”

            Now THIS conflicts with what Alvarez claims.

            Anyone know more?

          • The Fed took over the Treasury in 1921. It was called US Treasury and in 1921 it became the Dept of the Treasury. Everyone that worked at the US Treasury was sent to the newly created GAO. The Fed then took the gold reserves out of the US Treasury and distributed to its 12 branch offices where it supposedly is today. When the Gov’t went bankrupt in 1934, FDR seized peoples gold at 32.00 an ounce(I believe) and thats the gold in Fort Knox.

        • There’s only one guy that works there.

          • Kind of like that old knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade….

            • Good one Mac! Actually the Treasury should be the safekeeper of all of America’s gold. I am glad the FED doesn’t have it as it is a private corporation, and not a part of the US Government.

              The USA captured all of Hitler’s gold after WWII. We also captured Yamato’s Gold (read the book its a great story)which was all of the gold that was plundered from all of Asia by Japan and stashed in the Phillipines.

              Marcos gave US the gold and we gave him the country.

            • Durango Kidd, I agree “good one Mac!”

              But I disagree with you when you say:

              “I am glad the FED doesn’t have it as it is a private corporation, and not a part of the US Government.”

              – Although the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation, but it dictates the interest rates, giving money to bail out countries and friends, and has bought out failed banks.

              – The Federal Reserve Bank influences the U.S. economy and as well as the rest of the world.

              – Even to the point of giving money to the EMF.

              The Federal Reserve Bank includes the chairman, vice-chairman, and its 7 members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and do know where the gold is at and are responsible for aprx. 8,400 tonnes of gold which is the largest gold reserve in the world.

              The Federal Reserve Bank Expands and Shrinks the money supply.

              Expanded the money supply = Quantity Easing = Printing money = Hyperflation = Devaluated the Dollar.

              I could be wrong, but I don’t think so; and I know you’ve seen them as well.


            • please unlock tekroanin he promises to behave himself honest an truly an apologizes to all for being crude and rude!!! purdy please!!!

      3. well im kinda lumping the feds in with the US treasury with that last statement..but WGAF? there all theifs as far as im concerned

      4. Well, he indicates it was turned over to “The Treasury” in 1934. So the government is still sitting on it then, but for no particular reason? So much for transparency…that makes no sense.

      5. so when do the riots and mayhem start,prepare your family’s for the choas to come and remember to hold the politicians accountable!

      6. No kidding! I never would have guessed. I’m so unbelievable shocked. Whatever shall we do?!

        OK. I’m not shocked. In fact, vindicated. I knew they had little or nothing. So, the dollar really is monopoly money 100% or in the case of BoA, 4700% (I think they were leveraged 47 to one, right?)

        What a bunch of crooks and thieves. These people are really going to be sorry when the SHTF. Like MadMarkle, I very often pray that it all falls apart while I’m still in good health and young enough to help punish these bastards.

        • yep..me too

          be dam hard fighting against all of us ..especially when they will have no money, we may not either, but i bet they will need more or wish they had more than us..

          maybe this time the one who holds the most ammo will make the rules..instead of money

          dance MF-ers dance

          • Teddy Conway: Where are you going Mr Hull?
            Hull Barret: I’m going into town
            Teddy Conway: Ain’t that kinda dumb after what happened last time?

            It’s easy, just move your feet to the music. Boys, the music.

            • And when the ammo runs out — ain’t nothin’ like a good piece o’ hickory.

            • Anon, Hull Berret had a fine buffalo rifle. The bore on that .56 was one you could ride your horse into while still wearing your hat.

          • Who are you – really? –It really doesn’t matter, does it? –No.

            • And now it’s time to take off the preacher collar!

            • A 44 mag Henry rifle can shoot a very heavy load. They call it “Big Boy”. I call it spanky ++P. One day it will be leaning by the door. Spanky’s brothers are Mr. H&K, Mr. Python, Mr. Belgum Browning, Mr. Walther PPK, Mr. Remington ……… What kind of hat?

        • To a New Yorker like you, a Hero is some type of weird sandwich, not some nut who takes on 3 Tigers.

          • Ten gallon hat, To many negative vibes, woof, woof.

      7. The great reckoning has already started.. this is just one more blip in the long slow downward grind of blips and bleeps.. soon to hit the tipping point and it all comes toppling down…

      8. That’s big news!

        • It’s finally ON THE RECORD now and out in the open. It’s finally official that USD is truly fiat, and backed my nothing but the physical assets (land value) of the United States.

          I wonder how many more years property rights will last?

          • Those have been whittled away already. 🙁

            • you don’t own your property you rent it from the gov.
              stop paying your taxes and see what happens.
              i think there was a state that recently abolishid property taxes-maybe utah.

          • Depends how strong your will is along with your faith in the almighty. Of course, a keen eye, and a good man with a fine rifle could hold his property rights for a long time.

      9. You folks are forgetting one thing: the U.S. Treasury supposedly has 8,000 metric tons of gold at Fort Knox and other depositories. The big IF is the fact that the government has not allowed an audit of the gold since 1953, even though Congressman Ron Paul has been screaming bloody murder to get an audit performed. I have to assume that the gold is long since gone, or else the Feds would be happy to submit to a gold audit. Either way we need an investigation into what happened to our huge stockpiles since 1953. My guess is the sheeple would storm the Bastille if we really knew how much our leaders have screwed us.

        • exactly

          its not there, or they would have no problem showing to the people the proof that it is..

          and..as I have said before, If it was there..why when our debt was Much Much smaller than it is now why wasnt it paid off than?
          why? because there was NOTHING to pay it with..

          • In the most excellent documentary “Money Masters” the guy talks matter of factually that the gold has been gone from Fort Knowx for quite some time

          • Right. Alot like Obama wouldn’t mind showing proof of citizenship – if he had it, right?

        • I think people lump the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury together and they are not the same. From what I know Ft. Knox still has 147 million onces of gold. Not sure if that is 8000 metric tons as T says. Here’s the thing though in the 40’s there was 650 million onces there. The question is what happened to 503 million onces of gold?

          Another thing on the Fed. I don’t think they even have the ETF’s. I think they are just digitally marking up a balance sheet for what ever they need.

        • However, if there was no gold or only a few bars left in Ft. Knox, don’t you think that one guard of all the many guards who have worked there over the years would have let that news slip out in between a round of adult beverages with his buddies? I can certainly believe the gold is not there,but why has there been zero corroboration of that piint by someone who should know?

          • I suspect very few of the inside guys would actually know, and even if someone came out with documented info he’d likely be dismissed as a nut case and be discredited…. There are plenty of whistle blowers out there – insiders – on a host of critical issues… All of them are immediately discredited, even if they are or were within certain Presidential administrations or agencies… If, for example, someone came out with indisputable evidence of a 911 inside job or the Kennedy assassination or a coordinated economic/financial collapse would anyone believe them, or take any steps to prosecute? (one could argue that such evidence has already been presented yet the super majority will dismiss it as conspiracy theory rather than fact)… Most people refuse to even entertain a possibility if it does not correspond to their existing world views…

            • exactly
              and the possibility that those that are “trusted” to guard, are told that its all done for security reasons , the smoke a mirror deal..to wink wink throw off the theifs..

              also im sure those that would have ever had their eyes on it were shistered into believing a game
              that is not only played upon them, but us too.

              hide and seek ..who knows if there really are any guards “inside” the vault

              plus im sure they are made an offer they cant refuse

            • Big Joe: Look, Mac, you and us? We’re just soldiers, right? We don’t even know what this war’s all about. All we do is we fight and we die and for what? We don’t get anything out of it. In about a half an hour the whole American army’s gonna be comin’ down that road. Why don’t you do yourself a great, big fat favor, huh? And get the hell outta here?
              German tank commander: I have orders. This bank isn’t to fall into the hands of the American army.
              Kelly: Sergeant, this bank’s not gonna fall into the hands of the American army. It’s gonna fall in our hands. You see, we’re just a private enterprise operation.
              German tank commander: You… the American army!
              Oddball: No, baby, we ain’t

              • one of the greatest of all-time….

      10. Of course the Fed has no gold. It was long ago delivered to private owners of the Fed. It had to be removed from the US and its gov corp so the People it belonged to could never get it back or make a claim on it.

        All the story really does is confirm that the banksters do not hold their gold in any government jurisdiction that could jeopardize it holdings from the massive theft.

        Did anyone ever believe differently?

      11. This is also big news because it lowers the already prodigious distrust in our government. Basically, they’ve been playing the American public like fools by posting armed guards outside Fort Know for decades knowing there’s NOTHING inside. Government is the biggest liars around and ACTIVELY dupes the public where selectively self-serving.

        Gold/Silver futures are all manipulated to s_ _ _ this clusterfuk is all 1 massive lie.

        • How ignorant can you be? The Fed. Reserve has nothing to do with Ft. Knox.

      12. Ron Paul is, and has been trying to tell us all a lot of info. this man should be listened to with open ears, and with the ability to see a bit futher under all the lies of our government.

        I really hope he watches his back real good too..our government has a way of making good people disapear when they put too much egg on the face of the establishment

        • Speaking of watching your back when calling out the not-so Federal Reserve, JFK and 11110.

          Kennedy signed a not very well known Executive Order, # 11110(2) in June of 1963, only five months before the assassination.

      13. it seems that many are resting on sarcasm to illustrate their sense of anger, but i’m confused why anyone would have EVER thought that the Fed had any gold? who, where, and when was it EVER purported that the Fed had gold reserves?

        this is not news. no one should be surprised. though, it seems as though many are confusing the US treasury with the federal reserve (hint: they’re different institutions).

        • They are different institutions and neither one has any gold. The corp Fed got all of the gold in 1933 and transferred it to the private stockholders.

          Notice how all the peoples gold, both circulating and vaulted, was confiscated and delivered to the Fed in 1933, and the Fed has not held any gold since 1934.

          All of the Gold the US People had was stolen and will never been seen again. Certainly not in the US Treasury or the Fed.

      14. Oh that’s just peachy! The dollar is backed up by nothing but lies and empty promises. I’m affraid it will soon be endgame! Use that useless paper currency NOW to prepare. Get yourself some provisions and a sunoven so you can feed your family. Check out http://www.shelfreliancesanantonio.com/jmp/jmp_sunoven.php. We used our for a cookout on memorial day. It was very easy to use.

        • I can vouch for the fact that solar ovens do work… just that they don’t so well in my region of Oregon. 😛

          We have enough wood to last about 1,000 years, though.

      15. It Does not matter what the laws say.

        When the SHTF the people in charge will steel anything that is left to be stolen.
        When Russia fell their gold reserves disappeared.

        Set up a business producing goods and services that you barter locally. Quit using Federal Reserve Notes.


      16. Notice how the person in the hot seat looks up and away to his left when he answers. Just a LITTLE “bit” of body language. He has no position because he didn’t bring his ass with him.

      17. How is Ron Paul NOT the front runner for President? Sure he may collapse some houses of cards, but maybe it is time to let them fail, and then we can get on with rebuilding.

        (side note(New rule, if you can not explain your business model in 100 words or less, you are banned in the U.S.))

        The fact that people still talk about some idiots out there “possibly” running for President is absurd. PLEASE, PLEASE, CAN WE GET ON WILL MAKING THE COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT morons running for president, it is insane.

        I read a lot of message boards, and it seems the younger folks out there see the problem, they feel the problem, they know there is a problem, and it is their problem, and they are almost to the point of doing what it take to solve the problem..

        I am not pushing a political agenda for/or against anyone, I am only saying this Ron Paul guy seems to talk the talk… will he walk the walk? I dont know… but Obama (like idiot Bush before him) has been given a chance and things are only getting worse…

        FK CHINA, FK INDIA… BRING THE JOBS HOME, and if price go up, fine, if Walmart goes bancrupt…. fine.

        • “How is Ron Paul NOT the front runner for President?”

          Quick question or two:

          * How good are the odds that you will see this on CNN, Fox, MSNBC during prime-time news?

          I can tell you right now that CNN is more interested in the trial of Casey Anthony (cute but self-centered Florida chick that happened to kill her 3-year-old daughter for some odd reason). MSNBC is more interested in talking about Weiner’s wiener. Fox? Ditto.

          The local news channels will all report on today’s shootings, which restaurants have crap heath department scores, and show off some poor dog up for adoption at the local animal shelter. Don’t ask about their national/world news coverage.

          Whoop – there may be hope! CNBC is talking about how folks are buying more gold right now on their website… Rats. Too bad Joe Sixpack doesn’t watch that boring ‘ekunohmiks’ stuff, though.

          Long story short, the reason that folks like Ron Paul doesn’t get the headlines (except as a demonstration of what the MSM considers an entertaining figure) is because few folks are actually paying attention to the world at large – at least they’re not paying attention to the important stuff.

          Apparently, they’d rather hear about chicks who kill their kids (complete with a zillion cute photos of said dead kid plastered all over the screen), or they’d rather hear about a congresscritter whose penis got twittered (note to horny old technophobic men: that’s not exactly what you think it means…)

          • Yeah, when they changed good OLD rules which limited national media coverage, they limited who/what the American people would ever hear.

            It used to be (pre 1995) that one comanpy could only own 7am 7fm and 7 TV staions nationwide, then the clear channel communication act dropped thjse rules. and now 2 compaines own TV and radio staion in the country. It is not good for the truth, it is not good for justice, it is not good for the (old) American way.

            “They” knew what they were doing when they dropped those limiting (influcence) laws, they knew the power the media controls.

            Next (around 1996) they dropped limits on banks doing business across stateline lines. It used to be (since 1933) a bank could only do business in one state, that way if/when the bank failed, the losses would not hurt the whole country, damage would be limited to one state.

            They have set all of this up to fail, it is very sad.

            • are you suggesting that the government should highly regulate the radio, television, and newspaper industries and decide who gets to say what on what medium of communication?

            • Dont put words in my post.

              I am simply stating FOR A FACT, that there USED TO BE RULES IN PLACE stating that one company could NOT own more than 7am, 7fm and 7 TV stations and this made sure that their reach of propoganda could not strectch too far.

              But, in the mid 90s they dropped these rules and almost immediately station after station was gobbled up….. until now…. Now 2 companies own most every TV and radio station in the country. Look it up. It has affected how music is promoted and how news is spread. It allows them to promote news stories they want and hide stories they dont.

              The old rules were good and they dropped them.

              The old banking ruyles were also good. They limited banks to doing business in one state. If they had not dropped those rules we never would have needed TARP funds, no banks would have grown too big to fail.

              Things worked fine before they changed the rules, now they dont.

              what is you point?, or do you have one?

        • dude, your advocacy for ron paul and your protectionist economic rant are at odds. you can’t say you are in favor of truly free markets (which is the at the heart of libertarian economic idealogy) and simultaneously advocate for something like mandated simple business plans or tariffs against foreign goods; they’re mutually exclusive ideals.

          • Free markets need to be protected from monopolies or there are no free markets. Curretnly there is no free market in media. Too few companies own too many outlets.

            Free markets are killed when there is market manipulations and monopolies. They have killed the invisible hand.

        • Ron Paul HAS walked the talk. They call him Dr. No for a reason!
          Look on his wikipedia page and it’ll tell you that in three years of his congressional career, he voted against more than 700(SEVEN HUNDRED!!!!) bills that extended government. Plus, he set up the Campaign for Liberty, and look up his YouTube speeches like “The Last Nail” and “What if?” and “The Nanny State Cant Last”. You WONT go back then!

          As you can see, actions speak LOUDER than words, and all those other idiots campaigning have never ever followed that rule. -_-

      18. Is this the next financial crisis sparkle?
        Ot it’s just a side effect of this second crisis?
        Be prepared. It’s coming to a neighborhood next to yours.

      19. Is anyone in here in the market for portable solar power in a back pack??

        email me at [email protected]

      20. How many KW’s in whole numbers?

      21. I was at Walgreens today when the power went off momentarily. Someone hit a power pole. The power was only off long enough to mess up their computers. The registers would not work, drawers would not open. They wouldn’t even take cash. We had to wait till the computers came online again. What does that tell you?

        • One Second After.

        • It tells me that http://alt-market.com is a lot more important than we realize.

          It also tells me: Bah! Bah! Calm down little sheep.

          I’m a technologist for a school corp and whenever they lose a comm line or the power they just sit there. They still have pencil and paper but they are so used to it all being guided by the computer that without it, they can’t function.

          We have become a society of dependence. Take something away and we’re crippled. Nobody wants to try to do things differently with less, they just want their direction, their education, their life to continue on without interruption.

          I just can’t wait! WTSHTF its gonna be hard folks but it is going to be entertaining also watching all the stupid sheople devour each other. I pity them but at the same time I am disgusted by them. They’ve been brainwashed beyond repair in most cases. Welfare sheep… Technology sheep… Money sheep… Comfort sheep… Entertainment sheep…

          Its hard sometimes to view them as the elite do: worthless eaters. The problem is, they are a product of the elite. Mindless slaves that have been raised to be just that.

      22. any of you hotshots wonder why gold isn’t up dramatically following this “bombshell” announcement? – It is a non-event whether the gold is “owned” by the Fed or the Treasury. Even if disposed, gold doesn’t get consumed or degrades, it is still there. The only question is where “there” is.

        • ^^^agreed.

          many folks here don’t seem to get the basic fundamentals of currency, value, and free markets.

          once the fed went to a fiat currency, they didn’t need the gold. monetary policy is an alternative to commodity-backed currency. they don’t realize that if sovereign states backed their currency in widgets, it would create scarcity, increase demand, and increase the price of widgets.

        • The bottom of my bilge! Acid can make it disapear temporarly. I think the way you think….

      23. why are ron paul and walter pussy footing with these jerks..I love it when walter says that this is not directed at them, and that they have integrity

        Fucking Bullshit..if it walks like a duck..kick it up and make it fly , than shoot it and eat it!
        oh, thats not how that saying goes is it? well no matter

        if you lay down with dogs, you could get fleas, but these financial gov. goons have the fleas, they are giving them to the dogs.

      24. No Fort Knox physical audit since 1954 – now we know why. Any gold left there is “salted” – 1/16th inch of gold overlay over a tungsten core.
        No wonder the thieves want to eliminate the 2nd ammendment!!

        • Hell, they want to do away with all of our rights..
          filming them, speaking our minds, bustin down your door, stormtoopers in your face over your opinion to support them or not, tazing you when not resiting, taking your cell phone from you and searching its entire contents., ..dam that list could go on for days weeks months…years

          Yeah..the gig is up..some know it, and they know that that number is growing. problem is their system has been in place and working to stiffle us for longer than anything we have to fight back with, and they know that

          living on the edge, aerosmith..http://www.lyrics007.com/Aerosmith%20Lyrics/Living%20on%20the%20Edge%20Lyrics.html

          • Just to clarify..theres no way they are taking mine, unless im dead. And knowing my family, they would have to get in line.

      25. @ Manos ~

        100% spot on again bubba! Only it isn’t just coming to the neighborhood next to ours …. it’s also coming to our hood! Soon ….. very soon boys and girls.

        God Bless and good luck to you and your family Manos.

      26. Manipulation of economic systems is one of the tools of the Elite in their reach for total power. See excerpts below.

        In a report “Contracts payable in Gold” [Senate Report, Document No. 43, April 17, 1933, Page 9], we read the following statement, “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i. e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

        ~ Senate report 93-549, 1973


        It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i .e., slavery and genocide.

        This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power, and without the full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodology for economic conquest — it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.

        The solution of today’s problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral, or cultural values.

        You have qualified for this project because of your ability to look at human society with cold objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your observations and conclusions with others of similar intellectual capacity without a loss of discretion or humility. Such virtues are exercised in your own best interest. Do not deviate from them.

        ~ Introduction to: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, May 1979

      27. Please tell me nobody is really surprised.

      28. All of our gold is in Israel, as is all of our military secrets and all of the orders for our lawmakers.

        • 1) Israel ain’t big enough, and

          2) it’s actually spread out, literally everywhere. Start with the contacts on your computer’s motherboard. 😉

      29. All this maybe true we can blame everyone we like from our lazyboy! Get out and do something about it. One vote does make a differance !

      30. The IMF Chief knew that the US had no gold, that’s why he was framed because he was going to squeal.

        Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone

        Posted by EU Times on May 31st, 2011

        A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his discovery that all of the gold held in the United States Bullion Depository located at Fort Knox was ‘missing and/or unaccounted’ for.


        • and isnt it always some kind of sex crime?
          it seems they always use that as an excuse to rail road not only them, but it discredits them in public and to their family,,osterization by the PAB?
          Wiki leaks Jullian Assange, ring a bell?
          and many others …speaking of Jullian..where is he?
          what became of his deal?

      31. those two screw balls , have no answers..never did, never will..puppets.

        i bet they go home wondering themselfs WTF is really going on

      32. Congress needs to DEMAND an independant audit of the Fort Knox depository RIGHT F#*%ING NOW! and find out just how much if any gold is still there. Investigation out in the open should take place and if they can find the individuals who did this they should be on a one way trip to Gitmo for treason. If this is as bad as I think it might be then the states need to start talking about succession from the federal government.

      33. In the early 1970s a newspaper called the Tatler ran an article by Dr. Peter Beter, who claimed he had interviewed a Lt. colonel in the U.S. Army, who claimed that he was in charge of the modification of Ft. Know during WW11, while America was distracted by the war.
        The modification was the installation of a loading dock for semi trailers to back up to facilitate the removal of the gold from the Fort. Prior to the modification, the only way to get the gold in and out of the Fort was by a very small elevator that could only accomodate two bars at the most. He claimed the trucks transported the gold to an airbase where it was loaded on to aircraft and flown to the New york Federal Reserve and then supposedly on to England.
        This expose led the treasury to conduct what they called an audit, but what everyone else considered to be a total farce. The show put on for the t.v. cameras showed one pallet of what every one said looked more like copper than gold.
        At the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russian gold was stolen by the Kissinger Associates.
        And of course we all know that the tons of gold that Saddam Hussein had stockpiled mysteriously vanished shortly after that war started.

        • No, no, no. I seen gold finger. This is not the largest transfer of wealth that I was talking about.
          Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.
          James Bond: I must be dreaming.
          Then make a DEAL!
          Big Joe: What kind of deal?
          Crapgame: A DEAL, deal! Maybe the guy’s a Weiner. “Business is business,” right?
          Big Joe: Yea, but what kind of name is Weiner?

      34. Hey, not only isn’t a buck as good as gold, it isn’t even a good IOU (Federal Reserve Note- Note = promise to pay). Any debt instrument must contain four items in order to be legally valid: a debtor ( borrower), a payee (lender), an amount, and a date due. Prior to 1963 all FRNs (never mind silver or gold certificates) read “The USA (debtor) will pay to the bearer (lender) on demand (date due) One Dollar (amount)”. Modern FRNs only say The USA and One Dollar, no promise to pay, no date due, no collectible debt. Probably just as well since a buck is literally worthless now that all you can exchange it for is a different one and all it’s backed by is the full faith and credit of that bunch as lying thieves in DC.

      35. What a bunch of dummies.

        Whether the FED owns gold (who the hell ever thought that???), and whether there is any gold in Ft. Knox are two different questions (i.e., The Fed doesn’t own Ft. Knox).

        Sloppy journalism trying to imply that an admission by the Fed that they own no gold = there is no gold at Ft. Knox.

      36. The KGB said years ago they would do everything they could to undermine the U.S. Not antymore..we are doing it to ourselves at such an accelerated rate, they just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves.

      37. Ron paul needs to grill the Treasury Secretary. HE is responsible for America’s gold.

        Where is it and how much is there?

      38. JANE: All you say is true, but it is not relevant to the gold. The FED is a private corporation. Any assets it has belongs to the member banks. The gold America has or is supposed to have, should be in the custody of the US Treasury.

        The gold belongs to US.

      39. The big question now would seem to be if confidence in the dollar falls quickly on the international market. There is now no doubt of the worthlessness of the greenback. Will the light bulb go off at the same time in peoples’ heads???

      40. The vault at Ft Knox has no gold, but it isn’t empty. It contains, among other things: the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa, the recipe for Coca-Cola, Al Capones loot ( I guess Geraldo looked in the wrong safe), Obamas birth certificate, the numerical value of pi to the last digit, Britney Spears virginity (she didn’t lose it-she just stored it away), a small vial of Kryptonite, 22 never released recordings of the Beatles and Hank Williams Sr- 10 from each plus 2 where Hank sang with the lads, the holy grail, a spare set of keys for the Batmobile, and every sock you’ve ever lost in the dryer! The gold was moved because there simply wasn’t room for it!

      41. Please wake up…Ron Paul for all the many things I do onor him for…sometimes gets so excited his mouth moves faster than his brain..and he gets it wrong… He hates the fed and wants it GONE.. He supports constitutional money..gold and silver. Thats good too. He supports a dynastic family of politicians named Paul like him and his son.. Forget it, the deal is off, I don’t care for another Kennedy or Bush family “business”
        However, the Federal Reserve in this case was telling the TRUTH..they have no gold. Now it gets real technical here so follow along… The Golden Rule… He who has the gold makes the rules. When FDR confiscated the gold from US Citizens, it was collected and turned over to the US Tresury. THEY PUT IT INTO Fort Knox KY Which is a facility built and operated by the US Treasury. So the Fed did tell the truth. They got a bunch of reciepts for the gold they collected for FDR, when they turned it over to treasury agents..but the reciepts were simply to prove that every gold coin they took out of circulation could be accounted for. Kind of like when you have to carry a bunch of money for your boss to the bank.. The boss counts it out, you count it out, then you sign a reciept for it. Then you take it to the bank. You count it out, the bank counts it out. Then they give you a reciept, which if you are smart you hang onto so that you can show the boss if he asks about the money later… get it..Now imagine some reporter stops you on the way back to the job and asks do you have $15,453 dollars from Mr. Smith? You would say, no do not have the money, but I have reciepts for it. Does it make sense now?
        Now what did the Treasury do with the gold… I cannot say, but I would not be suprized to learn that that national treasure of gold has been squandered somewhere along the way. How about this one.. What ever happend to all the silver that the government took out of circulation when we stopped using silver coins back in the 60’s? Yup..it was squandered and sold off at deeply discounted prices..so we have no particular reserve of silver in the vaults either. How about this one..Want to know a way to profit by at least 250% on your investment make your investment inflation proof and devaluation proof as well as make it a store of value for the centuries all for free? Save pennies that were made before 1980. They are actually made of copper and have a melt value which is higher than their face value. I know it is illegal to scrap or melt down or recycle them, but I figure when hyperinflation hits and/or when the dollar simply collapses soon the old currency will be de-monitized by law..at which point old pennies will no longer be protected as currency and then the pennies are just good quality scrap metal..the problem is you have to sort them out from the worthless zinc pennies we have had since that time.

        • Don’t forget Nickels, the other monetary metal still being used. a $2.oo roll melts for 2.51 at current prices.

      42. sounds like they are doing a bang up job of destroying themselfs…maybe we should let them succeed…or help them along.

      43. What, no 007 “stuff” like a Beta copy of Gold Finger?

      44. The garden that we planted this year is twice the size of the one we put in last year. I could double the size of the garden again next year without buying any tools seeds or fertilizer. In fact my wife and I plan canning or sun drying (dehydrating) half of every thing we grow.

        We have the land to grow a proper garden and then some, as well as a great spread in witch to hunt deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel. Top that off a nice river that we enjoy very much. I make my tomato cages out of river cane it cost us nothing! We are stocked up on lots of the things you can’t grow.

        We make our own wine as well…..I’m working on my brandy still. O…crap we are suppose to be talking about (GOLD)! I… I’m sorry to say but, We lost all of our gold and silver in a fit of pure paranoia. Had it all loaded up an the canoe you see and was going to take it down the river and bury it some place safe. Damn canoe flipped in the swift water and we lost it!…everything but the canoe.

      45. You need to recover it and make an anchor.

      46. No, MR. (IRS) man we lost it all…we lost all our gold and silver in a fit of pure paranoia. Had it all loaded up an the canoe you see and was going to take it down the river and bury it some place safe. Damn canoe flipped in the swift water and we lost it!…everything but the canoe. Guess we had to much wine that day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      47. As long as people who sell gold will still accept FRN’s as payment, FRN’s will have a value.

        When they don’t…. hooboy.

        • Trading gold for FRN’s is only good for paying previous debt. You get right to the point Suzy Q.

      48. Jane: You must have been drunk or high last night. You better re-read my posts. I said nothing to support the gangster banksters.

        Nor did I say anything about the gold at Fort Knox. The only thing that I have said about the issue is;

        1. I am glad the GB do not own any gold.
        2. The US Treasury is the US Dept that has jurisdiction over America’s gold.
        3. Ron Paul needs to quiz the Secretary of the Treasury as to the location and amount of gold that the US owns.

        BTW, “Tricky Dick” was not tricked into taking US off the gold standard in 1971. It was deliberate to stop the exchange of gold certificates by our allies to redeem for American gold, and keep real wealth in America.

        • Durango Kidd, Stop your whining. I am not going to continue to argue with you.

          I posted your quotes and I commented on them. YOU PRESENTED YOUR POINTS OF VIEWS, AND YOUR WRITING IS ON THE WALL.

          My suggestion is to re-read what I said. That’s all I have to say about it. Have a good night.


          • If you’re not drinking, you’re outta here!

      49. Jane: I’m not whining. I just don’t understand how you cannot read and interpret English, that’s all. I thought I was pretty civil to you.

        I have re-read what you wrote. In fact I re-read them a couple of times last night too. Your posts are not coherent, which is why I thought you were high or drunk.

        You must be confusing me with your imaginary friend. Talk to him.

      50. DK wins!

        • When he came back and begged for another argument, obviously DK did not win. Anonymous, can’t you figure that out yet?

          I did not give Durang9 another chance, he became angry and turned it into a personal attack. So who’s crazy and who’s a looser?

          Besides, we all know troll are helping trolls.

      51. When Fort Knox was opened what they found was a note: “Peace on Earth” was all it said. Them dang hippies in the ’70s knew it all along. Go figure.

        • Slick Willy was here!

      52. My 88 year old roommate bet me that I couldn’t upset a female Liberal in two un-vulgar words. I won! I have high hopes for you.

      53. Has it occurred to anybody but me that there are people on this board who read, speak, and write English as a second language? Reading and interpreting English may not be their strong suit, and patience is called for.

        • How can it hurt you when someone does not speak, talk or write English like Obama, Hillary or Bill?

          However, if someone can speak well, write well or knows what to write they wouldn’t need speechwriters and teleprompters, right????

          Ask Bill, Hillary Clinton or Obama, they will tell you, and who do you think paid for their speechwriters??

          Hint: TAXPAYERS, duhh…

          • .
            $2 Billion for the first day to bomb Libya
            = ($2 Million X 118 Missiles) + $xx NATO used our weapons

            Which is more important to you CitznKate?

            Americans who lost almost everything and are in huge debt? or someone who does not read or write English well as you said? …… Then don’t read it.

            How dumb can you get or you are retarded? I believe, because they have brains and you don’t. And I know you and DURANGO KIDD know damn well what was said and you can’t argue.

            • The mainstream media only tells you the cost for one missile (with a conventional war head) is about ¼ or 1/3 of the actual cost. They also need to factor in the costs of:

              Politicians/congress + DOD + govt employees (shuffling papers) + transfer + storage + misc….], whatever and whoever gets involved.

              No reliable person can break down or guarantee you the exact cost, but the cost is certainly near $2 million per copy. I realize liberals may come out to show me an article that they create themselves (in fact, I almost expect it.)


      54. CitznKate: Anything you want to know ask Jane then ask her twin sister and you’ll be alright. Jane, marry me! I wish Dirty Harry was 30 years younger so he could make more movies.

      55. The Freeman movement has long claimed that the gold reserves are only cetificates, we have been enslaved by the banks and governments(which are themselves regitered corporations, {check Dunn and Bradstreet listings for U.S.A. Republic of South Africa etc.} in to make money out of us)since the early 1900’s. Google “Edward M. House” and read his personal memoirs.

      56. Our currency is not only not backed by gold, but in the event of a dollar meltdown the only assets backing the world’s reserve currency are worthless toxic mortgages purchased by The Fed in recent years from insolvent banking institutions.

        (AKA) creditors will legally own everyone’s houses that get foreclosure despite the fact that if they raise interest rates allot it will force allot more into foreclosure.

        I would still raise to 1% so banks need to share some risk in borrowing…

      57. I understand the Fed Reserve not having any Gold but isn’t the U.S. Treasury owned by the Government? Do they still have the Gold? If so, perhaps they will let the Fed Reserve go bankrupt; then pull out the gold from the Treasury and issue new money and start over while allowing the Fed Reserve to take the blame for failed policies.

      58. Most of you people have no real facts or any clue. Though i would like to tell you things are better then you make them out they are in fact alot worse off. I heard that the
        toxic assets held by the Fed is in the neighborhood of one to one and a half quadrillion dollars. The world is held togeather by lies, misrepresentations and threats and the facts are we will never be free, have any equality or be able
        to get ahead from a monetary system designed to keep us in debt. As a matter of fact if right now everyone in the world tryed to pay their debts we would run out of money before even any intreast was paid. In 1913 our leaders sold out the people of america to a private bank that from then on made money off of wars and debts. Thats why from then on Americans
        have been in a never ending onslaught of wars, where both sides were often funded by these banks. Instead of becoming
        enveous, mad & jealous we were led down the road of admiration by the corporate media. They also sold us on the American dream!
        where if we worked hard & recieved a good edjucation we too could be on the top of the pyramid scheme of monetary enslavement. We too can be one of the aristocracy elitist and have the power over others life and death. In fact even if you are to go to college all you will have are more debts and
        the sad fact is more people then ever are so desperate to get a good paying job that 70% of grads are attending college. Even though there will be no jobs for them when they graduate and they can forget about bankruptcy because this debt will
        stay with them no matter what. If they don’t pay off this debt and they somehow manage to get SSI it will be garnished from their checks. There are only enough jobs for every 1 out of 5 out of work individuals today & 77% of jobs in the US are in the service sector! We are quickly destroying our way of life and this is just the tip of the iceberg. America will not be able to fix this system called
        capitalism and i believe it to be a mistake to try as Obama has shown but instead to create a system of sustainability, equality and cooperation through a rationing of our reserves. This system was seen by Karl Marx to be the last step in our evolution off of a capitalist, socialist, communist or any other ist and is called a Resource Based Economy! Though this tends to be a very radical type of system, which thinks far out of the box but can lead to a very quick transition to sustainability, progress and happiness for the largest numbers of people. Do some research & keep an open mind cause the alternative is unthinkable, inhumane and selfdestructive leading down the road to Apocalypse !!!!!!

        • p.s. the American dollar is backed by OIL not gold.

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