Double Down: Vladimir’s Putin Billions Into Gold In Anticipation of Global Upheaval

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    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says gold is not money. Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger claims it’s only for pre-holocaust Jews and that civilized people don’t buy it. The oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet scorned it as an unproductive asset  and says he’ll never invest in it. Financial advisers rarely, if ever, recommend it for personal retirement portfolios and many people will argue that it’s not a worthy personal reserve because you can’t eat it.

    For all intents and purposes, some of the most influential investors, monetary officials and financial pundits in the world completely deny gold’s value as a unit of monetary exchange and crisis reserve.

    As worthless as it is, however, tens of billions of dollars have recently been shifting into this archaic asset of long forgotten empires.

    In the last seven months alone the People’s Republic of China has added more gold to their reserves – over 500 tons – than the entire holdings of the European Central Bank. They aren’t alone.

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been aggresively investing into the precious metal over the last five years – spending some $500 million monthly as he diversifies his country’s assets out of Dollars and Euros. Currently, 9% of Russia’s reserves are held in gold.

    This, of course, begs the question: why?

    According to the World Gold Council, Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in the past five years. Putin has taken advantage of the financial crisis to build the world’s fifth-biggest gold pile in a handful of years, and is buying about half a billion dollars’ worth every month.

    No one else in the world plays global power politics as ruthlessly as Russia’s chilling strongman…

    Putin’s moves may matter to your finances, because there are two ways to look at gold.

    On the one hand, it’s an investment that by most modern standards seems to make no sense. It generates no cash flow and serves no practical purpose. Warren Buffett has pointed out that we dig it out of one hole in the ground only to stick it in another, and anyone watching this from Mars would be very confused.

    But there’s another way to look at gold: As the most liquid reserve in times of turmoil, or worse.

    The big story of our era is not that the Spanish government is broke, nor is it that Paul Ryan apparently feels the need to embellish his running record. It’s that the United States, which has dominated the world’s economy for several lifetimes, is in relative decline.

    We will soon be the first people in two hundred years to live in a world not dominated by either Pax Americana or Pax Britannica. This sort of changing of the guard has never been peaceful.

    The declines of the Spanish, French and British empires were all accompanied by conflict. The decline of British hegemony was a leading cause of the First and Second World Wars.

    What will happen as the U.S. loses its pre-eminence?

    Maybe this will turn out better than similar episodes in the past. Maybe the Chinese will embrace an open society and the rule of law. If you believe that, there is probably no reason to hold any gold.

    On the other hand, we may be about to enter a much more turbulent and dangerous era of power politics and international competition.

    Source: Market Watch [via Ulsterman Report]

    Throughout history we’ve seen what happens when nations collapse under the weight of their own debt.

    It has almost always led to war across the entire known world.

    And when those nations collapsed and were overtaken, their conquerors often exterminated their populations and always confiscated their treasure, which usually amounted to gold, food and other physical resources.

    Is this what is coming?

    Vladimir Putin, like many precious metals investors, seems to think so, and he’s preparing for a world where the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and other paper assets no longer exist. Nearly 1/10th of his country’s reserves are held in gold. The Chinese officially report 2% of their reserve assets to be held in gold – but it’s often the case that the Chinese don’t like to show all their cards, so there is a strong possibility that they have much more in precious metals holdings than we’re able to verify.

    Those who have lived through serious global paradigm shifts and studied history understand what has value when the prevailing political, social and economic systems collapse.

    Financier George Soros, who knows a thing or two about crisis and calamity, was there when the Nazis were rounding up Jews in his home country of Hungary. He’s seen the signs before and recently warned of a massive financial collapse, conflict across Europe and violent riots in America. In August he unloaded all of his holdings in major financial institutions, and like Vladimir Putin, moved a portion of his wealth into gold.

    If you believe that the economic recovery touted by the elite political class and mainstream experts is real, then by all means take out some more credit and buy a new car, pick up an investment property, and take a two week vacation to a far-off island.

    If, however, you think that Vladimir Putin, George Soros, the Chinese and the many others who are warning of an unprecedented global crisis may have an understanding of geo-politics and the real state of the global economy, perhaps it’s time you follow their lead and diversify into investments that will keep you alive in a worst-case scenario.

    Physical assets – they’re the only things that will matter when it hits the fan.

    It’s time to double down.


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      1. These countries, especially the oil rich countries KNOW where the true money is at, precious metals. Also military hardware could be thrown in there as true money. Look at all the countries with extra “paper” money putting it into TRUE money.

        • A tank is “true money”? Might want to reconsider that. Without something to purchase fuel, oil and grease with, you have a nice safe coffin at best. Also need some sort of currency to buy labor to operate it and the ammo to make it more useful then an fuel guzzling bulldozer/car crusher.

          Military hardware is a debt. Its built to be destroyed and destroy (little has civilian applications or can even be purchased by them after the equipment has run its military course). It costs us double too, since if you destroy something you now-a-days have to rebuild it (see Iraq, that cheap and inexpensive war for no reason).

          Just saying…

          • @ Mike L. Only way to keep your money and supplies is to be well aremd. One of the basic foundations of the survivalist/prepper. This is why I brought up military hardware, the prepper/survivalist stores up mcuh hard currency most of the time, and almost always has someway of defending that and what else they have. A country is no different from the prepper. To the prepper, which we are, our guns haves much value to them and ammunition is also true money like military hardware is to other countries that will purchase it.

            • Be Informed: But having a lot of military hardware in foreign countries makes no sense. We are still all over europe, asia, and the seven seas spending $$billions$$ annually to defend everyone else. Since we are footing the bill these other countries save a bundle. We’ve shouldered the world’s burdens long enough, it’s time everyone else paid their own way and so that we can come home for good. If an American travels outside the country he/she does so voluntarily. If they get careless or stupid they shouldn’t expect us to send in the Marines to save their sorry butt. Defending America means defending Americans at home, on our own soil, not in some foreign land.

            • U.N. Triggers Plan B on Global Gun Control

              “Americans who thought the United Nations’ gun-grabbing agenda collapsed with the adjournment of the Small Arms Treaty meetings in July are in for a surprise.

              Enter the U.N. Programme Against Small Arms, an administrative program that National Association for Gun Rights Executive Vice President Dudley Brown says WOULD NOT REQUIRE A VOTE IN CONGRESS TO BE ENACTED, but has so far flown under the radar of most gun-rights groups.”

              “This should include aspects of the illicit manufacture, control, trafficking, circulation, brokering and trade, as well as tracing, finance, COLLECTION AND DESTRUCTION OF SMALL ARMS AND LIGHT WEAPONS,” the report concluded.”

              “The full scope of what the program intends to accomplish are explained on the U.N. Office for Disarmament Affairs web site.” (


            • KY Mom

              The article says

              “”“For that purpose, it is essential that the weapon be marked upon production and import, and that appropriate records be kept. Existing stocks should also be marked. Although many weapons are marked upon production and import, international cooperation in marking and tracing of small arms is in its infancy.””

              I think I just found a good cause for post birth abortion!!!

            • @ Gregory8. That is exactly what I was talking about, have a strong home front ALWAYS. The empires of the past have spread themselves too thin and collapsed. I totally agree with you. What I meant that there is a lot of money in selling military hardware as an excellent item that is always in high demand. I was always talking about the other countries that are selling their military hardware. Whether it is barter for trade for something you need, or getting paid for it with any type of currency weapons sell well on the open market on small scale and large scale. This is why I said military hardware is true money as you always have a buyer ready to purcahse it.

            • BI, real money doesn’t become obsolete. Military defense is a nessessary liability and the hardware produced for this purpose is best counted as a loss. It is a bigger loss when said hardware becomes obsolete, wears out or is destroyed. Tanks and guns may be needed to protect assets but they will never produce assets, even when repurposed they are terribly ineffecient for transportation or equipment compared to purpose built machines. We may or may not be on the same page here, but I just want it to be clear, military hardware isn’t and will never be “money” in the sense that it is not a renewable or not depreciating store of wealth.

              On another note, I’ve been lurking here for almost 2 years, this is my favorite blog on all the internet, period.

              Have a nice day everyone 🙂

          • I don’t know. I could use a tank as a tractor and a safe way for me to learn to drive

          • As its been said a thousand times before:

            Gold is the currency of Kings.
            Silver is the currency of Gentlemen.
            Barter is the currency of Peasants.
            Debt is the currency of Slaves

            Lead is the currency of the free

            • I’ve been a slave. I can be a peasant. I am a gentleman and a king. Hopefully, I will remain free, though freedom is illusory at this point.

            • Land is the currency of supermen

        • EZEKIEL 28:4….By your wisdom and your understanding you have made wealth for yourself, and have gathered gold and silver into your treasuries

          EZEKIEL 7:19….They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing. Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity.

          While it is good to have silver & gold to hold your financial wealth, it will not save you. God said so….

          • Tina you’re right, gold is not the silver bullet, no pun intended, but it will give you options. In a top-down cascading economic collapse faith and the ability to buy time, so to speak, will greatly enhance survivability. Faith in God is definitely a huge bonus in my book.

          • tina: you don’t think Ezekiel was speaking methaphorically?

            • Tina, I was thinking the same thing in the book of James.

              “Go to now, rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days.” James 5:1-3

          • Ezekiel 7:19 is a reference of a prophecy that he was given. Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar was invading Israel and taking the Jews into slavery. Because of Israel’s immorality and desecrating of the temple with their immorality, gold and silver, God allowed Israel to be conquered, the people taken as slaves, the temple destroyed and all o0f the riches-gold and silver- to be taken by Babylon.

            —-For historical note—- the Jewish people were actually freed by Cyrus the Great and the Persians ( I know, pretty ironic from today’s perspective), allowed to return to their homeland of Israel and rebuilt the temple. When Christ the Messiah came, Israel mostly had returned to it’s immoral and unrighteous ways and had even defiled the Temple with unclean sacrifices and the courtyard used a s a market and had moneychangers ( even 2000+ years ago there were filthy bankers stealing from people). Christ foretold that soon not a single stone would be standing upon another.

            In AD70 Roman warlord Epiphanes destroyed Jerusalem again and–as foretold, destroyed every last stone as he had heard rumors of some gold being hidden within and under the walls.

            The rest you know, nearly 2000 years later Israel was finally returned to the Jews ( the budding of the fig tree) and since 1948 they have withstood assault after assault against incomprehensible odds, surrounded by exponential masses of populace ( many of those wars-1949 and 1967 in particular- they were not only outmanned, out flanked but severely outgunned as well).

            … and that’s the historical perspective and context of that verse in Ezekiel…

            By the way, all of these events are easily verifiable for those who will automatically try and discredit anything from the Bible. Whatever your faith..the Bible has yet to have a single, historical inaccuracy shown.

        • it’s just sad that many of our idiot leaders have made themselves rich while cutting us each time they think of themselves. Well when things go south, I’m just glad us preppers are preparing and don’t have to rely on others to survive. Those leaches will be in a world of hurt when they lose their power and all their money they cared about goes worthless. We wont care either who the hell they are. There will be people that think they are gods, to me they are the problem.

        • In the 1930’s the US government made it illegal to own gold and required all persons inside our borders to turn in all their gold monies or bars. For decaded you could not spend gold coins or bars in the US or be in violation of the law. You could be jailed and your gold seized. The government did this to pay their bills. So owning gold inside the US does not seem to be a sound proposition unless you plan to sit on it for several decades. I would suggest gold collectors coins or simple gold jewelry which were not seized in 1930. You could also have precious stones but you need to know what you are doing with that. Whatever you buy, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer and then get a specific receipt and have the item appraised by a different party to insure you got what you thought. There are a lot of people who are getting ripped off in the gold market. Get it appraised, in your possession and not held by a third party or in a deposite box. The banks popped them in the 1930s on order of the government. If you have your preps all set THEN set aside other asets. But I would say first have zero debt including your home.

          • Say there c, how many people were ever ACTUALLY prosecuted for not turning in their gold? Or silver? How many people basically said, “Fuck you very much Uncle Scam, I’m keeping what’s rightfully mine” ? First answer : ZERO. Second answer: must have been quite a few, since otherwise there wouldn’t be any coins from before the 1930s left at all; the government would have melted them all.

            It’s real simple: when the so-called “elites” are passing bullshit laws that are one-sided unfair arbitrary and only benefit “the insiders”, we the people have no requirement to obey them, and indeed, only a fool would. What’s more, it is the duty of EVERY patriot to resist every unjust act of tyranny. STEALING the money from those who have earned it by bastardizing our currency then seizing our real money is an act of a tyrant.

            sic semper tyrannis

        • Why is Putin buying $500 million in gold every year? The answer is fourfold:

          1. Gold is real wealth (but gold is not money). It is a commodity that can be easily traded for any other commodity (or fiat) because it is fungible, based upon purity, with a large global market that makes it liquid. It is it’s global marketability that gives the impression that it is money.

          Try paying your utility bill with gold, or your next plane ticket in gold. Gold is not money. Chances are, that you could use whatever fiat you had in your wallet, wherever you are in the world, to buy that ticket. Not so much gold.

          Gold is not money. Nor should gold be money in America ever again. When gold becomes money (and it will)YOU will be officially welcomed into the NWO under UN auspices, and American Sovereignty will be lost forever.

          2. Because gold is real wealth Putin is buying gold to enhance Russia’s wealth. Above all Putin is a nationalist. (Too bad America hasn’t had a nationalist as President since Reagan).

          3. Under the Soviet Union, Russians mined coal. Russia is now one of the top five gold producers in the world. Yes, Putin buys gold … the gold that Russia produces. All of it, and under world market prices.

          He also pays for it in Robles; which last I looked was about 36 to the dollar. Gold mining now puts a lot of Russians to work and supports or subsidizes the Russian economy.

          4. All of the major governments are buying gold to catch up to the USA which holds 8300 +/- tons of gold, in anticipation of a one world currency or a basket of major currencies, backed by gold and platinum once the dollar is used up in wars of phony crony capitalism.

          Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

        • You do all know that gold is the product of a supernova Right? It was not produced from earth forces but came here in meteorites from an exploded sun. That alone should make it valuable even if it had no other intrinsic uses. Gold was valuable as REAL currency because labor was used to mine it. It was/is a tangible asset that could be traded for other goods and services. It was a medium of exchange for trade as it held its own intrinsic value and others coveted it. Maybe if FRN’s came from the sun they could be considered real currency.

          • The article was about gold so thats all I addressed but a little more cool facts for you, Silver and Iron (along with other elements)also comes from supernovas (Iron comes from other non sun bolides also). The first steel/iron swords were considered magical )think excalibur) because the only iron found back then was from surface exposed meteorites and those are still rare to this day.

          • I should have said “from meteoriies and from the debris that swirled together to form earth, if thats the actual way earth was formed” either way, my point was gold and all elements above atomic weight 26 ONLY can come from the product of a sun explosion (Iron AMU 26 can be made via deep earth processes and is one of the most common elements in the universe), which makes them rare and always worth more than a piece of paper.

        • maybe you should examine what those oil rich nations did in the 1970s. kissinger convinced them to buy huge amounts of gold and America would buy saudi oil (and stopped producing their own oil) with promise that the saudis would deposit oil profits into rothschild banks.

          then rothschilds lent the digits- not real money- all over south and central america w/ those same nations’ real assets as collateral. when they predictably defaulted on the high interest debt? oil nations were told all their money was “gone” in the latin america crash. then when the oil cartel attempted to compensate by selling their gold, the Cabal dropped the prices and enslaved them. and bought the oil nations gold for a song too.

          expect some similiar gold scheme to be dumped on china and russia too. problem is not the currency but those in power. THAT is where the intervention and regime change has to happen.

      2. China is the world’s largest producer of gold ore and bullion and yet over the past 18 months they have increased their gold imports by 500%! Bernanke cannot allow gold and silver to be considered money otherwise the dollar and every other fiat paper currency is doomed. Who cares what Buffet thinks anyway?

        • Buffet says, on one hand, that gold id not money and that he is not buying any.
          On the other hand, his company is buying a shit load of gold. (Pardone le Francais)
          He is just like the rest of the power hungry. Lies and deception are their rules of the day, every day.
          Be well

          • The people running the central banks are buying and hording gold like there’s no tomorrow. They know at the heavily manipulated and suppressed prices of precious metals they’re are a huge bargain compared to the massively devalued global currencies. I use the word bargain relatively speaking. They’re not fooling anyone who has a brain in their head with their “gold is not money” propaganda.

            China’s manufacturing data is tanking fast. Most of Europe is in a recession with massive economic deflationary pressures building quickly. Greece is in a full blown depression and getting worse. America’s GDP is contracting and is far below the 2.5% need for self-sustainability. Food stamp use, welfare, and health care cost are exploding. Insolvent US cities declaring bankruptcy. Nope, the evidence is pretty clear that after hundreds of trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted globally, the fiscal correction that began in 2008 is now reasserting itself with a fierce vengeance.

            If I smell smoke, I don’t need to see flames to know that something is burning. Cheers.

          • KY Mom: And just how would the U.N. Ban be enacted here? Per Article 2 of the Constitution the President has the authority to make treaties but it must pass by a 2/3 majority of the Senate to become law. This means that only 37 Senators have to say no and it dies and as of last count, less than 6 months ago, more than 50 said they would vote against any such treaty. An executive order would not be permissable, so how would it be done? Maybe I’m missing something.

          • spot on DOC! Why anyone would listen to Buffet’s words and not his actions is just beyond me.

            Good GOD people, THINK!

      3. We will likely see the confiscation of personal gold, just like the 1930’s. But,it won’t do America any good, it will be just more assets for TPTB to collect and hord. TPTB are breaking America from the inside, and no amount of gold will save her.

        Oil will likely be seen as much a valuable asset as physical gold soon, as the easy to get oil dries up. You can’t run machines on gold, just buy them. You need machines to have world power, and machines run on oil. The next war won’t be over things like gold, but the last oil fields. Oh, and the last sources of potable water…

        Gold is fascinating, I’d buy some if I could afford it, even though I really doubt such an economy will exist that will allow gold to used as a source of personal money. TPTB can’t allow that…

        • Gold has ALWAYS been money. It will continue to be money.

          • JasonS: Exactly Jason! Most people still think that paper is real money. Money is just a medium of exchange for tangible assests between two or more people to ease the transactions so that folks don’t have to haul around their goods every time they want to buy something. Gold and silver have held that spot for more than 5000 years and is still used. Our FRNs were redeemable in gold and silver until a few decades ago. Most governments eventually debase their currencies to pay for bigger and bigger projects and edless wars. ancient China and the Roman Empire both changed from gold and silver to base metals because they were going broke. after while, nobody wanted their coins. In modern times, Germany in the 20’s, Agentina twice, Russia asfter the collapse, and Zimbabwe all printed too much paper with no backing to the point that their currencies were a joke and no one wanted them. Paper is just paper but gold and silver are a store of value like guns, ammo, food, land, etc. There are going to a lot of folks holding a lot of worthless paper soon. In fact it’s been happening slowly since 1913. In 1913 1 oz. of Gold bought a good man’s suit. Today, that same oz. will buy a good man’s suit, think Brooks Bros., and up. The price of the suit didn’t go up, the value of the dollar has declined that much.

        • We won’t see a confiscation of gold in the US simply because virtually NOBODY has any….why bother ?

          The Banksters directed Roosevelt to do it in the 30’s because gold was in common circulation, and competition to paper fiat money. It was wildly successful and now 99.9% of the American folks have no clue what IS and ISN’T money.

          THAT is what has allowed the Banksters to rob this nation blind.

          The Chinese and Russians, on the other hand, are not near as stupid. The day will come when gold will be money again, and they plan to be on the winning end of that play.

          • Yes the govt confiscated it and then ended up getting rid of all of it.

            So, how should someone (that lived through that) feel knowing that their hard erned savings was used to redistribute wealth to other nations?

            It really sucks how they can manlipulate things in their favor.

          • While this is just an opinion, I believe most of the world’s gold is held by the NY Fed, the BOE and the BIS. I also think China and Taiwan’s Central Banks have a shitload. If and when they get a CB installed in Iran and N Korea they will attempt to install some funky global digital currency “backed” by gold. It will probably be gold based in name only to appease the masses while in reality it will still be fractional reserve garbage banking.Of course, they will still have usury to steal your labor.

          • And the younger generations think credit cards are money. I’ll take gold over paper and cards anyday.

            • Nobody ever had their identity stolen when paying cash. But wait, credit cards are safer than cash, riiiiiiight?

        • Gold won’t be confiscated. The government will buy it and issue a new gold-backed currency. They will buy it at below market prices and use that profit to fund the government.

        • JustMe: The GB’s do not want gold as money and will resist the commies in the UN who want a OWC because the currency markets are by far the largest and most profitable in the world.

          The currency market is owned, operated, and manipulated by the major banks who skim a sliver and take a commission on every currency trade.

      4. Don’t have gold, don’t want gold. I prefer the silver stuff as it has more uses than looking pretty. Let the rich trade gold and leave the rest of us to use silver and other USEFUL metals for trade. What would be nice is if the governments and the elites around the world bought the gold just to find out that the 99.999% of the population wont use or accept it as value. That is my dream scenario. They would lose all power if this happened as their form of value would not be accepted by the masses.

        • That’s hilarious. People won’t accept gold as money??? Governments will issue new currency backed by gold.

          • Gravlore,
            If you know anyone who has some of that “useless” gold hanging around, tell ’em I’ll be glad to take it off their hands, for a small fee. 🙂

            On the other hand, I also like silver too. Very shiny, and practical, as you say

          • I never said they wont accept it. I think you missed the point. My point was if TPTB put their eggs into the gold basket it would be nice if it was not recognized since it would strip them of their power. I never said it was fact.

      5. Gold is just like anything else. If you don’t take care of all your other “G” items, your gold will not save you.


        Understand that not taking care of the other six and just stockpiling gold is DUMB.

        Get all of them taken care of, then, if you like, play with one. Personally, I’m in the gun camp. I have them for investment purposes/barter as much as I do for protection.

        Remember, if you can’t protect it, you can’t keep it.

        To those that say the government will confiscate gold, I say thats BS. They won’t confiscate gold any quicker than they’ll confiscate guns. They do that, its instant revolution and they know it.

        Back in the 30s when they coerced people into allowing the government to steal their gold, people ACTUALLY THOUGHT THE GOVERNMENT HAD THEIR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND. So, they patriotically marched in and gave it up. What a bunch of sheople! If they did that now, people would just ignore them, and, if they tried to take it, the blood would flow. Same with firearms.

        They attempt to tell you “its not money” and its not what “civilized people used” but that is an attempt to demonize it much like the attempts to portray preppers as crazy lunatics that are worried about some fantasy of future collapse. The whole charade is simply this: misdirection, smoke and mirrors. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” “Nothing to see here, folks, move along.”

        We know what they are up to and we’re 3 steps ahead. TPTB are just in a panic trying to figure out what they can do to minimize their losses as the system they created to screw the populace destroys itself. Those who hold to the system will hang with the system, those who resist it will eventually be free.

        The sad fact of the matter is that over 90% (that number is down but I wish it were down more) of people do not have a clue that we’re being lied to and screwed by our own government while at the same time is says it loves us and wants us to be happy. I listed to Obama spew his lies and it makes me sick. Then I hear Romney spew his lies and I get even sicker.

        A politician would say, “Oh, sir! I would never, ever, stab you!” as they are pulling out the knife and thrusting it in again. Our government if psychopathic/schizophrenic and, as such, is a gargantuan pathological lying machine. …and then, by virtue of being bought and mezmerized, other establishments can also be classified as the same – media and financial media.

        The truth is the bankers control it all and they don’t really care what happens to humanity. Profit is their goal and they are simply value vampires. If something has value, they’ll attempt to suck it out of it without you knowing it.


        Simultaneously, the people who say “Gold is not money.” are also buying it as fast and as surreptitiously as they can. They keep telling “US” that its foolish and “uncivilized” to buy it all the while they’re making out their orders.

        • I think those in power will ‘try’ to confiscate guns.
          The New World Order and Agenda 21 can be enacted so much easier if they got rid of those guns…as many as possible.

          If the U.N. mandated the order. Then, our leaders can say…don’t be mad at us.

          • “””If the U.N. mandated the order. Then, our leaders can say…don’t be mad at us.””””

            The UN can mandate nothing for America.

            As for YOUR leaders saying anything about it, I am my own leader, so the corp can say anything it wants to. Still will not get my guns, unless they get too close and then I will start by giving them ammo first.

          • Anon, the U.N. is free to ask me if my possessions are for sale, but I and I alone have the final authority as to whom and at what price they are sold. For the record, my possessions are never for sale.

            As a matter of personal, state, and national security, I will never turn over my possessions to a corrupt faceless anti-American agency on demand. I owe the Founders at least that much.

        • I think you’re spot on about people just refusing to turn in their gold. Just like their guns. It’s just the plain truth that folks in the 30s pretty much trusted the government. But the folks that own physical PMs and guns today… well… I’m pretty sure they’re not the trusting sort, especially when it comes to the federal government.

          Anyway, great post.


          • Yes…one of the few lessons learned

          • Hey there Mal,
            It seems obvious to me that HUGE numbers of people did NOT turn in their gold; otherwise, there wouldn’t be ANY pre 1933 coins left.

            Point taken though: ” we won’t get fooled again”

        • Netranger,

          I agree with a lot you say but I do disagree with you about gold confiscation. I think the Govt will simply make it illegal to own gold and therefore whoever doesn’t turn it in will be holding an illegal item on line with narcotics… and when they find on you or you trying to make a transaction they will simply confiscate it like they do contraband.

          The world is going to a gold standard, make no mistake on that. But IMHO, when the transition goes into effect, people will lose their minds and that is when riots and suicides will sky rocket. No one will know how to act, and when people figure out that their 401Ks and bonds were simply used by traders as gambling cannon fodder, they will direct their anger at some of those fools and a lot of people will get hurt.

          God, guns and Gardens will save some (my favorite of your G’s), until their neighbors start jumping over the fence to eat what you worked on. There was a Twilight Zone episode about that where a guy was in his bomb shelter and his neighbors all try and break in…. there is more truth to that than anyone wants to admit.

          And yes, the bankers are buying all they can of gold, because they know what is coming and so do most of us on this blog. Great response, brother!!

          Good luck all!!!


          • The episode to which you are referring is called ‘The Shelter’ and can be watched in three parts on Youtube. The moral of the story is OPSEC. Had they not told their neighbors they built a bomb shelter they could have pretended to be just as scared.

            My retreat neighbors already heat with wood, garden, and hunt both in and out of season and being in the lowest strata of population density I’m hoping few people will be jumping fences. The castle doctrine here extends to the fence line so that would be a actionable threat.

            I used to think my Facebook friends that advertise their prepper ideology were just naive, but lately I’m learning talk is all they’ve done and they are trolling for friends who really are prepared. I poke fun at them so they don’t get the right idea.

            • Ouch, interesting..I just stay off any social sites.
              But, your view of them searching, probing is still interesting.

            • I’m a bad son. If my parents or in-laws, or brothers or sister or nieces want to see photos and videos of my toddler, they have to do so on Facebook. I do not post status updates and as a general rule do not comment on others posts. Only baby stuff.

          • JJsan…I believe you are right. They will ban transactions in PMs. The EO is already out there that says the corp gov can ban any financial transaction they want. We may have to just ignore their unlawful statutes and codes. I think FDR banned the use of gold and silver under a $10,000 penalty unless, of course,you were the Fed. He didn’t outright confiscate it but gave the people a chance to exchange it for monopoly money.

            • Ban away! Like it matters to me. If they ban it, I’ll just use it anyway. If they catch me with it, I’ll either defend myself against the robbers (regardless of their costumes) or I’ll give it up. No different than it is now.

              I like a quote from a fictional character in the novel “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”. It is paraphrased here but close:

              “I am free regardless of the laws that surround me. If the laws are tolerable, I tolerate them, if they are not, I break them.”

              That sounds a lot like Prepared Pastor, GC, others and myself. Unless man’s law is based on God’s law, its not law at all but color of law. And thats what we have for almost all things that the “Policee” officers are enforcing.

              When it all falls apart, we revert back to The Law instead of this corporate hybrid we’ve been coerced into living with. Then, when agents of the foreign, occupying government attempt to steal or interfere, they’ll get their ammo, one projectile at a time.

              I am advocating keeping a very low profile. Few people know about what I’ve got or where I have it.

              Basically, play their game. Keep your mouth shut. I can show everyone here easy ways to become more “anonymous” online. I must say, NetRanger is getting pretty old. I’ve pulled his strings for over 10 years. It may be time for him to slip away. You’d like to feel you can trust people, but, one just never really knows.

              I could be FBI or working out of NYPD’s Israeli office. (Yeah, appearantly they have one!) No one really knows, so, lets just keep all of it friendly and anonymous. Heck, JRS could be my neighbor whos can keeps getting into my trash. How would I know?

              Regardless, survival requires that you don’t hang the steaks outside so the tigers can smell them. They might come and eat your steaks and you too!

              The law says: “…by the consent of the governed.” I say: “I do not consent.”

            • Netranger,

              The way I put it this: when the so-called elites are babbling disconnected fucking nonsense, I just simply stop listening

          • JJsan,

            The government cannot unilaterally deem gold or silver illegal without amending the US Constitution. Article One, Section Ten, Paragraph One spells out in no uncertain terms, and unambiguous language, that gold and silver are recognized as money to be used to settle debts.

            Any attempt to ban the use of gold without amending the Constitution in my view is a wholly illegal act. It was illegal in 1933, and it will be illegal at any point in the future. The authors of the Constitution specifically did this, I believe, in the hopes of preventing the fiscal death spiral we are in.

            Reminds me of Ayn Rand’s warning to the rest of us:

            “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”


      6. Self Sufficiency Homestead Montana Style …

        If you want “need” to be viable over these next 50 years … Purchase A OLD DEPENDABLE PROVEN 4X4 with Solid metal bumpers brush guard , 10 acres in remote rocky mountain region (near borders national forest) that has water mineral rights , put a modular shipping container hay bale insulated home on it at highest point of land w/ buried shipping container bomb / fire shelter , stock it with free range sheep goats chickens deer WORK HORSES / MULES ( get 2 big dogs / 2 lil dogs as guards ), then buy grub , guns , ammo , supplies , solar electric / water purification systems and install a pond or two , a moat w/ removable bridge around the homestead deep enough to stop 4×4’s and a fire proof tower attached to the homestead for observation high area armored shooting platform … THEN buy the REAL gold silver pm’s etc etc .

        Uuuuuuuuuuuumm… ;0P

        Oh yeah and if your a glutton for mental punishment find ya’ a Fat montana local woman with a Skinny sister for company on the cold montana winter nights !!!

        ;0P pssszzt

        Thats my Personal Protection SHTFLAN plan Once I win the Montana State Lottery !!!


        • I just know you’re going to win it this time. It is a nice goal you have though.



        It Obvious has been for a While Now Russia and China are Playing Catch Up Fast Financially and Militarily to secure themselves against a AmeriKan Collapse of the Fiat Dollar … And AmeriKa is Helping them do it !!! By giving them Military Secrets , Ownership of AmeriKa Land Territory to secure Loans against Foreign Owned AmeriKan War Debts , against AmeriKa’s / NATO’s UN NWO ZOG GLOBAL Government Trillion Dollar Zionist FreeMason Global Domination Fake Terror War’s in the Middle East and Africa !!!

        Which leaves ALL OF YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN … Left Holding the Brown Paper Bag of TENS 10’s of (T) Trillions Dollar National Debt Doggy Poo !!!

        Basically YOU ARE ALL Properly SCREWED without KY Gel !!!

        If your not in REAL PM’s stored secured locally by now … Kill Yourself !!!

        Or I hear “Prostitution” Selling Your Body is Big During a National Financial Melt Down !!!


        • Email is full, NO

          • @Ms. Daisy I told you … Never Call Me / post motes at the Office … my Gurlfiend might pick it up !!!

            ;0P pssszzt

        • $ cocopuff crackhead $,

          Yep, that pretty much sums up the state of the world nicely. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. Cheers.

      8. In the Beginning the Creator made it so “The shiny stuff, yeah, that. That’ll be the ‘money’.”

        Dang, still works!

        • First Book of the Bible:
          Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold. – Genesis 13:2

          Oldest Book of the Bible:
          All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble the LORD had brought on him, and each one gave him a piece of silver and a gold ring. – Job 42:11

      9. If I had tens of thousands left after priorities were covered I may have bought gold, but with only thousands I bought silver because although technically a gold coin can be cut into pieces imagine asking for change from a guard you are bribing to look the other way.

        If America decides one day to collateralize our thus far unsecured debts with natural resources, it will be time to put what we cannot carry into the bunker, fill in the entrance, and become an expat. PM are the safest portable wealth to provide capital for a new life.

        • @PP ;0) Peace be Upon You O’Faithful One of our Prepper Flock !

          ??? Please @PP

          Where honestly does One … an ExPatriot BUG OUT too … escape from Zionist Fascist Commie AmeriKa Scourge and Gestapo ZOG Prisons Forced Labor Camps???

          The UN NWO ZOG FreeMasons control encompasses all of North AmeriKa , Most South AmeriKan , NATO European Countries and the Other countries of the World are ALL CORRUPT CRIMINAL Commie Gangster Mafia DICKTATORSHIPS ???

          I.E. we get the “GLOBAL New World Order !!!” Key word here GLOBAL !!!

          Some Uuuuuuuum … where is it actually Bug-Out American Ex-Pat Family Safe ???

          Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ???

          Cause I have more than LOOKED Globally Myself and my Best Answer is ICELAND !!!


          Just Curious @PP … ???

          May the “Holy Son” keep you and yours safe and faithfully pure in the hard times ahead .

          RESPECT @PP


          • Most Christians believe that global governance occurs after the rapture through controlling commerce. Speaking hypothetically NWO would be as effective in some parts of the planet as the federal government is at enforcing marijuana laws in California. There is insufficient manpower to cover every inch of the earth so they could only control people by controlling money so learning how to survive without it removes one from their jurisdiction.

            Being a missionary to Mexico and Honduras, There are those who will take us in who are already staying alive without money. They already live in shacks and cook on rocket stoves. The $1,700 per capita income of Honduras is misleading as a few wealthy people have much larger incomes while the poor have much smaller. Food there, however, literally grows on trees and homes do not require heat so we did not see people starving there as in Africa.

            Aubrey Boag wrote an excellent essay on ‘Why Didn’t the Jews Leave Earlier’ where she discusses in detail the period between when Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 and 1944. It was 1937 before Jews were subject to emigration restrictions so were free to leave for four years. The Internet is full of biographies of those who stayed too long, but were able to buy their freedom with precious metals or gems. They used them not only for bribes, but to entice farmers along their route to take the risk of providing them a hot meal and safe place to sleep.

            • @PP ;0) … Well Written … BIG THANK YOU !!!

              Respect .


            • Hey PP…Most Christians believe that global governance occurs after the rapture through controlling commerce.

              This has been heard this topic of convesation a LOT lately in my travels. Can you show me any reference to this in the bible? My arguement as to why i prep (yet I am a Christian) is that nobody knows when the Rapture will take place…and frankly what better way to test your flocks true conviction then to allow them to go through some of the tribulation.

              I tell everyone that I am ready…period. I prep, if not for me then the people that may stumble across it after I am gone.

            • The Bible says the Rapture will occur AFTER the Tribulation.

              Matthew 24:29-31

              King James Version (KJV)

              29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

              30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

              31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

              Also, see Mark 13:23-27. It repeats this message.

            • There are four rapture theories which I teach. These are pretribulation, prewrath, midtribulation, and posttribulation. There is scripture that appears to support all of them and I chose the most prevalent theory to address the greatest number of people.

              In response to your request, the scriptures are too extensive to post here, but there is a good argument for the most prevalent (pretribulation) theory at the following site:

              I’m not on this site to proselytize, so will only say I am preparing for seven years based on the Egyptian famine model. The seven-year period described in Revelation could be preceded by ten years of plain old suffering and if the church is not raptured at the beginning (pretrib), no one may realize it even started. Should me wife and I depart this world for any reason, my unbelieving brothers know where to find the directions to our retreat, silver, and other hidden assets.

            • Prepared Pastor

              “””””There is insufficient manpower to cover every inch of the earth so they could only control people by controlling money so learning how to survive without it removes one from their jurisdiction. “””””

              The Pastor has kindly, and without charge, given you the key to freedom and surviving the NWO occupation of most of the world.

              It is not really that difficult to provide yourself with smaller amounts of electricity, water, and food without money. It may take a little money now to get those things set up, but the reward will be not needing money when there is none.

              One quote from an old woman living in the depression has stuck in my mind for years. She said “We had everything we needed but money”.

              That is what we must really prepare for. Living without money may seem impossible today, but it will be very rewarding in the days and years to come if you can get set up for it now.

            • @ Anonymous,
              Read the whole thing. Those verses are about the second coming not the rapture.

      10. another item thats going up in value and if you dont have it, you cant secure your gold is, ammunition.

      11. makes you wonder if he’s holding a brick of gold thats supposed to be in a lock up in the united states.

        • If it is don’t worry about it. It’s been drilled and tungsten filled.

        • VRF, I agree. I believe in investing in ALL the precious metals: gold, silver, brass and lead

      12. Gotta watch those Commies! They’re gold-plating everything. The Russians need that buillion for their onion domes. And the Chinese are planning to erect a few more Golden Towers.

        • Zolt

          “””Gotta watch those Commies! They’re gold-plating everything. “””

          Unfortunately the commies you have to watch are here, not in China and Russia. The tungsten filled “gold bars” that were found in China were found to be made in the US.

          • Twas sarcasm, GC….I trust no Commie, no matter where their boots are.

      13. Americans are going to wake up one day and be hit with the “news” that they have absolutely no gold reserves…but plenty of plastic Chinese Halloween and Christmas decorations.

        • I’ll trade you my prized santa tree topper for that can of spam. How ’bout it?

          • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….no.

            But thanks for asking.

            Maybe you can at least scrape together enough lead from your toys to make a 22 bullet or two.

        • Oh, heck yeah…and earbuds that read on one side, Victor Company of Japan, and I smiled.
          Got home and discovered on the other side, MADE IN CHINA.
          They know all the careful.
          Soon, those Chinese towns setting up in Idaho will make chit reading MADE IN USA..and be chinese junk made here!!!
          Man, they got us big time.

          • Makes me wonder…how long do you think those chinks are gonna last in Idaho?
            I mean Idaho is crawling with American militia types and outdoors type people,people who dont really like outsiders…commies may wish theyd choosen NY or LA…seems to me theyll be sitting ducks when SHTF…just a thought. “Live free or die tryin”

      14. Fiat currencies are all heading towards 0. We’re going to see a one-world currency backed by gold. But not until after the collapse, the chaos, and the world coming back to order.

      15. It is given that p.m.s are rising in value
        and why the ptb are manipulating the markets/media to keep the intrinsic and real values down.

        That being said,most of us out here live in a different world altogether in the private sector.

        We struggle day to day just to make ends meet if we’re lucky enough to even have a job.
        My home of 20 years has lost over 35% of its equity in just 4 years.
        Gas,food,utilities, insurance etc has skyrocketed over the last 4 years as well and eats up nearly all our money..just to survive the basics.

        Real unemployment is at 22-23%.

        Most of us are paid wages we earned 20 years ago at best and with a wage freeze to boot.
        Chefs(my trade for 30 years) are now paid the same starting rate that I hired line cooks 20 years ago..competition in fierce for any somewhat lucrative position.

        The notion that those of us out here preparing should be buying land and stacking gold, or face destruction, is a fantasy for most.

        Just purchasing dried, canned,paper,medicine, and leaded goods for the oncoming collapse is a dire challenge by itself.

        Although several years of preparing has paid off,most of us in this situation will be riding out what ever comes our way..


        Winter is coming

        Something Wicked This way Comes.


      16. Think about it….Anyone pushing stocks as “investments” is not going to suggest gold..Because when you buy gold or Silver its a one shot commission for the seller.

        However, if you buy their stocks/mutual fund or other so-called investment products..Old Warren gets his cut again and again and again….making his money off your money…

        So he will go on brow beating gold, by suggesting it isn’t a productive investment.. go ahead and buy one of his “productive investments” and continue to pay his commissions.

        The FED is assisting this racket with their zero percent money to the banks, anyone with a few bucks can’t make diddly off “safe” investments…So we are forced to gamble on Wall Street and pay Old Warren his commissions.

      17. “Financier George Soros, who knows a thing or two about crisis and calamity, was there when the Nazis were rounding up Jews in his home country of Hungary.”

        YES, and the SOB is a Jew himself who turned in other Jews to the Nazi’s. Sold them out.

      18. The fall of the British pound and the decline of the US dollar means nothing to many. The selling of the British gold at the bottom of the gold market and the denial to audit Fort Knox’s gold could add to conspiracy traits.
        The only sure thing is that they have been trying to knock gold off and they have not been able to do it. Most small countries are buying gold and those that mine gold are not putting it on the market to sell. Gold will be no good till the monetary reset. Then we will see the richness of gold and silver.
        Provided we do not nuke ourselves.

      19. For the most part oil is money.You cannot however store it effectively so gold is a substitute.

        We can debate what is money but all agree that fiat currency is not money; it is a medium of exchange but damn sure not a store of value. You can mandate that a duck is a chicken but that does not change the fact that a duck is a duck and a chicken is a chicken.

        • For the most part, oil is NOT money. Money is divisable. Not easily produced ( so as to not dilute), timeless,
          (does not spoil, corrode over time), Recognized by everyone everywhere. Money is a STORE of value. Currency is what you use to buy a can of beans. A dollar bill is currency, but not money. The scam as been that folks have been conditioned to BELIEVE that a dollar bill is money. And then save for the future in dollars. haha!
          You use currency to conduct business and trade.
          You use MONEY to save and store excess production or value, to be deployed at a later date in time.
          How is oil money then? The OPEC’s know, once pulled from the ground and sold, oil is gone-depleted. That is why they have insisted on some settlement in Gold.
          Come on people, study money-currency-money. You will naturally, without persuasion, come to the conclusion that gold and his little brother silver will prevail.


        AMERIKAN CIA AND LUCIFER KILLERY CLUNTON just love TO COMMIT GENOCIDE MASS MURDER with their FAKE Al-CIA-Duh FSB CIA Jooo MOSSAD trained supported paid AmeriKan CIA Muslim Terrorist’s against the unarmed Syrian Civilians Mass killing committing Genocide against women children babies an defenseless old syrian men civilians !!!



        see link below – this is AmeriKa at WAR unjustified genocide of innocent Syrian women children babies an old men !

        don’t it make you just so proud of the AmeriKan CIA FBI NSA ???



        see new link below …

      21. Then I (The prophet Isaiah) said, “For how long Lord (will the people’s eyes and hears be shut off to the truth)?”

        And He replied:
        “Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitatant, until the houses are left deserted and all the fields ruined and ravaged, until the Lord has sent everyone away and the land is utterly forsaken.

        And though a tenth of the people remains, IT WILL AGAIN BE LAID WASTE”. Isaiah 6:11-12a

      22. No, we can’t eat gold or shoot it out the barrel of a gun. However, the value of small amount of gold I hold has appreciated greatly during the time I have held it. One of my savings accounts is earning .05% in interest.

        If gold drops in value that would be great. That would mean the actual value of the dollar was rising. The central government cannot allow the value of the dollar to rise, as that would increase the true value of the $16,000,000,000,000 debt. Bet on the dollar or bet on gold.

        • Well, you could shoot it out of a barrel of a gun, but probably not the smartest thing to do. Someone might mistake you for a Democrat.

      23. The coward limp dick AmeriKan CIA makes the Russia Mafia look like Choir Boys !

        The Russian Mafia has more “Battle Field Honor” than the AmeriKan CIA … and the Russian Mafia are Rabid Dogs !!!

        So what does that make the AmereiKan CIA and their Genocidal Pin-Up Gurl MAD DOG MURDERER COP KILLER Lucifer Killery Clunton ???

        I’m sorry everyone but these videos of AmeriKa CIA Forces committed Genocides in Syria just Piss Me Off !!!

        I guarantee if someone started cutting sawing at your children’s throats with a butcher knife in the name of AMERIKAN FREEDOM=TAX DEBT SLAVERY … NONE OF YOU would just stand there and take it !!!


        WTF AMERIKA ???


      24. According to the movie 2016, Obama has cut our warhead count from 1500 to 500, all the while Putin has modernized his. If given a second term he plans to cut the 500 to less than 300, which would mean that if Russia and China launched a suprise attack on the U.S. we would not have enough surviving nukes to counter the attack.

        The last book of the Bible “Revelation” speaks of a powerful country (Beast) which received a mortal would to It’s head , yet lives. Could this refer to The Soviet Union’s loss of the Cold War and Putin’s Russia growing stronger each year.

        It goes on to speak of this Beast joining with 9 other “Heads” or countries, to attack and “burn”.

        Russia, China, Iran, and others have joined an alliance know as the SCO. Just like the old Warsaw pact they hold war games together and pledge to fight if one of the members is attacked.

      25. I feel like this. If you have in your hands 100’s of oz.’s of gold you might be ok, but if you have only a few oz.’s say 10 or 15 you still have nothing. Thats why I feel dealing in gold is not for me. Thats the same way with stocks unless you control a minimum 10,000 shares of a stock you have nothing been there and done that. Where are you going to use it, at the Wally World, who going to make change and with what? I will stick with the everyday things that people need and deal with that stuff. But thats just me.

      26. Remember preppers, a lot of people I know buy gold and silver, wait, until the price go up or down, then sell to only pay higher for supplies that are going up in price. I understand the preservation of wealth thing with metals, but from a prepper stand point, isn’t it like ring-around-the-Rosie… It’s kinda like the housing crap, buy low sell high then buy high ….. You get what I’m saying? I have made my share of money blunders in the past, but this is how I see it.

        I have a small portion of metals, ( bartering ) but I’m not going to try and chase the top.

        All I’m saying is, diversify. Let’s just say, you spend 10,000 on gold, then obummer does another executive order in the line of tax or like EU ( vat tax ) then what, you just say, ‘fuc it’ I’ll just save it for my kids….. I don’t know about your kids, but mine need to eat and drink!

        • Hey you cant eat a house or car either, but people think those things are just great

          • What I was trying to explain was that if you think gold is the answer and saving grace, you are in need of some knowledge!

            In the shtf times, try trading your gold for something you need like water, sure you’ll find someone, but as soon as you reveil you have gold for sell or trade, you’ve just increase your chancing of getting robbed or killed…

            Good luck Mr. Trader…

            P.s. I don’t give thumbs down on peoples ideals and beliefs.

      27. Ever hear of ORME aka monoatomic gold? \You can eat gold and it has tremedous healing properties to your body and helps repair your DNA and it prolongs your life. Why do you think the ancient Egyptians consumed it. Gold has out striped Birkshire Hathaway stock by a 2.5 ratio in the last ten years. Buffett would have more than twice his current wealth if he invested in just gold, but being so old he’s not of sound mind any more.

      28. The Feds Can’t Catch the Cartels’ Cocaine-Filled Submarines

        If this story is true, and this is the case..were seriously fucked people..and not because of the drug traffic, but the potential or the already happining of dangerous people being shipped into this country the exact same way.

        With three-quarters of potential cocaine shipments sliding under their noses, United States authorities are having a hard time keeping up with the Latin American drug cartels. Part of the problem, a new report in The New York Times says, is the fact that the famously daring and elusive drug-running submarines aren’t just operating in the Pacific Ocean any more. These diesel-powered vessels have taken the Caribbean by storm, and the technology powering them is getting more sophisticated.

        drugs are not the only thing brought into this country, they need people here too, to keep things moving, and these are not the type of people you want as neighbors

        • Not to mention possible terrorists?

          • the only terrorism is done by our govt, dont kid yourself

            • Yup..but they like to make it out as if its the other they like to use their ways as cover..and thats why the question mark after the word 😉

        • VRF, you sure the Feds WANT to catch the Cartels? I mean, people are much easier to control and cheaper to take care of if they’re caught and jailed w/ illegal stuff instead of living ‘independent lives’ on the Government dole. And prisons are one of those very successful business sectors here in the USSA. Seems to me as if the Feds have it arranged quite well.

          And The Naysayers should, “No! Not here in America! We are not that corrupt.”

          • Nope, they dont, and that is obvious by the history of their opperations.. most of what i sent was a copy of a news story and not my words,I didnt quotate it, my bad, i ment it for people to go look up the story and Most of my comments would probably be tongue in cheek..especially if dealing with any gov agency
            just giving a possible senario as to people trafficing, to other types of traffic, not necessarily mind type thinking

            • Understand. For all we know, the cartels are getting Federal escorts!

        • VRF; “See something say something”.

      29. Our government leaders pile on debt & tell us not to buy gold/silver, the Russian & Chinese government pile it up with every dollar they have. & who’s supposed to be the evil leaders?

        I don’t think Soros is lying either. The times are unprecedented.

      30. I wonder what percentage of U.S. reserve assets are held in gold? Anybody know?

        • Nobody that’s alive and will talk about it.

        • They haven’t allowed a complete audit since the 50’s.The Fed talks a good game but they know what gold is worth.

        • Did you ever hear of the Golden Lily hoard or the Black Eagle Trust?

          • The gold warriors – a good perspective of politics and power over more than 100 yrs. dry but good read nonetheless.

      31. Au, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best that we have. It sure buys lots of old scotch and women that dig higher.

      32. Is he reading the “10 mils” on the bar?

      33. From a “Bug Out” point of view I’ll take gold over silver. I can take 5-6 oz’s in 1/10 coins and put it into my pocket and I’ll be carrying about $10K.

        Try bugging out with $10k of silver. Even at $32 an oz. you’ll need to carry (if my math is right) like 19.5 lbs of the stuff to make $10K.

        • First of all if your bugging out you won’t need gold……ya think someones giving up supplies for gold ….I don’t think so!!!!

          • GG, I’ve never heard of a cart like that. Where can one buy it?

          • Rich,
            6 oz’s is less than a G19 mag loaded. Is not he point of prepping to be ready for whatever comes? $10K could buy your family passage to Canada, or life saving meds. maybe enough food for a hard winter. How much does your cell phone weigh?

        • This is true, but it is the monetary equivalent of keeping your cash only in $100 bills. In a state of chaos, the number of transactions you can complete becomes very important. 5 ounces of gold in 1/10 coins = 50 $175 transactions. The same dollar value in 1 ounce silver completes over 250 transactions. In theory you can chisel off a sliver of gold if the seller is capable of weighing it, but how many times did you see that actually happen when silver dollars were in circulation?

          Whether you hand a Federale a silver coin or gold one with your papers it would be best not to ask for change.

          • GG, so you carry a small amount of junk silver dimes for daily transactions and use the Gold for the big stuff like buying your way out of the U.S. or maybe purchasing a small cabin.

            I still say that I would rather walk 500 miles with 6 oz’s of gold than 19.5 lbs, which would be better served as water, food, and ammo.

            • I will not be carrying it on my back. I have a Mormon style hand cart which they used to carry an average 250 pounds a total of 1,300 miles.

            • Well with any luck WE will be able to pick up one of those robotic “mules” from DARPA, for free.

              They carry 400 lbs of equipment. The next generation will have sight and voice recognition.

              Just saying. 🙂

      34. Japan to buy disputed islands, angering China

        Japan’s government said Monday it has decided to purchase several disputed islands, prompting China to angrily warn of “serious consequences” if it proceeds with the plan.

        what exactly are the “serious consequences”..and why?
        If i understand this correctly, they used the word “Buy” if the owner of said property is selling it..where does the rift with China come in? and why can they tell anyone who to buy anything from?

        Yes I know they are not good neighbors, but its not like Japan said we are taking this..they used the word “Buy”

        anyone here have knowledge as to why China would want to lay the terms of “serious consequences”.. into the deal?

        sounds like war talk to me

      35. @Be Informed:

        Is it coming? Strong sulfur smells being reported in SoCal today. Apparently all over the local news. Saw it mentioned that this could be a precursor to a large earthquake or even volcanic event. Also reported that there was a large sulfur smell the day before the big one in 1906 in SF. Also, EQ swarm this morning in the area…

        1.3 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 17:19:04 33.286°N 115.705°W 8.6
        1.9 19km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 16:46:41 33.285°N 115.719°W 3.1
        2.2 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 16:22:16 33.283°N 115.711°W 3.3
        2.0 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 16:12:04 33.282°N 115.713°W 3.6
        2.4 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:57:00 33.280°N 115.717°W 3.0
        1.9 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:55:54 33.281°N 115.715°W 2.4
        1.5 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:54:52 33.280°N 115.711°W 1.7
        1.8 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:52:14 33.281°N 115.712°W 1.2
        1.3 19km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:51:57 33.282°N 115.718°W 1.0
        1.3 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:51:28 33.286°N 115.710°W 1.7
        2.6 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:46:02 33.289°N 115.706°W 3.5
        2.6 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:45:48 33.282°N 115.714°W 2.8
        3.3 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:44:42 33.280°N 115.713°W 3.4
        1.8 19km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:26:24 33.281°N 115.718°W 1.2
        1.5 17km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:09:54 33.285°N 115.699°W 6.7
        1.2 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 15:09:32 33.284°N 115.708°W 1.2
        1.5 18km WNW of Niland, California 2012-09-10 14:52:59 33.281°N 115.713°W 1.7
        1.5 5km WSW of Niland, California 2012-09-09 17:58:56 33.220°N 115.576°W 1.4
        0.9 6km WSW of Niland, California 2012-09-09 12:07:58 33.222°N 115.581°W 7.0
        1.8 13km SE of Salton City, California 2012-09-08 13:26:21 33.201°N 115.863°W 54.4
        2.1 13km WSW of Niland, California 2012-09-07 20:10:08 33.187°N 115.652°W 20.5
        1.5 7km SSW of Salton City, California 2012-09-07 18:08:06 33.231°N 115.986°W 8.1
        1.5 8km SSW of Salton City, California 2012-09-07 17:36:24 33.231°N 115.989°W 7.0

        • I live in SoCal, and we had to close our windows last night due to rotten egg smell. Reports of a sulphur like odor spreading from as far east as Palm Springs all the way to San Fernando Valley. “Officials” are telling us it’s probably from the Salton Sea, but I have lived here all my life and never experienced this. I work in San Bernardino County- reports of a state building and elementary school closing due to poor air quality. I’m a little worried that this could be a precursor to an earthquake? (I live about 15 miles from San Andreas). The article below shares some personal accounts of earthquakes and a sulfur-like smell.

          • @ Shannon. Thank you for the link on sulfur gases prior to a big earthquake. A good book by the title “When the Snakes Awake” details precursors to earthquakes like this. Just like before a hurricane, tornado, solar flare, etc. there are signs of something coming. An event doesn’t just start out from a dead still, there is ALWAYS some type of warm up to the main event. I have given this analogy before that asking the San Andreas to break from absolutely no movement is like asking a car to go without first starting up the engine, or like asking a bullet to fire without first having an ignition. The San Andreas will have something there to indicate it is ready to break, no matter how small it is.

            Tha San Andreas WHEN it breaks is an extremely strange in the way the earthquake waves will hit certain areas. The horizontal movement and the shape of the fault will determine where the worst energy will be focused towards just like out that beach where the best waves for surfing. You can take this shape and draw a line from the curves and determine where these energy waves will hit. For Example: Pasadena is at the crest of one of these waves when it breaks from the south. As you know it is the hypocentre that someone has to worry about not the epicentre unless the fault is 90 degrees. If the Northridge earthquake had an opposite dipping fault, the main shock waves would not had been focused into the Santa Monica mountains, but instead focused right into Torrance and this area would have looked like Kobe, Japan.

            It is not the energy from the San Andreas that someone has to worry about, it is duration. About for every 2 miles of break you will have one second of shaking. 300 miles breaks means 150 seconds of shaking, or 2 and 1/2 minutes of shaking. Yes the entire fault can break, all 800 miles of it. They assume that the creep zone north of Parkfield will be a buffer area to prevent this. However if you have enough inertia or momentum from the south it can continue right through this creep zone. A creep zone is where not AS MUCH stress builds up, but stress DOES build up here some. If the entire fault broke of 800 miles, that would be 400 seconds of shaking.

            I presonally thin that there will be about 325-400 miles of break starting at near the Mexican border and continuing to Parkfield area. It will be 8.1-8.4, but could be a little higher. That 7.8 crap is given so it doesn’t frighten people as much as the magic number of 8. It is the thrust faults you have to worry about after the San Andreas breaks. From where you are, I would be very concerned about the Whitter-Elsinore fault that is more than capable of a 7.5 to maybe a 7.7. The amount of destruction from the side to side motion then the violent vertical motion of a thrust fault would finish everyone off.

            The San Andreas is similar to what happen about 60 years ago in Mongolia when a strike slip fault broke and several thrust faults went off afterwards. I would also be concerned about the San Jacinto fault in your area which is a smaller sister to the san Andreas. Another fault that few people think about is the Chino Hills fault that is quite visible on the 91 freeway before reaching Corona.

            Hope you have lots of water and food stored up and some means of human waste disposal, because the sewers will be annihilated after this happens and so will the water mains. It is coming, the souther portion has over 312 years of stress built up on it and at least 30 feet of offset, more like 40-45 feet. In 1857 earthquake there was 29 feet of offset and in 1906 SF quake there was only 21 feet. People don’t realize just how much dangerous levels of energy have built up in 312+ years. Interesting that the Cascadid fault in the Pacific northwest broke about tyhe same time around 1700. Hope you can ride it out for the minutes long that it will be. Prepare and then prepare more and makes sure you have some means of defending yourself after this happens because this will be a huge issue after such a catastrophe such as this. Be prepared also for other faults to break and don’t let your guard down for one second.

        • @ Todd. Thank you for the information, I mean really thank you very much. I have been working for many days now on a theory and it is taking much longer than I thought to gather the data. To tell you the truth my eyes are bugging out. Two week prediction of 60% chance of San Andreas breaking came and went on Sunday. This was a blown prediction on the time issue. It is so locked and ready, but the time frame is extremely difficult to estimate for something with this much tension. The Caribbean plate is ready also, but I am waiting for a precursor to this before making any forecasts. I hate to be wrong, but with the 2 weeks, I was wrong. Should have given a lower chance like in the 30% range. Glad I didn’t say 80-90%, that would have really been a bad forecast.

          Sulfur smells are really more common than people realize because of the fault is gearing up for a mass movement and gases are released, especially in well water. Drops are sudden rises in well levels are prime indications of a fault ready to snap. Again thank you for this as I had not heard of it because I was off the computer most of the past couple of days.

          • @Be Informed, I’m just happy to help. It’s rare that I’m the first on this site. 🙂 A lot of reports of strange pet behavior today too. It’s making me a little nervous. Luckily I’m in the central plains where we don’t get much for earthquakes.

            • I saw an interesting chart today about the effect the Costa Rico earthquake had on America based upon seismic readings all over the country.

              Red dots showed micro uplifts, blue dots micro depressions.

              While every state showed some effect, the concentration of thousands of dots straight up the Mississippi, from bottom to top.

              Red states and blue states a bigger possibility that WE all thought. 🙂

        • Strong Sulfer sounds more like SATAN Himself has come to roost in the number one lib infested corrupted state in america!! Check nearest Sinagog of Satan for signs!



          BILL OF RIGHTS


          Motor vehicle
          Main article: Motor vehicle exception

          The Supreme Court also held that individuals in automobiles have a reduced expectation of privacy, because vehicles generally do not serve as residences or repositories of personal effects. Vehicles may not be randomly stopped and searched; there must be probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Items in “plain view” may be seized; areas that could potentially hide weapons may also be searched. With probable cause, police officers may search any area in the vehicle. However, they may not extend the search to the vehicle’s passengers without probable cause to search those passengers or consent from the passenger(s) to search their persons or effects.

          In Arizona v. Gant, 556 U.S. ___ (2009), the Supreme Court ruled that a law enforcement officer needs a warrant before searching a motor vehicle after an arrest of an occupant of that vehicle, unless at the time of the search the person being arrested is unsecured and within reaching distance of the passenger compartment of the vehicle or police officers have reason to believe that the evidence for the crime for which the person is being arrested will be found in the vehicle.[71]

          • $cc$,
            fortunately for me my state describes automobiles as an “extension of your home” and you can carry anywhere and any way you want in it. You also do not have to allow the new brownshirts to search w/o probable cause.
            I will not consent!

          • probable cause is such an easy rule for them to break,, they just make it up as they always have, and if they dont find anything they are wanting to find, they just add it, by taking it out of their own pocket.

            videos of it all over you tube showing just that..

            your best line of defense these days against illegal search and seizure is to film the bastards in every move they make..without letting them know they are being recorded, and definetly be sure you are heard on your tape refusing to be searched

            No expectation for the cops privacy either..yup, shit works both ways. (and they hate it)

      36. totally off topic,
        I live in the outer edge of a city with about 150,000. The parish (county) has approx. 200,000. Over the last few months we have been having more and more home invasions. Now we have three a week or more. Have yall noticed an uptick in home invasions in your areas? It is almost to the point where I feel the need to wear my pistol even walking around inside my house.

        • Yup, I live in a very small community..when

          • sorry musta hit enter key

            Yes I have noticed a large up tic in home invasions around me..I moved into a small community about 15 years the local papers and such before moving that time very little crime and most of it was petty, and mostly domestic in nature if at all..maybe in one month 4 or 5 things reported..

            Now 15 years later..about 30 to 35 things reported, and about anywhere from 3 to 5 of them are home invasions

            When I get out of the shower and put my pants on, im armed, and its by my bedside as I sleep..Got dogs too

            you wont have time to run and get your if your not armed, you will be a victim of what ever game the perps want to play

            • I didnt want to admit it was time, but it seems it snuck up on me. We have dogs and my night stand is alway armed, but it is time to take it up a notch.
              things are beginning to escalate faster.

        • Bulldog

          I live in a small town of 12,000..

          Carry always even in the home,yard,and out for errands,work everywhere..

          and yes by the bed very evening..

          It is your personal insurance!

          as the saying goes..

          “Never leave home without it!”


          • every evening

            • You got it carry 24/7. If you look like food you will be eaten. Never be without your MBR NEVER!

            • I carry in my truck (its legal here) sleep with a gun, my office is always loaded. Im just at the point where it is gonna be on my hip at all times in between.
              I had hoped that I had left the need for that in Iraq, but times have changed. It seems that the animals of the world are getting more brave. They dont seem to give a crap about anything but what they want. That is a definate harbinger of what is coming.

        • There was an uptick in home invasions in the city I left two years ago. When we moved there in 1991 no problem. Twenty years later, big problem. Home invasions barely rated a paragraph in the paper.

          We had kids in the house. Kept a handgun in a touch combination box that was away from both exterior doors. Also had a baseball bat in the coat rack by the front door. Tended to carry a S&W Airweight most of the time. Friends who did not have minors in the home sometimes had a loaded handgun in every room of the house.

      37. A state-controlled bank and now hard gold. Putin has just committed the same “crime” that Qaddafi did. Count on the US to try to destroy Russia the way they did Libya.

      38. A true American sent me this and I am startin to think she might be right. Y’all of coarse can set me straight.


        Have you noticed, your Social Security check is referred to as a “Federal Benefit Payment”?

        I am forwarding it because it touches a nerve in me, and I hope it will in you.

        The government refers to our Social Security checks as a “Federal Benefit Payment.”
        This isn’t a benefit – its earned income!
        Not only did we all contribute to Social Security but our employers did too.

        It totaled 15% of our income before taxes. If you averaged $30K per year over your working life, that’s close to $180,000 invested in Social Security.

        If you calculate the future value of your monthly investment in social security ($375/month, including both your and your employer’s contributions) at a meager 1% interest rate compounded monthly, after 40 years of working you’d have more than $1.3+ million dollars saved! This is your personal investment.

        Upon retirement, if you took out only 3% per year, you’d receive $39,318 per year, or $3,277 per month.

        That’s almost three times more than today’s average Social Security benefit of $1,230 per month, according to the Social Security Administration (Google it – it’s a fact).

        And your retirement fund would last more than 33 years (until you’re 98 if you retire at age 65)!
        I can only imagine how much better most average-income people could live in retirement if our government had
        just invested our money in low-risk interest-earning accounts.

        Instead, the folks in Washington pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff ever did.
        They took our money and used it elsewhere. They “forgot” that it was OUR money they were taking.
        They didn’t have a referendum to ask us if we wanted to lend the money to them.

        And they didn’t pay interest on the debt they assumed.
        And recently, they’ve told us that the money won’t support us for very much longer.
        But is it our fault they misused our investments?

        And now, to add insult to injury, they’re calling it a “benefit,” as if we never worked to earn every penny of it.
        Just because they “borrowed” the money, doesn’t mean that our investments were a charity! Let’s take a stand.

        We have earned our right to Social Security and Medicare. Demand that our legislators bring some sense into our government –
        Find a way to keep Social Security and Medicare going, for the sake of that 92% of our population who need it.

        Call it what it is:
        Our Earned Retirement Income.

        Y’all Beware! Is she right?

        • Y’all….I was under the assumption that our FRNs paid into FICA were used to buy Treasuries that paid a certain interest rate (not sure how much that is). So, in other words, they WERE invested. However when worthless paper is used to buy more worthless paper I guess we end up with nothing worthwhile.

          • Soc sec cash was Stolen mainly by Dems to Buy the Negro vote pure and simple. LBJ did even worse by inventing food stamps…Jimmy Carter did worse yet by inventing Afirmative action cash for monky citys like detroit. Repubs did and do alot of wrong yes.

            But in all truth since 1913 fed reserve till todays mulattoboy prez, Probobly at least 95% of every wrong done in last 100 yrs was done when DemacRATS had total control of all fed gov.

            Buy black votes was Goal Number ONE!…And 95% of blacks in usa were all too happy to assist dems in destroying the hated whitefolks. NOTHING can convince me this isnt factual truth. Because it sure is!

            And for bible readers heres another Gem to consider…Todays evangelical tv pastors always claim where it states in book of Rev how 1/4th of mankind will be killed off by pestilences-famines AND the “BEASTS” of the earth etc.

            Todays pastors teach it means God will majically change how animals Fear humans as God dictated long ago, into animals will NO Longer fear us humans and kill us!

            WRONG!! Go find and Read in old testement(cant recall where now?) where it speaks pf Cannanite and other tribes and it speaks of them and their decendants as “Beasts” and again elswheres as “Beast Like” Tribes!

            Well trace lineages of tribes and see where Africans came from. If you consider how a vast majority of todays african blacks acts and how criminal and Animal Beastly Ghastly their rapes and murders has become in just Our lifetimes. It makes alot more sense that 1/4th mankind killed off by “Beasts” of the Earth aint speaking of “Rover” the pet doggie!

            More likely it Is about all the current violent animalistic africans and somalies etc. And I wont be too suprized if it also includes alot of others whos “Mixed” with africans…Kinda like so many similar mexicans types or guatamalin etc.

            If us fed gov armes and ammo suplies em and allows free reign to get hate whitey revenge, america may just find out alot of todays preachers was Dead Wrong on their interpretation of “Beasts of earth killers” eh.

            And we can all Thank 100yrs of Liberal Kommie Dems for causeing a vast majority of it all.

        • People like us who have paid into social security all of our lives view it as a right we have already paid for. Rightly so, in my opinion. However, there are all sorts of ways to qualify for social security benefits, whether the recipient has paid in or not. I think if a person hasn’t paid in they are not entitled to jack, but what do I know? Also, the feds want illegals who had SSI deducted under fraudulent numbers to be eligible. If the goobermint wants to just give me back everything I have paid in, with compound interest, and without taxing it, we can just call it even.

          • >People like us who have paid into social security all of our lives view it as a right we have already paid for.

            Take if from one whom has heard that he will not have SS by the time he ‘should’ be able to retire. From one whom has watch his country fall to trash because of your entire generation. From one whom has no job prospects thanks to your constant outsourcing and destruction of Unions which allowed our pay to stagnate to rates from before I was born. From one whom bought into the idea this country meant anything and valued rights and liberties, but whom watched your generation(s) sell out and destroy that ideal at every chance. From one whom could not get help for schooling because your generation ‘made too much’ even tho I and many others where left to fend for ourselves wholly. From one whom cannot go bankrupt because you vilify the poor and refuse to ‘allow’ your invested money to be lost. From one whom cannot buy a home because our entire generation cannot afford even cheap rent. Whom has to work two jobs + side jobs just to buy a couple cans of food to ‘prep’ with since even an infant can see what is coming. From one whom knows who is to blame. From one who has seen an entire generation given everything, and say ‘screw you I got mine, don’t touch’ and close every door for the following generations as fast as you could see them.

            Take your ‘right’ to my pittance of money and shove it. I hope you starve in the streets in your old age. Yes, I DO MEAN THIS.

            Unlike you and your fellows, I understand the meaning of sacrifice, of honor, of respect. And I know few of your generation deserve any more of anything from ‘us’. All I have, all I ever will have, it will all go to my children before I let it go to you and yours. My children will not starve in the streets so mater how much men and women like you desire it. You are a fool to think that since you squandered everything you have been given and accepted the lies of your generation knowing full well they where lies but applauded them as they came and now believe them as if they are religion.

            You never understood SS. It is obvious. But we do. We know we cannot choose both you and our children now. Now? Now the old can die, in the filth they have built. The rest of us will have to scrounge and hope we can make it thru.

            • The SS Trust is bankrupt. I’ve been forced to pay quite a bit into this Ponsi scheme, and at this time I have no expectation to receive back even a dime. Our generation needs to take it upon ourselves to put an end to SS, so that future generations are not enslaved.

              Those who demand to get back what they paid in are justifiably entitled to what they believe is in “their” account, but those accounts are empty. They are in fact demanding a transfer payment from their children.

              There was a time when parents sacrificed for their children. Now we abort ours or enslave them with debt they cannot possibly repay.

            • “There was a time when parents sacrificed for their children. Now we abort ours or enslave them with debt they cannot possibly repay”

              This is the quote of the century! Such a shame an individual cannot award 100 thumbs up. Never a truer word spoken in relation to the foundations of “consumer culture”

        • I just received my benefit birtday is August, but you know they can’t get that benefit started till October..same was true for my dh…they are screwing us out of 2 months’ benefits.
          Nevertheless, I searched all paper work and the catalogue sent, and can’t find any reference to entitlements.
          I was gonna give a call and a peice of my thoughts on that–but it is just listed as retirement on all pages.

      39. take an ipad, or ipod or flashy sportswear & bury it for your descendant A.

        Now take gold coins to the equivalent dollar value & bury it for your descendant B.

        Tell A+B to wait 50 years then dig up the two caches. You’ll find only B has anything in his hand of value.

        It’s only the last couple of generations that have forgotten this simple truth. Many in the last fled either the Nazi’s or Stalin & the march of the Iron Curtain, by exchanging their Grandma’s gold for a ticket out of hell. Gold is wealth and it’s easily portable in a REAL emergency. What value your life?

        Sadly I can’t afford gold right now, but try to save just a couple of silver coins a month in the hope that if ever needed my wee stash will serve the same purpose. Silver serves the same purpose, but is easier at this point in time for me to aquire. PM’s are for the last chance saloon only as you can’t eat em.

        Arable land also has ALWAYS had historical value – with one caveat – you need the ability to defend it.

        The stories of the Scottish Cattle drovers, the highland clearances & the eventual reemergence of those same families as Texan Cowboys is one that has always fascinated me. Those Texan familes SURVIVED shtf, and roaming as refugees. It was a totally different era, but there are many lessons to be learned. Their struggle to OWN the land their familes depended on being just one.

        • You err greatly. In 50 years NOBODY will want the gold since it will be utterly useless to anyone except to make jewelery (which will be plentiful and easily available). Or perhaps to be melted in bullets, but that will also be easy to do with jewelery or dead batteries.

          Your comparison of “value” to an ipod or flashy sportswear is meaningless (and pointless). Value is dependent upon it’s point in time (history). Gold is only valuable now due to it’s marketing. An ipod is valuable now due to it’s utility (and marketing).

          In 50 years, NEITHER of these will have value due to their worthlessness in that time. So your comparison is utterly meaningless.

          The only fair comparison would be to use something that will ALWAYS have value. Such as land. Or food. Or ammunition. Something that can ALWAYS be used.

          So, again, in 50 years, dig up your gold and compare it’s “value” against land, food (not likely) or ammunition. Which would you rather have? The gold will be useless just like it is today, since nobody needs gold. But the land and ammunition will be very valued as it always is.

      40. Idiots buy gold. Smart people buy food.

        Idiots think they can trade their gold for food. Smart people don’t accept gold for their food.

        Hungry people will abound, having put their money into gold and silver. Smart people will have no gold or silver, but they will have food.

        Gold and silver are for fools, coin dealers, hucksters, scam artists and con artists. “Bait” for idiots that fall for the endless propaganda that civilians should “buy precious metals” as a “hedge”.

        • I have years worth of food and silver. You just can’t afford Gold or Silver and because you can’t, you call the rest of us fools. When you’re food runs out jackass, we’ll see how far any paper currency gets you if you actually have any left. What an idiot.

      41. Oh, forgot. The dead giveaway on all these articles is the advertisements running at the top: Buy Gold & Silver

        Any website that proposes to be prepper / survivalist oriented that allows such advertisements is a SHAM (fake).

        Promoting false information, false belief, false assumptions all in an order to get you to support their “advertisers” who paid to have their ads run on top of these lame articles.

        SHTFPLAN is really a bullshit website for wanna-be survivalists, who are easily parted from their money.

      42. The Russians have usually done this as a practice in dealing with trade with foreign nations . In WW2 , they paid for a lot of aid for the US with gold because it put them in a stronger trade value position than a nation like say Britain that paid for their aid with regular currency .

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