Bob Chapman: Deflation, Inflation and Gold

by | Jun 23, 2009 | Bob Chapman, Precious Metals | 1 comment

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    Bob Chapman, in his article Spending, Debt and Collapse Predicts Hyperinflation discusses the microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions that lead to deflation and inflation, and how this may play out in the future. Chapman warns that those who do not take steps to protect their wealth with gold and silver investments will have their wealth completely wiped out.

    Truly, this will be a situation where he who loses the least, and he who buys gold and silver and their related shares early on, are the ultimate winners.  The biggest losers will be those who fail to take physical delivery of their precious metals, such as gold and silver ETF shareholders and  holders of mint certificates, who will be thoroughly Madoff’d, as well as holders of any leveraged gold and silver futures positions who will be wiped out by manipulations before the final run-up, thus losing all their investment capital.

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      1. why do you even have what chapman says? he is nothing more than a hack for Alex Jones’ gold business. Yes, Jones’ entire scare media is designed to sell gold and doomsday products to his sheep. That is why Ted (the president of GCN, the netowkr that carries Jones’ show) is always pumping gold from his company Midas Resources on Jones’ show.  Chapman goes way back with Ted.  

        Why do you cover all of these clowns? Schiff? Faber? Celente?  wow. Celente is a huge joke and another fhack for jones. This man has made so many false claims of this record it’s criminal. 
        Mike Stathis is the leading expert in the world on this crisis. HIs books, written in 2006 prove that. He predicted everything with 100% accuracy and the media has kept him out because they work for Wall Street.

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