The Crunch: “It’s Going to Happen In the Next Administration; Regardless of Who Wins This Election”

by | Aug 30, 2012 | Peter Schiff | 446 comments

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    Our incumbent President says that things are getting better, jobs are being created, and America is on the road to recovery. His opponent, Governor Mitt Romney, says the opposite, but claims he has a plan that will turn things around and bring prosperity back.

    According to free market proponent Peter Schiff, it doesn’t matter who wins, because the crunch is coming – and it’s going to become apparent during the next President’s administration.

    He [Mitt Romney] is not going to prevent the crisis.

    We’re headed for a real economic collapse regardless of who wins this election.

    The government has over-promised. There are gigantic Ponzi schemes. They do not work.

    Meanwhile, the only reason the economy has not collapsed is because interest rates are artificially low. the Fed cannot keep interest rates low indefinitely, and when interest rates go up the party is over. And then we’re not going to have a choice anymore.

    We’re going to have to finally deal with these problems or destroy our currency, and that is a real economic crisis that is going to make 2008 look like a walk in the park.

    [The crunch] is going to happen in the next administration.

    We can’t fix these problems by repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes. We have structural problems that underline the U.S. economy that are very deep that require real free market reforms, and unfortunately none of the major candidates are even talking about that right now.

    Video via: Steve QuayleBefore It’s News

    Peter Schiff was ahead of the collapse of 2008, warning clients of his firm Euro Pacific Capital that global equities would crash as a result of fraud, unservicable debt levels and a failed monetary policy. After the crash he, like many others, urged Congress to address the fundamental problems within the US economy, including fiscal, monetary and economic policy reform.

    He and the American citizenry were ignored as Washington not only didn’t listen, but engaged in exactly the opposite of what should have been done.

    Four years on we’re worse off than ever before, with more money having been borrowed from foreign creditors and stolen by the government from taxpayers under the guise of bailing out essential financial and manufacturing sectors of the global economy.

    We’re in too deep folks. At this point, it cannot be stopped.

    Trillions of dollars are owed, and as a country we have no way to make good on that debt.

    Confidence in the US dollar will soon be lost, and when that happens we will experience a collapse in the United States and the global economy unlike any that has ever been witnessed in the history of the world.

    Historians will write about this era for centuries to come, just as they write of Rome today.


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      1. Planned

        • I only hope things hold together for the next “administration” to take office, not matter which loser “wins”.

          I will be far better off in three months than I am today, so long as everything remains “as is”.

          • My sentiments too

          • I’m right there with ya, but it’s gonna take a lot of duct tape to hold this one together and keep things as is. Prayers to ya.

          • Wanted to give an update on Isaac. It is the storm that won’t leave. Plenty of lessons learned, worked out well but tons of work to do. Solid neighbors. People here are hard asses but kind underneath that tough exterior. I still have faith in my fellow citizens, call me an optimist.

          • Exactly my first thought, hope they are right, that we’ve got that long before it implodes!

            – Shane

          • I stronly disagree…..If Obama wins…there will be no hesitation to completely destroy the dollar, not just weaken it. He will not have the fear of being re-elected then…and the damage caused in the last 4 years will seem like nothing compared to what he and his crony’s could continue to do…but even more. You will not see QE every year or so…but every quarter, to the tune of not hundreds of millions…but BILLION’s. Inflation will be overwhelming, and people who read history will think they are in Germany post WWI, and soon after this, people will think they are in Europe Pre-WWII…and just wanting to get out/. When unemployment breaks 30%, and gas, and faway from this mess. Food, gas and living expenses are going to be impossible…then what? China and what’s rest of the solvent world will call due their loans…the dollar will be done…and the world will try to recover with another “currency.” The U.S. will be in a hole for a decade trying to recover. Who will want (or be able) to help the U.S. after we squandered it all?….nobody.
            Elect someone not on this path of destruction and at least lessen the effect of what paying or debts and restructuring might be. Heck…sell Ft Knox….sell or lease “rights” in Alaska, whatever it takes….just stop borrowing, printing and spending what we don’t have! This has only made things worse! Our little “sore throat” has now travelled into a bad “chest cold” due to negligence. If Obama wins, we will soon be admitted to the hospital with full blown pneumonia. If Romney wins, it’s like getting an antibiotic…we will still suffer for awhile…but at least it’s not getting worse.

            • Keep our gold. Sell Hawaii to China. I’ll bet they’d trade all their bonds in for it, and be glad to have us as tourists. Drop a bunch of Democrat congressmen and give the Hawaiian separatists a government to REALLY complain about.

              • This would work IF the largest holder of the Fed debt wasn’t the FED!!! We are Wiemar, Germany, the question is simply a matter of when the rest of the world figures it out and abandons the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. I am betting that it happens before we hit the 20 trillion mark(or roughly 2-3 years).

          • The only problem with holding together for the next administration to take office is: re: article about rioting and homeland security-what about the preparations of Homeland Security for widespread rioting around or after the elections? Frankly with what I’m taking from this article we’ve run out of time. You’re either ready or your not at the present.

        • Yes, planned but not necessarly by the people who are implimenting it. They are just the useful idiots who are in it for the quick cash.

          • Capben: That makes the people who are implementing it parasites and traitors.

        • “Confidence in the US dollar will soon be lost, and when that happens we will experience a collapse in the United States and the global economy unlike any that has ever been witnessed in the history of the world.”

          “If” and “when”, maybe, eventually. But not now. Not anytime soon.

          In the near term, the transformation of Europe will send Big Money to US Dollars, the Swiss Franc and gold.

          War will be the “solution” applied to the economy and the banking crisis and during the next war (coming soon.) Draconian measures will be implemented via a new “War Powers Act” that will run the government and the economy, including the banks, much the way it happened during WWII.

          Changes will be made during during the War. That is how a “reset” button works. That plan is being dusted off as WE speak.

          My grandfather survived the Depression by digging graves at the local cemetery. Buy a shovel while you are prepping. Just saying.

          • yep. my maternal grandpa dug clams and sold hootch. my great uncle raised and sold onions and potatoes. and my paternal grandpa built roads and bridges with the wpc.

          • I keep hearing this notion of comparing what people had to do during the Great Depression to what they will need to prepare themselves to do during the reset.

            My argument is that the society that existed in our grandfather’s era was very different than today. Sure they had bread line, we have EBT cards so you might not SEE the lines, they’re just in the checkout isle. But during a reset, should something interrupt those lines, there’s going to be riots. I also feel like that older generation actually worked if they could – they just couldn’t find work. Today’s generation is filled with lazy system parasites that choose not to work and suck off the rest of us. AND there’s millions more of them.

            While the events may repeat themselves, society of today will react with a whiplash effect simply because you ask them to earn for themselves. Today people think they are above digging graves, or selling things they’ve gathered.

            • Most people today have NO morals…the riots will be of unprecedented scale…people who have been given everything including a life will show you no respect and courtesy.

              be prepared to show them the same.

            • @ Arkaden & Lastmanstanding:

              Exactly! Thumbs up x40!

            • In the 30’s, people were not only willing to do any kind of work, they knew how to do many different kinds of work for themselves. Today, many people on the public dole, just don’t know how to do any kind of practical work, plus, many think the government owes them a living.
              Now, we have multiple generations of sheep, who are being led to the slaughter. The plan is working great. Multiple generations of dependant, compliant sheeple, ready to do whatever is asked, as long as their get their “gubmint” check. This isn’t going to turn out well—is it?

          • Did some grave-digging myself before I got an advanced degree. It was good, honest work. And, unlike what goes on in Washington, what got buried at the cemetery stayed buried. The politicos in DC are about to find out that they can only hide for so long. When the collapse comes, the citizenry will finally discover (too late) that the emperor truly has no clothes. But by then, many of them will be fortunate if they even have the shirt on their backs.

          • The answer cannot be found in moving assets to Swiss Francs or US $. I used to hold most of my savings in Swiss banks. Once the Swiss tied the Franc to the Euro, the Franc is toast too! Dolars? Don’t get me laughing! May be okay for the short term, but US currency is like toilet paper.

            Don’t worry folks, this government is destroying itself. We will have to break up the union as the former Soviet Union did and start all over again. Gone will be the petty bureaucrafts from DC trying to control us from cradle to grave. We will have to fend for ourselves and take care of our fellows who need our help. Everything will become “local” again and we can return to the principles of the Founding Fathers using the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other documents.

            It will be very tough, but worth it and ultimately necessary to say good-bye to the socialist state that’s been jammed down our throats.

            • The only currency that’ll be left standing will be the IMF’s SDR(Special Drawing Rights)currency, symbol xdr. each month i convert 30-40% of what i make to it. On jan.2,2004 1 SDR was worth $1.48578, today it’s worth 1.54948. When the shtf..

          • Panic selling of the dollar could start at any time. Regardless of what happens in Europe.

            • Barn Cat: If you believe that you know nothing about money, power, or politics. Follow the golden rule. America has the gold, the power, and like it or not; GS rules.

              Get a fucking clue.

          • “In the near term, the transformation of Europe will send Big Money to US Dollars, the Swiss Franc and gold.”

            Agreed except for the Swiss Franc. They tied that puppy to the Euro, so although they are in a life-boat, they tied it to the Titanic… blub, blub…

            “My grandfather survived the Depression by digging graves at the local cemetery. Buy a shovel while you are prepping.”

            People back then were tough as nails and hard as rock. They endured and persevered, doing anything they could to get by. My Grand Dad was a really good farmer but turned to bootlegging when he could not sell his crops and make a living. Somehow, people always had a dollar for a pint of white lightning when they didn’t have money to buy vegetables from his garden, eggs from his chickens, or wheat from his fields.

            • 41MagMan: Yes the Swiss Franc is currently tied to the Euro, but I expect Europeans to switch to the SF before Europe splinters; allowing in-the-know Europeans to benefit from a 1:1 switch before the Euro crashes.

              The Swiss people will not want their purchasing power to crash with the transition in Europe.

              In fact, when the BIG Swiss Banks decouple the SF from the Euro, that might be a precursor and SIGNAL that the crash of the Euro is imminent over a long weekend ….

              Not the US Dollar.

          • One big difference between back then and now. 1930’s we had a very low debt to GDP ratio, no SSDI(at least not one paying out very much), no Medicare/Medicaid, and no universal health care. Now we are over 100% debt to GDP, and our personal finances are just as bad(for the majority), and all of the social programs are flat broke. We spend almost all of the FED income from ALL sources on just the entitlements and interest on the debt.

            The way a reset button works happens AFTER their is a collapse. We aren’t there yet.

            I wouldn’t bet on the dollar being the next currency, but rather their will be a UN “currency basket” or new world currency to take the place of every other currency. There are at least six major countries that back this plan, including China, Russia, and France.

        • Mac, can you explain why, when interests are finally imposed, it means the end? Sorry, I’m not a money guy and I’ve heard this many times and not understood it.


          • This is a great video of the overall effects and how it could come about… While I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘speed’ at which it is depicted in the video (12 hours), I do think it can be extremely fast and occur over a period of days and weeks once the trigger is pulled.


            Here is some info on interest rates and capital flows from Martin Armstrong (who writes some incredibly insightful and easy to understand essays about capital flows, interest rates and a host of other topics):


            • Gotta love Martin Armstrong!

            • That’s a good video. I just think that the collapse of the dollar will lead to mass starvation for most Americans. I think Obama will declare martial law and the government will wait until most Americans die before they issue a gold-backed currency and use it to buy our gold and silver.

          • godsofold, its not Mac but the end will come if interest rates go up because those people and companies who have any sort of debt that currently can still barely make the payments will be unable to keep making those payments. The additional cost (payment total)will result in them also being unable to stay afloat. Today’s generation is too used to being handed what they want, not totally need, and when that handout is not longer there they will riot to demand the handout. Control of the riots is why the Gov’t has been stockpiling trillions of round of ammunition – its not for a foreign war, its for the war at home.

        • Off topic

          7.8 quake has hit the Phillipines, tsunami warning issued.

          Take care

          • @ Burt the Brit. Check out yesterday’s article, “When will it happen”, the prediction was there, wrong location so far, but right on with a big earthquake coming. Everyone should keep alert to earthquake north of 70 degrees north and south of 60 degrees south, it means of things to come. This one was obvious to me, 6.8 earthquake at 71 and 1/2 degrees, too obvious of what was coming.

            • @BI, what is amazing, is that the Philippines are almost at the same level as El Salvador,does that have any bearing on the earthquakes today? I counted 16 over the 5.0+ magnitude.

              533 earthquakes, just amazing! Think it’s over for now?

              GOOD JOB!!!!! Very impressive!!!

              Take care!

            • @ you don’t need to know. This is a good observation as the Caribbean plate and the Philippine plate are at similar latitudes. Was this a coincidence, maybe. If you draw line, again on a globe, you will find that the 7.7 earthquake, the 7.4, the 6.8, the 7.6 today and the activity south of Austrailia on the Indian Antarctic plate all connect too well. Again, watch the other locations given yesterday and southwest China and even southern Europe for this sequence to continue if it does. I am not yet sure it will until I see more earthquakes to give an idea of what is coming.

              Other locations such as the San Andreas and even the New Madrid fault are wide open still for something huge. The government is not around the New Madrid fault for nothing. That swarm on the southern San Andreas fault was not volcanic either, it did not have the classic signature of this.

            • Today’s earthquake activity has been amazing! I haven’t even heard of it really affecting anyone, which is good news too!

              There is a 5.0+ earthquake for every small one. There have also been another 4 by the artic and antarctica, so I don’t think Mother Earth is over her tantrum yet…=)

            • @ you don’t need to know. There was a 4 point something a couple of days ago on what is known as the Whittier-Elsinore fault which is thrust fault that is about 170 miles long and capable of a 7.5, maybe a 7.7. On October 1, 1987 a tiny portion of this broke around Whittier and did a lot of damage. This fault is overdue and the San Andreas could set it off when it breaks. Having catastrophic minutes long horizontal shaking, then a minute to a minute and a half of vertical intense shaking. This would be the end of southern california. On the new map from the USGS, someone can follow the fault from the 4.1, it was downgraded a lot, 34 degrees north by 117.9 west, or the earthquake at 20:31 UTC on August 29, all the way to near the Mexican border.

              The region I am really looking at right now is the Gulf of Aden, it is doing what southern california did on Sunday, the earthquakes there are growing in size from a 4.8, to two 4.9, then a 5.3. This is so rare, and happening twice in one week on different plates. The Gulf Of Aden is right on the African plate that few people think about, but affects a lot, especially the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

            • Be informed: Long time lurker here and had to check in and say “good work”. I’ve been reading your earthquake data in the past couple comment threads.When I saw the news on the quake, I thought of your predictions. The lady that works with me saw me checking them out and was impressed too, so add another reader to this site. LOL

            • @ Jimbojimbo. This is a good thing when new people come to the site, it has a wide variety of issues here that people can see that they would not practically anywhere else. There are some really intelligent well thought out people on the site. Every person that can add an idea and thought will help all of us learn and prepare for what is coming. Mother nature is nothing to underestimate ever, we are tiny specks to even the planet itself, and microbes in comparison to the sun. Watching th man made disasters is something to, as 5 days before to 5 days after a new moon is likely when Israel is going to attack Iran. The next window is Sept.10-20. Right in the window is the 11th. anniversary of 9/11. Much to learn of this site.

            • @BI, have you ever seen over 600 earthquakes in a week?

            • @ you don’t need to know. This article is important to read for ANYONE that lives near the coast of a seismic area:

              Forget about the rare turtle eggs, which stinks it happened, but it is the reason WHY. In the article it says that the tsunami 10 metres high went up the beach that destroyed the eggs. This was ONLY a 7.4 that should not have generated a tsunami 32 and 1/2 feet tall. What happened? Undersea landslides is the likely answer. This can happen ANYWHERE that has deep water off the coastline. In the 1920’s towards Santa Barbara a tsunami was observed after only a 7 point earthquake.

              I seem to recall that there is a nuclear power plant in San Onofre north of San Diego, and I nice big long 90 degree thrust fault known as the Newport Inglewood fault that travels from about LA to somewhere offshore to near the Mexican border and may join up with others offshore. 90 degree would be one the worst faults to generate a tsunami alone without an undersea landslide. This fault whacked Long Beach in 1933 very hard. There are all sorts of deep drop offs between Catalina Island and San Clemente Island, plenty of places for an undersea landslide. Just something to think about even though the power planet has a 30 foot sea wall as protection, which is nothing when a 50 foot wall of water or higher hits. The area is primed for something.

              Tsunamis can happen when the magnitude is 8 if something else is disturbed below the surface of the ocean as this 7.4 showed.

          • Costa Rica 9/5


            “NOSARA, Costa Rica (AP) — A powerful, magnitude-7.6 earthquake shook Costa Rica and a wide swath of Central America on Wednesday, collapsing some houses, blocking highways and causing panic, but officials said there were no reports of deaths.

            The USGS said the 8:42 a.m. (10:42 a.m. EDT; 1442 GMT) quake struck about 38 miles (60 kilometers) from the town of Liberia. It was centered about 25 miles (41 kilometers) below the surface. The magnitude initially was estimated at 7.9.”

        • i really hope that it all holds together for another year. i am currently living in los angeles and expecting my first son in late november. we plan to move to texas in march. i would leave now but my wife is comfortable here with her doctor(which i understand)

          i just pray that it holds together and the hospitals are still staffed in late november.

        • VRF


          Nothing is by accident

          Everything is planned

          It’s just the timing of the next event none of us know at all..


          it is coming ..


        • Yes, the boys at the FED and the boys who own the boys at the FED have planned this for many decades.

      2. I believe we are on the RMS Lusitania which sank within 18 minutes. We have an opportunity to transfer to the Titanic which stayed afloat nine times longer. More importantly, we are also deciding which way the Supreme Court will lean when we attempt to rebuild and maybe how it will interpret the 2nd Amendment.

        We left early for the three hour drive to the cruise terminal hoping to stop for lunch and do some shopping at the outlet mall. Hit by an early winter ice storm as we topped the summit of a mountain, I saw several cars wrecked at the bottom of the hill. I knew we were going to crash as soon as we started sliding down the highway, but instead of just accepting the inevitable and totaling the car, I guided the skidding Jeep backwards down the highway until we skidded sideways to a stop at the bottom of the hill. Quickly moving the car out of the path of the next out of control vehicle, we were able to change the tire and make the cruise ship after picking our way 200 miles through the storm at 30 MPH.

        I have done my best to prepare a place for my children that provides its own heat, meat, water, and power. IIf I were to throw up my arms in defeat while I can still take positive action toward the slightest hope I might give others a few more minutes to secure a life boat, I would not be able to look my children in the eye.

        • Pastor, I agree with almost everything but this

          “””we are also deciding which way the Supreme Court will lean when we attempt to rebuild and maybe how it will interpret the 2nd Amendment.””

          The SC can not interpret the Constitution. It is what is says. It is up to us to APPLY the 2nd Amendment, no matter who sits in the top spot in the banksters dummy corporation.

          • I agree with him and so does the SC. From their own web site at

            “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW”-These words, written above the main entrance to the Supreme Court Building, express the ultimate responsibility of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Court is the highest tribunal in the Nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States. As the final arbiter of the law, the Court is charged with ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under law and, thereby, also functions as guardian and interpreter of the Constitution.

            • Gov Guy,

              It doesn’t matter what is on their web site, especially after that Obamacare abomination removed the last shred of credibility. The Supreme Court has been outside of the Constitution ever since the “justices” started getting paid with debt based FRNs and having to pay “income tax”, thereby having their pay reduced in contradiction to the Constitution.

              You can not be compensated or conduct business in debt currency and remain a sovereign institution of Law. I no longer cite it’s decisions to support a case.

              The question is, do you need someone to interpret YOUR law? You would be far better off to have you local Sheriff assemble a jury under the state constitution and have it decide the Law and the Facts of your dispute with the Sheriff as overseer of the proceedings. It called a Trial By Jury, as opposed to a corporate Jury Trial.

              The Supreme Court is an impotent institution sitting just as much in representation of its creditors as the Congress and the President.

            • One more quick note Gov Guy

              “The Court is the highest tribunal in the Nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States”

              Just for the record, the People are not parties to the federal constitution, nor are they under it. That document is the Peoples Law and we are supposed to stand above it.

              If the corp attempts to come above the constitution onto our level, the SC job is to put it back under it where it can not get to the People and do them harm. It is a barrier to protect the People from law that is beneath them.

              It is a matter of where you stand in the Law. The abuses happen because most people have no idea where they stand in relation to the various forms of law.

              Unfortunately, the SC no longer recognizes the People as the source of the Law as it did when it was a sovereign body.

            • I don’t know what fairy tale you live in, but the reality of the matter states that anything the SCrOTUmS say somehow becomes law. As if by miracle. They could simply revert to the Clinton mis-interpretation and say that it applies to the National Guard, even though the NG didn’t come around until after the 1900’s. So it’s impossible, it couldn’t have meant that. But if the SC says so, then we lose our rights, lickity split, no retaliation. We all know what it says, and their job isn’t to interpret but to dictate what it says. But what’s actually happening? Oh yeah, they mis-interpret to their hearts content, and in the case of Roberts, screw us entirely. They know their job, and they’re derelict in it. Realize that the very enemy of the country seems to have occupied the .gov first.

            • Apply what you posted in the case of Kelo v.New London. It was an eminent domain case where the Supremes felt it was OK, to steal from the poor, to give to the rich. I have not trusted them since!

            • STOP! Stop giving people “authority” that have none.

              If a well dressed man breaks down your door and then says he has a warrant and he’s a federal agent, what do you do?


              The smartest crooks in the world don’t say, “We are crooks and we’re going to fleece old ladies’ life savings.” and then attempt it. No, they pose as roofers or landscapers or whatever. They get paid and then run off with the money. Do you think the federal con jobs REALLY have the authority? They have the muscle to make you think they do. But, if We The People would stop givving them consent to arrest, detain and fine us they would have to stop. But, we and our children have been conditioned to obey and respect. Obey and respect anything called “law” even when its not law at all. It is only law by the consent of the governed and those statutes and codes that we’ve been conditioned to obey and respect have become cruel masters because they have no limits any more.

              STOP! STOP GIVING CONSENT! …and the authority goes away.

              “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.” Color of law (statutes, codes and ordinances are color of law) only applies to me when I allow them to.

              Stop giving the police state permission to imprison you and it will stop. Maybe not instantly but soon. The problem is all of your bleeting sheople neighbors that view law and order like a team sport. They’re the real enemy. They try to get you to believe that majority rule is “democratic”. Tyranny by the majority is still tyranny.

              “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

            • Intel,

              The “fairy tale” I live in is called the Common Law. All constitutions, state and the federal, are derived from it.

              You are free to join those of us in the Common Law at any time, just don’t expect the SC to acknowledge it any further, or for us to acknowledge them as a lawful body.

              In 1938, Thompkins v Eerie Railraod, it declared there is no federal Common Law. In other words, there was no more Constitution after the bankruptcy of 1933.

              Thus today it sits as an Unlawful body in representation of the creditors holding it in receivership. It is no longer competent to interpret Law.

          • Spot on GC..and TPAB are scared as more and more people wake up to this FACT!

          • The economy is collapsing and you are worried about your guns? Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

            • What do you mean justjoe? When the economy collapses, we are going to need our second amendment more than anything.

            • Justjoe: While some peoples focus is wrong during this ongoing crisis, guns are still an important part of the overall equation. Our governmment in becoming more and more irrelevant as their grip on the economy continues to slip through their fingers like fine sand. It’s the large banks and other corporations that direct policy to governmments here and other countries that have caused this worldwide economic disaster with their reckless gambling. And now they want these same governments to bail them out by printing even more money in the insane hope of inflating the economies of the world to keep ther profits flowing. Well, it’s almost game over because the world’s economies have not started back up and these large corporations are screwed. And so are we. Slow to no growth means cash flow problems, and any one who’s taken accounting can tell you that cash flow is like blood flow for humans-no flow=death. As governments at all levels begin to scale back on services due to budget problems, we are all going to have to be more responsible for our own lives. That includes our own security, which means guns. It’s what the government can do in the inbetween time that’s got most people worried like gun, gold, and food confiscation. Once we’re finally on our own it’ll be different and we can address our own problems with no fear of governmental interference then. Keep prepping folks.

            • Thanks Justjoe. Now you can talk all the liberal crap you can spew without drawing attention to the old north state.

            • I will need weapons to keep trash like you from stealing MY resources, because you “deserve” them because you breathe.

              How did we get to the point where earnng something doesn’t entitle you to it, but WANTING what others have worked for, does?

            • I am an avid prepper and a liberal. As a liberal, I BELIEVE IN PERSONAL GUN RIGHTS because liberals believe in personal liberty over the rights of society (conservatives believe that the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the few). So all of you who believe in gun ownership like I do are taking the liberal side along with the republicans. Thankfully I live in Salt Lake, which is the Amsterdam of Guns.

              I have a masters degree in political science so I sure hope I know what I’m talking about. Sorry for calling you guys liberals – I know some of you take offense to that!

          • GC & GG: OUR government is suppose to work like this:

            Historically, Congress creates legislation, the Executive Branch is charged with implementing that legislation, and the Courts are tasked with interpreting those laws within the prescribed confines of the Constitution.

            Today, law is passed by decree and Congress is by-passed altogether. The SC Court is filled with a number of Socialists and Communist sympathizers; who are directed by an imbecile raised in Long Beach Indiana who should know better but doesn’t.

            • DK, you are correct. Here’s why.

              Historically, the government was funded with sovereign money acquired from Lawful duties and tariffs in accordance with the constitution, and was bound by the constitution under which it formed.

              Today, the government is funded with private currency under a maritime lien and is bound by the wishes of it’s creditors, the owners of the currency.

              So at all times in history, the government has been bound by the source of it’s money. That will also be the case in the future. Hopefully the people will begin to understand that if they want their Republic back that they must force it to be funded through Lawful means.

              There can not be, and never has been, any other way.

          • Trust not the men in black robes

            They portend to be faithful to the Constitution

            They are faithful only to the central bank..period

            and add eloquence to their decisions to placate the masses.


          • 200 years of SC history say different. The SC HAS been interpreting the Constitution and it IS their primary task… as they have defined it and no one with any power has told them that they are wrong. Do I like this? Not especially, but failing to recognize what is when it differs from what we want is not especially useful.

            After the SHTF, we may or may not have a SC or a government. Things will be VERY unstable for a while, certainly weeks if not months. Bad times for sure, although the end result may be worse than we hope but better than we fear.

        • But what about your congregation?

      3. Does it still matter if we are in too deep, should we still vote?

        For those that are going to sit this election out and not vote, it is your choice…

        Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint.

        Both have trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery.

        The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and

        has a time booked for surgery the following week.

        The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment,

        then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed

        for another week, and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then,

        pending the review boards decision on his age and remaining value to society.

        Why the different treatment for the two patients?

        The FIRST is a Golden Retriever taken to a vet.

        The SECOND is a Senior Citizen on Obamacare.

        Y’all Beware! This November, if Obama and his Czars get another term, we’ll all have to find a good vet.

        • you forgot to mention

          the Republican plan is to give you a voucher instead of traditional Medicare
          what do you wanna bet the voucher doesnt cover the cost of your insurance ???

          senior citizens won’t be on Obamacare
          they will still have traditional Medicare

          and the main provision of so called “Obamacare” is that you HAVE to purchase private health insurance or pay a tax if you don’t

          it is not socialized medicine
          that is a gross distortion of the facts

          • I am already on Medicare. It pays very little. You must have a supplemental policy or go on to Medicaid. The supplements are private insurance and therefore are still being impacted by Obamacare.

            My understanding of the vouchers is that those under 55 will have a choice of a health insurance voucher or traditional Medicare.

            Since Medicare is not complete insurance coverage, why should the voucher be for the total cost of insurance? SS originally was considered to be a supplemental retirement stipend. It was not meant to be the only source of income for the elderly. Even food stamps are not intended to pay for all a person’s nutritional needs.
            It is a supplement. Take all the mandated coverage out of Obamacare and return to a system where everyone buys what they need and the health insurance will not be as expensive. Allow high deductible catastrophic policies again and everyone will be able to afford them. Return the profit to insurance agents and they will go out there and find the best policies for their customers.

            As to the original article: it may not be too late to avoid a collapse. Things will be dicey for awhile. It took Reagan 3 years to clean up Carter’s mess and I remember it well. I was self-employed then, too, and when the economy came back, it came back in force.

            One of the early changes was to okay the TAP (Trans Alaska Pipeline for the youngsters). There were great paying jobs and every able-bodied young man I knew got their butts up there to work. The Democrats had stalled it, saying it would take 10 and later, 15 years to complete. It took 18 months!

            Interest rates can rise _slightly_ and slowly so that savers get a return worth the wait and investment. That will help the elderly immensely and it will cool the stock market down, as well.

            Romney’s experience is turning around failed corporations. This is exactly what America needs: a turnaround. Let’s give him a chance. Ryan’s plan is also a slow reform over years. It can help, at the very least.
            If they put the brakes on EPA and all the rest of the various agencies by consolidating them into half as many as we have now and getting rid of the deadwood positions, that will decrease the size/cost of government. Elect Conservatives to Congress to facilitate this and to extend the present tax structure.
            Those are just the areas I am familiar with in R&R’s platform. I am sure there is more, including at least a study of a return to the gold standard to return strength to our money.

            Anyone who sits this election out or votes doomed-to-fail 3rd party is asking for 4 more years of Obama
            and the communists. I doubt even the best preps are going to be of much help if that occurs. If R&R win, your preps will carry you thru the first rough years until things stabilize.

            This is a huge and diversified economy. Even with all the headwinds from Obama, the energy sector looks good for the future, without the EPA intervening in success. A fair and legal immigration policy will also help with job availability and reopen some industries to English-speaking Americans.

            Be prepared to shift your weight at a moment’s notice and to have many strings to your bow. We are on a cusp and it remains to be seen if we will collapse. America itself could be the next Comeback Kid.

            • BlueH2o:
              “Romney’s experience is turning around failed corporations.”
              Really?The facts are Mitt and his Mormon Ilk destroyed EVERY business they took control of and fired ALL the employee’s.Period.
              “Elect Conservatives to Congress to facilitate this and to extend the present tax structure”
              These “neo-conservatives” and the current tax structure is a failure for the 99%,but a huge success story for people like 1%ter Mitt R.(and his offshore hidden wealth)Period.
              “the energy sector looks good for the future,without the EPA intervening in success.”
              Guess you LOVED with ALL your heart what happened in the Gulf thanks to Bush’s gutting the EPA into a political hack’s wet-dream of a program that rubber-stamped every request for deep off shore drilling.Yep,bet you cheered when that one happened thanks to “free market capitalism”.Peroid.
              “I was self-employed then too,and when the economy came back, it came back in force.”O Really Mary Poppins?For whom?How many countless jobs have left the country due to people like almost senile Ronny?The guy was FALLING ASLEEP during speeches near the end of his term.It’s not all one sided,never fear.The Democrat’s allowed much of this to occur even when they held the majority.Nice of them.
              “A fair and legal immigration policy will also help with job availability and reopen some industries to English-speaking Americans”.What?! are you inferring that some Americans can’t speak English?What Industries?Most have taken their work to China and India.PERIOD!Our Republican friends in congress sponsored the current immigration setup as it stands.To date, it hasn’t stopped illegals from “visiting”.And it’s allowing Big Corporations to hire massive amounts of Indian and Mexican workers at sub-par wages,all the while crying they can’t “find” American workers to fill vacant positions.
              We could go further,but with hubris like yours abounding in the country,why bother.You and yours will spouting this foolishness up to when it all falls apart.I’ll laugh when your “My future is so bright I’ll be wearing shades” Karma comes home to Roost.
              To Everyone Else,
              Best to All

            • @ BlueH20. I can understand anyone’s desire to take out the trash with BO, but romney is simply not going to do any better. This character is suppose to turn around failed corportations and whom has benefitted from this, the shareholders. How many American jobs are lost to overseas slave labour. Yeah you can turn around a company a lot when you drop the payroll 90%.

              BO care is romney care, the similarities are too close. BO obama care had a foundation for itself, it was called romney care.

              How can there possibily be a turn around like when Ronald Reagan took over? There was not a 16+ trillon dollar debt. The country still had most of the jobs in this country not with the enemy like now. Where is the revenue going to come from when so many jobs are overseas? And this idiot is talking about reducing the taxes even more. You would have to cut social security, disband medicare and cut apart the entire military to bare bones level. Math doesn’t add up, where is the money going to come from? They can barely pay the interest on the loans right now.

              Comeback Kid???????????? HOW??????? Free trade is what has killed this country and that imbecile doesn’t want to end it, he wants to exapnd on it. All of this is talk that sounds good and has no mathematic basis to it.

              Hero worship of romney is undo and out of shear desperation to get rid of a pile of dung. The math doesn’t add up but horsesh&* like this sounds real pretty from the politician’s mouth. The black people continue to have hero worship of their black God, and look at what it has done to their country.

            • I would like to say something else to ALL romney worshippers, he should have a big question mark on his chest like the Riddler from Batman, because no one knows where he stands on anything. He serves up more waffles than the International House of Pancakes. He flip-flops more than what a fishing boat hauls up on a good day.

              This is someone that has gone from being pro-choice to pro-life, not because he has some spiritual revelation, it was because he moved out of a pro-choice state. He did nothing to help massachusetts with 2nd. amendments rights, but now is is completely pro-gun because he is no longer in a state that hates firearms. He supported free trade to poor countries but now supports more regulations on China. The guy is nothing but a phony, liar, fair weather friend.

              I would rather fight over someone face to face and know the enemy, than have a so called ally shish kebab me in the back with a bayonet when my head was turned. This is what I totally believe romney is, a freaking turncoat Benedict Arnold against the American people and the constitution, especially the 2nd amendment. Whatever will suit him and his elitists is ALL that matters. Just like BO obama, he wants none for the people and will do nothing for any of us. He has given no reason to doubt this. We are f’ed either way, and all we can do is prep and then prep some more because there is no way out with whomever wins the election.

              EVERYONE: Does anyone out there actually TRUST romney? In all honesty can anyone actually say that they trust someone that has two faced practically everything he stood for and then stood against.

              Here's a whopper of a hypothetical question. IF both obama, romney, and a third party candidate such as Ron Paul or Gary Johnson all had 33% of the vote in a poll and the election was not rigged, how many of you out there would NOT vote for the third party and vote for the two party establishment?

            • The big difference is what the person who has been elected does with the crisis. I seem to remember our current occupant commenting that a good crisis should not be wasted. If Obama is president a financial collapse will be his excuse to seize more power. I firmly believe Romney on the other hand will see it as a challenge and try to make things better. That is what we are choosing between.

            • Well, guess what after all the analysis, I as a single mother of two kids…
              I will invest in them. All my life, all my money, let their cowardly DAd run away…I will help my children
              WHO KNOWS!
              IT’S GOTTA TO BE FUN TO WATCH!!!

            • 8.1 EARTHQUAKE IN PHILIPPINES!!! Good job BI!!

            • BI: Here’s the essential difference between the two heads from the same asshole.

              Romney is an American with American values. O’bummer is a Kenyan with Marxist values.

              Romney’s wife Ann will not have 23 “assistants” in the WH. Romney will not have his gay lover living in the WH with him as O’bummer did.

              Almost a half dozen of O’bummers closest associates over his life have been murdered or died under unusual circumstances since his election to President.

              I doubt very strongly that anyone who has ever been associated with Romney will be looking over their shoulder once he assumes office.

              O’bummer has present a fraudulent birth certificate to America. He has sealed his college records, his selective service records, and he has the SSN of a dead man from Conneticut. SSN’s are never recycled. O’bummer has never officially lived in Conneticut, how could he have a SSN number from Conneticut?

              WE know where Mitt has been at every step in his life; typically that has been in service to his fellow men and women. WE cannot account for the life of O’bummer.

              WE know who the friends and associates of M itt Romney are; We also know that O’bummer’s closest associates have been Marxists, Socialists, Communists, and anti American; like Bill Ayers Rahm Immanuel, and Eric holder.

              Then there is his best friend Valarie Jarrett who used her political connections to get NO BID government contracts to enrich herself while in Chicago.

              The list goes on and on and on.

              According to Abraham Lincoln: “a man is responsible for the look on his face”.

              Romney may be coy about what he is going to have to do, but heis good man. You can see it on his face.

            • BI: The choice WE have has never been more clear:

              Excuse me President Obama,
              Could you please help me find these things, Sir?

              1. Occidental College records — Not released
              2. Columbia College records — Not released
              3. Columbia Thesis paper — “Not available”
              4. Harvard College records — Not released
              5. Selective Service Registration — Not released
              6. Medical records — Not released
              7. Illinois State Senate schedule — Not available
              8. Your Illinois State Senate records — Not available
              9. Law practice client list — Not released
              10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate — Not released
              11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released
              12. Record of your baptism — Not available
              13. Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?)
              14. Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had only one?
              15. Why were you getting “foreign student aid” as a college student?
              16. Which country’s “passport” did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981?
              17 Why can’t we find ANY articles you may have published as editor of the Harvard Law Review?
              18. Is it true that you selected Tim Geither secretary of the Treasury because his father was your mother’s direct supervisor and lover when she worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia?

            • @ durango kidd. First of all I respect what you say. Next I cannot stand what BO, bug stench has done to this country. The fact is romney is not being coy about anything, he is a flip flop mess. Someone told me that this is because he is Pisces the fish, born in March, which is not the reason. You are not honest with others about what you belief because you are trying to either hide something, the person is nuts and doens’t know what they belief, or they will lie and tell anyone anything to get elected.

              You see I have dealed with a few people like this, and not only are they totally untrustworthy, they will turn on anyone to their own benefit. Two faced individuals like this are extremely dangerous as no one knows what they are or what they stand for. A king type elitist would nothing better than to destroy outr2nd amendment rights while everyone had their guard down. He really should have a giant question mark across him.

              As regards to seeing it on his face, seriously cover up his face only where you can see his eyes and then you saw see what is there. I did this many times with BO and romney and him both have the same eyes, rotten and lying. The devil has a nice beautiful smile, yet the eyes are the window to the soul and cannot hide what a person really is. Bad eyes on both of them, like the bad eyes on a double headed viper.

              I see much that others don’t as I have tried desperately to see beyond what others perceive. I have come up with all sorts of tricks to figuring out what others don’t see. Like you have said before, the tentacles of the NWO are everywhere, and romney is that type of elitist that is is closer to the head of the true beast, just as obama is. I personally cannot stand either of them, because in my opinion there is no difference between either of them. Choosing either of them is like jumping into boiling lava or jumping into raging fire.

              Again, in my opinion the more people that cast a vote for a third party the more strength and chance of a third party taking over this two party debacle that absolutely has not worked for anything. That is if there is ever another election, if there is an election this time.

              Just like it is absolutely imperative to have trust with people in a survival group, it is also equally important to have trust in a leader. NO leader wound ever flip-flop with the people under them, this is a bad leader, a very bad leader. There is real good reason why people don’t trust romney, and these are people that everyone in the prepper community would consider to be sheeple. IF the pathetic sheeple don’t trust him, as they trust everything it seems, this guy is one of the most untrustworthy people that there is. This is conservatives also that trust me, but want obama out so bad that they are willing to re-swallow their own regurgitation to force themselves to try to think something good about him. This is how totally screwed up the country is. God himself must be shaking his head at the mess of the U.S.

              Truly I should not care because we lose both ways, but I am really just trying to express myself because I personally see something much different than some others do. I guess the best course of action is just prepare as much as possible and get ready for nature and manmade catastrophes ready to happen. The crust of the Earth seems like it is in some sort massive spastic shock.

            • BI: “flip, flop”? What happened to “transparency”? Shall I go on?

              O’bummer is the worst thing to happen to America since …. well since GWB! 🙂

              I am all for “hope and change” and if WE get change, WE can have hope again.

              Insanity is voting for the same idiot again! white America voted for this Marxist and white America will send him packing now that they have seen his incompetence and true colors.

              This asshole couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

            • @ durango kidd. I wouldn’t vote for BO obama if someone paid me to do so, but I wouldn’t either for romney. You wouldn’t have to pay me to vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, even if people think it is a wasted vote. IN ALL STATES where the outcome is already determined the wisest choice is third party because that is the ONLY way someone’s vote is actually going to matter because of the horrible electoral college. At least the third party will get some more of the overall vote and gain some power for the future, if there is a future. In swing states I could see where if someone was all gun ho for romney their vote could matter.

              Of course IF the whole thing is rigged like some eastern bloc Soviet country during the 80’s, then we are all wasting our time discussing the election.

          • Why should the voucher have to cover the cost of someones insurance? What we are is a bunch of kids who never grew up and instead of mom and dad all the infantile people expect the govt. to perform the parent role. Of course part of the reson for that is govt. came up with the idea of dependency first as a way to get re elected.

            • @ John W. I firmly believe that romney would seize power the same as BO after an economic collapse because he and his cronies would benefit vastly from this. The vast difference is that right now at least the NRA and other pro 2nd amendment rights groups are on high alert and have a lot of support behind them because of BO. Get the “other” candidate in there and many will lose that spirit of freedom because of a breath of relief of getting rid of that pile. An elitist then can much easier kill the right to bear arms and take over while everyone has let their guard down.

              There really is no choice between the two, either one of them has the main aim of disbanding the constitution and gaining control. Again, can you honestly say that you trust someone like romney? I can’t trust either one of these characters. IF there was another election, at least if a substantial number of people that voted for a third party, maybe just maybe, that third party would have a chance later. As long as the people continue to support the two party system, we are screwed as each election cycle it is not getting someone good for the country, it is getting rid of some bum that drives it. That is a formula for the death of the U.S.A. RIP.

            • Responding to Be Informed (reply was disabled on your previous posts)and GFG, as well. Kind of difficult in this format w/o cutting and pasting every other line, but I’ll try:

              If you believe Bain destroyed companies, shipped them overseas and then fired “all” the employees, I probably can’t change your minds. Venture capitalist/turnaround specialists are asked in by owners/shareholders. Have you guys run businesses? When you are failing and in bankruptcy, you first cut everything you can and that will mean some positions, as well as taking a hard look at suppliers, overhead, marketing and especially production. There is no profit if you just kill the entire production and put it on the auction block. Debts get paid, first. When labor is outsourced, you need American supervision (expensive travel, expensive communication set ups where people have to be awake at 4:00 am to counteract the time differences, etc). Looting isn’t how it works, unless you are the Obama administration, but the Democrats will count on taking advantage of bitterness to try and make you believe it is better to tax the people to pay the unions to continue unprofitable employment, sourcing, production of junk et al. When contracts are still in place (IE: you don’t go through the bankruptcy courts), you give notice,offer buyouts, pay severance. If you have negotiated supply contracts, you must deal with those legally. The goal is to save the company for the shareholders. Often, those are pension funds of employees, public, private, unionized. Under Obama, the entire area of contract law has been killed dead unless you are a crony.

              Decisions are hard. The times I had to either fire someone for incompetence or let them go because orders were not there were awful. People in my family have had to spend a week firing everyone and then got their own pink slip after they had to do all the ugly stuff.

              Which company is in better shape: GM or Staples?

              Romneycare vs. Obamacare: State vs. Federal. Our system is about “the laboratory of the States”. States can choose their own system and most have rightly rejected mandated health insurance. Romney is pledging to dismantle the Federal system known as Obamacare. The States will retain their Constitutional rights to do as their citizens wish. If Massachusetts likes their State system, good on them. It means nothing to the rest of us as long as it stays there. The Federalization of healthcare will literally kill us all after it bankrupts us, individually and as a nation.

              R&R are intelligently speaking in terms of decades. You bring the jobs back by lowering the restrictions, both taxes and regulation, on industry. You open the Federal lands to energy production and resource extraction once again. If they are openly willing to look at a return to the gold standard, they must also be looking at the vast Federal land holdings. We’ll see, but putting those lands up for lease, at first, would help income. Selling them to private interests would help by increasing our resource extraction. That is everything from minerals to non-mineral mining and lumbering, for starters. Stopping the EPA from controlling water to farmers and manufacturers and municipalities would help a lot. Ask the folks in Tombstone or the Central Valley. They would have some more control if they only had to fight their States, but no one can fight Godzilla, the Federal Government.

              BTW, “insourcing” (bringing the outsourced jobs back) is already happening because the State Capitalism of China and the instability in Pakistan and Central America is not that profitable as the wages and standard of living rises in those places along w/the instability. Google “insourcing”. I personally looked into outsourcing at one point. Pakistan, for example, makes you accept a 3 1/2% rate of *seconds* and *irregulars*, meaning products you pay full price for, but cannot sell. Their ability to make shipments on time is just as bad. Then, the government steps in with Customs charges for facilitating the imports. At the end, there is not that much profit left. People are finding this out and some industries have already returned to CONUS.

              As for GrayFoxGreen’s rant about Bush and the Gulf: Not the universe I live in. Remember that Bush and Cheney were pounded as *oil guys* for 8 years and still are. The Gulf has weather problems inherent in the location. Energy is still the best sector surviving the REAL “worst economy in 50 years”. PRIVATE exploration and extraction are being hamstrung now by Federal regulations because the Gulf operations are in Federally regulated territory. Oil workers are internationally sourced. Americans work all over the globe and Brits and others work in the GOM. You can do that work only so long, physically and there are aren’t enough drug-free, able-bodied, technically proficient workers in any one country to supply the needs. OTOH, the foreign workers go ashore for their time off and spend their money in the local economy. Opening the Gulf to deep water extraction will bring a boom back to the coastal economies. Which, BTW, were doing great before Katrina and even afterward, under Bush and are being killed by Obama.

              Jobs aren’t forever. Industries change. There are no guarantees. All the cliches have a grounding in reality. Those nasty factories killed the piece workers. Robots take jobs from people. Production methods have to change. No one promised anyone a thing and we are all out there fighting for our own livings. TANSTAAFL. My living depends on people having discretionary income and I can tell you the state of the economy by my sales. Which, BTW, while not at the high of 2007, have rebounded by roughly 50% from the low of 2010-2011. So, things are getting a tad better already, on their own. Take off the choke chain of regulation that has nothing to do with worker safety or real environmental concerns and watch America rebound.

              I worship God, only.

              Debt gets paid off over time and the first thing anyone must do is increase revenues through actual efficient production. Moderate taxes from millions of jobs vs. draconian taxes from capital is the real question. Taxing capital is vampirism.

              Trust, but verify. I am willing to give Romney a chance. I will be forced onto Federal benefits if we have even one more year of Obama and his cronies.

              Any POTUS must take control in a collapse. If they do not, the country degenerates into warring factions and the result is CW. In the aftermath of the first CW, the Democrats (aka: carpetbaggers) overtook the South and ruined it. Maybe you younger folks are willing to risk a CWII, but remember, this time, it will not be North against South, Democrats against Republicans, it will be Balkanization and a weakening of the conditions that allow the average person to live their lives. I do not hate anyone that much to take that risk.

              Finally, for all the Ron Paul worshipers: the man does have a grasp of macro economics. He has only run one business: the family business of politics and newsletters. He is an MD who gets his income from his Congressional salary, his followers who pony up for his regularly scheduled Presidential campaigns (where he always withdraws, strategically, at the last moment) and his newsletters. He is not the droid you are looking for.
              He has already set up his own son to take over as he retires. RP is a very bright man who would make sure America stays out of world affairs. That was our position prior to both World Wars. How did that work out?

              As for your hypothetical election question: If any 3rd party candidate won 1/3 of the vote, it would end up being considered a landslide. All together, the 3rd party candidates are lucky to bring in 6% or so because their policies and platforms are attractive only to a minority of voters. That is how the system works. The 2-party system is flawed, but we have had stability in America, more or less,because of it. When you get a plethora of parties you force coalitions that can then hold the country hostage and usually results in nothing productive being accomplished without the payoffs to all the minor parties (many thieves, instead of just two). In Germany, the dominant parties must do stupid things like shutting down all nuclear production because they must make nice with the Greens to maintain their majorities or making it illegal to fire anyone, ever. Germany is strong right now, but they are living off capital, like everyone else. They just still have dominance in manufacturing and they have a captive EU market. That can go away and if it does, it will be unfortunate even for a country without a huge external debt. BTW, evil America made them rebuild themselves after losing WWII and it did wonders for their economy within 25 years. When we withdrew and the two Germanies united, West Germany had to subsidize the East German debt. They struggled. They did it and because of the *assured* EU market, their success is now endangered. Nothing is forever.

              I am betting my life and my future on this next election. I am old, but I am still working. My capital is diminished, but it can rebound if the right conditions prevail. Obama will definitely not create those conditions. If I sit this election out, the risks are very high. Perhaps you are correct and it is all lost and Romney is the devil incarnate. In that case, what difference does it make? I might as well gamble on the cards I am holding, because if the draw is rigged, I am dead, anyway.

            • @ Blue H20. The difference between romney and Ron Paul is that Ron Paul would try his very best, he has integrity and resepect for the basic foundations of this country. I would much rather have someone that would try their best to fix the economy and think America first than some elitist (king) that thinks alomst everyone else as serfs. Besides this, I and others don’t trust romney. Anyone that flip flops like this is someone that no one should EVER trust. This is basic nature of a two faced liar that will tell anyone anything to get elected.

              You say you believe in God, so do I. There is something in all religions that talks about the evil one, the devil, whatever dark. The devil will seduce your enemies and your friends. Anyone that is as two faced as romney is fits that description all too well. Talk is cheap, real cheap. Empty promises are worthless. In my opinion romney is ALL about charisma with nothing behind him. The devil is about charisma and sweet talk and false hope and unkept promises. The math doesn’t add up, as I am hardly the expert on economics, but I know numbers well, it doesn’t add up.

              I have met people like romney and they are either pure evil or they are psychos that believe their own lies. A person just doesn’t flip flop like this unless they are totally nuts as in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest or they are rotten as BO obama to the core. It is always interesting to hear other views. Anyway, I got to get back to trying to refine the earthquake theories I have so maybe someday this will save some people’s lives.

        • Your portrayal of Obamacare is full haf shit. But I guess I should expect such from shit-for-brains people who frequent this site.

          • Justjoe says:

            August 30, 2012 at 4:34 pm

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            Your portrayal of Obamacare is full haf shit. But I guess I should expect such from shit-for-brains people who frequent this site.

            At least I am not an obama supporter who has shit for work ethic, shit for self respect, shit for birth control, shit for respect for other peoples property, on welfare, SSI, EBT, free school lunch, section 8 housing, free health care no matter what you call it, etc, etc. Wake up soon dude.

          • @Justjoe:Yet, here you are…….on this site

          • Justjoe: I see by your two post that you’ve decided to join us an honorary member of the “Shit-for-Brains Club”. Welcome! Whether or not you support any form of governmment subsities be they health care, forms of retirement, or any other kind of assitance /payments, it’s a moot point. Our governmment is just about out of money. Every day we take in far less than we send out in governmment expenditures. This is a fact, not an opinion. Our country is running a deficit and as anyone who’s taken accounting and economics, or who’s had to balance their own checkbook knows, this can go on only so long before they system collapses from lack of a positive cash flow. Governments are no more exempt from this rule than business or households. The two options that government’s have that businesses and people don’t, is that they can raise taxes and/or print more money. Plan A: Raising taxes in ananemic economy is like blood-letting on a person who’s already lost a lot blood=FATAL. Plan B: Printing more money (QE 1, QE 2,& possibly QE 3) dilutes the value of the currency to the point where other nations shun it. And since we get a lot of our money from foreign governments through the sale of bonds, this is suicide. So you see, it’s just about game over. You can love Obama, or the government in general, but your payments are about to stop. It’ll be YOYO Time=Your On Your Own. Now who’s the Shit-for-Brains! And I’m in the same boat, sort of. I’m suppose to get my military reserve retirement checks ($900-1,000 a month) starting a year from tomorrow and it may not be there, oh well! But I’ve made other plans for just such an eventuality. It’ll hurt a little but it’s not going to be fatal because I’ve secured other methods of income. Good luck to you Joe.

          • Is that why you decided to join us?

          • Since you are frequenting this site Joe, one can only assume that you are talking about yourself. After all it takes one to know one. 😉

          • JustJoe: If you are referring to the exchange above between BI, GGF and BlueH2O I think you should go back and read it again. It has good points on both sides, and is a healthy debate.

            I was thinking while reading it that I would really enjoy sitting at a round table with a pot of coffee listening to those guys. I would learn alot and hear valid points from both sides.

          • For Be Informed. Again, reply was disabled.

            I know neither Paul nor Romney, and so, I have to go by public information and trust God will allow everyone to be seen for what they are. However, I would like enlightenment via a link as to Ron Paul’s integrity. Today on Rush’s show I heard a conservative who lived in Massachusetts under Romney call him a good guy and a good Governor. So, is there a link not frothing at the mouth over Romney’s faith that shows him as evil and a liar? I will read it.

            Ron Paul is retiring, is not on any ballot and besides, I don’t live in his District if he was running. So, I don’t really think about him much. However, when I do, charisma is something that does come to mind. Beyond that, not much.

            I do appreciate your earthquake information. So, thank you for that.

            • @ BlueH20. I say this, that right now you will find all sorts of conservatives that will come out in his favour because he is the only alternative to BO. My whole point is ANYONE that flip-flops like he does on practically every issue is either nuts or they are evil and fully willing to do anything to anyone to get what they want. I have known a few individuals like this and all I can say is BEWARE.

              It might not matter anyway as there might not be an election if the San Andreas and or the New Madrid fault breaks because that will trash the country. Also the new moon is coming up for Israel and a possible attack on Iran. I am going to try to concentrate on this more and try to warn people so they can prepare. Someone said something to stop the red blue debate and get into preparing for what is coming. It just is that I see much of what others don’t see, and romney is a big fat huge red mark to me.

              I hope you are doing well today.

          • Obama is a gay, Muslim, marxist, half-breed traitor.

            Now that youv’e gotten what you expected from us knuckle-draggers, please clean up the mess from the blood squirting from your ears and see a doctor about your now-higher blood pressure. Be sure to tell all of your Saab-driving, wine-sipping, NPR-listening, oh-so-enlightened friends about us.

          • “I am betting my life and my future on this next election. I am old, but I am still working. My capital is diminished, but it can rebound if the right conditions prevail.”-BlueH2O

            -You are more screwed than you can imagine, your life hangs on whether we vote for the White guy that works for Goldman Sachs or the Black guy that works for Goldman Sachs. Do you think for one second that Lloyd Blankfein is going to save you.

            November 2009 he remarked, “Goldman Sachs, this pillar of the free market, breeder of super-citizens, object of envy and awe will go on raking it in, getting richer than God? An impish grin spreads across Blankfein’s face. Call him a fat cat who mocks the public. Call him wicked. Call him what you will. He is, he says, just a banker ‘doing God’s work'”.

            Lets see how this God faith thing turns out. Maybe you and Blankfein can pray together while I grow a garden and make a real spirtual difference in this world. Your God, Government and money are all fake, the sooner you get angry and then comprimise, the sooner you can accept those all to be facts and move forward with your small life the sooner you will enjoy it to the max.

            Prayer is not prepping, Zeus is the God of all gods inlcuding yours, your god has only torn down a few towers and induced war thoughout the ages and enriched the Zionist Banksters. And there was a half god half man who was the son of God who was born though a mortal women who created wine and rose from the dead.

            Dionysus and the figure of the Christ in Christian theology can be traced to Friedrich Hölderlin, whose identification of Dionysus with Christ is most explicit in Brod und Wein (1800–1801) and Der Einzige (1801–1803).

            Modern scholars such as Martin Hengel, Barry Powell, and Peter Wick, among others, argue that Dionysian religion and Christianity have notable parallels. They point to the symbolism of wine and the importance it held in the mythology surrounding both Dionysus and Jesus Christ; though, Wick argues that the use of wine symbolism in the Gospel of John, including the story of the Marriage at Cana at which Jesus turns water into wine, was intended to show Jesus as superior to Dionysus.

            Scholars of comparative mythology identify both Dionysus and Jesus with the dying-and-returning god mythological archetype. Other elements, such as the celebration by a ritual meal of bread and wine, also have parallels. Powell, in particular, argues precursors to the Catholic notion of transubstantiation can be found in Dionysian religion.

            Another parallel can be seen in The Bacchae where Dionysus appears before King Pentheus on charges of claiming divinity which is compared to the New Testament scene of Jesus being interrogated by Pontius Pilat.

            E. Kessler in a symposium Pagan Monotheism in the Roman Empire, Exeter, 17–20 July 2006, states that Dionysian cult had developed into strict monotheism by the 4th century CE; together with Mithraism and other sects the cult formed an instance of “pagan monotheism” in direct competition with Early Christianity during Late Antiquity.

            Thanks Wiki, and in turn you believe that Jesus is going to save you then please realize how close you are to worshipping Dionysian right now, 1600 years ago it could have went either way. Without Jesus, it’s just judaism and some mean old god who blessed a 800 year drunk to repopulate the world despite not having any blacks, chinese, or hispanics on this ark.

            You could not convince an 8 year old retarded boy that noahs ark exsisted, but you still believe.


            If there was a God, there would be no reason to prep. think about it, if you are angry right now, I was there too at one point and I went out to prove the naysayers wrong and realized that they had all the logic, reason, science, and math on their side and that all plays into the mathmatical fact of economic collapse. This fact is what brings me to prep and without logic and math I would not have been so eager to prep and more willing to dismiss and put my faith in a 2000 year old Jewish god to save me in the end.

            You may now hit the red button to the right or go do some research and come back and hit the green one. Your priest or pastor will be quick to tell you that I can’t disprove God as much a he or she can prove God, just think about this faulty logic. This is what your faith comes down to. SAD?, now get MAD!

            Don’t just sit there and let this anger go to waste, prove me wrong and in turn free yourself.

          • I screwed up, so I have to reply. I accidentally gave you a thumbs up, you POS! No way to correct it, so I’ll do it in person! You are the shit for brains for even thinking about posting your drivel on this site! MORON!

            • My last comment was suppose to be for Justjoe. Somehow, it wound up way down here!

        • Not that bad an idea anyway. Many people end up being doctors because they can’t pass veterinary classes.

        • You also forgot to mention how many pieces of silver will be necessary for this trip to the vet. (Who’s a good boy…..)

        • Hey YB – that’s an awesome example!!! May I copy it and send it to some of my relatives?? I’ll be glad to give whatever credit you request as it’s author!!

        • @ Y’all Beware, can I pass this one on?

      4. Obama is telling the people that he is fixing the problem; things ARE getting better.

        I see him fixing the problem with class warfare, race warfare and economic warfare.

        If that is the way you want it, vote for Obama.

        Mitt Romney knows that there is a financial cliff that the US is going to go off of in the very near future. He is a successful business man and has worked through these financial difficulties before.

        His 2 choices are bring us up an out of this financial calamity with cutting spending and foregoing some of the luxuries that our society offers. Or this whole system is too far gone to save. So he’ll scrap it and go take over another country and try to make a success from that.

        If you want an effort made by a person who has been successful in the past, or if you don’t mind if he cuts and runs to leave us American citizens to take care of ourselves, then you want to vote for Romney.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • The only way either of them can save the country would be remove control of the money from the banksters. Since they are already bought and paid for by them, that will not happen.

          Vote for the dog, or vote for the pony. It doesn’t matter.

          • I’m having a hard time understanding why two supposedly intelligent men would both want so desperately to become the Caption of the good ship SS United States when the ship is so very obviously slowly sinking? Why are their backers donating bazillions of dollars to their respective candidates in order to get them elected?

            We may or may not see an election this next November; it really doesn’t seem to matter who wins. Six to eight months tops, at the very outside. Please enjoy every moment that you can with your families. God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Lets not forget if obama gets reelected he will appoint another supreme court judge.If you want to see our constitution go down the shitter, then vote for oblunder.

          • @ Anonymous. I say vote for a third party. I seem to remember that BO care went through because of a certain highly regarded judge appointed by junior bush by the elephants cousins to the democratic jackasses. To tell you the truth, I would be terrified to see who romney would appoint or BO in regards to the constitution. You would not have to worry about the from Ron Paul or another good third party. The fact is that romney could be the worst trojan horse for the 2nd amendment that there is because everyone will let their gurad down with him. We are screwed with BO and we are screwed with romney, both of them are terminal diseases.

            • ^^^ What He Said! ^^^

              Good verbalization of how I feel. Its all down hill from here. Oh, there may be a bump or two that they try to tell you is where we’re going back up hill but it will be a lie. They simply want to suck as much blood out of the carcass as its going down to the ground.

              Even Ron Paul could not have saved it. A softer landing and larger pieces and a tighter debris field, yeah, glide down onto the rocky landscape and hope you can put something useable back together.

              With Obama its straight into the ground with the engines powered up. Nothing larger than a quarter to pick up.

              With Romney its about half way in the middle. Its no wonder the system selected him. He’s one of them!

              Both choices now, bought and paid for. The system, literally, vomited Ron Paul from is belly. Too bitter of a pill. To costly an alternative to the bankster elite.

              If I were Ron Paul, I would just declare I was the Republican Nominee by default because Romney, in his cheating, has disqualified himself. Romney’s tyrannical rule change scenario scares me. Basically, he wanted to change the rules, so he did. Not due process. Just dictatorship. Will he govern the same way? I expect so.

              The thing I don’t like about Romney is the lies. Its so, Obamaesque. He may not be what The Kenyan is, but he’s certainly no Ron Paul.

            • BI, Yep. They’re gonna put the f*cking to us regardless of who’s in office. Romney is a full white Obama. We’re getting our ass handed to us regardless. The fix has always been in. The only real difference, is that there’ll be less racism in the white house because the executive won’t be stirring the racist pot. Even if the Rom-bot gets to appoint an SC justice, will that person be anything like Justice Roberts? Eventually, people need to realize when the fix is in and your political savior isn’t saving you. Your survival is up to you, because we are left on our own.

            • It’s good to see there are a few people left who grasp the situation. The rest of you, who can’t get past your programming, good luck!

        • What luxuries are you talking about? Are you going to eliminate social security and medicare and tell millions of Americans who have paid into that system for decads, “Sorry, not for you.” Or are you going to tell military retirees, no more for you. I am sure those people will take that well.

          • I can’t believe it, I actually agree with Joe on this. No, these people will not take it well if their invested funds are stopped or even delayed for a month. The SwillHTF if they try that crapp. I don’t know the numbers but it is in the millions of recipients to SS/gov. payroll retirees and those with disabilities that count,soley, on those checks to survive each month.

            • It sucks, but those of us still working are out of money for the “please don’t riot bribes”, which have grown exponentially more expensive. Part of the blame can be placed on those of us who accept having lead in your ass as being a disability.

          • You mean the people who “paid in” $35/month during the few times they worked, and now demand $1500/month for the rest of their days? Or the military office REMF retiree who will be retired for twice as long as they “served”? The present system cannot continue, the math just doesn’t work out.

            • Really?
              You know someone who gets $1500 a month?
              I don’t get much more than that working!!!

            • You make some good points, however; unless you have a bunch of dependants, you won’t be receiving a “$1500.00” per month check. As for paying in $35.00 a month for a few years and getting back large sums each month in SS/retirement benefits; it ain’t happening.

              In most cases, be it military or union, your retirement from a pension only works out to about $100.00 per month for every year of service.

              My uncle never paid a dime into the SS retirement system after age 25. He had a public job for a period of about five years and had paid in small amounts thru his employer each week during the late 60’s. When he reached age 65 and had some health issues, he checked into disability and was denied but because of his age, he was granted about $500.00 per month in SS benefits because he had paid into the system.

              Is this fair to others? Is he living large on the $$ each month? No & No. It is the system we are currently stuck with until it implodes.

        • @ Mona. The fact is romney CAN’T save anything and WON’T. We are not talking about a large business here, we are talking about a very complex system of an entire country. The complexity of country is like asking a third grader to teach a college class. The fact is massachusetts is a really tiny state about the size of Israel and about the population. It is extremely centralized and the U.S. cannot ever be this way, it is too widespread. He might be able to govern a country that is very centralized like Italy, Japan, South Korea in this way, but I highly doubt it. Besides this, sending jobs overseas which he will do in the name of free trade is poison for the country.

          I also don’t trust this character AT ALL. I met someone that was as two faced as he is, and you cannot say anything to this person or depend of them for ANYTHING. The fact is romney had a choice to live in an area other than massachusetts. This state is completely anti-freedom, anti-self defense, and absolutely anti 2nd amendment. To live here when you have the money to live somewhere else shows that romney was comfortable in a state that HATE firearms and HATES self defense of the innocent. Then to govern such a state. This MUST send up more red flags up the pole to anyone that cherishes their right to own firearms, in fact own any self defense.

          I can’t stand what that BO did to this country, but romney is one of the heads of the same beast that will and has destroyed the U.S. Like the near 96% of blacks that support BO and too stupid to understand what he has done to their country. That idiot running against BO is absolutely not a good choice aginst him. Hero worship of such a character really has no merit. Those of the LDS faith have to realize that romney would sell them out quicker than you could blink because he is an elitist, and elitist have NO alligence to anything such as a religion. Just the same as all those blacks that make BO as some God, obama would sell out the blacks quicker than those African blacks sold their own people out to captains of slave bound chipperships.

          Hero worship of romney will only one day leave someone totally disappointed and disillusioned. He will turn on everyone. How do I and others know this? Because it has hardly happened again and again on multiple issues. There is a golden reason why cartoons have romney as a fish flipping and flopping over and over again.

          You want someone that can help the country, or at least try their very best to, go third party. There are some good people like Ron Paul that actually value the constitution and the founding principles of it.

          • I am surprised so few people have given a favorable rating to this comment, or even bothered to check it. Romney is a power monger. A corporate raider and hedge fund manager. He has done no useful, productive work in his lifetime.

            • Corporate raiding is useful work. He was involved with saving companies by selling off parts of them. Kind of like working in a corporate junkyard. At least Romney has had real jobs. Unlike Obama.

            • Go look at who runs bain capitol after romney departed the helm. It is a woman who is also a duel isreali zionist citizen.

              She used to live in isreal and was THIRD from the very top of honcho control of the isreali Mossad!(mossad is equal to our cia, which is also pepered full of duel isreali apiac zio citizens).

              NOW Today 2012= She is Top executive ceo etc of Two national talk radio companies. Bain & Clear chanel. Ring any bells?

              They are the Largest radio network control in entire usa.(Over 800+ radio stations in usa) EVERY single conservative talk radio show host(Like rush-hannity-glen beck-LEVIN-et al) get Their Massive multi-million dollar checks signed by Her or her honchos.

              Anyone who thinks, anybody conected to apiac-israli duel zio citizens-weekly standard clowns really gives a Rats Ass for me or You? (bill cyrstal owner/editor-weekly standard dc #1 neocon repub publication was Began by bill cyrstals daddy. Daddy was an admited Trotskyist-Fabian-FOUNDER of todays neocon’s who litterally Hyjacked the Old repub party of yesterday and turned in into todays warmongering isreal/jew Firsters neocons like Hannity-Coulter-Reagan-cyrstal and many others.)

              I cannot recall off hand the name of that early 1900 era school of thought university?…Believe it is in europe, it is where all them “Fabian’s” got taught. Taught a milder form of communisim, based upon Trotsky ideals, rather than ideals promoted by Karl Marx. Although Both were very similar and close in ideals of communisim etc.

              Marx desired Vast violent revolt and mass killings like occured in 1918 russian revolt. Trotskys plan was more for Slower non or Less violent approaches(sound familiar to todays difference from Dems and neocon repubs? It should! How many say Repubs will screw america but SLOWER Rate?!

              Yet history shows Trotsky had zero trouble becoming very mass murderer violent himself!(Trust neocons today to not do same if necessary?).

              With a 25+yr prior affiliation and Partnerships with so many as at Bain and now the neocon (Whats good for isreal/ziojews party of warmongers) How can anyone think ANY repubs are better than totally kommie lib dems are?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ron Paul is a dead issue. get fucking over it!

            • What is a dead issue is hope. Anyone that thinks that obama or romney is some saving grace is in for a mega disappointment and this is something that NO ONE is going to get over. 🙁

            • The failure to unite will be our downfall. As shitty as this sounds welcome to our end. We cannot get past petty bullshit and come up with any form of plan, or enact any form of plan. The feeling of helplessness that so many feel is not because we are helpless but because we can not unite we feel alone out here. Yet we are not. Look at this site alone hundreds of ppl actually filter thru here. Hundreds of silent ppl who read and gather the information to help themselves prep better. How effective would MLK Jr.s million man march of been if it was him and a couple friends? Maybe we just need a leader someone who can rally us togeather.
              Someone to speak out and up someone we can stand behind and support. We cannot count on any gov. anywhere in this world. We can only count on ourselves but we need to get with the damn times and get over the smaller differences to survive. I am not saying loose yourself, who you are, what you believe in, or any of that. What I am saying is it is time to look past our own personal beliefs and look at the one big agreed upon belief we need to fix this. Before it is too late for us as a race. Not just US as a country here in the US.

            • I love Ron Paul. But voting for a 3rd party got Clinton elected. I won’t do it again.

            • @ Liberty68. I thought much about what you say, and if obama and romney were tied and I had the deciding vote, I would still vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul because there is no way in good conscience I could ever let the second head of the beast because of what I did rule the people. I would rather personally do the right thing by every last fiber of what I believe in that romney is no different than obama and this two party crap is exactly what has killed this country. IF it was someone else I would vote BO out. I don’t trust romney at all, he is as dangerous as BO and all those that don’t believe this will be extremely sorry that he got in IF he wins. Trust is something essential, and all I see is total turncoat here. Two headed viper snake, romney and obama.

            • Point of fact: RP has been in DC since the 70s, and is trying to annoit his son to a position of power. The younger RP is no different from the Kennedy clan. He moved to a state where he thought he would be elected to office.

          • Wow, I can feel the anger and polarization, Why? The presidency has become a function of mid~level management. Whomever assumes the position is under control and receives their marching orders from a higher order, ie the Bilderberg group, the tri lateral commission, the UN, the Rothschilds, etc etc. The sooner we grasp that concept the sooner we can begin as a people to formulate alternative plans. The expectations of our elected officials repairing our system is a illusion, they simply cant. No one has your best interest in mind but you. You have to take control of your own health care, you have to do everything as it relates to your physical and financial well being. I repeat there is ZERO help coming, as a matter of fact the main agenda is to reduce the population…..JJ as to my exercise the past week, what I found to be my weak spot is being mentally prepared, its the small things that will get to you. With Godspeed, keep prepping and stay focused.

            • thanks for that response.
              I do little exercises that I feel will help me prepare..shower with no water, just get wet, lather, and rinse…try that a few times because you will not be under a 5 minute bath when TSHTF.
              Eat just one thing for a meal..try that..just brown beans(pinto to you,LOL)and biscuits or cornbread.
              Try all day with no a.c….I do that a lot; turn it on as it’s time for dh.
              Got off my one and only med I took for 29 years for my bladder condition; can’t tell the difference—yeehah!!
              You get the point.
              Next, laundry with two plungers, two tubs.
              Am I ready??? No, and will never be physically, but I am mentally. That has to count for something.

        • All Romney is offering is more big government solutions. Write in Ron Paul.

        • Have any of the people talking about Romney being good at turning businesses around actually taken time to research how and why Romney ended up “saving” Bain Capital? A major portion of the fix involved reneging on a multimillion dollar government loan. The US government as lender accepted pennies on the dollar. We, as taxpayers, paid to save Bain Capital.

      5. It’ll be sooner. Too many benchmarks have already been met.

      6. Evening

        I have, over the years, become a political atheist….I don’t believe in any of them

        Take care

        • Burt you sound like Celente. 🙂

          • Gravelore.

            Better than sounding like Soros, Cameron, Obama, Romney,Clegg and on and on and on…….

            Take care

        • I love to watch politics. However, you must keep in mind it’s like pro wrestling.
          The show is staged and the outcome is predetermined.

          • that’s the most accurate description I’ve heard yet Cowboy. Thanks.

          • Cowboy is dead right. For example, I literally despise Sean Hannity – who is a greasy, war mongering neo-con and an Israel-Firster treasonous chunk of rat dung – but, the other day I turned on the radio and his show was on. The GOP convention was over and Hannity was playing audio clips from some of the neo-con scumbags who gave speeches at the convention. I listened for a few minutes, and it sounded as if these speakers were all simply repeating carefully rehearsed slogans and catch phrases that had been cooked up by the establishment insiders and then distributed to each one of the speakers.

            I was reminded of the movie V for Vendetta; its all theater, folks.

            • I don’t despise Hannity, but acknowlege that he will do whatever it takes to keep his huge paychecks flowing. I think USA can support Israel without carrying them. Better yet, develop our own energy resources and we can be truly neutral when it comes to the ME. The “Palestinians” are in no way innocent, or for that matter, our friends. Remember them dancing in the streets and handing out candy after the WTC fell?

        • Burt,
          Great to see you again, sorry I have not been posting much lately, still working alot of hours i told the man I work with today I was to well to attend today. And I would like to hear about how your garden is doing as well.
          Mine is out of control this yr,drip system is well worth the time to put in..


          • DPS

            Good to see you back. Well the garden is done for this year. Still getting torrential rain daily, way too much water for the ground to deal with. Everything is drown and rotted, the ground actually smells from the standing water and green algae is growing across lawns, soil and paths almost as fast as you can clear it.

            The crops in the fields are not doing much better, stunted and flattened by the weight of the rain that has hit them. The harvest is going to be dire this year.

            Domestic fuel prices going up a minimum of 9% before winter and food prices are becoming truly alarming.

            Other than that everything is great lol.

            Hope you and yours are well and I’m glad to hear the garden is producing.

            Take care

            • @ Burt The Brit: After reading about your rain, don’t know who is worse off….U or me….here in my part of Canada, we had a summer long drought! Nothing growing in my garden either…my tomatoes are really “stunted” and nothing else grew…..I watered with rain water (until it ran out) then had to use all dish water on the flowers and also the small veggie garden….may have kept it alive, but nothing really grew!

              I don’t even care anymore, all the grass is burned or dormant…and I’m tired of “dipping” the dish water out of the sink into a bucket….hope we get snow this winter for the sake of the land and trees.

              On another note, has any one heard from Manos? I always think of him…..hope he and his family are o.k.

              Hope U and family are well!!

        • two party system when they are two heads of the same beast just doent work..and will end up destroying itself.. we are a witness to this very thing right now

          • Canada

            I have not heard from Manos for a couple of weeks. I write to him regularly to remind him we are all thinking of him. Obviously if I hear I will tell you all, as will others he is in touch with.

            His last email was soul destroying. As a Greek and as an individual he is struggling with the situation he finds himself in.

            I am in touch with another person who used to frequent this site, though not now, he is too busy with preps and the Internet is expensive. He is from Lithuania and the situation there is bad though we never hear about it.

            I think sometimes my life is hard….it’s not, it’s nowhere near hard at the minute when compared to what many many people are suffering at the moment.

            With regard to the weather I would chose drought and dishwater, at least you get the choice of watering or not lol.

            Take care

            • Burt thanks for the short update on Manos. I too think about him and what his family must be going through. One of my customers just recently brought three of her immediate family from Hungary to stay with her for a year. She used to send them packages often but things must have deteriorated there further. Certainly hardtimes all ’round as very little news worthy information gets to folks.

            • Burt, tell Giurza I said “hey”…I noticed he wasn’t posting, and really miss his posts and insights. Tell Manos I miss his cheeky jokes. I think of them both and have them in my prayers.

              You know who else hasn’t posted recently that I have seen…Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

        • Good to hear Burt!

            • Burt, hopefully you breeze by this article once more, an extremely good read on the “character” of government.


          • Mama

            I will pass on your wishes to both Manos and Guirza. I don’t know Moon so I can’t comment.

            Take care

            • Peter,

              thanks for that I will have a read.

              Take care

          • ~~~you know who else hasn’t posted recently that I have seen…Moon is a Harsh Mistress.~~~

            For Mama Bear..wasn’t Moon’s husband very sick??
            I prayed for them both each night.

        • Burt: What a breath of fresh air. Most idiots in this country think this kabuki theater is for real. Our psuedo-two party system is about as real as WWF Wrestling and Rollerderby. Only a bumbpkin who refers to 5th grade as “my senior year” thinks this crap is meaningful and that their vote really counts. More’s the pity. To vote in this country a person’s I.Q. should at least be a few points higher than their belt size.

          • Gregory8

            Bwhahahahahaha love it. We usually say a notch higher than their shoe size lol

            Take care

        • What surprises me is that the majority of Americans really believe their vote can make a difference (in the presidential elections). America is a limited democracy. In truth we belong to a federal republic that allows it’s citizens only partial democratic voting rights. The power of the popular vote (aka the voice and choice of the people) is limited to local and state government elections only. The members of the Electoral College are the only ones who’s votes count in a presidential election. If every single American decided to stay home on election day and not one popular vote was placed for either candidate, there would still be a vote held by the electoral college and at the end of the day there will still be a president elected…because whomever is elected is not chosen by the citizenry AT ALL.
          All of the decisions in this country are made for us with or without our approval. The only true power we have is the power to decide whether we’re going to prepare for when SHTF and try to protect ourselves and our families and get through it as best as we can or we can decide to sit back and follow the rest of the sheeple in following anything that Big Brother Government tells us to do.
          Until the dissolution of the electoral college happens there will never be a chance for any 3rd party president to come in and actually fix this country. So unless that happens we are stuck with the corp making the decisions for us.

          I hate to use wikipedia, but their article on The Electoral College sums it up pretty well:

          The elections of 1876, 1888,and 2000 produced an Electoral College winner who did not receive the plurality of the nationwide popular vote. In 1824, there were six states in which electors were legislatively appointed, rather than popularly elected, so the true national popular vote is uncertain. When no candidate received a majority of electoral votes in 1824, the election was decided by the House of Representatives and so could be considered distinct from the latter three elections in which all of the states had popular selection of electors.

          Opponents of the Electoral College claim that such outcomes do not logically follow the normative concept of how a democratic system should function. One view is that the Electoral College violates the principle of political equality, since presidential elections are not decided by the one-person one-vote principle. Outcomes of this sort are attributable to the federal nature of the system. From such a configuration, argue supporters of the Electoral College, candidates must build a popular base that is geographically broader and more diverse in voter interests. This feature is not a logical consequence of having intermediate elections of Presidents, but rather the winner-takes-all method of allocating each state’s slate of electors. Allocation of electors in proportion to the state’s popular vote could reduce this effect.

          Scenarios exhibiting this outcome typically result when the winning candidate has won the requisite configuration of states (and thus their votes) by small margins, but the losing candidate captured large voter margins in the remaining states. In this case, the very large margins secured by the losing candidate in the other states would aggregate to well over 50 percent of the ballots cast nationally. Claims that the Electoral College suppresses the “popular will” are therefore open to debate.

          A result of the present functionality of the Electoral College is that the national popular vote bears no legal or factual significance on determining the outcome of the election. Since the national popular vote is irrelevant, both voters and candidates are assumed to base their campaign strategies around the existence of the Electoral College; any close race has candidates campaigning to maximize electoral votes by capturing coveted swing states, not to maximize national popular vote totals.

          The United States is the only country that elects a politically powerful president via an electoral college and the only one in which a candidate can become president without having obtained the highest number of votes in the sole or final round of popular voting.

          • Wow, throwing in that summary from wikipedia made that comment a mile long…sorry bout that folks 😉

          • were it not for the electoral college about 5 states- progressive all- could choose every president for eternity.
            the electoral college was a stroke of genius by the founding generation to ensure that the lower population states could have a voice in national elections.
            it is ONLY because of the electoral system that california, illionis, michigan,new york, and new jersey-LIBERAL HELLHOLES ALL- dont decide all presidential elections.

          • I believe we should pass a Constitutional Ammendment which says that every state must apportion its electoral college votes according to the ratio of popular votes (much like Maine and Nebraska and not winner take all like every other state). This would make every state a “battleground” state instead of allowing candidates to focus all of their attention and money on just a handful of states and allowing those few states to decide the election.

            The Ammendment should go on to restrict political contributions for any candidate must originate only from the district, state, etc they are to represent and then only from individuals. This would prevent money from outside sources from influencing decisions locally. Even political party contributions must show that contributions made to a political candidate originated or equaled the contributions received from the district, state, etc that political candidate is to represent.

            Finally, Representatives are to be apportioned according to the percentage of votes received in a state wide election. This would end or at least hamper the ability to gerrymander which is simply a process where elected officials get to choose their voters rather than voters getting to choose their elected officials.

            I believe if an Ammendment like this was proposed in several state legislatures, was passed and passed onto other state legislatures we have a chance at taking our country back. I may be niaive in my thinking but maybe, just maybe, there are enough other people like who think there is a chance we could turn this all around…

      7. I was actually glad Ron Paul never got in for 1 reason only. If a collapse happened on his watch you would never have another libertarian even attempt politics since they would have the stigma attached to them. Let this happen on the GOP/DEM watch. Let the thing fail with the parties that caused the failure.

      8. And the hits just keep on coming. Totally Planned

      9. You can vote if you want to. How do you like your tyranny, chocolate or vanilla?

      10. Oh gee…..FOX is talking to Peter Schiff again….after virtually ignoring him for months…especially during his Senate campaign.

        FOX is just another MSM whore.

        Peter Schiff is spot on by the way.

        • But Fox has the hottest news chicks. Less stomach-turning than Rachael Madcow.

      11. To everyone: this article is 100% on target. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO STOP WHAT IS COMING! Forget about voting; all you get to choose from Crook #1 or Crook #2. Politicians are absolutely useless. The entire system is headed toward collapse and will die. When TSHTF, all hell will break loose; it’s not going to be nice or pretty. I’m stepping up my prepping and will keep getting things right up until the last minute; i hope everyone else here is doing the same for themselves. We preppers have the best chances for survival. The nonpreppers are not going to make it,PERIOD. God bless everyone and keep prepping.

        • Braveheart: Granted the election keeps the PTB Globalist Cartel run my Dual Citizens in power, but this election represents a choice between a bad Jimmy Carter and a bad Reagan clone.

          Call me crazy but I prefer to live four years under a bad Reagan Clone; rather than a liar, fraud, and Kenyan.

          Vote for Romney unless you want another four years of O’bummer. Romney at least understands the economic and financial principles that are suppose to under pin the American capitalistic system. Probably because he is a capitalist while O’bummer as a Marxist never had a clue.

          The reason Obummer won the last election is because Americans didn’t want another four years of GWB, via McLame.

          Any change in the status quo has to be a step in a better direction. This marxist administration doesn’t have a clue as to how to run an economy and doubled down on GWB’s stupidity.

          Romney knows how to run a business and that will translate into pro business policies; pro SMALL business policies, because that is where jobs are created. And he understands that.

          As a former GB, he also knows where the bodies are buried. As President it behooves him to get the GB’s in line. I think Wall Street will be surprised by some of his policies once he is President.

          The days of too big to fail are over, ALL of America knows it, and ironically, He will be the one to inform Wall Street.


        • Hard to believe the defeatist drivel on this site. What a bunch of victims. I would much prefer Romney be in the White House than Obama when the whole thing goes to hell and it will. Obama will use it for another power grab while Romney will attenpt to straighten things out. That is what we are choosing between here.

          • @ John W. It is not a defeatist attitude of the people here. They just see that there is no difference between the two heads from the same a$$hole. I don’t understand why anyone would not feel that someone like romney that is an elitist would shovel people into camps just as fast as BO would, he would just do it with a smile. Elitists are nothing but kings and queens that make sure that the peasants and serfs are always below them. Elitists want to thin the entire population of the planet to ONLY what they consider non trash. Kings were just as brutal and many cases worse than marxists type, especially during the dark and middle ages.

            There is an old saying that I remember, when you consider something much below you it is far easier to commit acts of tyranny and injustice against them. Goes something like this. I truly feel that wanna be king romney would order the same people into the same death camps as obama because like obama (BUT FAR FEWER WOULD EXPECT IT), he thinks of most people far below him like cockroaches to be stamped out.

            I say this to ALL obama supporters and ALL romney supporters, IF YOUR candidate wins, you should have been more careful for what you wished for.

          • Oh, Romney will straighten things our alright—for the Oligarchy that is backing him for office.

          • John W: You are so right! There are a lot of pissers, moaners, cryers, and complainers here who have no balls and no backbone.

            I usually call they out and call them names.

            Typically they try to spread fear, dissension, and despair. They are either gutless wonders without military experience or AGENTS attempting to demoralize US. PsyOps.

            Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

      12. Burt,

        Great position to take.

        Was your garden productive?

        How are you doing now?

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          Sadly not. We are still getting torrential rain on a daily basis. I have never seen rain like it, it’s like standing under a hose pipe.

          Other than that, coping with the ever rising prices…just, and hoping that I have a little more time to continue to prepare.

          Hope you and yours are well.

          Take care

          • You Brits better get used to facing Mecca five times a day in the pouring rain because that is what is coming your way. The States are probably ten years behind you.

            • John W

              You think?

              Over my dead body mate.

              Take care

            • John W- MECCA? As in Sharia law muslims?….Is that the reason ALL dems antigunners-banksters-neocon msm-Hollywood-nwspapers-magazines-TV(all of it) has JEWISH Names?!

              Duel citizen isreali americans-and jews own most everything that matters in todays america and its total culture etc…..Yet You believe our worst threat isnt jewish invented communisim, but rather it is Islamic in nature?….WAKEUP!…

              Count how many MSM or Polititions or Banksters types has a name such as “Abdul”?

              Schumer! Wienstien! Jewstien! Goldstein! FINESTIEN! Levin! etc etc etc etc!….BUT ZERO “Abdulas”!

              1/3rd of us supremes IS dem kommie Jewish!(while only representing Less than 1 & 1/2 % of total usa Population)

              For a group that is LESS than 2% total pop. Count how many are Judges-senators-us reps etc…WAY Over represented.

              MECCA?!! More like Talmudac judiac zionistic NOAHIDE laws(already signed into us fed cod regs law by Bush jr! waiting in wings to Implement! Go look That stuf up and educate yourselves before it really is too late!)

            • John W

              I can’t see that happening here in the UK.

              Take care.

          • Burt, would it be possible to get a small portable greenhouse or hoop house? You could still do a fall crop of lettuce, radishes, carrots, etc.

            • Mama

              Got them going on windowsills thought the house. I have a good deal of light coming in so might as well use it.

              Take. Care

      13. EVERY election
        the promise is the same
        “this time it will be different”
        is it ???
        really ???????

        a very small class of people actually run things
        nations and their boundaries mean nothing to them
        blah blah blah
        meaningless terms to them

        politicians are merely their lackeys
        the ones who do the hands on dirty work

        every election we keep falling for the lie
        and we tell ourselves
        “this time it will be different”
        good God
        are we ever our own worst enemies

        many many years ago
        the masses were controlled with whips and chains

        now they use propaganda and the MSM
        but the control is just as effective

        in 2012 if we can just get rid of that socialist Obama
        we’ll have a chance
        thats what we’re telling ourselves
        in 2016
        we’ll be saying
        if we can just get rid of Romney
        we’ll have a chance

        sheep just never learn
        its off to the slaughterhouse

        • Very well said.

        • Yes sir…As they say..Fascists and Marxists are no more different from each other than the Bloods are different from the Crips. They are just two competing groups that want to rob you.

          • So why do so many still vote, its truely insane. But Anarchists (people who would like to see everyone be responsible for themselves (no it doesnt disclude compassion and love for others) are considered “extremeists”??

            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
            – Albert Einstein

        • Exactly right. They’re globalists. I call them globs.

      14. Mac, I have to disagree that it’s totally hopeless. Well nigh impossible to right this ship, yes. It will require significant restructuring, with resulting pain. Government will have to use the NO word, resulting in more pain. But it can be done. We can change the course of this country.

        • Peter,
          I respectfully disagree. “Government” is controlled by the elite who want this to occur. They will not change course until their plan is fully executed. The only possible change in course would be if the PTP were forcibly removed.. permanently.

        • Who are going to tell no? Social Security recipients? Military retires? Who? Any savings youthink you might realize from saying no will be offset by the necessity to increase spending on security services and prisons to deal with the certain violence that will erupt.

          • The entitlement bums dude. Not the ones who are supposed to get it,( and don’t ). Speaking of “getting it” you may want to try it sometime. You just might surprise yourself.

          • Foreign aid, Welfare for illegals, hell welfare in general,congressional salaries,government perks( they ride around in limo’s and party hard at our expense). Won’t do it all, but it’s a good start.

        • I’m on your side parker. Back in the middle of 2006 I woke to the reality I had over $50K in unsecured debt, plus paying on a $8k used car and a first and second mortgage totaling $85K. I lost my job and had to settle for a job that paid about 35% less than what I was making.

          I went to a reputable credit counseling outfit. They told me I was better off filing for bankruptcy. Being a new believer, I wanted to honor my debts. They arranged a payment plan for me and it was tough, but affordable.

          Then to add insult to in jury, they cut all OT. I was now making just enough to pay the bills and nothing for food or gas to get to work. I couldn’t afford to tithe but I made an oath to give 3.33% the first year, 6.67% the second year and finally 10% the third year.

          To make an already long story short. Yeah it was tough. Yes it hurt. I had to give up a lot of things and sell what I look back on now as useless possessions. The original plan was to payoff the debt in 5 years. I paid off the unsecured debt, the second mortgage and the car in just over three years. AND I was out of work all of 2009.

          I am virtually debt free today. I have one credit card just because you need one every once in great while. I got a newer used car, thats paid for, the second mortgage is paid off and I have renters (job moved me out of state)that pay enough to pay the mortgage, taxes insurance and put some extra toward the principal. God willing, the house will be paid for in five years.

          The moral to the story, its not too late, it can be done, but the only way its going to change is if some hard choices and sacrifices are made. And most of those choices aren’t going sit well with “certain” people. So one way or another, its going to be ugly.

          • arco – great job man!

          • totally agree with you arco…same thing i experienced and it hurt something fierce for about four years…but it can be done, it has been done. you are right on about certain people not liking and resisting the bitter pills they are gonna have to swallow and they are gonna be nasty and ugly about it…they will make themselves the victims and put their hands out for anything shiny that comes their way to make them feel better about themselves and their situations. thank God i saw the light when i did, donned my tinfoil hat, and started my journey of self sustained and self reliant living.

          • We need 535 people just like you in the Congress. That would be our only hope of fixing this mess and preventing it ever happening again.

        • Do you really, truely believe, deep down, that you can change what is the controled detruction of America by “voting”? The people who are behind this have been quite clear about thier motivations for decades. Do you really think they are going to allow thier agenda to be stopped by an “elction process” that they control?

          The people who have wormed thier way into power are hardened marxists, in thier minds, they are revolutionaries. They may allow you to rubber-stamp one of thier choices of figurehead, but thier agenda will continue.

          Old belief systems die hard, and the belief in “fair elections” is one of those myths that won’t die. It will not matter who you “vote” for, the fix is in. I was told by a fed, 20 years ago, that America had been infiltrated, and usurped. All you see today are the final powergrabs. This is the generation that will watch America fall, because they sat around too long doing nothing to stop it.

          “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

          “The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.
          There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the
          International bankers.” — Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa)

        • it’s so easy to talk about accepting the ‘pain’ when you’re not the one expecting to receive most of it…

        • It’s too late, spidey. The Fed has been monetizing the debt since 2009. The Fed prints whatever dollars the government can’t borrow at artificially low interest rates. Panic selling of the dollar and hyperinflation could start at any time.

      15. Oh what a load if you listen to G. Selente the world would have crashed last Oct. for sure. And how many times will the world end or each time something happens its all over folks pack it up! The election just might save this country! Lets give a positive outlook a little more of a chance, I’m not saying don’t prep! just don’t freak out about an election! It might be the best thing thats happened in four years. It could be what stops the End of the World as we know it. I think to many people want things to crash so they can barter all the crap they store up. Just what makes you so sure M.R and P.R. can’t turn things around oohhh I forgot, you can see the future.

        • Are you this damn naive??
          The Scytl company in Spain is counting the vote…after counted by jurisdiction, there is not ONE piece of paperwork to document your vote.
          How LOUD and VULGAR can this rape of our rights get??

      16. Historians will write about this era for centuries to come just as they do Rome thats the last line in the article I’m still laughing! Do you think anyone is gonna care or write about this tiny unimportant section of history for more than ten minutes. Do you think anyone in the future will give a crap about what the USA does with its fiscal policy in 2013 hahahahaha What a story. Marc tell me you didn’t write this!

      17. I hope that all my prepping is going to be worth it. I cannot afford a retreat and I worry about the following scenarios:

        1. Foreign troop deployment; sweeping through neighborhoods
        2. Mass bioweapon release.
        3. Roving gangs sweeping through neighborhoods.
        4. Tactical or mass nuclear release.

        Maybe we all can move into the Colorado Airport bunkers.

        • I’ll vote for #3 as mostly likely. And if you count the UN, DHS, and FEMA as foreign armies then plan for #1 as well. #2 is most likely to occur in confined spaces such as subway stations. #4 is more likely to be a dirty bomb rather than a state-vs-state nuclear exchange. Dirty bomb likely only in one of the top 3 urban centers: nyc, la, chicago…so don’t be in those places and you don’t have to plan for it (which also takes care of #2). Given finite resources to dedicate to prepping, I’d suggest planning for only your most-likely scenarios based on your location. Play the odds, not the personal fears.

        • Those bunkers aren’t for you.You just paid for them.

      18. If you think any of the feds can fix this, no matter who it is, then you have been eating way to many mushrooms. The way I see it, we scrap it all and start all over and that will change fix it. But (here comes the red thumbs) we have to get back with GOD, YES GOD, when we turned our backs on him it when down hill in a hurry. The events that are happening now are warnings to get back to him. If we don’t, then truly may GOD have mercy on us. We have not seen anything yet as to what will come our way. Do not be afraid to read the last book of the bible, because we are living in it, RIGHT NOW. It’s all there. We have but two choices vote and elect who ever, or get back to GOD and with his help we can start over and have a great nation once again, the choice is ours to make. I know him and am prepared to meet him, because all this stuff here on earth means nothing, only for the short time we are here. After we draw our last breath, thats when it matters. We all had nothing when we came into this world and we all will have nothing when we leave, but what is on our hearts our souls if you will, and that will be for ever. I am ready to face what comes with an open mind and the will to be free to the end. Thats just me.

      19. I have come to the realization as well and as a spectator that the end game is a complete global economic collapse. Regardless of whether it’s Romney or Obama. This has been in the works since before the 1960’s with Saul Alinsky wanting to overload the system.

        Both parties are to blame but I do place more blame on the Democrats. Entitlements and pensions along with gov’t unions have crippled this country.

        Last night, Paul Ryan who’s an advocate for massive Medicare change promised to provide medicare for his parents, his kids and grand kids. We need to quit breast feeding off the federal gov’t.

        • Blame the American people. They are the ones that kept sending the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Hatch, Dodd, Leahy, Specter ad nauseum back to office decade after decade. The people are getting just what they voted for(free shit)and will soon be getting just what they deserve(plain old shit).

          • What part of rigged aren’t you getting? No one voted these people in.

        add http://

        Packaging tape over a child’s finger giving the fraud the speech?

      21. peter parker, did you just say “yes we can”?…

      22. Burt, DPS, and Heretic: All 3 of you are spot on. I can still remember George Wallace, Governor of Alabama, saying during the 1968 campaign, There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. Almost NO ONE was paying attention back then. Man, how times have changed!

      23. Peter Parker: The only way to save America is with a 2nd civil war, revolution, etc. The old political process is just not feasible; there’s no way TPTB are going away voluntarily. SHTF ABSOLUTELY HAS TO HAPPEN; we need to do more than just clean house and take out the trash. WE HAVE TO REBUILD THE HOUSE FROM THE GROUND UP WITH A NEW FOUNDATION! Only then can we have the kind of nation God intended for us to have. Nothing else will work.

        • Its worked for other countries..history (and recent history) shows this
          there is a long list of such (sorry just cant find it now, but its searchable)

        • Not many people are willing to admit this quite yet, but I believe you are correct. iii%

      24. Now its going to happen in the next Administration…..what happened to its gonna happen in the fall? So sometime in the next four years its gonna happen and then it will another timeline!!!
        Am I the only one who sees this continuing pattern that started with the bush administration….we were supposed to have martial law and the elections suspended and be stuck with king george back in 2007 !!!!
        I’m done with the DOOM CLUB

        • @ RICH99. Time frames sometimes don’t manifest themselves, but many eventually do. The country cannot continue on like this, there is a ceiling to everything. I personally feel that a true disaster is what is going to collapse the economy. What that might be is anyone’s guess. Forget about wars, ecomonic catastrophes, or other manmade anything. Don’t you feel that something natural from Mother Nature can do in the country or planet?

          Super volcanoes have blown in the past. EMP’s from the sun have happened recently. Mega earthquakes in the wrong place have happened before as the 1755 Portugal mega quake was said to be what ended the Portugal empire. Droughts and climatic change have completely altered civilizations. Agricultural blights have killed millions. Pandemics are frightening as hell and can wipe out species quickly. The list goes on and on. Don’t you feel that any of these are possible and if anything highly likely because of the extreme population in some areas for a plague to start for example.

          Why not talk about prepping. Would it hurt you to ask some questions about preparation or discuss your own, instead of telling everyone how crazy they are?

        • buh-bye!!!

        • Rich,

          “I’m done with the DOOM CLUB”

          Does that mean you are leaving? Cuz if I see you come back, I will call you out on it.

          • If you’re interested in the timing…look to history. See “The Fourth Turning” by Strauss & Howe for an excellent study of historical and generational cycles.

        • RICH99,

          Had a feeling we would see you posting on this topic. But let me ask you this, If you don’t believe something bad is coming then why do you prepp?????????
          I agree timelines are never spot on, but damn to much shyt is hitting the fan as I type, take a drive around your town and I mean all of your town or city and you tell me everything is ok..


        • @RICH99….

          In the words of Curly Bill….


        • You were supposed to buy me a beer.

        • Rich Just Shut the Hell Up. We like talking about it. You don’t Go away.

      25. Gosh, what do we believe anymore? There are a million articles about the collapse of the economy and we’re all still here. Last year,same thing. I am not trying to offend anyone or get red thumbed but is the damned thing going to collapse or not? I guess I’m getting prepper burn-out or something. I keep relaying info to people that I am trying to awaken, and I keep getting made a fool out of by nothing happening.
        I know that no one knows when it will happen but is anyone else a little tired of the Chicken Little stories?

        • Hi

          I know what you mean. If it’s not peak oil, it’s climate change, economic collapse, coronal mass ejections, WW3 etc etc.
          It’s really quite depressing, and in many ways sites like these only emphasis the negative aspects of the world we live in. We almost get sucked into a negative way of thinking about the world. I don’t think it’s particularly healthy.

          That said they are all good reasons why we should be worried. It’s best to try not to either become overly cynical of this type of news (easily done..) nor over react and worry incessantly about it.

          To the best of my knowledge we are only on this Earth once, so I prepare for the worst while saving a lot of my time and energy enjoying the time/life I have left. There is a happy balance to be struck. Sometimes it can be hard to find.

          • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!!!

        • I know what you are saying. It is prepper burnout, I get the same feelings. Just remember to make it a lifestyle change, not something to do to survive a catastrophe. Stay strong my friend. I dont believe they can keep this sinking ship floating forever. We have two options. Either default on our loans, the dollar collapses, we are screwed. Or we raise taxes and cut everything, the entitlement crowd riots and all heck breaks loose. It is a lifestyle change and I enjoy my little farm and trying to be as selfsufficient as possible

          • “lifestyle change”
            that says it all

            well said

            • absolutely a lifestyle change..and it does not have to be as difficult as some people make it sound. accept it. do it. survive.

        • it all depends on what your definition of “collapse” is

          personally speaking
          I doubt we will have a major collapse
          unless there is some sort of black swan type event
          eg solar flare,EMP etc

          I am more a believer in what Kunstler calls THE LONG EMERGENCY
          check out the book by that name

          • @Satori….

            Well….Rome did not collapse overnight. But collapse, it did.

            The result……The Dark Ages.

            It may not be the end of the world (i.e. the world will go on), but for those affected by it, it just might be the end of the world as they know it.

            • The Roman Empire didn’t collapse, it moved to Byzantium and converted to Christianity.

              The result……The Dark Ages.

            • The Roman Empire converted to Christianity in the 300s under Constantine…the so-called “fall” of just the Western portion is generally regarded as happening in the 500s. The Empire was in the Levant for centuries so it didn’t “move” there although the seat of empire moved to Constantinople, where it eventually became known as the Byzantine empire and was probably more Greek than Roman. It flourished for centuries as a beacon of civilization and learning and collapsed finally in 1453 under the Ottoman onslaught. Dark ages is really a misnomer…life was pretty sweet if you were in the powerful Germanic tribes, and even better after they were Christianized, which helped assuage some of the more barbaric cruelties. And Roman culture, language, arts and religion were definitely very much alive and vibrant. of course even great rulers like Charlemagne were illiterate, but, oh well.

        • in the end chicken little was right……
          the only way we will fix this little economic problem we are all in is for the system to totally reset… that means that the value of currency goes to zero and all credit and debts are wiped clean…. that means that everyone everywhere will have to accept that they are all equally broke and then base the rising currency and economy on a solid substance entity, the ones like the soro’s and the rockerfellers, gates, well you get the point they too will have to all go to zero and the banks and bankers well they will be of no use at that point, so in theory it is a sound concept but in reality it wont happen or is it all ready happening? devaluing the currency and dumping stocks and bonds for a more solid substance like gold….. the buying of the gold and dumping of the dollars and stocks even in their own companies its not a sign of an impending doom on wall street its the tale tale signs that they are preparing for the dumping of the debt and current economy as it is and the new world orders currency exchange in which they will still be the primary monetary holders because they grabbed all the gold before it happened…… wake up america we are all screwed

          this sux

          • 2 problems I see with a vision of a ‘reset’ fixing our financial problems—

            1) If the value of currency goes to zero, all credit and debts WILL NOT BE wiped clean. WE will Still be required to pay what we owe THEM…OUR debts will not be forgiven because the dollar is worthless.

            2) The Elite will still have assets beyond our imaginings. Yes, they will still be the primary monetary holders because they grabbed all the gold before it happened.

            We need to find something else to hope for…

        • Stay encouraged. We need you!

        • The parasites did’nt destroy Rome in a day, but they did destroy it. And they will destroy Western Civilization, death by a thousand cuts, just like Rome.

          This crash trajectory has been in the making for decades. It is very likely that there will not be a big boom crash, more like a rather quiet bump, which they grid to a halt. The parasites want a crash they can control, which will make the masses easier to manage. It will continue in small waves, like yesterday’s article about Wall Street being happy because some more big American businesses are going offshore, which will increase profits; but, just brought a SHTF to the former workers of those businesses.

          Don’t try to predict crash dates, just brace yourself, because it may come to you, or someone you know, before it goes big.

          • Well said…

            The decline of Rome occurred over decades. Some…like those today suffering from normalcy bias…hardly noticed.

            But then….one day….they had barbarians at the gates….and then Rome was sacked. Even then, the collapse was not totally and complete. But again I say…the end game was The Dark Ages.

            It is almost certain that not everyone will be affected immediately and to the same degree. But eventually, this WILL touch everyone….even those who are actively participating in the collapse. Many of them think that they will be unreachable. I assure you they are not. And there will be a reckoning….just as there was a reckoning with Mussolini, Hitler, Ceaușescu (the Romanian dictator executed in 1989). These elites ultimately be overthrown and dealt with. And THAT will be a great day.

        • brw,

          I admit I get it to, lost some old friends over this new life style. I get so damn burnt out I wanna scream. But instead I go out and work in the garden or go hunting (pigs are always in season) Just take some time to enjoy your life, hell pitch a tent in the back yard and sit by the camp fire, and open up some of that booze that we all have stock piled remember you can always look forword to tomorrows hang over..


          • well said dps, sometimes you just need a little break. Have a drink, watch a football game, and veg out. Spend some time with friends and family and forget about prepping for a few days

        • Too many negatives waves……….woof, woof!

      26. The problem is PAIN, with PAIN there will be No Gain (reelection) So we will have No PAIN hence No Gain. We here all know that without sound currency, central banking and elimination of the FED we are screwed. The banksters and politicians will not do what’s right for the country only what is right for them. HA

      27. Peter Schiff doesn’t say how bad the collapse will really be. The mainstream media would treat him like a lunatic if he did.

        I don’t know that we’ll make it into the next presidential administration. There’s enough talk out there about Obama’s people triggering an economic collapse that will allow him to declare martial law and cancel the elections. How could they do it? Just have Ben Bernanke say the Fed will create money until the economy comes back. That’s all it would take for panic selling of the dollar to start.

      28. With all due respect I have to disagree with some of the comments on this blog. We are like a speeding bullet heading towards its target, and there is no way to stop it. And the Democratic and Republican parties are not to blame. The American people are. We the American people have sat on our asses ever since the end of WWII and let this government do whatever it wanted to do while we lived in an illusion.
        The congressmen and senators who are supposed to represent us have been bought and paid for like so many sheep. They have passed all these laws that have stripped the American people of their God given rights. They do whatever the criminal bankers tell them to do, because if they don’t they will be committing political suicide.
        When the financial collapse comes, we must remember this. The same criminal bankers who perpetrated this collapse in the first place will still be in charge, and they will offer a solution to this collapse. A new government will emerge unlike anything we have ever seen. We as Americans have lost our moral compass and are headed in the wrong direction. We have become as the pagan Romans were in their day. And we all know what happened to them. The same God who gave us our God given rights is going to let these demonic, criminal bankers play havoc with our lives for punishment for turning our backs on God and His laws.
        All one has to do to see what God has done to countries and nations and peoples who have violated his laws is to read a history book or the Bible. When people know what clothes Kim Kardashian wore for the past week and don’t know the fifth commandment, I say we are all in deep trouble. Yeah we will get through this alright, but when we come out on the other side we will see a very different country. The experts keep telling us that this collapse is financial, but it is not, it is a moral collapse, and the financial aspect of it is just God’s way of punishing us. God has been taken out of the equation. Keep the illusion going folks it’s all you got.

        • YankeeDoodle,

          Well said, humanity is in short supply all across the world. This country is becoming like a hungry dog fight; ripping at each other with meanness, selfishness, anger, viciousness. It is getting harder to stay grounded when so many are out for themselves, with very little thought of what their actions and words are doing to the children that look up to us. Sad is an appropriate word for what we are turning into. This life is so short and the older one gets, the more precious it should be. This is not what God had in mind when he created our beautiful world and gave man his life. I pray for the people, the animals, mother nature, and the world.

          • That’s what we need to do is get down right blood spitting mad. Thin the Herd. Clean up the leaders. And if god was so worried about what he placed on this earth he better get his ass down here. But if he doesn’t its up to us to do it. And candy thought and strawberry fields are not going to do it. It will be dirty choices that will eat you alive that you have to make. In the end it will be a better place for our children. It has been written off for us.

        • This is not the judgement of god, this is nothing but the greed of man.

          • Agreed. No judgement from God just yet. He’s just letting us reap what we have sown. He still has his hand on the people that love him and show that love thru their compassion for other christians. Not the fake,holier than thou,go to a church building every Sunday but backstab all week, type christians.

            While a nation of basically good people were consumed with all their new inventions and the industrial age and the “stuff/toys/vehicles” that came with it; TPTB were sleazily making their moves to sell America to the Banksters via the Federal Reserve. When the liberal elites began putting more trust into information coming out of the Brookings Institute, than the Bible; our spiral,as a free country, down the slippery shit hole began. We are now so deep, the only way back out is for Christ to return and clean up all the mess.

            No politician will get it done. Not even a Mormon. The core belief of the Mormon religion is that when you pass from this life, you will inherit your own universe where you will then be god over it. How sick is that?

        • No, you shouldn’t blame the victim. It’s not my fault. I wasn’t the one making promises for more and more free stuff. Or voting for people who made those kinds of promises. There’s at least a slight majority of people who saw it happening and weren’t happy with it. Then after awhile we had no real choices with who to vote for. It became a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils.

        • Yankee Doodle, you left out the part where the American people were decieved by the Elite for so long. It’s not totally our fault. The printing presses were bought up and shut up for at least forty years and we had no way of knowing what these demons were up to. Remember the speech by Rockefeller telling the press thank you for not reporting on their meetings (Bildeberg) where they designed and discussed our demise for those forty years? Deception is the devil’s main tool.

          But I can’t argue with the rest of what you said. It is a matter of morality that got us here. Taking prayer out of the schools was one of the most destructive things, to our youth, they could have done. Allowing them to teach Evolution was another. Monkey didn’t create Man. God did.

          Seperating church and state didn’t mean leaving God out of our country, just that extreme religion should not play a part of any government. What happened, instead, was we seperated the state from God. Or THEY did.

      29. Thank goodness for alternative media, it gives us balance, the main stream media cannot be trusted. I have tried to warn my friends about the economic collapse, some have taken note but many suffer from normalcy bias.

        I have done an animated cartoon to help promote the alternative media, and not to blindly believe the main stream media.

        • You do awesome work 🙂

      30. Burt,

        Thanks we are fine here.

        Might cross the pond next year if all permits and would be delighted to get together for a spot of tea.

        Till then, keep smiling.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          That sounds like a splendid idea, let me know when.

          Take care

      31. BREAKING NEWS: They’re looting in New Orleans. No worries though, it’s a cultural thing!

        • Did anyone expect any different

        • Right on surprise to me

        • I hate to tell ya’ll this but they loot in New Orleans when there aren’t storms. Just sayin. BTH the honorable Moyor Ray Nagin ( Mr. chocolate city himself ) went before the grand jury last week. Just sayin again.

          • BTW

        • Loot it up Shoot it up…& BURN it DOWN!!

          aka= Monky See…Monky DO!

          • Dem hampsters sho’ gone crazy!

      32. John Maudlin, certainly able to stand toe to toe with Schiff IMO says the US can make it to 2017, but at that point will be in as bad as shape as Greece; so I’m not concerned that the US hits a brick wall in 2013.

        But I do think Europe hits a brick wall in 2013 and thats just going to cause a global depression, hopefully the US takes that opportunity to right itself rather than heading off to look for it’s own brick wall.

          • Barn cat: This link is total bullshit and fear mongering. Ok, Moore is out on a limb with his “sources”. Hagman is also out on a limb now and sawing it off.

            Lets see what happens. Nothing will.

            When this bullshit doesn’t happen; when the elections are NOT suspended; when Russian, UN, and Chinese troops do not magically appear to take over America will some of you get a mind of your own? Please.

            Many of you are paranoid, others sichoid.

            NEIN has a connection to a”Laura Mansfield” which is a “nom de plume” for an “insider” writing a lot of this propaganda, claiming previously for example, that Ok City was an Islamic terrorist plot, trying to justify the wars of phony crony capitalism.

            WE all know better now, understanding that McVay was a stooge for others and the evidence that I have seen posted on the web suggests CIA/Dual Citizens looking to set up Americans for martial law and dictatorship; much like 911.

            I am in right now, and have been in a perfect position for several months to monitor east/ west train traffic and I have not seen a SINGLE military train or even any military equipment being transferred either way.

            This report is BULLSHIT. Do some research and quit believing everything ALT Media says. Every Alt Media site is trying to profit from YOUR fear, insecurity, and paranoia.

            Try this link for an independent view:


          • Good resource BC, thanks!

      33. I believe that we are in a period of time that we as a country will never forget or recover from. We are on our own wether we like it or not. I will not rely on nor have I ever relied on this sorry excuse for what we call a government. Our forfathers are turning in their graves. We deserve better.Turn now, to the one who will save you. GOD.

      34. The two party system is just like a loaded yes or no ONLY question such as; “Are you still torturing your wife or husband (girlfriend or boyfriend), or your children?”. If you answer YES then you are screwed, if you answer NO then at one time you were and you are screwed. There has to be THIRD alternative answer like, I NEVER HAVE. This is exactly what is happening with the two parties, you are screwed if you choose one pile or the other pile. People continue to be TRAPPED into this loaded system not breaking loose from the conformity of two parties.

        Yes, there is someone else to vote for; Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, someone other than B.O.(stink big time) and M.R. (mega rich elitist f everyone benenth).

        • Be informed: Up date , family in ILL. said USGS have hooked up to the steel rods two times this week. Like you said about the critters, ant are acting crazy, moles on top of the ground, wild ones are on the move, and the dogs around the house are no more than 2 feet away most act like ticks to you. Something is up big time on the NEW MADRID I think.

          • @ copperhead. As you can see the 6.6-7.8 earthquake forecast came true with a 7.6 in the Philippines only about 400 miles away from one of the locations given, New Guinea. No matter what anyone tells you, the New Madrid right now is under a much increased stress level. Whether this is enough to cause it to break is a another story, but it is under stress and a lot of it. This prediction of yesterday proves that the teory has some correctness to it, dead on correct. Please keep us advised about what is going on with New Madrid fault area, as something is coming to it possibly in the future.

            • Copperhead, last night we saw a river of birds…thousands and thousands…the river was unbroken and stretching from one horizon the the other in a never-ending stream, packed with black birds 200 or 300 wide, flowing from the west to the east. It was incredible and I have never seen anything like it in my life. This is at the upper end of the New Madrid, so your comment on the animals struck me.

            • @ Mama Bear. Birds are very intuned to sensitive sounds and movements. Can remember back in california a few days before an earthquake the pigeons went nuts. Watch for ground dwelling animals; gophers, worms, ants, etc. anyone that lives underground, they are going to sense things first. Also look for sudden drops in well water as this happened before the 1812 New Madrid earthquake. Watch the Caribbean plate, Cocos plate, and the Mid Atlatic Ridge for a sudden spike in activity as these places indicate much more stress on the New Madrid. Oh yeah, look for what is called earthquake lights, as the tension for the crystalline rock grinds together. Many people have mistaken these earthquake lights for UFO’s.

        • We are awake, but are we? How can we say we are awake fully, when we still fight over the petty? We are awake but we are groggy with sleep still in our eyes. We let them do this to us, we let them seperate us.
          WE WANT CHANGE. but we do nothing to get it.
          We WANT FREEDOMS. but we sit by and watch them get raped.
          We don’t you say? Really? What are we doing to stop them from taking the freedoms?
          Buying ammo is not saving your freedom. It will not protect your freedom because if it did…. NDAA would never of been signed, the patriot act would never of been signed. There would be no worries about the intellistreet lamp posts, there would be no military transport trains transporting tanks, and other military equipment in such MASS loads across the US, We wouldn’t be worried about Martial Law, Police would not be allowed to run around beating people pepperspraying innocent kids protesting exersising their freedoms or well as we seen LACK THERE OF, there would be no stop and frisk like they have in new york, there would be no stop and show me your papers in arizona.
          We are lettign them fuck us and then complaining about it, MAYBE we need to stop pulling our pants down and bending over for them.
          More and more we let them, more and more they will do. We see them doing these things they say you “see somethign say somethign”, WELL WE SEE SOMETHING WHY THE FUCK ARE WE NOT DOING SOMETHING? ( as in we see them breaking our freedoms beating our kids herding us like animals and yet we sit idle. )prepping for surviving is part of it, ONLY PART, it is actualy the small easy part.
          Do I got to post the tank man video again ? THAT IS THE HARD PART.
          They will take from us everything. We are letting them. Hell it is capitalism at its best. They are capitializing on our inabilities to unite and become ONE voice.

          He who stands for his freedoms is willing to fight for his freedoms and if need be die for his freedoms ( using his as general this goes for you ladies too 🙂 will have me and mine with them fighting, they will NOT be alone. This is a vow an oath we MUST uphold ourselves. Unlike those who swore thier oaths and DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!

      35. You know what kills me? Everyone talks about cutting “big government” spending by cutting social security and medicaid—what they SHOULD BE cutting is the alphabet soup: TSA, DHS, The FED, etc…that’s how we need to do our cuts, get rid of the crap we never needed to start with.

        • Cut congress and senate pay, make them pay for health insurance, retirement, social security

          • If I could give you 1000 thumbs up I would!!!

        • What you are describing is exactly what Romney is proposing.

      36. There is no paying the debts off. No one is talking about ending the Fed or ending the empire building or repealing the legal tender laws. Extend and pretend. Those debts don’t belong to the people. Let the corp gov default on it’s own debt.Address the above issues and reset already.Painful but it is the only way.

        • “Those debts don’t belong to the people. ”

          This is not the first time when this exact statement was made. There’s history here! What you are talking about is called “odious debt”:

          History happens in cycles.

          • That link defines it EXACTLY. Thanks Dboy







        • Long weekend ahead – empty your bank accounts!!!

          • Daisy,

            May be more to this long weekend then we think, Tomorrow will be a very interesting day for the markets with uncle benny in jackson hole. I guess time will tell.


        • PREPCON LEVEL 2 …

          Have you cleaned your weapons lately ???

          I suggest All SHTFPLAN CLUBHOUSE PREPPER PEEPLES – COMPLETE A gun rifle WEAPONS checks . Get em’ all out clean em’ oil em’ cycle a few rounds through em’ … make sure their ready for action !!!


          PREPCON 2 FAST PACE Next step to UN NWO ZOG MARTIAL LAW CodeRed


          PREPARE .


          • I thought you were all ready at level one.

            • And you are back to speaking a way none of us can understand. And humans fear what they dont understand

            • @FACEBOOK PAGE ;0p pssszzt

            • @FACEBOOK PAGE … PREPCON Level 1 One is there are UN NWO ZOG FEDGOV DHS GESTAPO STORM TROOPER boots on the ground , setting up armored roadblocks checkpoints weapons confiscation turn-in points , their going house to house seizing red flagged designated dangerous citizens veterans and taking all guns ammo weapons , and there’s some BIG FAT STEROID JACKED GAY LESBO DYKE WEARING ALL BLACK DHS RIOT ARMOR DHS PUNK BWIATCH TRAITOR DRIVING IT’S KNEE INTO THE SMALL OF YOUR BACK AS YOU LIE CRYING BLEEDING OUT YOUR CRUSHED FACE ON THE CONCRETE DRIVE OF YOUR HOME SCREAMING AT YOU ” DON’T RESIST ! WHACK ! QUIT RESISTING ! WHACK ! SHOW ME YOUR HANDS ! WHACK ! STOP RESISTING ! WHACK !



              That is PREPCON LEVEL 1 @FACEBOOK PAGE !!!



            • No you stated a little time back you were at level.1:! What i fear the most is you are rright. But its so hard to understand you its hard to tell

          • From your definition, there is no PREPCON LEVEL 1. Once the “boots are on the ground” it’s too late “prep.”

            • CRAP !!! ;0( Thank You for correcting me @US ;0)

              @Unreconstructed Southron your Very Correct … I just checked the DEFCON GRAPH .

              I goofed up … wrote it on the fly … apologies Preppers .

              Should I change it or leave it as is ???

              I’ll let you all decide > change it ??? THUMBS UP or leave it as is ??? THUMBS DOWN .


          • Theoretically it could be stopped; but those in control would never allow the solution to be implemented.

            Yahweh is the creator.

            Apollyon is the destroyer.

            Hunker down.

      38. “Historians will write about this era for centuries to come, just as they write of Rome today.”

        They’ll write about how stupid some of the people were when they said things like “Diversity is one of our strengths.” People who still believe the US is the best country on the planet are deluding themselves. I love my country and I want to right the wrongs, but I am also realistic in that once you allow a central bank to run the show, it is NO different than the other nations on the planet.

        The generations today have no concept of monetary freedom compared to those who lived before the Fed was chartered. They believe the central bank and the income tax are necessities, when in reality they are both instruments of slavery.

          • WOW, can’t believe that came out of Hollyweird….

            Thanks for sharing!!!

          • Bravo JJ, that truly put things into perspective,thank you for sharing…..truth and reality can be hard pills swallow. If anyone has ever played or even heard of the game of Go ” Tsuru no Sugomori” is the end game, translated it means “The confinement of the cranes to the nest”. That is precisely the position we have been maneuvered into, at this stage the only feasible option is a Renaissance.

        • Folks are finally realizing Why the bankster types And Their Ancestors has been Booted Out from 109 nations since aprox. 245 AD era. Total Nation/Culture Wreckers!

          Hows about to pay off the massive debt we(after we take back america etc!) tell them Banksters-Duel citizens-Ziotribers et al, they get 24 Hrs and not one second longer, to pak ONE small suitcase and Get the Hell OUT!

          Or Else!!!!!….Then confiscate every damn piece of money gold property and all other items of real worth, auction it all off, and distribute that massive cash Back to all the Tax payers of america whos paid all these ponzi schemes or scams etc all along.

          And everyone who got welfare as a lifestyle?..Dont get one thin Dime of it as they got theirs all their rotton lives.

          PS: Include all corupt MSM/Polititions/Judges etc in the Eviction from america.

      39. I can’t figure out why someone would desire to be the skipper of a ship that is sinking and has no hope of staying afloat. If I were Obama and I won I would faint illness before January and pass the torch to Joe Biden. I would then go home and watch the news for the next year or so and get a hardy laugh every time Joe addressed the media.

        If I were Romney I would have picked a VP like James Stockdale to ensure I had no chance of winning.

      40. So who am I going to believe, all you folks or this “learned” lecturer:

        TCU Extended Education

        Thursday, August 30, 2012 7:46 PM

        The Truth About the Debt and the Deficit

        Few economic concepts are more poorly understood by the lay public and politicians than the national debt and the deficit. While bloggers and pundits claim that we are entering an age of economic stagnation and enslavement to China, the truth of the matter is that the US can never be forced to default on its debt and deficits actually create private sector wealth. The idea that the federal budget must eventually be balanced is a myth designed to curb political power, but it has no basis in economics. We should not allow it to prevent us from doing what is necessary to maintain economic growth.

        Number of Seat(s) Available: There are 33 openings remaining at this time.
        Code: 12FFFLS1
        Dates: September 12, 2012
        Meets: W from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
        Hours: 1.50
        Instructor: John Harvey
        Fee: $10.00

        • @Larry1356…

          Sounds like it’s going to be a bunch of babbling by another one of the educated morons we have running around.

          I’d love to see this guy debate Peter Schiff. Schiff would rip him apart.

      41. HE IS COMING

        • WHO’S COMING ???

          IS IT THE ICE CREAM MAN ???


          MUMMY Can I have a Dolla pwlease so I can have a ice cream ???


          ;0p pssszzt





          • Nina

            That’s why Radical Islam is difficult to beat…there is no fear of death, quite the reverse, there is glory in death, there is great reward in death.

            A British solider I spoke with, one with no legs and one arm (courtesy if an IED) that was in one of the hospitals I work at believed this is why we (the allies) will never win in Afghanistan or anywhere else radical Islam is encountered.

            He said:

            “They seek glory and their heavenly rewards and die with pleasure. To them is really is something holy, Jihad, holy war. You can’t beat an enemy who is more afraid to live without the blessing of Allah than to die for him”

            The words of a 19 year old British soldier 36 hours before he died of a pulmonary embolism caused by his wounds. RIP Private ********

            Take care

            • Right on Burt! The brave soldier did not die in vain. Many of us patriots know he was there with thoughts of being a warrior for his country’s safety and freedom. May God rest his soul and allow peace to his family.

              I might add this about the mindset of the radical Islamists. They have grown up with this religion pumped into their every breath since they were babes. The problem is that it is not from God. Any religion without Jesus Christ at the center, is a fake one. Just to mention Jesus and that he was a man won’t get it done.
              Sad to say, but many religions are like this. To kill another Human being because they aren’t of your mindset of religion isn’t a religion from the Heavenly Father. It is a religion from an evil god.

            • When there are none left. That’s when we win.

            • Just like with the Japs in WW II. We have to get over our initial horror and roll up our sleeves and give them what they want. I can’t think of any culture that employed suicide tactics that eventually prevailed. They eventually run out of true believers and recruits start asking “If marterdym is so great, why haven’t you done it?”

      42. Wow what a great group, so many of you out there have allot of great advice and are prepping well, It is It is interesting and horrifying the way things are going…

        In 2007 I re-read 1984, it chilled me to the bone to realize it had come to pass..

        Since then, even on the lame stream propaganda spew
        I hear Orwell mentioned nearly daily now

        Did you notice on the Schiff video how the news regurgitator admitted you can not win an election by telling the truth!

        Like we didnt already know that…

        So the Ruskis are pullin out

        ObOmney gets the nomination

        TSA fondles Ronny

        the English speaking Supreme court still needs to INTERPRET the constitution. (was written in English not ingrish last i read it.) in my opinion, if one feels that they need to interpret the US constitution, they should go back to first grade and learn English first

        or maybe they mean translate it, maybe they are translating from the communist manifesto… and then the need to interpret it so they can figure out how to BS the sheeple into believing their BS

        Well the Garden is the craps this year, fruits are doing good, veggies are extremely sparse, must be government warming effecting the BEES and stuff

        I noticed today, just a note of how far the Prepping has reached.. WINCO FOODS is carying the 72HR store-able food packs and Walmart is selling long term storage food as well

        if they are stocking it, that means its selling, that means people are getting the clue

        thanks to you Mac and all the others here and there and everywhere speaking out and exercising their first amendment. Remember, the only reason we still have the first amendment, is the second amendment…

        the Watcher

        • Besides the marxist manifesto, the us supremes has several that admited in public forums or speeches that they also use the Talmude as an aid to interpret our us const.

          Talmude Is the Father of the kommie marxist manifetso.

      43. Paaaaa-leeeeze!

        Nothing in God’s Universe is cast in a mold which confers hopelessness to the resultant outcome. (Resultant outcome, that’s cool! Is that a double entendre? No.)

        Oh it’s crashing but wait! A rush to US Treasuries? Again? Or a rush to the stock market or real estate catches fire in time?

        Hope is more and better than a lottery ticket, it’s at least as good as a bankrupt slot on the Wheel of Fortune.

        We who live day to day will still be living day to day while those who hired themselves with our money to think about and instruct us how to live will be thinking WTF,

        Where’d the money go?

        It’s up my chicken’s ass and my egg will be deposited in the morning!

        My wife may be right! I should just go to sleep.

        (Manos, I miss your insight and jokes. Get with us, and us, let’s light up Manos’ life with our charity.)

        Tears, sleep, 2012…

      44. Clint Eastwood is my hero and GC is wearing me thin.

        • Do you feel lucky…?

      45. Well, if things get really bad, I’m just gonna go out in the middle of the street and shout “Yes we can” (or, more helpfully, “Yes, we have no bananas” until the government comes and saves me.

        Wait a darn minute? Isn’t the gov’t the one that got us INTO this mess????

      46. Good articles lately

      47. Mitt is a hell-of-a-lot better than Barack Obama. He is a Mormon, the original preppers, before it was in vogue. Why does he need money from “banksters”, he’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars while not holding office! You prep, and hope, and pray, all your efforts and money spent, isn’t in vain. You hope to one day say, “I told you so!” to those people who didn’t listen. Now, you write off the country in which you were raised, who’s roads you drive, which provides your jobs, and your lifestyle to a socialist.

        If you are truly patriots, then you wouldn’t vote for a socialist, or Ron Paul (a proxy vote for Obama). If you care about the future of this country, then you need to vote for Romney the mormon.

        If we have a collapse, do you think a socialist like Barack is just going to walk away? Do you want Barack to start us on the path to rebuilding, under the fascist handbook? Would you rather have Romney in office to starton this path? My vote is for the mormon, business owner, and a person who rewards work, not welfare, Mitt Romney.

        • AverageJoe….

          I’m just curious, but if a Democrat votes for Ron Paul instead of Obama, does that mean his vote is a proxy vote for Mitt Romney?

          Maybe you should consider not drinking the Republican Party Kool-aid.

        • magic underwear, yeah!!!!!

      48. OFF TOPIC from Steve Quayle site:

        Steve, I corresponded with you about a month or two ago in reference to survival issues. I’m writing you now after hearing you and Greg being on the Hagmann’s Show and Alex Jones. I must get to the point for I know that
        you are a very busy man. The Hour indeed does grow short.
        Everything is coming to a major head. I have been involved in covert/clandestine intelligence on the paranormal level. After being in the dark for some time
        in terms of contact with my command, I was informed by my closest friend and CO that our Team/Project has been effectively shut down permanently.
        Ours was a Divine mission and we have been disbanded by POTUS and his masters. Our Teams founder has been effectively placed under house arrest for charges that are unknown. Another has been deported. Another is MIA.
        Another has been discharged. All of us are Commissioned Officers. Men and Women of God and the Service. I have been out for a number of years, but I have been on the “consulting” side since 05′. I am a Marine Veteran and I know what we face. We dealt with the fight against the Darkness and we have lost, at least in the temporary. Now, it boils down to survival. I too am a
        Watchman. We know the man in power is an imposter. We fought the evils out there. My specialty was Temporal Investigations and gave accurate projections of the Fall of the Republic, Petrus Romanus, the Middle East,
        and other things that goes bump into the night. I have been scarred spiritually and have witnessed the horrors out there. The things we could talk about, but I digress. The point I am making is that you, Greg, and
        Doug and the others are right on the mark. I am racing as fast as I can to get prepared. I’m not even close to achieving my goals in that manner, but I am not giving up. Being a part of the Team/Project had cost me my
        marriage and kids, yet I defend them fiercely from what is to come. I educate my ex-wife on the things that are to come and she is frightened, yet she is not a Daughter of God, but she is coming around. I help provide hope to a small group of friends of what is to come and they are
        frightened. They are also stout. They look to me for leadership and I am doing my best. I pray for guidance and a little time to get personally prepared and to prepare my family. Sometimes, I feel like I have lost my
        mind with the level of info that I know. It’s bloody well heavy Steve. My access to info has been effectively cut, so I rely on my “talents” and prayer to see what is to come. You are equally right about the Red, Blue,
        and Green lists. I was also informed by my CO that both him, a former teammate, and myself are on the Red List. Someone has my mark and it’ll be a race against time when the balloon goes up. On another note, I have a
        friend that’s a civvie working in Af/Pak at Bagram and he informed me that they are 95% in the dark about what’s happening here in the homefront. It’s all been carefully plotted out. I pray for sanity and the strength to maintain my vigilance. I am scared, but I am more angry than anything else at the level of evil that has swept through out country. Atheism is on the
        rise here. The Old Republic is now a Remnant. I really wish people will wake the hell up, because Hell is coming hard, fast, and heavy. Be at peace Steve. May the Grace of the Living God be upon you and yours as with all
        the Watchmen and the People. The Low Desert here will become a warzone, due to our close proximity to the Mexican Border. I doubt the people here will be fully ready, but there are those of us read to fight and go SERE if it comes down to it. The levels of Modern Warfare will be used to the maximum.

        Anyway. God be upon you. I ask of you to pray for my ex-wife and my two little girls in the hopes that her eyes will be open to the Glory of God and His Son Jesus and that she would believe in what I have been telling
        her. I need her head in the game, I can only do so much. Pray for me Steve in that I will have time to get the gear and emergency supplies for them so that I can get them out, because I will be staying behind to fight and teach as my duty as a Watchman. God bless.

        Aug 30, 2012

        • Hi jayjay,

          Can you link me to this post? I’m having trouble finding it. Thanks.

          • Oh nevermind. I see it below. It got busy at work and I haven’t been able to refresh the page for a while.

          • Someone sent it to me–a contact I always read what she sends..she said her contact sent it to her.

      49. I just found this on a search..TEXAS??? Paranormal Activity Researchers?? WTF??? Whoa!!

        • Probably exmil RVers. Maj.Ed Dames does the same thing, though many people run him down, say it’s a hoax, etc,etc. RV is a fascinating function of Nature, not always easy, or clear, but a skill you can learn, if you can get past your own biases, and fears.

          • thanks JustMe–I couldn’t pull that name to the front of my memory bank..I thought of him reading about the military paranormal investigations.

      50. Did anybody notice something about Isaac? I LOVE the weather and am mas I lost my calling in life. Did anyone notice that it stalled for a very long time and as it moves north it was running into a low lying high pressure system from Canada ind it actually split the high in half? Low pressure systems just do not do that…EVER. Just thought it was somwthing worth noting. Something else that got me to thinking and this was just a fleeting thought. I read about those GA guide stones a long time ago, not much thought went into it but tonight something made me look at exactly where it was located from Atlanta. Odd but ut a 200 mile straight shot west og there. I found this strange because the CDC is located there. The conne ction in my brain was these stones talk about pop control and yet they are only 200 miles from where the gooberment conducts tests on disease and stuff. Just struck me a lil odd.

        • Weather modification??? justincase??

          • That’s just Destro and Cobra playing with their Weather Dominator.


          They are there to ELECTRICALLY PHYSICALLY block Hurricanes with positive and negative electrons in the atmosphere !

          It was probly the HAARP TOWERS being used to block the hurricanes path of destruction !



          • I watched a video that stated there are 140 HAARPs worldwide..think about that!!

        • The storm was steer to brig water for the dying crops

      51. Playing the game of Football taught me a few things back in the late 60s, early 70s.

        #1 – Date a beautiful woman. So I dated a gorgeous blonde from Scandinavia. That impressed my old team mates.

        So, I took her to her to her first American game of football.

        We had great seats right behind my old team’s bench. After the game, I asked her how she liked the experience.

        “Oh, I really liked it,” she replied, “especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn’t understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents.”

        Dumbfounded, I asked, “What do you mean?”

        “Well, they flipped a coin. One team got it, and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was, ‘Get the quarter back! Get the quarter back!’ I’m like, Hello-o-o? It’s only 25 cents!”

        Thank God college football started tonight so I don’t have to put up with people like Justjoe, and (*) and other trolls.

        Y’all Beware! I’d much rather read the story of accomplishment from arco. GREAT JOB MAN!

        • Cute! I needed that! 🙂

      52. ISRAELI IDF JOOO PIRATES Attack defenseless fishermen in their boats …

        Watch as Israeli Jooo IDF NAVY FORCES chase and harass trying to swamp very poor imprisoned palestinian muslim fishermen trying to catch enough fish to feed their families from their own territory ocean waters that are over fished daily by the isaeli jooo’s corporate commercial fishing boats !!!

        This just pisses me off … pucking jooo’s !!!

        pls see below …


        A staged “event” will be carried out within the domestic US. While many outlets are purveying false information to confuse the issue, the upper levels of the DHS had “a major slip up” and this information was released to the informant.

        It has been suggested that Obama would save his political image if he were to have his own Oklahoma City Bombing.

        The US government, under the global Elite’s control, is:

        • Arming federal agencies
        • Amassing fertilizer bomb ingredients
        • Releasing bacteria under the guise of practicing for a terror attack
        • Framing US veterans to be involuntarily committed to psychiatric hospitals
        • Using psychiatric hospitals in lieu of infinite detention
        • Planning a false flag assassination attempt on Obama to support white supremacists are threats
        • Lockdown America under declaration of martial law

        The dots connect in an obvious way when the plans are laid out in plain sight. Their success depends on your continued slumber.

        WAKE UP!



        *ripped from infowars . com Susanne Posel

      54. They say two thousand zero one three party over… out of time.

        So tonight I’m gonna party like its 1929!

      55. Anyone made a list yet on the possible ways an economic crisis could hit?

      56. Mac me so I can share an MPG3 of a neurosurgeon discussing Obamacare unless you already heard it. If so, maybe all here need to hear it.

        • Disregard–it’s out there all over internet now.

      57. Most people just don’t get it. A few that visit here do.

        America is no longer a “Sovereign Nation”. Yea, we still have a few personal freedoms that other countries don’t have, but the power of the people to change government was given up almost 100 years ago. Through the Federal Reserve, our very own government sold us to the world bankers and lawyers. Now, that is all centrally controlled by TPTB via the United Nations. The UN is the NWO gov. The Illuminati Members use the UN as their vehicle to manipulate nations around the world like puppets. Look for a mandate to come out from the UN about gun ownership, for every living soul.

        Hell no, I don’t like it. That is why I prep. Nuff said.

        Know this one thing, if Mitt isn’t in on the whole NWO thing, he will never become prez. There will be a manipulation to the votes, a major catastrophic event that leads to martial law so the current admin stays intact, or he will have an accident just like JFK Jr. It was no accident. He had announced he was going to run for Prez to a few of the wrong people before going public. TPTB knew he would run away with the votes and they couldn’t have that because John John wasn’t illuminati.

        • That’s already taken care of–the word is the vote counting is in Spain by a company SOE/Scytl now owned by Soros.

      58. okay preppers do you really think GOD gives a shit about you or this country if there is a God this moment in our history which we are all over isn’t even a nat on the time line of the universe and its our huge egos that make us think God cares about our country or planet more than any other of the billions of things out there.!God willort it out what a crock of shit im just sayin

        • Geo lithic- If theres no Creator God? Ok so I rekon You believe Darwin who says You evolved from an…APE!!?

          Perhaps some of youse Did evolve from apes or gorillas?…After 43 yrs of life in detroit and seeing how since then every main city of america has been Detroited, I can probboly be convinced that SOME folks came from Gorillas or Baboons.

          Not me though!…I was Born as were ALL My ancestors by the Grace of God the Creator of it All. Born from Humans.

          • I’m with you 100% AM. God is very much alive and still on the throne. There is no evolution of humans from animals. If it were true, there would have to be segments still visibly evoluting (don’t know if that is even a word; if not I just created one. It didn’t just evolve.)

            I know I was created by God the Father that still sits on the throne. God has a sense of humor and maybe he is laughing at all the idiots that think they have “done it all on their own”, or that it just “appeared from thin air”. The day is soon approaching when He shows the world, once and for all, who is running the show. This generation will not pass before that occurs.

            For all the people like ScoutMotto that think there will be a continuation of time as we know it; by his statement,..“Historians will write about this era for centuries to come, just as they write of Rome today.”… I LOL and think the Father is doing the same. There will be centuries alright(for the believers and righteous), but just not measured in spaces of time, because it will be eternal. And, during that eternity there will be no need for historians or need for writing down of history. God tells us when the Lord’s day passes; along with the judgement day, all the former things will have passed away and the remembrance of them. A New Life without flesh bodies and pain,a rejuvenated Earth without pollution and storms.

            It’s coming soon to a theatre near you! Prepare accordingly!

            • Dont Tread: Yet there are some folks out there who sure do look alot like they at least was made by a “combo” mixture of humans and animals.

              Xample= Consider say for instance two famous characters we all know of. Rosie O’Donnal & Michael Moore.

              Now, picture there massive facial features and shapes, now picture if Both were laid out butt naked on a silver plater(very large plater!) surrounded by carrots- potatos-and some lettuce.

              With a Shinny Red Apple stuffed into their mouths!

              That should conjure up a picture of Two Liberal Kommie fatassed SWINE(or pigs) ready for a pig roast!

              So perhaps some folks ancestors did screw animals and had offspring, which then mated and repeated again untill todays era. You must admit some do have uncanny likeness’s to various animals if you really look at their facial or bodily features no.

              Rosie especially even Without the apple in mouth Still to me looks alot like a real swine/piggie. Especially when she rants and raves when her mouth is wide open.

            • Thanks AM, that’s worth a good laugh, Rosie and Moore X’d with Hogs.

              I ignore people like that these days. I’m not perfect and never claimed to be, but I sure as hell don’t put my mug on TV trying to portray myself as some kind of intellectual. All those liberal idiots will have to face the music someday. That someday is soon to come.

              It’s been said that we know when we are in the last days of this Age when our leaders have the minds of children. It has also been said that God saved the majority of Satan’s followers to be borned of woman during these last days when they will have plenty of companionship for the rise of their leader, Antichrist.

              I believe we are in those days. The days of judgment and reckoning are upon us. By the grace of God go I. He promised me if I loved Him and not the world, there would not be one hair on my head harmed by the “evil one”. Now, since I don’t have one ounce of fear about Antichrist & the Beast(NWO),then I don’t have one gram of fear about what any flesh man can do to me. Peace! and Good Prepping!

        • he also hit on one of my major issues..”Lawyers in power”..

          this demographic needs to be cleaned out of our government perminantly

          and another part of his speach..”We own this country”

          • What do you call it when Detroits cops finds 5 lawyers at bottom of Detroit River?

            A Damn Good start!

      59. I feel an economic collapse. I had money in the stock market – in the 6 digits,from a childhood injury/lawsuit which left my leg and foot scarred (skin graph). Anyhow I pulled the money out last month. Why? I lost $40,000 in 1 month! It is going to happen I can feel it,Good luck to you all

      60. 7.9 earthquake in the Philippines. I TOLD EVERYONE YESTERDAY THAT A BIG EARTHQUAKE WAS COMING. 85-90% when you have earthquakes north of 70 degrees north or south of 60 degrees south, earthquakes are coming. I said 6.8-7.8. Was wrong about the location but totally right about a big earthquake. This theory works as once again it is proven.

        • Pretty damn good BIS.Ill give ya that.

        • You weren’t off by too far! Pretty close to New Guinea. Where/when/% are we looking at next??

        • Been watching and waiting, Be Informed. Your information was rock solid, as opposed to the plates you’ve been studying.

          We’ll start calling you Mr. Boom since we’ve already got a few Dooms and Glooms here. 😉

        • BI

          Can this theory be rejigger so as the area can be pinpointed? I know it’s the holy grail of earthquake prediction but even to be able to give people a few minutes warning could save untold casualties worldwide.

          Take care

          • Jigged rejigged lol

          • @ Burt the Brit and everyone else. I am trying to pinpoint it, this was actually only off my about 400-500 miles away from New Guinea has Todd. With any new theory it takes time to pinpoint it as the first hurricane predictions were way off to where landfall would occur. What I am going is not rocket science though, anyone that is an expert in the game of pool should be able to adapt to the three dimensions of the planet and see where the next earthquakes should be focused towards. Rock strata has points of stress that are redirected to other areas.

            Unfortunately I was never that good at pool, I would practice for hours as a teenager and then go play someone that really could play and get routed, more like embarrassed. Yesterday I took the globe and took a tape measurer and went out following the energy of past earthquakes and the fault boundaries and came up with these locations. Maybe if my globe did not have a bunch of stickers on it the line might have been to the Philippines. I though need these stickers to help plot the past earthquakes.

            What is so pathetic is that I feel, I could be wrong, that those of the USGS and other government agencies associated with ground movement know what I know and they will not tell anyone this until someone calls them out on it. A warning for example in the LA basin that the San Andreas was going to break would result in an exodus like rats off a burning ship going down. Even if they knew for certain, 100%, they feel it would be far better to let hundreds of thousands die than to have a stampede. I know this is a cynical view, but this government and most governments around the world have given me and others little reason to think any different.

            The next sequence will take some time to figure out. I still say those other locations are primed. Actually if you follow a northwest path that the Pacific plate is taking from this earthquake you come up with southwest China area close to the India region, AND southern Europe.

            • Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I find myself coming here to see your earthquake updates.

            • It is not cynical BI it is truth. They give us no reason to trust them. Every gov. is the same. Hell remember the minister of information in iraq?

              Dead birds falling from the sky in huge flocks, fish by the tons washing ashore, Non stop quakes. Super fires, Crazy ass hail storms. Nothing to see here 🙂 Yeah the earh may run in cycles but hey ice age, and ball of fire is a couple of those cycles.

      61. Hawaii put on tsunami alert due to Philipines earthquake…details to be updated hourly

        • The tsunami warning was issued for the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea and other islands in the Pacific including the U.S. state of Hawaii.

      62. all this earthquake talk..

        be informed

        here ya go

        Quake of 7.9 magnitude strikes off Philippines: USGS

        17 min. ago

        • Oh i see my Favorite Brit beat me to it 🙂

          • Oh VRF

            You say the nicest things lol.

            The tsunami alert was cancelled a little while ago but several more shakes all 5+ since then.

            Take care

            • 😉

      63. 4 days ago this happened

        (not sure if it was posted here or not)
        Quake of 7.4 magnitude hits off El Salvador coast: USGS
        Reuters – Mon, Aug 27, 2012.

      64. And a 7.7 off of the Russia east shore..last Tuesday

      65. from George Ure’s Urban Survival site

        Patrick Geryl’s research on earthquakes
        his theory is that planetary alignment is predictive
        of both earthquakes and solar activity

        “Geryl on Quakes

        Ok, enough with the emails asking about Geryl’s outlooks…he just sent me this which answers many questions about the Philippines quake:

        “Hi George,

        You published my prediction for quake dates on Monday this week! However i thought it wouldn’t be a big one… Boy was i wrong… Now i am really scared for the next dates!

        This was what you published Monday… Everybody can check this!

        “Some quaking can happen in a few days (but i don’t expect big ones)…

        August 30, 2012: Mercury – Moon – Earth Lined Up

        August 30, 2012: Neptune- Moon – Earth Lined Up August 31 –

        September 2, 2012: Triple Line Up: Neptune – Earth – Mercury

        August 31, 2012: Sun – Moon – Earth Lined Up ”

        August 30: 6.8 Jan Mayen Island Region

        August 31: 7.6 Phillipine Islands Region

        So my prediction was spot on for the third time in less then a month! Only i thought it wouldn’t be big… Will study this and send comments as soon as possible!

        Patrick Geryl”

        • @ Satori. I tried to predict earthquakes based on the moon because of the gravitational pull and push. Found out this quiver theory of plates and foreshock earthquake activity is much, much, much more accurate as it proved correct again with magnitude and very close to the right location. It would have scored a lot of point in darts or horseshoes being that close.

      66. Baltic Dry Index down 59.32% so far this year. It stands at 707. It is near the all time lows. German freighters had about 40% of the business, but their banks stopped lending them money and some are going out of business. Remember, Chinese products are shipped on Peoples Liberation Army owned ships.

      67. Israeli Paper Details Alleged Tense Confrontation Between Netanyahu, U.S. Ambassador Over Obama Policy: ‘Lightning and Sparks Flew…

        “Instead of effectively pressuring Iran, Obama and his people are pressuring us not to attack the nuclear facilities,” he (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) said, and then moved on to a harsh criticism of the administration’s pronouncements indicating there is still room for diplomacy.

        “The time has run out,” he said resolutely.


        • The Jews are not he majority here in America. Why do we pander to them so much? They dispise America the diverse county that it is. They use us like cattle or sheep to fight their wars. We are not animals we are humans created in gods image. If they want Sons to fight their wars, they can send their own. The non jew americans should stand down and take care of our own. If Isreal wants to fight, let them do so on their own. I will not send my sons anymore to fight for them.

          • Because they are not real Jews. They are FauxJews. Most Christians who support Israel do so out of a misinterpretation of the Bible, or they themselves are Zionists. Anyone who supports the modern day Israel, supports the NWO because “Zion” IS the NWO. Thank you for removing your sons from the cannon fodder. The people who run Israel are not who they claim to be. FauxJews and Zionists are behind all the deceptions we’re calling false flag events. Rockefeller is the Grand Demon of the Zionists. The same “Jews” own the Federal Reserve Banking System. They have been cornering us all of our lives and most of us are only now learning about this. I beilieve they are all children of the Nephilim. They are preparing this earth for the return of Lucifer, THEIR God.

            The Unholy Trinity: Washington DC, London City, Vatican City. Hotbeds for Luciferians. They HATE Yahweh.

            • Right on James T.

              However, we shouldn’t confuse and lump the nation of Israel with it’s faux Jewish leaders, “those that claim to be of our brother Judah, but are of the synagogue of Satan.”

              I go by what God has said; He will bless those that are for Israel, and curse those that are against Israel. The sorting out of the faux Jews and evil ones is God’s job, not ours. I say, support the people of Israel as a nation, so as to stay out of the “cursed” part of it.

              I know both parties,the asses and the elephants, are corrupt and evil. As this article states, the “collapse” will come regardless of which is in power.
              But, If the people don’t overwhelmingly get rid of a baby killing, pro-homosexual, and anti-Israel administration, I think the cursing that will come upon this nation will be devastating. It will be the end of the Superpower reign forever.

            • @Don’t tread: Can you, or anyone, tell me why IS RA EL was named after three Nephilimic demons? ISis, AmenRA, and BaEL? Why would God want us to support anything Nephilimic when he demanded entire cities be destroyed because they were of the NEPHILIM? Heck, he destroyed the entire world once because of what these demons did to humanity.

              I’m seriously trying to figure this stuff out. I want to know why we are suppose to support a nation that has caused the most evil of all nations? Why would God want us to protect a nation like that? Why has our nation been cursed to do the will of Lucifer? WHY?

            • JamesT…Yep. Fake is due to they are actually Khazars whos entire nation of folks by kings decree became Talmudic Judiacs. That was just as far back as aprox 750-800AD era.

              Their khazarian kingdom was located where Today is called Moscow russia and poland and ukraine/balkan areas.

              Even all of aprox 5 or 6 different Judiac or jewish Encylopedias from back to 1870’s up to 1975 era has ALL stated in massive info the whole history of jews and khazers and pharissee talmudeizim.

              All concure them khazers and askenazis jews we know of today are really as mush as 95% decended from aprox 1200 yrs ago as stated above. Converts to talmude judaizim ONLY the last 1200 yrs!…ZERO conections to the Old testement biblical “Hebrews-12 tribes of orig isreal etc”

              Thats main mistake so many christians of all denoms makes today. They think “bless them jews or isreal” pertains to us today! And to Fake jews!

              Consider this…What if, say Al Sharpton converts to the talmudiac jews religion?…Will Al all of a sudden wake up changed from an african black man, into a White eastern european stock jew?!!

              NO! Ok then how come Pagans of khazar ancestory 1200 yrs ago converted to Talmude judiazim and all of a sudden magically are transformed into Semitic jews? With NEW ancestors from orig 12 tribes of hebrews?…NO!

              No type religious conversions changes what You really are or came from….95% todays jews are really decended from a mixture of Caucasian- Turks(which were Edomite-which decended from ESAU!! “God sez: Jacob I loved…BUT Esau I Hated!) Esau was jacobs twin brother. Esau is where Turks came from by way of Edomites!..Xact Opposite of 12 tribes of hebrews isreal!

              You are Blessing the WRONG people!..Besided New testement OVERIDES the old testement which is also called the “Covenant” Both old and new are also a Covenant. Christians replaced “chozens” with “Elect”.

              Dont yell at me as its Christ who sez so. In OLd testement God tells Prophet Jeramiah…”Go tell them Judah jews they are NO LONGER my People and I am NO LONGER THeir God!…Because They(jews of house of judah or Southern jew kingdom after northern 10 tribes split or secceded into TWO seperate kingdoms!) Ruined/defiled/disobeyed Their covenant with Me(God)!

              God also tells prophet jeramiah a NEW covenant s soon comming and get ready to ACCEPT it or PERISH!

              Well so far jews(talmudiacs) has had what? 2000 yrs now and still Refuse to accept Christ(who they Murdered).

              Dont fall for john haggee or pat robertson crap on how jews somehow has a ‘special” plan with God so regardless what evil or wrongs jews does it is ok By God! Cause jews gets free pass to heaven etc!

              Christ sez NOBODY comes to the Father but by ME! Theres only ONE Name in universe/world/heaven to call on and it IS JC!(Jesus Christ). Your choice(jews also) believe it or not.

              Theres NO special plans for jews or any others and entire new testement says this. You cant serve two masters. Well same goes as to Two “covenants”!…Only one that is in existence now is New covenant. Go read it in various bible books of new testement see for yourself.

              Then Stop all blessing or worship of folks who should have knowed better specially over 2000 yrs now!

              Blessing the Sinagog of SATAN!..Christ said that about them talmudusts also. aka= Fake jews.

              PS an FYI for christians= Are you aware that the very word jew aint even mentioned all thru the Old testement untill the Second Book of Kings? Yep!! 2nd book kings-chapter 12(or 16?) and verse 16(I think its correct).

              Thats aprox 35-40 Percent Thru the old testement!!!

              Isnt it strange zero prior jews word mentioned or written since Haggee et al calls even Mosses and Abraham a “jew”?(they werent as no tribes of hebrews existed till abrahms Great grandsons began familys which became tribes of isreal etc).

              Time to re-read bibles and Stay Away from scofileds convoluted wrong interpretations(one of Rothchilds orig 5 bankster sons got and financed scofields bible to be printed! Think Rothchilds evil jew banksters crowd didnt have an agenda in scofield and his version of bible?! If No? Wanna buy a Bridge in the Desert region!

            • @AM: Thank you so much. I really expected to be flamed instead of responded to. Your info is much appreciated.

              Didn’t God ask the Israelites to go into some city and destroy it because of all the Nephilim? And instead, they wound up taking wives and marrying the Nephilim? Are Zionists the Nephilim bloodline?

              Sorry. I’m not trying to turn this into Bible school. I’ll stop with my Bible questons, for now, whether or not I get an answer to the above question. Maybe the question just can’t be answered.

              My heart aches for TRUTH!

            • @ James T.
              With knowledge comes truth, and with truth comes freedom. I wish more people were like you and desired the truth. They would then have a better understanding of why things are so messed up and could begin the walk of free peoples.

              With the questions you pose; there are no quick and easy answers. I have invested over 20 years and thousands of hours into the “word” to get most of my understandings and am still learning all the time. Angelo M has posted some very good info and I will just throw in some more things that may possibly help.

              First of all; keep in mind that the 12 tribes of the original house of Israel(Jacob) were scattered by God. The house/tribe of Judah lived in the land of Judea and were therefore called Jews because of their geographic location. When translated into english/KJV,word Jew was used in several places where it should have read Israelite. Most were not of that original tribe that took the name of Jew. That is where things start getting complicated. Some of the Pharasees and scribes had “infilterated” the “church” of Jesus’ time and had come from the area’s were the Kennites lived. The kennites were offspring of Cain, and Cain was the result of the copulation of Eve and Lucifer. Therefore; Jesus referred to them as such when He said you are of your father, the devil. Mat 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed [the righteousness] of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

              The Nephilim were the “fallen angels”, ones that refused to be born of woman. They had sided with Satan at the time of the overthrow. That occured during the first Heaven/Earth Age when a third of the souls fell/sided with Satan. Not all that sided with Satan became Nephilim. Just those that “refused” to be born of woman, into the flesh bodies and given a second chance with no remembrance of the first Age. Stay with me here. Remember “free will”, it existed from the beginning.

              The Nephilim came to Earth, in their spirit bodies, bodies with mass and able to copulate with woman just like Satan/Lucifer. They came not to be born of woman,but to seduce woman because they found her beautiful and appealing. The result of those copulations/marriages were the giants/geber/hybrids. The prophet Enoch preached about them and told the people not to mix. You can read more about this from the books and writings of Enoch. The early translators didn’t understand,possibly, and therefore the books of Enoch were left out of the KJV of the Bible. Anyways, the people didn’t listen and God destroyed the bloodline of the Geber/giants. Noah’s family had the only true bloodline back to Adam, the bloodline that Christ would eventually come from, and therefore the story continues. There was a small influx of the Nephilim again later;until they were removed,along with Satan during Christ’s time on earth. They(the Nephilim) will return in their spirit bodies(looks and feels like flesh) in the near future, along with Satan/Antichrist to have their way, one last time. Most won’t understand and will call me a liar, among other things. It will happen. It is in the word and it can be found if one wants to know the truth.

              No need to pass the plate. Just make a donation to Mac or a purchase from his advertisers. God appreciates allowing his servants to participate here. After all; knowing the truth and keeping a true heart is the first priority in prepping.

            • @don’t tread: Yes! Yes! That is how I see it too! Thank you very much. The picture won’t be complete, though, until the mystery of God is revealed.

              Still, no answer on the name of Israel. Was it named after Nephilim demons, or not? If so, why would God accept that name? See? I get hung up on the details…and you know what they say are in the details: The Devil.

              Will God kill two thirds of Israel because two thirds are, in reality, the seed of Satan, claiming to be Jews? Just as those who lead our nation claim to be “born again” Christians, yet commit the most vile evils on humanity? Are our leaders of the seed of Satan, too? Has the bloodline of the original nephilim been passed down to them? Can a Nephilim offspring pass evil through the bloodline?

              I apologize to the other readers here who either already know these things or don’t really care. My life is approaching autumn and I have just, in the past ten years, begun to search for Truth. It’s like everything I wondered about throughout my life is being answered in the last days of my life. Better late than never, I guess.

              Thanks for your patience.

            • Yea, james T, we are in the last days and the elect are ramping up for the events as they unfold. Much info & knowledge is being revealed and shared by the elect. The others want to ridicule and scoff, but that is of no worry to a warrior of Christ’s.

              To answer your question, or any question for that matter, we must always look for the answers in the letter our Heavenly Father sent to us. There are some mistakes in translations, so I always use the Strongs Concordance and the Companion Bible for clarification.

              God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, since it was his sons that made up the twelve tribes.
              Gen 32:28

              I don’t know of any connection to the Nephilim and the word “Israel”. Just let God’s word do the answering for you and i will try to be of help to you, or anyone for that matter. You can email me at [email protected]

              Oh, by the way, you can get free access to just about everything you need for studying via the net. I use the Blue Letter Bible,(word search is valuable there), Strongs and the Companion Bible.

            • @don’t tread: Thanks. Grateful for your answers.

              Preachers never discussed anything about this stuff when I was young and went to church. All they taught was God is Great, God is Good, let us thank him for our Food. Then all the condemning and hateful hell fire stuff that always offended me. That is why I stopped going to church for so long. The feeling I got in those churches just wasn’t good. It was very stressful, in fact. What they preached caused a lot of self doubt and insecurity. I don’t think that is what church is suppose to be. I would rather just talk to someone one on one than put up with all the stuffiness and self rightousness of the “congregation”. I always disliked the smell of the perfume and whatever else those old ladies were wearing. Yuck! Most of the men who came to church had been out wallowing in sin the night before. Not that I haven’t done my share of drinking and sinning. I just couldn’t get up the next morning and pretend to be sorry. I enjoyed my sinning, to be honest. Oops! Should I have admitted that?

              I wrote down your e-mail and thank you for your posts. I’ll take my Bible study off this site, but I will still comment and question when appropriate.


          • Same here James. I grew up in those same churches. I don’t belong to any denomination or attend a church now. The full truth isn’t taught, be it out of ignorance or because of the traditions of a particular religion.

            You are right, this isn’t the site for Bible study and discussion. I refrain from further “extended” conversations and will keep the door open for that via my personal e-mail. I do appreciate that Mac gives us the leeway to slip off topic and begin other conversations without the, “you will be banned if…” speech. I think he will be blessed for that. I do think a forum for Biblical discussions would/could be an asset to the site. The complete design/layout/comment rating system of this site is probably the best I’ve seen.

      68. “It’s going to happen in the next administration.”

        That is a four year window. You know what else will probably get to happen like it happened in the Weimar?

        A good month, everyone’s ears perk up to ask “Is it all right to go back to sleep?” Hmmm… another ‘good’ month? At least well data-polished news releases and then wow! A third good month in a row!

        Nap time! You preppers were wrong! You probably caused the ‘downturn’! Isn’t there a law against… Uh… this is why it is good these people sleep?

        Prepping not only will save us money as inflation increases (though beware, TPTB can turn the pedals of a deflationary cycle also) but prepping means you don’t have to go to market and that will help your peace officers who will appreciate lesser numbers of people milling around as zombies.

        Don’t be a zombie, Prep!

        • JamesT: No offence but I think all the stuf on how “bad angles: got a 2nd chance yet refused to be “Born” of women etc etc is totally WRONG info.

          Bible clearly says the nephilim(Giants) was who was born from women who Fallen angles mated with. Theres no reason to think angles gets 2nd chances if born again by women etc!

          Bible clearly says “Man(humans( were Created BY God to be a Little Lower than the angles. (Paul sez that as he tells Christians stop sueing each other in courts of man/govnt.) Paul told em that for Now we humans is created lower than angles…BUT…Once the Lord returns We christians will assist Jesus at His judeing seat and WE will judge the angles!

          In other words we humans are NOT/Never been prior angles in any such 1st erath age etc. Thats more bunk from phony pastors twisting bible verses to suit Their agends etc.

          AND…Once we saved humans rcieve a NEW spiritual body xact same as Christs Resurected body is, THEN we will be Sons of the Most High God, and even on a higher “plane” of beings than angles are.

          Thats one of main reasons Lusifer or satan/devil Hates God and Us humans. Because We is who becomes Gods sons and daughters! Not satan and his angles. ZERO angles will ever be “sons” Just angles is it.

          Angles are Created Beings. Humans are BORN individuals from Gods designed method of Husband and wife and sex etc.

          I’ve seen alot of the TV preacher guys show who speaks of all that prior earth age stuf as you wrote of. He is Flat out wrong period. Another False wolf in sheeps clothes Decieving the masses.

          TRY THIS BOTH OF YOU GUYS OK:…Sincerally say an honest heart felt prayer and ask God/Christ to enlighten you to be Wise and Then re-read the bible stuf.

          I did it and it Works!!…I was raised roman catholic. But by age 12yrs I always felt as if stuf they said and taught(like Mary worship/statues-idols etc) and alot more stuf didnt square right.

          Mom wouldnt allow me to quit than, but I persisted and by age 15 I did refuse anymore of it.

          Other friends told me biblical stuf alot and I as you say desired TRUTH etc. At age 18 I got a bible(like most catholics our crib had No bible at home! many claimed catholics dont need any bibles cause we is the only right church and got our own Pope!) I said Hogwash!

          I tried to read bible for coule times and didnt make any sence from revelation book and Thats when I prayed for wisdom. I re-read revelation(40 yrs ago from todays time). That time as I read, all sorts of info flooded my mind!

          I swear to you 40 yrs ago(Old friends can confirm it too) I began to alert folks and I spoke to everyone. I mean Litterally EVERYONE I knew and even total strangers just met etc.

          I told em all that We are the final generation in my opinion based on bibles verse and messg. I also told em all we will see in OUR future before we are dead or gone, some type of object from computers and tied into them which wil be the Mark of beast(666).

          Thats was 40 yrs ago when computers first was beginning to be used and ZERO regular folks had one.

          I said 40 yrs ago it will be sized down smaller etc till some component can be injected or implanted Under skin and used to Track humans and see us and listen to us and more!

          99% said I was CRAZY!…They asked me “How can 666 be used to control Who can buy or sell ANYTHING?

          As fast as they asked ne questions, answers flooded into my mind to answer em all. I said CASHLESS society! I didnt call it a “chip” implant back then as that word stil meant potato chips or paint chip etc.

          But I described it more like old style radio Transistors(recall that older folks here?) Us whos now 60 yrs old was first to buy Transistor radios with batterys so you can take radio to go everywheres!

          When folks asked why I believed such stuf or where did my info come from?…I said God and the Bible. I prayed and God gave what I asked for!

          Even today when so many speak of chip implants/cashless society/fed gov totalarian control. Still claim I am crazy!///Oh well! I just Know what I Know cause when Gods Holy Spirit dwells in You, you Learn how to know when He is wiseing you up.

          And no I cant prove this to atheists or any others. So what? I know it. And some folks who knew me 40 or 30 yrs ago Has admited everything I predicted since then Has either occured OR appears to be soon to occure(like chip mark 666 etc).

          I could write alot more but I dont want to upset this site or use up too much space etc. Just try what I suggested. After all, bible says ask and You shall recieve no?

          Maybe today not many get answers because they ask for wrong things eh!…Ask for Wisdom as it is worth far More than “knowledge” like obtained from universitys etc…Alot of professors and students has alot of knowledge…But FEW has Real Wisdom! Thats whats is better.

          I only got 8th grade schooling as I quite due to Hated their crap system in detroit public schools. To this day it is one of the Best things I ever did! I mean that!

          I quit school in,1968, just when They were placeing their evil Hooks into school age kids! I got Out before they got me!..BUT Bewares…If you guys think other folks or family members ridicules you Now for being a “Prepper type”?…..Try to tell them stuf like I described on biblical stuf!!!

          I lost most every friend I ever had. Entire family truely “tolerates” me as They think I am certifiable nuts!

          I dont mind as I Know it is They who got eyes and ears that refuses to see or hear is all.

          Most folks here Craves Truth and Facts(even if not necessarily about the bible etc). But be sure that bible verse that says “Best weapon can use against Your enemys is Speak Truth! Because to Them what hates truth and facts, it works like a weapon! Same results as if you scoop up White Hot Coals from firepit and Heep a shovelfull hot coals on top of Their Head!

          Thats reason you see so many Liberal types/kommies running around today as if heir heads on fire with massive anger etc!…They Hate Us for speaking Truth!

          Well…Newsflash! I aint real fond of Them neither! Got plenty modern firearm tools and ammo also just “incase” truth dont work on em.

          • Mac, I’m sorry. I have to respond one more time to Bro. AM.

            I can sure understand and relate to losing friends and family members for speaking truth. My “Christian” family has ostrasized me since ’04, when I began my truth crusade. One sister does still call and leave a message on my birthday. The others didn’t even call me when I was in the hospital after a heart attack. Still haven’t called me two years later. Can you feel the love? I can’t either. I left several dvds for them to watch that I feel certain went in the trash. My oldest sister told me I was a traitor for questioning 911. Sucks to be right.

            I’ve been going to alot of sites listening and asking questions in between those arguing over whoes interpretation of the scriptures is correct. Christians calling other Christians names and condemning them to hell for not believing their version of the Bible. I’m sick of it. Thank God we are saved by Faith, and not by Facts or Acts.

            I had not even heard about the first earth age and all that. I just knew that the angelic view was correct and not the line of Seth view. That’s what I was agreeing to when I told @don’t tread that’s the way I see it. No disrespect for him, and I know he geuinely, in his heart, loves God.

            There are so many different views of God, even among Chritians, that I wonder how God will find the 144,000 true believers, even out of 7 billion of us. That’s why I will just do what He says and listen to no man, but listen to Him, and let no man decieve me. That seems to be the only safe ground.

          • I’m not wasting my time trying to explain to you AM. There was an earth age before man was born into the flesh. You may never believe it while you are in the flesh, but you will when “we all are changed into our spirit bodies at the twinkling of and eye,at the seventh trump, when Christ returns.” I had a man on a christian site ridicule me and even make threats towards me because I disagreed with his position of a pre-trib rapture. Even after showing him the scripture giving proof that there is no rapture, he called me a liar. You remind me of him. That’s ok. God has put the spirit of slumber (stupor) on some persons for a reason.

            Riddle me this, since you claim to know the Bible. Why did God say this about Jeremiah? ” I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb”. And, God also stated about Jacob and Esau while they were in their mothers womb. “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated”. Sounds to me like they were known before becoming a fetus in the flesh.

            That’s because they were. We all were. It was during the time of the dinosaurs. God destroyed that age along with the dinosaurs. How come bones of humans aren’t uncovered from the dinosaur digs and that period? No flesh humans during that First Earth Age. You will understand one day. I’d be careful about coming down on one of God’s servants for tellin/teaching/preaching the truth, unless you know with out a doubt, 100% of what you are telling people is truth. I know what God has shown me is the truth.

      69. Read this at the Daily Crux.

        “…about two weeks ago, there was a confrontation between striking platinum mine workers and the police in South Africa.

        The incident ended when police opened fire on the workers, killing 34 and injuring 78. Now here is where it gets interesting. South African prosecutors are apparently charging 270 of the striking workers with murder. Meanwhile, the police who actually killed them have yet to be charged…”

        The closing words really should make everyone think real hard.

        “This sort of thing will be coming to America soon unless we stop being little pathetic sheeple and start being strong, proud and brave men and women.”

        • Yeah and now where will these dip shits get miners to dig for the money mens platnum? they are Not too bright

          and his closing statement is dead on…and yes i did use the word “dead” for a reason

      70. Holy cow….I just came across a WSJ article today talking about how the gold standard is being reconsidered by Romney/Ryan, as well as auditing the Fed…so I wouldn’t despair just yet that Ron Paul hasn’t had an impact:

        “In the Senate, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are offering the Sound Money Promotion Act, which would remove the tax on the appreciation in the value of gold and silver coins that have been declared legal tender by the federal or a state government. Utah has already made gold and silver coins legal tender in the state.

        Then there is Mr. Romney. In Paul Ryan he chose a running mate who understands the idea of sound money. In June 2010, as chairman of the House Budget Committee, Mr. Ryan asked Mr. Bernanke what he made of record-high prices of gold. (The value of the dollar had just slid to below 1/1,200th of an ounce of gold; it has since plunged to below 1/1,600th of an ounce.)

        “I don’t fully understand the movements in the gold price,” Mr. Bernanke replied. He confessed his belief that some people were hedging “against the fact that they view many other investments as being risky and hard to predict at this point.” No wonder the eventual House bill to audit the Fed passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

        This is the context in which Mr. Romney last week moved so pointedly to distance himself from a suggestion by one of his advisers, Glenn Hubbard, that Mr. Bernanke should be considered for another term. Mr. Romney made clear that he would be looking for a new Fed chairman, an important signal from a candidate who has made some mistakes—such as suggesting that monetary policy should be kept away from Congress. In fact, it is precisely to Congress that the Constitution (in Article 1, Section 8) grants the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.

        The New York Sun, the online paper I edit, has warned that a gold commission could prove to be the graveyard for sound money—on the principle that if one wants to bury an idea, one need but name a commission. But it’s possible that a well-conceived and well-staffed gold commission could actually sort out the debate.

        It’s no small thing that Mr. Romney’s platform calls for a gold commission and an audit of the Fed. The last Republican to run on a platform calling for a dollar “on a fully convertible gold basis” was Dwight Eisenhower, who cast the promise aside once in office. That’s a strategic misstep for Mr. Romney, should he win in November, to avoid.”

      71. I see a lot of folks bickering over OB vs. MR…
        The only reason one should have to vote for “R” is RESTRAINT!!! In their first term a president must have some restraint if they want a second term. If The big “O” gets re-elected, what is to stop him from “decreeing” what ever suits his fancy???
        I would much prefer a little restraint!!!

        However I don’t think it really matters who drives the bus…It’s already gone over the cliff!!!


        I had to share this …..

        “More than 2,000 guns were shuffled on Thursday.”

      73. I’ve been thinking(I know bad thing), but the DNC next week. Know who is not going to be there H. Clinton (she will be in Russia), now let’s look at the succession order. Biden, Boehner, Inouye, Clinton. We know Boehner and Clinton are not going to be there, Don’t know about Inouye, but if he is,one strike and 3 down, Boehner has a mishap, that leaves Clinton to be Pres. (hey she’s a Chicago girl). Instant Martial Law till all is found that caused it. Yeah I know it is way out there but how knows. Agian bad thing for me is to think.

      74. Don’t Miss Friday Night’s Rare Blue Moon Beauty


        • Since you brought up the Blue Moon thing, KY Mom; it got me to pondering the next Blue Moon. Occurs in July 2015. What will life be like then? Will there be any need for prepping then? Will all my preps be used? Will there still be a USA then? Will I still be alive in the flesh or will all the flesh bodies be changed to spirit by then? One can only HOPE!

          • Da “Shadow” he know! Seriously dt, I know sometimes we like to think outloud, but I wouldn’t sweat it. Most folks here would only like to know the certainty of…..tomorrow.

      75. 5-1-5-OH, Somebody call the RINO

        I just keep on preppin. Don’t know if we have a few years, a few months, or… (looks at wristwatch).
        Romney might buy us a bit more time, but he is after all, a politician bought and paid for by the system. Don’t expect your crazy uncle to fly like Superman, just because he puts his underwear on over his jeans. And don’t expect too much ‘conservatism’ from any of these bad actors in DC.
        And speaking of actors, what happened to Clint Eastwood? I missed the speech, but did he really say he’s doing a remake of “Two Mules For Sister Sara?’ With Biden and Obama as the mules? And Barney Frank as Sara?

        • I can’t believe you Oak, of all people, to degrade mules like that! Not to mention sister Sara.

        • What the hell is a nun doing out here? I like your style Shirley.

          • If you date a nun, dont get into the…Habit! Its not allowed!

            On Another note: WOW! Breaking newsflash! seems Oprah just got Busted by DEA agents at Dallas metro!

            Yep, they searched her after landing at dallas, and found Oprah was Hiding 250lbs of CRACK under back of her dress!!

      76. put enforceable liens on Congressional salaries and especially retirements…..for we the people.

        • puppies and kittens? you got me again! went there expecting feline furriness and all i saw was jews ruining the world. when will i ever learn?

        • Wow. CC, thanks for the link. I was unclear about Israel, but no more. It’s amazing how much people in this country DON’T know about Israel.

          Death to the Zionist New World Order! Israel is now the land of the children of the Nephilim! Fake Jews and True Zionistas! Children Killers! Cowards and Demons! Country Wreckers!

          Christians who support modern day Israel support the New World Order and the Zionist Luciferians bringing it about! watch this video to see who you are really supporting!

          So call me a antisemite! We all should be anti-faux Jew!

          I knew I shouldn’t have watched that video…but I am glad I did! Dang it CC! You Trickster! Thanks! Very disturbing…trying to calm down…

      77. Just collapse already.

        I’m so tired of all this seriousness. May I humor you?

        I’m writing a book about reverse psychology. Please don’t buy it.

        Ladies, if a man says he will fix it, he will. There is no need to remind him every six months about it.

        My sex life is like a Ferrari. I don’t have a Ferrari.

        Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes!

        NASA’s curiosity landed on Mars. Early pictures show no signs of ESPN, beer, or porn. This makes it very clear that men are not from Mars.

        My ex is living proof of how stupid I can be.

        Men have feelings too. We feel hungry.

        I want one of those jobs where people ask: “Do you actually get paid for doing this?”

        I tried excercise, but I was alergic to it. My skin flushed, and my heart raced. I got sweaty and short of breath. Very dangerous.


        • One more, K?

          I almost had a psychic girlfriend one time, but she left me before we met.


          • Little woman came home from visit to the Gynocologist. Said all is well with vagina and that it looks very nice. I said, “yea, but what did he say about your “big arse?” She calmly said, “I don’t recall him mentioning your name at all”.

      78. “Governor Mitt Romney, says the opposite, but claims he has a plan that will turn things around and bring prosperity back.”

        Groan…this is the same tired BS rhetoric that gets every politicians elected every time over the world -the promise of hope and change, and the dumb sheeple fall for it every damn time.

        As I’ve said ALL ALONG, it doesn’t matter who you vote for- the problem is not capable of being solved by them as it’s systemic.
        Ron Paul is NOT your saviour despite his intentions.
        It would take DECADES to undo the damage done so far.

        Anyone starting to comprehend the bleeding obvious yet ?

        • When the carrying costs of the society exceed its return(and we are there), the whole contraption collapses.
          The political sidekick to this systemic implosion is that the productive people just stop supporting the Status Quo because it’s become too burdensome.
          There are no “solutions”. The only “solution” is collapse, as only collapse will force everyone to go do something more sustainable to get by.

      79. Has anyone taken a look at the Icelandic experience recently? Right there is an example ALL nations should be following.

        In the abscence of any common sense or compassion towards the ordinary man from our “leadership”, I’m just plodding along with the preps as best as I can. Mum brought over a few bags of mangoes yesterday that are on the dehydrator now. The son has found a new species of salt-resistant slug in our locale and has been googling to find a way to combat this new foreign pest.

        People aren’t stupid – everyone knows politics is a bent charade and that whoever gets into power will only do what their corporate masters give them permission to. I’m not willing to give into the divide and conquer BS just yet.

        Most folk are decent and I’d rather focus my energies on getting my kid through this mess and out the other side in one piece. As a single Mum of a kid with ASD that’s a tall enough challenge in itself. I’m so grateful his physical therapy means he should be able to ride a bike by Xmas – it’ll give us more options.

        I’m hearing a lot of misery from across Europe (rellies did a road trip to Romania this summer). There is a lot of deprivation that is going unreported in the MSM. For many the economic shtf already. My son has done formal lessons on gardening, chicken & goat keeping at the city farm this school holiday – I wish I didn’t feel it deep in my bones these are skills he’s going to need to survive before he’s grown, but I do. Within the extended family it’s all hands to the the deck now with the relocation & prepping as we increasingly feel time is running out.

      80. As your NWO candidate, I promise, if elected, to put a GMO chicken in every pot, surveylance cameras in every home, an rfid chip in every hand or forehead, and a fully equipped On Star vehicle in every garage. If elected, you can count on me to provide a personal TSA agent at every major intersection, airport, sporting event, movie theatre, restaurant and Wal-Mart. I will eventually provide funds for TSA at all the minor places, like day care centers, smoke shops etc., as I figure a way to exploit the taxes needed for this. I will provide drones in the skies over all of America to keep the corporations safe from protesters and other anti-capialist terrorists. I promise to remove you from all that wasted space you call homes and provide you with individual cubicles in our massive close nit communes. I promise to watch you everyday – and night – and when you step out of line, I promise to send a tazer equipped drone directly to your location to protect you from yourself. I promise to remove all personal clutter from your possession and provide every citizen with state owned tools of labor. We will even start doing your thinking for you.

        So, please. Cast your vote in November. It doesn’t matter who you choose. We’re ALL NWO now.

        Thank you. Thank you very much.

        • James T you just described AGENDA 21 to the proverbial T!!

          Rid usa of private property rights-Close down ALL suberbs and RURAL locals-Move everybody into new built High Rise Welfare type apartments of aprox 450 sq ft per unit!

          FORCE Multicultic style dwellings where every whitefolks is surrounded by Spitefull hatefull browns/blacks/and a few somalli muslims!

          And LIMIT these new Human Settlements to just THREE areas in entire usa…That way 97% of entire america can go back to “nature” in a new “wilding” agenda.

          Oh and give animals-Bugs-plants-trees-Rocks-Dirt the Same or MORE rights than Humans gets!

          AGENDA 21 go Read about That!….Only the 2nd amendt can stop it all from here on out.

      81. I’m shocked at how many adults still think they can save the USA at the ballot box. Voting never set anybody free. Until your very powerful enemies are dead, you don’t have a chance at saving the future. I say again, over, you ain’t got a chance.

        • When you vote, you give legitimacy to their system. The system they put in place to control you.

        • Soros-Owned SCYTL To Count The US Nov Vote In SPAIN

          Our customers trust our technology and experience in electronic voting to carry out their electoral processes with the highest level of security.

          ~~no record, no receipt, no documentation for debate~~

      82. @BE informed: up-date on NEW MADRID. A friend who is a PE said USGS is looking strongly at the WABASH VALLEY SEISMIC ZONE. They have been cutting core samples of rock structure down only to 600 ft. He said all over the zone but very scattered in their coring. He said he dosen’t know why down only 600 ft. Just want to pass it on. Thx for all the hard work you are doing on earthquakes.

      83. This is all very plainly spelled out in Revelation.
        Perhaps reading the Bible would answer some of your

        • Hey Mud Marine was in Army 70-74 1st Air Cav. I studied The Book of Revelation. YOU ARE RIGHT it is all in that book. We are truely living in the end days. You must believe it the LORD because it is in his hands.

      84. FEMA just ordered 1 million more MRE’S to be dilvered now, last month they ordered 19 million. Million’s of MRE’s billion’s of rounds of ammo now WTF is it going to take to wake the sheeple up. The SH-T is here, put on your hip waders because you are going to need them soon very, very soon.

        • Spot on Copperhead. Wouldn’t it be great to a prepper show on the Government? Currently they only show crazy preppers to discredit us and keep the sheep asleep. That’s one show I would tune into.

      85. Greetings Everyone!
        “All the King’s horses and All the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”….
        Has a nice tone to it,No?
        Just a short note,here in the Big M we’re seeing a LARGE influx of Japanese people.Seeing them in Costco,Wally’s Mart,and in the restaurants and stores.Wonder if they’re the next wave of immigrants?Bet these are the smart ones who know that their country is toast and the politicians are lying thru their teeth how bad it is.The ones who are still able to take their wealth and flee elsewhere.
        Anyone else see this trend?

      86. I’ve noticed many times on different posts, there is often the advice to “head to the NW Rocky Mountains” when the SHTF. This is bad advice!
        1)NEVER go somewhere that you are unfamiliar with! YOU WILL conditions, lack of knowledge about resources & terrain can all be a recipe for disaster.
        2) If you are a prepper, are you going to just leave behind all of your preppings? Transporting a year supply of food isn’t easy, plus travel will probably be restricted. Which is a sure way to get your guns and ammo confiscated.
        3) We are populated! If you think that the NW is just empty, open for the are wrong. The areas that are not populated are because it’s so difficult to survive. ie; 20 feet of snow from Oct to April. Remember the Donner Party???

        My best advice: Stay where you are, Prep for what might happen in your area. Knowing the ins and outs of your neighborhood will save your life.
        If you think it will be impossible to stay where you are, move now! BUT be prepared to live the life you are prepping for BEFORE the shtf! The mountains are beautiful but harsh, jobs are slim and low paying today-and probably non-existent when shtf, and prepper properties are expensive and hard to find.
        Be smart – Be prepared – Be safe.

        • You’re right. Here at N46W117 they have been rescuing pilgrims who think they’re in some sort of “Reality Show” since Friday. Couple didn’t make it. Got enough problems with the fires.

          As for winter, if you think you’re going to live off elk jerky & granola, in a cozy log hut; my crew will bury you when we find what’s left of you in the Spring (IF the wolves leave enough TO bury).

        • Now I am in full agreement with “not” running for the Rocky mountains when SHTF, unless; you are already accustomed to wilderness style living,and have proper,secure housing in place. Born and raised in NC mountains, I was somewhat prepared for a week long backcountry wilderness elk hunt in 1989. I was overwhelmed at the vastness and danger while sitting on the continental divide by my lonesome. I had the feeling of being small and weak, even with a magnum rifle and pistol and the faith in my Lord & Saviour.

          Persons thinking they will just pack up the ole minivan and drive into remote areas and survive off the land are living in a fantasy world.

          Even if they had every possible piece of equipment needed, they would need a small army just to build suitable shelter and keep enough firewood stockpiled to make it thru the winter.

          The biggest threat would come from the mean tough-ass dudes that had the same idea; not the mtn.lions,bears and wolves. When these evil men came upon your encampment; your food,wifes & daughters, and any supplies they want, would be fair game.

      87. “…unfortunately, none ofthe major candidates are talking about this right now.”

        Not exactly true. Gary Johnson, the Libertarianpresidential candidate, is talking about these problems. As a matter of fact, Gary Jonson hosted an online town hall this year and had Peter Schiff as co host discussing these very same things. But then again, the Libertarian party is not considered a major party.

        Perhaps we need to look at third party candidates if we want this dealt with in any sensible matter.

      88. My concern is not so much the collapse as I see a reset button wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. We live in the greatest country ever created. We have just been set off course by those that wish to see us fail. If you haven’t seen 2016, you need to. You’ll get an idea of what Obama has set out to do to our country. Many have existed before him with the same intentions. They have worked very hard and with much patience to slowly create a needy society that cannot exist without them or the Government’s hand.

        My point at the beginning was that I don’t fear the collapse so much as the people that cannot exist in an economic collapse. They will resort to anything they can to get what is theirs without having to work for it like our folks did in the depression. It’s a total different mindset today. So few of us will look at it and say “what can I do to help and to provide for my family” while the majority will say ” who will take care of me and give to me” If they don’t get the answer they are looking for, they will resort to anything to survive. Be prepared beyond food. We can all talk about what we have done to prepare, but this would be beyond anything that most of us are ready for…if it comes to that.

      89. I aggree with all comments here fourth. Amen bros. Good luck to you and yours.

      90. I’m glad Schiff got this prediction and the part about not blaming capitalism on the record. We’re going to need all our freedom loving free market constitution observing skills to prevent tyranny after the collapse and rebuild properly otherwise we are going to end up handing ourselves over to something worse or some globalist scheme.

      91. What was Stuart’s last name again? Oh yeah, I think it’s Myheadssofarminstreammediasassassyoullbelieveanythingisay. “He (Ron Paul) got a lot of coverage”. Really, Stuie? Really? What a mainstream media talking head ass joke he is. “See Peter, Ron Paul’s ideas got a lot of exposure right here”. Yes, you shut out the only candidate that could have made a difference, thanks for the crumbs. Pompous, smug ASS.

        On the other hand, Peter was 100% correct in everything he said.

      92. It really does’nt matter who wins the election at tis point, we have had two Presidents George W and Obama back to back, that think government spending is good.

        The dollar is destroyed , Europe is ready to collapse and we will be facing inflation like noting this country has ever seen before. Neither candidate has a clue what the middle class is and that those people made America great, not the rich or the poor.

        America is facing a very sad future for the next few years…a full fledged “depression”.

      93. Well, the economic pain will not go away within a short period of few years. The debt will not disappear by printing more money, even though QE might lessen some pains but will lengthen the duration. Peoples need to work hard and spend less so as to save money to pay off their debt. Once the debt is paid up to certain level then peoples will have more real money to spend, then the economic will start to move at a faster speed.
        Economic pain will take time to heal.

      94. The key to surviving any chaos which may occur and establishing a new paradigm experience for this country and the planet is “self-responsibility”. External authorities like the State and Religions have perpetrated many hoaxes and withheld much information, which if known would have spiraled human evolution to much higher levels of consciousness. Of course, that information would also have ended mankind’s pseudo need for any external authority.

        Loosing our victim status and becoming self-responsible is the first step to surviving today and thriving tomorrow.

      95. The Tree of Liberty calls….

      96. what will happen won’t be mass hysteria. This is a SLOW MOTION train wreck. It will actually be like the change Europe saw going from a Romanized world to the Middle Ages. This metamorphosis will be from an east-west balance of power to a one-world govt; no more US, no more nations.

      97. As long as the next president is WHITE …….it will be better even with the melt down .

      98. i want to punch the anchor guy in the face. such a dumbass

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