Peter Schiff: Wealth Shifting Out of US and the Dollar

by | Nov 30, 2009 | Peter Schiff | 2 comments

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    Peter Schiff on CNBC’s Fast Money November 26, 2009, discusses gold, the US Dollar and some US stocks that he owns.

    I understand that the big shift is going to be wealth away from the United State, out of the dollar. America, our living standards are going to fall. The living standards in other countries are going to rise. I want to be on the receiving end of that wealth transfer. I want to own for myself and for my clients assets and currencies that are going to be rising in value relative to the United State.

    The wealth transfer has certainly begun, and it began nearly a decade ago, as can be evidenced by the continuous rise in the price of gold since 2002. As the dollar continues to weaken, more money will flow from the US to safehavens around the world. Those safehavens may include precious metals like gold or silver, commodities like oil and agriculture producers, or even countries like China and Austrlia. The smart money sees the long term trend, and it is shifting out of the United States, much like it did right before the crash of 1987, when it moved to Japan.

    Peter Schiff on Gold:

    It can go down in the short run. Can it drop $100 or $200? Sure. But, I’m not worried about that. I’m looking at the long term. And unfortunately, the long-term is bright, because the picture is bleak for the US based on what The Federal Reserve  and the government are doing to destroy our economy.

    Forget short-term trading. Gold is a wealth protecting asset and will likely be one of the few assets that will maintain, if not appreciate, purchasing power over the coming decade. If you watch gold/silver in the short-term, then buy more on pullbacks or corrections, but selling in anticipation of a short-term drop may not be a sound decision.

    Watch the Interview with Peter Schiff:

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      1. Wholeheartedly agree. Don’t sell in anticipation of a pullback – especially if you believe that your investment will go up much further in the long term. What if the pullback only lasts a week, then goes higher than where you sold it a week before? You’ll be kicking yourself. Actually, I don’t even like to try and wait for a pullback to buy something I like. If I like it, I just buy it. If a billionaire like Jim Rogers admits that he can’t time the market perfectly, what makes you think you can?

      2. Comments… do we purchase the gold dollar?

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