Peter Schiff: It’s Going to Be Horrific – February 5, 2009

by | Feb 6, 2009 | Peter Schiff | 2 comments

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    Peter Schiff talks about the coming crisis, including food lines, economic collapse, inflation and how he is positioning his investors.

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    Part 3 of 3:


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      1. Of course we’re going to have hyper inflation.  This isn’t about solving the problem, it’s about destroying the current global currency to replace it with a new one while also forcing a realignment of sovergnties.  If you think we want to fix this, then explain why the obamassiah is paying to import terrorists from hamas, and why no government will close the border to mexico which has the ability to collapse the US, but instead supplies military equipment to the drug cartels.

      2. Agreed — if they wanted to fix the economic problems occuring in this country (and the world) they would have left everything to the free market to correct.

        If we want to stop illegal immigration or are really concerned with homeland security, then we’d have closed our borders, especially the Southern one, right after 9/11.

        I sure hope we don’t have hyperinflation — but i don’t see how we can avoid serious devaluation of the US dollar considering we’ve bailed out failing companies to the tune of about $9 Trillion thus far!



      1. Jim Rogers: Worst Economic Times Since the 1930's - [...] in our life time. Even Peter Schiff, who has generally stayed away from making dire predictions seems to be…

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