Peter Schiff Catches a Huge Break in Connecticut Senate Race

by | Jan 7, 2010 | Peter Schiff | 7 comments

Connecticut candidate for Senate Peter Schiff was facing some strong opposition with incumbent and 30 year veteran of Congress Chris Dodd.

On January 6, 2009, Dodd officially announced that he will not be seeking a sixth term, to the relief of Connecticut and most Americans.

What is different about today, however, is not to announce the beginning of yet another campaign for the Senate, but rather to announce that after 35 years of representing the people of Connecticut in the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November.

This opens up a huge opportunity for Euro Pacific Capital president and republican candidate Peter Schiff to take the seat in 2010, but he’ll have to defeat Democratic party candidate Attorney General Mark Blumenthal.

Whether Todd has chosen to retire because of the backlash he has received from Connecticut voters for aligning himself with the socialist policies of the Obama administration, or because of personal circumstances cited in his press release, the race for Senate may be much tighter than originally anticipated when Schiff announced his candidacy in 2009. Connecticut is a democrat state, so even with Todd dropping out of the race, candidate Schiff has a long road ahead of him.

After Dodd’s announcement, Peter Schiff alerted supporters to the breaking news via email and discussed his vision for America:

From the beginning, our campaign has been about putting our state and country back on the right track. Connecticut families deserve a government that stops spending our money like it is their personal bank account. We need pro-growth policies that cut taxes, drastically cut government spending, and put an end to the bail-outs and buy-offs that have become business as usual in Washington, D.C.

The problems every American faces today are serious and we need courageous leaders who are willing to fight for what they believe and not accept the status quo because it is the politically expedient path. I look forward to continuing to visit with Connecticut voters from across the state to share my vision for economic prosperity and a return of government that truly is of, by and for the people.

Here at SHTFplan, we like Peter Schiff. He has a well rounded understanding of economics, finance and the destructive potential of government. Because he is not a career politician and has never held public office, he’s probably exactly the candidate Connecticut needs — someone who has not been corrupted by the system.

We wish Peter Schiff the best and we’ll continue to bring you updates on his candidacy and his thoughts on politics and the economy via media interviews.

Visit the Schiff for Senate web site…

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    1. greyson dietrich III

      Mac, Dodd has been given a lifetime seat in John Podesta’s PAC along with Van Jones. It is powerful and lucrative beyond belief. This was done to pave the way for a more palatable Democrat in Connecticut
      Independence News

    2. Greyson Dietrich III

      Mac, btw, Peter Schiff has scared old line liberal org, “Progressive Policy Advocates”, in New England. They are raising money right now for a Schiff smear campaign to run on Connecticut television. If nothing else, he’s drawing their fire and resources!
      Go Peter!
      Independence News

    3. admin

      Greyson, thank you for the comments. I think with all of the games being played in Washington, the taking of the PAC seat to give another Democrat a chance in CT makes perfect sense.

      I figured it was a matter of time before Schiff got attacked. I suspect that we will soon hear more about Mr. Schiff’s father, who is in prison for, I believe, tax evation… Like anyone, Peter Schiff probably has some skeletons in his closet that will soon be hitting the mainstream.

      None the less, he is an excellent candidate and couldn’t be any worse than the people we have in their now.

      We’ll see if Conneticut goes with a new candidate. I wonder if the “republican” label will work for Schiff, or against him. I thought he would run as a third-party candidate, but either way works, I suppose.

    4. Greyson Dietrich III

      Thank you for your response. I heard Peter discuss his father. If they attack him, many in Connecticut will see it as a “badge of honor”. He is a prisoner of conscience. The Libertarian label more perfectly fits the Schiff policies. The Libertarians have done little to establish themselves as well reasoned defenders of the constitution. I think Schiff likes their platform, not necessarily the company they keep.

    5. gregg


      Like all pussy gangsters bullies, Dodd is pulling out now because he knows he will get his ASS fried by Shiff, and Dood will be exposed for what he is…. a gangster, guilty of crimes against the people of America. 

      Expect him to be in some country with no extridition treaty once we start looking into his and his asscoiates dirty laundry.

      Dodd you’re a WIMP…………….. 

    6. admin

      My father used to say “If you want to stop crime in America, start in the White House and Congress and work your way down”.

    7. Bill jones

      I think you are wring about this being good news for Schiff. In a year of hatred for personally corrupt,bought and paid for incumbents, he’s just been deprived of one.

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