Martin Armstrong: Conspiracy Theories Cloaking Reality

by | Oct 13, 2009 | Martin Armstrong | 2 comments

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    Former Chairman of Princeton Economics, Martin Armstrong, discusses financial conspiracy theories in his latest essay.

    Conspiracy Theories can be dangerous from two perspectives. When government jumps to such possibilities as did Herbert Hoover, he destroyed the core trust of capital within government. The second danger, as used in the immediate case, they can be spun far beyond what is actually taking place to make those come forward into nut-jobs in order to cover-up the real true conspiracy. To go so far as to create giant conspiracies to control the world and deliverately destroy the economy as being put forth today, and were in fact use to move Hoover into action, simply lack both credibility and power no less motive and objective.

    The assumption that any group would and has joined together to deliberately force the economy into a meltdown for person profit is absurd. This is anointing them with power and mental capacity that they do not possess.

    This is not some plot from a B-movie of where a secret group is conspiring to rule the world. This is practical reality. Just as the world central banks could never agree so how can there be some plot to coordinate the economy to gain power? Who would rule?

    Martin Armstrong has an interesting take regarding the conpsiratorial aspects of the economy and political structures. Essentially, he suggests that the coordination required to control economies on a global scale is simply too complex to achieve. With so many different power players, clubs and factions from the US, England, China, Russia, and the Middle East, it would be impossible for any one group to exact total control on the system.

    While I do agree with this particular assessment, that does not necessarily mean that there are not greedy, power hungry individuals and factions within certain countries or corporate interests. It may not seem practical, but when has greed every been driven by logic? In my view, greed is emotionally driven, [falsely] filling a void in those who participate. Some of those who vie for power will do whatever it takes to achieve it, regardless of who and how many get hurt in the process. Though it may not be a coordinated global conspiracy, there are [arguably] localized interests at play in the financial, economic and political structures of the United States and other nations.

    I highly respect the work of Martin Armstrong, though I respectfully disagree with his assessment of conspiracies within the financial and power structures of this country.

    Read Martin Armstrong’s essay below and make your own decision on the matter.

    Conspiracy Theories Cloaking Reality 10/5/09


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      1. I read his stuff too… could he be a disinformation agent?

      2. Mac,

        Your couple paragraphs on conspiracy theories verbalizes what I have said all along. Mr. Armstrong, IMO, is avoiding reality as much as the TFHB (Tin Foil Hat Brigade). He’s an anti-conspiracy theorist and as deluded as the TFHB. I consider most of the “conspiracies” as “default conspiracies”. They don’t really intend things to go the way they do but when something gets crossed up nicely, they milk it.

        For instance, the US Gov is trying to jam this Health Care Taxover down our throats just about the time the H1N1 (Historical One Not One) gets hot and heavy. They released the virus to make things worse so the Health Care Taxover could be put in place! See! Its proof! so will say the TFHB.  No, they probably didn’t but, as Rahm “Screw America” Emmanuel says, “Never let a good crisis go to waste…”

        What he says proves what I say. They milk whatever teet is within reach until its dry and then they tell us there is still milk squirting out.

        Thanks for another great article!

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