Marc Faber Videorama: Total Collapse in Second Half of 2009

by | Mar 19, 2009 | Marc Faber | 2 comments

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     Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report was busy in the last few days, offering his ideas on a variety of subjects including the status of the economy, commodities trends, long term investing, near term moves and more! (Video interviews follos excerpts and comments)

    We may still have a rally until about the end of April and then probably a total collapse in the second half of the year when it becomes clear that the economy is a total disaster.

    I suspect that the catalyst for a rally reversal and subsequent total collapse of the markets may stem from one of a number of factors when the mainstream media finally begins reporting the severity of the commercial real estate collapse, U-6 unemployment figures or the billions in credit card defaults – perhaps a combination of all three. This is about the time we should also see Eastern Europe default on loan obligations to Austria, France, and Switzerland, causing even more havoc than we saw in 2008.

    Watch Marc Faber on CNBC March 16, 2009 discussing the current market rally, near-term trends long-term trends, and acquiring Asian stocks:

    Watch Marc Faber on CNBC March 16, 2009 discussing Alcoa, Mining and Commodity Trends:

    Marc Faber and guests on CNBC March 16, 2009 discussing the US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Asian Stocks:

    Marc Faber on CNBC March 16, 2009 discusses Financials in Asia and around the world:


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      1. Comments…..In Every Bull Market…i make a therory of my portfolio..that those stock r in my portfolio….i make them free stock(share)…whenever it will doubled 0r tripplrd….so i am holding many free is it a right therory that i have taken ?????? awaiting ur anwser….last 5 years i have follwed ur comment.

      2. Well, the seond half is here and stocks are still climbing…At least Marc is preparde to put his money where s mouth is (at least, I think he is) and doesn’t sit on the fence. For what it is worth my money is no longer in stocks as Marc isn’t a lone voice. Credit card debt, unemployment and fore closures aplenty


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