The Hypocrisy of Hosni Mu-Barack Obama

by | May 20, 2011 | Karl Denninger | 65 comments

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    The following article has been republished with permission from Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker.

    Our President Has Officially Gone Full Retard

    With all due apologies to intellectually-challenged people – this clown lacks the mental acuity of a fruit fly and is an unabashed liar besides.

    From today’s “Middle East” speech….

    For six months, we have witnessed an extraordinary change take place in the Middle East and North Africa. Square by square; town by town; country by country; the people have risen up to demand their basic human rights.

    That includes rights like peaceful enjoyment of one’s home – the 4th Amendment, pretty much, either in form or substance, right?  So that would make this a problem?

    Barnes contests that the trial court’s failure to advise the jury on the right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers constituted reversible error and that the evidence was insufficient to sustain his convictions. We hold that there is no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.

    He continued….

    Sometimes, in the course of history, the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has built up for years. In America, think of the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat.

    Oh, I see.  And your Treasury Secretary said exactly what about not raising the debt ceiling – you know, effectively refusing to authorize tax increases, which is exactly what Boston was about….

    Oh yeah, that’s right – it’s the old “tanks in the streets” argument.

    This lack of self determination – the chance to make of your life what you will – has applied to the region’s economy as well. Yes, some nations are blessed with wealth in oil and gas, and that has led to pockets of prosperity. But in a global economy based on knowledge and innovation, no development strategy can be based solely upon what comes out of the ground. Nor can people reach their potential when you cannot start a business without paying a bribe.

    And how many permits, taxes and other fees must one pay to set up a business here in the United States?  Exactly how is this not a bribe?

    The United States opposes the use of violence and repression against the people of the region.

    How about violence and repression right here?  A woodcarver, shot dead in Seattle by police for… doing nothing.  A Marine Veteran, serving two tours and then shot dead by the Pima County Sheriff’s SWAT team for…. nothing.  It was an alleged drug raid but there were apparently no drugs in the house.  They did seize money from a different house.  Did the cops violently enter the wrong residence?  What do 71 bullets fired by the police, zero by the homeowner (who is dead, incidentally), and no drugs tell you? (Incidentally, if the cops are that bad of a shot that they need 71 bullets against zero in returned fire and a stationary suspect, can someone tell me what the odds are of innocent people escaping injury or death from this hail of negligently-discharged lead?)  Or how about “Policing for Profit”, where a news crew catches a Tennessee police department making questionable traffic stops as a pretext to search and seize cash, with no evidence of wrongdoing (such as, for example, drugs in the vehicle)?

    Isolated incidents?  Like hell.  They’re in the daily news.

    We support a set of universal rights. Those rights include free speech; the freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of religion; equality for men and women under the rule of law; and the right to choose your own leaders – whether you live in Baghdad or Damascus; Sanaa or Tehran.

    But bankers can rip you off for billions and it’s all ok, right?  How about kicking down doors and entering people’s houses without any legal right to be there, and the police refuse to arrest and bring charges?  One woman had it happen twice and she is not now and never was in foreclosure.

    Let us remember that the first peaceful protests were in the streets of Tehran, where the government brutalized women and men, and threw innocent people into jail.

    That would never happen in a western nation like…. oh…. Canada?  Oh, but they did, and just last year too.  Where was your “free speech” then Mr. Soetero?

    We will support open access to the Internet, and the right of journalists to be heard – whether it’s a big news organization or a blogger.

    Oh really?

    The White House has refused to grant the Boston Herald full access to Barack’s Obama’s fundraiser in the city today, it has emerged.

    In emails sent to the paper a White House spokesman explained that the administration had objected to a front page opinion piece by potential Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

    That only applies as long as The Press doesn’t print something you don’t like….. right Hosni?  I mean, we really should call you Mubarak, not Obama, shouldn’t we?

    What we will oppose is an attempt by any group to restrict the rights of others, and to hold power through coercion – not consent. Because democracy depends not only on elections, but also strong and accountable institutions, and respect for the rights of minorities.

    Does that include those who don’t want to be coerced into buying health “insurance”?

    And for this season of change to succeed, Coptic Christians must have the right to worship freely in Cairo, just as Shia must never have their mosques destroyed in Bahrain.

    Of course in America, Native Americans can worship as they see fit, including using Peyote.  Woe be to you if part of your religion, however, involves the use of a flowering weed (marijuana); that’s proscribed and you’ll go to jail.  Gee, isn’t it funny how religious freedom only works for certainreligions?  (If it matters, I’m Catholic… oh wait, that was a problem at one time too, right?  Prohibition and Communion anyone?)

    After all, politics alone has not put protesters into the streets. The tipping point for so many people is the more constant concern of putting food on the table and providing for a family. Too many in the region wake up with few expectations other than making it through the day, and perhaps the hope that their luck will change. Throughout the region, many young people have a solid education, but closed economies leave them unable to find a job. Entrepreneurs are brimming with ideas, but corruption leaves them unable to profit from them.

    Wild speculation and leverage in commodity markets by big banks looking to make a quick buck don’t have anything to do with that problem, do they?  Oh wait… maybe they do.  So when are you going to put a stop to that crap, Hosni, er, Barack?

    Prosperity also requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress – the corruption of elites who steal from their people; the red tape that stops an idea from becoming a business; the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect.

    Has Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein or Bernanke been arrested yet?  Remember this?

    Isn’t that corruption of elites who steal from their people?  You re-appointed one of the two people involved in doing it to the Chair of the Federal Reserve.  How is it that you didn’t direct Justice to issue indictments instead?

    As for security, every state has the right to self-defense, and Israel must be able to defend itself – by itself – against any threat.

    So we’re going to stop “giving” weapons to Israel?  Would you clarify that position please?

    Oh, and on their borders:

    So while the core issues of the conflict must be negotiated, the basis of those negotiations is clear: a viable Palestine, a secure Israel. The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine. We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their full potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.

    Uh, did you look at a map?  The 1967 borders do not leave the Palestinians with a contiguous state.  Gaza was under Egyptian rule until 1967.  The rest was under Jordanian.  So if that’s “Palestine”, it’s non-contiguous.  By the way, it’s non-contiguous now, and I agree that this is not supportable if one presumes that the West Bank and Gaza form “Palestine.”  At the same time forced land swaps (as opposed to freely-negotiated ones) cannot be permitted either; the previous “negotiations” under Clinton featured the Palestinians losing essentially all of their arable land, which would have rendered them immediately and permanently unable to support their population.

    This is a difficult problem and I agree it has to be solved.  But I don’t know how to solve it at this point and screeching about it won’t make it better.  Doing so might, in fact, make the problem much worse.  And by the way, we and the British broke this originally after WWII with the original partition, which was flatly idiotic to perform in a non-contiguous fashion. If the bottom line is that Israel will not support anything less than the entirety of the landmass being theirs, then let’s just admit that and get it over with.  If that triggers a Middle Eastern war that ultimately resolves this question once and for all that sucks but it’s time for us to quit BSing people and face the facts. And let’s cut the crap about “Democracy”; Israel is, has been and will remain for as long as it exists a Jewish Republic.  The nation has a right to be a Jewish Republic but we have an obligation to stop pretending that it is a secular republic that has anything approaching our First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, because it most-certainly does not.

    We’d be well-advised to stay the hell out of the resolution of this issue if it comes down to shooting, and it might.

    And I would not be standing here today unless past generations turned to the moral force of non-violence as a way to perfect our union – organizing, marching, and protesting peacefully together to make real those words that declared our nation: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.”

    Unless you’re a bankster.  Then you’re more-equal and your license to steal not only remains intact, but will be continually expanded without boundary.

    Let’s dub our President Mu-Barack.  He deserves it.

    (Hattip to the comment on the forum)



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      1. I like how our president says its wrong for somethings to be going on in other nations..when the same things are going on here, and what has been going on here has been insituted by his people and allowed by his system.

        suppression by government.
        raids and killings of innocent people
        starving people
        abuse of power
        corruption in all forms of government
        Mr. have your work here to do..keep our nose out of other countries issues , until you have fixed those same issues here.
        we have no right to point out anyone elses defects.

        Your house is dirty..dont worry about your neighbors..get to work on your own

        we have our rights, lets make sure they are followed here , before worring about how another race, country or other government handles the problem  on their own soil.

        Fear Mongering..thats real close to inciting a riot..itsnt that illegal..? havent this system arresed and tried people for this?
        practice what you preach all you politicians , congress, law makers, and Comander in cheif

        and while your doing that, (because im paying you to do your job)
        pay attention to the needs of your country and your people, and respect their human rights..because Mr President I have heard you preach this, to other nations and you best bring it on home. that is if you are to be trusted..(there my fellow citizens, is the rub) trust

      2. Actually, I see the external hork-ups as a good thing, long-term.

        Wait! Bear with me here…

        * Obama has managed to throughly anger every Jewish and pro-Israel political contributor he had, which means less money for his campaign in 2012. He was able to BS a lot of these folks in 2008, which in turn meant a lot more money in his campaign back then.

        * Most of the young crowd that gleefully supported him back then are still out of work. Most kids that I’ve spoken with here in Portland, OR (think of it as a political outpost of San Francisco), have become fully disillusioned with him and his policies. Lose Multnomah County, and you lose Oregon (not like it means much electorially, but…) I think that Obama will likely not carry Oregon if he keeps this up.

        * Fortunately, Israel does enjoy a period of time when most of her potential enemies are weakened or unable to do squat. Only Iran could pull off a dumb stunt, but they aren’t stupid (or capable) enough to try anything, at least not with the newly liberated (and still US protected, politically) Iraq sitting in their way. Even internally, the whole “Palestinian” cause has lost a lot of steam (and financial backing), to the point where they’re less of a well-oiled machine and more of a nuisance (a lethal nuisance at times, but still…)

        * The rash of internal civil revolution of the Arab nations all around Israel, coupled with the results being (excepting Libya) peacefully democratic in outcome has removed a lot of the steam – especially from the radical/extremist (as opposed to peaceful) Muslim-based movements and organizations. 

        * As of now, Israel’s only real external enemies at this point are Syria (who is trying to keep their own people –and Lebanon– under control) and Iran (who currently isn’t stupid enough to plow through Iraq just to get at Israel).  

        This all means that we have some room to watch Obama self-immolate his career a bit on the international front. 


        Now internally? Well, keeping him in check requires throwing out every worthless congress-critter we have, which would leave only a handful still employed there if we actually did that. :/

      3. Love this post.

        Where was the Ministry of Truth after this speech? The propaganda in this country is seriously surpassing the fictional Nineteen Eighty Four.  

        I would say that while it does seem Obama has gone full retard, I feel like those who run him are actually doing a great job of advancing their agenda. Despite the fact that everything he says is so blatantly false and double speak, most people buy into this. He’ll probably be re-elected, and if not, someone else who will pull the same crap.

      4. I didn’t surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender. They have him pulling a wagon up in Kansas I bet.

      5. There are no Men and Women left in America, or at least very few.  The vast majority have become cogs in the corporation.
        The country will continue down the same path until enough exit the corporation and return to freedom.  Mu-Barack speaks to those in the corporation stupid enough to believe him.
        But the idiots who believe him are not the real problem.  It is the ones who do not believe in the corporation but continue to serve it, by paying the IRS a good part of their earnings and paying all the other fees associated with being a corporate person.
        Either you fully support the corporation or you fully reject it. A single act of support means total support.

      6. I wonder how our president would feel if we started having other countries help us with trying to oust him. Suddenly it would be that they need to mind their own business. And to be fair, both parties have done their share of forced regime change over the years.

      7. I like the way you think Chuckles. 

      8. The future is uncertain and the end is always near – Jim Morrison, Roadhouse

        It’s time to lock’n load…there are more men left in Amerika than you give credit for GC. Hunger will motivate the masses. Tar, feathers and ropes from trees will be the order of the day by the end of summer. The end is always near, and getting nearer all the time.

        GMAFB – I stopped apologizing years ago


      9. I would like my next president (without waiting for it) to be a mix of Herman Cain’s sensibility, Ted Nugent’s gun rights & Trump’s balls/wife.

      10. That would be a large pair of God Fathers pizza with an imported pudding face that knows how to clean his gun. face!ovenia

      11. Today, obama’s 60 day “war power” ends.  He hasn’t even approached Congress to ask for continuation.

        What makes this guy special?  Above the law?  Even big governemtn Bush got Congressional approval for his wars!!!

        He/obama fancies himself a dictator who doesn’t have to answer to the people nor Congress. 

        I’d say impeach the loser but then we’d have biden……

        Worst President since Jimmy Carter.  And worse than him.

      12. Yes, but we’re not sure who to blame, Kenya, Hawaii, Chicago or where ever he got his fake social security number.

      13. We need not get involved in foreign countries.  Remember, what goes around comes around & we don’t want these foreign countries too one day mettle in our domestic problems.

      14. there are more men left in Amerika than you give credit for GC.
        GMAFB,  I, of course, hope you are correct.  Somehow, I doubt it.  The people have convinced themselves, with a lot of help, that they are powerless to leave the corporation.  There are no Men in the corporation.
        If you have an SSN, you are NOT a Man.
        If you have a license from the corp, you are NOT a Man.
        If you have “money” in the corp, you are NOT a Man
        If you vote in the corp, you are NOT a Man.
        Free people are very hard to find, and far too many believe it is “illegal” to be free.  Until that changes and “men” become Men, there is little hope in fighting the corp.
        The answer is simple.  Leave the corp and be free.

      15. How do you pay for your internet service provider Gods Creation?  Last time I let him out I was still a man in the physical sense.

      16. So lemme guess GC, you have no SSN, you have no driver license, you don’t vote or pay taxes.  I suppose you also believe the straw man stuff and have dissolved your citizenship in the country.  It would work if the rule of law still existed and they didn’t have more guns than you do, let alone any army of lawyers.
        I agree the corporations of the WORLD have been the cause of the downfall of not only the country, but the world and man individually.  Unfortunately, until the primary corporation – The United States Government, INC. in dissolved permanently, you can eschew your rhetoric until the cows come home and it won’t do a damned bit of good.
        While I’ve done all I can to remove myself from the everyday influences of the country, there are some things that you won’t be able to remove until the country has gasped it’s last breath.  For example, my wife still works in the corporate world, and while I would love to not see her taxes removed from her paycheck PRIOR to her receiving it, it is to no avail.  There is no way to retrieve it from the beast after it has it’s claws on it…no matter how hard you try.
        I’m betting you still shop in local stores…do you refuse to pay the sales tax?  I’m betting they don’t let you out the door with the stuff you wanna buy.
        When you pull up to the pump to buy gasoline, do you refuse to pay the corporate taxes on the gas you buy?  I bet not…you’re still as captive as the rest of us
        It would be nice to be as free as you think you are, but I’m betting that in reality you aren’t any more free than I am…Freedom is a state of mind, and my mind says that I’m as free as I can be at the moment.
        GMAFB – nope, still no apologies here…

      17. Did I mention I’m black & Jewish!

      18. @McLovin…we won’t hold that against you…

      19. That’s alright.  I take it with me everywhere I go.

      20. GMAFB..Ive been on this board for a while, and Its something thats been buggin me, I wanted to ask a while back but didnt..

        I gotta..whats up with the “No apologies” Nope Nada..aint going to happen and all of that..I musta missed it.

      21. @VRF It relates to a tit-for-tat with Mushroom long ago…he gave me a big rash o’sh*t about crisp $10 Fradulent Reserve Notes and keeping them in #10 cans and how they were so much better than metals you can hold in your hand…he demanded an apology. I refused, so I’ve just been refusin’ ever since…so don’t ask for one — I’m all out!

        @McLovin…my Savior was a Jew, and so’s my father-in-law…I have more black friends than I can count on my fingers and toes…no offense intended — luvya “MAN”…

        GMAFB – hehheee, nada

      22. GMAFB,,, ahhhh Ok..yep I remember now…doh…my bad

        my memory isnt what it was

      23. BTW…where is ‘ol Mushroom? havent heard from him in a while

      24. @VRF if he hasn’t died on his island in Alaska, I’m sure he’s still lurking and storing crisp $10 bills and #10 cans…some thought he was quite the satirist, but for me I was never quite amused with his particular brand — my lack of humor I suppose…therefore I don’t miss him.

        GMAFB – nope, still none

      25. You have to call him and he will appear overnight.

      26. VRF, GMAFB,
        I liked mushroom’s postings. At the beginning i thought he was some kind of psycho and nuts.
        But reading his entries, i believe that he was self-sarcastic and humorous.
        Maybe his writting was weird, and many of us may felt some kind of aggressiveness.
        We may need some different opinion or point of view. If we all aggreed, we would reach a point of no interest in discussions.
        I don’t know.
        Be safe guys.

      27. It took some time for me to figure him out,, I think i got it though..
        he didnt want to say exactly what was on his mind or how he really true know..incase someone was watching..or in the future it come back to bite him..I completely got least that way if that was his intentions..

        I have been known to be tongue in cheak at times..i just felt that was his approach..maybe im off

      28. VRF,
        I know what you mean. Some sort of defense meachanism.
        His heart understands what shtf is, and how it is developing according to the elite’s plan.
        His brain though, cannot absorb the truth so he reacts by “gathering” 10 dollar bills.
        Weird stuff.

      29. “So lemme guess GC, you have no SSN, you have no driver license, you don’t vote or pay taxes.  I suppose you also believe the straw man stuff and have dissolved your citizenship in the country.  It would work if the rule of law still existed and they didn’t have more guns than you do, let alone any army of lawyers.”
        I have no contracts involving a SSN.  I do not carry a drivers license or any other government property in or on my truck at ANY time.  I do not vote in the corporation, and I pay every penny of “tax” to the IRS that it is due (which happens to be none in my case, but I can’t make determinations for you.)  I do not have a “corporate” mailing address.  I have not filed any tax returns since the early 90’s and am unaware of any requirement for me to do so.  If you know of any law that requires it of me, please let me know.  The IRS has been unable to provide one for many years, so I must be right.
        The strawman is for real if you check it out.  The problem is that too many people try to use the strawman for “evading” the corporations contracts in courts that enforce those contracts whether they exist or not.  Once you show up in the corporation courts you have given it jurisdiction to proceed against you, strawman or not.  If you have no contracts, there is no dispute they can resolve, notwithstanding their army of “Attorneys”.
        It is not that difficult to ignore the corporations and live free.  Freedom is a state of mind and mine is 100% clear about where my rights come from, who protects them, and who they need to be protected from.  If I have to die to protect them, I will.
        My strawman was sued for the last contract it was under, which I let default because it was the last straw for the strawman.  Let them do as they wish with it, but they can not collect from me.  I have nothing in its NAME.  Everything the Family owns is in a Family Trust, and I am the Trustee for that Trust.  The terms of the Trust need never be disclosed to anyone, especially the corp., which lacks jurisdiction over the Trust property.
        All of the corporations actions are based on the recovery of Federal Reserve Notes from Gov. Corp entities such as Social Security Numbers.  Avoid contracting with a SSN and there is nothing for them to take.
        Are we equally free?  Don’t know.  Are you as free as you can be right now?  Don’t know.  But I can tell that you still fear what the corporation can do to you.  I have no such fear.  It knows not where I live, and I have nothing registered with it to be taken.
        It does not matter how many guns it has, does it?  Three Mexicans with one gun each has one more than you could ever use at once.
        You can not be free if you are still afraid the corporation can take that freedom, or any other property you have.  What most don’t realize is that the corp, when dealing in notes and commercial paper (FRN) is acting in the character of a PRIVATE corporation, not unlike Walmart, so says the Supreme Court before it became a purely corporate entity..  It has every right to take it’s commercial paper back from those who are using it.
        Quit using it.  Quit using it’s numbers.  Quit giving it your property through registration.  And quit working for corporations created by it.
        While not everyone can do those things, it should be the goal and everybody should strive to separate as much as possible from those corps.  It starts small, but each step away from the corp means greater freedom.  If they can not find your property, they can not take it.  But if you do nothing and blindly comply with corp rules, what is yours is theirs.

      30. Yeah its code…for “I get it”, but am too afraid to say what i really feel for fear of retallitation from TPAB

        its called redirection…something the government is always they should recognise it…or, probably not

      31. very interested in your views

        as the “corp” I believe….

        any of you want to know who you are in the “corp”..look at your bills

        your name is all in Capitol letters, look at your Credit card statements, bank statements, drivers,…etc..

        this is not YOU…do you write your name like this JOHN DOH? you do it like this John Doh..

        people..this is just the tip of the ice burg..and this Titanic of a country is headded right for it full steam a head got an e-mail we can correspond?

      32. @GC… Heavy sigh, yep yer right, who am I to argue with one as righteously indignant and as all knowing as you…I shoulda known better than to think anyone could be as free and as unencumbered as you are…

        Please forgive me for being so blind and ignorant…I’ve never read or studied the straw man any of the information you have expounded on nor have I considered any of it….I’ve lived my life in a freakin’ bubble. Of course for you, your freedom, your claims and such we’ll just have to take your word for it. We’ll never know because this is the internet and you can say anything you want, regardless. If you live in this country, you are participating, no matter how much you want everyone to believe that you’re free. Kinda like Obummer, he says he killed Osama — well I guess we just have to believe him, no corpse, no problem.

        By the way GC, I fear only one thing…God Himself. Only he has any power over me. That goes for you and all of the rest. Three beaners with guns? I’ll get at least one before they get me.

        GMAFB – apologies, none here


      33. Comments…..I agree somewhat with GC but for different reasons. Bear with me, and I’ll tell you about an article I read quite some time ago, from the writings of Jeff Cooper. “Survivor”-It goes… In the 1980’s, enrolled in one of Jeff’s European classes was a German identified as “Gerhardt”. He had been a ‘Waffen’ SS storm trooper captured by the Soviets at the end of WWII. Gerhardt told Jeff that in 1945 he was in a camp with 30,000 other soldaten held in a frigid labor camp in northern Russia. It was work or starve to death. Gerhardt and a handfull of others reckoned that with 200 men they could take over the camp, then worry about plan B. Out of 30,000 men in camp they only got 10. As Gerhardt pronunced,” It seems that a real man is the exception rather than the rule”. Undeterred, Gerhardt claimed he was experienced at typewriter repair, got a Russian guard alone and killed him with a chair. He took the guard’s rifle and clothes, and crept out of camp in the middle of winter. Gerhardt survived, traveling by rail and on foot, enduring numerous detours and delays. He lived by stealth, ruthlessness, and uttering rarely a word. He killed when necessary, recalling around twenty times but less than fifty. This trek back home amounted to a year and a half. Do the math….. out of 70 million gun owners, that just 23,000 men who might be willing to do whats necessary. Even during the revolutionary war, roughly one-third of Americans remained loyal to the King, one third chose not to get involved fearing personal loss, or just plain scared. We know what the remaining third accomplished. The question will always remain, just how many GOOD men are really out there to do whats necessary?

      34. GMAFB said “it would be nice to be as free as you think you are.” Excellent thought! It shows a level of perception of reality that is, unfortunately, very rare.
        Gods Creation knows that many on this site agree with his basic premise of getting out from under the corporation. We just can’t see how it’s possible to disconnect totally and still function in our daily lives. ( I know, GC, you’d say it’s ignorance or fear that keeps us in the corp, and you’d probably be right) There is just one little thing I’d like to ask GC though. Under whose laws or system is the ‘trust’ set up? Under whose laws does it function? And if the US gov were to change all the laws regarding trusts and you were to lose all the benefits/rights you now have, what would you do?  Just asking (no antagonism or sarcasm intended)

      35. Comments…..I know what I just submitted has a little bit of a different cant in regards to GC’c post. I do understand what GC is getting at and basically I agree with him. However at this time I cannot make the “break” either subtle or all in one motion. Unfortunately  it appears that Im going to have to slug it out the best I can and give it my all from the position I’m presently in. If I was alone, on my own, I would not hesitate to “pull the pin” and do just what GC describes.

      36. We interrupt these comments to briefly return to the topic of the article, which was…uh…oh yeah, our man-boy prez and his self-percieved status as our glorius leader, not to be questioned in any matter. Seems that today the Iraeli prime minister had to bitch-slap him. Netanyahu, speaking to the press just after obama had spoken, basically said “everything barry said in his speech yesterday, AINT GONNA HAPPEN.” It was pretty embarassing for man-boy and he was obviously po’d when he heard it.
        Never ending wars in the mideast: $trillions
        Yearly aid to Israel: $billions
        Seeing the emperor being told he is naked: Priceless! 

      37. VRF
        Don’t get hung up on the NAME and crap like that.  The fact is, everything is tied to the Social Security Number and the “benefit” of having one.  While not a contract, the corp treats it as one at it’s convenience and your expense in it’s corporate courts.
        There is no law that requires anybody to have or use one, but it can be required by any of the gov corps to issue a number based benefit.  Anything attached to a SSN, including the number itself is government property.
        Sometimes when you go to court you will be treated like the trustee with a fiduciary relationship to the SS Trust, sometimes you will be the beneficiary.  Depends on what they are trying to get from you or you from it, you have no say, and they never tell you which one you are.  It is that way in all corp matters.  In all matters of importance to the corp the court assumes trustee role over both sides and they are all beneficiaries without a say.
        In private matters, it’s all about the contract.  If there is disagreement about the contract, the judge rewrites it for the parties through its orders.
        As far as taxes go, it is not possible to earn “wages” in the Codes unless you are working under a voluntarily signed W-4 with a SSN attached.  If these things are not used, no reporting can be made and the IRS has no claim on the property because it is not shown as the property of a SSN.  They will tell you that.
        While these are not necessary to work, the gove corp has now trained all of the officers in all of its corps, public and private, that is is required to work.  The effect is that everyone is forced to accept the public office required to hold a SSN in order to work for a corporation.
        A lot of what you read about these things on the internet is garbage.  Many people are trying to find a silver bullet that will kill the corporation in its courts.  It IS the court.  It has nothing to give you, and is only looking to take from anyone who enters.
        I DO NOT give tax advice to others, nor legal advice.  You must decide for yourself if the tax laws apply to you, and how.  Go to
        It will teach you everything you need to know.
        I am glad you are free and without fear of the corp.  I, like the government, have no freedom to give you or take away.  If you feel you are as free as you can be and that is good enough for you, I am happy for you.
        I am as free as I can be as well.

      38. So I guess according to GC’s criteria I’m not free. I speed therefore I get pulled over so I must have a license and insurance available at all times. I am not independently wealthy so I must work and maintain a mortgage. I vote because it’s the only chip I have in the game so I use it no matter how insignificant it might be. Such is life.
        But commenting on the original article – I find it interesting that just weeks after Hamas and the Palestinian authority unite, Obama supports their position in the “peace” process, essentially supporting a terrorist group’s position. I find it interesting that Obama wants to forgive 1 billion in egyptian debt and lend them another billion on top of that, essentially supporting the current military dictatorship, whose highly publicized frontrunner in whatever elections they might have is the Muslim Brotherhood, an anti-western way of life organization who can’t wait to wipe the jews then the Americans off the face of the earth i yeah let’s help these guys out shall we? And then I find it interesting that Obama’s views on the “Arab Spring” are nearly identical to those of Osama bin Laden’s – what ideology drives this president? What is his true agenda? Because I have yet to see it be pro-American.

      39. @SmokinOkie — I agree with GC that it would be paradise (actually it would be the republic we started out with long ago) if we were able to completely check out of the corporate system, but unfortunately if you live on this planet and in this country (USA) you are in one way or another participating in the corporate scam. I understand the straw man concepts, the all capital name concepts, and the corporation concepts probably as well as most. I also know there are many people doing time and wearing an orange jumpsuit that have tried to do it too and they are paying the price. VRF – there’s tons of information available out this subject…google is your friend.

        Good on you GC if you’ve checked out and survived as long as you say you have. Am I willing to abandon my family to pursue what I would like reality to be? No, no matter how much I believe you are conceptually right I am unwilling to jeopardize my family for what your definition of freedom may or may not be. I would like to see us all live as free men, but that isn’t going to happen on this planet as long as men are assuming control in one way or another — which means it just ain’t gonna happen.

        Any trust that has been set up under any government on this planet can be pierced and dissolved. You now live in a country without the rule of law. The government can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Any and all property can be confiscated. He who has the gold (and the guns) makes the rules — the only thing we can do in self defense is die trying to say no you can’t. Until we finally decide to rise up and rid ourselves of the shackles that we have allowed to be placed on ourselves and upon mankind as a whole, then we must resist where, when and how we can. I mean no disrespect to GC, but there are many among us who have to eat, provide for our loved ones and pay our bills. The corptocracy has grown out of hand over the last 50 years (actually much longer than that), and to that there are many who went to school, got an education and a job within society never believing that they would become the slaves they have become. It is simplistic to say don’t use your SSN numbers, or don’t get a driver license, or don’t have a bank account or place your property in a trust…I don’t for example, choose to live my life waiting to be stopped by the LEO because I choose not to register my vehicle and don’t have a license plate or have a driver license. I know these things are unlawful, and they shouldn’t be in place let alone enforced. But until we finally choose to overthrow the laws and conditions that have been placed on us by those who have wormed their way into positions of power, you should consider well just what good you can do you family if you are behind razor wire and locked up 24/7 with Ramone…

        And if you’re still voting what are you thinking? If voting really mattered would they even let you do it?

        GMAFB – sheesh…

      40. Im very aware of the information on it, thats why i brought it up..:’)

        was just using the NAME thing to make a point of your tie in to their corp.  

        Im very open minded to these things ..

      41. Smokin Okie asks
        Under whose laws or system is the ‘trust’ set up? Under whose laws does it function? And if the US gov were to change all the laws regarding trusts and you were to lose all the benefits/rights you now have, what would you do?
        The Trust is private.  Anybody can set up a Trust.  The government need not know about it unless they try to take the Trusts property, all of which should be transferred to the Trust in Notarized documents proving FULL LEGAL TITLE is held by the Trust.  I have a Notarized Certificate of Ownership for any property of value the Trust holds.  If the govcorp wants to take it, they have to prove an interest and the trust documents are there to prove it has no interest and I as Trustee have the final say in Trust property.
        If you want to be safer and register the cars or trucks, they can be registered in the name of the Trust.  You can also get any cars you own Titled in the Name of the Trustee
        The gov corp can no longer take the proerpty from you because it is not yours.  It belongs to a Trust they can not touch.
        You establish the rules of the Trust, not the government.  As the Trustee, the property is at your disposal for the beneficiaries, which are myself and my family members.
        If you have an attorney work on anything, enjoy being a Ward of the court.  You resign your Trustee position upon the declaration that you are incompetent, as demonstrated by hiring an officer of the court to “represent” you.  Of course, attorney participation in any Trust matter should be denied by the rules of the Trust, as well as having any matter heard by a Judge of a corporate court.  One way is to require a jury of random people from the street to hear any claim made by any officer of the corporation.  Holds with Constitutional law and eliminates the corp court.
        Notarization PROVES the existence of the Trust and the courts, corrupted as they are, would have to recognize it and your fiduciary duties as Trustee to abide by the rules of the Trust.
        For those who said they can’t break away all at once, nobody can.  It is a step by step process and takes a long time.  If you can make money without the corporations job, you can go a long way towards freedom.  If you can get by without  bank credit, you can all but disappear.   All they can take is what is on their records, so the less you put on the records the better.
        Freedom is a journey, not a destination.  My advice to all is to get as close as you can as quickly as you can.

        And I would not be standing here today unless past generations turned to the moral force of non-violence as a way to perfect our union – organizing, marching, and protesting peacefully …..?!?!?!

        Does he even know about the 1700 Tea Party and our fight with England??

      43. GC- thanks. I saved the link you posted earlier and will revisit the site when I have more time to dig into it. Looks pretty interesting from the few minutes I spent on it. Thanks again.      okie

      44. I know these things are unlawful, and they shouldn’t be in place let alone enforced. But until we finally choose to overthrow the laws and conditions that have been placed on us by those who have wormed their way into positions of power, you should consider well just what good you can do you family if you are behind razor wire and locked up 24/7 with Ramone…

      45. +1 Z!  #1 is a man child with an ass hat.  GC, you have been holding back on us, thanks.

      46. Oops, hit the wrong button
        GMAFB’s comment pasted above shows a big part of the problem.  It says until WE choose to overthrow the laws.
        There is no WE.  Each must do for themselves.  There are millions of people who are waiting for something to come along and set them free.  And they keep asking the corporation to give it to them.
        The people will become free ONE AT A TIME.  It is only after enough people have gotten free on their own that they will be able to come together as free people and rebuild the Republic.  Until then, WE is just a bunch of slaves fighting the master.
        When each Man is ready, he will become free on his own.  No permission is needed.  He will no longer ask for permission to fish or hunt, or to travel with his private property.  he will be prepared for the  misinformed corp members he runs across, and tell them what they want to hear just like with any other thief robbing them.
        We the People can do nothing that each of the “people” do not do INDIVIDUALLY first.  Be free first, then worry about making freedom “legal”.  Fight for the freedom you have, not the freedom you want.

      47. The woodcarver clearly deserved it. The “officer” clearly said the man was assaulting the board. We cannot tolerate the assault of innocent boards in our society. Stop the madness.

        The gubmint at every level ignores laws at will. Any legal trust means nothing if they want something from you.

        Amerika is FUBAR. The best hope for any fix is to break the beast into pieces and emmigrate to the most sane part.

      48. All this talk of “freedom”…

        Freedom is a relative entity, and depends on the reality of the observer. If you’re not at present incarcerated in prison, you are free, no? Free to eat whatever you want, drive wherever you want, watch whatever you want on TV…

        On the other hand, we can’t eat each other, we can’t just drive through a military base or nuclear plant without being shot, and we cannot seem to get truth (or at least another side to the story) out of the TV news programming…Ergo, we’re not free.

        You see, all in the eye of the beholder.
        IMO, the only freedom you need to worry about is the ability to resist the
        chip implants in the near future…  

      49. sigh… the sad thing is it’s already to late… ;0)

        America is actually 64 Trillion dollars in debt and will never recover from that!

        They have no choice but to lock down America and Enslave you all to severe austerity much like slaves chained to a war galley bench and force all you lil ‘ americans to ROW or they’ll punish you with lashes from the IRS’s lash , threat of Prison an send Billy Bad Ass local Cops to your door and make you kiss their guns!

        It’s GAME OVER silly Debt Slaves!

        All you can do now is ………. RUN!

      50. ninaorket

        The game is only over for the government, and those who contract with it and work for it, which is ANYBODY who uses a SSN and has property attached to one.
        The only thing to run from is the contract.  NEVER sign anything from the government.  If anybody asks you to, RUN!

      51. @manos & other (esp GMAFB)  hypoapologetic  goldrats.

        I’M BACK ! ! ! and in better form than ever… gobble some assorted multivitamin/mineral tablets and brace yourselves for more intelligent and liberating highly informative comments and life saving suggestions from your hardworking friend schroom… 

        unfortunately, unlike all you unemployed and/or underemployed carpetbagging quallude addicted drifters and womanizing freaks i have to work to support myself and several relatives and the rest of the neighborhood  –   so i have to go now and repair a pair of turbocharged 16v-92 diesel engines that recently aspirated salt water in a bad storm.

        continue to save federal reserve notes in #10 cans and i shall return shortly.

        your friend,

        /s/  mushroom  

      52. Glad to have you back. I mean it.
        Take care.

      53. I regret opening this can of worms with Gods Creation…however, what is done is done. Apparently you didn’t understand my previous post.

        I fear no man or anything on the planet. My freedom is not dependent upon the world.

        I am normally opposed to diaphraxing with someone and made the mistake of opening a dialogue with you.

        As my old pappy used to say “don’t argue with a fool…onlookers have a hard time telling the difference”.

        Freedom is not a part of this world. As one who uses the moniker of “Gods Creation” I falsly assumed that you and I were talking about the same God. Let me see if I can clarify what I wanted to communicate to you.

        As one who is born again — yep, I really did have a face-to-face encounter with the Lord – the real Jesus – a number of years back (scoffers, forget about it…I’ve heard it all before). I know what happened, and there is an imprint upon my life and mind that cannot be erased.

        You are seeking freedom in this world. It does not and can not be found here except in the person of Jesus Christ. Just a little bit of reading will help you to understand. Be sure to use the King James version of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), it is the only reliable translation available.

        In John 8:32 Jesus said: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

        In John 8:36 He said: If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

        In John 3:3 Jesus said: Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

        In John 3:7 he went on to say: Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

        Now for the good part…you can be set free from this world GC. You are concerned about saving the things of this world that you believe have value…but you don’t seem to realize that you and I are just dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind (thank you Kansas). There is nothing material in this world worth saving. The purpose of this passage on this planet is to find and establish your relationship to the Creator of the Universe — God. So if you’ve read this far, there is still hope…you’re still breathing.

        Jesus said: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:16-17.

        He has other truth to help you to understand that what you are trying to preserve is worthless…

        Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Mat 6:20-21

        In Heb 13:6 it is written: So that we may boldly say, The Lord [is] my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

        and finally in Romans 38-39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

        I have always said that God leaves death for last because that must be the best thing that happens in this world. Freedom is absolute in Jesus Christ, it is relative in the world. Turn to Jesus, the real one while you still can.

        As for you mushroom — no time to waste, I want onlookers to always be able to determine the difference.

        GMAFB – It has been said that everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Find peace and death is nothing to fear.

      54. I’m not a freak but my Hooter’s girfriend’s girlfriend is. 

      55. You should never tease a rat with gold……I mean a Dorito chip.

      56. I have to watch him double speak on tv Sunday morning too…

      57. In as much as others have taken it upon themselves to post comments on the hypocrisy of obammy and done yoemans work toward that end, and seeing that their efforts continue to come short of perfection, I shall now enlighten you all with my Ultimate Comment on our (in)glorious leader. Yes, it’s way short of perfection too but it’s worth what you paid for it, right?
        Ba-rock Hoo-sane Oh-bomba is a shill for the nwo and he knows it! He doesn’t care. The office he occupies allows him to further his own marxist beliefs and at the same time it lets him live like a king. He doesn’t know or care if his socialist agenda will be completely fulfilled, but he enjoys pushing amerika in that direction, plus, even the position of ‘just one of many underlings’ in Evil, Inc still has lots of perks. He enjoys the perks. I think it really is that simple!
         At his core, obammy is a nihillistic, misanthropic sociopath. (don’t ask me what those words mean, I can barely spell them) This core directs much of his personality and is only exposed when he is caught off guard. Around the core is a thick layer of marxist idealogue (his 2nd personality) This layer guides his attempts at making policy. He really believes this ideology too, it’s just subservient to his core. Finally, around the 2nd layer is a thin, and often cracking, shell of public persona. This shell is the smart, well dressed, articulate obammy. I say it often cracks for obvious reasons. He has been known to say and do things quite at odds with the public shell. This is his major weakness but, unfortunately, it is also the shell which the media portrays exclusively and which his followers focus on, even if they have to willfully ignore his obvious 2nd and 3rd layer attributes. Maybe it would help if we all began to refer to obammy as Mr Egg or Humpty Dumpty. No doubt he will have a great fall, I just wish he wouldn’t try to take us all down with him.

      58. @SmokinOkie – I just wish he’d hurry…I’m tired of even breathing the same air. All of what you said is true, even if I don’t understand all of the nickel words you’ve used!

        GMAFB – Bye, bye Miss Amerikan pie…

      59. GMAFB
        “He has other truth to help you to understand that what you are trying to preserve is worthless…”
        All I seek to preserve is the life and freedom God gave me.  Not quite worthless, as you suggest, albeit temporary.
        And hopefully at some point I can help  one or more others to leave the corp and join Gods real world instead.  When there are enough who have freedom to protect (as opposed to fighting for freedom they do not have) things MIGHT be able to change.
        Can of worms closed.

      60. Okie, your words are long on perfection and I have paid for it, more than I will ever realize.  egghead is an anointed shell.

      61. It’s truly sad that the first black man elected as President cannot do any better than a failed,white,Harvard schooled,Rich oil man’s son who was a complete and utter failure as President.Many had high hopes,but after seeing his voting record,I had doubts.Now the doubts are fully realized.Another bad day in America.At least we know that even Black people can make a mess of things just like White people many times do,given the chance.
        Best to ALL

      62. He’s not finished yet Grayfoxgreen.  You haven’t seen anything yet.  When questioned the most difficult thing about being in office he did not even mention the troops that die under his decisions.  Now he is over in Europe politicking for world office.  Which part of him is black & why does that matter?  The ass hat is full of himself.
        Why is it that I feel that many of the black women here are scorned?  grenade!!!!!

      63. Netanyahu for president!  He acts more American than egghead.

      64. The Pat riot Act will never go away anonymous. Don’t you just hear the dims fighting it now that their puppet is in charge. The G8 is discussing your nonfuture now. And they think they are the beautiful people. They remind me of the kind that took the mark.

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