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Jim Rogers on Cash, Gold and Food

Mac Slavo
March 16th, 2009

 Jim Rogers interviewed on March 13, 2009 talks about the current (3 day) market rally, China and US Treasuries, global currencies, hard assets, and ‘profitable banks’.

Some points:

  • Massive short-squeeze on the dollar forcing liquidations and artificially raising the strength of the dollar.
  • Still no cash safe-haven, including problems with the Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc
  • Real Assets (commodities) still have enhanced fundamentals and may be one of the few safehavens during crisis
  • Owns gold, but likes silver even more
  • Bank industry may have a big rally. Banks still have serious problems. Jim Rogers indicates he is short selling JP Morgan due to giant derivative positions and credit card debt.
  • Nothing constructive will come out of G20 meeting
  • Food inventories around the world are low. shortage of credit lending to farmers. shortage of farmers. Expects agriculture to be one of the best investments for the next 20 years.

Listen to Jim Rogers Interview March 14, 2009:

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: March 16th, 2009

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