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Jim Rogers: China and Europe Distancing Themselves from US Recovery Plans

Mac Slavo
March 27th, 2009

Jim Rogers appears on Fox Business on March 25, 2009 to talk about the USA and how the rest of the world views our stimulus and bailouts, and what we could expect from the rest of the world in the future.

China is the largest creditor nation in the world. The United States is the largest debtor nation in the world. China’s going to be less affected by the downturn. They will be affected. Some parts of their economy are not even going to be affected. They’re going to come out of this very strong.

After the next re-collapse of the market, taking a closer look at China might be a good idea. Perhaps one could score some serious deals for cheap before a China/Asian recovery gets under way in a year or two. The US, however, may have some serious issues for many years to come.

The Europeans and Germany are saying America is making mistakes. China is saying America is making mistakes. Many other countries are saying America is making mistakes. Who’s following our lead? The Europeans, except the English, are saying don’t do it that way.

The rest of the world may be starting to realize that we don’t know what we’re doing here in the USA and many will stop trying to ‘fix’ the problem the way we are trying here in the States. The world may have looked at America for answers, but when our markets correct again in the near future, many will see that we may be in an unfixable situation.




Watch Jim Rogers on Fox Business March 25, 2009 (Part 1 of 2):

Watch Jim Rogers on Fox Business March 25, 2009 (Part 2 of 2):

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: March 27th, 2009

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