The Great “Depression”

by | Nov 15, 2010 | Howard Katz | 32 comments

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    The One-handed Economist took a new position in its letter of Sept. 17, 2010 shifting its commodity holdings from gold to silver. Another change of position is in a special bulletin issued Nov. 10, 2010. However, since this is so recent, in order to learn the contents a subscriber must cross my palm with silver. (See below.)

    Today I would like to continue my discussion of the (so-called) Great Depression as this is the giant lie which is behind most of the other economic lies which have deceived so many people and cost them so much money.

    What is a depression? It is a period in a country’s economic history where the large majority of the people become poorer. It is alleged that such a period occurred in the early 1930s. I have pointed out previously that Economic Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, reports that during this period Americans shifted from margarine to butter. They increased their per capita meat consumption (from 129 lb to 144 lb.). And they gave (substantially) more to charity. Further, real wages rose during this period, and the savings of the average American increased in value (buying power) by 30%. This does not sound like a getting poorer to me.

    Let us examine the increase in buying power of the average American’s savings. In the early 1930s, the average American saved and had been saving since interest was legalized (by Noah Webster) in the 1780s. Given an average interest rate of 5% (normal through the 19 th century and up until 1933) the average person’s savings would multiply by 4.25 times over the course of his working lifetime.

    Average annual wages in manufacturing in America for 1933 were $1,086. At first glance, this sounds like a small amount of money, but one must bear in mind that in early 1933 the country was on the gold standard, and prices were much lower than they are today. In 1933, a new car could be purchased for $400. A two bedroom apartment (San Francisco) could be rented for $25/mo. And a gallon of gas cost a dime. (That dime, by the way, was .075 oz. of silver, which exchanges today for $1.95.)

    But I have not found that the careful recitation of statistics has much effect on believers in the Great Depression. The more dispassionate and factual I become the more emotional they become. “But, Mr. Katz, what about the bread lines? What about 25% unemployment? Have you no heart, Mr. Katz.

    Actually, I do have a heart. It is the defenders of the Great Depression who lack common humanity because the lies of the Great Depression are carefully calculated to defend the interests of the rich and powerful and injure the common man. Let us examine a little history.

    There was a phenomenon very similar to the “depression” of the 1930s in the period 1873-79. Prominent businessmen (e.g., Jay Cooke) went bankrupt. Unemployment was high, and prices declined.

    And yet, the party in power (the Republicans) were not kicked out of office in the 1876 election. Nobody seemed to know that America was in a depression. The unemployment was absorbed fairly rapidly by the free economy, and America went on to have the greatest economy in the world for the last 3 rd of the 19 th century. At the same time, millions of immigrants flooded into America because, in America, the streets were paved with gold.

    The correct name for such a phenomenon is a credit contraction. You have heard the expression, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Well, a credit contraction is a period when many people seem to heed that advice. It may be good for some people in the country and bad for others, but there is no clear cut harm or benefit to the country as a whole.

    What caused the money/credit contraction of the 1870s was the money/credit expansion of the Civil War. The two periods were directly opposite. During the Civil War prices rose rapidly. During the 1870s prices fell. During the Civil War stocks went up. During the 1870s stocks went down. During the Civil War both real wages and unemployment fell. During the 1870s both real wages and unemployment rose.

    Well after these events there was another war (World War I) and the Civil War scenario repeated itself. During the war prices rose and both real wages and unemployment fell. Notice the role that unemployment plays in this. Unemployment goes down precisely when real wages go down. For this reason, if someone wants to lie to you, then unemployment makes a very good statistic. A decline in unemployment makes it easy to feign sympathy for the working man, while you are lowering his wages. It is a perfect statistic if you have an intent to deceive because it takes a complex of data and oversimplifies it. If we take a credit expansion, such as the Civil War or World War I, then this benefits the unsympathetic characters of our society (the banks and Wall Street). By replacing this complex (and correct) analysis with the oversimplified statistic of unemployment, this allows one to pose as the friend of the working man even as one is trying to lower his wages.

    For example, I mentioned that average annual earnings in manufacturing in 1933 were $1086. (See, Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Series D, 740.) But since at that time the dollar was approximately 1/20 ounce of gold (25.8 grains of gold, 9/10 fine as defined by the Gold Standard Act of 1900), $1086 was 54 ounces of gold. But of course you all know that this past Tuesday 54 ounces of gold had a value of $1400 x 54 = $75,600. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average wages in the U.S. for October of this year were $47,216, about 5/8 of wages in the Great “depression.” In words of one syllable, in the middle of The Depression the average working man was making almost double what he makes today.

    In early 1933, the average American worker was receiving 54 ounces of gold per year. If he saved 15% of this, he was saving a bit over 8 ounces of gold per year. Assume that the average worker had accumulated 25 years of savings (half of an average working lifetime) or 200 oz. of gold, and this would have approximately doubled due to accumulated interest at 5% over 25 years. Thus the average American working man had savings of 400 ounces of gold (in 1933).

    But remember that these savings increased in value (due to the appreciation of the currency by 30% from 1930-33. That is, the average American worker received an additional 120 ounces of gold (almost 2½ years income) over these 3 years without doing any extra work. This was, of course, money which had been stolen from him during World War I (when prices doubled) and given to the paper aristocracy (courtesy of the Democrats). In words of one syllable, the Democrats were the party of the banks and Wall Street (despite their loud protestations to the contrary).

    The Republicans, on the other hand, were the party of the common man. These idiots who pretend to be economists today do not even know that what they call “The Great Depression” was a deliberately planned event. It was planned by the Republican Party of 1919. At that time, prices had just doubled (from 1914 to 1919). Both the savings and the buying power of the average working man had fallen in half over these 5 years and given to the bankers (principally J.P. Morgan, who had fomented U.S. entry into World War I) and Wall Street. (The DJI approximately doubled from 1914 to 1919.) The Republicans saw that this stolen wealth had to be returned to its rightful owners, the working people of America. And they devised a policy to do this. Increase the value of the U.S. dollar back to its level of 1914. In other words, reduce prices in the country from their 1919 level to their 1914 level. Since cigars had risen in price from 5¢ to 10¢ from 1914 to 1919 and since the smoke-filled room was an institution of the day (the dangers of smoking being unknown), this was referred to as the policy of “a good 5¢ cigar.”

    In other words, what the idiot Bernanke refers to as a mistake was a deliberate, conscious policy. It was humane policy (designed to help the working man), and it worked. By 1933, prices in the U.S. had returned to their 1914 level. (This, by the way, was the same price level, according to the Wholesale Price Index, as had obtained in 1793 – 140 years of price stability.) This was hard on Wall Street, but it was for the good of the American working man. (Stocks lost 90% of their value from 1929 to 1932.)

    The Republicans were confident that their policy would be politically popular because it had been politically popular in the 1870s. The Republicans were reelected in 1876, right in the middle of the “depression,” and remained the dominant political party by standing against rising prices and for the gold standard (Tea Party members take note).

    What happened in 1932 was that the media of the U.S. swallowed a giant pack of lies (taken mostly from Marxism) and perpetrated this on the American people. The media of that day played both sides of the fence. They represented the interests of the paper aristocracy and then portrayed themselves as supporters of the working class. To this day, people do not know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Wall Streeter who ran a vulture fund in the 1920s. A vulture fund is a (mutual) fund which swoops down on dying companies and gobbles them up. A “traitor to his class?” That was a deliberate and conscious lie.

    Stories of bread lines and soup kitchens were part of the propaganda of the day. Remember, this was the era which saw Adolf Hitler get elected in Germany. It was not a proud moment in the history of the world. You have all been taught that Wall Streeters were jumping off buildings after the crash of 1929. What a bunch of malarkey. First, the 1929 crash was caused by Herbert Hoover (who hated free enterprise). He had the Fed choke off brokers’ loans, thus forcing stock speculators to dump their holdings. Second, I have researched the supposed wave of suicides in the wake of the crash. IT NEVER HAPPENED. There was no increase in suicides in late 1929 for New York State and no increase for the nation as a whole. There are always some suicides, of course. In a nation this big, you can find a few of anything, but there was no wave of suicides out of the ordinary. IT WAS A CONSCIOUS AND DELIBERATE LIE.

    We can see the same kind of media lies today. You all know that in every village and hamlet today there are pharmacies telling you to get your flu shot. First, the government is involved because it pays the vaccine companies (an outrageous sum) for the vaccine. Second, in 2009 there was a campaign of lies in which the predicted swine flu for 2010 was wildly exaggerated and called a pandemic (a made up word). Not only did the pandemic fail to happen, flu deaths for 2010 are running one-third normal. That is, there was no problem, but instead of investigating the waste of money we are simply getting more lies to get rid of the last batch of flu shots which the public refused to take. Third, the vaccine itself is dangerous, containing mercury and aluminum, and it is far more likely that more people were killed by the vaccine than were ever saved by it. (My mother was killed by an earlier-day flu campaign and shot, which gave her a heart attack and led to her death.) I call this to your attention to illustrate just how naïve and gullible the average person is and how incapable of acting in their own self interest.

    America was not this way for the period 1776-1929, but it is now. This is the world into which you were born. Those who see reality as it is have a chance, but this is a small minority.

    Now what is Ben Bernanke, the apostle of the “Great Depression,” going to do? He is going to serve the interest of the paper aristocracy. He is going to print money as never before in American history. (Note, the Coinage Act of 1792 carries the death penalty for debasement of the currency.) From mid-2008 to the projected end of QE2, the U.S. money supply will have approximately tripled, and, after a lag, I expect average prices to do the same. You know what this will do to the price of gold. At this writing, commodity prices (as given by the [real] CRB index) are close to a new all-time high. This is an end to another lie, the New York Times’ fabrication that we are on the verge of a “deflation.” One after another, like the layers of an onion, these lies dominate our age, and if one does not wish to be destroyed by them, one must see reality as it is.

    To help you see reality as it is, I publish a fortnightly (every two weeks) newsletter, The One-handed Economist. You may subscribe by visiting my web site,, and hitting the Pay Pal button ($300). Or you may send $290 ($10 cash discount) to: The One-handed Economist, 614 Nashua St. #122, Milford, N.H. 03055.

    Thank you for your interest.


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      1. 1st

      2. “The media swallowed a giant pack of lies and perpetrated this on the American people.”

        You mean like:

        The Twin Towers fell from gravitational collapse into their footprints, EXACTLY.
        Building 7 came down from internal fires.
        Enron and Tyco were isolated events.
        We are safer now because of Homeland Security.
        All the oil is gone and the fish are safe to eat.

        And my new personal favorite:

        That wasn’t a missile off the coast of California. It was a plane.

        In the words of Gerald Celente, what do I look like? An idiot? Am I an imbecile?

      3. Chris C.
        look into the jap. or china high rises that caught on fire recently..
        they burned and burned..never fell.
        and they were no where near built as tough as the The WTC..or Bld7 for that matter..

        America..your being lied to..why are you just sitting on your hands and putting up with all this BS?
        your Government is a sham..and they are your problem.

        they are the reason why you have the terrorist threat to deal with.
        another false flag event is going to be coming..they need more fear support their adgendas

      4. part of this narrative is true ( there was no 1930’s depression) and part of this narrative is false ( there is a recession or a depression now).

        just because a few lazy uneducated people are unemployed or that church soup kitchens are making outragious  profits does not indicate that there is currently a recession or a depression. this is simply using words or titles or skewed statistics  to frighten and manipulate people to gain a political advantage and hence fiduciary gain or political power by various dishonest schemes and nefarious scams -especially by the democrats and the republicans.

        the united states has never been stronger. our worldwide enemies who hate our freedom are cowering in the presence of our military might. every night for the last ten years there are stories on fox news of glorious military combat victories in afghanistan -and this one example is only one country out of 3,583 places where our military is present. our mighty military lead by military geniuses such as col. oliver north are forcing our opponents to wear masks and flee into the hills leaving all their heroin bags behind so they can be properly disposed of……………

        look at our banking system which is the envy of all other countries including israel. in the last one hundred years our patriotic bankers lead by experts from germany have created a fractional reserve monetary system that enables the population to use fiat money while the fruits of their labor are converted into gold and shipped out of the country for safe-keeping.  the government has been helping with the secret transportation of all the heavy gold by letting the banks use navy ships such as the u. s. s. liberty. ocassionally some complications arise using this system but that’s simply the price of doing business, i.e., as long as it’s your sons that are killed and maimed -not the bankers or their families (god forbid).

        the current TARP plans and all the subsequent TARP plans are successfully smoothing out our economy. all these trillions of dollars are deposited with our magnificent megabanks in order to maintain stability around the world. some of this money is even used in the ultramodern high speed computers that goldman-sachs and j. p. morgan have rented next to the NYSE computers in the new NYSE building. these high speed computers right next to the NYSE computers enable these banks to do microsecond and millisecond equity transactions before anyone else does. this clever ploy enables american stock holders to stabilize the world markets so that corrected for inflation the mighty united states stock markets have only lost a little money for stockholders in the last forty years.

        well i wish i could stay with you a little longer but i have to walk to my second job.

        best wishes for an interesting future,

        your friend.


      5. More like Great(er) Depression.

      6. Nothing motivates people as well as fear.

        The business model of the media (tv, newspapers, radio and magazines) is advertising. No advertising, no media. Anyone notice the assault on public radio and tv by reduction in contributions?

        If Joe Businessman approaches a bank for a loan, he had better include advertising as part of his business model. In order to get a loan, Joe must comply with the bank’s conditions. Joe complies out of the fear that without the loan, his business will fail.

        Fear gets reinforced. The average Jimmy, Jonny and Bobby Sue don’t research doodley squat and believe the so-called experts. We could blame this on the education system, but it really is mom and pop who are to blame. An informed citizenry rarely makes big mistakes be it teacher retention or election winners.

        So here we have the citizens unwilling to research the problems and willing to accept the word of so-called experts without question. The experts? The media trots out the government experts and thier speil simply because the expert’s opinions don’t cost any money. Remember, the media makes money from advertising. Researchers cost money. Why pay for a researcher if you can get a story for free?

        Here is how it works:
        1. Invent or blow a problem out of proportion.
        2. Toss in a healthy dose of statistics to reinforce the problem.
        3. Rant and rave until the media picks it up.
        4. Once most of the media has started running articles on the problem along with sound bites from the experts,
        5. You have created a fact in the minds of the fearful.

        Much to do about nothing. However we have created disinformation that can be reinforced by weekly doses of fear. Few in the public will ever catch on. Those that do will be marginalized by the MSM.

        With time, this disinformation will become widespread common knowledge even though it is nonsense. I have met the enemy and it is us.

        Can this trend be reversed? No. Not now, not ever. In scientific circles there is a despised saying that, “New ideas win out not by force of argument, but rather by outliving its detractors.” It is fundamentally impossible to argue effectively against a belief system. My dog never leaves the property, my Billy wouldn’t ever do that, yada, yada. For a belief system to work, it must refuse all evidence contrary to the belief.

        Welcome to the Brave New World we created.

        Need some thread to follow? Study a bit on William Randolf Hearst.

      7. Great article. 

        A little truth that most will never hear and many of those who hear it will have difficulty believing it.

        What the media says is bad for the poor man are the things that are good.  Let this new depression do the same thing as the other one.

      8. I have nothing for the nuts who think Clinton and Bush engineered 9/11.  You are too far gone to save.  But for everyone else, buy a years supply of food.  Food is still cheap and readily available.  If the prognosticators are wrong and we continue into the land of milk and honey the worst that happens is you have a years supply of food and don’t need to buy any for awhile.  But if the predictions of a coming depression or worse are true food will be better then gold and silver.  Better yet buy a years supply of storable food and a years supply of canned and packaged food.   The one haunting fact that I have gleaned from those who went through the great depression was “that they didn’t know it would last so long”.  The government told them things were getting better and their world experience didn’t include anything like a 11 year depression.  Don’t be fooled this time.  Prepare.

      9. GoneWithTheWind, that’s funny because I don’t believe I ever said Bush or Clinton engineered 9/11. Just that I don’t buy the official story, or many “official” stories for that matter.

        If you truly believe a group of middle Eastern men with box cutters who hatched their plan in a cave perpetrated the largest domestic terrorist event in history then I have to ask,

        what are you doing here?

      10. Those that donot learn from History, are doomed to repeat it

      11. We know the planes flew into the buildings we all saw that on TV.  We know these 19 men worked together to fly these planes into the WTC and the Pentagon and the other flight that was crashed.  We know this planning took place when Clinton was president.  It did indeed sound like you were accusing the government of being complicit.  So which government?  The one that was in place when it was planned or the one that was in place when the plan was carried out???
        As for the box cutters we do indeed know that is how the terrorists took over the planes because we have the phone calls from the people on the planes. 
        All of the facts of the story as we know know them make perfect sense but some people just don’t believe anything their government tells them.  Is that reason enough to doubt what we saw?  Are you saying we didn’t see a plane hit the buildings?  I can’t fathom where you get this strange notion that this was slight of hand or mass hysteria and we all were fooled.  

        I truely believe that a group of middle Eastern men with box cutters who hatched their plan in a cave perpetrated the largest domestic terrorist event in history.  I also believe that these same people (Islamofascist) perpertrated the 10,000 or so large and small terrorist attacks all over the world since 9/11.   

        My question to you is what are you doing here?   

      12. GoneWithTheWind, you throw out a myriad of facts, but the simple truth of the matter is that they are not all “facts”. Do you know personally that these 19 men worked together? I sure as hell don’t, and don’t know anyone who does. But that would imply the government made up a story and fed it to us. But they would never do that!

        Oh yes the phone calls, how could I forget. That explains everything now.

        I does not good to try and rationally debate these points because 99.9% of everyone already “believes” they know what the truth is. So I will end there.

        Bottom line is it doesn’t matter what you or I believe, or think, or claim to know. For as Ghandi put it, the truth has a funny habit of becoming self-evident over time.

      13. Chris C:  That is a new twist.  What are the odds that 19 middle Eastern men who all trained in the same camps would through Serendipity somehow all find themselves on planes with box cutters intending to fly those planes into the WTC.  Of course!!  Why didn’t I think of that before!  It was a pure coincidence.

      14. Gentlemen: The facts of 911 are available. It was planned by men in a cave, initiated by 19 men working together with box cutters, the plot was intercepted and followed by the Mossad, and it was the Mossad who demoed the buildings. 

        The new owner of the WTC in July of that year, was a jewish billionaire working with the Mossad who paid $3.3 billion for the property but insured it for as much as $4.4 billion if they were destroyed under “special circumstances”.

        Guess what? The “special circumstances” were fulfilled on 911, just a couple of months later. Thermalite, a nano technology high explosive was used to demo the buildings. Only a few Nations have the sophisticated technology capable of producing this high explosive.

        Mossad completed the job initiated by Al Qaeda. Our government did not participate in the destruction of the WTC, but it did cover up the facts for political reasons.

      15. Durango: I hope you are kidding.  No one could believe that convoluted conspiracy theory.  Seriously you need some help.

      16. GWTW: No, I am not kidding. The Mossad is the best intelligence service in the world. They control a private company in NYC that monitors all global telecommunications; and from routers and servers elsewhere around the globe can track and monitor their foes.

        M Agents were tailing the 19, shadowing them, and had been monitoring their communications since before they left SA; and even to Arizona where I live, and some of the terrorists lived and trained as pilots. They all rented apartments here. Al Qaeda and Mossad alike.

        I stumbled upon the information in an article in a magazine on a Barnes and Noble magazine rack this summer. Do some research. Fact is often stranger than fiction. Don’t let ignorance color your judgement and make YOU look stupid. Do your homework, son.

        Two facts for you: One, Bldging 7 was a demo. All the experts say so. Anyone who has ever witnessed a successful one, knows it.
        Two, thermalite was found throughout the rubble of the buildings. Thermalite is not indigenous to concrete, glass, and steel: or any other building material. It is a very powerful, highly sophisticated nano technology, high explosive, and only a few governments have the scientific technology to make it.

        Look for the article. Its out there. It has the truth and it will tie up all of the loose ends for everyone that reads it. It did for me. As usual, you are not GWTW: but, “Clueless In Atlanta”.

        I am a  Christian “Zionist” because I believe in Israel, but I am also an American first. The physical facts speak for themselves and the motives of all parties pretty clear.

      17. OBTW, great article Howard!

      18. Durango Kidd, you are wasting your time. GWTW may discover the facts one day himself, then again he may never. The path each one of us takes is unique and if there’s anything I’ve learned it is that no one can influence another human being to seek out the truth. It has to come from within.

        You are right about the facts – they speak for themselves.  Each one by itself may appear circumstantial (or at least bizarre), but when you look at the totality of all the facts any rational human being should walk away with a feeling that something isn’t quite right.

      19. It is strange indeed to hear someone use the word “facts” in the same sentence they affirm their belief in the Jewish conspiracy to attack the WTC.  

      20. Clueless in Atlanta: There was no “Jewish Conspiracy” to attack the WTC. That was planned by Al Qaeda. Mossad just completed the task to ensure that the US took out three countries for the three buildings of the WTC. Two down, one to go. Never waste a good crisis, ya know?

        No.  You don’t know. Do your homework kid.

      21. That makes even less sense then a Jewish conspiracy.  You are suggesting that Mossad was tracking all or some of the 19 9/11 conspirators and told no one about it.  But then when they saw that the conspiracy might fail the Mossad did it themselves, presumably by flying those planes into the WTC!!!  The Mossad are not into suicide missions.  I would find it hard to believe some Mossad agents simply decided on their own “what the hell, I have no other plans, lets kill ourselves and fly this plane into the WTC!!!   Too bizarre to even put into words. 

      22. Clueless in Atlanta: “Jewish Conspiracy” were your words, not mine. Mossad agents did not fly the planes and Mossad agents did not commit suicide. That was your mindless statement.

        Mossad didn’t tell anyone. Why should they? It is not their job to protect Americans, only the State of Israel, which they do extremely well. As usual, you do not have a clue. And why would you?

      23. Durango:  What you said was “Mossad just completed the task to ensure that the US took out three countries for the three buildings of the WTC.”  So did they simply not tell us what they knew or “complete the task”, whatever that means?

        It’s still a crazy theory with zero evidence to support it. 

      24. GWTW aka Clueless In Atlanta: The Mossad simply did not tell US when they uncovered the plot, because they understood the consequences for other middle east countries, hostile to Israel, if the attack was successful. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend-to a point- thats US)

        Mossad had operations within the WTC, engineered the purchase under favorable terms for the buyer in July, and rigged the thermalite before the hijackings as they controlled building maintenance and engineering. They vacated their offices in the building shortly before the attack.

        Our own authorities ran across them in the confusion of the aftermath, but as they were Israeli citizens with Israeli passports, they were not detained and our authorities did not have enough info at the time they stumbled across them to put the pieces together.

        These Mossad agents then left the US for home. There is LOTS of evidence. You just haven’t seen it which is why you are ignorant of the facts. Ignorance is not a character failure, but stupidity, or the willingness to be open to the truth is. I just happed to stumble across the article in a magazine at Barnes and Noble while having a cup of coffee.

        OUR government has suppressed the facts and covered up the truth because of the political ramifications. I mean if we took out two countries, likely a third soon, over the WTC attack, we would also have to take out Israel too, wouldn’t we?

        I will post again with some info I have on my hard drive that will help you and others understand HOW our government suppressed the truth.

      25. GWTW aka Clueless In Atlanta: Attached find a list of American government officials in the Bush Administration with “dual citizenship”. Anyone with dual citizenship, including Kenya, should not be allowed to serve in the United States government.

        American / Isreali Dual Citizens Running the American Government

        Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
        Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
        Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
        Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
        Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith
        National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
        Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
        White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
        Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
        Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass
        U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
        Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
        UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
        Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
        Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen
        Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
        Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
        Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
        Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz
        White House Political Director – Ken Melman
        National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
        Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
        Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
        National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
        President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler
        Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
        Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
        White House Speechwriter – David Frum
        White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
        Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger
        Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
        Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
        Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis
        Parents and next of kin are still seeking an independent investigation by NYC to expose the facts. Bloomberg and others will kill that proposal. It will never happen.

      26. @ Durango,

        Very interesting!  I bet ya, the names on your list are those who were working for Pres. Bill Clinton, not only under Pres. Bush.  That’s why you still see Bill Clinton’s employees were still working under the Bush administration.

        No one knows or ever will and for that matter who cares what he thought!! Bush kept them because of the legal issues (EEO, Hate issues, and violating someone’s civil rights.) and could not fire anyone if he wanted to.

        To be fair you should list the names of those people who were working for Clinton and Obama administrations also!!!!

      27. I don’t understand why the media and the left-wing hates Bush so much, even today!!


      28. Jane: If I find them, I will, because I would like to know too. I would like to know how many “dual citizens” are in the Federal Government and defense structure under Obummer.  I stumbled upon these for Bush and had them on my hard drive.

        Its tough to try to educate GWTW. Needs to type less and read more.

      29. So “The Mossad simply did not tell US when they uncovered the plot”  AND “rigged the thermalite before the hijackings”.  How did they know where the planes would hit?  Since the building collapsed from the point of impact the thermite needed to be at that point to cause a collapse.   You also say “Our own authorities ran across them”  and that “There is LOTS of evidence” and yet no reputable media outlet has said a word.  Every nut job in the U.S. attacks the government and the politicians who you say are complicit but no one trots out this pile of crap story.  Why?

        Can you understand why nothing you say makes any sense?  Probably not, too delusional.

      30. GWTW aka Clueless in Atlanta: That’s correct. The Mossad did not tell US, but leveraged the planned Al Q attack for their own purposes. The buildings did not collapse at the point of impact as you suggest. Wrong again! Above and below the points of impact, the towers that were hit would have just tumbled over, but their bases would not have collapsed.

        Secondary explosions (reported at the time) of thermalite collapsed the base of these towers while emergency teams were inside and brought the twin towers down, well after the initial hits.

        Building 7 wasn’t even hit and it collapsed like an accordian.

        As for your claim that no “reputable media outlet has said a word” is not quite true, as it has been “discussed” but glossed over to protect out friend Israel, who must bear responsibility for the Mossad, even if the WTC demolition was a rogue operation. 

        The Lame Stream Media is not to be trusted. If you do not understand that then you are truly “Clueless In Atlanta”. Check out ownership and management of the Lame Stream Media, and get a clue.

        The info is out there. The evidence is clear to anyone that has been exposed to the data. Do your homework and connect the dots. Type less, read more. See if you can find the article at Barnes and Noble or go to your local library and do a periodical search for the article. Or try Google. I have given you all the info I have time for. You must educate yourself.

        You are young, stupid, and naive. That is why what I tell you does not make sense to you, and why you are still: Clueless In Atlanta! 🙂

      31. Wrong again.  Most of us saw the collapse on live TV.  The buildings collapsed right at the floors where the planes hit.  As for the whole “topple over” thingy; have you heard about gravity?  The floors above where the planes hit weighed hundreds perhaps thousands of tons.  When the support beams finally weakened because of the fire gravity took over and tons of material plummeted straight down.  Try it yourself.  Hold something heavy out at arms length, drop it and see if it falls straight down or “tumbles”.

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