Zombie Entertainment: A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance and the Red Pill

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    Zombies are the new vampires in the entertainment world, but unlike pop culture vampires, they don’t sparkle, they aren’t sexy and brooding, and you don’t want to turn into one.

    The most popular show in cable TV history is The Walking Dead. Dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies are slain in every episode.  Head shots are taken with no more compunction than swatting as mosquito before it lands on your arm. An axe to the skull, a pick through an eye socket, blunt objects, arrows, daggers – anything goes. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if the zombie is a man, woman or child – it must be killed immediately as it staggers hungrily towards you.

    Even the US military is getting into the spirit of the Zombie Apocalypse, holding mock disaster drills with the shuffling horde as the enemy.

    It’s all in the name of fun, right? Simply entertainment and anyone who says otherwise needs to lighten up, right?

    Perhaps not – perhaps we need to take a look at psychological experiments undertaken in the last century to determine whether the Zombie craze is just a big psychological experiment being perpetrated on us.

    In 1971, a 2 week experiment was funded by the US Office of Naval Research to study the effects of becoming a prisoner or a prison guard. A mock prison was set up at Stanford University, and 24 students took part in the experiment, half taking on the roles of prisoners and the other half, guards in the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.

    The situation escalated quickly into a cycle of abuse and torture. The psychological reactions were so dramatic that the study was suddenly halted on day 6. Out of more than 50 people who had observed the experiment, one graduate student finally objected to the abuse and torture. Dr. Philip Zimbardo, who was in charge of the experiment, wrote:

    At this point it became clear that we had to end the study. We had created an overwhelmingly powerful situation — a situation in which prisoners were withdrawing and behaving in pathological ways, and in which some of the guards were behaving sadistically. Even the “good” guards felt helpless to intervene, and none of the guards quit while the study was in progress. Indeed, it should be noted that no guard ever came late for his shift, called in sick, left early, or demanded extra pay for overtime work.

    I ended the study prematurely for two reasons. First, we had learned through videotapes that the guards were escalating their abuse of prisoners in the middle of the night when they thought no researchers were watching and the experiment was “off.” Their boredom had driven them to ever more pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners.

    Second, Christina Maslach, a recent Stanford Ph.D. brought in to conduct interviews with the guards and prisoners, strongly objected when she saw our prisoners being marched on a toilet run, bags over their heads, legs chained together, hands on each other’s shoulders. Filled with outrage, she said, “It’s terrible what you are doing to these boys!” Out of 50 or more outsiders who had seen our prison, she was the only one who ever questioned its morality. Once she countered the power of the situation, however, it became clear that the study should be ended.

    And so, after only six days, our planned two-week prison simulation was called off.

    This experiment proved how fragile the human resistance is to wrong-doing under stressful sitatuations, and how quickly people who are normally considered to be “moral” and “mentally stable” can digress to behavior that is both sadistic and repugnant when that behavior is considered normal for the circumstances.

    This occurs because of a behavioral theory called “cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance (a phrase coined in the book When Prophecy Fails, by Dr. Leon  Festinger) describes the mental discomfort that a person feels when faced with two diverse values – the reality of a situation and the moral belief system of the person collide. When this occurs, the person must make alterations to one or the other in order to regain his equilibrium. According to Dr. Festinger theory, “people engage in a process he termed “dissonance reduction”, which can be achieved in one of three ways: lowering the importance of one of the discordant factors, adding consonant elements, or changing one of the dissonant factors. This bias sheds light on otherwise puzzling, irrational, and even destructive behavior.”

    So, using the theory of cognitive dissonance, we can understand that through popular culture, any mass of crazed, violent, hungry people may be considered no longer human. Members of the military, police forces and guards can distance themselves from violent actions by reprogramming their moral compasses and aligning them with the adjusted reality that it’s okay to kill women and children and the hungry, because they are sub-human. They are to be dispatched quickly and efficiently to quell chaos and return to a more comfortable situation.

    We are being pre-conditioned by the entertainment industry to accept death on levels so massive that they make concentration camp videos look like a Disney movie. When you watch the following trailer, notice particularly at minutes 1:20, 1:56, and 2:10 – the cinematography itself dehumanizes the millions being slaughtered, making them look like little more than faceless insects to be destroyed as they seek to invade.

    We are being pre-conditioned to accept the inevitable scenes of death that will be flooding our evening news, so that we won’t object when we watch these real-life incidents of mass extermination. We are being socially programmed to find the unacceptable to be a matter-of-fact, everyday occurrence when we watch an axe be delivered to the head of a dirty, hungry, feral child. Forget racism – we are being taught a new kind of bias – the categorization of someone terrified and hungry as something less human than us – a threat to be enthusiastically destroyed without remorse.

    During the 1950s, Solomon Ashe conducted a series of experiments on conformity. The conclusion of the experiments was that

    “Self-categorization theory suggests that our individual functioning at any given moment is dependent on whether or not we categorize ourselves as similar or different from groups. When we see ourselves as similar to a group, we engage in depersonalization, a key concept in self-categorization theory. Depersonalization is when individuals see themselves as embodying the social category of the group rather than their own personal identities. Therefore, from this perspective the Asch results are interpreted as an outcome of depersonalization processes whereby the participants expect to hold the same incorrect opinions as others in the “group”.”

    It’s a lot harder to brainwash people who know they are subject to manipulation. By your very awareness of the motives behind entertainment and media patterns, you can protect yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be mindlessly “entertained” by death and violence – don’t allow this to become the social norm. When/if you watch things like this, do so with an engaged mind – don’t be a passive recipient.

    Fight the cognitive dissonance by thinking critically and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable with the reality being forced upon you by the media. That’s what taking the red pill is all about.

    This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

    Morpheus – The Matrix

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    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

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      1. Kind of like preppers are hardening themselves against the deaths of untold numbers of the unprepared.

        • Isn’t that simalar to the germans de humanizing the jews.

          A few short steps after that to load them into cattle cars. then off to be slaughtered.

          meanwhile their neighbors just watched, when quite a few knew it was wrong

          • You can look at it that way LT or you can look at it as creating awareness for the need to defend yourself, need to self sustain and live without a society to protect/nanny you?

            • This comment is not about you JIM. They can show us all these shows all they want etc.But once the SHTF and dead bodies and blood, many people will be in tears and breaking down and killing themselves. They will not be able to live without their IPAD or Phone. People that don’t even have the slightest will for survival or minimal prepping are going to be in a world of hurt and will be the ones begging. Same ones that voted for Obama

              • Clint At the Vet Center I help at the Modem broke. And it was a Friday. It wasn’t fixed until Tuesday Morning.

                During this time there was more Code Greens (Violence) and more than double the amount of Drugs to control the group. Some of them were uncontrollable and had to be left in their rooms.

                • “Clint At the Vet Center I help at the Modem broke.”

                  OMG, I had to read that 5 times to figure out what the hell you were trying to say.

                • Clint, At the Vet Center I help at, the Modem broke.

                • Let’s eat grandma!
                  Let’s eat, grandma!

                  SEE? Punctuation saves lives!

              • I agree here.

                The zombie movies and suchlike is nothing more than a bunch of ketchup. Same with slasher films and other claptrap.

                I didn’t expect to climb into an X-wing fighter after watching Star Wars (in spite of being a child when it first came out), and I don’t expect to view folks as less-than-human when shit meets fan.

                Besides, considering people as less than human means underestimating them, which is a bad thing to do, no?

                • Interestingly enough my brother in law recommended the Walking Dead series. We requested season 1 from Netflix. We struggled to get through episode 1 last night and at the conclusion my wife went on to do other things. I stayed with it through episode 2 and gave it up. Back to Netflix today to be replaced with season 1 of Duck Dynasty. Gross and unimaginable beyond belief.

                • re. Walking Dead: My missus watches it religiously (she grew up loving to watch horror/slasher films though, so it’s no big deal to her).

                  I usually keep myself occupied on the laptop when it’s on – the show ceased to make sense to me (even from a survivalist standpoint) back at around episode 4 or so.

              • The wood of the holly plant has been used in the incantation of spells and the hex’ing of the unsuspecting masses for years. Why should the giant wand in Califronia (Hollywood) be any different?

          • @largetarget.

            Just one difference. The government is going to cart them off. Not the Prepper.

            @ JoeInNC.
            Thought about following some of your own advise? You seem so down lately.

            • is that the mumbo advise from the other thread.

          • I recommend reading “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland” for further enlightenment on how this can happen.

            Check it out on Amazon.

            • @ BraneFrees:

              I totally agree. It instinctively becomes a case of US versus THEM, regardless of any preconceived notion you might now have.

              To some degree it already has… who hasn’t already said I feel sorry for THEM who have yet to prepare. I’ll kill THEM when they come for my stuff. Subconsciously you are already placing a lessor value on THEM.

              The division of US versus THEM is already underway whether you agree with it or not…

              • @Nailbender…

                I would submit that making that “us or them” determination is not a bad thing.

                At some point, it may well have to be made. What are you going to do? Let “them” take your possessions, kill you and your family (or worse), because of some heightened sense of morality? What good is having the moral high ground going to do anyone? I’m not talking about violence for the sake of violence. But there comes a time when it is the only recourse.

                I’m always amused at those who say things like, “violence is not the answer.” Oh really? I think in some cases, violence is EXACTLY the answer.

                At this point, I’m thinking that when TSHTF, there are some for whom I will have compassion. The very young for instance….children, and those who have had no means or lack the mental capacity to understand the signs of what is coming. But for those who have been willfully stupid….I will have just one thing to say……”Get off my lawn.”

                • I just retired from a major metro police department after 30 years of US vs THEM. Iv’e spent my entire adult life as US vs THEM. It wasn’t until after I retired until I realized it.

                  My post was to those who weren’t sure sure if they would, or if they had the ability to develop that mentality.

                  It’s inherent, you can’t keep from it… never meant to imply it wasn’t good; it’s why I’m alive today.

                  I’m still very much ready to rock out with my Glock out!

                • There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved by the suitable application of high explosives.

                • @Nailbender…

                  No place to reply to you, so I have to reply to my post in order to keep the response in the same dialog.

                  I wasn’t quite sure what point you were trying to make one way or another, so I just tried to reply in general terms about making the “us against them” choices.

                  I think there is a term for folks who, when it comes down to it, can’t make the determination to protect themselves and their families. They are called “victims”.

                  And some folks (the non-thinking kind really) actually do try to take some kind of moral high ground with their stance on non-violence. Typically, you hear them say something like…”Well, I could never shoot anybody over “stuff”. And I think I could talk them out of doing violence to me and my family. I could reason with them.” I’ve actually had people tell me that kind of crap. Deluded souls, who have absolutely no idea just what kind of animals there are running around out there….and how those animals have absolutely no conscience whatsoever and would just as soon kill you as look at you. And they’d take joy in doing it.

                  Yeah…we’re on the same page I think. I’ve not been in law enforcement, but I spent 10 years doing surveillance investigations in some pretty bad neighborhoods in S. Cal. So…I know what’s out there.

              • A point well worth considering. I think preppers who are FOR REAL about making the world better than it is should think about the responsibility we all will face should the worst happen, particularly if we are in any kind of leadership position.

                We can go with the most primal, violent response to THEM or we can make every effort to forge something different this time. A society where we all pull our weight, but your color, or wallet, doesn’t have the same effect it does not.

                Too utopian an ideal? When is this $hit going to change? What would we be fighting for, just to be the last man standing in a world reduced to rubble? Or does it make sense to prepare in every sense of the word, but realize that perhaps what we are living through is the end of an age and we are here to take responsibility to usher in something better for EVERYONE.

                It doesn’t mean you have to be walked over, it means you open your brain and your heart to the possibility that we might be able to make a difference in a positive way. It won’t happen if we gun down everything that moves towards us. There’s a place for self-defense, but SELF on the part of most is what has gotten us to this point in history.

          • largetarget: Not at all; the Germans went out of their way to socially and economically isolate the Jews before rounding them up and murdering them. The Germans initiated the hatred and violence. We are not the same as they; we advocate minding our business and leaving others to their’s. If those that didn’t properly prepare for hard times decide to initiate violence against those of us that did then they are like the Germans (aggressors) and we are like the Jews and Gypsies (victims). Only we will fight back and treat them like the vermin they are if they insist on taking what is ours (property, freedon & lives). Simply because a man failed to provide for his family dosen’t give him the right to take by force his needs from me or others. We, on the other hand, as the non-aggressors, have the right to defend ourselves, as does every other living thing in nature. But as human beings with ethical standards, we should be on the lookout for opportunities to express our humanity and civility by extending charity to the weakest memebers of society such as children, the elderly, and others who are unable to provide for themselves.

            • Very well said Gregory8. Very well said.

            • The Bolsheviks (1917-1919) rounded up and murdered
              66 million Christian Russians. The Germans & European Zionists gave the jews an opportunity to leave for the new promised land (Palestine). Those that chose to stay were forced into Labor Camps to help in the war effort.
              Most of the Jewish deaths occured when supply lines were bombed by the Allies at the end of WW II.

              The Germans were not in the same league as the Bolsheviks!
              Thank God.

              • And the Bolsheviks have been infiltrating the US since the end of WWI.

              • I dont know where the hell you got that history, but it’s wrong and stupid and dangerous. Strikes me as progressive revisionism.

                No the Germans weren’t in the same league as the Bolsheviks and Soviets but yer a 5 star dumbass for thinking the Americans killed all the jews.

          • I read with interest the first blue box and the research on prisoners and guards. What caught my attention was the statement: “First, we had learned through videotapes that the guards were escalating their abuse of prisoners in the middle of the night when they thought no researchers were watching and the experiment was “off.” Their boredom had driven them to ever more pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners.”

            Can anyone say, “Abu Grab”?

            • Mordecai,

              The escalated night time abuse was the first thing I registered too. Funny what people do when they think no one is watching huh?

              And spot on about Abu Grab, people wonder how something like that can happen…..This is the answear.

              • “Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth.” Ezk. 8:12

                Spoken by Ezekiel the prophet regarding Israel….but the meaning is the same, and it underscores the principal that the reason why people commit atrocities, is because they have essentially lost the fear of God. And this my friends….is why those who advocate the complete removal of God from the public domain are so wrong.

                As G.K. Chesterton said….”When men stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing….they believe in anything.”

          • You are complete;y upside down about who was dehumanizing whom—and still doing it.

            “You are adam [“man”], but goyim [gentiles] are not called adam [“man”].” Kerithoth 6b

            “The seed of the goyim is like an animal.” Sanhedrin 74b

            “All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a

            God created them [goyim] in the form of men for the glory of Israel… for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved of this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him. Midrash Talpioth 225a

            “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” Bereshith 47a

            “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews…” Abraham Foxbrunner. Habad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. Pp. 108-109.

            “The best of the gentiles should all be killed.” Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Soferim (New York, M. Higer, 1937), 15:7, p. 282

            • You are an anti-semite for posting those quotes! (Insert sarcasm )

            • Interesting how the “Tribe” and their Pharisee Rabbi’s demand to Rebuild a Third Temple to again do “animal” sacrafices.

              Because although Christs Death on Cross Was/Is the final sacraficial death once and for All sins etc, but “They” reject that as well as reject Jesus Christ too.

              They believe renwing ongoing Daily cattle/goats/sheeps/pidgeons sacraficial Burnt offerings is somehow of more “value” to God as a sin atonement than Christs Human-son of god-worth!

              And since ALL us gentiles worldwide are but meere “Higher” form animals to jews and talmudiac beliefs, its easy to see where all this Kill off billions and shed more rivers of innocent humans blood is going eh!

              They need plenty of Burnt offering sacrafices to rid the world of sins so They can commence with Their brand of the……Messianic Times!

              With of course jews as the official Owners and managers or Rulers of a NWO/JWO and perhaps just 500 million “gentiles” left alive, to satisfy the wokers and prostitute demands of the always Insatiable “ruler” jewish folks.

              No wonder why kill-happy maniacs such as Netanyhaoo keep ranting and demanding More deaths of arabs!

              Its just another “animal” sacraficial burnt offering to him and his Ilk.

              But the Only part he/they get right is that Yes they sure do have alot of “sins” to atone for eh! 2000 yrs worth if counting Murders of christains as sins eh.

              While they Pile on more sin by believing that somehow God would consider live animal sacrafices somehow of More “value” as a sin offering than Jesus’s death on the cross was!!!!

              PS: You should have included those Talmude verses that say what they think of Jesus and christians!

              Perhaps if them naysayers that read here see enough evidence and Proof from jewish Rabbi’s and their Talmude books it will finally sink in.

              Or I guess they can also call them and the talmude antisemitic too eh!….

        • We are the ones that will still know the difference. When I train young men I remember the deprogramming we had to do to get “Modern Combat” out of their heads before we could train them to be team members.

          Many once they learned it wasn’t like in the movies and the games washed out. They thought it would be fun like when it was TV. I was always amazed at how many first worlds were when does the killing begin.

          No reset button in the really world of death.

          This is how many treated life in N. Africa. I Have seen this. And all they had were machetes and spears. And there were only two ethnic sides. Think what will happen here.

          If it get BAD you had better be prepared to do things that you have not even imagined before. Or maybe you should just enjoy life and go out with the first wave in the first week.

          Great Story Learn something. And I told you so.

        • More like the Obamanazis I’d say.

          • My comment was directed at JoeinNC…

            And let me expand a little here. Read Joe’s posts, and observe how he never misses an opportunity to denigrate the other folks who view and post on this site.

            Then…do a little research on the people that Obama has surrounded himself with in his administration. People like Cass Sustein, Van Jones and John Holdren.

            Joe would make a great guard in a FEMA camp. Mindless… soulless…and toes the party line…..one of those who when asked why they did what they did, would reply…”I was just following orders.”

            • Yep, Cass Sunstien(tribe yid) is a hobammy Czar. Can’t now recall his exact title his czar position is?

              But he is a super duper Lonnybin! He wants to end all hunting, and allow animals to file lawsuits against people!…As yes zero mention who will train said animals to speak and write etc!

              Perhaps sunstien himself will “speak” for the lawsuit filer animals eh?!!

              CASE# 00123A-987123= One small french poodle sues Human neighbor for shooing said poodle dog out of neighbors front yard!

              POODLE= Your Honor! No justice NO peace!!! Pay dog mucho loot or it will piss all over the courtroom floors!

              Every hobammy unconstitutional czar is a flaming whacko kommie Bolshevik and grandson of the Orig bolshevik mass killer eliets in Russia of 1918 era! zios leftist too.

        • I think it comes down to overcoming your innate animal instincts, the “Id” as Freud called it.

          Part of me, the evolved human, wants to rise above the obvious programming, brainwashing and manipulation and stay the course in my preparation.

          Another part of me, the part that lies deep down in my inner-caveman, especially when seeing trailers like the “World War Z” one above, wants to very simply KILL ALOT OF PEOPLE! GIMME THAT 50 cal!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!

          Now, why is that? I have never committed a violent act in my life. The worse law infraction I have ever committed was a minor speeding ticket. Why is there an innate pre-disposition in me that WANTS to take the blue pill, that WANTS the STHF, that dare I say DESIRES the conditioning.

          Why does this mild mannered, never hurt a fly, educated and accomplished man know, without a doubt, he could gun down with merciless zeal, hordes (zombie or otherwise) at his doorstep trying to take his preps?

          I am reminded of the chorus from a song by INXS, and the late, the great, Michael Hutchence:

          “Devil inside, the Devil inside. Every single one of us, the devil inside.”

          • Ill never forget the first time I saw someone Id known lying in a pile if twisted trees and trash with his face peeled off and brains hanging out….Ill do what I have to do to protect my own and survive but I wont be ever getting used to that,everytime I see things like that I hope I never have to be responsible for it happening… 🙁

            • The FIRST TIME? What? Do you see this often? Everytime you see things like that? Where the F. do you live?

          • Achilles: you ask why is that?…Maybe its time to toss freud into trash bin and instead try reading the bible.

            You will discover Humans didn’t “Evolve” from any animals, nor do humans have any form or type animal within etc. Theres a Huge difference.

            Freud is one of the original shrink whackos like several others of that era that caused alot of Todays wrong thinking by so many leftists and kommies.

            Them types desired to invent or use pychological crap to Kontrol the rest of us all.

            Them russian kommie bolsheviks used it alot to force all disenters into institutions, where their mad doctors could Re-educate the former normal folks into insane for real, for defying lennin and kangovitch and trotsky et al.

            • Angelo,

              I DID read the Bible, Old and New Testament, front to back. Hence my disbelief. In the words of Isaac Asimov:

              “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.”

              Freud didn’t have all the answers. I know full well he had a thing for his cousin and did enough cocaine to kill a small horse. But, he questioned, he got others questioning, and his actions have led to more answers about psychology, subconscious, and human motivation than we had before.

              And goodness knows that isn’t what religion wants; alot of people questioning it. Because they sure as shit don’t have any answers. Just keep your head down, on your knees, and be sure and keep the tithes rolling into the coffers, because the ultimate reality in the universe needs fiat currency to spread his word.

              • Achilles: like so many do you confuse or mix true christians with organized “religions”. I fully agree 99% of organized “churches” includeing the Big one in Rome which I was raised in are all money grubbers and false christians. Or at least really deluded christians.

                If you are an atheist as your post implies thats your choice, I got zero problems with that.

                But I still think most of them pychologist types like freud et al are more wrong than right and most use their skills in nefarious evil ways to kontrol the masses.

                Which they, the ‘enlightened” ones think is who should be in charge of course. Personally I think atheisim is a cop out and just sought after by folks who think alot like todays control freeks.

                They want no higher power or God to answer to. Not now nor afterwards. I suspect they all will be very sorry a lot when they realize the huge mistake made. But its theirs to make right.

                You can’t deny that america was founded upon christian morals and what Christ spoke etc. Yet now after 60 yrs of atheists and liberals doing all posible to remove all signs of it from our country, we ALL reep the wirlwind of evil beset upon america today.

                Its not true christians to blame for that stuf. Aint any located at aclu or all other such anti christian agenda driven operations. Them is all atheists too.

                I rekon I won’t never agree that we as humans “evolved” from apes etc…Darwin has been about as discredited as global warming fanatica has.

                Darwin is a theory as yet un proved. Zero fossiles of a billion found show any evidence of any form of life animals caught midway between transformation into Other animals etc.

                But if anyone wants to believe a squirel became a racoon or lion or ape?…Go for it just dont expect many others to agree I think.

                Its ironic darwin wrote his stuf the exact same time as Marx did his manifesto eh!…As if Karl Marx realized hes got a huge problem to convince many folks to become an atheist without any logical answer to their many questions such as “Ok Karl then where did all the earth and its stuf and humans etc come from?.

                How convienient Karl Marx could tell them questioners to seek Darwins work for an altered answer. Too bad so many Fell for it though, because as others and I pointed out prior…Marx’s kommie crap has been directly responsible for the absolute worst and Most Genocidal maniacs since histroy began to be written.

                PS. Marx’s Real Birth Name was, like all his bolshevik pals such as trotsky et al…jewish named at birth. Wonder why so many of them always need change their names eh. I can’t think of Any outher group where so many for so long changes their birth names to hide who they truly are besides that “tribes” people….

                Oh! Wait! I got the answer! they hide by name changes so they can Infiltrate White nations and be accepted by most as whites…Then after 100-200 yrs of Looting and swindling as much as posible till entire nation is a wrecked shambles(like usa today!).

                They can Exit stage LEFT and let White folks get the Blames!!!….Yes that seems to be the patern at least so far that 109 nations,Booted em out since 245 ad era. Time to make it an Even 110 nations perhaps?

        • Unless you have been there and seen it first hand …………..dont kid yourself that you are ” prepared ” especially if it hits close to home , like your kid or spouse . You are NOT prepared . Then there is another aspect , what if you and yours are taken captive and you sit there helpless as somebody kills or worse one of yours in
          front of you . You are NOT prepared . Just sayin

          • you are correct sir!
            until you have been there, you can not know

            “God for bid you ever have to walk a mile in his shoes, then you might really know what it’s like to have to choose”
            some rapper dude

            the Watcher

          • Former military serving in several Gulf conflict theaters.

            I am prepared.

        • Joe –

          substitute inmates for preppers and guards for unprepared and you realize the NWO is unknowingly hardening hearts of the masses for the future revolution that is sure to happen.

        • Gonna get real COLD pretty soon, and I dont mean the weather. Makes you wonder whats comming or what THEY have instore for us……..Dont think to hard……

        • The walking dead is really not a grate show, the acting is bad, really bad, the gore is good and the gun play is awful… No really any one that’s ever been in the military or had any advanced gun training can only think chicken wing when some one is firing a rifle, and Rick with that python, waving it around everywhere makes me question just how cheep the producers of the walking dead really are that they can find one USMC vet to come on set and teach these dumbazz’s a little gun safty and operation.
          But that aside I’m guessing the majority of people hear do some kind of prepping am I right? Well the hole zombie thing does apply to you… Oh come on if you tell your next door neighbor (if you do your a F-ing dumb) all about your food stock, guns and ammo they eather say one of two things 1. “Oh your crazy and that will never happen” or 2. “Oh man if SHTF I’m coming over to your place”. Ether way you got people that want what you have, and even if you don’t flap your gums you still have to deal with hungry looters and other valtur like people, how ever way you slice it you are eather a have or a have-not aka zombie, now really if there were people that wanted you stuff in a SHTF scenario and you were fortified your telling me that every needy person looking for food shelter and protection you would hand it out like it was candy or you would do what every prepper is thing and tell them to take a hike or digging in Obamas pocket for what’s left over of his free handouts.
          So in conclusion this is not really brainwashing it’s just really bad tv, if the hords of have-nots/zombies come screaming for you and your property and you don’t defend it well then consiter your self infected or dead, people die everyday, 200 years ago mom dad and little Johnny+5 watched as gramdpa and grandma died in there rooms or their little sister died of colra or some other deseas, now we send them off to a hospital or nursinghome, we’ve become disconnect with death.
          OIF vet cpl.sin

      2. You know it is my firm belief that every single individual out there, after all the disasters, the economic collapse of 2008, the potential wars all over the place, and so, so much more, that are not at least trying to prepare and put away for emergency is what you classify as a zombie. Even the very poor have seen what happens when you don’t have anything and the society collapses around you for a certain amount of time. Really how much effort it is to purchase something worthwhile and useful, rather than junk or crap? Difficult if you are a brain dead zombie, not hard at all if you are a wise prepper. Lon live the preppers/survivalists they have what it takes to survive.

        • Pretty neat interview between Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams…

          If you’re interested in a timeline, this one makes sense!


        • EXACTLY what I have been saying! Why wait for the “zombies” to show up when they’re already here?

          I do not prep: that assumes I am preparing for some future event.

          I live; and I am attempting to live as a free American

        • BI, What are your thoughts on Japan and all the earthquake activity? I was reading today that they are leaking a bunch of radioactive water again and that the structure in reactor 4 is deteriorating quickly. If that thing collapses (which is seeming likely at this point) or is attacked, it’s pretty much a U.S. killer, no matter how much you’ve prepped, unless you have a fallout shelter that you can live in for years…

          • @ Todd. This Fukushima mess is beyond maddening to me because it is not being handled with any sense at all. First thing is you contain the atmospheric issue, and then worry about the ground level problem. It can be contained from floating out to sea with enough barriers firstly. Then the open air issue is handled through literally dumping enough mass on it. 16 feet of sand for example would reduce the radiation about 135 billion times, assuming that nothing leaked out from the sand. You can contain this with enough mass and some containment structure around. What is stopping this, MONEY.

            Yes, it is far more important to keep costs down than possilbly poison large sections of the northern hempishere. Even during worst case scenarioes, the amount of radiation would be equal to a moderate nuclear war, about what Pakistan and India would nuke each other with. It is not a civilization ending event like some indivduals try to unnecessarily alarm people with. It is bad though and can be contained. Radiation can travel and not lose its potency, but does get dispersed with distance from interaction with wind and other currents.

            Even after a full scale nuclear war, someone will not have to live in a fallout shelter for years, weeks maybe, but not years unless there fallout shelter is safer from what Mad Max charaters are left afterwards. The ocean if there was a mass tsunami would actually wash much of this to the bottom of the ocean as it is very heavy and would sink. What this would do to the ecosystem would be interesting.

            What I truly fear is that some of these very evil terrorists trying to obtain this toxic death material from Fukushima and using it in some sort of dirty bomb somewhere. I truly hope the Japanese have thought this one over and are very guarded against anyone entering the area for any reason. It though seems like the Japanese just want it to go away and are unwilling to do what is necessary to safe guard this hell, because it is too expensive for them. Unbelivable to me.

      3. The question has been asked many times..”Will they fire on us”???
        here’s your answer, all this guys car did was back fire and look at how out of control these cops got, every one of them needs to be let go and jailed for this..this is stupid as stupid gets..

        Cleveland Police are investigating an incident in which officers fired 137 bullets at a pair of suspects, killing them.

        According to police, an unidentified officer reported a shot fired from a car outside Cuyahoga County Justice Center in downtown Cleveland on Nov. 29. A second officer also reported shots, sparking a high-speed chase that began near police headquarters, according to WEWS.

        A local news reporter who was participating in a ride-along captured video of the pursuit.

        ABC Cleveland reported that more than 30 officers were involved in the 25-minute chase, which ended behind a middle school in East Cleveland. There, 13 officers fired 137 rounds into the suspects’ car, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said in a statement.

        Suspects Timothy Russell, 42, and Malissa Williams, 30, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were killed. According to the Cuyahoga County coroner’s office, Williams was shot 24 times, and Russell was shot 23 times.

        Police reported that no gun was found in the suspects’ car. East Cleveland Police detective Scott Gardner told WEWS that preliminary investigation revealed no evidence that the suspects had exchanged fire with police.

        • VRF alot of things don’t add up in that shooting. Number one the number of rounds expended. Dollar to a doughnut nothing comes from this as far as firings and criminal charges even though both killed had records.

          • Agreed!

        • I want to know who the “unidentified” cop is..oh yeah they know who he is..they just dont want us to know

          it will be something like this that will start a race war, or a people against the “system” war..is this what TPAB are trying their damdist to make happen with bullshit like this

          better suit up folks the zombies are the cops

        • Yes exccesive force by the sounds of it.

          If you just pull over and take your beating instead of a 25 min chase you’ld be alive io sue them.

        • The data is crystal clear. Societies with lots of guns and few cops have very little crime. And societies with lots of cops and very few guns have a lot of crime. Most people use that information to argue it’s ok to own guns, but I think they’re missing the point. I think cops that are rude, arrogant, and think they are above the law, encourage the proliferation and spread of criminals. Cops cause crime!

      4. Very good write up, well said!

      5. I’d kind of like to get off this ride now, really don’t want to see where tptb are capable of taking us!

        • @DieselDan

          Going to get a taste of, “Man’s Inhumanity to Man”.

        • We have not even started to see what Man can do to his fellow Man when SHIF. Think groups going house to house. Machetes in hand.

        • Me as well,but…..Sorry this is not “Carnivale”….this is our new world…wish I was a great deal younger so I could be of far more value to those I personally know older than myself who will be “lost”…..I will do what I can, how I can, as long as I can…..and trust God to aid us all…..

        • DD, only as far as you’ll let em.

      6. Oregon Mall shooting, right now..4 wounded

        • VFR They already said it was an AR 15, one of those “Machine” guns according to the news. Here comes gun control.

        • You know what doesnt figure about that mall shooting? Why was it the FEDs closed off the mall and “found” the shooter? What, Clackamas County cops suddenly cant do their jobs? That mall isnt that big. Something is odd about this, I just cant put my finger on what it is yet.

          • Meant to thumbs up…sorry for the typo

        • Clackamas City Mall. South part of PDX Metro… nice area, too; lots of well-off neighborhoods. Real close to Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital.

          Some jackass killed two, injured lots, then offed himself.

          It was done and cleared out by local police last night, but the media will be yapping about it for the next week or so.

      7. We are conditioning people to treat the idea of the zombie hoard as a joke. Until it is to late and folks see the reality.

        Large mobs of hungry, weak, and desperate people, may not be zombies. But they’ll have the same mind set.

        • Just remember how people acted at US food drops in N Africa and the ME. How about when food convoys when into Bosnia

        • THIS^^^^^

          This is what the media is attempting to pull off. I watched a broadcast when the October drills were going on and the Anchors were laughing about it! When Homeland Security released their statement many months ago, it was set up like a joke.

      8. Shots fired at Portland Mall.

      9. 2 dead in Portland, Oregon mall shooting, guy with a rifle. In NYC, lone gunman with pistal shot guy in back of head, calmly got in getaway car and disappeared. Cops say they do have the plate number of the car.

        • Which won’t belong to that stolen car he was driving. Sounded like an execution (Breitbarted)

      10. I think our military escapades over the last 50 years along with the resulting blow back have sufficiently numbed us to murder and violence. Not to mention our cultural inclinations toward individualism having degraded our sense of community and interdependence.

        • I respectfully disagree with the last part. The American sense of ‘rugged individualism’ was probably never higher from the late 19th century through the end of WW II, and during that time clubs and social halls prospered. What’s destroyed our sense of community and interdependence? I would point to three things. 1) The idiot box 2) High taxes forcing women into the workforce and 3) The exorbitant cost of living in cities (think New York, LA, and San Francisco) forcing men into five hour commutes.


          • I agree with you on the idiot box.

      11. I don’t know about this article. I agree with a lot of it, but I also resent a few of its comments. I love to watch television, my life revolves around plot. I read, I write, I watch and I am inspired. The Walking Dead, Lost, Fringe, Last Resort, Spartacus, Game Of Thrones, Homeland, Person Of Interest, Revolution and so many more. When the SHTF, I’ll still be watching them if I can!

      12. I think this is the plan, enough FF..to get the support for ML comming?

        FF= False Flag
        ML= Martial Law

        • VFR
          I agree but I’d add in psychos shooting up places to instate a ban on ALL firearms!

          • Another possibility

            • They didnt get the job done in the theater, we spotted that one too easily. Now tptb are gonna try a string of smaller incidents. There will be several more spread across the states in the coming days or weeks…watch and see.

              • Another MK-Ultra operation? I have heard interviews with the shooter’s friends and there was absolutely no inclination that he was planning anything like this. It sounds like this just came out of the blue, very strange.

        • @ VRF. Just yesterday those pricks bob costas and piers morgan were talking about why BO hasn’t tried to ban assault weapons yet. Figures doesn’t it, two of the most anti-gun advocates bash gun rights and then this happens the next day? You can count on piers morgan once again getting on his high horse to spit on the 2nd amendment, even though he is a British citizen living in a foreign country to him. Right now piers is again attacking gun rights on the present time show with 3 senators he is interviewing. Bob costas is just a brain dead zombie.

          One of these times some citizen is going to stop some nut, and the citizen will not be hailed as a hero, but probably be charged with something or sued by the terrorist’s family. I would not be surprised by anything that comes from this. Those anti-gun screwballs want to see as many dead as possible from something like this so they can further their agenda to disarm every single last person. Then they can focus on the stun batons, TASERS, pepper spray, and making every citizen unable to defend themselves against anyone and any animal. Just like europe, they want us to be victims, they want to take away all self defense.

          Then north korea fires off a long range missile test and this is not even being discussed much. I don’t know about Dec.21 coming up, but people seem to be a lot more irrational and whacked out as this day approaches.

          • You got that right BI

          • ~~You can count on piers morgan once again getting on his high horse to spit on the 2nd amendment~~

            So, tell Mr. British Morgan that every hour, 78 women and children are raped in America.
            Let’s cut off all penises. That should stop all rapes.

            • Rosie O’Donnell’s fork made her fat. New York will ban the fork and institute mandatory use of chop sticks. Unions will push for a longer lunch break ’cause you won’t be able shovel your food as fast.

            • the principles behind the second amendment are what kept us from being British citizens.

              So why is it any american cares about his British opinion?

            • Or….better still…instead of removing male organs—arm everyone….that should stop the rapes……along with other crimes. Guns kill people like spoons make people fat.

            • you could add that rapes occur at a rate of over twice that in the UK

      13. I did a short research paper on genocide. Sorry for the length of this (I shortened it), but what stage do you think America is in?

        1. CLASSIFICATION: All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality. (Check)

        2. SYMBOLIZATION: We give names or other symbols to the classifications. We name people “Jews” or “Gypsies”, or distinguish them by colors or dress; and apply the symbols to members of groups. (Check)

        3. DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. (In Progress)

        4. ORGANIZATION: Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, often using militias to provide deniability of state responsibility (the Janjaweed in Darfur.) (In Progress)

        5. POLARIZATION: Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws may forbid intermarriage or social interaction. Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. (In Progress)

        6. PREPARATION: Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is expropriated. They are often segregated into ghettoes, deported into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved.

        7. EXTERMINATION begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human.

        8. DENIAL is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims.

        • #3

          And when we get to the end we will start all over.

        • @southpaw

          Now we’re talking. You are not in the dark about human capability.

        • @southpaw
          First there is thought or conception.
          Second there is speech. To gain acceptence and momentum.
          Third the actual committance or implementation.
          Each stage requires success in all three acts to progress to the next stage or it fails. Each stage can be stopped before the end result.

          We are at stage five and a stones throw away from some bad stuff.
          Using your paper. Do preppers hide in caves. Fight against the forces of evil. Or just give up and join the dark side.

          • Slingshot,

            I have asked several people I know whether you stay out of the way (as best you can) or fight against something like this(as individuals or small groups).

            In Rwanda, neighbors who had lived together for years were suddenly turned against each other because one was Hutu, the other Tutsi. One story I read stated that a Hutu went to his longtime Tutsi neighbor and warned him that when the mobs reached their homes, the Hutu would join the mob and kill his Tutsi neighbor to save his family. He warned the neighbor so he could leave in time, but that is as much as he would do. The reality is had the Hutu stood up for his Tutsi neighbor, they would have both been killed. I think that’s about all I could ask if put in the defensive position and all I would be willing to do if “my side” were on the offensive.

            Most preppers are trying to have conversations warning those close to them, but at the end of the day my obligation to help once the SHTF is primarily to my family. I’ll do what I can out of Christian charity after that is fulfilled, but not to the detriment of my wife and children.

            BTW I re-read my post and need to clarify that I did the paper back in college. The post is a summary from one of the sources.

            Esse Quam Videri

        • To put it simply, this is “complete government control”

        • Southpaw: That sounds like Alan Dershowitz wrote every word of it! Especially that part where it states “They DIG up the dead bodies Mass graves and then Burn em”!

          Thats the exact Same thing said back in aprox 1997(?) after Archeoligist and Scientists took a Computer assisted Ground Radar-Xray devise(like used on ice road trucker show to determine ice depth and thickness etc) to Dashau and aushwitz to “find” evidence of the supposed TWO million jews buried around the camp areas.

          When they made a grid and meticulously covered every sq foot of a huge ground area….They found ZERO bodies or parts of bodies or bones etc!

          So then is when the holyhoxers Insisted it was due to the nazis hurriedly before exiting camps when allied forces were closeing in fast, they DUG up ALL 2 Million bodies and took rail road wooden rail “Ties” for wood fuel and piled several thousand bodies at a time and burned them and then BURIED the ashes!

          AGAIN the scientists guys meticulously re searched this time for “ashes” and bone fragments etc…ZERO Found!

          Does anyone really believe after burying so many bodies, they then dug em up to “Burn” evidence? All that while worried of escaping usa and brits and russian armys closeing in on them areas?

          Most of all that you can today find commercially available or from universities “history” depts. is alot like the TV Hitler(History channel) Channel.

          Figure its aprox 98% propaganda or outright Lies, mixed with 2% factual truths…

          Just like that famous quote by Hitlers general Gobbels propaganda expert…Where hes quoted to say “Tell a lie often enough and eventually it will be believed”

          TRUE FACT!:…Yes it really was said by that german general…BUT if you go find and Read the ENTIRE quote he spoke you will find he was telling people on his radio broadcast that it is how Jew propaganda is done!

          he was saying that jews are famed Liars and Swindlers, and the method used to convince others to believe whatever it was jews wanted folks to believe is they told Lies mixed with “some” truth to make it believable, and said it as Often as psoible till others fell for it!

          BUT We all been told again and again all our lives that its how german nazis were able to get folks to believe Their lies!…WRONG! It was Germans tellimg folks how to spot the tricks and Lies jews used!

          Thats fatcs you can read about online at several credible sites. They have the ENTIRE speach with the Entire quote by gobebels the german nazi guy.

          The exact same goes for hitlers book of Mien Kamph….You/we always Hear some MSM talker tell us how evil it is…BUT we NEVER actually hear anything hitler wrote told of Verbatim right.

          That book too you can read free online and see what it actually did say. If you do so, you will find again we been lied to massivly about what hitler really said.

          Everything your post listed is exactly what the tribe and zios does to brainwash us all on MSM and public school ed etc!…Its probobly They who authored those numbered methods you wrote of!

          For more PROOF simply Observe todays amerika and WHO owns MSM and WHO is the Primary Main talking heads all over MSM TV (talmudevision hint hint!)…

          Just thought you may be interested in this as an FYI.

          • Angelo,

            You are correct.

            Funny how the 6-million number is still held as gospel here in Amerika, even though the official plaque at Auschwitz now says only slightly more than 1-million were killed at the Auschwitz-Birkenau-Triblinka complex. We are told they were extermination camps, when in truth they were WORK camps. Many of those interned were employed in a nearby synthetic rubber plant, supplying tires & such for the war effort. The remainder worked in the local farmers fields.

            Oddly, the International Red Cross stated in 1948 that the total jewish death count for all such camps, was less than 300,000…yeah that’s right. Three hundred thousand!

            Little is mentioned of the fact that the Germans PAID said workers a wage & provided them with an on-site canteen, a post office, a medical-dental clinic, a theater, a soccer field, a large swimming pool, musical instruments for the jewish musicians & their camp orchestra…they even had a brothel for the bachelor inmates!

            …imagine that! The Germans were cool enough to allow them to get “LAID” before they gassed their asses (sarcasm).
            All this is verifiable as genuine, if one does a little truth searching.

            Links provided upon request…

      14. I met RF damn spell check

      15. It is a stange position our communities are in. we’re numbed to violence in our neighborhood, but flip out if we have 2-3 people as collateral damage in a war zone.

        we used to level entire city blocks to get a sniper or mortar crew. now we get pissy when hammas sets up by a masque and then bitches cause some un intended causalties accure.

        • @largetarget

          Political Correctness comes to mind.

        • W need to go back to leveling the village than the villages won’t let the Bad Guys in.

          • “Let me win your hearts and minds or I’ll burn your damn hut down.”

            • Just watch who your friends are.

              If you don’t police your neighbors, we will do it for you.

            • Everyone here is always going on about opsec.

              So what would you do if your neighbor had 4’x 8′ F-obama signs in his yard and keeps blowing stuff up for practice right next door to you.

              I think most would get him to stop, and quit attracting attention to your neighborhood.

              What he does isn’t your problem. Until they show up to investigate him and find you.

      16. Secret shuttle launch: US military’s X-37B to spy on Middle East?

        Secret shuttle launch goes off without a hitch Tuesday. But what is the secret mission of X-37B? The robotic, military shuttle spent seven months in space during it’s last mission. It could be spying on terrorists, speculates one scientist.

        The Air Force launched the unmanned, robotic spacecraft Tuesday hidden on top of an Atlas V rocket

        • the first two went in the ocean ( some 300 million)

        • And we are all worried about drones flying over America., let’s try to shoot this one down… 😉 (sarcasm).

      17. North Korea launched a missle. Taking a harmless path into the ocean.

      18. this is interesting, the only variable in the experiment that isnt mentioned is the fact that the prisoners were to some degree playing along, at least starting out, where they lost the fight puzzles me?
        nothing you see on a screen can even begin to numb you for what is to come, your first initial encounter will be the moment you realize it is nothing you had envisioned in your rambo daydreams
        as for this police chase lasting 20 min im suspicious as to why they continued to flee if they were completely innocent? hopefully we all know the cops are predominantly tards and can become confused quite easily, help them stay focused, surprised the cops put that many rounds on target

        static zombies seems like training for faggots?
        what happened to the days when we trained to kill men?

      19. I don’t watch TV so they can count me out. 🙂

      20. From a former public school teacher, ‘following the crowd meme’ requires one of two things:
        1) extremely low IQ
        2) extremely immature level

        • Jayjay&BJ: You hit the nail on the head, “never under estimate the stupidity of people in large groups”. That’s because groups usually devovle to the (LCD) lowest common denominator (dumbest guys in the crowd) and act accordingly.

      21. Just watch the coverage of the union thugs in Lansing today…..ZOMBIES!!!

      22. I don’t know why you people have so much trouble; Just listen to the little voices in your head, they will tell you what to do, lately they agree on more ammo. I just hate it when they argue.

        • Gun show this weekend Yea! Gonna git me sum.

      23. The article makes sense to me. Conditoning you to choose between a rock and a hard place only.

        So naturally the outcome is ALWAYS BAD!

        I give you a 3rd choice if you are up to it? JESUS! That quashed the moral dilemma instantly.

        But get yourself disciplined NOW by reading the Bible for yourself and if you have questions go to the site that offers their knowledge and booklets for FREE.

        And not a hint of even suggesting a donation! <-Good fact to know.

      24. Another confession. I watched to first 3 episodes (on the internet, no TV) of “The Living Dead” well after it had become a “hit”. I got sucked into it. I could feel the pull. Killing the already dead. Yeah, baby!!!

        But after the 3rd one I noticed something didn’t feel right, in me. As if some contagious disease was infecting me. In fact, I felt physically nauseous and had to stop. Why it took 3 to show the symptom was scary to me. Why I even watched one was, well, sick.

        Anyway, my mental and emotional wounds have healed but just looking at the video still frame was enough to remind me where I don’t want to go.

        They’re getting ready for the Big Free-for-all kill off. Programming the morbid, mushy minds of the masses not to flinch.

        Be careful what you consume through all the senses.

      25. My son-in-law said to me recently; if we have a zombie outbreak, youre the one to know what to do..( I read a lot)

      26. @Be Informed

        New Madrid is waking up. But you knew this already.

        New quake in OK.

        • @ The Universe. Watch the Caribbean plate this is one of the keys to the New Madrid fault. Emily the other night sent a map of strange booming sounds around the country, and they had this purple line tracing the spots around the country. When you compare this purple line it closely matches the northern border line of the Caribbean plate that continues to the Mid Atlantic Ridge. You can almost overlay the two lines with each other. Also watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge for increased quakes, this affects the New Madrid.

          The New Madrid goes through the same pressure build ups as oceanic crust boundaries that eventually break when the preesure becomes beyond what the rock can take. The New Madrid reminds me of something that has been welded together, as it was once as active as Japan is today. That ancient plate boundary is a weak area that takes much pressure from the North America plate getting pressure from the plates to the south that are going in different directions.

          • @BeInformed….curious here as to your opinion regarding statements I have read regarding the Earths’ crust moving/rotating….any validity to this?

            • @ Feisty Old Broad. I think you are talking about a crustal shift like the movie 2012, and something like this is possible, but has not occurred recently in geological history. That is unless it did occur during what they thought was Atlantis and the Antarctica is what Atlantis used to be. It is interesting to note that some of the land mass descriptions that either Socrates or Plato describes as Atlantis vaguely match what Antarctica looks like without the ice caps. If anyone ever finds ancient structures buried under the Antarctic ice this would almost certainly prove that the Antarctica was more towards the equator and shifted rapidly to where it is now.

              Back to the planet’s crust shifting. There is a magnetic pole movement in which true magnetic north drifts, a lot in the past century. This is why good compasses have corrections build on to them because true magnetic north is several hundred miles away from the north pole 90 degrees. Don’t want to be lost in the woods and depending on a compass that will lead you away from where you want to go the further you have to travel. Gentle movement, slow, drift of the plates and magnetic north and south are not dangerous, it is the sudden rapid lurching that people talk about.

              If like in the movie 2012 the crust shifted rapidly several degrees or more it would be doomsday. NOT like the movie though. Oceans only take up 70% of the planet and entire oceans are not going to engulf the inner continents, especially at high altitudes. Tsunami waves could go hundreds of miles inland on flat sea level surfaces like Australia. Water would NEVER get up into the Rocky Mountains for example, unless the North American continent itself sunk in altitude. Even the earthquakes would not be what killed off most of humanity, it would be the severe magnetic storms and the disruption to the atmosphere.

              In the movie, which had unbelievable un-scienctific facts there is, the movie did not put into it the catastrophic impacts of a polar shift of the crust what it would do ABOVE ground. The winds would reach 300 miles per hour or more all over the planet. The electromagnetic storms would look like something on another planet or out of a science fiction movie. This would even affect the very chemistry of the atmosphere. It would be similar to the asteroid impact about 65 million years ago.

              Can this happen? Will it? Not likely, but possible. The plates have not moved much to indicate anything, as the earthquake activity has been very close to matching the previous earthquake activity decades ago. This is one way I have been able to more or less pinpoint where earthquakes are going to occur. If the plates had moved that much, then the earthquakes of 40 years ago would be way off from what they are today. This is not the case as after that Bouvet Islands region had their swarm like 17 years ago, almost the same spot in Indonesia was hit this week, only about 25 miles away with the same 7.1 magnitude quake.

              The signs to look for with a rapid crustal shift would be like the movie, earthquakes all over the place. I have thought such a shift that volcanic activity would go crazy in the Antarctica. This is a tremendous warning sign IF you start to see several volcanoes start erupting In the Antarctica then I would plan for the end of the human civilization whether it is before or after Dec. 21, 2012. A chain reaction of 7+ earthquakes would also be a very terrible sign of geologic problems. Not just a few in a couple of days, but like a couple of dozen in the span on one day. Anything that would be way beyond the record books.

              Even with that mega strike slip earthquake of 8.6 or 8.7 this last spring, the largest ever such horizontal quake recorded, it did not set off all the plates, there was definitely earthquakes of large size that was caused by this though. I could see several earthquakes going off together however like back in 1812 when the San Andreas, New Madrid, and the Caribbean plate all went off within a few months of each other. Earthquakes can set off other faults, happens all the time. A chain reaction like dominoes I suppose is possible, but I think it would have to start with a 9.0+ earthquake with enough energy behind it to start this.

              A scenario in which I could see (farfetched, but possible) this happening is as follows:

              The Nazca plate has a similar mega quake, like in Chile or Peru or mid 9 range. This in turn causes massive pressure on the South American plate that causes the Caribbean plate to break that in turn forces the Cocos plate to go. This causes the North American plate to be forced to move that sets off the New Madrid and the San Andreas, which in turn like in 1700 sets off the Cascadia fault. This whole sequence then causes pressure against the Pacific plate that causes mega quakes in the Alaskan area and the Kuril and Aleutian trench zones. This then causes the Philippine plate to go which then interacts with the very dangerous Australian plate that leads to mega quake in India all the way to new Zealand. Then the Arabian plate goes which affects Greece to Iran. Then lastsly the African plate goes which affects Europe. This would be unlikely to happen, but could happen under the wrong circumstances.

              If I was worried about Dec. 21, 2012, I would be real worried about war. I truly believe that best chance for a civilization ending event would be a global war. Man has fought so many wars before, and this time nuclear weapons would be used, and they would be used extensively. War can start without warning and be extremely rapid, and would absolutely be in line with the end. It just take some country to do something stupid and everything can spiral out of control in hours or even minutes. Will it happen, this I don’t know, but the best odds for the end on Dec.21 comes from war.

              • If you believe in the powers that be pulling the strings from behind the curtains then you know that will never happen, it might happen in serten isolated areas but not full on nuckuler war these people don’t want to destroy the world, ever read the Georgia Gide stones, well read them and you’ll know why, These people don’t want that and what these people want these people get. There gool is to take out larg amounts of people with little inpact on the planit not nuke it and live in bunkers for the next 1000+ years, and if you do then you really haven’t been reading bettwean the lines sir
                1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
                2.Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
                3.Unite humanity with a living new language.
                4.Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
                5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
                6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
                7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
                8.Balance personal rights with social duties.
                9.Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
                10.Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
                ^notce number 10 yah…

          • Hi BI,

            • Hi BI,

              Cut-off above…

              Another GRB this afternoon, one of the ‘stronger’ variety, just before 14:00 UTC. Watch the terrestrial’s …I’m going back to watch the Solar…seems like every time one of these comes through the Solar rather quickly reflects it. Later Brother….

              • Another, @ 06:56:13 UTC initial LightCurve likely not available for 8-10 hours. Be back later, Solar just statred to ‘kick’ a bit in response to the first (seemingly), a C-5.7 was observed just a bit ago….

          • sooooo BI, at 0054 on 12-12-12, there was a 4.5 in costa rica. you called it about 45 min before it happened (theoretically!)…nicely done!! pour yourself a cold one!!! oh, and 12-11 4.1 in caymans and 3.3 near virgin islands….

          • And the 2.8 in CO re-confirms the pattern you mentioned.


      27. Maybe there is a warning to all of us that we could take delight in shooting the zombies. Apparently it is easy to fall into the role of persecutor if someone was to feel superior due to their preps or position within a community during a shtf scenerio in which case you be just like those planning our demise.
        Be careful and try to keep your moral compass pointing in the right direction.
        Take care ya’ll.

      28. A bit off topic, but I was just on a site reading through the comments on a recent drone strike that killed a prime target in one of the terrorist groups. I made a comment asking about all the innocent civilians killed in the drone strike just to kill one man. The comments I got were appalling. They thumbed me down galore, called me an idiot and said I was a terrorist. They were happy that others died because apparently they are all terrorist trash. They deserve to pay for what they did in 9/11 and blah blah blah. They had the nerve to call me crazy. This is really bothering me because I feel like people have lost sight of their own morals. Has the media really twisted everyone’s minds so much that they think all Muslims are terrorists?

        • GregorK: Was that site Glen Becks “Blaze” by any chance?..OR maybe was it WND aka worldnetdaly ?

          It sure sounds alot like what I saw on both them sites when its issues like you mentioned. Worse than liberal websites if you disagree or ask questions they do not like! Especially becks blaze website. Unbelievable how one sided they mostly are there.

          It seems as if many neocons repubs are becomeing worse than liberals on certain issues eh. Like its a contest to be meaner!

          • Actually, it was yahoo.

        • yes they have (attempted) to twist everyones mind. to draw attention away from the perception that the govt did the dirty deeds of 9/11.


          if all of these professional pilots are crazy, then so am I.

      29. ”Cognitive dissonance” sounds akin to desensitization. I’m fairly sure there is a fine line between the two. It basically strikes me as something that becomes the norm and people just don’t give a flip anymore.

        But then my brain is on simpleton mode and complex thinking temporarily escapes me. Been fighting a cold for a couple of days and my cognition is swimming is snot. Apologies for crudeness but it’s true.

      30. This is a good reason to stop watching television and avoiding the movies.

      31. I am in total agreement that you can visually condition the sheeple to be numbed-out to televised scenes of mass horror, hunger, slaughter and destruction to numb them to whatever truth the resistance to the future MSM’s propaganda whitewash allows to get through to the masses.

        However, you cannot pre-condition the ordinary folks to the smells of decay and decline: THE SMELLS of rotting corpses in the street, human bodies unwashed for months in close quarters, the sickeningly sweet rust-like smell of caked and coagulated blood in clothes and on bandages, the smell of sewers gone un-maintained for months or years and the odor of garbage piled on street corners for months…..

        You also cannot pre-condition the casual observer to the physical strains of being in such an environment. The hunger, succombing to stress, the shell shock / combat fatigue, the destruction and loss of all one’s material posessions, the pain assosciated with being wounded without first-world medical care…..

        All Hollywood is doing is conditioning the masses’ cognitive dissonance of what will come to pass until the reaper visits their neighborhood.

        • @ The-Rifleman-Next-Door

          I am sure that most people just glossed over your description of the sights and smells of a war zone. There are some of us who have seen, smelled and tasted what you describe. It is the reason why most combat soldiers hate war and realize that you can and will put up with a lot to avoid another encounter with it.

          The rate of suicide by those who survive a shtf scenario will be of unbelievable proportions. When the reality of a new world sets in there will be a period of reflection by the survivors making a personal decision of/if this new world is one which they can live in.

          This is an aspect that I have not seen addressed by any prepper. Much bravado going into a SHTF situation but how will any of us be able to live with the realization of the brave new world? How will you and your family handle the mental stress of walking down a road with dead and rotting corpses? Feral dogs and cats feasting? The cries for help from beggers, men women and children. Some of them preppers whose plan has disolved or the time prepared for has run out?

          How can any of us imagine such a thing? Few I think. Might be some thing we all want to examine and find a way to deal with in our preps.

          • The mental health stats & suicide statistics for ex combat troops always make grim reading. PTSD affects more veterans than is ever officially acknowledged.

            My ex was one of those that succumbed to the lure of the bottle to self-medicate his memories. Not everyone can reconcile themselves with killing other human beings.

          • too right…

          • In an article a couple months back I put up something about questions to ask ones self. They sat pretty much along the same lines.

            Mental preparedness was one of the things mentioned you must have. You are right a lot of the rambo thoughts going on. The I will shoot you bang bang got my guns and ammo ppl. From personal experience the first kill is not as hard as one thinks it is more a shock and awe to your system. Even for a sadist like myself I do not love the thought of killing more ppl.

            Have seen dogs eating baby corpses, have seen ppl eating ppl, have been shot at many times, have seen a first hand execution, where they laid the guy down and one by one 7 ppl walked up with bolt action rifles and just took shots at him. One shot took him in the mouth his lower jaw was hanging out of his mouth sideways while he still was alive gasping for air his eyes wide open.

            Even our troops who have seen war, have seen some of the horrors have no clue to what is out there. After a while you loose yourself. Become cold. Unfeeling. Uncaring. Dead inside. That is when things become truly fucked. That is when you stop thinking and just act. That is when you stop saying hmm he is just a child should I let him go? , and you just shoot him dead so he can not give away your location or warn others of your presence.

            It will always be a case of one step further.
            No fucking rambo daydreams here, just a real first hand view of the fucked in the head shitbags we humans are.

      32. Gee…
        We have a commie in the white house…and a lezbo for security.
        Factories shipped to China.
        Dollar crashed 44% since 2000.
        All this 911 terrorist hoax to let the oil guys get the arab oil.
        The black panthers, that don’t even look black.
        Brothers….they’ve watered your asses down. So give it a rest.
        Chemtrails poisoning us.
        Seed vaults
        GMO foods
        NDAA, lock your ass up forever bill.
        Now that one told me they are going to crash the dollar.
        They won’t be able to handle the waves of humanity who did not prepare.

        All this 2012 shit…was code….to get you to prep up…but the real reality is a year of hell…while they take the dollar to zero and tell China to go fuck themselves.

        Think about it.. We enslaved China….they were our slaves…making our plastic shit for us…and we paid them with paper…not real value. Ben the Jew just kept printing more.

        Seems everyone has their own gig…
        The oil guys want the black goo to keep their processes running.
        The jew bankers want to enslave us with debt. Yeah, go read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Jewish plan to enslave us all.
        The boomers and the silent generation will bankrupt social security.

        My generation… we’re all buying silver…at least they cannot steel it. They have to find it first.

        We’ll that’s it.

        2012…no worries. The shot gun is ready for any ghetto non prreppers who come knocking… the pantry is secure and I’ve partnered with the neighbors.

        I’ll learn you all with a very extreme thought…
        If it’s the end of the world…
        I’ll stay in the burbs…close to the meat. ha

        Just put out a sign that says…FREE FOOD and it’s a duck shoot.
        Ever think about that one?

        I bet half the preppers could deal with it, without blinking an eye.
        Why… we have an edge on many..

        Embrace the Horror!
        ps. Ketchup helps I bet.

        • Gee, a hellovanote ain’t it……and yes ketchup makes alot of food edible. Cheers!

      33. If the world end and people need food.

        I’m going to get some hot tail in trade for food.


        Aw…come on guys.. LIve the life!

      34. OK earthquake – 3.0 Today, Dec. 12th.

        The last movie I saw was the last Harry Potter movie.
        I am a fan of Daniel Radcliffe.
        The rest of the movies that have been spewed out since,
        do not interest me at all.

        I am the same way about television.
        Watch the news just to stay up on current events,
        then go internet to get the ‘real news
        without the bullsh*t.’
        Watch the Hx. channel and weather channel.
        May watch an occas. show for entertainment.
        Anderson Cooper, Piers Slimey Limely Morgan,
        and the other talking heads bore me to tears.
        The View ,with those hags with their careers in the dumpsters, gag me.
        Sometimes I even wonder about ‘The Five.’

        I like to hold an actual book and read it. How novel.

        I think media has been increasing the violence, the sex,
        profanity, the gore and death for a while. Rambo.
        It is in many of the x-box 360 games.
        Its the ‘norm.’ Cool, hip, show me blood and guts.
        Another factor in the decline of civilization,
        along with rudeness.

        • Hi Emily,

          A certain amount of the progress of increasing violence and other less savory things we see today is a simple reflection of the basics of human nature, to be sure. A lot of the ‘softer side’ of things just doesn’t ‘sell’, so to speak. That said there exists a relatively small number of persons in the entertainment industry who effectively decide what will and will not be presented at large…that’s where the problems begin. Whenever a few control what many are exposed to, we – the many – become unduly infulenced by the decisions those few make. This circumstance is directly similar to the effects that out gowernment has had upon America these last 60 or so years.
          We become CRITICALLY dependent on the character of those exercising thier judgement, the consequences thereof. It has come to my mind lately that the era of “Big’ everything is dying…Big Cities, Big Goverment, Big Corp, Big Religion…all of it. People simply do not wish to be dictated to on every level of existence. Such may persist for a while but the novelty wanes over time. Much as the human body’s own immune system must first recognize and then react to the presence of that which is not of the body, so too are we slowly becoming ‘aware’ of the presence of those in the ‘Corpus Humanis’ which neither serve it nor effectively do other than harm to it…the ‘immune’ response will follow in short order….ever more has it been so. Some will awaken to to the trend at hand while there is yet time to effectively prepare though many will not.
          Inasmuch as – at the root of all things – our primary resonsibility’s lie with our families and the members thereof, those who fail to see what is at hand are without recourse…of any sort. May He have mercy on all such….I may not be able to.

        • @emily, look up “the woman in black” it’s a daniel radcliffe movie since the potter series. I liked it too.

          • Doesnt hold a candle to the original TV movie version from the 80s.

        • rudeness, see it up close and personal. go to your nearest COSTCO, rude bastards at every turn……..

        • That is very good news here for Illinois.
          Chicago stats : 2,364 shot, and 487 dead this year.
          Now the citizens can fight back against these thugs.

        • the part about the supreme court ordering the Ill. legislature to write a concealed carry law almost made me chortle. if they struck the ban, then the 2nd amendment kicks in………
          and if they don’t loke that, then the 9th amendment kicks in…………..screw all these assinine courts.

      35. I think theres probably something to it, and I must confess I watch them all, walking dead, revolution and Im sorry gang I do enjoy them. Now is there a psychological conditioning happening here? Yes no doubt about it, however that certainly has not changed my long held belief that the taking of another human life must be the most difficult thing one can ever do, and being able to live with that memory must be horrible. To the sheeple and how they percieve it is anyones guess, hey if all the evidence presented today hasnt swayed your opinion yet I dont know what will, a pile of corpses on the front lawn? Maybe, hard tellin not knowin, but when there is little outcry when folks get trampled to death over a new phone I dont suppose a mass grave in the town dump will bother them that much either. In other words all bets are off.

      36. Brains.

        Yeah the “programming” would last for about the length of two or three really good duration riots. Then everyone would start to notice how unlike TV everything is.

        • I think many are missing the real point here…IE: they aint programing the masses to get used to it ahead of time….They are programing the masses to DO IT!

          And all us types and proguners etc is the enemys they plan to unleash those masses of sheeple against!

          Same as last 50 yrs it was blame whiteys for all what ails ya…This time it will be blame whiteys AND especially awake and preppers and progun folks.

          ALSO: Scientists types has proven fatcually and medically etc that if avg person watches TV for 15 minits, it semi mesmerizes you into a kind of 1/2 Hypnotized state.

          After 30-45 minits you get fully absorbed and so mesmerized it affects the brain and sub concience into being very highly sugestive.

          Thats why all this stuf has so much hidden agenda or subliminal(which is not so sublim any more) suggestive stuf imbeded into it.

          A good method to discover it is rent a video and use remote stop action and rewind to play again in slow mo or frame by frame!

          Thats when you actually can see what you missed first time viewed….Most folks see more every time they watch a movie again. What they missed the first time.

          But you miss alot more than you realize. By slo mo or frame by frame at key parts of film you notice a single frame that sped by so fast you missed it.

          EXAMPLY: In one of mel gibson cop movies(where he has a black detective side kick and its got 4-5 sequels) Mel is in capts office getting bitched out for shooting a perp or something like it.

          Then as mel exits that capts office door…A split second frame shows an NRA antigun poster hanging on the wall that mel walks past!

          NRA poster says something like “The NRA wants EVERYONE to carry GUNS!”….And I think it has a picture under wording of a school kid with an Uzzi sub machine gun in their schoolbook back pack!

          But you wont see it at all unless you Look for it and freeze film-rewind movie a bit to see it again in very slow mo or frame by frame.

          Scientists confirm as do neuro docs and brain dr’s that even if you do not notice it…Everything on the movie screen your eyes see and ears hear is Recorded by the brain! ALL of it!

          Thats how they are brainwashing folks to Restructure society and what folks think etc!

          They also show a movie at theaters or on tv and then a couple weeks later MSM begins a new agenda of propaganda that you do not notice it but your mind does due to imbeded sugestions or stuf your syes saw but you don’t realize you seen it. The subconsious part of your brain/mind all a sudden Reacts to what talking head on msm spews and you will agree or think its real or good idea etc.

          Its far more intence societal conditioning than most folks are aware of. Way more. Its true Pysiopps Warfare on us all. And its 100% EVIL and nefarious!

          Remember: ALL Radio-TV-Cell phones etc work by AIR WAVES…Invisable waves that travel the “Airwaves” right?

          And consider what is one of the Many “Titles” afforded to the devil Satan aka Lucifer….”The PRINCE of the POWER of the AIR”!!……Hmmmmm..eh.

          • I caught those anti-gun stickers in several of the Lethal Weapon movies the very first time I watched them. There is another for Handgun Control, Inc.

      37. i am armed. i keep buying ammo but i also stare at my guns and wonder how in the f*ck can i stomach killing another man. i’m not even close to the Rambo’s in here just itching for STHTF. i can watch all The Walking Dead every week and it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. even in my imagination.

        • When your spouse and kids lives are on the line you’ll stomach what you need to, when you need to.

          Or you won’t.

          Either way, Problem Solved

        • When men show up to kill you, your family or neighbors you will know then. If you can question it now you have at least not lost your soul.

        • @asian prep I appreciate your honesty, I hope if and when that day ever comes that my military training kicks in, that I make wise decisions, I conceald carry everywhare I go but I never put one in the chamber. I give the zombie at least that .0003 second to rack it and decide if the trigger gets pulled. Thats not advice for anyone its just my thing.

          • I like that plan, let them hear the sound of the slide racking, anyone that doesn’t turn and run means you harm, put them down.

      38. Straight from the Eddie Bernays school of “public relations”.

      39. Thanks, Mac, for bringing this article. I have always felt I was a mis-fit of sorts since I could see the programing taking place. I was witness to this over the last 23 years while raising my son – what he and his pier group were subjected to.
        …the violent video games that hypnotized the children for hours and hours; the complete preoccupation with reality shows of ‘voting peeps off an island’ (folks would talk about this like it was real, even have wages bet on the outcomes), complete acceptance of disgusting animated cartoons, etc, etc, etc. My voice fell on deaf ears and I was shun as too old-fashion, living in the dark ages. Not one soul understood that it wasn’t about my personal taste in entertainment – it was CONDITIONING the masses. So, I retreated and mumbled occasionally to myself. Fortunate or not, my son knows. He and I very often say the Morpheus – The Matrix quote at the bottom of the article to each other.

        So, we see the results come to fruition. Much like BI, et. al. – I didn’t want to have my predictions come true. I wanted to be oh so wrong.

        It worked so marvelously I could almost say ‘Bravo, good job’ if it wasn’t so insidious. I wonder if ‘they’ are even amazed at the results working out so well.

        I agree with the European American’s comment of not watching the zombie-crap. I have tried about 3 times, but can’t stand more than a couple of minutes of the obvious PSY-OPs. The theme is subjective to taste in entertainment, but the conditioning going on takes it to a whole new level.

        These days I’m just a trail guide. In fact I think I’m going to graduate myself to this new moniker. I point out things and no longer try to explain why / how / who. I drop little markers along the path; point to the exhibit on the left, remind everyone to keep there hands in the car at all times. There is enough material available for the curious or wary if they want to educate themselves.

        Opps – time for me to put on my facade and head off to the day job.

        Stay safe, fellow tourists – don’t get Wowed by sparkly stuff 😉

        … trail guide.

        • @ trail Guide/Wee

          I had a mind movie when you mentioned “get Wowed by the sparkly stuff” and remembered the person with the moniker “Sussy Sparklefarts” 🙂 I would not want to watch that.

          Enjoy the day…

          hillbilly SC

          • @ Hillbilly SC,

            OH YEAH!!! HAHAHAAAAA….Good one! Thanks for that!!!

          • Thanks, hillbilly. I remember Ms.Sparklefarts. For some reason I slowed down on the posts because that moniker tickled me to no end. I smiled even if I was in the worst of moods.

            BTW – I dropped the ‘don’t get Wowed by the sparkly stuff’ more out of habit as it’s been a long time thing I say to my kido because most junk is so very seductive and so very repeated as ‘must have this gadget’ in our everyday world.

            Don’t get me wrong – I’m not necessarily opposed to ‘sparkly’ stuff. I recently gifted DH with a thing of beauty – it goes by ruger, mark III hunter rimfire. DH calls her ‘precious’. I marvel at its allure often as my eyes widen at the gleam of the projectile things it chunks…. it’s all about whats real and what is cheap junk to keep you mesmerized in the system.

            Opps, I guess is not on topic. I’ll send me to the corner now.

            ~..~ weeTG

          • I was wondering what happened to Suzy Sparklefarts myself!!!! There was another one with a day or two of that post that was just as funny, but I can’t remember what the name was.

      40. This is exactly the thought process that goes into the “pro life” movement, it is not a child, it is a FETUS. This has been going for decades, and yet we the people will not step forth to end the slaughter. So far, over 56 million children have been killed in this fashion, say what you will about the Nazis, at least their victims had a chance to fight back!! I dare not speak any further on the issue or I will be branded as a potential terrorist, but I think we all get the picture here, today an unborn fetus, tomorrow a hopelessly disabled person, for their own good of course, you know, quality of life and such!!

        • And then it progresses; oh, you only have vision in one eye?? Execute!!
          What, you have bad knees? Execute!!!
          Doctor to nurses: If any come in with bad hearts of hypertension?? Execute!!
          I imagine a future in which ALL imperfections will be hidden or kept secret by bribes??

        • Now it’s not even a fetus, it is non-viable tissue. Disgusting…..

      41. Two women are talking about what gifts they are expecting to get for the Holidays, Ruth and Sue.
        Ruth asks, “So Sue, what do you think your Boyfriend Roger is going to get you?”.
        Sue replies, “A dozen long stem red roses like last year”.
        Ruth says, “Gee you don’t seem too excited about getting flowers, what gives?”.
        Sue replies, “Oh, I love flowers, but every time I get them I spend the next three days on my back with my legs in the air!”.

        Then Ruth asks, “What, you don’t have a vase in your house?”

        • The Stasi were rank amateurs compared to our alphabet-soup agencies.

      42. The Second Amendment advocate Neal Knox wrote an article more than a decade ago showing the obvious increased frequency of “random senseless mass shootings” and pending anti gun legislation. When anti gun legislation was highly unlikely in the 2001-2008 years these shootings were uncommon.

        When something has a pattern and is otherwise mathematically improbable only the narrow minded cling to coincidence as the explanation.

        Coincidences are interesting like the 43 people that were at or tied to JFK Dallas November 22nd 1963 that all died within a couple of years many by quite unusual means.

        Coincidence? Nonsense.

        • Or all the chemists, micro-biologists, scientists that died, were murdered, or had accidents after 9/11!!

        • don’t forget all those dead folks involved with the “moon landing” who died in’67, a few years prior to the ruse.

      43. Southpaw.
        If you read all these posts consecutively it paints a picture of what we should be concerned about in the decisions we make. This is not a game we are playing and lives are involved. For the first time it was all put together in one tread. We did bounce around at other editorials. Also I did not want to blurt it all out myself. Wanted other to say what I thought and you can gather by some of my posts, it was some horrible subject matter. It has gone from the mind to internet and can not be denigh and for all to read.
        SouthPaw has provided a scale to which we can gage where we are along the timeline of prepping on the human side. While we will still struggle with the Financial and Nature’s influence. I think what we discuss here is more complicated than the average good person can understand. It frightens them and is part of the reason for the trolls. If we didn’t have the trolls I would say there would be something wrong with our reasoning.
        We have peeled away another layer of the onion for the new preppers to digest and for the oldtimers, something to be given pause.

        • thanks for the props slingshot

      44. ”Cognitive dissonance” sounds akin to desensitization. I’m fairly sure there is a fine line between the two. It basically strikes me as something that becomes the norm and people just don’t give a flip anymore.

        But then my brain is on simpleton mode and complex thinking temporarily escapes me. Been fighting a cold for a couple of days and my cognition is swimming is snot. Apologies for crudeness but it’s true.

      45. Has anyone given a thought to “Child Warriors”, within the USA? Like the African Rebels who kidnap children, feed them drugs and have them do unthinkable acts. Hamas uses child shields. Has the Prepper/Militia/Survivialists moved into this arena?

        • Hi slinshot,

          If you mean, “Are the P/M/S utilizing thier own as ‘Child Warriors’ then the answer is…maybe. At this stage of things people everywhere in these groups are inculcating in ‘thiers’ the need to isolate, to become ‘insular’. Where that might go is anyone’s guess and is likely to be a function of the ongooing pattern of events more than anything else. Perhaps you saw the picture being thrashed over the Web of the Hamas infant/toddler cradling an AK-47 across it’s lap? People are bit-by-bit, day-by-day being pressed up into a corner, what one sees in the picture I mentioned is the logical conclusion of that thinking,ie, the culmination of such.
          So much of what we see in the current state of the Mega-cities is not comforting on any level. The recent movie “Dredd” depicts a future which is another manifestation of the mode of thinking that exists today, that will lead to outcomes which to us appear now only in the world of Fantasy. A recent Popular Science article took a quick look at the latest in autonomous military robotics….fully autoonomous meaning that these can select and engage human targets wholly without any human operator intervention; Shades of ‘SkyNet’ hmm?
          The basic flaw existent in human thought for quite some time now, arguably a century or more, is the failure of the codified mechanisms of Law to recognize a basic Human neccessity…Human dignity. Surely nothing truer has ever been said than, “Those who forget this are lost indeed…” Unless, and only, we can recognize this simple, central issue will there be any improvement, anywhere. Failing this recognition, the future – for us all – is utterly grim.

          • JustOneGuy

            This is a hard subject to choke down. That is using children in warfare but it is not beyond some groups to utilize it to their advantage. When children are expose to politics they take on the persona of the adults and as in the case of Germany before WW2 turned in their own parents for speaking against the state. Vietnam China and Cambodia where children also turned in their parents for crimes against the state. There are many photos of children with weapons that should be playing football or baseball. Living causaulties of war. Something to think about before we casually weaponize (mind and guns) our children by mistake.

            • @ slingshot,

              “This is a hard subject to choke down.”, truly the understatement of the millenia. On and after long consideration I posit the question: “Is humanity de-evolving around us?” The relative level of intemperance, intolerance and etc. has increased dramatically over the course of my own life. There seems to exist no stable ‘point-of-equilibium’ anymore, anywhere…neither even the hope for such in the passage of time. Previously I have mused – here, at the board – that – we are missing something fundamental. Surely, the Law as it has been formulated and thence exploited by the opportunistic which any segment of the population will always contain…be cursed with, I should say. But it is a fundamental flaw beyond that, more an underlying flaw in our basic reasoning. I dwell upon this lately more and more…to what ‘end’ I am not sure.
              However, when those who are ‘Minor’ amongst us become tools of war, predatory and feral it does not, can not bode well (Noting Smokin’s previous treatment of same 🙂 ) for all of us. Keep prepping like there’s no tomorrow…there might not be…

              • OOPS!

                After, “…be cursed with.” should be continued as “, plays a part, but only a part..it is only the reflection of a deeper problem.”

                I have continued to work on these issues. As I have said, the Founders did a fine job, – for thier day and age – but that job was neither a work total and complete then or now. Perhaps we will learn before it is too late, perhaps not.
                I will say this: We are now so “HIGH”, so divorced from things and life as it was that if Humankind stumbles at this point it may well be the last iteration of ‘civilization’ that will be seen. It takes a certain minimum genetic diversity to sustain us generation to generation; if we fragment too severely following some awful racial – that is, the entire human race – trauma, fragment geographically, then given the broad loss of sustaining technological advances which we – as a species – can no longer live without…THAT may be the effective end of us.
                I wonder who the next one’s will be, evolved raccons or reeaaly smart squirrels…who knows? You have to wonder anymore wherher or not we or worth saving, all things considered…

              • I would argue we “devolve” while the ability to harm each other “evolves”. This can only end badly for us.

                I would also say we have been “devolving” since the beginning. If the biblical Adam were genetically perfect, then each generation has been genetically devolving since then. I think that when we look at the best humans among us (super athletes, geniuses, etc. etc.) we are looking back on what once was, not what will be.

                Esse Quam Videri

            • During the Cambodian genocide the worse were the children who were indoctrinated and given weapons….

        • The spider hole guy first season doomsday preppers. his own little militia with guns and combat training. Co-ed

      46. Men have hacked each other to pieces by the thousands with metal on battlefields in the past. Then have went on to hack the losing sides children and women after raping them. What has changed? Absolutely nothing. We have just had a lull of violence in the western world during our lifetimes. People are animals and always will be when it comes to survival. We are a weak society and no man is an island so all of the Rambo’s on here please get over the one man army mindset. The government will take your supplies if they want them. Unless you know how to fight a Gunship or a tank with a rifle I surely don’t.

        • that is why you have buddies who are ex military versed in the use of IED’s, tatics for survivability and escape and evasion 🙂

      47. Just finished up “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon. LONG book, dry at times, but it was well worth it. More than once did I feel a chill creep up my spine when I became cognizant that what I was reading that happened over 2000 years ago is very much happening today. It takes no imagination whatsoever to replace the names, terminology and events in Roman times with those of today.

        The blue pill was in high distribution then as it is now and people were swallowing it by the mouthful. Read it if you can find the time.

        Heel out.

        • Another book worth reading is ” The rise and fall of the third Reich” by William Shirer, some of the political manuverings are uncanningly coincidental of the landscape of modern american politics.
          Are people even aware that the SA/ brownshirts were infested with Homosexuals,that the Communist voted with the Nazi party in the Reichstag against the Weimar Republic and heped to destroy it ? That Hitler once he acheived absolute power turned on both and destroyed them?
          It’s unfortunate that most seem unwilling to read,learn about and understand history today.

      48. Off topic, what do you think, is the WV gas line explosion connected to the strange booming sounds across the east?

        • Hmmmm.gooood question.

      49. When I was in high school, I lived in a car with my mother,no money and my dad passing away left us bad off. I learned during that time to man up and do things. I took on a full time job after school and helped my mother who had two jobs. We saved our money and within a few years we paid off a house, I graduated from high school and attended community college. During this time when we first fell into this period of poverty and despair, I thought we would die. We had help from good people. Christian people. They gave us food and shelter and advised my mother and me on what to do. These people didn’t know us or owe us. Yet, they were willing to help us and give to us when no government entity or atheistic organization would even acknowledge our existence. During this time we also met some really ugly people that looked down on us for being poor, I know what came of most of these people and I can tell you this, that what you put out will come back to you. Most of them are locked away for life and the rest went to an early grave. The Christian people that helped us, lived long lives and then passed away at peace, they left behind their children who are still helping other people and I too am there to help others. I think that we can fight these things that are coming upon all of us on a personal basis, by helping others and loving the opportunity to help others. Regardless if they thank you or not. Just doing good for them and seeing them prosper when they thought that they were going to falter, this I believe changes most people. Those that won’t will continue to do as they want and they will falter anyway. Just thought I put this out there. Thank You God for all that you’ve done in my life!

        • @Indio. As I read your comment, for just a moment I felt as I instinctively always do – Oh, my, such a hard life. I’m just a repeat offender as a soft, mushy gal.

          But, just as I always do, I look for the ‘take-away’ message and don’t believe it is one of pity as that was your intent. I get that you aren’t saying ‘I had it hard, and you don’t have a clue’. I may be completely off base, but I take it as – goodness pays it forward. Always has, always will. People can bend it any way they want – religiously or psychologically as they wish. The answer remains the same. You can be the meanest bear in the woods, but you WILL reap what you sow. Cliche, you bet cha – but facts is facts. That’s what I like about facts… they have no need to argue.

          • Clarification – well, that came out all wrong – ‘don’t believe it is one of pity as that was your intent’. Meant to say that I didn’t think it was your intent to seek pity.

      50. If your not in Christ Jesus, you are the walking dead! Only He holds the keys to death and hell. These movies are just psy ops to frighten, terrorize, and to gain control of the masses. Cling to the King of Kings, keep studying scripture, and you will be protected and cared for!

        • he always seems to get in the way of my imminent demise

      51. Great article! Zombie-Porn is indeed intended to inure “our heroes” to the concept of shooting Amerikans down like so much dead-meat, but let’s not forget those other training films for future Merkin heroes, namely the “Hostel” series (an original and two sequels) directed and written by Eli Roth.

        These films, which I refuse to see but whose action is described in chronological detail on Wikipedia, bombard the viewer with disgusting, satanic acts of torture billed as as “entertainment.”

        I have seen DVD’s of this filth prominently displayed on the racks of such purveyors of culture as Wal-Mart, being snapped up by dirty-faced, hyperactive and chubby, buzz-cut little psychos in training, as their nearby land-whale mothers huff and puff painfully to move their shopping carts that are filled to the gunwales with MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other junk foods (which, besides turning those who ingest them into fat pigs, also have long-term COGNITIVE and PSYCHOLOGICAL effects). SOMEONE has REALLY planned things out well!!

        Having no souls and in constant need of their “rush,” many perverts and sadists in Amerika are today drawn to a) the armed forces (which since the 1980’s have heroically waged war with impunity against an assortment of populations that really couldn’t fight back) and b) the security forces that are ostensibly protecting “the homeland.”

        Amerika has become a SNUFF FILM in the making — what will the final release be LIKE?

        • ~~~Amerika has become a SNUFF FILM in the making~~~

          Ahab, a great description..amen.

        • Ahab ~

          That was incredibly insightful. Best post I’ve read in a long time.

          While sometimes I think that your views are a bit harsh, I never fail to read every word you post here – and I have to say, I’m really starting to agree with you on the demise of civilization.


        • @ Ahab

          Great analysis of the ‘in real-time snuff film’, aka Amerika.

          We know who writes the scripts & who directs the scenes…I cannot tell you what the ‘final release’ will be like.

          But I can with certainty say, that unless White gentile Western Civilization awakens en-mass quickly…there will be no sequel.

          • The Final sequel will be the Lord Finishes it all…Then He will judge And pass sentence on them evil ones.

            Then if my calculations is correct, we is who will assist Mikey the Archangle toss their sorry evil asses into the lake of FIRE!!

            Where the Smoke and Stench from their everlasting torment will spew forth forever as a reminder!

            But untill the Lord returns We must Occupy and Persevere.

            And defend whats worth defending at all times.

            PS: IMHO Ahab is the brightest most articulate of all who post info here . I hope more folks begin to see the light and learn what he and Anton and a few others already have discovered. Seems like Daisy has eh!!!!

            It is difficult to rethink certain issues we all was repeatedly told to believe as facts and truth. Then when another person says or shows something 180 degrees the opposite of it it seems against the grain to accept as true or factual.

            But them what remains open minded and are willing to explore new info it will be seen as Real truth.

            The true truth needs nothing but itself to stand. Everything else is just that, everything else. And everything else other than Real Truth must always be added to or propped up or often changed with new buzzwords or swindles or schemes to continue.

            The Real Truth needs none of that crap. But can be the hardest stuf to believe at times depending on the issue.

            The bigger the swindles the more it takes to break free of the lies it entails. Then you finally see it and its as if a powerfull light went off inside your head.

            And once you discover real factual truths, you never again will fall for all the rest you previously believed.

        • JOG….That could be bad news for China. As someone at ZH said “No frip frops for YOU”

      52. why do you think they call it television programs? ..the zombies will be people in shock , disoriented , injured, out of their drug of choice, or on the drug of choice, desperate , criminal, hungry..suicidal, crazy,,,you get the gist. Raised on tv, i can now look back and see clearly how my behaviors in the past were influenced if not manipulated by the programming..you have few brain waves when viewing than when your asleep.( I need to up my dose of Numbitall.) and the video game thing is way scary to me..combined with ssri drugs- yikes.

      53. 12 hours later and my post is still “under moderation”. Did I land on a naughty list?

        What with the ERROR: “you’re posting too fast”. And the post is lost completely.

        • @ Kindle,

          Howdy…Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this but pure text goes through MUCH more rapidly than anything contianing links. I’m pretty sure that that’s an automatic thing such that if some whack-job posted something REALLY BAD that Mac could intercept it before it got to general consumption, before he became ‘liable’ for same here at the site.
          Beyond that, I dunno…I use WaterFox, 64-bit in a 64 bit version of Win7 and it just flies…I used to have problems using the 32-bit version…things getting weirf occasionally, “Computer/CPU brain-farts” as it were….

          • It took 12+ hours for pure text. I post on other websites and those show up within minutes so I don’t think it is me or my computer.

            • Hiya Kindle,

              Hmmm, I think you and I had the conversation about the browser issue already and I’m quite sure that Mac is well beyond his recent bout with the Flu…
              Here’s a thought; Reset your router – while it’s disconnected from your internet adaptor – you can either unplug it for 30 seconds or access it through the interface. Before you re-connect it reset your password. I recently had some problems with my own, try this and see. Also, I’ve heard that a lot of people are lately getting a lot of ‘malware’ infections from various places on the web via ‘flood’ attacks against the router specifically….these can really SCREW things up for you…run that AV on your box to make sure it’s ‘clean’. I have a reason for suggesting this, check and see….

              • J1G, thanks for all your tips…I do appreciate it. Apologies for getting grumpy at times. It’s just frustration wanting to chime in or add a thought in a timely manner and not being able to.

                All of my security type software has been going nuts lately blocking numerous “attacks” daily. It has been getting bad the last 2 weeks.

                I hadn’t thought about the router…I’ll try that. What does “run that AV on your box to make sure it’s ‘clean’” mean? What’s an AV?

                This is the 2nd time I’ve had to type this post…the first one disappeared after I hit “submit comment” and I got ERROR….nothing else just error. I’m learning to copy my post and paste it into word until I know if it goes through or not. The bugs are a prowlin’.

                • Hi Kindle,

                  Sorry I didn’t get back quicker, was out of town for the day. I FULLY understand how aggravating it is to be trying to do something on-line and have that DAMN box telling me’NO’….WHERE’S MY GUN!!!!!!…I’LL ‘FIX’ YA!! 🙂
                  By “AV” I simply mean whatever anti-virus package you happen to have installed. If I may make a suggestion here…the very BEST AV out there IMHO is ESET’s Smartsuite which can operate in either the 32 or 64 bit versions of all the windows OS packages. Same began life as a ‘Big Iron’ solution to the various ‘nasties’ out inmthe real-world that we all face., thereafter it became (migrated) onto the PC platform, oh say, 4 years ago roundabouts. Same has EXTENSIVE heuristic’s in addition to the standard library of AV definitions and offers a degree of ‘adjustment’ that’s simply unparalleled in anything else I’ve seen. Also, it has a function in-built which allows it to ‘sandbox’ your entire external activity while it ‘watches’ the processes in action…to see if it does anything ‘funny’. This is called ‘active mode’ and is found under the advanced menu’s included therein. I recently had something actually ‘snatch’ my router right out from under me and after that I began getting REALLY serious about making sure that the router’s firmware was fully updated with the manufacturer’s latest version and all the other ordinary stuff: Reseting the unit daily (at least once a day) and changing the password frequently.
                  Most of us take the router for granted, so to speak, but it’s a real headache if someone can get control of it…they can do things that you wouldn’t believe. Given that it’s the holiday season EVERYONE is an ‘Open Target” for every malware shenanigan them ‘idjits’ can think up. Lot’s a’ luck Brother/Sister/Friend.

                  PS: it’s POSSIBLE that if someone ‘got’ you, so to speak, that you might have to go all the way through a full reinstall of the OS…that’s typically ‘icky and sticky’; Some things can be so deeply imbedded that nothing can safely get them out…just sayin’ here.

      54. When I was a kid and War of the Worlds was on my parents told me its only a movie. Well 50 years later its still only a movie.

        The fact is most people don’t handle death very well even when they say someone died a peaceful death. The death has an affect on friends and loved ones.

        I can describe eating a lemon to the point that you actually taste the lemon. I can’t describe killing in a way you could smell and taste it and I can tell you its something no normal person wants to experience.

        Can these movies, classical conditioning or brainwashing turn someone into a savage, barbaric killer? Absolutely, but if you think the Barbarian isn’t already inside you, I have news for you, its is! If you think the world is civilized; I have more bad news for you, its not!

        For the most part Americans have been sheltered from the savagery of the world, but that is about to change. Our government is now pitting us against each other. White against black, poor against rich, democrat against republican, secularist against religion, east against west and so on. We are about to see just how thin the veneer of civility is when the triggering event happens.

        And yes you will kill or be killed and you will do things to extract information from or control others. Is this a pretty picture? Hell no, but it is historically accurate since the dawn of civilization.

        Sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy the movie, but remember its only a movie…

      55. This is exactly what I have been saying lately, just not as articulately as the writer here. The zombie trend is conditioning us to see people in certain conditions as someone to be shot without hesitation. Imagine if you see someone straggling up your driveway like a zombie. The blood on their face could be from battle or other injuries, cracked lips from dehydration, ragged clothes from lack of shelter and laundry, and foot-dragging, staggering walk could be due to extreme fatigue and foot blisters/injury. So it could be a person in distress, and we are being conditioned to shoot them. I guess it just makes it easier for those whose goal it is to reduce population. It really is evil, conditioning people to kill the weak and defenseless who need our help.

        If you are aware of their attempts at manipulation, it lessens your tendency to be manipulated. It’s in everything – I can see the propaganda in almost every movie I see. My husband loves The Walking Dead and wants me to watch with him, so I do even though I have to turn my head from the disgustingness sometimes. After one recent episode, I just sat there feeling traumatized. Actually, that’s one reason I watch it, beyond the interesting story-line – I need to steel myself for the future because I’m much too squeamish.

        It is hard to explain the conditioning to people. Some object, saying they’re not going to go out and start shooting people. Of course not – that’s not what I’m saying. It’s more of a subtle attitude change that’s taking place below their awareness level. People also take it as a diatribe against immorality in movies. Of course that is an issue as well, but to me subtle conditioning is just as dangerous if not more so, and it isn’t even what I’m talking about. Either people are too shallow to understand or I just don’t explain it well enough.

        • You explained perfectly LT!


        • LT – I understand you perfectly. I am working on not being so squeamish. I carried this as a badge of being a gentle Southern woman for a very long time, just how I was raised.
          I struggled with shedding this as I am determined to not become desynthesized to what might be hell on my little piece of Earth. My DH might says “it just ain’t possible, not a single thread of ruthless in her being, hee, ahem, hee”. But he knows I have some very deep roots of native American heritage that might just be a latent trait that comes to life if I am pushed. He knows when that little glint in my eye means ‘she ain’t kidding ya’ll’.

      56. Good Stuff tonight! This is a big part of being prepared – Mindset. There’s snow up on the not too distant peaks and we have the wood burning… Happy 12-12-12 ! Only 9 prepping days ’til Apocalypse 12-21-12 so get get your house in order. Peace be with All.

      57. Unless more people wake up soon…we’re all fucked.

        • i figured in 95 that if people didn’t start doing the right thing… we’re all fucked, nothings changed

      58. Movies are geared to the global audience. Zombies are race, religion and sexual preference neutral. They’re safe to kill off without offending anyone’s race, religion or sexual preference. Who else are you going to make the bad guys without offending a particular protected group. All the other safe stereotype bad guy have been beaten into a dead horse, like crackers, hicks, rednecks, Christians, inbreeds from Estacada, middle aged white guys, bankers, wall streeters, euro trash with bad German accents. The only ones left are preppers, aliens and zombies.

        • Just wait for “Zombaid”,

          Shawn Of The Dead…
          great flick,
          don’t offend the zombies!!!

          the Watcher

      59. It is true, the US has lost if sense of decency and respect for life IMO. The Portland shootIng and Denver theatre shooting are two days news, columbine was a period of introspection for the US but no more. Stories daily now of murder and robbery that would be horrifying 10 years ago, today nada.

        Save your pennies and ammo, when the fiscal cliff really hits the US as a global financial collapse; I shudder to think what some will do to others.

      60. This is the same “conditioning” used on the populace regarding our economy..rinse repeat rinse repeat over and over til most are now conditioned to believe that all is well with our”recovery”..
        even though any fool sees the constant rising costs of food especially,but accept the “conditioning” that inflation is at 2% or so..not at the real 11% or higher .

        Todays announcement by Ben that QE4 is now in effect has just sounded the alarm bells by many financial pundits that severe inflation and hyper inflation are surely on their way much quicker than anticipated..time will tell folks..

        As with the cognitive dissonance exposed here..surely there is pure hell coming our way..
        with the recent procurement of 1.4 billion rounds of ammo
        and the quiet passage of NDAA

        it all adds up


        • Just wait until after the first of the year and all the new taxes kick in. Most people will see their paychecks decrease by nearly $100 a week. Then there will be zombie riots!

      61. @ Just One Guy ~ I enjoyed reading your words, you are right.
        @ Six Pack ~ You are right, I forgot, I did watch the Woman In Black! Glad to see you like Dan Radcliffe also, we have good taste.

        I am enjoying reading every thoughtful comment on here. I enjoy the challenge of new perspectives, and thinking outside the box. Thank you to all.

      62. It’s the same with video games, teaching the children to kill the image of a man with no more thought than the click of a button

      63. the vampires have taken over
        and are turning everyone into zombies

        Very Very simple
        Like Me

        the Watcher

      64. Oh, Mac..you have Puritan Pride..greatest prices EVER–and I have checked.
        I just ordered enough of my needs for a one year supply.
        Free shipping also.

      65. I guess you missed episode 1 of The Walking Dead where the protagonist hesitates to kill any zombie and only does so reluctantly, even saying he’s sorry to one of them.

        There’s also a scene where the other main character struggles greatly in killing his former wife… it was like the big emotional climax of the first episode.

      66. This one I needed to mull over. Frankly, here are two questions that I was mulling over:
        1. How does a Zombie translate into or link to hungry/feral men, women, and children?
        2. How does survival horror translate into or link The Stanford Prison Experiment?
        Both strike me as stretched propositions because:
        1. Survival Horror’s premise is that an entity or group of entities who are very difficult to stop, and two or more groups of survivors are pitted against them and each other, which very often in horror typically leaves diplomatic recourse out the door.
        What are the basic themes of survival horror?
        A. No governmental structure; survivors are largely on their own.
        B. The survivors are placed into a constant or very frequent state of heightened awareness or confrontation ready.
        C. The entity is often zombies or a creature. What exactly is a zombie? Zombies are the walking/living dead who physically seem to only feel when a victim is grasped, and they exhibit no emotions of any kind like sympathy, empathy, mercy, and etc. Their sole drive is to eat/devour; whether, they have stomachs or not. Would Psychopaths-Sociopaths largely come to mind as a human parallel? Strikes me as one. Psychopaths-Sociopaths do come in all ages, but it’s interesting to note central bankers and economic interventionists have no stomachs, yet they seek to devour the masses for their own aims. Hungry, poor, and etc men, women, and etc parallel to zombies? I rather doubt it. Translate into Stanford Prison Experiment? Thus far no.
        Typical storyline with zombies:
        1. Zombie outbreak occurs, and this is largely left unexplained beyond it occurred.
        2. Governmental structure is destroyed or occurs off screen, or the structure actually kills the survivor/s like the original “Night of the Living Dead”. These days the governmental structure seems to be destroyed.
        3. Survivors are forced on their own, and they are by and large often kept on high alert and ready for a zombie siege or cautiously attempt to avoid one like low fires, firearms attack them readily, and etc. Very often yearning for the old days when the government was still structurally there.
        4. Survivors are often forced to make difficult decisions. The example I would have given if I wrote this article was to escape the FEMA mobile HQ getting medical supplies for Carl; Shane shot Otis to distract the zombies long enough for him to escape, which high-stress and unremorseful for actions to survive.
        5. Survival actually rarely occurs in survival horror practically driving home without government civilization cannot exist theme.
        6. Following symbolism from Psychopath-Sociopath, the non-like masses are the abnormal ones, but they can be indoctrinated in which case they can become one who sees Psychopaths-Sociopaths as heroes or one of them. In zombie films, this occurs essentially in two ways: You get bitten or die, and you become one, or the survivor becomes unremorseful of ensuring their own survival despite ‘sacrificing’ or killing a member of the group because the survivor’s survival is for the greater good or good for the collective. Typically, the dual symbolism is Psychopaths-Sociopaths destroy the system, and they seek to replace it as well as Psychopaths-Sociopaths consider most people mindless animals or ‘zombies’.
        Now, we have a link to Stanford Prison Experiment, which by the way the documentary shown in Psychology expresses that Christina’s challenge to the morality was rather more livid than the writings of Dr. Zimbardo suggests.

        Now, I’d say most of this site agrees that government is controlled and influenced by a class largely of Psychopaths-Sociopaths. How do they look at the populace? Essentially as mindless zombies whose physical and emotional feelings largely don’t matter to them, so they don’t notice. Preconditioned response?

        Reading about World War Z, Brad Pitts character is affiliated to the UN, so it’ll be interesting to see how political themes play out. My hunch is that the UN manages the crisis inserting the UN is good theme into survival horror audiences.

      67. As there is a distinct lack of facts in this article, as well as this website in general, I feel the need to provide a few.

        “Dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies are slain in every episode.” The entirety of the series as of 12/02/12 consists of approximately 350 on-screen zombie kills. Divide that by the 27 episodes aired and you have an average of 13 zombie kills per episode. That is grossly different than the minimum that this article allows; 27 episodes multiplied by 24 is 648. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBDcoKPYX94 If a YouTube video compilation is not sufficient proof for you, I encourage you to watch the show yourself and prove otherwise.

        “Head shots are taken with no more compunction than swatting as mosquito before it lands on your arm.” This is incorrect. In the pilot episode, Morgan is unable to kill the zombie that was once his wife, though it threatens his son and himself. There are many further examples if one cares to look.

        “…we are being taught a new kind of bias – the categorization of someone terrified and hungry as something less human than us – a threat to be enthusiastically destroyed without remorse.” This is incorrect. A zombie is not someone terrified and hungry. A zombie is the a human corpse with a single purpose to rip the flesh from your body as you are still alive. It is quite simply a decision to eat or be eaten. These are very distinct from one another.

        The above are facts. The following is personal speculation.

        It seems to me that zombies are popular in fiction in parallel to the increasing popularity of liberal ideology. Liberals fear what they perceive conservatives to be – zombies, to wit, a mindless mass of conformists, always consuming. Conservatives fear what they perceive liberals to be – vampires, to wit, foreign parasitic immoral sexual deviants that reject religion and corrupt the innocent. Interesting parallel – http://www.mrscienceshow.com/2009/05/correlation-of-week-zombies-vampires.html

      68. The walking dead is really not a grate show, the acting is bad, really bad, the gore is good and the gun play is awful… No really any one that’s ever been in the military or had any advanced gun training can only think chicken wing when some one is firing a rifle, and Rick with that python, waving it around everywhere makes me question just how cheep the producers of the walking dead really are that they can find one USMC vet to come on set and teach these dumbazz’s a little gun safty and operation.
        But that aside I’m guessing the majority of people hear do some kind of prepping am I right? Well the hole zombie thing does apply to you… Oh come on if you tell your next door neighbor (if you do your a F-ing dumb) all about your food stock, guns and ammo they eather say one of two things 1. “Oh your crazy and that will never happen” or 2. “Oh man if SHTF I’m coming over to your place”. Ether way you got people that want what you have, and even if you don’t flap your gums you still have to deal with hungry looters and other valtur like people, how ever way you slice it you are eather a have or a have-not aka zombie, now really if there were people that wanted you stuff in a SHTF scenario and you were fortified your telling me that every needy person looking for food shelter and protection you would hand it out like it was candy or you would do what every prepper is thing and tell them to take a hike or digging in Obamas pocket for what’s left over of his free handouts.
        So in conclusion this is not really brainwashing it’s just really bad tv, if you think a few on screen zombie kills will make people more disconnected from one another WAKE UP! people don’t even car now, if neighbors watch as a woman is raped and don’t even call 911 let alone even get to know their very own neighbor then the de-humanization is all ready hear.
        if the hords of have-nots/zombies come screaming for you and your property and you don’t defend it well then consiter your self infected or dead, people die everyday, 200 years ago mom dad and little Johnny+5 watched as gramdpa and grandma died in there rooms or their little sister died of colra or some other deseas, now we send them off to a hospital or nursinghome, the US has become disconnect with death… Wake up and live, we all die sometime, live good and die free.
        OIF vet Cpl.Sin

      69. I kind of see it the opposite way- people naturally have apocalyptic fears, and zombie-type shows and movies give people a way to explore these fears without it being TOO real.

        Zombie shows give people the chance to ask “what would I do if…” while being able to safely turn off the TV afterward and not have the lingering concerns that might come with say, a movie about starvation or pandemics.

        Also, zombie kills are empowering. It gives the characters (and the audience by default) a way to fight back against that thing they dread. You can give a zombie a shot to the head and regain your power. It’s a little more complicated with economic collapse, a flu pandemic, etc.

        Either way, awesome show 😀

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