Top Federal Union Boss: “You’re Mentally Retarded” If You Want to Cut Government Spending

by | Feb 9, 2011 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    With over $200 trillion in committed liabilities the United States is very quickly nearing utter disaster. With most Americans calling for governments on the federal, state and local levels to cut spending, there’s one organization that will have none of it – the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

    According to AFGE President John Gage, you need professional help if you think spending cuts are the answer:

    When people say, well, we just have to pay less in wages, whether it’s private sector or public sector, I think they’re mentally retarded to say something like that.

    John Gage and the AFGE, which is the largest federal union in the U.S.A., represent some 600,000 federal and D.C. government employees who have been living off the taxpayer teat for decades. We’re at the point now where there will be forced austerity measures – the government has no choice.

    The fact of the matter is that one must be mentally challenged, especially when it comes to basic arithmetic, to believe that wages can be increased and public sector employee pensions can be maintained at current levels while retaining purchasing value. It is simply not possible.

    Either the spending austerity is going to come in the form of voluntary wage cuts and pension concessions, or both will be wiped out by a steadily depreciating U.S. dollar – the likely outcome may very well be both.

    The AFGE’s membership has no clue what’s about to hit them, because they’re simply not paying attention to the warning signs and remain focused on the old paradigm, where excessive government largess  was distributed within bureaucracies built on a culture of mediocrity and corruption. They and many others will Wake Up to the Danger After It Has Already Happened.

    We’ve now run out of money – real money that is. Sure, we can continue to print dollars and we probably will, but we all know the end result of that misguided solution.

    As we pointed out in June of 2010, we can expect 2 Million Layoffs By State and Local Governments before this is all said and done, and that’s if government employees are lucky – it’ll likely be much more. We’re already seeing massive cuts in the government workforce, especially on the local levels in essential emergency responder personnel. Just recently, the city of Houston, TX began forced furloughs for teachers in the Houston ISD. These are not isolated incidents. It’s national, and it will continue.

    Today, these protesters are walking the picket line in the hopes the government, acting in their interests and through the use of force, will seize more money from an already dwindling tax base. But soon, these same people will be rioting in the streets when they can no longer afford food and critical medical services.


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      1. I wonder what percentage of that 2 million govt layoffs will be in CA?  20-25%??

        That should be “interesting”.

      2. The whole thing is tarded!  Our leaders should get a sex change, charge a pair a saline DD’s and fart rainbow’s out of their six o’clock while wearing their Hoodie-Putties!

      3. I can count to POTATO!!!!

      4. Unions are out dated..and the thug mantality of them is whats killing them..just take a look at the UAW and what happened to “The Motor City”,, yet they never learn..just keep pushing and bite the hand thats feeding them(the company)..soon enough that company folds the tent, and takes their money, product and profits else where.

        If they havent learned that, no pitty here.

        Look at the car the union boss drives, and his 3000$ suit, dripping in gold chains (no im not making this up)..and all that money you paid in that they sqander..than tell you..sorry your pension, you know the one you been paying into like forever is now cut by 15, 20, 50% or just trust these slugs with your future? your a fool. and they been taking you to the cleaners.
        The only one i trust to invest my money in my future is ME.
         Union another Ponzi scam
        Dont care about my popularity..’cause this ride were on isnt a popularity contest

        Its fuckin reality, and a wake up call is comin’ or has already passed you by

      5. Comments…..1+1=3, 2+2=5,3+3=7,4+4=9………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………
        14,000,000,000,000+86,000,000,000,000= balanced budget

      6. @ kevin…++++!
        Now that’s the kind of “new math” even a retard can understand!! lol

        On another note – glad it was just the server that was messed up a little! When I tried to log on to the site last night and was told it didn’t exist, I got a little freaked!!! Glad everyone is still here!!! Sure would miss all of ya!

      7. I’m “represented” by the AFGE, what a joke! I quietly prepare while most of my co-workers think the printing presses will just keep rolling forever. The level of denial by not only government employees but the regular populace is beyond a joke, this country has radically changed and not for the better. Long gone are the days of an America that went to the moon, instead we will consume or selves to death and produce mindless youth addicted to the internet and fast food.

      8. Well VRF, I think you’ll find your job gone overseas no matter if you have a union or not…see, they don’t give a hoot in hell if you are in a union…your job will still go overseas or they’ll import someone (illegal or not) to do it cheaper…

        Either way, you lose. Get used to it, it’s the new American Normal!

      9. A few things here.

        VRF has obviously never been in a union in his/her life.  I’m in a construction union and the union “boss” (business agent, highest possible position in the union hall) makes the EXACT SAME WAGE I DO.  No $3K suits, no gold chains, no fancy car.  Instead, SHE has beat up carpenter pants, a moderate wedding ring (almost 40 years old now) and a used Honda Accord.  My company is OWNED AND OPERATED by former (and CURRENT) union members.  Guys who came up through the ranks from apprentice all the way to buying out the guy they worked for.  The personification of the American Dream.

        The average idiot in this country has been sold a colossal lie.  That lie is that the working man is to blame for the country’s ills.  The REAL FACT is that 8 – 10% of the total current unemployment rate in this nation is due to the astounding greed of bankers and the never ending desire to place shareholder profits above all else.  Look around!  The bonuses have re-started on Wall Street, and not just at the (relatively) sedate levels of before.  The bonuses are now setting new records for sheer size.  Where do you think all that money comes from?

        Honestly, are you really going to blame 15,000 workers, or the ONE EXECUTIVE WHOSE SALARY EXCEEDS ALL THOSE WORKERS COMBINED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Are you really stupid enough to think that you are somehow going to become one of those executives?

        NONE OF THIS is meant to offend any real preppers.  Only those who would disguise their political motives in order to post up stuff against the average working guy.  The average working guy keeps this nation moving, and soon, we’ll all see what life is like when the average working guy has no where left to turn……………Big business shills like VRF need to worry about this…………….

      10. ok so I am about to head off to college in a few months, but I see this economic trainwreck coming and dont know what to do! I see the mlitary as a way to pick up a trade and making myself marketable when trying to escape the usa and move to austrailia or some other country. All in all, what would you all do if you were 18 and had all of this ahead of you? I just need some advice. Thank you all

      11. So it’s the government employees’ FAULT…It’s a tired old refrain of those who complain about the breath of changes the the Repocrats in charge been paid to allow to come to pass.Heaven forbid federal WORKERS give the orders,or create the laws.THE LAWYERS who are “elected” are the ones in the pockets of the top 2% UBER RICH in this country.I spent over three decades workin’ for the P.O. before it became the “USPS”.Pay was only slightly more than what you got at a factory(.25 cents in fact!).What you DID get was job security and (hopefully) a modest pension.Ever try to get hired elsewhere after the employer learns you were working for the FEDS? Good luck with that!The ONLY reason Federal workers wages rose faster and higher than the Non-Fed workplace was due mainly to COLA’s(which the Repocrats started because THEIR pensions were a part of it too) when the debasement of our currency started back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.Of course the “Higher” Managers were ALSO given quarterly 40k to 100k “incentives” back then(had one of them who came back from his hour long Lunch drunk and wave it proudly in front of my face).Even at a time when the USPS was swimming in red ink they took Educational paid for “trips” to Europe and fully paid lunches and dinner meetings.(when the higher Bosses of the USPS parties at lunch/dinner time think Roman Bacchanalia as a example!)All these just part of the good deal they enjoyed as they ran the place into the ground via multi-billion dollar useless spending projects(and then complained about the high wages being paid).It takes a while but even the finest engine will fail if you dump enough sand into the crankcase.And by the way,thanks to the REPOCRATS and their “right to work for low wage cronies” many of the good paying jobs that were truly Federal are now “contracted out”.(at a huge profit to the contractors,I might add)at a much lower pay scale for the workers and NO BENEFITS for them at ALL,period.And lest we forget,YES there did come a time when the Union “Leaders”(I use the term loosely)became no better than the people THEY were suppose to be protecting us from.Sad but all too true tale of sellouts,personal “sweetheart jobs”(like never expected to come to work)and look the other way while Mgt did their best to terrorize the workforce.Ever Wonder why the term “goin’ Postal” came into being??
        Yet,in the final analysis,It brings a smile to my face when I think of what’s in store for these “wise guys” after they meet their maker.Don’t think “praising The Lord on Sunday and being EVIL to their employees Monday thru Friday Gonna get ’em a pass to Paradise.What Fools people have become!!!!
        Sorry about the length of this rant guys!
        Have a nice day!!!

      12. “in a construction union” you say?

        Haven’t noticed residential housing has crashed, is continuing to crash and now commercial real estate is crashing?

        What do you suppose that will do to future company profits and thus wages?

        Suppose your company might be a bit like G.M.?

        Busted: Governments, Pensions, Unions:

        “We are seeing the destruction of the last remnants of the American trade union movement. Probably the best recent example of this war on trade unions was the decision of the Federal government to nationalize General Motors.”

        “The pensioners are now dependent upon the profitability of the company to maintain their income.”

        Some good stuff in this one, read it and see for yourself?

        Forgotten Facts of American Labor History:

        “Just about everything that people think they know about labor unions and wage rates is wrong.”

        Oh, and this one was good too,

        A History of Labor Unions From Colonial Times to 2009:

        “…Most labor historians believe that what is good for unions is good for all labor.  This belief underlies pro-union statist interventions in markets for labor but is entirely false, as economic reasoning and evidence prove beyond reasonable doubt.”

        And if that wasn’t enough and you’re so inclined,

        Unions: Social Benefactors or Gangs of Thugs?

        “According to some, the reason we need unions is because without them employers would grind employees into the ground. Were organized labor to disappear, wages would plummet; workers would have to work on Sundays, tip their hat to their bosses and suffer all sorts of other indignities — including losing virtually all improvements in working conditions made over the last century.

        This is all wrong…”

        This isn’t any fun, but people should be aware of the issue,

        Pay Cuts in Salaries and Wages:

        “Salary and wage cuts are a politically incorrect subject in America because they are inconsistent with the reigning orthodoxy of Keynesianism and worship of government solutions.”

        “Pay cuts are not a norm in our society. They are frowned on. Executives are reluctant to institute them. Those who are paid for their labor resist them mightily. The public is taught to resist pay cuts and support those who resist them. We should change these attitudes. We are hurting ourselves. These ideas play into the hands of big government. The government becomes bigger and more intrusive by discouraging wage cuts, supporting labor in its resistance to wage cuts, and promising an inflationary remedy to unemployment. It gets to spend what are now trillions. This “remedy” worsens the economy. If it works at all, it works very badly…”

        The American Dream Becomes the American Nightmare:

        “The term “American dream” was coined by author James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book, The Epic of America. He wrote: “It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.””

      13. Did you guys catch any of Bernanke’s testimony today?

        At one point, Debbie Wasserman (Shultz?) (D-FL) was asking him about the “draconian” spending cuts that the GOP had been recommending (which are a joke, by the way) and how negatively he thought they would affect the economy (i.e., a rather leading question).

        If Bernanke had a brain and/or any balls at all, his response would have been, “Hey, Captain Dumbass, we are out of money. We don’t really have a choice.  In fact, we are SO out of money that I have to constantly print new money just to keep this ponzi scheme going.”

        Never underestimate the power of denial.

        This is going to end very, very badly.

      14. Comments… tired of hearing about the union worker being the blame. unions started at the coal mines for saefty and child labor laws. im in the uaw and my foremans love for us to get raises because they get raises according to what we get. its the unions that hire minorities and  protect the worker from  dangers at the work place. the reason why we get paid what we do is because we are skilled tradesman, we work shitty hours, we get dirty,wete work in hot blast furnances and 1000 feet in the air and weekends. we dont have banker jobs hours.its the unions workers that are buying stuff in this country. the reason why the the companies are moving is because your govt. lets them move over seas  where there is no EPA and cheap labor and then ship it back with no import tax. if i was a business owner i would do it too. so its not the union worker its the greed of politicians and corporate ceo’s

      15. I gave up on the thought of retirement & collecting social security years ago.  I came to the realization that none of it will be there for me by the time I reach retirement age. 

        Then again… once TSHTF it won’t matter anyway now will it?

      16. Well, those people that will be laid off will not pay taxes…infact, they will draw from the governments while the shtf in this country!   The government has totally screwed itself ….nothing will get them out of this mess until they default….party like its 1999 people….it wont be fun in 6 to 9 months….

      17. @RafterManFMJ..I realize that..but i make my own job so it is up to me.
        @Jonny i said , not a popularity contest and dont care if you dont see it or not…Im talking about the ones that were up here in Mich. if you havent seen it or lived it..YOU dont know.
        If you want to live with your head in the sand and believe that, totally fine with me. but when you live with your head in the sand your ass gets burned.

        I never blamed the “working man” so dont put words in my mouth, if thats what you were trying to do..(not sure if you were directing that entire reply to me or not) but it sure looks like i pissed off someone whos in love with the theifs..

        Yes i was in a Union..thats how i know i handle my own future..and they can kiss my ass.

        Come to where this shit is happining before you think you know something about it see it talk to those who its affecting before you call me a shill..

        you My friend mis judged me by emotionally being attached to your unions teet…but thats’ll find out that what im saying is true..i just hope you do before your future is sold down the river like so many of your brothers.

        oh and BTW..I am an executive,, in my own company..where i have taken control of my own future, not thinking someone else is going to do it for me.

        Good luck on your pension..

      18. JohhnyV..Im not trying to offend you or your sensibilities..on this site we are supposed to support each other..not tear each other down..I was just bringing to light , what i see and whats going on around me..if the shit i see here isnt making its way to you, than thats great..but theres no need for name calling or making ME out to being the villan here..

        your pissyness is needing some redirecction..or you need a wake up call..or something.
        Were looking for Brothers at arms here..and all I was doing is bringing up the issues in my general may not see this whhere your at..and thats fine, but we both know this is a big world..and if you think corruption isnt going on in the my friend are the one being fooled and solld down the river.
        I have many friends and family in the UAW..and in the Brick layers and Labor unions here..I also Employ anywhere between 6 to 50 Union workers in my Construction I think I have a pretty good grasp of how you  all are getting fucked and not kissed..
        Please take none of what i am telling you as a personal attack..its reality and it needs to be said.

        Hope you are truley prepping..’cause one day you may find you will need it for you and your family.
        No apologies necessary..its normal to be passonate about your union…thats what they want..

      19. Comments… made most of their(and then lost it all) not from sales of cars, but from the housing boom.(ever hear of gm financial?) So in the defense of the union i say that. BUT, I am in the construction industry(nonunion, for you union boys and girls, a scab, scum) Sick time,(3 days missed FIRED)vacation(LAY OFF)holiday pay(what the hell is that? i have had 1 christmass paid in my life!(thanks rick!)) and for these government worker union members(that probably get 2 months off a year with pay; THEY WOULD RATHER “US”(us not them) PAY 50% TAXES so they can keep their bull$hit jobs. I dont know about you all, but as far as government “services”(unemployment, from time to time, and irs audits, from time to time, and seat belt tickets, from time to time) that is all I PAY FOR!! AND I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE TELLING ME:  “you use the roads dont you”  WE HAVE A GAS TAX FOR THAT BULL$HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  sorry about ranting!! 

      20. Comments…. my name is kevin, not kevi, the n button stuck! I recently had to go down to the unemployment office (i was recently laid off) I would say 50% were “illegal aliens”  plundering our riches(visigoths) these government unions used to be against “illegal emigrantion” now they are for it, it gives them people to “serve”, more tax payer to pay for their bull$it jobs!! I am done ranting!!!

      21. Don’t be so hard on those who can’t seem to fathom how “we have no money,” when we have a massive cash pipeline gushing directly into the pockets of the military industrial complex, funding our assinine wars and maintaining more than 700 pointless military bases in more than 60 foreign countries around the world.  “We” have plenty of money; “we” just decided we won’t be giving it to average American retirees anymore. 

        Also, Johnny V is dead nuts right about who’s to blame for the above situation — only deluded chumps blame the victims of the big-money vampires that have sucked us dry.  This all-too-commone insanity of middle and working class people believing “it’s the unions and those on medicare who’ve screwed us” is, perhaps, the greatest propaganda triumph the monied elites have ever concocted.  Don’t be suckered!

      22. First, I have twin sons who “learn differently” but still understand completely that if they don’t have any money, they don’t have any money to spend.  Secondly, don’t just cut these AFGE idiots from the payroll, cut any of the associated and useless programs (there are many) and their employees.  Unions served their purpose at the turn of the 20th century, now they need to go away.

      23. College? Major in Health Care, Cyber Security, Engineering. If you have Mechanical Skills, like automotive, repairing/reconstituting appliances, machinery you’ll be needed. Folks will be hanging on and wearing out, not buying new.

      24. @ Joe,  if you have a genuine interest in something that will get you hired right out of school then go to college.  Carreers like Band of the White Rose mentioned.  If you don’t know what you want to do yet, like it sounds you don’t, then pass on college until you do.  In the mean time learn some trade skills like carpentry, electrician, plumbing.  These will give you skills to earn a living anywhere you go.  I wish I had gone this route.  I went to college and graduated with a worthless degree almost a decade ago now.  I could have made more money than I do now had I just started working and not gone.   College is a waste of money and time if you don’t have a plan before you enroll.


      26. @Joe,
        If it is the military, then good for you. I don’t regret it for a second and my 4 years of college were paid for by Uncle Sam. I spent 7 years in the infantry and have the hearing aids to prove it.
        I would recommend a trade that transfers into the civillian world such as mechanic, helicopter repair, etc. I had a bud in my National Guard unit who did his active time in helicopter repair and he was able to write his own ticket doing that in the civvie world for the rich folks.

      27. You spelled potatoe wrong!!!

      28. Unions once served a noble and needed function.  Now that a mountain of workplace regulations are in place to protect workers, the union’s primary purpose nowadays is preserving itself.

        We can debate whether unions are still necessary in certain private sectors such as construction, plumbing, etc., but what about the public sector?  It seems to me that public sector unions that convert dues (ultimately funded by taxpayers) into political contributions to a single political party is wrong.

      29. Here’s a quick summary of what unions accomplish.  Besides the federal government, the largest unions are the autoworkers unions, the airline unions, and the teachers unions.  Look at the health of the underlying industries — the auto industry is bankrupt, the airline industry is bankrupt, and the teachers don’t teach.  What’s the common denominator — unions!  They’re like a gigantic tick, sucking the blood out of their host.  Between the high taxes, union coersion, trial lawyers and frivolous lawsuits, and too much regulation, no wonder our business leaders have pulled out of the U.S. and have either gone out of business completely or have moved their production overseas.  There’s not just one thing destroying this country, there’s several factors, but unions are a huge part of the problem.  Whenever you hear the word “union”, subsitute the following “coersive monopoly”, and you will understand what a union is.  Also, it might be of interest to note that unions and trial lawyers are the two largest contributors to the Democratic party.  Eventually America is going to wake up to the fact that the Democratic party has sold the American dream into slavery, so they can collect campaign donations (bribes!) from their union cronies and trial lawyer toadies.  Of course, Republicans share in the blame  too.  You can’t start wars and have 190 military bases overseas, while you’re bankrupt.  We can’t afford either party.  The “hope” and “change” we need is a 3rd political party that is not in bed with the unions, the trial lawyers, the taxers, and the military/industrial complex. 

      30. Watch the video again. Gage said that people are retarded if they “suggest cutting wages” … he didn’t say anything about cutting govt spending, like the title of this article suggests and everyone here is jumping on.
        Of course the govt should cut spending if it has to borrow 43% of everything is spends.

      31. Sorry Clark but I’m calling the Bullshit flag on you.
        You done time in the military son?
        I did 12 years and 2 tours while in the Infantry and nobody promised me a fuckin rose garden.
        “News Flash!!” Recruiters lie to people? Say it ain’t so.
        Been doing it since the dawn of time kid, sorry you missed the boat.
        You wanna learn to shoot and scoot? Learn what the term “love of liberty, honor, integrity are.” Survive in places that would kill a post apocalyptic cock roach. Blow shit up and kill complete strangers? Join the Army.
        You wanna leave home learn to cheat, lie, game the system , date Mary Jane Rottencrotch, drink PBR until you go blind and feel proud doing it —Go to college on your parents.
        Your choice…You choose. Ya it helps to have someone who knows a little about the military guide you through the system but in the end it’s YOUR CHOICE were all volunteers now. I got TBI, PTSD, loss of hearing, cervical disc damage and a host of other lovely unmentionables but I joined, I signed and I accept the consequences of my actions. Is the military for everyone? Hell no,  it’s the toughest most mind numbing set of shocking variables you’ll ever stake your life on but if you survive you will never be the same…ask my wife.
        I watched your video until that haggard, lying charlatan of a woman who daily prostitutes the death of her son came on. That was my “hello” moment.
        If you wanna give advice to Joe it had better be from experience and not your opinion.

      32. I have been in three different unions over the span of my adult life. I live in Michigan where things are bad, real scary bad where I am in Muskegon. I frickin hate unions with a vehement passion, I view them as truly evil

      33. Our country is in trouble when it’s leaders value organizations like this and government jobs more than private jobs & citizens.

      34. Clark:  You are most coherent and insightful rendering your personal opinions without all the links …. even when you are  wrong and your opinions are based upon limited personal experience.

        At least it is your opinion. A chimp can learn to cut and paste and a parrot can repeat what it hears. You are at your best when you formulate and articulate your own thoughts; which is what you had been doing for a few days.

        Skip the links. Let Lew Rockwell pay for the advertising. We don’t need it.

      35. Stealth says, ““News Flash!!” Recruiters lie to people? Say it ain’t so.”

        Um, some people don’t know that and it Is a news flash to them.

        Where did I give advise other than to say watch the video and read the article?

        However; seems like there’s some soldiers with experience in the video giving some advise.

        Read the links or watch the video, then refute the facts,… if you can.

        Also, I noticed this link:

        A contest for the best YouTube on ending the Fed, an ounce of gold to the winner.

      36. I am a Federal employee, but have refused to join the AFGE or any of the other government unions that are available in my organization. Sure, I was “encouraged” to join at my new employee orentation, but decided to pass on the opportunity. I figure if my position is eliminated, I’ll just go and find another job. If I am dismissed because of poor performance or for disciplinary reasons, that’s my own fault.

        I am a skilled laborer and could easily be making twice what my federal hourly wage is (even with the occasional overtime that I get). But, honestly, I was attracted to the fact that the “Eagle” lands every two weeks, the benefits are second to none and I was given a hiring preference for being a veteran.

        My point is that not every government employee is trying to bend the taxpayers over without offering a courtesy reach-around. I support the proposed wage freeze and would gladly keep my job if my pay and benefits were cut, say 25 percent. Although, some of my coworkers, as Mr. Gage would put it, think I’m mentally challenged for saying so.
        I am also preparing for the inevitable economic collapse. I openly share my thoughts with co-workers and constantly encourage them to do the same. Most, actually all of them, think that I’ve gone off the deep end for suggesting they stock up on food, ensure they have an adequate water source, buy a few guns and a large cache of ammunition and stop making contributions to their Thrift Savings Plan and start buying  junk silver instead.

        I only hope that GMAC Mortgage  accepts my check for $250,000.00 after the dollar collapses. I really don’t want to get evicted after spending so much time and energy making sure my family survives when the riots start!!

        Good luck everyone!!

      37. I got two cents…wait..Big brother just took one ! ! !

        I am a gov worker, and am in the Union and can see both the managment side and the union side.

        The union has been able to give me some protections that unscrupulous managers would try to violate(and with big brother..he violates) and have been able to negotiate an honest wage.

        I have followed the antics of our Union and believe the Mr. Gage is not acting in the best interest of his constituents.  He was the one that was telling all his people to vote for the democrats in all the elections….yet it was under the republican control when we received our best increases.

        All my life I have been in unions and they are  just as corrupt as the elected officials we have(not all of them of course).

        Unions can do good things for employess.  Such as with GM.  The execs were pullng in huge salaries and benefits, why not the employees.  But just like the execs, they unions got greedy.  So we have greed at the top and bottom.

        And remember one important fact, GMC, like ford and Chrysler do not make a good product.  As the ownerof these vehicles, I can attest to the excessive money I had to spend for repairs.  I now spend my hard earned money on car companies that have a reputation for building a reliable vehicle.  I wonder why US companies could not do that.

        So here I am, A government worker.  Like most of you people, I work with some good honest and dedicated people….and…I also work with some slugs that are self serving and nothing but oozing piles of fecal matter that run around whining all the time.

        Unlike upper management and congress, I do not retire with a full salary and great medical benefits.  I will be retiring at the end of this year and it is ugly.  The amount I will bring home is slightly above what our own government says is poverty wages….lucky for me I can get social security….HA!

        My medical benefits literally stink.  I pay a lot of money all year long for the priveledge of having such a huge deductible that my insurance company barely pays out anything.  I wonder if there was any hand shaking behind close doors?

        Our country has been in default for years.  The “elite” behind the scenes have seen to that.  They have been pushing their one world government..ooops. New World Order on us and are very close to achieving it.

        The biggest obstacle to accomplishing this is the U.S.A…we are still somewhat a free people.

        It will happen and most likely it will be very soon. 

        Bernake, Volcker, all of them are corrupt and they will give their account for all their lying….they work fo the Federal Reserve..a private company owned by the elites.

        Uh-oh…I drifted…the age thing.  We can salvage our government as citizens by attempting to elect the right people.

        We can fix our economy simply by cutting back on spending…and fyi, the little bit to be saved by our pay freeze is peanuts when you are talking trillions.

        A few ideas as to where we can cut big millions,
        144 million – planned parenthood.
        250 billion to the Palestinians in aid that instead of helping the people they buy weapons.
        200 billion in aid to lebanon to be our Friend?
        250 billion to Mexico to fight the drug war.
        50 million in foreign aid to pay for abortions around the world.
        the EPA…waaay out of control and not in need of all the funding they get…not to mention all the restrictions they place on our businesses.
        Don;t foget to wipe out all that spending that Obamer has been spending on his civilian corps that he is jamming down our childrens’ throats.
        cut the tax break for companies that move to other countries.
        There are plenty more…..

        Look how much I save in just a couple of sentences.

        Stand strong in our resolve as a people.  We know who is still on the Throne and in control.  We will give our account to him soon.  One prophetic thing happens, when the new world order does come into place…There is only Seven years left before the King returns…No not Martin Luther…Our King ! ! !

        The Second Day of a Diet is always easier than the first.  By the Second Day you’re off it…..Jackie Gleason

      38. Just a little about me
        and what i think ,for the haters.
        and for those that need a boost
        Folks call me a maverick,Guess I aint to diplomatic
        I just never been the kind to go along
        to just avoid confrontation,For the sake of conformation
        And I’ll admit I tend to sing a different song
        But sometimes you just can’t be afraid to wear a different hat
        If columbus had complied .Then this old world might still be flat
        Nothin’ ventured, nothin gained,sometimes you’ve got to go against the grain
        Well’ i’ve been accused ,Of makin’ my own rules
        There must be rebel blood ,Just a-runnin through my veins
        But I aint no hypocrite.What you see is what you get
        And thats the only way I know to play the game.
        Old Noah took much ridicule
        For building his great ark
        But for forty days and forty nights ,He was lookin pretty smart
        Sometimes it’s best to brave the wind and rainBy havin’ strength to go against the grain
        Well, there’s more than a few .Who share my point of view
        But they’re worried if they’re gonna sink or swim
        They’d like to buck the system
        But the deck is stacked against them
        And they’re a little scared to go out on a limb
        But if you’re gonna make a difference ,If you’re gonna leave you’re mark
        You can’t follow like a bunch of sheep
        You got to listen to your heart
        Go bustin in like old John Wayne
        Sometimes you’ve got to go against the grain

        Nothin ventured, nothin gained

      39. This didnt copy…..

        Lyrics from Garth Brooks….”Against the Grain”

      40. 5 years UBC&J (LPIW), 7 years AFSME (another union of  gov’t workers) and I weaned myself off over 10 years ago.

        1st. Trotting out the business agent for the local business agent to support the contention that union reps are plain working folks is a red herring. Most every local business agent was the guy working next to me.

        2nd. Unions had a purpose. A valid purpose.

        3rd. Current labor laws afford all the protections the unions toot as their reason to exist except wages and benefits.

        4th. COLA came into being because of inflation.

        5th. Businesses moved overseas due to labor costs and the government’s need to mask inflation.

        6th. Fortunately, when I was with the LPIW, the company had a clause in the contract that stated, “The company will be the sole judge of the efficiency of the operation.” The company asked me to bid on a job because of merit. The union fought me.

        7th. The business agent and a few cronies showed up at my door to kick my ass over it and my speaking out against the union. He had me by 4″ and 40 lbs. After a lot of bluster and threats by the union lackeys, they found I was enjoying the potential for the opportunity to bust heads and they retreated.

        8. When I worked under AFSME, I quickly realized that the majority of the employee base was incompetent, self-serving and lazy. I was ordered to quit assisting the public on anything that wasn’t the direct responsibility of the Division.

        8A. If the gov’t employee is so good, why are they working for gov’t when industry pays far better?

        8B. The majority of gov’t workers I worked with (several hundred over 8 years [7 years union, another year as non-union]) either had no degree or graduated in the lower quartile of their class.

        9. It was a combination of unions fighting for COLA and the gov’t desire to mask inflation that priced our labor out of the world market.

        I will NEVER join or support a union again. I am sick and tired of organized or collective labor fighting those who actually have merit.
        Union political involvement in Alaska politics.

        The Republicans got a closed primary. We said NO to re-electing Sen Murkowski. BTW, her married name is Martel. The Native corporations (Dems) and NEA-Alaska (Dems) voted her back on a write-in vote. Granted Miller is flakey.

        About the same time, both of these groups were running a litany of ads on TV explaining why. The NEA-Alaska ran one showing the sun come up over a village as part of their appeal to trust them to know what’s best for our students. The problem? The sun came up in the west and travelled east.

        Trust no one. The more someone defends what isn’t working, the more evidence we have that they have no credibility.
        The AFGE pres has a point that we overlook and he won’t explain. Imagine 2 million more on UI and its affect on the overall economy.
        The rest of the story is that we won’t have to imagine. It will happen.
        15 years credited military service with over 6.5 active duty. It ain’t for everyone. Once you take the oath, you have no choices but to obey. Would I make the choice again? Probably.

        Without traveling the world, you won’t ever grasp the differences among the people traveling on starship Earth. Been my perception that the vast majority of US citizens are ignorant and want to stay that way. Ignorance is truly bliss.
        Tony, wow you sure cut the budget! Almost a $1 billion. Reading your list tells your story. WE NEED more mouths to feed in a global economic disaster that will seriously affect food production and distribution. Haven’t you read why the Egyptians are revolting?
        Ignorance is bliss. Just look at your friends, neighbors and these as well as other web postings for proof.

        I have met the economic enemy and it is us. Do you all really believe we can level the world labor costs at our level? No! WE will be reduced to the far lower level. $99 on one side of the scale and $1 on the other side. You balance by removing $49 from the $99 side and transfer it to the other side.

        Thank you Congress and unions for your contributions to our economic future. NOT!

      41. I’ve been self employed my whole life.  Or at least 90% of it.  In my mind unions were for a good reason when they first started but now I think they’re all bullshit.  They are one of the reasons, in my mind, that things are so screwed up now.  Unions are for morons that can’t stand on their own two feet.


        Unions are out of date and unrealistic. Government people who give in to union demands during contract negotiations are weak sisters. Nobody in their right minds would agree to some of the perks that unions have today. We need real business negotiators during contract talks not weak sisters in the federal government.

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