You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming

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    I hate to break it to you, but chances are you’re just not prepared for what’s coming. Not even close.

    Don’t take it personally. I’m simply playing the odds.

    After spending more than a decade warning people all over the world about the futility of pursuing infinite exponential economic growth on a finite planet, I can tell you this: very few are even aware of the nature of our predicament.

    An even smaller subset is either physically or financially ready for the sort of future barreling down on us. Even fewer are mentally prepared for it.

    And make no mistake: it’s the mental and emotional preparation that matters the most. If you can’t cope with adversity and uncertainty, you’re going to be toast in the coming years.

    Those of us intending to persevere need to start by looking unflinchingly at the data, and then allowing time to let it sink in.  Change is coming – which isn’t a problem in and of itself. But it’s pace is likely to be. Rapid change is difficult for humans to process.

    Those frightened by today’s over-inflated asset prices fear how quickly the current bubbles throughout our financial markets will deflate/implode. Who knows when they’ll pop?  What will the eventual trigger(s) be? All we know for sure is that every bubble in history inevitably found its pin.

    These bubbles – blown by central bankers serially addicted to creating them (and then riding to the rescue to fix them) – are the largest in all of history. That means they’re going to be the most destructive in history when they finally let go.

    Millions of households will lose trillions of dollars in net worth. Jobs will evaporate, causing the tens of millions of families living paycheck to paycheck serious harm.

    These are the kind of painful consequences central bank follies result in. They’re particularly regrettable because they could have been completely avoided if only we’d taken our medicine during the last crisis back in 2008.  But we didn’t. We let the Federal Reserve –the instiution largely responsible for creating the Great Financial Crisis — conspire with its brethern central banks to ‘paper over’ our problems.

    So now we are at the apex of the most incredible nest of financial bubbles in all of human history.

    One of my favorite charts is below, which shows that even the smartest minds among us (Sir Isaac Newton, in this case) can succumb to the mania of a bubble:

    How Newton's Fortune Fell To Earth chart

    It’s enormously difficult to resist the social pressure to become involved.

    But all bubbles burst — painfully of course. That’s their very nature.

    Mathematically, it’s impossible for half or more of a bubble’s participants to close out their positions for a gain. But in reality, it’s even worse. Being generous, maybe 10% manage to get out in time.

    That means the remaining 90% don’t. For these bagholders, the losses will range from ‘painful’ to ‘financially fatal’.

    Which brings us to the conclusion that a similar proportion of people will be emotionally unprepared for the bursting of these bubbles.  Again, playing the odds, I’m talking about you.

    How Exponentials Work Against You

    Bubbles are destructive in the same manner as ocean waves. Their force is not linear, but exponential.

    That means that a wave’s energy increases as the square of its height. A 4-foot wave has 16 times the force of a 1-foot wave; something any surfer knows from experience.  A 1-foot wave will nudge you.  A 4-foot wave will smash you, filling your bathing suit and various body orifices with sand and shells.  A 10-foot wave has 100 times more destructive power. It can kill you if it manages to pin you against something solid.

    A small, localized bubble — such as one only affecting tulip investors in Holland, or a relatively small number of speculators caught up in buying swampland in Florida — will have a small impact.  Consider those 1-foot waves.

    A larger bubble inflating an entire nation’s real estate market will be far more destructive. Like the US in 2007. Or like Australia and Canada today.  Those bubbles were (or will be when they burst) 4-foot waves.

    The current nest of global bubbles in nearly every financial asset (stocks, bonds, real estate, fine art, collectibles, etc) is entirely without precedent. How big are these in wave terms? Are they a series of 8-foot waves? Or more like 12-footers?

    At this magnitude level, it doesn’t really matter. They’re going to be very, very destructive when they break.

    Our focus now needs to be figuring out how to avoid getting pinned to the coral reef below when they do.

    Understanding ‘Real’ Wealth

    In order to fully understand this story, we have to start right at the beginning and ask “What is wealth?”

    Most would answer this by saying “money”, and then maybe add “stocks and bonds”. But those aren’t actually wealth.

    All financial assets are just claims on real wealth, not actually wealth itself.  A pile of money has use and utility because you can buy stuff with it.  But real wealth is the “stuff” — food, clothes, land, oil, and so forth.  If you couldn’t buy anything with your money/stocks/bonds, their worth would revert to the value of the paper they’re printed on (if you’re lucky enough to hold an actual certificate). It’s that simple.

    Which means that keeping a tight relationship between ‘real wealth’ and the claims on it should be job #1 of any central bank. But not the Fed, apparently. It’s has increased the number of claims by a mind-boggling amount over the past several years. Same with the BoJ, the ECB, and the other major central banks around the world. They’ve embarked on a very different course, one that has disrupted the long-standing relationship between the markers of wealth and real wealth itself.

    They are aided and abetted by both the media and our educational institutions, which reinforce the idea that the claims on wealth are the same as real wealth itself.  It’s a handy system, of course, as long as everyone believes it. It has proved a great system for keeping the poor people poor and the rich people rich.

    But trouble begins when the system gets seriously out of whack. People begin to question why their money has any value at all if the central banks can just print up as much as they want. Any time they want. And hand it out for free in unlimited quantities to the banks. Who have their own mechanism (i.e., fractional reserve banking) for creating even more money out of thin air.

    Pretty slick, right?  Convince everyone that something you literally make in unlimited quantities out of thin air has value. So much so that, if you lack it, you end up living under a bridge, starving.

    Let’s express this visually.

    “GDP” is a measure of the amount of goods and services available and financial asset prices represent the claims (it’s not a very accurate measure of real wealth, but it’s the best one we’ve got, so we’ll use it). Look at how divergent asset prices get from GDP as bubbles develop:

    Asset Prices vs GDP chart


    What we see in the above chart is that the claims on the economy should, quite intuitively, track the economy itself.  Bubbles occurred whenever the claims on the economy, the so-called financial assets (stocks, bonds and derivatives), get too far ahead of the economy itself.

    This is a very important point. The claims on the economy are just that: claims.  They are not the economy itself!

    Yes the Dot-Com crash hurt.  But that was the equivalent of a 1-foot wave.  Yes, the housing bubble hurt, and that was a 2-foot wave.  The current bubble is vastly larger than the prior two, and is the 4-foot wave in our analogy — if we’re lucky.  It might turn out to be a 10-footer.

    The mystery to me is how people have forgotten the lessons of prior bubbles so rapidly.  How they cannot see the current bubbles even as the data is right there, and so easy to come by.  I suppose the mania of a bubble, the ‘high’ of easy returns, just makes people blind to reality.

    It used to take a generation or longer to forget the painful lessons of a bubble. The victims had to age and die off before a future generation could repeat the mistakes anew.

    But now, we have the same generation repeating the same mistakes three times in less than 20 years. Go figure.

    In this story, wishful thinking and self-delusion have harmful consequences. It’s no different than taking up a lifelong habit of chain-smoking as a young teen.  Sure, you may be one of the few who lives a long full life in spite of the risks, but the odds are definitely not in your favor.

    The inevitable destruction caused by the current froth of bubbles is going to hurt a lot of people, institutions, pensions, industries and countries.  Nobody will be spared when these burst.  The only question left to be answered is: Who’s going to eat the losses?

    This is not a future question for a future time; it’s one that’s being answered daily already.  Pensioners are already taking cuts.  Puerto Rico will not be fully rebuilt.  Shale wells drilled when oil was $100/barrel, but being drained empty at $50/barrel, represent capital already hopelessly betrayed. Young graduates with $100,000 of student debt face lost decades of capital building. The losers are already emerging.

    And there’s many more to follow.  This story is much closer to the beginning than the end.

    The bubbles have yet to burst. We’re just seeing the water at the shore’s edge beginning to retreat, wondering how large the wave will be when it arrives. Hoping that it’s not a monster tsunami.

    The End Is Nigh

    History’s largest bubbles have had the exact same root cause: an expansion of credit that causes leverage to go up faster than the income available to service it.

    Simply put: bubbles exist when asset price inflation rises beyond what incomes can sustain. They are everywhere and always a credit-fueled phenomenon.

    S&P 500 price chart

    (Source @hussmanjp)

    Look at the ridiculous trajectory of the S&P 500, especially since Trump got elected. I don’t know about you, but pretty much everything that has happened in the US over the past year has been either a diplomatic clown show or a financial cruelty to the average citizen. And yet prices have risen at their highest pace in two decades?

    My view is that the Trump election was a totally unexpected black swan shock for the global central banking cartel, and it freaked out.  With the Dow down -1,000 points in the late night hours following Trump’s surprise win, the central banks dumped gobs and oodles of money into the equity markets to prevent carnage.

    All that money calmed investors and sent prices roaring higher over the following months. The resulting 80-degree rocket launch will hurt a lot when it comes back to earth. Good going central banks!

    This is all happening when we’re as close as ever to a military (if not nuclear) confrontation with North Korea, Russia is busy beefing up its war machine, Saudi Arabia has pivoted away from the US towards China and Russia, and most of our European allies are inching away from us.

    Meanwhile, the FCC is about to rule against the vast majority of the public and allow US corporations to turn the internet into a pay-for-play toll road — completely undermining the core principle of the most transformative and useful invention of the millennium. By eliminating net neutrality the FCC has ruled ‘against’ you, and ‘for’ the continued usurious profits of the cable companies.

    Worse, heath care premiums continue to increase by double-digits each year. They’re going up by a horrifying 45% in Florida and 57% in Georgia, to name just two unfortunate states out of many.

    And to really rub salt in the wounds of the nation, the DC swamp is busy passing a tax change that will further drive an enormous gap between the 0.1% and everybody else by lowering taxes on corporate profits (already the lowest in the world if you measure both tax on profits and value-added taxes).

    How to pay for the massive cost of this deficit-exploding bill?  Easy, just eliminate deductions for average people (such as the state and local tax deductions) and begin taxing the waived tuition of graduate students. That’s right, the government helped to massively bloat tuition fees via massive lending to students and then wants to squeeze the poorest and hardest-working among them.

    I wish I were kidding here. But like a cruel joke re-told at the wrong moment, the GOP is busy destroying the meager and precarious financial situation of our citizens just so it can toss a few more dollars into the already-bloated wallets of the richest people in the country.

    The long rise of the ultra-wealthy is not some mystery.  It arose as a predictable consequence of the financialization of, well…everything that began in the 1980’s:

    US Wealth Inequality chart

    The above chart speaks to a deeply unfair system that punishes hard working people in order to give more to those who merely shuffle financial instruments around or own financial assets.

    This is the system that the Fed is working so hard to preserve. This is the system that Washington DC is working so hard to sustain.

    It’s flat out unfair and punitive.  It both punishes and rewards the wrong folks, respectively.  Debtors are provided relief while savers are punished.  The young are saddled with debts and face impossible costs of living mainly to preserve the illusion of wealth for a little longer for the generation in front of them.

    For so many reasons, folks, none of this is sustainable. If the system doesn’t crash first under the weight of its excessive debts or the puncturing of its many asset price bubbles, the brewing class and generational wars will boil over if the status quo trajectory continues for much longer.

    In Part 2: When The Bubbles Burst… we detail what to expect as the unraveling starts. When these bubbles burst, as they inevitably must, the aftermath is going to be especially ugly.

    Understand the likely path the carnage is going to take and position yourself wisely ahead of the crisis — so that you and those you care about can weather the turmoil as safely as possible.

    Remember: the role of bubble markets is to injure as many people as badly as possible when they burst. Don’t be one of the victims.

    Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)


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      1. You heard it here. The Republicans you have been voting for are about to turn around and screw you over for the .01%. And you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves when it happens.

        • Are you suggesting Democrats are any different? They’re all just different turd$ from the same pile of $h!t.

        • Sounds like more NWO manipulation to me. We all realize the NWO takeover will be when cash is replaced by digital ‘money’ don’t we? Chips on the body are not far off now.


      2. mr martinson, you have a keeen sense of the obvious. i agree with pretty much your whole article here. i have spent the last 25 years or so reading about how these markets work how money is created, and you call it just the way I see it. the pain will be immeasurable….you better invest in “stuff” people will need when the bell rings….make some lists, and start checkin’ off stuff, ’cause it’s comin’.

        • I’m ready …. to pick up real assets for ten cents on the dollar. 🙂

        • Thank you BCofD–

          Pay attention to what he’s saying. He’s telling you what to “invest in” right now.

          A reminder, if you don’t hold it in your hand…
          YOU DON’T OWN IT !!!

          oh, and… Prep your soul. Make sure Jesus owns it.

          • A good investment (and cheap) is tobacco seeds and rolling papers. They will be gold in shtf. People will still have their addictions, might as well profit from it. Learn to make wine, it’s easy and the profit margin is BIG (just be careful who you trade with).

            • I am investing in small knife sharpeners (Lansky), Altoid peppermints, razor blades, cooking utensils, work socks (synthetic),nail clippers and files for bartering as space is very ltd and need room for pantry items, paper towels, T.P. laundry soap, toiletries. If bio weapons are used, take extra vit D, C and reg. doses of zinc, mag, iodine-kelp, etc.

              • Laura Ann, you been looking in my shed? LOL! I’ve got that and more that I won’t mention.

              • laura ann

                Why synthetic work socks ? What am I missing ?

                Wouldn’t all cotton and for up-North all or mostly wool be a better choice?

                Cotton and wool do a much better job wicking moisture away from your skin for one thing.


                • BB: Runners wear synthetic as feet sweat, wicks moisture. People cg socks after a run or other active sports like tennis and air out their shoes too. Any sporting goods store is well stocked with brand name socks, some may have small percentage of cotton.

                • wet cotton kills in freezing weather.

                  • yep BCOD, WOOL is the bomm!

                  • Cotton is rotten.

              • Sewing needles. Lots and lots of sewing needles of various sizes for regular sewing and upholstery.

                • Cinnamon and toothpicks.

                  I dunno, I heard that from someone on this site.

                  • I think maybe it was cinnamon stix and apple cider and moonshine. Otherwise known as apple pie 😛

              • BTW, i use one of those 7$ yellow sharpeners from walmart, and they sure do work great….showed one of my scouts just yesterday how to sharpen his knife in 5 seconds. they sell similar at the BSA store too for around same price.

                • Hey bcod, are you a Philmont guy? Went as a scout and as a Leader, great training! Nuff said

                  • no, i was a scout as a kid back in the early 70’s, and now i got my kid in there….it’s been an awesome way to practice survival skills….i encourage all of you to please donate your time, and/or money to this worthwhile organization….it’s our kid’s last chance to be productive adults.

            • y’all KNOW what selco says about trading in a shtf scenario. i know SOME trading/barter will be probable, but if it’s like the author says in his picture he’s painted, a LOT of folks will get “martinized”. it won’t be safe to even step out of your house…shtfschool dot calm is a great place to get skooled. i HOPE my friends here have my…or at least A list of food, gun accessories, bugout list, and things to have in your vehicle if you are going more than a hundred miles from home…and now that it’s cold again, the cold-weather list….and a list of which clothes are best for cold. get them printed out, and start working on collecting that “stuff”! and thanks to ALL on shtfplan, even the trolls, as they can give valuable insight into the minds of the criminals.

              • BCOD, That’s true. I always have in the truck supplies and food to get me through a couple of weeks if needed. I have been stuck in the middle of nowhere before and thank god I had it. One issue is not many people have anything valuable to barter with. Who needs a tv or smartphone or any of the plethora of crap they buy? Other than the few that have preps, the pickins will be slim. About the only thing the masses will have to trade is slave labor (they will suck at it too).

                • Genius, you really think SHEEPLE will even try to work? LMAO! The only ones I ever see that make any real effort are older people. The young people, black and white, won’t do shit. Everyone thinks the freakin’ world owes them something. They’re in for a world of hurt once the balloon goes up.

                • Sorry, Genius. Hope you didn’t have clowns to the left of you, and jokers to the right!

                • genius, i carry 3 one-ounce gold coins when i go out of town….if bad shit happens, it MIGHT Just buy me some help to get back home in an emergency situation, and it will be extremely important to get back immediately.

                  • Good idea! I carry some silver and an old 1800’s gold coin for the same purpose. Bribery works!

            • Amen brother when they have the need we’ll have the seed. And like you’ve said before…sugar coffee, chocolates, and more. Ten deer last count in my freezer. Like uncle Ted says, wack’em, stack’em and pack’em! Be Good ‘ol boy!

              • I have a room full of coffee.

                • Menzo, that’s one thing I don’t run short of either. Gotta have that java!

                • Yaupon contains caffeine and grows like a weed once you get it started.

                • I’m not sure how well ground coffee would hold up over many years. Saratoga Farms puts out a #10 can of freeze dried instant with a shelf life of 25 years. A can makes 30 to 40 gallons of coffee depending on how strong you like it.

                • but do you have a room full of FOOD????

                  • Ummmm, 1.5 rooms to be exact lol.

                    • wish we lived closer to eachother!

              • Sounds like a good hunting season! You must have a whopper of a freezer lol. Don’t forget yeast! I need to make more apple pie….

            • Just started a few flats of large leaf cigar tobacco,

              • Those will make a great insect barrier for your Maui Wauwi crop lol.

      3. Its pretty evident what is coming. All you have to do is look at the stock market in response to the tax bill. The only trickle down economics will be to the share holders. Not pay raises nor new jobs. Pushing $25000 Dow, something is going to explode.

        • Folks, call broker and put a “stop loss” on individual stks paying dividends ex: ATT, Shell oil,etc. If stk is sold, money can be trans into Muni bond fund like Vanguard or Franklin T. and draw div. tax free. 401k’s drawing down in retirement should be switched to US Treas. do this now before correction. Watch the mkt and diversify your 401k besides the S&P fund. Put some in gov. bonds. Older people near retirement need to trans. 401k from stks into US treas. asap. This mkt is “crazzzy”.

          • Laura Ann;
            Save your breath. Folks here for the most part think that any investment is foolhardy You will only be attacked for not having your dollars and silver in your mattress and a pallet of beans in the basement.

            • Yup, the only paper investment we have is toilet paper.

          • You can buy, sell and hold real estate in a self directed IRA. Better than any stock or bond. Can be leveraged, rented and insured. Also, gonna be tough to confiscate.

      4. Mr. Martinson, on this here site, I reckon most of the readers and most of the ‘bloggers’ would fall into the category of “sorry Sir, but we’ll be fine”. You got to understand Chris, if it happened right now…. right friggin’ now – this very second – the whole damned thing came crashing down; well?, not one hell of a lot would change for me. Other than I’d have a lot more time to just do for me, my friends, family and maybe neighbors. I don’t owe – anyone, anything. No loans, no credit debt, no mortgage – all paid off. Yeah, I might eventually lose things like power…. okay, got that covered with solar and a damned good knowledge of how to build my own energy source. Water? Same – live on a pond and already have filtration devices and plenty of storage that would do. Food? Good for at least a year without a single run to get anything. As for the rest… well, I had a small accident in a jon-boat and all my … ahem, cough…. other items I seem to remember more or less where I capsized.

        • Heartless, you sound like me. No type of debt for me either. Got enough food and other supplies for 4 years. When the power goes out at the BOL, we just switch over to the solar. Got a woodstove for heat and a lifetime supply of firewood. Good well with a Flojak pump. One side of the property borders on a year-round creek with fish. Got plenty of family nearby who are also preppers and are well-stocked. Got everything covered.

        • Same here

          • Here too. No fish but plenty of other things. A prepper group moved into the area a while back also. Pretty amatuer but I have been showing them stuff and they are gettin on it. Good people and good neighbors.

      5. I bought swamp land in Florida, as it was the safe refuge of the Seminole Indians who were never captured against the Instutionalization if Native Americans into Reservations.

        I bought Silver as a hedge against inflation. But it is being pounded into the ground by manipulation. Silver has real value unlike Bitcoin which is in the stratisphere fo no reason but hype.

        When boating or kayaking I turn my bow into that 4 ft head wave and drive throught it.

        I am at my BOL off the grid with no utility or electric bill for the last 33 months. Do the math on my savings. And I was the only one in my subdivision with power after hurricane Irma when everyone else was with out for a week.

        Real wealth is being independent off their Grid or I should say off their GREED. Real wealth is knowledge and experience to overcome adversity. And the will to suceed and never give up.

        Got the Guns, food, banaids beans and bullets, food plots of nature’s table. I have good credit but dont need any. Everything’s paid for.

        Get out of the cities off their greed and position yourself for survival and prosperity. Only fear here is the 99% unprepared.

        • What happens when you don’t pay your micromanagement (HOA) dues?

          • And maybe more importantly, your property taxes. That evil system will run many off their land.

            It is a basic Truth that unless you live in an area with microscopic property tax rates, you cannot be cash poor and continue to live (long term) on land that you own free and clear.

            Cash poor people will be driven from their land and that is Evil of the first magnitude.

            Maybe this won’t matter to a mortgaged-to-the-hilt average person, but it is the chink in the armor for the most diligent prepper unless they chose wisely about the area they bought land in.

            And then even if they did, your local gov can always raise the rates to drive you out before you can vote them out.

            It is just evil…


            • Yep, don’t get me started on property tax. That really pee’s me off!

            • “Cash poor people will be driven from their land…”

              Best to have a yrs worth tax $s stashed some where.

              We do!!

          • Lol. HOA fees $50 annually. Prop Taxes about $120 an acre per year. Uh I think I can afford that.

            BTW/ I am doing a Member Audit on my HOA Board of Directors and they will be arrested soon on Scheaming to Defraud Charges. Civil Theft as they failed to renew with the State the Covenents and Restrictions in 2012. And have been running a sham HOA for 5 Yrs with no Title to the Subdivision. See FL Statute 712. They have been placing illegal liens on property which is Slandering Titles to property. Highly illegal. They face 3rd Deg Felony charges $5K in fines and 5 yrs in prison or 5 yrs of Probation right now. The Florida States Atty office and the local Co Sherriff detective is on it. Arrests will come soon.

            If you belong to any HOA, do a Member Audit on the Board. FL Stat 720 and 712. They face FL Stat 187.034 Scheming to Defraud charges. I an taking 5 of these Ahole Mutha Fckers down. They are so busted. Any time somebody Fcks with you. Get the rule book and body slam them. And document document document everything. I have a rock solid case.

            • My point was why would anyone buy property with an HOA attached. Govt. is bad enough without some idiots (in your case criminals) micro-governing you. I can do anything I want on my land paint it whatever color, go shooting, build whatever I want, etc. Why would you want to have someone else make rules for you?

              • There are no HOA rules or restrictions we shoot here and these are private roads which mean no county road taxes or county snooping around in here. The HOA’s only responsibility is maintaining the roads. You are confused with Condo Assoc rules. Nothing at all like that here. No rules period. Read the covenents and Restrictions over well before you buy. $50 a year HOA assessments vs. County taxes. Exactly why I did buy here.

      6. He lied at one point in the article. He said the tax bill will “eliminate deductions for average people.” What he failed to state is that some deductions will be eliminated to simplify things, but the standard deduction will be doubled.

        I think of my situation as sort of average, and I can’t itemize. Doubling the standard deduction will reduce my tax bill a lot.

        • Also, a lot of the people who were itemizing before may find it better to take the standard deduction now. It may put some tax preparers out of business.

          • Since I don’t itemize this will save me a boatload!

          • We don’t itemize, not near enough medical co pays or RX to be over several hundred a year combined. We will bebefit from this tax plan, putting all our income in 12% instead of some in 25%.

        • I worked out what my taxes will be with this bill.
          It saves me about $300 a year.
          I used 2016 as a baseline.
          Since I’m on a fixed income my 2018 pay
          will be the same as 2016.
          My existing tax rate works out to be about 6%
          of my gross income, so I’m not middle class,
          by any means.

          • Thats pretty good. I estimate that with the double deduction I will be at about the same 6%. Since I claim my wife thats like having 4 deductions now, hmmm maybe I won’t pay at all lol 🙂 Starve the beast!

      7. I’ve been waiting for the all the bubbles to burst.
        I welcome a Depression. I’m prepared for it.
        I want to see PM’s get to their true values,
        independent of market manipulators.
        My homes, shop and property cost me about
        $300,000 and are worth three times that today.
        Even if I were still working, I could not afford
        my place, that is crazy!
        I’m retired and on a fixed income,
        inflation kills me.
        Deflation is my friend.

        • yes, and the REASON for all that is the “zero interest rate policy” by the FED…..when interest costs LESS, asset values(houses) go UP…..the FACT remains, america makes LESS than we did in year 2000, yet our houses….and other assets, cost DOUBLE, or more…..the result will be catastrophic, a correction of EPIC contortions…(don’t)BANK ON IT!

          • All this talk of a depression is well.. depressing lol. I made it by just fine in the 07/08 crash. My regular job took a shit so I just got another job doing solar. When my old job got better I came back to it. Good to have more than 1 skill to sell. Working under the table doing various things will get you by too. When it all comes down I see a lot of spoiled, stupid, worthless women becoming prostitutes. Cheap too, probably charge you a sandwich lol. The kids are worthless so who knows what will become of them. The so called men will poop their pants and go off crying.

            • I want to know how you get Solar panels so cheap?

              • relik, I buy them from craigslist from out of biz companies and overstock. There is a big city about 175 miles away I go to for work sometimes and I just buy a pickup full. I doubt you will find those deals where you are but it can’t hurt to try. Also occasionally find inverters etc. for killer prices. I once bought an outback 8000 watt on/off grid inverter with 240 output and 2 outback fm-80 charge controllers for 2100 bux. That inverter is almost 5000 bux new! All in good shape and working great. I also bought 230 75 watt panels for 25 bux each. Sold them for 50 each. If your Jonny on the spot with cash you can make some great scores. The supply lately has been drying up but it’s ok, they are a hard sell in winter.

                • I also buy freeze dried prep food from craigslist. I scored 72 cans of 6 year old, air conditioned premium freeze dried food for 400 bux. Also scored about 40 cans of various entrees prep food from an out of biz prep store for 5 bux a can! 5 gallon buckets of food were 10 bux from the same place. craigslist is your FRIEND!

                  • Other craigslist scores:
                    Honda 200 fourtrax.. 850 bux
                    Another Honda 200 fourtrax… 900 bux
                    10- 290 watt new solar panels… 150 each
                    40- 260 watt solar panels new… 110 each
                    60- 250 watt solar panels new… 110 each
                    Military grade outback extreme 2k inverter NIB.. 1000 bux (4500 retail).
                    10- 350ah L-16 cosmetic blemished new batteries… 100 bux each
                    25 feet of 2/0 welding cable… 35 bux
                    Dewalt 18 volt cordless tool set very good shape (drill, hammer drill, sawsall, circular saw, 4 batteries and charger) 140 bux

                    The list goes on but you get the idea. Check it everyday for deals!

                    • Another trick (somebody stop me lol), You can get replica batteries for your cordless tools, dewalt, ryobi, B and D, milwaukee, virtually ALL of them for a fraction of the price on ebay brand new! I have bought them and they work great! Usually less than half of what the brand name sells for too. It’s all made in china anyway so why pay out the wazoo for replacement batteries? Ok I’m done for now (I think lol).

              • This is pretty late and you won’t notice it. Nail and I and a few others live at the ends of the earth. We have a lot of resources, but we can’t walk on water or fly like a bird. so the Crai9gslist here is pretty impotent.
                I really miss I-90.

            • hillarious, genius….my ex was screwing a guy all the while i was married to her……for LUNCH…..she gave it out for a samwich for YEARS, and long after i deevorced her, from what i hear…..even after i told the guy’s WIFE About it….so, yes, poon CAN be had for a samwich, LMAO!

              • It’s absolutely true too! These dumb beeches have absolutely nothing else to offer. NOTHING! They think their poon is an atm machine or something lol. They are going to get a BIG dose of reality! They probably can’t even make the bread for their sammich ha ha ha ha 🙂

                • man, we musta been separated at birth!

      8. Walking on eggshells and slipping on banana peels on top of thin ice.

      9. Yes it a comin folks! I can feel it in my bones like no other time…get those tangibles you need now and may God guise and have mercy on his remnant! God bless all of you on here for doing what you do.

        • guise = an external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.

          synonyms:likeness, outward appearance, appearance, semblance, form, shape, image;

          Hey Truth! How’s that word work into that sentence?? Just wondering.

          • Fat fingers on a little phone or The Good Lord working…

      10. Let them burst. We need a dose of reality. I wasn’t really affected badly during any recession in my 40 years of working. They just opened up other opportunities that were better than what I had before.

        I live frugally on a “poverty” income but always wise in spending and saving money with starting small and working my way up to a middle income house and acreage, food storage, PM’s, no CC debt, ridiculously low property taxes, and my mortgage will be paid off in a few months.

        Yet, my daughter makes 4 times more than I do, filed bankruptcy, lives hand to mouth, has no savings, had to buy a new Cadillac with car payments, is underwater with her home, goes on spending sprees, never cooks for herself, and never listens to her mom. It is people like her who SHOULD have much to worry about being one paycheck away from losing everything, but she hasn’t a care in the world.

        • read what genius said about HER Above….

      11. On the mental thing. Go to thrifty stores and buy all the 50 cent paper backs you can. And candles.?

      12. I believe it is not a matter of if the bubble will burst, but when.

        • I’ve been saying that for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, most Americans want a year, month, day & time it will all materialize. Too bad folks, it doesn’t work that way. Remember 9/11 or if you’re old enough, 11/22/63? The same when the SHTF, just worse.

        • hang in there mom, it’s almost time for the bell….just be thankful for all the extra TIME WE got to prepare for what OTHERS Can’t even SEE!

      13. I’ve been seriously prepping since Y2K. It’s saved my bacon a half dozen times and in several financial recessions/crashes.

        You can invest, but be situationally aware, wether you have a hundred shares of Amazon, or are walking across a Walmart parking lot. Be situationally aware for all threats.

        In 2007 I lost some, but on the upside, I did not get discouraged and hide on the sidelines, I got back in at the bottom and made three times what I lost. It was a crazy tax year, but all my gains were long term. Stay situationally aware.

        Invest in what you know, these days I do all my own work on my house and cars, I prep, I have my ear to the rail for SHTF. In the days after the Houston Hurricane I bought Home Depot stock. I’m up 20% and it pays a fine dividend. Stick with what you know, and stay situationally aware.

        I loved the old story dad tells about the woman who walked into her mall and saw this new store the GAP, they sold jeans. The store was packed with a line out the door, she bought the stock, and a lot of it. She went to the mall about twice a month and always checked out the GAP. After seeing the store with few customers inside four times in a row, she sold it all. She was no financial genius, but still made a killing and never looked back. Stick with what you know, and stay situationally aware.

      14. The author writes it is the emotional and mental preparation that is the most important.

        As important as that obviously is, the most important preparation is your spiritual preparation. Each of us needs to be able to face death at any moment. Each of us needs to face the possibility that in THIS world, our own individual death could come at ANY moment!

        If you are a multimillionaire, and have every prep in the world, maybe 5-years worth, the truth is that it might not outlast what MIGHT be coming.

        That’s why our ULTIMATE trust has to be in God.

        St. Augustine said that act as if everything depends on you but pray as if everything depends on God.

        I can’t think right now of a wiser piece of wisdom considering the state of the world and the state of the threats to our country, from enemies within to its enemies without.

        So we can always be Spiritually prepared!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most…

      15. More FEAR PORN. You can only do so much. Even if you planned for everything somet6hing else will happen. Just do your best. That is all you can do.


        • 10-4 on that Sgt. Sounds like a big 10-200 to me 🙂

      16. Is there ever anything 100% sure with this anti American government?

        I would like to see every person who took an OATH TO UPHOLD THE
        U.S. CONSTITUTION and refuses to do so… fired, arrested, imprisoned,
        wages, benefits, and retirement ceased. They are traitors and should be
        charged with treason.

        All sanctuary cities are being led by treasonous men and should be hung
        out on a limb for not following the Constitution and their oath of office.

        But no…..we have lazy, ANTI-American buttholes, knife and fork bloats,
        who want to sit on their hands for a few hours in D.C. (District of Corruption)
        collect their free taxpayed benefits, make some deals under the table with the
        “Deep State”, and go home.

        Charge them with treason!!!
        That is what our “Constitutional Framers” would have done long ago!!!

      17. Mac Slavo;
        You use to chime in occaisonally and it was apparent that you were an investor on some level. Do you no longer contribute on such issues?

        • Mac bought the way over priced Miner stock with a P/E of 600 to 1. Then advertised the Minor stocks here for months looking for more suckers to pump up the scam. For Shame!! I warned like many others it is a scam. So dont believe everything you read here.

          Looks like Russia, India, China and Brazil are setting up their own physical Gold exchange. The largets producers and buyers of Gold. They are getting sick and tired of the Gold manipulation of the London and NY exchanges paper gold derivitive manipulation for Synthetic Gold. The new Brix Exchane will be priced on real supply and demand here of physical Gold.

          Silver should be at about $28 right now with a Price Ratio of 48 to 1 Silvet to Gold. Silver is way under valued and about 77 to 1 vs Gold prices right now. Its all manipulation and many need to hang for this crime.

      18. Again and again, we feel/see a tremendous misunderstanding of the Power Matrix!Nearly right, is also wrong!
        There will be no CRASH, as the System prepares a new Matrix of Power, which we call The Virtual TotalDictatory Orwell 2.0. Only 0,001 percent will prevail. We, the 99,999% will get “shaved”, but, differently, you imagine! By abolishing cash + implanting the chip (CFID), the Power System will manage to correct the outrageous debth´s by Inflation, Negative Interest, Confiscations! As soon the System goes VIRTUAL, nobody can escape. Even the supposed, Rich, Upper Class!
        The Real Power, which most people do not realise, don´t need money, as they print it themselves!!
        NOW. listen carefully! We All are acting according “their” plans, joining “facebook”, “youtube” and whatnot!? ALL, means of Domination, with our own help!

      19. Well i Watch Geese Fly Around in Circles All Day Yesterday I Saw On Natgeo Whales Swim in Circles Because They Have Lost Magnetic North & South When The Planet Flips Back That Rides Going to be Rough

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