You’re ‘Irresponsible’ if you believe Swine Flu Is Fake Pandemic

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

The World Health Organization, defending itself against criticism from an unnamed source, has released a statement saying those who think the swine flu hysteria of 2009 was nothing more than a fake pandemic for the  benefit of drug companies are irresponsible:

The World Health Organization has rejected as “irresponsible” allegations that swine flu is a fake pandemic.

WHO also dismissed claims it colluded with drug companies to bring economic benefit to the industry by playing up the danger of the new H1N1 influenza strain.

WHO officials will meet with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Tuesday after the watchdog body questioned whether the U.N.’s health agency acted under undue influence.

Spokesman Gregory Hartl says WHO has always been “very measured and sober” in describing the outbreak as causing overwhelmingly mild disease.

We submit, for the sake of argument, that it was the World Health Organization that acted irresponsibly, when it allowed millions of untested vaccines for swine flu to be released to the general population.

And let’s not forget that stock of companies like Glaxo Smith Klein and Novavax, which directly benefited from the ‘pandemic,’ shot up 30% and 720% respectively during the course of the swine flu scare from April to August 2009.

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    1. Adam

      720%? No motivation for shenanigans there. Looks like Rep. Paul had this one nailed too.

      ADMIN UPDATED: Youtube Embed Added.

    2. admin

      Seriously — Paul is awesome. And speaking of 1976 Swine Flu, this one should take some of you way back:

    3. robert61

      WHO Translation: The drug makers didn’t make enough money as was expected. 

    4. NetRanger

      Well, WHO, you can pound sand! I’ve been around 30 people that had it AFTER they took the vaccine. Stupid sheople.

      I will decide the fate of myself and my family. The WHO can *SLAM* its globalist agenda right up their collective ASS! None of my kids took it, or my wife. We all made it just fine.

      I had the stuff. How do I know? The same way they classified 10% of the kids that had it at school: they guessed! They said it was a swine flu emergency and I asked the officials how they knew. They said the testing was too expensive so they just looked at the symptoms and said the kids had it. HA! Makes me laugh. I had the same thing. A few 10ppm teaspoons of collodial silver, some extra Vitamin C, extra D3 and a goodly amount of calcium and your system can hogtie and strangle just about anything. They claim it works for cancer too. The only side effect is rosy cheeks, a cheerful attitude and a distinct lack of body aches.

      Most modern flu vaccines only give the drug companies bottom line a shot in the arm.

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