The Human Cost: “Your Life And The Lives of Those You Love Are Just Pawns On Their Chessboard”

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    There is no single event that has brought the world to the crisis which we now face. It’s been a coordinated, long-term plan whose seeds were sown decades ago.

    It will soon come to a head on an economic and geo-political scale, and the consequences will be severe for most of the seven billion people on this planet.

    It should be clear that military intervention in Syria and Iran isn’t being considered; it’s a forgone conclusion, just as it was in Iraq and Libya. The U.S. is actively working to create the context which gives them the diplomatic cover to do what they already have planned.

    The motive for these invasions and covert actions becomes clear when we look at them in their full context and connect the dots. Those who control the United States understand that even if a few countries begin to sell their oil in another currency it will set off a chain reaction and the dollar will collapse.

    They understand that there is absolutely nothing else holding up the value of dollar at this point, and so does the rest of the world. But rather than accepting the fact that the dollar is nearing the end of its lifespan, The Powers That Be have made a calculated gambit.

    They have decided to use the brute force of the U.S. military to crush each and every resistant state in the middle east and Africa. That in itself would be bad enough.

    But what you need to understand is that this is not going to end with Iran.

    China and Russia have stated publicly, and on no uncertain terms, that they will not tolerate an attack on Iran or Syria. Iran is one of their key allies – one of the last independent oil producers in the region – and they understand that if Iran falls they will have no way to escape the dollar without going to war. And yet the United States is pushing forward in spite of the warnings.

    What we are witnessing is a trajectory that leads straight to the unthinkable. It’s a trajectory that was mapped out years ago in full awareness of the human consequences. 

    But who was it that put us on this course? What kind of psychopath is willing to intentionally set off a global conflict that will lead to millions of deaths just to protect the value of a paper currency?

    It obviously isn’t the President. The decision to invade Libya, Syria and Iran was made long before Obama had risen to the national spotlight, and yet he’s carrying out his duty just like the puppets that preceded him.

    So, who is it that pulls the strings?

    Often, the best answer to questions like this are found by asking another question.

    Cui bono? Who benefits? 

    Obviously those who have the power to print the dollar out of thin air have the most to lose if the dollar should fall, and since 1913 that power has been held by the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve is a private entity owned by a conglomerate of the most powerful banks in the world. And the men that control those banks are the ones who pull the strings.

    To them this is just a game. Your life and the lives of those you love are just pawns on their chessboard…


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      1. I’m not sue I agree with this position on Iran. If Iran was not driven by radical Islam and the destruction of a race that America has sworn to protect since WWII, the U.S. would not be against the Iran regime in this matter. Unlike some non-Democratic countries Iran is very harsh to it’s citizens. I believe this has to do more with radical Islam than strengthening the dollar. Appreciate your words of thought and your view on this topic.

        • You obviously thumbed up yourself.


          STOP THE HATE!

          RON PAUL 2012!

          • If the US wanted to control everything why did they install the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle east? It’s non sensical crap that this guy wrote. Had we developed our own abundant energy resources the Saudis who fund all the terrorism would have been bankrupt long ago, and we could tell the rest of the oil p[roducers to get hosed we don’t need you anymore. Complete banning of any senior govt. official from lobbying for life and term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court will cure many of our ills.

            • Mac is right about the US setting the stage for the destruction of Iran.

              But let’s face it, radical Islam and the West cannot ever co-exist together, and if Iran were strong enough it would not sit idly by on the East coast of the Persian Gulf.

              As it is Iran has funded terrorism again the USA since their Revolution. Lets not forget that they over ran OUR embassy and took Americans prisoners. Etc, etc, etc.

              The game plan of the US with respect to Iran was spelled out at SHTF America last January 1st. Let me quote it here:

              “The Dual Citizens in the US government that run it’s State, War, and Security Departments will make war happen, one way or the other. The preferred way for them is an attack on Iran by the US as Israel’s surrogate.

              Obama is reluctant to engage Iran in this way.

              We believe that this war breaks out when a First Strike by Israel hits Iranian nuclear installations after it determines that it can wait no longer for the US to make the strike.

              Iran retaliates by striking US interests in the Gulf. The US responds in “self defense” with overwhelming force and obliterates Iranian Defense Forces and a new regime emerges to take power.”

              So you see my peeps the US has now positioned itself as the victim, based upon actions by O’bummer and statements by OUR Top Brass.

              Neither Russia nor China will get involved when Iran attacks US interests in the Gulf. The Iranians will, unwittingly, bring destruction on themselves.

              Game on!!!

            • Who wants to believe their world is a web of mendacity? “Had we” is the statement of one who will not recognize what is-the paradigm can’t be false, can it? Instead of continually asking “if only we”(had we) done this or that why not be truthful with ourselves and honestly asses. Why keep acting like the drunk who looses his family,friends,business and wonders how it happened. It can’t be the booze? Denial isn’t going to save us, if only isn’t going to save us. These aren’t the times that try men’s souls, these are the times for men’s souls. If you tell a lie big enough and long enough-and people still are confounded by how that happened-open your eyes you’re living it. Few are the people that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts-A.Einstein

            • DK, you have really gone off the rails in your analysis.

              Iran has not initiated an attack against any nation since the 17th century.

              “Israel” however has initiated overt and covert attacks against numerous nations in 50 years. For 4 centuries Judaic central banksters have instigated wars and profited from funding both sides. The tribe has brainwashed Americans and many Europeans into shedding blood and money to subserve Zionist genocide and looting.

              They started World War 1, World War 2, theorized, funded, and ran Communism, the Communist secret police, and the Communist gulags.

              They have lied about Iraq, LIbya, Syria, and Iran to start World War 3.

              You are a fool for buying their brimstone. As God Himself said, their father is a murderer and a liar and they do his work. You do NOT have to help them in murder and lies, but appears to be YOUR CHOICE to abet the synagogue of Satan.

            • John Q: Your hated of all Jews aside, Iran did attack the US Embassy. The US Embassy was American property, and the majority of people who worked inside of it were American citizens: at least 144 American citizens as I remember, so your statement that Iran has never attacked any nation since the 17th century is incorrect.

              That was hardly a false flag attack now was it?

              Iran has funded terrorism against US all over the Middle East, in Europe, and would inside the USA if they had the capacity to do so, they don’t.

              As for attacking the US and US interests in the Gulf, Iran has unequivically stated that they would respond to any attack by Israel upon them, with an attack on the US and its interests in the Gulf.

              I am only pointing it out.

            • John Q: Your hated of all Jews aside, Iran did attack the US Embassy. The US Embassy was American property, and the majority of people who worked inside of it were American citizens: and dozens of American citizens as I remember were held as prisioners, so your statement that Iran has never attacked any nation since the 17th century is incorrect.

              That was hardly a false flag attack now was it?

              Iran has funded terrorism against US all over the Middle East, in Europe, and would inside the USA if they had the capacity to do so, they don’t.

              As for attacking the US and US interests in the Gulf, Iran has unequivically stated that they would respond to any attack by Israel upon them, with an attack on the US and its interests in the Gulf.

              I am merely pointing it out.

          • The real issue here is not whom is at fault or whom are the bad guys, the “end results” is really any and all of us care about. War is almost inevitable, as if people had learned to do the right and just course of action towards each other, then war would be less likely. The very fact is that people, of all races, genders, ages, beliefs, are just generally UNFAIR, not all just most. This unfairness leads to one group thinking that they have been wronged and must right it, and vicously fight for it. As with all life on this planet, the lack of resources almost always leads to death struggles.

            It doesn’t matter whom is at fault because when those missiles fill the skies the ONLY thing that anyone is going to be thinking is either how to survive the aftermath, or how to die. The preppers/survivalists are certainly going to have the best chances at survival not only because of their supplies, but because of their MINDSET. The prepper/survivalist has ideas on how to be ready and has one aspect that most people don’t have, and that is high adaptibility. The prepper/survivalist also has planned well for other disasters that will help much in the post nuclear war world. The prepper/survivalist is whom the world, what is left of it after WW3, will have to turn to if the human species is meant to survive. Let the non-prepper head in cement chew on that one for a while.

            • “If the human species is meant to survive”

              Of course such a species is not meant to survive. Take a look through your greatest telescopes. So far nearly one thousand planets have been found orbiting other suns. See any interplanetary wars going on like this species dreams of? No, all’s quiet on the Universe’s front.

              Thus far mankind is an aberration which will be hitting the self-cleaning button before long. The internet is helping to raise the collective consciousness above simple retardation. We may learn our abc’s before it is too late, maybe not.

              I doubt such a thing as limited nuclear warfare can be attained. Fire them all would be the most likely outcome. TPTB may have faith in their experts which say they can hide out in bunkers till the radiation subsides. ROFLMAO. Yeah, sure, go down into that hole and believe there will be no leaks of radiation into your living grave.

              The Universe is Perfect and does not allow for apes to venture forth and pollute planets. Just because some evolved from being just apes doesn’t give a pass to all of the human form to be considered greater than apes.

            • Agreed. It’s too far gone now. Don’t focus on blame…focus on preparedness. There will not be anybody from the red team or the blue team there to make sure you have potable water in the SHTF. Prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually. When the dust settles the strongest will determine whose heads go on sticks.

            • If the ‘missiles fill the skies’ you won’t have to worry about surviving the aftermath or ‘how you’re going to die’. Roasty toasty!

              The only people who will have to worry about surviving will be the deeply bunkered ones.

              I’ll be in the Wave-universe rather than the particle-universe, watching them, poking away at them, up to seven years of fun!

              I wouldn’t press that button if I were you!

              Peace on Earth or at least where Earth used to be!

        • Iran is not the monster they make it out to be. If you guys spoke Farsi, you would realize that most translations are incorrect.
          But anyhow. I dont believe that the mess we are in today is any ones or groups endeavor. It is purely the decay of government on a world wide stage. It is mainly caused by governmental agencies and peoples becoming unaccountable to the people who they are serving and as a results being able to do as they want. Singularly this is not much of a problem. However it is a world wide disease at this stage and has taken over most every aspect of our lives.

          • People who do speak Farsi do the translating. But what you are saying is when Iran says they love all people, especially the Jews, and wish to coexist in peace and harmony, the translators are translating that to say “We will drive the Jews into the sea. KILL ALL JEWS, ANNIHILATE ISRAEL”.

            They should really get some better translators.

            • Iran had not atacked any nation since the USA became a country. However they have been atacked many times by neighbors and others and by proxies suported by the USA.
              Most of their quoted “threats” are in response to very real threats by their neighbors and the USA. Since the embassy aiege, what has Iran done to us? Nothing.
              However, Iran is a totalitarian country. people have few rights. But for the most part you ban blame that on the USA too. The greed of the pre revolution rich people in Iran was stagering and the the people got nothing at all.
              Iran has followed a totalitarian path very similar to what the USA it following today. What you see there is what will hapen here. It is poitics of fear.

            • I’ve always asked this question, what is Iran’s beef with Israel? They don’t border each other and they don’t compete for resources. Someone let me know, why does Iran dislike Israel so much?

            • Iran dosent have a beef with Israel.
              The Muslim clerics that control Iran need a scapegoat to keep themselves in power.

          • In other, older wars, the incentive was for the military-industrial complex meme to make billions, the owners of many corporations profited greatly.
            Today, that has changed, and the incentive is the control of natural resources, oil, natural gas, and don’t forget poppie fields, therefore controlling the population on a global scale.
            Just my three cents.

            • it’s also about power – the possession of the power to act at will by a very select few… money has purchased that power and military might has backed the purchasing of it… we go to war over non-issues such as ghost wmd’s yet when our people are murdered, we sit on our hands… this in itself should be the proof that there’s many things dramatically wrong in our world… the best we can hope for is to come out the other side of the conflict with a brighter future or that Christ will simply return to receive his own…

          • Ahmadinejad has threatened the US and Israel with nuclear destruction. He’s said publicly that the 12th imam can’t return until both countries are destroyed. He’s working to make that happen. Mutually assured destruction doesn’t work when one country is willing to die to destroy you.

            • Isnt imam the sound a girl makes suckin a _ _ _ _ lol.

        • Kevein,Im 40 years old and I could be completly wrong. but I think the US wants to control everything and without that control, we would lose oil control and stability and not have a upper hand on our place in the world. Iran is killer harsh on their people and I don’t know if the US is trying to make these countries like ours, I don’t think for a second that the US really cares about anyone else or in regards to helping countries have the right to free speech or human treatment like ours. I don’t believe any of that. But what makes me scratch my head is we export so much oil and I don’t understand why we don’t keep that oil here to keep prices down. IF gas were cheaper we could buy more food, gas etc. makes not sense. The only thought that i think of is exxon mobil and these giant oil compnaies want to make a profit everywhere and they could care less about helping the people. But what good is it for them if there is a war everywhere and oil goes way up and down, only to profit off the markets etc. is it true that the democrats are doing the same to their pocketbooks? Can our future president really contain prices. I think so but unless its true and Obama and democrats want to collpase things for a new government of total control, thats the only option i see for doing this. And if the GOP win do they really care about getting back to the early principles and freedoms. I dont think so unless democrats are the real problem. I’m trying to look back when Clinton was in and the house/senate were GOP controlled. We had a assult weapons ban but what freedoms did we really gain or pick back up. I don’t know why our country would not want stable prices on oil for the economy to boom and for everyone to save and make money. We have too many religions and races in the US, thats fine but we are not going to be all getting along better in the future, we will start to be more divided like irans multi religion fights they have against each other. At this point I do wan’t this uncertainty to get over but if checkpoints were in each city and we were being told to turn in our weapons, would the majority of the people do it or attach these checkpoints. Im not sure what would happen or freedom fighters would prevail etc. It’s getting intersting. I do care about us preppers and hope the internet is still ticking if things go bad and we have power still to keep up with the lies on the news. I hope they don’t use mass confusion on us to break us all apart and slowly dismantle us.

          • Clint: Seperate the US government and those who control it from the people of this nation. The people do not want to control other nations but the money hungry men in banking and higher federal government do so that they can benefit no matter the cost to others. They believe that there are too many people on the earth so if war gets them what they want and kills a bunch of “useless eaters” as they call us, so be it.
            As for exporting oil, again it is all about the money. They will sell it wherever they can get the most money and drive up prices in the US “due to shortages”. They don’t care about the US or it’s people. They only serve themselves.
            Obama can retain control and continue to serve the banker masters if the wins the election or declares martial law and remains President until he decides to end the martial law. He changed the law that said Congress must delcare martial law. He can declare himself President until HE decides otherwise. But if Romney is elected, make no mistake, his is Obama with a different name! He will continue to serve the same master as Obama.
            Every president going back to the 1920s was picked and put in place by the money that is calling the shots today: the bankers of the Federal Reserve.
            Don’t take my word for it. Do your own careful research.

            • yes, thats a better of way saying what i wanted to say, exactly, when I write I cant get the way I think out, but you said word for word what I wanted to say!! exactly!! thank you

            • We tried to set things right in 1861 …….the wrong side won………..hows it working for you now ?

            • …and the ones that WEREN’T hand picked were assassinated or blackmailed into submission. I believe our presidents are all caught in some back room and threatened into compliance, before the first family even gets unpacked—-how else do you account for the obvious changes of course? I don’t think every president was lying about his intentions while campaigning, I think they just find out too late that they’re not really in charge after all…

        • Kevin, your naivety – if genuine – is astonishing. You clearly believe the USA is a democracy with rule by the people for the people, when it is an emerging dictatorship with rule by the corporate elites for the corporate elites. Same story here in the UK where I live. And it’s been shown endlessly online that Iran never swore to destroy Israel at all; you’re just recycling the very propaganda the powers that be use to justify their illegal wars against sovereign lands en route to locking down the world’s natural resources.

        • stop reading the propoganda and start thinking.

          • And arm yourself

        • Iran experienced the first ever fall of a fiat currency many, hundreds of years before Westren civilisation was a reality & learned their lessons. They also have eyes to see what’s happened to the sovereignty and right to self-determination of several of their neighbouring states in recent years.

          The “version” of radical Islam currently being enthusiatically exported with such great vigour across the globe – very “version” with such horrible consequences for Global security is that funded by the corrupt Saudi Royal family who are close allies of, and in power because of ………..

          ffs start connecting the dots people. They ALWAYS lead back to the same shadowy sources. Here in the West we have a strain of “Christianity” that seems to be hellbent on embracing the end of the world, and keen to stamp out opposition from opposing, often more learned theologians. The key difference is that our brand of crazy has experienced far less direct & immediate provocation in recent years.

        • Your opinion about Iran is shaped by the bankster propaganda tube.

          Obama and the demoncrats don’t want to go to war because it will have unforeseen consequences. I think that the banksters want to kill the dollar and Iran in one fell swoop. The yuan is being positioned (maybe the SDR too) as a gold or oil backed world reserve currency (yes, Russian oil sold by china in yuan). I think the strait of Hormoze gets shut, Saudi oil gets taken off-line and that can force the change. Russia produces more oil than Saudi Arabia now.

          They might nuke Iran and make all that Mideast oil radioactive too.

          The reason Iran is demonized in the media is because they stood up to the banksters. The banksters ran Iran under the shah and set up his secret police which tortured and murdered tens of thousands. The banksters ran drugs out of Tehran. That’s why the university students took the criminals in the US embassy hostage. Anybody who works for the us gov works for the banksters.

          The banksters are truly international. They will discard the us like a used condom and move on with their scams. Actually, I think they intend something horrible for the USA because they will not want to lose control, especially of a population which believes in freedom and civil rights. Most societies around the world cower before their govs, kind of like it is here nowadays. This is by design.

          The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Morgans, Schiffs, etc etc are just the accountants. The real power is in Rome. Not the Vatican although they control him too. Look up the Black Pope. The Jesuits (Ingnatius Loyola was a descendant of the knights Templar) have been conspiring to control the world by manipulating society and suppressing technology and real science for hundreds of years before rotscum.

          As crazy as it seems it’s true. Why else would the us gov put this country on a crash course if they really wanted to stay on top? You can’t have military dominance without economic strength. Their globalization garbage deindustrialized the USA. Why would they go against “their” interests?

          This fight has been waged since the war of independence. Alexander Hamilton was a rotscum bastard.

          Look up William Dean A Garner interview on Red Ice radio. Read his book: Who Really Owns Your Gold (google it; there’s a free PDF of it out there…only 100 pages but 100 reference bibliography too). He had to flee the USA for what he wrote for all of us.

          No disinformation here; just my best guesses and analysis (lots of disinfo out there right now).

          • Anomymous – I agree.
            The first task when planning a genocide is to create an enemy composed of the “other”. The other must be seen as sub-human to confuse the consciences of the men contracted to do the killing. We see this time and time again throughout history. (holcaust, Rwanda, Balkan War, Stalin etc, etc).

            Our first task in resisting the allure of the false gods portrayed by the Satanists, is to resist the mental meme of the sub-human “other”. Iran also has a significant non-Muslim minority, and an old, old culture. Like us, the vast majority just want to be left in peace by tptb to get on with their lives. On the ground in the West I see the first rumblings of a race war as the shtf to divert the masses attention away from the real source of all our ills.

            The banksters are the only group without any sense of national pride or culture. Hidden behind the politicians & the business figure heads are some nasty Satanic forces. The Rockerfeller foundation has some interesting documents available for public view on the chilling future planned for us all. To these shadowy Satanic forces our leaders are pawns, we are just cattle & they want to thin the herd. (Agenda 21)

          • @anonymous 2311hrs

            Wow…I gotta hand it to you, slick. Your post is one of the smoothest bait & switch pieces I’ve seen in a long time. Blaming a small secretive religious sect, for the wicked schemes & endeavors of the khazars, borders on the ludicrous.
            Again, see Mac’s final words.

            Cui Bono. Who benefits?

          • maybe instead of bombing each other, we countries ALL need to just bomb the big banks off the globe—that outta get me on some terrorist list, huh?

            …it’s all just a matter of perspective…

        • JohnW: Yeah, I just don’t get it. When the Brits took controll of Iran’s oil fields after WW-I it was with the best of intentions and for their own good. But then the little ingrates elected Mosaddeq and he was going to nationalize the oil companies. With a little help from our CIA, we and our good friends the Brits, was able to get rid of that trouble maker and re-install the Shah’s family. They were good friends and knew how to properly treat the west’s oil companies. Of course some Iranians didn’t this new arrangment, so again with the help of the CIA we set up their own secret police the SAVAK to keep those radicals in line. Of course there were these outrageous claims of secret arrests and kidnappings in the middle of the night. There were also allegations of torture and even murder, but what can you expect from internal terrorists, they had to delt with. Yeah, I just can’t figure out why the Iranians don’t trust us with all the help we’ve given them in the past. I guess they’re just selfish.

          • We/me/you have no say in anything. All I know is the policy we have and have had to replace those we don’t approve of(Lumumba, Diem, the guy before the Shah and others have always bit us in the ass. Most of this crap started after the CIA came into existance. It will not be long before we no longer have the power to influence anything.

          • I never said the Iranians had any reason to trust us. I do know that they were better off with the Shah. We still were wrong in helping with the coup that installed him. Cold war tactics.

        • It’s nice the see the old conspiracy theories haven’t quite gone the way of the dodo. When looking at world events is pays to keep two things in mind. First never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Second, people really aren’t as smart as they think they are because they don’t know what they don’t know.

          Look at the current empty suit in the White House. He presumed that much of the evil in the Middle East was due to hatred of the West, the US in particular. So he did his little abasement tour first thing and has come to find out that most power players in the region don’t give a rip about misplaced US guilt. Much like their counterparts here, political leaders over there only care about power; either obtaining it or increasing it.

          Not that this couldn’t lead to a worldwide conflict. A study of the previous world conflicts, indeed any modern war, shows that nations stumble into it, or at least harbor unrealistic assumptions about how it will all turn out.

          Like most people drawn to this lifestyle I’m a bit of a paranoiac. Probably comes from having grown up on military bases during the Cold War. One must be careful, however, to use reason and not emotion when trying to forecast the future. We don’t want to make the same mistakes as our so-called leaders, do we?

      2. If only we knew how soon it will happen. I would rather it just happened now so that we can be rid of the fear and anxiety of waiting for the end. As everyone knows here, the end is inevitable.

        • For the people just waking up, God Bless them with Time & Wealth!

          • @ Iowa –

            Time, or the lack thereof, is the problem. You’re correct about more and more folks starting to wake-up and finally beginning to realize that all is not well, in spite of their government’s claims to the contrary. It’s just that I am not at all sure that the time remaining is on their side.

            Things in the world around us are heating up on so many different fronts that it will only take one small ‘spark’ to ignite the whole damn thing.

            There may be a small window of opportunity as we go from “What the fuck???” to “Holy shit!!!” to get a few last minute preparations squared away. Get yourself ‘staged’ and ready to go prior to the event. I recently brought the 6 new 5gal. gas cans have come down from the attic. They now reside on the floor behind me, right next to a box containing the small bottles of fuel stabilizer. A new 20 lb. bottle of LP gas has also made an appearance here recently; it can always get used next summer. Please don’t be sitting there ‘fumble-fucking’ around trying to get your stuff together while the world is coming unglued around you and your family.

            Please tell me that you at least have a ‘plan’ for how you are going to communicate with family members and get them all safely home in case of a sudden emergency? No?? Now might just be a great time to think about one, while you still have the luxury of having time to think. Later on you will be busy acting and reacting.

            God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

        • If you’re asking when Israel hits Iran, I’ll venture a guess and say between 14-16 October. That will start everything in motion…


      3. I don’t buy it. First, the “elites’ generally screw up everything they do. The odds of them pulling off a complex Illuminati style plan over generations simply isn’t feasible. Note that the US is not winning its wars, and winning them would be an obvious requirement of such a plot.

        What is highly likely is that the elites will continue to bumble along believing their own press and rationalizing every possible crime, oppression and financial hardship they inflict on their citizens as a glowing success. Look at Greece, look at Spain. That is the future. It is bad enough, no conspiracy needed.

        • The True goal of the PTB is to become God’s and nothing else.


          • is that from the bible. I believe in God but do not go to chruch much or read the bible.

            • It is from scripture but without context can be easily misinterpreted. Psalm 82 and John 10. The term “god” that is being used here is to refer to those in leadership positions, not as an actual God (the one and only).

              In John, Jewish leaders were pissed at Jesus and wanted to stone him. Jesus referred to them as gods but the context was to explain to the Jewish leaders that though they may have authority over mortal men, they will all die like men. Jesus was further claiming that he and the Father were the one and only God.

              Context, context, context. No one can become God…though they may be worshipped like gods.

            • or should of said I dont read the bible daily or go to church each week.

            • kynase thanks for taking the time to explain that. appreciate that truely. thanks for the thumbs down everyone! It made my day knowing there are more stupid people on here each day that truely don’t care or will debate why they think they are right. Give me one feedback from some of you liberal lovers out there that love the almighty Obama and how he will take your breathe away!!

            • No problem…Clint. I find the Bible not only fascinating from a scriptural POV, but also from a historical POV.

              Though I’m not quite sure why my comment got a thumb’s down either. I would think a thumbs down would warrant an explanation, but maybe people just don’t have the time or knowledge to argue their point. Oh well. lol guess some people are just bitter.

            • kynase, yes you get a lot of people on here that might not agree with us or me and thumbs down, I got to the point where I used to write some good stuff and you still get it. doesn’t bother me anymore. you might have someone who has a completly different reasoning for it and they dont agree and thumbs down, I get that but I just wish we would have more adults that would take their time to give a explanation why they don’t agree so we could learn or figure things out. thats part of life to debate and learn. but you still get a few people that don’t care about surviving or think they know foreign policy better than obama on here lol, I sure don’t and have traveled the world in the Navy for 6 years. I still don’t know everything. I can tell you this I will debate any 20 year old on weapons and tactics in a real world war senerio. Been there done it. As for garden seeds etc I need some work. I like hearing from everyone about different things and what they feel or think.

          • Far from saying that he was God, Jesus was showing from the Psalms that the leaders of the nation were called ‘gods’, or in Hebrew Elohim = mighty ones.

            The accusation against Jesus was that he was claiming to speak with Divine authority, and therefore exalting himself to be equal with God. Jesus uses the reference to show that God had bestowed similar authority on the Israelite judges, and that his contemporaries did not really understand ‘their’ law or ‘their’ prophets.

        • This is where the Bible makes so much sense. It says that we’re not really wrestling against flesh and blood men, but against the forces of evil, the demon spirits that guide and motivate those men. (see Ephesians, chapter 6) So while the actions of the humans involved may SEEM irrational on the surface, they are, in fact, only an acting-out of Satan’s ultimate plan for mankind, which Jesus said was to “steal, kill, and destroy”. You have to understand the spiritual realm or the physical realm makes absolutely no logical sense.
          The first prep you need is to find peace with God. Then you’re on the winning side, no matter what else comes our way.
          God bless you all-

          • good post linda, thanks for sharing that. I still would like to know what god thinks of us protecting us in our home and is it ok to pull the trigger to defend ourselves? I try to do the right thing each day but still make mistakes or get mad at politics and have no respect for Obama, since he doesn’t respect us at all. If I saw him with a flat tire in -20 degrees on a highway with nobody around and no cell phones either, would I stop? I dobut it. lol I’d help I think even though he’s a idiot and a 2 faced compulsive liar. Or would you treat him like he treats us, or would lie and say, “Yes a towtruck is comming.

            • I can tell ya this much…at my church they gave each of us one of those trendy plastic bracelets. This one is white and says “I am here” It is to serve as a reminder that God is always there and that when we act or think, we should remember that all actions or thoughts are made in the presence of God because He sees and hears all, even what is in our minds and hearts. If you think or say something unfriendly/ungodly you are supposed to put the bracelet on the other wrist. I’ve had to change that dang bracelet too often. I just wanna get a second one and wear one on each wrist! lol

              Regardless, it does serve as a gentle reminder that all of my actions/thoughts are noticed and it has caused me to be more cautious and careful with my words and actions. 🙂

            • Oh! The chance of having a captive audience. I would HELP him change the tire. His hands would get dirty too but to really give him a piece of my mind, one on one.
              Would take the keys from my ignition and put them in my pocket for sure.

            • clint, the question of pulling the trigger. We as men are to provide for our family, if not we are worse than an infidel. Protection and safety we provide also. Basically, it comes down to each individual and his relationship with God. I am asked this question of when is it ok to pull the trigger/shoot? My response and conviction is that if I am attacked only for my faith, I am not to be agressive. If the attack is for bodily harm and especially to my loved ones, I have the right to protect myself and my loved ones. Jesus instructed the apostles (Luke 22:35-37) to buy a sword.
              Then my final thought; No greater love has one for another than to lay down his life for another (John 15).

            • Exodus 22:2
              “If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed;

              2 Samuel 23:12
              But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the LORD brought about a great victory.

              Psalm 10:18
              defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror.

              There’s just a few I found.

          • Linda, I think you misread Eph.6:12.

            Paul in not speaking about supernatural demons and a supernatural devil in this place. He is speaking about the constant oppossition he experienced everywhere he went, whether to Jew or to Gentle. It was not the common people, but those in high places of authority whose beliefs, positions and livelyhoods were threatened, that tried to wrestle with him. He says he wrestled “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

            These are same rulers that he was sent to bear witness to, as Eph.3:10 says “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God”
            Heavenly places is used symbolically here, and in other places, to refer to the rulers of this world, who rule over the common man – their subjects. Read this verse in other versions to get the sense..

        • Oldboy, only an optimist can believe in a conspiracy.

          • kynase: Besides what you stated how Hes watching what you say or do etc…He is Also aware and watching what some folks Do NOT do or Say when they Should!

            Example: Know and Speak Truth….Theres zero loopholes for incase you may “offend” someones agendas or race or whatever.

            Today far worse I think than what basically good or christian minded folks say, is when they Fail to speak out and probobly know deep down they should.

            Kinda like in bible where the apostles etc did something or remained quiet “For Fear of the Jews”.

            Even Jesus at one point left jerusalem and didnt return due to fear of jews. Not that He cant handle them, rather it were’nt His time as yet and most jews was chomping at the bit to murder Christ.

            Todays prevailing “Fears” are mainly of being called a Racist or worser yet an…Antisemite.

            Once folks gets Passed that fear mentality, its alot eaiser to deal with alot of current agendas etc.

            I do believe though as far as Gods Judgement goes, He will judge Both actions And Non-actions too. Perhaps the latter being more important to consider, at times.

        • But that’s the problem. I don’t think the elite really care about”winning the wars”they care about profits or carpetbagging. They are the master opportunists, and get the masses to do their dirty work.

          • thats totally right, they get the masses to do the dirty work since they know money can buy anything in thier world. It’s sad its that way. Our government is too big is so other governments and that only causes problems and too much control. Traffic cameras for profit, safety my ass. Tolls on highways that are subcontracted out to private business. To drive thru the state of OHIO one way is just about 17 dollars. That is nuts. Cops letting off whoever they want and NY state police making their quota for the month and push their power to go thru your stuff when its deemed in their personal interest. Cities raising property taxes to whatever they can get away with. Barely any regulation giving out disability insurance SS to people that are not disabled or lie to get it. Illegals breaking laws clearly and safe cities like San fran where they can hide without being deported. Illegals claiming IRS returns to kids they might not even had and receiving thouands of our dollars a year without any red flags going off every year, the news said around approx 7 billion a year. Total waste of our money and they want to tax us more!! No control and we ask to have this stopped and nothing is done. run-away government for being too large. Dodd and Frank forcing banks to give loans to either deadbeats or minorities when can’t pay back and know, but the government will make sure if they default we will pay you banks back! IRS going after us the little guys for a few hundred bucks a year but illegals nothing happens to them! Local government shutting down your little kids lemonade stand for not work permit, soda bans on large drinks but double cheeseburger clearly has more sodium and fat and calories. ticket fees increasing like crazy for anything. To breathe now you have to pay to live otherwise if you don’t pay the fines are doubled and the penalties are multiplied until everything you own is theirs. Spying on phones/pictures on computer. tracked. Vets going to loony bin for posting their rights to say what they want. Protesting zones only in certain areas only. assult bans on guns, a person killed with a chicken could be called a assult chicken by the fucking idiot liberals. more on your taxes taken out, federal income, social security, medicare tax, personal income state tax, township tax,sui/sdi tax it never ends. New internet tax to buy online! Next will be a green bean tax. idiot liberals want a carbon tax etc to support poor countries etc. We give enough already my god. Pat downs at football games anywhere you go. Random patdowns in certain states and checkpoints. TSA and it never ends. The lies and the stripping of freedoms will cost us all. They will start tracking us just like on here as terrorists while the elites pay big bucks to our politicians to promote whats best for us all. We are losing it not slowly but faster and faster. Look at the rate of which things are going. In the early 80’s was the last time if you were drunk you could get off if you could park your car and walk or get a ride home, not saying that was good, just making a point, in the 90’s we still had quite a bit of freedom still but ever since 9/11 things have really slingshot rather quickly and with this asshole in office its really been accelerated quickly. People are having enough and I have never seen so many people that are engaged now with the house and senate and this idiot in office. If they think they can continue all these policies without any backfire, they are mistaken my friends. I never used to pay attention at all to politics not until 2008. Ever since then we have seen gas clearly over 2.00 a gallon and prices on everything thru the roof. I don’t know how someone making 10 bucks an hour can live off of that anymore. I just know things are not right and if they push us anymore people are not going to stand queit anymore on this. We must not lay down quietly to be turned into a nazi enviroment. Enough lies on TV with the news you can’t believe anything you hear anymore. Just venting whats on my mind. Care about you guys as well

            • “care about you guys as well”. Yeah, in your previous post you said you would not stop to help “obummer” change a flat tire even if it were -20 degrees and noone else around, which could mean a death sentence. Too many people like you son, that is why the world has no hope. Your philosophy is the same as the ragheads you hate.

            • WASTAT- I think you don’t realize, I would and it was a joke, but your young probably and think your right all the time and don’t have a very good sense of humor. I even want to help you out here since you need help my young friend. It means that he screws us so why would we go out of our way to help someone that doesn’t care about us only himself. We don’t want anyone to die or be hurt in anyway. Sorry, but I help many people of every color and religion everyday. I don’t hate ragheads at all. My post was a figure of speech. I think that makes you very naive and not very smart if you couldn’t of figured that out on your own. lol If you read my posts I have never said I wanted to hurt anyone or anything. Someday after you are wrong so many times and too stupid to figure things out before you open your mouth you might wise up.

            • Yes, those assualt chickens have sharp beaks and with rapid frailings about one’s head, can prove fatal. ;0)

            • slingshot- your funny those beaks on those assult chickens quote. lol

        • @Oldboy:

          I think you’re half right. There are dipshit progressive elites like Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer that are nothing more than mindless tools of the evil, genius, progressives that are out to remold Western Civilization into an atheistic, totalitarian state. (Think Bernanke and Soros here).

          The destruction of Western Civilization is most definitely intentional. But not every Power That Be is in on the secret. Quite a few are just rich, powerful morons along for the ride and, of course, they can be ‘liquidated’ after they’ve served their purpose.


        • Oldboy, I agree with you. Giving these morons credit for planning and pulling off these “master plans” is giving them way too much credit.
          Man’s problems and relations have been the same since the beginning. Same play, differant actors. Look to history, same “scenarios” over and over.
          Arrogant leaders, religous fanantics (of ALL stripes),lack of resources, plain old fear of the unknown, improper responses, quick trigger fingers,stupidity, etc.
          No master plan other than the “SCRIPT” that all men follow by virtue of being human.
          Prep hard, enjoy the show.

          • I agree with you and oldboy. It’s too complicated a plan if it is one group of bankers pulling all the strings over the last 100-200 years. Too many variables. I think the world is just as it always has been politically, but we have better technology and the world is a lot smaller than it ever was. There is no conspiracy; there are hundreds of conspiracies. The rulers and elites are playing the same court intrigue games they have always played. They just have better muskets, cannon and horses; not to mention better communications and ability to network.
            Either way, we’re still all fucked. Hopefully we can reinstate the US Constitution after the dust settles.

      4. I have said it before, power doesn’t corrupt, the immunity from accountability for the abuse of power is what corrupts. Those in charge whether they be elected or appointed have gone too long without be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately now the endgame is rapidly approaching and people will pay for their apathy and complacency in regards to those who are running this show. It’s going to get ugly, the world will be forever changed and one can’t say who if anyone will be left standing at the end. It is a very interesting albeit scary time to be alive.

        Keep prepping people, it’s coming.

        • yes I agree with that as well for the most part PB. I think power does corrupt, if you could do anything you want you will start making large mistakes and doing whatever you want impulsively many times without caring what happens really. But your dead on about accountability for what they do, they dont care so they abuse their powers to do what they want. Bloomassburger banning large sodas, he’s not a nutritionists and probably got the idea from some of his lobbyists or whoever about banning large drinks, I think mcdonalds double cheeseburger has more fat and more sodium which retains water and increases weightgan far more than soda. But I agree with you its going to get ugly and we are slowly going into 3 world status. There are way too many divided religions,gay,straight,black,white goups in the US to get along and that will make things get worse, just like in irag where they have all these different religions fighting each other. christians against muslims,jews etc. We are brought up to get along with others and respect others but i still think we are all dogs that are different breeds, we can be tought to sit and beg etc but the animal instincts in us will do what we are naturally wanting to do. And media doesn’t help the cause at all. They lie and throw totally mixed messages and far from the truth whats going on. I think israel is going to attack iran and that will put the US and obama in a hard spot. We will see if he supports the jews or the muslims. I could be completly wrong.

          • Well he probably would support the muslims, but TPTB are probably mostly jewish so he doesn’t have a choice.

            • Arco: TPTB are mostly Zionists not Jewish. Jews will tell you quickly that a Zionist is one who wants to see the rise of the nation of Israel and the Temple.(They do not have to be jewish at all). This may be for many reasons but don’t forget that satanists want to see the temple rebuilt too so that the antichrist may sit in it and declare himself god. No Israel = no temple rebuilt.

            • All Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews, (some even call themselves Christians, Mormons, or Muslims).

              The families behind the banking cartel are fundamentally dishonest and corrupt. The notion that power corrupts is true, and began generations ago. At this point in time the corruption is absolute and at stake is the global plantation, where we would all be made slaves for these individuals.

        • It has been said…

          Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • When Christ was Alive still(2000 yrs ago) and He told them Pharises AND their Jews followers(which was probobly 99% of all)…NONE back then were a “Zionist” as that agenda was not invented as yet and neither did any “Khazers” exist(till 800 ad)..

            And He did say to them(Jesus told jews and pharises) that.

            “Ye are Of Your Father the Devil/Satan…And his Lusts will ye do…He was a Murderer from the Begining, and also a Liar for whenever he speeks he speaks Lies.”

            Back in “Very Begining”= Genises book. God spoke and Condemned Satan(the Serphant) He said “I will put Enmity(hatered/inability to co exist etc) between You and the Woman(Eve) and…Between Her “SEED”(Offspring/decendents) and Your(satans) Seed(offsprind/Decendents).

            Other areas speak of Two seed lines also. One good and one evil(of the Devil/satan).

            Rev ch 2 vs9 and ch 3 vs9…John ch8 vs 44…Like it or not Zionists is about current stuf that Already Pre-existed zioinsts…God said that so don’t bitch at me if you can’t handle truth.

            I think some folks here mean, not all are guilty etc…I agree…But same is said when it is black issues. What is the proof in the pudding is, How many makes up that part or what can be called them whats the “Good” ones?

            Of the last 50 yrs of experiences such as Voteing or crime or riots etc goes. Them show consistantly 95% always vote dems. Do not know if similar tally results exist for “Riots” or other black based agenda etc?

            But if you think Blacks sticks together like Glue?…Jews is 10 times moreso that way. In other words I wont hold my breath to see any sizable or large numbers who don’t support their “tribes” agendas be it zionist or other.

            I believe the ADL(anti defam.league aka kommies) claims Only aprox 8000 American jews call themselves “Anti-Zionists”. ADL calls Them “Self hateing jews!”

            To adl, antisemite=Anyone who disagrees!

            Ant-racist=Code for Anti Whitey!

            I think it is more like Two main groups…Zionist(right-neocon-jewdeo christians) and Bolshevistic (Lib dems-kommie-leftist).

            Regardless Which wins?…All will mend diferences and Join together into “International Jewery”…Far too much past history dictates such a scenario is likely.

            Remember, zionist stuf only was officially recognized aprox in 1899-era. Their agendas goes way back 3000 yrs or more.

            I fail to see why today with so much facts and documented truth to be had, that so many on this particular issue can’t consider that just maybe, BOTH Judaisim AND Islamic are enemys of Christians and by extention “whites” in general.

      5. Can anyone be trusted?

        • Yeah, trust me 😉

        • Those in the flesh…NO. Use common sense, decern & then validate.

      6. Evening all

        This is so frightening. We need to work together exchange information, help and ideas that leads us to the best place we can be in before this comes to pass. I have so far to go, and I fear not enough time. Much of what. Have learnt has been from the people on this forums, and for thati thank you all.

        I wonder what wil be left for our children and grandchildren, and I wonder will the madness ever stop.

        May God help us all

        Take care

        • There is never enough time. The time is now. Preps only delay the inevitable. Trust your salvation in Jesus Christ alone. I prep because I have a family.

          If I were single, I would have only a few months of food, water, and tp and an astronomical amount of guns and ammo.

          Thats what Jesus was talking about why it was best to not be married, according to each man.

          • ok I do trust in jesus but does god allow us to kill others to protect ourselves etc? I dont know this and would like to know. honestly asking.

            • In it’s original language the commandment is read as : Thou shalt not murder.
              So if you kill to defend yourself that MAY be acceptable. It would depend on your heart. Did you do what you could to avoid killing? God allowed the Jews to kill their ememies in “just wars” to defend themsleves and their land/homes, in the old testament. But He also punished them if they broke His laws or forgot to honor Him.

            • Clint,
              The commandment among the “Big” ten that is usually rendered “Thou shalt not kill” actually means “Thou shalt not murder” in the original Hebrew. Throughout the Bible there are instances where the killing of evil men is acceptable. I’m thinking of David, who was called “the man after God’s own heart” when he went up against the giant Goliath. Also Samson vs. the Philistines. In the New Testament, we’re admonished that if any man provide not for his own household, he has denied the faith and is worth than an infidel. Although the context of that verse is that the provision would be the daily needs of the body, food, etc., in our current situation, that would understandably include security. If someone comes forcibly through my door to take the items I’ve so painstakingly stored for my own family’s needs, then I will have no qualms whatsoever about shooting him. Good and moral men respect the rights and property of others. This person isn’t doing that. . . so . . . he falls into the evil category and is asking for trouble. That’s my take on it, for what is’s worth.

            • Yes he does. There are specific Scriptures that speak about defending yourself and family. I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

            • I try to stay off “religion”,would rather discuss canning tomatoes and raising beef… but for what its worth,heres my 2 cents…I believe God/The Father gave us a brain and the ability to think/reason and use logic,in addition to faith.
              I as a father would never tell my child that no matter what even if it kills you you have to just sit back and allow another who means you harm to do whatever evil they can dream up to you and yours,if I then as an earthly father love my kids enough to defend them with force or allow them to use force to defend themselves then how much more just and upright do we suppose God to be than us? God put it into a dog to fight when it or its pups are threatened,most all creation will rip you limb from limb to protect its self/own….people are going to tell me that I as a “man” dont have that right?(they have and they will but theyre goofy…no apoligies)
              Sure as a Christian I believe men are held to a higher standard,Im not to rip you asunder for your food or your woman or any of whats rightly yours,Im not to be “easily” provoked to violence and fly off the handle over small things and allow anger to drive me and shape my response into something way out of proportion,BUT…if you reach out and hurt me or mine in the sense that you mean to do harm then I will do whatever it takes to see to it you are neutralized,from busting your face to busting a cap in your face.
              In my belief a great many folks who look at christians today and are bothered by what they see are justified,many christians dont even know who Jesus is or what he stands for,some Ive met would make better muslims than the christian they claim to be,Id refuse to be called a christian too if the only ones I knew were the pussy hypocrites I see so much of,thank God I know enough of the good ones,the ones who treat others the best they humanly can but will bust your jaw if you mistreat their wife or your own when theyre around….the type whos word is their bond and who you know have your back when they say they do,the type who do all they can do to act in a manner that is worthy of the name of Christ.
              Im not trying to be mean about it its just that I see so many people today claiming to speak for Christ who tell me and others to act in ways that do not work in my best interest,who in their right mind would want to be a christian if it means allowing themselves and their familys to be butchered so they can be worthy in the eyes of their fellows,I dont claim to know it all but I know this one thing,God isnt a madman,or a idiot,many times we who try to follow him are, he doesnt expect me or anyone else to just stand by and allow themselves or other innocents to be destroyed by evil when we have it in our power to stop it,Id refuse to follow after God if I thought him to be such a heartless monster!
              Some will say “turn the other cheek” and thats as you are able to do in your life… but in another place he told us to provide for our families and that one who didnt has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel,wouldnt providing for your family include protection?In another place he said to go buy a sword…he knew what a sword was for,dontch think,(HINT…it wasnt for a fashion accessory)
              I not ranting at anyone here just at the whole idea that is out there that to be a Christian you gotta be a wimp,I dont believe that,wont believe that,my example is Jesus Christ and he is/was in no way a wimp,he is/was a mans man!…nuff said! “Live free or die tryin”

            • C and Linda, thanks for sharing that as well. that makes sense and I get it now. Just was not sure. thank you

            • @Clint:

              It is written (Exodus 22:2): “If a thief be found breaking into a house or undermining it, and be wounded so as to die; he that slew him shall not be guilty of blood.” According to Natural Law, it is much more lawful to defend one’s life than one’s house. Therefore, a man is not guilty of murder if he kill another in defense of his own life.

              If you prefer St Thomas Aquinas:
              “Without doubt one is allowed to resist against the unjust aggressor to one’s life, one’s goods or one’s physical integrity; sometimes, even ’til the aggressor’s death… In fact, this act is aimed at preserving one’s life or one’s goods and to make the aggressor powerless. thus, it is a good act, which is the right of the victim.” [there are three conditions under which legitimate self-defense must lie:] “that he who is the target of the force is an aggressor and an unjust aggressor… that the object of the defense is an important good, such as the life, physical integrity or worthy goods… [and] that defensive violence is proportionate to aggression.” [under these conditions,] “one is also allowed [not required] to kill other people’s unjust aggressor.”

              Thomas Aquinas, dizionario ecclesiastico (”ecclesiastic dictionary”, utet, 1959)”


            • Mal reynolds, thank you as well for your posts on that. I knew the answer but I like to hear things from other people on how they feel about it as well. Thanks again

            • Ah, I highlight lots of passages when I read…
              For you…in Exodus 32: 27-29
              Then he said to them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’
              “The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about three thousand of the people died. Then Moses said, “You have been set apart to the LORD today, for you were against your own sons and brothers, and he has blessed you this day.”

              They were blessed for killing.

            • Clint:

              Not preaching a specific religion here, Clint. That said, even as a Morman, we are allowed to defend our homes and our families in whatever manner necessary. God prescribes common sense too. It’s aggression towards others that is the no-no. Even in the Book of Morman, there are sections where the people had to basically go into the hills and clean out the outlaws that had been pillaging their towns and killing their people.

              And if you research some of the historical times even when Christ lived, it adds new meaning to some of the phrases such as “turn the other cheek” — which actually had to do with making the Romans treat you as an equal…it’s pretty cool stuff.

            • @Clint…..I really enjoy your posts, and may get “thumbs down” for this,(and please don’t be offended) but I believe you must always spell GOD with a capital letter….it’s only the “false gods” that is in “lower case”…

              I do believe we are allowed to protect ourselves and our families against the “evil” ones….take care, CC

            • You all are selectively choosing sections of the Bible to suit your cause. It have ever been this way.

              Context is everything.

              After the Exodus in Moses’ time, God called a nation (Israel) and gave them both civil and religious laws to live by. Every society must be governed by just laws.

              The teachings of Christ are similar in moral force and purpose, but they have no civil applications.

              Since the 4th Century AD (under Constantine & his successors), the churches have compromised themselves and bent the teachings of Christ to allow themselves to participate in full civil society. This allows for the aggregation of power and wealth, the product of man’s sensual lusts. Hence all the references and justifications back to the civil code of the Kingdom of Israel. This is nothing more than a man made expediency.

              Many of Jesus’ core teachings are found in Matt.5-7, and include such clear concepts as –
              Mat 5:43-45 “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

              You should also 1.Cor.5 & 1.Cor.6, to understand Christ & his apostle’s techings on civil things.

              1.Cor.5:12-13 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth.

              In other words, their was no interest or connection or responsibility to be involved in the civil world. God will judge them, as He sees fit.

              That is why those who are truly disciples are always in the minority, and why they have been persucuted and slain since those days.

              Rev 13:9-10 If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

          • Iowa: Correction, that was Paul (Saul of Tarsus) who said that and it was directed at the early church leaders so that they could concentrate on their ‘flock’. Paul himself was never married and the Catholic Church finally adopted celibacy for the priesthood centuries later based on this remark. After that comment Paul also said that it was better for a man to marry rather than burn (with lust).

            • Mal,Jayjay,Reb, et al: Why do all of you think you need persmission from the bible to defend yourselves? By doing that you’re all looking for an excuse to avoid taking responsibilty for your own actions. There’s no way to be kind about this: THAT’S JUST COWARDLY!. Get a pair and do your own thinking and take responsibility for your actions. Look around you, everything in nature has some form of defense and survival: size, strenght, speed, camoflage, poison, or numerous offspring. We all have a brain, well most of us, and since these other methods are limited to us, intelligence is our best defense. I suggest you all stop wasting time in useless moral debates about defense/no-defense and get busy with plans on how to deal with the many dangers that we currently face. Sorry for sounding harsh, but you needed it.

            • @Gregory8:

              Three points:
              1. I was merely answering clint hospo’s question. Nothing more.
              2. The Bible shapes my morality as a Christian. Individuals deciding what’s right and what’s wrong is certainly one of the reasons why the West now finds itself near a complete moral collapse. You are correct that everything in nature has a survival instinct and an ability to defend itself to one extent or another. But humans are more than just animals. God has endowed us with an eternal soul, free will, and the ability to discern good and evil. My actions in this life determine my salvation. I will fight in the light and continue to pray for my salvation, that of my family, and the re-birth of Christian America.
              3. I have a pair. Thanks. They’re just fine.


            • Gregory8…permission,eh?..well one thing I know I dont need is permission from you to comment,boy!
              Secondly, you just posted a comment above of a religious nature, that would make you a hypocrite,eh?
              Third,Im well prepared and working to turn this republic around….so you just go back to tending to your own business and doing whatever youre doing to prepare and save the rest of us from wasting time…Im sure youll be VERY busy 🙂
              Ive also noticed that the ones who tell others to get/grow/a pair tend to lack a pair themselves,mine are fine…sorry for your loss!
              After working all day digging and picking and canning and a bunch of other work I come here to unwind and converse with others who are trying to learn and teach and make a difference NOT to be corrected by the likes of you,or to waste my few valuable free moments debating this waste of time with you,sorry for sounding way smarter than you…but you needed it! 🙂

        • Burt

          Possee here.

          We…you, myself, and Daisy, talk all the time outside of this site many times..

          Thermo nuclear conflict is out of the equation ..
          Nuclear armaments are old school propaganda and have been outdated, yet promulgated by the tptb for over 50 years….no concern there.

          However, any other possibility exists as you and I have discussed many times..

          biological/viruses/induced weather-geological anomalies etc..

          That being said..

          We can only prepare for what we perceive is coming..

          most likely a financial and other some other feasibility of culling the herd too numerous to mention..

          Keep prepping and preparing Burt..

          That’s the best we can do at this point..

          God Bless us all



          • Possee

            I intend to, and as fast as is possible. Time is running out and I am not ready to die yet.

            Speak to you tomorrow. By the way, had Reverberation on whilst ironing today. Good stuff.

            Take care

            • burt the brit, I would love to talk to you off this website to help you in the self defense and tech that may help save your life since you can’t own a gun in your country. let me know. I’m talking about with a knife and not back karate or anything like that but real street violence, let me know if you need anything on that topic for females. not interested in pickup im engaged but to help you out.

            • your not gonna die, you must believe in yourself and be relaxed in control during breakdown of society. that is the key or you will possibly lockup or get scared and want you to have confidence and their are ways around that even if you have a 300lb attacker comming at you. if you want any street smart tactical moves with a weapon you can have, let me know. Here to help. I don;t want you to be scared! I want you to have full confidence during tough times. you wont make mistakes and be more focused and alert. You will be just fine I promise you. But you gotta want to be that way or you might get injured and we want to prevent that. Its just like working out. 9 out of 10 programs for working out or get into better shape will help and 1 of those will be junk. same thing with self defense. maybe 6 out of 10 will work. Let me know.

            • Burt

              Thanks for the listen..

              None of us ready to die…especially at the hands of tptb


              perseverance,focus,preparing for the oncoming storm should give us all satisfaction that we each did our very best to protect those we love no matter what the outcome


              living life by example every day, every hour, with our heads up high,eyes and mind wide open, and a sense of humor to carry on..

              My best to you Burt and all here..



            • Off subject. Do you know anything about elderberry syrup? It is supposed to be a natural anti-viral. It is about $27 a bottle. Just wondering if anyone knows about it or is it high priced snake oil? I really enjoy reading comments etc, but I still have so much to learn and this seems to be where I can ask questions.

          • Possee, very well put. Thank you.

            • PO’d Patriot

              Thank you.

              I, for one, do not preach to the choir by interjecting any religious or political connotations into the mix..

              as belief in God is a one to one relationship..

              and belief in a particular political dogma is the same.

              and both are uniquely interpreted in billions of ways.

              I look to the financial and geo political wrangling that has brought us all to this point worldwide.
              Nothing has changed at all..except an awakening that we’ve all been had for millennium..

              When anyone,throughout history, dares to question the powers they are either marginalized in to compartmentalized categories…or subsequently silenced in oh so many ways..period.

              Fortunately we have been given the gift of free will, the ability of cognition, and the intuitiveness to sense the bullshit perpetrated upon all of us.. thank God.

              At least some have awakened from the slumber,even if it might be too late.!

              Prepare the best you can..that is all we can do.


        • Quit your sniveling. You will be fine. I would bet that should Israel attempt to deal with the Iranian nuclear problem that the US forces in the Gulf will intervene on the side of Iran. After we destroy the Israeli Iir Force and other of their assets then Israel will be forced to go nuclear. The blood letting will be confined to the Mid East. For awhile.

          • Did you just say the US would attack Israel? I want some of whatever you are smoking.

            • JohnW: Do you really believe that if we go against Isreal that they’ll just take it? That is naive in the extreme. If they think they are about to wipped out, they’ll take as many of us with them as they can. Isreal has at least 300 nuclear weapons by all accounts; some tactical and some strategic. Isreal is completely capable of mining some of our major cities just before and attack on Iran. Top that off with the ability park one or two of their submarines with missles off of our east coast and we could get very bloodied. They won’t go so quietly this time like they did with the Nazis. Are you willing to take out a nation of 4 million in exchange for oil and the death of a few million Americans not to mention the destruction an attack like that would to to our already fragile economy and society? No thanks, that would suicde on our part.

        • Burt the brit, yes we are running out of time and if we can exchange ideas and thoughts and keeping it calm without cutting each other down and sharing things, we can learn a lot about different things. we are going to disagree but if we do this in a good order we can be successful and learn. but if we say fuck you and go to your moms basement unless they really need to then say it. but we are running out of time, we all can agree on that at least most of us can on here. so lets start sharing and figure things out together gang.

          • Thanks for that comment. Makes me feel better about my question above to Burt. It is actually very scary to think what might be. My oldest actually came to me and figured out much food it actually takes to survive. He’s trying to make pemmican and was shocked to do the calculations. He already knows about the bankers, has had me watch several videos, but finally the food thing is sinking in. Now if only I could get my daughter that is four hours away to pay attention….

            • @Lag….U R correct in saying “it is actually very scary to think what might be.” I couldn’t agree more!! You mentioned that your son is on board, and that is great!!…really hope my 3 sons come on board real soon….as I am prepping for all, including 5 grandkids….

              You also mentioned pemmican, and I’m not sure what that is, although think I remember something from school(50 some yrs ago) but wondering if you would share that with those of us who are not sure?? Thanx in advance! Take care….CC

        • Mac, you ask some very serious and thought provoking questions in this article. Burt you ask, ” I wonder will it ever stop”. I would like to ask, regardless of your religious beliefs, whether a believer or non believer, please take a moment to read and reflect the whole of Ezekiel ch 22 & ch 24. With Godspeed, prep until.the last, stay evermore alert. Im.asking all to read those chapters.

        • Brit Burt: Hello, I think what really nails it is the question of “Is This time around the Big one? aka Nukes etc?…..Because consider the bible in book of revelation says (or may be book of Mark too) “If those days were Not Cut Short….Then NO Flesh would survive worldwide!!!”

          So war or conflicts or floods-quakes-etc. Preps yes is a good thing. But if them Fools chomping at bit to begin a WWIII scenario to usher in alibabba, or Antichrist or simply them who stand to make alot of cash off war and think Their “bunkers” will save em etc. Occures?…..Face it…We aint got much of any chances regardless how prepped we can be or are.

          Good side to it all is(for believers anyways) “IF” its really the Final End Game scenario?…Then that can Only mean Christs Return will happen to Our generations.

          And it Will be very good then. Better than human minds can concive of now. After all, regardless what preps anyone does….NOBODY Gets Out of this Life alive.

          The Lord told us to Not be afraid these things must come to pass etc. Eaiser said than done but still can be!

          So Burt! My best advice is Sell All preps Now! Go Buy New VETTE!! and Enjoy while can!…(NO NO! I was ONLY Jokeing on the last sentence here!!!)

      7. The next year is going to be a real eye opener for many citizens who have slept through most of their lives.

        The s$@% is going to hit the fan big time. There is very little time left for prepping.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • You know, the movie series The Matrix never shows the eventual outcome of the masses of sleepers waking up WSHTF.

          Your right.

        • Clint

          That’s so kind, thank you. I would love to hear your views. It would be rude to advertise my blog on Macs site but the email is on there.

          Thanks agin, look forward to speaking with you

          Take care

        • We all better worry more about what is planned for the billion and a half hollow point rounds that the govt. has purchased which seemingly have no reason for being bought in the first place than what the Iran situation is.

          • That is not a huge amount of bullet in the grand scheme of things. Half have all ready been use/slotted in training.

          • my thought on that is it will be used at checkpoints or for the fema camps, most troops are not going door to door with a .40cal glock, they will be carrying a shotgun sometimes and their main weapon a FNSCAR mainly or colt with a 5.56 (.223) round. So my thought is fema camps and riot control backup pistol mainly that they are going to be used for.

            • Lot of forty cal. sub guns out there as well.

        • The future certainly will reveal who has their eyes open, and who thinks they do. Man has no real idea.

          Eze 12:2 Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they [are] a rebellious house.

          Prepping may help in the short term … but I guess that is the focus of this site … The short term or life time of men. One day it will be seen for what it really is … trusting in man’s wisdom, and ignoring God’s.

          Jer 10:23 O LORD, I know that the way of man [is] not in himself: [it is] not in man that walketh to direct his steps.

      8. Will the global elite really plan for all out global thermal nuclear war? Or is it all a bluff. That much detonation and radioactive fallout will go up into the atmosphere and all around the world.

        They have to live here too, they will be affected by this radiation also. Is this really their plan?

        • I personally don’t think so. They would not be able to enjoy doing anything outside anywhere. I don’t think they want to spend their billions under gound in a bunker. That is what my gut instinct tells me. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about being locked down or being bullied by the local military and my gut is to fight back and not be oppressed. We pay so much for property taxes and earned that to what be told to open our doors and give up all our stuff, due to some assholes thinking they know whats best for us. Ain’t gonna happen I would not allow it. I’m fully ready and not scared but I don’t want to see chaos and people trying to find food in dumpsters or robbing others just to live. We have so many liars in this world that cause nothing but problems. The other day I was praying and asked god Is it ok to kill people to protect myself or is it better to give up and never shoot someone and only have pure thoughts and never use violence. Does god allow us to shoot others that are killing or raping others or trying to break into our homes. I don’t know.

          • Clint

            I agree war maybe but they will try and avoid it going nuclear. It would affect them too much

            Take care

            • you too, at least make sure you have a knife and use it if someone tries to attack you, don’t be afraid. I know you cant have guns. take care too.

            • Conditioning is more important than training, training is more important than the weapon used, the weapon used is the least important part of the equation.

            • You guys need to consider this…You are thinking from a Mindset like 99% of humans thinks like…IE: No they never would cause their kids lives here too etc.

              But those folks TPTB as most label them. Do not have Our mindset!….I think its called “Tikim Olem”(?) it is a belief that They were born to OWN&Rule everything includeing Humans.

              Tikim Olem is a mindset that “They” also Must Tear it down…Totally Destroy All which was Created. Kill off as many as 95% of 7 billion worlds POP. And THEN begin to Re-build or RE-Create the world.

              Theres also some “christian” groups who think similar except their main thing is God didn’t “Finish” the entire universe and planets etc. Meaning like God did, also create Animals-Humans-tres etc which They as “Gods” will then Rule and Own!(thats Herbert W. Armstrongs Cultists)

              So they think They must learn to Become Like God in Body-Mind-Spirit based upon in genisis where God made Adam and said Adam is created In the Likeness,and Image, of God.

              These clowns believe like New Agers kinda. They need learn how to turn the God within self into the Exterior God Beings they were destined to be!

              They think Gods main plan for humans is to become 100% same as God since we are His “childrens”!!

              They disregard every verse that states “There Is NO Other LIke God” etc..Only ONE GOd=God the Father etc.

              And that so called christian group is Very Pro zionists and jews. They believe the jews has a special 100% gaurenteed free pass into heaven, and no need preach gospel to jews!….The Bible and Christ totally discredits such non sense.

              But we are dealing with a few groups with beliefs and mindsets very similar to Islamics. Fircely stuborn and never will change minds period.

              Unfourtunatly, one of them groups, TPTB/Banksters-zios also has 98% of worlds Money and Gold!…And now kontrols all but aprox 3-4 of entire worlds nations governments!

              Bad stuf is on horizon for certain. They all lose in end though!!!

            • hey burt how r u gorl. doin ok here. I agree with not going nuclear. I have been thinkin about this alot since all hell broke loose in the middle east. I know goberment has bunkiers and so doeas TPTB BUT in all reality you could live there for a very long time BUT you will need to produce food at some point and you will need water. If a nuke went off everybody would start hitting buttons and things would be completely done for hubdreds of years. I mean I know it is the ash and it loses potency after a little time but you have to add in the fact it will not be two or three of these things like in japan but hundreds if not thousands of these things going off. Nobody I mean NOBODY is gonna want that. All life fish water everything will almost die off. The food chain will at the least be gone altered in such a fashion that you could be underground with all the supplies for hundreds of people for a hndred years but nothing will survive something in mass like it would be. So not saying that it can not happen BUT I think even the TPTB will try and avoid this. They want to control everything POWER us the game not total destruction at least not yet, too much has to play out first before this happens.

          • Just a little “food for thought” for any conspiracy theorists;
            What good is being uber wealthy if the world is destroyed?
            It’s a big planet. Hard to wreck all of it.
            Religious fanantics I fear the most. I fear the only solution is to eradicate. (that would be a lot of eradicating!. Probably not politicly correct).
            Read “The Ametuer”, and report back about the brilliance of our “leaders”. More like a bunch of 15 yo girls occupying the West Wing/White House.
            The Middle East understands and responds to Absolute Power. That is just where they are at now. Placating and trying to bargain is seen as a sign of weakness. I have read GW Bush “polls” better than Obama in the M.E. They understand and resect Iron Fisted Power. Maybe in the future that will change. But thats the way it is now.

            • Rick: Heres something for You to read okay?….First let me say, regardless What or Who you heard it from(if you have) that it is “A Forgery” or Fake or “Conspiricy” etc…FORGET that stuf for a moment and go READ this stuf… The Protocals of the Elders of Zion….

              Heres what Henery Ford(yes That henery the Car guy) said after He read it back in 1922!! He wrote a Booklet of about 125 pages called “The International Jew”

              Henerys booklet was based upon those “Protocals of zion”…..Henery stated “I do not now if it really is a forgery as some claim?…But This I do Know! Nobody can read the protocals of zion and not SEE everything that has SO FAR occured throughout the entire world lines up PRECICLEY nearly Word for Word, line by line with what was written in the protocals!”

              That was Back in 1922!! Go read it and see NOW its almost 100% completed! word for word plans to gain total control of entire worlds.

              Banks/Finacial systems-Schools-univercities- Churches-nations and their govnt’s-Unions-newspapers-all forms media and info-etc.(radio-hollywood-TV-internet wasn’t yet invented back then, but since written they have and same group controls and owns these too).

              RICK: You go Read that stuf then come back and tell us conspiricys are just that ok. If you truely think none of it is Pre-planed etc?!

              You got your head burried Deep man. Or are like liberals who never admit to anything regardless.

        • Just remember, Jesus comes back before most of the world is obliterated.

          Yes, come Lord come.

          • Jesus comes back but 2/3 of the world is dead.

        • they dont have to live here, they have cities built underground

      9. “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” – Thomas Jefferson.

        “ Issue of currency should be lodged with the government and be protected from domination by Wall Street. We are opposed to…provisions [which] would place our currency and credit system in private hands.” – Theodore Roosevelt

        “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson…” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

        These diabolical Bankers answer to no government anywhere on earth. Now that they potentially own most of the natural resources of most of the world, it’s just a matter of time before they pop the economic bubble world wide and collect their ill gotten gain. They poked a hole in our economic bubble and it has been colapsing ever since. There will be no stopping it once it hits the skids. Those who have read about the Great Depression will pick up a book, probably someday soon, and read about “The Greatest Depression”. It will describe the world wide economic colapse that is being orchestrated right now by these dastardly beings. It will describe how the debt of the third world was paid off by US tax payers at the gas pump and how the economies of the first world were brought down so that all societies would come under the control of these banker megalomaniacs.

        “Many will hate the New World Order and thousands will die protesting it.” George Orwell, author of “1984“. These plans of enslavement have been carefully made over the centuries and are culminating into the final revolution, the Endgame. The end of humanity and the beginning of post-humanism. Not my term, theirs. Mankind will no longer be free and independant as intended by our Creator, but forever enslaved by these Godless men who are spiritually dead and morally bankrupt.

        So is the intent of the Money Masters. Will they succeed? Only if the people of the world allow themselves to continue paying for their own enslavement by using the fiat money that the banksters create and continue to be distracted by movies and games and sports and all forms of sexual fluff and government propaganda that is being thrown at us every day by corporatism and a complicit media. The media are just as complicit in this enslavement as the people they propagandize for. The evidence against these devils and their corporate co-conspiritors is out there. Have you seen it or did you sullenly turn your head and look the other way? Only crazy people can come up with a conspiracy like that, right? Well crazy people did come up with it. These bankers and their corporate groupies are nothing less than psychopaths blinded by their lust for power. The concept of sharing is as foreign to them as reality itself. They are caught up in their own mental illness and actually believe themselves to be Gods. And why shouldn’t they? They are worshipped by the unwashed (uneducated) masses every day. People trade their dignity and freedom for the false reality these bankers have created. It doesn’t have to be like this.

        Wake up to the reality that surrounds all of us and at the same time evades most of us. Realize that by propaganda, we have been brainwashed by these bankers into accepting paper money that is worthless. Ninety percent of bank loans are created out of thin air. They only have to have 10% or less of currency in their reserves. They are not making, for example, 8% interest with this fractional reserve system, they are making 80% interest and more. The money they loan us is nothing more than digits on a computer screen. We pay them back with the fruit of our labor plus interest. Debt is slavery.

        Why can’t the people seem to do anything about this financial bondage? Because the men in this country have been castrated by pornography, sports, alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs and willful ignorance. Life for them has become too comfortable a boat to rock. They simply can’t sacrifice this comfort, even to prevent their own enslavement.

        We can defeat these vultures by unlocking our minds from this tyrannical grip of lies and propaganda and by opening our hearts to the truth. We can put ourselves back on the path given to us by the Creator of the Universe and the only path that leads to righteousness, freedom and independence or we can stay the path blazed for us by the International Bankers that leads us straight to Hell. (Slavery)

        Force Congress to create our nations own money supply and abolish the Federal Reserve System. It’s the only way to rid ourselves of the tetters of the International bankers and their soon to be One World Government.

        The choice is simple. We either choose Liberty or we’ll be given Tyranny.

        • I have a few questions. How do you “force” Congress to do anything? They are mostly complicit in the plan of globalism. They do not perform the will of the people. Is it too late to start from the bottom up? Who do you trust? Politicians are sociopaths for the most part or they would not want the job. Would you consider pitchforks to be the only option left this late in the game?

          • @JRS: Good questions.

            1. How do you “force” Congress to do anything?

            In the old days, a representative of the bankers would gather Congress outside and fire pistols over their heads just before a vote. That had geat impact. At this point, with all the survielance technoweapons that can even smell dissent, that wouldn’t be wise. I’ve always thought it would be a victory over the technology, create your own scenario, then victory over the men who abuse it. Of course, the pitchfork idea comes to mind as well.

            2. Is it too late to start from the bottom up?

            They are emplimenting their Agenda 21 from the bottom up. Start local demonstrations at any Sustainable Developement meeting in your town or county. They are building it from the ground up, we have to destroy it from the ground up.

            3. Who do you trust?

            I only trust in two men. One is me, and the other ain’t you. (JK) One trustworthy being in my mind, is God. The other has to be me, of course.

            4. Would you consider pitchforks to be the only option left this late in the game?

            No, not by any means. It’s far too late in the game for symbolisms. That and I just broke my pitchfork turning my compost pile a while back.

            Do I think violent revolution is the only option? I don’t think they intend us any choice in the matter. Sorry.

          • we can’t. all we can do is hope and know that there are many of us who will fight for our freedom and never back down, and hope and know that our own military leaders and troops will see the light and not continue to do what they elites want to do to us. we will win but it will be bloody like we have never seen. That is the only way. and that is right. when 2 people argue about something they walk away from each other or agree. in our case we are being forced something on us that we dont agree with and when people are forced to do something violence is used. Im sorry to say this but its the only way. we cant change congress or the house, unless millions of us tell our leaders what we want but I dont think that will happen,

          • The sheep will not push term limits because they don’t want to lose the Congress critter that gets stuff for them. Even when limits have been passed the affected officials go to court and get the law overturned as is happening in Wisconsin now. The system no longer works as it has been hi-jacked. That leaves few peaceful options.

          • The Zios already placed Their Pitchfork up and it is NINTY-ONE FEET Tall! aka the yearly honakha minorah!!

            Right there in Front of the Whitehouse 1600 Pensilvania Ave.!!

            XMASS scenes?= GONE!

            Zio Satans Pitchfork?=Every year!

        • Well said. One thought that always went thru my mind during the occupy wall street thing was, whats the problem? If you don’t like the bankers and evil corporations, then don’t play their game. Don’t borrow and be indebted to them. Don’t buy their crap. Like the author of the video said, practice phase two. If you don’t use their money and don’t give them yours, what are they going to do?

          • @arco: Thanks.

            Very good video. In your face good.

            There are a few thousand of them. There are billions of us. When we stop depending on them, as you say, and start to depend on each other, we will realize where the power, the Real Power, lies. We have so many things in common and so few things to really fight about. I’s not about wealth, it’s about well being. It’s not about ego,it’s about sharing and caring and absolutely giving a damn about our reality. It’s not about race, it’s about the preservation of man. It’s not about dominating mankind, it’s about freeing mankind from the hell forged chains of psychopaths and slayers of righteousness, the destroyers of our past and self-appointed creators of our future.

            And, by God, we will prevail.

          • The debt is caused by the colusion of the govt. and the Federal reserve. We have no say in it. Why do we need a Federal Reserve in the first place? Why does any sovereign state need a private bank to issue it’s money?

        • Well done, James T!!

          • @SD Mule:

            Why, thank you, sir! I tried hard to leave out the profanities and below the belts. Which is coming from someone who’s wife has called him Felony Mouth once or so…

      10. Sad days are ahead. As informed Americans, we can pull together and overcome what is headed toward us. As has been said before, many will perish. God be with all of us.

        • THUMBS WAY UP!

      11. Mac,

        Best article yet!

        God Bless You and May God Bless Americans!

        – Follower of Jesus Christ

      12. It might be possible that the United States, Allies @ Israel is setting this up..,of the take over of the Middle East, because of oil and the ever menacing influence of Radical Islam .

        But we will see….

        • Also…, I am curious where our military presents would be if China and Russia wasn’t in the picture.

          Would we have taken total control?


          • Total contol is coming when the World Economy Collapses in ONE HOUR.


          • Amen to that

        • I think so as well, they are trying so ever slowly and hoping russia and china dont get involved.

        • Please get a clue. If we were going to take oil we would have done it in Iraq at the end of/during the war. This is about restoring the Caliphate. Obama is a Muslim and that is one of his goals plus the destruction of the Great and Little Satans. That being us and the Jews.

          • At least HObammy got it 1/2 correct! as per the little satans!

      13. History repeats itself. I’m no history expert, but bear with me. What I read and understood about WWII, was that Germany was deeply in debt and experiencing hyper inflation because they had to print money to pay the bills which ultimately devalued their money. (sound familiar?)

        Then a dictator, I mean leader, (wink wink) came along who said he could fix everything. They were convinced that they were the master race and had the most powerful military and therefore were the most powerful country in the world. Again sound familiar?

        They decided they were the ones who should rule the world and instead of them owing the other countries, the other countries should owe them. So they started taking over the other countries, in an effort to own the world.

        Remember how it worked out for them? That’s what we have to look forward to. The maker of the video says we’re in phase one. Unfortunately, I think to many people are to brain dead by all the crap on the idiot box to ever get to phase two. By the time they wake up, we’ll be in phase three.

        I just try to remember Rom. 8:28. God Bless everyone, hold tight and keep the faith.

        • Talk of need to awaken arco?…Your WWII/germany worldview is aprox99% Wrong!…It is more of a Textbook MSM pak of crap lies and mis-truths.

          Thought they had best military?…When germanys entire military was totally wiped OUT in WWI 20 yrs Prior?! HA HA HA!!…Are you a very young person?….Or just believe msm and “Hitler(I mean History) Chanel TV crap shows aired nearly Daily lately?

          RE-Learn Factual History on WWII Pal.

      14. It’s times like this that trouble men’s souls.

        Prepare your soul.

      15. Hi guys, I’m in Scotland. Starting to notice the price of food creeping up and we’re just trying to prep as best we can but it’s getting harder.

        I’ve given up trying to talk to anyone still asleep about what is just around the corner, everyone always thinks I’m mad, a doom monger or a conspiracy nut.

        But events keep unfolding, as many have predicted and we all know what is just around the corner, but the waiting is awful. I don’t want this to happen but it seems ‘something’ is inevitably going to occur in the next few weeks, definitely before the end of the year.

        Noticed this in the news yesterday about the fleets heading out to the Persian gulf for their annual ‘war games’ – but it’s all just a bit convenient timing with everything that is going on.

        One thing that I guess is harder for us in the UK, is watching you all talk about arming yourselves and guns etc. We obviously have nothing like that here, which in some ways is a good thing, in others, not so great – but in a SHTF scenario it’s going to be hard to defend ourselves and property.

        Anyway – the most positive thing for everyone is not to get too overwhelmed, keep prepping, keep supporting each other and stay positive.

        • SickofItAll, what did people use for defense and tactical defensive strategies before guns? Think! Research!

          • Absolutely, but when you are faced with someone with a gun looting your home or trying to attack your family, then the odds are severely stacked against you. Guns aren’t legal here but people in certain areas of society still have them. Anyway, most importantly, we all just need to keep calm, not panic and keep prepping. Thanks Zoltanne. x

            • Korea and Okinawa were in much the same boat as you, several centuries ago. That was the birth of karate and associated arts. Good Luck.

            • SickofItAll, those are two likely scenarios you’ve named so prepare for those two possibilities. How can you provide home and property defense to eliminate (or seriously reduce) a burglary or home invasion? Most here have considered hardened security for their own homes so if you need some ideas, please ask. You wouldn’t give away opsec when speaking in generalities. At any rate, good luck to you and yours.

        • Good luck over there. Hopefully the war plans will be derailed. As Robert Burns would say…The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.Not the original brogue of course.

        • welcome scottland friend, your right you got it, I dont think you can change peoples minds, they are going to do what they wanna do. meaning prepping, just worry about you and your family, yes we got guns and thats a good thing, Id rather have them then not have them and need them, it makes our coward obama make it harder to take over if needed. its good to hear the same things from people from other areas. milk and you name it here in america are going up and a lot of people here live paycheck to paycheck. its slowly happening and our idiot leader is to blame I believe. If he would cut regulations and uncertainty it would help us and other countries and well. the oil bastards and opec and playing a deadly game with us all. It will soon cost them when everything gets disrupted. Im glad im not part of that crew. Hope to hear from you more on here. burt the brit is somewhere from your area overthere. Glad your here and to hear more things from you!

          • Thanks Clint. I visit this site every day, enjoy the articles and for the most part enjoy the comments and the information contained within. Thought it was time to comment a bit more and get involved. I chat to some people online who are in Greece and they’re having a bad time of it. Thankfully in the UK it’s not too bad here yet, mainland Europe is definitely far worse than we are just now, but it can’t be far from crossing over to our little island in some way or another. It’s like a house of cards just waiting to fall down.

            • Welcome 🙂

        • SickofItAll

          Good that a few of our cousins from the other side of the little pond are wakening up. Here in Norway everybody is asleep. I have a few ideas for you. You might not need a gun. Archery is a great sport and your Welsh cohabitants killed off several French armies. I am not suggesting a longbow, though that would be fun but crossbows for your and your family.

          I don`t have any shares in it:

          Then this one is great for close defence:

          And keep a gallon of petrol at home, some cloth and a few bottles (or flasks as you call them). The bottles must not be plastic or the thick cola bottles but maybe whiskey or gin bottles. Make sure they are empty :). The thing you can build with them is great for defending your home (make a few tests items without the petrol).

          In case you should rely on these things, have fire extinguishers and enough sand at home. After you have burned your intruders you don`t want to see your house in flames.

          A kukri or machete is good to have too. All those things mentioned are be legal in the UK.

          Take care.


          • Also make sure you put some crinkled up styrofoam in them or soap. Pretty sad we are even talking about stuff like this.

            • I like GC’s marble defense.

            • I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

          • I think the 2 main risks to the UK prepper will be dogs and fire.

            Molotov’s are our rioters weapon of choice every time. Ensure you have decent fire defences for your home, as they will be used against you if it all kicks off with home invasions.

            Dogs are the intelligent gang members weapon of choice here in the UK. Again – can you defend your home and person against an out of control dog? Only the thick ones carry knives/guns (this is a legal thing – very low punishment rate for using dogs as weapons in the UK, US laws are totally different).

            Guns are available in the criminal community, just kept out of sight. Military bases have ammo stores. Who are your personal friends.

            You can buy antique firearms in the UK, just not modern guns. If they wanna send us back into the dark ages, take the so & so’s up on their offer ; )

            Rural areas tend to have sporting gun clubs – join your local one if you can. They are often linked to an archery group.

          • Thanks so much for all this info. Very very useful. x

        • My guns are a physical reresentaion of my freedom.
          Arguments aside, I believe our founders gave us the Right to Bear Arms to so that we could defend ourselves from the GOVERNMENT. All the other benefits (personal protection, sport shooting and hunting, collecting and fondling) are icing on the cake.
          Sincerely sorry you don’t have that priviledge/right.

          • Rick, Our “Founders” never gave us gun rights nor any other rights…..God did. Creator God as some founders called Him…Every God granted Right we possess has Pre-Existed us and all forms of all govnt’s.

            • Right Angelo…Our “representatives” try to deny our rights and try to turn them into “privileges” instead.

      16. I no longer believe that the deceptions surrounding war with Iran are true. We will not go to war with Iran. Nor will Israel.

        There is no credible evidence to support this. On the other hand, there is plenty of credible evidence that the blustering and threats regarding Iran will continue.

        Frankly, this article makes little sense, connecting disjointed points together in a weak attempt to create conjecture. Simply more rhetoric that is utterly meaningless.

        • 20 countries warships in gulf right now, ww3 very soon and gas prices are telling us so, papa you are not too bright

      17. My two cents: The problems we face today exist, because the people who WORK for a living, are outnumbered by those who VOTE for a living!
        Believe it or not TWAWKI is coming to an end soon. WWW III is here and our survival rest in your and my hands. There are a lot on this very good site I feel has SHIT for brains and will not except the fact that the people here know all to well what is coming. They post here and say what they want because they do not have the BALLS to say it to peoples faces. Just remember( see or hear something say something ) these jerks are on TPTB payroll, so I say to them YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. They don’t need to prep because they are already preped by the goverment.

        • good post.

        • Copperhead

          Brilliant. I totally agree. Wish I’d said that.

          Take care

      18. “The three aims of the tyrant are, one, the humiliation of his subjects; he knows that a mean-spirited man will not conspire against anybody; two, the creation of mistrust among them; for a tyrant is not to be overthrown until men begin to have confidence in one another — and this is the reason why tyrants are at war with the good; they are under the idea that their power is endangered by them, not only because they will not be ruled despotically, but also because they are too loyal to one another and to other men, and do not inform against one another or against other men — three, the tyrant desires that all his subjects shall be incapable of action, for no one attempts what is impossible and they will not attempt to overthrow a tyranny if they are powerless.” — Aristotle

        • “To be an American is to be special. There remains an unbroken line of Patriots who do not fear the future, and believe nothing is impossible.” Rick

      19. “From the days of Spartacus, Weishophf, Karl Marx, Trotski, Belacoon, Rosa Luxenburg, and Ema Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th Century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.” — Sir Winston Churchill

      20. If we go for Iran, we will send a massive part of our military over there. Look out Alaska, you will have the Russian Bear and China at your doorstep. Take a look at the world map. Not very far to go for Russia and China to take Alaska and get a foothold. Then we will be on the receiving end of things…. “He who holds Alaska, hold the world”.

        • Ummmmm… Relax. Neither country has a blue water navy worth mentioning. Alaska is safe for now.


      21. It does not make sense in any way for a full on thermo nuclear on Iran, too much of the world would be contaminated! Everyone and their dog knows that , the elite would not be immune to the radiation(or their children).
        Limited small warheads followed by air superiority and then possibly tactical invasion as afpak ?
        Ive started to reduce my reliance on the matrix so there isnt so much shock when supply lines become unreliable.
        Do what you can now(honey and rice are 2 foods that last years), it really feels like the tension may rapidly be building toward some kind of financial or geopolitical event.

        Good luck !

        Jeff British Isles

        • Think of Fukushima as a nuclear war with a dozen or so nukes. A few more won’t make a difference.

        • And when does Man do things that make sence?

        • Israel does not have the forces to attack Iran. It will be a stalemate for years to come what will happen to Israel as to all the West is they will lose the war of demographics as their/our populations are over run and absorbed/replaced by unending immigration from the third world, What a shit sandwich we are leaving the next generations.Either that or when the Caliphate is re established Israel will simply be over whelmed by sheer numbers. With no US support they are doomed.

        • Hello Jeff

          I agree with you entirely…and not just because your British lol nukes make no sense at all. I also agree that things are building, and moving faster towards whatever is coming out way.

          Take care

      22. These are good replies to this site topic. I attempt to tell all I come into contact with the truth of the dangers facing our future. I am ridiculed and laughed at. The threat is real and the options to escape this overt tyranny are slim. The sick murderous thugs at the top are master propagandists. Docile and brainwashed public are easy pickings.

      23. Tricks I’ve learned:
        1.Mags,mags,and more mags. Get more mags.
        2. If 20 rounders only use 18 rounds, if 30 rounders use only 28 rounds. This takes the pressure off your bolts, less likely to malfuntions.
        3. If you have tracers, load 3 rounds then a tracer, this let you know how many rounds you have left without counting, out goes a tracer you have 3 left, change mags or shoot 3 more. Stops oh shit the bolt is open surprise, or click. this is for your rifles.
        4. Remember that your sidearm is for fighting your way back to your MBR, witch you should NEVER BE WITHOUT at your side.
        5. Carry 24/7 peroid, no if and or buts.
        6. Know your surroundings like the back of your hand, if you can. Remember they will be on YOUR TURF THEN not theirs.
        7. Stay cool breathe through your nose this holds down the old BP alot. Just make you more steady.
        8. Sit up your defenses to funnel them into a more better kill zone, if you know your surroundings this is not hard to do.
        This may help I don’t know, but that is a few tricks for those who don’t know. Good Luck.

        • Sound advice. Sounds familiar where have I heard that before.

        • copperhead we are both good gun guys, and i agree with everything but tracers. I dont like tracers and dont even want them to have the slightest idea where I am. again agree with ya brother but if I miss im not going to keep shooting. Im going to move and never be in the same location. I agree with the 28 rounds for 30 round mag as well. breathing is huge gang it is. breathe for 3-4 sec in out out of nose for 3-4 min before you start shooting to keep heart rate down and block cortisol, its like if you get stung by a bee that causes swelling so you take a benedryl to keep the swelling down anti-histamine, same thing but cortisol is that shakyness in your bloodstream, was in special warfare in navy so know this stuff and took pharmacology class in college. yes have a sidearm backup at all times!! very right. yes mags mags are your friend and not “Clips” people bad term. Its better to have them and run out then not have them, I dont like to stay in same spot. but excellent to the point stuff. next gun topic im going to unload all my info for some of you about shotguns advantage etc on next topic. Good stuff copperhead. This is not the movies this is very real. I like to use earplugs too as well. for some of you novice shooters having them in might help you not flinch when the gun goes off or you hear the returning fire. its very loud on the receving end when close up. but if you can earplugs might help at times if you can. I know its not practical to put them in quickly. helps with flashbangs if dropped in your home too. I have fireworks morters setup to go off 10 big morters if someone comes thru the front door, the fuses are shortened. not setup yet but will for sure disorientate your person.

          • CH: We used the tracer sit-up in the NAM, found it helped in a bad fire fight. Was a LRRP so there was only 6 of us to deal with the problems. The one tracer we found out did not give our pos away to the point that it really indangered us, just keeps an account of shots fired. On the flash bangs hang some kind of netting in front of the door when it gets kicked in and a FB is used it will fall at their feet and go off. Like the idea of the fireworks,I have old cheap single shots set up with buck in them for door surprises also. If in a rual setting use plywood with 16 penny nails every 4″ just under the grass to hide the plywood makes great pungy pits(LOL), more than likely you get two feet for the price of one HE HE

      24. Project for the New American Century
        and Zbigniew Brezinski’s The Grand Chess Board

        its no secret what the agenda is

      25. There is no way out of this situation..

        Unless we do something about it.. But by the time we all wake up.. It will be to late.

        Just live your life.. Read the bible.. Trust In god.. Only he knows when the end Is to happen

        Be safe

      26. Hmmmm…Here we are in 2012,, 6-7 weeks before a presidential election and we’re facing a imminent crisis.

        Go back to 2008…6-7 weeks before the presidential election we faced a imminent crisis.. that being potential collapse of the financial system..

        Just coincidence…

      27. The people who live in any nation are considered to belong to the government of that nation, hence can be drafted for cannon fodder, taxed to whatever extent the rulers deem appropriate, and commanded to use or not use whatever product or service the rulers deem appropriate.

        This is universal, around the world with no exception. The only difference is that some nations are more obvious about subjugating the citizenry, and in some the illusion of freedom is put forth because citizens are allowed to vote on rulers from the approved list. But no matter the method used to place individuals into the ruling positions, the majority are always subjects and the few are the rulers; serfdom for the many is the result of this system of belief we call government. It is the equivalent of religion, complete with worship of the rulers.

      28. very well said and explained.


        “War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.”

        read that again and again
        until it sinks in
        “It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.”

        “”Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

        “they” have been using us
        and for a long time
        woke up yet ????????

        • Many on this site caution those wishing for this collapse, or coming war to get here–be careful what you wish for. NOt prepared mentally.
          Likewise, those elites gaming for the bio/nuclear/foreign invasion/deadly pandemic…be careful what you wish for. Not prepared mentally.
          Those underground facilities might be a great idea, for a few weeks.
          Are you man or woman enough to endure years??
          Just asking.

      30. guys i posted this on the last article and was wondering if there is any truth to any of this. I was on intel hub last night and found someones response to the article. what do any of you think about faking the embassy attacks. I know people died but was there a coverup to any part of it? this is what someone said,,

        Jack says:

        September 16, 2012 at 2:16 am

        No, The whole thing never happened. There is no US embassy in Benghazi, no one was killed, no one cares about a stupid 14 min movie from the west on youtube, as 90% of people in libya have no internet. Its all staged.


        Go to the above site for more info….I hope The intel hub gets this guy on show. Thanks

        Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.

        To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here Wont last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can’t bury this lie.

        No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong.

        • It was a consulate. The embassy was in Egypt. What is the issue here? All the news has clearly stated that it was a consulate which is glorified house for the Ambassador for a country that does not rate a true embassy.

        • You were never the one the teacher wanted to call on were you? The people who conducted the raids/assaults have already admitted to it. What is it with some of you conspiracy nuts?

      31. The collapse of the US dollar is a foregone conclusion in the minds of many people, businesses and coorporations throughout the world. The steps that are taking place right before our eyes by the ultra-rich, governments, banks and corporations are obvious. “They” are preparing for something, they are preparing for change, they know it’s coming…

        I think the video above was excellently produced and regardless of the final conclusions drawn, they’re right. The events taking place right now, the ones we’ve already lived through and become accustomed to as well as what is yet to come require precise planning, coordination and execution. This is much bigger than any single government.

        I don’t have all of the answers by far. I can’t answer the questions about nuclear strikes, even “tactical nuclear” attacks. However, I’d like to ask you to take your perspective up to a slightly higher vantage point. One that allows you to see more than just a single battlefield skirmish.

        Preparations are being made here at home, in the USA, that allow for the “legal” suspension of the US Constitution, declaration of martial law without Congress’ ability to even review the action for 6 months, the seizure of all farm land, energy resources, private property and much more. Those of us that sworn to defend the US Constitution have become potential targets by our own government after being labeled “domestic terrorists” or “home grown extremists”.

        The US economy is drowning, that’s not a secret. The dollar looses immense value with each passing QE initiative. Countries and Central Banks are buying physical gold by the billions while using physical gold as a currency to satisfy debts in the US remains illegal.

        Countries around world struggle with mounting sovereign debt and the only end in sight is for the central banks to print more fiat currency in order to purchase this debt. You can’t even do that in the game of Monopoly!

        The only way out of this “crisis” is to devise a way for every nation to start from scratch…with a clean slate, so to speak. Technology is making that possible.

        I know what you’re thinking…”no way”. Look, millions of people would reject that idea today. The thought of having a single currency, regulated by a “foreign” or “corporate power”. For this to happen there must be a catalyst, something catastrophic to move the “Roman Mob” in the direction needed for such an event to not just be approved by the masses but enthusiastically sought after.

        Each nation can start from scratch with digital currency. Something that won’t become counterfeit, avoids the logistical headaches of creation, printing and distribution.

        So what does this have to do with Egypt, Iran, Syria and so on. Like the creators of the video noted…it’s about the Petro dollar. As groups and nations around the world try and move to a different “reserve currency” other than the US Dollar, the US is both intentionally devaluing that currency while removing the obstacles in front of it that will impede its control of the resources that WILL hold value after the fall of world fiat currencies. Resources such as oil will be what powers the future “government” and world economy.

        When the US dollar and economy do crash the world economies will follow suite.

        My suggestion, and that’s all it is, is that perhaps the commodities that each country has will partially determine its eventual worth when the wealth of the world is redefined and redistributed. Could it be that this oil wealth is what the US will use to fund the involvement of UN forces here on US soil to help pacify states and regions that jump on board with the new system?

        My point is simply….when things don’t look like they make sense up close or one event at a time, take a step back, look at the end state, and backwards plan.

        Grey Ghost
        “Sua Sponte”

        • Ever wonder which of those hollow points may have your name on it? Interesting thought to ponder.Or are we all just a bunch of paranoids being manipulated.

        • Interesting. I have, for quite some time, theorized that the only logical reason to not extract our petrol resources at max capacity is to preserve them for the future. Purchase ( with fake, unbacked fiat) the resources of other countries. Give Brazil funds to exploit their oil, but nix the pipeline in the US, for example.
          Are “they” that smart???

          • Another ruse of epic proportions: As a landowner and 4th generation oilman, 1st let me say yes we have some natural gas deposits and some oil, but the amounts are extremely exaggerated. The oil and gas that we do have is becoming harder and more difficult to extract, hence the process of well fracturing or as the industry calls it “production enhancement” just so that you know, its a nasty and extremely dangerous process, radioactive depth charges are set off in the “downhole” formation thus causing a preforation, then at high very pressures, water, sand, acids and chemicals that you have never heard of are pumped ” downhole” to spread and widen the perforations allowing enhanced flow…..The oilsands or “Tar Sands” from Alberta, that shit should be left in the ground. I will let you do your own research and form your own conclusions on this substance. I will say this, if this goo is so valuable why didnt they build their own refinery to process it? Why build a 1200+mile pipeline that traverses some of the most valuable land in the US, and then it ends up at aging and decrepit facilities in Port Arthur Texas. ….think about it. So to sum it up we dont have nearly the oil being reported in the ground and I urge a complete and thorough review of the KEYSTONE XL pipeline project. The hazards far out weigh any benefits that are being touted. (41sm405).

      32. Yes, there are numerous dots to connect, as Mac says. There are money trails to follow, too. There are countless sinister associations between people, agencies, and organizations to provide clues. And we have countries that may or may not be our enemies.

        The past 3 days have provided what I consider a foregone conclusion and I agree with the statement Mac wrote: “They have decided to use the brute force of the U.S. military to crush each and every resistant state in the middle east and Africa.”

        But why? Is it REALLY all about oil? Or is it full-control by The Fed? Or is this an international jihad?

      33. Thank You Mac. After watching this video it’s exponentially worst than even I imagined. All I can say is, OMG!

      34. Well, I know.. I myself cant do much about the worlds problems, or the direction any government is bent and determined to take.
        I do know one thing, I can defend my position fiercely and with honor, knowing I have the right to be free, and not made a chess piece of my countries government. At least not with out cost to those who want to change that.

        Wont be happy about being placed in that position, but will meet it head on with pride and strength, hoping for the ability to see it thru, or atleast protect whats mine to the point of making those who would want to take it from me, might think again of the consequences

      35. So this video is from some guy who left the US to be in France because he’s resisting. He also is pretty viral against ex-soldiers and those that died in service. Yea when he and all these so called patriots put some skin in the game I’ll listen. As for real life I prepare and make sure I can have my crap together when stuff starts to fall apart. Be smart not frightened.

        • good point, I havent even watched the video yet, will think about that when I watch it. good stuff.

          • He has a way of telling a great story. I’ve been doing this now for a few years and I’m burnt out with all the doom and gloom. If we prepare to live then do so… Live and enjoy the time you have before it all goes to hell. When the time comes you’ll dream of better days. I’m making it all count now and working to make sure I can survive the future.
            Stay alert, stay alive.

      36. Interesting how you leave out any mention of Israel, and it’s legitimate fear of being annihilated by nuclear weapons. If you’re going to be critical of all the facts left out by the mainstream news media we never hear, it’s kind of dishonest to leave out those facts.

        And it’s kind of funny how you didn’t mention the total lack of economic benefit we received from the war in Iraq, and the subsequent pull-out.

        Of course, I’m sure there are some yahoos on here who will say it’s all part of the Jew conspiracy. Maybe that’s why you left it out.

        • Isreal is Rothschilds state this is old news

          it didn’t exist before 1948

          the holocaust sympathy vote was used as a way of creating the country

          that land belongs to the palestinians

          compare the 1948 map of palestine to today


      37. Mac

        After your last post where n/o and facebook took dozens of timelines/posts back and forth..

        just where is the shtfplan forum?

        and when if at all is it coming?

        There are obviously many here who would love to communicate one to one and so forth..

        Is it in the works still or have you decide to scrap the notion?

        Just asking btw..


      38. ahem, the place that is being evacuated is the sudan..all american civilians who work there and live there and visit there are being told to get on a commercial flight and get the hell outta there asap.

      39. oh and add tunisia too.

      40. The PTB use their power and control to fulfill their agenda of more power and more control through the Fed and all the puppets that profit from the agenda. The more educated one gets to this agenda (the red Pill) the better we are able to bypass the beast. Get away from the big banks (starve them) get away from the media (ignore them) get away from the two party nightmare (vote third party or not at all) watch every penny you spend, support your local businesses. With awareness of the agenda the PTB will soon become the “powers that were.” The time is running short and this is their biggest fear–the waking up of the masses.
        Keep spreading the word. They are not getting a free ride anymore and this just warms my little heart.


      41. Chicago teachers union to continue strike

        this act..
        and this statement by the Union president Karen Lewis:

        “Our members are not happy,” Lewis said. “They want to know if there is anything more they can get.”

        Should tell you where their loyalties aint with the community they are to serve, and its not with the kids they are to teach..

        Its all about GREED!

        these jackasses are making this profession look bad, and they..and this union need to go

        Parents of Shytown ..its time to go on strike..when these jack asses finally agree to come back to work, they should find an empty bulding

        send your kids to a different school, charter, or homeschool..or just flat out keep them out of these greedy shit heads building til they choke on thier stupidity

        stop paying the amout they take out of your taxes for school..its time to take control of those who are supposed to be working for YOU!

        I sure would like to see some dam balls here

        • And i was to believe they had a no Bulling policy…silly me

        • 100 thumbs up!!!!

      42. Our milk toast government will never push a button to start anything more than a teleprompter. The US is now ranked 7th in the world, we are not respected, we are not a big player anymore, we are a joke with a joker in charge. China will be the boss soon and unless someone takes the helm and declares our rabid and unrelenting force, we are doomed. The middle east psychopaths that want us dead have no conscience, they do not want peace, they do not want to be friends with us ever! The only thing they understand is a promise, YOU MESS WITH THE BIG DOG AND YOU WILL BE EATEN, anything else is useless. These ill begotten miscreants understand only power and they need to be overpowered or they will eventually come here and take off all our heads. This crap that they aren’t that bad is garbage, they operate off of a sick religion and will kill you even if you draw a funny picture of their fake prophet mohammed. The way I see it, we are sitting ducks right now and if the joker gets re-elected then the party is over!!!

        • If they don’t love you, you better make sure they FEAR you!
          Or you will not survive.

      43. The United States of America has become the Global
        Aggressor. What we seek and how we go about seeking it is
        wrong. We will NOT win! Forsaking God and our greed will
        be our down fall!
        You will serve God or Mammon, not both!

        • Nam Marine,

          All due respect for your service above all.

          The religious fanatics are killing our people because of a movie, and we are the aggressor? Yea right, we’re nothing but a little piece of crap in the big toilet bowl we call the world. Maybe it should all be flushed and let mother nature have the world back, she should be able to remove all traces of human garbage in no time.

          • Tommy ~

            While I see your point, there are people behind the scenes pulling strings. That movie was released to deliberately incite tensions. Anyone who studied Islam enough to put together the movie understood exactly what he was doing by creating it – he was purposely throwing a lit match into a bucket of gasoline and he got the desired affect.

            When a country’s leadership WANTS to go to war, that leadership will take whatever steps necessary to get the public behind them – in this case, releasing a film guaranteed to spit in the face of a major world religion.

            Because you are on this site, I’m sure you are way more aware than the average CNN-watcher, therefore I urge you to look deeper – don’t just look at the event of the people storming are embassies, look at WHY they are storming our embassies. Then take one more step back, and take a look at “why the why” – the rabbit hole is deep. Question everything!

            • Daisy,

              I agree with your assessment however I don’t think this was perpetrated by our meek government. The reason why they are storming the embassy’s, is the killing of Bin Laden, celebrating 911, hating the western world and what it stands for, the movie is just an excuse. They want us dead plain and simple, their belief is that we should all be annihilated in order for their religion to be the one and only as well as ushering in the return of the 12th Imam. They are psychopaths and they are determined to destroy us even if it means they lose millions, all in the name of their murderous anti christ, Allah. This president is one of them and he hates America, he wants us to conform to what he calls a beautiful religion.

            • daisy yes I love what you write but that movie was out before anything started to go crazy. it all happened on 9/11 memorial. Tommy has a point and just making a statement and trying to figure this out with out and all of us. I have to believe there was no crazy attacks on our troops or anything until that date. so they knew what they were doing and the movie was just an excuse for them to attack. that makes sense to me. these people are liars just as obama. There are some good muslims but most of them are just like some minorities that lie and cause trouble and no respect for anything.

            • I think some of it is down to the fact that the intial Arab Spring protests did not deliver the desired results to the people. Mob mentality and hunger is a great recipe for insanity.

              The veggie seller in Tunisia who started the whole thing, did so because his family was HUNGRY and he was being prevented from earning an honest living to support them. Food price rises had more to do with the intial Arab uprisings than any religeous ideologies and this remains the same today. These are nations where 50% of the family income was typically used to purchase simple food products BEFORE the global financial crisis. The forced change of leadership in many of these nations such as Egypt has not transmuted into full bellies, as the mothers & fathers of hungry children had hoped.

              The populations are young (more than 50% under 25) and sadly the young are easily manipulated. (just take a look at the obsession with shiny tech gadgets & branded sportsgear amongst Western Youth).

              Anger at continued hunger, lack of medical care etc means that scapegoats for simple human suffering are still sought. HUNGER makes people mad, planned, targeted propaganda then focuses that anger and fuels the mindless mob mentality in the direction the shadow forces desire.

              Celente pointed out that “when men have nothing to lose, they lose it”. I think he’s right. Many protests have taken place in Europe, recently that have not been reported in the MSM from the Sicilian pitchfork rebellion, to the Spanish supermarket raids. Even Greece is low down the totem pole behind the future Queen’s knockers on the nightly TV news ffs.

              Food prices continue to rise. Here in the UK wheat flour costs double what it did 5 years ago, eggs are extortionate. Our dairy farmers are protesting feed price increases. As a scratch cook I’ve noticed that staples just keep on rising. Our chocolate, ready meal and cereal manufacturers keep reducing the amount of product they put in the box in the hope peeps will be too dumb to notice.

              My food stores have turned out to be a great hedge against inflation, and things are getting tight enough that I’m already thanking my late Granny for teaching me to keep a pantry & stock rotation. It’s true already for me that food storage is a great hedge against fiat inflation.

              I’m not convinced by the nuclear argument. My thinking is that these sickos are more likely to use targetted bio weapons (pandemics) to thin the herd. They themselves will simply be vaccinated against whatever pathogen they release. Protecting against this is hard. All I can think of to do is to prep for great sanitation to help prevent infection and disease, but I’m not sure it will be enough. The high population density in the UK makes the spread of any pandemic impossible to outrun/hide from.

          • It was never about the movie which few have even seen. These attacks were planned well in advance in fact the US was warned three days prior to the attacks. Nothing was done to prepare. Notice how Obama took off for Vegas? He does not care, nor does Hillary. He spent time with forty some odd tweets to Beyonce and others and one about the attacks. He just flat could care less.

            • I read online somewhere the “movie” was actually made in 2005. Why the delayed outrage? It’s never been about the movie. It was just a catalyst/excuse to do what they’ve been dying to do anyhow – entice violence towards America.

      44. Over the last few years, I have struggled to break away from the lifetime of brainwashing that our society puts everyone through. I now try and see the big picture. I have stopped paying attention to politics, which to me is just a distraction. I try and always look at the big picture. To me, the big picture is all about control. It always was, and always will be. That’s how 2% of the population in control, can keep 98% of the people from going nuts on their asses. The distractions are many, but the key issue is how the “elites” control us.
        Untill people learn to seperate from the system, and refuse to play the game, nothing is going to change. Now, as cycles go, we are getting close to that time of a breakaway from these controllers, a reset if you will. With each day passing, more and more sheeple, are realizing that what these controllers tell them, and what the real truth is, is two different things.
        So now we come to the last resort of a dying systems’ ability to have things their way. And that is war. That is where every ruling society goes when they have played all their cards. The dollar is done, and their eforts to control it are ending. All that is left, is war.
        keep you attention on the big issues. The politics, the pitting of one class of people against the other, the race conflicts, everything is distraction. Concentrate , and learn to recognize these many control methods that are used on us everyday. learn of ways to ignore, and work around these controls. Things are getting ready to change, and we must all be as ready as we can. good luck to all.

        • greaseman! I could have not said it any better and I think the exact same thing you just said! well put. you are 100 percent right on! agreed! its all a big distraction. id rather pay attention on here to what people really feel and think then listen to some lying news channel about something thats being reported thats probably not how it even happened in the first place. I wish I could write like you do, if I could just get out what I think people would really be fired up about what i think in a good way.

      45. Take on Russia AND China?

        Good luck with that.

      46. FFS! When China invades we are screwed. I will be tortured because I have no firearms to defend myself. The little prepping I have done will be meaningless.

        Well, if I were China, I would immediately take Hawaii, keep the general population under control, build my forces and invade the west coast. Take out California first and work my way east.

        • Just because YOU dont have any guns, doesnt mean the rest of us over here dont.. They can come of they want.. but that saying “behind every blade of grass” has grown to “under every pebble too”.. this nations 2nd amendment has made this country still a force to be reconed with, and I wouldnt have it any other way
          I know I wont go down without a fight

          any outside forces might want to think twice about why Japan never went any futher than Hawaii

          Join the gun a month program and make your government take notice

          if your government doeesnt allow for this..than your government needs to be woke up
          The right to protect yourself is a God given right..not a man or paper given right

          • That is all fine and good. But when the government starts confiscating your weapons in the event to stop uprisings, lootings and riots because of economic collapse, and China see the US as weak…they can and will strike. And we won’t have weapons to use.

            They did it in Katrina, they tried to do it at Waco, and I know I am missing other major events where weapons were confiscated against Americans rights.

            • They will pry them from my dead cold fingers!

              And I’m not the only one.

            • Molon Labe

              if they feel lucky, they can come and try

              and from what Ive seen and read, im a way better shot than any of them.

              I dont practice once to qulaify..I practice weekly(sometimes daily) to live

      47. Bottom line is that this all comes down to Albert Pike’s third world war. Read about it. The rest of his wars have come to pass. This is not about the US and power, this is about Satan and his desires to rule everyone in this world and the next.

      48. I have called what we are seeing throught the world
        The pandemic of stupidity

        I myself was at one time afflicted with the disease as many others are still suffering from

        I have been dragged kicking and screaming into reality

        The SHTF is here in so many ways….

        God Help Us All…

      49. , I have come to the conclusion that you sheep are going to get sheared and will like it, You like to be told what to do, the TSA proves it, The Police State Squashed the OWS movement with its Constitutional Oversteps as they Pepper Sprayed, Beat up and generally harrassed this movement to what is is today, Nobody wants to go out and be beat up for their Once Free Speech which is now gone due to the Tyranny of the US Govt, Enjoy your slavery, its coming soon for all of us

        • It is the nature of man for few to lead and all to follow. Just the way it is. If we reject society, we don’t do it alone. We unite with other people who have also rejected society. We are called nonconformists. However, in the event that most people reject society, the shift changes and now the nonconformists become the conformists. It is a simply concept called change, it usually happens gradually over time.

      50. Seen on a Chicago street corner- A woman holding a sign that reads: “Teechers on strike. We demand fareness.”

        Hottest selling fashion item in the UK: The new Princess Kate one-piece bikini.(even more popular than the Prince Harry Zero piece swim trunks)

        Drudge Report headline: Romney leads by 8% in NC
        Huffpost headline: Obama widens lead over Romney
        Headline most Americans would like to see: Bus carrying Obama goes over cliff, Romney driving

        I’m already starting my Christmas shopping list for my friends here at shtfplan. So far I’ve got:
        Have I forgotten anyone?

        • How ’bout some Ammo, too?

        • Black tips in 30-06. Stack ’em high.

      51. Id like a barrett 50 cal BMG. I’d like a nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 scope with a case to go. hows that sound. got a .338 laupa savage, now just need that and i will be set. merry christmas and no have holidays!!

        • Those are getting very hard to find at the gun shows. They are bought up within seconds of the door or never leave the parking lot. I did see one on Craigslist yes crackliest the other day. He had a ingenious way around the filters. It took someone who could understand his code. Then get flagged. But it was up long enough to sell. But that is a current ATF trick. So be careful.

          • if you want one right now they have 3 for sale and on display in ace gun shop washington Pa. they sell black tipped 50 cal armor piercing bullets. they have high capacity drum mags and are not cheap but not anymore then the most expensive gun shops. They have a lot of guns!! more pistols than any gun store i have ever seen in my life. there are some dicks that work there and some really cool guys. check them out online. Just google ace gun shop washington Pa. they got a price of 8400 bucks on the semi auto barrett. they have a barrett 338 laupa, have a savage .338 laupa, they have a barrett single shot barrett, and also a austrian 50 cal bmg. Not advertisting for them just wanted to let you know where to find 50 cal armor piercing bullets. they run out and get more in. they leave them in the back of the store.

            • Thank You I already have a few. And I only buy from private collectors. That was where I was going with my statement. I love 338 too. But 416 is moving up my list quickly. As my shoulder ages it just can’t take that the good old 300 straight shooters slam.

              We in Washington state have not had a problem with the ammo. With Idaho gaining ammo companies. And with many in Washington state we seem to have a good supply. Every show 3 big trucks show up but leave pretty much empty. @nd most profitable business at show seems to be renting handcarts. (We are still figuring out the damage from our sales tax issue here)

              8400 is a good price. The private ones go for a way bit more. My favorite I have is a Semi Auto Barrett suppressed with a mil spec sight. So fun but it is getting hard to find safe places to shoot it at its real ranges it was designed for. Hell its hard to find a place where you can shoot 22 and not have the “Unskilled” ruin your day.

              I do know where one is for sale in WA. To a private seller only. No not any of mine. But the suppress is legal and there is paperwork and the seller will not sell just the rifle and optics without the suppressor. I understand. He was asking 22. He is in real $ problems and has been sending out signals he would take 18.5.

            • facebook page, yep no problem, since i know you like guns the 416 is moving up and ahead of the laupa just a tad I think these days. kind of like when the .338 came out nobody knew what it was. but we will be talking more im sure on here. I got a savage with a nightforce scope on mine. I just learned how to reload and doing it now myself for the big shells. I dont reload 9mm or smaller shells. I reload 45acp and 338 as of now.

        • NF, good glass!

      52. Is this the beginning of the end for Iran, or will they continue to defy the demands of the majority of the world?

        The info posted below is copied from an article dated Sept 15,2012.

        In preparation for any pre-emptive or retaliatory action by Iran, warships from more than 25 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, will today begin an annual 12-day exercise.
        Western leaders are convinced that Iran will retaliate to any attack by attempting to mine or blockade the shipping lane through which passes around 18 million barrels of oil every day, approximately 35 per cent of the world’s petroleum traded by sea.
        The multi-national naval force in the Gulf includes three US Nimitz class carrier groups, each of which has more aircraft than the entire complement of the Iranian air force.

        The carriers are supported by at least 12 battleships, including ballistic missile cruisers, frigates, destroyers and assault ships carrying thousand of US Marines and special forces.

        The British component consists of four British minesweepers and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cardigan Bay, a logistics vessel. HMS Diamond, a brand-new £1billion Type 45 destroyer, one of the most powerful ships in the British fleet, will also be operating in the region.

        At the same time as the Western manoeuvres in the Gulf, the British Response Task Forces Group — which includes the carrier HMS Illustrious, equipped with Apache attack helicopters, along with the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle – will be conducting a naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean. The task force could easily be diverted to the Gulf region via the Suez Canal within a week of being ordered to do so.

        Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps recently boasted that “any plots of enemies” would be foiled and a heavy price exacted, adding: “We determine the rules of military conflict in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.”

        I guess we will see who has the biggest and sharpest sword. Iranians had best start packing up the camels, and head North. It is apparent, Iran is gonna have to concede it’s nuclear program; one way or the other. It will never be allowed to hold the world hostage. It wants to be a superpower but, it is only a tick hanging next to a big asshole. The asshole is the governments of China/Russia.

      53. 17 mutilated bodies found in central Mexico

        Here is the other war that most everyone is ignoring..

        The cartels and government of Mexico, and our open border issue is going to come in our back door and kill a lot of people..

        there is no way anyone in this country should ever be un-armed and willing to defend themselfs..because these thugs from Mexico will kill without any remorse

        Now dont get me wrong, im not talking about the average citizen of that country..Im talking about the Gangs,the Cartels, the drug runners and that counties Government

        they are the ruthless killers that could be at your door someday soon, if not already

        Texas, Arizona, California..Lousiana..will have their hands full if they dont already..they are here, in this country..they are opperating here..and if you get in the way, your dead

        just because over 50,000 deaths since 2006 ( i believe its way more than this) have happened below thier border, doesnt mean its not coming here

        Guns people, dont ever let this counties government tell you you dont have the God given right to own and use as many as you can have , including the ammo for them in quantities you feel to be adequate
        also ..Hi-Cap Magazines, are part of your 2nd..and shall not be infringed upon..would you want to go against a criminal with a 30 round mag. when all you have is 8?

        we need to refuse to be speed bumps for this admin..and be the ones in the drivers seat..never give up your arms, especially if you are ordered to do so

        Mexico has gun laws that are killing people…everyday

        • “…when all you have is 8?”

          Get yerself a Garand and join the party. Best rifle ever made. 30 round mag won’t save yer ass. Get a Garand.

      54. A hundred years of holding back is bottled up inside us.

        The ghosts of those who gave their all are trying to unite us.

        We won’t be holding nothing back! We’ll let them have it all!

        To defeat the ones for one last time before the final fall.

        They may have weapons far advanced than those who walk beside us,

        The ones that hear our every word, and the ones they’ll use to fry us.

        But the weapons used upon the ones who do stand straight and tall,

        Will be the ones turned back on them before the final fall.

        So grab your pens and grab your swords, they’re coming here to fight us!

        They’ve come to take our guns and rights and hopelessly divide us!

        But stand your ground with sacred honor fighting for us all!

        To stand once more as proud free men, before the final fall.

      55. Excellent video and straight to the point. But I need to bring ‘the truth to Ruth’. I live in a Western nation located off the coast of Europe. This place has had very violent national rioting and civil unrest. Its population is – in the main – a dumbed down cesspool of drunk and violent people bereft of any analysis. In fact, the more the mainstream ideology shifts rightward and becomes more xenophobic and supportive of more wars, the more the population gets behind it.

        It is now ‘game-on’ I am afraid. The first two steps should have happened about five years ago. It is now too late and events will drive this baby forward.

      56. Read about Albert Pike and his followers. This is the answer and their is no debate on what is going to happen. Israel was put in the Middle East for a reason.

      57. Just a thought –

        Wouldn’t it send a shiver down the spines of TPTB if, for once, when they orchestrate a false-flag, breaking news headline or political puppet show (also known as an election), nobody paid it any attention??

        “This just in from our CNN Gallup poll of what Americans think of (insert event here): 100% don’t believe it or give a crap.”

        “In breaking news, in a stunning turn of events, absolutely nobody showed up to vote in this presidential election. People polled on the street were generally quoted as saying “You gotta be kidding me; those in real power are already in place.””

        WOW! The despots might actually pause in their domination machinations and think the sheeple might be waking up.

        Of course, we all know the MSM would never air the real numbers. Objective news reporting?? Pfft how absurd.

      58. Gold Bitchez!

      59. The powers that be want the one-world government prophesied in the book of Revelation. They also want the middle east controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. They want Israel destroyed. They also want billions to die in the chaos that will follow the collapse of the dollar, the euro, and the yen. They want the UN’s Agenda 21 implemented. They want the rules implemented as shown by the Georgia Guidestones that talk about a maximum “sustainable” world population of 500 million. Ultimately, the want Satan’s rule on earth. That’s coming soon. The Great Tribulation is coming very, very soon.

        • It is all falling into place so rapidly. If I didn’t have my faith, I would probably be losing my mind right now.

          And yet there are still SO MANY that are blind and do not see what is rapidly approaching. I saw on MSM that 60% of Americans think that the economy will be better in a year! Are you kidding me?!?!

          Sheep to the slaughter…

          • That is probably an understatement, Southern Gal. I truly see about 80% with the “worldly crowd” that are still locked into the “grand illusion” that their lives are gonna be better off next year or the next.

            The only way that is happening is if they are truly saved by the blood, and check out by then, or the return of our Saviour happens. I could say, or if they hit the lottery, but most would let the wealth destroy their lives and quite possibly their souls.

            Some days it is all quite overwhelming, especially for those with little ones. All I can say is, do what you can to provide the basics for the children, help the elderly, and make darn sure you stay right with the MAN!

      60. Third-hand information about unusual troop and equipment movements in Israel, including busloads of troops visiting the wailing wall and military leaders meeting with religious leaders. Third-hand source thinks ‘it’ may start soon.

      61. @Be Informed

        Looks like 3 quakes in the 3.5-4.5 range north of 70N. Big enough to signal anything?

      62. If this question comes up twice I apologize. I thought I posted it earlier but couldn’t find it. Does anyone know anything about elderberry syrup as a natural anti-viral?

        • LAG: use berries, flowers, inner bark, leaves and roots. DO NOT use the stems; these contain cyanide and can be toxic. KNOWN USES: builds the blood, cleanses the system, eases constipation, enhances immune system function, fights inflammation, increases perspiration, lowers fever, soothes the respiratory tract, and stimulates circulation. Also has powerful antioxidant properties. The flowers are used to soothe skin irritations….from “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” (awesome resource).

          ALSO: use as a tea to reduce fever and promote perspiration. Fermented with dandelion, sugar and other fixings, makes a nice wine with therapeutic effects….Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

          ALSO: if taken in early stages of cold or flu, hot elderberry flower tea and hot elderberry wine will prevent the illness from progressing. The syrup is also an excellent cure for a cold…Grieve’s “A Modern Herbal, Vol. 1”

          SO, to answer your question, I do not think it is in itself an anti-viral, but from my reading, I believe it quite speedily remedies respiratory illnesses, as well as others. I highly recommend the above books for any library.

          Hopes this helps


      63. I need some advice from the many wonderful folks on this site. Here is my situation and I need some advice:

        I live on the outskirts of the metropolitan DC area in Virginia. I do not want to be anywhere near DC when TSHTF. I was out and about over the weekend and it is amazing (1) the number of people in this metro area and (2) the number of people who are “asleep” and are not prepared for anything. Since many people here work for (indirectly or directly) the government (I DO NOT), everyone here has “the government will save us attitude”.

        This IS SO NOT the place to be right now as I believe that things are going to esclate quickly. My fiance owns a home here and it is in his name only. I am of the opinion we try to sell ASAP and if that doesn’t work, just let it go into foreclosure. I have excellent credit and I can purchase a home for us somewhere much safer that has a creek and some land that might actually grow something.

        I am looking more “long term and bigger picture” and I know that if we have a snowballs chance in hades of making it, we need to be near like minded people and have some land that will sustain us with crops and a few animals. He thinks that I am “going a little overboard” because he doesn’t keep up with the news and he is still somewhat asleep. (He is about half awake, thanks to me).

        So, my question is, if it were YOU, would you (A) work like mad to get out of here in the next two/three months or (B) sit tight where we are and just put all our money into preps and try to ride it out in Northern Virginia?

        I appreciate your feedback and comments. I really value the opinions on this forum and appreciate any and all advice you can give. Thanks.

        • I would make damn sure I moved far enough away from the possible “epicenter” of a nuclear explosion on Pennsylvania Avenue. Definitely inland at a higher elevation. Check out the proposed “flood” zones on the new Naval map that is attached to some of the sites with New Madrid Earthquake scenarios. It is a real possibility that this thing could blow and cause the Great Lakes to empty into the Atlantic via the Gulf of Mexico.

          I’m inland about 250 miles and at an elevation of a little over 2000 ft. but I’m still thinking about a flat bottom boat. If it were to happen, the sharks will eat good for a while and I wouldn’t be too far from salt water fishing. Anybody like shark fin soup?

          It’s good you are waking up to the real possibilities. Since it is apparent by your words that you are a believer and hopefully born again christian, then you should understand what it means to be “yoked equally” with your mate. It is crunch time and time for couples to be on the same page. All the good jobs,nice houses,cars and such; ain’t worth a dime if they keep you enslaved to a place that is hazardous to your well being. Just sayin’. I wish you well and will say a prayer for you, Southern Gal.

      64. Sorry for being late. Sickofitall, welcome aboard. Hope you’ve been prepping for what’s coming. To everyone on here posting about self-defense, I’m with you all the way, but there’s only one thing you’re missing. Your right to self-defense is natural and was given to you by God, not by any manmade government. if you’re being threatened by anyone, whether at home or anywhere else, you already have the right to do whatever you need to do to get out of that situation alive; you don’t need anyone’s permission. I believe the same goes for le and military; nobody in uniform has a right to hurt someone else unless their own lives are in jeopardy. TPTB make it clear everyday that they have evil intentions towards all of us. Nobody owes a damn thing to the elitists except maybe a bullet to each one in the head. Nobody has any obligation to anyone who has dishonorable intentions towards you. If your home is invaded by anyone in the middle of the night, you have the right and the obligation to send that POS straight to hell. In post-SHTF,everyone who has had their heads in the sand will get the rest of themselves buried in that same sand. As for me, I will stand and fight alongside anyone else who is opposed to the NWO and take this country back. THE BALLOON IS GOING TO GO UP; there is no avoiding it now. The system is on life support now; pretty soon someone is going to turn it off. Within 3 months, 50-75% of the population will be dead due to starvation, disease, etc. It will make all other holocausts in world history pale in comparison. I’m still prepping right up until the last minute. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

        • Hello, prepping yes, can always do more though. Have a feeling we’re just about out of time and money is now so tight it’s hard to have anything spare. Where I am in Scotland, the weather has also turned quite cold so all thoughts now turn to Winter prepping, warm clothes, gas etc. Thanks for the warm welcome x

      65. So many get that close, then miss. China gets cheap oil from what we conquered and occupy so they can made cheap products. But that ain’t it. Most of these people are Zionists, which can be any or no religion, but they do seem to use Middle East History, Jewish in particular. Think Genesis 6, and where were they buried? I think one will find partly in Iraq and partly in Iran, in the mountains. So think DNA. Whats the biggest field of research today? Transhumanism.

        As far as Israel being destroyed, they probably figured in on that. It will be much easier for them to set the temple (already built) to set in and their person can rule the world.

      66. Although most of the points/comments here do have a degree of validity, there seems to be a larger yet simpler and more obvious action at work. Think “indentured-servitude”. The division between the self-annointed power brokers of this nation and us common folk has become is stagggering. Yet they maintain the ability to keep people distracted with “candy” or at the least have many of those paying attention focusing on red herrings. Half of everything you do (labor for pay) is already looked upon by those in charge, as theirs to do with as they see fit. Period! Do you honestly think the “bail-out” money bailed out anything or anybody? They rob you out right and you don’t even notice or if you do you hardly murmer. Solindra: Senator/Conressmen buy massive amounts of stock. Barry makes a big energy speech and promises a huge loan to this green energy company. Stock value sky rockets. The loan is from your tax dollars. Stock hits ceiling, politicos sell, make millions. High percentage of stock purchased by Hartford and many other 401K holders, your retirement money. Energy company goes bankrupt, stock worthless, a portion of your retirement goes in the tank. They win big once, you loose twice. They are eating you for dinner and your children for dessert.

      67. Could it be that the powers that be (The banks) knew the middle east and northern African countries wanted out of the Petro Dollar some time ago. They would of had to of known. They create a big false flag (911) and this gives them the reason to put troops on the ground over seas in these areas. They start more false flags to take over any counties that resist. (Iraq, Libya)The powers that be (The banks) Follow the $ people. The real question is how long will this all take to play out and where will you be when it DIRECTLY affects you. It’s a mess people. And please keep in mind that we are just pawns. We are debt slaves. Most people just keep on going because they don’t understand what is happening or could happen. The answer to this question is…..When the sheep go hungry even a shepard and his dog look like a good meal. Who knows? I guess only time will tell. I can tell you this. The food line is getting longer and there are more sheep than land to graze.

      68. This is from an early post I made when Mac was addressing EBT……I think the EBT recipiant list is around 46 million now………….If you gave 2′ of standing room to each of the 46,905,708 as of Sept. 17 2012 food stamp recipients ( per US debt clock) and then divided it by the 5280′ per mile your soup line would be 18,105 miles long. Given the earth is 3,959 miles around on average the soup line would go around the earth 4.57 times. This is just for the U.S. EBT recipients. California to New York is 2413 miles if you average flight distance. This would make the line go back and forth 7.34 times. New York to Chicago 716 miles and your line would go back and forth 25.28 times. Given the width of the normal interstate 12′ wide per lane this would take a 2 lane highway with gravel edges from Chicago to New York City to create a soup line to feed all the hungry people here in the U.S. Wait! I meant just people recorded on the government site as in need of EBT. Keep in mind there are 3 meals a day. Now if we need to make a line within reason, lets say 1000′ long so people wouldn’t have to wait so long. You would need… well I could go on and on. I think we all understand the gravity of the situation. However the question is asked at the end of the article about how long we can keep this up before the system snaps. I’m thinking someone with the inside edge needs to answer this one. Sorry for the long post.

      69. Well, what I’ve seen is the slaughter of 500000 children by the former bush president. What difference does it make to these monsters if the children they are killing now or will kill in the future are Iranians, Spanish, North or South Americans, Chinese? These people are monsters, they do not think like us normal people, they are not like us at all. Could any of you sleep at night knowing you have harmed an innocent child for no reason?

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