Your Government At Work: Florida Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed for Hurricane-Damaged Homes

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Headline News | 94 comments

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    This report was originally published by the Anti-Media Team at


    At a time when South Floridians rocked by Hurricane Irma were still surveying the damage to their properties, the county of Miami-Dade apparently thought it appropriate to begin handing out safety notices.

    Celso Perez told local WSVN-TV that he, his family, and his neighbors were starting to clear fallen trees from the streets after the storm passed through at nine in the morning on Monday. Hours later, in the afternoon, Perez got a visit from the county.

    “And we thought he was here to help us or offer some type of assistance with the trees, maybe he was going to bring us ice or something,” Perez told WSVN. Instead, the official slapped a safety notice on the only part of Perez’s fence still standing.

    “I laughed,” he said. “I thought he was kidding. ‘You are kidding right? We just had a hurricane six hours ago.’ ‘No, I’m not kidding. I have to cite you for this.’ I just laughed. OK, whatever; knock yourself out!”

    But Perez stopped laughing when the official told him he would be writing up a report and would be back to check on the property. Perez told WSVN that the man said he’d “have to write me a fine” if the fence wasn’t up to code by then.

    “At the time this officer was out here, we didn’t have power, we didn’t have food, we didn’t have ice. He is crazy, ridiculous,” Perez said, adding that “it’s not like I can go to Home Depot” because all the stores were closed.

    The South Floridian says he understands that there is a lot of work that needs to be done but that the county’s rush to issue warnings was inappropriate:

    “Give us a minute to breathe. Let us get our power back on. And I wouldn’t mind if they told me that a few days down the line or due time but it bothers me that they came out here just a few hours after the storm had passed.”

    On the issue of restoring power, Reason noted that at the time Miami-Dade was handing out citations — the WSVN investigation found Perez was far from alone; the county handed out 680 pool barrier and 177 electrical hazard notices in the hours after Irma — 16,510 homes and businesses were still without power.

    When Reason tried to confirm with Miami-Dade if monetary fines would be attached to citations, the county responded with the following statement:

    “We were looking to advise residents of the following hazards on their properties that they may not have been aware of, but that pose a life safety threat: damaged structures that rendered them unsafe, unsecured pools with no barriers, electrical hazards (down lines, damaged meters) and gas hazards (damaged meters). If any of these hazards were found, our inspectors gave out a safety notice, which is neither a notice of violation warning nor a citation. That means there is no fine attached. The safety notices given to property owners identify the hazard, steps that should be taken to correct the hazard, and who to contact for additional information.”

    Fine or no, WSVN’s legal expert and Broward County public defender, Howard Finkelstein, said the timing was “awful” for the people trying to recover:

    “This is outrageous. After Irma, people were stressed, they were worried and for a government official to slap a warning notice on them to add to their misery is insulting.”

    This report was originally published by the Anti-Media Team at


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      1. Yea Right….. Just another example of “ I’m here from tge government to help you “
        Sure you are ?

        • yes, i am glad the code enforcement professionals are getting the scofflaws working. plus the state can recoupe some losses by using fairly imposed fines?

          • Pay your fine with lead @ 3200 FPS. Make sure they get it on time, Johnny on the spot.

        • shut up and take it slaves.

          • Gandhi, STFU and take it yourself, dildo!

            • if i was code enforcement i would walk up to braveheart and tell that fat old armchair warrior to get his fat potato chip eating ugly ass out in the yard and clean all the twinky wrapers out of his dandelion filled $hithole of a yard. NOW! that coward would slink down in is easychair in fear?

              • Gandhi, first of all I’m not fat and second I don’t trash up my home. I keep it clean and neat to the best of my ability. Third, you want to be stupid and try something, bring it on anytime, mofo. You’re sounding like the trolls.

          • Troll

        • RT1957, my 9mm would’ve spoken for me.

      2. wake up!

        • if you live in a place that has nazi code enforcement you deserve to not survive.

          • TROLL

            • X7734-0845, agreed.

          • Many of these poor people homes were worth $500,000 or more, lots of rich areas got hit. I have more sympathy for the working peoples homes. The rich little darlings can afford fines….

            • A typical comment from somebody who quickly passes judgment on issues they know nothing about.

              My folks bought a place near the beach back in the 1960s. The lots were not terribly expensive at the time. They built a nice, spacious house — but no mansion, by any stretch of the imagination– and worked hard to own it free and clear of debt.

              My dad has always had severe allergies; and the sea air helped tremendously to alleviate his suffering during the summer months. So, this was not just an idle desire for a casual holiday home; it really helped him medically.

              Fast-forward to the present day — eager, wide-eyed city tax officials have exactly the same (ignorant) attitude that YOU do, Mr. Zap: “You have a house at the BEACH?! Why, you must be RICH!!!”

              After paying $11,000 a month (no subsidies; all at our expense) for my mom’s nursing home (until she passed away) and while currently paying $8,000 a month for my dad’s nursing home (again, all out of our pocket) we are also paying TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR in property taxes to try to keep the house.

              Thank goodness my folks worked hard, saved their money, invested wisely, and lived frugally; otherwise we would not have the means to cope with these huge financial burdens. The nursing homes are rapidly depleting my parents’ life savings. To add insult to injury, the city is bleeding us white with ever-rising property taxes.

              My parents were never “rich little darlings”. They are very down-to-earth, hardworking people. It isn’t their fault that property values have skyrocketed dramatically during the past thirty years or so.

              Before making sweeping generalizations about folks, you might want to stop and think how YOU feel when (other) ignorant blowhards make this sort of boneheaded mistake about YOU.

          • Amen. I am so tired of these American’ts making stupid choices and then whining about it. If you don’t like where you live MOVE!

      3. Typical ass-hole govt. here in Florida.

        • Only thing worse in Florida post-hurricane is a Homeowners Association. Had one tell me I had to “immediately clean up a downed limb” that was on my sidewalk. He said that if he’d tripped he could’ve sued me for thousands. I told him, “no, if you tripped and fell, I’d stomp on your neck and snap it in two… for it’d be easier to get off from an ‘accidental’ death on my property than from a lawsuit”. He thought I was joking/kidding. But….. he sure left quick.

          • Mass evacuation, as thousands evacuated.

            Guajataca Dam Failure Puerto Rico – 9/22/2017
            “After being hit by consecutive Hurricanes, the most recent being Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s Lake Guajataca Dam was structurally damaged, and then completely fails – 70,000 people impacted by flooding.”


            • hahaha and now we have to RUN!?

          • yes beavers have their backs broken by fallen trees all the time?

          • I just did a good smack down my Home Association. I started an audit on them. They failed to renew their covenents and restrictions back in March 2012, as required by FL Law every 30 years. Which means they have no marketable title or right to collect assesments or spend the money or file liens on late pays. Which is called Slander of t
            Title. These pussies just got served notice by my Atty and they are going to pay big-time. Im taking over the Assoc with a new Corp. They are clueless and just got their asses handed to them. FL law holds the directors personally liable. F-em aholes. Nobody F@cks with me without getting a smackdown beating. It pays to be smart. So your homework folks.

            • Also when I ask the Assoc Board for info like bank acct statements and they fail to provide them to me within 10 days, starting the 11th day fines of $50 a day accrue up to $500. As provided by FL Law Chap 720 Home assoc. Know the law and give them a beating if they deserve it. I just made $1000 on paper. Going to court coming up to file a lien on their property if they fail to pay me. F-Em. Also the Markwtable Title info is in FL Chap 712. I should have been a lawyer. And all if this was because they failed to guve me gravel on my road which us now a mud hole and with the flooding U have no ingress or egress into my property. Filing suit on that also. I own them B1tches.

          • My homeowners association spent $100,000 in 8 years to close my chicken coop that resulted in the foreclosure of my HOME. This is a true story!

      4. Seems like a good time to shoot. “For everything under the sun, there is a time and a season.”

        • Exactly—tell the “inspector”, “Would you please come around the back of my house, I have something that might also be hazardous.”

          Lots of debris and wreckage to place the remains of the ex-inspector.

          • Javelin, I used to live in Miami. There are swamps just west of the city to take that corpse. Gators have to eat too.

      5. Lucky I don’t live there. I might ave thrown some lead at him.

        • SD, if that govt. worker had confronted me he would’ve been given some lead poisoning.

          • There are two kinds of people. Those trying to make a living. And government parasites.

            I fully expect to see government employees walking around cracking whips at the taxpayers.

            • dont worry dave, braveheart is a coward

              • Shut up Gandhi. The only reason you lived is because the Judea Christian soldiers respected life. If it was Soviets or Chicomms, they’d ship you off without a second thought.

              • Gandhi sounds like a troll. Hope he’s not one for his sake.

      6. A lot of trees down here, huge amounts cut and piled at the edge of the road completely dead already yet to be removed. Another house with no trees down groomed their trees and yard a day ago and piled it by the road and it was loaded into a dump truck within a day by the county. The pile was green but the dead piles remain.

        • set those tree piles on fire. Guarntee that will get rid of them.

          • When are you limp wristed bastards ever going to take action against the enforcers of this kind of shit in your local areas? Maybe you need to watch Death Wish a few more times huh? Or just fill your diaper when they come around as usual…. you deserve it.

          • I burned the brush off an entire downed oak tree. Had to burn it. Tree debris everywhere in FL. Now we are to get another 1.5 Ft of flooding. Im watching a doe and her fawn feeding. Great nature here in FL.

        • tell your fat ugly kids to go help the neighbors while you sit on your ass.

      7. Doesn’t matter if the boss tells you or it’s in your job description. Make innocent people’s lives miserable and you will reap what you sow.

      8. Well, of course!! During Hurricane Katrina, the military came “to the rescue”… they knocked some old lady down, beat her up because she had the audacity to be holding a revolver in her hand, pointed downward and said something about it– it was her means of protecting her home from looters… and the “helpful” US military stole it from her… to “protect” her, of course!

        Others, walking in groups after the hurricane, looking for food/help.. were SHOT AT by the ‘helpful” military men, who came to “help” and told they would shot if they advanced further– they were attempting to cross a bridge. Then the few supplies they had were “confiscated” by the helpful military men.

        Yes, indeed– land of the free…home of the brave.

        • cowards get what cowards get

        • It wasn’t the National Guard or military that beat up the old lady, it was the California Highway Patrol. It was their big chance to show how tough they really were. They dislocated her shoulder and broke some ribs. Real men. Next time when any “authorities” start down your street, shoot the sob’s. They are there to take your guns and food.

          • chips TV show was anti gun scum too

        • I was listening to a radio program during Katrina. A man called in from Louisiana and he was frantic. He said the cops were breaking down doors, confiscating peoples guns and shooting any dogs left in the house!! He was scared and frantic and so i believe him.

      9. I KNEW the hurricane victims would be in REAL TROUBLE once FEMA/the government showed up– I commented on it beforehand.

      10. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
        Ayn Rand So in a nutshell any government oparasite who shows up after any disaster especially if the have a badge and carry a citation booklet should be considered a hostile enemy. They are not present to assist. They are there solely to generate revenue. The government officals are planning ahead. They know their normal sources of revenue are now greatly reduced. Instead of cutting back. They intend to make up any short fall by robbing those who have already suffered. What folks should do is leave. Set it on fire and go someplace away from there. That guy cant fine anyone for a damaged fence reduced to charcoal. No point in staying It will flood and blow away again.

        • no one is innocent. you are either guilty or not guilty.

      11. It is by sad experience that we have found it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, that when they get a little authority, as they suppose, they immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.

        • hey there is nothing wrong with officials telling these fat ugly home owners that they cant wait for fema to hire a bunch of mexicans to clean their yard.

          • Gandhi (you keep spelling that wrong, incidentally), you obviously crave attention by your specious and ignorant comments on other peoples’ tragedies and helplessness in a natural disaster. Go back to your parents’ basement and do your homework for your tech college degree. The rest of us have a world to manage.

      12. Most of the replies to this post are a load of crap! The notices were ONLY notices to alert the people of hazards the people may not be aware of. A lot of people don’t understand how dangerous a piece of electrical wire dangling into a pool of water can be if the power suddenly comes back on.
        The people that were “robbed” of their “supplies” were looters that had “supplies” consisting of TV sets, electronics, guns, and other stuff they had looted.

        • Ronna: FUCK you – typical Sheep clown puppet fool you.

      13. Same govt that stated they would be prosecuting price gougers. Maybe they should prosecute themselves? At least rename themeselves to “King George.”

      14. I did not know that Barny Fife lived in Florida!

      15. I wonder what would happen if the ticket-givers started getting assaulted?

        Crocodiles and Alligators leave no prints.

        • CR, I used to live there. Just take the corpses to the swamps on the west side. Problem solved. Gators and crocs gotta eat too.

      16. Oh, the gov’t isn’t through with the victims just yet. Wait until they find homeless people without a cent in their pockets and hand them a fine of $1000 for being impoverished. If I could banish just one member of the family, I would have to start with my good old ‘Uncle Sam’. Thanks for nothing, and I hope the Liberals are doing well on their posh estates in their gated communities.

        • Lee, they don’t have the manpower for such a campaign. Let just one of them be stupid enough to try it under current conditions and see what happens.

        • They’ll send the homeless to

      17. During an emergency, the Government should restrict its activities to issues of public order and safety and to the restorat ion of the infrastructure. The enforcement of zoning and building codes should be suspended;if you haven’t enforced them before the the crisis, it is too late.


      19. I expect this type of behavior from the gov. They are not “public servants”.You serve them. We are not the government.The gov is the gov and the people are the people.

      20. Lee, that govt. official would’ve needed medical attention if he had tangled with me. I wouldn’t accept the citation.

      21. The “safety notice” is just the first step in the process. Then the actual notice of violation happens soon after and this notice is the one with the fine attached. I have seen this kind of crap before in other hurricane-ravaged areas but never this soon after the actual weather event. Usually it takes weeks before inspectors start checking on neighborhoods and they only issue notices for obviously abandoned properties. Miami-Dade must not be getting enough revenue from taxes, traffic fines and civil forfeitures. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the inspectors are shilling for home repair companies run by their relatives.

      22. Fake news in a way…..These were safety notices…not warnings. Not a bad thing to act quickly as far as safety is concerned…right?

        • Yea. Sounds like that blown down fence was a real health and safety hazard. A real priority. The safety notices have been documented and you best believe there will be follow ups and fines.

      23. Just remember these fools at the next election. If less gun control works, maybe less government will work.

      24. Starve the beast!

      25. remember these sad loser next election, WE THE PEOPLE need to VOTE THEM OUT…and those sad little minions doing the writing of tickets need to be fired after new people are installed…VOTE THEM OUT…VOTE THEM OUT

      26. Not much worse than what CVS and Walgreens are trying to pull. They plan on giving people only a week’s worth of their pain meds instead of the full prescription by the M.D. If someone needs more pain meds they have to go back to the M.D. for more. CVS and others like them can screw off. I haven’t had a prescription for anything in decades and if/when I do they better not fing lecture me on anything. Obviously these nosey companies don’t know the war on drugs was lost before it ever started.

        • Try getting any pain medication at all for anything in Elizabeth City, NC. One company owns most of the doctors in town, and they have ordered all the doctors to quit prescribing pain medications. Everyone was cut off, cold turkey, in the past several months.

          • And this is exactly why people go on the street to get the pain drugs! I know a person who has 3 hernias, had two operations, still in intense pain every single day. The doc would not give him pain pills so he went on the street and got herion which he snorted. Then he was finally able to get into a “legal” methadone clinic and now they “legally” give him methadone every single day. So he’s STILL addicted. They are making NO attempt to get him off drugs. He will be taking the methadone for the rest of his life it seems. He said it helps a lot with the pain. He also told me that some people at the clinic are SELLING a day or two of their methadone cuz they need the money or want the money maybe for weed i don’t know. So the druggies are even scamming the legal methadone clinics!

      27. The Gov’t of the US is awful and they all deserve to fucking Hang! MY God, they are so corrupt and incompetent. When are we the people going to put an end to utter bullshit like this?? Enough is enough.

        • Just keep supporting the military and shut up!

      28. fuck this shitty ass hack of regime!

      29. “I laughed,” he said. “I thought he was kidding. ‘You are kidding right? We just had a hurricane six hours ago.’ ‘No, I’m not kidding. I have to cite you for this.’ I just laughed. OK, whatever; knock yourself out!”

        That guy done that because he knew nothing would happen to him there.they don’t do that where I live for a reason.

      30. Hmmm., There are always two sides to every story. I ‘m never surprised how heartless the gov.
        Dictators can be, but, when dealing with all types of people, there are too many “gimme dat ” dead butts that wait for everyone else to do their cleanup work for them. Utilitiy companies can’t do their job if there is debris blocking access.
        Personally, I don’t think anyone should be able to rebuild in known hurricane prone areas unless they can build a new structure strong enough to withstand 200 mph winds and 8-12 feet above the worst known flood stage. Of course, gov. would never give up their death grip on all that taxable land. In fact, the gov wouldn’t care if they lived on floating rafts in the swamps as long as they could get their (pension fund and forever tax dollars) based on the size of that raft!
        People in Florida mostly come from other states and more from other countries. (Few of them have American values, much less mid-west values). Those are the people ruling most of the
        south. Nothing they do surprises me. What voters will allow them to do, surprises me.

      31. We have rope and there are trees take it from there

      32. proof you do not own your home, the gov does..ur just a renter.

        the two biggest illusions

        ownership and freedoms

      33. The biggest threat to the republic and the American people is not foreign.

      34. The United States is going to have a revolutionary war, and it will start in October 2017, on a small level, to eventually escalate to full all out intercontinental war from 2017-2025. This is what I believe will happen. Evertime, I look at this, reexamine everything, and I think It over, I keep coming to the same conclusion, civil and revolutionary war is coming, and know I see them removing the civil war statues. What has Trump done, not a thing. Instead attacking north Korea is top priority. A lot of my customers told me that they know that Fema will not be bailing them out.

        The storms were developed in the oceans from HAARP, done intentionally to interrupt peoples everyday, to attack them, bring them misery, and now we are seeing bullshit articles with crap about “what we learned from Harvey and climate change”, The climate, “the war theatre” is what has changed. I told you all and warned you all about this on this website many times, a lot, all the time. And you need to see what happens next, they are going to use HAARP TO cause techtonic ocean flood destruction, to get the poisonous gases from the ocean floor, creating sunamis, and dropping oxygen levels to kill off the population off the coastal areas. They built all the major cities on coastal areas intentionally from what I was told, to make it easier to have countries invade us, get to us easier, to make it easier to quarter off the people, and to kill them. Then the fuckers build a lot of Nuclear plants intentionally on Yellow stone national park to then use HAARP to trigger Yellowstone, to cause nuclear fallout.

        If they use a bioweapon on us, we will know it them.
        If they try to take our guns, we will know its them
        IF they invade us, we will know it them.
        If they use the environment, we are stupid and will not know its them. But people who are awake to this bullshit already know for certain, it them, the cabal 100%.

        This is why to told you that the scientist told me when he came on this site, told me that these guys, you guys, you all are a bunch of idiots, that I am posting real information and being called a fraud, too stupid to listen.

        No he called me talking to me about this HAARP hurricane, that flooded out the entire city. But now cops are busy in Florida threatening people with citations.

        In Texas, its different here, if the government threatens the citizens, its and immediate response. See, they did the curfue and it didn’t even last 4 days, that’s how scared shit less they are of Texans, but in Florida, cops are threatening people. In Texas, the people are in charge not the local government, and we have a very good trustworthy governor, and bad mayor. This mayors ass will be voted out next time. One of my friends who has and attractive girlfriend was in and elevator when Silvester Turner entered the elevator drunk off his ass, yes Turner. And he was drunk, and made this exact comment., I would like to hit that ass” right in front of my friend and his girlfriend, and once they exited the elevator, he kept making rude sexual comments toward her. Had it been me and my girlfriend, the turn out would have been a little different. And this incident happened when he was running for office as mayor and then he became the mayor.


        • Wow Hcks. I too believe that the hurricanes were “geoengineered”. I’ve been reading and he says the same thing that the Florida and Texas hurricanes were purposely made to steer into those states. He said the gov does not care about the people at all and wants us all dead!

      35. Then we kept noticing that after Turner was sworn into office, the cops kept harassing people on the streets, including me, I kept getting pulled over no reason, being told that my headlight were out when in fact, they were not. And I kept seeing people pulled off the road, a lot of women being arrested at gas pumps at gas stations, and it just seemed like the cops were overly aggressive on the streets since Trump won the election. must be the president has out backs. I am not anti cop, but I don’t liked getting pulled over all the time and fucked with. niggers, thugs and thieves are constantly vandalizing my customers properties, stealing all sorts of items, and they are calling me telling me what is going on, and I tell them to call the cops to file a police report, yet as I go on the streets, the cops are on my ass, and I got pulled over 6 times since Turner got into office, not a single incident resulted in a ticket, when I asked the cop : what’s your reason for pulling me over officer” and the officer starts to make excuse that he taught he say this or saw that, or made a mistake about his or that. Some say that it was Turner who made the cops take and aggressive stance. How crazy is it. I walked into a parts store to pick up oil, turned to the left to see a DPS officer corner a driver in the parking lot, I go out side to my car, the other one pulls in and starts to run my plates while I walk toward my car, and kept steering me down. Something is going on, its not just me, I have talked to people and to cops I know told me that they were told to start going after people anything, every little thing, to ticket them. They told me it was Turner started this. So there you go Tuner, making sexual rude comments to my friends girlfriend while drunk off your ass in public downtown, but this is how you do business in Texas. My advice to you is that you need to avoid getting publically intoxicated, and change your behavior, because look what just got into public.


        • HCKS, those cops need to back off before someone gets killed. Sounds like your mayor needs to have an ‘accident’.

      36. Texans are full of hot air. You Texans have let those Mexican illegals colonize your entire state. You all much like the rest of the nation aint a gonna do nuthin. No ropes and trees. No second admendment tools used to water Jeffersons tree of liberty. There will only be one outcome. Eventually the electric grid will no longer be available to the common citizens. Then It will quickly revert to a stone age existence. Those Mexicans will thrive in those conditions. Most other,s will quickly perish.

      37. “electrical hazards (down lines, damaged meters) and gas hazards (damaged meters).”

        Stupid County workers – those meters are owned by FP&L and/or the County!

        FPL told me that their “smart meters” can not tell them when the power goes out because.. they don’t work in major storms like hurricanes because they lose communication systems. Over a billion dollars of wasted spending.

      38. I call BULLSHIT!!
        No way this is anywhere near the truth.
        Insurance companies haven’t even completed their assessments…
        so yeah, BULLSHIT!!

        • yeah, bull sheet

      39. Old Guy speaks the truth, no shit. Observation is reality. Texas has major issues, and how the hell did our state ever get to this point. They could have built a border wall years ago. I don’t believe from I am hearing that the border wall will ever get done. I call total bullshit on Trumps part about this border wall. They are threating to start war with NK, and at the same time the border wall will begin construction. Yea right, total complete pure un adultured BULLSHIT. what the hell is wrong with Texans I have to ask.


        • I really don’t think the border wall will be built either. The excuse will be that there is NO money since the money had to go to Texas and Florida hurricane damage., and now even P.Rico. Our country is TOO much in debt.

      40. It aint only Texas. Every state in the union the citizens have allowed Illegals to invade. And they did nothing. What would have worked the first person who employed someone from another country. Even if it was a green card worker. That employer should have been boycotted and vandalized and put out of business. If employers where terrified of the backlash of hiring them there would be no jobs and they would deport themselves. You get a green card worker. They find a niche and bring in their illegal friends and relatives.

      41. What do you expect from a city run by extreme leftists and populated by a majority from socialist caribbean islands? If Miami wasn’t in a semi Red state, it would quickly look like Detroit.

      42. Of course! Years ago, my daughter experienced the same thing in N.J. when there was a sudden downpour of rain which flooded the area!!

        She couldn’t drive in the real deep water! So she left her car by the side of the road (like everyone else was doing!) and walked home. She came down the hill the next morning to have it towed and there was a ticket on the windshield for illegal parking!!

        The establishment steals our money any way they can think of!!


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