Your Future: “We Are Now at a Point Where the Crisis Will Happen Almost Overnight” *Micro Doc*

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Headline News | 389 comments


With individual Americans underwater, unemployed, and on the edge of complete disaster, the future for millions is looking bleak.

This is an accelerating trend… one that touches all of our lives directly, no matter what income category you’re in, educational background, or political affiliation. This trend will alter your own job, business, and everyone around you.


It’s over. There is no fixing this mess. We are looking at either a planned reset, or a reset that will arise from the ashes of an economic disaster.

We are now in a situation where the global economies depend on an unsustainable amount of debt…

When it all ends it is going to end badly.

Every business will be affected.

The middle class is one crisis away from broke… We are now at the point where it will happen almost overnight.

The latest micro documentary from Future Money Trends explores the critical nature of the situation in which we find ourselves and provides key strategies that can help you depression-proof your life for the coming decade and beyond.

Watch: Your Future

(Watch at Future Money Trends)

It is going to end badly – for a lot of people. Now is the time to position yourself to thrive in an environment that will undoubtedly leave countless lives in utter destitution.


Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

There's little time left before the REAL DISASTER occurs!

Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now!

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    1. Outlaw

      Pretty sure it is in progress now…

      • Anonymous

        The final blow will come without warning. They’ll never see it coming.

        It’s going to be an EBT Apocalypse.

        • OutWest

          As things stand, Bleak for me would be looking up.

          • Be informed

            @ OutWest. New World Order = New World CONTROL = New World ENSLAVEMENT = New World WAR.

            • OutWest

              Be informed

              New World Fascism = same as the Old World Fascism

              • Mick McNulty

                Well said. I think the only difference this time is fascism won’t be speaking German it will be speaking English with an American accent. But it will just as murderous.

                • John Q. Public

                  …and Hebrew.

          • cjmartel

            And that, Outwest, is why we are here. Do not lose hope, as long as there are some of us still drawing breath, we have a chance.

        • Facebook Page

          I would like everyone to answer this statement truthful and post their answer.

          Are you ready for the storm a comin?

          But many won’t be able to face their own answer. That’s what sucks.

          • CWinOR

            Honestly- yes, although i don’t have a “too ready” level. prepping is a daily, constant chore/source of sense of security for me. if it happened tomorrow- i’d be ready, though i could really use at least 3 more months. speaking of being more ready- if you thought ammo was hard to come by, any day now, what all-too-little there already is is going to be gone, since barckalypse has said he’s GOING to sign U.N Small Arms Treaty. If you think it matters whether or not it is ratified by congress- think again. we already adhere to several treaties that were never ratified because they couldn’t pass- but still operate by their rules. Law of the Sea being one of them.

          • Faith of the fallen

            I’m as ready for the shitstorm as I can be. Food, water, shelter, livestock, land, weapons, ammo, and one helluva strong will to make it.

            • MadMarkie

              @ Faith of the fallen –

              Please don’t forget to include family, friends and your ‘network’. The strongest, best prepared individual in the world is still just that ….. an INDIVIDUAL, all alone and by themselves.

              Folks should all have a list of the people that you feel would be an asset in troubled times; people who have specific skill sets and share the same concern for themselves and their families as you do. An RN, Dr. or a paramedic? If you have as much as 72 hours notice, it would probably be a good idea to make contact, recruit/enlist and start making plans with these people.

              Through my son, our network includes most of a small town PD, FD and associated paramedic organization. I think that I may just live long enough to say ” … so this is how it all plays out!”

              I have a hunch that we all need to hurry up and get our spiritual and personal ‘houses’ in order; just being prepared physically isn’t going to be enough to see anyone through the coming tribulation times. Egypt or Syria today could just be a sneak preview of what we may be facing in our lives tomorrow.

              God Bless & good luck to all who post here. ALWAYS try to be that ‘grey’ person in the crowd ….. the quiet one that nobody ever seems to notice. It’s the nail that sticks up that gets hit in the head with a hammer.

              • JayJay

                List of people that I feel would be an asset in troubled times:



                uhh, waiting.

                still waiting. 🙁

            • September

              Do you have lead shielding?

              • Faith of the fallen

                Lead shielding includes a plate carrier load bearing rig with level 4 plates and a ballistic vest with level 3a protection. As to friends and family, my whole community is on board and loaded for bear.

                • dfisherman

                  you’re a most fortunate man;my neighbors don’t have a clue,could care less and believe the “gov”won’t let it happen-immeadiate neighbor is a convicted felon whose wife is a sec.8’er and from what the po have said,ain’t no angel,so I’m prepping full speed ahead and plan on moving soon and so far my german shepherds and alarms have kept intruders(also GOD’s grace)out. But as we all know,when it breaks,GOD BLESS THE CHILD WHO HAS HIS OWN. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU OUT AND KEEP PREPPING!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Roseman91

              Faith, I am with ya on that. Lets get it on.

              • Bonnie

                I wished my church and family where ready.
                Blow the trumpet, warn the people yet
                they are a Stiff Necked People.
                When I warn them i am told:
                “I could “go over the deep end.” to far right or left.
                I need to be more “balanced”
                “My character could be in question.”
                Tears are rolling down my face as I write this.
                I wished I could just say okay I’ll only care
                about myself, but I can’t.

                • Tboy


                  I SO know how you feel. I have spent many paychecks to help those people in my church and family who think I’m crazy.


            • Jim(another Jim)

              Same here, plus a good network of family and friends, and most important of all, God at my side. No matter what may happen, I am covered

              • Myriad

                Count yourselves blessed who have faith in the living God and have the support of friends and family in the US. Australia is largely Godless but for a small church which is almost totally asleep, there is almost no one preparing, no one ready for what’s coming. Most of those awake are on their own and when it finally arrives, there will be no standing up to the Beast in numbers here- we have given them our guns and bought into the ‘freedom for security’ lie and we sacrifice our children on the altar of modern ‘medicine’. The sad part is that those in the church support this Beast as much as the next man.

                • Jim(another Jim)

                  I am sorry to hear that. My church brethren may not support the beast, but they sure aren’t interested in prepping. I have tried to approach the issue with several people, and all I receive is blank stares. I even was involved in a small group that was discussing the signs that are happening signaling the end times, and only one other family out of 8 there was doing any prepping. Most of them didn’t even have a week’s worth of food at home.

                • WaroftheRoses

                  I am happy to say that all of my “mag” is from my church. Also the majority of our county.

                • Two Buckets

                  For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: 2Thes2. How sad when professing Christians hearts are filled with more love and fascination for this world & its preservation than for Jesus Christ, Heaven & the Bible well what more can we say to them.

                  14 Moreover all the chief of the priests, and the people, transgressed very much after all the abominations of the heathen; and polluted the house of the Lord which he had hallowed in Jerusalem.

                  15 And the Lord God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place:

                  16 But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy.

                  17 Therefore he brought upon them the king of the Chaldees, who slew their young men with the sword in the house of their sanctuary, and had no compassion upon young man or maiden, old man, or him that stooped for age: he gave them all into his hand.

                  18 And all the vessels of the house of God, great and small, and the treasures of the house of the Lord, and the treasures of the king, and of his princes; all these he brought to Babylon.

                  19 And they burnt the house of God, and brake down the wall of Jerusalem, and burnt all the palaces thereof with fire, and destroyed all the goodly vessels thereof.

                  20 And them that had escaped from the sword carried he away to Babylon; where they were servants to him and his sons until the reign of the kingdom of Persia:

                  21 To fulfil the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath, to fulfil threescore and ten years.

            • AdamXYZ

              Where do you live? I’ll need somebody to move in on when TSHTF, as I don’t want to expend all the effort of prepping. Give me your address and I’ll move in witcha when the time comes. Can I bring a family of ten?

              • Faith of the fallen

                Hoss if you think you can move in my AO like a bandit you’re in for a real bad day. Me, my dad, uncle, and several neighbors are combat hardened vets. We’ve strolled down the toughest streets in the world. Are mos’s range from 19 delta, 11 bravo, 13 fisters, to X-rays. You want to help yourself fine. Don’t think about pirate bullshit or you will wind up fertilizer.

                • braveheart

                  Faith, that AdamXYZ reminds me of the troll calling himself KY [NOT KY MOM] that was giving some of us grief, especially me on that shortages article back on the 8th. my message to him is the same as yours. braveheart

              • Brane Frees

                Here we go again.

                Inability to recognize thinly-veiled humor will bring the thumbs down crowd stampeding.

                • Not So Much

                  That ‘thinly-veiled humor’ read as well as internet sarcasm. Just sayin’

            • wandakate

              Sounds like you have it more together than most. Your shelter, water, food are most important, and then the livestock, the land, weapons, ammo, and the will to see it through. You sound like my type of person. You sound brave and determined and I wish you well. I am prepared but not like you. Say your prayers and you’ll be okay…

          • Mal Reynolds

            Nobody is truly ready. Nobody. And if you think you are, you’re not checking your six.

            Sorry to be a downer. Just keep “buying it cheap and stackin” it deep.

            And pray.


            • Rodster

              And never tell anyone you are “buying it cheap so as to stack it deep”.

              My worst fear is that we’ll be looking at a World that will look like Egypt. While the pieces of shits who caused this will have the military at their disposal. 😈

              • DocLRRP

                I wonder how much of the military will stand by them??
                How do they get paid?? Will it be kill your fellow Americans for room and board and to hell with the Constitution??

                • Rodster

                  We shall find out when the SHTF.

                • Barn Cat

                  They can hold the military families hostage to insure loyalty. They can also weed out people who would be loyal to the constitution. There’s a war on Christians in the military today. And they can use foreign troops.

                • InsanityISContagious

                  If we were talking about the generation that were young during World War II, I would say yes, but I tell you, the youth that we have now, I would not put my money on anybody 30 or under in the general population as a sure bet to stand up for the moral/right thing to do. Most of them know nothing about the Constitution.

                • John Q. Public

                  Good Heavens, InsanityIsContagious, what makes you think that simply knowing about the Constitution is going to ensure moral behavior?

            • BigB

              My head is in the same place as you Mal.


            • Mister Jimmy

              I agree. ‘We” are not organized, nor are we coordinated,nor do we have a unifying philosophy, plus many downtrodden (no rich or upper-class people will participate, or they will join the forces of fascism and repression) Americans hate each other far too much to unite. On the other hand, “They” have ammo stored,tanks, APC’s and fighting units ready, trained and deployed. “They” will control the roads and the food early on, and they already control the media and the government, and for years have been suborning people at various churches to preach and act in their favor. It won’t be pretty when it comes down, yall.

              • Patrickial

                Operation Serpent Camo. Basically it is an effort to recruit people into government positions, particularly military, who are sympathetic or align with the Oathkeepers but are not officially known in any database to be affiliated with them.

                Serpent Camo has been successful on over nineteen instances and counting.

                The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

                • Not So Much

                  “The enemy of my enemy is my ally.”

                  You may wanna re-think that one. That most certainly has not been the case for American foreign policy.

            • Ppodd72

              I don’t like it when “Christians” put pray last on their to do list. Matthew 7:22-23 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ If you claim to be a Christian, PLEASE PLEASE start praying and get a solid relationship with your Creator. Read your Bible! We ALL will meet Him some day. And I hope to see you PAST the gates of Heaven!

          • Kulafarmer

            I just live a lifestyle being adaptable and ready for whatever,
            Anything can happen at any time,
            Have always stocked extra food, always had a garden, always stored water, always been a firearms enthusiast, always lived in the country, always strove for self sufficiency,
            NEVER been a sheep!

            • 006

              I know your territory, you can hold your own up there, if I was still living there, I would be in that general vicinity. or possibly above it, I worked for forestry there and remember it well.

            • 006

              Come to think of it, you might even know me!

          • YH

            Facebook Page,

            We are in uncharted waters where this collapse is concerned. Never before has the world seen a debt based economic implosion of this magnitude. No one can predict how bad bad will ultimately get. I’ve been hard at work preparing since I first became “aware” of the problem in 2008.

            Am I ready? Absolutely not. I honestly don’t know if such a thing is even possible.

            I have a well thought out contingency plan(s) in place with plenty of supplies, but as the saying goes, “The first causality in any war is the battle plan.”

            And I’m prepared for that as well.

            If things go sideways, and the worst case scenario materializes, and folks are reduced to a primitive state of survival, as we saw vividly in post Katrina New Orleans, with possible Martial Law thrown into the mix, none of us can predict how bad the level of depravity will become. We may see people committing ghastly acts against others that will make our stomachs clench.

            Right now I feel blessed enough knowing that I’ve been awakened early enough in the process to assemble the knowledge, tools, and resources from places like SHTFplan and others to mitigate the worst of the initial effects of this continuing collapse. Cheers.

            • KY Mom

              The future belongs to those who prepare for it.
              – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

              • YH

                KY Mom,

                Excellent quote. Thank you!

              • DocLRRP

                Have you read the rest of his Socialist prattle or are you just gleaning stuff.

            • Not So Much

              “I’ve been hard at work preparing since I first became “aware” of the problem in 2008.”

              A question for you (and for everyone, really).

              Regarding the advice from the vid. It was something along the lines of start something now that will sustain you when the Big Change hits. It was couched as basically start working towards being your own boss.

              I’m curious if anyone is preparing along that vein. The conversation doesn’t really revolve around that type of preparation.

              I’ve got an idea or two up my sleeve that I’m educating myself on, but I haven’t turned it into any type direct action yet.

          • JerGro

            I’m about as ready as I can be. I doubt it’s enough, but I’ll be better off than others.

          • Barn Cat

            I’m ready. We have a year’s supply of food and water, guns and ammo, a way to cook our food and heat our home, 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seat lids with garbage bags to line them and 2000 lbs of kitty litter to cover the smell. We also have plastic to put over broken windows, tar paper to black out the inside of our windows, plywood to block other windows, candles, kerosene lamps, flashlights, 200 AA batteries, USB to AA adapters to charge our iPads. We have desks of cards, board games, and jigsaw puzzles. I have tons of free books on my Kindle. All I need now is a battery to Kindle adapter to charge it.

            • LSB

              Glad to see that you know about plastic to cover broken windows. The 6 mil plastic works wonderful for that. In Alaska a small group of people got together to help a single woman erect a little cabin just before winter came. She got it winterized with the exception of windows. Plastic was put over the outside of the window hole, and another layer was put over the inside, leaving a open space between. She had a barrel stove, 55-gal barrel made into heating stove for heat. Temp there gets down to sometimes 68-70 below, and the house was hot inside. Every prepper needs a roll of 6 mil plastic. Thinner plastic for other projects is also a good idea.

            • Shootit


              I would invest in a small solar system. I have a battery charger that recharges all my re-chargeable batteries. The inverter has a USB

              • Shootit

                Sorry, hit the wrong key.

                The inverter has a USB port. I also have one of the backpack type solar panels that has a USB port to charge stuff on the run.

          • Jakejekel

            no. not by a long shot. however, i have the knowledge to survive when it is needed. i am also not hindered by ideas of morality when it comes to survival. i will do what is needed, however it is needed, to keep me and my family alive. and yes, i know exactly what it means to be willing to do anything. to those in my way when it happens…. may whatever god you believe in have mercy on you… i won’t.

            • LSB

              Whatever…it does make my blood boil if someone insinuates that they would pimp out someone to secure provisions.

              • Not So Much

                This one!

            • REB

              Right back atcha boy!

          • DocLRRP

            No way. I am on the beach waiting for the Tsunami to carry me away. I am and have been living each day as it is my last.

          • eeder

            Yes. I feel I am. I feel I may actually thrive when the masses are down.

          • Mark

            FB Page,
            I bought full-face respirators and MREs and stuff starting back in the late 80’s, due to Exxon’s influence (safety and preparedness was a way of life there). I’ve done some fairly convincing prepping since then. I have to tell you: I’m reading The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, right now. It’s making me think. As I walk to work, I realize that induction is largely invalid (Thanks a lot, Dr. Popper), and reality is not as predictable as we would like. Having said that, I’ve tried to prepare for the obvious things. There will still be those unpredictable, yet very important, events that can change lives and the history of nations. It would be naive for anyone to say that he can be prepared for anything and everything.
            I wish you and the other readers well, and I hope the good guys win…

          • arizona

            FACEBOOK,heres the real problem everyone faces,THE GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS,they will be on the wrong side and most of them will chose death over waking up,they live in a dream world that never exsisted,and this will be their death,BE VERY CAREFUL OF THESE DREAMERS,they are decieved,and will throw you under the BUS,and try to collect the reward on you……………

          • Prepared Pastor

            Not as ready as I would like to be. Whenever I think I am ready I think of ten more things I want to accomplish. Yes I built a free and clear solar powered, wood heated secluded retreat with hot and cold running water. Yes, it has a couple years worth of food and the ability to harvest and grow more. Yes, I have backups to backups and sufficient self-defense inventory to last my lifetime. Yes I’ve built relationships with neighbors who have even more skills than me. I even have a monster box of silver that might buy my children an apprenticeship twenty years after a reset. I’m still not ready because I would like to build and bigger, better survival village as a haven for everyone I love and not just my immediate family.

            BTW, that voice sounds like the same guy who ran the pump-and-dump scheme over at

          • Charlyne

            No. No where near ready but working on it as well as we can. Feelings of frustration come by our place often.

          • 41MagMan

            The reality of this situation is that MANY people THINK that they are ready for SHTF but VERY FEW really will be. I prep quite a bit and am well aware of the fact that a true SHTF situation is likely to be worse, and could very well be MUCH worse, than any of us can even imagine. But all we can do is our best and then have some faith that it will be enough.

          • tayronachan

            @Facebook, In my area I feel like the Lone Ranger…without Tonto. People here are oblivious, and believe the statistics the government puts out. At this point, I just keep my mouth closed so people don’t think I’m crazy.

            • wandakate

              NO NO NO you are not the crazy one…Preparing is SMART! Look at Noah, he prepared as GOD told him to do and he survived the flood, his family and the animals too. Yes, and what about the 10 virgins, 5 were NOT prepared with their oil and they did not get in, the door was closed. Think about that. We are instructed to prepare and be ready for hard times. Perilous times are ahead of us and if we don’t prepare what will we do when the stores shelves are empty, there is no gas, no medicine at the pharmacy etc. Be wise and prepare everyday for the unforeseeable future…

          • two2wisper

            Cant say I am but I am better off than most. We can and grow our food. I hunt deer and am getting into trapping which is a hell of a lot more reliable than deer. No bullets are needed for my hunting of four legged animals so I save my ammo. After I sale this house, I will be moving to my property in Mo. were I can practice a more self sustained life style. But as most I have to live in the now and with a few dollars here and there I get this and that.

            • two2wisper

              My well never goes dry Im a mile and a half from the Big Piney and beside my cravings for sugar I know most edible plants that grow wild in my area Food is not really a issue. Just need to get back into my animal husbandry and looking to start keeping horse’s for transporting me and supplies. Im am doing all this regardless of shtf or not. I want away from Ill.= debt enslavement. I will be there in the next 9 months I reckon.

          • mike

            I have been preparing for a few years. I am blessed right now with a good job. Who is truelly fully prepared for what is coming though. You always will miss something. Thats what scares me.
            I have one problem also that I am not sure how to fix. I have a son with cerebral palsy. He needs seizure medication. How can I get a long term supply.

        • sixpack

          EBT users aren’t the only one’s going to suffer, or haven’t you been paying attention?

        • gatheringbird

          Heres a prep for ya, RECIPE FOR STERNO FUEL- FILL A QUART JAR FULL OF STYROFOAM PEANUTS, ADD 1 CUP OF COLEMAN CAMP FUEL, LET SIT. The packing peanuts turns into a jell which will burn for about 45 min. Makes great flaming arrows or anything else. Cheap cooking fuel!

          • Cosh

            The Vietnamese would scavenge styrofoam cups from dumpsters, dissolve them in gasoline and use as roofing. Coat the roof and let the gas evaporate, foam hardening as it does. Several coats OK. Rains remove all gas residue. Lightweight, insulating, waterproof. Can be painted. Very easy to patch.

        • Ponce

          “The middle class is nothing more than a lower class with big debs”… Ponce

          And they are the ones that were moving the US economy, all that you needed was a decent job to qualified for a “loan”

          My only income is my Social Security and I am living like a king…..why?….NO DEBTS.

          “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

          • 41MagMan

            ““If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce”

            That is very likely true. But add the following:

            If it can be taxed, we don’t own it. Just try not paying the tax and see what happens to what we thought we owned.

      • Gregory8

        Outlaw: You are correct, it’s been happening for some time but for most of us it’s a ‘slow-motion’ crash. Things get a little worse then settle down and we except this ‘new low’ and the norm whether it’s higher food and gas prices, or various insolvencies by companies and municipalities. Each time we fall a little and when the falling stops we’re grateful that things are not worse. They’re not better or even the same as before, but the economic trauma has stopped for now and we’re just glad for the break. We hope that this is the last crisis but we really know more is to come. Now will this trend continue until one day we wake up and find that we’ve finally become a third world with no public services and scarcity of everything? Or will some bigger even come along and finally bring it all down? I don’t know. One thing I think about is the trouble in Egypt. If supporters of Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) get organized they could sink a large ship or two in the Suez Canal and effectively shut it down. The Suez is considered the 3rd most important oil chokepoint in the world. There’s Bal el-Mandab at the entrance of the Suez and it’s bordered by Yeman on one side and Somalia on the other and both countries have lots of folks that hate us. Sinking a ship or two here could be done even more easily. The number one spot for trouble is always the Straight of Hormuz next to our ‘friend’ Iran. Closing any of these would mean a major down turn for the entire planet. But we still have time to get ready. Good luck to us all!

        • 41MagMan

          “they could sink a large ship or two in the Suez Canal and effectively shut it down.”

          Yes, they could do that but it would be the equivalent of screaming at an enemy on the battlefield, “Surrender or I will bleed all over you!”. Egypt desperately needs every bit of income they can get and the Suez canal provides them with a lot of income. The last thing any Egyptian, regardless of political or religious purpose, wants is an even lower standard of living.

      • NoTor

        FOR MAC-

        TOR *was* working after your last fix, now it is NOT again.

        Why does this happen?

        Ninja works but I like TOR.

        I can’t possibly be only one who uses tor am I?

        • NoTor


          PS…by not working I mean comments won’t post.

          They do thru ninja. What’s the problem with TOR?

        • patientmomma

          I read last week on another site that TOR is being attacked by govt hackers to get the identities/IP addresses,

      • Forrest

        I wouldn’t worry too much about it. According to nuclear experts, Fukeshima, Japan nuclear units (FOUR of them) are about to go (due to damage done back when the tsunami hit). When just one blows, it will touch off the others, the atmosphere may be set on fire, we’ll all be doomed. For more information, see the video with Mike Ruppert and Guy McPherson. Life on Earth is on the verge of ending, I think. Possibly.

        As far as prepping, I ain’t half way prepared!

        • Barn Cat

          It’s a bunch of crap. We’re not all doomed. There won’t be a worldwide disaster from Fukushima.

        • 41MagMan

          The leaks at Fukushima are plenty bad enough without inventing ridiculous scenarios that would be worse but that are scientifically impossible.

        • Mojo

          Forrest,I don’t know who’s freakin’ more looney toons, you or braveheart.

      • BadAmerican

        We are definitely on the crazy train, and picking up steam.

        Not fully prepared yet….. I need to practice my shoot, shovel, shut up scenario a few more times…..volunteers?

        What is the DHS/NSA word of the day?


      • SoapDish

        Problem is, even if most wanted to, most cannot afford to prep! TPTB wanted it this way and intentionally made it this way. The dumb down of America was by no accident. Only those that are awake and aware of what is happening will have a better chance of survival.
        Can you imagine how many people will just take the easy way out in life?
        If you have it in your mind of what is to come, you will be better prepared to handle the horrendous situations that may and could happen in the future.
        Keeping a sound mind in any situation is a must!!!!!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      • t

        The effects can already be seen where I am.

        Go to a restaurant that was PACKED 2 months ago and all the tables are empty. Get on the freeway to go to work and the freeway that was so backed up I had to leave at 6 am is moving at the speed limit from 7-9 am and is again empty from 4-7 pm.

        Although I disagree with the whole “get rid of debt” statement, I say buy all the necessities you need to survive on credit. It isn’t like the banks and government will leave you alone when it all crashes, just look at who is expected to pay for welfare, healthcare, bank bail outs (or ins), and section 8 housing…those with a job who are trying to pay down their debt.

    2. durango kidd

      2015 after the elections.

      • Outlaw

        DK, just curious, why do you think after the 2014 election? Why not after the 2016 election? or why did it not happen after the 2008 election? or the 2012 election? what hinges on the 2014 election?
        Tryin to refresh my memory, are you the one who promotes voting? Engage your employees or something like that?

        • Facebook Page

          There is nothing but Survive its death. That it.

          Live life and survive.

        • stevo

          What hinges on the 2014 mid-term elections are Dems know that will be their last possible time to drive their fatal blow laws and policy before the GOP surely takes admin. in 2016.
          Either way in 2014 the economy goes ‘POP’ due to Dems unable to sustain their smoke and mirrors, bandaids and elmers glue.

          • Truth

            If Republicans filled the White House, Congress, and Senate, do you think things would be different now? If you do, you’re a fool.

            • Outlaw

              Thats what I am getting at Truth.

            • stevo

              Well try calling me foolish then…
              It’s a fact Republicans stand for smaller Gvmnt. and left wing Dems are pro big Gvmnt. and blind shills for B.O.

              • Barn Cat

                The Republicans can talk but ultimately they’re on the same side as Obama. Bush was an open borders globalist just like McCain, the Clintons, and Obama. There hasn’t been a conservative president since Reagan.

            • Rick

              Two heads on the same body. We need to DC this two party system.

              • 41MagMan

                Yes, this IS a 2-party system but the names of the parties are not Repub and Dem… they are Rulers and Ruled. All of this left-right, con-lib, and Dem-Repub nonsense is nothing but a magician’s distraction. They are waving this hand in our face so we don’t watch what the other hand is doing behind their back, under the table, inside their coat, etc.

          • stonehillady

            I seem to remember it was the GOP that pushed for NAFTA & GATT, you know the treaties that shipped our Jobs overseas.
            So, neither party has the American peoples interest at heart, it has been the interest of who funds the campaigns of lawmakers, who continue to make laws against us & for the corporate donors.

        • durango kidd

          Outlaw: The future of America hinges upon the 2014 elections. If Patriots do not rally to their own defense politically then, they never will.

          Hate to say it, but if the Retards do not hold the line, or more against the commies, and O’bummer gets control of both Houses of Congress, he will double down on his promise to Transform America and the SWHTF.

          The GB’s want to continue the status quo, meaning that they want another 100 year Agreement to print OUR money. They are not going to collapse the economy, if at all, until they have that Agreement signed sealed and delivered. they are doing all that they can to keep the economy afloat.

          Its hard to do when they have sent our economy offshore. Obviously in their greed, the NWO has miscalculated the effect of the extent of the transfer to China.

          They might collapse the economy if they don’t get it, but it is not in the interests of the GB’s to collapse the economy as no one profits more from it than them. Only the Commies can benefit from a collapsed economy and the ensuing chaos.

          O’bummer may delay that Agreement, due to expire I believe, at the end of the year, to ensure the co-operation of the BIG Banks through elections; even while the DOJ is now hammering them with new allegations and BIG fines. Political pressure to get them in line with his administration.

          Other intel, from a source I have repeatedly found reliable, and which has been provided to me, suggests that events that are currently bottled up will manifest in 2015.

          Be there to get there was the warning given to me. I have repeated that mantra to all of you repeatedly over the past couple of years.

          Engage! 🙂

          • Outlaw

            “The future of America hinges upon the 2014 elections.”
            I have heard the same line over and over, just insert year of next election in place of 2014. Somehow I do not think elections are going to save us at this point…

            • hammerhead

              outlaw – i agree elections wont save us immediatly ,but they will allow us to continue as a country .
              the democrap socialist in the white house will keep bernanke chained to the printing press until after the midterm elections , after that , who cares ?
              ever notice that a crash or reset happens as one president is leaving office and another takes over?
              I agree with DK on this one !

            • Blankone

              Mark Twain said ” if voting meant anything , they wouldn’t let us do it”….. He was wise even back then…

            • Horse'sass


              We can vote for what we want, but voting is now meaningless. We gave up our ability to effect change with voting decades ago.
              We will have to accept what circumstances beyond our control now dictate to us!

              • 41MagMan

                The purpose of using ballots is so that we do not have to use bullets to settle issues. Unfortunately, the election process is now compromised beyond its useful purpose. The 2012 election was so fraudulent as to be meaningless. Many people voted multiple times and then bragged publicly about the felony they just committed. Illegals, criminals, and the dead voted early and often. Those engaging in this behavior have no clue as to what they have done in their zeal to “elect” their anointed one. Voting is now meaningless and of no value whatsoever… and a lot of us are fully aware of it. History will likely record 2012 as the year in which the collapse of the American Republic occurred. What next? The Empire?

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Can you imagine slaves on a plantation sitting around voting for masters and spending their time on campaigning and candidates when they could be heading for the underground railroad?

            Engaging the “system” will not work. The system is rigged. They need you to “Engage” their system. That’s what gives it the appearance of legitimacy.

            Send a message to the “Establishment.” Don’t Vote!

            “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
            ~ Emma Goldman

            • durango kidd

              “Don’t vote!” is exactly what the PYB want you do do. They want you to be disillusioned, defeated, depressed, and disengaged from the political process. That is how they have controlled that process and how they control US.

              So, who IS the government troll? 🙂

            • tayronachan

              @yourmotherwaswrong, Voting makes a lot of difference here in my small town. But after what happened to Ron Paul, I can understand your feelings on the matter.

          • eeder

            DK, the “agreement” you speak of ended on December 31, 2013. We are now in no mans land. This is a fact that most people do not know. In other words, anything the fed is now doing is not under any “agreement”. These people do not pay attention to agreements or laws or the constitution. When those things become too big of an inconvenience, they just ignore it and do as they please.

            • eeder

              I meant December 31, 2012.

          • Barn Cat

            It’s too late for America. Unfunded liabilities for medicare, social security, and federal pensions are rising by $4 trillion a year. The government spends $3 trillion and takes in $2 trillion in taxes. So, in effect, the government takes in $2 trillion and spends $7 trillion. Obamacare is destroying the economy. We’re going to become a country of part time workers. The only thing that would save America would be to cut ALL entitlement spending and that will never happen. Besides, the primaries are set up so no conservative can win. We got Romney because Democrats crossed over in the primaries to vote for him. We haven’t had a conservative president since Reagan. We’ll never have another one.

            • Shootit

              The spending will stop “When they run out of other people’s money.” ~ Thacher What are you going to do? Buy food or pay your taxes?

              • Barn Cat

                They’ve already run out of other people’s money. Now they’re just printing it. Pretty soon we’ll be Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe.

            • durango kidd

              Don’t any of you people have any faith, hope, courage, or resolve? I have never heard such unmitigated DEFEATISM from soooo many people at one time.

              It would be laughable if it were not so pathetic. 🙂

          • Reality Check

            DK, until you can get yourself out of the left right paradigm, you will not see clearly. You must realize both sides are paid off. An election is; meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

            • laura m.

              R. Check: that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell him and others who are GOP worshipers. Bush jr. trashed the housing mkt; papa Bush pushed free trade, sold out many jobs. Some can’t (or refuse) see it as maybe their GOP parents are ruling them from the grave. Not to even mention electronic voting fraud. Third parties, starting way back decades, always failed. Some think Pres O will trash us out later in his final term. Hillary has baggage (Benghazi) is old and washed up to run for any ofc.

              • dave in Id

                The gop continued funding the NSA, they helped vote in Obamacare. They do what the PTB tells them. there is no right/left. just traitor pieces of shit.

              • durango kidd

                Reality Check: I understand that both parties are part and parcel of the NWO; which is why I encourage Americans to form NEW political structures as they have always done in the past when the status quo was not listening to them or serving them.

                Right now, the GOP, under some influence from the tea party, is the best of two evils. would you rather have Rand Paul as President, or Barry Obama and Hillary?

                • another Jay

                  DK, Ron Paul tried that. See how well that worked?

                • durango kidd

                  Another Jay: Success is never guaranteed in any endeavor. But to quit, roll over, give up and let the machines slice you and dice you to pieces is pathetic and cowardly.

                  Your life must be VERY successful! 🙂

              • 41MagMan

                “Hillary has baggage (Benghazi) is old and washed up to run for any ofc.”

                All that is reasonable. However, MANY voters do not use reason in their everyday decisions, let alone when voting.

        • sixpack

          They will install Hillary Clinton as the first female president. We’ll have another cover like obummer has (being the first black president) and the sheeple will follow her into the abyss.

          If you think back, they have already tested her resolve and they know she will do their bidding without question—AND she’ll weather any fallout (think “what difference does it make?”) without turning on them.

          More satisfying for the sick elites to destroy the world with a black man, would be to destroy humanity with a gay white female who will hold on to the lies until the very end.

          Remember, to the elite globalist cabal, THIS IS ALL A FUCKING GAME, played for their amusement.

      • JustMe

        “Elections” !? ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

        How about the next round of fraudulent “installations”…
        This bares repeating again….

        “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joeseph Stalin

        I’d wager they won’t wait for 2015, anyway…

        • durango kidd

          If O’bummer wins both Houses of Congress, nothing will help US, nothing will stop him, and We will have to bear the consequences of that result. He will attempt to impose communism upon US as never before.

          O’Bummer Care is just a warm up. With total control of the Government after 2014, he would move to ban ALL firearms by first imposing registration; then confiscation.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one Rule, Regulation, or Executive Order at a time. 🙂

          • JustMe


            I would so very much like to believe that “elections” will save America, but they will not.

            Both “parties” have been owned by the same people since before we were born. Thier gatekeepers will never allow anyone into any kind of real meaningful leadership position who not do thier bidding.

            “Elections” saving America is a pipe dream.

            • Blankone

              I haven’t voted in years because the lesser of 2 evils is just not a vote I want to cast. I refuse to validate their corrupt system by participating..

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Blankone says:

                “I haven’t voted in years because the lesser of 2 evils is just not a vote I want to cast. I refuse to validate their corrupt system by participating.”

                We need more of this clear thinking!

                Spread the word: Voting is a waste of time, and changes NOTHING.

                Do not support the establishment by voting for it.

                Undermine the system. Get out the NON VOTE!

                Engage the system by NOT engaging it.

                • durango kidd

                  When you do not participate in the political process you are validating the NWO government that is destroying you and your family.

                  They do not want you to participate. You are just a useless eater. Your views do not matter to them. Your participation is not wanted unless you are contributing financially to your own slavery.

                  The PTB FEAR elections. They FEAR an engaged, enraged electorate. That is why they make promises to every segment of the population which they do not intend to keep.

                  Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one re-election at a time. 🙂

                • 41MagMan

                  All of us can be certain that the mooch class WILL vote… and in sufficient numbers to keep the gov largesse flowing, no matter how many tax-payers have to be inverted, held by their ankles, and shaken to collect the amount they want.

                • Cat

                  I always vote. Unfortunately it’s for the one I think will do the least damage.

          • JerGro

            Looks to me that any resistance to BO is just for show, he already has free reign to twist the knife in the back of the constitution.

          • sixpack

            Don’t you see, DK? It doesn’t matter who sits in congress. They are mostly all scared of blackmail, posing NO REAL OPPOSITION to the globalists. If anyone does fight back too hard, he/she ends up “suicided”, or their families are murdered, or they end up in prison for the rest of their lives.

            Good people like JFK were made public example of, to scare their successors into line. Men named Wellstone and Breithbart comes to mind. The dead opposition list is a long one. Ron Paul almost made that list. He was already receiving threats against he and his family, just before he dropped out of the presidential race…remember?

            We have much bigger problems than just our elected government.

            We must defeat the globalist cabal.

            • durango kidd

              Our elected government, for the most part, IS the Globalist Cabal and their minions. But even the IRA or the PLA with violent, militant guerrilla armies, recognized the necessity of a Political Party to consolidate their gains and legitimize their power.

              Some of you folks are soooo poorly informed about YOUR own potential power, that you have developed a LOSER mentality. Frankly, it is alien to me and I do not understand why sooo many of you are willing to accept the status quo and your own personal enslavement.

              You deserve what you get! 🙂

              • dave in Id

                DK… you are the soooo poorly informed. The “powers to be” control our government through the shadow government. The NSA has dirt on every member of congress, the supreme court, and the president. We are not Losers, You will be the loser when they haul you off. We are prepping to avoid the enslavement. You seem to be intuned to the economy. You should focus on what the gov has prepared. I dont mean fema camps, but more like well stocked safe, underground small cities for themselves. They do exist and you can find out about them if you do the research. Then you can try to figure out what they know and wont tell us. JOG knows, thats why he bugged. I think I know what is going to happen, but I have no solid proof. So I will just continue to prep and LEARN. Knowledge is very very important right now concerning survival skills, including understanding nuke technology. Stocks, Bonds and the economy collapsing is nothing but a major inconvenience.

                • durango kidd

                  So what has all that to do with your potential power, individually and collectively? Obviously you are not a combat vet and have the backbone of a jellyfish.

                  Grow some fucking balls and be a man! 🙂

                • East Bay San Fran

                  I agree with Dave in Id, how many of us have bomb shelters?

                • dave in Id

                  @ DK…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. Any time someone does not agree with what you post, you have a insult in your reply. Your comment 2090553 Is 180 degrees wrong. You are a internet warrior who would be spitting up your teeth if you were man enough to state that comment in person. All the good info you post doesnt mean shit when you present it like a asshole.

                • durango kidd

                  DII: You so backbone to me because I insulted and shamed you? How about showing some backbone toward the PTB? 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  DII: If it will put some steel in your backbone and a fire in your belly, I can insult you again! 🙂

          • eeder

            DK. You are all about maintaining the status quo. I think it would be wonderful if the commies take over all branches because then we would actually have a catalyst to get this party started. Repukes like the status quo. Demtards want massive change. Both are bad. But wallowing on like this is bad for an increasing number of people. Lets get the real show started.

          • JRS

            Someone predicted Mitt Romney would be in office and the economy would now be on a tear.

            Wonder who that was?

            Local elections CAN make a difference, locally. National elections just plain suck for our future.

            It doesn’t really matter, as no election will fix the lack of cheap oil.

            Gasoline consumption is down around 65% from what it was in 2003. Spend more on gas…spend less on other things.

            With an economy based on consumption and not production and exports this means “TOAST”.

            It is a worldwide phenomenon that cannot be fixed without wages rising to keep pace with oil price. Not gonna happen.

            Better get used to a lower standard of living. The guzzler 4 door pickups will eventually be stranded at the end of the driveway.

            • durango kidd

              Mitt Romney would be in office now if the white voters would have turned out for the election. White voters stayed home and O’Bummer was re-elected.

              If white voters stay home in 2014, Communism will be elected to a majority in both the House and the Senate, while it controls the White House.

              Low wages are not the cause of high gasoline prices. Low wages are the direct result of “Free Trade”. “Free Trade” is “supply side economics” in action.

              Gasoline prices are keeping pace with inflation while wages are not. That is why you believe that gasoline prices are high. Do the research. I have. 🙂

            • Cosh

              Yes! I vote in my local elections. I can buttonhole my Supervisor in the supermarket checkout line. I vote all State level issues. National issues – too many lies, smoke and mirrors. Waste of time and my vote is statistically insignificant on a national level.

      • braveheart

        DK, uh, the way things are shaping up, I’ll be surprised if we make it into 2014. Possee, I’m still prepping according to my means. getting closer and closer. braveheart

        • morons abound

          thank you mac…….braveheart,,,,we were dead 3 years ago according to..ALL web sites….No shots rang out, PUSSIES, OOPS sorry,,logical thinkers………..anybody that tries to goad you into firing the first shot is the troll..and by the way,, the FIRST tells me you are another anti constitution lib

        • durango kidd

          Braveheart: Things do not look good and We may be drifting into the second leg down.

          Cars sales are on pace for 15 million units this year. That is a good number and up from 12 million last year.

          Housing was a spurt and will likely decline as the demographics are just not there, mortgage rates are rising, and down payments of less than 10%, now constitute more than 20% of all sales.

          So while the economy is questionable, it still remains to be seen what the outcome will be near term, as so many are saying Fall for the collapse. Not likely. The economy can stumble along like this for some time and has for the past four years, AS INTENDED.

          Engage! 🙂

          • clark

            Ha. Durango ‘Krugman’ Kidd:

            “demographics are just not there” – is that a weasel way out, or what?

            Once a mortgage banker, always a mortgage banker. Eh?

            “Cars sales are on pace for 15 million units this year.”

            And the central bankers of the world injected trillions of Dollarsz into the economy, so why should anyone think the economy is broken?> aright? Ha. Ridiculous.

            Engage what?
            Engage a non-listening device?
            Engage an old man set in his ways?
            Engage a system that has a one track mind?

            Anyway, I’m waiting for you to post the link to the website of your political patriot party,… you know, the one just like you trashed what’s-his-name for not spending millions of Dollars on.
            A grass=roots effort can work, … right?
            So why the hell aren’t you doing it and telling the world how to do the same, instead of the blowhardiness you’ve been blasting onto these pages?

            Where the heck is your patriots link, Durrango Kidd?

            …As if it’d make a lick of difference, millionaire, or not.

            Get with it man. The ‘system’ is a trap. And you’ve fallen right into it. … Or you’re getting paid well.

            • yourmotherwaswrong


              I’ve said it before… I think the Durrango Kidd is a troll.

              He supports the Establishment and the status quo on just about everything (the economy, voting, banking, the military)… Sometimes quite vociferously.

              The Durrango Kidd runs counterintuitive to premise of this site, and that’s how a troll operates.

              What’s disturbing, is that many on this site agree with, and defend his establishment positions. They seem to be emotionally attached to him.

              • braveheart

                YMWW, you back off from Durango Kidd. He might be misguided on one or two subjects, BUT HE’S NOT A TROLL! He means the best in the world. you, however, are another story. braveheart

                • Candy

                  Are you his lawyer now ?

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  braveheart says:

                  “YMWW, you back off from Durango Kidd. He might be misguided on one or two subjects, BUT HE’S NOT A TROLL! He means the best in the world. you, however, are another story. braveheart”

                  Braveheart… What is it with you???

                  You whine like a mule.

                  Pull up your big girl panties, and grow a thicker skin!

                  The Durrango Kidd can defend his positions if he chooses.

                  He doesn’t need you coming to his rescue.

              • laura m.

                Ma was wrong & clark: Gotcha, a paid troll/bully no doubt, dk’s ma or pa may rule him from the grave; many are like this that can’t be their own person with indep. thought. Sixpack: gotcha, they do kill/threaten any opposition, those who want to expose corruption no matter what pol party they are. I learned this back in late 70’s along with voting being a farce.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  laura m. gets it.

                  Do you?

                • braveheart

                  YMWW, my only complaint on you was calling DK a troll. OK, he’s mistaken about having any faith in the current system we live under. I never had any faith in the system to begin with. All I’m saying is DK is not a troll. Everyone has made damn good points about not believing in the system and I’m not even questioning that. I believe the system will bring itself down completely and we’ll have to start over from scratch with something different. braveheart

                • sixpack

                  laura m.: “Sixpack: gotcha, they do kill/threaten any opposition, those who want to expose corruption no matter what pol party they are.”

                  —what the hell are you talking about? Are you agreeing with me, or trying to correct me by repeating what I just said?

                  What’s with this “gotcha” shit? You ain’t got nobody, please go back to sleep.

                • durango kidd

                  Laura I have been on my own since I was seventeen and a senior in High School. I worked two jobs to get ahead and pay for my university education.

                  “Ma & Pa” were never relevant in my life. They were divorced and I was a “street kid” from the time I was 11 years old.

                  At 18 after HS graduation, I packed one small suitcase, walked out of the front door of my apartment, cleaned out my bank account of $150.00, stuck out my thumb, and never looked back.

                  Probably why I have no sympathy for pissers, moaners, whiners, and cry babies, like you. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  The Durango Kidd says:

                  “Laura I have been on my own since I was seventeen and a senior in High School. I worked two jobs to get ahead and pay for my university education.

                  “Ma & Pa” were never relevant in my life. They were divorced and I was a “street kid” from the time I was 11 years old.

                  At 18 after HS graduation, I packed one small suitcase, walked out of the front door of my apartment, cleaned out my bank account of $150.00, stuck out my thumb, and never looked back.

                  Probably why I have no sympathy for pissers, moaners, whiners, and cry babies, like you.”

                  So are you trolling for a Brownie Button or a Bozo Badge?

                  Personally, I would award you both!

                • durango kidd

                  Yo Mama: I think We all know who the troll is here. 🙂

            • JRS

              I kinda miss the old clark and Durango Kidd shootouts.

            • durango kidd

              Clark; Hey Dumbshit! Glad to see you back! I was getting lonely without you, you little faggot! 🙂

              Check the archives shit-for-brains, I have noted that the demographics for housing were over a long time ago. Nothing new about that. In fact, I suggested not so long ago that any uptick in housing would be brief, prior to a second leg down, due to the ten million homes that were currently under water. that number is down to about 5 million now.

              If you knew ANYTHING about the economy you would know that 15 million vehicle units IS a good number. And if you check the archives, I told you last year at this time, that vehicles sales would be a good indicator of improvement in the economy. Whether that number can be sustained going forward is another matter.

              I have posted links to The Patriot Party, America First, and The Constitution Party and encouraged everyone to access the many times in the past. Again, YOU were not listening, which is why you do not know the difference between shit and apple butter.

              I have never said that the economy was not broken; I have always and repeatedly said that it was stolen by the GB’s. As always i can count on you to misquote me or put words into my mouth that I have never said, and then rail against it.

              Nice try. It won’t work. It all in the archives. 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                The Durango Kidd says:

                “If you knew ANYTHING about the economy you would know that 15 million vehicle units IS a good number.”

                If you knew ANYTHING about the economy, you would know that those auto sale numbers are artificially high via the Federal Reserves manipulated interest rates. Once interest rates begin to rise (and they will), you can kiss that 15 million vehicle unit number goodbye.

                The auto sales numbers do not reflect the health of the economy. Instead, they reflect peoples desire to take on cheap debt.

                Cheap money will come to an end, and with it, your auto sales numbers.

                You fancy yourself economically savvy but point out a fake/manipulated condition as being good/positive.

                Why is that?

                You are either ignorant, or willfully deceitful.

                • durango kidd

                  Yo Mama: The USA is designed so that individuals can make their own, personal decision as to how to spend their money, how much, and how much leverage they want to handle.

                  Its called personal liberty.

                  Auto sales do not reflect the health of YOUR economy but everyone is not created equal, financially. YOU are part of the 30-35% of Americans who couldn’t buy it they wanted to buy.

                  There are two economies in America today and some folks are doing quite well. Obviously, from your grumbles, you are not one of them. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  @The Durango Kidd

                  Well that was a pathetic response.

                  Since you didn’t even attempt to refute what I said, and instead attacked me personally, I’ll assume you know that what I said is indeed correct.

                  You may think you understand the economy and economics, but I think you’re just playing the role of a Hack for the Establishment!

                  Keep it up professor. The folks here need to see that you really don’t know what you’re talking about after all.

                  Clark got it right: Durango “Krugman” Kidd.

                  And you call him a “Dumbshit?” LOL

                  You better look in a mirror buddy!

          • jerrytbg

            Interesting views you have and lay out there DK…may come to that…
            That is, assuming we live in a PHYSICAL universe that is static…
            Signs are in the sky I say.

            • durango kidd

              Jerrytbg: I hear what you are saying, I understand, and I agree with you. Another reason why 2015 is SHTF.

              • dave in Id

                DK… As your reply to Jerrytbg…If I read into this right… then I was wrong thinking your 2015 date is based on economics.

                • durango kidd

                  No harm, no foul. But my reasoning does not preclude economics. Understand that there are two economies in America. One for 70% of the population, another for the 30% who are unemployed or under employed.

                  The economy has been programmed to be flat with barely a pulse. Current conditions are designed that way. If the FED wanted to stimulate the economy, they could. They don’t. QE is designed to protect the banks not stimulate the economy. Don’t believe the propaganda.

                  The FED has programmed the economy to continue with a faint heartbeat until they can assimilate the bad securities and foreclosures. They are also subsidizing European banks now with OUR dollars.

                  While the FED can control the economy and does, it cannot control acts of God or the consequences of War. War is around the corner. War creates chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences. Acts of God not far behind.

                  Keep prepping. 🙂

                • jerrytbg

                  I do believe DK looks at the whole picture and zeros in on the tangible … just my take…

          • braveheart

            DK, if we have another year or so before MEGA SHTF, that would really help. The more time we have to get our preps in order, the better our chances of survival. Sorry, I have to agree with the others that elections won’t save this nation. the system is way too far gone to save it. the system will eventually collapse in all of its aspects and under its own weight. Hitting the reset button means we need to start all over again from scratch after a 2nd American Revolution. that’s the only hope I see for this country. the current system is what’s killing our country. braveheart

            • tayronachan

              @braveheart, I think we should seek a return to being the Constitutional Republic we once were. Of course that path would probably be rather ugly, as I don’t see TPTB giving up their status and obeying the Constitution. I think we have a pretty good Constitution, if it was only followed. peace

              • braveheart

                Tayronachan, I agree but there’s no way to accomplish that peacefully. braveheart

          • JustMe

            “Car sales”? Is this how you really judge how America is fairing?

            I would’nt worry too much about “Housing starts”, either. You will still be paying for yours, and soon, your nieghborhood will be forcably “diversified”, with people who have zero intention of paying for thiers.

            Clinging to economic illusions is part of the problem that is destroying America.

            • durango kidd

              JustMe: Vehicles sales ARE a good indicator of economic improvement. Not the only one by any measure, but one that helps to keep the economy afloat, even if it is bouncing along the bottom. Just one more reason why current conditions can continue for some time.

              I do not have a mortgage, and I can promise you that “my neighborhood” will not be “forcibly diversified” because market forces eliminate that possibility. Your neighborhood is probably different.

              “The problem that is destroying America” is Free Trade, which has transferred OUR economy offshore. It is that simple. Even the enormous debt that WE have would not be a problem if the revenue from those 60 thousand factories and seventy million jobs were added back to American GDP.

              The destruction of the American economy was deliberate and the PTB in DC who are responsible for it should be hanging from the Washington Monument.

              Until the American people reclaim their political power, these criminals cannot be ousted from power. Engage! 🙂

              • JustMe

                Good reply 😉

        • possee


          speaking of a reset..
          has anyone seen the latest?

          Solicitation Number: W15QKN13T8513
          Agency: Department of the Army
          Office: Army Contracting Command
          Location: ACC – New Jersey

          Solicitation Number:
          Notice Type:
          Combined Synopsis/Solicitation

          The U. S. Army Contracting Command – New Jersey, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, in support of the U.S. Army Research Development Engineering Command Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (RDECOM-ARDEC) and Several Program Offices, intends to issue a solicitation to all Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) holders to procure the following:

          1. 592,825 (approx) AK Rifle Magazines: 7.62x39mm Caliber, New Production, Steel, 30 Round Capacity

          Since when did the Army contract or use AK47’S..

          and 600,000 30 round magazines?



          • braveheart

            Good morning, Possee. I saw that article on infowars yesterday. Very curious proposal by the Army. It would be interesting to see where they’re getting AKs from. braveheart

          • Smokey

            One word : Syria

            • Night breaker

              I concur but one exception , EGYPT then SAUDI ARABIA , mabe even insurgents in IRAN?
              Something foul is coming , time will tell.
              remember a lot of things can happen rapidly be prepared.

              Prepare like there is no tomorrow I agree with man on the inside 12 to 24 months max .
              No BS, no SCHTACO ,

              Things may get rather exciting.


              I worked at PICATINY. At one time. They test and Evaluate Weapon Systems including special weapons. An order like this is highly unusual 7.62 X 39 is no longer used by the former soviet block countries that is why in the 90’s you could get a lot of sks etc, (5.45 X 39 is the current caliber.) Chambered in this caliber. This caliber is more common in the Middle east and other third world backwaters.

              standard combat load
              600 thousand magazines / 8 per LBV=75,000 equipped infantry

              AK47 and The RPK were chamber in this caliber till the adoption of the AK74.

              If Saudi Arabia gets the itch , I could be very bad , can you say oil shortage.

              BE ALERT. BE AWARE


              Semper Fi 8541

            • durango kidd

              Exactly. This ammo is designed and directed toward the Middle East. A former Eastern Bloc nation, like the Checks, could fill that order easily.

            • dave in Id

              Shit.. thats too bad, I was hoping they are for here.

              • dave in Id

                spare parts.

          • Kulafarmer

            Since they are supplying syrian and egyptian rebels with arms

          • Horse'sass

            that’s what those foreign UN type troops that may arrive as our new “police force” are requesting.

            • braveheart

              Horse’sass, a lot of those foreign troops, depending on where they’re from, will be carrying AK47s. you’d be surprised how many countries are still using them. when the shooting starts, weapons and ammo for them will soon become available. I’m going to grab all that I can.

        • pointshoot

          Brave heart- How is this warning different from the other ten thousand times you have sais its closer and closer? You are always “surprised” we will make it until some arbitrary time. Why 2014? Why not December 2013? Now do your usual troll comment.

          • braveheart

            Pointshoot, who is the troll now? I’ve been living on edge ever since Sandy Hook and the gun grabbers started talking all their shit about disarming us. Look at how gun and ammo sales skyrocketed in the aftermath of that incident. Not exactly what the gun grabbers had in mind, eh? I’m not the only one who’s been living on edge, waiting for the worst, and we all know it’s coming some day; only a question of when. we’re all glad MEGA SHTF has not happened yet. the more time we have, the more supplies we can get, and the better our chances of survival. I’m still prepping all the way until whenever it happens. Regardless of when that is, at least I’m not getting caught with my pants down like the 95-98% of the population who refuse to listen to us and who refuse to prepare. SHTF will be tragic for them. what about you, pointshoot? Are you prepping for what’s coming? Hope so for your own sake.

    3. possee

      Prepare accordingly..

      to your means

      Been warned since 2008..

      and still preparing accordingly..

      to my means

      nuff said..


      • eeder

        The major warning came in 2001. Those late to the game still had time in 2008. I do believe that time is running out, like sands in the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

    4. bob

      EBT Apocalypse, yep one day the cards will just stop working and the free shit army will go crazy. Hopefully 50-75% of them will just be stupid enough to kill each other so we will only have to deal with the other 25% of which about 15% will be okay so we will jus have to deal with 10% which is about 2- 3- million.

      • clark

        I feel really bad about this, bob. But your comment was funny.

        Funny funny.
        Sad funny.
        Pathetic funny.
        Disappointed funny.

        All rolled into one.

        …It didn’t have to be this way.
        And that’s not-so-funny.

    5. Survivor.

      Lets see, 357. at hand. Boxs of M.R.E,s good to go. Berkey water filters primed and ready. It,ll be a good day in Hell. Hell on earth I mean.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Trying to stay ready!

        P lenty of ammo.
        R ain water barrels
        E xtra batteries and candles
        S mith and Wesson
        S ewing kit
        U gly goats for milk
        R eady made meals
        E xtra fertilizer and seed

        C anned food
        O il for lamps
        O dds and ends
        K -bar
        E xcedrine for headaches
        R emington shotgun

        • Wilson

          If you keep coming up with gems like this you have my support to keep on loafing. This is good, thanks.

          • Highspeedloafer

            Thanks Wilson and others but its not original to me. Every year at the beginning of football season one of the Green Bay newspapers carries a story about the upcoming season. It is usually a very long story. If you take the first letter of each paragraph it spells out “The Bears still suck”. Its not a bad way to communicate though, but one would need a lot of paper to say a whole lot.

            Mac could do a special story one day for the special among us if he needed to get a certain message out.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Highspeed, now that is ingenuity. The NSA might catch a pressure cooker dummy like me, but they will have to hire a new code breaker to catch you. Trekker Out.

        • JayJay

          HSL–they just ain’t that smart.
          pressure cooker is a lot easier for ‘them’.

          • sixpack

            Can you spell “pressure cooker”? Sure, I knew you could.

        • Night breaker

          highspeed loafer your the man!
          DK you are on the right track regardless of the detractors to your views.
          I am sure none of us know what will happen in the future but we can see the trends.
          Those that question the number of patriots out there , we are many and will arise when the terms dictate it. When it becomes unsufferable , When there is only one alternative, When your only choice is to fight because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When it is better to give your life than to live in a terrorable slavery.

          The only way to control a man is not to take everything away from him, when you do he has nothing to lose he is free again.

          True patriots fight for what they believe . Speak up , vote , do the right thing even when when no one is around, walk the walk,

          Things may be hard and may get harder in the future , but never give up ,It may be up to you as individuals to rebuild what has been lost one small step at a time survive the Republics Death , rebuild it to its former glory. You may not realize it but time works for us only us , the statists program and system is unstable and never will be stable , it will collapse under it own weight their people are not moral , just or god fearing ,sudden distruction by their own hand will be their fate.

          Continue on your own paths the reward will bring a new dawn for this country, one based on our original founders intent.

          A miracle happen yesterday in NJ the minority of gun owners stopped a complete reversal of abolishing the second admendment in this state with the help of the governor.





          Semper Fi 8541

          • durango kidd

            Semper Fi Brother. Can you believe the LOSER mentality that sooo many posters have here? Is it any wonder the nation is in trouble?

            How fucking pathetic can they be? did they develop that attitude and perspective on their own? what worthless POS! 🙂

            • braveheart

              DK, uh, who are the losers?

              • Mojo

                Look in the mirror for the biggest one bh,IF the shtf EVER happens you won’t be able to troll this website with your 50 comments every day. Deprived of your only venue of life,and once the Jack Daniels stops flowing, you’ll likely succumb to post shtf depression and chuck it in.

              • durango kidd

                Braveheart: The LOSERS are those individuals who are willing to quit before they fight back. They are the people who say “dont vote, drop out”. That is EXACTLY what the PTB want.

                The fewer Americans who are willing to challenge them the easier it is for the NWO to impose Agenda 21 upon US.

                Those are the losers. Worse they spread that propaganda here and elsewhere to depress and discourage others. Its psyche ops, pure and simple.

                Read Sun Tse to understand what is happening. YO mama IS a government troll, or a foreign agent, spreading defeatism under the new law that allows the Government to legally lie and spread propaganda to US.

                By their fruit ye shall know them. 🙂

        • PO'd Patriot

          LMAO! Good one highspeed!

        • sixpack

          HSL, I forgot about the fertilizer, thanks for the reminder.

        • A Watcher.

          Why the pressure cooker? When it really starts to happen there,s is not going to be any time for gardens. Proper growing seasons are going to be gone,or safety to tend the farm will be surely at hand. When it hits the fan,its over with. No recovery, just pure survival. The Anti-Christ and his armies will make sure of that. One thing for sure when and if you run out of ammo , you can always use your pressure cooker as some sort of weapon or club. The great Tribulation man. No time for seasonal growing. Just hoping and praying they don,t come for you if your left behind whenever the Rapture occurs. Just cooking with pressure with prayer so I can be found worthy to get to Heaven. The day is at hand. Repent!

          • PuppyPrepper

            Salvation does not require that you be worthy. It simply requires that you accept what Christ did for you. He paid the price of your sins. Faith alone in Christ alone is the way to Heaven.

        • dave in Id

          U gly goats for milk….Up here we like the purdy ones.

    6. eppe

      Like I have before, kill them all, start over…

      • clark

        eppe, for some reason I can’t thumb you down.
        That’s a terrible outlook you have, “kill them all, start over…”

        Or am I missing something?

        It looks like you advocate lumping the innocent and those who are trying to do good, in with The Bastards.

        … If so, that makes you as bad as them.

        • eppe

          clark, maybe I should have been more specific, as in TPTB…
          sorry if I ruffle anyones feathers, but think about it. If the TPTB were terminated, we had real leadership in DC, would we be going thru this?
          USA seems to turning into a dictatorship, with a BAD dictator…

      • DocLRRP

        Who is them.??

        Hey, no links from Kentuckuh Mawm???

      • braveheart

        Eppe, like I said in a previous forum, the great culling will take care of them and this country will start over in some form or fashion. braveheart

    7. possee

      I am a possum. I roll with a possee. that is where i get my name from.

      possee out

      • clark

        possee, possums are really ugly ( I mean, seriously ugly) and seemingly vile creatures, are you sure you wanna relate to them? They seem more fitting to describe politicians, imho.

        … To each his own, I suppose?

        • SmokinOkie

          Hey there, clark! long time no see.
          Now about those possums- ugly is in the eye of the beholder. And obviously the possums look pretty good to each other. How else do we explain why there’s so many of them?!

        • sixpack

          Ever tried to kill a possum? They don’t go down easy.

      • possee

        “possee” imitator.

        This possee does not roll with possums.

        This possee moniker stems from the.

        posse comitatus act..

        “to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce the State laws.”

        Find yourself another nickname..or at least be original .

        Mac..are duplicate surnames allowed here?


      • Mountain Trekker

        When ever I eat possum, I always cook it in a pressure cooker and as I said in a past comment, they sure come in handy when ever you go deep into the wilderness, always carry one in a sack and if you have to you can either eat it, or if you get lost just release it and it will led you to a road. All of God’s creatures have a purpose. Trekker Out.

        • mountain man 6-1

          HMmmmm…..And I thought Possums started out growing FLAT on a southern ROAD !!…

    8. California Resident

      I think the last steps will include an announcement that anyone with a SSN has had their personal information compromised by some ‘foreign’ power. At that point they’ll promote the RFID chip as a ‘fix’ to prevent anyone from stealing anyone’s financial identities.

      In other words create the crisis, then supply the fix for the crisis. People will fall over each other trying to ‘save themselves’ from catastrophe.

      In reality they’ll be running into its arms – at which point the government shuts off the RFID chips and people start getting hungry, turning their neighbors in, and otherwise selling their souls.

      Where have I read about this before?

      • sixpack

        I DON’T HAVE A FINANCIAL IDENTITY. I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of—so I’m safe from financial exploitation, foreign OR domestic.

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats like obamas push to get everyone tested for aids, gives them your DNA,
        Maybe he should work on getting his brothers and sisters in Africa tested first

    9. eppe

      Soros placed a 1.2 billion bet s&p will go down, do you see the writing on the wall?

      • Smokey

        I hope he loses every penny of it.

        • eppe

          But he has placed bets that made him very wealthy. Do anyone think he knows what is going on? If I had a crystal ball I would do the same. But I think he is tptb and ready to make real wealth…

          • CWinOR

            he’s certainly in the inner circle. look what he did to the British Pound! You know where he got his start in business don’t you? Selling the furniture of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto that had just been sent off to the camps. He became the lowest form of life, lower even than the Nazi’s themselves, when at the “tender” age of 10, he became not just a traitor to his Jew brethren and collaborator with the Nazi’s, but a profiteer from their deeds. know why, as decrepit as the old scumbag is- he just won’t die? sheer will. he knows that while he’s in the inner circle of then banksters now, there’s a circle in hell reserved just for him.

            • clark

              CWinOR, I Did Not know That.
              I’ll have to look for conformation of that, but it seems likely.

              • eppe

                It is true, he also helped facilitate the Asian contagion (shorting the baht) in the late 90’s. Soros is not even his real name, look it up, I did years ago and he wants to rule with his puppets…

            • braveheart

              CWinOR, let me take that even further. Did anyone here know that the VATICAN itself, during and even after the Nazi surrender, HELPED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NAZI WAR CRIMINALS TO ESCAPE TO SOUTH AMERICA? They all managed to escape with forged documents and passports to long-established German expatriate communities in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina. Not one of them has ever been brought to justice. Had that exodus been prevented, the Nuremberg Tribunals would have lasted for many years longer. braveheart

            • lastmanstanding

              Hitler was a jew…just like georgie boy…geo was smart, he was on the inside…the jews purged their own just like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol pot, etc…and made it look like they were the victim.

              Then Isreal was set up in 1949, with everyone else’s money…how’s that for something to think about…

              The jews, God’s chosen people…do some research, not all of them were God’s people.

              If you look at them objectively, you will see that they just want servants.

              Servants translated for those of you that don’t get it means…Slave.

          • stevo

            not only does he know what’s going on, he’s responsible for everything nefarious going on.
            He makes wealth on every side of the cue ball.

        • Mal Reynolds

          Soros will pay. It just might not be in this life.


        • PO'd Patriot

          Gee wonder where Sorass got his insider traders info at. On some bassetball court in Massachewzits I’m sure.

          • sixpack

            “Massachewzits” I LOVE IT.

      • durango kidd

        eppe: Of course the S&P will decline. The “recovery” has lasted four years. That is the typical business cycle and reasonable PE ratios have been running ahead of corporate profits. If I had an extra billion laying around I would make that bet too.

        Stock market declines (cycles) are as predictable as the Sun, the moon, and the stars.

        • durango kidd

          For the 12 fools that thumbed my comment down, I suggest that you read: THE WALL STREET GANG by Richard Nye. Its probably out of print because it was published in the ’70’s but it explains Wall Street and market actions. It also predicted the phenomena we are witnessing now.

          A little education goes a long way. Get some! 🙂

    10. John_Allen

      Cross reference this Future Money Trends artice with Michael Snyder’s article in the August 12, 2012 theeconomiccollapse blog, “They Are Systematically Destroying Our Independence And Making Us All Serfs of the State.” Sorry about the broken citation, it’s the best I have.

      I think the Future Money Trends video saying “we will all survive and prosper” (if we start our own business) is naive and dangerously wrong. Unless you are independently wealthy starting a small business means going into debt.

      If your anticipated customers or clients don’t have the wealth to buy from you, you have created an unpaid job as well as saddled yourself with tons of hassle and debt.
      If you’re thinking, “Aha! I know what I’ll do. I’ll sell to the government” you have just made yourself a parasite upon the rest of us.

      “When you add it all up, about half of all Americans get money from the government each month these days…. And once you become a serf of the state, it is very hard to resist anything the government is doing in any meaningful way.”

      Snyder uses a term, “complicit,” that I really like. I pencilled in after one of his points,
      “Most people I know are bought and paid for, they can’t afford to give our point of view an honest hearing.”

      Have you ever tried to persuade someone who gets their news only from the MSM, and receives a government check, of the be-self-reliant point of view?

      They’ve made their choice. There are people I wish I could reach. Who most likely won’t make it “when times become interesting.” But I don’t know what more I can do to open their eyes.

      And it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to try.

      • Jim

        You can start a small business without major debt. In fact buy bulk preps and sell them piece by piece. It’s a prepper dream.

        • clark

          Jim says, “You can start a small business without major debt.”

          That’s what I was thinking too. I know of several people who have done just that. A couple of them were farmers, so far, so good.

      • Archivist

        I have a business that provides most of my extra money. And I didn’t have to go in debt. All I needed was a computer, internet connection, and knowledge. I am doing genealogy and writing a book for a client. That is a big chunk of my business. I am also doing small genealogy projects for other people.

        Because I’m into music, I have equipment to play almost anything, records, reel-to-reels, 8-tracks, and cassettes. I copy recordings onto the computer, clean them up, and put them on CD. I also copy VHS tapes, edit them, and copy them to DVD.

        I can repair computers, install parts, build computers, remove viruses, and tutor clients on most major software and general computing.

        I can scan photos, slides, and negatives into the computer and repair any problems. I can put the files on CD or make slideshows and presentations. I have created photo albums from the computer which sell really well. I create a page of photos in my word processing software and add captions. Then I convert the page to PDF. I can put the PDF files on CD, or I can put the printed pages into sheet protectors in a notebook to make a photo album.

        I have a number of income streams of various sizes that I can draw on as long as I have electricity. I also have several others that I can do no matter what.

        I am as busy as I want to be, and I control the hours I work. All I have to do is make my clients happy, and I know how to do that.

        I just had a yard sale. Some of the stuff was free, so I was able to sell some things for more than they cost. Other stuff was just taking up room. I know of some people who make a good bit of their income by having yard sales. I also know of some people who go to yard sales, buy things that are worth more than they paid, and take them to their own stores to sell.

        There are many ways to make money without going into debt.

    11. eppe

      Fear porn is in effect, maybe nothing will happen, but if it does are you ready to take control of what could be?

      • Facebook Page

        Yes I am.

        • eppe

          Glad to see that some of are ready…

      • Barn Cat

        “Maybe nothing will happen.” That’s hilarious. The Fed is creating $80 billion a month to buy mortgages. The Fed also funds the trillion dollar deficit plus funding the muni market. At a minimum, we’ll have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s and at least 90% of Americans will die.

    12. Connor Kenway

      Like a thief in the night….they could shut down EBT cards, ATMs, debit/credit cards, etc at night and roll out martial law in the morning.

      Boy I am glad the gov has been stockpiling everything they have been, we sure will need their protection from the zombie horde masses…..and yes, saying that just caused me to puke in my mouth.

      • JayJay

        Yes, and for that reason, any fiat going into the bank here, gets withdrawn within hours $500 at a time.
        We pay nothing here by check; only mortgage and only that because the nearest bank is 30 miles.
        Ky has no BofAs.
        Didn’t know that, did ya??
        Anyone that gets Cyprused, deserves to lose every dollar.


        • sixpack

          Heh heh…he said “pressure cooker”…heh heh.

          • pointshoot

            Heh heh heh. Good one. Hahaha. Pressure cooker. Wow you are a retard.

            • sixpack

              Hey, that was my best Beavis and Butthead impression, but you, pointshoot, out-did me…I bow to your retardness.

              • braveheart

                sixpack, you’re not retarded. I always enjoy your posts. pointshoot=retard=dickhead. braveheart

                • sixpack

                  BH, If I ever start showing signs that suggest that I care about what some dickhead says about me, please feel free to promptly slap me back to reality…

            • Anonymous


      • Mark

        That made me blow chunks through my nose, like Nacho Libre.

        • Connor Kenway

          Mark, may I suggest some Mylanta or Pepto but only if purchased with an EBT card lmao!!!

    13. Realtime Prep

      Since Nixon established the US as the worlds reserve currency, it will take roughly half of the other Nations in the world to move away and setup a new form of currency. And I guarantee you the one holding all the cards in this poker match is still our Gov’t. I hate to say it, but the people, we as citizens of this nation had some hand in this, via elections. (Rigged or not) Putting greedy corrupt men and women into office, our country may not be the good guys in all of this.

      • clark

        Realtime Prep, I haven’t had a hand in this, nor have many millions of others.
        I’ve never voted. Count me the F! out of your election B.S.
        I imagine several million others say the same dang thing.
        I do not consent.
        Maybe you who have voted do, seeing as how you voted?

        • Smokey

          Barack Obama would be out of office right now if a couple million of you folks who refuse to vote had bothered to show up at the polls to end his regime.

          • JRS

            Vote for who?

            Mitt Romney?


            I forget if he was right…left…or more of the same.

            • durango kidd

              JRS: Gun control is one very important issue that Romney would not have allowed. WE wouldn’t be discussing controls, registration, and confiscation of guns if Romney would have been elected.

              Reason enough to have gone to the polls and voted for him.

          • PuppyPrepper

            It didn’t matter who showed up to vote – the election was rigged. And Romney is just a different colored puppet – nothing would have been different.

      • JustMe

        USD was established as the world’s reserve currency after WW2, long before Nixon was installed.

        • nosuchuser

          The process began before WW2 ended. See

          The reason the USD was used as the reserve currency was that the US Government pledged to defend the USD by maintaining convertibility to gold (ie foreign countries could return USD in return for physical gold). This policy was terminated in 1971 by Nixon.

    14. white guy

      You know… all this downturn….it will be real easy to get bitches if you have a great paying job. ha.

      Beans anyone?

      • sixpack

        Bitches are everywhere, waiting to take advantage…why the hell would anyone want to settle for a “bitch” when you could have a real, good-for-something woman beside you through it all?

        • yental

          Especially a woman that works well under Pressure Cooking procedures. You know, good at “canning” just about anything!

          • sixpack

            A woman who doesn’t mind driving home with a 6 point buck tied to the hood of the car and isn’t afraid to handle the come-along to get it in the air.

            A woman who already changed the oil and correctly gapped the spark plugs, knows what to do with a pickle fork (ball joint separator). A woman who’s not afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails.

            A woman who can knock the eyes off a bull frog @ 30 yards and just works well under pressure.

            If I was a man, that’s what I’d be looking for. Unfortunately, these days, it’s hard enough to find a MAN like that in this part of the country.

            • sixpack

              He’s at least got to be a better man than I am…LOL.

              • Anonymous

                Ball joint separator? Ouch! Ain’t no way I would want a woman handling one of those!

                • sixpack

                  …but I’ve had soooo much practice. You’d be amazed at how many A-frames I’ve dropped in my day.

                  How do YOU separate your ball joints?

                • dave in Id

                  @ six pack. with a ball joint fork and a large ass ball peen hammer, then I drill out the rivits and bolt the new one in.

            • yental


            • JRS

              Haven’t seen a deer tied to the hood since the sixties… Thanks for the memories. lol

              • sixpack

                …beats trying to stuff it into the back seat…

        • pointshoot

          Yeah!! 5 up votes for sixpack. You are retarded. I mean really retarded.

        • braveheart

          Sixpack, excellent point. the only good woman I ever had was killed by a drunk driver. Up until Y2K, I went through bitches like a bowling ball through ten pins. Haven’t found anyone even worth talking to since then. braveheart

          • sixpack

            Yes, I remember that, Braveheart from a far distant post…I’ve got a similar story and I feel a pain similar to yours.

            It’s tough to fill those big shoes.

    15. Archivist

      That was a pretty good advertisement. But I would never put any money into any type of financial investment. I keep the minimum amount in my savings and checking to keep the accounts open and to pay bills. I have cut out all unnecessary monthly payments, except for the cellphone. I’m waiting for the contract to expire on that. I’m putting a good bit of cash into copper pennies and nickels for the metal value and a lot into other newer change which might multiply by 10 or 100 times in a currency devaluation.

      The next investment on my list is extra seeds. I live in a community where everyone knows everyone else and is probably kin. Most of them have the property to grow gardens, but they don’t have seeds or knowledge. I figure I can help them out for a little share in the produce. You wouldn’t believe how many individual homes in my area have chickens. I know a few that have goats, turkeys, horses, donkeys, and alpacas. I hope to get some chickens in the spring.

      I have the pressure cooker (pressure canner), but I need to get more jars, so that I have enough to go with all the Tattler lids. I also need to build some more storage shelves for pantry overflow.

      My original square foot garden boxes are rotting away, so I need to find a better, more permanent solution that doesn’t cost too much. I also need to get rid of some trees so that my yard will get more sunlight. I have an overabundance of really tall pine trees.

      I need to get a shortwave transmitter. That’s good for keeping informed about conditions far away. Also, if things collapse so far that the government can’t interfere, I might start my own radio station. Local radio has faded away, but it might be revived.

      Most everything else is covered, except adding to the redundancy. The local Rose’s store has sugar on sale again for $2 for a 4-pound bag. That’s a forever prep. Four pounds of sugar fits in a 2-liter soda bottle.

      I have to get a little bit better on rotating stocks. We had to toss a box of brownie mix this week. That hurt my feelings.

      We just made our first batch of fig preserves tonight. The only cost was a dollar’s worth of sugar and a few cents’ worth of gas. Tomorrow will be apple day. We don’t have any trees, but two neighbors have trees in their yards and aren’t collecting the apples yet. So we can’t let them rot on the ground, can we?

      I guess I have rambled enough. I’m still archiving.

      pressure cooker, pressure cooker, pressure cooker

      • Man on the inside

        My raised garden now uses retainer wall bricks. $145.00 per 20 foot by 6 foot bed for single high (twice that for double high. A bit pricey but once in place they will last forever.

        • Kulafarmer

          Are they those large tapered ones you can find at home depot?

          • Man on the inside

            Similar but mine are not tapered.

        • JayJay

          My next raised bed will be concrete blocks or a pressure cooker.

          • LSB

            When we moved out here to the desert, off grid, we bought a cistern, its round, above ground. What we did was make a large circle around it with cement blocks stacked three high. Husband filled each block with dirt. They were placed about 1 1/2 feet from the cistern in a circle. Last fall we got free horse manure and filled in the space between the blocks and cistern. We thought that the fresh manure may produce a little warmth to keep water from freezing at the bottom. In addition, we planned to garden in this area. The plants did great this summer. It was only recently that a rabbit got smart and got in there. If we went another stack higher don’t think he could maneuver that height. The manure has composted down, I’d say about 6-8 inches. Didn’t have a problem with weeds. The only problem we had was with mushrooms coming up. Another gardening idea we used was using a free metal livestock watering trough for growing carrots. It is about 6 foot long, rounded corners. Filled the tank about half way up with composted goat poop and hay. Put a little potting soil over that and sprinkled seed out. They came in real thick. Decided to thin once they got big enough to fill out a little. Over the top of this watering trough we bended some fencing wire. Perfect for keeping rabbits out. The carrots turned out perfect using this method. Now, just looking for more free metal troughs. We are also considering old bathtubs, they have the natural drain hole for drainage. We got the cattle trough free because it had a hole in the bottom, perfect for what we needed. Keep your eyes open for usable items.

            • Man on the inside

              We have also used old tubs frome homes that were torn down. They look neat and are free.

      • yardfarmer

        I think you’re on the right track A. best of luck.

      • JayJay

        Archivist–a $45 dollar dehydrator has helped clean out my second freezer.
        I dryed lots of green peppers and squash from my neighbor’s garden, and canned 18 pints of tomatoes.
        Jars will not get any cheaper–bite the bullet and buy a pressure cooker!!!
        Didn’t see that coming, did ya guys?

        NSA, can ya hear me now? 🙂

        • Archivist

          I have an old dehydrator, but I need a better one. We’re trying to talk a neighbor into buying a good Excalibur dehydrator so we can borrow it.

          We do have plenty of windows and screens for air drying in the sunshine.

          Still have a pressure cooker.

      • Mark

        If you don’t want to get caught using the term “pressure cooker”, just use the French “cocotte-minute”. If you’re more thorough, encrypt it in an xterm and send the encrypted string and password to your recipient from two different throw-away phones so he can decrypt it, like this:

        bug:~$ echo -n “cocotte-minute” | openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -a -saltenter aes-256-cbc
        encryption password:
        Verifying – enter aes-256-cbc encryption password:

        PSSST…the password is “bhagwan”. Keep it under your hat, Louie.

        • Mark

          Fiddle sticks! That didn’t format correctly. The command line ends with “-salt”. Then it asks for your password with:

          enter aes-256-cbc encryption password:

    16. Man on the inside

      • This video was a great advertisement…. That being said you can get some “meat” from it. Get yourself down to just a house payment or rent. I know they tell you to pay off the house but for most of us that is undoable. Pay off or sell everything else. Get one year of food on the shelf. Have some cash and gold and silver on hand. Fire arms, Ammo, Tactical gear (the basics), spare tires for the vehicle (I have three for each), camping gear, and a CB + a GRMS radio. Get off the grid for power if you can afford it. A source of water. A way to store water. If you can move away from the city and get out as far as you can. Most importantly… learn skills (screw college at this point), and BUILD TEAMS. Plan, Prep, Pray……. 12-24 months….

      • clark

        Man on the inside wrote, “spare tires for the vehicle (I have three for each)”

        Are you F! rich? Dang! I don’t know of anyone who could afford such luxury.

        Do you have good garage security?

        “three for each” – pstwhew. Nice.

        I wonder how you counter dry rot.

        My plan is, I have a common tire size and lots of people will want to maybe sell or trade their tires to me,… if I need them.
        My focus is to have something they want more than a tire. Ha.

        I’m thinking rabbits might be good to grow?

        Here, Bunny, bunny. Here Bunny, bunny. Oh, honey.

        • sixpack

          You can get a spare tire on the rim, at any wrecking yard for about $10 each…how much security would one need to protect used tires?

          • sixpack

            One of my most favorite pass-times was to go to u-pull it, a wrecking yard where we go in and pull our own small parts. I’d spend hours in there, looking for spare brake pads, light bulbs, lost change under the seats, hoses and clamps, wiring harness sections and whatever else useful I could find.

            Usually, I’d get most of it for free, with the purchase of an item and the $1 gate fee. Can you think of a use for an extra 12V generator and/or regulator? Extra radiator hoses?

          • Man on the inside

            Yep… It cost me about 20 a rim and about 25 per tire…. when you have no car payments, no cable, you are part off the grid (almost no utilities), a decent paying job…. you would be amazed what you can buy for your prep…. a little armor all and rotating the tires to the cars keeps dry rot in check…. my security for the garage is two 100 pound plus pissed off great Pyrenees… oh and a .7 mm.

    17. yardfarmer

      there’s only so much that can be accomplished pecking on a keyboard airing out your thoughts. i do much the same on my crummy little blog. before that i just threw all my writing on a shelf in a cupboard in the furnace room. that was probably a much better alternative. at least the writing was a lot more personal and original.

      in 2008 i got introduced to the internet by my eldest son. it opened up another world. i started to get increasingly worried, even frantic at some points. I immediately mobilized. i had a little money socked away. it all went into the standard preps. LT food storage, the metals etc.

      i hooked up with some friends in the hills totally off the grid and went and lived with them for years, my skills in years of intensive gardening were helpful and i learned about raising animals. i picked up the necessary means of “protection” along the way and learned how to use it. i maintained the house in the city and would return their regularly to maintain things, always returning to the “ranch”

      sometimes i thought i was losing my mind. former friends and family were convinced of it. and still are. stuck in their “normalcy bias” their complacency appalled me. all the while i never deviated from my belief that i had to escape from a world that was spinning out of control. i made my share of stupid mistakes but i always learned something from them. i hope that by the grace of God i am spiritually and materially prepared but.there is most definitely and always the unexpected.

      my wife is so scared she just wants to sell the house and move to Costa Rica. I don’t think i could do that though. i love my home too much and that is right here come what may. good luck friends.

      • CWinOR

        Maybe this will bring you alittle bit of solace regarding your mental state- it has me:

        “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited

          • CWinOR

            Like most Visionaries, they’re not understood or appreciated until years later, usually after their death. thanks for the link JM- fascinating to watch him virtually predict our current state, 50+ years ago.

            • JustMe

              You’re very welcome.

              Aldus Huxley was a very interesting individual. In that interview alone, he pretty much said everything pretaining to the situation we face. Very prescient, indeed.

      • clark

        yardfarmer, your story is more common than I think you think it is.
        Also, Your Costa Rica is my Chile.
        Fight or Flight.
        (That’s a search term too)

        And should I stay or should I go now?
        If I go there will be trouble.
        If I stay it will be double.

        – Lyrics from, ‘The Clash’ worth considering, imho.

      • Mark

        yardfarmer, et al.,
        In economics, Reinhart and Rogoff, on one hand and, on the other, Kyle Bass and Peter Schiff, have pointed out that the normalcy bias (or the “optimism bias”) is ever with us and prevents people from questioning their own home-made, manic causality.

        Elsewhere, G. K. Chesterton wrote about the internal consistency of the madman’s tiny, systematic oeuvre:

        “When I was engaged in a controversy with the CLARION on the matter of free will, that able writer Mr. R.B. Suthers said that free will was lunacy, because it meant causeless actions, and the actions of a lunatic would be causeless. I do not dwell here upon the disastrous lapse in determinist logic. Obviously if any actions, even a lunatic’s, can be causeless, determinism is done for. If the chain of causation can be broken for a madman, it can be broken for a man. But my purpose is to point out something more practical. It was natural, perhaps, that a modern Marxian Socialist should not know anything about free will. But it was certainly remarkable that a modern Marxian Socialist should not know anything about lunatics. Mr. Suthers evidently did not know anything about lunatics. The last thing that can be said of a lunatic is that his actions are causeless. If any human acts may loosely be called causeless, they are the minor acts of a healthy man; whistling as he walks; slashing the grass with a stick; kicking his heels or rubbing his hands. It is the happy man who does the useless things; the sick man is not strong enough to be idle. It is exactly such careless and causeless actions that the madman could never understand; for the madman (like the determinist) generally sees too much cause in everything. The madman would read a conspiratorial significance into those empty activities. He would think that the lopping of the grass was an attack on private property. He would think that the kicking of the heels was a signal to an accomplice. If the madman could for an instant become careless, he would become sane. Every one who has had the misfortune to talk with people in the heart or on the edge of mental disorder, knows that their most sinister quality is a horrible clarity of detail; a connecting of one thing with another in a map more elaborate than a maze. If you argue with a madman, it is extremely probable that you will get the worst of it; for in many ways his mind moves all the quicker for not being delayed by the things that go with good judgment. He is not hampered by a sense of humour or by charity, or by the dumb certainties of experience. He is the more logical for losing certain sane affections. Indeed, the common phrase for insanity is in this respect a misleading one. The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.”

        “The madman’s explanation of a thing is always complete, and often in a purely rational sense satisfactory. Or, to speak more strictly, the insane explanation, if not conclusive, is at least unanswerable…”
        –G. K. Chesterton, “Orthodoxy”

        The energetic optimism of the common maniac convinces him that all things will ever remain so, he in his deterministic fish-bowl. He is like a dog feverishly chasing his own tail, never guessing that a far greater and unpredictable reality yawns mightily outside his sickly orb.

      • "Tico" Tom

        Hi Yardfarmer,

        Sounds like you are doing fine where you are. You are doing what we are doing down here in tranquil Costa Rica. Your misses has her fantasy and I must say her fantasy is my reality in Costa Rica. Who knows how it’ll all play out? I only hope the maniac President of Nicaragua will leave peaceful Costa Rica alone when the SHTF. The best thing we have going for us is that we have a population of peaceful folk (no army here) who know how to survive. With the wonderful soil and weather we have, we all can live well.

    18. CrabbeNebulae

      I can hardly wait. We need to get it the fuck on. The sooner the better.

      • pointshoot

        What are you going to get on?

      • PO'd Patriot

        And crisp ten dollar bills!

        • sixpack

          And plenty of $1 bills, in case you don’t want to spend the whole 10.

        • yental

          Whatever happened to “Mushroom”? How about “the moon is a Harsh Mistress”?

          • JayJay

            Yental–someone on here said he is deceased.
            I don’t know how reliable that is.

          • laura m.

            Yental: Maybe they passed on, like some of my prepper friends this past decade, or perhaps they are so busy with family, prepping, working two jobs, etc. they have no time for much else. Also, like some I know have chosen to be low key and hunkering down and communicate rarely. Most all preppers I know have little or no social life except with family. They are hardly seen out and about.

            • yental

              “deceased”, I hope not. Then again, I suppose it is all about “perspective”. There are more than a few aspects of the “coming party” I could well do without.

              • yental

                @ laura m., I am also aware of not less than 10 former “voices” that have gone “silent” by choice…and in at least two cases, by circumstances.

                Each of US must find our own “comfort zone”. The “list thingy” bothered me initially. Now, I really don’t care. If I can contribute to another “convert” to the prepped and self aware…that is good enough for me.

                There is a definite sense of community, IMO, within this forum. I don’t agree with everyone here, and am equally sure/and reminded that not everyone agrees with me. Keeps the “place” interesting and provides different assessments that enhances the odds of “waking up another previous “sheeple” lurking about.

                BIG hat-tip to MAC for tolerating/allowing a WIDE variety of first amendment exercise here.
                This forum is becoming the exception…and for that reason is EXCEPTIONAL!

    19. Be informed

      While a sudden event many are expecting, that surprise when you turn on the computer, TV, radio, whatever still takes most people’s breath away when it is really severe. The shock is something that never ceases to end, especially when it happens during the night. I have been turning the radio on at night if I wake up, waiting for the special hell to be breaking news. There is indeed some real and true anticipation to something quite huge on the almost visible horizon. Preparing for this type of startling event(s) can be a positive thing. Not letting much of anything catch you off guard and paralyze you with awe will help much if and when it actually happens.

    20. The Rifleman Next Door

      it will implode when the banking cabal that has orchestrated the collapse is ready for it to implode. Ordinary people….surplus and obsolete to the planned economy of the future….will suffer tremendously while the established rich and powerful will rule the economy and markets like gods.

      We must all enjoy this current, propped-up illusion of recovery and prosperity under Obama for as long as it lasts; eat out, buy stuff, walk freely in public and feel safe doing it, eat dessert first and watch something good on TV….for when the powers that control the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, Bilderbergers, Oligarchs etc. are ready, they will deep-six this fiat banking system, default on the pensions, eliminate the derivatives and totally reset the world’s debt in THEIR best interests.

      Learn to enjoy the taste of dog….because it’s going to be a dog-eat-dog world sooner than later; and all of us at the bottom who can’t measure their income in the tens of millions per year are going to be right smack in the middle of it along with our kids.

      • sixpack

        The only way I “walk freely in public and feel safe doing it” is with my S&W by my side.

    21. vincero people are like the charlatans on tv preaching that jesus will return soon.

      • Mark

        Well, vincero, Jesus may or may not return soon, but financial collapses have recurred throughout the throbbing, spastic history of the world, and the argument that people do not learn from their mistakes has been compellingly presented by Reinhart and Rogoff.

        Given the choice of blind faith in the durability of American prosperity and a healthy doubt about our system’s longevity, you might consider the fate of countries as dissimilar as Argentina, Egypt, Romania, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. They all had sovereign debt crises that resulted in default. Some countries have had the “luxury” of restructuring, and others repudiated their debt outright and went to war.

        There is also the simple rule that, as complexity (the number of moving parts in a system) increases arithmetically, the tendency of the system to fly apart in a catastrophic fashion increases logarithmically.

        But don’t take it for granted that American default is inevitable or that our society will break down rather suddenly some day just because dumb old Mark said so. Great men from St. Peter to Mandelbrot have proposed that profound disorder sometimes spins out of landscapes that have had a gossamer and entirely fictional calm imposed upon them by the insanely optimistic.

    22. Watchman

      FYI: May mean nothing, but just heard from family in southern Illinois that the local rural airport had a show yesterday. They live about a mile from it and three Blackhawk’s was flying around it (never before). Then guys started to repelled out of one, a neighbor has his plane there and when to see what was going on. He was stopped at the gate by two of State Troopers dressed in all their gear. One he had met before, and asks what was going on. He was told that they were practicing, on taking and/or back control of small rural airports with hard runways. This is something that makes me wonder what is going to happen in the very near future. Keep your eyes open to this kind of stuff around where you live. Just a heads up.

      Keep the FAITH

      • KP89DC

        FWIW: Saw a blackhawk low and slow over Bowman Field area in Louisville on Friday whichcwas very odd. Also been seeing lots of military vehicles w/ new paint being transported on I64 going east to I75 south the past two weeks. May be nothing but it sure makes you wonder…

        Molon Labe

    23. Micky Bee

      Better start watching reruns of Little House On The Prairie and The Walton’s. Learn to be more self sufficient and do without now. Not sure if anyone will be 100% ready because we don’t actually know what situation we are preparing for, but I believe any situation will be a stark contrast from most people’s daily rituals.

      Use every day to gain knowledge, skills, food, etc. Group together and pray for one more day!

    24. Barn Cat

      The dollar is going to collapse. China could decide to sell all their dollars and all our debt. Sure, it would cost them a lot of money but they will have destroyed their biggest enemy without firing a shot. Also, the banking system around the world is still on the verge of collapse. After what happened in Cyprus you can expect the banks to steal your money. At some point the federal government will decide it’s ready for the collapse. The Fed will announce an end to all QE. The federal government will have to cut spending by a third. We’ll see a stock market crash, an economic collapse, and rioting around the country as food stamp cards fail. We now live at a time when things could go from a slow collapse to a rapid collapse in a very short time. Prepare accordingly.

    25. Watchman

      By discovering the enemy’s dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy’s must be divided. #The conclusion is perhaps not very obvious, but Chang Yu (after Mei Yao-ch`en) rightly explains it thus: “If the enemy’s dispositions are visible, we can make for him in one body; whereas, our own dispositions being kept secret, the enemy will be obliged to divide his forces in order to guard against attack from every quarter.”

      Keep the FAITH

    26. sunshine

      I have mentioned in some previous posts about the movie, “molon labe” due out around Labor Day…to see a trailer of this, go to an article by Chuck Baldwin titled “There is a conspiracy” May 9th, 2013 at website: towards the end of his article, he refers to the movie, and you can “hit” on his reference and see the trailer for it. It has people’s comments..some do not like the voice of the narrator, etc…or Alex Jones on it..but be broad minded..listen to all of the people…hope nothing delays it being available to the public soon..and, as far as the money economic collapse coming..there is an answer…competing currencies to the federal reserve note…and state banks…the states solving their own problems…I will find the speech Dr. Vieira gave to the Montana state legislature a few years back…and post it at some point, on this subject.

      • JayJay

        sunshine–you are preaching to the choir here.
        I no longer read Devvy Kidd, Baldwin, Vieira, listen to Jones, Hagmann or Quayle–they are only words and this group is waaaay past words.
        We all know what is here and what is to come.
        Keep the hope. But prepare like tomorrow is ‘Red Dawn’ and don’t forget that pressure cooker.

    27. SilverSax

      Man, what a pessimistic article. This IS still America, where people are free to do and achieve whatever they want. The sky’s still the limit.
      I personally own two corporations which are growing rapidly.
      The future’s bright!

      • Be informed

        @ SilverSax. Yes, without a 17 trillion dollar debt that is ballooning and a crumbling infrastructure. When the foundation of the country goes down, so does all the companies that are sitting a top. With any company you must have buyers, and a collapsed country is a collapsed population. Ask any company about this in any post economic cave ins within other countries. The ONLY two major league pluses that the U.S. has going for it are the vast mineral base and the growing capacity of food, largest amount of arable land in the world. The loss of the petro dollar could be doom to even this though. Even medical corporations will suffer with nothing to support the U.S. dollar.

        You and everyone should absolutely invest in what you need for everyday living, a least part of your assets. It would be awful to lose everything and have nothing, not even food and water. Just my opinion and most of the people here.

        • SilverSax

          @Be informed – Sorry, but America’s pluses are far greater than minerals and growing capacity. Jesus Christ raises and lowers nations, not men. Have faith.
          In spite of the socialist government, we’re still a free-market capitalist economy. Get out there and take advantage of it. No one can stop you except yourself. If you see yourself as already beaten (as this article says), they’ve won.

      • w69

        Is there another USA somewhere?

        Yeah, future so bright. I gotta wear shades

        • SilverSax

          From what I’ve seen on this website, most of you people like thinking it’s all over.
          Not me. I’m still doing all I can to climb the ladder.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Silver , you must be getting government money> What are you making, Solar Powered Pressure Cookers. Trekker Out.

        • SilverSax

          No, if you had read my posts you’d have seen that far from receiving “government money”, I’m living the American Dream – and apparently I’m one of the few on here who do. I’m availing myself of the American Free-Market Capitalist system to earn a very nice living.
          Nice reference to “pressure cookers”, by the way – if you can’t win by logic and facts, you might as well demagogue and smear, right?
          I’ll stand by my original statement – this is a pessimistic article, designed for those who see themselves as already beaten.
          It sure wasn’t designed for me.

          • cabinfever

            Sweetheart, it is you who think that life as we know it will continue. We need to enjoy life, knowing that the bottom can and will drop out at any time. History repeats itself…we are not immune from doom here in this country. I mean, we earn a nice living too in a very practical field – however if you’d have any discernment, you’d know the hammer is about to come down.


      • Satori

        nice little video that exposes the LIES of our government

        so much for the “spreading democracy” bull shit

        and what an embarrassment the whole Syrian/sarin gas fiasco was to the Obama administration

        these people aren’t immoral
        they are amoral

        but that expose was just a little setback
        they haven’t given up

        they WANT war
        and like always
        they will MANUFACTURE one

        question is
        how many Americans will be stupid enough to show up ???

        • Be informed

          @ Satori. Did you see towards the last part of it, BO totally throwing a temper tantrum? IF this is real it is classic when BO kicks the door open and throws down the podium.

          • OutWest

            Satori— LOL
            The farmers around here have been spreading
            democracy on their cornfields every spring.

      • w69

        That is a very new video by StormCloudsGathering. This should put everyone on high alert.

        Everyone buckle up, lock-n-load!!

      • yental

        @BI, this video is an excellent compilation/summation of events that are among the primary reasons I agree, “time is short”.

    28. boone

      only a few care about anything anymore mostly sheeple running around my neck of the woods,I have very little faith in the people of this country

    29. swampratt

      Why does everyone depend on what happens in the elections
      it doesn’t matter if its 2012 2013 2014 2015 2050 20?
      if people don’t get off their dead beat ass there is
      no surviving stop paying attention to what the OBAMANITES
      are doing I hear people say I have live stock your livestock will be gone either the hoards will take them
      or the feds will get them Mike Piper said it before when
      this shits starts hit the wood line get your family
      children the hell out of there you are going to have to
      suck it up get dirty deal with the heat or it may happen
      in the winter Ihave been dealing with a kidney stone
      for the past 3 weeks deal with these kind of things not just food and ammo when it happens there will be no doctors learn to deal with pain now unless were are protected by divine protection its going to get very nasty in this country staying in your homes is not going
      to be and option unless you have a tank parked out front
      good luck prepare smart move fast

    30. Scott Mollett

      Elections could fix this is everyone was not afraid of the word jew. Organized jews have subverted the US republic. All of you who fear speaking about it are compounding the problem. If the politicians knew that a large group of Americans would back them up they might be willing to take on the jew mob. As it is now so many of you are to stupid to see the real problem or to scared to be up front and vocal about it.

    31. Indio

      Just seen a movie, last night, called “Lore” it’s as close as to what I imagine what America will be like when SHTF. I think most of us on here will be prepared, but the majority of our people will be like these lost little kids. God help the children, is all I can think.

      • JayJay

        ***After her Nazi parents are imprisoned, Lore leads her younger siblings across a war-torn Germany in 1945***

        Ordered– Netflix, along with another pressure cooker.:-)
        thanks Indio.

    32. RICH99

      Here we go again !!!!! I am the one who has been adamantly contradicting these articles and I’m the one who is still right !

      • PO'd Patriot

        Thumbs up Rich99 just because I can. You’re the counterbalance here that keeps us righted.

    33. Mr. P

      Wake people up any way possible. Prepare NOW! Heirloom seeds are worth there weight in gold! You can’t eat or drink precious metals. Although copper is good for all kinds of things. It’s not our fault that a few so called “elite” tried to enslave mankind to pay for everything that they offer to make life more comfortable. We need a reset to happen to abolish the way humans are living now. What ever happen to helping each other out of the kindness of your heart. It’s still out there inside people, they just need to find it again. “WE” (the preppers) need to show sheeple the right way to live. Everyone do me a favor and research the Thrive Movement. It will change your life and open your eyes! There still is a way to change the world. You have to start with yourself if you want to change the world. Baby steps add up. Teach people things they didn’t know and learn new things you didn’t know. We all have to live as ONE! United we stand divided we fall!

    34. Rich98

      Im right there with ya Rich99.

      These guys all keep saying they have a “gut feeling” and it is “game on soon” and more of that for years now.

    35. old guy

      There hasn’t been or never will be a viable political or ballot box solution. both partys are to blame. republicans are just a bad a dem,s.

    36. Watchman

      Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him. #One mark of a great soldier is that he fight on his own terms or fights not at all. Stonewall Jackson

      As long as man live there will always be war. It is a cycle that cannot be broken. War is within us for thousands of years. We cannot avoid conflict how hard we may try. As long there is corruption there will always suffering and if there is suffering there will always be conflict and if there is a conflict there will always be war.

      Keep the FAITH

    37. RICH99

      I will try to explain in detail WHY any sense of collapse CANT and WILL NOT happen…..Sandy Hook was CREATED to justify large scale gun bans and potential confiscation ( turn them over america ) !! UNTIL they disarm america they CANNOT collapse the system , they can’t possibly control an armed populous REGARDLESS of what DHS is doing or what the military is doing …..there is a reason why foreign nations have NEVER attacked the mainland and its NOT because they fear the military ( as the old quote goes ” IF WE ATTACK THE MAINLAND THERE WILL BE A RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS ” and that is why the elite cannot collapse the system , it will be suicide !

      • Satori

        “collapse CANT and WILL NOT happen”

        words spoken by the last citizen of Rome
        as he turned out the lights…..

      • nosuchuser

        Did you forget about the war of 1812? The British captured Washington DC and torched the white house. Many actions fought on American soil during that war.

        See also Mexican bandits conducting cross border raids during the early 1900’s.

        Japanese captured and held an Alaskan island during WW2. Granted this wasn’t the mainland.

        • RICH99

          You people can give me any example you want except the difference this time is the printing press and other nations of the world know that if we collapse so do they …..they have been printing 25 hours a day for 5 years and we are still here !!!

          • RICH98

            We are still here and MORE prosperous, if you played the markets right….

            But I have gut feelin Rich99…. It’s coming. BY end of year.
            THIS YEAR for SURE>

            • RICH99

              I disagree ,we are already seeing the proverbial goal line being pushed back with articles like ” ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014 ” look for them you will see them

    38. Chris

      If they can’t create a race war or a “republican vs. democrat” war, then they’ll try another false flag attack. Divide and conquer.

    39. TheGuy

      WE’RE ALL FUUUCKED! The middle class will disappear in a puff of smoke and money will be WORTHLESS!!!

      SO TO SURVIVE… START A SMALL BUSINESS! To… sell… shit… to people… who… have… no… fucking… MONEY!

      … eh….


      … yeah, that makes sense… O_o

      • JayJay

        Hey, I know you worked 2 weeks repairing that falling porch; here’s a box of apples and a 1/2 bushel of cucumbers. 🙂

        Yeah, right!!

    40. Satori

      How America will collapse (by 2025)

      “when things start to go truly bad, empires regularly unravel with unholy speed”

      I think 2025 is way too optimistic

      with corrupt “leadership” like Bush,Obama,Boehner,McConnell
      Reid and Pelosi our destruction is assured

      • RICH99

        Now its by 2025…..some of you people are pathetic …always pushingth OK line back !

        • RICH98

          No… at the end of 2025, I’m POSITIVE it will be just next year…2026 for SURE.

        • Buckeye

          If it hasn’t hit the fan by the end of 2015 I am eating my preps.

          • RICH99

            by the end of 2013 i’m FINISHED with this charade !

    41. Y'all Beware!

      Have been missing cause we were dedicated to get a website up and product launched so that y’all can take advantage of it and make extra $ if needed.

      Y’all Beware! Totally natural homeopathic product that eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus. Contains no chemicals or alcohol. Wide variety of applications.

    42. Be informed

      @ RICH99. This is why as long as the United States of America is still around, that the 2nd Amendment MUST remain intact. You just have to look at the way ANY military will wipe out their citizens that cannot fight back. The second that the 2nd falls, we all go down fast and hard.

    43. btruth

      I’ll be a broken record about this until it really sinks in. PRECIOUS METALS WILL NOT SAFE YOU FROM WHAT IS COMING OUR WAY! Only the Lord Jesus Christ, a stockpile & weapons have any hope of slowing down or saving us for a time, from what’s coming! This will be like no other time in human history or will ever be again! EPHESIANS 6:10-20

      • RICH99

        You truly have NO IDEA what MAY be coming our way or when or what it will be so please don’t act like you do and if you do then please show PROOF of WHAT ,WHEN and WHERE

      • Ted Kennedy


        NONE of us “here” own PRECIOUS METALS ooooorrrrrrr SAFES, here… NONE! ZERO!! ZIP!!! NATA!!!!

    44. MilesN

      Just a thought…. it was bound to happen the very moment when SINGLE global reserve currency was created (regardless if it was backed by gold for a time or not). Why? Just a human nature. Untill human species GENIUNLY progress to the next level of coexistence (whatever that might be) when all is said and done, under the veneer of human rights, constitutions, declarations, “civilized world” and whatnot lies one thing – Law of Jungle. Might does right. Just look at corellation between IQ of the mob and its size. It’s reverse one. The bigger it gets the more basic instincts take over intellectual response. Until that changes(or until instincts are changed) the behavior of the countries (the biggest mobs there are) will be driven by a few basic instincts. And whoever is at the helm in whatever system of governance, they in their quest for power, are bound to make decisions based on that instinctive responses – or be destroyed by the society itself. They might try to put a leash on the societal beast and might even succeed at it… for a time, until society push back violently… though one man (or several) could do really great thing in this short period (great doesnt mean good here – they might be great in both directions, sometimes at once) Now, what the child (and national consciousness so far is no more mature than that of a child) wants? Comfy life, less to no trouble and stream of new toys. US exploited post-WW2 (as it shold – Law of Jungle in international policy is the only one that function) oppportunities to get just that. But later generations became lulled into false security. I mean, REALLY, if I were ruler of any sizeable country and were offered to made currency of my country world reserve one, I;d refuse outright even if it would mean my death at the heands of constituents or anyone else. WRC status is a trap. It give immense benefits through allowing to basically cheat the financial system, but due to human nature, even if first generation of WRC handlers were reasonable cheaters, the generations to come will take WRC benefits for granted, will want more and will start to cheat more and more recklessly (like repealing gold standarsd and allowing the situation I call 5/50 (~5% of world population uses ~50 of world resources, which is unsustainable). WRC is like a time bomb…. it all gets better, better, better, you feel like no troubles could ever happen than boom! Worst part is WRC handlers at ‘boom” part of timeline will most likely not know how to go with REAL damage control due to lack of experience over GENERATIONS. System of few regional reserve currencies, in my opinion is barely, but manageable without this inherent medium-term risk of WRC. And yet there should be absolutely adamant stopper in this system for any of RRCs to became dominant, or it’ll be repetition of today. And yet again, sometime in the future, this protective offsetting mechanism WILL fail under presuure of human ingenuity combind with greed, and our descendants will have to invent yet another system… I only hope that tyhey would be at least our grandgrandgrandchildren, not sons (mostly) or grandchuildren, like now.
      Just a thought….

    45. Al Shockley

      Rich, try opening your eyes. It’s all around us and getting worse every single day. You can see it in the increasingly more invasive federal government, the NSA, TSA; the destruction of the constitution, our right to free speech and privacy; war for profit, military industrial complex, big PHARMA; out of control debt with no way to pay it off; social decay, the death of the middle class. We’ll look back on all of this one day and think about how good we had it.
      Unless the sheep wake up. And quite honestly, I don’t have a whole lot of hope for them. Especially after witnessing the mass panic in the wake of Sandy last year. Hard times coming…


      • RICH99

        SHOCKLEY , try paying attention , I never said we weren’t in trouble , I simply am doubtingthe collapse theory but tthen again your too STUPID to understand but I understand !!!!

    46. Mark

      Git your gang on, people.

      We all need a support group. Actually, I hate the terms “gang” and “MAG”, but we are social animals, just like this GSD baby that I’m looking at (God bless her little heart).

      Anybody here love Alice?

    47. RICH99

      I notice all the thumbs up only from any comment that supports DOOM !!! look through the comments , regardless of how ridiculous the comment , as long as it agrees with DOOM it is given a positive rating !

    48. Iseewhatyou'redoing

      Been lurking over this site for over a year now. I am constantly seeing these scare tactic articles and occasionally “insider leaked information” articles and they are never true.

      Sometimes they make predictions which later don’t come true, sometimes they are just meant to fill your head with a bunch of mumbo jumbo that *could* happen.

      Possibility does not = probability

      You ALL need to be a skeptic of the government. But you also need to be a skeptic of information like this.

    49. Iseewhatyou'redoing

      z’This is an accelerating trend… one that touches all of our lives directly, no matter what income category you’re in, educational background, or political affiliation. This trend will alter your own job, business, and everyone around you.”

      Nothing in this has data to support it. It is a plea to fear that is supposed to touch upon your emotions.

      “It’s over. There is no fixing this mess. We are looking at either a planned reset, or a reset that will arise from the ashes of an economic disaster.

      Again another fear plea. EVIDENCE!

      “The middle class is one crisis away from broke… We are now at the point where it will happen almost overnight.”

      How does one come to such a conclusion?

      “The latest micro documentary from Future Money Trends explores the critical nature of the situation in which we find ourselves and provides key strategies that can help you depression-proof your life for the coming decade and beyond.”

      Future Money Trends? Oh, you mean those people who also ran the NIA pump and dump scams which stole millions upon millions of dollars from the people these videos are supposedly trying to inform and protect? Disgusting. They are using common, every day fears to scare and manipulate you into making them millions.

    50. sallyboy6

      I am retired NYC cop that moved to s.c. to downsize and enjoy the lower cost of living . My spare time has awoken me to the real world not found on the main stream news and have acquired 6 acres and now have pigs,chickens,goats,horses,ducks,tilled up an acre for a garden dug a shallow bore well as well as ammo,food,water,and have teamed up with a friend who has same supplies plus body armor and lots of stuff. We been doing this 3 years. I was a city boy and heard about the great depression from my grandma and great grandma. I was buying some hay from these native south Carolina boys and they were on the same page I was on about the govt and coming collapse and I mentioned to him that this would make the great depression look like a joke . The man’s reply was I asked my grandma about the great depression her answer was what great depression. I then realized that his grandma did not have electric or utilities that city’s had in the 1920s. That there lives felt no impact of great depression. Why? Self sufficient . Got up everyday tended to the farm,land from Sun up to Sun down and bartered with their neighbors for goods,food etc. Zero dependency on govt. We as a people surrendered our land and freedom for these so called luxuries stores,supermarkets,that are controlled by corporations who we are now enslaved too. No truck deliveries no nothing .people starve. Whose fault. Our own fault.more luxuries the more dependency

      • sallyboy6


    51. The realist

      Mrs..Hilary C will make it all seem like a bad dream once she’s automatically voted in.. Just like the one who is in the drivers seat now.. Besides .. Who ever heard of Obama until the elections?

      It’s all been rigged.. Our votes or petitions don’t count ..

      It’s all great that we store food, water, ammo.. But when the SHTF – they have they advanced technology to make us “get down or lay down”..

      Also.. Isn’t it the golden rule in a crisis to “keep moving” never stay in 1 place .. So how are you going to load all the years of preps, ammo on your backs and move? Obviously your prepping for the enemy to come and take your preps if you plan to hunker down..

      Take my advise.. Live your life.. Enjoy every day like its your last.. Pray day and night that this all shall pass.. And that NOTHING of a extinction level occurs .. That is the best prep..

      God bless us all..

      God bless this great country that we all share and that we call the “United” Stated Of America ..

    52. JayJay

      Too many tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers from the garden?
      Easy Corn Relish

      Heat to a boil:
      4 cups vinegar
      2 cups sugar
      1/4 cup salt
      1 TB turmeric
      1 TB mustard seed
      4 cups kernel corn
      2 cups diced onions
      4 cups diced ripe tomatoes
      5 cups diced green peppers
      2 cups cubed cucumbers

      After a boil, simmer for 25 minutes. Seal with heated lids in pint jars. Yield: 6 pints

    53. JM Denver

      Pressure Cooker!!!

    54. Loki

      You will not want to be in a city when it starts to come apart. Avoid the crowds

      • RICH99

        Its not coming apart any time soon so put your pajamas back on !!!!

    55. Dirk Knight

      Very interesting debate(s). First, best to be debt-free and have food for at least 6 months. Second, armed and well set with ammo… interesting how difficult it has been to get good ammo as this all comes to a head. Third, alert, and listening to everything going on, both mainstream and alternative, then discern the truth as best as you can… we have discovered that it is very nearly impossible to know what the truth is considering the volumes of differing opinions, analysis, and what is and is not reported.
      We’re in the perfect storm. Shall we summarize? Obama. $400 trillion in derivatives. $70 trillion in unfunded mandates. (Our Imperial Federal Government is spending money that has not been earned yet, by people who have not been born yet). Obama. NSA government spying. Iran. North Korea. Uh, Russia. Obama. Milk-toast Republicans. Egypt. Half the population on some form of welfare. Unemployment. GMO foods. Possible pandemics. EMP. Did I mention Obama?
      So, clearly we’re doomed.
      Elections are determined long before we go to the voting booth, and they have been for years. We MUST change that.
      Anyone pay attention to Mark Levin, and his book about the States amending the constitution, rather than our meaningless congress? The ONLY hope at this point, and it is probably way to far-fetched at this point in the game, is for the States to assert their rights and take back the power from the federal government. Too little too late, I fear, but eventually we will have to rebuild (those of us that survive and still believe in the possibilities of America).
      If you don’t live in the country, and don’t have a place to get to in the country, it is now, right now, time to change that. Good luck all. May God protect us.

    56. warchild

      Just wanted to comment as have before in regards to a poster saying cannot afford to prep.Just think of it in the smalls,a few bags of rice/a few cans/build a decent basic first aid kit/a few extra batteries/a box of ammo/,you get the idea.Many are financially challenged,but the smalls do add up and buy one at least some breathing room if things get real ugly.The hardest part is getting people to even think in terms of a huge natural/man made disaster,understand this especially folks with kids,but once you can get past that prepping small will help,also,perhaps get on net and learn of local edible goods in the wild,game and vegetation.On a side note,the poster looking for “volunteers” to practice the 3S rule,gonna have to pass on that!Live for today,prep for tomorrow.

    57. Former Cal Girlm

      Lost 15 lbs, eating only natural foods, walking daily. Get ready folks.

    58. SeeingThroughtheCrap

      Ha yeah… they are telling you what you should be investing in… makes me laugh.. rental units… that seems to be what people are doing in my town, but they in effect are just feeding off of people that, when the SHTF, wont have any money anyway to live in your great rental units, so in effect, you will have a bunch of houses with squatters in them ha ha… or much worse, when these people find out there is no more govt till, they will be burning them down at the least… so there goes your investment, up in smoke.

    59. cold weather survivor

      I think it is going to get really bad. I think many of us will have to leave our homes and go forth on foot. I think our homes will be invaded by Russians and Chinese troops. I think they will come into our homes to kill us, and then pick up the bodies later if they do that at all. They will also shoot our pets.

      Many of you are talking like you will be able to live in the open air in the country to grow your gardens. I do not see that happening for a long time, if it happens at all.

      I think survival will be a matter of stealth, outwitting the evil that surrounds us, and it will be a matter of finding shelter from here to there to lay low for a long time even months to years. Yet, we who survive must always be ready to move out of our temporary safe places to survive, when more invaders come to try and rout us out of our safe areas.

      I think it will all happen all of a sudden as a surprise, and only those who are prepared and are watching and are awake will be able to counter the evil, deathly attack which is coming.

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