Your Biometrics: Silent Witnesses Against You and Tools to Track You

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    Another week has gone by where we have seen a tremendous amount of activity around the world: the French, Belgians, and Dutch are engaged in protests labeled “yellow vest” protests. In actuality, the yellow vests are insignificant: these Euro-Socialist countries require citizens to wear yellow vests in public for protests…for “safety” reasons. Actually it is so that center mass is easier to acquire by their paramilitary police forces. There is a good possibility of a major war escalating from current problems between Ukraine and the separatist provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk. The U.S. phony economy is not doing well.

    Quietly and almost unnoticed by the beeves of the American populace are the biometric measures for surveillance and tracking being emplaced by the United States with the cooperation of major corporations. I have written articles on the biometric scanners being used in an Atlanta airport, and that Chicago is following suit, along with Delta using these biometric data collection scanners prior to boarding flights in Los Angeles.

    A new article surfaced this week that you need to read. Entitled “FBI plans ‘Rapid DNA’ network for quick database checks on arrestees,” by Tom Jackman on December 13, released by the Washington [Com]Post.

    This is very serious, indeed. Here’s an excerpt:

    Though DNA has revolutionized modern crime fighting, the clues it may hold are not revealed quickly. Samples of saliva, or skin, or semen are sent to a crime lab by car (or mail), and then chemists get to work. Detectives are accustomed to waiting days or weeks, or longer, for the results. Some labs are so backed up, they take only the most serious crimes. Some samples are never tested.  But a portable machine about the size of a large desktop printer is changing that. A “Rapid DNA” machine can analyze the DNA in a swab and produce a profile of 20 specific loci on the DNA strand in less than two hours. Some local police departments and prosecutors have been using Rapid DNA machines for about five years to solve crimes.

    How “procedurally harmless” this may sound on the surface, people, there is something that is not mentioned.

    With those machines, they will be able to stow them in vehicles…for use door-to-door.

    If you think for an instant the State is not going to clamp down on us, think again. What is the best way to deal with unfunded liabilities and the rising, unstoppable debt? Make it disappear (via an EMP…Electromagnetic Pulse…attack), and start a war (external, or internal, labeled “civil unrest”). Look at what just happened in New Jersey. They declared magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds illegal, and they just may search houses for them. Look what happened in Boulder, Colorado…where residents have until Dec. 27, 2018 to register their firearms with the Boulder Police Department.

    Registration is the preliminary step before confiscation: they need to know who owns the guns and where they are kept.

    This DNA and biometric-gathering apparatus that the government and its damnable agencies and bureaucracies are emplacing will enable the confiscation of firearms. It is coming. It is coming, as surely as I’m typing these words right now. The CCTV cameras, the cameras above the cash registers, in your bank. The banks themselves: now they are starting to take biometric IDs in the form of fingerprints and retinal scans. Guess what? Those records are also available to our friendly, smiling police departments.

    We are witnessing the marginalization of cash. That’s right! You pay for something in cash that is more than a hundred dollars or so, and they look at you as if you’re a criminal. Banks and their SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports), the banks and their “fractional reserve” policy, of loaning out more than five dollars on every dollar they hold. The banks, not allowing you to withdraw more than a couple thousand of your own dollars…not allowing you to use an ATM to withdraw more than a few hundred dollars. The banks: reporting on every dime you bring in and take out, copying your checks, even making a note of the distribution of the very bills you take out when you cash a check.

    You can see these idiots in convenience stores, using a “debit” card to buy a soda and a bag of chips…with a total of just a couple of dollars. Ten years ago, such small amounts for purchase would not have been permitted on the card: now, it is the new “norm.” Now the bank and the store will charge for every transaction…in addition to the profits that they make on the over-inflated-priced garbage they’ll sell you. Need a money order? Most places will (at the very least) make you give them a name. Yeah, Mr. Slick will give them a phony name, not paying attention to the little black “Legg’s Egg” dome camera behind the register. Mr. Slick just became guilty of fraud under the defacto laws and U.S.C. edicts. Plus they have the biometrics to boot…the photo, along with the receipt and the money order number.  Great job, “Ethan Hunt!”

    Every letter sent through the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is photographed, with the origin and destination recorded in their little database. Every transaction you make, whether in cash or not, is recorded and stored for their little records.

    In this manner, all Fisher-Price People and Weebles are accounted for (and accountable) at all times, in the happy little Muppet system….so “ain’t that America…the home of the free,” to paraphrase John Cougar’s song?

    Here’s some more out of the article:

    However, the machines are not connected to CODIS, the FBI’s combined national DNA database. So the FBI is launching a Rapid DNA initiative to place the machines in police and sheriffs’ booking stations around the country, hoping to enable law enforcement to check arrestees against the CODIS database and, when matches are made to DNA from unsolved crimes, head off the release of the suspects.  In testifying to Congress about the Rapid DNA network in 2015, then-FBI Director James B. Comey said the technology “would help us change the world in a very, very exciting way.” Comey said it would allow “booking stations around the country, if someone’s arrested, to know instantly — or near instantly — whether that person is the rapist who’s been on the loose in a particular community before they’re released on bail and get away or to clear somebody, to show that they’re not the person.”

    Ahh, to be sure, Comey, it’s an excitin’ world yer leadin’ us into…well, led, anyway. “Evan McCone” is no longer one of the hunters, now, is he? As Bill Clinton appointed you, perhaps you should have begun looking for the rapists with a search on his DNA. Then again, those measures are only for the proletariat, never the Politburo. Changing the world in an exciting way, eh? This coming from the “E-mail Doctor” himself.  Those who are holding us accountable are beyond accountability themselves.

    The point: who is to stop these goons from taking a sample of anything in your house and affixing it to some piece of evidence linked to a [supposed] crime? Sound far-fetched? Think again. Recently in Baltimore, a cop and his buddies were indicted for fabricating evidence with their little “body cameras.” Unbeknownst to them, the cameras recorded 30 seconds prior to their pressing the button…and this “extra” footage showed them falsifying evidence and planting it on people to “expedite” their version of justice. They also were acquitted.

    These will be the ones coming for the firearms…yes, coming for the guns. They’re just taking their time and crafting their little laws and statutes, and when the time is right, they’ll go door to door. They already have the records of so many purchases, as Form 4473, a Firearm Transaction Record, is stored indefinitely in gun stores. They will utilize these records, as well as the “unofficial” ones…those gun shows have CCTV cameras, and that film is kept in their databases and fusion centers…forever.

    Since the feds infiltrate all of them, do you really believe they haven’t recorded everyone who walks in there, and picks up a weapon? That they haven’t recorded them leaving the parking lot?

    They have recorded all of it. Every time you buy ammo in a big-box or sporting goods store, it is recorded…amount, type, and for what caliber. Every accessory bought online is metadata that they will use against you. The investigation is the key for them: if it is under investigation, there is no limits to what they can do, or convince/coerce a court to enable them to do. Here are the stats, and another “kicker” for you from the article:

    Thirty states and the federal government allow DNA to be taken at the time of arrest. Sixteen states allow it to be analyzed immediately, and in the other 14 states, DNA may be taken at arrest but not analyzed until after arraignment on charges.

    Congress approved legislation last year authorizing the Rapid DNA network, and the FBI plans to roll it out slowly beginning next year. “Our goal in 2019,” said Thomas Callaghan, chief biometric scientist for the FBI Laboratory, “is to be able to have a pilot project done where we actually develop a DNA profile in a booking station, with no human review, and have it electronically enrolled and searched in the national database. We have to ensure that the quality that’s done in a lab can be done in a booking station,” which are often jails where fingerprints and mug shots are usually taken.”

    That last is telling: “the FBI plans to roll it out slowly beginning next year.”

    Why is that? Well, some reasons are that the technology is ahead of the laws…they need some time to craft some more laws that will enable them to be able to sample more than the current laws permit now. The biggest reason?  So that it will not be noticed by the Muppets in Fisher-Price Land. Out of sight, out of mind…until the bars are completely constructed and the cage is complete. Did you see what Callaghan said? Let’s embolden it, as it is critical to understand:

    “…a DNA profile in a booking station, with no human review, and have it electronically enrolled and searched in the national database.”

    No human review. Will there even be a hearing? Probably a robot judge, akin to the parole officer in the movie “Elysium.” Do you think arrests will be on the rise? Yeah, they’ll take you in, and you’ll have the DNA taken from you…regardless of whether the charges are pursued or not.

    Read the article. Read everything that you can on the tech they’re rolling out. Today’s police officer is tomorrow’s enforcer of a full-blown tyranny. We have reached a point where the vote is irrelevant. The vote is only meant to give the population the illusion that the choice is theirs. It never was. The media and the Democrats are all over the President akin to white on rice, and they’ll be on him relentlessly all the way up to and through the next election, if we make it that far as a nation.

    Right now we’re standing on the threshold of the abyss…a plunge into complete totalitarianism and surveillance on every citizen. People, they’re coming for the guns…in every way, shape, and form. They have to have them in order to finish off what is left of the U.S. and institute global governance. I recommend watching an older movie entitled “Gattaca,” for the types of measures they’ll eventually be using to collect DNA with or without our approval. It will happen: in public places, where you work, where you shop, and where you bank.

    By matching the CCTV cameras with the samples they take, they will positively identify you and get the DNA. Look what the NFL, what the military, and what law enforcement, as well as hospitals and others have gathered already. Your DNA is a mute witness that can testify against you where you have shopped, what you have eaten, and how you spend your time. They will use it to track you and find you when the time arrives. We have a little bit of time left, but not much before they close the cage on us…one that you cannot see, but is all around us and becoming stronger by the day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. If your family participated in genetic testing to determine ancestry, the authorities already have sufficient DNA data to match it versus that at crime scenes, even if they lack your specific DNA. That has been the subject of several recent allegedly solved crimes.

        Also, ruthless people could simply gather your DNA in a burglary and then intentionally leave it at crime scenes.

      2. Someone would have to get a sample of my DNA first before anything can happen. Not giving up a sample to any mofo for any reason. Not their concern.

        • If your blood sample requested by your Physician for anything was intercepted at the lab they have it. Maintaining anonymity, once the norm is now rare and getting more so every day. Doors are closing and with it avenues of escape. These SOBs with “the best and brightest” and unlimited resources have been woking on this while we worked to pay our bills including taxes.

          • Probably doesn’t even needed to be intercepted. They probably provide a sample to the government for everyone tested.

        • Who said they will ask?

          • They’ll need to get on their knees and suck on my DNA stick for me to submit.

            I really can’t believe how stupid some people are who so naively and willingly submit their DNA to those genealogy sites that are building DNA databases. Stupid, fucking stupid.

        • You must have missed the news. They don’t need a sample from you, just from a relative will do.

      3. If one asks themself how far Thomas Jefferson and company could have got 242 years ago; the logical conclusion, not too. Technology liberated great segments of labor from drudgery and simultaniously their privacy.

      4. No. 1. Don’t give your DNA voluntarily on these stupid genealogy sites. It may come back to bite you.
        No. 2. Don’t put your return address on anything, unless it is high value. The less info you give them, the brtter off you are. I never put my address on things I mail and it still goes through.

        • Jas

          They don’t need everyone. Siblings and more distant relatives with an algorithm tying in other stored data via the NSA will pinpoint anyone. This like the “FREE flu shot” (beware of free) is being pushed. I smell a nefarious goal.

      5. for YEARS i have warned people on this site about tech.
        Glad you are now listening.

        ALL technology made since 2002 is a snitch, snoop, surviellence tool used by corrupt cops and government.

        * * * ALL technology made/manufactured in Israel and China are COMPROMISED.
        Intelligence agencies of those countries have backdoored EVERY item made there. China intelligence agencies are Dangerous to you, your family, corporate and national security.

        US military would not listen. Now even they are finally getting a grasp of reality.

        Get all technology out of your life.
        New vehicles are the worse for snooping your EVERY move. Toll pass transponders are built in. They log EVERY move you make.

      6. Unless you’re handy with crunching numbers, or lots and lots of state resources are being devoted to you, DNA tests are not convenient, at this time. Most people have no idea what to do with the raw data.

        “I recommend watching an older movie entitled ‘Gattaca,’ for the types of measures they’ll eventually be using to collect DNA with or without our approval.”

        My test said that I would not respond to negative reinforcement.

        I have at least two different versions.


        Does it make you an asset or a liability?

      7. Who’s watching?
        Tell me who’s watching.
        Who’s watching me?

        I’m just an average man, with an average life.
        I work from nine to five; hey hell, I pay the price.
        All I want is to be left alone in my average home;
        But why do I always feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, and

        I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
        And I have no privacy.
        Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.
        Tell me is it just a dream?

        When I come home at night.
        I bolt the door real tight.
        People call me on the phone I’m trying to avoid.
        Well, can the people on T.V. see me.
        Or am I just paranoid?

        When I’m in the shower.
        I’m afraid to wash my hair.
        ‘Cause I might open my eyes
        And find someone standing there.
        People say I’m crazy.
        Just a little touched.
        But maybe showers remind me of

      8. Worked in three different places with biometric clock-in systems.
        Those things a-l-w-a-y-s have glitches. Especially the biometric thumbprint machines.
        Analog is best. More dependable.

      9. Privacy concerns. A useless and repetitive phrase designed to fool the masses. Repetition is the most basic form of mind control.

      10. DNA can be used to see if you are a good match for someone who needs a transplant.

        Rockefeller’s numerous transplants might have come from people who unwittingly gave up their dna and then had an accident.

        In Israel where they use dna to see who will be admitted, a respected leader said that it would be permissible to kill a person and take his liver as long as he is not one of his people.

        That is so racist it is hard to believe, but it is a fact.


        • It would be easier to believe if you named that “respected leader”. and gave a valid and verifiable source to his saying it and exactly what he said.

          I don’t accept a “fact” unless it is shown to be that.

        • Maybe, you’ve mixed up your R’s, as the Rockefellers were apparently white and Baptist. Rothschilds are associated with the J*ws.

          Is this J*wish blood libel logical, though —
          — as long as he is not one of his people
          — if you are a good match

      11. I would like to do one of those DNA tests but no way am I giving up a blood sample or cheek swab, and one or the other is required.

        What about people who have to have blood tests if they have an illness or cancer or whatever, where the test are needed? I keep myself healthy so I don’t have to go near a hospital but in the case of an accident or illness wouldn’t the patient have no choice but to submit to a routine blood test in order to get a proper medical diagnosis?

      12. Anyone anticipating hiding out in the worse swamp available, Might think about snow joggers. They are small snow shoes so you don’t sink in the mud. A hammock with mosquito netting, Hipwaders, a little kayak, Is a bad swamp your best friend?

      13. It is not us old guys that have to worry. It is our children who will be enslaved. It will be over for them before they are old enough to be cognizant of what happened.

      14. When SHTF and the EMP hits….all of the above is gone and everything is right with the world …with 90% less people.

        • Yes I agree with you with some adjustment.
          The 98% of people will disappear including you and your genetic descendants. (children and grandchildren)Because you and your family perfectly useless for humanity and the ruling class.
          And the remaining 2% will be micromanaged servants and animals and play things of the passion and obsession of the ruling class.

          This will be the “all of the above is gone and everything is right with the world” elitist philosophy of the promised land of utopia.

      15. I just finished watching the first season of “Jack Ryan.”

        The tech in this show was amazing. We can video, and kill, people from a drone that is thousands of miles away. If you think the US government can’t, and won’t, do the same thing here in the US, you haven’t been paying attention.

      16. Reminds me of the book “Franklin Scandal”, A Story of Powerbrokers and Child Abuse, by Robert P Morrow

        GOOGLE this – Franklin Scandal is a fantastic book and a MUST read/Amazon

        This specific one-page Book Review is very telling.

        It reveals little-known information about what goes on behind the scenes in Washington, DC. One of the many victims who came forward was jailed for speaking out.

        Both the Bush (at least Bush Sr & Bush Jr were) & Clinton Crime Families among the elite involved in this criminal activity. If you want to know where Bush Sr went when he croaked last month just look down. The Clinton’s will be joining him, as will his corrupt son George Jr.

      17. They will try and they will die for their treason

      18. It hasnt happened to me but others have said they were having a private conversation in the privacy of their home…
        and the next time they went on line they were bombarded with ads that pertained to keywords from their conversation.
        Dont give google/amazon voice print.(voice biometrics)
        There might be laws in place that require a warrant to record conversations but laws are sketchy pertaining to voice print.
        Maybe you are unknowingly having a conversation with a person thats on a watch list…and now you are too.(possibly)
        Alexa is a snitch ..IMHO

        • One other thing …dont try voice command even once to see if it only takes once to get a voice print

      19. The NSA has your voice print if you “EVER” talked into a phone.

      20. Geesh, Hype Much? DNA as to where I shop? How much DNA do you think is at the Walmart anyway? My DNA would be lost in the thickness of the soup. And this is the key to avoiding DNA persecution. Just spread DNA everywhere from everybody.

      21. my comments blocked.
        Tech Mafia allowed free reign to spread communism and cut free speech.
        Amerrika home of No free speech zone.
        Amerrika home of soviet style political correctness.
        Amerrika home of violent murdering Police henchman for politicians.
        Amerrika home of the legalization of drug counter culture.
        Amerrika home of spoiled NFL players who refuse to stand for our national anthem. (Piss on you NFL. Not one game watched or gear purchased by my very large family for two years now.)

        Looks like I need a new web site home.
        Looks like I will purchase my metals elsewhere.
        Looks like I need a new Country to live in.
        I have just about had enough of censorship, political correctness, commies, druggies, and insanity being the new norm.

        Piss on NWO communist.
        Piss on anti American communist media.
        Piss on the leftist communist party that has done nothing but monkey wrench our elected President and cause harm to our once great nation.
        Piss on the facial recognition RFID chipped matrix that is going up around you NOW. Peoiple are oblivious.

      22. All technology since 2002 is a snitch.
        All tech items made in China are compromised by China intelligence agencies. Spy chips.
        Get this stuff out of your home.

        I live in a stste where thug cops have searched women’s private ares on side of the road. The cops murder people in their own homes. Police also Murder unarmed people.
        I live in a state where the violent thug Police FORCIBLY draw people’s blood. Politicians are cause of this being allowed.

        How can we live in a nation like this?

        I will not. I hate communist. I hate TYRANTS. My blood and my forefather’s blood has been spilt and ancestors lives lost, for the American flag.

        No one will forcibly draw my blood without killing me first. I will die before a cop is to forceibly put a needle in my arm for some alledged BS made up nonsense.

        Now this generation allows TYRANNY by Tech Mafia, anti American Corporations, corrupt self serving communist leftist politicians, continual communist media propaganda.

        Wolves in suits, wolves to devour your freedoms disguised as politicians. You are Red Riding hood. The politician and Tech mafia are out to use and devour you tech loving sheep.

        Tech disguised to give you benefits, whoose real purpose is to snitch snoop surviel you. So thug law enforcement assets can be used to round you up one at a time.

        Law enforcement assets used for a quite war against patriots:
        round you up, take you to jail on made up warrant in computer.
        target you with facial recognition.
        target you with license plate recognition in police cruisers.
        confiscate your property and assets.
        give your ID to ilegal foriegn nationals.
        remove your bodily organs to sell on black market
        this is only part of it.

        5G surviell and KILL weapon disguised as phone service.
        Directed energy weapons to burn your homes down.
        weather modification to kill crops and destroy homes.
        schools with agenda 21 common core dumbing down and attacks on all Male children. Schools and culture Making boys into weak sissies.

        Grown men playing video games like children and addicted to porn, doing pot, instead of raising children and caring for family. Inked up, vaping, holes in ears and faces like a bunch of circus freaks escaped from prison. This is what I see daily at work and on street. Infantile men children. Inept. Look like prisoners with ink. My area looks like china india mexico, not a caucasion face.

        What the hell happened to the American people? Phone zombies running off the road and into other cars, stepping into traffic heads down in phone zombie land. people at restaurants not speaking to each other. Heads down, children in video games, and parents silent texting in phone zombie land. Waitress pissed because you need drink and you interrupted their phone social media post. Then they extort 20% as tip for bad or no service and left over reheated microwaved substandard food.

        Welcome to future which is here TODAY.

        I am doing something about all this garbage.
        I vote with my Ass.
        I am leaving the building. My money and taxes will find another home in another land. There just must be a better place without all this INSANITY.

        I no longer recognise America. Do you?

        I love God. I love my family and consider it a privilidge to work hard for them. I love the America I grew up in. I used to love football and movies, but now RUINED by commie knee takers and propaganda scripts for fags and commies. Now when you see a miss universe you don’t even know if it is a she, a he, an it, or what it was or is.
        This is all nuts.
        Boy Scouts allowing fag troup leaders and girls? WTF?
        INSANE. All of it insane.

        “Scotty beam me up. No longer intelligent life here. Just inked up phone zombies in self driving cars.”

        now you know the rest of the story. good day.

      23. aka RealID just gave me a few different options, on enrolling:
        Facebook (friends)
        Google (search history)
        Email (I use one for business, only.)

        I have no intentions of applying for the ID in the right hand or forehead or of reporting honorable Judeo-Christians in good faith.

        For the time being, my papers will be in order, and my shoes will be well-polished.

      24. Ex: If happen to be talking about dog collars, don’t hyperlink
        to a page about bird cages. This article was added because
        I feel its very important to toddlers comprehend their methods.

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