You Won’t Believe Why Washington State Isn’t Allowed to Prepare for Nuclear War

by | May 16, 2017 | Headline News | 90 comments

This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s


If the government was able to take care of everyone during any foreseeable disaster, there probably wouldn’t be a thriving prepper movement today. So many people have taken it upon themselves to prepare for disasters, because they know how the government often reacts to crisis situations. Our government’s response to disasters is often slow and lacking, and the victims of these events are frequently forced to fend for themselves. Still, what they do is better than nothing, and at least at the local level first responders do a great job.

With that said, there’s an expectation among most people that when disaster strikes, the government will do something. And worst case scenario, sometimes there are disasters that the government doesn’t foresee, and they simply don’t have a plan. However, most people don’t realize that sometimes, not only does the government not have a plan, they deliberately avoid making a plan for political reasons.

That may sound totally asinine, but it’s absolutely true. Especially in the state of Washington. With all the hype surrounding North Korea’s missile tests, many states are reexamining their nuclear preparedness plans, except in Washington, where apparently it’s illegal for state authorities to even make those plans. According to King5 news out of Seattle:

Despite the constant threats and missile tests coming out of North Korea, emergency management officials in Washington state say they are prevented from forming an evacuation plan in the event of a nuclear attack.

“State law does not allow any advanced planning,” said Karina Shagren with the Washington State Emergency Management Division.

RCW 38.52.030, passed in 1983, says “The comprehensive, all-hazard emergency plan authorized under this subsection may not include preparation for emergency evacuation or relocation of residents in anticipation of nuclear attack.”

Can you believe that? You might be wondering why any government would actively refuse to prepare for a nuclear war. It turns out that the only thing dumber than this law, is the reason why it exists.

The author of the state law preventing a nuclear attack plan, former Democratic state lawmaker Dick Nelson, says at the time, Washington state was inundated with nuclear threats, and the idea was to create an example of peace.

“It was about finding a middle ground we could all agree on,” he said.

Nelson also felt that if Seattle were to be attacked, the chances of survival would be so low that a preparation plan would have been moot anyway.

Today, Nelson still says he has no regrets.

So in other words, the state decided that refusing to prepare for a nuclear war would send the message that nuclear war is bad and peace is good…or something. I’m struggling to follow the logic here.

It’d be like refusing to prepare for hurricanes, because hurricanes are bad and destructive. It doesn’t make any sense. Trying set a peaceful example by refusing to prepare for war; a preparation that I might add is totally non-violent and only exists to save civilians, doesn’t do anything to actually reduce the probability of that war happening. It doesn’t bring more peace to the world, and it doesn’t save anyone. With this law, Washington has traded the safety of many of their citizens for a shallow political statement.

This article originally appeared at Tess Pennington’s

Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.


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    1. Anonymous

      the snowflakes just don’t understand reality

      • JustMe

        Left-tards gonna tard…

        • laeagle

          Their plan is likely to just sit down in a circle and sing ‘Kumbaya’ as the missile comes in.

        • YellowPokaDotBikini

          They will attack and Nuke the Boeing Plant in Seattle WA. They want a lot of death to cause outrage to start another war just like the False Flag Attack Dec 7th 1941 in Pearl Harbor. “Japs Attack Pearl Harbor” said the headlines, and off to the races they went, with internment camps and ramping up of the Military Industrial Complex Mafia (MICM). This will also slow down the Aircraft manufacturing and inability for the US to defend itself. Its all part of the design to destroy America.

      • durangokidd

        “Washington state was inundated with nuclear threats, and the idea was to create an example of peace.”

        The roots of liberal insanity runs deep. This is the SAME irrational thinking that refuses to recognize that Islam is NOT a religion of peace; and that law breaking illegals should be subsidised and given “sanctuary” for their crimes against American Citizens.

        A bloodbath will be necessary to cleanse America of the NWO Left and Right, once and for all. Patriots should keep stacking and packing. The Opposition will not have any preps to speak of: especially guns and ammo.

        Engage. 🙂

        • Gandhi

          we are being played against each other. In reality the career fraudsters need to be in jail.

          • YellowPokaDotBikini

            If they blow up just one Beer Micro Brewery out there in WA, I am going to get really Pissed.

        • JustMe

          Don’t count on them having nothing, their owners have deep pockets…

          • durangokidd

            Yes, but when push comes to shove what these Snowflakes lack most is SPINE. That’s why it takes a dozen protesters to attack a TRUMP supporter and a young black thug or two to beat up old white men and women on the street while playing the “knockout game”.

            Did I mention scores of minority youth ransacking retail stores ???

            It only takes a million Bernie Goetz’s tired of being serially robbed and bullied to level the playing field; en mass or one by one, to hold the guilty accountable.

            The NWO can be eliminated overnight … and at 500 yards. 🙂

          • awed bawl

            The deep pockets are ours- the looters just reach in via the printing press [fake money].

        • Nailbanger


      • Eisenkreutz







        • SPACEMAN

          Well then the whites better start caring, and start to protest heavy.

          Do it non violently ………

        • JustMe

          They are going all the way, not just stopping at Thomas Jefferson…

        • awed bawl

          Jefferson memorial will be changed to george jefferson memorial.

    2. Prepared Pastor

      It says it only applies to evacuation or relocation and not preparation as this article claims.

      • grandee

        That IS what it says.

        Anywho, evacuation for hurricanes and nuke events are kinda different.

        if the nuke is on the way, you aren’t gonna make it out in the 15 to 20 minute time frame anyway.

        so the man is right, it’s a moot point.

        Best to be prepped in your own bunker.

        • LowCountry Buckeye

          The article and your reasoning are flawed. We prep to SURVIVE a direct nuclear hit, hurricane, riot, earthquake, whatever …you also prep to survive an event in surrounding areas to hold off the threat and live some form of life. This is insane.

    3. Gandhi

      Let me explain the real reason it is stupid for allowing govt to spend our money for prepping.

      1. They would squander it on secret bunkers for themselves at your expense.
      3. You could not keep it stocked since rotating food and water for millions of people for 70 years is silly
      4. They would squander your money and use armed Feds to keep you from traveling.
      7. Looters would rob your house then burn it down while you sat there in a big parking garage with no water and a lot of antifa types.
      13. Get the point yet? You can fill in the other numbers on your own?

    4. Gandhi

      Only an idiot would expect govt to provide for millions of people and keep adequate food and water and medical supplies fresh in reserve for decades. It could not be done without bankrupting the state. Tewls

      • DeplorableBitterClinger

        The fools who believe government has supplies stashed for all of us also think they’ll get fuel from the SPR during an emergency.

    5. Gandhi

      The elite show you what you will need to do to survive the apocalypse in almost every movie. Everyone will be at war with the neighbor until you have no neighbors.

      • Gandhi

        That is why they have the zombies movies. The last thing the Feds want is for the people to wake up and arrest them for fraud.

    6. threefeet

      this law should simply be ignored by the governor and staff
      what are the federales going to do about it ?

      • Gandhi

        You pay for others survival, I don’t want too. I might move to Washington state, they are smart.

      • Smokey

        Read the article again, it’s a state law.

        The reason this was passed was to ensure that us Wershingtonys never had to face up to the Cold War, and now North Korea, just keep our heads in the sand. Life is blissful. Vote Democrat.

    7. LDH

      Hopefully this law will remain in place so the left coast libtards are forced to stay under the mushroom cloud and can’t flee and spread their mental diseases to other states.

      • Anonymous

        LDH yes, you get it

    8. Kevin2

      Is the Washington Sate Government legally prevented from preparing for, “emergency evacuation or relocation of residents”, include public officials?

      • Braveheart1776

        Kevin2, interesting question. I dare anyone to tell me I can’t prepare for anything. I’ll tell them where to go with that.

        • Kevin2


          Its an allocation of public funds issue that right or wrong is within the preview of government. I’ll bet a dollar to a dime that under the concept of “continuance of government” which ostensibly protects “We The People” they have bug out plan in event of a catastrophic event, storm, volcano, earthquake that just so happens to be applicable to an ICBM.

          • Braveheart1776

            Kevin2, I’ll agree your analysis sounds plausible and let me add that perhaps they had an old plan in place which needed up updating at the time that legislation was passed. My bet would be that someone decided to quietly ignore that law and update the plan anyway. That’s a move I, as a prepper, could support. Even if someone passed a law against me prepping for any natural disasters, etc., I’ll disregard and keep stacking. That’s MY decision to make, NOT someone else’s.

          • B from CA


            I’ll bet two dimes that you are correct.

            Check out my post below.

            __ this interview was awsome
            __ I don’t know if it is credible, but it sure was something.


      • Smokey

        No, just the populace.

    9. This Texan Has Had Enough

      Just stick your heads deeper in the sand and you can’t even see the threat coming. Great plan for the residents of Washington State!

    10. Antieverything

      When nukes are going off we can all just talk it out and feel better about ourselves.
      Anyway what’s the point of evacuating when you will get exposed to fallout during evacuation. Mitigating exposure is the only way to deal with fallout.

    11. Sean

      Seems a little odd in a state with volcanoes.

    12. oops

      Too late Fukushema’d!

    13. Jim in Va.

      People in Washington state should prep for themselves and screw the state and federal governments. You are on your own and would be way ahead of everybody else when the shit hits. Head for western Oregon or eastern Idaho where common sense is in more abundance.

      • Braveheart1776

        Jim in VA, ‘people should prep for themselves and screw the state and federal governments. You are on your own and would be way ahead of everybody else when the shit hits.’ BRAVO! MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!

      • Carwashman

        I live in Eastern Washington which is vastly different from the Libs on the west side of the Cascade range. Western Oregon also shares the same mindset as western Washington.We just don’t have the population on the east side to vote these Idiots out. I would not count on them in Olympia for anything. So that said, constant vigilance is the rule of the day.

        • SteveInCC

          When the time comes, close the passes. You’re going to have what they need, and they won’t be coming to ask.

    14. Asshat

      My email box is full of retailers sales ads. I honestly don’t know how they got my email. I don’t shop at any of them stores. I fucking totally despise retail corporations and will not buy shit. no bullshit like 10 different stores. Wife might have given it to 1 of them opened get the Pandora’s box of junk email. I spend so much time shredding and trashing junk mail. I don’t wan no fuckin credit card so if they gonna send the application when I never asked for it I’m gonna mail the empty envelope back wasting their postage $. They are relentless like I’m gonna fall into despair and sign up for a credit card. I don’t need their $ they need mine though.

    15. rellik

      I lived in WA state for 21 years. I was there when that stupid law was passed. My representative ignored me. It really wasn’t a Peacenick issue. It is more due to Sub base Bangor, Bremerton, Fort Lewis, McChord AFB, Widbey island NAS and now NAVSTA Everett, these are all ground zero high priority targets and all close together.
      I could add in all the Boeing facilities in Everett, Seattle, and Renton also.
      There will be nothing left of Puget Sound.
      Because I have a special hate for Windows I’d reserve one nuke for the Redmond Microsoft campus.

      • Nailbanger

        Anybody surprised it was a democrat who wrote that law,
        And how ironic it was a guy named Dick

        • Braveheart1776

          Nailbanger, interesting someone named dick pushed for that BS. What a dick! [PUN INTENDED, WHAT THE HELL] LOL!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          you two are gettin’ MORE than your share of radiation ALREADY….and so is washington.

          • Nailbanger

            Thats why we have a er a healthy er glow,,,
            Yea, thats the ticket

        • CINDY WISNER


    16. Travis

      Liberals must be several notches back down the evolutionary chain.

    17. TEST

      Anyone care to bet this Nelson dude lives in an area that is not near ground zero!

    18. aljamo

      That video had some good tips.

    19. amy parks

      Any one who says they’re just stupid liberals is an idiot. They are subversive criminals mainly communists.

    20. B from CA

      Lee Wanta (spel ?) author “Black Swan White Hat”
      Secret Agent 007. Under President Reagan

      I just heard this man interviewed on the Rense Radio

      What he said was unbelievable. If half true, wow!

      He claims to have 2,000 tons of Gold from Russia to restock Fort Knox

      He claims to have 37 Trillion Dollars that the Banksters are holding
      But which is America’s with which Trump could rebuild the infrastructure

      He claims to have been the Secret Agent sent by President Reagan to Russia
      Where he made a deal with Nakita Khrushchev paying him ten billion to step down

      He claims that he, an ambassador with a photographic memory and years of experience,
      Would like to help President Trump clean the swamp, and with Iceland as model
      Get rid of the Creature Criminals, take out Kennedy’s printing press and roll out the money.

      He has direct knowledge of everything from murders of Vince Foster to both
      Clintons being CIA agents, Bill is a Rockefeller and marriage was arranged

      He calls himself a dead man walking
      Is this why he is going public? To protect himself from assassination??
      Is This What President Trump meant when he said we are not broke, we are rich??

      Lee says President Trump is hesitant to go forward
      But that he should.

      OK – President Trump, Make America Great Again !!!!

      __ ?


      • JustMe

        He has been interviewed on Veterans Today several times over the least few years. Hard to gauge if he is the real deal. The people at VT seem to believe him.

      • Smokey

        He’s made a lot of claims.

      • HMULLER

        Is anyone here aware that Reagan was elected President in 1980. Khrushchev was deposed in 1964 and died in 1971. Is this agent Reagan sent to Moscow a time traveler?
        Sometimes, I think this site should be renamed “ZeroHedge for Dummies”.

        • Anonymous

          Or the “The Land of the Gullible”, or maybe “Gullible’s travels”.

          Easily fact checked and debunked stuff seems to have rather widespread acceptance here among many of its posters.

          No excuse for that in the day of the internet, you don’t have to rely on someone else to tell you what is true and what is BS anymore.

    21. HMULLER

      I wonder how President Reagan elected in 1980 sent a man to Moscow to negotiate with Krushchev, who was ousted from power in 1964 and died in 1971. Was the agent a time traveler?

    22. southside

      Oh my god,if anyone lives in WA please leave NOW. The inmates have truly taken over the asylum

      • deplorable infidel

        American Washingtonians, just vacate the cities of the empty headed commie leftists, Seattle, Olympia, etc. and let the screwball sapheads get nuked. The Union will be a whole lot better off without their convoluted thinking.

    23. Neal Jensen

      That mushroom cloud won’t be a nuke, but the fallout of the ultimate liberal phaggots orgasm into self immolating utopia. They don’t want to be saved from it but want to be consumed in it.

    24. Bridgebreaker

      Seattle itself likely wouldnt be a primary target however Bremerton yards, fort Lewis/mchord, Hanford, Fairchild AFB and its attendant Nike sites, and possibly grand coulee dam would.

      • Anonymous

        Depending on whose missile was used it might not be possible to hit specific targets, i.e. an NK or Iranian missile would be lucky to hit greater Seattle itself, and maybe even miss that by a fair margin.

        A Russian or Chinese one would likely be pretty close to right on target.

    25. David

      Reminds me of the scene in Independance Day where the snowflakes on top of the building were welcoming ET.

    26. JAS

      Hopefully California has the same law.

    27. JayJay

      Nelson also felt that if Seattle were to be attacked, the chances of survival would be so low that a preparation plan would have been moot anyway.


      It’d be like refusing to prepare for hurricanes, because hurricanes are bad and destructive. It doesn’t make any sense…big difference, author. Very big difference.

      • Gandhi

        Well in a real SHTF I hope there are not many people left that I will need to deal with.

    28. Kevin2

      As sabers rattle the population of Washington State knowing (if they know) that there are zero plans to evacuate in an organized fashion will take it upon themselves to vacate in a chaotic fashion thus inducing casualties.

    29. Bert

      Hitler’s Far-Left Democratic Socialist Party is alive and well in that queer [ eccentric, unconventional, worthless, counterfeit, questionable, suspicious ] victim-entitlement “state of Washington”. Just another state where the weather can be tolerable in the winter, but the citizens are 95% disgusting pigs!!

    30. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf


      I here by with the truth vested me, declares YOUR ASS BANNED FROM SHTF.

    31. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf


      No one comes on here talking shit about this site, calling it names. FUCK OFF TROLLS.

      Richard wicks is nothing more that I rotten piece of shit turd that must be flushed down the toilet.


      Fucking trolls

    32. Traitor Hator

      The whole objective of the tribulation is to burn the Tares ? Not save them.

    33. J

      Once we take the first nuke strike on American soil, once again you’ll see the sheeple all over the country sitting in circles, with flowers for the victims, singing kumbaya, and give peace a chance. And the strike will be blamed on America & Trump. Then, the civil war begins.!!!!

    34. Braveheart1776

      HCKS, who is Richard Wicks? I don’t remember seeing that name here.

    35. Braveheart1776

      HCKS, disregard. I found him 2 articles back and made my own response to him. Just another troll.

    36. NOBODY

      Why do you have to post this kinda stuff…I live in NWW…I did not know this…Now my brain hurts…More so than it normally does.
      There are not enough “special incantations” to cover how I feel, and it’s to early for beer!!!

      • PO'd Patriot

        If the sun is up its never too early for a beer.

        • Gandhi

          I stockpile beer too

        • Gandhi

          Get your neighbors drunk before you deal with them.

    37. NOBODY

      PO’d If I did that I would be a full blown Alycie, and not just an armature drunk!

    38. NOBODY

      OK…Apparently some of the “PTB’s” in Olympia want to do away with this law…Not holding my breath!!!

    39. J

      The day will eventually come when they will be hanging from lamp posts, or we will.!!!

    40. JJ

      Well, Seattle is a nuclear free zone. So the socialist/ communist are safe.

    41. awed bawl

      I thought it was a reality free zone.

    42. Thot Police

      Washington is not a nuclear free zone. With financially-important ports, the Puget Sound has been considered a weak point, for incursion, at least since WW2. Locals play in the bunkers, on old anti-aircraft guns, knowingly live near working installations, surrounded in razor wire, and dissemble submarines. Floating bridges stopped traffic, to let them through. These pious, leftists street people sleep with the sailors.

    43. Bob Manley

      If you rely upon government for all the preparations for disasters (nuclear or otherwise) this transfers enormous power to the government. Imagine in the aftermath of a nuclear attack if all of the pre-positioned supplies of food/water were under the control of the (((Feds)))… You want to eat? Report to your local FEMA camp where you will be used as conscript labor or perhaps worse.

      Yes, we need government for some types of prepping, such as evacuation plans and shelters in public places (schools and such), but the vast majority of the civil defense money should be spent by and for individual families. It would be far better, and more economical, to give people tax credits for building family fallout shelters and stocking them.

      Tax credits would actually encourage more people to prepare, more importantly, it would encourage the RIGHT PEOPLE to prepare. In the aftermath of a nuclear war, we won’t be missing the bulk of the welfare class that will likely perish because they failed to put forth the effort to make even minimal preps for themselves. What we will need are strong self-reliant families… The kind you can find prepping across the country right now. The point in government Civil Defense should be to make it possible for more of these families to prepare for themselves.

    44. Rationality

      Wow you guys are a serious bunch of loonies.

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