You Want to Own Things That The Enemy Can’t Print

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    Whether you have limited means directed at specific collapse-proof assets, or you’re an investor with capital in personal savings or stock portfolios, there exist a number of strategies that can help you to not only mitigate a worst-case scenario crisis, but to come out ahead should it come to pass.

    Rick Rule is the Chairman and Founder of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., and one of the world’s foremost experts on non-traditional investments during times of uncertainty. The company manages some $10 billion in investments for clients. Sprott is one of the few firms that has been highly recommended by contrarian investors, as they not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, having created a massive store of physical gold and silver to back some of their leading investment funds. With currencies being devalued to the tune of billions of dollars monthly and government debt skyrocketing at an unprecedented pace, getting into the mind of someone who’s seen and prospered from cataclysmic market events over the last 40 years can help us to identify opportunities where none seem to exist.

    From how to trade stocks in erratic markets to investment strategies that target long-term global trends like dwindling resources and economies on the brink of disaster, the following interview with Rick Rule from Future Money Trends covers numerous topics that include how he thrived during geo-political calamity, his past stock investment mistakes, the outlook for precious metals, how cold hard cash will play a role when markets collapse, and preparing for a world where even our most precious global asset – fresh water – becomes almost impossible to acquire.

    When looking for the best way to allocate your hard earned money, start with one of the key rules Rick follows:

     “You want to own things the enemy can’t print.”

    Watch the full interview from Future Money Trends:

    Rick Rule on precious metals:

    I like all forms of bullion…

    I believe, if pushed, that the best form of bullion in terms of price appreciation for the next one or two years, is platinum and palladium.

    I don’t believe it’s because of the monetary aspects of it. I believe it because the industry does not earn its cost of capital at this price point.

    I believe it because on the supply side there’s no above ground inventory. All the platinum and palladium that’s ever been mined has gone out a tail pipe, it’s gone up a smokestack or it’s gotten turned into jewelry.

    On why you should have some dollars in your reserves:

    I think you have to own some dollars.

    I think you have to acquaint yourself with the fact that liquidity is a tool in turbulent markets. You have to have some dollars knowing you’re going to lose 2% or 3% compounded. Because, as turbulence increases, cash will give you the means and the courage to take advantage of the mistakes that other people will make in a 2008 style market.

    The first thing is you have to choke down the fact that you’re losing money in the real sense and have some cash.

    Ugly lesson, but we have to do it.

    The second thing is that some of that cash ought to be bullion. Some of that cash ought to be a store of value that’s a medium of exchange.

    I can’t tell the individual speculator if they should be long gold or silver or platinum.

    If somebody asked me that question I would say “yes,” as opposed to making a choice.

    On dwindling Western water resources:

    We haven’t had a situation where we’ve had to ration it by price before.

    Water is allocated in the west politically, it’s not allocated by the market…

    …We do things as a consequence of that like growing rice in the desert.

    We do some phenomenally stupid things with our water, but it’s protected by law.

    And the law is protected by guns. 

    In a real market you wouldn’t have any problem like this. We have these adjudicated rights to water.

    As a consequence we’ve subsidized people’s water consumption to the point where it isn’t enough to say that we’re vulnerable to a drought.

    You have to say that if there is a drought there’s going to be massive dislocation. 

    Part of me would like to see nature and the market triumph…

    You may be an average American struggling to make ends meet, a retiree with a sizable savings account, or an investor with capital at the ready. Whatever your means, Rick Rule’s ideas can apply to your situation.

    Consider a scenario where financial markets and the economy collapse similar to 2008, but more severe. As counter-intuitive as holding US dollars may sound, if prices in commodities like food or precious metals collapse during the initial panic selling, or farmland drops to 20 cents on the dollar like it did during the Great Depression, you’ll want to have cash on hand to quickly accumulate whatever you can.

    At the same time, perhaps the US dollar melts down in an overnight ‘waterfall’ event, leaving much of your cash worthless — if you don’t have some medium of exchange like gold, silver or platinum, then you’ll have no way of engaging in trade.

    Likewise, while Rick Rule focuses on water in this interview, there is a broader trend surrounding the allocation of resources through political means, and it affects not just water, but energy and food as well. Should we have a crisis in one of these sectors, it could cause significant dislocation in the others.

    Diversification and assuming that multiple events of varying degrees and effects can play out is critical to any complete SHTF plan.

    If you’re caught unprepared with none of these ‘hard assets’ in your personal inventory, how will you manage?

    If you focus on the things the enemy can’t print or manipulate, primarily hard assets that will always be necessary for day-to-day human functioning and survival, you’ll come out much better off than most when the system descends into crisis.

    Hat tip Future Money Trends


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      1. If you have a large savings in precious metals it will be easy to turn some of that into dollars whenever you want. I wouldn’t hold a lot of dollars for that purpose. It isn’t worth the risk.

        I thought his comments on water were general, not specific, and off base as well. Water can come from a number of different sources and each source can be handled differently. I have no problem with farmers growing food in the desert using irreplaceable water from the Ogallala aquifer. I don’t think big cities should get river water at the expense of agriculture. Especially when those cities allow grass lawns and swimming pools. I have a bigger problem with Las Vegas casinos having OUTDOOR water parks and people in Nevada having swimming pools.

        • The best savings account would hold all of the things you need for the rest of your life.

          Might as well buy it now if you can because one day soon they may not make it anymore. And if it is, it will cost much more than it does today even if real money (gold/silver) is being used.

          The question is not what would you do with 1000 disposable razors. The question is what would you do with NONE.

          The same question can be asked for anything you use in your daily life. If you expect to live 20 years, a 20 year supply of a necessity is not too much.

          • GC:

            I try to also have a forward outlook… on what we need.

            When they said “Diversification and assuming that multiple events of varying degrees and effects can play out is critical to any complete SHTF plan.” Is how my outlook is focused.

            Wally world is a classic example of only stocking something for a short term (Don’t even try to understand) I went there yesterday and found them stocking Mountain House entrees again. Almost 2 years with nothing in the camping section and now, out of the blue, they are stocking again. I got some yesterday. The price is $2.00 higher each then before. Now at $6.88 a pack. But, paid with cash there is no trail from an internet seller for TPTB to follow.

            Enjoy the day.
            Y’all play nice. 🙂

            hillbilly SC

          • @GC:

            Agreed Sir.

            You can never have enough “Holy Hand Grenades”.

            Toilet paper, coffee, booze, and condoms will have their moment in the “rare necessity barter spotlight”. Each, in turn, will be worth their weight.

            We are imprisoned or set free by our choices.

            Have a great day, Sir.

            “He chose poorly” –Indiana Jones III

            …be safe… acquisition practice….BA.

            • “condoms”…really…so… that means that after they “depopulate” …you don’t want to be part of re-population?
              Or, do you think others may not? 😉 tic.

              • Condoms are not just about birth control. They’re also about disease control.

                • That was a little tongue in cheek there Mike… TIC…
                  However, I do understand where you’re coming from and couldn’t agree more..

                  It just demonstrates the lack of MORALITY that exists…
                  On one hand I’m begging for a reset…
                  On the other…I just hope you’re all worth it…

                  • Think about this for just a second before you start to pass moral judgment on people you don’t know. My daughter has epilepsy and my sister-in-law is a four shot a day diabetic. Without doctors, hospitals, and modern medicines, pregnancy would almost certainly be a death sentence for both of them. They each have a husband and children who will be depending on them and their skills when TSHTF. Stocking up on condoms IS the moral thing for them to do. You are supposed to be a prepper? I suggest you learn to think before you open your mouth to the wrong person.

                • I would just like to add that a condom has another use than the obvious one. If you get the ones without lubrication and spermicide, they are emergency water storage. I read in the “U.S. Army Survival Manuel” that this is what soldiers use for carrying water and that they are all given them for survival situations. That book is an absolute ‘must have’, btw.

              • What is the shelf life of a condom?

                • You do not put it on your shelf . 🙂

                • Bob, I believe most boxes do have an expiration date. The question is do you trust and expired one?

                • That reminds me of when I worked at a convenience store and someone wanted to return a box of condoms because they were “expired” Of course, the idiot didn’t read “Date of Manufacture:……”

              • When the re-population begins, you give those condoms to liberals so they don’t breed and produce more of the entitlement dumbness that got us here in the first place.

                • I’m thinking forced sterilization of liberals would be a better idea.

            • How fresh are those condoms…

              • they are so fresh, you can use them in your car, underwater.


            • What about antibiotics? They are their weight in gold. Vacuum package them in 10 day dosages

          • Mac,
            Congratulations on being the number 1 ranked website for traffic and folks looking for prepper/survival information. That is an accomplishment to be proud of. Kudos. There is a good crowd of folks that comment and provide input here, and because of that I have learned many helpful things that I have incorporated into my preparations. People who read and heed the information here are better prepared to withstand the difficulties of life. Thanks for what you do.

          • Disposable razors?? GC–We think more in line of viennas!!

            • And what is in a beanie weenie?? I am not paying $1.39 for two spoonfuls of pork & beans and a sliced hot dog!!!!
              Nope–I ain’t!!

        • The one thing more important than having a lot of stuff is knowing how to use it. Printed books (on the right subjects – 1st aid, gardening, edible wild plants, survival) might be more important than gold, cash, or even stored food.

          • Oh yea…I have two set’s of Linda Runyan’s cards on wild foods…
            very informative…

            • Thank you for sharing.

              I just put two in my cart at Amazon

        • OUR swimming pools in Phoenix are not a luxury. They are part of OUR preps! 🙂

          Any raw land without a well or water rights is a just a parking lot.

          Rick Rule says: “Hold dollars!” Walt. 🙂

          • BTW, preppers should stick with silver and gold. Don’t buy platinum or palladium, those are for sophisticated investors and traders only.

            Just saying.

            • US nickels and pre 1982 pennies might be a rather painless way to gather some base metals. Will they ever be tradeable? Meltable? Dunno, but they should always be worth face value. Metal value of each coin was at or above face last time I checked.

              Rawles says keep nickels.

     says keep pennies.

              I say keep on keepin’ on.

              • ORN, I personally stack nickles. For me the space savings is what sold me on them. But, no matter which you choose, you will be ahead of the game. The opportunity to stack pennies and/or nickles is a win-win. Keep on stacking them!

            • Thank for your nice comment.

              I am a sophisticated investor.

            • DK, you are right, think lowest common denominator when you think about any type of future barter and PM. When you are dealing with some sheep from the heard they won’t know platinum from silver. In my mind, pre-64 silver is what i stack and enjoy. It is easy to identify and fairly simple verify. A rare earth magnet, a scale and a tap to hear that pretty ring it makes and you should be OK. Peace

            • DK, you said platinum and paladium are for sophisticated investors only. What makes you think we ain’t sophisticated? Was it the overalls covered in mud? The manure on our boots? Tattered straw hat? Banjo? What gave us away?!

              • SO: It was the home made fishing pole cut from hickory and the slingshot in your pocket. 🙂

                • I always fished for large mouth bass with a cane pole….
                  3 times the height of me….and I caught more from shore than the “ole folks” did from the boat….LOL
                  Good Times then…..


          • Gonna guard that water supply 24/7 DK????

            • JayJay: I looking at used, surplus World War II armor right now, to keep the zombies away, but I might settle for a card board cut out. We’ll see. 🙂

          • Right. Hold dollars. They will make great toilet paper or fire starting tinder.

        • Here we have one,of the few, who can more than well afford anything in this world..

          How the hell does that apply to the majority of us who tend this site every gd day and can barely afford the mortgage,taxes and day to day expenses?

          Or those who are unemployed?

          Is this intended for Forbes or Bloomberg’s readers here?

          Yeah all the well heeled give advice for those who have hedge funds,hefty 401’s , or lucrative stock options but expect the rest of us to listen to these charlatans..preaching doom and gloom at our expense..while we barley scrape by..

          How about some sound advice for the rest of us, unless the majority here are all well financed to stave off what is to come…

          Give me a friggin break will ya..

          Might as well listen to the sage advice of all the other so called asshats in Washington who earn several hundred k a year and have screwed all of us working class idiots in collusion with the likes of this wall street one..and all his ilk..

          Good fuckin by to this site…

          I am done..

          The proof is in the pudding..

          fools all.


          • You should know by now possee that no one piece of advice is for everyone. I don’t know about you but I will try and implement what I can, and the rest, I don’t worry about. You’d do well to take everything with a grain of salt. Good Luck Buddy.

          • possee,
            People can start with the no cost prep- that is, knowledge. This can be gained at a local library or on the Internet. I remember reading about WWII Europe and the number of people who made it through because they had training and skills that they could rely on.

            Then learn some basic scavenging skills. Inexpensive ways to create additional income. Step by step move gradually ahead with skills and preps.

            I came from a working class background and made my way through college with a few loans but mostly with hard work and finding ways to leverage what I already had.

            The people who have the easy money will also be challenged by the changes that occur. Some of them are used to hard work and hard times but the ones that aren’t will find that barrels are money aren’t the only resource needed to meet a difficult challenge.

          • possee:
            Don’t you leave! Don’t even think about abandoning this
            ship! Your intellect is too valuable here.

            I am a pauper too! If it cost a nickle to shit, I would
            have to vomit instead.

            A good many folks here are fighting that same struggle.

            We know these upper-echelon preppers bear little or no

            resemblance to what or who we are. But instead, we can

            use them as a sounding board, a reminder we of lesser

            means have to go that extra yard to persevere.

            We can get no solice from DC, no comfort from the MSM.

            All we have are each other, like minded, like willed,

            it’s our strength. Together.

            Individually, we are lost in the wilderness. Together,

            we are a force to be reckoned with.

            I again ask you, don’t leave.


            • When all is said and done, it will be the “treasure” within your heart that will see you through….basically, do what you can do within your means and do not concern yourself with “keeping up with the prepping Jones'” I put what monies available to me after paying normal, monthly bills, to buying storable goods that I actually eat now…beans, rice, flour, yeast, etc…..No one knows exactly what we may face, but to me, money and PM are at the very bottom of my prep list….food and books (so they are not lost forever),security and peace within my mind are at the very top of my list….

              Be Well Aware, Be Positive, Do What You Can For Yourself and Others

            • Give it a rest…. with this crap about somebody having more or less…. than you. Its the kind of crap you hear from the inner city dwellers that carp and moan about every benefit they are handed. Kindly have the self respect and sense of honor to do what you can with what you have. If that is more than I can afford… good for you… If I find myself on the short end of preps.. Nobody is holding me back from doing my best… with what I damm well have.

          • Posse….please do not allow the opinions and suggestions of others, or your frustration, to discourage you enough to vacate this site…those of us without a financial cushion understand from where you are coming…..follow your own instincts as to what YOU can do for yourself and your loved ones …that, and your knowledge and skills, will be far more valuable, I think, then any money.

            Have Faith…. and Trust in Yourself


          • @possee
            Looks like you are mad at the world. People are going
            to tell you, you need lots of different things or you will not survive. Only you know for sure what you need. Nice to try and cover all the bases but that is hard to do.

          • possee,

            Guess what, most here and across this country are in the same boat as you. This article and so many like it are to push the purchase of something, it is advertising at its worst. I hope you don’t just leave, see through the crap and continue to give your thoughts because that is something that one can not buy, it is priceless.

          • Dearest Possee,
            If you choose to leave this site than of course, it’s your choice. I personally will be devastated. I need to hear what YOU have to say and always look forward to your comments. You have a gift: Grit, Honesty, and best of all…….Out of the Box Thinking.
            I don’t wish to share much about my life but I will say that at the age of just 8 yrs. my life changed dramatically. I learned very quickly how to think outside of the box, but only for those years.
            Cardboard was one of those God sends. Heck, filled the holes in shoes, used for a sled, made Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations galore. Many unfair, unfed, freezing cold days. I kept my siblings alive with the help of my 7 yr. old brother, yes, you read that right.
            My Point??: I (we) need your input.
            The ensuing years have been hard work and amazingly good for me, but one never ever can one forget what hunger and freezing cold feels like. NEVER!
            Please do forgive me for too much sharing, but anyone who believes any breakdown in our society is going to be fun and one is completely prepared……….it will NOT be so. My trauma happened in unsuspecting times and we were invisible.
            JUST SAYING


        • Metals are good when you have EVERYTHING else taken care of and all the ‘maybes’. Suppose there is no new ‘money’ to trade your gold for as the old system has collapsed and no new one has arisen from the ashes yet? Are you going to barter an ounce of gold for a chicken? How about an egg? Even a silver dime would be too much. But a pound of nails might get you a chicken or a bottle of Chivas may get you a small pig. Both are good barter items and keep forever. Think…don’t listen to those who are pushing a product. ALWAYS look at who is profiting from the info/advice. ALWAYS.

          • Dimes could be cut in half, or even quartered with a pair of diagonal cutters.

            Silver and gold have ALWAYS had value. ALWAYS.

            It’s not “different” this time.

            Yes…the most important thing is to have necessities. But silver and gold have always been considered a store of value. THAT’S WHAT MONEY IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

            EVENTUALLY people are going to want a medium of exchange besides just bartering chickens or nails or even MRE’s.

            “Junk” silver is easily recognizable for what it is. And people WILL want to use it. Maybe not when everything first goes to hell. BUT IT WILL HAVE VALUE.

            God made gold and silver. Man makes paper money.

            Which do you think is going to be more valuable.

            Once the dollar collapses, it WILL NOT come back. At least not in its current form. And any paper currency is going to have to be backed by something that people recognize as having value.

            Someone give me an example of a fiat currency that has ever regained its value. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

            It did not happen in France in the late 1700’s and it did not happen in Germany in the 1920’s. And when our fiat Federal Reserve Notes collapse in value, they aren’t coming back either.

        • Is this why gold has dropped $400. since its high 18 mos ago?? Lost a quarter of its value?

          You dont seem to get that the real issue is not the material- the NWO is hammering that irrespective of the fundamentals of the market, or the inherent value of an item- it will only be worth what THEY rig it to be.
          If you have the Hope Diamond and the Cartel refuses to pay you more than 50 bucks for it (and criminalizes you for possession), then what?

          Pencils, pearls, platinum or fiat- it will fetch whatever they assign it, no more. NWO are the problem and must go.

        • Those Las Vegas casinos (hotels, actually) TRUCK their water in from as far away as Idaho. So, jobs for truck drivers. Find another villain.

          • Sorry but if you think that they truck in all or even a majority of their water…I don’t know what to say .

        • There’s a lot of BS surrounding things in the world and water is one of them. Virtually every molecule of water that was ever on Earth is still here. Gravity sees to that. The humidity in the air drops VERY rapidly with altitude, so at 50,000 feet there is very little moisture in the air to be “lost” to space. Some air is lost but it is also replaced. If it wasn’t, it would have run out by now.

          What IS lost is clean water suitable for drinking. Yes, water resources need to be managed but hopefully that will be done by those with the skills and the scientific / engineering technical training to do the job correctly and not someone who has a political agenda and little to no technical training.

      2. Except for the new printable magazines and receivers, of course.

      3. WE’ll I might be the head of the class finally.

        So I’ll start with this…
        Obama is a commie:

        Next up…. is the boomers…they destroyed America. Too many rats running around with their baby on board stickers.

        Then there’s the law makers thinking the can disarm us. FU Feinstein.
        It’s always the jews disarming us…ever notice that?

        Then there’s the dollar that is being printed into oblivion.

        Then we have the zero factories in the US.
        Maybe it’s time we baseball bat the heads of these companies and the board of directors for selling out the american people.

        Then we get to the socialist wave that’s hitting our culture.

        Aw…I’ll stop there…doesn’t matter.
        It’s all going to collapse.

        I’ll just stay home and surf the web, eat stuff from the garden.

        See….all the multi culturism…you take white man out of power and things collapse.
        Mac…don’t you delete this…
        We’re all thinking it. I just have the balls to say it.

        • It is fascist…actually satanic.

          and…you won’t be surfing the web…it is the biggest of the problems for our young people…it needs to go until it can be used responsibly.

          Us old people will use the living daylights out of it to get the word out while we can.

          Once we have sent these bastards back to hell on fire…we’ll need to use the brilliant minds that are left to revamp our aging, obselete power grid.

          Things cannot continue the way that they are currently.

          • woudnt it be nice to just sit around with your family and talk? No TV,internet all that crap. maybe even everyone have dinner together. we need to get back to the basics of living.peace

            • Just like when we were kids…our family gatherings are just like that.

              When the kids and grandkids come to our place, there is no electronic shit allowed…or I’ll take a hammer to it.

            • Just what we did tonite and plan on doing monthly
              No electronics–just fun eats and talk

          • When the boomers were in grade school, prayer was taken out. This crap started before the boomers were even trying out mary jane. The boomers were the first fully indoctrinated generation and by the time it got to gen x, y and z, there became no easy way to turn it around. President Johnson was no boomer. Now that the commies have taken over and have become the establishment, if you are not a commie then you must be anti-american. Ironic isn’t it?

            • When YOU were still shitting yellow, I was working my ASS off to provide a comfortable life for YOU and YOUR “baby boomer hating cousins” – you little SHIT!!! In my career, I designed and built medical implants that have saved MANY lives, including my own Mother! I have achieved through hard work and intelligence several medical inventions for projects such as: cardio patch, artificial heart valves, bifurcated veinous grafts, ring grafts, with many invention patents, et al. So do me a GD favor you little PUKE- get off YOUR dead ass and accomplish SOMETHING besides a whine-baby attitude!!! Now, that I have worked so freaking hard in my life as to be rewarded with a severely damaged spine, and am on disability, are you going to scream bloody murder because YOU THINK I don’t deserve to be ON disability?
              GROW UP and smell the coffee! Us older folks who have PAID THE PRICE for your benefit actually deserve to be recognized for OUR efforts! Rick, you truly are a twisted little child.

          • “obsolete power grid”…”currently.” I hope that pun was intended…it was great!

        • I’m a “boomer” and I take offense to that, worked most of my life; (1953) and retired my self when my dad got sick, have 2 kids, and they both work hard and “arent on the government roles” son is Navy and husband Viet Nam vet, daughter can build a house and shoot a gun, so when talking about boomers you better think twice, as we all are not the same

        • I have been trolling the site here for years and still cant get past the one thing ya’ll keep overlooking or probably by design, ignoring. I am going to say it one time and then I am through. If/when things a go m max and you are all prepped up and feeling secure, when you spot the golden horde coming you damn well better join them or you are going to be dinner. Better yet, if we have a failure of power, and in my opinion it don’t hit the fan until power is out and no return in sight, ya’ll better take your grub and go in search of a horde to join/create.

          • olered,

            Say what?

            • say what as in are you gonna hide from 350 million people?

              • @olered….Far better to leave THIS life free, then to cower and submit to evil…that, too, is your freedom of Choice….


          • ‘Nope, I’m to old to join anyone’s horde. Never liked group think anyway; average is way to dumb. Someone has to thin the horde and teach it some respect. I’ll give it a try, I hear you get a better place in Hell if you go down fighting.

          • olered, I understand what you’re saying. It’s situational and depends on where you’re holed up. In the city, being a part of the the power will keep you alive longer than being a sewer rat, that is, until you can find a way out. In the rural, a small foot print will be better.

            • Rick, That is what I was thinking too. It is all about location. Any “hoard” will take the path of least resistance. We live rurally, a couple of well made signs pointing toward food, water, shelter or a bridge blocked or out etc.. will keep them away, at least in large numbers. Remember that they are sheep on a psychological level. Like all good sheep they need to be led, so don’t let them down. We should use our brains and find ways to lead them away from us!

          • Olered: Ah, the magical “Golden Horde” of films and books. They existed centuries and centuries ago but no longer, nor are likey to ever do so again. In the days of the Mongols, Huns, and Goths population were sparse and good water could be found almost anywhere. But today with over 7 Billion folks on this planet there isn’t a safe source anythwhere. Microbes; those nasty little things that carry disease and death are found in every water source on Earth. When the grid collpases and water treamment plants cease to work, death will find most folks unprepared. So, unless this Golden Horde has military training and a large mobile water purification unit, they’re going to die from contamainated water just like eveyone else. Without the proper training in sanitation, waste disposal, and water treatment, most folks will get sick and many will die. They would also need to update their typhoid and cholera vaccinations and that’s not likely unless this horde is some rogue military unit. Nice fantasy, but the bugs will thin all of us out.

          • The question is not what we will do, it is what will you do? Most hear are not going to, and have not been sitting on their laurels. If want to join a horde, good luck, when they can’t find food, I’m sure they won’t mind the lack of fava beans, or Chianti. As far as feeling secure, it will be a luxury few will know, and only the vigilant will have anything resembling it. After all, how many feel secure even now.

            • olered-
              It’s called ‘lines of drift’ I think. The golden horde follows the path of least resistance, coupled with the path to easiest/most accessable provisions.
              When planning your bug-out locale, or your homestead where you’ll shelter in place, get as far away from the lines of drift as possible. I realize most people don’t have the option to relocate at this late date, but if so, keep that in mind.
              As for the rest of us, if it truly gets chaotic on a regional or national scale, then we use the same suggestions offered by Rick in Oregon, FOB, Clay and Paranoid. We use our brains. Keep the footprint small. If you can’t be invisible, make the place look as uninviting as possible. And definitely have 24hr security. Have an escape plan and, if you must, go down fighting. I imagine you already knew all this. I’m just preaching to the choir here.
              As for joining the horde? Probably not, in my case. If 1000 or more came streaming down my road, and it was go with the flow or die, then maybe I would. Anything under a thousand, I’m takin’ out a half dozen of those leading the parade while mrs okie launches the escape pod (I’m not sacrificing her no matter how big the horde is.) Yeah, I’ll go down, but then there’s only 994 for my neighbor to deal with…and 988 for his neighbor….hell, if we had about 150 more neighbors out here, the last guy on the road wouldn’t even have to stop pickin the banjo or get up off the porch swing. Wouldn’t be any left by then!
              And finally, NO, I’m no hero. This plan would only be used after I call St Peter to open the pearly gates, cause I’m coming through any minute!

              Of course, none of this really matters. We’re so far off the beaten path, I sometimes have to call for directions to find my way home. (or maybe that’s just me!)

              • @smokinokie….I agree….We either DO what it TAKES or TAKE what they DO….


          • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
            ― Samuel Adams

        • Civilization could be described as the triumph of brains over balls. 😉

      4. I was thinking, would it be possible to barter with some local officials say like the tax assayer of your county. I’d be glad to trade some beans and silver and the use of some land for a receipt for taxes paid. Its just like paying a cop for protection. I am sure its happening now already in certain places. Has anyone ever heard of something like this in your local?

        • My Grandad was a small-time commercial fisherman on the
          Great Lakes like his Dad before him.

          It was always hard times there even when things were
          better times elsewhere in the country.

          They bartered those fish fillets for just about all the
          things they needed to keep a household going.

          I still remember how they did it just in case I need to.

        • Why pay for protection when you have all the guns you need to do it yourself?

          Don’t you pay the corp enough already without doing it in a way it considers “illegal” outside of DC?

          • GC,Really? Do you not pay taxes? How do you get away with that? I didn’t say Pay a cop, I said I am sure some are doing it. Do you not believe in barter, please explain.

            • Bribing a local official is not barter. It is perpetuating the problem we are fighting to stop.

              I pay sales taxes, gas taxes, and the like. A Lawful Tax is a tax that can not be avoided and allowed in Law. All of those fit in that category.

              I do not pay any federal “income tax” because nothing I make is earned through a taxable franchise (SSN). What I make is mine. PERIOD. It is the same for all FREE men.

              The federal income “taxes” you pay the Federal Reserve as interest are franchise charges for working for the federal government, owned by the Fed. They pay for nothing but the continued existence of the Federal Reserve.

              When people finally get that, and that they have a right to refuse to provide those numbers and pay those franchise fees, that will stop.

              Until then, the fed will take your money as long as you are willing to give it to them. If they can keep you afraid, you will continue to pay it.

              I don’t tie anything to the corps numbers so i can keep everything I make because it IS MINE.

              • I disagree with you then. Barter is when you trade one valuable item for another. If the county says I owe them taxes on my land and they will take silver or other items for payment, how is that a bribe?

                As far as being afraid of them, those are your words and not mine.

        • Not much in my local but I have heard bartering is going on in other larger cities.

        • If things collapse I wont be paying the taxman anything ..if he’s stupid enough to come around in the first place he might have a serious accident!

          • Agreed, Reb. If things get so effed up that they collapse, then we have clearly not been getting the service we have been paying for and there will be NO reason to continue the tax scam.

            Until then, however, the system is working to some extent. It may suck in a lot of places but it’s what we’ve got. Cops, firemen, and paramedics are usually pretty good people.

            If we’ve got a problem with anyone, it’s usually not them but the brainless politicians who somehow manage to get elected in spite of having no qualifications whatever. A low level civil servant HAS to take a test to get their job but all a politician needs is to win a popularity contest; usually one that has been paid for with other people’s money.

      5. Agree…I have about 90 days to be 59 1/2. Then I will cash out my 401k and invest in some more metals. I have to wait the 90 days so I dont pay the extra 10% penalty.

        This house of cards is coming down…24 months tops in my view.

        Just moved my Mom into an assisted living home and I have POA of her accounts. Relying on the market where her money is invested makes me nervous. That money has to pay her 4k a month bill from the home.

        • Why not pay that to yourself instead and take care of your own MOTHER!!!!

          It appears the destruction of the family is now complete.

          • @Gods C

            Let me explain Ahole…she requires care I cannot give her at home.

            • Then pay someone to come to your house to do the things you can’t do yourself, and teach you UNTIL you learn how to do them.

              If your priority was taking care of your mother and letting her live her last little bit of life with the family she dedicated her life to, you could do it.

              If your priority is to find excuses to NOT take care of her, that is what you will find.

              If you can come up with 4K a month for someone else to take care of her away from your home, you can easily afford for them to come to your home.

              I know the burden of taking care of an elderly parent (honoring thy mother and father). It’s not easy but a lot of people do it because they WANT to when the alternative is to ship them off to die with paid strangers.

              Those last few days, or weeks, or months will be priceless when time does run out. And it will. You can always ask your hired help to tell you about it, I guess.

              I believe that family should be first NO MATTER WHAT. It’s OK if you don’t believe that. Your kids will not either. You will find out when you are the old one instead of the child.

              • GC…It is her 4k a month that he is using.

                I’m with you.

              • Gods Creation,

                Sounds like you are playing God, you have no idea what the circumstances are with Steve’s Mom. At 4k a month, it must be a pretty nice place, probably geared to Senior Citizen living at its finest. Perhaps it is what she wanted, did you ever think of that or are you one of those who believe after the age of retirement you can’t make your own decisions?

                The destruction of the Family is not complete, how do you come up with that one? It may be diminishing with many in society but far from complete. You should be careful making such broad statements and accusations, makes you sound judgmental and ignorant.

                • Playing God how? That makes no sense.

                  He said HE moved her into an assisted living facility, and hopes her money will pay for it. Apparently, if he had to pay for it other options may have been better.

                  Even if she said that’s what she wanted, it’s not. She may not want to be a burden on anyone, but is that all she can be at home with her family? What kind of family is that?

                  At $4K a month, it may or may not be nice. But if you know you are going there to die because your kids don’t want to take care of you nothing is really nice, now is it?

                  You’re right. I don’t know his mom’s situation, or his. But I know that keeping her at home would be the best thing for her because it always is, and paying others for her care is the EASIEST thing for him because it always is.

                  Agree, or disagree. But before you do, go to some of these places and see what the people who live there have to say about it when their kids are not around.

                  Nice on the outside may not be so nice on the inside.

                  • GC,

                    I guess you can read minds now too. Maybe Steve has 20 kids who are all hyper and she wants peace in her life; you know nothing about this situation so stop the preaching and get over yourself.

                  • The only mind I can read is my own. It’s also the only one I care to read.

                    One can choose to take care of their own family FIRST, or not. One does not need to be a mind reader to know how you would choose if putting it off on someone else was an option.

                    What I do know is that my mother will die in one of two places. Her home, or mine.

                  • I know. My Grandma died soon after moving into an “old folks’ home”; I always felt so guilty, even though I was very young, just recently married. I loved my grandma. If I had it do over, I would’ve brought her home with me.

                  • Wow, talk about judgemental. I worked at a nursing home while I was in nursing school. Most families try very hard to keep their loved one with them at home, but that’s not always possible.

                    Nursing homes vary greatly in quality. Some can be horrible places, others are very nice and provide a lot of social interaction that seniors value greatly.

                    Traditionally familes “took care of their own”. But back then human lives were much shorter. Most people were relatively functional up until perhaps a few weeks prior to their deaths (most commonly from infection, complications of childbirth, accident, heart disease/stroke, ect). Today, people live decades longer…but they’re much sicker during that time. Also, families are smaller today and there are fewer people to share the responsibility of caring for a sick elderly loved one.

                    Care for a seriously ill demetia patient is not easy and it’s around-the-clock. It can include: turning a bedbound person every two hours, helping with toileting and cleaning up “accidents”, feeding the person, calming them down when they become confused, protecting yourself without accidently hurting your loved one when they become aggressive due to dementia, hiding all the sharp objects in the house in case they become violent, trying to get medications into a person who thinks its poison and you’re trying to kill them, constantly staying awake because if you fall asleep grandma will wander outside and be hit by a bus or lost in the woods…

                    There are valid reasons that a nursing home may be a better choice for a loved one than having them remain at home. I DO think that family members have the responsibility to VISIT FREQUENTLY for the well-being of your loved-one and to make sure that their care is up to par.

                  • GC: I have indeed… it sounds as if you are suffering form a lack of exposure to reality. Do you understand what the “State” does to you when you take control of the care of the aged… to the assets of your mother or father… to their property or… yours.. the cost of making…. your… home ADA approved… how much room you need to install a min spec. ramp out the door of.. your home.. the asset reduction and paydowns demanded by the State.. The fact that you can… not be there to provide the medication management, ADL needs, toilet and sanatation needs… bathing…. what it does take to clean up a mild case of Motazumas revenge spread form the lazyboy to the nearest bathroom… or waste basket… the list IS endless and sad as it sounds… IS the distruction of many many many a family. I only speak for myself… I will not do that to my Children and have more self respect and honor to demand it from them.

                  • Thomas the thinker says…

                    “””Do you understand what the “State” does to you when you take control of the care of the aged”””

                    The State does NOTHING to me and makes ZERO rules in my home or concerning my family. If you take it upon yourself to do those things just because the “State” says so, that falls on to you, not the State.

                    If you encourage your children to carry the same VOLUNTARY burdens you place on yourself, going to a nursing home is not going to lighten their load and will destroy any dignity they could possible have.

                    Teach them to be free and they will WANT to take care of you.

                  • @Gods Creation

                    “What I do know is that my mother will die in one of two places. Her home, or mine.”

                    That comment proves you have no clue what you are talking about. You have never been in the situation of taking care of the elderly.

                    STFU! mind your own business and stop acting like some uppity know it all who is better than everyone else because you have everything figured out in your fantasy mind. Stop being an asshole!

              • The last thing I would want for my daughter is to have her father wasting away in a nursing home at 4K a month because it offered “care” that could not be provided at home. What ever happened to death with dignity?

                It reminded me of the subtitle to the German version of the movie Stalingrad which put it more bluntly: “Dog, do you want to live forever?”

                I have made it clear to my wife and daughter that I do not want my savings/assets being wasted to keep me alive in some nursing home. My wife and daughter will need every penny available to see them through the Great Transition. If I am in a nursing home, then by definition I am essentially no further use to them. Thankfully and hopefully, any money or other preps, including knowledge or training I can leave them will be far more valuable.

                • I’d rather be run over by a beer truck than go to a nursing home.

                  BTW, he spoke of an assisted living facility. Maybe she really don’t want to move in with her kids. He may not be able to care for her and earn a living, too. I’ve promised my wife that I wouldn’t ask her to devote her life to taking care of my parents while I work. I wouldn’t wish my dad on anybody. I dearly love him, but he is an ass. He likes to make life hard on the people around him. Sadly, I can envision him being one of the people whose morphine drip is cranked up by some nurse. Happens all the time.

                  • When all these things happen and you are faced with these decisions, they will be hard and very personal.
                    The 12th of Feb, when I was faced with a loved one that would not respond for 15 very long minutes, I knew already what I would do if he became an invalid.
                    We have discussed this for years.
                    Likewise with me.
                    We will not go to nursing homes.
                    Am I informed??
                    I visited for 1 and 1/2 years about twice a week. I watched two of my dear new friends die unexpectedly within a 2 week period.

                    I am NOT going to be a shutin in a nursing home and we are not equipped financially for assisted living.

                • Older cultures than ours have alway provided the Hill side, the Ice flow or a good flat rock to the oldest among them…. as the only dignity in death is the hope we have of planning our own… and I’m not talking about ‘self-destruction’. Like abortion… politics… and gay marrige… It is no one elses damm business but your own.

                  • Precisely, Thomas. My life is MINE. It does not belong to the state and they have ZERO right to interfere in my decision to continue it or not. Much as I cherish my beloved family, my life does not belong to them either, although I do consider them in virtually everything I do. I will not impoverish them for the rest of their lives so that I can linger on in pain and misery for another few weeks or months. Life is good much of the time but not THAT good. When my time comes, all I ask is to be kept as comfortable as circumstances allow. No heroic measures to continue living a life of pain and suffering are asked for, needed, or wanted.

              • Well said and Amen.

              • Hey thats not cool, Im in healthcare and first off $4k does not buy a whole lot if your heading to the ICU every other day. We have no idea how much care this person needs but it sounds like a lot. Steve not being able to provide that is number two, we have no idea what he may be facing. I can think of a million scenarios why although not traditional are the best case under the cicumstances. I say this because I see it on a daily basis, and Im guessing most dont, so maybe a little understanding shit….

                • Boss Hog,

                  These know it alls have no idea what they are talking about. In their minds they are probably thinking of some little old feeble person who is being thrown to the wolves because their kids don’t want to take care of them. My cousin’s Mother had alzheimer’s, she stayed with him until she burned the house down. He took care of her for years and had everything covered until one night at about 2:00 AM, she went to the kitchen and turned the burners on, she then proceeded to cover the burners with dish towels. Everyone survived but she was beyond in-house care. He had little kids in that house, should one live that way and forget about their kids welfare? That is just one of as you say, a million scenarios. Oh, and she had a full time nurse during the day that went to the house. People need to educate themselves before they pass judgment.

                • ICU has been redesignated as ECU– Expensive Care Unit

              • Interesting that you feel you are better equipped to decide what someone else needs to do. In home care is usually more expensive and contrary to some peoples arrogant assumptions it may not be possible to care for a family member in their home.

              • There are many different circumstances.
                Sometimes elderly people want to be away from family- I have had a few tell me that they raised their kids and now they want to be left in peace.

                Sometimes people have illnesses that are hard to manage at home. If someone needs care and it requires two people to help move them around, toilet them and shower, they might need nursing care. It can be very hard for a family to manage this care 24 hours a day unless several people are willing to help or there is money for assistance.

                I do however agree that taking care of someone at home is often a good choice. I have seen too many elderly patients who say that no one needs them anymore then they curl up and die. The ones that maintain connections are the ones that thrive.

          • My mother and father ran a large retirement complex for 30 years until they retired. 125 duplexes, 30 apartments, 200 individual rooms, 50 assisted living rooms, and 100 bed nursing center. When they retired they chose to sell their home and move into a duplex. The year was 1991. My mother still lives in that duplex and when she eventually has health issues she wants to move into the main building. The point being is that it is my mother’s choice. I know what her wishes are and will honor them.

            • Shootit,


            • Sorry for thumbed down. It is their choice until isn’t.

              • Indeed, LAG. My mother in law was a wonderful lady whom we all adored. When she became too ill with dementia, we had to find a place for her that offered the kind of mental and physical care she needed. Her sister got the same thing and took after her husband of 40+ years with an ax. Fortunately, the cops arrived before she could chop through the bathroom door to get at him. Anyway, Mom did not want to go to a “nursing home” but my wife held her hands and looked her in the eyes while saying, “Mom, we love you and this is the best we can do for you now. The time when you got to make all the choices is now over. I will be making them for you from now on.” And she did. After we got Mom settled in the place, it turned out that she made several new friends and really liked it there. She also liked her nurse. We visited almost every day to let Mom know that we were not abandoning her. When she passed on, I am sure that she knew that we did all that we could for her.

                As others have said, this is one of the most difficult things we deal with. Elder parents are often fearful, sick, and have difficulty coping with their reality. Even under the best of conditions, it is still painful for all concerned. We all must deal with this as best we can and as fits the situation with which we are confronted.

          • @GC…Do you really know just how SPOT ON you are?

            After my Dad died someone had to take care of Mom…at least until she could function by herself in the house. I was between adventures so I volunteered until I was ready to move on.
            One day she was doing some yard work and had a heart attack…
            The cardiologist said, after quad bypass surgery, she wouldn’t last 6 months…complication…
            Before my brothers could say a word, I said I’d stay with her until she passed on…
            I wanted to prevent them from putting her into a assisted living home…
            You see, when I was married ,my wife was a LPN in one of those places…
            The horror stories she would come home with would send chills up you spine..

            So with that knowledge it was instinctive to take care of Mom.

            Three and a half years later she passed away.
            All kinds of ailments and their respective complications….
            All the worst case scenario’s you could imagine…it was gruesome …
            I learned everything I could to keep the cost’s down…we did fine…

            What makes this somewhat extraordinary is that as a child she would beat me mercilessly …
            Not to say I didn’t deserve it at times… I was somewhat of a rebel. 😉
            I believe they called it…never mind… 😉

            Truth is, it wasn’t at all difficult to suppress all those memories…
            Control of one’s mind can be a beautiful experience…thank you DOD…

            The whole point is…well… I put honoring one’s parents far above expediency…
            That’s just an excuse from doing what is right…moral…

            I’m with you brother.

            • [[You see, when I was married ,my wife was a LPN in one of those places…The horror stories she would come home with would send chills up you spine..]]

              I can tell you many and I only visited twice a week for 1 and 1/2 years, sometimes 2 or 3 hours a day.
              I have suspicions about both the deaths only two weeks apart.
              I no longer go to that nursing home.

              • Makes one think, doesn’t it…

                Just a little addendum…
                Knowing what I know now…I’d do it again… no regrets.

            • @GC & Jerrybtg

              Some time ago, my Aunt was placed in assisted living. I would visit her when I was on afternoons. I walked in through the back door, in uniform after hours.
              What I saw and heard there no one should see. This was deemed an excellent care facility, and during the day everything was sunshine and roses. When no one is looking, and the patient’s family members are not around, the night shifts are something else entirely.
              It is a very hard decision to make to place a loved one in a facility with strangers to care for them……but those strangers DO NOT CARE.
              However, it is not my place to judge anyone’s decision. But for the grace of God, go I.

              After my mom passed away, my dad lost both his legs to diabetes within 5 months. It happened so fast. I sold my small house, and I was so fortunate to find a larger home with an apartment for my dad. While I was at work, I had a live-in caregiver for him. I learned what to do. And what made it easy was that he was an Angel.
              My dad slipped away. I would not trade that time caring for him, for anything in the world.
              He was my father.

              • Grey Owl..God knows.

          • My wifes mother went to a hospice when I was stationed out of the US. My wife is still heart hurt from this. When we got back, we moved her grandfather in with us. It was a wonderful four years for him , my wife, my kids and myself. I’ll make no judgement on anyones choices, but I’ll never have my family in a home. Just saying.

        • Won’t it be great when this Government collapses, and we can start a NEW ONE. I know it it will be good, since we all get along so well. Especially on all the big issues. Like health care, uh! Or was that Obama care.WASP

          • “Won’t it be great when this Government collapses, and we can start a NEW ONE.”

            Yeah, IF we are the ones to start it and not the very same jackasses who have screwed everything up.

      6. To Highspeed… I’d rather take my freshly panned gold to the assayer, and take worthless FRN’s to the tax assessor. Actually, where I live the assessor only determines how much property tax you have to pay. It’s the Sheriff that is the actual Ex-officio tax collector. Can anyone guess why the Sheriff would be the one who actually collects taxes? I wonder if it could be because he has the guns and the assessor doesn’t. However, an assayer might want to have a Glock or double barreled shootgun close by. LOLOL.

        • I’ll be paying in lead!

          • By far the most precious metals are lead in bullets, and the high strength steel fashioned into machines capable of propelling that lead at high velocity accurately over great distances…

        • thanks Crabnebulae, you caught my mistake, I did mean tax assessor instead of assayer. I think there will be times and places where at least for a while barter will be the way to go and I for one will be looking for ways to keep my property.

      7. You wouldn’t believe the amount in my savings account. Husband is a good guy but doesn’t get it! Advice?

        • Without knowing your existing investments, maybe talk to him about diversifying just a small portion of it — At the very least I’d suggest a 10% allocation into precious metals … if the economy and financial markets are truly in recovery, and the “fear” investment of gold/silver drops in value you may lose some of that 10%, BUT, it means that the rest of your traditional assets should rise since it’d be ‘boom times’ again…

          BUT, worst case, whether you are talking depression, recession, market crash, dollar crash, etc etc, that 10% in gold/silver could be a life saver. Literally.

          I am going to assume you have already allocated some of your monetary resources into food and core supplies (water needs, self defense, perhaps even a homesteading/gardening setup where you live)… If not, that’s something to consider too — even if your husband isn’t on board, and you have to rent an air conditioned storage locker on the downlow, put some freeze dried food, some MRE’s and a water filter in there… just in case. (Ideally, you want to keep that stuff at home, but everyone’s situation is different, especially if you have a spouse who isn’t on board..)

          Just some thoughts.

          Thanks and best wishes!


          • That’s pretty solid advice. My wife is absolutely not onboard and I store those essentials at a nearby storage locker until things get worse. I am not happy about it but it was the best compromise we could reach.

            • Every little bit helps and gives us peace of mind. Personally, I am ok being the crazy one until my husband is more on board.

        • ….too early to just…hmmmm…shoot him…(sarc)

          • @NautiGal

            If we could meld our husbands… My hubby is terrified of holding dollars. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD. Everywhere I look there is more GOLD. He has even started hiding bars in the trunk of my car. The garage is too full of GOLD, closets full of GOLD, Why, I think he even has one or two of those storage place thingies full of GOLD he is embarrassed to tell me about. Oh, what I would give for a man with a couple of dollars in the bank. All this GOLD is driving me crazy!

            • What a miserable life. Is there no God?

              • “What a miserable life. Is there no God?”


            • We’ll all put you on our prayer list!!

            • Bullshit!! Bars in the trunk? Storage units full of gold?

              And your sick of it?

              • Rick….I agree. A 10 oz bar would be around $16,000. A closet full would be around $1,920,000 and then the garage would add another $9,000,000 or so. Then you add the trunk and storage shed and this dude has over $300,000,000 in gold.

                I wonder what he does for a living?

                • Most likely a government employee! LoL

                • Federal Reserve. Kind of reminds me of that Johnny Cash tune… “One piece at a Time” The German’s may have a lead on their Gold.

                • ugly… 😉 🙂 🙂
                  I laughed so hard when I read your reply…
                  Classic…I could see Ralph going off a tirade..
                  (honeymooners) 50’s bw tv

        • “You wouldn’t believe the amount in my savings account. Husband is a good guy but doesn’t get it! Advice?”

          Yeah, actually I would! Same prob here, only it is my wife who does not get it.

          One thing gives me hope, though. I received my first gold purchase last week… 5 very shiny 1-oz. Maples. I put them in my wife’s hands and let her hold them for a bit. She was almost mesmerized by them, was very excited by them, and said that they were “incredible!”. I am hoping that this experience will help her to see how beautiful and valuable physical gold is… silver too. Maybe I can get her to buy some for herself now. I will do all the ordering for her, of course, because she won’t do that, but maybe there’s a chance now.

      8. Real advice for real possible events in a real world. Thinking your company 401k or anything else being around when you retire is a dream world. The stock market is not at 14000 because the economy is doing well,it is there because the FED is printing money. The whole house of cards is going to fall soon…..just look at all of the billionaires that re bailing on stocks right now. GOLD,SILVER,BRASS and LEAD…They are my ”precious metals”.

        • Given the current situation, lead and brass should replace gold and silver as top priority. You may find some gold and silver on those who get the lead after it separates from the brass.

          • @GC:

            Agreed again Sir.

            When they can’t eat gold, feed ’em lead.

            Unless you have stacks of greenbacks lying around, PM’s should be a low priority. Making a profit, to me, is not actionable, especially if I am dead because I failed to prep in the “more” necessary facets that promote survivability.

            Your comment is spot on Sir, thank you.

            …”there is no spoon” –The Matrix–….BA.

      9. Here you go Mac…congratulations! Front page news,

        My congratulations to Mac Slavo, the editor of the excellent SHTFPlan blog. His site now has a higher web traffic ranking than SurvivalBlog’s. When I had checked for competitor stats last year, SurvivalBlog was ranked #1 and Mac’s blog was #2. But now we are in the #2 position, and SHTFPlan is ranked #1. OBTW, I should mention that some of our visitor traffic is now directed to our dotted quad address ( and therefore the aggregate traffic is not reflected in the site rankings. Congrats also to The Survival Podcast, presently traffic ranked #3 among preparedness-oriented web sites.

        • Wow, Misty thanks for sharing this. I sincerely appreciate the mention by James Rawles.

          He has been an inspiration for me from the get go. And in my mind, he is and always will be the ‘Godfather of Survival’.

          Whatever the case with the traffic ranks and numbers and such, is the most popular Survival Resource blog on the internet — We cover a host of topics here, much of it focusing on news and such (as does Survival Blog), but the amount of helpful and insightful material JWR has posted over the years is simply mind-boggling.

          For me, it has never been a contest. It’s always been a collaboration between our sites, and the many Preparedness and Alternative Info sites out there.

          Insofar as our numbers are concerned, this web site now serves over 1 million readers monthly — and that’s not because of me. It’s because of all you guys willing to share your thoughts, ideas and musings in the community areas.

          I am honored to have been mentioned at Mr. Rawles site — he’s someone I respect greatly for being at the forefront of this movement, and for his continued efforts to get the word out and organize. He was urging readers to prepare well before any crisis ever took place. (His first book, Patriots, sits on my shelf and the shelves of every prepper I know — it was first published in the 90’s!)

          Thanks all, for everything. This web site would not be what it is without you!


          • Kudos to you, Mac — not just for being in a top spot (THE top spot), but for being gracious in your comment. You and Rawles are uniquely different and yet both have taught me a great deal. Thank you.

            • I agree…I found Survival Blog first and then SHTFPlan and both sites are a wealth of good information with each unique in it’s own way.

          • Rawles is Howard Ruff recycled. Been there. Done that. That’s all.

          • mac, i get the sense that without the greenback or some other form of money, like gold or silver, you will not do very well.

            • @ eeder….it is the sad truth. About 75% of all people live in cities where civil services and food delivery are needed. Thus funding has to come from somewhere. Right now, it is the dollar. When that collapses, it is your guess and mine what the currency will be. But we both know that food, water, shelter, and warmth will top the list.

            • Not to fear Mac. If you can find a way to haul all of that gold out of the city and to the country, I will give you one meal. For all of it. After that, you work for it! I even have a little cabin just waiting for someone like you to live in, in exchange for your sweat. Not exactly sure what I will do with the gold , but I will add it to my collection. Don’t you ever forget who is in the catbirds seat here Mac.

          • Mac: Its three shifts of the Cyber Squad 24/7/365. They are ADDICTED! LMAO! 🙂

            • and none for the old friend of Jamie Dimon, DK. He can sit in Arizona and piss in the wind while he tries to figure out a way to get water.

              • Dimon is not smart enough to pee downwind or keep his mouth shut, so he WILL get some “water”. 😀

            • See Mac? Three thumbs down … its the DHS Cyber Squad 24/7 in eight hour shifts! 🙂

              They hate to be exposed in print.

          • Congratulations, Mac!
            Now, can you get us some of those foam rubber ‘We’re #1’ fingers printed with the shtfplan logo? I want to be prepared when we go to the semi-finals in the Prepper Games next fall!

            …..3 seconds left in the game…shtfplan trails 27 to 24….4th down and 12 yards to go…Mac takes the snap! It’s a hand off to Be Informed…who laterals to okie…who spins around, gets confused and heads the wrong way! He’s gonna score for the opposing team!…But wait! Durango Kid runs him down and trips him! Okie fumbles!…Piper Michael picks up the ball and heaves it 90 yards!….Daisy is wide open in the end zone! SCORE!….Mac and Daisy are carried off the field!!…meanwhile, okie is on the sidelines scalping tickets to next weeks game…

        • That is b/c Rawles is an egotistic maniac and his book Patriots sucked so bad I about puked.

          • “Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before the fall.”
            — Proverbs 16:18

            I get a kick out of Rawles boastful, “I TOLD YOU SO” attitude whenever the metals rally!

            He has many folks in silver at well over $45.00 the oz.

      10. Don’t forget to load up on plenty of non-perishable cases of hard liquor. And a variety thereof. Good to have around anyways and will make exceptional bartering item whe the U.S. collapses.
        Last time a major hurricane swept through Houston the U.S. Gov prohibited down all alcohol sales. Don’t be caught without this invaluable resource. : )

        • Not only that, it CAN be used for sterilization purposes, in a pinch, and most of it burns, so there is more too it than drinking it.

          • Be sure to get liquor that does not need ice or mixers to drink. Go for the “browns” Dark Rums, Brandies, and Bourbons.
            Stick with labels that the garden variety geek will know, Jim Beam, Captain Morgan, ect.

            Cops will always accept “a gift” bottle for looking the other way.

            • Jack Daniels for more expensive items.

        • Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo!

      11. Heirloom garden seeds will be worth far more than any precious metals pound for pound! Along with the ability to grow organic NON G.M.O.Food! If they can control the food supply,…They control us!

        • Stinky Steve,

          They already are worth more pound for pound.

          • Apparently i haven’t paid retail for seeds in quite some time! Perhaps I should pursue a new career!

      12. Who are you going too be trading when most of the homo sheepiens are going to be dead by day four . When the water supply systems collapse ? Or they are off their meds , or their guts are twisted in knots from hunger . Trading with the fairy folks ?

        • M;
          No need for barter when they’re dead.

          Just relieve them of possessions they
          now no longer need. Simple!

          • Why the thumbs down! If there are dead bodies laying on
            the ground everywhere, wouldn’t it be prudent to pick
            up the loose ammo if it fits your gun. I mean C’mon!

            Have we become just sheep in wolves clothing, or are we
            actually prepper/ survivalists. Be honest here. If i get
            thumbed down on this, I’ll have my answer.

        • “…homo sheepiens…”

          Sounds like a biologically unsustainable flock. lol

      13. I do not hold paper dollars I hold quarters, dimes, and half dollars. if they devalue the dollar it will be overnight maybe 10 to 1. they can do that with paper but they will not do that with coins. most people do not hold a significant amount of change. if you have $5000 in change and they devalue paper 10 to 1 think what that change will be worth. anyway, if nothing else you can always spend it.

        • Someone did a 10 to 1 example last week. Take today’s dollar and devalue it’s purchasing power to 10 cents. Mac and Cheese $10, milk $30 a gallon, Gas from $3.75 to $37.50 a gal., $2 white bread to $20.00 a loaf, a $200 electric bill to $2,000!

          • My wife lived through such a devaluation in Ukraine in the 90s. Most people think these things only happened in the past when people weren’t as smart as we are now.

            • It’s called “Normalcy Bias”. Essentially, that means that a lot of people believe because it hasn’t happened here, then it won’t happen here.

              I also refer to it as “terminal cranial rectal inversion”.

              I had a friend this last week actually, when speaking of the economic condition of our country say, “We’re going to be fine”. This was an otherwise intelligent individual, who looks at what is going on with the economy and thinks things are going to be ok. And it’s not just him….it’s these talking heads you see on the cable news show panels…”economic experts”, who look at a 16 trillion dollar debt, with what is probably another 100 trillion in unfunded future liabilities, and they think that we are going to “grow our way out of this”. Guys like Paul Krugman who thinks we actually need to spend more…….borrow our way out of debt.

              They completely ignore literally thousands of years of human history where civilizations have fallen into ruins because of the very policies that TPTB are embracing as the answer to our economic problems. They ignore every mathematical and economic principle there is to believe their own fairy tales.


              • I disagree, Walt. These guys give morons a bad name and real morons are not as bad as they are.

                No, Keynesian fairy-tale economics does not work. If it did, Zimbabwe would now be an economic super-power instead of a completely failed 4th world s**t-hole.

                After 20 years of this BS, Japan would be in great economic shape now if this worked and they are not. In fact, they are devaluing the yen quite a lot. Japanese culture has no real history of physical gold ownership but they are learning fast. The Japanese government’s answer to their failed economic policies is to do more of what they have proved does not work. My guess is that they have no clue as to what else to try. if they would read some classic economics info, they would have some really good ideas to try that would work. Can’t do that, though, because all of the egg-heads have been trained in the Keynesian model. Hmmm… wasn’t that what they used in the USSR? Seems like it.

        • tom:
          A dollar devaluation is reflected in a rise of prices.

          So, if a coffee machine now is four quarters a cup,

          after a 10 to 1 devaluation it would then take forty
          quarters to buy the same cup.


      14. This is just me, but why pay (or worry about) taxes to a government that will not be in forced. Why because when the total collase happens, there will be no government (the beast), and yes you will have to deal with your neighbor the sheriff, if there is any government around.
        I highly doubt there will be any.


        • @paleR:

          If the beast won’t go down quietly, I’ll help you R.I.P. the bitch.


          …”I would have been here sooner, but I was thinkin’ up that ‘ham on rye’ line” –The Long Kiss Goodnight–

          …stay the course…..BA.

      15. Psalm 82 – The Prepper’s Psalm

        1 God presides in the great assembly; he gives judgment among the “gods”
        2 “How long will you [The Hebrew is plural.] defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? Selah
        3 Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
        4 Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
        5 “They know nothing, they understand nothing. They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken.
        6 “I said, You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’
        7 But you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler.”
        8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance.

        My translation: help the sheeple, resist the elite.

      16. I do enjoy reading Rick Rules’ articles over on Kings’ World News. But honestly, Paladium and Platinum are not interesting to me. I’ll stick with silver. The rest of my hard earned ducketts will go into other items I deem necessary. Truthfully those two PMs are right up there with gold. Don’t get me wrong folks, they DO have their place, but for me, my interests lie elsewhere. My mainframe “mindset” is survival. You must survive and emerge from the ashes with what you have (You and family) and honestly, silver (or gold) is going to be my primary currency. There will be others of course, skills, lead, ammo,food, etc. Make no mistake, until the trumpet sounds and time is no more, I will occupy.

        • PP has a point. Before you can prosper, you have to live through the night.

        • We are long on lead. We have 5 gallon buckets of it. In between planting, weeding, and watering there is casting. I wonder what 125 gr. 9mm bullets, No. 1 Buck, 158 gr .38, 180 gr .40, or 240 gr .44, will be worth?

          • “I wonder what 125 gr. 9mm bullets, No. 1 Buck, 158 gr .38, 180 gr .40, or 240 gr .44, will be worth?”

            When the SHTF, we WILL have true price discovery on MANY things, at long last. Bullets will have value but loaded cartridges will have a lot more value because most people who own guns do not reload… now, anyway.

            Other manufactured items that are cheap now will be VERY expensive after the SHTF. Things like needles and thread, fish hooks and line, matches, canning jars and lids, sharpening stones, .22 ammo, as well as the creature comforts like booze, cigs, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Nothing like some of those big Hershey bars run though the Seal-a-meal. 😉

            Speaking of ammo… does anyone else here think that this ammo “shortage” that is going on now is a big steaming pile of crap? It looks for all the world like a contrived setup to me and I am wondering if others are thinking the same. My reasoning on this is that, while the US Gov is buying tons of .40-cal and .223 cal ammo, they are not buying tons of any other calibers. Why can I not find much of any AK or .22 ammo out there these days? Buckshot and slug ammo for shotguns has disappeared as well. Only a few boxes of birdshot grace the ammo cases at the local Walmarts and Big-5 sporting goods stores. Few of the on-like ammo sellers have anything in stock and those that do are price gouging like a Russian black marketeer. 4-5 months ago, we were awash in cheap ammo. I paid $215 for 1000 rounds of Tula brand AK ammo in very early December of 2012. If you can find any now, it is at least double that. 🙁

      17. I so much wish I knew thew future because this would exactly tell us all exactly what we should be storing away. Precious metals as long as a sliver of civilization remains is the way to go. You can still purchase everything with a 1/10 of an ounce of gold that you could purchase with 1/3 to 1/2 of that same gold 30-50 years. Precious metals hold fast as long as there is some form of currency to purchase items with.

        Now here’s the problem. There exists all sorts of true civilization ending events that will make ALL money worthless, even gold, silver, platinum, whatever. This can be an EMP that is strong enough, a true Ebola killing level runaway virus (75-90% fatality rate), World War 3, and many more. The ONLY form of any currency would be ONLY what another person can use. Be it spices, sugar, salt, booze, cigarettes, ammunition and firearms and other forms of self protection, food, clean water, seeds, and the list goes on. People will trade for this, they will likely look at gold like they would pyrite (fool’s gold), as only a meal or drink of safe water will mean anything to them.

        You just can’t lose by storing up what you will need or what others will need. It is incredible what a desperate person will give you in return for what they must have. A handful of shotgun shells, 1/2 a box or so, that might be $2 in today’s value, might fetch something you need now that might cost even hundreds of dollars, like some Arctic jacket or something. People are irrational after a disaster and if you have what they need they will part with much. It may be taking advantage, but likely they would do the same to you.

        It is all up to the person to what they should store up and whether they feel that a true SHTF event is coming or not. What you need is one thing to store, what others need can be thought of a future investment you can one day cash in for a lot, like a long term treasury bond bought decades ago and has continued to accumulate interest. Instead you can purchase for example a 50 pound of sugar for $20-$30, and a package of Ziplock bags that hold 1/2 pound to 1 pound of the sugar, and you have a nice little barter item for later that will likely get you 5-10 times the cost you spent for it or more. Even booze with little bottles shot size, that you can fill up and later use for barter is another idea. Use your imagination, there will one day be a lot made from this after a SHTF episode that can mean the difference in your own survival.

        Again, it all what you personally feel with happen, but EVERYONE needs to have their own needs within an arm’s reach 24 hours a day for when the lightweight disasters and the worse ones occur.

        • @BI: I am with your thnking all the way. To me these are the things that will get you to the other side of this mess thats coming. That my friends is the goal that you should be worried about, GETTING TO THE OTHER SIDE.

        • The only thing is, if you are in decent shape to survive with basics taken care of, gold gives you a great store of value to pass on to your kids. It’s off the grid, the government doesn’t need to know about it, it’s not perishable and while demand may fall in the immediate days after SHTF, it always returns.

          • Agreed on gold and silver too, Not Tim. They have been items of commerce for a very long time now and through some very nasty times as well. They facilitate trade and are recognized as having inherent value. People have used them in the past because it is easier to carry around a small sack of them than a truckload of lumber or a herd of cows. They will be of great value when the time is right. During a SHTF event and immediately thereafter will probably not be that time, however, unless they are used to bribe someone to let you escape a bad situation. Many of those who escaped Nazi Germany did so via bribing border guards with a few gold coins not to see them.

        • If anyone needs a BIC lighter, head on down ‘ginia way and I’d be glad to barter…

        • “It is incredible what a desperate person will give you in return for what they must have.”

          Yes, it is. But it is just as incredible what a desperate person is willing to do TO you. Remember that when trading with people, especially strangers.

          “People are irrational after a disaster and if you have what they need they will part with much. It may be taking advantage, but likely they would do the same to you.”

          I am a big fan of capitalism or, after the SHTF, barterism. If someone is willing to give me this for that, then this must be worth it to them else they would not make the trade. This is not taking advantage of them. It is providing them with something that they obviously cannot get elsewhere and that is an incredibly valuable service. Both sides of a trade can always say no, as long as we are talking free trading. If coercion is involved, then all bets are off.

      18. Check, check, and check. Now about those dwindling water resources…..I believe the water issue is much more tenuous than most realize. Remember that our illustrious Federal government has been implementing the UN Agenda 21 which includes land grabs through easements and redefined flood zones. The Feds not only want to concentrate growth in urban zones (call them what they are: encampments), but they want to control the land where water is located. At this time, the Feds approach those with property having waterways and they offer to pay the landowner to do things like fencing barricades to prevent water pollution from livestock. When this little arrangement is over, the Feds will own the land through easements and the landowner can no longer sell their property due to the “conservation” easements.

        In the western states, there are water rights. How is Agenda 21 to be implemented with the water rights? How will it all affect your ability to obtain water?

        And what about the diversions that have taken place for conservation (Agenda 21 stuff) — these water diversions have negatively impacted farmers in CA.

        How will this affect you? Are you dependent on a water system or do you catch-your-own? Is it against the neighborhood zining laws to set up a rainwater catchement system?

        • Well, I believe water is a large problem for those who use the Colorado. Somewhere I read that the water level in Lake Meade has dropped to within 10 or 20 feet of where the turbines in Hoover Dam will quit working. Low rainfall or snow melt could be big trouble for Sin City in the future. One thing we won’t have to worry about is high energy prices since,according to the press,we are now Saudi

        • I live east of the big river and I specificly have water rights stated in my deeds along with mineral rights,I have specific deeded rights to two very good springs on seperate propertys….up in Pa…folks should check their deeds…water is most times assumed as mineral rights but not always.

          • But, Reb, those water rights are only as good as the govt. at that time.
            When this bomb goes off, there will be no rules or rights.

      19. Alas, where are our generals? They are oath bound! All enemies, foreign and domestic. Missing in Action.

        • Oaths are words, NOTHING more!

        • @ PP
          100%+ Growing up during Cold War as some of us did, we were raised knowing about the tyranny of the Soviet Union. American’s knew what Dictators did and how their crazy ideas suppressed freedom and killed people.

          For the past 5 years I’ve been waiting for a Patriot to flush the snakes out of D.C., I guess those stories about our brave Military Leaders were bullsh*t too.

          Fact is, Americans elected a Communist Bastard.


        • Grasshopper,

          There is no way in hell that he will get away with that one. This vile piece of crap for a president is biting off more than he could ever chew if he even tries to mess with social security. Why doesn’t he start with the free cell phones?

          • I sure hope you’re right, Live Free…I’m barely scraping by now! (Lost my apartment and part time job!) My brother is on disability. If the cuts go through they’re talking about, don’t know how we will survive.

            But that’s what they’re saying on front page of Internet news site…even got old Bama’s picture there.

          • ..ya and why dont he quit giving our enemies money…like egypt getting millions more…cut off all the givaways and we’d have alot… 🙁

          • That’s easy, because tasking back free cell phones isn’t as good as leverage as threatening to take what people already earned. This is a SHOW, an attempt to bully others into doing what obummer wants.

            Obummer should be impeached, prosecuted or assassinated—not necessarily in that order.

          • O has no intention of cutting anything SS will stay as is, the checks will just buy less and less.

            GH, none of have paid enough into SS to cover benefits for 25 or 30 years. FICA is a payroll tax, and by law cannot be earmarked for anything (I’m sure this was an oversight when the law was written).

          • Social security is a big scam always has been…….its a socialist scam to Steal from you

          • Or try reducing more foreign aid??

          • I’d prefer that they cut something like maintenance on Air Force One.

            Or…cut his Secret Service detail.

            I notice he hasn’t cut back on his and Michele’s vacations.

        • sadly, Grasshopper (and I pay into it also) Social security IS an entitlement, and the government has NO responsibility to pay it back to you. Read the law. We have been scammed.

          • Stop being stupid! 1. Social Sec is just a tax. The Courts ruled that 70 years ago. 2, You do NOT deserve what you have been getting. Ida Whitaker(SP) the first recipient paid in $22 and got out about $22,000 look it up. 3. When the gov is out of money for one thing It’s out for all! You people whine; it wasn’t put aside, BS! The government cannot save money. Ask Ben to put a note in a box saying” “This is worth $20 Trillion dollars” It means NOTHNG! if you want I’ll put one in saying anything you want. GROW UP! You stood by while the Govt Spent $200 Trillion dollars it did not have, and now you whine: “I deserve mine” Same whine the Welfare bitch has. Well suck it up; It’s gone.


          You stupid old people are never going to get your SS money. Common sense should have told you from the beginning it wouldn’t work. Ponzi schemes don’t work for Madoff and they won’t work for the government either. You deserve to lose all your money.

          • Eisen, son

            #1 Your lack of kindness, love and respect for your fellow human is breath taking.

            #2 When I was 18 I was amazed at how stupid the old people were. When I turned 30 I was amazed at just how smart they had gotten in 12 years.

            Youth is wasted on The Young.

            • you need a comma after love


              • Eisen. You need to stop loving yourself and find a girl. Do like most normal 28 year old guys do. Get a girlfriend, a job, a life etc. you are oozing loser.

          • Who says I paid into it, Eisensourkrout? You’re the one who’s stupid…that’s why you get all bad grades.

            • Give eisen a break. He is typing with one hand.

          • Kraut, you’ve got the right idea, live off welfare (is that what you do) and you don’t have to pay into that Ponzi scheme. So YOU won’t lose anything! You’ve been kinda low profile the last few days. Sting like a.WASP

          • I’m sure it worked out well for his family. I can’t imagine ‘ol Bernie not being smart enough to hide a few bucks.

            • Best quote by Bernie Madoff: “Fuck my victims”.

            • My good buddy, Ken Lay (Enron) found guilty by the jury but never got sentenced because he took one of them heart attack pills — and the family got to keep all of the money and lived happily ever after.

              • The entire Ken Lay affair left a really bad taste in my mouth. The pieces of that puzzle fit together so neatly too. Poor fellow “died” of a heart attack before he could be sent to prison for the rest of his life but somehow was cremated within the hour… unlike anyone else, ever. Whoops! No body, no proof that these few remaining ashes really are from Ken Lay. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

                Meanwhile, someone who looks a lot like the former Ken Lay has taken up residence in a palatial ranch house with its own pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, and air strip.

          • Us stupid old people have more money than you do. Must be doing something right.

            The SS checks will never stop coming, they print the checks and the money.

            • No, those checks will come as long as the US Gov is around to print them. Of course, at some point we will all take our checks to the local McD’s and buy 1 cup of coffee and 1 donut.
              with them. Enjoy!

          • Eisen. Glad to see the young guy who doesn’t have a social life making fun of old people. Toe post all hours of the day and night. You really need to have more young guy fun. You need a girlfriend and a job. You have too much time on your hands.

          • Hey Eisenkraut….

            Karma is a bitch.

          • kreutz…You are likely right, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. My parents paid in for my grandparents and I paid in for my parents who are in their 80s. Now get your ass out their and get to work so you can pay for mine in a few years. Don’t you know that the ones at the bottom of the ponzi pay for the ones at the top?


          Wrong!!! In any savings system that allows someone to extract significantly more that they paid in is a ponzi scheme. The first person to take distributions from social security received 100’s of times more that they ever contributed. The problem is that so many people have been convinced that it is not a ponizi scheme. The older they are the more they believe they are entiltled to their social security pay outs.

          The ’97 Clinton amnesty got a lot of “new” payers onto the roles and for 10 years they were not entitled to any benefits besides disabilty. If they died or retired before they had 40 credits (4 credits for every year they paid in to SS) then they (or their families) got no benefits from SS. Just by the timing, it would appear that another illegal immigrant anmesty is required to boost the numbers paying into social security.

          Anyone still paying into social security is unlikely to ever receive back what they “contributed” because there just don’t seem to be enough new workers coming along to keep the base of the pyramid expanding.

      21. More of the same (propaganda). This website absolutely sucks.

        • J.R.
          Same stupid comment, it sucks!

        • Maybe so, JR. But apparently, it sucks BETTER than any of the others! We’re Number 1! Yay Team! Rah Rah Rah…

          Oh, and thank you for your comment. You just added to the total hits. (Mac, where’s the tongue sticking out icon?)

      22. The river in my town has never run dry. There is always barge traffic.

      23. DON’T BE FOOL’S Hold onto your pm’s .


        fiat money cash is worthless .

        you want real PHYZZ money FOR FINANCIAL SAFETY … real gold … real silver .

        there is no substitute like real physical (phyzz) p.m.’s .

        stick with what people around the world for the last 2000 years still recognize as real money .

        THERE’S A REASON CHINA RUSSIA INDIA are buying up All the World P.M.’s .

        GOT PHYZZ ???


        • @NinaO:

          “lil’ tiny snow flake” lol.

          Things must be quiet in BIG SKY country.

          thanks for the laugh, you’re a hoot !!!


          • ;0P pssszzt

            @BA ;0) … Whaddup Prep Dawg ???

            I’s just Chilling like a Villian , doin’ as usual … Spreading Tax Debt Slave Hate Dissention and Discontent to my peeple’s … awaiting the Final Curtain on ZOG Red Commie AmeriKa .

            Check your Six 6 , keep yur’ ammo clean and powder dry .

            Seeeeee you in the Funny Papers ;0)

            ~N.O. ;0P

        • “fiat money cash is worthless .”

          Not as long as people are still willing to give us stuff in exchange for these little printed coupons. Heck, I just used some to buy some gold and silver. They HAVE to be valuable or the folks doing the selling would never make the trade. This does not make me want to HOLD fiat for an extended period of time, however. Fiat is like ice cream. Tasty but it melts away quickly and is gone. 😉

          At some point in the future, fiat will fail and die the usual nasty fiat death. But that time has not yet come and until it does, even fiat has value.

      24. I want to commend whoever is operating this site. To be able to leave a comment without all the BS. WOW.

        Most of the sites now require one to use Facebook, Twitter or whathaveyou.

        Those sites are a playground for our (and foreign) intel. A Jones removed me because I apparently PO’d someone at “FREE SPEECH LTD” LOL.

        Again kudos…. Keep it going as long as you can….

        • @ Ken. You said it. This here in what ALL web sites should be, FREE. Mac deserves much praise when it comes to practicing what is preached. Being able to talk and express ourselves and allow everyone to share good ideas on many subjects that will one day prove invalauble to others. I too was censored on other sites because I said something that someone did not like. Even the trolls can blubber their rhetoric here, and get their comments collapsed, but others can still read their garbage if they choose to.

          I don’t trust others like you, those that can link up me to foreign problems. Why should a site require you to be linked to Facebook or Twitter, especially a site that is “suppose to” be freedom oriented?

          I just hope that someday this government doesn’t clamp down on free sites like this, that will be the time when we have lost the Constitution and what America stands for. Until then, enjoy what freedoms we do have left.

          • BI… there is not a chance in Hell that I will ever participate in one of those idiotic sites like Twitter or FacePlant… er, book. Those sites are the whipped cream of the Internet… tasty but no real substance. When I want MEAT, I come here and to a few other choice sites like SGTReport, SilverDoctors, the Charles Biderman blog site, and The Daily Sheeple.

        • Yes, Ken, and after composing a brilliant response or opinion, to learn one must be a fb or twit, I am appalled.
          I’m learning now which blogs and sites to leave after reading comments.

      25. If he messes with SS he is going to find out that those who paid into and are getting SS are older and know they are on the downslide of the hill so they don’t have a whole lot to loose they will fight as no one would ever believe they could even if it means death to some. BO hasn’t a clue what he is gettlng into. Gray power will rise again.

        • Don’t you people understand ANYTHING! When the Gov stops SS it means the money is GONE! They will print everything you want but it won’t be worth anything. There will be nothing the Gov or you can do about it. It’s no different than Greece, except that no one will bother to lend the US gov money to send back to the banks, It’s GONE. We have 48 Million on Food stamps, 11 million on disability, Etc, etc, when it’s gone it’s gone.

      26. Google is the government obligated to pay social security (answer NO SS is an entitlement). I got 9,140,000 hits. Too bad the stupid Amerikan people can’t read.

        • It’s not an entitlement when they take it from you every pay check, mandatory. But it actually IS an entitlement, in the sense that WE PAID FOR IT AND WE ARE ENTITLED TO GET WHAT WE PAID FOR.

          • You are entitled to NOTHING: but Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness(AND Most people don’t get much of any). Don’t you get it? When the passengers of the Titanic told the Captain they were told the ship was unsinkable, SO WHAT? The money is GONE. Nobody can pay it, nobody. Deal with it.

            • Well, I don’t know about you, but my Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness depends on being able to purchase food, shelter and other necessities.

      27. I certainly like gold and silver.
        But I also think toilet paper would be an excellent item to stockpile.
        It’s never given much thought until you need it.
        Should supply be disrupted, it will probably be worth much, much more than people dream.
        It stores well, doesn’t take up too much space and weighs little.

        • Just keep a supply of telephone books. You’ll be using a privy, anyway, TP will clog your septic system and when SHTF, it won’t be pumpable. More than 90 day supply of TP is overkill.

          • Add 15% more if you like burritos. 🙂

            • Are burritos at Taco Bell now called burros? Yay or neigh?

        • Bull-cocky toilet paper doesn’t take up too much space! I only managed to fit 600 rolls in the closet before hitting the ceiling and getting the door to shut. Now… how to get the crew to figure out how to get the job done on two squares.

        • Yep. TP will likely be sold by the foot after the SHTF. Too bad that there isn’t a roll about the size of Nebraska that the Fed Gov can use after they take a dump. :-/

      28. I pay 7% sales taxes on just about everything I buy. But NYSE sells trillions of dollars in stock every year. A 1% tax would certainly help the financial situation in this country. This is absolute proof to me that the big corporations run this mess.


          • NO TAX. Flat tax is a slippery slope to hell for everyone.

            • “Flat tax is a slippery slope to hell for everyone.”

              We are so far down that slope that it no longer matters.

      29. We do own several things that the enemy can’t print…

        Faith, Hope, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Patriotism.

        And also, an innate understanding of precisely what our Constitution actually says as well as an understanding without any doubt, that it means precisely what it says.

        Which in turn, explains how the enemy is so easily identifiable to us.

      30. The Cleansing of Ugly….

        First, Mac and other prepper websites. Thanks for your service and knowledge that we all need. Without this, we would have to listen to Cramer or CNN. Thanks again.

        Second. I have been reading the Bible. I was worrying way too much, and not putting that worry into faith and action. I am now doing so.

        I am going to cleanse myself and start anew. I am going to walk thru a car wash and start over. Instead of driving car thru the wash, I am going to walk thru it myself (please, do not do this at home. If anyone reads in news that some idiot in Pocatello died in carwash, it probably was me).

        I will push code and then begin to walk in. First the water and brushes. Then comes the soap, water, and more brushes. Then comes the jet rinses. Then finally the air dryer.

        When I walk out, I will be a new man. A man committed to his/hers fellow Americans. A man committed to his family.

        I will no longer worry. I will talk to my fellow man and explain to him about preparing. I will spend much more time with my 12 year old son. We will work and study together and he will also help me prepare thru work and gardening.

        I will share. I will honor my word and my country–the United States of America.

        • your words are not ugly.

          …..+1 Sir…………..BA.

        • @ Ugly. Seriously when I was much younger and living out in California a homeless person did just that, walk through a car wash. He lived through it as it was the wax job that really got him. You are already very committed to what is still right in this country and would not need a type of spiritual cleansing whether it was a dunking in a cold lake, a spray off with a firehose, or whatever else. Just the mere fact that you are aware of what you want to improve of yourself and the willingness to try, makes you all right.

          I come to this web site and never is there too long of a time without something that either brings astonishment or something really funny to brighten up one’s day. Thank you for both tonight.

          • I agree.

            Reach higher.

            Do better.

            Defy the times…

            Beat the odds!

        • Wear some snorkel goggles.

          • @ BI, BA, Sierra….thanks.

            BI. It seems from a few of your last posts that ‘things’ have got you down. Care to elaborate?

            I got that way myself, then I decided to let it go. The old saying, ‘Let Go, Let God’….

            The way I look at it is that there are way, way, way, too many people that need us. People need to hear the truth, whether quakes or finances. I was worrying too much and now I am going to put that away and work each day on faith and whatever else I can do.

            Life is good. Hope all is well.

        • Dont forget to get behind the ears.

        • “When I walk out, I will be a new man.”

          Indeed you will… a skinless man. Love the meaning of your words but, man, those bristles will take the hide off of a rhino. 😉

      31. AmeriCa is a Broke Dead Beat Nation ;0P

        Patty Myers, a career school teacher in Montana … IS BIG TIME TICKED OFF!

        this is kinda funny and sad … the ameriKan tax debt slaves are waking up to reality …

        ” AmeriCa is a Bankrupt Broke Ponzi Scheme hugely inflated worthless Fiat Currency Financial Bubble Lie !!!”

        Here’s a response in a letter from Patty Myers, a career school teacher in Montana … I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!

        I don’t think TICKED OFF at Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson really covers it!!!!

        Alan Simpson, Republican Senator from Wyoming and co-chair of President Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the “Greediest Generation” as he compared Social Security to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

      32. My father always referenced an old Swedish saying: One father can take care of 10 children but 10 children cant take care of one father. Having home cared for an aunt and a mother (with the help of in house caregivers) in their homes I can attest that is the best way to honor our dear family members. My mom always said that she wished to carried out of her home when the time came. We respected that. She got her wish. We burned throught alot of money to do this but it was her money AND her wish.

        • BWAHAHAHA

          I told my parents I’m not gonna spend the money on a nursing home so they better do their push-ups.

          • Eisenkraut….You’re parents must be so proud.

            I’m normally opposed to abortion, but in your case I kind of wish your parents had made an exception.

            • Before Eisenkraut corrects me….. you’re = your

              Muscle memory sometimes works against you.

          • Kraut, you keep talking like that, and they’ll kick you out of the house! WASP

          • would you please just go away? in all the time you have been commenting here you have not offered anything helpful, useful or even kind. You’re an arrogant punk and your lack of empathy and experience will be your downfall. I wish all others on this site would stop talking to this poster and totally ignore him from now on.

            • Good advice Kittyhawk.

              I notice that JoeinNC has pretty much disappeared since we started ignoring him. Eisenkraut has earned the same treatment.

              He’s like a spoiled three year-old trying to get attention. Best policy is just ignore him. He’ll either quit, or start banging his head on the floor. In either case…..we win.

      33. This week I started more seeds for Spring planting, ordered solar-powered electric fencing (poultry netting) for my chickens, canned up a bunch of beef soup, made jerky, and attended a really great “Basic Handgun” class.

        • Most sensible comment of the day! 🙂 Bless you JS.




        Please pass this on to all the other retired guys and gun owners… Thanks, from a Vietnam Vet and retired Police Officer: I had a doctor’s appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found out something very interesting that I would like to pass along. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions: 1. Did I feel stressed? 2. Did I feel threatened? 3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?

        The nurse then informed me that if I had answered yes to any of the questions I would have lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

        Looks like they are going after the vets first. Other gun people like retired law enforcement will probably be next. Then when they go after the civilians, what argument will they have? Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners potential terrorists. Whether you are a gun owner, veteran or not, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED !

        If you know veterans and gun owners, please pass this on to them. Be very cautious about what you say and to whom.

        They are coming for us, so unless you’re an ostrich, do not stick your head in the sand……..


        • Threats have to be eliminated.

          • Eisenkruez…don’t talk about yourself that way! You’re no threat….to anyone!

        • The V.A. Veterans Administration is where Veterans go to Die .





          • This is where you are wrong. I use the VA and have had the best of care for Many years
            I have family member on Premier plans and they have problems’. I always get an an appointment right away. Goood Meds. Nice facilities.

            I notice the vets that complain are the ones ashing for thing that they either don’t. Follow up on. Or it was something they did not earn.

            And the PTSD questions are only an issue if you are 100%UE and found incompetent . And I volunteer at that clinic. And I a verry happy that many of them are not having guns anymore.

            • FP,

              Is there anything that you don’t know about? Is there anything that you haven’t done? You are out of your mind when you say the VA is so peachy. Stop all your blabbering and get a life outside of fairy land. You have no credibility as far as I’m concerned. YOU should not own a gun.

              • And i didnt say great i said ok good.I do know most things. And if you are receiving bad care at va its proablly your own fault.

            • FP–you are so full of sheet!!
              My dh was sent home with possible enlarged vessels on the brain, blocked carotids, and an aneurysm in the back of the neck.(diagnosed at non-military hospital)
              VA said, ‘just have to see what happens next”!!!!
              VA sucks..after waiting 12 long days for an appt!!!
              The doctor said to go to PCP for sleep study to get CPAP, their job, not his….then the VA PCP refused to do the sleep study because the VA doctor didn’t sign for it..
              The runaround–always the runaround!!

              • @JJ … RESPECT

                I FEEL YOU , on what it is your going through right now .


                Your hubby needs to make a dietary change … go all natural VEGAN , RAW NUTS , NATURAL FREE RANGE EGGS , REAL GRAINED NUTS BREADS , low salt low sugar low glutin … plus encourage him to intake RAW ALL NATURAL NON-GMO SPICES CURCUMIN GINGER CINNAMON PEPPER RED PEPPER RAW LEMON JUICE FILTERED NON-FLORIDATED HOT WATER DRINKS , COFFEE AND GREEN or BLACK TEA .

                MIX IT UP for fun .

                AVOID ASPRINS .


                IT ALL DOES WORK .

                It is All I drink now . ;0)



                TRY IT ALL FOR A MONTH you’ll see his health improve dramatically .

                N.O. ;0P

          • You are so very wrong–you do not die at Veteran’ die at home, where they send you.

        • Like the Emperor in Star Wars, the Obamunists have made a critical error. In their leftist zeal to do away with all firearms, piecemeal if necessary but wholesale if at all possible, they have forgotten the fact that they supposedly speak for “the working man”. Problem is, lots of working guys enjoy hunting and target shooting. They like guns, owning them, safely handling them, and having them handy for any miscreants who think that breaking into their homes is a good idea. A number of Dem senators are facing tight races in 2014 and cannot afford to lose the votes of these people by sucking up to the Obamunists. This is gonna back-fire big-time. Old Joe’s asinine comments about “just buy a shotgun” are not helping any either. lol


        WTF ??? ;0p

        the man from Kenya A FOREIGN STUDENT REGISTERED BRITISH / KENYAN TERRITORY CITIZEN BY BIRTH … can’t legally be a licensed lawyer IN AMERIKA … so a bunch of MARXIST RED COMMIE ZIO-JEWS make him THE PRESIDENT OF ZOG AMERIKA instead !!!

        WTF !!! ;0p



        • they are not disbarred (I can’t stand Obama, by the way). They let their licensees lapse so they wouldn’t have to pay fees. Do your homework.

          • @aj … not true ;0P

            i suggest you dig deeper .


            • According to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) of the Supreme Court of Illinois, Mr. Barry and Mrs. Michelle Soetoro / Obama ‘are on court ordered inactive status’ for CRIMINAL FRAUD .


              ;0p pssszzt

              • dummy ;0P

          • You are so wrong. Do your diligence and research the topic.
            What licensed lawyer would not pay a meezely fee and relinguish their license to practice??

        • Surprise !!! ;0p

          Consider this:

          1. OFFICIALLY SELF REGISTERED as a FOREIGN STUDENT of Malaysia and Kenya national citizenship … now is … ZOG Puppet President Barack Obama , former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application.

          A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you.

          3. So, we have the first black ZOG Puppet President and First Lady – who don’t actually have licenses to practice law. Facts.

          4. A senior lecturer is one thing, a fully ranked law professor is another. Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago.

          5. The University of Chicago released a statement in March 2008 saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law school-but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed in 2008.

          6. “He did not hold the title of Professor of Law,” said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law.



          • And: A wannabe King of Nigs who goes down in history as the african monkyboy who single handedly destroyed the greatest White nation to ever exist. While also plotting the best most effectual method to Exterminate all usa white folks so as to garner more perks fron his jew handlers.

            However! aprox 200-million white folks in the usa just may have an alternate plan for mr. africa monkyboy and his Shebboon companion.

      36. AMERICA IS A LIE


        “Thou doth protest too much”

        Honest investigation and research into the Federal Reserve, past and present, would not be complete without looking at its “protagonist threats” and their fates. Examples can be found in President Abraham Lincoln (who issued “Greenbacks”), President James A. Garfield (who suggested serious monetary reforms just before his assassination in 1881), and of course, President John F. Kennedy.

        It is applicable to introduce Louis Thomas McFadden, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving from 1923 to 1935. He was a member of the House Banking and Currency Committee, and had a working understanding of what the central bankers and the power elite were doing to the United States.

        On June 10, 1932, Rep. McFadden addressed the House of Representatives with this important message [emphasis added]:

        “Some people think the Federal Reserve banks are United States Government institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers. The Federal Reserve banks are the agents of the foreign central banks. Henry Ford has said, ‘The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.’ The truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States by the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks.”

        Based on his analysis of the treachery taking place by the Federal Reserve and its enablers, McFadden introduced House Resolution No. 158, Articles of Impeachment on May 23, 1933 against the Secretary of the Treasury and two Assistant Secretaries of the Treasury; the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the officers and directors of the Federal Reserve Banks for their guilt and collusion in causing the Great Depression.

        McFadden stated: “I charge them with having unlawfully taken over 80 billion dollars from the United States Government in the year 1928, the said unlawful taking consisting of the unlawful recreation of claims against the United States Treasury to the extent of over 80 billion dollars in the year 1928, and in each year subsequent, and by having robbed the United States Government and the people of the United States by their theft and sale of the gold reserve of the United States.”

        Rather than a bullet, McFadden was instead marginalized by rumors that he was legally insane. The Progressives of that era heavily funded his political opposition. Between the allegations of his insanity and the money furnished to his opposition, McFadden lost his congressional district and faded into relative obscurity. The impeachment resolution never saw the light of day.

        HAD ENOUGH ???




      37. Is there a conspiracy of global WORLD WIDE takeover, of a “New World Order,” of global governance that has been in the works since the United States gained independence from Great Britain? The honest answer is undeniable: yes.

      38. Mac,this is off topic, but….

        I was perusing the comments on another site (I know,
        I’m so ashamed….) and I noticed they only had a
        thumbs up rating, no thumbs down.

        I wonder if you ever considered doing the same thing
        for troll-control. They love to hit the down button on
        everyone here for nothing more than spite.

        Removing thumbs down eliminates their incentive for
        acrimony, and on the other hand, not giving them a
        thumbs up would accomplish the same negative.

        The same thing, of course, does not have a negating
        effect on the tru-blue responders to SHTF. Either they
        get a thumbs up, or they don’t!

        Crazy idea??


        • @MAC SALVO … RESPECT

          DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL !!!


          YING & YANG … there must be a balance for there to be perfection YING & YANG .

          DON’T CHANGE A THING .


          • I agree Snow Flake. Some people need to be down-thumbed into oblivion. Too many trolls on here

        • I second your suggestion, OutWest.

          Why do comments have to be rated at all, really? I’m sure there are new readers to your site who might like to post a thought or two that would be of value but who are put off by the vitriol some of the trolls here spew.

          I ignore what I don’t like and take to heart what I do.

        • Mac, i would leave the thumbs up&down AS-IS, However there are times a when a STFU ICON, BULLSHIZER ICON, TROLL,ICON,DUMBASS ICON,would be nice to have.

          • Good thought, K9… maybe he could add a braying donkey icon as well. lol

      39. @ Daisy. I just saw your post, I have not been on the computer much lately, about your poor daughter. You probably already know this, but I cannot say enough about mega doses of Vitamin C. I have known many people that have had some terrible sports injuries and when they increased the Vitamin C big time, the injuries cured up a lot faster, sometimes half the “normal” times of recover. There are many people sending you some good thoughts, and that matters a lot.

      40. Wanted to say thanks for having all this info available to us…I am new to the prepper mentality and need all the advice I can get. Some of the fianance advice was more than likely unreachable for most. S has already htf for me lost my job before thanksgiving, still trying to find something making at least half of what i used to make. So that being said i am prepping on a budget, i love the tips i see on here…ie filling 2 liter bottles with water etc. The little things may make a huge difference later. I also built two wind generators for less than a hundred dollars using pvc and some old alternators. Anyways i am rambling, thanks for all the help guys.

        • Dollar General, 50 cent viennas.
          I buy cases!!!!

          They were 90 cents at Krogers.

        • @Flapjack21….don’t 4get to save ALL your plastic bags….you will never have too many!! i.e….(liners for the toilets) just one use…… take care, CC.

      41. Joe Biden is one of those people who, when tickled, something squirts out the top of his head.

        • Bob… are you saying that if Old Joe had a prophylactic device stretched over his head, he would NOT be in disguise? 😉

        • Greatest Bedtime Story Ever … Recommended for Ages 2 and Above by N.O. ;0)

          ” Chuuuga Chuuuga Chuuuga Tooot Tooot … ”

          ;0P pssszzt to all the “Great Satan” worshipping Down Red Thumb haters of it .


      42. Kosher Human Organ Shop

        guesss who is the number #1 trafficker of illegal stolen smuggled trafficked Human Organs for transplant in the world ???

        hint: once again it’s the J_w’s … ;0P

        I went to see my Rabbi, I’d been feelin’ kinda sick..
        Doe’s he know a doctor who might cure me real quick
        I met the good doctor the very next day.
        My kidneys they are shot .. How much should I pay?

        I said I got plenty ‘cause I’m busy selling ecstasy,
        He told me he had a placed that would be just right for me

        The clinic door was open, this place it must be Blessed..
        I sat on down in a chair next to the desk..

        They had row of lungs, and corneas on ice,
        the donors wouldn’t need them in paradise…


      43. Flapjack21, welcome aboard and don’t be afraid to ask any questions about any survival-related subjects; we’ll try to help any way we can. Sorry to hear about your situation. I’ve had personal SHTF in the past; I know the feeling all too well. Possee, don’t leave the site; I always enjoy your posts and it wouldn’t be the same without you. I’m still investing in the things i know will keep me alive in any SHTF scenario. I’m not stopping my prepping until the balloon goes up. Everyone get what you need ASAP while these FRNs will still buy anything.

        • Yeah, and make sure your not drunk texting either before you hit the submit button like some people, right BH ?

      44. What comes after 3D printing?, Replicators

        The very second somebody builds the first Replicator, all Money, Gold, Silver will be come worthless.
        Still probably 50 years away, but it will happen.

        If you had a Secret Replicator today what you replicate?
        You can’t replicate complex machines so no female robots, just simple components.

        Is there anyone that wouldn’t replicate some Gold?

        • I’d replicate the replicator, then I could make two of everything!
          No, wait, then I’d replicate both the replicators and make Four!…No, eight….sixteen…uh, thirty-two?
          Never mind, there’s too much math involved. Although, I wouldn’t mind only having to buy a 3-pak, it’d be cheaper.

        • Replicator technology in 50 years? HA! Not a chance. Hell, we won’t even have commercially viable nuclear fusion power much this side of 100 years and that’s a piece of cake by comparison. Replicator technology has a HUGE problem. They continue to trip over Dr. Schrodinger’s excellent work.

      45. Love this site and congrats Mac on your popularity, well deserved!

        My 2 cents:

        Im growing lots and lots of food, so you people can bring me your gold, silver, paladium etc so you can feed your family.

      46. DHS buys 2700 light armor vehicles. On Drudge.

        • I want one of those, Slingshot!

          • If i could find a way to keep it fed with fuel, that would be a sweet BOV

        • Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles. These aren’t simply up-armored HMMWV’s. They are designed to protect the occupants against mines, and they have proved to be very effective in Iraq, against insurgencies.

          The army ended production of the MRAPs recently, so this is either an example of the Military Industrial Complex needing to be fed a contract to keep the production lines open/people employed, or it’s another planning step against a domestic insurgency where they expect to NEED such vehicles. That would mean one hell of a revolt.

          For those of you who have a few minutes, here’s a wiki link to MRAPs. Good article. There’s no one single design. There are actually several. The primary attribute is a v-shaped or a double-v-shaped hull, which would serve to direct the affects of an explosive device up and outward, protecting the crew.

          This is interesting.

          I sincerely hope our service members are awake.

        • They are not just light armor vehicles. They are ‘Mine Resistant Ambush Protected’ vehicles. This is a catagory that did not exist prior to the Iraq insurgency. It is interesting that DHS wants these.

          First, the military recently ended their manufacturing contracts for these vehicles. So this could be a decision ranging from seomthing as innnocent as keeping the production lines open to keep people employed, to expecting a huge revolt, and actually needed them.

          These vehicles differ from standard military armored vehicles in that they are usually wheeled, and have a v-shaped or double-v-shaped hull. The hull is designed that way to direct the blast of an explosive device away from teh hull and occupants of the vehicles. The relatively new stryker armoved vehicle family is now getting a v-shaped hull to deal with these types of threats.

          This is an interesting and fearful development, as it continues the trend toward tyrannical lock down. Just thought I’d share what little information I know regarding the type of vehicles now being purchased.

        • Sounds like a great reason to store 2700 Molotov Cocktails. 😉

      47. 7 multi directional dome cameras put up on 100′ poles all within 24 miles of travel on I-75.
        thats one camera every 3.4 miles, and they went up very fast, and im sure there are more I dont know about yet.

        • What part of I75, Hank — near Detroit?

          • The run I roll is from the southern state line to about Mile Marker 30

            , i know there are more than i Have counted, these are the 7 i see on my daily truck run..heard of more further north, from CB chatter
            the “word” is that these are for an automated electric trafic warning sure they can be used that way, but Im also sue they can be used for public spying

            they sure been in a hurry to get them up

      48. Happiest decision my wife and I made, 5 years ago, was to cash out some large IRAs. Yes.. we absorbed the penalties and tax liabilites… Our Financial advisor called us “nuts”. However, we now have 20,000 gallon rain water collection on our house and barn that is being used in the house. Additionally, we built an outside wood fired baking oven and an inside one as well. Our 110 acres of land became very self sufficient very quick. Our outside oven has turned us into a place for folk to come and dine on Fridays and Saturdays. We host enough guests (while keeping 95% of our OPSEC in place) such that we have more than made up the delta on our IRA cashouts. God Bless all of you! Keep your powder dry!

      49. Test – trying to post info. on natural insect/pest control. Post is uploaded and disappears.

      50. There are many natural insect repellents. Here are a few common ones.

        HEDGE APPLES – are an excellent natural insect repellent and seem work particularly well against spiders. Some folks even suggest that they deter mice. To use as a pest repellent, place the hedge apple on a saucer or dish and place in areas of your house where there is little activity, such as your garage basement, attic, and other crawl spaces.

        You can place them on top of cabinets, in closets and around your foundation. And because they are organic and non-poisonous, if you have children it makes a perfect insect repellent for around the house.

        Hedge Apples can be used as a natural home décor, both fresh and dried out. Used fresh they are a bright green color. Dried out they can be painted to add texture to wreaths and other decorations.

        DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – has many uses. It is sold at many feed stores. Diatomaceous Earth (be sure to get FOOD GRADE) has been used for many years in the food storage of grains (wheat, etc.) It keeps bugs off your gardens, gets rid of fleas & beg bugs, kills insects in your home, and more!!!

        It is also a natural de-wormer for people and animals. It is also used as a skin defoliator, to whiten your teeth. It can be used to lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, and lower cholesterol.
        It curbs appetite, keeps bowels regular daily, and more. Some have also said it also makes your nails grow so long and hard and hair grow well and shiny and fades the brown age spots.

        If you or someone in the home travels and stays in hotels, add a teaspoon of DE to potted plants in various rooms in the house. If some bed bugs should “sneak inside your suitcase and arrive at your house”, they will be attracted to the scent of the DE and eat it. While DE can be digested by humans and animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and is beneficial, it cannot be digested by insects and kills them.

        MARIGOLDS – naturally produce a scent which mosquitoes and other insects don’t like, so there are ideal to plant around your house, porch and garden.

        Marigolds are a garden friend. They help protect beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, onions, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, radishes, roses and other plants. So, plant some marigolds in your garden too.

        • Diatomaceous Earth info sheet to download and print
          www dot dirtworks dot net

          (am unable to upload direct link – link just disappears…)

          • Yes, Ky Mom, my links for Southern Girl to prepper sites for how to books disappeared.

      51. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has customized its Predator drones, originally built for overseas military operations, to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians worried: identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones, government documents show.

        The documents provide more details about the surveillance capabilities of the department’s unmanned Predator B drones, which are primarily used to patrol the United States’ northern and southern borders but have been pressed into service on behalf of a growing number of law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Secret Service, the Texas Rangers, and local police.

        Homeland Security’s specifications for its drones, built by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, say they “shall be capable of identifying a standing human being at night as likely armed or not,” meaning carrying a shotgun or rifle. They also specify “signals interception” technology that can capture communications in the frequency ranges used by mobile phones, and “direction finding” technology that can identify the locations of mobile devices or two-way radios.

      52. U.S. Special Forces , CIA , JEW MOSSAD train cia / isreal mossad financially sponsered supported FSA Free Syrian Army AL-CIA-DUH genocidal terrorist rebels in Jordan middle east special training camps .




        WW3 HAS BEGUN by proxy !!!

        American instructors lead the rebel Free Syrian Army (SLA) increased in Jordan, we said a French military source in the Middle East.

        “They structure, supervise and provide guidance to Syrian insurgents since the end of last year,” says our source.

        This training takes place in “King Abdullah special operation training center” (Kasotec) located north of Amman, the Jordanian capital.


        • US already has boots on the ground inside Syria.

      53. This is worth a watch, if you believe in the 2nd amendment…….All Arizona Sheriffs.

        Whether you like the NRA, or not, have a look at this 4 minute video and send it along, it’s powerful and absolutely factual.

        Y’all Beware! Keep smiling.


        “Wanted DEAD or ALIVE” Signs Emerge in Oakland CA. as Armed Vigilant Citizen Residents Police Themselves and their own neighborhoods .

        GOT GUN ???

        GOT AMMO ???


      55. Off topic but it does involve PRINTING so here is my question to the group:

        I am in IT and rely heavily on the internet for everything. I need some recommendations from this group about books that I need to purchase for my prepper library. Can anyone here specifically recommend books that would be helpful? Specifically I think I need books on the following subjects:

        1. Gardening
        2. Herbs and other plants for medicinal purposes
        3. First Aid/Medical for humans and animals (I have two dogs)
        4. Basic survival/how to books
        5. ???

        What am I missing? What books would the folks on this site HAVE TO HAVE in their library? Any and all suggestions for specific titles and areas of prep are appreciated!

        Southern Gal

        • No title or source, but one good suggestion i can give , and its very important to life

          How to filter water, how to prify water, how to find to make water safe to drink etc.

          Water Water Water..

        • Reader’s Digest – Back to Basics

          Carla Emery – The Encyclopedia of Country Living,

          Brett Markham – Mini Farming: Self-sufficiency on 1/4 acre

          There are many more.

      56. Alex Jones – Jewish Mafia At Heart Of New World Order


        Here’s a story.. back in the 90s…I was young and stupid.
        The market was raging. All the “Analysts” were saying that etrade
        was to be the next citibank. I put $3,500 into it. Today…It is worth about $75.
        It was a pump and dump…
        Now… older and wiser.. all I buy are metals.

        Watch the video and be wise.
        God’s money.

        Wall st. can kiss my ass.

        Go read the book….The 4th turning.. a 1996 book that predicted the winter phase of history we are in.

        Readjust your desires.

        Seek soundness and not greed.
        I was young and greedy…

        After reading the bible.. I gained wisdom.

        Good luck.

        ps. Be proud to be an American, and a prepper.

        • More…

          Hyperinflation beyond 2016

          This is why the govt. are prepping up.
          So when TSHTF… be ready to move your stuff.

      58. People look at the new info on the DHS mine resitant armored vehicle. Every fucking day it is something new. They ordered 2700 sum odd number. These things are up to .50 cal proof. Start thinking of ways to stop. I thinking take their vision away with some form of nasty sticky paint or adhesion shot from a modified blank gun or something along those lines. This shit is getting ridiculous. There is some sort of shit storm headed our way. Be advised.

      59. I’m puttin most of my money into goods for consumption or barter. might keep a little junk silver for those that desire it , eisen…quit hating older people,what are you going to do when you get our age..if others allow it?

      60. In a world of so many frightened sheep, it’s no wonder some men have a taste for veal.

      61. DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile



        1 gram of gold… Worth: About $50.00

        My preference is for silver…because it would be just like the bankers to ban gold so everyone has to use their coming electronic currency.

        Silver has many industrial uses…so it’s part of life…there’s no replacement.


        SILVER PORN ON YOUTUBE… ENJOY.…753.2448.0.2712.…0.0…1ac.1.-1O0KdNwGRA

        Here’s my next prep.. GARDEN SUPPLIES… peat moss, survival canned seeds, fertilizer.
        I also got many free windows, double pane, off of craigslist..and a few sliding glass door. With this.. I will construct my cold frame for winter gardening.

        Many are predicting Hyperinflation by 2016 to 2020.

        Remember Black Friday when folks were just after Christmas presents?
        I live down the street from this place in Buffalo, NY…
        My idiot neighbors.

        Now is the time to keep your mouth shut about your preps.
        Word will travel fast when folks know you have stuff for them to TAKE BY FORCE.

        Human nature…it never changes.

      63. I would just like to add that a condom has another use than the obvious one. If you get the ones without lubrication and spermicide, they are emergency water storage. I read in the “U.S. Army Survival Manuel” that this is what soldiers use for carrying water and that they are all given them for survival situations. That book is an absolute ‘must have’, btw.

      64. I have been really getting into prepping. Before I would casually address the issue, but ever since Hurricane Sandy missed us by a hair and I was close enough to see what happens when you are not prepared … a friend a I have been on a mission to make sure we have everything we need in the event we do get hit.

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