You Must See These Mind-Boggling Photos of 10,000 Illegal Firearms Seized by Spanish Police

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Headline News | 74 comments



Have you ever seen a deactivated firearm and thought to yourself, “I wonder if I can restore that piece to its former glory?” Obviously that’s super illegal in pretty much every country, which is why you probably quickly disregarded that fantasy.

Of course, there are always people who are willing to take that risk, especially if they can make a lot of money doing it. It’s a fairly common practice among arms dealers in the black market. A deactivated firearm is often just a few modifications away from a functioning firearm, so these pieces are ideal for underground gun manufacturers who want to get most of their gun parts without raising any eyebrows.

One such criminal operation was busted in Spain earlier this year. Spanish authorities managed to capture 10,000 illegal firearms that included rifles, machine guns, and handguns, as well as 400 grenades. Five people associated with the gang that owned these weapons were arrested in January after that massive stockpile was captured. The police have said that some of these weapons were “capable of shooting down aircraft.”

Since you’re probably a normal person who doesn’t spend a lot of time around black market gun runners, here’s what 10,000 firearms looks like:



The operation was run under the guise of a historical weapons workshop. They legally bought deactivated weapons online, restored them, and then sold them on the black market all over western Europe. They also used a sporting goods store as a front for their distribution operation, and they had equipment to create forged certificates of reactivation.

All told, the weapons confiscated by the police are believed to be worth around 10 million euros. Given the current state of Europe, the authorities fear that there is a serious risk of these kinds of restored weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

It just goes to show, the law can only do so much to keep firearms out of the hands of these people. Even in the heart of western Europe where gun laws are incredibly strict, the outlaws will always find a way.

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    1. Sgt. Dale

      You Must See These Mind-Boggling Photos of 10,000 Illegal Firearms Seized by Spanish Police.


      Damn almost looks like the neighbors basement!!!!! I’m sorry those are mean old nasty guns, and he has WINE bottles!!!!

      Mac you must not be able to sleep, or are you like me the 80 LBS Lab mix got me up to go PEEEEEEE.
      Good article.


      • Anonymous

        Most of those guns would be equally illegal in the United States, being actual military guns for the most part and not civilianized versions of them (which are also illegal in a growing number of States now).

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Anonymous, I don’t think any of us here recognize a concept called ‘illegal weapons’. I know that I don’t.

          • apache54

            all I saw is what we may need here in the states pretty soon!! looked like a nice selection of weapons for the defense of the public by the public!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, no problem ending up in prison as a felon because you don’t recognize it.

            None at all.

            But what the law and the Court recognizes as illegal is what gets you there if you ignore it.

            BTW, how many unregistered NFA guns do you have in your collection?

            • apache54

              WHO the F–K do YOU think you are? EVERYONE on this site KNOWS exactly what is LEGAL and what IS NOT legal! you sound like some idiot leftist with a hate for guns!! or are you a federal TROLL, either way take your stupid ass comments elsewhere!! some of us have many hobbies and IF one of those hobbies is that you like firearms then the pictures of those weapons are like a golfer looking at his new set of clubs!! some of you leftists are just brain fried!!

      • WhereEaglesDare

        Geeeez, I’d like to find a stash like that.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Sarge, if I could have just 1 hour inside that building… a kid in a candy store, LOL! It also proves the futility of ‘gun control’.

      • durangokidd

        If only I could fit all of that into my 12′ x 7′ toy trailer !!! I would be in bug out heaven !!! 🙂

        • durangokidd

          Weapons in Europe for “refugees’ are brought into the Union in Diplomat Pouches and assembled at the local mosque every Thursday evening. 🙁

        • Sgt. Dale

          I was thinking the same thing, and I would add some more to the back seat and the bed of my Ram.

          Then again I could get my nephews 25 footer!!!!!

          I would be in HOG heaven!!!!!


    2. Joel Walbert

      Man if I could have a gun cabinet like that.

      • John Stiner

        especially the mortars.

    3. B from CA


      I got the link Eisenqrautz put out on another article. Those poor men are getting screwed by their women, and it isn’t good. Guilty until proven innocent. Ninety per cent of claims are bogus. The laws have been set up to tear families apart. Women are being encouraged to lie and to make false accusations. The paternal grandparents can’t have a relationship with their grandchildren. These children are being made fatherless. Girls with no father are easy targets for abuse. I believe this is probably just to make it easier for Muslims to take the women in a few years. The Spanish need to see beyond their anger and hurt feelings to the insidious Courts which seem to favor women, but which actually just want to weaken the family, the society; and to conquer them all. Spain must fight back. Do they need guns?? They need courage and determination. Guns might not be a bad idea. Spain needs the will to confront the real enemy. It is not women. It is that foreign parasitic group that advances into positions of power and then destroys the host.


      • Traitor Hator

        As says John 8:44, Rev. 2:9 ,3:9 . ?

    4. B from CA

      What did I say to get put into censorship??


      • anon

        B from CA

        If you can read this. The server has gone on hyperdrive moderation. There are some of mine still in mod.

        No censor It does that at times and the hackers might be doing stuff.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Just checking,some of your advice got goldfish killed!The site needs to draw a line somewhere!

    5. John

      I’m Jealous!

    6. Mike in VA

      Oh my!!!

      I love guns and just looking at the pictures makes me drool. Dreams we all have dreams.

      • Nailbanger

        I had dreams once

    7. vocalpatriot

      so, what’s the story here? there are other guns.
      SLAVO SUCKS!!!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        if “slavo sucks”, why are you HERE, troll????

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          BCOD, the trolls just never learn, do they?

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Vocalpatriot, f#$% you! YOU suck, so take your stupid ass somewhere else.

      • durangokidd

        “Slavo Sucks!” is probably just Mac’s idea of a SHTF Plan False Flag. Forget about it !!! 🙂

      • Mike in VA

        Leave then!

        • Traitor Hator

          He’s gay veteran .

      • Karl V.

        Lots of “vocal” – – – not much “patriot”

    8. Asshat

      Looks like a gun show. This isn’t news there are 12 year old kids building guns in caves with drill and files in Afghanistan. Used to be able to build ak in shop class. The gun hysteria isn’t working anymore.

    9. Mr Smith

      But was it muzzies like i am sure the press will want us to think or people that are standing up to the government and don’t trust a word they are told.

      People without guns can be controlled like sheep and the banker puppets who run Europe like roast lamb

    10. arten

      Where is the gun food?

    11. Illini Warrior

      if that IS a realistic pic – Why is there a double row of freaking aerial bombs sitting in the pile? – They were confiscated and not bothered to be mentioned? – come on

    12. Faux Liberté

      Sir. With this citizen contribution. I think we’ve found a solution to our arming our new recruits and still be within the departmental budget.

      • Zeus

        Are beheadings covered under Obama Care? Who needs guns? lol

    13. swinging richard

      Nice set up.

      • Zeus

        This is nothing, You should see the “butter knife” confiscation room over in Brittan. Forks and spoons are next.

    14. Old Codger

      Send them down to AUSTRALIA!

      They will sell like hot cakes.

    15. Kevin2

      No doubt a pittance relative to what the CIA moves in violation of arms embargo’s.

    16. Enemy of the State

      And How do we know that this isnt another lie being FED to us?


      I wonder if all these firearms will really be destroyed ?
      Or will they be recycled and go somewhere else?????
      Maybe ERIC HOLDER will know ????????????????
      I wonder if got a phone call ?????????????????????

      It’s only a MOVIE folks, or is it an illusion ??????

    18. John Stiner

      In Texas, we would call that a good start.

    19. Frank Thoughts

      Caches like this one can be found in mosques right across Europe. The Turks are the main smugglers, bringing them in for the jihad uprising, when Erdogan finally declares himself the head of the European caliphate. Already, the street uprising has started, first in France, and then it spread to Germany, and now the Netherlands. Who is next?

      • Snoopy

        “Caches like this one can be found in mosques right across” the street and a block away from your front door! Think about that !

    20. Nomadic

      AEY (War Dogs) must have opened a new division.ha

      These weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists?
      Yuh think the arms dealers might have seen an opportunity after you started developing “safe cities” for Syrian Refugees?

      Not a judgement just an observation.You

    21. Him

      Albanian and Kosovar Muslims are the smugglers. Turks also. The White slave trade is still going strong there also. The Muslims kidnap young white Christian women and girls and sell them into prostitution. If you were stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan and went to a whore house and there were White prostitutes, guess what? The US government keeps one of the worst smugglers in power in Kosovo. We have a large military base there. It’s to keep the Serbs from reclaiming the land stolen by the US. The smugglers name? Hashim Thaci. Interpol lists him as one of the leading heroin smugglers also. He is the head of the KLA, a terrorist organization. The US government, ain’t my government.

      • Nomadic

        Meanwhile Marines are being investigated for sharing nekkies of consenting colleagues.

        • Anonymous

          The Marine’s main purpose is social equality and justice between men and women and all those other genders that are out there now. Anything else is secondary.

          Those pictures violated this purpose and that is why they are, and should be, being investigated and those involved prosecuted and imprisoned.

          • Nomadic

            .Social Injustice ? Is that what the kids are calling it now days?
            When the pics were taken they all thought they looked like Jenna Jameson but in reality —–>

            / ___ ___ \
            | | \/ | |
            | | . . | ___ ___ |
            | | |\/| |/ _ \ / _ \ |
            | | | | | (_) | (_) | |
            | \_| |_/\___/ \___/ |
            | |
            \ /
            \ ^__^
            \ (oo)\_______
            (__)\ )\/\
            ||—-w |
            || ||

            • Him

              Damn, stick people. They’re hot.

        • GETTING REAL


          10,000 Marines are now in Iraq and Syria

          What happened to the adviser role ?????

          • Nomadic

            The same thing that happened to the advisor role in Nam.

      • Frank Thoughts

        You are correct: being a Muslim and a criminal has to be the easiest gig going these days. The police won’t touch you because that’s ‘rayciss’ and the networks built up through the Wahabist religious funds allow for weapons, girls, refugees, migrants and drugs to flow across borders unimpeded.

        Then you have Turkey, a joke member of NATO who is also using its state security and military intelligence to flood weapons into Europe via Greece etc.

    22. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      SGT Sarge, I told you man. Previous link brought to you all by that the HCKS.. The cop preppers seeing that must have made you guys take another look.

      Now listen to the new info from Hodges and Paul Preston. La raza said that its time to take out whites, and use chi-coms to take out Texas, cali and all southern states. Good luck fuckers, the war game shows that Texas wins all war, revolutionary, civil and invasion.

      Sorry Kevin2, you have no idea what the hell your talking about. CHINA WILL INVADE FROM MEXICO, PERIOD.

      THIS WILL HAPPEN, IS GOING TO HAPPEN and this is why Trump has to take out North Korea to decapitate the that short, peewee small dick leader, Kim dung yang.


      Your truly HCKS..

      Molon labe chi-coms, come and take it you bad enough.

      • Kevin2

        “Sorry Kevin2, you have no idea what the hell your talking about. CHINA WILL INVADE FROM MEXICO, PERIOD.”

        The word for the day is LOGISTICS.

        ” the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military matériel, facilities, and personnel”

        Thousands of ships to bring in food, ammunition, fuel. This is not a one time occurrence but rather a continuous operation. In peacetime its equivalent to moving an army every 3 days. It took the US two years to move in very open view sufficient forces and material to Great Britain to then travel across the channel for D day.


    23. Him

      The news is happening too fast to keep up with. Anybody notice that all the main stream media, and even local radio stations are interviewing a Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden? Ever since Trump says he was a victim of illegal surveillance? Who is Hayden? He is the retired head of both the CIA and NSA. He is the bastard that started the NSA program to create an algorithm for every single person in the US. His job on the news shows is to convince Americans that there is no eavesdropping on Trump or anyone else. The Deep State is concerned that people might actually realize what’s going on here. Hayden is every where since Trump complained. All of your personal info is stored at the NSA. Info from this site and anywhere you go on the internet. Anyone you call. All your credit info. Your location from license plate readers. Facial recognition cameras. One flip of the switch and it’s totalitarian time. Everything is in place. If you don’t do anything bad then you don’t have to worry. Wrong. You may have voted wrong. You may be the wrong religion. The wrong color. Get it yet?

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Him, Michael Hayden is one of the WORST of the neocons.

    24. Him

      Two small earthquakes in western Kentucky near the surface. New Madrid is going to go off. Run away! Run away!

    25. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Nomadic, the American people are like Jenna Jameson. We have been talking dick out our asses for some time and the NWO has to go. Not sure what your hyrogliphics mean and I cant even spell the word?


    26. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Socialist utopia commences in Venezuela as soldiers eat from trash cans. Lets see if the people will eat people next. I am one prepper that will not be eating from a trash can. I did a few dumpster dives around Houston in 2013, and trust me, I wont be going there again. My plants, and chickens, and eggs will be up to production outside in BUM fuck jungle nowhere jungle. BOL one is almost complete after this weekend, all we have to do know is get the chickens in the new big cage and with a Rooster to breed them, and make a few chicks. I am already sourcing and stocking up on organic chicken food to supplement the lizard, insects and cockroaches locally. I am putting Aquaponics, and clearing land to beta test it. Since I have mastered farming, and know how to get the right soil and source the seeds, etc, will will get my BOL ready next. This is done deal I am finally leaving Houston by years end. This is a fact of life.


      • grandee

        thanks for the video HCKS. i passed it along.

        Peeps ! Don’t be a Venezuelan !

    27. Snoopy

      Caches like this one can be found in mosques right across: the street and down the road from your front door!

    28. B from CA

      Off Topic:

      France in civil war.

      Germany’s Muslim invaders being trained in underground bunkers for a day of major attacks, 100 in one day at places where the German people congregate.

      The German people have been subjected to massive coordinated psychological warfare for generations to femenize the males, using chemicals and estrogens, along with mental abuse and vicious lying intended to create crippling guilt. Women are being raped and murderde. Rape victims of the invading hordes are being told to feel sorry for perpetrators. Police do not keep the rapists. They are released to rape again.

      These guns were heading to the Muslims in Germany for these attacks which will happen. Doctors in Germany will be targeted. Germany is occupied. The goal over 100 years of war against the German people in-other-words, total genocide of the German.


    29. Nicus

      Worthless without ammo…

    30. citizen

      I’m a vendor at gun shows every week. AZ has enough to outfit a large army. Gotta love private sellers in a constitutional carry state.

    31. Winning!!!

      I don’t see the problem here. Looks like a good start.

      • B from CA


        Read my post. The problem is that:

        These guns were going from Spain to Germany to be used by Middle Eastern Terrorists being trained and prepared for a massive terror day with what they want to be 100 separate attacks in different places in Germany. Germany is about the size of Texas. Germany has many underground bunkers.


    32. Warchild Dammit!

      Is there a adoption process for these orphans,you know,for the price of a cup of coffee a day you can home one of these homeless firearms?!

    33. Kevin2

      If a battle was fought here and the military in a rush (as they are when fighting) leave weapons and munitions scattered around, American civilians, with the “cleanliness is next to Godliness” spirit would generally “tidy up the place” quite well.

      I imagine that the criminal use of a sub machine gun in Europe is more common than in the US. The MP40s and the like must be hid here, there and everywhere.

    34. Beaumont

      The story tells you they were demilitarized. You don’t know whether any of these were operational, where they came from, or where they were going.

      In general, I would respect the rights of individual Spaniards, to their autonomy. Are they for legitimate self-defense — a right given by nature?

      Also, in no-go-zone / war-zone / high-crime areas, residents are reporting an impossible number of guns. It just can’t be explained. When they want you to do their dirty work, you can be deluged, in this contraband.

      Is this the nominal govt catching itself, redhanded, again, along the lines of Eric Holder and Rick Ross. Have the self-described authorities written themselves another narrative and declared themselves the victors.

    35. Enemy of the State

      and we are told theres no guns in these countries

      whos dumb enough to believe that?.. a lot of people actually

    36. Rockmanr

      I like on stop shopping Could spend hours there

    37. Kent Harris

      Europeans are going to be sitting ducks. When you bring in a bunch of towel heads who have these weapons in their possession they will be exterminated just like the Jews were during the Nazis reign.

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