You May Be A Dangerous, Paranoid Doomsday Prepper If…

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Headline News | 142 comments

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    Commentators are always quick to link guns and emergency stores to dangerous and paranoid actions that they consider to be tell tale signs someone is going to commit a crime. They always focus on these areas because it is a trait mostly seen in conservatives that know enough to question the governments’ ability to take care of every problem that emerges. In short, if you are not a Liberal that needs the government to make all of your decisions for you and care for you on a daily basis then there must be something wrong with you.

    Any deviation from the norm of unpreparedness is a danger sign to these people that you are out of control and need to be stopped, detained and heavily medicated to assure compliance. Only when you are obedient to the state are you normal and safe. So what signs do you look for in a person or group that should make you suspicious?

    The purchase of bullets by the thousands

    If a person or group feels the need to purchase thousands of rounds of ammo in the belief they may need this to protect themselves and their family from some type of uncontrolled chaos in the future they are obviously troubled individuals. They need to be more sensible like the U.S. government that only buys 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, give or take a few million, that is only the bare minimum necessary for waging a 24 year war.

    The purchasing of weapons by the dozen

    If a person or group feels the need to have one firearm to protect themselves or their family due to lack of police protection, this is just irrational. And to have a dozen guns is bordering on paranoia. They need to be more like the U.S. government that only has 165.000 armed federal employees, give or take several thousand, and have several thousand automatic rifles on order as well as two million dollars worth of sniper rifles on order from Remington.

    The storing of dehydrated and freeze dried foods for several months

    If you perceive the potential need for stored food because of distribution problems or social chaos, having food stores for several months is just promoting the panic. You need to be more like the federal government and buy a billion dollars worth of freeze dried foods for “disaster relief operations”.

    The building of underground bunkers for several people

    The need for hiding underground in a bunker with several people is a clear sign that you are disturbed and very anti social and may be unbalanced. You need to have “shelters” like the U.S. government does that house at least a thousand people, and number no less then 150 nationwide to be considered normal.


    Never order ammo in amounts less than one billion rounds

    Never buy weapons in quantities of less than one thousand

    Never buy less than one billion dollars worth of freeze dried food

    Never build underground shelters that hold less than one thousand persons

    Anyone who prepares with less than these amounts should be considered a dangerous and paranoid doomsday prepper by government standards. Any amounts over this are government sanctioned and considered appropriate measures for normal persons to take.

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      1. If you are convinced that “right-wing Nazi’s” are planning to overthrow the government with thier drinking buddies and hunting rifles.

        • I hear that phrase “right-wing Nazi” often and the person saying it is just spewing the commonly accepted, MSM perpetrated description. Nazis believed in national socialism. In all actuality, the garden variety “right wing” folks are the total antithesis of socialism.

          So what is a Nazi that is a little to the right of socialiam — hence a “right wing Nazi”? I’d say they’re pretty close to an American far left Democrat.

          So have actual “right-wing Nazi’s” overthrown our government? Don’t look at Obama, look at FDR.

          • SPIKE you are correct FDR was a sociallist PIG

            • FDR prolly saved your grandpappys butt, I bet you work for the TVA or sumsuch , half the 350 pound porkers here are on the teat and don’t even know it, makes me sick

              • You seem to have a thing for 350 pound people. You keep using it as an example.

                Some sort of sexual fetish or something?

          • I think FDR was more of a Marxist-Socialist than a National-Socialist. The marxists believe that we are all the same or “humanity is one.” They also tend to be aggressively globalist.

            National Socialists tend to be…well…nationalistic in the sense that a nation is a common volk (race).

            So I think that National Socialism is largely irrelevant. To much wealth redistribution for the right and to race-centered for the left.

            • Jason, actually the Marxist-Socialist don’t believe “humanity is one”. They believe that only an elite group of thinkers can make them as one. Hence class warfare.

            • Ronnie Raygun was then the biggest national socialist then p

        • These people are nuts. What do they think people are stupid enough to go around telling others they are paranoid and buying ammo and food and guns and stuff ; Ah hmm bye now. Got to clean my bunker.

        • Jasoncookies: That was an incomplete sentence. The “If” must be followed by a “Then” … to complete the thought, making it a complete sentence. It appears that you are the product of our “left-wing” school system where it doesn’t matter that you got the wrong answer, just as long as you “felt good” about yourself. Hurray, you get star Jason because you tried. According to your left-wing socialist teachers, your self esteem is what really matters in school. So lets all clap for Jason everyone.

          • Not SO. A little over 2000 years ago a Roman General sent a note the Laconians. It said: “If I come to Lacona not one stone will remain standing.” They cut the messenger’s head off, stuffed a note in his mouth; it said: “IF”” And sent the head back. As the purpose of language is communications, I find that totally understandable.

            • Paranoid: That “If” stands alone as a response to the generals initial comment (If… ) and not as the beginning of a sentence. “If” is a conjunction that joins two thoughts. Jason failed to add the second thought, making his statement an incomplete sentence. The general’s sentence could have also been written “Not one stone will remain standing IF I come to Lacona”. “If” here joins the two thoughts. The general’s IF was a threat and the town’s response IF was a one word challenge. Hope that clears this up for you.

              • So?

          • Sorry. Mondays + public school = poor sentence structure

            • Jasoncookies: Cool, sorry for being a hardass.

          • Gregory8,
            Your post isn’t perfect, either. In your last two sentences,”self esteem” should be hyphenated. There should be an apostrophe in “Lets” and a comma before “everyone”. As an English teacher in one of those “left-wing socialist” schools you criticize, I must say that yes, some of us DO still try to teach grammar and punctuation, but also COURTESY and KINDNESS. None of us are so perfect that we have the right to humiliate others needlessly. Let’s all play nicely, okay?

            • I do have one comment. If Engineers ran their work like English teachers, we would still be measuring stuff by Cubits, related to the Kings arm length and stones randomly picked from the river. Von Braun said it would have been impossible to get to the moon using English units. Why with all the zillions of teachers meetings has NOTHING been done about all the stupid spellings, silent letters, and rules the have all the exceptions.
              There is no reason a kid should have to take years of courses just to not understand his own language. Except of course, it just grew over 2000 years with no guidance. English is a rats nest. If the teachers won’t try to fix it, who will?

              • English is one of the very richest, most expressive languages due to its inclusion of words from many different cultures, derivations, and eras. I have no desire to communicate in pidgin Esperanto or some similar soulless and limited system just because it is easy.

                Most languages have their own particular complications. I never had the patience to learn European languages because of the maddening, pointless, and conflicting M/F/N gender distinctions of nouns. Who the hell has time to learn the genders of ten thousand different nouns! How about various Chinese dialects, with hundreds of characters and symbols? I know of no language that is seamlessly integrated, possesses few & simple rules, and is also flexible, expressive, and deep. You can’t have it both ways; the very complexity that renders a language difficult to master, embodies the richness that gives it character and usefulness.

                Languages are fluid and dynamic; this constant change by its very nature incorporates diverse sources that do not, nor will ever, all follow identical rules of structure.

                “There is no reason a kid should have to take years of courses just to not understand his own language.” — Of course there is: proficiency in any subject, whether language, mathematics, or history, requires significant effort. What you put into it will determine what you get out of it.

                With all due respect to Von Braun, this country has managed to build some fairly impressive feats of engineering using SAE standards. The dams, bridges, skyscrapers, railways, tunnels, etc of this country were marvels of the early 20th century. Furthermore, mathematics is science, and communication is more of an art. Comparisons between the two can only be drawn to a limited degree.

                Very few worthwhile pursuits are easy. If you find skilled communication overly difficult, then by all means, stay with a limited vocabulary and sentence structure. Just be aware that limiting your ability with language also limits your ability to conceptualize; the better your language skills, the better you can think. Personally, I find it worth the effort.

        • R T

      2. This maybe with the Topic at hand:

        False Flag big time in bean town, I say this because shot gun pellets where in people clothes. T’s would use nuts, bolts, nails, etc. to inflect max wounds, this truely sinks to high heaven already to me. Watch out there will be more of this all over the place. One other thing long after the finsh, when alot of people had already left. Just keep your EYS OPEN! (shotgun ammo is now on the list to dry up)

        Keep the FAITH

        • Quite possibly could have been ball bearings.

          • Yeah….from a claymore.

            • Yup, this sounds like a claymore. Any military experts who saw a replay of the blast, the after effects and can comment?

              • Howdy Rick:),

                Ummm, a hint here…military explosives do not generate any flame-type effects. The compounds used decay instantly into nearly pure ‘blast’ which is so fast the naked eye cannot ‘see’ it happen…same with claymore’s, same with hand grenades…

                ..watched em both go off, years ago in the military.


                • Appreciate the info JOG….the footage didn’t look like a blast from a claymore but I’m no expert. You know how it goes….everything is speculation until facts start coming to light.

        • Watchman, well so much for being able to use a shotgun for home defense. Dude Biden ain’t gonna like it if they found shotgun pellets at the scene. But then again someone may have just heard the blast, and started shooting in the air like Biden suggested to keep the terriost at bay. Good Idea! Trekker Out.

          • It stinks to high heaven of a false flag. Fuck the victims. Stick up for your rights and show no sympathy whatsoever for the people who got blown up. They take advantage of every sign of weakness.

            • Eisenkraut, You know it’s getting pretty hard to come to you defense, in any manner. As the saying goes. What goes around, comes around. May God have mercy on your soul. Trekker Out.

              • My life is not important compared to our constitutional rights.

            • So you are saying “fuck the 8 yr. old boy” who was killed? You are a fucking piece of human garbage.

              • Shifty: Ditto….!!!

              • Uh…human?

            • EISENKREUZ people like you are the reason i have BRASS&LEAD like to meet you

            • Eisen,
              My God man….
              You have truly outdone your usual level of narcissistic and psychopathic unconcern for any human beings other than yourself.

              Being in the same world with pieces of crap like you is still too close for comfort.

              • Actually he’s worse than that. He is the only person I know that even when I agree with him, I still wouldn’t consider stopping someone from cutting his tongue out.
                I wish he was on the other side.


                • Eisen, in all seriousness, with name calling (on my part) aside, do you honestly subscribe to that school of thought? I really find it difficult to believe that the scenes from this afternoon have no impact (however subtle) on you whatsoever. If none of this has managed to move you, even on the slightest of human levels, I truly pity you.


                • And you are so stupid as to think, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, means anything, to anyone, without emotion. You are the living example of educated stupid.

            • Remember the victims and get a government that doesn’t do this sort of stuff.

        • I agree. They are saying it was low grade. Meaning gun powder. They have effectively dried up the ammo. Now they will try to take one thing you need to reload. Powder. This will effectively have the impact needed to make it so they can limit the reload supply. Like they said under the radar lol.

        • WATCHMAN: TPTB will try and trace this back to some home grown prepper/separatist/patriot group, just wait and see. Crap, I’ll have to end up hinding even my sling shot and the big BBs is shoots if this pans out.

          • What if this bomb attack was a statement from pro-gun(one of the nuts, not one of us!!)
            …See?? Outlaw guns and there will still be violence, attacks, and death.

            Just saying.

      3. I really like the conclusion portion of the article. This leads me to ask why anyone would care. If you think preppers are mentally ill or hysterical whats your point?
        We are not hurting anyone including ourselves. Nothing is going to waste. Nobody is getting hurt.
        It seems like people want to reassure themselves that nothing will happen by making fun of people who think a number of things could or will happen.
        Just go about your life and we will go about ours. We are not dangerous and may even save you or your family. We are not rich but we are generous. We do not want to hurt anyone but will protect what we have and protect our families.
        What is the harm even if we are wrong?

        • They don’t care about taking care of the mentally ill, so why should they care about a couple of nut jobs with giant pantries, cool trucks, and cabins in the woods?

        • You are outside their CONTROL… don’t ya get it?

        • Roy: They only care that you don’t join in their group-think. If you don’t share their view of a socialist utopia, then you and others like you could be reminders of freedom and individual accomplishments to the mindless drones they wish to control. Free thinking individuals are a threat to them and their new social order.

      4. I have been working SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to make the grade and fit the stereotype, not feeling the love here.

        • Wilson, You have to be here for years, like me and Eisenkraut, before we will really know whether to show you any Love. Trekker Out.

          • Welllllllll, how many years????

            Secondly, I’m lovin McLovin and we are all helping him through his ordeal with his Xwife.

            • Welllll, not really sure!!!! I just know I heard Eisenkraut say he’d been making comments on here for years, and somebody else attacked him, and said he’d only been here for a few months, anyway I know he does’nt get any Love, and it’s pretty easy to make enemies on here, if you say something someone does’nt like, you’ll get red thumbs no matter what you post. So Love don’t come easy here, but were all pretty tough, so we can live without Love on this site. So when the Schumer Hits The Fan, Love will be hard to find. So get use to it! Trekker Out.

              • Well, I’ve received some brutal comments and several thumbs down and I still value the people and information on this site. I’m tough.

                • Good for you Wilson…
                  If you want love… get a dog…

                • @ Wilson,

                  That’s the Spirit! Remember,

                  “When the going get’s tough…the tough BUG-OUT.”


          • Kind of like union seniority?

          • MT Trekker, To bad you can’t withdraw a comment once you’ve made it. A man should guard his tongue, sometimes it will overload his brain. Trekker Out

      5. Damn… I am just shy of the 1 Millionth.
        Guess I ain’t a good prepper.

        Keep preppin

      6. zero hedge first with boston news

      7. Its sad but I could go to jail for canned goods in my possession. This isn’t my world anymore. Now the sand naggers are bombing us again. I’m old and tired. Just come and get me so,I can take as many Commies with me as I can because I’m ready for the end. See yawn the Funway bitchez.

        • Don’t forget that being white is also considered to be extremely suspicious these days,especially if you think your taxes are too high and your job sucks. govmint say dey not be’s payin der fair share to da hood y’all…..

      8. 3 Bombs went off in Boston!

        • Here we go again
          watch the news for the argument to take people’s guns after this as were the real reason for all the problems in America.guns will have caused this.

          or is this a false flag event ?

          funny how they shut down ALL cell phone service in the Boston area in the name of public safety and the FAA has a two mile no fly zone up. But news reports claim that not all cell phone companies were affected

          Obummer has the internet kill switch surprised he didn’t use it to keep news from leaking he could remove all blame of his Arab brothers.

          we are fast becoming like Israel but unlike them we will never be able to carry rifles with us 24 7 instead we will be attacked time and time again.look for more bombs to be set off in the near future as the economy tanks and more people become desperate.

          Shepard smith Fox resident idiot is saying its a TIME FOR CALM !! and saying arms were flying by ? arms can fly ? didn’t know this. Really Calm ? maybe its a time for running away from Boston and other large cities this summer. America is so weak right now i am surprised we haven’t been hit sooner.
          the Govt has cancelled some of the biggest training sessions such as Red Flag in the south west. i can see cancelling the Thunderbirds and the other acrobatic teams but we need to keep what pilots we have trained. maybe cutting Obummers Golf trips or Moochelles Staff and Shopping trips to Spain and France

          skittle shitting unicorn

          • Dipshit Shep. ” many reports of decapitated limbs” . I’m thinking, wtf did he just say? I usually tolerate Mr. still in the closet, but he had diarrhea of the mouth today.

      9. Who will get the blame for the Boston bombings?

        • Whether, bombings in Mass. Or stabbings in Texas, or shootings in Conn. evil men with evil intent will commit their terrible acts. It’s been happening since Cain and Able, and it ain’t going to change, just because tptb think if they infrine on our rights, they can stop it. It ain’t going to happen. Trekker Out. Live Free, Die Free!

          • They need to pass laws against bombs, make people register them then this won’t happen

            • We need to also ban finishing lines………or running races………….or MA…………or life!

            • Well, his choice of what to use was between a rock and a hard place and he could pick up a rock easier than a hard place.

            • Yes, but it was an unregistered rock, That’s the problem

        • BUSH

          • SUCKED

            • JONBOVI

        • The culprit, we all hope.

          Let’s not start pointing fingers until more information comes out.

        • If the media get their wish,it will be somebody white for certain.

        • no doubt it will be some alleged right wing nut job Never a Muslim or one of Obummers favorite groups

          Take your pick

          no matter who we will all pay the price in more freedoms taken away

          if any one cares watch this site in a couple days as i have my own opinion what went wrong in America

          no one has to read it but a few might

          skittle shitting unicorn

      10. You may be a prepper if you don’t live in the inner-city sucking on the piggy-teat of the feds. You might be a prepper if you dont get food stamps, gov. subsidized housing, oblabla phones, ebt cards, 3 meals a day at school for your chillens,free day care, Head Start that seems to have really made them chillens brilliant.
        Yes, it’s true that if you don’t need the intrusive government that there must be something wrong with you.
        Everything is flipping upside down and we’re the wierd ones. We ain’t going to recognize this country when oblabla gets done with it. Damn Congress for allowing this Kenyan to ruin this country and sit back and do nothing. The whole bunch needs a reality check.

        • 70% of 350 pound crackers in the bible belt are on the gov teat, bet you couldn’t walk a country mile. When’s the last time you saw your pecker without looking in a giant mirror?



      12. Praise be to preppers. Seems that preppers are really keeping the economy going.
        Most preppers are still using worthless FRN’s to buy their preps. Keep up the good work. I just wish to thank the president and congress for allowing me to keep a small portion of my paycheck so that I may purchase a few food items so that I will not be a burden on them by having to feed and house me in the camps.

      13. Considering that a Saudi national may have set off bombs at the Boston Marathon today, my paranoia is justified. They’re baaaaaaaack. Back to a neighborhood near you. How come our FBI, CIA, DHS super people didn’t have a handle on this? Maybe they are too busy trying to subdue us that they forgot we are in a war without borders.

        • Back? They never left. Bush buried the story after 9-11 that revealed Venezuela has Hezbollah training camps, and Muslims were learning Spanish and shaving/cutting hair to slip across the US Mexico border to form sleeper cells in US. Gotta make the sheeple feel safe.

      14. If you like prepper pages on Facebook or participate in online discussion groups using your own name . . . you might be an involuntary supply cache. While the bigger threat may the our own leaders, the wider threat is definitely people you know. Most of my food storage was bought with cash in another state and packaged at home, but I know a few UPS drivers and they remember who recieved heavy shipments from ammo companies and five-gallon buckets or cases from freeze-dried food suppliers and they enjoy sharing that info with friends.

        Wasn’t there an article on here a while back about CERT team members being used to spy on their neighbors? If they are willing to do that for the government, imagine what they will do to feed their own starving families.

        • Same here in Denver, can’t trust the delivery guy… knows wayyy too much. Thank goodness for cheap land just across the state line where the preps live.

          • Pick me up on your way north, I have my own supplies, thought we’d caravan

          • Have you tried the new place for supplies, I think it is called OD surplus??? Can you give a situation report?

        • I bought most of my freeze-dried food at a store local to the Denver metro area. The guy behind the counter does not know my name, and I always pay in cash.

          • What store?

        • With a knife to their wife or daughters throat, your best friend will take them to your house.





        • You know, Eisenkreuz, the really sad thing about your rants is that you REALLY believe the crap you’re slinging about this country and its policies. Granted, we have been fighting useless costly wars since VietNam, but in point of fact, this country – America – has been under constant attack by the rest of the world since its founding. We established the first practical, useful constitutional republic, which violated every tenet of empire and leadership throughout history. That could not be allowed to stand, so the attack was perpertrated virtually from Day One to reduce this country, its economy and its people back down to the original concept of governance, i.e., central rulers, centralized ownership of all wealth, and the population existing as chattel for the convenience of TPTB. So how far along do you think such a process has occurred, Eisenkreuz? And do ou really believe that WE are the perpertrators of this “forever war” that we seem to be experiencing on a daily basis? I suggest you think real hard before answering. You might want to get it right.


            • No,no,no,eisen,a dress is something you wear every day,remember?

      16. Perpetrator will be anti- Obama, anti-Government, gun owner and yes a PREPPER. Again this to me is so obvious a FALSE FLAG. The hammer is about to drop, I know how many times this has been said, but it just cannot keep going. Get as many of your preparation done as soon, very soon as you can.

        Keep the FAITH

        PS: BI- a well was drilled in FULTON COUNTY, KY. I have no depth info, but will be used like the one in ILLINOIS to monitor. Also nothing like this has been done on the WEST SIDE of the New Madrid that I can find. Looks like everything new they are doing is on the EAST SIDE. YES THE U S G S, boys are out and about. Also nothing know in TENN., has been done so for.

        • @ Watchman. You have another quake on that 14-20 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge and you will see the USGS squad out like no tomorrow. By the way, if everyone is looking for a true false flag future event, I could imagine another gun incident from those that want to totally control us, to try to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Crazy times now are nothing to compare what is coming. I am still watching the earthquake angle of this very closely.

          • I have been monitoring the quake activity on N.M. since Oct of 2010, been interesting a few times, I thought it was coming several times now, but you can only be wrong so many times right?








        • I can personally testify for you. Electronics do not go in the microwave.

      18. Please help me out and tell me where I’m wrong. It just looks to me that the mass majority of all the calamities lately are happening in LIBERLAL NERVONA, (with one in Colo. WH 2) where they all hate guns; people who prepare for hard times, anti-government thoughts, etc. (sorry I forgot big drinks of soda), and the only thing they like are illegals and Mary Jane. Is this a pattern or am I missing something here? Just asking for some HELP on my thinking.

        Keep the FAITH

        • So Watchman, if you plan to do bad, will your first choice be a “shall carry ” state? Good observation.

      19. I just had my preps delivered to my warehouse at work. Delivered in the front door, loaded and safely stored from out the back. Any prying eyes that saw the deliveries think they’re still stored in the warehouse. 🙂

      20. False flag, I would bet it could be one of the following:

        Mossad agents of Israel to get support for U.S. to help attack Iraq

        Blame North Korea so there is public support to attack them.

        Most likely: government to blame all those that still cherish freedom, especially those pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment. It is sick to think that this is all to help disarm everyone. I would never trust BO and the government for anything.

        Least likely, some nut that did this because they hate tax day or some other reason.

        Draw your own conclusions, but one issue remains, we must be ready for what is coming and the possibility of Black Swan events from all sorts of angles. Prep and then prep more. Then ready yourselves mentally for the chaos from possible geophysical to natural to manmade calamities. Don’t be the 99% that ignore the obvious to prepare for your families.

        • It’s Patriots Day in Boston, a holiday, people off from work etc. Sounds suspicious to me…

        • Your tax dollars at work, eh? One way or the other, you’ve nailed it, sad to say….

        • Why would anyone red thumb a highly likely possibility of ANY attack as a false flag by the government, another government to get what they want. This is strange and puzzling. I don’t put anything past the government and the elitists to take away our freedom. OR as some excuse to attack Iran or North Korea. Shall we talk about 9/11 and then Iraq and Afghanistan were attacked.

          Still say prep and prep more, something is coming, you can feel it. Everyone here, I am on your side.

          • Maybe it’s a secret cabal of Jews! They wanted us to attack Iraq!

            No, wait. What am I saying? We already attacked Iraq and won.

            • Well BI- it goes to show there are more trolls and anti-preppers here than I thought were possible. Don’t let it bother you.

              You obviously are putting a lot of time & effort into the quake predictions. Myself and many here appreciate it more than you can imagine. I doubt if my area will ever be involved in a major quake, but if a devastating one hits anywhere in the U.S. we will all be affected by the aftermath.
              molon labe

            • That was a typo, it should have said Iran whomever is hijacking my name. I don’t discount ANY possibility, ANY. It could have been someone playing out some fantasy. In any case a bunch of innocent people that hamred no one died and many others are going to have to go through life without limbs. This is awful and we all must not forget this. We also must not forget that incidents like this can and do like to much bigger incidents that would easily classify as as a SHTF event that we all need to be ready for.

              False flags have happened throughout history, let’s wait to see whom they blame, and then we all will have more answers. Until then we can just speculate, and no matter how outlandish something may sound, it could be factual. We just don’t know. Something we do know is to have what we need ready to go WHEN it does happen. AND feel for those that are in pain and suffering tonight from this.

              • BI,

                Pray for our innocent dead(including an 8 year old child!), and wait to see who they blame… that will be telling.

            • bi; I was just talking with a friend, and i told her that they had some prior threats so they had bomb sniffing dogs there, she said they probably got the dogs mixed up and drug sniffing dogs instead!! Now that is believable! And Funny!!


          • Be Informed ; Im with you on this one as well! patriots and preppers would no way pick on the innocent! There is just too much emotion right now,for anyone to look at it logicly. But on that note on the next topic Dk had a bunch of thumbs up saying the same things as you? Kinda of funny ??


            • Patriots and preppers are the knights of the innocent and defend and protect what is right, what is constitutionally right and fair. BO’s boys and the slime that tries to take away those rights that we are guaranteed, are the ones that would attack a bunch of inncoent people to further an agenda. In fact many governments, if not most are capable of any false flag to gain public support. It will be interesting to see the “suspects” that they pick up. I so much hope it is not a prepper/survivalist that they finger, that would be horrible. Hopefully they get an Islamic radical, and NOT someone that is pro-2nd Amendment or lifelong NRA supporter. I sure am hoping that the good guys, the patriots, don’t get blamed for this.

          • “Why would anyone red thumb”

            In your case it’s because you’re over the target…

            • @ jerrytbg. I found that in this strange world, one can expect the strange. I have no idea whom did this terrorist act, all I was doing was to try to offer some possibilities. Like thinking outside the box, almost anything is possible. What I was also trying to do was to ready people for what could happen in the aftermaths of this. Maybe nothing, and all will be forgotten like other terror events, and everyone will concentrate on the upcoming NBA and NHL playoff games. Sickening as that may be.

              Anyone that would bomb a bunch of innocent people are evil, whomever they are. If someone is pissed off at the government on April 15 don’t hurt a bunch of people that are in the same boat as they are. It could just be some terrorist from Yemen, we will see.

              The real issue I am concerned about is preparation for what is coming. IF it is that Iran or North Korea is blamed, we all face a potential SHTF event. This is what I am trying to convey, right now almost anything is possible that will happen and whom is actually responsible. Like trying to get a jump on earthquakes before they occur, maybe we can get a jump on something that might occur because of what has happened today.

              • Be informed

                The best steel goes through the fire.

                In the interest of Truth and Right, we

                sometimes take the heat of the Red Thumb.

                Do not be daunted by this. Indeed, we

                must carry our heads high and wear our

                scars with pride, for the truth must be

                told in spite of the disbelievers.

              • And your first thought was that it might have been done by the Mossad, of all people?

                If you can’t see why you’d get red thumbs for that, I’d suggest you try getting out more.

      21. Sure I’m paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?

        • Old Coach: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that someone ISN’T out to get you. Nothing wrong with being highly vigilant.

          • Paranoia is caution taken to an extreme level. Caution is now a BAD thing?

        • @ OC,

          That’s a really, really GOOD one Friend!


        • I could answer that: But then I’d have to kill you, because they are watching me, and might find out what I know.

      22. They will probably say the explosive was bought online or at a gun show. Remember its the ATFE now. “E” meaning explosive. They can regulate the powder in a heartbeat. Yobammy will probably say we must halt all powder sales to the public. Hope everyone is sitting on a keg or two of Varget just in case.

      23. On the other hand, if your first impulse when you hear of anything bad happening is to blame Zionists, the Mossad, ZOG, AIPAC, and DA J000000000SSS!!!!!!!!! (in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) then you are probably not a prepper, or a danger to anyone but yourself. You are just a retarded Nazi troll, the proper treatment for which is lithium and lots of red thumbs.

        • @ nazi hunter. I don’t know whom to blame for this, my whole point is for people to get ready for what is coming. My point also was to not close your mind like a typical conformist to varying possibilities to not just this event, but ALL calamities. If you trust governments of this world, you are in big trouble. Anyone that trusts any government is likely to end up one of the sheeps herded up into some FEMA facility. I don’t care what a prepper is; black, jewish, spanish, asian, white, brown, or green, they think like a prepper/survivalist and the people on this site, they are all right in my book.

          You want to know whom I discriminate against, the f’en dumbsh^&s that go around living their stupid little lives trying to oppose their idealism of getting rid of our self defense so we can’t even defend ourselves against dogs with pepper spray. These wads that try to take away our rights to free speech because it is not politically correct. These zombies are worthless scum that want to control our very last thing we speak, think, how we breathe. You bet I discriminate against someone that wants to oppose their George Orwell 1984 police state on others. AND I blame these destroyers of the Constitution and for most of the suffering and more of the suffering in the future that will occur. If you disagree with this, go f yourself in some ditch.

      24. My friends wife use to call me a redneck until after she heard the term “Prepper” then she started calling me a prepper and just because I have a backyard farm, a garden, I can foods, smoke fish and meat, bow hunt, have a pick up truck, play guitar and live out of the city. Sheesh, I don’t call her a citiot (city dwelling idiot) that eats boxed foods and bacon wrapped hot dogs while watching reality tv. She even brings her blow drier to hunting camp because I told her that I was going to pick some berries from a currant bush, she asked where’s the outlet on a current bush. I told her it was solar powered and she needed to clip an inverter to the two thickest branches.

        • RickInOregon: Yep, she sounds like a Libtard.

          • She’s non political and totally unaware of the the world outside of popular culture.

      25. Coincidence that a 4th grade teacher forced kids to write they would give up rights for security and then the bombs? Obviously connected. The teacher was black and the bombing victims were ALL white. Coincidence?
        The bomb sniffing dogs were brought in for show. They were brought in to give people a false security. The dogs were in fact pets and not trained.
        Another child was killed ie; a pawn of the government and meant to cause shock.
        This is just the start. Get ready to bug. It’s coming.

      26. Don’t have a Bunker yet but I fall into the other three listed catagories. Ain’t it great?!

      27. America…..Land of the free ?????

        • It will be shortly.

      28. I’m a prepper. I’ve been self-sufficient in my own needs for my whole life. I’ve had numerous personal SHTFs and survived everyone of them. I work and pay taxes into the system just like everyonbe else here. I’m against my tax dollars being used to provide for freeloaders who refuse to do anything for themselves, to pay for unjustifiable military adventures, to give unjustifiable advantages to women and minorities at the expense of white males, and all the other crap. I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. I don’t even care what MSM or anyone else says about me or any other preppers. As prepared individuals, we all know that we are right to do for ourselves. We all recognize what is coming to this land and act accordingly. We are the ones who will survive SHTF. It’s going to end tragically for all the naysayers. Just refer back to BI’s article of 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article says it all. All nonpreppers ignore what’s coming and what we’ve been saying at their own peril. In post-SHTF, they better not come to my place for anything. I’m not responsible for anyone else’s well-being; only for myself. Braveheart

      29. thousands, dozen, months, bunkers, check. I hope they can make it in their suits. Well, not really. They may make it for a while, but I will just sit on ssb and watch as they try and grow their own food. Sometimes it is a bummer.

      30. The CORP is on to the site and plowed it with red thumbs. Part of their plan. They hate the truth. Anti God.

        • Must be hitting a nerve… Maybe the truth?

          • Shootit

            I think we’ve kicked the Imperial hornets nest

      31. I come here for comic relief when the world gets me down cause of all the krazy krackerz

      32. Reading this article did my heart good. It renewed my commitment to building my personal stores, while reinforcing my opinion that the government is nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites, aimed at setting themselves up as rulers. I needed a lift for my spirit today, thank you.

      33. God bless all the self sufficent preppers out there their is nothin wrong with lookin out for you or you’re family. The GOVMINT just wants to take away our rights. Till we are completely under they’re suffocating control.

        soon the swhtf and there will be no control and the rightous shall live

      34. 2 million bucks worth of sniper rifles??? That’s almost 10!

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