You Know How This Ends Right? This Ends Through War.

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    In 2006, when Americans were flying high on ever-expanding credit and double digit real estate growth, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass came to the conclusion that something was very wrong. He and his investors determined that a massive real estate bubble was forming in sub-prime mortgages. But rather than just making a prediction, they put their money where their mouth was, and took a $4 billion gamble that the real estate market was about to detonate.

    At the time, many in the industry and within financial circles thought him crazy.

    History, however, proves he was right.

    When the real estate bubble did finally burst, stock markets plummeted and mortgage backed securities fell to pennies on the dollar. Bass and his hedge fund made billions in the process.

    Bass’ foresight was 20/20, and now he has issued a warning so dire that it, like the real estate crisis and recession that followed, is unimaginable for most Americans.

    In many of these situations the quantitative analysis is already done. It’s just a question of when will this unravel and how will it unravel, which I think is the key when we’re thinking about the chronology of events and the likelihood of events going forward.

    Something that I think is really important to pay attention to, in the last 10 years debts around the world – this is total credit market debts, this is on balance sheets, sovereign obligations, corporate debt, household debt – has grown from $80 trillion to just over $200 trillion.

    We sit today at the world’s largest peacetime accumulation of debt in world history…

    …You know how this ends right?

    This ends through war… 

    …I don’t know who’s going to fight who, but I’m fairly certain in the next few years you will see wars erupt, and not just small ones…

    You’re going to see more social unrest.

    You saw HUGE riots in Greece, and you’re seeing HUGE riots in other parts of the world over food (and lack of food) and those are actually derivatives of the financial problems that we’re seeing. We’re exporting inflation to some other nations. Going forward it’s going to be a problem.

    They’re not going to tell you [that a collapse is coming]. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. [During the Tequila crisis], the Mexican government affirmed they would not default, that they would not devalue, almost daily. The day after they said “we wont devalue,” they devalued by 60%.

    The government’s never going to tell you that it’s going to happen.

    Greece’s Yunker said recently, ‘When it becomes serious—you have to lie’. These guys are never going to tell you the truth, because they can’t tell you the truth. Their job is to promote confidence, not to tell you the truth.

    Watch Kyle Bass:
    Full Speech at the AmerCatalyst 2012 Conference (Approx 1 hour)

    The United States, Europe and the rest of the world have created more debt than has ever existed in the history of the world. Debt is nothing more than a representation (and expectation) of future earnings – future work. But, as many of us know, there has been so much money borrowed that we can’t possible every expect to pay it back. In fact, the only thing we can expect is that we will continue to take on even more debt.

    At some point in the (near) future, the plug is going to be pulled and no one is going to lend anyone any more money. We saw this on a small scale in 2008 when credit markets around the world froze up. No one was lending money. There was so much risk that banks not only refused to lend money to individuals and businesses, but they refused to even lend each other money.

    Central banks around the world, namely the U.S. Federal Reserve, calmed financial markets by pumping out trillions of dollars in emergency lending. This gave many a perception that things were returning to normal, but as Kyle Bass points out, we are in anything but a normal situation.

    Debt has sky rocketed and we’re not going to pay it back – ever.

    Like the mafia does when debts don’t get paid, our creditors are eventually going to resort to ‘breaking some legs.’

    But we’re talking about debts of entire sovereign nations here, so the tools used to ‘take care of it’ won’t be crowbars or baseball bats, but rather, soldiers, tanks and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

    War is coming – just as it has throughout history.

    And the 99% of Americans who believe in a benevolent, all knowing, all caring government will be the last ones to get the memo.

    Ignore the warnings at your peril.

    Excerpts provided by Tekoa Da Silva of Bull Market Thinking
    Sourced via Prepper Website /Don’t Tread On Me / Steve Quayle


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      1. Ive said this for the last 2 months…the writing is on the wall. If you cant get your head out of the sand and see whats coming you are high! We are about to get over taxed excessively and its this big wonder to people why the gov wants to take our guns away lol do you suppose they are maybe trying to take away our ability to say…no…?

        • Get upwind of WMD targets and out into the boonies right NOW.

          When the SHTF there will most definitely be a sign reading:

          “NO VACANCIES!”

          • If you suggested disarming Israel to end the mass murders there, you’d hear them howl another tune.

              • If some Christians where doing this it would not make news, but what you may not know is there are Jews on both sides of this issue just as there are on others. The Jews For The Preservation of Firearms is one of the strongest 2nd amendment defense groups to exist. Check it out

                • EXCEPT that it is NOT Christians in the forefront of the gun ban movement.

                  NEITHER are Christians in front of the abortion movement, the pornograohy industry, the sodomy movement, or the international financial swindling.

                  HINT: They are not Muslims either.

                  Just as there is always a Rabbi Dovid Bendory type to provide plausible cover for the tribe, the heavy lifting is done by the rest.

                • John Q Public: It is really ironic how if say an atheistic type person or anti-christian type makes any statements etc.

                  What we usually see is several christians or others even who attempt to correct the person if wrong, or enlighten them who know not etc…

                  But we never see christians or even many non christians automatically begin crys of “antichristian” or “bashers” or other various names.

                  Same goes if a person posts info that bashes islamics.

                  It seems the Ony off topic folks to speak of, unless in a context of they are worlds main “victims”, is the jewish or Their religious books aka Talmude.

                  Then, regardless where the info is from or Who said it, and even With actual text or “quoted fact text” And even when it was spoken BY a jew or Rabbi…

                  It is ALWAYS the person who posts the info or quote that is imeadiatly labled a “nazi” or “antisemite” or my favorite….”jew Hater!”

                  Strangely, those who do such name-call wailings and handwringings, Never, Ever call the actual “jew” or “Rabbi” who is being Quoted as originator of it any such wicked names.

                  Yesterday(?) You posted actual PROOF quoted text by worlds most famed “nazi hunter” eli da weazel, in which He admits what He says is proven False and UNtrue, yet eli says HE still “believes” it anyways!

                  And How many here who are usually so quick to defend all/any jews, even said One word or called Eli a “Gentile” or “german” hater?…ZERO did!

                  I also posted Tons of actual talmude quotes/verses, all very easy to Confirm as factual and true talmudic verses.

                  Every single verse and every single rabbi quoted is most definatly a full blown Gentile Hater!…And their every words condemns them By their, “jews is master race” attitudes and beliefs etc.

                  Yet None here ever call Them Haters or anti christs or gentile haters…Hmmmmm…

                  So I rekon it is Fair game to bash christ-christians-bibles-White gentiles-Others too- and, in same method used to Silence All who speak any truths or facts which shed a bad light on african blacks,(race card is played as tool to silence)…

                  The exact same “silence the messenger” crap black race card players use, is done by the jew defenders…

                  Only difference is instead of Race card…They use “Antisemite” or “jew Hater” card.

                  And it is used always since we never see an actual real attempt to “Discredit” the “facts” or “Truths” posted about jews.

                  How Can anyone discredit it when it is a Jew or Rabbi who spoke it right!…..SO scream Jew hater!! to silence ALL from any utterings of truth that shows them in Their true light(or rather True Darkness of Evils)!

                  Well Too bad! because as Christians we Are told to “Reprove and REBUKE!” all such evils or wrongs and all such antichrist or antichristain crap…

                  Reprove=Expose it!…Rebuke=Condemn it!….No True Christain will remain silent or comply with Known evils or wrongs.

                  JQP is one of the Real ones inmho!

                  And there are some harsh words spoken of for all who allow-advance-promote-Defend-finance-Vote for any evils or wrongs. Even if done as a kind gesture.Wrong is still Wrong….Anyone that reads those talmude verses and can’t admit how evil or wrong they are?….

                  Save Your breath as I already Know some here will post that I am a “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewsandisahitlerloverandjewhaterkkkracistskinheadwhiteseperatist” type simply for my posting facts or truth as spoken BY them!

                • Maybe so, but most Jews seem to identify themselves first as Jews, then as anything else. Same for every other ethnic group except for whites. Whites will regret their idiotic idea of “tolerance”. I think people are right when they say those in .gov want to take away our ability to say “NO”.

                  On an unrelated note, I am happy to hear that CONgress did not vote to send money to the fools who built houses next to the ocean and seemed to be asonished when hurricane Sandy trashed them. The Indians did not build close to the ocean because there was no agreement requiring other tribes to rebuild it when storms trashed it.

              • I’m wondering how this comment by John Q. Public, which is 100 percent supportable and verifiable as being 100 percent truthful and accurate – can manage to get 15 thumbs down votes?

                It is time to remind all White Europeans in America – since this is, by the open admission of the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media and by the statements being made by jewish politicians of all stripes – the segment of American society who are the most passionate supporters of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms – that history shows what happened in Russia in 1917 when jewish Bolsheviks, the ethnic ancestors of the jewish Bolsheviks we have today here in the USA and who are the primary gun grabbing tyrants, seized the Russian people by the hair of their heads and then proceeded to mass murder in excess of 66 million of them during the 72 year reign of Communist terror in the former Soviet Union.

                It is a simple matter of examining the historical resume of the loudest voices in this effort to disarm White Europeans and render them as defenseless as the Russian and Ukrainian people were when their hate filled, murderous and blood-thirsty rulers began to terrorize, imprison and slaughter them by the millions – and then ask ourselves:

                Are White European Americans going to let this same tribe repeat those atrocities against White Americans here in North America?

                That is what is on their agenda, folks. You can hear the simmering, bubbling, red-hot hatred in their voices and read it in their faces and in their written propaganda every time you turn on your TV or pickup a mainstream newspaper or magazine that is owned by this tribe of people.

                You can see it when you go to the movie theater and listen to actors like Jamie Foxx in Udango Unchained gleefully delivering lines provided to him by jewish script writers like: “Killing White people and getting paid for it? What’s not to like about that?” You can see it when you watch the orgasmic joy expressed by jewish movie reviewers over movies like ‘Inglorious Basterds’, where White German soldiers have their brains bashed out with baseball bats – and then the Hollywood crowd showers all sorts of Academy Awards on what is basically jewish anti-white hate pornography.

                Do you trust Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Mike Bloomberg, Carl Levin, and Frank Lautenberg or Rahm Emanuel – all members of this tribe – to take our means of self protection away from us and then hope they will behave themselves and not go postal on White European people – who they clearly hate and despise?

                I don’t.

                • Well said, Tucker.

                  As the Zionist press had reported, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has an army of paid “internet talk backers” to promote the tribal “talking point” lies.

                  Too, there are Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Zionism’s “useful idiots,” “fellow travelers,” and those who are simply in deep denial having been throughly—and perhaps irreversibly—programmed by a lifetime of H✡llyw✡✡d, talmudvision, Judaic-owned-and-operated media, and textbooks published by Judaic publishers.

                  Take heart! In view of all that brainwashing, it is a miracle that ⅓ to almost ½ of Americans are aware of and angry about the dynastic banksters and their accomplices’s crimes against humanity. There is hope that “the adversaries to all men” (1 Thessalonians 2:15) will be prosecuted and punished even in this life—repatriate their centuries of ill-gotten loot.

                  For us, this is not about race or ethnic hatred, but redress of actual crimes against humanity.

                  Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

                • The article was well written, this is indeed a timely warning, and yes we know that we are being manipulated, especially in regards to all this anti semitic BS going on. THIS is exactly what tptb want, they want us at each others throats! Why is it every time somebody gets a hard on for a war they blame the jews, pogroms, holocausts, inquisitions, there is definitely a pattern here boys and girls, and it is NOT the pattern that some of you have been talking about. You are falling right into the same BS trap that has been set for centuries, wake up!! It is not the Jews, it is the BANKS it is the POLITICIANS, it is pure evil greed that is destroying our very way of life and those that are perpetrating this crime have us looking somewhere else. We need to stop pointing fingers and start banding together, we need to work together, we need to get our collective heads out of our asses and see what is REALLY going on. The treasury has been robbed, our civil liberties are being crushed, 40,000 new laws took effect on 01/01/2013, that is forty fucking thousand, this is not a drill, we are being herded right into the cattle cars and most of us don’t have a damn clue! Now we are about to have our second amendment rights severely “infringed” upon, this cannot be allowed to happen, we must do what ever it takes to prevent being disarmed, yeah, for the children my ass. The second amendment is the LAST bastion that we have with which to defend our freedoms, if we roll over on this one, you can bet the farm a bunch of us are going to be vacationing in camp FEMA. The Jew, the black, the oriental, the indian, are NOT our enemies, it is the central government, it is the msm, but most of all it is US, because we have allowed this crap to go on for far too long. In New York city if you own a condominium you can no longer smoke in it, that’s right, now they are in our HOMES!!, wtf people, this is not going to end well for anybody, we need all hands on deck!

                  • Okay, I lurk alot. I rarely comment, but this part really grates on me.

                    It is the jews. Who the hell do you think promoted the moral decay of our country with the filth of pornography? Who do you think profited the most from black and white slavery(yes there were white slaves in america, look up irish slave trade)? Who instigated the feminist movement to destabilize a good home for americans? Why must our youth have the holocaust pounded into our heads from cradle to grave? Why is Congress the prostitute of AIPAC? Who is AIPAC really helping with their endless meddling? Why do America’s problems in the middle east always have a jewish connnection? WHO DO YOU THINK OWNS MOST OF THE BANKS?!

                    THE JEWS.

                    Get it through your thick skull. Jews are a problem, and need to be dealt with.

          • And they want to reduce the security of the United States by dimishing the civilian militia by imposing all sorts of sweeping changes on what type of firearm a good honest American can own, and one day perhaps defend the country with. Many people still have the notion that the vastness of the oceans prevent the U.S. from being invaded. I see a hell of a large porous Mexican border where no ocean separates it.

            The 2nd. Amendment was of course set for the common person to own firearms, but really it was to secure that the country was not conquered without a fight in case the armed forces could not defend the country any longer. The country is hardly invulnerable to ground attacks. I seem to remember a certain large passenger ship, Titanic, that they said was unsinkable.

            I truly hope that the NRA and other gun groups hit this hard that disarming America, even with assault rifles will severely cause a terrible national security risk to the country. Weaken the country’s back-up to the military. Highly encourage a future invasion. And destroy what the founding fathers made into LAW, that ONLY 75% of the states can modify or change. Tell them to stop fooling with the 2nd. Amendment and fooling with the safety and future survival of the country.

            • While I agree with you, I think the real issue is that TPTB are afraid of losing control. They probably think they can wiggle their way out of the mess they caused by making us pay for it thru austerity. That’s why they want our guns. The only way they can get out of it is to make us slaves, and you can’t enslave armed people.

              I think they agree with this report. And they probably welcome war. I had a thought several years ago about our debt to China. What if the balance due is coming up real soon and they know it but aren’t telling anyone. China is going to come and collect and they don’t want ” a regulated militia necessary for the security of a free state” hindering their plans.

              • @ Arco. Why I am stressing this so much is because many more people can support the 2nd. Amendment if their butts are on the line from a very possible invasion and a military spread way too thin to defend the country. It will be up to the civilians to save the U.S. and deter enemies. I think everyone can remember those first few minuts and hours during 9/11 when no one really knew if a true invasion of some sort was actually coming. Even those anti-gun, anti-self defense extremists are total chicken sh&*s when it comes to ending up in some salt mine getting a daily whipping by some Chinese, Russian, or Arab.

                Besides this there may well be some legal protection regarding the 2nd. Amendment if it can be proven that taking away America’s firearms leaves wide open the country for an invasion. And actually does violate the 2nd. based on a well regulated militia to offer a safety net to guard against foreign conquest of the country. These anti-gun liberals lawyer up all the time, why not throw some legal protection of the 2nd right back into their faces. Congress can’t do anything to ban current firearms IF it is determined it is a national security risk and against constitutional law to do so. I am trying anything to save citizens’ rights to defend themselves and America from attack.

                • Hey B.I.

                  Very noble of you sir, per your legal approach/endeavors.
                  …but, at the end of the day, I would suggest you be prepared to “lock-n-load”!!!!
                  I have a hunch, the enemy is going for the whole enchilada this time!

                  Think about it….what have they got to lose???
                  Time is short for their fractional-reserve banking systems & its mutated off-springs(see derivatives/CDOs…etc)

                  …call it “plan-B”.

                • When I was in the Boy Scouts, in the 50’s, we were taken to a range, provided with .22’s and bullets and taught marksmanship, courtesy of the NRA, which was interesting in that just a few years earlier, in FDR’s administration, a movement to disarm the American people, similar to now, magically disintegrated with Pearl Harbor.

                • Gunsmith is precisely on target.

                  The tribe is expert at boiling frogs and they would not be pushing this hard unless they are seriously worried about imminent blowback from the goyim.

                  The goyim know that the tribe’s banksters looted us repeatedly while the “neo-con” Zionists killed us and our children in their wars of conquest.

                  Take our lead from Iceland. Now it is time for Nuremberg 2. Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

                • Maybe we should threaten our own run on the banks. If 30 million gunowners removed their money from the banks and put it in credit unions all at the same time it would freak them out. Of course we would need Mac and Daisey and a few others to spread the idea, we would need a date but that is easy enough. Threaten the money supply these puketards rely on will get their attention. It would also show we can organize. Even if each gun owner just took out half of their money on same day it would send the masses into panic. I am not talking electronic transfers here I mean take out cash, to the point of no cash left in the banks. Money talks bs walks.

                • FDR was a fucking Jew too. Coincidence?

                • Hey Ed, many of us have already made that bank run. 🙂

                • ed, a few of us have already done what you say about pulling out of the banks, about 25 yrs ago for me. I’ve had the honor of at least 20 others doing this within the past 2 yrs.

                • BI: Yes there already are a few us supremes ct case decisions which Stated that although yes you can alter or change various “parts” of us const by the Provided method of “ammending” it…

                  That don’t change the Facts that NO, nobody can ‘ammend” it in such a way as to render it a “nothing” document or render it so Unaffective as to griviously deter its orig intents etc.

                  If I recall correct?..The last supremes decision was around 1947 era…Maybe also 1980’s era too(?).

                  And again if I rcall right?…Those decisions were Unanimous with all 9 justices agreed!

                  And example was: Can the united nations get a treaty that will become as if written in orig const, with full efect as current stuf contained in it….IF! such stuf or treaty will Nulify or replace the orig const or render important parts such as UNalienable Rights null or void?

                  Short answer=NO! NO! again NO!….And I feel Any such talk of do it as proper method to ‘ammend” it etc is Dangerous talk as we Know how liberals and antis will Twist and Spin whatever they can to get Their way!

                  Its how libs always do it!…Do Not fall for it.

                • I am more concerned about oppression from domestic sources than foreign. The biggest attraction my assault rifle has for me (although there are a number of them) is that the unorganized militia (of which every able bodied adult male is a member of) is the correct and best counter balance to state oppression.

                  The founding fathers understood this. They expected the Federal government to grab as much power as possible. So they crafted a counter balance to this very real (some say inevitable) threat to freedom. They enshrined adequate legal protections into the foundational law of this country and made it extremely difficult to alter this check on usurpation of power legally.

                  There is no confusion about the language of the 2nd amendment except to those who are hostile to it.

                  Thomas Jefferson said; “Tis better to live in dangerous freedom, than safe slavery”.

                  Legal protections aside. The only real protection to our natural rights to self defense (constitution or no) is the willingness of millions of well armed Americans to say. “NO FURTHER. IT STOPS HEREmy name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

              • Arco,
                You sugar coat it too much. Let it be known here and now, the vast majority of the American public is already enslaved. If you are in debt to any bank o,r if you depend on Government for anything at all, you are a slave.

                • If you are robbed, do you pay the thief two, three, or four times? NO!

                  The banksters’ manipulation of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, “interest,” “risk,” “time value of money,” and other usurious artifice is, plain and simply, THEFT.

                  We owe them NOTHING.

                  Repudiate all debts to banks, foreign and domestic.

            • Has anyone ever thought that perhaps making us an easy target for a take over is PART OF THE PLAN? I don’t think the Chinese are buying billions of dollars of our debt, without expecting something in return (besides a hand shake). That way, people will never realize the bankers have literally SOLD America and her people, to pay the debt.

              By disarming their future slaves for them, the bankers can close the transactions more easily. Ask yourself—would you rather purchase a home on the moon, where you’ll have to go through many hoops and space to get to it, or would you invest in a home here on earth that you only need to cross the ocean to get to? Especially if the seller is offering you a jet too?

              Disarming America is the jet.

                • As a fellow Canadian I believe your perspective of the situation to be wrong. The USA was given a chance at the same option. Obama refused. Harper had no choice but to protect Canadian interests on what will be the next major energy consumer. One the USA falls from internal civil war, and it will. Who do you think will protect Canada? With a population of 33 million and an armed forces of 85 thousand? It will certainly not be us, ourselves.

                  With a vested interest in Canadian oil. China becomes a balance of power from Russia and Europe. If these folks are right and China does attack the USA. It’s a mout point they would take us over as well. With or without the oil deal.

                  India, may have been an option but they do not have the military strength projection that China has.

                  When the USA does go down. If they are not attacked by Russia or China, they will look north to our resources. Not to purchase them, they will be broke, but an armed take over. With China now having an interest in our oil. This lessens the likelihood of such an event.

                  While I share the ideals of those true Americans posting here, those that believe and Constitution and BoR. I do not see the day in the next generations that will restore her to the Republic she once was. Given a choice I thing any true Canadian will stand with their true American brethren. For we know we owe them much. But, like they we cannot trust the current state of the USA government

              • sixpack-double ditto

            • BI, another quake hit—I believe around Australia during the early hours. Would appreciate your take on this one and how it relates to the others.

            • Good point. Notice that Communist China has called on Americans to be officially disarmed as well. Doesn’t that make you feel good all under…

            • The takeover will not be by a foreign power. The Patriot Act already gives blanket authority for martial law, drills have already been done publicly in many cities with armored cars patrolling the streets with .50 caliber machine guns. The Occupy people were cleared out under Homeland Security orders at a conference call with 18 mayors, none of whom dissented, it was an order. When the time comes all police will be deputized as federal agents and opposition will not be tolerated. Neither you nor anyone else is going to be standing out there with your assault rifle, shotgun or anything else.

            • So, the “mayors (criminals and traitors) aginst gun violence” page comes up calling on our children to make themselves slaves in the future by urging them to demand President Zero strip away more of their freedom and security…that in itself tells you what pathologically evil scoundrels these folks are. I am sure they have siimilar campaigns directed at seniors.

        • writings been on the wall for over a decade. this was all planned long ago. as a former ABC news employee, i can personally vouche that an associate and i were extensively researching the “coming housing collapse” as far back as Feb 2002- and we were latecomers to the game…

          • Ok, then join us on the way down,


            • And, get READY!!!

              We’re going to ROCK and RUMBLE!!!

        • Don’t forget what happened in Greece when the public refused to pay more taxes…they added it into the utility bill.
          Save whatever is possible each week, month, payday.
          If it isn’t crucial to your absolute survival, then it’s not needed.
          The war may come in this venue for many instead of tanks and armies.
          Love, truth, and light…in 2013…for we’ve seen little of either in 2012.

          • Sorry jay jay…meant thumbs up. Dang little buttons.

          • We may be fighting a foreign and domestic war on our soil.

            • old southern man, we will be fighting both but not at the same time. It’ll be internally first, giving tptb an idea of how many will actually fight. The first attack is from the goofball armies: acorn, unions, etc.. and any other easily controlled group by the tptb. Their thinking is those that fight them will have spent the majority of their ammo. That is why they were/are trying to curtail the amount of ammo we can purchase and the type of weapons we can own.
              When the gov purchased the high amount of ammo, it was to counter what they feel is a reasonable amount of ammo in the hands of the citizens. They also know a high percentage of citizens will cede over their weapons and ammo when the knock at the door comes.
              Advice to you all: be careful of what you believe is fact and/or truth. Counter intelligence is used repeatedly by the gov’t controlled media. There are times dk is actually providing refutation of tptb’s counter intelligence, listen to him.
              Live conservatively, prep, buy ammo with cash(and have at least 500-2,000 rounds per weapon) and buy in small quantities: 2-3 boxes of 20 per box at a time.
              Set aside, if you can, 4-8 five gallon cans of gas.
              Food for at least a year and a half.
              If you receive a knock at the door: 1st try to control the coversation peacefully. 2nd ask for a warrant.
              I have personnally seen law enforcement(?) personnel without uniform identifications. And I have also seen, as many others, the new armories built locally.
              Each of us have expertise/experiences in different areas. I have been around the military my whole life.
              Please, be careful with what the media is putting out, it is counter intelligence. For what? To influence our thinking.

        • @ Shhhhhhhhh…(KpQ)

          Yes, the writing is on the wall and it documents what they’ve done to our country/economy/Constitution/civilization.
          It also forewarns us of their ongoing intentions to disarm us, indoctrinate our progeny, shackle us in slave chains, make worthless our currency, starve us and force our submission to their PLAN(see NWO)…& their god(see satan).

          …but we(here @ Mac’s site) are the real Americans…folks like us are the ones who actually work & produce!!!***

          We are awakening to the fact…WE CAN REJECT THEM!!!

          Thus I say(w/ kudos to JWR)…we must overwrite whats on said wall with eight words…..those being:


          …and DON’T TREAD ON US!!!


          ***To you Brits/Aussies/Canucks & like minded others here…no offense intended…you are cut of our cloth. I see it plainly!

          …but in the end, its up to us REAL AMERICANS to put a stop to this shit if possible.
          Because WE ARE THE LAST HOPE…THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE…& hopefully GOD will be our back-up…have our six!


          Final preps now!!!

          • To you Brits/Aussies/Canucks & like minded others here…no offense intended…you are cut of our cloth. I see it plainly!

            …but in the end, its up to us REAL AMERICANS to put a stop to this shit if possible.
            Because WE ARE THE LAST HOPE…THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE…& hopefully GOD will be our back-up…have our six!

            If my longbow and crossbow help, then yeah I got your six.

            • OK Gunsmith …. Git er Done then mate. When your ready.

      2. Sobering, sobering beyond my ability to express my disdain for those who have either let this happen, or who have worked to bring us to this point. I have nothing but utter contempt for those who get elected to national level offices and retire as millionaires while s(p)ending this country down the financial drain into a cesspool of filth and despair. Some weeks back the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said our national debt is a matter of national security. No S*** Sherlock. Our national security, our individual liberty, and our individual freedoms have been traded for the excessive lifestyles that many live and dependency on a large federal government. If I ran my personal financial affairs in the same manner that the Congress, the White House, and the Treasury run the affairs of this country my stuff would have been repossessed, or foreclosed on, sold, and the debts paid. If there wasn’t enough to pay the debts I’d be on the wrong side of legal action. I would be subject to public humiliation or scorn when my name was published in the legal notice section of the local, “free press” newspaper. But not these clowns in DC. When they do their posturing in front of microphones, striving for the right sound bite that’ll make them look good on the evening news, I see a bunch of old fools, mumbling and pontificating the drivel. Lying to the American public, and our creditors around the would. The creditors that we are now enslaved to. The creditors that have us hooked on borrowing just like a drug pusher gets an addict hooked on drugs. This entire charade is despicable and every one of these elected officials ought to be run out of office.

        • Mordicai

          You are right on all fronts and the only way out of this is to re-group. If each state would inform each employer and individual to not issue any funds to the Feds but rather send it to each states legislators then they would not have funds to steal. Each state would need to take care of their own requiring nothing from Washinton. It would not take long for all of them to just stop showing up for work.

          The way to bring them down is to stop financing them, any foreign debt just does not gettin, the states begging producing our own materials, imports do not get bought. The IRS is treated as a traitor as all politicians would be. When they come to your state to try and flex their power they are met by bullets none should be spared. Any local politician who tries to alter the new states order would be tried, prosecuted and put to death.

          The only thing that stands in the way of the new United States of America would be the fear of those to stand their ground and all individuals to take up arms and patroll our streets to maintain order and traitors infiltrating.

          This is our country, I do not care any longer what these domestic terrorists want, they need to be tried and dealt with criminals hunted down with a price on there heads and all citizens looking for them and perusing them.

          Now lets discuss the blind faith security people we pay for to protect them. They need to be whipped out, their mind set has been corrupted and they are not able to differentiate themselves from corruption. It is time to take our country back, if each person made a decision to stand their ground and form groups to combat these maggots things would begin to change.

          • Mordecai- Welcome to our world!

          • TK, great idea except I wouldn’t execute the local traitors, I would exile them to States loyal to the globalist agenda.

            • marie
              never never turn a rattler lose,,it will come back and nip you on the ass,,the best traitor it seems is a dead one


            • Thanks Marie, good idea but if they come back they need to be executed, no second chances !!!

        • And the taxpayers, voters who keep them in office and refuse to take action to clean up their country? They bear absolutely NO civic responsibility for anything either right? What bunk. You got the nation and govt you allowed.

          • In a way I agree, but do you know how hard it is for an honest, good person to run for Senator or Representative on the federal level. You have to be wealthy and even that won’t help if your not the chosen one. So it’s still rigged to certain point. Even at state levels you have to have the blessings of certain people of influence in that state. But still you are right we have all allowed this to happen with our complacency.

            • Exactly right, it can still take upwards of a million dollars to win a state representative seat in some areas, forget about national office. Some of these state offices are even part-time, and the unions and other special interests still pour in hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!

          • Hey shnipp, who’s posting were you commenting on ??

          • hey, a$$wipe who do we vote for the rattlesnake,,, or the mamba,,,, yea I guess it is our fault the real voters,, I wrote in Ron Paul

          • schnip:

            Not anymore, I didn’t vote for anyone. Neither did my family, and even if they did, I’d still take them in and protect them against the New World PISS Order.

            Everyone gets taken by a snake oiled up salesman

            now and then…

          • schnipp- government makes laws, enforces laws, runs the courts, prints the money and counts the votes. Once corrupted, do you really think your vote makes a difference anymore?

            Welcome to the reservation brother, we are all Indians now.

        • Two thumbs up!

        • Mordaci-

          Then let’s RUN them OUT of OFFICE!!!


          aND LOOK them in the EYE!!!

        • Mordecai,

          This is the system wehave. This is the system we get when we keep voting for “the lessor of two evils”. This, therefore, is the system we deserve.

          • you can not change the system from within the system. The rules of the system are designed to protect the system from systemic change.

            The system runs on money. The system wants/needs you in the system (the mainstream, tax compliant economy) in order to extract $$$ from you and use it for: (i) self perpetuation; (ii) expansion of power & control; (iii) protection of TPTB.

            If you pay taxes, you are paying for all the bureaucrats who write and enforce a growing catalog of non-crime crimes. Your taxes pay for all the goons with badges and guns who hassle you. Your taxes pay for the never ending parade of foreign wars of aggression and resources acquisition.

            If you pay taxes, you are funding your own oppression.

            I refuse to do it any more. I will not be(and no longer are) the instrument of my own oppression.

            • This is my thought too. However, how does one execute this ideal? The IRS is hounding me for a lousy $124 because they denied an exemption last year. I have sent them letter after letter and they have no one there with a brain. That has made it clear that I will not fund this bull anymore. But that leaves me wondering how?

              • good luck in jail.

      3. And Obama wants to reduce the military!

        • Perhaps if America did not go into debt financing global wars and a military that spends as much as the rest of the planet combined, they would not need a military that size to fight the nations that they owe.

          I realize many Americans do not agree with Americas foreign policy so this is not a slam to the people but rather the military industrial complex that feeds fear to people in order to advance the cause of death.

          Americans seem to be the most frightened people but yet think they are the most free. I have spent a lot of time in the States and many worry about attack and terror. Perhaps Americans have a valid reason to be afraid since many bridges have been burned and the ones still standing are only there because of Americas economic standing. Once Americas economy hits the shitter I have a feeling she will be alone.

          This is not meant to be an anti- American post but rather my observation of what people outside America view it as. For this reason I hope the good people of the USA get to keep their guns since I think they will need them. Good luck.

          Do not fear death for it is the only thing that is certain.

          • When America falls you will br right behind us good luck

            • You are 100% right Good American. Most currencies are pegged to the USD. The problem comes when it comes time to rebuild. I hope America rebuilds to a strong MORAL nation as it once was. If America has the same power structure and foreign policy it may very well be alienated economically since IF the dollar fails America can’t dictate to the rest of the planet how to conduct business or other nations governments since it is the dollar that makes it possible. I live in North America and I hope all is well for a very long time but I highly doubt it. Just trying to put another slant and insight into things. There are infinite possibilities so 1 more possibility is not bad is it? Even if its not something we want to hear.

              I also think here in Canada we may be in a world of hurt (war) since we have a whack of resources. Its not something I like to think about but it is a possibility.

      4. but in wont be over night like in 2008… will be slow like cancer….the collapse is coming… the question is when?

        • What will 2013 bring?

          “Most Americans seem to assume that we will always have endless prosperity just because of who we are, but unfortunately that simply is not true.”

          “Their payroll taxes are going to go up, their income taxes are going to go up, and approximately 28 million households are going to be hit with a huge, unexpected AMT tax bill on their 2012 earnings.”

          “In addition to the tax increases that I just mentioned, approximately two million unemployed Americans will instantly lose their extended unemployment benefits when 2013 begins, and new Obamacare tax hikes which will cost American taxpayers about a trillion dollars over the next decade will start to go into effect.”

          “The AMT will drop down in 2013 to people who make $65,000 a year or more. It presently hits only people making over $400,000.”

          “Americans have not budgeted for this. Here are other things they have not budgeted for. No more deduction for state and local sales taxes. No more deduction for college tuition paid for your kids. No more deduction for mortgage interest insurance.”

          • ky mom,are you in kentucky like i am

            • No dude, it’s the gel she uses! HA!

            • farmer boy,

              Yes, I live in KY too.

              • Ah ha!!! So you are Anonymous huh? You outed yourself and the gel you use too I guess. WOW!!! 😎

            • farmer boy

              Yes, I live in Kentucky.

              • Are you hot?

                • was you asking ky mom or farmer boy?

                • Why so many dislikes for a young man trying to pick up a redneck milf? Im Gods gift to women, afterall. 🙂

          • I was talking with a friend after Sunday service. I said (and seriously believe) that we will be living in a much different world in twelve months than the world we know today.

          • Originally the AMT only affected 55 taxpayers in the entire US. My how times have changed. Now even guys working two McDonalds jobs might get hit by it. This country will resemble Cuba in two years.

          • Plagiarizer!

        • It will be slow and cancer-like for a time(as it is already happening now) but then will pop and become sudden destruction. Its like the old camels back deal. The camel trucks alongs slowly as more straw is added, each piece weakening the knees. Then bam. It all falls in a swift collapse. This is the scenario we are living in right now. Chugging along piece by piece being added. We are making it and its moving seemingly slow. Then bam. There will be a sudden destruction, take heed we are in the cancer stage already and have been temrinal for the last couple decades. All that is left is the final death throws. The entire world will be touched by this. No country/state or area will be off limits. 1/3 of the population will be trodden by the war(biological/nuclear/emp), famine, pestilence, disasters(natural or man made) and so on. It will be like nothing that has ever or will ever happen again. There is only one way, one truth and one way to life.

          • The problem with this scenario is that by the time it goes ‘pop’ there will be nothing left to pop. Millions upon millions will already be starving, unemployed and homeless. At that point, a final collapse would be unrecognizable to all but the wealthiest.

        • It WILL be instantaneous, that is what a collapse is. A bridge collapses within seconds, it doesn’t take weeks. When this collapse happens, all the preppers who are planning on “bugging out” will be surprised at how quickly things have shut down. If you do not have food and cash and water on hand NOW, you will be screwed. You will not be able to get to your rural retreat, roads will be clogged within hours as panicked folks try to vacate the cities, you will be stuck where you are. Add a world war to this mix and the results will be even more disastrous. We seriously have NO idea what is coming and how horrific things will be.

          • This was the way it happened in the LA Riots in 1992. We went from normal living to absolute anarchy in a 45 minute time span. Most people were caught completely off gaurd.

          • @ Emily. Excellent point. I can think of something that can bring total chaos in seconds or minutes and has already happened before, solar induced EMP. Just think the absolute panic after the lights go out, cars go dead, practically everything we are so accustomed to gone within an instance. 2013 is 154 years after the 1859 Carrington Event, the 14th time of the 11 year cycle. They don’t have any idea how horrible it will be. People will be running around like turkeys doing a thunderstorm. Even an EMP that knocked out all the military satellites could cause WW3. Mother Nature comes knocking.

            • I ya ask me, knocking out all the spy satellites would be a GOOD thing.

              Imagine a world where they can’t track you down a street or in your own home from some miles high satellite.

              Imagine a world where every country isn’t spying one another.

              I’d gladly give up satellite TV and internet (if I had them), if it meant the spying all over the world immediately STOPPED! I don’t need a tracking device, er, I mean, cell phone either.

              Consider this—the elite plan to chip us all and track us by satellite in real time…boy, mother nature could fuck up their plans for the slaves very easily. I say BRING IT!

              • BI!! Check out latest article by Tom Horn at newswithviews site! about Vatican’s AZ satalite systems etc! its called LUCIFER!

                Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and the Vatican’s astonishing exo-theological plan for the arrival of an alien savior. You only think you know what’s coming…

                Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…” – Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome [Connected With Opus Dei], Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

                “L.U.C.I.F.E.R., which stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,” is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star” [and which] happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson.” — Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science Magazine

                Its Also about Prophecys on FINAL POPE aka “False Prophet” aka BEAST#2 in book of rev.!

                It focused on the ancient Prophecy of the Popes and the fact that the pontiff following Benedict XVI will be the final one on this mysterious list of popes, a prophecy that was concealed inside the secret vaults of the Vatican for hundreds of years and which many believe points to the arrival of the False Prophet of end-times infamy. (Note that at the start of this investigation, Benedict XVI remains pope and whoever is scheduled to follow him in the role of Petrus Romanus is still an open question, but whoever it turns out to be, they are the final pope according to the medieval catholic prophecy).

                We were scheduled to arrive at the Mount Graham International Observatory a couple hours after departure. We would meet with astronomers and engineers at the Large Binocular Telescope—currently one of the world’s most advanced optical telescopes—where, among other things, the new LUCIFER device is attached between its gigantic twin mirrors (either of which would be the largest optical telescope in continental North America). We were later told by the LBT systems engineer who spent significant time with us that day that another instrument—LUCIFER-II—is scheduled to arrive at the observatory anytime now and will complete the two multi-object and longslit infrared spectrograph imagers they need for studying the heavens in search of, among other things, exo-planets that may host intelligent life. We would also visit the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope that day, which sets between the LBT and the real target of our quest—the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope and the Jesuits who work there.

                Of course we had read the official story from the Vatican Observatory Website before making the trip, how VATT truly lives up to its name:

                “Its heart is a 1.8-m f/1.0 honeycombed construction, borosilicate primary mirror. This was manufactured at the University of Arizona Mirror Laboratory, and it pioneered both the spin-casting techniques and the stressed-lap polishing techniques of that Laboratory which are being used for telescope mirrors up to 8.4-m in diameter. The primary mirror is so deeply-dished that the focus of the telescope is only as far above the mirror as the mirror is wide, thus allowing a structure that is about three times as compact as the previous generation of telescope designs.”

                But as much as the commonality of UFO sightings on Mt. Graham’s telescopes intrigued, this was not the primary reason for our being there. We had come with deeper questions concerning high-level Vatican astronomers and what they had been leaking to, and discussing with, media in recent years. Captivating comments from Jesuit priests like Guy Consolmagno—a leading astronomer who often turns up in media as a spokesman for the Vatican who has worked at NASA and taught at Harvard and MIT and who currently splits his time between the Vatican Observatory and laboratory (Specola Vaticana) headquartered at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and Mt. Graham in Arizona.

                Over the last few years, he has focused so much of his time and effort in an attempt to reconcile science and religion in public forums specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life and its potential impact on the future of faith that we decided to contact him. He agreed to be interviewed from Rome, and over the numerous exchanges that followed he told us some things that seemed beyond the scope. He even sent us a copy of a private pdf, a literal goldmine of what he and the Vatican are considering regarding the ramifications of astrobiology and specifically the discovery of advanced extraterrestrials… in which he admits how contemporary societies will soon “look to The Aliens to be the Saviours of humankind.”

                Coming up next: What the Vatican and it’s theologians are preparing for…

                © 2013 Thomas Horn – All Rights Reserved

                YOU CAN READ ENTIRE ARTICLE: mewswithviews website, scroll down to TOM HORN’s story etc.

                Very Eiiiirrreeee!!! eh! Searching for Lucifer aka Satan and his antichrist for antichrists “partner” False Prophet aka “final Pope”!

                • Some of the efforts to make St. Malchy’s prophesy fit the papal lineage seem very strained. Also, some argue that St. Malchy’s prophesy cannot number anti-popes.

                  That said, if the next pope takes the name “Peter,” it may be a very rough ride. 🙂

            • I’ve read that newer research indicates that even newer cars will be less affected than previously thought, but the power grid would suffer greatly. The lack of available fuel would make most of them somewhat useless. Ways to manually draw fuel from underground tanks would be devised quickly, but resupply would be difficult. A new “normal” would emerge, as parts of our existing civilization could not be easily revived. Our population would adjust in many ways, with the number of humans on Earth being being the key adjustment.

              A 1/2 or 1 KW solar system (an area where I am short) would make a huge difference. Amazing how civilized life in such a world would seem if you had a warm room,a few small lights, and a small fridge. A fan for hot summer days would seem like a luxury.

        • You’re probably right, Crash. I keep waiting for the catalyst, and it could be anything, really.

        • @crash and burn–you stated in part that “the collapse is coming…the question is when?”

          Actually it already has. The world was not prepared for it. The only thing holding us up is that we duped the world into the petro-dollar and that it is a safe-haven for all currencies. Thus, the world stored value in US Dollars.

          But the world has caught on and is slowly dumping the dollar as a safe haven and are investing in other stuff. And foreign investors hold around $8T in US T-bills.

          Since 1975, the US Dollar index had a relatively easy time hanging mostly in the 97 to 115 range. Since 2008, it has had difficulties going above 82 and that is with over $8T of phony money printing into it. Right now it is at 79, the collapse of 08 it was 71.

          Anyway, the reason there is no interest paid on savings accounts and bank cds is because the dollar is becoming worthless. The time is near. It could collapse next month, next year, or if we are lucky enough, if 4 years when we can get out sh*t together and elect folks that really want this fixed.

          • It’s ‘game on’ already. War has been declared behind closed doors. The first blows are small, but they’re getting bigger around the world and here at home…and that includes false flags galore…. like the taking of innocent people at Sandy Hook.

          • Right now every country is trying to devalue their currency. It’s almost like a race to the bottom. Who ever gets there first is the winnner(loser)

          • When is the financial collapse coming?

            For the ordinary Joe living in Detroit or Greece who has lost his job and can’t afford to relocate – it’s already here (complete with violent criminals roaming the neighbourhood to scare his kiddies). For my Romanian ex-MIL who has had her state pension cut and is now relying on her gardening & preserving skills for fresh veggies to maintain a healthy diet through a harsh winter – it’s already here.

            The rise in gun sales tells you A LOT about how people are really thinking as does the increased prepper type product lines such as Mountain House in sheople stores such as Walmart. Prepping has gone mainstream, (so much so the propaganda machine has gone into full swing to trash it recently) Virtually the only part of the real estate market still bouyant is for homesteads/agricultural plots.

            For the thousands that 1/2 a decade ago thought they were on the “up” in their McMansion, and white collar job that are now living in their tents, or in their cars on the outskirts of most major American cities – it’s already here ffs. Many, many more will join them when their welfare payments run out in 2013. It no longer matters what the left thinks – welfare payments will be cut when national creditors start to call in their debts. The time to pay the piper is coming soon.

            When is the war coming? Well in places like Campden it’s been running for decades. In areas with a high number of authoritarian/racist types it’ll be along shortly. If the financial collapse hasn’t arrived in your neighbourhood/extended family yet – fear not as it’ll be along soon.

            How many citizens have already disapeared under NDAA? I can’t find any figures, but we have had a number of high profile early retirements and heart attacks recently from individuals in high places in the US and Europe.

            The West is running out of external scapegoats to divert the attention of the sheople, who are frankly now just bored with all the foreign invasions of various desert regions undertaken in recent years.

            Gun restrictions are the biggest warning we’ve had yet that “something wicked this way blows”. If you ignore that just think about the goverment frantically stocking up on MRE’s and ammo – why would they need to do that?

            I do see civil war coming between the libertarians and the authoritarians. Add in a hefty dollop of racism and stupdity + sheer hunger and things do not look hopeful.

            • When your borrowing 46 cent of every dollars it won’t be long.

          • The system is the issue,you will not be allowed to vote this into a state of correction. It is systemic!!

        • Soon, for the US. Ugly is right, the world is catching on and they are slowly dumping the dollar. They are making deals to use eachothers currency, replacing the dollar. when the koolaid wears off and the general populace understands what is going on, the panic will begin.

          • And were the ones accused of drinking the coolaid, sheesh

            • That particular slam “drinking the koolaid” was/is an elitist joke. They are referring to the fact that most tap water had/has fluoride in it, and we all know what that does to brain cells. Most poor people drink a lot of koolaid because it is cheap…cheapest way to dumb down the masses.

              • sixpack, “drinking the Kool-Aid” has to do with Jim Jones and his cult.

                • yes it does.

          • Actually they cannot dump the dollar. Not yet anyway. Kinda like those wildlife films where two scorpions are locked in battle and neither can let go.

            • Or deer with their antlers locked together, usually they both die…

        • The collapse is in full tilt Since 2008 There are millions of Americans that the depression is now. 1 million school children are registered as homeless. 47 mill on food stamps. The hits keep coming. This is death by 1 thousand cuts…

          • 2001 Sir……Have You Not Noticed Tha War Since….911 Was Their Not So Quick Fix…It Was Too Late For Their Old Way Of Startin a War….End Game Is Tha Only Thing Left In Their Deck Of Cards…..

        • Hemingway said that “A man goes broke slowly, then all at once.”

          So…..I’m wondering if perhaps the idea that it “won’t be overnight”, might be a bit optimistic.

          We’ve been deteriorating for a long time. An “event”, or series of “events” could very easily push us over the edge very quickly. And the same goes for global politics. Syria….Iran…Israel….Korea…..all have the potential to go south very quickly…and with not a lot more build up than has already taken place.

          All that’s needed is a trigger.

          • With the retirment of millions of boomers the pace to collapse will pick up speed not to mention the stupidity of the two percent payroll tax reduction which will cause Social Security to go broke even faster. Pure insanity. Obamacare was put in to deal with the problem of the old that hang on and refuse to die. If you are elderly don’t get sick.

            • I, too, have had the thought cross my mind that the corrupt gang of criminal, thieving, nation-wrecking, nation bankrupting elites have been looking for some way to kill off large segments of the Baby Boomer population as a way to avoid having to pay them those earned entitlements that our elites have squandered instead of properly managing their contributions all these years.

              I am convinced that all these endless promotions of getting vaccines for bird flu, for west-Nile encephalitis, for H1N1, HPV, etc., are all very suspicious, if you ask me. Our elites seem to be OBSESSED with trying to talk as many people as possible in to rolling up their sleeves and taking that needle and every week, they have some new scare tactic, some new exotic virus that they will trot out to try to scare us into getting those needle-jabs.

              This behavior convinces me that our paranoid alert warning systems should be in high alert mode. They want to sterilize our kids, incapacitate the people in their 20s-30s-40s-50s, and euthanize those over 50.

              And, since far too many people are growing suspicious of all these vaccine schemes and opting out – I can easily envision a scenario whereby these evil elites would launch a massive civil war for the purposes of wiping out a few million ‘useless eaters’.

              One thing is for certain, folks. Never, ever, ever trust this government – or, the mainstream media, which is merely their organ of propaganda. Anytime they advise us to do something, it would almost always be wise to do the exact opposite.

        • When? 2015. The mill of God grinds slowly but it grinds exceedingly fine. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead.

          They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes. Keep prepping.

          • thanks DK…i can always depend on you….you seem to watch the finance world closely

      5. For years, I kept telling friends and family: “food, water, and bullets… store up everything you can get your hands on… everything else is negotiable.”

        It became so ‘normal’ for me to say this, that it became a cliché. Needless to say, with the upcoming bans on guns and ammo along with the heart of the message in this article, I’ve once again experienced a skip in my heart-beat and a elevation in my blood pressure… buck up people, the roller coaster ride to hell is about to begin…

        • Hi Jerry, Happy New Year, Sir.

          I am the Wolf.
          No gun ban at my house.

          I nullify the UNITED STATES CORP, as is my 10th Amendment Right.

          My guns will not be banned.
          My guns will not be bartered.
          My guns will not be buried.
          My guns will be brought to bear.

          I am the Wolf.

          …….and I approve this message……..

 safe…stay the course….GRRRRRR…BA.

          • Yes, I absolutely agree with you ‘Wolf’… as I’ve told a few of the guys I work with – I know that I’m the designated decoy… I’m extremely confident that I’m on the list of the first people ‘they’ intend to come for because the PTB can ‘kiss my lily white’… with that, I fully expect these ‘friends’ of mine to ‘flank’ my position and give’em hell from the rear… will it happen – who knows… one thing is for sure – it will be exciting…

          • Welcome to the “pack” wolf. The “pack” is larger than you may imagine, and growing daily. Tonight will be a good night to howl at the moon and reaffirm the connection of all “wolves” that share the sentiment expressed BA. Individual “wolf packs” will ultimately win the day.

            Courage and determination are growing…a finer “NEW YEARS” resolution is beyond imagination. WE will prevail. And may the multitude of traitors that continue to plot against us “swing-in-the-breeze” of 2013!

            Now that will be a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”! Celebrate tonight. Continue planning tomorrow. Easy? No. Ultimately worth it for our progeny…no doubt in my mind.

            Spread the word far and wide: “the rubbish is coming, the rubbish is coming”…and it is half-past time to TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Cheers.

            • @yental:

              I have a gun, and a shovel…..I don’t think they will be missed.

              May the new year see you and yours, safe and well. Please post more often, we miss your insight.

              We fired our guns and the Tyrants kept a-comin’
              There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago
              We fired once more and they begin to runnin’
              On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

              —————bless Johnny Horton,1959———

              …be safe, Sir…..woof woof…..BA.

                • SWEET post JayJay and certainly brings back some long lost and pleasant memories. I could sing it word for word having not heard it in almost 50 years. HAPPY NEW YEAR and maintain your vigilance and contribution.

              • “We fired our guns and the Tyrants kept a-comin’
                There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago”. Sums up the EQUATION quite well. ATTRITION.

                Thanks for the acknowledgement and kind wishes and may you and yours remain safe in the coming year as well. Much work ahead of us all and MANY like-minded HANDS will not only “lighten the load”, but boost the determination and resolve of all. To hell with the “trolls” and full speed ahead.

              • @ B.A.

                …and they ran through the briars
                and they ran through the brambles
                and they ran through through the bushes
                where a ‘liberal’ wouldn’t go…..


                Thanks B.A., not only will I howl at the moon tonight…I’ll also serenade her w/ old J.H. classics…albeit, off-key!


              Thanks Yental & B.A. I needed that!!!!

              …tis New Years Eve here in the workshop and the kickin-chicken 101 is lubricating me(he-he)…so here’s to you both…..salute!!!

              Ditto…to all here!

              • My “kickin chicken” is only at 80 tonight…but it will still “get-er-done”. Cheers and happy New Year! I have an “optimistic” appraisal of OUR (read the likes of patriots here)intelligently applied chances in the coming year. I will never fail to take full advantage of having been underestimated by the “omnipotent” PTB. THEIR analysis of OUR determination…is lacking in some rather critical “factors” in THEIR equations.

                Funny thing about math,(like computer algorithms) crap in equals crap out. THEIR MATH stinks. And WE will soon prove it.

              • @Gunsmith:

                The only turkey huntin’ I do is at the liquor cabinet or local bar. I never sip good bourbon.

                “They mostly come out at night….mostly”–Aliens

      6. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Romney in the general election. Granted, I would rather have had him instead of Barry again, but I couldn’t bring myself to cast that vote…especially because I was confident he was going to win Arizona anyway…

        So…I wrote in Kyle Bass.

        Yeah, I know – it was a wasted vote, etc., etc…and maybe he doesn’t know anything about foreign policy (well, hell…I don’t think Barry does either)…and I’m sure he doesn’t want the job (which perhaps makes him a good candidate)….

        But at least he’s willing to have an honest conversation about our problems…and based on his recent track record, he seems to have a pretty good grasp of what’s really going on in the world-wide economy (at least he’s been right about something…as opposed to, for example, The Bernanke).

        That said, I didn’t “enjoy” his 2012 Americatalyst appearance as much as 2010 and 2011. I think he’s more interesting when he has other people asking him questions/challenging him on issues (like 2010 and 2011).

        Also, it seems at this point that he basically just repeats the same stuff over and over (maybe not a bad thing per se…just saying…).

        …but as I’ve said before, based on his recent track record (i.e., of at least getting SOME things right), when Bass speaks, I listen.

        • “War is coming – just as it has throughout history.”

          We haven’t learned from past mistakes and remember not to repeat them.

        • Rick, your vote was no more “wasted” than that of anyone who still chose to participate in a provably rigged system. For years now.

          Continuing to participate and add validity to THEIR “illusion of choice” is the only mistake IMO. Non-compliance and non-participation is the only “statement” that will matter.

          “Participating” under the guise of “doing your patriotic duty” and “exercising your RIGHT to vote” accomplishes ONE THING. Perpetuating the ILLUSION. And IT IS AN ILLUSION.

          The “entitlement society” has been intentionally increased to squash any possibility of economic sanity ever challenging the “gimme-more” mentality that now has a majority in this country.

          The problem with “democracy” whether real or imaginary (OURS)is that 51% can and do enslave the other 49%. There is only one answer/solution: RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

          • I like the saying “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”. It is truer than true.

            • Thanks sixpack. Yet another quote I shall use. Love it!

            • “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner. Liberty is an armed lamb.” — Ben Franklin. One of my favorites, too. 🙂

          • Amen…Yental!

          • Yental-
            “… IT IS an ILLUSION”…”There is only one answer/solution: RESTORE THE REPUBLIC”.

            YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT!!!

        • Kyle Bass? Rick, Bass is the brainiac that bought $20 million in freaking NICKELS for God’s sake, when it is illegal to melt them into bullion and resell.

          Has he ever explained that???? 🙂

          • I’ll explain it for you right now…

            IF he’s right about all of this, and we are really heading into some sort of serious currency crisis, laws like the one you mentioned may not matter…as people simply won’t care…and he (and others like him) will be doing whatever they can to preserve their wealth. Again, that’s IF he’s right…and IF things really get that bad.

            …and if he’s wrong (e.g., either the dollar ends up surviving this OR even if we experience legit deflation), well then those nickels are still a valid currency.

            Granted, he (or his hedge fund) does have to pay to store the nickels…but overall, I really don’t see how he could lose that badly on the deal…

            Maybe I’m missing something though…

          • Reading your comment again, I guess can’t tell if you were being serious…

            But assuming you were being serious, Bass is also the brainiac who was one of the few people to really see, and profit from, the housing bubble…

            …and was also one of the few people who made a killing on Greece’s default in 2012…when as early as six months before basically “all” of the “experts” were saying such an outcome was all but impossible.

            I’m not saying he’s going to be right about everything…but at least he’s been right about something over the past few years.

            • Yes, Rick, I was serious. But if his reasoning was as you described it would have been better to buy gold and silver; or pgm’s.

              Even copper would have been a better choice of metal (per Chinese farmers) unless he expected to use the nickel to make sheets of stainless steel. (still illegal).

              Everyone makes a bad call every now and then. This was his.

              • What?

                First, he does own PMs – quite a bit…mostly gold, I think.

                Second, how could you say this was a bad call at this point?

                How has he “lost” anything on this “bet?” (btw, this is a relatively small bet for his hedge fund)

                If you listen to his commentary, in general, during times like this, he is most concerned with simply preserving his clients’ wealth.

                If you look at this one bet in isolation, there isn’t any way he/his clients can lose.

                As I said before, if things completely go SHTF (e.g., massive hyperinflation…leading to total chaos…), he/his client own some valuable/usable material…

                …and IF our politicians ever get their act together and let deflation kick in (which is what would have/should have happened back in ’08), the nickels go up in value as currency.

                Either way, his clients’ wealth has been at least somewhat protected.

      7. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.
        Mark Twain

        • first off, let me say i understand the atttempt twain made by this quote. however, history does repeat itself. it has and is now. the lies are the same and repeated/repeating. war is repeated and repeating under same pretenses. falied currency systems, mechanisms of war are the same. peoples attitudes are the same. rhetoric is repeated. i could go on all day. truth is, is that there is “nothing new under the sun”(i trust no man or woman this quote is not from man).

          • Most people do not make the same mistake twice. They keep making the same mistakes their whole life.

        • happy New Year KY mom,,,i pray we see many more as free americans.The same to everyone in here


          • Happy New Year to you and all the good people here at Shftplan!

            KY Mom

          • …and to you “SNAKE”…all the best!!!

            • ginsmith
              so ya know i got that gators butt powdered up ,,,duck and cover


      8. The usury based fiat system used worldwide depends on infinite growth to survive. Impossible on a planet with finite resources. The wars will be fought over remaining resources. We are like yeast in a petri dish. Use all the sugar up…then die. On that happy note…..Have a great New Year’s eve everyone.

        • Interesting that the countries we are trying most to destroy have outlawed “usury” in their lands. Must make the banksters mad as hell…

          • What usery are you refering to? rates are so low now as to be non sensical. If you don’t want to pay interest don’t borrow money. last car loan I had was at .99%. How is that usery, you just want something for nothing like those welfare pricks you bitch about all the time.

          • Usury makes savers mad as well. Fortunately I do not save dollars. I prefer metals, hard goods and land.

            • Opps, I meant low to no Usury.

              • Jesus challenged the money changers in the temple. It was the ONLY time he ever raised a hand or raised his voice in anger. For this reason it always caught my attention as a child in Sunday School. For hundreds of years usery was forbidden to Christians. Many very devout Christians today have forgotten that this was regarded as a very serious sin & therefore crime throughout most of History.

                Modern Muslims are forbidden to partake in usery. At every turn Islamic nations have fought the imposition of Central Banks and fiat financing. One by one they have been bombed into submission. What is now modern day Iran was the first kingdom in history 5000 years ago to fall due to the machinations of userers & a fiat money system.

                It’s an interesting twist in the battle to create a global plantation of slaves that we have been deliberately incited to hate the other large mass of people who view usery as an offence against their faith. It is also interesting to compare the relevant verses in both holy books relating to usery – well worth a group study session. (There is a LOT in the Koran I violently disagree with but on this one subject I find it chimes perfectly with my Bible study).

                We may have more in common than we think as our children are sent to the slaughter for a cause that is forbidden to the devout members of both faiths.

                When did Christianity forget that Usery is wrong? What will it take for us to remember?

                • Lone Mum: Have you noticed how ever since 9/11 all a sudden(at least here in usa) we have seen Alot of MSM and polititions talk about islam and their book the Koran?

                  99% of americans never heard of a koran let alone whats wrote in it prior to 9/11 events.

                  Now just like the bible and ten comandments and christianity in general, both christians and muslims are non stop bashed or at least refered to in not nice ways.

                  YET! whens last time Anybody heard on ANY MSM’s or Polititions mention a damn word one, about “talmude” verses?…In fact from all my last 16yrs research it seems the talmude was just translated into English language aprox 100 yrs ago!

                  I rekon some folks may say it is due to talmude has warning verses that state its Forbidden for all Gentiles to Read any of it…And further warns all jews if any read it to a gentile then that jewish person will be Guilty same as gentile who reads talmude and BOTH should recieve Death penaltys!

                  However!…Personally I think far more Sinister reasons are the reason we Never hear Anyone on Any MSM source(tv news-newspapers-magaz’s etc) ever speak a single mention of even its existence nor the verses contained in it….Hmmmmm…I wonder What they are trying to…HIDE?

                  Oh and it is Them whos yesterdays “temple Money changers Our Lord beatup” that are Todays “ancestors” or Banksters doing the same Usury evils to Enslave borrowers.

                  Main diff today is 2000 yrs ago usuary Enslaved Individuals…Todays bankster money changers enslave entire Nations! and are desperatly attempting to enslave the Entire Worlds nations!(only aprox 3-4 nations are still Not run by fed res banksters, aka same nations usa carpet bombs into central banksters Pockets!)

                  While their “tribe” has gotten the Two largest religious folks, christians vs muslims, to War each other into oblivion while jew banksters and Their tribe count profits!

                  make no mistake though…It aint muslims They so worried about….Christians has been in tribe cross hairs for 2000 yrs now. Christians IS their most hated and worrisome foes to their NWO/Jwo plans!

                  If we see christains and muslims make peace?…Watch how fast jewsih tribe makes Run for???…Isreal?(Hell! sounds swell!)

      9. Another warning and sadly so many people still don’t get it!

      10. What is sad is when you try and tell people(some of my relatives)to put something away just in case,things get real bad. And they look at you like are you nuts. You would think after people saw what happened during Katrina and the help never came, they would wake up. But they always seem to think it could never happen to them. They firmly believe the government will come through.

        • Alot of people simply do not have anything to put away. They live paycheck to paycheck and then just barely. Over forty percent of people in this country do not have a thousand dollars in the bank. Obviously something has gone very wrong.

        • They probably all have insurance, 401k’s, IRA’s, etc. But if you put away food, gold, or guns, you’re a nut. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it????

      11. This may not end in the war they’re expecting. Ya catch my drift?

        • No I don’t, care to share? 😉

          • Well, from everything I’m reading on many of the sites I frequent, a lot points to a damn near extinction level event. By some small miracle we have been spared a global nuclear war since America dropped their load on Japan. If in fact a global thermonuclear war did start, even a very smaller scale one with a few large countries involved, the nightmare that would follow has the potential of becoming hell on Earth.

            Consider the nuclear power plants. Consider all those covert labs where they design biological horror. Think of the power going out in those places and what could leak out into the world. This is the war for life itself. This is the war nobody wants to think about when they play these fucking resource games. These criminal assholes are playing with not only their own lives, but potentially everything living on the surface of the Earth.

            I seriously doubt even the swine playing their political chess game want this shit. We’re heading to the apex of something for sure, let’s really pray it isn’t this. Dying is one thing and I can think of many things worse than a sudden death, for sure. Dying from exposure to something that takes a year or more to slowly rot you from the inside out is something else. Do I really need to explain more?

            • OK I see what you’re saying. I think an EMP is also a big likelihood which would eliminate 100’s of millions if the electrical grid and all electronics were taken out.

        • War is Hell Joe. I don’t care who they are.

      12. I have not commented in a long time(sorry Mac) but I have shut up long enough. I agree war is coming but how can it be paid for?
        War is very expensive and ,for the most part, countries are broke.
        I guess you can turn on the presses but that just inflates everything and turns fiat into nothing. Invasion is out of the question see how we did in Afghanistan.
        Total destruction doesn’t help because economic assets are destroyed too.
        I guess I am not the brightest bulb on the string but I can not see see where total war would help anyone.
        The object of war is winners and losers. Like it was said in the movie War Games “The best thing to do is not play” or something like that. God Bless, James

        • james i dont think in this war you or any of us are going to have much choice,,makes no difference if you are the brighest bulb,,you are still shining,,,


        • James, I think this reduces the effectiveness of the US military to such an extent we have much to worry about invasions from Russia into Alaska, China into the West Coast and Latin Americans into the South. (European globalists already have the East Coast). This is why I believe it is essential American civilians keep their guns including assault rifles. They may be the only thing to stop the takeover.

          • Marie, don’t worry about an armed invasion of America by the Chinese. They will be buying OUR busted banks and infusing them with the capital WE gave them under FREE TRADE.

            The CCP are full financial partners with OUR Gangster Banksters in world financial domination.

            Russia is the nation that needs to worry about the Chinese. The minerals of Siberia and the water from Lake Baikal (400 miles long and a mile deep) FULL of fresh water looks mighty refreshing to 1.3 billion thirsty Chinese.

            As for OUR southern border problem, that’s nothing that the coming Pole Shift will remedy.

          • ~~This is why I believe it is essential American civilians keep their guns including assault rifles. They may be the only thing to stop the takeover~~

            Which is to point to the ‘administration’ and Ostupid to be in on a takeover by making Americans defenseless…but, by whom??
            Word was from day one in 2009 Ostupid wanted to destroy America..but for whose sake??
            Israel?? Muslim countries? It’s really a puzzle, huh?

            • A puzzle, JayJay? I don’t think so. It is basically the PTB elite on behalf of the Uber Rich, who pay them to protect THEIR interests and magnify THEIR wealth.

              Granted the various groups of Global, Reptilian PTB compete for dominance, and this is the source of the confusion for many of US, but in the end the intent is to enrich themselves by exploiting and manipulating everyone else.

              It’s the one thing upon which they agree. 🙂

              The whole point of gun grabbing, like FREE TRADE, is to rid Middle Class Americans of any power base or source of power to draw upon to enforce American rights; eliminate OUR self reliance and independence, so that when the Reptilian PTB bring the hammer down, they can make the masses dependent upon THEIR goodwill (what goodwill they have) and total economic serfs under a NEW set of Rules.

              Their rules. Not OURS.

              The US Constitution stands in their way. It must be dissolved for their plan to succeed. Americans must be divided AND disarmed to achieve that goal. United, under the US Constitution WE are invincible because WE are supported by Nature’s God.

              That’s why they oppose US who cling to OUR religion, OUR Constitution, and OUR guns. That’s why they oppose Prepping.

              I mean WHO in their right mind could oppose prepping, personal responsibility, and self reliance; and under what justification?

              There is NO reasonable rationale for opposing Preppers. Fortunately for the rest of US there is a God (who the PTB have long ago forsaken) Who reigns over Heaven and Earth, and Who will, at the appropriate time, make His presence known.

              So it is written. So it shall be.

        • The string pullers will not be where the bombs are exploding. YOU WILL!! It’s heads they win,tails you lose!!

          • We dont fight wars to win anything anymore. If we did, maybe we would either win or lose them within a few years instead of 12 years and still going., It used to be the winner would plunder the losers treasury ,woman and resources.Now we just declare the end and go home again and ignore the wounded and maimed soldiers. And the bankers and arms and suppliers like mf global and Haliburton,KBR count their money.

            Lets not fight a war unless we are going to try and win. Like we did in WW2.

            • Glacialhills,

              We ignore the wounded and maimed because we are taught to do that now. Why help someone by giving them CPR if the laws allow them to sue us for breaking their bones while doing it without their consent (even if they are unable to)? We get charged for saying something that may offend another so we do our best to ‘keep the peace’ and not say anything at all. You see, our societies have created selfish people that could give two shits about the person 2 inches away from them on the bus or in theater. We moved to a small town (yeah they gossip) in hopes of becoming apart of something bigger (personal) but in a smaller setting. Growing up city I can honestly say I REALLY knew 1 neighbor.

              Small ‘Bands of Brothers’ win wars and not massive machines of death. History teaches us this.

        • Obama plans on getting rid of our nuclear forces. guess what happens when he does that. How many cities will it take to be fried to get the message across? We will be helpless.

          • Obama can’t do shit. The U.S. Military is in bed with the bankers and have been since the end of WWII, they are the ones who run this country. Don’t believe me click on this link and see the truth for yourself.

            North American Army created without OK by Congress


            Remember General Eisenhower’s words. (Beware of the Military industrial complex)

      13. We see plenty of signs, and have plenty of warnings. There is no excuse for people not to listen. There is still time to prepare. Let’s use that time wisely, while we’re employed and making somewhat of a paycheck.

        Keep on a-preppin’.

      14. What the banks have done is called a sting. They used the distraction of movies, music, tv, sports venues, etc. The average person became more passionate about their choice of entertainment than being passionate about their freedom and the freedom of their children and grand children.
        Visionaries were mocked and laughed at. Now we are called selfish preppers! Our presently (past 35 years) taught youth know nothing concerning our constitution. With time on their side (progressives/communist) they gained control of the educational systems and dumbed down our youth. Now that the majority that will and can fight the progressives are aging. Our greatest battle is to reeducate our youth, one grandparent and parent at a time, face to face and have available facts.
        Our local paper, yesterday, published that there are 14,000 CHL permits in our county. Today a letter to the editor was from a young man calling for the end of the 2nd amendment. Next to his letter was a guest writer proving the need for gun rights with available figures.
        We need to spend more time educating the younger generations than with entertainment. I hope more of you all will use that as a new years resolution: spending more time being educated and to educate. Happy New Years to you all.

        • As a former high school teacher (I quit), I agree with what you are saying regarding the ‘dumbing down’ of our youth. It is happening at an alarming rate. Astonishingly most parents are apathetic to this. The vast majority of parents are demanding more dumbing down. We will pay for what we have done to our youth!

          • I think THE YOUTH will be the ones who pay for what we have done.

            • Uh, not all youth. Mine have been trained for these times for years. Want to take them on? They are a mighty force. They have skills most adults can only dream of. Sorry, but some parents are and always were, awake.

              • CK
                right on,,,mine are too plus all the couzins,,male and female,,sometimes they scare me,,and i helped train them,,,


                • That’s why I like U snake. 🙂

                • He who possesses skills sets beyond Q, equates to one who is a ‘force-multiplier’, beyond reproach!

                  Respect, sir!

            • Were all going to pay the price for what the American sheeple have done. We let this happen on our watch, no if’s, buts or end’s about it. The NWO is going for broke on this one, there pulling out all the stops. There are opening fronts in every sector of our lives trying to keep us guessing and confused. Were on a runaway train and its fast approaching the station!
              The sheeple are about to get a real lesson in reality.

              • “WE” never had a clue of this crap till aprox 10 yrs ago.

                The Last folks who could have done a fix, and did it WithOUT violence was Our(us boomers) Parents and Grandparents!

                They did have a few warning them alot…”Unamerican activity aka kommies” senate and house hearings 1950 era(3 yrs before I was born) and JBS(john birchers)and even a couple very Outspoken but truthfull Cathoilc Priests like FR. Coughlin 1930’s-40 era..(he had Twice the daily listeners audience as Rush today has! 40 million!..Till Fr. Coughlin got demonized badly by MSM and Rabbi’s of mainly NY areas)…

                But They refused to listen and instead kept saying to Us…”oh We wont live that long to see it unfold, so we aint concerned”!

                Wish I had one dollar each time I heard Our elders gen say that or similar…

                By time us boomers reached voteing ages, it was alrady too late…Kommies ran it all since mid 1960’s…

                Now its up to us All, boomer and younger crowd. And I doubt any non violent method is even at Our avail. Hope I am wrong…Do not think so though.

      15. i cant believe the number of people who cant (or wont) see what is happening with the economy…all this talk about fema camps has me confused, my experience with govts is that they will not place people who they would rather have dead in something that looks like these places…those fema camps look more like a place where they want to keep people safe,ie: bankers, leo & families, low level gov’t employees, doctors, dentist and maybe some of the middle class families (earning $250,000.00+)ect… if they want you under control or dead you will be corraled up surrounded by barbed wire with maybe something over your head for protection from the elements, you certainly wont have tv regular meals and all the comforts of home.

        • Of course you’ll have a roof over your head, regular meals and TV…… right up until they usher you into a gas chamber or incinerator.

          • The TV will show programming glorifying the state, and nothing more.

          • I rather enjoy my modern conveniences, even while prepping to have none available. Just last night I re-watched “Red Dawn” for the umpteenth time. It was just as rewarding as it was back in 1984…and ’87…and ’92…and so on.

            But nobody will be ushering me or mine into any incinerator. Nobody. Shooting us in the head, maybe. Even probably, if it comes to that. But my wife and I and our 4-year-old daughter will die on our feet like Americans, and I’ll hopefully have a gun in my hand when it happens. If my daughter lives to be maybe 8, she’ll hopefully have at least a .22 in her hands as well and be shooting back with me and my wife. They can take our lives, but they’ll never take our spirit. My job is to see to that, and unlike our “leaders” I intend to do my job.

        • We know FEMA doesn’t exist to provide emergency aid to regular citizens-failures in Katrina and Sandy show that. So there has to be another reason for those camps for sure.

          • Marie: you can find online the “Official” docs from Bush jr’s era back aprox. 2005-7 when Seantor Werner(R) from VA(?) was Main sponser of act called “Werner Defense Authorization act” was Passed into law.

            Besides the usual authorizations to Refund military etc it was LOADED up with FEMA camp stuf. Such as NO-Bid $$$ award to haliburton and another “subsidiary” of haliburtons, for a whopping almost $500-Million cash(taxpayer) to “Fix/Repair existing, and Build New…Fema camps out of prior military closed bases or other existing places etc”

            That werner act spending bill stated the REASON for such Massive fema expenses was…”Due to expected Massive Influx of Millions of mexican illeagles AND concerns for illeagles Already Here in usa, that might go wild and cause a run across southern border WHEN(not if) Amnesty was announced!”

            The act plans related to FEMA Camps said they were to be used to assist INS(imigration feds agency) in Processing such Vast hoards of existing and NEWcomer mexicans as well as “others” non mexican already here.

            So This “may” be acurate, to a point!…But I doubt this is the Only reason for said camps!

            It can also be a smoke & Mirrors so we wont susspect Their Devious plans for…Us!…I believe Thats real goals. I doubt I am alone in this thinking either.

          • FEMA exists solely to guarantee the continuation of government. It was not created to help the citizenry, it was just intended to look that way.

        • oldman,

          I feel your pain and anxiety. But please don’t worry about the future, enjoy your present. This is a wonderful country and we WILL stick together to protect each other regardless of what the government does. Count on it.


        • Hello Oldman,

          I met with a man yesterday who knows and has seen some of these FEMA Camps. The one thing that caught my attention was when he told me of the incinerator pipes coming from a specific building at each of these camps. Looks to me like they don’t plan on keeping people around as useless eaters for very long. It’s fight or die and I don’t plan to die on my knees.

          God Bless and fight like your life depended on it, cause it does.

        • They’re not stupid…healthy peons make stronger slaves.

        • OD, EVERYONE,
          Here’s the way out
          RULE: When there’s abuse on both sides –
          there is no winning. You must get out now. And band together.
          You must must collapse (the Matrix) and go through whatever during that time for what the enemy has planned for you is and always will be far worse right now under your control, not theirs. COLLAPSE, COLLAPSE YOUR WORLD
          YOU MUST collapse yourself, YOUR households,
          YOUR realities (including the false/illusion careers)
          so that YOU (not the New World Piss Order) controls the descent-You and your families do
          Collapse the Matrix Pull the Plug from the Matrix (eventually the Matrix will do it for You ANYWAY and then what will you do?)
          That means your home, your security, your resources, YOU MUST ENGINEER IT TO COLLAPSE BEFORE THE NEW WORLD DICK ORDER TELLS YOU TO!
          HIT BOTTOM!
          And then re-group, re-format, begin again and get ready
          For the New World Piss Order will drive those who wait too long on your turf (hence the Zombie Reference)
          speaking to those in control and authority
          Your strength OUR strength will come in
          forcefully bringing our containment fields (occupation)
          But we don’t have to shoot Zombies
          Americans collapse your inner worlds, lives cut the
          New World Piss Order off at the pass
          In plane only 4hr fuel left take the parachute,
          collapse your worlds (jump out of the plane)
          then re-group, get focused and dig in
          band together
          LEAD your families for you are worth more to your families than you are to the ES tab lish MENT.
          And stop listening the those that already have their families safe…
          Pull the Plug, re-align and then,
          and then,
          Let’s see whose the last person standing.

      16. There’s a whole lotta Johnny-come-lately types out there buying up guns and ammo at the 11th hour….but I don’t hear about any of ’em buying up MRE’s, sta-bil, extra toilet paper and canned soup.

        It’s already clear that the political wealth-redistrubition machine that we call “government” looks on its “people” as a problem to be dealt with through lies and propaganda.

        But WTSHTF & the armed and unprepared, the welfare parasites, the seniors on fixed income and the local authorities run out of food to eat…..society will truly be dammed.

        • You don’t hear about it cuz the goo-Stream-Media doesn’t want you to know about it. Stock up by thinking locally. If you live in El Paso, what is going on in Minneapolis isn’t going to affect you.

          Set a few extra 5gallon buckets of beans and rice aside for abandoned kids. For that matter make it 10 or 20. Food is still cheap.

          • Zig
            what are you smoking??it will effect every part of this nation,,whatever “it “happens to be,,,


            • You missed my point. Or I wasn’t clear. If you are going to prep, concentrate on what you have to prep for locally. Hanksville, Utah will be a fairly different place to prep for than Arlington Heights (less guns and ammo, more water). That’s all I’m talking about here.

              But the media is only going to cover the gun thing. There are plenty of people stock piling other things besides guns and ammo.

      17. People are lulled into a false sense of security because the government gurus always seem to come up with a solution at the last possible second. They’ve known for years when these Bush tax cuts end but they kept kicking that can down the road, now they’re trying to apply the brakes but it’s too late. No matter what they do, the game is over. We should all be preparing. Jesus said: “They knew not until the flood came and took them all away.” The antediluvians knew but dismissed Noah’s warnings, same with people nowadays. Those of us who know what is coming still risk being caught by the force of it all. We are entering a hell.

        • I don’t believe they had/have any interest in fixing anything. I think their job was to make sure that it reached the point that nobody CAN fix it. Kicking the can accomplishes that task. THIS WAS ALL PLANNED FROM THE START. Never lose sight of that fact and you’ll have a better idea of what to expect in the future.

          • the longer this goes on, the more wealth they can harvest from last of the working men/women. Those of us that won’t give up are the ones that they need.

            They are fucked…It won’t happen.

      18. get out of debt as quickly as you can and prepare for hard times while getting out of debt…

        • What’s the point of paying back debt when the economy collapses? There will be no money available because banks will shutdown and if there is money in circulation it will be worthless.

          My advice is to prep first then pay off your debt. 😉

          • Jacking up credit cards and filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy is okay (amoral/unethical/selfish perhaps, but feasible on paper), since it’s unsecured debt. However, you can’t have any assets to get that clean slate, e.g., no property. And don’t even think about transferring property over to family to hide your assets, because they will investigate that, and that can get your butt thrown in jail.

            So there’s that. Now working on debts for your property, such as your home and land, is smart. The reason is, if you own something free and clear and just need to worry about taxes, you’ll be a whole lot better off than someone who has to worry about rising property taxes on top of a mortgage – especially one that isn’t fixed.

            And don’t kid yourself: Taxes *are* going up and will continue to do so. We own property downstate, free and clear, but we do have various yet minimal property taxes, and the taxes have risen each year. If we don’t pay them, our property can be seized and sold out from under us – just for the tax money! What a shame that would be, and it’s not all that much considering.

            So all I have to say is jack up debts all you want, but do know there are consequences for every choice you make.

            • Lori
              Look into your states bankrupcy laws. You are wrong about property. They don’t even want your house. I just filed and it was finalized on October 25, 2012. I live in Colorado and you have to have more than $60,000 equity. Bankrupcy lawyers will tell you how you can stretch this. My bankrupcy cost me $1,200.00. Best money I ever spent.

              Before anyone gives me a hard time because they don’t believe in bankrupcy, I was in a lawsuit with my construction company, my bonding company seized my lien on the project (yes, they can do that). That left me with a bill to them for $463,000. Checkmate!

              Also just a side note to people who still try to offer solutions to the problems of our world. Just remember – Things are the way they are, because somebody wants it to be this way. This is all not just because a bunch of dufusses or idiots made mistakes. This was all planned!

              Love to all

              • Jeff,
                You did the right thing and the only thing you could in your situation by filing. Good luck from here on out. No one seems to care when the big guys walk away from their debts.

              • Was that chapter 7 or chapter 13? Chapter 7 in my state says you can’t have much of anything – not even a car with a certain blue book value (I think it’s like $5k max). It’s pretty much in line with applying for food stamps or welfare (SNAP and TANF). Chapter 13 lets you keep your stuff, not sell it first and live off the earnings, but you have to make payments/get your paycheck deducted for X number of years.

                And of course, that means your boss knows your business due to the deductions, and some people are scared off by that alone, not to mention it goes on your credit report. There are many landlords who won’t rent to someone with a bankruptcy on their reports, even if they filed before they lapsed on a single payment. (Since it’s so easy to run a credit report/background check these days, which you usually have to pay for, like $25-50 for each adult, most every landlord does.) So basically, you have to rent an apartment before you file WITHOUT lapsing on any debts, then sell your home, just to make sure you have a place to live after you file.

                I agree with you these things may/probably vary state to state, so I agree to talk to an attorney at the first sign of financial trouble. Me, I don’t care what people do – Donald Trump filed bankruptcy on more than one occasion to get where he’s at – so why not for everyone else? But there is indeed a stigma, which is why I mentioned it.

                • The banksters indeed use BK to walk away from bad deals on a regular basis. I am not overly concerned with my credit (I love debt) score.

              • Jeff – I just did the same thing, kept the house, the cars, the guns, the dirtbikes, all my assets (not really that much), and dumped all the credit cards. I did not feel one iota of guilt either. I had never missed a payment on anything before 2008, but then 3 major credit cards quadrupled my interest rates and minimum payments in 13 months. Add in medical emergencies for myself and my daughter 2 weeks apart with a $9000 deductible on my insurance, and game over. Screw the banks!!! Don’t stop paying them, they will sue you, attach liens to your property, and garnish your wages. Just declare Chapter 7 and stick it up their self-righteous asses!!!!!!

        • It won’t matter if you still owe them $1 or $100,000 when the collapse comes—they’re taking what you have anyway. There have been several stories recently, where the people owed some minimal amount on their homes, even less than one payment, when the banks foreclosed. They find ways to steal it even if it is paid for. I’m not worrying about my debt first, I’m worrying about the continuity of my family first.

          I’m setting up something else to go to, for when they come in and take this from us…I’m more worried about having something they can’t take as easily as something you owe them anything on, like payments, mortgages or taxes.

      19. second time on your site—-i like your layout and method of writting and will keep you as favorite—-kind of wished your site name wasn’t offensive to some of my friends and relatives that still have their heads in the sand—may god continure to bless you—later alj

        • I sometimes agree with you about the name. But in general I’d just as soon the people who cannot manage a few problems don’t come here, and don’t prep. I have no use for them, and hope they get out of the Gene pool ASAP. The new world will have no room for the faint of heart and they make poor bait

      20. one comment that everyone knows for a fact the writer didnt mention is DEBT WILL BE PAID BY LAND LABOR OR BLOOD read your history books,

      21. Civil War seems most likely, although multiple fronts throughout the world will make it even more chaotic.
        This is not a leap, we’ve been in a cold civil war for 100yrs and we’re now more divided than ever, blood is boiling and DH Lawrence was very right when he said

        “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

      22. I haven’t commented in a long time but I have to ask with the world owing so much money,except China, who can afford it? I guess the presses can roll but who will accept it for payment. I guess gold could be used leaving that country even broker and destroyed/radioactive.
        I’m not the smartest guy for sure but I don’t see any winners here. God Bless James
        PS If tis is a double post please forgive!

        • The BIG BANKS will be the winners, as they finance each war and then collect the collateral. That is the whole point.

      23. When the USA goes into economic collapse then China will flex and she will take on Japan in order to be the undisputed controller of SE Asia, it’s resources and for payback. That’s where the next big war will take place and the USA will be too weak with conventional arms to help Japan and too weak with the will to get involved. It will be the birth of the new world order. This is my prediction for 2014 maybe 2013. It’s base upon nothing but knowing that nature does not like a vacuum and that China has stolen enough of our high tech and has a strong enough manufacturing base to build the war machine it would take to fill the space that the USA vacates because of our collapse. I don’t see war here, just possible repression by our own government as a reaction to trying to save their own ass from the hangman.

        • China, Russia, India, and many others have better debt-to-income ratios than the United States. The printing press is obviously devaluing the wealth of the dollar.

          Europe is in trouble because their debt ratio is higher than the USA–but they are working on a new currency.

          Somehow Europe will dump the dollar and its euro.

          Nobody knows the day.

          All I know is that I hope the anti-Americans and Leftist that live in this great country and have helped destroy it; are the ones that starve first.

          2013 is really the year of readiness–financial, food, water, food prep, protection, etc.

          Have a good New Years Eve, and hope everyone shares some of their best ideas for all in 2013….

      24. I agree with what the writer is saying however i disagree with the means on how they with take it back. I dont believe they with use soldiers to invade or go after them for the “money” to be returned. I have a feeling they will just threaten there economy or electrical grid and then let the people riot and then step in after the dust settles from the rioting peoples. again thats just my own opinion.

      25. I keep all my wealth in two places… in the safe….silver
        and fully owned real estate.
        If things went bad…I’d have the silver to pay the real estate taxes.

        This is the age of going tangible.
        All these college fucks moving money with clicks of a mouse…

        I’ll put my trust in the things I can touch and see…stand on, live in.

        This is the age of the blacks getting power…then going after the white wealth.
        They have to find it first. ha

        Long ago an old gent told me not to put much money into 401k…they will steal this in time.

        I did real estate. Now…I get $10k a year for life…with that…I buy silver.

        • Good plan. I hope some of that real estate is productive farm land. My plan is to produce biodiesel. It will keep up with inflation to pay the taxes (and fixed interest property loans).

        • If things went bad, NO one will be paying any fucking taxes. Why does everyone worry about paying anything?

          use your tangibles for survival…all of them and have no remorse.

      26. Huh! Elections are over…writing congressmen is an allusion…the us government is the right hand of satan…knocking down the pins of the middle east one at a time and making room for the new order! So I agree…war is on the horizon! The American government is fully aware that banning guns will piss people off, and many won’t comply, with many purchasing weapons as I write. Reverse psy-ops, preparing us for a war with Russia and China and the rest of the world…however, the fear of war even on our homefront cannot compare to the meltdown of a 104 nuclear reactors we have in our own backyard…having said that…our enemies only have to shut down the power.

      27. Here’s the deal:

        You owe us over three trillion dollars that you cannot pay…besides that the U.S. is the bread basket of the world…we want your land to feed our people!”Disarm your people and save them from an unnecessary war you cannot win Mr. President…and we’ll call it even.”

        Love China

      28. Hi I’m new to this however having lost my family’s business in 2011 due to recession I felt that I had to start over. I am thankful for this site and for the wonderful people on here for all their advice. I now have a new business (early days) but one day I will get there (wherever there is)

      29. There was an interesting documentary on Netflix (“Surviving Progress” I think) that discussed how world banks loan money to 3rd world countries in amounts they cannot possibly repay, then when the country can’t pay, the bank says, “We’ll just take your resources (timber, oil, coal, etc. etc.).” Watching that documentary was like looking into a crystal ball showing the future of the US.

        I have asked almost everyone I meet from The Greatest Generation if they have ever seen the country so divided AND facing so many issues. They are unanimous in their opinion that the US was never been more vulnerable from so many sides. I’d like to hear opinions from the wise men and women on this site.

        I have said many times that the main failure of The Greatest Generation was in raising their children. Those who fought tyranny in WWII and built the US into a superpower also gave us the Baby Boomers currently in power. Generation X is the last chance for this country. If we don’t stop tyranny, it will be 200 years before anyone again has the opportunity.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • I don’t know how true it is, but I actually read in a MSM paper back in 2008 that Hilary’s first task was to go to China and sign away our natural resources as collateral.

          I wouldn’t put it past the kenyan muslim as a means to pay for his agenda.

      30. Nobody knows how it will end, but some know how it will begin.

        “Do your duty; the consequences are God’s.” — Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson

        • @UnSo:

          +1 Sir.

          “We got the beat” –The Go-Go’s.

      31. @mac….

        good article, but I am not completely convinced that the US Govt is planning a war against its citizens. What I see is that they are very paranoid of its citizens and that is why ‘spy’ technology has increased, rapidly.

        The US Govt also knows that it is unsustainable and the day of reckoning is close by. Therefore, the bullets that they have purchased due to the social unrest that they know is coming.

        That day will come when hyperinflation happens, and when monies are not there for the social services of food-stamps, medicare, welfare, etc.

        The rich can flee. They have accounts in cayman islands, swiss accounts, etc. The ‘common’ guy is left here and preparation only makes sense. We may see unemployment at 50% soon, if the economy does not generate tax revenue.

        The naysayers are out there. And they are good people, just blind to the very near future.

        • TAL CAG Radio….wrong dude. I voted for the Cracker. I kind of lean with the honkies.

          Yes, unemployment and the Democratic Party has absolutely killed the afro-american community. It is a shame because it was the Republican party that fought for them against a very resistant democratic party.

          I see Chicago has its 500th victim for 2012.

          Dont give up on the afros. Many of them want the same stuff–freedom, work, stability.

          But the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Gary IN, etc. are in deep stuff. Trouble.

          Who knows? Maybe a redneck honkie like you can change their way of thinking? Dont give up and be peaceful….

          • Hmm … I started to post saying that most food stamp recipients are, in fact, white (which is what we keep hearing). I go to find a link to back it up, and I find to my surprise that blacks ARE the majority on food stamps!

            Their logic seemed to go that because blacks got 33% of the benefits, compared to 31% white and 28% Hispanic, that we single out the black guy because more than 2/3 of all food stamp recipients AREN’T black. Umm … excuse me, but what kind of fucked up, circular dumbass logic is that ?!? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the “facts” I hear from MSM are a steaming pile of horse shit.

            Please excuse my French.

            • @Dusty

              All problems with the afros in the big cities stems from democrats. Democrats have always led the big cities and there are not very many good jobs.

              Many of the blacks and hispanics in smaller communities have good jobs.

              We need America rebuilt and we need this stupid welfare system gone. The welfare system should be for soup only and maybe assistance for 12 months. Not a retirement lifestyle for the lazy.

              America is going broke and is broke. That is how the system will get fixed, a total crash.

              PS. hatred never fixes anything.

            • Dusty please use your head. Consider, you said 33% goes to blacks right?….What percentage of Total population is blacks?…Aprox. 11-12% Only! so this means only aprox 10% of america gets a FULL THIRD of food stamps!

              This is same type liberal hocospocus done to report Violent crime stats.

              They use overall percentages like Your numbers were…Example= 89% violent crime is blacks done it…But if you look at actual white vs black criminal murders…It appears as if only a few more black crimes is done.

              BUT…When you add in that blacks represent just 11% or so, that makes it 7 times as many as white commited crime of murder.

              PLUS in most “Pie-Charts” that show a breakdown of violent crimes…Whenever hispanics commit violence it is added to WHITE pie part to Raise white commited crimes…

              But the pie chart that shows “Victims” of violent crimes?

              Thats where they “Seperate” hispanics from whites! So LESS whites are victims of Black or mexican Violence!

              Go look at some stat sites that shows it online.

              Even fbi murder rates stats lists it like EXAMPLE…white murderers= 4780 for 2010…..Blacks murderers=Barley more at say, 5100 commited murders. WOW! Blacks and whiteys are almost same in murders commited huh?!

              NO! not when you Calculate that Blacks are 11% and whites is 68% of total pop!

              Beware of typical lib kommie spin tactics to Downplay african black or mexican criminals or food stamp “snapers”. While EVERY effort is made to make Whiteys appear as bad or Worse!

              Life in Detroit as I did for 43 yrs since birth(I moved north 17 yrs ago) and you wont be fooled by stats…No mistakeing it…Africans are the Most worthless and Usless race of world. Most Violent also!

              Thats Not to say there aint exceptions to every rule as yes there is…Barely with them though(5% maybe 10% act normal?)…While less than 1% whites act as animals eh…

              Yep exceptions to every rule eh.

              Disclaimer: its NOT racist nor antisemite to speak or reveal facts or truths.

              And use of: Play race card or antisemite card is Never an excuse to keep being evil or criminal etc. do Not be fooled by it! Nor Silenced!

          • Gunsmith….

            If you have something to say, go ahead and say it….

            • ugly
              i think he did!!!!!!!


        • If they mean us no harm, why are they afraid of us? Why do they feel the need to disarm us and spy on us? I think you answered yourself. Like you said, the rich can flee, so why the fear of the ‘common guy’ who can’t hurt them anyway?

          The answer is REALLY simple—THEY DO MEAN US HARM, and they intend to have their own way.

      32. OK, I’m in a really stinky mood on this New Years Eve.

        I have a laptop computer that has worked fine on WI-FI for 4 years suddenly stop working. Maybe it’s hardware, I don’t know but it’s consuming all of my time and its irritating.

        Then you have the Government, and in particular Congress!

        These bozoos couldn’t manage there way out of a paper bag for God’s sake!

        Talk about incompetent. These guys couldn’t work in the private sector. They’d be fired.

        All the media talks about is that the Republican Tea Party types in the house are afraid of a primary election challenge if they vote for a tax increase on the wealthy.

        Wrong! What they should be worried about is that they will be voted out because they are totally freaking incompetent!

        Speaking of the media: They give way too much coverage of Washington beltway politics. These politicians are playing the media like fiddle to get facetime because they know they will need it in their next election.

        The media should start reporting the reality of people living in our country and not invite politicians to spout off. Alas, i’m sure that will never happen.

        Now that I’ve vented – HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

        • I’m on a loaner because my ‘old faithful’ laptop just quit on me too.

      33. WAR ??? ;0) PUCK THE NWO UN ZOG FALSE-FAG WAR’S !!!

        The Only War I’ll be Fighting in the Future is a REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR !!! 1776 = 2013 !!!




        ~FMKP ;0p

        • 1984 + 1776 = 2013 (or thereabouts…)


          The above bulletins issued to all MO police agencies and made public, about new MO Drivers License and ID cards. They are smart cards made after the military ID card model. We are told that, due to fraud at the local license office, you no longer can just walk in and get a drivers license. You submit the info, then later your license or ID card will come in.
          Question is, what is done with the info that is submitted to get the ID card or license? Could there be background checks, vetting everyone who wants a license or even a ID card with federal files (fusion centers)? Don’t know that yet for sure. If your an enemy of the state, will you be denied proper ID? Don’t know that yet either. Think of all the things you can’t do without proper (govt issued) ID. Just another step happening very quickly.

          Also, all local PD Officers have been issued a new universal (smart) ID cards. I do not have a ID issued by the city, even though I work for the city. The card says the cities name, but I had to go to a special location where all local officers from other agencies had to get the same card. I was told because I asked that the purpose of the ID card was all my police and military training will be on the smart card and (when) there is a major problem in the country and they don’t have enough police, the feds will recruit officers from this list. Duration of the call up will be indefinite, if needed. The Feds pay my salary and we take no equipment with us. We will be supplied and trained on site (I suspect for cannon fodder).

          Just more info on the coming police state.


          ~FMKP ;0p

      34. Friends, if they try and make us register are ar 15guns you sold them during this gun sellout in stores. if they want you to register or say you have guns you sold them just like me before dec 31, I got 4 thousand dollars for my ar-15 at the gun show and so did you. that way if they ask you can never be asked a name, where did you sell them or who has them, no tracking etc nothing for them to have on us. There is no receipt nothing but cash deal at gun shows. So Im glad you all sold your guns too and got some money for them in these hard times. Think about it, its best way to say you have none.

        • What is the real deal with gun shows? I’m kind of new to this, only started shooting last October, and I’ve never been to one. I go to an NRA class, and they say you still have to jump through the permit/background check/registration hoop, but I talk to my friends, and they say it’s just a cash and done deal, no checks or anything, and the guys at the class were telling me that to discourage people who didn’t know any better from going to gun shows (NRA class teacher said to me “Don’t buy them at a gun show, just buy them here, it’s the same process, plus if you buy it at the gun show, you’ll have to pay a fee to have the gun shipped from the seller to your local gun shop so you can pick it up.”). What’s true?

          • Depends on what state you live in and its laws concerning regulated firearms.

            • Maryland

          • Dusty

            In Michigan I can go to a gun show and buy a long guy for cash and never look back. Handgun is another thing….


            • I can buy a shotgun at WalMart here in Maryland, and I’m sure it’s no different at a show! I was more curious about the handguns, Bill 🙂

            • I actually just bought my first Mossberg 12 gauge 🙂 I love her.

            • Sold two rifles out of my truck at a gun show in White Pine , TN in December. No paperwork — just cash. The only problem was the rain.

              • I’ve bought and sold several guns out of my vehicles in walmart parking lots. Got bills of sale for all I sold, then threw them away after a year or so.

          • Dusty

            All Firearms Dealers must go through the back round check known as NIX along with the Federal Forms regardless where they are transacting business. You can by Federal Law privately sell or buy firearms from an individual. The BATFE will charge an individual for dealing w/o a license if they are doing these sales as a business as opposed to just collecting. This is where it gets tricky for the individual selling because there is no “line in the sand” regarding number of guns sold. The individual selling cannot sell to a prohibited person but they may not know the buyers status. Some states have allowed two people buyer and seller access to the dealers NIX check system for a small fee. In Delaware it’s $25. The seller is responsible to make sure the buyer is not prohibited. The firearm does not go through the dealers books and both parties must be present and agree to the back round check. If you sell to a prohibited person and your charged with a criminal offense. This way the State facilitated a way to comply. If your giving/selling to someone you know well you may choose to avoid this procedure secure in the knowledge that the buyer is ok.

            No one can buy a handgun out of state period from anyone including a Licensed Dealer. If you own real property and live there some of the time in that state you can buy a handgun from a Licensed Dealer. Your considered a resident for the firearm purchase. You cannot buy a long arm out of state from an individual.

            Uncle Sam wants all firearm purchases to be on a dealers books. They wish to stop all private sales between individuals. This way they know who has what.

            Hope this clarifies the maze of laws.

        • I’m going to get Obama ’16 and CO-EXIST bumper stickers to really sell it when they are going door to door.

          “I have children”
          “Lead poisons mother earth”
          “I sold them and sent to the proceeds to the Sierra Club”
          “Would you ATF gentlemen like some Chai Tea while you search my house?”
          “Who wants creme brulee?”

          Lines I will need to practice so the visiting weapons confiscation team will know I am a good flaming libtard and would never own a dirty gun.

          Esse Quam Videri

          • LMAO, Southpaw!!!

            “Would you ATF gentlemen like some Chai Tea while you search my house?”
            “Who wants creme brulee?”

            Thnaks for the laugh!!

          • You have the right to remain silent.

      35. Yep war is coming, and thats another reason they want to dis arm us all.

        and the sheeple that go along with disarming , need to feel what its like to pay for thier choices, just dont push your choice on me , I know why Im armed

        • Do they intend to disarm us while arming themselves to the tooth with weapons and ammo? Isn’t that an act of war?

          If you have the ability to understand this and are capable of an appropriate defensive response; the duty lies with you.

      36. The only winning move is not to play.

        • The only winning move is to engage these MF’s.

      37. I don’t know how it is where you all live, but I have noticed lately that in the last few years that the regular old local LEO’s look more and more militarized every time I see them. They all look like SWAT. Even the motor cycle cops.
        That is writing on the wall to me.

        Happy New Year & God bless!


        • The all seem to have shaved heads and look like they are on roids. I think many of them get off playing soldier. It is a power trip.

      38. we started our prepping this week. Bought a 20 lb bag of rice at the local warehouse club. the checkout lady remarked that people must really like rice, everyone is buying these. Hope we haven’t waited to long to start.

        • Better now than never but you may want to move a bit faster 🙂

        • I-See-You…double time it. Like Hurry.

        • In Portland Oregon, the police drug task force surveillance van says “ICU DISTRIBUTING” on the sides…(I SEE YOU DISTRIBUTING, for those who missed the joke). Ironically, most drug dealers see it and never give it another thought. It is the fact that it is so ‘in-your-face’ that makes it invisible.

          The same thing applies in the discussion of whether the govt wants to get us. They are so in-our-faces that most sheeple do not process what they see with their own eyes.

          Just take time to look around.

          Trust yourself.

      39. Hey Wow!!! Know this comment is logging me (compliments of every key stroke) into my future rigged, non-court, non-jury, judge dredge appearance, but alas, I just couldn’t resist.

        I have been waiting for an article like this to appear for a long time.

      40. As you stroll through the gun and ammo store and glare at the empty shelves ask yourself, Is this the act of people buying because they are worried about a gun ban? Or is the a county of people preparing for war? I think we all know the answer.


      41. There could be countless ways that collapse plays out. It could continue on the slow trend it has been on for the last 5-6 years.

        In the long term, I think that we will break apart as a larger contiguous nation (dissolution of the Fed) and will form certain regions or collections of states with similar resources and climate.

        This has all been suggested by people more versed then I am, but it seems to make sense. Civil war would be a waste of resources in troubled times. It would make more sense for the states that are ideologically to the right to break off on their own and vice versa.

        Well see how long the coast and lake states can feed there populations without siphoning wealth off from the rest of us.

        • And I do know the difference between there, their and they’re, You’ll just have to forgive me for being intellectually lazy in these instances.

        • Timothy

          The root cause of disintegration would be economic as the states with wealth in food, energy and mining get it bled off to support the former industrialized parasitic areas. The catalyst would be social political with laws considered unjust, unneeded or merely unwanted are forced upon these states.

          Ignoring the 10th Amendment by trying to pound a square peg into a round hole with one size fits all is going to bite the Federal Government. Most of the problems are directly related to not following the Constitution in both letter and intent.

          • Agreed.

        • you might want some fish, clams, apples, oranges, avocados, cherries, potatoes and other stuff that we here on the coast are known for producing…just saying it might be better to work together than to “wait and see” if we fail.

          • Yeah! and some of MY nice cool FRESH great lakes Mich water so YOU can remain alive longer than say, 4 days!

            Best be nice or MY water(in Mich) will Remain Here with ME and MY state pals!

            • Water will become a local issue as lack of affordable energy will put an end to interstate transport for most products. If you have the land, better get a well dug. Rainwater cisterns, etc.

          • I produce most of those myself here in ID accept the fish and tropical fruits.

            • And I can’t grow clams so that’s out too. I don’t like seafood anyway. Ultimately, what will be available to you will be what can be produced locally. Which is the way it should be. Sustainability.

          • And “lobstah” from my neck of the woods!

      42. Happy New Year!

        Happy, Happy, Happy or Crappy, Crappy, Crappy.

        Either way I hitting the Rock and Roll for tonight.

        Alice Cooper. “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.

      43. We all know something deadly serious is coming and the way things are looking, it won’t be long now. I went to the range with my new weapon for the first time yesterday and was very pleased with it. Went around to several sporting goods stores afterward for some more .22 ammo; they were all out, no bricks, no smaller boxes, no nothing. Looks like demand for .22 has increased. Finally found 3 bricks at Wallyworld; they were almost out of every other caliber they normally carry. Now I’m back to getting my other usual supplies. Everybody get everything you need asap. I smell big trouble on the horizon. For those that don’t “get it”, refer back to BI’s article of 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article says it all. Braveheart

        • The most useful SHTF gun is a .22 with supression.

      44. Here’s my reaction to the fiscal cliff.

        1. Fuck all you politicians. We need plumbers and carpenters running the country…no lawyer scum.

        2. Ammo up. Obama will ban guns and ammo. That’s the only thing I’m spending money on this year. To Buy for future generations and store it well. I’ll keep it in peace.

        3. I will NOT spend money the next four years.. Disney trip…fuck that. Concerts…nope. Zero eating out. We’re going to just stay home. Let all the businesses fail.

        4. Investments… only buy silver and gold.

        5. Plan and align my post Obama businesses with ZERO employees….full automation.

        6. Continue to pay off all debt and never look back.

        It’s the duty of all red blooded Americans to let this economy crash hard. We’ve been taken over by Commies and we need to resist.
        Don’t get all fluffy about some big revolution… Just withhold your dollars….the anti economic vote.

        This is the quiet white backlash of all the whites who have been slaving for decades and now we are slaves to all the poor fucks.


        • I’ll second that.

          My response is your response!

      45. If these guys were running an actual business and had let their financial mess get to this point of crisis, they would all be fired and ridden out of town on a rail. Just goes to show that government cannot manage one thing properly.

        • lucyna
          nope,,,there wouldnt be a business at this point,,,


      46. I have friends in Washington state, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado and all are in BLAST ZONES as they are surrounded by bases. There are no states where one can be out of the blast and or fallout zone. Move to the OUTBACK if your really paranoid or live life and realize that this site is pure BS.

        • I’m pretty sure there will be no nukes flying. It is not in anybodies interest.

      47. You said here is the deal
        You owe us over three trillion dollars that you cannot pay…besides that the U.S. is the bread basket of the world…we want your land to feed our people!”Disarm your people and save them from an unnecessary war you cannot win Mr. President…and we’ll call it even.”
        Love China.
        I say
        Dear China,
        The Pres is busy and until he returns we (real soliders) who have been waiting in the background until we are needed are now in charge. You will not be able to contact the Pres or any of our Generals who were in charge. The military is in charge minus a few hundred upper brass.
        So now that you understand who you are dealing with let us come to understanding. We have multiple war heads aimed at the door steps of you and every political leader’s office and home on this planet whom we consider a threat to our freedom and future. You get nothing from us zero and your people will have to feed themselves the same as our will have to do. We realize these are difficult times we wish you the best for you and your families.

        • Dear China

          Do you feel lucky? well do ya…punk?

        • The U.S. government owns over 9 million acres mostly in the western states, in 2010 they were trying to grab 13 million more acres supposedly to set aside as monuments. Now guess where most of the shale oil and other minerals are.

          Ever wonder why obama won’t let oil drilling to take place on federal lands?
          Because it’s all collateral to those we owe trillions.
          We really have been sold.
          The chinese run the largest copper mining complex in the world, it’s in Afganistan, and they don’t hire locals to do the work. The workers are chinese. We are protecting them while they strip Afganistan of it’s natural resources.
          Chinese companies get the contracts to rebuild bridges in California then import the workers from China. And the masses see the work being done and rejoice because the government is finally fixing that old bridge.
          The chinese sign irreversible contracts to import food right out of our country while we subsidize the farmers.
          The governmet didn’t buy all that ammo just because they could. Somebody is gonna have to protect the imported workers as they strip our country bare. And guess who gets to pay for it.
          Yes we have been sold. And the lenders are here to collect. It’s all behind the scenes, what you don’t see won’t hurt you.

          • you are pretty damn close ed…everyone who lends, generally gets some form of collateral or the deal is based on how well you trust the party.

            Since china doesn’t trust us, they absolutely required collateral and what do we have that they need and is worth something.

            Our country and all of is resources/assets.

            why is that so hard for many to believe?

            Hell, i for got,”that will never happen in the USA.”

          • Tight oil, shale oil, tar sands, etc will only be produced while crude and natural gas are relatively affordable. There is not enough energy in those places to last us long anyway. It’s like robbing peter to pay paul when you consider the EROEI and the feedstocks for processing.

            The only reason we are processing those resources is because all of the major finds are in terminal decline. The easy stuff is gone. Hang on to your hats.

      48. VOTE OBAMA!!!


        I get lonely on the weekends with nothing to watch or read from you and being stuck at work.

        Thanks for another great article!!
        This will help motivate me and others to get even more prepared for that coming possibility. A possibility which we all know in the back of our heads is coming.

        PS. Im not registering anything EVER, and going exempt on my taxes this year. HELLO 2013!!
        (New year’s resolution)

      49. Had another polar earthquake, in the Balleny Islands region today. This region has been hit with a 5.0+ 35 times since 1973, and 28 times a 6.5+ occurred within 15 days, 80%. Most times double to triple 6.5+ happened. This would go hand in hand with the other multiple polar earthquakes that have occurred recently to indicate that not just one big earthquake is coming by Mid-January but at least 2.

        I went over the areas that were hit after this region has an earthquake in the past 40 years and it seems to target the same regions as the other polar earthquakes do. Again watch out if you live in Mexico especially. Central America is primed and so is Chile to about Columbia and Ecuador area. The areas of 150-175 degrees east; Vanuatu, Fiji, Soloman Islands, Kermadec Islands have been hit many times. Indonesia is of course common. China is likely. Black Sea to Greece. I would actually watch the interior of california (inland) from the Garlock fault to the Owen’s Valley fault region for possible action. From about 35 degrees to 38 degrees north, by about 117 to 121 degrees west in calif.

        Probably the previous polar earthquakes will be the first large earthquake in the forementioned areas, then by Jan. 15 the above areas here will be hit with a second or third large earthquake. There are just too many polar earthquakes in which big earthquakes have occurred afterwards. The chance of a 6.5+ within 15 days now I would say are close to 100%. I would say about 80-85% that by Jan.8. Within 4 days I would say about 70% based on previous times of these large earthquakes.

      50. Had another polar earthquake, in the Balleny Islands region today. This region has been hit with a 5.0+ 35 times since 1973, and 28 times a 6.5+ occurred within 15 days, 80%. Most times double to triple 6.5+ happened. This would go hand in hand with the other multiple polar earthquakes that have occurred recently to indicate that not just one big earthquake is coming by Mid-January but at least 2.

        I went over the areas that were hit after this region has an earthquake in the past 40 years and it seems to target the same regions as the other polar earthquakes do. Again watch out if you live in Mexico especially. Central America is primed and so is Chile to about Columbia and Ecuador area. The areas of 150-175 degrees east; Vanuatu, Fiji, Soloman Islands, Kermadec Islands have been hit many times. Indonesia is of course common. China is likely. Black Sea to Greece.

        I would actually watch the interior of california (inland) from the Garlock fault to the Owen’s Valley fault region for possible action. From about 35 degrees to 38 degrees north, by about 117 to 121 degrees west in calif. If you take the quake in Balleny Islands and the one in the Scotia Sea region and follow the curve of the planet and the plate boundaries those two lines met each other at about somewhere near Big Pine and Bishop california. If I had one of those BIG globe I could tell exactly where. Does this mean something? Maybe.

        Probably the previous polar earthquakes will be the first large earthquake in the forementioned areas, then by Jan. 15 the above areas here will be hit with a second or third large earthquake. There are just too many polar earthquakes in which big earthquakes have occurred afterwards. The chance of a 6.5+ within 15 days now I would say are close to 100%. I would say about 80-85% that by Jan.8. Within 4 days I would say about 70% based on previous times of these large earthquakes.

        • Sorry for the near duplicate comment, I have been having some real trouble sending comments lately. I wanted to add that about the triangulation that I noticed that met in central california from the 2 polar quakes yesterday and today and since it did not send I decided to add it to the other comment. Evidentally both comments were sent. Hope the site is not running into some sort of government interference because of the many very well written comments against gun control and many other issues that are waking people up to what is really happening to the country.

      51. Look, most gun owners will wet their pants when the raids come, and the Feds know it. Many, however, will not.
        I DON’T WANT TO SHOOT ANYBODY-NOT EVEN THE FEDS. All I’m saying is that it’s a real possibility that peaceable folks will be backed into an ugly corner by government-and we should mentally and physically prepare ourselves for this. I’d much rather that awful day never came, but if it comes,I WILL NOT HOLD MY FIRE!
        Keep your overall goal in mind above all. Those who swerve to avoid a few cuts and bruises defeat themselves. Understand from the very minute the fight begins that you’re going to take damage. ACCEPT IT. You’ll suffer far worse from the idiots and cowards on your own side.

        L. Neil Smith

        So many people can say it better than me.
        Pale Rider

      52. Americans–We know food inflation is going to hit hard in 2013.

        We can do two things, (1) listen to Helicopter Ben tell us that it is only 3.3%, (2) we can track this ourselves and report it to those that want to know.

        I will shop at two stores–one is a family store and the other one will be Wally World.

        Ugly’s list for food inflation checker:
        Item Jan Feb Mar etc
        Milk (whole-gal)
        Butter (lb)
        Bread (1 loaf)
        Chicken Noodle Soup
        Veg. Beef Soup
        Eggs (dozen-large)
        Chili (one can)
        10 lb Potatoes (Idaho–of course)

        I will purchase this each month at the two stores and report the inflation. We can do this ourselves, or we can rely on the Helicopter….

        • Ugly, nice gesture but for those like me that have been buying for over 4 years?? We don’t need a list..heck, some of the mamas on prepper sites have grocery lists from 2005, that far back, and can tell us when the increases began and how quickly they surged.
          Thanks for the effort though.
          I’m at the point where I just stopped buying —I can’t use any more than what I have.
          Know what I mean?? I AM getting that brake bleeder from Harbor Freight this weekend for my mason jar lid sealer though.
          Gotta have crackers with that peanut butter.

          • JayJay….Yes i know women have had shopping lists for years. have they published them?

            The list I provide is for consistency. That way you can compare what a small list of items costs this jan, feb, mar, etc.

            You see, the consistency makes the math easier. For instance, lets say my shopping list costs $12.22 in January and the family store. And it goes to $12.99 in Feb, and $13.67 in March. You see, it is an easy tracker.

            You must be consistent. Buy the same items from the same store and track it.

            You say you are finished buying. Do you have a 6 month supply? Is it ready? Have you tested your readiness by testing it on a weekend like Ugly will do starting March 2013?

            You may be ready. But you may be not. Practice.

            • Ugly, I don’t think in months terms, I think in years terms.
              Nuff said.

              • 6 months??? What if there is another drought that affects crops and therefore livestock.
                No gardens, no vegetables?? Now what?
                There is already talk of lack of livestock because of the drought in 2012—so, it may be very hard to get affordable beef, chicken, pork in 6 months…oh, how about milk, cheese, butter if less cows??
                Hmmmm. … most preppers know to not use the one year standard for food storage; two year??
                Hmmm..what if there is 3 secessive droughts??
                Prep with all you have…and prep more if possible.
                It’ll be used…by someone.

                • @jayjay….

                  Are you sure you have 6 months? If so, then you must be single.

                  I am planning for 7 plus some barter. There is 3 of us at home, plus 2 older kids down the road, plus 2 grandkids ( I am 50).

                  It is incredidle how much food it takes for 7 people and 6 months.

                  The problem with most 2-3 year storages is that they get old. People dont rotate them well and didnt plan well. Let say you have 3 years of beans, do you also have 3 years of spices?

                  The 6 months I am refering to is strictly what we will use and rotate. I will also buy the 5 gal stuff and just not use them. Yes, maybe a years worth.

                  Also, have a freezer in garage that we always have filled with local beef and local frozen sweet corn. We do this in September and run out by May. Then start all over again.

                  I dont think you have 3 years of food. That is alot.

                • If she says she has three years of food, what business is it of yours to argue with her about it and doubt her? Just curious about that thought process. Are you insinuating that she is a liar, or stupid?

            • @ Ugly – there is a site – as a mom dot org – that started tracking item specfic food prices over 2 years ago. you can go there and see the food inflation. haven’t been to the site lately, but there is a good list of basics to watch (rice, beans, cereal, eggs, juice, cotton balls, etc.). hope that helps!

              • kimintn….thanks. I looked at it but couldn’t find the section on food inflation. I will keep looking.

              • There is also a site for one years food supply by “grandpappy”, he has price and size changes by product going back several years. By the way don’t doubt what people have on this site, some people measure in tons. Me, I lost it all in the Post nasal depression

                • Paranoid.

                  Wow!!! That must have been the MOTHER OF ALL RUNNY NOSES!

                  …you have my profound sympathy!

                  Thanks for the laugh pal, I needed that!
                  Thumbs up to you.

            • @LT….

              Thanks. I looked it up and that is what I was looking for. Also, I will keep looking on site that kimintin suggested. Thanks again to both.

          • Ugly ~

            I’ve known Jayjay a long time and she has been at it prepping for longer than that. There is no doubt in my mind she has what she says she does. We would all be lucky to have half the stockpile she does!


            • @Daisy–

              Thanks. Not doubting someone, just if they claim to have 3 years of stuff then why not elaborate. I am glad jayjay is way ahead of the game, and that is where I want to be too.

              I dont mind sharing. Right now I have a freezer (garage) full of meat and sweet corn, about 5 months worth? Also in the pantry I have about two months worth of campbells soup and also sealed rice and beans. I also have powdered eggs, powdered milk, and pancake mix. And also powdered butter.

              I still have a ways to go. That is why in March I am going to have ‘practice’ for a weekend. I want to use the stuff from non-conventional cooking to my crank radio.

              I also have two boxes of heirloom seed.

              That is where I am at. And again thanks.

              • Who said 3 years, axxhole, I stopped counting at 6.
                Now, are you happy?
                And if I listed all I have I would be very busy for a while.
                I counted 55 buckets just now, and that’s NOT even counting dry goods dry canned in quart jars, or 2 liter jugs of rice, etc.
                I have an entire closet of stacked case of canned goods…a Goody’s shelfing unit, 8 X 2 X 8 filled with foods and cooking needs.
                Another 6 X 6 unit, a 4 X 5 unit, and home canned goods in another room.
                That’s NOT EVEN counting all the supplies in the 8 X 8 pantry.(supposed to be a sewing room, and I don’t sew)
                Oh, solar oven, military wood burning stove, 0 degree sleeping bags, tubs for laundry/wringer, heavens, my attic is full of preps.
                Shed full of Kmart (on sale) gas cans, all filled, with generator.
                And 6, not one, BOBs, and two BOBs in the Tribute with a military chest full of preps also.

                I know what I’m doing; mostly taking care of MY business and my dh.
                I surely hope to not meet any preppers with your attitude because I usually don’t debase myself defending my actions–this is still America, home of the free, for a while longer.
                I’m sorry for all this sophomoric display, preppers. But, one thing I will not be called is a liar..I’m a good woman, but not without sin…lying ain’t one of them.
                Peace, love, truth….jayjay

                • Oh, hell, everyone knows what I have now, so add to the list 820 ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER, mostly Angel Soft from DG, 24 double rolls @ $9 EACH…in a closet of a bedroom I don’t need or use that’s empty.

                • Freezer??? God, it’s half full of meats– chicken, beef, bacons, hot dogs, bologna, etc.– another with corn, green beans, tomatoes, squash, and other vegetables–I’m a country gal.
                  I DO NOT count that frozen meat and vegetables as my prep food.
                  It won’t be saved with a power failure, even with 60+ gallons of gasoline and a generator.
                  Just saying–I DO NOT count any freezer items in my freezers as stocked preps.

                • JayJay….

                  I never said you were lying, Mama Bear made that reference not me. I felt you were talking in hyperboles, kind of like ‘I have so much food, I could an army’….

                  so I was just seeing if that were true.

                  You were the one that knocked my 6 month plan. So I hope you are not so arrogant when called on it.

                  I am looking at a solar oven to purchase. Do you like yours? I will also purchase a solo stove that is advertized in this blog.

                  Also, on freezer, I live in Pocatello, Idaho. Yesterday at my house it was -2F for the low and about +18F for the high. So yes, freezers do make sense in some areas. Maybe not where you live….

                  You should remember that not all people on this blog is a seasoned prepper. Many are newbies such as myself. So I am asking honest questions. But I will question some too.

                  Go grab a cold one and settle down. I didnt mean to raise blood pressure. But, I do want to say thanks to your response. I did learn something from it. The solar oven has me curious.

                  Also, not to be too stupid, what are the BOBs?

            • Thanks, Daisy. Hope we can get back to the old site which I visited to share and learn information to get through what’s coming.
              Thanks for all the insight expressed here, Mac.

              Hell, yeah, I am prepped and I AIN’T ashamed of it.

      53. Thomas Jefferson spoke of occasional mild rebellions for America’s health. Rebellions are sort of like vomiting. The prospect is very unpleasant, but you feel so much better afterwards. We’ve been so queasy with political poisoning for so long, but we won’t hug the toilet and stick a finger down our national throat. WE’RE SO AFRAID OF VOMITING THAT WE”D RATHER STAY QUEASY. Well, if we wait to vomit on the POISON’S timetable, we will be too weak and ill to recover by then.



      54. I would like to believe that no gun owner would voluntarily turn in their weapons, I have a feeling that if the gov bans the ownership then a lot of people would turn them over thinking they are doing the right thing. Then after some scare tactics even more would be confiscated. Eventually you will hear gunshots occasionally and wonder if it’s a robber, a homeowner defending something, or gov coming for the final gun grab. The millions will be cut to the few, no more than a nuisance. I hope I am wrong about society. I know what side I will be on.

        • Gonzo…

          Do not fall for the “Cointelpro” propaganda!

          There are too many “REAL MEN” in this country who won’t back down!!!
          You think they’re gonna adopt the hunker-down & shoot it out when the JBTs show up philosophy/mindset???
          Many will not!

          They understand ‘unconventional-warfare’.
          Wait and see…………..

        • it’s most likely to be the homeowner firing rounds in this neighborhood…

        • gonzo
          you may know what side you are on,,,, but we dont so tell us please

          good shot gunsmith

        • @Gonzo:
          Happy New Years !!

          First rule of Gun Club:

          Never surrender your gun.

          Second rule of Gun Club:

          Never surrender your gun.

          You might be a casualty, but never be a victim.

 safe…stay the course…BA.

      55. Happy New Year SHTF plan!

        It’s not my debt!
        they can NEVER have my gun’s

        Let’s party like it’s 1776 !

      56. Please refer to the 1974 report from then secretary of state, Henry Kissenger, to the United Nations, stating the need to reduce the worlds population. Later, the Georgia guide stones, erected by a mason, recommending the population be reduced to 500 million.
        I also would refer you to a report entitled “The Brotherhood and the manipulation of society.
        It is not a matter of too many people. It is a matter of too many dark people. The mortality rate of the white race is 2.4; the dark races are at 4.2. The white race is in danger of becoming extinct. The dark people are rapidly encroaching the white lands.
        Like ww 1 and ww 2, ww 3 will be another culling. Much more extensive though. It will be billions dead of war, famine, and disease. Can it be stopped? Certainly. Just stop feeding the Beast. ( the IMF and the world bank. Stop giving money to the big banks, auto companies, and military industrial complex. Expand this list for yourself. Will it be stopped? I doubt it.
        Good luck.

        • Here’s my approach…
          1. Learn all you can…turn off the TV and read, read read…EVERYTHING.
          2. Prep up…then you sleep in peace.
          3. Get out of paper… PM and real estate paid in full.
          4. Be a leader of men. I have pulled together ten IT guys, I am heading up a .com and data mining company. Man up, be fierce, be testosterone driven…reject all the UN PCers. Do NOT be absorbed into their bullshit.
          5. Fear no man. They fear me! And they fear my crew of guys….we rule over the palce as we run it. Own the server, rock the code, live well and get them buy the balls for raises.
          6. Learn to make money in a land of lazy socialists and commies.
          7. Be positive, strong and lead…people will flock to you and decision makers will rule in your favor because of your confidence and boldness.
          8. Someday Obama wil be out of office… the next person needs to be a capitalist.
          9. Eat and live well. Work out.
          10. Mentor the weak….turn them into lions, lead them and they will be with you always.

          I am a leader of men who is rebuilding the American male to rule again.

          It’s not about money… It’s about freedom, self improvement, skills, knowledge and good planning. Man up…build your team. You might need them.

        • While I generally agree with you mizzterbill, I hope you are not putting the “erected by a mason” into the same category as freemasonry. Having been a mason for over 30 years, I can assure you that stone masonry is a craft and has nothing to do with the “ladies auxiliary” of Zionism, which is called freemasonry.

      57. Wait and see , they’ll use a tax on us law biding gun owners to finance the bail out of the economy because they know we’ll pay to keep our weapons , the last thing they want is a war !

        • There is no amount of tax money that will even make a dent in what is owed. Every dollar everyone makes would make no difference. That is just for the debt that is on budget. The off budget amount is over a hundred trillion. No way this will end well.

        • It’s pretty simple really. Don’t pay the tax.

          • You know that’s why I just sold all my guns that I didn’t lose in the boating accident. I was worried about the ‘fiscal cliff’ and knew I was going to need some extra cash this year and sold them all. So there’s nothing for them to confiscate or tax. I even sold all my ammo. I just want to be a good citizen and save them the trouble.

            • It’s getting to be a real problem; ripped out the bottom of my boat on a bunch of submerged guns the other day

          • “Don’t pay the tax”
            … and be prepared to go to jail, or fight and die.

            Who can make war with The Beast?

        • I think all of those long range missiles would be better spent aimed at a central bank and the Bilderberg meeting place…simultaneously. Problem solved.

      58. EMP less likely in the short term as TPTB will need the grid up to tell us what to think about all of the false flags.

        • …and to keep the surveillance grid up and running…

        • I read about a recent test of what was essentially a drone that flew over an area and emitted EMP bursts at sleected targets. I forget what contractor made the thing, but it was considered a huge success.

      59. Happy New Year to all my friends and not so friendly…

        2012 was the year of Awakening, 2013 will be the year of Awareness. The only prediction worth making is that things will go from bad to worse, on many levels.

        America has pissed off the world, and the world sees us as a global criminal syndicate, it matters not if we still have good guys in office, they are losing and too many are complicit. They are now losing all credibility and will soon become irrelevant. It is obvious the Dark man is moving more and more towards class warfare, with half a nation of fools in his camp.

        The one thing durango kidd and I agree on is that the true collapse is going to be in 2014-15 time frame, but that does not mean 2013 will be a picnic.

        The Good guys, have now arrived at the philosophy of L.I.B., Let It Burn, in lieu of any constitutional avenues(a CONCON), thus they choose to lose through apathy, and let it burn, so that they, hopefully, can ‘rebuild’. History shows the foolishness of this thinking, but they aren’t thinking, they are reacting emotionally, just like voting for Romney, he didn’t lose the election, millions of good guys didn’t show up.

        This is the thinking of the damned, and the collapse, like the politics, and the past 30 years of apathy, will be laid on the door step of the ‘Good guys’. Our reaction, is to ‘Go Galt’. But, most of our mental midget brothers, don’t understand, that they can only go Half Galt, because there is no Galt’s Gulch(nowhere to hide from the Beast)… and America is not the America of the 1950’s, the industrial infrastructure has already been destroyed, not by men going Galt, but by the MegaGalts moving it out from under you. SO you going Galt, will accomplish zip.

        You may help ‘starve the beast’ a little, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because you have forgotten that politics trumps everything. Going Galt, to your own Little Gulch, will still leave you exposed to the System that is hell bent on destroying the little guys. You cannot escape the tax man, as in county, city and other onerous taxes to come, it matters not if you are paying to American task masters or new Chinese owners, a massa is a massa.

        The War that comes may be full on civil war, invasion from a alliance of enemies, UN peacekeepers, it matters not, because you are going to lose… why? Because, you will NOT organize as ONE. You have too many differences, in ideology and religions. Some believe The Lord will save you, some believe otherwise, some believe the government is not evil, others who understand what the Founders said, know otherwise. You go Galt, by yourself, you die by yourself.

        This is mainly a philosophical question about the true nature of evil, and how evil concentrates its power, it organizes openly as the sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly. While we, the Good guys, are in the battle of our lives, and only a small percentage of the good understand the depth of the danger. But those who do, only see one way out, and it is only half way to even surviving without becoming a slave on the global company store now forming. Our very philosophy of the rugged individual, our intelligence and paranoia is our Achilles heel, and evil knows this.

        If a true John Galt were to speak, what would he say? He would say, There is strength in numbers. And there are enough of the Good guys to turn the tide, but only, only, if you act as ONE. This is the one thing evil doesn’t believe can happen, because evil itself has divided you into camps, ideologies, religions, you are truly as the Iron and Clay, of minds and emotions, who worship one thing above God and Constitution, the god of Mammon. The only way to beat the Beast, is to go Galt++, to go Galt for God by becoming poor, on paper, as a group. With a common vision, because the constitution, once gone, will never be again. But that does not mean the ideas contained within it, are dead. They will live as long as you can live, survive, thrive, and rise together, as an Elect that together, can defeat The Elite.

        Eventually, in the war against evil, it will boil down to defeating the evil ones, the spiritual wickedness in HIGH places, the money powers, who are the Rule of Gold, and they can only be defeated by the Golden Rule. Those who don’t believe will have to recognize, they got a much better deal from God given rights, than from the specious lies of men. The only way victory is assured, is to pull the same tricks they have pulled, to pull a Joke on them. To hide, in the open, in mutual support, to invest in each other, not specious investments of Wall street, but brothers on main street. To bypass the Beast system that comes, by elimination of the need to depend on the Beast’s System, and withdrawal from that system, as much as possible.

        To go Galt is to go ‘into the wilderness’, and is thus a Biblical concept, but it cannot be, as long you fight each other, instead of fighting a common enemy, as the enemy has targeted YOU. So use the same tools and loopholes, sell yourself and all your assets to a legal TRUST, as part of Trust Network. You become poor, on paper, but still keep everything you own. Each Trust is a mini trust in a network of trusts, dedicated to long term economic support, our children’s future, our skills, our knowledge, our culture, and a new shared vision, of pounding our swords into plowshares. The only way to win an economic war is by economic means, and all wars are won by logistics and deception. So you must begin to think as generals, not lieutenants.

        We are now in the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned, and the Dark man wants to destroy you, this much is obvious. You may disagree, but you would be a fool, and all we can say is; be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. In this new world of Atlas Shrugged, there is no Galt’s Gulch, so you must create one, that is as large as the continent, as a web of lights in the darkness.

        pipermichael . wordpress . com

        Temple of Galt++

        • “Show me a hero and I’ll prove to you he’s a bum”. Don’t know who said it but it basically means the man that will face death is the man that has nothing to lose. You make a good point and its the ideal I try to live by. Don’t like their game? Then don’t play it. Don’t use banks, don’t keep their worthless paper and don’t borrow from them.

          • Arco,
            Wonderful sentiment, totally unpractical. To quit playing the game of life, means to commit suicide. Why? They play a game with you don’t they? Instead of playing checkers, play chess.
            It is simplified thinking going up against sophisticated operators, that will get you killed.

        • Lots of wild cards that could move up the timeline.

      60. Keep buying and don’t panic. The manufacturers are taking advantage of these suspicious shooting media hype. The manufacturers are taking advantage of the situation just like the gun grabbers. Oh supply and demand my ass. People have been panic buying for two years now. Prices of the ammo I buy (7.62/39)500 rd bulk pack has gone up 50$ in the last year. Keep buying but don’t panic yet. We’ve got a 2-5 year window in my opinion. Team up with friends and spend all of your groups money on that piece of land we all should be buying. (InTeams). find away to to live off of nothing while you pay. And don’t plan on finishing paying it, while getting a low monthly payment.

      61. America is in a really difficult time!
        The ‘system’ of freedom & independence is well and truly broken —
        But it’s too early to shoot the bastards (of BOTH political parties) that got us into this situation!!

        • Why?

      62. hoax sandy hook take a look at your own

        REJOICE!!!! NO CHILDREN GOT KILLED!!! The Noose is a bunch of LIARS! They essentially hijacked a town and flooded it with actors! There are multiple levels at work here… On one level they will create a new headline for the noose… GUN CONTROL…. On the other hand… The dark energies FEED off your FALSE ++

        • Bob..this is really getting net time..I’ve spread this to many blogs and contacts, and still get daily emails of the same.
          Thanks for sharing.

      63. After a while, things become real obvious. The idea that a war is coming is a given. History repeats itself over and over, and about every 50 years or so, the world engages in another war. Plus, what a coinky-dink, it’s about the same ammount of time it takes to inflate a fiat currency to zero. We are there.
        All the cards are being played out now for this war to start. If citizens are disarmed, the authorities don’t have to worry about people saying no to war. if enough false flags are thrown out there, people will be begging for our leaders to kick ass, and take names.
        This same technique of a run up to war has been played out over and over. People think this is something new. The masses are being played, and they are too stupid to realize it. Disarm a society, and you don’t have to worry about any opposition. make the dollar worthless, and put everyone in debt, and begging for relief from the very assholes who created the problem. Then when all that’s accomplished, thrown in a few false flags, and the masses are ready for war. What a racket.

      64. Lots and LOTS of very bad stuff coming our way and very soon.

      65. Alot of comments on here. many good, some so-so… but at least people are talking… which in itself raises awareness-also good. This is a unique time in history, some of us will survive the upcoming horrors ahead and face a strange, new world. Many of us will face challenges and threats we never even thought of- or prepared for.

        This is where you need to know your neighbor…are they with you? If not, they will sell you out, sad to say. If they are onboard, you are fortunate and ahead of the game. Compare plans, notes, tips and tricks now…while you still can. If you live within 200 miles of any U.S. coast…seriously consider moving far inland and far away from any nuclear plants if you can. Another poster here mentioned the 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. and they are indeed a serious threat. All it takes is one EMP event, either man made or natural from our sun…and the crap hits the fan. How? Most (if not all) of the nuke plants in the U.S. have large on-site spent fuel pools…not to mention the reactor vessels themselves. These are deep, thick cement walled ‘pools’ that have ‘spent’ fuel rods in them which are actually still quite ‘hot’.

        When the electricity stops, these pools are no longer cooled by recirc pumps. If an EMP event happens, there is no working electricity and no backup generators are going to work…they are toast. It only takes about 24-48 hours before they start to overheat and melt down. Fukashima is nothing compared to what we will experience here. Do your own research… but you will find that this is true. I only hope that the survivors of this uncertain future remember enough history so as not to repeat any of this crap next time….it’s really getting old.

        • Nuke plants have multiple redundant battery back-up safeties. If the power goes out, the plant shuts down safely. Now, if it is damaged or sabotaged, that could be a different story.

      66. Not only are they going to have to default globally but they are going to have writeoff all our debts for the most part.

        Though thats really what the bail out was all about was to restore the wealth of those that caused the problem in the first place through their arrogance and stupidity using taxpayer wealth. Then shift the losses to the middle class and thereby making us all poor. The biggest ripoff in history faciliated by our own elected leaders.

        • Socializing losses; privatizing gains.

      67. Like most of you I love my country but loathe our government as it current exists. I have tried to educate sheeple and done what any freedom loving soul should do for preparation. So what I do now is buy PM every time I have more in the bank than dead bang have to have. By the way, has anyone else picked up on the fact that us Americans, and others probably, have been so brainwashed that while we EXCHANGE fiat currency for fiat currency for travel we “buy” real money; silver and gold?
        My one word uttered at that realisation was BULLSHIT!

      68. Well the dog and pony show is over.

        This FISCAL CLIFF is TOTAL B-S, what our government just done, was a ploy to raise their approval ratings with the sheeple, that’s what it’s all about.

        This is what I think.

        • Looks like the House is going to not approve it. This should be interesting.

      69. We’re going to war because there is a $700 Trillion derivatives-elephant dung-pile sitting on the world. Think about this: $700 Trillion is more than 10 times the global GDP.

        We’re going to war because those derivatives are the weapons of mass destruction — and there is no escape.

        Do NOT lull yourself into contentment believing there will be a pension for you at retirement. Do NOT think you will realize a Social Security check in 10 years. If you haven’t gotten out of the banks, do so asap. If you are saving US Dollars, ask yourself why: do you trust the government or yourself more? INVEST IN YOURSELF.

        Plan for increased taxes on real property, vehicles, and anything else the government can squeeze $ out of you with. If you have the means, set aside an estimated tax for several years — but not in USD, use silver or gold.

        Unplug from “insurance” nonsense — it’s a scam-of-a-business. If you own your home outright, you do not need force-placed insurance. Cancel the homeowners since many companies will no longer be able to provide payouts. If this is too difficult a concept, pay quarterly and stay tuned to the insurance firm you do business with. Or reduce the insurance to a fire policy only.

        Cancel all but liability on owned vehicles — and drive more defensively.

        Do not buy new unnecessary ‘stuff’ any longer! No new durable goods, vehicles, etc.

        Plan for more independence for yourself and your family. Continue to learn and practice skill building. Plan to incorporate your immediate community into a more sustainable lifestyle in the near future(this can be done with or without discussion). Take responsibility for a small community by taking the lead — it will help later to know that you’ve thought through some initial issues. If you know your neighborhood, you can visually assess what your community has and what it lacks. Who gardens now? Who has backyard critters or small livestock now? Think of ways your family/household and the immediate community can pull together when it gets worse. If you and yours cannot help to organize others, be prepared to defend what you own and what you grow.

        • Results can be obtained by passive resistance but that is a very long haul. The year 2013 is the year of change and we are all in it together. That doesn’t mean we are going to help each other to get thru it. Having reached my Terminal Prep, I have more time to think about what others are doing and what I will do to counter aggressive action. Also when to render assistance and to whom.
          I have come to the conclusion that a large percentage of our country do not care about their rights or your rights. They hate and want us dead. How does one ferret them out to avoid future confrontations and or becoming liabilities?
          If they voted for Obama.
          If they do not have a semi-auto rifle
          If they do not vote.
          If they are on prescription mind alterating drugs.
          Have no grasp of the History of the USA or the Constitution.
          No work ethic or skills.
          Facial Tattoos or body piercings.
          Strong ties to ethnic beliefs to the extent they become racial aggression. (riots)

          I am going to ruffle some feathers here but what I wanted to do was to show indicators, YES! PROFILING, to keep from getting in trouble.
          I was really knocked off my feet this past weekend and I will tell you again, that people are not whom you think they are when it hits the fan.

          • OH slingshot you got a GRAND SLAM on this.
            3 to 10 power in thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      70. There is no retirement for my kind…only wilderness and battle stations.

        I know in my heart…I cannot surrender. I just pray to God
        to make all my shots count!

      71. Right On White Boys

      72. Lucky 2013 to All! Yes it will be war because that is what THEY always profit from and so engineer at the times THEY want. Plain to see who will benefit from it and who will be hurt / eliminated… and if they can get a race war lit up here well won’t that make them happy. Only the strongest slaves will survive and be of use to THEM. Prep up and Opt out Get back to the land and quit feeding the Beast. If you are not surviving by now you are not ready for what is coming because it is already here. PEACE be WITH ALL

      73. Relax again. You’ll have until 2014 to get it together. BO will make this all legit with a Democrat controlled House of Reps. All nice and legal like at the midterms. They and the MSM will continue to make anyone that believes in actually “paying as you go” out to be irrational idiots that hate poor people and America. This fiscal cliff crap is almost done. The House will go with cutting out a gumball machine in the lobby. Tink…Tink….Tink…there goes that damn can again. As it will for the next 2 years…..NO way in hell this ends nicely. I mainly hate it for my 4 children. I would rather deal with this now and get it over with. But no, it will wait a while longer.

      74. Greetings Everyone!
        “Times hard to deal with will be here”….
        Sound like something you may have heard before?
        Every time Civilization reaches a certain “plateau” it seems to run out of steam and fail.Ours is no different.The only exception is that in the past it happened to different places and not others.In our “modern” age it’s gonna be GLOBAL.US,Europe,Asia and all the rest will be going down at the same time(just at different speeds.Things like the nuke “problem” of Japan will speed up the timetable for them(look around at your local COSCO,et al,notice the sudden influx of young affluent Japanese families shopping there?Not everyone there wants wait around in Nippon to die from the spreading radiation!but Guess what! IT’S Headed to the West coast and points East!But I digress.).How far and fast we we here in America go down is debatable.I don’t know about anyone else,but I like clean running water,toilets that flush and light switches that work.So when you cry for Havoc remember what you ask for.God has a sense of humor(that’s where we get ours from),so he may give you EXACTLY what you wish for.
        Best to All for the New Year!

        • And there it is, GrayFoxGreen.

          Calling for Havoc is a cry in the wilderness to wash away all the stupidity that this country has GROWN INTO over years of Political Correctness and extreme malinterpetation of the Constitution. Washington, D.C. has bestoyed all this crap on us and the Havoc is going to be the PUSH BACK.

          Which is worse? Running headlong into the breech or sitting back and have them slowly strangle us?
          I think that most here will be fighting their battles all ALONE. Like myself.

      75. Deal, is No Deal.

        just another day in stupidville with Congress

      76. @ slingshot
        I beg of you to re-think the semi auto position… i assure you that someone with a lever action rifle and wheelgun who knows how to use them can easily take out some of these young hotshots with semi-autos… other than that i believe you have a pretty good list of things to look for!!

        • I Agree with you oldman

        • Hello Oldman.

          There are plenty of good people who do not have weapons that are semi-auto and can use those weapons extremely well.
          Here is the glitch, Oldman.
          A person who is a fellow hunter and have know for a few years made the statement he didn’t have to worry cause his guns were not on the ban list. In the past he has shot my semi-auto weapons and his Children have shot them also. So I have a real case of the ass on his statement. Which has cause me to rethink and more to the point, at my age, I am done Fucking Around. I am sad to say I will now put this person at arms lenght, so to say.
          I want proof you have skin in the game. All those trap and skeet shooters and long rifle people who think thier guns are not next are fooling themselves. That is why I wish they would ban all guns and get it over with.

      77. Hillary got taken out by the Intel and black ops guys for Bengazi. Well, it sounds good.

      78. Meet the New Year, it’s the same as the old year.

        Meet the new boss, he’s the same as the old boss.

        “We are all passengers on a Ship Of Fools”.
        Bob Brinker Money Talk

        Stay Brave

      79. Debka file is now reporting that Hillary may have been injured in a plane crash during a secret mission to Iran.

      80. This will end with a whimper, not a bang. The whimper of bankruptcy and cessation of military contractor subsidies.

        We have been at war off and on since Vietnam and totally committed since Bush/Cheney. War is not a profitable venture for a society…only the war profiteers and financiers gain anything.

      81. happy new year slingshot
        completly understand what you are writing… we all have skin in the game its just that most of the population doesnt know it yet and by the time they do realize that they do it will be over for them… this situation is perhaps more difficult because it is next to impossible to find people (including family members) you can count on… i believe they will ban every fire arm out there including black powder and it will be a felony to possess same.

      82. Your right oldman

      83. see, this is what happens when you’re too busy putting your nose in everyboby elses business, on the long run, you forget about your own, if the government was as smart as it says it is, but then again, when you only think about yourself doesnt help at all, food, take 50%, sell to your public, and the other 50% sell to other countries, health care, should be like sick days at work, you can have so many until you have to pay from your pockets, this is only a few, imagine the possibilities,

        this is just my view of a good start

        • bad view Matt. I can tell your not very smart.

          • i might not be as smart as others here, im still learning, i used to be blind until i found this site, wich is not very long ago, im learning alot more when i can put an idea and others can say if its good or not, maybe its not a good view, but it doesnt mean i cant change my view on it,

            • @Matt:

              Good Day Sir !

              Ignore bunker girl, “he” is a troll, about eleven I think.

              Welcome to SHTFplan.

              dysfunctional – yes
              diverse – yes
              delusional – probably
              delivers the goods – absolutely

              Lots of exceptional people, with lots of good info, and lots of heart. It’s like The Munsters on steroids, lol.

              …be safe….stay the course…..BA.

        • The UK has historically disarmed their civilian subjects once they’re no longer needed to protect the empire. In doing so the master servant relationship is further cemented into place.

          The United Kingdom likes to brag about it’s rule of law. Watch Gandhi and Michael Collins to get an idea how they treat their “subjects”. They we’re absolutely genocidal to civilians in the Second Boer War. They started the idea of civilian concentration camps. No offense to the subjects intended. It’s your governments respect for individual rights or better said lack thereof that is the problem. We recognized that just about 237 years ago.

        • It is really funny when mid-sized prepper blog-sites have more visitors than he has viewers on the once largest cable news network in the world!

      84. A small point, perhaps: Greece’s “Yunker” is incorrect; the person in Question is Jean-Claude Junker, President of Eurogroup (which consists of the finance ministers of the EU. His lie was to deny to the Press that he attended a secret meeting to discuss Greece’s leaving the EU. When he was caught out he admitted that he lied to avoid exacerbating the crisis.

      85. Father of Kidnapped Son gets Revenge

        * a very powerful video to watch … let this be a warning to those who abuse the weak and defenseless .

        Not only did the child s e x pr ed ato r kidnap but apparently se xu al ly abused the yo ung chi ld . The childs father was having none of that! (Brutal and Shocking)

        Is this a Loving Fathers Justice Served upon a Pre dat or … You decide for yourself .

        see link below …

        ~FMKP ;0p




        ~FMKP :0p

      87. Remember that old saying by the Commies that lived in America in the 1960s thru the 1970s.

        they said,

        ‘Better red than dead’

        Those commies are still alive and are the 47% Romney was talking about.

        I was amazed at how many anit-gun and anti-NRA folks there were on the MSM blogs only minutes after the massacre at Sandy Hook.

        Those commies are the future rats and spies. They will be the employees of the drones.

        • As things go further south, many of these fools will thing they can stay in the good graces of the empire by snitching on their neighbors. They won’t make the connection that the empire is fully aware of how untrustworthy they are, and will throw them to the wolves as soon as their usefulness has expired.






        ~FMKP ;0p

        • What? I’m going to depend on a POS Mag for my life? Anyone that didn’t buy all they wanted in the last 10 years deserves what they get.



        Your Perceived Reality … IS NOT REAL !!! ;0p

        see like below …

        ~FMKP ;0p

      90. Are you Predator or Prey … ?

        Punk Takes on Gulf War Vet and Gets Humiliated

        Uploaded on Oct 9, 2009

        Gulf War veteran Jason Smith, 35, had no idea why some punk came on his property and started becoming foul mouth with him. Jason, it turns out, is a master in karate and jiu-jitsu and was being filmed felling the foul-mouthed punk outside his home as a crowd gathered. His wife Rebecca cowered with their 22-month daughter was later quoted as saying, “I was proud.”

        • this would be a nice site if FreeMan would go away

          • Go back to your bunker…..

      91. You ditzy old people better watch your mouths with this talk of war. At the very least watch some videos of combat so you get a feel for it. Its a very very serious thing, what youre talking about.

        • Eisenkreutz
          The only ones you will have to fight beside are ditzy old people.

          I was crazy when I got here, But I’m alllll right now.

      92. This pretty much says it all just like it did back then 238 years ago come March.

        Kind of ironic, the UN Arms Treaty talks are this March, 18–28!

        The last 4 sentences pretty much says it all.

        YOU have a CHOICE, its yours and Only Yours!

        St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia
        March 23, 1775.

        MR. PRESIDENT: No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do, opinions of a character very opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely, and without reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfil the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offence, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.

        Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

        I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years, to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves, and the House? Is it that insidious smile with which our petition has been lately received? Trust it not, sir; it will prove a snare to your feet. Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with these war-like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled, that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the subject? Nothing. We have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable; but it has been all in vain. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? What terms shall we find which have not been already exhausted? Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves. Sir, we have done everything that could be done, to avert the storm which is now coming on. We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne. In vain, after these things, may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending²if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!

        They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations; and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

        It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

        Patrick Henry

      93. The US is going around the globe securing global resources knowing there will be a potential fight for them in the not too distant future. Putting even a token amount of troops creates a skirmish line. If one enters they must engage Americans and risk retaliation. The troops on the 38th Parallel in Korea are not there to hold back an invasion but to be sacrificed in the initial attack. This last push is over a decade in the making. They’re going at it at warp speed.

        This is but one more example of preparations for a global economic downfall.

      94. Coming up on 32 years and all I’ve seen is little ones.

      95. War is inevitable, but not among the G7 or lower. The dependent nations will rage against the US export of over night inflation (resulting in hyperinflation in small countries) – certainly these countries will default and resort to a breach in any contract or pact that they have with the US (and you cannot blame them – our ancestor’s did the same thing 200+ years ago).

      96. Why the government is buying billions of bullets and getting ready for martial law?

        They are going to DEVALUE THE DOLLAR BY MAYBE 50%!

        What does that mean? When you wake up and check your checking account, your brokerage account, your 401k, you’ll find it devalued DOWN 50%.

        So cash instead of being $2000 is not $1000, etc.

        Your ratty leaders do not know how the populace at large will react.

        Hence, the government is bracing itself for civil riots at best, and civil war at worst.

      97. The problem in American is very simply public law 62-5. Look it up. If the Supremely Corrupt Court would do its job and call it unconstitutional, freedom would return like flowers after a spring rain.

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