You Just Paid $24,000 for Each Clunker

by | Oct 30, 2009 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The White House is none too happy about’s recent analysis of the cash for clunkers program. President Obama (and staff) must feel as if Edmunds is attacking them, and evidentally, they are a bit upset that Edmunds’ analysis is not in line with their own. Boo hoo for them. The facts don’t lie and the person who should be most upset about the recent report is YOU, not Mr. Obama. explains in The White House Attacks Edmunds for Reaching Politically Uncomfortable Conclusion on Cash for Clunkers:

    Don’t you find it interesting the amount of effort this White House puts toward going out of its way to discredit its critics by name?

    In the latest episode, they take aim at an analysis of the CARS (”Cash-for-Clunkers”) program by auto analyst, contrasting its methods and conclusions with those of a report by the Council of Economic Advisers.

    The essence of the White House’s critique of Edmunds is that they reached the “wrong” conclusions.

    The White House hates the fact that the Edmunds story contained a brilliant headline. The Obamians won’t quote it of course. But in case you missed it, Edmunds concluded that each vehicle sold with a CARS-program assist actually cost taxpayers more than $24,000.

    How could that have happened? Because a lot of the sales of vehicles that took place with a taxpayer assist would have happened anyway. According to Edmunds, the number of INCREMENTAL sales (sales that would not have occurred without the Clunker subsidy) was closer to 125,000 than to the nearly 700,000 the government claims.

    Did that make sense to you? Nearly 700,000 vehicles were purchased this summer with a taxpayer subsidy, but only about 125,000 of those purchases would NOT have occurred without the subsidy.

    The article concludes:

    But the White House has a political problem because they badly need for the rest of us to give them credit for any improvement in the economy. The Clunker program has been convincingly criticized as a waste of public money. It doesn’t serve Obama’s interests to hear anyone say, let alone prove, that economic conditions are getting better on their own.

    That’s why he decided to shoot the messenger.

    Read the full article here…

    Read the press release here…


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      1. Like this should surprise anyone…

        Obama has yet to be accused of taking criticism too well…and when he thinks he’s backed into a corner, he just blames Bush and/or Republicans in general (not that they are not at least partially to blame for all this $%!#).

        I’m honestly starting to believe that this is the first time in his life that he’s really be challenged.  That is, he’s not used to people saying that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, etc.

        As for the Cash for Clunkers thing, as the Comic Book Store Owner would say- worst idea EVER! 

      2. You do make a good point about the Prez…. Up until about 2 years ago, he probably never got questioned… now there are 50 million people busting his balls on the internet every day! haha

        In regards to Cash for Clunkers… it is/was a horrible idea. That being the case, the government will likely do another round, because it only makes sense!

      3. Ooops. Uh, yeah, 50 million people like that one jerk, Mac Slavo!

        What does he know anyways?



      4. There’s also the guy that runs this web site:

        He’s a big time ball buster, from my understanding! Always talking about freedom and liberty, and BS principles like that.


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