“You Can’t Listen To Your Damn Stock Broker” – Forecaster Warns Of 70% Stock Market Crash And New Great Depression

by | Jul 31, 2016 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    Economic forecaster Harry Dent has been analyzing the economy and trading markets for decades. Utilizing a wide breadth of research that includes capital flows and demographics, he has accurately called market tops, turning points and asset price movements.

    Dent recently joined CrushTheStreet.com to discuss his thoughts on the current economic, monetary and financial landscape and the news isn’t pretty. According to Dent, a new great depression is coming and we may well be on the cusp of a massive downturn as the the world’s numerous bubbles start bursting.

    Every time in history that we’ve seen a debt bubble, we’ve seen financial asset bubbles… sometimes it’s more in real estate, sometimes more in stocks…

    This time it’s everything… We’ve got bubbles everywhere and these bubbles are going to have to collapse and deleverage.

    And it means, for investors, just once in your lifetime you can’t listen to your damn stock broker.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    All we’ve done since 2008 is stop the next Great Depression from happening with endless money printing.

    It looks like it’s getting ready to unravel because you can only keep an economy going artificially with free money for so long because free money causes its own excesses, and greater bubbles, and mis-investment. 

    I’m not a Republican or Democrat… I’m not a bull or a bear… I’ve been the most bullish economist in history and now I’m one of the most bearish because we’re in a bubble economy… and bubbles have to burst… they don’t correct… they don’t go down slowly… they crash and burn… In typical bubbles commodities and stocks are 80% give or take before they bottom and in real estate 50% – 60%…

    We’re not going to get a 20% correction when this stock bubble bursts… It’s going to be worse than 2008… It’s going to be a 70% correction. 

    I think now or in the next six months these bubbles, the final bubbles in stocks and bonds, are going to burst. We’re going to see several years of the worst downturn since 1929-1932. 

    If you don’t see it coming you’re going to be shocked…

    Buckle up, because if Harry Dent is right we are about to witness an unprecedented investor panic across the world.

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      1. Good ‘ol Harry sure ain’t about to give up, is he?

        He’s right, though, a crash is coming…..it’s just that we’re all gonna be insane before it happens!

        • The day of reckoning approaches. The stock market crash will just be the beginning. What comes after is what I am most worried about.

          • Those that are not willing to wade waist deep in blood are going to die.

            • Watch “. The Coming Days . Esoteric Truthes . To see what’s coming. Watch the little girls birthday. They might have to fight the civil war that’s coming. And it will come. Like it or not. We are responsible. But they will pay.

          • Thats why im just living for today

          • Silver up to $20.70 Monday AM in the Hong Kong Market. Sure it paused in July and the paper shorters still were hammering it. And still may keep hammering it.

            And any jerk like “Jackknife” that says sh!t about the $26.50 number that I predicted by end of July, can go F*ck off. Silver is up 33% from its lows. That’s a $7 increase. The Price Ratio target bottom is 47 to 1 Silver to Gold. And its dropped from 80 to 1 in March to now at 65 to 1, and we have a great run ahead of us yet to catch up. At todays price of $1350 for Gold, Silver should be selling at $28.72. So we still have an $8 upside coming. So keep stacking b!tches.

            Where else can you get 33% return on your money in 9 months? Las Vegas on a lucky day? Did your house increase in value 33% in the last 9 months? Hardly.

            The 80 to 1 drop, to 47 to 1 drop window time frame is usually from 6 months to 9 months. That has happened consistently 3 other times in the last 20 years like clock work. And it was at 80 to 1 in March, so from Sept to Dec this year, is the window time frame to hit the 47 to 1 Target for Silver. And I sure don’t see Gold dropping at all going into this election cycle. So we may see at least $28 to $30 Silver from this Sept to Dec.

            After this month pause and consolidation, I see Silver now punching through $21, $22, $23 really fast, like it did from $16 to $21, just a month ago. There is no resistance on the upside. Unless the Hedge fund Bankster Manipulators with their Billions of Fake digital money, paper shorts it. Those F*ckers need to be shot, then hung out for the vultures to peck away at them.

            ~WWTI… So Back up the truck and keep stacking!!

        • Makes sense that Hillary got 45 Million in donations from hedge funds and Trump only got 19 thousand.

          Hillary will keep the fraud going and Trump will stop it.

          • professional fact checkers have stated that 88% of Don the Con’s RANTS are FALSE. The man is a total hypocrite…..”believe what I say, not what I do.” He and his daughter’s clothing lines are made OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and he tells you that’s because NO clothing is made in the US anymore. Sorry con man but there are still 300 clothing manufacturers in this country. Even your “Make America Great Again” caps are made in China. Pathetic in my eyes, but I forgot, if Drumpf had to pay more for caps made here, he couldn’t pocket as much money. I worked 12 short blocks North of the World Trade Center and will never forget that fateful day. The con’s statement that hundreds of Muslims in Jersey City were celebrating the fall of the towers was a TOTAL FABRICATION as there has never been ANY EVIDENCE found of that claim. The con man thrives on stirring up fears of radical Muslims and terrorism and illegals committing crimes. False- % of crimes by illegals is minute compared to native Americans. Donald rants about illegals stealing our jobs, yet he had no problems with hiring 150 undocumented Polish workers who were forced to work 12-16 hour days at $4-5 dollars per hour, without supplying safety helmets and even having them live on site as well as illegals working in his hotels. He also has multiple lawsuits from former employees and contractors who were stiffed from their money over the years. How does a “great” businessman fail to make casinos profitable? Perhaps if he wouldn’t have given himself a millions dollar/year salary they wouldn’t have gone bust, leaving all his investors taking huge losses. Recently the Don says he doesn’t want to give up control of his multitude businesses if elected, despite that being a conflict of interests and probably illegal. Instead he feels that his family members can run the Oval office for him while he’s manning his financial interests. Looks like he’s more interested in his money than the White House position. He’s ONLY INTERESTED IN THE POWER ! His lack of knowledge about policy issues and the constitution is scary for a man who wants to President and the reason why the Khan family is striking out at him these past few days. Donald’s bestselling book “The Art of the Deal” was written by a ghostwriter and that man has come out stating that he believes that Donald Trump has never read a book completely in his life. When asked if he gathers knowledge to make decisions from books, magazines, newspapers he says, “NO I watch shows. I read a right wing news blog today about how Donald stands up against discrimination. I guess they forgot about how he and his father were prosecuted by New York City for discrimination against renting to Black americans in the 139 apt units they owned. Remember that the con lettered in 3 sports while in school, yet he received 3 separate deferments during Vietnam due to a bone spur in his foot. When asked by a news reporter recently, which foot?, the Con said he couldn’t remember. Perhaps Daddy bought his deferments ?……. And he he has gall to call John McCain a coward. Because of his multiple bankruptcies American banks refuse to loan money for his projects. Instead he now gets his money from Russia. I’m very nervous about Donald’s fascination and praise for world dictators. PEOPLE, THIS MAN DOESN’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT REGULAR AMERICANS, BUT ONLY IN THIS FOR THE POWER. I’m also very concerned about a worldwide depression if the Con is elected. I’m not a big fan of Hillary but at least with her she can be voted out in 4 years, but your vote for the Don, may be the last election you’ll ever vote. Read Upton Sinclair’s 1939 novel, “It can’t Happen Here”, concerning a dictator’s rise in the US

          ****Getting ready for War is very Well understood by most. Staying Ready for prolonged periods is ALMOST Impossible.

          In Dallas Texas Blacks are HEAVILY Arming themselves. Not with junk.
          Pistol-AR-Single point sling-Optics. One dude even had sword along with gear. These were all young black males. Camo-Black outfits-Beards- at local gun show. Not just a few. Very many were buying Everything in sight. Arming up for War.

          You will be facing pissed off, self entitled, no conscience, Savages with equal level of gear to yours. These people are not buying up war gear to keep it in closet. Looks like Obama has achieved his objective of causing chaos in America. Obama wants this idiocy. TREASON.

          I am Not an Alarmist. I’m not a Racist. Have had a long term black girlfriend.
          Until she cut me. That’s a joke.
          She was actually a sweet intelligent girl. Maybe that is why she left me?

          What I saw at local Gun Show I have Never seen in many many years. That many well financed young blacks heavily arming up. Muslim? Black Lives matter Savages?

          When those EBT cards stop working. When Obama is successful at Intentionally imploding/destroying the US economy. We are ALL in a sporty situation with well armed and motivated Savages with NO conscience. Males between age 12 to 30 are dangerous when in groups. No matter the race, religion, lack of religion. Younger is MOST Dangerous. Those still alive after age 27 get more sense sometimes. The young warrior/wanna be, has NO INHIBITIONS for extreme violence when in a group.
          The heavily armed individuals I saw were TROUBLE. They INTEND on engaging. Felt it in my gut. I have looked my enemy in the eye and destroyed him at zero range. Same look as the ones I saw getting ready for war. HATE. Anger. Disdain. in their eyes and disposition.

          Put your own big talk and ego aside. Get in shape. Get those reflexes wired.
          Savages are planning trouble. My plan is leaving. No war for me or mine.

          Apologies for the bad news. But you have Accurate Reliable Visual confirmation in the zone of Savages gone wild.
          They have killed HERE before and unfortunately will kill again.
          I truly dread this bull shit. All of this was Avoidable.

          Obama is getting his chaos that HE INTENTIONALLY STIRRED UP and WANTS.

          A Shit Storm is coming. You win the fire fight. Because YOU are not there. I will not participate in Any violent action against Anyone. I’m leaving. This mess is NOT my making. Obama ALLOWED into USA Drug Cartel Gang members-stirred racial tensions-has co-operated with ENEMIES of America-Allowed terrorist into our country. Americans REFUSE to IMPEACH and ARREST a TRAITOR. They put Obama in office a second time to do even MORE damage to our nations security. Ridiculous.

          If the Majority of Americans put a traitor in office two times. Let them deal with his intentional mess. Destruction of USA by Design–Obama’s plan.

          By the way. I went to gun show to SELL Everything I have. Selling out. Leaving sinking ship to live a quite and peaceful life. No racial tensions. Peaceful people. Just how I like it. Quite. Boring. Raising crops, herds, children. I opt out.
          Piss on you Obama. Piss on those that ALLOWED the Commies and Criminals to take over the USA government.

          Enough is Enough.

          Hillary Clinton TREASON. Allowed by FBI director.
          Constant assault by GOVERNMENT and Media on my family-business-Christian beliefs.
          IRS TARGETING conservatives and used as vindictive tool.
          DHS practice with targets of pregnant women and farmers. You train how you intend to fight. Americans remain silent about the TYRANNY.

          POk e mon game is important though. Media sure pushed that. Right?

          • Storm Coming

            Nothing unusual at my last gun show. Will keep watch.
            Thanks for the heads up.

            • It is my belief that the individuals arming up heavily were trying to make statement.
              Maybe thumbing their nose at “whitey” or Police working the event?

              What I witnessed and vibe was different. It was personal. Was not directed at me specifically. Was a general Malice, HATE, Anger, cockey attitude showing off their armament. Was like a dare. But they were serious. Seen that look before in far off war torn places.

              These individuals want trouble. Looking for trouble. My wife and kids will not accompany me if I ever return. Has Always been a family atmosphere at event. This time there was a tangible threat to my family in that particular recent events environment.

              Normal Black people don’t walk around in black gear, camo gear, AR in single point sling, optics, with the attitude displayed. Not Family friendly environment.

              Yes you see all kinds of “interesting people” at gun show events. But thugs are few. Always some of the Mexican cartel types arming up. But only a handful.

              Guess Obama’s “Fast and Furious” fiasco already armed cartel up good?

              If I ever go to another. I’m taking camera and will bootleg video of what I see.
              Video’s are not allowed at events. …….Except of course the Police who video Everyone Coming and Going. Squad car cameras. They have the damned “Big Brother 1984 type watch tower” there in parking lot. Capturing license plates. They also scan parking lot license plates of attendants. Seen Police doing it in the past there..

              Also noticed some dealers at gun show have cell phones with camera directed towards you. Are they recording video for the FEDS? In case if someone says something not properly praising the omniscient King Overlord comrade obama. I don’t know? Any way that is what i witnessed.

              There was another planned Black Lies Matter protest the other night. Thankfully no violence. I think Police have showed remarkable self restrain towards protesters.

          • Storm are you in Dallas too???

          • Storm, your best weapon is your brain. Blacks are a lot lower IQ than whites on average. There are 100’s of ways to dispose of the savages without using guns at all. How many black urban savages are good shots? I can bet you it’s NONE! Blacks hate the woods, there are snakes and mountain lions and bears omg! They are not to be worried about if you have any brainpower at all…..

              • When that one comes on the car radio, I always crank up the volume when it gets to the organ solo.

            • Genius,
              Guess you are not Marine.
              Plenty of blacks there.
              Men of Honor and Integrity. Men I’d be proud to call friend.

              I never had luxury of being particular about who was covering my 6 on a hump.
              Or particular about who was on watch. Keeping me safe while I dozed and got needed rest. Keeping me from getting my throat cut by enemy while sleeping.
              I never asked if they were Jew, Christian, Atheist.
              Never cared if they were red, yellow, black, brown, white, or fruits in polka dot undies.
              I cared that they did their job. Pure and simple.
              I’m not a “Genius”. I’m not so pure, but I am simple.
              I care that a man does his job. Nothing more.
              In sports. In combat. In daily business.

              The Dallas Police Officers MURDERED by the aledged shooter who was black, former Army. Though he was Not even in a combat oriented direct action role.
              Well I DOUBT the Murdered Police Officers or their grieving family would agree with your Genius assessment. In YOUR own words,”How many black urban savages are good shots? I can bet you it’s NONE! ”

              Well the one in Dallas seemed to be OK at ambush and Murder.
              Dallas has had a terrible murder rate this year. Many murders are Savage on Savage violence. Someone can shoot? People are dead. The shooter is often black.

              I NEVER underestimate anyone. NEVER. My shot all to hell friend in OCS Underestimated the anger and capabilities of a 5ft nothing 110 pound Blonde, sexy young woman in short skirt and heels.

              His range time with that beautiful fianc’e paid off. She learned very well. Filling him full of lead as he came home late one night. Even in her pissed off state she hit him accurately 5 of 6 rounds. Number 6 just grazed his arm at perfect heart level, just slightly wide. Maybe because she was wearing 4.5 heels. Short women often wear heels. Might have thrown her aim off a little on number 6?

              So Genius. Do you really believe what you say? Or just stirring the hornets?

              • Reread the original post and tell me what it describes (storms post). I guess the whole reply I made went right over your head (figures). I know! Let’s have a spellin’ contest lol.

            • Just like happened during the RNC, blacks’ innate laziness will win out, and be their undoing.

              The name you NEVER want to call a black person starts with an “n” and ends with an “r”


          • Storm,

            You can run, but you can’t hide. You will be found out sooner than later. This is going to be a Global problem.

            No weapons? You really need to re-think this. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

            Anyway, where do you figure on hiding?

          • Whites here have been arming up since bill Clinton was president. I actually don’t know Anyone who isn’t armed to the teeth. We’ve been ready for SHTF for 10 years or more. Don’t want it to happen, but ain’t scared either and the blacks here know it
            And that’s why sh1t hasn’t started here yet. Here is Memphis btw.

          • If the entitlement savages have not practiced their aim and broken these weapons in, most of them will belong to us. Yes the scum feds will bleed for targeting our families. The savages are only the fodder for for these soulless fucks. I’m going to send many of them to hell. Cowards will only get in our way, so go.

          • “Until she cut me. That’s a joke.
            She was actually a sweet intelligent girl”

            Maybe because you’re a racist, despite you’re insistence you’re not.Go back and read y our description. You just called a group of black men savages for being dressed and doing the same thing rednecks do.

            • Hey nunya and anyone else politically correct and easily offended:
              ALL races and ALL religions and ALL people can be made fun of Equally.
              People are stupid, funny, amusing, entertaining.

              Most humans are idiots and do funny sierra and amuse everyone but themselves with their lunacy and idiocy. It is called being human.

              There are good and bad points about everyone.
              Would be a dull ass place if everyone was the same.
              Everyone brings a flavor. Some good. Some bad. Always interesting.

              Wise cracks is called being humorous. AKA: A f-ing joke.
              Maybe you should go outside more. Unplugged from fear mongering Chicken Little sky is always about to fall just like the y2k bravo sierra. (BTW: How did that work out for you? Sure made an ass out of me.) Learn to laugh dumb ass. Especially at your self. Everyone else is laughing at you anyway.

              ——-So learn to smile and take a bow.
              ——-Acknowledge the Entertainment and Amusement value you provided others.
              ——-Chip off your shoulder. SMILE on face. SPRING in your step.

              If you are offended? If anyone else is offended.
              I just don’t care. Not even a little.

              “Going outdoors now. It is a fine day to be Alive.”
              Best luck to Everyone: Red-Yellow-Black-Brown-White-Blue-Zebra Stripped-Pink Polka Dot.

              Best to Everyone. Life is Wonderful. SUN is shining bright. Fishing hole is calling my name. Beer is cold. Wonderful day to ALL.


          “There is no such thing as a “white” race, Americans of European ancestry are in reality crossbreds from many ethnic groups, ranging from areas in Northern Europe, the Urals, Asia minor, the Middle East and Northern Africa, thus these people are indeed Hitler’s Mischlinge.

          Moreover, about 70% of “white” Americans can trace their roots to the indigenous people in North America: during colonial times miscegenation between Native Americans and European settlers was intense and common (God Bless the British Empire for not placing obstacles in the human evolution).

          The core issue here is that many “white mestizos” in America are still today extremely apprehensive (or embarrased) to disclose their full heritage, in order to avoid being ostracized.”

          IS THAT SO, YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD??????????













          “are you serious dude you obviously have never read a history book talking about IQ. If it were not for the muslim world europe would still be in the dark ages. They hold knowledge and understanding as one of their high pillars. You sound like a bigot and your capital case doesn’t give you weak pathetic argument any weight.”






          • AE
            You make some very good POINTS HERE!

            • Very good points. 75% german, 25% french and dutch, no shit races in me 🙂

              • Well, first of all, French and German aren’t races you fucking imbecile.

                And second, French is a cowardly nationality.

          • We were ALL White once. Look at the photo.

            ht tps://odrambles.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/stop-the-racism-we-were-all-white-once-wtf-racism/


          • Truth bombs blowing up bullshit. Well said AE .

          • Who exactly are you arguing with imbecile?

          • There are major problems with all of the DNA tests and how people perceive them.

            First, with the Y-DNA test, you only get an indication of your male line ancestor. At 10 generations back, that’s only 0.1% of your ancestors (1,024 individuals). The same holds true for the mitochondrial DNA which only checks the female. That test very rarely helps anyone in their genealogy. So, you could be 3/4 Cherokee, and both of those tests could miss it.

            Secondly, with the autosomal DNA test, they still only check a percentage of your DNA. That means it can miss a lot of supposedly Indian DNA. Only parts of your DNA are race-specific. As above, when you get to 10 generations back, which for most old families on the east coast is when they might have had the Indian bride in the family, there is very little chance that the Indian-specific DNA happens to be in the part that gets tested.

            A black person can get one of those tests that tells them what country and what tribe their ancestors came from. If they get tests from other companies, they get different results.

            So basically, you can’t count on DNA testing for everything. It’s good for paternity testing, and the Y-DNA test is good for possibly finding your male line if you are adopted or have problems tracing that one line.

            DNA testing, at this point, cannot prove with a certainty that you don’t have Indian or Negro ancestry.

          • I have tried to post a response twice and was censored both times. Are we not allowed to even name other races now? Is it okay to call the people who were here thousands of years ago naked savages, but not okay to use the “I” word? They are not “native Americans” any more so than I am, as I was also born here, along with 5 or 6 generations before me.

            Here is the post again, with all the naughty words eliminated:

            There are major problems with all of the DNA tests and how people perceive them.

            First, with the Y-DNA test, you only get an indication of your male line ancestor. At 10 generations back, that’s only 0.1% of your ancestors (1,024 individuals). The same holds true for the mitochondrial DNA which only checks the female. That test very rarely helps anyone in their genealogy. So, you could be 3/4 “I” word, and both of those tests could miss it.

            Secondly, with the autosomal DNA test, they still only check a percentage of your DNA. That means it can miss a lot of supposedly “I” word DNA. Only parts of your DNA are race-specific. As above, when you get to 10 generations back, which for most old families on the east coast is when they might have had the “I” word bride in the family, there is very little chance that the “I” word-specific DNA happens to be in the part that gets tested.

            A b—k person can get one of those tests that tells them what country and what tribe their ancestors came from. If they get tests from other companies, they get different results.

            So basically, you can’t count on DNA testing for everything. It’s good for paternity testing, and the Y-DNA test is good for possibly finding your male line if you are adopted or have problems tracing that one line.

            DNA testing, at this point, cannot prove with a certainty that you don’t have “I” word or “knee grow” ancestry.

        • No, he’s not giving up on his same old song and dance routine. He also predicted $600 an oz. gold too but that not only hasn’t happened, it hasn’t even come close to happening. But little things like complete failure do not dissuade ol’ Harry from continuing to spew away.

          As for myself, yes, I do believe that we are in a depression right now and have been since 2008. That it has been papered over by the Fed does not mean that it was fixed and all is now well. Fact is, nothing got “fixed” in 2008. It only got pushed forward in time to some unknown point in the future. As the future often does, parts of it are here now.

          The next market drop is likely to be severe. Maybe not 70% but more than bad enough at 40-50%. In spite of this, there are always assets in which one can invest in any market. While it is not widely known, the Great Depression created a large number of millionaires as well as widespread poverty among millions of Americans and others around the world. These new millionaires were the people who had some money set aside and were able to buy up very cheap shares of major US blue-chip companies, often at pennies on the dollar when things looked darkest. That was one of those “buying opportunities of a life-time” deals. Perhaps the coming several months will offer the current generations of investors that same kind of opportunity.

        • http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/28284/








      2. dent predicts the worst, again; surprise, surprise.

        yes, dent will eventually be right and the fed banks solutions wont work and the markets will drop over 50% and maybe even more than 70% but that is not in the next 6 months.

        the bank of japan and Europe fed banks are supporting the markets and have been all this year.

        only way dent is right is if something happens that is totally unexpected and then he was right because he luckily guessed a time when something happened that threw the markets completely off.

        • Harry Dent is not a doom and gloom bear market guy. He is far better grounded in demographics that aren’t government manipulated numbers.

          When Harry Dent goes bear you should listen.

          Currently the only economy producing growth is the Investment Markets that are running on printed money and government manipulation.

          The Powers that Shouldn’t be are keeping the illusion alive by manipulating supposedly free markets and pumping up bankrupt banks.

          The biggest EBT cards in history have been issued to the 1% visa the investment markets.

          Dent is anti-precious metals, he is correct, in a depression gold will lose value. Problem is the petro US dollar is the standard for oil trade. If the dollar loses its place as the standard for oil trade, it will slide down well beyond gold. We live in the US where the dollar is the standard for all world trade and is the petro dollar.

          I read Harry’s book, it is a good read, but it does have a lot of facts and figures plus charts. I respect 98% of what he says, but he doesn’t track the failure of global currency of trade.

          We and Harry, in the US suffer from the same “cognitive dissonance” being the global currency of trade. If the dollar collapses as the currency of global trade the dollar will drop further and harder than Harry thinks.

          I do recommend Harry’s book. Order his book, pay the shipping, and you will be automatically enrolled in his news letter. You will need to call and cancel it, or your credit card will be billed. Yeah, it’s a game. I made the call, got the book for $4.95! They still sent me some newsletters for free!

          You could get the book in most libraries, but I did mark mine up and have it for reference. Demographics take decades to shift. The book has value for decades.

          • I still say that the PTB will keep the facade going until after the election …. then the FED will pull the plug. 🙁

            • A very legit point DK.

              If markets crash it would be a disaster for Hillary…

              Of course, the plan could well be to tank her chances… Never really know what TPTB are up to.

              • That or keep that card to play after Trump is elected so that the financial collapse can be blamed on “those greedy Republicans”, even though such things are often decades in the making. The low info types do not have sufficient depth of understanding to recognize that and are too easily swayed by the 1st lie they hear.

                • Watch the polls. They could be a tell of what may be coming. That depends on what the powers that be want though. If the elite want Hillary or Trump. Then you can make an educated guess of what is going to happen.

                  • Mike, watch the polls but with a very skeptical eye.
                    When I first saw years ago a “democrat” pollster followed by a “republican” pollster, it sent off even more alarm bells.

            • durangokidd,

              Unless Obozo pulls the plug first. It has been discussed before. It is possible the he will do this to retain power. He even joked about it.

              h ttp://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/28/politics/obama-third-term-win-ethiopia/index.html

              • With less than 100 days to the election, even President Obola is not audacious/arrogant enough at this point for any Executive Action that would unconstitutionally extend his term.

                As it is, he will be lucky if he is not sued and prosecuted for TREASON and MALFEASANCE once he is out of office. A sitting President must be impeached by the Congress. A President out of office and out of power is fair game in the Courts for damages.

                We ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!! The BEST is yet to come!!! 🙂

        • That’s funny because just last week you were thumping your chest about being excited that you were prepared enough and excited about having women service you in the time to come.

          You’re a fucking pig on the one hand, for your treatment of women, and a dickhead on the other, for criticizing someone trying to warn others about what you yourself believe is coming.

          WTF, why are the people on this site mostly imbeciles or idiotic racists?

      3. Invest in the Tocqueville Gold Fund (TGLDX) to weather the coming storm. Approximately 15-20% of the fund is in owned physical gold, with the balance in well-screened gold/silver mining stocks.


        • Look at AG, SSRI and if you prefer gold look at NUGT.

          Nothing else…………….

      4. Let it happen, ready to make good off a crash…

        Be we ll all…

        • ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-31/500-years-stock-panics-bubbles-manias-meltdowns-1-simple-chart

          • We need a good culling. Long overdue. And we are all ready.? Watch a trump rally and see the domestic enemy. Time to clean house. Totally. No friends no family. Ounce and for all. No race traitors. No time to pick and chose.sorry. But desperate times call for desperate measures . Collateral damage will be. Sorry. We don’t like it either. But this has gone too far. You should agree. Or you are the domestic enemy. Run and come back when it’s over. And be on your best behavior . Or you go. Sorry but your kind has screwed up every country they control.your kind will not control us. Sit back and shut up or get culled. Know your place . And don’t try to tell us you are a good one. We have seen it all before. You have no good ones. It’s easier for us to cull you than to stand you. Keep it up and see what we do.

            • White mudsharks with half nigger babies will have some tough choices to make.

        • What did you invest in Kleenex?


          • Per your qoutes, silver should be 26.50.
            What gives???
            Brillsnt in your own mind…

            What is your problem?

            • A legend in his own mind…

              • Will say, fuck your self WWTI…

                • Yep, eppe is certainly the man of International intrigue, he knows a lot about nothing, and nothing about it all. This “bigger than life” Guy is surely on the cutting edge, he claims to have invented prepping in 1997, just 8 years before it became a word in 2005. He then changes his tune, and said he was a survivalist, in the greatest economic expansions our country has ever seen, he was ready for Y2K, before Y2K was invented. Next thing you know he will claim he invented the Internet before Al Gore.. But if so, that would surely explain why he is racking up the big bucks as cable installer supervisor, for his local cable company after 30 years. Yep, Mr. Jokester, keeps them coming, in spite he is on the wrong website. No doubt he will find his shoehorn in life, and then find the right sandal for that shoehorn. Don’t let his Blown OPSEC throw you. He figures being conspicuously inconspicuous, like a kitten in sheep’s clothing, ready to leap and pounce into any pile of cow manure that passes, as that may be where the Stalker Ethy Demons that are chasing him, are hiding. Drink and type is his motto, any if anybody complains or calls him out for stretching the truth, they are labeled as a stalker, as his self-ego is more important to feel like a victim for attention, rather than explain himself. Get right at that garden snail….. Lots of demons in that garden to chase at a snails pace.


                  • I can’t believe you are arguing over who invented prepping, because I did.

                    It all began with my pepper grinder collection. A local reporter writing a human interest story asked why I had so many pepper shakers and grinders? I told him I do pull them out during emergency barbecues and family getaways. He wrote an article talked a lot about food, lots of food, family getaways and supplies of pepper and pepper shakers. But then travesty, autocorrect misspelled pepper, and the prepper movement was born.

                    Honest I wouldn’t pull your leg!

              • Here is a Legend in his own mind.

                eppe says:
                Comment ID: 3591660
                July 26, 2016 at 9:36 pm
                Two weeks ago, met up with a lady I worked with in’97. Guess what she remembered about me?
                That I was a prepper…

                Well Legend in your own mind: The word Prepper did not even come about until 2005 as documented by:
                Preppers: History and the Cultural Phenomenon
                by Lynda King “Copywrited in 2015”
                The word ‘prepper’ seems to have burst onto the scene within the last 10 years, so that would make it about 2005, not 1997.

                Warning to all – Drinking and Typing doesn’t mix.

                ~WWTI… Let the Truth be told..

            • Swing for the fences you f*cking you snail sissy. Is that all you got?

              ~WWTI. Who Wudda Thunk It..

            • So what exactly is: Brillsnt ?? One too many tonight? lol


            • There is a big difference between me predicting a PM price according to historical trends within a time frame, and you outright lying and exaggerating about a personal experience as you frequently do.

              People on here know the difference. do you?

              ~WWTI… I say $28 to $30 Silver by Sept to Dec 2016 time frame. According to historical trends. As referring to mostly Silver to Gold Price Ratios.

          • What does WWTI mean?
            Translation please.

            • Worthless Waste of Taxpayer Income

              • That’s right Mike in VA, I pay a lot of Taxes that go down that black hole. I’d have better use for that money.

                -WWTI… Who Wudda Thunk It

            • Wwti = who wudda thunk it, a Herman Cain saying from way back.
              Just 18 months ago he was living in fear in Tampa Fla., moved to swamp land nearby.
              Now he thinks his BOL is the shit.
              Takes bottled water showers, shits in a bucket, basically living like a deer camp existence.
              Makes out like he is in paradise.
              He has slandered my family, and most everyone here with his better than most opinions on life.
              What has he done in his time here at the plan?
              Nothing but made out that his life is better than everyone else.
              He used to have a pistol beside him when he showered. Now he is a NUTRIA, a swamp rat.
              He arrived here, 30 months ago, and started bashing me to make himself a name.
              Truely an asshole with NO life, but to gig me.
              Will be a great day when he expires, since his neighbors are ready to do do, since they know he is a lone wolf, no one cares if he is dead.
              I am tired of his shit, he is a worthless poster….
              Fuck you wwti…

              • Eppe

                There you go my friend. He deserves every word you told him. He’s just an idiot.

                One of the reasons this country is in the situation it is in.

                • Oh, but wait! WWTI lives off grid, and you should too.
                  In a 8’x8′ unibomber style plywood “cabin”.
                  That’s why he needs sandbags for stopping rounds meant for him.
                  And that off grid equipment provides all the free energy he could ever want. Never mind he has to go to town to do laundry and buy hot sauce to go with nutria and cottonmouth snake dinner.
                  And never ever have a battery, charge controller, inverter, etc., need replacing…it’s free electricity, folks!

              • I don’t have any lying ego or need to make any name for myself. I just tell it like it is good or bad.. You lie because of your ego. Then when you don’t get attention you shake your rattle like a child in a playpen. You are so predictable. When you don’t get attention you create bigger whoppers. Just like a child who screams louder and louder till he get the attention he seeks from his mommy, calling yourself a victim. Got that baby rattle holocaust museum open yet?

                3 Things most people get in trouble for.

                Drugs and or Alcohol &

                I don’t see you as being Greedy necessarily, but your child ego when mixed with alcohol gets you in deep doo doo.

                Want me to post your address dipstick? Or your Full name and email address??,, or your children’s names since you blabbered them basically on here. Or what make, model and color of your wife’s car? Let see Miss Teen Gwinnett GA contest 2015. You know over there by Snellville. You are your weakest link in your family dopey, because of your blabbermouth ego, which will probably get them hurt or killed.

                I’d just like to use you as an example, of what NOT to do on here. Because you are dumb and exaggerate for your self indulging ego. And anybody you associate with, you probably blow their OPSEC also, because your EGO has to brag or make it look like you have a friend. And I will keep calling you out when you BS. Thanks for the laugh snail.

                ~WWTI… Why don’t you grow a pair and come face me here in the swamp big talker. Are you man enough?

              • For the record, I never slandered your family. Another lie to make yourself out as a victim, I feel sorry for your family as you being the weak link. Then you say, you will put your young daughter out on the front line with a .22 rife because she is a better shot. What Man of any family would make their daughter go defend their family? As you coward back at the house. eppe would. As DK would say here, its in the archives.

                btw/ having a pistol by you at all times is a good thing, while showering or by your bed. Do you ban or forbid that at your house?

                Let us know, we are all ears to hear you explain your way out of that one.. Or we may have to wait till you get your lunch break.. lol


      5. “I don’t care anymore”.

        Phil Collins.

      6. Benjamin Ginsburg makes an interesting observation on “financiers” that over the past millennium have assisted various European rulers inflate their monetary systems in FATAL EMBRACE; ….(financiers) AND THE STATE. It seems they consistently ended in chaos with the involved financiers being deseized, physically abused, and/or exiled.

        • I looked up the book your mentioned, on Amazon.com, and found a very interesting comment from a reader. I quote, as follows:


          “Typical attitude of those Jews who, unlike the author, refuse to accept ANY responsibility historically (or in their own lives) for the fact that many Jews have curried favor with those in power for their own selfish gain, at the expense of non-Jews, and have contributed to atrocities as well (such as the killing of millions under Stalin). By completely ignoring and rejecting any responsibility on the part of Jews for the anti-semitic attitudes and actions their behaviors have contributed to (if not outright CAUSED), you completely disregard one of the main theses of the book and like a good little Jewish victim, of course, promote the idea that there’s nothing you or any other Jews can or should do, do avoid provoking “anti-semitism”, because of course, you had nothing to do with causing it in the first place. Your attitude guarantees that “anti-semitism” will be with us forever, and possibly increase, because it’s not based on being SEMITES at all, what it really is in most cases is non-Jewish people (ie, us goys) who dare to oppose a group of people that through nepotism, zionism, and other means, is ACTING in ways that are against our own well-being as non-Jews. Finally a brave Jewish author has the courage and insight to point out that there just “might” be some correlation between the behavior of Jews, and the animosity against them, but here comes the Zionist hero, Alan, to dismiss his entire point with ridiculous and irresponsible “reasoning”, reinforcing the stereotype of Jewish people as selfish “victims”, who blame those who “persecute” them, but take no responsibility whatsoever for their own actions, that contributed to the animosity against them in the first place!!”

      7. Be Thrifty and Simplify: Your Hedge Against Hard Economic Times
        ht tp://www.personalliberty.com/conservative-politics/be-thrifty-and-simplify-your-hedge-against-hard-economic-times/

        How to Survive Hard Times
        ht tp://grandpappy.org/indexhar.htm

        This website includes useful information about living in hard times.

        Topics include…
        -Shelf stable food to buy on a tight budget
        -Simple recipes
        -Preserving food
        -How-to make it or do it yourself
        -How to make homemade soap
        -How to smoke meat
        -Charts of shelf life for canned and dry food and medicine
        -Numerous firearm topics

      8. Recipes ? We will soon be fighting for our lives. Yea maybe . Beans and rice will be for rich people. Worms and grass. Will be our staple. How many will shoot themselves in the head before eating worms and grass. Suicide will be the major cause of death.

        • Lone Wolverine

          Get a worm Grunter.

          • Howdy Chief!

      9. What makes Harry Dent differ from anyone else?
        Harry wanted Michael Bloomberg to be President.

        Your not the first one Harry, to be proclaiming this…
        Peter Schiff, Michael Snyder, Larry Kudlow, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Larry Summers.
        With the exception of Summer’s, I don’t think anyone of these guys endorsed Michael Bloomberg or wants your guns.

        • Talon, so true.
          Rogers has been correct for a long while.
          But who knows what will really happen.
          Shit changing situations happen.

          Life happens…

          • If you look at Venezuela, even the police are just criminal gangs. Not much of martial law, just lawlessness everywhere.

      10. Can they manipulate the markets forever. How could anyone predict the day and hour. As written. If they can just print more money. No one can . We are at their mercy. All we can do is prep. Fill our lamps . Fill our flasks. As written. Don’t be a foolish virgin. We have been warned. Isn’t it obvious?

        • Lone,
          Quite obvious. The month of July was a month when the bad news kept on coming. A couple of days of relative quiet then to finish off July the CDC announces Zika is now officially here.

        • Lone-

          I agree, excellent post!

      11. a lot is just gussied up repeat of Alvin Tofflers future shock third wave power shift that’s all

        • * ginned up… I gettin gussied up to go get ginned up so I said wrong

          • My first eye opener in 1974 was reading Future Shock

            • As did 6 million other people and everything I read since has a tinge of the toffler especially concerning market tempo

      12. Odds on something will come down and I want to be as self-sufficient as can be by then. If is so bad my family shows up, I want to be able to provide for them as they provide for me. Truth is that as the economy changes and more are left behind as unnecessary to tptb, the more they want us to disappear… as it is now has always been and ever shall be… read your history.

        Self-sufficiency is an accessible way for anyone to soften the endless blows of the elite against your very existence. As the blows come closer together, it might be what sustains you and yours. Learn the skills, use them daily, andteach your grandchildren how to take care of themselves.

        • Reb, or kill a bunch of kneegrows and take their food stamps lol. Just kiddin ya’

      13. Phuck this. Let me ge some sleep and comment in the morning. Time for us to enjoy the rest of us pity full lives till SHTF STRIKES..I Just took some drastic measures, I am moving to a more secure area, in a few months, to ride out the shit storm.



      14. Hard to shut that guy up wasn’t it ?????

      15. You all can do what you want.

        I’m Going To Make A Citizen’s Arrest of The Rothschild’s and take all their gold, Property and assets as part of forfeit for crimes against humanity.


        • Then I’ll put Merkle and czarcozzy in a pen and invite some radical Islamic terrorists to get some action before they Ally Akbar.

          • LOL ?

            • Uh, Good Luck with that.

              “Col Hogan… I know nothing…”
              Sgt Schultz / Hogans Heroes

      16. Damn; the crash was to happen 4 years ago, or I was told so and now we have maybe six more months. It will crash when they want it to and no sooner. SHTF after the elections. The world is waiting and preparing for our elections to see if we implode do to the out come, and either way we will, and then be ripe for the picking. All IMHO.

      17. Weapons flow going into Syria Pushed by Hilary Clinton Into Jihadist Possession within Syria Including ISIS

        She is arming terrorists
        how can this not be treasonous ?

        We (USA) and many countries are effectively in a war , (they declared it and called it so) against terrorism..
        so her actions are thus

        Aiding and arming the enemy ..( they called them the enemy)

        This in by its own definition is TREASON

        because we are effectively engaged in this war against Terrorism

        where is our military and why are they not doing their sworn objective ?( I know I know , it was a rhetorical question , dont lambaste me )

      18. Obama is a cia operative, no shit sherlock. So is Killary.

      19. I have made three attempts to respond to a post above. It was censored and blocked no matter how I tried to edit it.

        That’s three strikes.

      20. I used to talk to Harry Dent’s dad from time to time. We’d talk about what was happening on the world stage . He was a great and had some funny stuff to say about Ol’ Dick Nixon

        Harry I think is wrong in both his opinion on gold and deflation . I think we’ll have a mixture of the two . Inflation on the goods we need in order to sustain life like food,BULLETS,hand tools ( yep you’ll need a garden in order to stay alive) and deflation on the things we don’t like housing,cars etc.

      21. Pray that Hillary is President when the bubble burst – she will tell you it never happened, and everything will be OK after that.

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