Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears: Largest Geyser Begins To ERUPT

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 37 comments

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    The largest geyser – known as the Steamboat Geyser – located above the Yellowstone Supervolcano has begun to erupt underground. But experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser erupt on Thursday night.

    The geyser can shoot water more than 300 feet during significant eruptions and the park service made the announcement about the world’s tallest active geyser on Friday, as geologists compared the accounts to thermal sensors in the area. It was determined by scientists that it “could be a series of minor eruptions,” as opposed to one big eruption.

    A series of earthquakes have been rumbling underground over the past few months, with as many as 200 recorded in a matter of days. The volcano is “under strain” according to some experts but researchers still continue to say not to worry, because the Steamboat Geyser’s eruptions had little connection to a volcano like Yellowstone. Using Global Positioning System, borehole tiltmeters, and borehole strainmeters to measure minute changes in deformation at Yellowstone, David Mencin and Glen Mattioli said: “the strain signal is larger than would be expected if the crust under Yellowstone were completely solid”.

    Historically, the geyser has gone anywhere from four days to 50 years in between eruptions. Unlike its counterpart Old Faithful (named for its predictability) and a favorite attraction, the Steamboat Geyser is far from easy to predict.  It can go 4 days or 50 years between eruption, the last time being in 2014.

    Yellowstone National Park contains more than 10,000 thermal features and sits on top of the world’s largest volcano, capable of sending 2,000 times more matter into the sky than the Mount St. Helens eruption. The last volcanic eruption at Yellowstone was 70,000 years ago.

    According to the Casper Star Tribune, Jacob Lowenstern, a former scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory explained the likely reason for the eruption.  “Their [geyser] plumbing systems are in the upper few hundred feet of the Earth,” he said. “As you get hotter and hotter and deeper and deeper, the permeability and ability of water to move around shuts off. There’s not a whole lot of connectivity of the reservoirs once you get deep.”

    The park hasn’t had many inquiries from geyser watchers yet, said Vicki Regula, a public affairs assistant, though the 2014 eruption drew plenty of viewers. “It was magnificent to see,” she said.


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      1. The first paragraph of this article is very confusing, Plus, the last eruption of Yellowstone volcano was 600,000 years ago, not 70,000.

        • yes, and the fact that It can go 4 days or 50 years between eruption, the last time being in 2014. Doom Porn

      2. Earth is flat and that’s that

        • So is your girlfriend and that’s that!

      3. The Earth is Flat and Stationary

        • Earth looks round to me as astronauts send photos back showing it round. Telescopes show planets round. Why would anyone believe the earth is flat? Only if they’ve been brainwashed in some cult.

          • You are correct Laura. It was a cult that made up the Flat Earth crap. The earth is a globe like all other planets.

            • Hahahahahaha…. Like any of you tards have ever been off-world to verify a round earth. Lap it up.

              • What difference does that make? You don’t believe the many people who have orbited the Earth, do you? I don’t know how morons like you get dressed in the morning. Maybe you don’t believe in clothes, either.

            • I would love to see you prove you live on a ball, spinning at over 1000mph, orbiting the sun at 66,000mph, and being dragged by the sun through a vacuum at the ridiculous speed of 600,000mph. The fact of the matter is, man has always known the earth is flat and stationary. Globe Earth is a Religion that has been jammed down our throats for 500 years. NASA was founded by the Nazis, and only has computer generated images. Where’s the pictures of earth? Go try and find one. Do you really believe the Amazon River flows north, straight up the side of a ball spinning at 1.35 times the speed of sound for over 4,000 miles? Comon, wake up!!

            • smh. No, that’s not even remotely true. In fact its the opposite. It was a cult (still is) that came up and continues to propagate the heliocentric model. They are called Masons.
              Look it up.

          • Astronauts send back pictures? Please share a picture of earth that’s not computer generated. As far as the curve, have you seen it? The oceans should curve at the rate of 8” per mile squared. Why can’t it be measured? The fact of the matter is, people have been proving that water is flat and perfectly level for years now. You can get a Nikon p900 and zoom in on ships that should be well over a mile behind the curve! How can the Amazon River flow for 4,000 miles north, straight up the side of a ball spinning at 1.35 times the speed of sound? How can our atmosphere exist in a vacuum?? Look up Mark Sargent, industrial vacuum expert on YouTube if you want to learn exactly how powerful a vacuum is. Also try Eric Dubay, 200 proofs Earth is not a spinning ball. Research Flat Earth, try and prove you live on a ball spinning at over 1000mph, orbiting the sun at 66,000mph, being dragged by the sun through a vacuum at the ridiculous speed of 600,000mph.

            • If your questions are sincere, I suggest you get a physics degree. In it, they will teach you things like the pressure profile of the atmosphere right up to space, how gravity and temperature (through the gas law PV=NRT) balance each other all the way up. I think you meant the Nile flowing North, not the Amazon, which flows to the east generally.

              There are great explanations of the optical distortions on Venus due to the extreme air pressure. They are similar on Earth, but to a lesser extent. Also, get yourself a 8-in reflector telescope. In it you will be able to see the red marble of the planet Mars and the cream marble of the planet Venus. Are you so Earth-centric to not accept that Earth is just like these: balls traveling in space around the Sun? Look for an English translation of the work of Copernicus. It is very approachable, even for a non-physicist.

              • As far as pressure profile, I would have to say it’s more about density. And if you’d like to talk about a pressure profile, you should school yourself on vacuums. They are very powerful. Much more powerful than your magic gravity that even a butterfly can defy. How about this. If your magic gravity looses it’s strength the farther away you go from earth, you should be able to show a profile for that. In other words, how far away do I have to go to loose 1/2 my weight? How about 1/10? Where is the magic distance that I can float? Show this profile. Show the graph that shows the different weights at different elevations. Show me how gravity, a supposed force that pulls equally in all directions tward the center of the earth has the strength to overcome gravity at the equator but if i go to the North Pole, there’s no difference? If Earth was a ball spinning at over 1000mph, how could we have weights and measures? Globe Earth is a Religion!

            • Could you please explain how you know space is a vacuum? Please cite scientific references.

        • What’s on the underside? Just curious…..

        • The geyser will make the Earth flip over like a tiddly-wink. We will then be on the bottom of the flat Earth where there is no sun instead of the top. That’s why I am buying stock in U-Haul – I want to be able to rent U-Haul trailers to people who want to move back to the top of the Earth. I’m a true innovator and a genius. Would you like to buy one of my U-Hauls?

      4. A geyser erupting in Yellowstone is a very serious thing indeed.

        A major indicator that the end is nigh.

      5. Shocking events are unfolding at Yellowstone. A highly predictable geothermal feature erupts every 44 to 125 minutes since 1870s. It is called Old Faithful.

        The sky is falling.

      6. Yellowstone’s eruptions cannot be predicted on this Flat Earth. Cliff, High Priest of Globe Earth Religion is a false Preacher who tries to predict these things. He knows the Earth is Flat and Stationary. Just ask him on Twitter

        • Another flat earth cult freak.

          • Again you are correct Laura. These false prophets and delusionists are part of the NWO and are into disinformation like genders and such.

            • Prove you live on a ball before you talk your ridiculous talk

            • Wrong again. look at history. flat earth has been known longer than globe theory.

          • another brainwashed globe head. thats easy.

        • There cannot be volcanic eruptions if the Earth is flat.

          • Flat Earthers: Yes, please do tell how deep the Earth is (kilometers will be a fine metric for your answer). Also, please tell us what is beyond this depth. Also, if I were to set out in an aircraft and using ICBM-precision inertial measurement, were to fly in a straight path, would this take me to a boundary of the flat Earth or some undiscovered lands? Has anyone been to the “Edge” of a flat Earth, and if so, what does it look like (pictures please)? If a edge does not exist, I claim that a flat Earth is merely semantics, and yes, I can construct a geometry transform that allows some operations to be done as if flat, but ultimately useful answers require that the transformation be reversed.

            I have another theory: The people or bots posting flat Earth theories here and at other sites are Deep State and globalist funded trolls meant to discredit this site and the people who visit it.

            • First of all, there can be no globalist, because Earth is not a Globe! Man has always known the Earth is Flat and Stationary. As far as trolls are concerned, look no farther than NASA, the organization that was founded by Nazi scientists! There is no curve, it cannot be measured, so according to science, it does not exist! People can verify this for themselves with a telescope, or a good zoom camera. A Nikon p900 works great. You can see objects on the water that should be over a mile behind the curve. I guess in your world, you can see a mile around a ball. As far as earth spinning, that’s just ridiculous. Every experiment that tried to show movement showed the exact opposite. Earth doesn’t move! If Earth was spinning at over 1000mph, orbiting the sun at 66,000mph, and being dragged by the sun through a vacuum with a tractor beam at the ridiculous speed of 600,000mph, it would be easy to measure. Ever hear of inertia? That’s a lot of speed, and changing direction. That’s another thing, do you really think space is a vacuum?? Don’t be so naive. Do some research before you just go and listen to a bunch of dopey scientists working for Nazi NASA. Look up Mark Sargent, industrial vacuum expert on YouTube, or Eric Dubay 200 proofs Earth is not a spinning ball. Start thinking for yourself.

            • Do tell us yourself please. How deep was the deepest hole ever dug? It’s an easy question. How does one know what’s deep in the earth? The scientists will tell you as though they know, buy in reality, they don’t. Don’t you find that to be a bit disingenuous? I mean if you have no real proof, shouldn’t you say that instead of giving a crosscut of earth as a fact? As far as Flat Earth goes, anyone can prove it, buy just viewing objects in the distance, that should be behind the curve. You can also start examining the stars for yourself. The North Star will always be exactly where you left it, and the other stars will always be exactly how they were 1000’s of years ago. In other words, no parallax!! You should see completely different stars from opposit sides of the sun, and if we are on a giant spaceship ? earth, the stars would always be changing, not a North Star with all the others rotating around it perfectly, always the same distance, speed, ect. Globe Earth is a Religion!!!

              • Dear Flat Earth Prophet, and every other flat earther,

                I have several questions to ask you.

                1) I flew from Sydney to Johannesburg. The shortest route was South, crossing Tasmania, and Durban, both south of the respective cities. In flight I saw ice-bergs and in the distance the coastline of Antarctica. According to flat earth maps, the shortest route from Sydney to Johannesburg is across parts of Asia, north of these two cities.

                2) If the earth is flat, why are there time zones? Why is there an international date line?

                3) Why does the sun shine on some parts of the flat earth and not others?

                4) Why is Christmas in Europe and the USA in the heart of winter, and in South Africa and Australia in the middle of summer?

                5) Why does the sun not rise in Lapland and Greenland for several months in winter, and not set for several months in summer if the earth is flat?

                6) How are the satellites that provide your TV stationed in one spot up in the sky? How did the Nazis manage that?

                7) If the earth if flat and there is no space and gravity, what made tiangong-1 stay up there for several years, and then fall down to earth at a predictable time?

                8) If the planets do not rotate round the sun, what causes the retrogression of the outer planets near opposition, and that of the inner planets near conjuction?

                Science does not have all the answers, but you certainly have less answers than the man in the street, let alone scientists. Have you ever been more than 100 km from where you were born?

      7. “Historically, the geyser has gone anywhere from four days to 50 years in between eruptions.”….sounds about the same as my love-life. And about as important to worrying about the future.

      8. Although this seems to be an article of little value because geyser activity is just a normal thing at Yellowstone, still it is not a bad idea to be aware that the timeline for Yellowstone is on tract for an actual eruption. Although it might not happen for 75,000 years, non-the-less it could happen now, or in a year or two. No one knows.

        But we do know what is going to happen if and when it erupts. Air travel will end. We will be stuck where we are with what we have. Some snow clothing, snow shoes, and supplies would come in handy. A good shovel to scoop up snow perhaps.

        There are videos on YouTube of People building shelter from compacted snow cut into bricks. Using ice for a window.

        Walking may become a requirement for survival. Actually, it already is required for good health. Walking 10,000 steps or more keeps the heart and lungs functioning, the digestive system flowing, and the metabolic functions of burning glucose into energy.

        Money is a symbol of energy and exchange. Health = Wealth.


      9. “I don’t know where Ima gonna go when the volcano blows.”

        • The safest place will be to Portland, Oregon where legions of snowflakes have built safe spaces stocked with Teddy Bears, coloring books, and pacifiers to suck.

      10. Before Yellowstone erupts, several things have to happen. I’m about to spend a lot of money on my yard and my house. I have to put in a solar power system on my roof. If Yellowstone erupts, there will be very little sunlight getting to earth. All the money I have invested in my yard and house will be lost. Life is out to screw me over and is waiting for this. Don’t pay any intention to the earthquakes or geysers;I’ll let you know if and when I make the improvements. Until I do, just relax!

      11. I wouldn’t listen to a word a a former scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory says. Another story here with no credibility.

      12. Booooo, y’all.

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