Yellowstone Eruption Fears Spike As Largest Geyser Erupts For The 8th Time

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 39 comments

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    Yellowstone caldera eruption fears have spiked as the supervolcano’s largest geyser erupted for the eight time.  So far, scientists aren’t certain why the Steamboat geyser continues to erupt, adding to the fears.

    After years of silence, Yellowstone’s Steamboat geyser, a better show than Old Faithful, has spewed boiling water hundreds of feet in the air eight times since March.  Steamboat, the tallest geyser in the vast Yellowstone National Park, isn’t reliable at all, unlike the more famous Old Faithful that belches steam with regularity. But the fact is, Steamboat has been more faithful, at least lately, spewing eight times since March 14, after being silent for nearly four years. But that regularity is terrifying and puzzling scientists.

    Until this recent series of eruptions, the last time Steamboat blew was in September 2014. Steamboat’s latest eruption was Monday morning when the geyser shot boiling hot water hundreds of feet into the air. Steam billowed from the geyser for hours longer. Steamboat is located in the Norris Geyser Basin, known to have the hottest and most changeable thermal area in nearly 3,500-square-mile wilderness park that sits on a volcanic hot spot called a caldera. That accounts for the geyser’s towering columns of steam (it’s very, very hot underground) but leaves a major fear-provoking question unanswered: Why now, and is it a sign the giant volcano is waking up?

    Scientists don’t know why the Steamboat geyser has become more active, but they still insist that no major eruption is on the horizon. “It is a spectacular geyser,” Michael Poland, the U.S. Geological Survey’s scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, wrote to CNN in an email. “When it erupts, it generally has very big eruptions.”

    Data collected so far suggests a pattern to the eruptions within the series. If it all “proves out,” the days surrounding June 11-12 are good dates to potentially see the Steamboat geyser erupt, Forbes reported. “Most geysers erupt infrequently, unlike Old Faithful, so Steamboat is not enigmatic in that regard. But Steamboat has a mystique about it because it is the tallest active geyser in the world. It gets attention because of this, and rightly so,” Poland said.

    The day of the first eruption, park staff detected activity on nearby seismometers, thermal gauges, and water discharge on a US Geological Survey stream gauge. Yellowstone National Park staff arrived in time to observe steam from the geyser but no water column. According to the Geological Survey, this is a usual occurrence after a vigorous water eruption. The steam phase can last several hours.

    Scientists consider Yellowstone to be a “‘supervolcano,” which refers to volcano capable of an eruption of more than 240 cubic miles of magma,” according to the National Park Service. This distinction is based on massive eruptions over 600,000 years ago. Although the caldera is considered active, scientists believe that it is unlikely to erupt in the next thousand years.

    There doesn’t seem to be a direct relationship between these eruptions and the supervolcano, Poland wrote. “The geyser is reflecting processes that are occurring in the shallowest part of the system — tens to perhaps a few hundreds of meters deep, whereas the magmatic system starts about 5 km down. Geysers are supposed to erupt, and so what we’re seeing is normal behavior.” So once again, we are being told this is all normal abnormal activity.


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      1. I wonder how much of the country that thing will take out when it explodes?

        • Not to worry, the destruction will cause a huge increase in spending and will be good for the economy

        • No worries, the government’s going to save the planet with their ingenious plan to drill down and pump water into the magma pool to cool it down. What could possibly go wrong when the government is in control?

        • I hope it leaves you alive and your family dead.

          • I didn’t start this, you did. I hope you are one of the assholes I get to kill during the upcoming war.

            • ???


        • From what I read, everything within 500 miles would be toast, and the ash would spread 1,000 miles East to a depth of 2 to 4 feet. SoCal and Florida would probably make it through but of course all supplies and utilities would likely be off for months if not years.

          • Here in Tennessee, it’s supposed to be a couple inches. It will be TEOTWAWKI for many.

        • If Yellowstone blows there’s only one way to describe the reason for it. It’s called Karma. In other words punishment for all the shit the US has continued to cause all around the world.. Enjoy assholes!

        • Cliff High is a really smart guy and the originator of the “expanding earth model” who does not believe that Yellowstone will blow as a “Super Volcano” this time around given the difference in the past and current geology of Yellowstone; but believes it will blow & ooze like Hawaii.

          I think that the West Coast BIG ONE will release the pressure on the deep Yellowstone lava, as those WESTERN PLATES move west and release their energy.

          The good news then is that the Yellowstone Supervolcano doesn’t blow destroying the planet, but Seattle, San Francisco, and LA will be sacrificed to Pele taking the mouthbreathers and snowflakes with them, making America great again !!! 🙂

        • If Yellowstone blows there will be an ice age.

          Death Valley in California is the hottest place in the USA and in the world. You could go to a desert in Libya or to Isreal. Indonesia is right on the equator, so is Equador.


        • the destruction will go all the way to the west coast when old yellowstone let’s off the “big” one.

      2. Not to be an alarmist or anything, but the largest mass extinction in Earth’s history to date – the Permian–Triassic extinction event of 252 million years ago- was thought to have been caused by a massive and long term volcanic eruption.

      3. “American Volcano”

      4. It’s pretty crazy that there was already a volcano in a Hawaii and now there’s rumbling from Yellowstone. This is going to take so many people by surprise. It’s hard for the sheeple to believe there can be a time when food (or what Walmart and McDonalds call food) is scarce, not to mention running water.

        My wife lived in the soviet union during the collapse. She remembers having to keep the bathtub full of water because water could be shut off at anytime for weeks. If her family didn’t have the water in the bathtub they would have nothing to drink. Hearing these stories from her really made me understand the need to be prepared.

        So far, this has been my favorite resource by far

        • Probably one of the greater dangers to North America is Yellowstone…although many say it has no chance of erupting. Of course, anything is possible.

          Andrew, is this a site I want to click on? It looks like those ones who say “I make $7k a month, it’s changed my life and you can do it, too.”

          Rellik, you comment on the Chinese People’s site and say they have interesting things to say about Americans..would love to have the clif notes on that.
          I think, [HCKS comments aside 🙂 ], eventually we’ll be running from and shooting back at Chinese soldiers.

          We have Sahara dust in the Caribbean this week and it’s been HOT. No rain…the dust will not let rain clouds form. It’s a regular occurrence, luckily temporary.

          • The link is just a link for a book I recommend. The is just a way to have a neater url. It won’t give you a virus if that’s what you’re worried about but again, I’m just a guy in the comments section of a blog so if you’re that concerned just don’t click it.

        • Yep if they havent been on here regularly for at least 2 years I dont click shit they post cus like hicks says we get infestations of trolls now and then and some just spew their leftist bull shit then some sabotage. Best to call them out when they glimmer a bit of their true colors. If I had my way id have all of them shot…Just saying

        • I tried it. I’ve seen it before. I did not not find it compelling enough to watch all the way through. I run Linux OS
          (Ubuntu) so I don’t get virus or malware problems as you can’t install anything executable unless you have root privileges.
          I also can also wipe the disk clean and re-build it from scratch.
          But I’m more computer literate than most.

      5. When it blows I’m driving right over, there will be no limits for trout fishing.

      6. “So once again, we are being told this is all normal abnormal activity.”
        That is rich! My local Volcano is obviously more predictable than Yellowstone, however the USGS guys are pretty good and unlike most government people I trust them. It is hard to get political with things that go BOOM! or bury whole bays in lava.
        I was in Washington when Mt. St. Helen’s blew, I’m here with an erupting Kilauea, and a Mauna Loa at condition “yellow” so I follow volcano stuff closely out of habit. They can’t give exact dates and times but they generally give a good binary yes/no if there will be a problem and they are pretty conservative.

        • Please stay away from Yellowstone.

          • How far away?

      7. Yellowstone is going to erupt, San Andreas, Hayword and Cascadia faults are all going to shift, the stock market is going to collapse, China is going to sink the USS Theodore Roosevelt and move on Taiwan, Russia is going to invade Estonia and Latvia, Iran will attack Israel and Donald Trump will Tweet something dumb all before the 4th of July.

        CNN will have round the clock Team Coverage of the Tweet.

        • WOW POA! June is going to be a busy month. Trekker Out

      8. Mac, told you man. You all ain’t seen shit yet. I told you all Yellowstone is getting ready to blow didn’t it. Now its being publically announced. Yes Ketchup, Yellowstone is unpredictable, it could go any moment, and what’s crazy is that everything starts off slowly, then boom..


      9. Take into account that the whole caldera thing will not go according to any Hollyweird script. It might just slowly begin hurling a regular flow of lava that doesn’t cause mass destruction. It could pile and pile up, and flow in whatever direction, and gradually strangle commerce and transportation. These and other natural happenings often take thousands of years to start and finish, and they are never subject to our predictions or hopes. I would simply be as prepared as I can for as many outcomes as I can, and not rely on the scientists or the other men in the white coats too much, but my own common sense.

      10. As long as their is water/steam coming out of the geyser then you are good. It’s when the water has been burned off that you have to worry. That means magma is on the way up.

      11. Massive eruptions over 600,000 years ago, pretty amazing considering the earth is less than 10,000 years old, and scientist say it won’t erupt in the next 1,000 years and meteorologist can’t correctly tell me what the weathers going to be day after tomorrow. No wonder I have to come to STHF plan and get the latest world conditions from HCKS and his Scientist buddy. Don’t know how Yellowstone is going to handle all the tourist after the big blow cause they can’t hardly handle the traffic now. Trekker Out

        • They tell you that extinction level events happened, spontaneously, then use a uniformitarian dating method — in this case, the dating of rocks, subject to extreme conditions.

          Are they still chemically intact, and how do you know which specimens belongs where, in a churning system.

        • Where did you get the idea that the earth is 10K years old?

          • My source is much better than those that come up with 600,000 years or 8.2 billion or any other figure they grasp out of thin air. Trekker Out.

      12. The lifespan of mankind is barely a fart in the wind to what has happened on this planet over billions of years. WE are nothing and have no control over anything. Be grateful for the time you have had and the time you HOPE to have remaining, but when Mother Nature decided that planet Earth is gonna get a facelift, you are toast, so get over yourselves.

      13. Did you take the Valerian root like I suggested and chill? Yellowstone is NOT going to blow. Geeeezzzzz to many other release valves and geyser are just on the surface and relive some steam. HCKS please relax and do not keep saying the sky is falling. One day like maybe another million years the earth is going to blow up and be done.

        • Don’t mean to sound uncaring, but I have kids and grand kids and great grand kids that I know, and I am more concerned about their Salvation with the Lord, so most likely anyone that I know won’t be here in another 100 years, so I’m not really going to worry about what takes place after that. Trekker Out

          • “Salvation with the Lord”.


            Where is your Lord going to be when Yellowstone blows and your kids starve to death? Which side is the LORD going to be on?

            • If and when Yellowstone blows the Lord will be where he always is. In Control! Trekker Out

      14. Sometime geysers stop erupting due to a lack of water in the system. This behavior could be simply the result of an influx of water somewhere underground.

      15. Do any of y’all people know about the grand solar minimum that we have been in for a few years, and will be in until 2030? A lot of the big stuff happens when the sun is in hibernation. Check it out.

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