Xenophobe President Slams Immigrants: “All Americans Are Rightly Disturbed By The Large Numbers Of Illegal Aliens Entering Our Country”

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    The hits to illegal immigrants just keep coming.

    From the President of the United States:

    All Americans, not only the states most heavily affected, but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country.

    The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants… the public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers… that’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more… by hiring a record number of border guards… by cracking down on illegal hiring… by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens…

    …We will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes.

    We are a nation of immigrants… but we are also a nation of laws.

    It is wrong and ultimately self defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it.

    The President’s words were met with a standing ovation in Congress.

    But if you thought it was President Donald Trump, think again.

    These are the words of President Bill Clinton in his 1995 State of The Union address:

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      1. The hipocracy of the left knows no bounds

        • Then the Clinton Dope Signed NAFTA. If we can’t import the Illegals, we will then export the US Jobs to them. 2 faced B Clinton- Basically stated.

          Since the Lefty’s message is so off base, they need to import a voting base and promise them amnesty to vote Democrat. You get an ID Voter card, EBT Card, Drivers License, Jobs free of Taxes, Free school for your illegal children, Free Healthcare just go to any Emergency room. And if you don’t have insurance, Medicade will pick up the tab, so make sure you have plenty of child dependents at home to quality. The more kids you have the more benefits. Just keep voting Democrat.

      2. Trump is doing what he said he would and the lefties are going totally panic mode. If Trump stands firm that is a huge block of voters the Dems won’t get and a bunch of muslims that need to stay and fix their own countries.

      3. But he is a LIBTARD, and that makes it OK.

      4. If they dems/libs continue to take the open border stance. It will show the nation that they aren’t thinking of defending our Country. I believe it would work against them. And YES, the left has flip flopped on issues for the last 8+ years!!

      5. Was he, Clinton, lying; or did he receive a message, threat, or bribe to change his plan??

        None of us knows what is really going on in Washington. Hillary worked as attorney for The Black Panthers. I know it’s apples and oranges, but it is interesting; and indicates a sympathy for minorities, at least as a political strategy.

        __ Great speech. Trump should make that speech in front of some protesters amid jeers. Or better yet, interview some lefties and get them to say what they think about the Presidents speech. What’s that guy’s name who does those funny interviews?


        • Are you thinking of Jessie Watters who does Watter’s World on Fox News? You are right, I can see it in my mind’s eye. Priceless!

        • I heard he was told by the Sauds that he had to sleep only with Hillary. That did it. NAFTA came into being shortly thereafter.

        • Mark Dice?

      6. Xenophobe? That’s just a Marxist pejorative. Since 1965 we have taken in 80 million migrants. We had a population of 190 million back then. Today we have a population of about 325 million. How much is enough? China, with a population approaching 1.4 billion, has only allowed 1443 people to become Chinese citizens since the end of WW2. Who’s the dummy?

        • Him, the libturds can take that ‘xenophobe’ label and all their other rhetoric and stuff it.

      7. And of course Trump isn’t going far enough in my mind. We need to deport “all” illegal aliens, PERIOD. Not just the ones that have a criminal record. They “all” have a criminal record due to the fact that they are here illegally. Trump should have a press conference and say “i agree with all of those poor immigrants that we should not separate these families. Therefore, since Americans are a compassionate people, i am authorizing free transportation for all illegal aliens back to their home countries, so that they can be re-united with their families”…..!!!! The i think we need a 20 year moratorium on immigration. We don’t need anymore of them here. Let the rest of the world take them. We can easily set up a guest worker visa program to import the labor force that we need. And, cut off the entitlement programs, and force deadbeats back to work, or let em starve.!!!!!

        • J, AMEN to your comments! Back in 2011, Obama suspended immigration from Iraq for 6 months for the same reasons as Trump. There was no outrage or protests over that because it was OBAMA. That shoeshine boy could kill someone on TV and the left would still support him.

      8. Nobody raised a fuss when Clinton complained but let Trump do it and all hell breaks out. Watch out for the Soros funded dems and their planned and fake outrage. Watch out for the press, they too are in cahoots with the dems!

      9. I think every liberal website should get a good look at this. Maybe some footage from Paris and Sweden or a couple looks at a no go zone to go with it Maybe a look at Cloward_Piven for good measure. I need more computer smarts. The truth hits real hard when it connects We need Constitutional Trolls.

      10. Trump needs to issue and arrest warrant for Soros when Sessions get installed!

        Here is a big mistake the left made when underrating DJT. But they should have known better. Fortunately they made the mistake.

        DJT has made money from real estate. These guys have access to detailed data such as demographics, traffic flows, crime rates, income standards, etc… He came in knowing the base. It also helps he is very well educated and it sounds like his parents were old school Americans therefore he truly loves what is great about America.

        DJT probably has a tonage of dirt on the left, as well. He likes to lead them out on the limb and then it breaks, great stuff!

        The best thing the left can do is to sit down and shut up. Every thing they are doing is absolutely the WRONG thing, its hilarious! They are a Global Joke!

        So for the Democrats to fight hard for immigrants vs their long held voter base is political suicide, I LUV, Luv, Luv IT!

        Wait until the UN is told too bad by DJT! Remember in S. Carolina Haley railed against DJT during primary but gleefully accepted a UN position and gave up Governorship of that state. Now the Lt. Governor took that state which is Lindsey Grahams home and not a Graham fan. Could be a DJT two birds there?

        Soon the only ones left in the D-Party will be Elites, Soros Leftists Funded Groups, MSM, Hollywood and Immigrants! Oh, forgot to mention John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

        • Could Trump issue an executive to freeze Soros bank accounts? If he did, it would certainly impede that faux human monster.

      11. We don’t have the water, sewer, electrical systems ready for unlimited imigration? Let alone school , food distribution , health care, The domestic enemy knows our weakness. Gullible emotionally ruled women . Who think we can feed the world. They can vote. And destroy us from within. Human wave assault ? Women have to learn about triage. Who gets the last sandwich ladies ? Your kids ? Or someone else’s ? Lie to your selves . You will save your kids first? Just as your ansestors did ? Or you would be extinct ?

      12. Trump needs to restore the sanctity and integrity of borders and legal migration. What happened under Obama was a free-for-all underpinned by the misguided premise that the entire world of poor and destitute people were entitled to unfettered access to the US. This is so fundamentally flawed from an environmental perspective, a national survival perspective and from a prosperity perspective.

        Just look at places that have done this, the best example is Europe. It is a mess and crime and violence have increased while so has poverty and migrant dependency on welfare and benefits. On top of this, the migrants are fighting amongst themselves. In France, the Chinese migrants are resented by the North African migrants because the Chinese are far more successful and also have very low crime rates. A new balance needs to be struck.

      13. when the muslim enters a nation and crime goes up and the government says the muslin isn’t the problem then what is. its government they have become blind and deaf and no longer serve its citizens. the first step is to rid yourselves of your primary parasites. next, remove the people who will not serve.

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