X22 Report: The Power Structure is Dismantled

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments


YouTube channel X22 Report’s recent video is up, and in it, are claims that the deep state’s power structure has been dismantled.  We knew this power grab was destined to fail from the beginning, and we also know there will be more events perpetrated, including plademic 2, which is expected to occur in the fall. 

No One Is Talking About The Plandemic Anymore

According to X22 Report, yes. It’s all over. The deep state and mainstream media event has “failed big time.” There is so much information in this video that an article cannot do it justice.  If you have time, listen to it. Whether or not you agree or disagree with what’s being said, information is what’s powerful. In this age of censorship, it’s important to listen to everything you can and find what’s right and what resonates with you.

These riots are the army of the deep state. The real protesters are being pushed aside so the violent deep state actors can create violence and chaos, says Dave at the beginning. Most people are waking up to that fact.  Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people who only want to protest a murder by police are getting caught up in the chaos.  “They are dismantling the power structure of the deep state.”

“Remember, the deep state, they are going to do event after event. They’re gonna use everything they have. Watch for what’s next. It could be ISIS, it could be something else. We don’t know. But they’re gonna continually try to push an event after an event after an event and put pressure on Trump.” Once the riots come to an end, they are going to need something else to get the masses riled up over.

People are waking up. As they wake up they are looking for answers. People want to know what’s going on. It could be soon when people start to hear about what politicians have been doing behind closed doors for so long.  Remember, everyone has an opinion. Everyone has the right to that opinion. But, they may not have the facts to support their opinion.  Now is the time to read and listen and learn. Have a strong enough mind to entertain an idea and think about it critically. That’s how we grow and learn.

I disagree that violence an military intervention used on the American public is an acceptable response to agitation caused by the deep state. That doesn’t mean that perhaps I didn’t miss something.  I’ve said it before, IF I’m wrong about Trump, I’ll be the first to admit it. So far, he looks to be aiding the deep state by sending in the military for martial law especially if he KNOWS these riots are deep state caused. However, X22 says it’s all about crafting the narrative and preparing for more information to come out.

X22 Report says that this is about dripping out the information. Buckle up. It looks like the rest of 2020 will be just as eventful as the first part of the year was.


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    1. Andrea.Iravani.

      It is very surprising to me to hear journalists on the left criticizing Trump for labeling anti-fa as a terrorist network. They are claiming that this is setting a dangerous precident to name a U.S. group of people a terrorist network.

      They are wrong though. Have they forgotten about the Weather Underground? It was in fact a terrorist network that was responsible for extremely violent acts of terrorism.

      Should we just say, well, it is ok to do this if the terrorists are Americans?

      Still waiting for the inside job terrorists of the 9/11 controlled demolition and faked attacks to be prosecuted! Still waiting for Gates and his co-horts to be prosecuted for the COVID hoax and extremely terrible crisis that it created! It was an enormous conspiracy! It was as evil as hell! These are psychopaths and they are sick and sadistic monsters! If they wanted to debate whether there ought to be a socialist or capitalist economy, there was no need to stage all of this! In fact, Bernie Sanders set the stage for it, for whom they keep silencing! It does not make any sense!

      – Andrea Iravani

    2. Jim in Va.

      June 5 Day of Rage……Muslim extremists expected to put their two cents into the fray. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel. This is all being coordinated. Trump was on his way to being reelected with low unemployment and great economy. Folks, this going on world wide less we forget. The deep state is throwing everything against the wall hoping something will stick. Stay armed and ready……

    3. Manfred

      The power structure has not been dismantled. Foolish dream reporting… is this even real or did an ONION article make it’s way here? Wow.

      • Anonymous

        Right? Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and the CFR are still going strong last I checked, but then they’re just one of many veneers covering the real power, though closer than the empty suits a dwindling number of people still waste their time voting for.

        Pretty sure X22 is the same channel that hosted those Q psyop “prophecies” that never materialized. I seem to remember “1000’s of sealed indictments!” ,”Clinton/Bush/Obama going to jail!” and similar memes. I don’t know why anyone fell for that LARP. There’s a sucker born every minute as they say.

    4. Anonymous

      Is this from Q? “Trust the Plan?”

      Yee Haw…when are the 100,000 sealed indictments going to be served?

      Oh…psych again…

    5. Anonymous

      “Once the riots come to an end, they are going to need something else to get the masses riled up over.”

      More of their Ordo ab Chao cancer.

      “So far, he looks to be aiding the deep state by sending in the military for martial law especially if he KNOWS these riots are deep state caused.”

      Trump signed off on the Patriot Act and NDAA (now goes by another name I think) just like Obama and Bush before him. Even IF he ever had good intentions, at the end of the day, he’s going to do whatever he has to do to prevent himself from being Kennedy’d by the owners of USA Inc. and if that means throwing everyone else under the bus, well. Before the (s)election he met with war criminal vermin Henry Kissinger and kissed his ring just like Hillary did.

    6. Hoser

      DS is doing fine. They have Trump chasing his tail at every turn.

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