WW3 Incoming: Syrian Army Says Israeli Jets Have Struck Army Bases In Central Syria

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Things are happening quickly, folks. The Syrian army has said that Israeli jets have caused massive explosions when they struck army bases in central Syria. The information on this attack is still limited.

    A lot of the footage is “unverified” an this could very well be a false flag attack. It’s so difficult to say. With everything that’s going on, do not let your guard down and resort to fear and panic. Instead, be aware of what’s happening and keep your eyes open at all times.

    Things will get very crazy very soon.

    Salamiyah is located in the Hama province of central Syria, on the highway leading from Homs towards Raqqa, the former “capital” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists now held by US-backed Kurdish militia.

    The Hama strikes followed the attacks on As-Suwayda and Deir ez-Zor provinces on Tuesday evening. The attacks did result in two soldiers killed, several injured, and some material damage, the SANA news agency reported, citing military sources. The military also said the strike in Deir ez-Zor came from east of Palmyra and targeted positions along the M20 highway between the cities of Sukhnah and Deir ez-Zor itself. The attacker was not identified. -RT

    Israel has repeatedly launched air and missile strikes against what it says are Iranian targets in Syria. But Tel Aviv is not in the habit of acknowledging the attacks. The government in Damascus has accused Israeli jets of using civilian aircraft as human shields in order to penetrate Syrian air defenses.

    The only thing that’s likely, is that this is not organic and is somehow all a part of the overall plan to create a permanent human slave population of earth.

    Regional intelligence sources say that Israel’s strikes on Syria are part of a shadow war approved by Washington and part of the anti-Iran policy that has undermined in the last two years Iran’s extensive military power without triggering a major increase in hostilities. – Haaretz

    The Israeli army has declined to comment on these attacks, according to Haaretz. Later, government-sponsored propaganda television reported that Israeli jets had struck several army bases in the central Hama province. The army said its air defenses had downed several “hostile targets” in the airspace above Hama province.

    Stay focused and alert. This has the potential to unfold quickly. Keep your mind open and look at everything and question everything. We live in interesting times.


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      1. Gosh! Does this mean LOTS of Syrians may be DEAD?

        I feel SO sad!

      2. Recent supposed events:
        How about 22June “elephant” walk exercise in Japan?
        How about Russian bombers with fighter escort penetration into US airspace? US intercepted.
        How about US bomber with fighter escort penetration into Russian airspace on purported new route? Russians intercepted.
        How about China playing games with Taiwan airspace penetration?
        How about China killing India troops? China massing troops.

        These Politician fools want to play “tit for tat” games.
        One day soon, One player will push Too hard. The other will react. The birds will fly out of silo’s. SLBMs will launch from water. Buffs will launch with specials.

        Satellites will be first to go. Navigation by gps down. Communications down. EMP strike. Then billions dead. The rest left will be back in 1889 technology. Crops will not get planted. Billions more will die as result of fammine.

        Does that make you feel “Patriotic”? Proud of your modern weapons? Was it worth it? Will Trump save you? How about your magic black rifle? Will it save you?

        Most sane people would say “No.” But the sane people will be dead. But the nutjob politicians will be just fine. They were safe in DUMBs fully stocked.

        This article’s point is? Humanity has been trying to destroy each other since there was two men and one woman. One day they will succeed. Not anything new.

        Now I will tend the garden, tend livestock.
        This article is as meaningless as the “news”. But I no longer watch the “news”. Liar Media brainwashers are tuned out and turned off. Cable cancelled, “tired of brainwashing liar media”. Maybe I should turn off internet too?

        I’m not going to wear a mask.
        I’m not taking a Bill Gates biochip Beast vaccine
        I don’t comply with lockdown. I’m not livestock owned by a politician. I REFUSE to comply.
        I’m not going to hide in a hole in the ground because of Syria event of article.

        Carrots, onions, peppers, blackberries, have all produced well this year. Tomatoes are coming in nice. Life is good. Time to water plant and tend stock.

        Go tend your own garden. You will be ok people. Jesus wins in the end. Will be quite the show.

      3. “human slave population”? what the hell? so absolutely ludicrous. you are anti-semetic?

      4. Russia should attack immediately and destroy all Israeli bases where the attacks are coming from. But Putin is too weak. The US and Israel know that Putin is weak and will not retaliate, so they have nothing to fear.

        • Michael D,
          There was always that kid in grade school that would eat his arts paste, and then. eat his boogers. He would often show off about it. As if he had done a real thing.
          Those same kids grow up. Then you see their comments on the internet, like yours.
          I ignored them then. Mostly ignore the grown up versions now. Obviously they have problems and need help.

          – – – – – – –

      5. World War III; not a small regional war; is what they want. The US needs to get the 30 million young people that refuse to go back to work; off the streets; and into fighting comabt. Small reginal war wont do as there will be millions of young people burning and looting, they need to draft them all. Imagine the US armed forces staffed with the American snowflakes and the thug looters. I bet USA will lose WWIII. There is no will to stop even unarmed invasion of 40 million illegal latinas over the past 25 years. No hope, better learn Chinese fast.

        • I agree: we do not have the time or the money to retrain or engage those 30 million people and the lost generation of youth. The best use for them is to do WWIII. Just as Vietnam not only soaked up a generation it also led to enormous innovation in warfare, big data, logistics, wire-guided missiles etc.

          WWIII would unleash an unprecedented acceleration in innovation and also take young punks off the streets and get them into fire bases in China etc. Every generation has its burden to carry and this generation’s youth will have to take on China and Islam.

      6. WHO CARES. It is not America’s business. Trump needs all our troops here in America to protect us for the domestic invasion of the terrorist communists we have here. Trump is bringing 10,000 troops back from Germany to America.

        • I believe I heard him say at yesterday’s presser with the Polish president that he was taking those troops from Germany and sending them to Poland. You know, the ones he said he was bringing home?

          He keeps saying he’s bringing troops home from here and there but he always backs down after the bosses tell him how it’s gonna be.

        • You need protection from the comies-rioters-looters-burners?

          No. You need YOU.
          You need a set of balls, a firearm/ammo, a few skills, hopefully a few armed neighbors-family-friends.
          If someone/”protestor”, has a can of gasoline and is about to burn out your home or business. Why call 911?

          Police only murder unarmed people when the person is all alone and the Police are heavily armed and are a dozen strong. That is how Police work.
          REMEMBER: In Florida, Police waited outside the school, safely behind cover, as innocent school children were being murdered by a nutjob. But the Police do like wearing tactical gear, and front slung rifles patrol style. (Pretending to be that which they never were or will be). “All dressed up and not enough courage to go to the dance.”

          Why did cities burn? Why is history being erased by a communist mob? Politicians and Police ALLOW the criminals to run amuck.

          Police consider YOU the enemy. IF you are an easy soft target. Media liars say they hate blacks.

          NO. No. No. They want blacks to do crimes. They need criminals so as to justify their exsistance and robbery of YOU through taxes.
          Police/Politicians HATE the American people. If you work hard, went to school, built a business, own a nice home. Politicians and Police REALLY hate you. They want to “put you in your Place.”

          But there is Hope. When the rioters-looters-burners-commies that are pretending to be “protestors” come to your home or business.

          YOU engage those targets. YOU defend your home. YOU defend your business. YOU defend your neighborhood. YOU DEFEND YOUR FAMILY. YOU DEFEND YOUR LIFE.

          No one else will.

          Minneapolis-Seattle-Chicago-Atlanta should be an eye opener for you people. These commie, power grabber, control freak politicians, ALLOWED the terrible riot events to occur. You don’t matter. Politicians/Police want you fearful. They want you docile. Politicians/Bankers want to rob-steal-plunder-take everything from you. And want ABSOLUTE psychological-emotional then PHYSICAL control over you. That is what the PlannedDemic is about. CONTROL. SUBJEGATION. Has Nothing to do with public health. It has to do with TRAINING you.

          FEAR is a weapon of Psychological and Emotional control.
          “Protestors” are being USED by Politicians, as weapon of Fear/Violence.


      7. Where is all of the active denial heat rays, LRAD sound rays, water cannons, rubber bullets,…etc?

        There is a difference between peaceful protest, and riots.

        GMIC can stop riots, but they are waiting until conservatives start rioting.

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