WW3 Approaches, North Korea Launches 4 Anti-Ship Missiles

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 58 comments

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    North Korea fired four anti-ship missiles into the sea east of the Korean Peninsula Thursday. The South Korean military said this new test was intended to demonstrate North Korea’s advancements in “precise targeting capability.”

    As tensions continue to rise between the United States and the rogue nation of North Korea, the missile tests conducted also continue. This is now Kim Jong-Un’s fourth missile test in one month, as the volatile North Korean dictator continues to balk at the United Nations sanctions against his country. In fact, this is the nation’s first missile test since the UN implemented more, harsher, sanctions on the fascist nation.

    South Korea’s joint chiefs said the projectiles, launched near the eastern port city of Wonsan, were believed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles. “We assess that North Korea intended to show off its various missile capabilities, display its precise targeting capability, in the form of armed protests against ships in regard to US Navy carrier strike groups and joint naval drills,” Roh Jae-cheon, a spokesman for South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staffs told reporters.

    The missiles went about 200 kilometers (124 miles), South Korea’s military said in a statement, adding the US military was undertaking a more detailed analysis. “Our military has strengthened surveillance and alertness readiness in cases of additional provocation by [the] North Korean military and is maintaining all readiness posture while we are tracking and monitoring [the] related situation,” the statement read.

    Analysts say each launch, regardless of its success, improves missile technology for the dictatorship. The tests also ultimately provide information that will bring North Korea closer to its goal of building a missile that could reach the US. The launch comes one day after South Korea’s government suspended the deployment of a controversial US missile defense system which had strained relations with China and angered North Korea.

    North Korean state media made no mention of the reported launches Thursday, but earlier warned Japan not to “gamble on its destiny.” The statement said, “If Japan is concerned about its security, it should not act (as) a poodle of the US but withdraw its hostile policy toward the DPRK and remove the US military bases for aggression (sic) from its territory.” Japan has been conducting evacuation drills in response to the North Korean provocation of war, and now they are mulling over the addition of missile shelters.

    As North Korea continues to push the limits of it’s neighboring nations and the United States, it certainly seems like WW3 is becoming inevitable.


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      1. That fat dildo running NK is going to screw around and get taken out by SOMEBODY. Whether its’ the US or China remains to be seen. It’s still possible China could do something. Their patience with Kim Jong Dickhead is really wearing thin.

        • China is not too worried, if they were, they would have moved long ago. For them North Korea serves a purpose, a buffer zone between South Korea and U.S. bases. If China got too concerned, all they would have to do, is summon the NK Ambassador, and tell him to cool it. They could probably blitz NK in 48 hours, and mop up in 72 more.

          It is not cheap to put 3 carrier groups there and have them sit around. So, unless the nwo crowd demands a war there, not much is likely to happen, but more continuous blustering.

          • North Korea is a super power, the USA has never attacked a super power. Amerikans are too afraid .

            • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….That was funny..NK a superpower?!?!?!?!hahaha haha…

              • North Korea whipped us last time and they were still using oxen for transportation. So hahahaha on the USA hahahaha. We are the loser’s losers hahaha.?

        • WW III will not break out over’s regime change in N Korea. Everyone will be glad the Fat Kid is gone.

          China may send troops in afterwards to force a negotiated neutrality and disarmament on the Peninsula with a Unified Korea.

          Give peace a chance. 🙂

          • DK…..this is not an attack on you Old Salt, but I just have to say….
            Yeah……that Fat Kid….what a bastard!
            You know……invading Afghanistan and Iraq and completely phucking those nations.
            And, you know…..how he sells BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars worth of arms to the Saudis (and any other freedom loving nation that wants to kill people)
            Not to mentioning setting up and funding terrorists like Al Quieda and ISIS.
            And how he was his military jackboot on the throat of the world with over 700 bases dotted across the globe.
            And his currency…..what a sham that is!! They say his nation is broke and just prints it up!
            And he spies ON EVERYONE…..every email, text and phone call….EVERYTHING!
            Yep…..The Fat Boy just HAS to go.
            He aint no friendly fella……nup.
            He should be like the USA…..an upstanding Global Citizen where truth, freedom and opportunity underpin society.

            • Point of fact:
              Trump made a deal, but KSA has yet to get their filthy hands on ANYTHING.

            • excellent post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Excellent point, to bad many others don’t get it. NK must be an e enemy all because it to refuses a RKM central bank just like all the others.

      2. I hope Fat Boy isn’t stupid enough to use them.


        • People are not reading North Korea correctly.

          Kim Jung Un has to make the USA the enemy. The entire country has to believe their lives are so sh!tty because the South and the USA are conspiring to make it so.

          If they realized the truth, that North Korea is a shit hole because of communism and Kim Jung Un, the people would rebel and overthrow the government.

          So, Kim Jung Un is a blow hard who makes America the enemy because he has to. I don’t think there is any will of the people to fight.

          I think it will be like Iraq and the troops will surrender by the thousands and thousands.

          Yes, there will be true believers, but the bombers can eradicate them.

          • Uh,,, Sorry John S, But Iraq was like a paradise when Saddam was President, opposed to now, which is it a Shithole. And there were not any terrorist running around Iraq blowing everything up, until the US spread its form of democracy there. Same with Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

            Not sure about you, but I am too old and tired to be lied to anymore. I would rather have a spoonful of truth, than a Biggie Size Bowl of BS.

            • I will always remember what a Russian said about the collapse of the Soviet Union, he said; ‘What brought down the Soviet Union was the sum total of all the lies’.

              I know that I don’t fully understand his comment, but after the PTB tell enough lies the people cease caring about the system and it collapses. I think they are intensionally doing the same to us, so that we say “good” when the system comes down.

              People believe that the French were cowards during WWII, but the truth was that their government was extremely corrupt and hated. When I heard this version of the story, it struck me as truth. They believed that life would be better under the Germans. Remember, Germany was in revival and many in America thought we should imitate them.

              • Justice, I’ve heard a lot of stories in my lifetime about what people went through under communism and those stories are REAL NOT PROPAGANDA. What my wife went through in Cuba was real. What my friends from the Baltic States, Poland, and Czechoslovakia suffered under Russian occupation is real. What people are going through in Venezuela right now is real. The Russian you mention is most likely someone who would love to see the USSR make a comeback. What really brought down the USSR was the failure of communism. It’s a political and economic system that has failed everywhere it’s been tried. It’s never worked and will never work. The horrors of life under communist rule are REAL.

            • Libya wasn’t perfect, but it was far, far better than anything since Qaddafi was murdered in yet another illegal US aggressive war. The majority of his people had a really good life.

              Best I can tell, Trump wanted to raise the hair and fangs on the cat that is NK. He succeeded. Maybe NK will do us all a favor and turn Washington into a glass parking lot.

          • communists have been known to murder people by the tens of millions. they are afraid to rebel!

        • China loves North Korea because they can visit Kim for his pleasures brigade brides.

          • I want to see DPRK fall. Think of all the hottt young DPRK chicks who will do anything to get out. Fat assed American women with bad attitudes will hate it.

            • Me too

        • Fat boy will use them that is why amerikans are cowering.

      3. Just smell the “Western Propaganda” in this Paragraph.

        “As tensions continue to rise between the United States and the rogue nation of North Korea, the missile tests conducted also continue. This is now Kim Jong-Un’s fourth missile test in one month, as the volatile North Korean dictator continues to balk at the United Nations sanctions against his country. In fact, this is the nation’s first missile test since the UN implemented more, harsher, sanctions on the fascist nation.”

        Let me rewrite this Paragraph from another prospective:

        “As the US bullying continues to antagonize N Korea for no reason other than to start WW3, Korea is left with few choice, but to show it strength against all the other Fascist Countries bundled in the UN, as they try to financially destroy N Korea a Sovereign Nation, like it has done to so many other nations in the last few decades, and harm its People by limiting trading with unjustifiable sanctions. N Korea has not attacked anyone including the US, and refuses to comply to being another Slave Puppet Nation to the US or the United Nations that is full of Military Gangs and Thugs raping the planet to install their Globalist ideology and market monopolies.”

        How does that 2nd paragraph sound?

        One thing for sure about living in America, is that we still can present opposing views. In the United Arab Emirates right now, posting a simple sentence or paragraph like I just did above, sympathizing with Qatar, as they are being bullied to be a slave nation, will earn you 15 years in prison. Just read that Tidbit of info today.

        **It would be great if Peace Broke out all around the World and we hanged all the War Fascists Bullies when and where ever we find them. Time to put a Thumping on them and crack sum skulls.

        • Dare I say: Wag the Dog?

        • You forgot that only the USA is allowed to meddle in others elections. How dare they interfere in ours. We now will designate all elections as a grey area from now on because all the primary colors have been used for revolutions.

      4. Yes CrackScum, good point……and I would start with the Manchurian candidate traitor John McCain. HEs calling on additional sanctions on Russia due to their meddling. He is absolutely psychotic, a war monger, and a threat to peace. He wants war with Russia.? Hey news flash McCain, you old stupid fart…the U.S. has “meddled” in elections all over the world. Why don’t those countries call on sanctions on the U.S. for doing so.?
        On the other hand, can the world allow an unstable fascist dictator like KJU to acquire weapons of the apocalypse.?
        The world is so F’d up right now, i just don’t know what to think anymore.

        • Don’t worry. USA will get their chance. Our “allies’ are just waiting for the chance to kick us when we’re down.

      5. To CSS If peace did break out my heart might stop from the shock of good things happening!

      6. Keep your eyes on Qatar and the situation developing over there at break neck speed. Sorry but North Korea is a great diversion. Iran is now sending troops into Qatar to back them. My question is what happens to our military base thats there? Since we are backing Saudia Arabia.

        • I think the plan is to have it kick-off in multiple theatres. So Asia is a theatre; and so is the Middle East; and so will be Africa. Three theatres, three major geostrategic goals. Kick China out of Africa, cuckold China in Asia, and make Greater Israel in the Middle East.

          • You might be right Frank, you might be right.
            I would also consider the very real possibility of Theatre #4…….USA a zinging glass carpark if it thinks it can render even more war upon the people of this planet.
            I hope it doesn’t happen, but can see it happening if the United States of Eternal War & Suffering continues on it’s current trajectory.

      7. Amerika is toying in the business of others SERIOUSLY KIM J UN has absolutely no capability to hit the USA??!! LET THEM JOIN THE CLUB USA with equal protections and there nuclear arsenal just as CHINA RUSSIA INDIA PAKISTAN have? WE CAN THEN SHARE EACH OTHERS NUKES CAPABILITIES right ???!! KNO THAT wont WORK for the globalization process of controlling everything and everyone THE WORLD WILL turn on Amerika once the DOLLAR dies as will the USA

      8. hmmm… kim jong il LEAP FROGGING over the defined “red lines”….Maybe US Administrations should start holding them instead of backing up from them…..Redux Obama policies but renamed Trump policies? Really? What’s it going to be gents? Why is it that the spine of courage at the start has suddenly been replaced with jello……..so much for MAGA….

      9. …maybe this is the Psyops part where they get Kim il Stupid to fire off ALL of his weapons uselessly into the sea and then they smoke him? What am I missing? The trigger happy is allowed and encouraged to fire all his ammo up and then the much ado about nothing is over with? I still cant get over those helical magazines for their AK’s..i bet they are the biggest pain in the ass to reload…..

      10. USS Liberty – June 8, 1967 – 50 years ago today

        Hail to the Navy men aboard, living and dead !!


        • The greatest truth that the USA has ever buried. Not even the UFO programs and Area 51 is buried more deeply than the truth of that one incident….

      11. North Korea – We are going to be raining bombs of love and joy down upon your Gook heads very soon… Just wait
        Fat Boy, tick -tock, tick-tock.

      12. I double dog dare him to do a ground assault on the US. But he won’t because he knows that behind every blade of grass is an amarican with a rifle. 309m vs his entire country of 20m

        Outnumbered 15 to 1

        • You seriously are retarted !!!!!!!

        • Amerikans shoot like crap nowadays. I doubt amerikans would have the ? ? to fight a real war unless they had no choice. Snowflakes don’t care about anything accept free handouts.

        • Don’t you mean “Murikan”?

      13. OK… well in response, I say we get one of those circus human cannonball cannons, load up Dennis Rodman in a clown suit and put him in it, and then fire him back at the North Koreans. We’ve tried everything else… just might work…


      15. The U.S. has to go to war with North Korea. Now that they have found what is thought to be some of the largest deposits of rare earth metals in the world there. You just know that Silicon Valley needs those metals.
        Just like Afghanistan wasn’t about the Taliban or 911. It was about the trillion dollar deposits of rare earth metals there.

      16. North Korea is acting in the interest of China. If the Asian nations work together they will be able to get rid of most American bases in the region.

      17. i heard the Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan left the area. I doubt there will be a War with NK. But there will be a War with Syria and Iran. The US is a pussy country. They only fight smaller countries like Iraq, Libya etc. NK is a tough fight.

        • nk is not a tuff fight at all, the only thing that is keeping them from being bombed is the population of seoul and the inevitable massacre of seouls civillians , there are 25 million living in and around seoul and seoul is only 40 miles from the border and thousands of artillery are directly set on seoul,

      18. Dude needs to get laid.

        • ha ha, LOL, that might be true, but i still think there will be no war with NK. Syria is the next war

      19. Each of the missiles this guy shots off cost N Korea a small fortune. It’s a shame, but the price can likely be counted on N. Koreans dying of starvation.

        • So. The only good north Korean is a dead north korean. Everyone that starves to death is one less we have to fight and kill.

          • The shame is people being murdered by evil men in government. Whether you are LaVoy Finicum or a peasant in N. Korea, you’re still dead feeding the hubris of the power hungry. (N. Korean soldiers are fed better than most there, once they are not military eligible, food becomes scarce).

            • PTPO, thank you for remembering LaVoy Finicum. And remember, when the balloon goes up, “I won’t have to travel to D.C. or anywhere else. There’s plenty of you sons o’ bitches right here!”

              • Don’t forget Joe Stack, he did what he could?

      20. Cruise missiles, wow. I’m so giddy I can hardly contain myself,will techno marvels never cease. NK impresses me.

        Now food for thought.

        RF weaponry. A signal generator that produces a disruption field of the Human brain on local or wide scale area. Instant knockout.

        Localized gravitation disruption. Produces lots of rubble and underground bunker rubble.

        The aforementioned is doable.

        This saber rattling is population control. The population of this world is natural resource. The golden goose. Why you ask that 7 billion are resource?

        Go to a search engine and type in hot glamour models. That is just one of the leadership and the underlings appetites.

      21. Here, are on a prepper site, people should be aware of government propaganda. Every time, warning after warning, too many people show how influenced they are by the MSM propaganda machine. People continually come here and rant about the “fat dickhead”, etc., etc. Turn your televisions off. Take some time to form your own opinion. Don’t let the bad guys in Washington give you your opinion every single time. What do care how fat he is? Most of you are probably fatter than he is. What do you care that he needs missiles to protect himself from the bad guys that destroyed Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Serbia, Viet Nam, etc? He’s a communist. His own ideology will take him and his country down. If you’re so angry, give your kids and grand kids a rifle and send them over there.

      22. Nobody has the balls to pull the trigger on Nukes anymore, face it. Its all show from the dickless politicians, espescially the angry fat kid from N. Korea

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