WW3 Alert: US And China Preparing For ‘All Hell To Break Loose’ On Korean Peninsula

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    Danger of nuclear war illustration with multiple explosions

    The United States and China are preparing for a situation in which all hell breaks loose on the Korean Peninsula.  Both nations are taking unprecedented steps as tensions toward a nuclear war ramp up even more.

    The US has stepped up military drills, practiced air raids, and reportedly started preparing to seize North Korea’s nuclear weapons by force, a feat South Korea has declared won’t be all that easy. South Korean officials have been talking up a pause in military drills in hopes that it will lead to a peaceful Winter Olympics in February, but the US has yet to agree to halt said drills.  Instead, the US  brought in a record number of stealth aircraft this month to train up on an air war against North Korea. Immediately after the drill, which featured a marked increase in simulated bomb runs on North Korean targets, the US and South Korea reportedly engaged in drills to infiltrate North Korea and neutralize its weapons of mass destruction.

    At a speech at the Atlantic Council last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US was preparing plans to seize loose nuclear weapons, should North Korea somehow collapse or become unstable.

    President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, also flatly rejected the clearest path to peace by saying the US would never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea. He recommitted the US to using force if necessary.

    “We’re not committed to a peaceful resolution — we’re committed to a resolution,” McMaster told the BBC. “We have to be prepared, if necessary, to compel the denuclearization of North Korea without the cooperation of that regime.” –Business Insider

    China is also bracing itself for a potential war. Across North Korea’s border in China’s Jilin province, state-run media ran a full-page instructional package on how to survive a nuclear blast. The page doesn’t mention North Korea, but it doesn’t need to. According to Business Insider, there are also a few notable new additions to Jilin. Five new refugee camps built “because the situation on the China-North Korea border has intensified lately,” a leaked document seen by The New York Times said. The camps could accommodate thousands of North Koreans who might pour across the border in a time of war.

    Of course, China’s preparations don’t end there either. They also have an offensive approach to the heightened tensions. China’s air force engaged in exercises along “routes and areas it has never flown before” earlier this month, with surveillance aircraft over the Yellow and East seas near the Korean Peninsula, according to the South China Morning Post“The timing of this high-profile announcement by the PLA is also a warning to Washington and Seoul not to provoke Pyongyang any further,” Li Jie, a military expert based in Beijing, told the Post, using the abbreviation for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In addition to flexing its military muscle against the US, China has been increasingly assertive in the South China Sea. It has also dispatched military spy planes to encircle Taiwan and provide up-to-date info, which the Macau-based military observer Antony Wong Dong told the Post was “very unusual.”

    All of this is in preparation for an “all hell breaks loose” scenario that’s likely to unfold on the Korean Peninsula.


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      1. Not much change for me until Nukes start to fly. We have a population that has been coddled far to long and if Nukes start to fly people will freak out.

        • ” Nukes start to fly people will freak out”

          I’de say that would be a reasonable expectation.

          • Kevin, you’re right. Nukes fly and there’s a lot of darned good reasons to worry. But… we’ve all done what we can, I hope, to be as ready for whatever, whenever. It’ll be say a prayer or two and rack up. And not stop reloading until there’s nothing more to be heard incoming.

        • Start to freak out?

          Huh. You think?

          Go into nukemap and do an airburst over Century City in Los Angeles, using the typical Chinese ICBM.

          Gee I dunno what’s to freak out about… it only takes out basically everything…

          I mean yes if you want to render all of LA into an actual crater, it takes about 6 Tsar Bombas, groundburst. If you just want to burn it down however it takes CONSIDERABLY less. between 2 and 4 Chinese ICBMs should do it quite handily.

          Ever been to LA? It’s fucking enormous. Like I consider places like Boston and Houston to be comically tiny small towns, let’s put it that way.

          So I mean do the math, if you can wipe that out with 2 to 4…

          Ain’t Hiroshima style yields anymore…

          • I believe Houston is considerably larger than LA on a per square mile basis and not far behind on a population basis.

        • SnowFlakes will be triggered or just head to their ‘safe spaces’

      2. Been saying for awhile now that it’s not just China and the US. Everyone is arming up, fast. From Armenia and Azerbaijan, to Iran and Saudi Arabia. From Romania to Russia. Every out of the way place. Serbia and Kosovo. Something evil is coming. I don’t know when.

        • Agreed, just be ready at all times, we are here but a short time so the best prep is a relationship with the creator.

        • You know in 1983… the only thing that stopped the USSR from launching was one guy with a conscience.

          Their satellite picked up what they thought was 4 incoming US ICBMs.

          Turns out it was a fuck up with the satellite but the point is. You know what the real danger is here? Not INTENTIONAL use. ACCIDENTAL use.

          I mean what could possibly go wrong. Like you know! Nuclear power plants have the strictest safety regulations in the world! And I’m sure launch safety regulations are even MORE strict! Especially in a 4th world shit hole!

      3. If all the nations (including China, Russia, SK, US, and Japan) hit NK with a conventional strike at the same time…..there would be nothing left of NK within a very short period of time. There would be casualties, but the threat would be eliminated once and for all. The world has had enough of this little fat pig. He overplayed his hand big time. Let us hope that this is the situation. If not…..this could indeed be the beginning of WWIII, and Armageddon.!!!

        • Or…….how about if all the nations of the world launch a simultaneous, all out attack on the ONE NATION that has it’s military phucking jackboot on the throat of the planet?!!!
          North Korea ain’t no theat to world peace son.
          It’s the bastard Stars & Stripes of Eternal Financial Fraud & Global Military Butchery.
          Now…….know your place…….back into the basement.
          This planet has had enough of being PHUCKED OVEF by a nation that considers it’s Foreign Policy as something the rest of the world has to automatically accept, whilst the perpetrators suck down hot dogs and that shit of shitest filth beer, Budweiser, cheering on their murderous armies as peace keepers……..FILTH.

          • Would that be the same jackboot that has delivered more humanitarian aid and economic assistance to needy nations than anyone else in history?? You are an idiot!

        • An SF Soldier we consider 1 of our children came home for Christmas. Stopped by as always to say Hi. They are being briefed daily on the NK situation and have been told to expect at least a 60% casualty rate on the US side if this happens. That’s a lot of Body Bags coming home. SK will be leveled. Soeul will disappear just from a conventional strike. Keep Prepping because if this does happen a lot of everyday items here in US will get scarce really quick.

        • Russia and China won’t strike NK.

      4. Most people make the mistake of
        “fighting” the last war.
        I rather like the advice
        of a Chinese guy Sun Tzu.
        Fortunately for the world
        the PLA ignores the advice
        of their own geniuses.
        Hopefully we do learn, before
        it is to late.

        • Rellik, unless I’m mistaken, Sun Tzu wrote The Art Of War WAY THE HELL before communism was even invented. Chinese were much wiser before Mao and company came along.

      5. We know that war is profit bringing. So if someone is on a downhill ride, they will need war if nothing else works! Always been like that. But I hope not.

      6. One nuclear boom and the stock market crashes worldwide. Its the black swan event.

        • I just had this mental image of a Wall Street trader in a bombed out building after a nuclear strike on NY City. He’s screaming, “Buy the dip, buy the dip!”

          • Lmao!

        • Kevin2, one nuclear boom and the stock market won’t even be on anyone’s mind.

          • I disagree. An all out war of utter devastation? Yes, run for the hills. Something NK could gather up? Massive world wide sell off. The social political impact if it started with North Korea would bring forth one of two likely eventualities. A world wide reflection, sobering of hostilities in fear of armageddon or a go for broke, hit them (pick a them) before they hit us. If the world isn’t incinerated within 48 hours we stand a chance of survival. I see it as (A) economic crash or (B) global destruction of the developed world (which makes a market crash moot).

      7. Saber rattling. its all part of the dog and pony show. North Korea gets their Nukes from China. All Russia is doing is policing their border. There is a really simple solution for the USA. Just pull out of both Koreas. But where is the money in doing that?

        • Old Guy

          Your correct. If one subscribes to the thought that the US Constitution is the guide book then we have no business in South Korea. If one subscribes to the vision of the US controlling the world for multi national corporations and financial institutions who’s goal is one world government, then by all means be in Korea and everywhere else. The former is patriotic, the latter mercenaries painted in patriotism.

          • Kevin2, you nailed it again. There’s no profit in peace.

            • They want to control the entire world. The small wars against non nuclear powers on the way to achieve it are like tips for the bartender.

      8. “…a warning to Washington and Seoul not to provoke Pyongyang any further,”

        The Norks have been self-provoking since 1953. The Norks have always seen the very existence of South Korea and the U.S. as provocative.

        The Chinese are playing their usual two-faced game, as they have been since the Nork invasion of the South in 1950.

      9. People make money from war if it drags on by replacing the weapons used. WWIII will be a quick war and the only people making money will be the undertakers.
        Some of us would throw a free democratic country under the bus.

      10. The American people are overwhelmingly against war on North Korea, any sane person would be. Insane people run this shit show.

        • Actually, the Boobus-Doofus AmeriKanus are NOT overwhelmingly against a first strike against NK.

          Anyhow, someone up there proclaimed a massive air-strike on NK. We tried that during NK/SK war, pretty much flattening NK to little pieces. Didn’t work. And China will not tolerate an AmeriKan stooge on her borders.

          • Curt is very much correct & is obviously very much awake.

            People will bash the Neocons and war mongers, but will support our military 100%, even if the objective is wrong.

            Everybody should know, that a US first strike on NK. The Norks will just gain support from China. That scenario in itself, the US Military will ultimately FAIL.

            The last thing the world needs … is another confrontation in warfare.

            • It seems our collective long term memory is once again failing as a nation. I am by no means a warmonger but how many times can you threaten to turn the US to ash before you get a boot on your neck? All those that are against stopping this threat now are all the same people that will scream “why didn’t we do anything” after a nuke flattens a US city. I’d also add that negotiating for over 20 years has produced nothing but a nuclear armed North Korea. I’d say with confidence that diplomacy has run its course. If someone wants to offer a solution to this mess that doesn’t include a massive amount of kinnetic weapons of all varieties, I’m all ears. – Hale

        • Yes, it’s not North Korea that was making threats in the first place. The U.S. has refused to make peace since 1953, it’s an ongoing war. The hubris of U.S. aggression is going to deep-six us all.

      11. KJU has been diagnosed with dickey-do disease. His belly sticks out further than his dickey-do.

      12. Everyone is arming up and getting ready for war. It may be a war we regret.

      13. Across North Korea’s border in China’s Jilin province, state-run media ran a full-page instructional package on how to survive a nuclear blast.

        Stand point up in the sky and clap?

        ‘Cause unless you got a bunker 500 feet underground with two years of food in it…

      14. All the hype so they can build up the military.
        Just honest and just build it.

        If Nukes start flying all bets are off. I’ve prep all I can and have back ups to my back ups


      15. With the art of the deal. Could USA, China, S Korea, and Russia. Slam dunk N Korea , and split up the mineral rights? To compensate for the war costs.

      16. With deep regret i write this as being your neibour. You have been infiltrated by very organized opponents. You will all have to fight for life and liberty. In the end will ONLY be a remnant. The scriptures have never failed. You were founded on false Christianity which gave you false peace and security. As a lamb but you strayed from the truth and now the dragon has reared up to destroy you. The answer is this. You must unbelievers and believer get on your knees and ask forgiveness of rejecting the Elohim and his laws and statutes which stand firm forever. Israel disobeyed and suffered and still do today. If they had obeyed they would not have had to be punished .this has come to you because of disobeying. You fall we fall.eternal life awaits for us at the end if we run the race till the end.The messiah is coming before the pope dies and he’s mid seventies now. He’s the last pope. Here are they who had the testimony and the torah, the patient saints who have the right to the tree of life

        • canuck, you are an embarrassment to all thinking people of Canada. What utter nonsense you spout!!

      17. In 1961 the Atlantic Council, a front advocating British control over America, was founded by Dean Acheson, who I recently mentioned here in connection with his role in the Korean War. The AC is crawling with CFR members, which is The Pilgrims Society’s most important subsidiary, founded in 1921. Tillerson? All Secretaries of State, like all Presidents, are “honorary” members of this British globalist group sponsored by the Royal family http://www.silverstealers.net, scroll down to see 1969 document. The content is 100% free access. Wartime is when our rights are most easily trashed! We have no military silver stockpile and they can cite this as a reason for nationalizing silver like FDR did on August 9, 1934 with EO 6814, and they paid 50.01 cents/oz for 113,031,000 oz turned in from Aug 1934 through Feb 1937. The start page addresses this threat and how to minimize it!

      18. Thar blows the elephant of sir prize. Jim, need more vodka.

      19. America is not prepared or willing to fight a war during winter. As such, it will start in March or shortly thereafter.

      20. Just one nuke goes off even close to the US and martial law will be declared. And with all the deep-state apparatus in place already i.e. Homeland Security, TSA, NSA, FBI, BLM, ATF etc the clamps will be placed on Joe Citizen and in a hurry too.

      21. ” Well boys , I reckon this is it – nuclear combat toe to toe with the Roosskies.”

        Not a good time to live next door to a primary target – like an airport.

      22. A man walks into a butcher shop, leans over the counter, and whispers to the butcher: Do you have pig’s feet?
        The butcher whispers back: Yes, but I keep my shoes on so no one will notice.
        Anybody ever see Porky without his shoes on?

      23. Hey brian..got a good chuckle from that. The christian churches all come out of the Catholic church which accepted the idol woshipers with a little of their practices to make them at home. Now the christian churches celebrate the cults and don’t even know it. .research Christmas. .what a disgrace. Christians wait for their jesus to come on white fluffy clouds to whisk them away. They will be surprised what will happen. Isaiah said he’s coming back with fire and a sword isa 66:15-17 and eat what you want. .but if your eating pork you will be done away with. Best obey his word and noy take the chances. Christ was the word.the word IS the torah. Christ obeyed the torah and said follow me. The apostles kept the torah. The christian churches are the work of satan doing everything to keep people from the real truth thus loosing eternal life. Rev18:4 come out of them and you won’t be getting her plagues. ….get out now

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