WW3 Alert: North Korea Will Be Keeping Their Nukes, Despite Promises To Denuclearize

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has decided to keep the nation’s nuclear weapons, despite promises to the Trump administration that he would begin denuclearization. It appears that a nuclear war threat is still lingering and could be the topic of discussion when president Donald Trump meets Kim early next year.

    According to The Daily Sta UK, sources inside the Communist state have reportedly revealed its leader Kim Jong-un has no plans to surrender his nuclear weapons despite talks of denuclearization with Trump. Jiro Ishimaru of AsiaPress International, revealed insiders have said Kim has been assuring his citizens he won’t allow North Korea to be vulnerable. “Even after Kim met with [U.S. President Donald] Trump, progress on a peace treaty has been slow,” said Jiro. “So Kim must feel the need to assure people domestically that he has no intention to let go of nuclear weapons.”

    Talks between the US and North Korea have not gone as smoothly as expected since Trump and Kim had their historic and landmark meeting in Singapore in July. Although the two leaders have agreed to a second summit in the US early next year, the schedule and agenda have yet to be set in stone. A high-level meeting to iron out details that was scheduled to have taken place on November 8 was canceled the day before without explanation. But it’s a safe bet that the US will be adding North Korea’s nukes to the discussion.

    According to the South China Morning Post, several political policies are complicating things. The politics of the ruling class could very well the reason North Korea has elected to keep their nuclear arsenal intact. One issue further complicating matters was a report by the US think-tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies claimed that satellite images showed that North Korea had at least 13 secret facilities used to produce missiles. If that is found to be true, the findings are not surprising; the North has not yet agreed to halt development of nuclear weapons or missiles, although it has staged no tests since the summit.

    North Korean state media also said on Thursday that Kim had successfully supervised the testing of a “hi-tech” new weapon, without elaborating. Regardless of North Korea’s actions, Trump and his officials remain confident that Kim’s pledge for denuclearization made in Singapore will be fulfilled.

    North Korea’s announcement that Kim will not be denuclearizing, has been met with heightened fears of a third world war. And this time, it is most likely to be a global nuclear conflict.


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      1. Why would he? North Korea has the better hand in this high-stakes poker game.

        North Korea can get the majority of their population underground within minutes. Can the US? North Korea has most of its infrastructure underground (thus the dark satellite photos). North Korea is BUILT for this war.

        All North Korea has to do is hunch down, take the hits, and watch as the US gets nailed by China and Russia. Most of their population will still be around post-strikes.

        • Just being underground doesn’t protect the people from a nuclear exchange.

          NK doesn’t have nuclear proof underground bunkers for its people, not many of them anyway.

          In any event, they can hardly feed their people now, imagine what it would be like after nuclear war reduced them to the stone age in the cities as well as in the rural areas where it is barely more than that now.

          • @ Anonymous 11:29.

            In your statement you could substitute NK with the USA, and still be correct.

            North Korea doesn’t have to give-up its Nukes, and shouldn’t have to because China said it will intervene for NK if USA fires first.

      2. The US nuclear defense system must protect US soil from attack by ANY of the EIGHT nuclear nations. If it will defend against nuclear powerhouse Russia surely it can defend tiny North Korea.

        Anything else is about politics, money and testosterone.

      3. Frank you are on it.

        We will be busy texting. I do wonder why trump had that emergency action thing on our phones this past summer.
        But hey EMP ????

        So I guess its stay tune.

        ttthats all folks……

      4. I’m shocked (not). Why would anyone be surprised by this?

      5. Why cannot they have nukes, every body else has them.

      6. I’m not surprised. Porky was trying to play Trump and South Korea like a damn fiddle. If NK is giving up their nukes then I’m bringing JFK back to life [NOT]. [SARCASM]

        • Trump just needs to walk up to Kimbo and just betch slap his soft first grader looking jowels.

      7. North Korea is not going to do anything they know better they would be nuked into glass,but that doesn’t mean that they will not be blamed for something because they are the best fall guy for anything the people in charge will do. They will kill their own people and blame north Korea to tighten their grip on power.

      8. Such an sorry mistake for them. And of course it is at China’s orders.

      9. read up on the bio of the owner of the Daily Star, UK, Richard Desmond.
        on wikipedia.
        nuff said.

      10. We’re all screwed no matter which way Kim goes… one way or the other.

      11. We’re all screwed no matter which way Kim goes… one way or the other.

      12. I’d hate to have the job of rocket fuse lighter in nk.

      13. Well, why wouldn’t they keep them?

        Washington hasn’t made any real effort to change its policies.

        Just threaten, threaten, and threaten.

        They even threaten the South for being too friendly.

      14. For N. Korea to dis-arm while the criminally-insane USSA is breathing down its neck, would be a FATAL mistake.

        If anything Kim should be developing – as fast as possible! – an ICBM that can reach Washington DC

      15. JC, just what I was gonna say. I’m no commie lover,but NK has done a lot of good will moves and we need to reciprocate. This is all Boltons doing.

      16. Look what happened to Sadaam, Ghaddafi, Osama etc. Kim knows they are coming for him so he will do everything to protect himself.

        Conflict is a calculation. And the calculation favors Kim because he has less to lose than the US. His country is less dependent on the global economy and its population is used to hard times and privation and stoicism. Americans are fat, addicted to entertainment and technology and have not had to do collective sacrifice since WWII.

        The shock to the US of any serious conflict would be much greater than to North Korea. There is also a limit to how many nukes the US can fire at North Korea in an attack. The US can only use enough to wreck things. If it tried to ht them over and over with nukes, the fallout would poison pretty well all of Asia, which would make America very, very unpopular.

        Fundamentally, after a first strike the only military option is a ground war. And that is going to be very tough and involve wedging North Koreans out of mountain and underground hideaways. On the plus side, it is great practice for Iran!

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