Worst Case Scenario: Total Chaos… Followed By An International Intervention To “Save Us” From Ourselves

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    The following analysis was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.



    One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 4
    By Brandon Smith

    In the first three installments of this series, we examined the realities behind supply and demand, unemployment and personal debt, and national debt. As has been proven in each consecutive article with ample evidence, mainstream establishment numbers are, for the most part, utter garbage. They are not legitimate. They are meaningless.

    The figures and stats that do have some truth to them are so obscured from the public view and unreported by the media that they may as well be state secrets. The average person has no clue of their existence because his primary sources of information are establishment-dominated. Even MSM talking heads and economic “analysts” are so mesmerized by the false version of the economic world that they have no point of reference when suddenly confronted with singular facts. Some people call this catastrophic behavior a “positive feedback loop.” It is a mainstream echo chamber that has become a financial tomb.

    Now that I have covered the lies within our economy that I can prove absolutely, it is time to move on to the lies that are more difficult to pin down. These lies often slip past our investigations because the hard data that could be used to expose them is simply not available to the general public. In fact, much of the data is not even available to government officials. I am, of course, talking about the hard data behind the activities of central banks across the globe — the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve in particular. In this installment, we will explore the purpose of these lies; to hide the imminent destruction of our currency — by hook, by crook and by fiat.

    In Part 3 of this series, real U.S. liabilities were revealed to far exceed official stats given by the Treasury Department (upward of $200 trillion currently owed, not owed in some distant future where none of us will be alive to worry about it). The debt singularity most responsible for this problem has been created through entitlement programs, as well as a Social Security program that the government uses as its own ever-cycling taxpayer supported personal slush fund, triggering a debt accumulation of more than $8 trillion per year.

    How does our government (or any government with a central bank) continue to function monetarily if it is generating far more debt than it will ever be able to pay off in tax revenues? Well, our system does not really “function.” It just refuses to fully die. And, it does this through fiat money creation.

    The quantitative easing programs, which allowed the Federal Reserve to conjure massive stores of fiat money out of thin air and purchase U.S. Treasury bonds (among other things), were a blatantly open admission by bureaucrats and central bankers alike that the government has not been capable of sustaining its own operations without fiat aid.

    I’ll say it again: QE programs are in and of themselves hard evidence of government insolvency.  Solvent governments do not need to monetize their own debt obligations with a printing press.

    After the limited TARP audit, which reveled a money creation scheme in excess of $16 trillion (overnight swaps are still a devaluing action though some MSM pundits argue they are not “debt creation”), there has been little information available to the public in regards to the true level of paper and digital money conjured from the ether.  We have no idea to what extent the dollar has ultimately been devalued, and we won’t know until foreign investors and banks finalize their decoupling from the U.S. (a process that will likely accelerate this year).

    One might argue, though, that since the finalization of the taper and the end of QE3 and the bailout programs overall, our system must be amply flush with cash yet again and the printing bonanza must have been worth the risk. Why else would the taper have been instituted at all? I would argue and have argued in the past that the taper was instituted not in preparation for economic recovery, but in preparation for economic collapse. The QE bailouts have stopped because they no longer serve any purpose in propping up the false economy.

    For instance, the inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is now suggesting yet another bailout for socialist New Deal failures Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, after the Obama administration reserved the right to take all profits from the conservatorship beginning in 2012. That’s right, all that money that Fannie and Freddie supposedly made and paid back didn’t make an ounce of difference, as the federal government now steals profits in order to pay off other debts. In the meantime, companies like Blackstone reap the benefits as they purchase and bid on hundreds of thousands of homes for pennies on the dollar, turn them into rentals and artificially support the illusion of a housing recovery in the United States. (I would also note that Blackstone has conveniently served as an “adviser” to the U.S. Treasury throughout the Fannie/Freddie bailouts.)

    As referenced in Part 1 of this series, stimulus measures have absolutely failed to inspire any semblance of recovery in consumer demand, and global demand for goods is imploding.

    As referenced in Part 2, real employment has not improved throughout the duration of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, quantitative easing and zero interest-rate policy. In fact, it only seems to have stalled unemployment at about 23 percent.

    As referenced in Part 3, stimulus actions have only served to create even more unmitigated debt while producing no tangible results other than a massive bubble in stock markets.

    Poverty is at record levels. Welfare demand is at record levels. Average wages are falling, and prices on essential goods (except oil at this time) are rising. Global demand is visibly sliding into the same territory as in 2008/2009. Housing markets have become a corporately boosted feudalistic farce. And unemployment continues at a depressing level; meanwhile, people aren’t even counted as unemployed anymore because they’ve been jobless for so long.

    At this point, at the onset of spring 2015, I think it is safe to say that alternative economic analysts have been right all along in our assertions that central bank stimulus measures are completely useless. Though some of the slimier day traders like to argue that they “tripled their profits” during the stimulus period and our “doom and gloom” means nothing to them, in their naivety they would be missing the bigger picture. You don’t play the collapse. In the end, the collapse will play you.

    Now, it would seem as though the Federal Reserve has failed in every aspect of its bailout quest. But what are the consequences of this debacle?  The result is the displacement of U.S. economic standing. The U.S. is being made economically irrelevant.

    China has surpassed the U.S. as the world’s largest exporter/importer and has long been far superior to the U.S. in manufacturing capability, making China the most valuable economic partner in the world. According to the IMF, China is now superior to the U.S. in trade standing and is soon to be the largest economy on the planet.

    China has recently launched its regional Asian Development Bank, a kind of Asian World Bank. And nearly 50 countries, including European allies to the U.S., have rushed to sign on.

    The talk is even growing within mainstream circles that China is about to decouple from the U.S. economy and, along with the BRICS nations, structure a new Asian-centric financial system that will “stick it” to the Western financial elites. This, however, is too simplistic a notion.

    We are talking about the REAL economy in this series; and in the real economy, no nation with a central bank actually “breaks” from the New World Order. In fact, all conflicts between the East and West are only serving to further the cause of globalists and Fabian socialists.

    China alone does not have the capacity to replace the U.S. as a primary driver for the global economy, nor does the Yuan have the capacity to replace the dollar as a world reserve currency. However, this is not China’s goal. It never has been China’s goal. China’s only purpose in its historic fiscal expansion has been to achieve inclusion in what the IMF calls the “global economic reset.” Part of this reset is the introduction of the IMF global currency basket system, or Special Drawing Rights (SDR), as a kind of centralized control mechanism for all currencies around the world. The IMF and China have continuously called for the SDR basket system to replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

    I covered this developing scheme in great detail in my article ‘The Economic End Game Explained’.

    Despite the hopes of some alternative writers that China will somehow break the chains of the central banking monopoly, every Chinese action since at least 2008 has been in preparation to become a full slave nation under the control of IMF policy. China has now officially submitted its currency (the Yuan) for inclusion as a reserve currency in the SDR basket.  China’s central bank has openly called for the IMF to take a dominant role in the management of the world’s currencies through the SDR basket system:

    The world economic crisis shows the “inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system,” Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.”

    The IMF conference on the SDR, which takes place every five years, is set to begin preliminaries in May and finish in October or November. It is widely expected that China’s currency will indeed be included in the SDR this year, that this will adversely affect the dollar’s standing as the world reserve currency, and that the U.S. will have little capacity to stop such a development. That’s because American veto power within the IMF is likely to be removed, due to a lack of approval on funding measures and policy changes put to Congress in 2010.

    In numerous articles over the past couple of years I have warned that the destruction of U.S. position within the IMF would be blamed on “political gridlock” over the refusal by Congress to confirm policy changes from 2010, and the brunt of the blame would be placed on “conservatives”.  This past week my suspicions were supported by the statements of Larry Summers, a former Treasury Secretary and elitist who was partially responsible for the end of Glass-Steagall and the creation of the derivatives bubble, and the man who claimed “history will overwhelmingly approve QE”.  Summers decried the end of the U.S. as the “underwriter of the global economic system”,  also stating:

    “Largely because of resistance from the right, the US stands alone in the world in failing to approve the International Monetary Fund governance reforms that Washington itself pushed for in 2009. By supplementing IMF resources, this change would have bolstered confidence in the global economy. More important, it would come closer to giving countries such as China and India a share of IMF votes commensurate with their new economic heft…”

    “With China’s economic size rivalling America’s and emerging markets accounting for at least half of world output, the global economic architecture needs substantial adjustment. Political pressures from all sides in the US have rendered it increasingly dysfunctional…”

    Avid enthusiasm for China’s new regional bank has put the U.S. on the defensive, as supposed allies are joining the chorus calling for China to join the SDR.

    This would make the Yuan the first currency not fully convertible to join the SDR basket. Meaning, it is difficult to directly invest in Yuan compared to investing in dollars. But this is exactly what the IMF wants.

    The Asian Times put it rather bluntly but honestly:

    “Currently, central banks can’t include yuan holdings in their foreign exchange reserves. However, via inclusion in the SDR basket, the currency will effectively enjoy a “back door” where convertibility is concerned. The upshot, according to Citibank, means increased yuan demand from central banks and further integration of the currency into global capital market flows.

    Importantly, China has espoused an “internationalisation” of reserve currencies away from U.S. dollar hegemony and dependencies on local economic fluctuations on exchange rates and stability. The yuan inclusion in the basket would be a step towards a more multi-lateral currency world. While full convertibility may still be far away, China’s ability to have a global reserve currency may soon be upon us.”

    Yes, that’s right, China’s inclusion in the SDR will HELP the process of marginalization of the dollar and aid in the ascendance of the SDR as a world reserve mechanism. And as China becomes a currency powerhouse in its role as the No. 1 economy in the world, the only way central banks around the planet can benefit or “invest” in the Yuan will be by stockpiling SDRs! Demand for SDRs will be cleverly boosted by natural demand for the Yuan. This is how a global currency structure begins.

    The only true beneficiaries of this cycle will be the IMF and those elites who desperately want a totally centralized global economic system.

    In the meantime, as the dollar loses its world reserve status, it loses the ONLY pillar of support keeping its value somewhat stable. As the dollar falls, U.S. citizens will be reduced to Second World or Third World economic expectations. Employment and wages will continue to dissolve, while the margins between the “haves” and “have nots” will continue to grow. In the worst-case scenario, total chaos would result followed by an international intervention to “save us” from ourselves. Our currency would likely be permanently pegged to the SDR basket, just as Argentina’s was pegged to our dollar after its collapse. And the IMF would own the U.S. rather than the U.S. owning the IMF, as is the common delusion.

    As stated earlier, Federal Reserve stimulus actions “seem” to have failed miserably. Now our nation is facing a firestorm. But I would submit that the Federal Reserve has not failed in its mission. The Fed’s purpose is not to defend the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar; the Fed’s purpose is to destroy the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Thus, the Fed has succeeded in its mission. And I believe a full audit of Fed policies and actions would prove this fact beyond a doubt.

    I will continue to outline the endgame for globalization that is under way in the next installment of this series, including how central banks in foreign nations collude with each other and are managed by supranational entities like the IMF and the BIS. The implosion of America serves a very particular purpose. It is not a product of blind coincidence, fate, political stupidity or corporate greed. It is an engineered event meant to clear the way for an even more sinister economic environment designed to establish a final economic empire with the purpose of permanently enslaving us all.

    If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]


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      1. Will the. Dollar still be able to buy a tin foil conspiracy hat? Just kidding. It’s a well argued article.

        Some quibbles, but the overall prognosis is correct. Thanks Brandon.

        • The money always was the governments money.
          They just let us use it for commerce and

          • Lol, i think actually the money belongs to private groups who then loan it to the government at outragious interest who inturn allow us to use it for commerce and transactions. Then pass on to us the high cost of the interest… But essentially you are correct..lol

            • “… as China becomes a currency powerhouse in its role as the No. 1 economy in the world, the only way central banks around the planet can benefit or “invest” in the Yuan will be by stockpiling SDRs! ”


              The central bankers around the world will acquire large numbers of Yuan long before the RMB is classified as a world reserve currency. I mentioned that here a few weeks ago.

              Rules are made to be changed when the profit of the NWO is at stake. 🙁

              • “The Fed’s purpose is not to defend the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar; the Fed’s purpose is to destroy the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar.”

                This premise is totally illogical.

                The FED is not going to commit suicide. The FED will defend the system they control by nuclear war if necessary. 🙁

                • My own personal opinion is that there will be a push for a world wide electronic currency backed by precious metals, hence the drive by countries to aquire gold, the US suffers from a huge dose of inflated ego and arrogance, this will be the downfall, all the political talking heads will clain they are not to blame, this is why i think they are stirring pots for war all over the place including here at home, if you look at the false left and right, the right wants war elsewhere and the left wants it here at home, both have different direction but for the same reasons, there really is no left or right, just us vs them
                  The middle east has been fighting since before the tribes of David, but being how the world doesnt seem so big anymore we see it in more detail,
                  NONE of this will ever end well for anyone,

                  • You’re correct kulafarmer. We have corporate fascists on the “right” and corporate socialists on the “left.” Neither represents us anyomore.

                    Our kids are out taking care of the cows right now, reminds me of an economics joke:

                    Communism is where the government owns two cows and gives everyone a little of the milk.

                    Socialism is where you own two cows but the government comes and takes one and gives it to you neighbor who doesn’t have one.

                    Capitalism is where you own two cows, sell one, and go buy a bull.

                    • Rebel,
                      great analogy! our problem now is that they sold all the cows and we are left with what the cow left in the pasture and that is a bunch of crap! might be a long time before that fertilizer grows any roses.

                    • Capitalism is where you own two cows, sell one, and go buy a bull. Which then has more cows and bulls and cows and bulls etc up until they consume the world and pave it in shit.

                  • Electronic currency is essential for control of the masses so any “undesirable” purchases can be stopped ( long term food storage, weapons, guns etc.). Any dissident can be dealt with swiftly.

                    I don’t think the metals will have anything to do with electronic currency as inflation (cutting off zeros from an individuals account) can be done directly from the centralized planners.

                    Would you let the FED or any bank hold your gold and silver so they could issue you gold backed bit-coins?

                    Rehypothecation anyone. Mass deletion of accounts? You don’t own it if you don’t hold it.

                    We are a loooong way from honour in any and all of the banking sectors and that is from either the west or the east.

                    God Bless…

                  • Yep, Kula….and a world wide currency would depend upon the RFID chip….”welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, come inside, come inside”
                    It just goes against the norm….again and again

                    • Yep….there is much of the “removal” of what it means to be free…there are those who will never UNDERSTAND the word FREEDOM

                    • @FOB,

                      “Welcome Back My Friends….”

                      Emerson, Lake, and Palmer…….Nice Analogy.

                • durangokidd says:

                  “This premise is totally illogical.”


                  Do you know what a “tongue in cheek” statement is DK??

                  Geez… get a clue!!!

                  • YMWW:

                    This isn’t a reply to you…..rather it is a reply to JQP’s post and link (that for some reason has been blocked from a reply. Go figure).

                    After reading his link on the Bank for International Settlements I looked up whether Russia and China are members. Also looked up to see if Russia and China are members of the International Monetary Fund. SURE ENOUGH!

                    Would all you Putin supporters tell me once again how he has set himself/Russia aside and is not playing the international banksters game of world control.

                    He is just another puppet on the end of their strings. playing the role they have set for him.

                    • Until recently, the IMF has been the ONLY game in town. If Russians/Chinese wanted to have a credit card system, they had to use the IMF system. OF COURSE THEY ARE MEMBERS…there was nothing else. The petrodollar has always been the world reserve currency, as you already know, and the U.S. controls it.

                      But other countries have keenly felt the sting of the West and their abuses of the financial system. The “financial sanctions” are getting really old. Since they were all part of, and dependent on the IMF for their higher finances, the west had the most leverage on everyone else.

                      The sanctions on Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina would have no effect, without the monopoly IMF system. They are only working because there is no alternative…yet.

                      Enter BRICS.

                      Once this new system is set up and working, there will be an escape from using national finances to destroy countries, or force them into line. The West won’t be able to get their buddies at the IMF to cancel loans, credit access and other financial staples, that are within their control.

                      I don’t understand a whole lot about higher banking, but I do see how it is being abused as a political tool for the globalists. If I could, I’d bank with a BRICS country, if only to avoid feeding the IMF beast with my meager resources.

                    • Russia is controlled opposition. And china too. The corporations moved to china and now china is supposed to be our enemy. Most likely the corporations are controlling china same as they control usa.

                    • You didn’t answer my question, Durango, as usual. What hard evidence can you supply that proves the Fed is acting in a way that is healthy to the longevity and standing of the dollar?

                      And, if the dollar is so “desirable”, then why is most of the world and the IMF moving to marginalize the dollar?

                    • Cellar Spider: “Bullshit on all accounts from you. You are under the assumption that the Fed thinks there is something to protect.”

                      Yes I do. Guilty as charged!!! 🙂

                      So what is it that the FED is trying to protect? Glad you asked. The primary clientele of the FED is the NWO. The multinationals are the primary constituent within that group.

                      147 of the largest companies in the world control more than 60% of all global commerce. They also control the legal systems and governments; and manipulate society to conform, within limits, to their ideals.

                      That is what the FED is protecting. You? not so much. 🙁

                  • YMWW: Brandon’s statement wasn’t made “tongue in cheek”. He was serious about his perspective and that perspective is wrong.

                    There is EVERY evidence that the FED will do anything it needs to, to maintain control over its system, our money, and the profit streams it generates for the NWO at our expense.

                    Try again. 🙂

                    • You always say that Durango, and yet all the evidence points to the contrary. Where is all this “evidence” that you speak of which proves the Fed is trying to save the dollar rather than destroy it?

                    • dk,pissed off granny

                      Then let’s take a hard look at the BIS….for starters..

                      Obviously, you are aware of this cabal where the “governors” of all the central banks worldwide meet and set monetary policy.

                      and most likely set the agenda, as you stated, for world leaders to follow..

                      best course of action is to simply believe in ourselves.


                    • “You always say that Durango, and yet all the evidence points to the contrary.”

                      Brandon the evidence is all around you and as numerous as the stars in the night sky. Self preservation (the founding principle of life), and the preservation of one’s wealth (things, possessions, life, property) are natural to individuals.

                      Particularly I think to the uber rich and GB’s, in a society that celebrates wealth, possessions, and the status that accompanies it. While wealth does not buy happiness, it buys a damn good time searching for it.

                      Life is like a great address. Success an Orator. Wealth is the evidence of that “success”; at least in the eyes of the movers and shakers and PTB who run this country. They do not need the poor, and hardly the consumer to have an economy that benefits them because they are booking their profits overseas under FREE TRADE which they sold to Americans as a FREEDOM.

                      Your basic premise about the Federal Reserve is wrong so it is natural for your analysis will be wrong too.The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to do what is best for the Federal Reserve and its Member Banks.

                      Any benefit to the “economy” of main street is purely accidental.The only economy that matters to the FED is the Global Economy where its member banks derive the bulk of their revenue. We have two Americas. We have two economies, not one.

                      As I have stated many times here, QE was never intended to stimulate the economy. QE is and has been an action to assimilate the losses of the Member Banks, maintain their liquidity ratios, and support their balance sheets.

                      They have NOT destroyed the dollar, on the contrary it is one of the most if not the most desirable (fiat) currencies in the world, and in heavy demand.

                      The economy has floated along for these many years benefiting the NWO Global Investment Class and multinationals. Fuck Main Street. The disparity between classes in America has never been greater. This evidences the success of FED policies for the multinationals and the GIC with whom they are entwined.

                      The difficulties that the BRICS find themselves in is a DIRECT result of FED policies and is directed at them for challenging FED dominance.

                      You are consumed with the BIS and the IMF, but when the SHTF in 2008/2009 the UK and Europe, the uber rich, and the multinationals borrowed $16 trillion dollars from the FED: not the BIS and not the IMF. DUH???

                      The FED has the power and they will do and are doing everything they can to maintain it. How much more evidence do you need? 🙁

                    • @Durango Kidd,

                      Bullshit on all accounts from you. You are under the assumption that the Fed thinks there is something to protect.


                      The Fed and their String Pullers missed the boat on Fracking. They can’t get their hands on it. The guys up in the Dakota’s ain’t selling. The PTB are SHUT OUT.

                      So take that in combination with 96+ million americans not working, Cars not being sold (average car is 11 years old), Low skilled labor wages, and poof, there is now nothing to protect.

                      So they, the Fed, are tanking our economy. They are taking every last bit of profit out from under us.

                      The Fed and their shareholders are so desperate that they are keeping global oil (Exxon/Shell) at a minimum hoping to sweat the Dakota’s and the Lime Frackers out. Low oil prices also acts as a secondary defense against ISIS who managed to monetize Syrian Oil and threatened to take Kirkuk.

                      Plus, the Federal Reserve knows it is on borrowed time. So many people have questions about that beast like no time before in history. It is just a matter of time before they’re fully exposed. The Fed is heading for the hills and they are taking every last dime with them….back to Basel Switzerland.

                      The FED has nothing to protect. They are out. They are retooling for the IMF Special Drawing Right as the new global currency.

                    • DK just contradicted himself THREE TIMES in 2 rants!!! Why do you people continue to give him even a second of your time? His arguments are only as logical as needed to cover his last illogical and hypocritical statement. He just has to win the argument of THE MOMENT and fulfill his desire to TRY to make EVERYONE else look stupid, there is scant solid foundation of knowledge or beliefs behind his remarks, just narcissism and psychosis.

                  • Brandon: ” And, if the dollar is so “desirable”, then why is most of the world and the IMF moving to marginalize the dollar?”

                    The BRIC’s and other EM nations are TRYING to move against the dollar because they do not want to be subjugated by it. And, right now, they are, as they have been since WW II. (And they are failing at it).

                    Consider the effects of FED policy on the BRICS and other EM economies. Their economies are in worse shape than the American economies.

                    “What hard evidence can you supply that proves the Fed is acting in a way that is healthy to the longevity and standing of the dollar?”

                    Everything the FED does is acting in a way that is designed to support and protect the longevity of their financial empire. The dollar is the primary currency of that financial empire.

                    Just because their actions are not healthy for the average American, it doesn’t mean that their actions are inherently bad for their self interests. They are at war and the dollar is the weapon of choice.

                    Put yourself in their position if you can and you will have a more accurate perception of events through their eyes.

                    Forget about the IMF.

                    The IMF is not a central bank. It is not a creator of money. The IMF is a TOOL of the NWO CB’s. It is a FUND and what FUNDS it has is derived from the DONATIONS of its member nations, intent upon using these funds to expand the NWO and exploit the emerging third world. It is these donations that underlie the SDR’s that you so glowingly (and erroneously) speak.

                    (If you want to join the CLUB you gotta pay your dues).

                    Think of Legarde as a manikin in the window who walks and talks and would like to have more power and influence, as would the other players in the Great Game; but she has no source of real power.

                    She might walk and talk, but she is still just a dummy and window dressing in a business suit. 🙂

                    • Durango,
                      You are mostly right on with what you say. The final act will be the replacement of the resident population of the US with Third World illiterates who are easily controlled. That process is well underway and it is amazing how willingly this country has just rolled over and let itself be destroyed/dismantled. This is partly the lefts revenge for what they perceive the injustice of the Europeans replacing the former natives. I wonder if they realize that except for a very small privileged group they to are on the chopping block.

                    • Dick Clark: “DK just contradicted himself THREE TIMES in 2 rants!!!”

                      Glad to see you back dumbshit! Point out the “CONTRADICTIONS”. Label them one, two, three, and explain the inconsistencies.

                      I am not trying to “win the argument of the moment”. I am showing what the FED is doing from the FED’s perspective. When Brandon (and others) can look at FED actions through the eyes of a banker, and not from their own perspective, they will understand what the FED is doing and why they are doing it. This is given, not to defend the FED but to reveal its true motives.

                      Go ahead. Make my day. 🙂

                • Mass Whale Beaching Re-Ignites Quake Fears Among Japanese

                  “Six days prior to Japan’s devastating 2011 undersea earthquake that killed over 18,000 people, around 50 melon-headed whales – a species that is a member of the dolphin family – beached themselves on Japan’s beaches.

                  Now, 4 years later, and despite a lack of scientific evidence linking the two events, many Japanese took to social media in fear as the mass beaching of over 150 melon-headed whales on Japan’s shores has fueled fears of a repeat of the monster quake, which unleashed a towering tsunami and triggered a nuclear disaster.”


                  • I would beach myself too, rather than swim in nuclear waste water. 🙁

                    • yep.

                  • Cool, hope it hits us instead this time. Spares the Japanese.

                  • I’d like to see 150 melon-head politicians, a species that is a member of the dumbass-traitor cabal jump out of thirty story windows.

                    • Now see this is a damn good reason to have a like button ….. But Cha don’t. PO’d would have hit 150 likes …… And the usual two thumbs down from the ‘on duty government trolls’

                    • 🙂

                  • Call Al Bore as it must somehow be caused by globull warming.

                • The FED is not going to commit suicide. The FED will defend the system they control by nuclear war if necessary.

                  There is absolutely ZERO evidence of that.

                  • Anonymous: “There is absolutely ZERO evidence of that.”

                    No and there won’t be until the balloon goes up. The FED is NOT going to relinquish its power.

                    You can take that to the bank. 🙂

                    • They already did, to the Bank Of International Settlements decades ago.

                    • Right on with that statement…. “Fed is NOT going to relinquish its power.”

                      What they do is just refresh their “front man”, and keep playing the same old tunes.

                      right left, right left, left right, they all march to the same beat, right or left.

                      The avenues to keep the sheeple following get changed around, and the players that do the leading just hand off the reins to the next generations, but the zog/banksteers/PTB/NWO are basically the same.

                      Eventually they will reconstruct the dollar to become called something else, but it will still be the same old geezer controlled system. It may even reconstruct the stock market as we know it.

                      Crash and burn it and rebuild with a new set of controls whereby “they” have their grubby little fingers even deeper in everyone’s pockets than they do now.

                      The restructuring will begin about October. To the masses, it will look like a crash and burn. To TPTB it will be more capital gleaned from investors accounts.

                      Milk it, bilk it, and gash it and stash it. the great sucking sound of everyone’s investments and company pensions are about to take a trip down the great swirling black hole of the cabal run universal monetary system.

                      Question is….where will your $$ be?

                    • Brandon: If the FED gave up its power to the BIS decades ago as you claim, the BIS would be running the world and not the FED.

                      As I mentioned in my response to you above, when the shit hit the financial fan back in 2008/2009 it was the FED and the American dollar that saved the West from bankruptcy.

                      Don’t be fooled by the manikins in the window; even if they walk and talk. 🙂

                  • the FED will always do the right thing…but ONLY after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES!

                    • Worst case scenario, I will die without taking some of the mind controlled, brainwashed, roided out, freakshow enforcers with me 🙂

            • Out West and Secret squirrel I love how you both simplified how this really works. And as far as what the MSM feeds us, I don’t think it really matters to the average Joe. Yes we do need to stay in formed as best we can to what is going on in the world. But whether we are 18 Trillion in debt or 200 Trillion in debt is really irrelevant to us as individuals, because neither figure can ever be repaid. So Pray, Prepare and Prep. Trekker Out. It’s Beyond Man’s Hands!

              • Well i only over simplified it as i assumed most ppl here are aware of the way the monitary system works, my intent in my comment was to point out to out west that the government does not own or control the money, they are owned and controlled by the ppl who own and control the money.

                • I would also point out trekker, i agree with you 100%, the numbers are so outrageous the can never be repaid, and the debt is irrelevant to us average ppl, as many of us dont know, dont care or feel like we shouldnt be responsible for said debt. It is way out of anyones hands to fix it at this point except a global debt reset where everyone starts at zero, and that is not gonna happen….so as you said all you can do is prepare as best you can….

                  • Of course everyone won’t start at zero. The large corporations and banks will repudiate their debts, but you and I will get to keep ours.

                    Think I’m kidding or being overly cynical? Just as student loan debts aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy now, and trust me I have lots, certain asset classes (banks consider loans assets) will be classified as dischargeable and others not.

                    See how easy that is? And of course they won’t do it all at once or anything so foolish as mass home evictions. For starters they want to maintain the illusion of high home value securing their “asset” and they are slow to foreclose sometimes even now as the important thing is book value. More importantly with my student loans they can simply lay claim to my future wages.

                    Think my employer won’t withhold xyz percent of my check in addition to taxes? Of course they will. What will we do? Never have jobs? How will we pay the property taxes and fines they asses? Think that when Haliburton and Blackwater buy these debts for pennies on the dollar we will have any legal recourse and they won’t evict us?

                    Well, the eviction process will be bloody, and they’re aware of this and won’t do millions at once. It’ll be like ants eating an elephant . . . one bite at a time.

                    • Amen…sir!

                    • Rebel,
                      YUP, there is MORE to the coming RESET then people think, the big banksters will always come out on top and they have been doing tht for hundreds of years and will continue UNLESS we CLEAN out there roots etc. etc.

                    • Hear! Hear!

                  • That National Debt number may just be more relevant than you think.

                    What if the grand scheme/plan, all along, has been to build it as high as possible, and then crash the system and require a “percentage” of sheeple’s investments, as in relation to the debt, to help “stabilize” the whole banking industry.

                    key words to remember…

                    too big to fail
                    bank bail-in

                    last but not least, as Billery said…”never let a good crisis go to waste”.

                    If every man woman and child owes the debt, and say 30% would satisfy it’s debt holders… then 30% of 20 trillion is much worse for the sheeple than 30% of 10 trillion.
                    See the possible scenario.

                    Ever wonder why politicians never actually come up with a plan to “lower” the National Debt, they just use it as a political tool, and keep adding/piling on to it?
                    It’s because they are all in on the scheme/scam/con game.

                    We the sheeple are the “mark”.
                    Websters defines “mark” as this….e (1) : goal, object (2) : an object of attack, ridicule, or abuse; specifically : a victim or prospective victim of a swindle.

                    Now that is a relevant word for sheeple to remember…swindle.

                    The sheeple are being “swindled” by their own leaders.
                    Prepare for the biggest swindle of all time coming to a bank near you. The marquee is being written up as we speak.

                    “BANKS are closed until further notice”.

                    • The true root of this shit is masses of ignorant people. Without these masses of morons these fuckin assholes would be killed. But instead, they choose to suck their masters off for a bowl of soup. Fear is a powerful tool, ignorance magnifies fear. I would hope man could get over his brainwashing and do away with the masters BUT, looks like it aint going to happen. What a bitch huh, dying for a bunch of ignorant stupid morons FUUUUKKK.

                    • genius,
                      well sir you do have do have a valid point! it is hard to wake up heavily brainwashed sheeples!

              • Treck the title talks about UN intervention as a bad thing. Not sure what they mean. If it’s the Blue hats I’m for it. Just think how it would look a little collection over the fireplace, with a banker head in the center. It’s the answer to a dream.

                • The helmets would be easier to string together if they already have holes in them. 550 paracord goes into a .30 hole no problem.

                  Some would argue they’re easier to collect without putting holes in the helmet first and that they string up just fine by the chin straps.

                  • Thank you! That made my day as my mind ran wild with wonderful sight pictures. Remember happiness is a warm barrel.

                  • I thought the blue helmets without the holes, were backup latrines…

                    • You mean they’re already full of sh*rt?

                    • Exactly, OC.

                • I got plenty of fence poles for all their skulls to bleach in the sun…once they are all gone the chemtrails will stop so that they WILL bleach out in the sun

                  sounds like a great party to be invited to ,, just let me know

          • Money reset=money siezed
            New money=no money for you

            • I think I’m a little confused:

              “Largely because of resistance from the right, the US stands alone in the world in failing to approve the International Monetary Fund governance reforms that Washington itself pushed for in 2009. By supplementing IMF resources, this change would have bolstered confidence in the global economy.”

              So, are the globalist elites who are controlling this govt actually RESISTING THE NWO BANKSTER TAKEOVER, by failing to approve the International Monetary Fund governance reforms? Reforms that would help bring in a one world currency under the auspices of the NWO.

              Which is it? Now you’re saying that “conservatives” are resisting the NWO. Isn’t that why we’re all NOT voting liberal? Is it no longer our job to resist global slavery and loss of sovereignty?

              Are the globalists who have usurped our govt, gunning for a NWO financial system, or not? I’d prefer to stand alone, than to bend over for the NWO.

              • You are gaining on the understanding of these scum. Try meditating at the IRS office while you are getting screwed for taxes. That helps me to understand Fed treason and welfare sucking A-holes.

                • The same pieces of shit that own the fed own the IMF. It’s a small club and we aint in it!

              • sixpack: “So, are the globalist elites who are controlling this govt actually RESISTING THE NWO BANKSTER TAKEOVER, by failing to approve the International Monetary Fund governance reforms?”

                The FED is resisting an erosion of their power. The power resides in the Central Banks who create money: ie “money is power”.

                The IMF has no power to create money, and no purpose other than to manage the venture capital the Member Nations give them to exploit the Third World, on behalf of the Member Nations.

                The IMF is seeking to acquire additional powers in the name of “reform” as ALL bureaucrats do. Its a power grab plain and simple, and the Central bankers will have none of it. 🙂

          • The money has been created out of thin air with nothing of value to back it. It is fiat money. They just keep creating more and more of it,seemingly without end. However there will be an end. It will come tumbling down with an enormous CRASH. It is a disaster that is right upon us. Beware.

        • The theory of bulking up:

          You don’t add muscle mass by lifting weights. The muscles grow in the refractory period AFTER you have stimulated them in the gym.

          • Acid; this has what to do with the article? work on the brain muscle and get back to us.

            • Jim in Va……>

              Sir, ..in truth its merely ‘Acid’..off on one of his bi-sexually-bent rants..’touting the benefits of his homo-gym’s “penile-exercise-program”…(per his focus is on the word “STIMULATE”)

              ..I betcha some good beer..he models in ‘camo ta-ta stuff’..

              ..like that “Gannon-fag” from the Bush / Alfie Newman era…

              • Yea…ha ha hee hee, and has little mini “dumbells” for his pecker.

                “Up down, up down, work those pecks boys.”

                “Stimulate, stimulate..I need more stimulation, boys”

              • No doubt!

            • Guys, he’s fishing. Ignore it. Don’t take the bait.

          • Acid; this has what to do with the article? work on the brain muscle and get back to us.

          • Self absorbed little FAGGIT!! Nobody cares!

            • Amen,

          • The only weights you lift are, men’s balls, sad

          • You are so sad

        • I find it curious, Poster’s on truther sites using the term, “tin foil hat.” This term was specifically invented to shame anyone not agreeing with the official narrative decades ago, it reminds me of my african american neighbors calling each other the N word, I don’t get that either.

          • It’s the “I’m special and you’re not” thing.

          • If the hat fits… Wear it.

        • I read a book recently that laid out how the economy was going to colapse within weeks! But i checked the copyright date and it was 1978:(. I guess we will never get to see armageddon:(. Darn, i am too old now.

          • “I read a book recently that laid out how the economy was going to colapse within weeks!”

            And that was a real fear and possibility back then. In fact if you ever read David Stockman or Paul Craig Roberts writings when they were part of Reagan’s inner circle, they claimed the economy was headed for a total meltdown and collapse back in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

        • I think it is funny when authors try to explain a fiction like our banking system. It is easier to compare money to king ‘s script. Shut up and take it slaves:)

          • The only real difference now are the knights are called feds and the feds dont even really know who they work for or why? But that steady fed paycheck sure is nice!

          • speaking of books, i just read “understanding women”, and i’m kinda pissed! it took me two YEARS to read it, because it’s BIGGER than the bible, and the print is SMALLER than the bible….so when i finally finished it, it was only THEN that i found out it’s the first of a TWENTY VOLUME SET!

            • Clearly, BCOD, you’re trying to understand the wrong kind of women.

              • that joke doesn’t seem funny to you, six, because you are old, like me, and you have some SENSE left….kicked my last wife to the curb because we found out 4 years ago she was 4 grades behind in reading(what’s MORE important than reading?), yet she’s NEVER been to summer school….the WORST kind of child abuse!….and now she’s more like 5 grades behind….so i sent her to the WIT-less protection program…..so, anyways, i’m off to find sumthin’ that WILL make you laugh……OR, you could just exchange the word “women” for the word “men”, and laugh ANYWay….

                • I laugh at most men, most of the time…it was a lot worse when I was younger and stronger.

            • Well that is the whole point. If you are busy reading and working then you don’t have time to fight with the ho.

        • off topic:
          The Sheriff is only ‘disturbed’ by the video of the thugs flogging the guy who fell off the horse because it’s all over TV for all to see. This kind of sadism is obviously the norm for the ‘deputies’ because they were oblivious to the helicopters overhead. Until they pay a personal price in wrecked lives, totally lost pensions, and prison time (without protection by the prison staff), this will continue to be the norm.

        • Brandon and Quinn continue to repackage this bullshit. Everybody knows what the problems are. Where are some solutions? It’s bad, it’s really bad, it’s really really bad. You guys are both just on big head ego trips.

      2. Crossfire ammunition with a 20 year lifespan advertised on this site. What a joke Most all ammo produced by the major manufacturers have a century lifespan if stored properly. PR

        • I’ve got some really crappy 8mm Mauser ammo manufactured at the end of WWII in Egypt, stuff that was bottom of the bottom end at the time it was made, and it still shoots fine with only a very occasional misfire (which might be the fault of the gun since it suffers light primer strikes).

          Anything lasting less than 50 years with anything remotely like decent storage conditions is probably really bottom end stuff to start with. Just keeping it dry is the most important part of storage in most climates.

        • What is even funnier is that ammo isn’t alive so it has a shelf life not a lifespan. I love ignoramuses.

          • Actually, you might be a bit wrong on your ignoramus assumption. Inorganic entities do have lifespans…..they have half lives, etc. It’s all got to do with atomic decay….

        • Pan,awhile back in some museum with revolutionary era guns found a few loaded flintlocks found,and some of em fired!Adds new meaning to the phrase”Keep your powder dry”!.

        • I’m still shooting some WWI 30.06 Greek military surplus that I bought in bulk and it shoots fine both in my M1 Garand and my bolt action mossberg. If it’s not over a century at this point it’s gotta be close and none of the 500+ I’ve shot so far have failed to fire (I know M80 ball isn’t really meant to go in a bolt action but it works just fine).

          • Well check for signs of over pressure like flattened primers and spent cases sticking and harder to extract. That old ammo is more likely to have the nitro separate and become a bomb than be a dud.

        • Since were talking about lifespan/shelflife of old ammo, just wonder if anyone has tested the velocity and energy on ammo that is 40 or 50 years old. I recently bought some old military ammo and am interested to know if anyone has ever ran any test on old ammo. The old stuff may still work but maynot have what is needed to get the job done. Trekker Out. I Ain’t The Man I Once Was!

          • Yes, i have tested it . The gun blew up in my face and i had brass debris stuck in my nose. Luck the rife had a scope which shielded my eyes. I was young snd stupid and was not wearing eye or ear protection.

            Old ammo=shity-ammo
            Old ammo=corrosive-ammo
            Old ammo =dangerouse ammo

            But dont listen to me, i was shot in the head years ago

            • I thought you were a pacifist?

          • In my experience it’s more likely the old brass will get neck cracks from improper tempering than anything else.

      3. Most people believe a third world war will be the downfall of the USA but I have been reading scenarios that suggest an economic collapse maybe worse than war.

        If the USA goes into a total social and economic collapse at the level some are suggesting the average American will wake up some day and their money will be worthless in the world market place.

        The scenario is this, If our trade partners demand gold, silver or something of real value in exchange for foods stuffs and other items we need the turmoil would drive the USA into third world status almost overnight. We simple don’t have the Gold, silver or other assets needed to keep the current Ponzi scheme going.

        Chaos would engulf the cities within days people would start eliminating each other for the essentials of life like food and water.

        Some of the scenarios I have read suggest a major population decline in a matter of weeks. People will simple take what they need at the expense of others even if it involves cannibalism.

        • War will accompany a finiancial collapse in the form of our ‘allies’ picking at the corpse of USA.

        • Financial collapse will be precursor to war. War will then make several elites very, very rich. It is by design.

        • War “is” economic collapse but they just want to fool you into raging against some poor slave instead of a banker.

          • Now you know why banksters arm both sides, control the propaganda and use feds to catch people smart enough to dodge the draft. Clinton dodged the draft but would you really want a president that is stupid enough to become a homeless trash veteran?

            • Our elite scum are the biggest banker funded welfare recipients of our labor. They are “Better Than You Slaves”. But they only take your money “For The Children”. Haha that is funny, for the children. Clinton is a molester.

      4. AN APOCALYPTIC ZOG FALSE-FLAG EVENT IS NECESSARY to bring together and unite the various race social religious factions that exist within the melting pot tax debt slavery national plantation of once free zog amerika.

        It is that very upcoming event, which drives me to live a prepper lifestyle, they did it before, and they will do it again and again as it fits their nwo one world zog agenda.

        • RETARD

        • sticks and stones…

          “An alien invasion of planet earth would not be surprising, and could unite this increasingly divided world of ours, because the differences among people of Earth would seem small in comparison. An invasion by extraterrestrials might be the best way to unite the fractious countries of our war-wracked planet, if we feel threatened by a space invader. That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day’ (the hit 1996 sci-fi disaster movie)…everybody gets together and makes nice”. These recent comments came from no less than a former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

          Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan reportedly made a similar statement, telling the United Nations General Assembly: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world.”

          • Solus Lupus:

            There is going to be an invasion of the earth, all right. It is spoken of in Revelation. The sooner, the better.

            Jesus Christ has to about have his fill of the evil permeating this world and he and his warriors will be “invading this earth” to clean up the mess. It is promised.

            • thank you @pog for your support. i admire you for your faith, your faith is your strength, may it protect and serve you well during the challenges ahead.

            • Jesus Christ is DEAD.

              • Depends on what your definition of is, is, Clinton said. Dead is Alive

              • Yes we know he is dead. There is a prominent death cult religeon organized around that fact who never let us forget it.

        • And all this concern about how the money system works is mental masturbation. The focus should be on eliminating this system of enslavement. And replace it with something that doesnt charge interest on money. Dont place so much interest on the money game. It is a world of illusion and delusion. You are watching a game that is darkside to the core. Even the story of jesus has him running them out of the temple. Dont let your restless mind absorb you into that evil.

          • Guess who was a descendant of the “money changers/kenites” in that Temple.

            Paul Warburg. A true German born, descendant of the family that originated as the Venetian Jewish del Bancos.

            Marrying into the Rothchild family and later starting the American Banking Cartel/System of Swindle/aka fed reserve.

            They were spearheaded by the later formed CFR..Council on Foreign Relations. The group was started and dough rolled by the richest one thousand Americans.

            They were so dirty and ugly that they were partly shadowed by the group called the Trilateral Commission formed by David Rockefeller and under Prez Jimmy “peanut brain’ Carter.

            Their goal is globalization and mostly led by corporate elites and jooster banksters/politicians/lawyers.

            They are led by their boss that is luring them down his wormhole of destruction into the swirling blackhole of the abyss, via his deceptive feelings of prideful superiority of shear numbers of members (about 5000) currently, and the swelling numbers of their investment(swindler) accounts.

            Their demise is their unbelief that anyone or anything is superior to them except their leader/boss, Lucifer. They think they have the stage set for his soon return as their eternal leader, and then before he and them get it all working…Boom yaawh! The true leader returns and cast the whole lot into their chains of darkness in the Abyss.

            Much suffering and destruction will transpire before the “chaining up” of the likes of politicians and lawyers/CFRs/banksters, but it will happen.

            We that are prepared, mentally, spiritually and physically will prevail through it all.

            The question du jour is; which side of the “chaining up” are you gonna be on? No straddling the fence here folks.


            • PWTW:

              Great article. Thanks!

      5. Pitch black. Dark of night. Group of preppers on recon.

        “What’s that!”

        “I think I heard a NWO ZOG.”


        “Under that rock, maybe? 50 yards away.”

        “Run! The NWO ZOGs are everywhere! They’re under rocks, they spy on us through the NSA, they’re elitist banksters, aaaack!”

        • Yes Free Slave, maybe you should sound the alarm and rally the Anti-ZOG forces. They use to run under the banner of Them-Guys but I think for Opsec, they all run under their own titles now. But when the battle with the NWO-ZOG really starts they will re-unite. Them ZOG’s like Muslims can only be stopped with a bacon greased bullet. Trekker Out. Let’em Eat Pork!

          • I am Zogticus.

          • Mountain Trekker:

            Hate to interrupt your delusion MT. No one but ThemGuys was ThemGuys. Just in case you haven’t noticed there is no anti-Zionist poster here that has to hide behind ‘anonymous’ as the trolls for Israel do.

            You might ask Mac what happened to the poster ThemGuys. He can clue you in. Truth spoken by him was just too much for SHTF.

            You and FreeSlave should unite with Glen Beck so you can further smother the truth of who TPTB really are.

            Ever ask yourself why it was important for VP Biden (a supposed Catholic) to proclaim himself a Zionist, MT? His speech is on the internet in case you want to check. He knew something you cannot bring yourself to admit….who really owns him and the world.

            For all we know, you may be related to the tribe. Is that why you persist in covering for them?

            • Granny—and Solus–>>>

              Yer wasting your time..per attempting to educate MT & f-slave..as both have been hard-core “inseminated w/ the Kennite-whorshipping-virus”.

              ..its lethal..you know..as its symptoms are evidenced, by a profound laziness (on the victim’s part)…to research history & knowledgeable links, ascribing to the true “Biblical-translation process” and the real genealogy..of Jacob/Israel and JUDAH..versus those we call ‘jews’ today.

              ..as a side note…follow the Savior’s advice he gave to his Apostles.

              …provide them w/ the TRUTH / Good-news…and if any reject your words…walk away…and kick the dust of their presence…from your sandals!!!!!!!!

              • Good advice Hunter…..

              • Hunter, you know what jesus said while he was up there nailed to the cross? He said, “hey john, I can see your house from up here”!

                • King Charles:

                  No Charles, HE said (to the Roman soldiers) “FATHER forgive them for they know not what they do”.

                  With your ignorant comment I hope you get so lucky…..

                • Charles King,
                  You trying to be funny? Well you failed miserably dude.

                • So much for “your” awareness bullshit, kosher CK.

                  • You think too much. The mind is very restless and never satisfied for long. Easily bored. The thinker pretends to be you and sends you constant trains of thought most of which are irrelevant, unnecessary, worthless and often harmful. Those thoughts keep you plugged into the matrix. Your ego is your jailer and your thoughts are the bars around you. Put gaps between your thoughts. When those gaps are wide enough you find that time doesnt exist there. Without time and thought awareness comes to the fore. That awareness is the real you. Dont look out there somewhere for your god. You cant find something you already have. You have everything in the gap between thought.

                    • CK, your post exemplifies “psychobabble.”

            • PoG and Hunter, since I’m not really up on NWO Zog, though I remember Bush I refering to the new world order in a speach, maybe you could post a few introductory links to the basic theory?

              I’m sure you have in the past but would appreciate BASIC starting theory so I can decide how much further to explore.

              I pretty much understand that us little guys are getting screwed, a few big corporations and wealthy individuals dominate much of the world’s decision making process, and the desire of many for one world government. Up to this point I’ve not sweated the details too much as there is little I can do about it and my situation on the ground is headed the right way whether it’s our government (whom I hate), one world government (who at least has the decency to not insist I thank them for the vaseline), or whatever group it seems to me that my day to day is basically the same preps.

              I would appreciate info though as it is an interesting subject that seems to get a lot of people riled up.


              • Rebel in Idaho->>>

                Hmmmm…where to begin?

                I gather that you’re an MD, by profession. Which, if correct, is a good thing…as the Average I.Q. of White / Euro doctors, hovers in the 130 range…again, connoting an innate ability to harness “critical-thinking skills”…and hence, a capacity to mentally evaluate / weigh, the evidence/truths/real history..vs. the false dogmas you’ve been exposed to/indoctrinated with.

                Therefore..I’m gonna start you off on a ‘meat & potatoes’ cerebral diet…of must read info, per links….

                ..then, if your hunger persists…we’ll delve into the ‘smorgasbord buffet’…for some honest synapse nutrition….agreed???


                The first link is the critical primer and must be thoroughly studied, per what is said / stated in the chapters (in entirety)…and then extrapolated against / to….the current sitrep we see before us today:..

                …the additional links following the primer, are posted to broaden your perspective…Good Luck…to you & yours, sir!

                —(much more to follow, if you can handle it)—





                • Wow, thanks for claiming all free time I have this week.

                  Don’t suppose you have a SOAP note version?

                  Just kidding, thanks I’ll be reading the links and get back to you in another article I’m sure.

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                April 12, 2015 at 4:55 am

                –snarl–stuck in purgatory again!!!!


                Rebel in Idaho->>>

                Hmmmm…where to begin?

                I gather that you’re an MD, by profession. Which, if correct, is a good thing…as the Average I.Q. of White / Euro doctors, hovers in the 130 range…again, connoting an innate ability to harness “critical-thinking skills”…and hence, a capacity to mentally evaluate / weigh, the evidence/truths/real history..vs. the false dogmas you’ve been exposed to/indoctrinated with.

                Therefore..I’m gonna start you off on a ‘meat & potatoes’ cerebral diet…of must read info, per links….

                ..then, if your hunger persists…we’ll delve into the ‘smorgasbord buffet’…for some honest synapse nutrition….agreed???


                The first link is the critical primer and must be thoroughly studied, per what is said / stated in the chapters (in entirety)…and then extrapolated against / to….the current sitrep we see before us today:..

                …the additional links following the primer, are posted to broaden your perspective…Good Luck…to you & yours, sir!

                —(much more to follow, if you can handle it)—

                ht tp://educate-yourself.org/cn/protocolsofsion.shtml

                ht tp://revisionistreview.blogspot.jp/

                ht tp://www.roitov.com/

                ht tps://archive.org/details/TheJewishStrategy

                • Three world wars dot com will help bring anyone up to speed on what the real plan for America and the world is.

                  Read all you can about Albert Pike and his blueprint of both WW1 and WW2, and then go on to WW3. How he stated WW3 will be formented is happening right before our eyes!

                • Rebel,

                  Click on my red screen name…. and read on for you edification.

                  • Sorry, Rebel, typo: “…your edification.”

                    Too many direct links in an attempted post stuck in purgatory so here is a collection of research leads with those ever-tricky “dot” links.

                    They Want Us Dead
                    geoengineeringwatch dot org/they-want-us-dead-red-level-alert-america/

                    The “private central banks” have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated. “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them…” to map their worldwide power.
                    andrewgavinmarshall dot com/2012/10/28/the-global-banking-super-entity-drug-cartel-the-free-market-of-finance-capital/
                    These 40,000+ are not the “1%”; they are the 0.005%.
                    new scientist dot com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html#.UfApTxZ0vyv
                    Highly likely that these are the most concentrated cabal of misery and crimes against humanity.

                    Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States
                    blacklisted news dot com/Zionist_Jews_Are_At_The_Forefront_Of_Advancing_Gun_Control_In_The_United_States/25956/0/32/32/Y/M.html

                    The Network of Global Corporate Control
                    plosone dot org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0025995#s3

                    Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings
                    theeconomiccollapseblog dot com/archives/who-runs-the-world-solid-proof-that-a-core-group-of-wealthy-elitists-is-pulling-the-strings

                    The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water
                    global research dot ca/the-new-water-barons-wall-street-mega-banks-are-buying-up-the-worlds-water/5383274

                    • Thanks too, I’ll copy and paste.
                      Look I work a lot and am getting this farm going (with mighty effort from my wife and, ahem, more than 5 kids).
                      I work too much to read as much as I would like.

                      Though I must say that shtfplan and zerohedge are my two favorite sites right now.

                      Thanks mac and the many great commentors!

                    • John-Q–>

                      Sir…thank you for the links..awesome stuff!!!

                      ..if you get a chance, say a prayer for “Dinoscopus”..

                    • It has been a few months since I have seen him, but he is always in our family’s prayer intentions… as are you!

                    • Hey cunter and johnny q, you two are SO special aren’t you? Always wondered what Nazi love sounds like, thanks for sharing girls.

                    • So, Joel, you complain if, in your impaired estimation, we “hate” and you complain if we “love.”

                      You’d probably complain even if we agreed with you.

            • POG I would check out Bidens speech, but I’m to busy watching Glen Beck. Since you seem to have such a hangup on Beck I thought maybe I had better check him out. As for being related to the Tribe your correct again, as the WORD says I have been grafted in. Have a good day Granny. Oh and BTW I would rather keep track of Beck, than your tribe that keeps track of people like Them Guys. Trekker Out.

              • MT:

                Don’t you have any answer to Hunters post. Seems he has you pegged too.

                • Why should MT bother to reply to a nutjob like hunter or yourself at all? Notice cunter’s big thrust on his description of an MD’s IQ begins with the fact that’s he has to be white European. That spells it out for all to see perfectly. I think the real reason both of you spend all your time being pissed off is because you’re both becoming increasingly irrelevant as time goes by. You’re both old to the point where all you have left is an increasingly delusional belief in some mythical deity that’s somehow going to unleash a torrent of wrath on humanity, providing OF COURSE that white Europeans won’t be included in your little fantasy. Both of you need psychiatric help more than anything else but the truly delusional always see themselves as persecuted ” truth” tellers. I hope that answers your question.

                  • Oy veh, the irony! The occupiers of Palestine are also white Europeans.

                    And most readers here know that tribe of white Europeans (with quite a few relatives from New York) perfected treating political and religious opposition as mental illness in Lubyanka prison and the Judeo-Communist gulag archipelago… Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, et al…. Oy veh!

                  • Joel:

                    Prove the links Hunter and I left for Rebel are not true. Otherwise your attacks are just ad hominem.

                    How boring!

                    • There’s no need at all for me to prove you’re nuts, you prove it every time yourself when you post. Anybody can find a nutjob website to support their personal agenda, you do it continually and expect reasonable people to accept your swill as indisputable truth. Sorry, you need a better dog and pony show than that.

                  • Oy veh, Joel, the irony! The genocidal Master Race occupiers of Palestine are mostly “white Europeans.”

                    And most readers here know that same tribe of white Europeans (and their relatives from New York) perfected treating political opposition as “mental illness” in their Lubyanka prison and their Judeo-Communist gulag archipelago… Beria, Pagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rapport, Kogan, Zhuk, et al… Oy veh!

                    • You’ve proven your never ending idiocy to all yet again john boy, keep up the good work. Of course, NOBODY can possibly figure out that you, granny, and cunter are nothing bit old racist white geezers, right?

                    • We see. As if your name-calling has been such a valuable contribution?

                      Chop Shop Economics and Stealth Zionism
                      by Karin Friedemann
                      karinfriedemann dot blogspot dot com/2009/04/chop-shop-economics-stealth-zionism.html

                    • Nutjob ISRAELI websites like this?

                      “Thought Police is Here” by Rona Kuperboim
                      ynetnews dot com/articles/0,7340,L-3744516,00.html

                      I mean, really, Who could imagine Israeli machers (“big shots”) paying the tribe to shout down opposition on the internet? Imagine.

                    • No johnny boy, just your usual crop of pro Nazi and the holocaust never happened crap, you know, the only thing bitter old white guys can do these days is claim the country was ” stabbed in the back”. That should really be familiar to you I’m sure. Also, You sound like a whiny little bitch who likely got his ass kicked when you were a kid, hundreds of years ago.

                    • Ha, ha, ha… as if Karin Friedman and Rona Kuperboim writing in the Israeli media are “pro-Nazi”???

                      Rave on.

                  • What’s the matter judeo-Joel..I strike a nerve, too close to the truth?

                    Are you so PC indoctrinated that you now have “skin-in-the-game”..when it comes to you defending the rotten ideology of “Egalitarianism”…via ad hominem cheap shots!

                    FYI wise-ass..per the I.Q. thingy, I was referencing a Johns-Hopkins school of Medicine study, per a Bell Curve breakdown of MDs & students/interns etc…

                    Actually, it was N.E.Asians who topped the list w/ IQs near 140..so my intent wasn’t focused on a racial angle..merely an assumption that Id-Reb, was of Euro-ancestry, given his locales demographics..and from reading his posting record.

                    But, since you’re so eat-up w/ anti-merit egalitarianism…and just to piss you off even more so…the “black MD average” per the study, was 100 I.Q.

                    So there you have it..now take your liberal whining / kvetching grievances to the ADL / SPLC / NAACP cretins, as I’m sure they’ll figure out some scheme to shake-down JHU Medical school for mega-bucks/shekels!!!


                    P.S.> ..please don’t breed, as your handicap is genetic.

                    • Your full of crap as usual cunter, it’s obvious to anybody with an IQ of 75 you’re a bitter, old aging racist. The up side here is you won’t be around much longer to stink up the world with your cesspool of thought.

                    • With all your name-calling and cranky complaints, Joel, reasonable folks just might get the idea that you are just projecting you own bitter racial supremacism on others.

                      Have a nice day 🙂

                    • Piss up a rope girly boy Nazi, old men always talk tough but break down in tears when they’re called out.

                    • [yawn]

      6. ah-so

      7. This is something that I have wondered about to stick it up these banks asses.If anybody knows an answer,please let me know. What would happen to these thieves if just 15 percent of the people of this country took the maximum cash advances on their credit cards and never paid them one penny back?……and better yet,took that fiat currency and bought gold and silver.

        • Audentis:

          Your post sure brought a smile to my face. Too bad it wont happen that way.

          Sure would put the banksters panties in a wad, wouldn’t it?

        • I keep one open for just that sort of idea. The trick of course is knowing how to time it.

        • First read Patman: a primer on money 1964 banking and finance sub-committee publication (US Congress). Next look into Uniform commercial code, each of the 50 states has adopted it in the statutes, you will want to be familiar with section 3. Then look into the “infinite banking concept” it is genuine and I knew of it 25 years ago before I was able to understand what I do now. Our system is Fraud and Fiat. Banks don’t loan money. If you think the bank loaned you money you are mistaken.

        • What would happen to these thieves if just 15 percent of the people of this country took the maximum cash advances on their credit cards and never paid them one penny back?

          Absolutely nothing. You see, the “money” that you borrow comes into existence at such time as when said loan is created. So until the money is borrowed it is not on the banks books. But when it is borrowed it becomes a bank asset that is collateralize into a debt instrument. ( Think derivatives and swaps) and if never paid back it gets shuffled off to the tax payer in forms of bail outs and quantitative easing. Take a home mortgage for instance. The bank has no skin in the game as when you are issued the loan, the money magically appears from thin air and the bank now has you by the balls through REAL interest on the length of the note. And if you default, the bank has a house that it didn’t pay for.

          • You have nailed it. That cut right through the vodka.

            A local distillation, Rainier Cherry Vodka, by 44 North in nearby Rigby Idaho. I recommend the huckleberry highly too.
            Spelling might be offfff tonight 😉

            • Rebel…would they be serving it at the Rodeo club?

          • .02…..thanks,it makes sense. It has always been something I wondered about.

      8. SDRs could be the first leg of one world currency???

        • SDRs’ are already in play through the BIS and the World Bank. No big deal there.
          Remember, than bankers have to have someone to ENFORCE their edicts. Who is going to do that? Who is going to protect the bankers? The UN? Not hardly. Blue helmets/berets make wonderful targets of opportunity for everything from rocks, bottles, sticks and stones, to things of far greater lethality. Most of the “UN forces” are complete dolts anyway.
          (rhetorically speaking of course)

      9. All western countries will fall!
        The debit money system is in the endphase! We will get a big war for sure, just before the collaps.

        The only thing we can do: Preppering and Praying!

        One of the best protection is “The Miraculous Medal”.
        put the Medal on a necklace and you will have it 24h with you.
        use a long necklace +-60cm than you do not have to open the necklace if you take a shower.

        • Will that thing work any better than a crucifix or a lucky rabbit’s foot?

          • I prefer ‘miraculous metal’ in my pocket called a firearm. Thank you very much…..

            • Why eschew either? Choose both.

        • @ Klemens

          Please be careful about Fr. Gruner. Pay attention to the company he keeps.

          mauricepinay dot blogspot dot com/2015/03/a-better-yet-expose-of-fatima-rabbis.html

      10. Think like evil men. Turn out the lights in America and pick and choose which areas survive or perish. Do it at the start of winter and people in northern climate are trapped.
        Come back in the spring and see who’s left.

        Our society is too dependent on electricity, myself included. Biggest problem for the 1% would be when they came out of their bunkers there might be someones Red army in control.

        Second thought that won’t happen, they need our labor, productivity and our sons and daughters for their military.

        Never mind Life goes on

        Enjoy today people


        • You’re correct about the pick and choose part. TPTB aren’t going to admit they’e broke, roll over, and go away. The will first steal (nationalize and/or special tax), then lie (renegotiate terms unilaterally), and cheat every way they can to delay outright default.

          Linking electricity service with favorable mortgage/tax payment status would be a compelling motivator for many and could be done piecemeal. This country is too well armed for mass evictions to work easily, but if the electricity was off first . . .

      11. US Capitol On Lockdown Following Suicide, Suspicious Package

        “NBC and various news wires reported that the US Capitol was on lockdown following reports of a suicide on the west front of the building.

        Related to this incident, the U.S. Capitol Police are continuing to investigate the suspicious package on the lower West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol Building.

        AP quotes Kimberly Schneider of the Capitol Police says in a statement that the suspected shooter has been “neutralized,” but there is no immediate explanation what that means.”


      12. Sorry but I am too busy today to read the article. I am pretty sure that someone on this site can help me with a problem. We live quite rurally. Big coyote problem. They eat our cats and kill fawns. We don’t like them We kill them. I can’t sit in a chair all day waiting to shoot them. We acquired good snares. We are getting them but the problem is that we keep having them go into the snare with their front legs and head and we have to shoot them when we check the trap. Our object is to cut down their numbers, not torture them. From what we can glean from internet, most of what as usual, is provided by morons that can’t do anything, is a set of 10in. diameter set at a height of 10in. What are we missing that is causing us not to entrap the head and strangle them. In looking bsck over my post I think maybe I should preface it with a warning for viewer discretion. Would appreciate information from people with hands on experience. Thank You

          • obviously use brush and young saplings to build a obstruction so the animal can only access the bait by sticking it’s head into the loop. raise the trap high enough so it’s at eye level for the mature coyote. so it will simply stick in it’s head to sniff/ lick the bait trigger.

            make it easy and simple for them, to just walk up and sniff/ lick.

          • Leave those poor animals alone. I have eaten so much pork that my turds smell like cops now:(

        • Skeptic you are not torturing them by shooting them with their front feet in the snare. Better than having them die (I would imagine)than slowly by asphyxiation. If you had a large Connibear trap it would break his neck quickly. Make a “bank set” by digging a hole in an embankment about 10 inches deep and 4 inches’round. Place a connibear trap or snare over it. Build a funnel out of brush that will taper down as it nears the trap to restrict him from digging at it with his front paws and he should only be allowed to use his head to try and get at the bait you place in the hole. This set can be used over and over again. This bank set and the stump set worked well for me when I trapped fox. Hope this helps.

        • when i was a kid we had wild dog problems, killed calves and chewed on wein calves, used some sort of poison my dad got from the vet, was a pill that we put in a piece of meat and hung it off a tree branch about 3′ off the ground, was quite effective.

          • Thank you all for feedback on snares.

            • Snares are illeagal for a reason, turdpunchers.

              • Gandhi;
                Thanks for all your feedback you sorry p.o.s.

                • POS = people objecting to snares?

                  • We are going to worry about what is legal or illegal when we are trying to survive.

                    Are you going to think about the M-16 full auto you just picked up from a dead body.

                    All the booby traps we have talked about. Come on! We will have enough on our plate trying to stay human and not become animals.

                    Fantasyland Wooo, Hooooo!

                    • According to the law of the land the US Constitution, all arms are legal. It is only the elite that want you shooting semi with no ammo when their lap dogs have loaded autos.

                • LMAO.

              • Not in all the states.. dot head.

              • yeah snares are illegal because the they catch anything indiscriminately .. and thats exactly why we should have them lining our property lines

                get a clue .. if you play by their rules you die

                • “if you play by their rules you die”
                  So true

                  • I’m thinking a hole bored through a tree at 48″ off the ground(gut level) with a 12 gauge shell in it and a spring loaded firng pin (like a rat trap) might work to establish a perimeter. This is just speculation.

        • Best thing to do is what David Caradine did with his snare.

        • Get a predator call and some hog sniper lights and go out after dark for the first 2 to 4 hours after sunset and a couple hours before daylight. They don’t spook on red and green lights and you can shoot them from the back of a pickup truck. They get really bold at night. Make sure you know the weapon well and have a designated spot lighter and shooter. BE CAREFUL.. hunting at night is a whole different ball game.

          • @ .02

            “BE CAREFUL.. hunting at night is a whole different ball game.”

            Be careful is right. If you’re not, you might hit some of those special operators who will be prowling around. You don’t want the mighty feds getting all butthurt at you.

            That’s why they will operate in the dark. Because what they’re training to do does not bear the light of day.

            How much do the big cities in Texas resemble a Third World city?

        • Skeptic, Look for runs under fences where the coyotes go into a ditch or lower area head first and adjust noose and height accordingly.


        • I think I read somewhere that killing coyotes only increases the reproductive rate of the remaining coyotes. I think the best approach would be to lace meat with a reproduction sterilizer rather than poison and only shoot or trap the ones close at hand.

      13. Thats why I like paid-off real estate, housing provides steady income. 0411 1414

        • Just so long as you pay rent to the government, I mean property taxes and fees. You know like the new utility connection fee, the new land use management fee (you know where they charge you for coming to inspect how you are using the land to ensure you’re in compliance), and new fair use fee.

          If you don’t pay your rental fees some nice young men, who are just trying to earn a living and feed their families, will stop by to help you.

          • Local gov (TX) takes about 50% of rent before fed gov gets their cut 15%. Its OK, wall street can’t take them from me.

      14. Mac;
        By the way, for the first time I am able to type on your web site without keys not working etc. This is the answer to my prayers since it will allow me to make stupid comments much quicker and allow me to be attacked for them equally fast. Seriously, it makes commenting a lot easier.

        • I am glad you finally figured out how to use a keyboard. Now try using your brain.

      15. As if there is anything that you can do about it, other than hang some bankers.

        When private banks control the currency, they will do as they please.

        Corporation USA, USA, USA…

        Rise up. I dare you…

      16. In 744 BC the great prophet Oakus Maximus foretold of all this…

        “And, behold, a great wind shall blow from the east. The masses shall run and find no hiding place. The lowly and the mighty, all shall suffer. The wind shall increase, the stench of it burning the nostrils, stinging the eyes. The people wail and have no relief.
        They shall bathe themselves in Febreeze, but the stench remains. Yellow trees shall they hang from the visors, still the nostrils burn. The people cry out,
        ‘Where is our refuge? Whence shall we go? Who cut the fart?’
        Still, their misery increases. Clothespins shall they place on their proboscis, to no avail. Yeah, even the might of Lysol shall not prevail against the terrible olfactory onslaught. The faith of many shall falter…
        In the end none shall stand, save the few poor souls born without noses. Then, after much long suffering, peace shall return to the land. But, never again, shall bean dip be seen, no, nor even spoken of….”

        • Maxi, we do miss your stories…
          Keeping your head above water?

      17. $ is an infinite resource. Real estate is not it’s a good investment always especially if it’s paid off. But if tptb wants it they just gotta raise taxes to where you can’t afford it. It’s never yours totally. It’s your to watch over and manage that’s it. You can’t take it with you when you die. If you are a good steward of the things you have you can keep them longer. If you die and don’t have kin it all goes to the state. They are the default. Which mean they own it all. This is the way it is the only thing you can do is go where you can live with the least stress and headaches. We can only prep for what IS gonna come. Don’t forget to enjoy life too. There are good things that happen just not on the news. It’s all fear . A breaking news story comes on it starts with new fears about then the story follows. Stinking media is in on the fear mongering. 6 to7 pm news for me only just so I know what’s going on locally and national. Just can’t watch fox and all these other media outlets shit is depressing.

      18. the Zog Amerikan Nightmare is unsustainable!

        a financial banking Reset is inevitable.

        “By 2020, according to our models based upon rising interest rates that will unfold, the total interest expenditure on an annual basis will exceed the total defense spending.

        The current monetary system is unsustainable. Even if we leave interest rates and assume the impractical that they will flat-line and not rise, total interest expenditures will exceed total defense spending by 2024.

        We may even see this hit by 2017 if interest rates double.”

        hopefully it happens sooner than later, while most of us are still young enough to adjust and recover.

        • RETARD

          • The wit of your retort is breathtaking sir.

            • Rebel:

              Anon’s retort is known as an ad hominem.

              Learned (apparently well) through the Frankfort School of commies.

              • Granny, is THAT the Nazi response to anon’s right to freedom of speech? Where the hell does anything say anybody’s post on this board has to satisfy YOU? You post your religious babbling frequently and try to pass yourself off as some great doorway to truth constantly and you’re allowed to do so on this site also. The difference is you cry about it when you’re on the other end of criticism.

                • Oy veh! Kosher thought cops again.

                  • Johnny, the ignorance of your comments confirm your limited intelligence, sig heil.

                    • So far the only evidence we have of your superior intelligence is name-calling.

                    • also so far, the only evidence we have that your age hardened arteries can produce are links to nutjob websites by insane asylum escapees whom you live to emulate them, with yourself first and foremost grandpa. Why don’t you get your mythical deity to give you a hand here, maybe he can tell everybody the entire planet is a big zog espionage plot.

                    • You mean websites like the ISRAELI sites calling for the extermination of Gentiles?

                      The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews
                      Ma’ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon
                      didiremez dot wordpress dot com/2009/11/09/settler-rabbi-publishes-the-complete-guide-to-killing-non-jews/

                      …and rabbis teaching that “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed”?

                      fotos dot fotoflexer dot com/7ab984ab464622535f2770556e1388f6.jpg

                    • No johnny, not those websites, your usual crock of shit links, But then again, I don’t have all day to surf the internet like you do so eventually even a blind sow finds an acorn.

                    • Israeli settlements using Palestinian child labour, report says

                      telegraph dot co dot uk/news/11532942/Israeli-settlements-using-Palestinian-child-labour-report-says.html

        • Well since interest rates are currently at zero you could double them quite a few times and not make much difference actually. I’d take quadruple the rate if you’d let me extend the terms 😉

      19. Wars, economic collapse, disasters, etc. are not what brings nations -particularly nations that have grown into empires- down.

        Moral collapse is what does it since a morally collapsed nation cannot cope with them when they happen and it dies as a result.

        But an immoral nation, like an immoral individual, can repent and be saved.

        2 Chronicles 7:14 (GNB) if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again.

        (FWIW, people are judged in eternity with their judgment delayed till after their death, but nations are judged in time with their judgment being their death.)

      20. So the IMF conference concludes this fall, with negative cannotations for the U.S. $.

        This fall also marks the last of the four blood moons occurrences for this particular cycle.

        And Martin Armstrong from Princeton economics and his pi cycle predicts this fall will have a big bang type event, 2015.75, the third quarter of this year.

        I don’t know, just the timing of this events and predictions doesn’t make me rest easy. Too many coincidences of events to make me think this autumn season will be normal.

      21. So the IMF conference concludes this fall, with negative cannotations for the U.S. $.

        This fall also marks the last of the four blood moons occurrences for this particular cycle.

        And Martin Armstrong from Princeton economics and his pi cycle predicts this fall will have
        a big bang type event, 2015.75, the third quarter of this year.

        I don’t know, just the timing of this events and predictions doesn’t make me rest easy. Too
        many coincidences of events to make me think this autumn season will be normal.

      22. Go to school. Do what the teacher says.
        Get a job. Do what the boss says.
        Get married and have kids. Do what the wife says.
        Borrow money for house and car. Do what the banks say.
        Vote. Do what .gov says.
        Pay your taxes. Do what the IRS says.
        Check your I-phone for texts. Do what Apple says.
        Follow teevee news. Do what Fox pundits say.
        Act normal.
        Walk on the sidewalk.
        Obey all the laws. Do what the cops say.

        Now repeat after me…

        “I am Free.”

        • Yea, riiiiggghht,
          Ive never felt less free than these days

          • Everyone is mad at me because I do not conform and do as I please. I incorporated 20 yrs ago and only take work that interests me. I don’t pay interest, I don’t own stocks or bonds, I don’t buy new trucks or new houses, I only have old houses, ranch and cash.

            Keep it simple folks.


        • There is freedom within the law. Since all of your fellow citizens who believe in making a civilization follow those same laws, you have much more freedom than someone who is living in an Anarchy situation where everybody does their own thing.

          Like they say in AA,
          “..get grateful, G-d damn it!”

      23. “I will continue to outline the endgame for globalization that is under way in the next installment of this series, including how central banks in foreign nations collude with each other and are managed by supranational entities like the IMF and the BIS”

        blah blah blah collapse blah blah blah global cabal….

        yup, got it, check.

      24. Blah blah blah !!!!

      25. JRS—>

        ..’Tis a cryin’ shame that our politicians, preachers and academia…were not cut from the same cloth..as you were!!!!

        ..a thousand thumbs-up to ya!!!

        • Awww shucks, Hunter…

          Yer makin’ me blush. (kicks at imaginary rock).

      26. We can decouple from the central banks/fed reserves and all their nonsense and still be a economic power if we get of unrealistic laws and regulations and stop having govt. in many ways interfering with folks wanting to make a living.This includes ridding ourselves of the majority of 3 letter govt. outfits and their nonsense.I consider myself a tree hugger type in many ways,we can work with/benefit and make a living in our environment in a mutually beneficial way,good for the country and the environment,doesn’t have to be one or the other.We can end the social welfare safety nets and have trampolines,nets are to capture people,trampolines lift em up,we can stop the bullshit hate crime laws,you hurt someone purposefully and not in defense of yourself or others,you committed a crime,enuff said there.The list is endless in ways we can have this country truly prosper without destroying it or being police man of the world and slaves to central banks ect.,will be a tough slog and ugly but what the hell,things in many ways ugly now,at least we get the country and people back on track!

        • I’m with you my friend. Our farm is organic and we are homeschooling/Libertarian/Environmentalist/Christians who work hard and are well armed. I would love to see 90+% of the federal government eliminated and the rest reformed. Unfortunately >50% of the country receives government aid and wants more of it.

          Until you can convince >50% of the country to stop wanting welfare and things they haven’t earned I don’t see how you can fix any of the rest. They like it just fine this way.

          • Just sent off e-mail to my brother predicting that Hillary will win, unless the Crunch arrives before the elections, for the very reason that Romney’s 47% of takers has grown since the 2012 election. These takers will NEVER vote in a Republican, Independent, or Libertarian. Unless Hillary gets another subdural bleed, I don’t see any other Democrats challenging her. Her latest platform..To address the middle class economic security. Translation: ” I go where the last bit of wealth that hasn’t been confiscated, to see how much of that I can get for myself!” Wllie Sutton would have drooled at the opportunity.

            • “Unless Hillary gets another subdural bleed”

              I’m not convinced she had a subdural bleed in the first place. I think she needed to avoid testifying, and secondly, it presented an opportunity to get her ugly face lifted off her chest…gotta look pretty for the campaign cameras, ya know.

      27. Prepper Warning of the Day

        25 Apocalyptic Pictures Of The Future Food Crisis That Should Scare You

        ht tp://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2015/04/25-apocalyptic-pictures-of-the-future-food-crisis-that-should-scare-you-2488888.html

        you don’t want to be one of the last two people fighting over
        the last can of creamed corn at Walmart

      28. Anyone here watch the movie

        The East

      29. We are the many
        And it’s high time we start acting like it

        • That does sound good on paper/digital paper that is.

          However; there is not enough of “willing” participants that want to stick their neck out at this time.

          That may change in time with a deserving leader.

          Until I see such a leader, I’m too old to stick my neck out any further than it is stuck out right now.

          Every time i stick my neck out, there is some prick around the corner trying to whack it off for me.

          I’m thinking we should all vote for billery and get the collapsing/destruction over with, already. She will get a majority of the liberal vote no matter what has/ or will transpire. Her followers are many and they are drinking the kool-ade of deception as we speak.

          We can join the party by giving them what they want; but, just don’t drink the kool-ade from the punch bowl. that’s no Baby Ruth floating around in there.

          • PWTW

            Now you’re talking. They all want to cut your head off. I’m voting for the Billary to get things started.
            Be your own leader.
            Extra, Extra.
            Three drive by shootings in less than 24 hours in the city.

            Summer going to be a regular shooting gallery.

            What? You don’t have crime in your area.

            • Im sure those shootings all involved legally obtained firearms and upstanding libertarian shooters too eh??

              • Kulafarmer.

                Ever wonder what survival gear other people have?

                Go to google and type.

                Images of survival gear. Same for body armor.
                Hit on the link.

                Lots of pictures to look at to decide what you may buy.

                • Aint going to be buying anything,
                  So broke i cant even pay attention!

          • I would be shocked if she didnt win, just too many stupid people out there

            • She will be selected, not elected, Kula.

              If not her, Jeb Bush will be selected, not elected.

              Either way the PTB will have their willing pied piper, leading America to the slaughter house.

            • Those stupid people are commies. 60 million of them just from the demo side.

      30. I have always thought that first Marshal Law would be declared, then UN troops would be called in to restore order. UN agreements over rule the constitution so they can take your guns under the guise of restoring order.

        • martial law |ˈˌmɑrʃəl ˈlɔ|
          military government involving the suspension of ordinary law.

          • Oh no, the spelling police are out again.

            • Who has jurisdiction? the spelling police? or the kosher thought cop?


              • How about we give it to all those great catholic pedophile priests?

                • Why leave out the great rabbis?

                  abplefebvreforums dot pro boards dot com/thread/3719/adults-torah-on

                  Keep in mind that Catholic perverts act AGAINST Catholic teaching, while the pedophile rabbis act ACCORDING to Judaic teaching. Further, the rabbis teach that anyone who reports Jewish pedophiles to the authorities should be killed:
                  revisionist review dot blogspot dot com/2009/08/rabbi-kill-those-who-report-judaic-rape.html

                • 1797: Jews dominating child sex slavery
                  winstonsmithministryoftruth dot blogspot dot com/2012/03/1797-jews-dominating-child-sex-slavery.html

                  1835: Jews buying, training & selling children as sex slaves
                  winstonsmithministryoftruth dot blogspot dot com/2011/10/jews-buying-training-selling-children.html

                  1811: More Jews buying & selling child sex slaves
                  winstonsmithministryoftruth dot blogspot dot com/2011/10/more-jews-buying-selling-child-sex.html

                  1917-1920: Child prostitution in Judeo-Bolshevik Russia
                  winstonsmithministryoftruth dot blogspot dot com/2012/03/child-prostitution-in-jewish-bolshevik.html

                  Jews & child prostitution in early 20th century
                  winstonsmithministryoftruth dot blogspot dot com/2011/11/germany-1913-jews-selling-children-as.html

                  1983: convicted pedophile Brooklyn District Attorney goes home to Israel, no jail time, but devotes himself to Jewish charitable causes
                  nytimes dot com/1983/10/21/nyregion/gold-gets-probation-in-fondling-of-child-agrees-to-treatment.html

                  • You’re kidding right,? These guys have NOTHING on all the homosexual pedophile catholic priests that have been raping children in America since the beginning of their church. Truth hurts doesn’t it gramps.

                    • traditioninaction dot org/bkreviews/ImagesA/A_043_Suck.jpg

                    • Like I said, if you’re so far off the edge you present your shit weblinks as ” evidence”, you need to be admitted in a state approved mental institution. Why you don’t contact condor and find out how he’s enjoying it?

                  • What happened to ” ministryoftruth.blog? If you’re trying to pass that crap off as legitimate facts you’re so far gone that you’ll always see yourself as a persecuted ” truth teller”. Or maybe the exception of being Winston Churchill, pending on what kind of mood your in that day.

                    • If you have counter-evidence, lay it on the table.

                      Your name-calling and gratuitous assertions are not enough.

        • Marshall law is still clicking along.

          That was the governing body in my neck of the woods back in the seventies and eighties.

          The Marshall Tucker Band, may ye live on forever.

          Those guys have a real knack for keeping things in check, especially when they were backed up by the old fiddle sawing king of low country rock, Charlie Daniels.

          I am a little partial since I have a kinda of connection through personal stories. One of my superiors in the early 80’s was the father of one of the groups child hood friends to the boys from Spartanburg, SC. Heard many stories about the bands humble beginnings and hanging out with his family, as they were forming. Actually practiced in his basement.

          One of my best friends grew up in Wilmington, NC. His father played and made, a few fiddles. He gave Charlie Daniels his first fiddle back in the sixties. If fiddles could talk.

          Saw both bands in concert many times. Oh those were the days.
          Back when it was cool to take a puff from a left hand cigarette as it was passed around through the crowd.

      31. If you get a chance (its over on Survival Blog) to today, watch the Ann Barnhardt vid. I’ll list the link here. Its lengthy (30 minutes) I’m only part way through now at this time but will finish it today. Appears to be pretty good so far. Cheers everyone.


      32. Do it for the millions that have and the billions that will. Will the Swiss stand armed in front of the circular settlement bank in Basel or will it be more like the Matador…Ole’. And then centralize.

        • About 20 to 25% of Americans are government employees feeding at the trough.

          About 20 to 25% of Swiss are bank employees feeding at the trough.

          Who believes that 20 to 25% will lift a finger to help the rest of us?

      33. The present state of affairs and the likely outcome is all extremely depressing to me. Imo, the earth needs a giant outer space object to crash into it and put an end to the whole shebang, nothing survives. It has to be a large enough object to destroy the elite no matter how far underground their hidey holes are dug. Problems solved, Let a smarter civilization of creatures build from the ashes even if it takes a million years. Humans are a failed species. The only thing good on this earth is what would be left post humans.

        • Aljamo.

          In the future when I meet a person and begin to have a dialog with that person. I want him to know we are on the same page. That we are not fucking around anymore in the survival mode and words and actions can get you killed. I do not need this Fantasyland anymore.
          I don’t need the drama, foolishness and stupidity in which it could make you the enemy immediately. It would not make a difference who “YOU WHERE” before. Only the skills and provisions you can bring to the table.
          The real trick is to overcome your fear of death.

      34. here’s another “worst case scenario” developing

        Bird flu outbreak spreads to 3 more Midwest turkey farms

        htt p://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_BIRD_FLU?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-04-11-15-01-46

        “SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A bird flu outbreak that has puzzled scientists spread to three more Midwest turkey farms, bringing the number of farms infected to 23 and raising the death toll to more than 1.2 million birds killed by the disease or by authorities scrambling to contain it.”

        • Drought, famine, pestilence

        • Damn, just when I started buying whole turkey breast for a few dollars a lb….

          Baking them and having a couple big (thanksgiving style) meals, while still having enough sliced meat for sandwiches for a couple weeks.

          Back to chicken breast strips for a while.

          here is a simple recipe for breast strips. Soak/marinate strips in cheap Italian dressing, or buttermilk, for several hours or overnight.

          drain and pat down the excess liquid with paper towels before rolling them in crushed Grape Nut “Flakes” Cereal.
          Place on cookie sheet greased with olive oil and bake.

          They are absolutely delicious, and healthy, and can be easily warmed up for leftovers.

      35. April 29th the Fed will meet to determine if interest rates go up. If they they go up,interest rates will explode. If they do not go up,interest rates will explode. The Bond markets will collapse as investors look for a safe harbor. Stock Market will also collapse. Now,it may not happen at once,but it will happen. PREPARE

      36. Canine flu in Illonois

        • Translation of canine flu:

          The “dog” Rahm Emmanuel has caught a disease from sniffing all the butts at Barry’s bathhouse.

          • Now that is funny shit, granny.

            But, truthful scary as it were.

      37. Sense it is sunday I would like to point out that the god of the bible was one hell raiser back in his day. A total psychopath. I have been amazed how they convinced christians that their violent insane god was the daddy of jesus who is love. I have concluded that mass mind control can be the only answer to that there.

      38. Since I often point out fallacies of christianity, on a better note I would just like to say,”god bless christian women”. They are the hottest of all. Very lusty. It comes out of all that quilt instilled in them. It all somehow triggers off intense lust when they pick some forbidden fruit and you are a blessed man when they pick you.

        • CK:

          Your “quilt” comment has me in “stitches”.

          • Granny when I speak of the guilt driven lust of the christian women you know well what I say being one of them. I speak to the choir with you. But I would be amiss if I didnt add: gentlemen when the quilt driven christian woman comes to you with her lust she will already be afire. But a wiseman will increase that fire a thousand fold by talking dirty to her and treating her like a slut.

          • Granny when I speak of the guilt driven lust of the christian women you know well what I say being one of them. I speak to the choir with you. But I would be amiss if I didnt add: gentlemen when the quilt driven christian woman comes to you with her lust she will already be afire. But a wiseman will increase that fire a thousand fold by talking dirty to her and treating her like a slut.

            • You competing against Acid Etch for moron of this blog? Think he needed company?

              • lol ;0)

                “‘GET EM’ GRANNY!'”

                • While chasing the dream of a ‘lustful Christian woman’ CK just might have the good luck of running into a Jodi Arias (so-called Christian) twin.

                  Her boyfriend talked dirty to her and treated her like a slut…. so good hunting, CK. Your ‘head’ might just be the next ‘trophy’ on that ladies wall you seem to be seeking.

            • Charles; you must be reading the Koran.

            • haha, man are you an idiot. no words at the complete stupidity.


      39. Sure wish there was a way for members here to directly contact each other….

        • Go through Eppe,

      40. Related article:

        Thousands Dead, Few Prosecuted, 3.5 page article in the Washington Post, including half the front page, Kimberly Kindy and Kimbriell Kelly, Sunday, 12 April 2015.

        “Among the thousands of fatal shootings at the hands of police since 2005, only 54 officers were charged, a Post analysis found. In the resolved case, most were cleared or acquitted.”

        Post ^^

        JA VV
        Yes, they usually do get away with murder. Of all those thousands of cases, the most severe sentence was 10 years in prison. Prosecutors are reluctant to prosecute their buddies the police, and the managed farm animals on the jury are reluctant to see the blue gang as anything other than their saviors.

      41. There is but one worst case scenario from this day forward bar none. What is that; NOT BEING PREPARED for the SHTF EVENT because it could happen any moment. The days of trying to warn others of the up coming carnage is over. Forget about others take care of yourselves and family. These articles are fine to a point but come on there are as many scenario’s as there are a$$holes, and when the SHTF everyone will be out the door. One will be different from the next one even only a few miles down the road. Just prepare as you see fit for yours. PREPARE!!!

        • Copperhead.

          The prepper movement, if you can call it that, is highly fractured. As you say, many different scenarios and plenty of solutions. We will never be a cohesive fighting force. Twice as bad for those who do not prepare.

      42. I have a great group of friends, a nice selection of music, low bills, food, guns and ammo. Enough of the doom and gloom fear mongering… If its going to burn, light the fucking match already!!!! Unless there is some real news that is useful, shut the fuck up!!!!

      43. This event and watching it is what i am concerned about. When the engineered calapse commenses and shtf kicks in, which starts within 12 hrs in all the major cities, that event will multiplied by a thousand in every city and it’s going to get ugly.Yep the scientist is right, this is going to be shtf maximized. I have to give credit to the cops, they restrained themselves it could have been a group of bad cops and they would have killed the people..So these cops did good considering and it’s looks like they aggressively approached the folks and it may have triggered them, but the cops did good in how they handled it..luckily that idoetic. Cop who murdered that African American guy in cold blood in the public park incident, the one who shot the man 8 times in the back.. Thank God be was not with these cops, that lunatic probably would have shot and killed everyone. In this case the police chief was right when be said that his officers used restraint..this has got to be one of the craziest crap I have ever seen in some time. This police department is one of the better ones. I have to be honest, this was handled really well Considering the intensity of that brawl.

        • I think the police will panic when it happens and take one of two actions: 1) most will abandon their posts when they realize to try and hold back the violent mobs is impossible, 2) there will be a core who will relish this event but will respond with extreme violence. These cops will just grab as much ammo as they can and act in tight teams to start taking out ring leaders and low-lifes.

          The mayhem will then provoke invocation of military protocols and that is a whole new back of nails. The military will act as follows: continuity of government and protection of high-level infrastructure will be priority one. This means they will let cities burn while they work on protecting government officials and protecting banks, airports, food supply lines, hospitals etc.

          If the mob starts to threaten the government in continuity, then the military will then just go to war against the mob. Look to what happened in Iraq for clues of how this plays out. Lightening strikes taking place in the night will pick up instigators and take out anyone found on the streets. Curfews will make it clear you are as good as dead if you are wandering around the streets after dark. This will take back neighborhoods block by block. Families will be moved to camps for their protection. One thing to remember is this: the military and government will prevail because they will have the advantages of discipline, command and control, logistics, good training, in-place plans and hide-aways, and legal right to deal with violent mobs with prejudice if necessary.

      44. So Stack Silver and remember that the big picture confirms that time, government spending, massive increases in debt, war, and political stupidity are all “on your side,” making that stacked silver more valuable.


      45. jkjhkjhkhk

      46. ummm
        about those back up generators at hospitals

        Letter Re: Regarding Massive Solar Events/Power Generation

        htt p://survivalblog.com/letter-re-regarding-massive-solar-eventspower-generation/

        the government is spending billions on homeland “security”
        and hospitals are gonna be lights out in 26 hours???

        WTF ???

      47. Great article, although a bit “detailed” – also, some great comments. If the dollar falls – which it definitely will and probably overnite, when we least expect it – it just makes sense to be prepared by purchasing everyday items we will need (food, tools, extra gas, oil, etc.) while we still can. When the SHTF, truckers aren’t going to go cross country to haul porduce, etc. when they won’t even be paid enough to make it worth their while (even if they were guaranteed to be able to purchase enough fuel to get there and back). There are some “off the wall” comments on this side, but there are definitely some “jewels among the rough”.
        Thanks for hosting the site, Mac.

      48. Bush vs Clinton amount to no choice, just a continuation of government tyranny. The American people can’t be this stupid to accept the obvious lies sticking out like a sore thumb just bashed by an errant hammer swing. The people feel powerless to effect change, that’s because in reality we are divided and being played like hated chumps. Truth has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Extinct! Occupy Wall Street is a prime example. The smashdown of nonviolent protest is a clear indication of future police state tactics against peaceful protest. The lies are endless, JFK, RFK, MLK, OKC bombing, 9-11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon and too many others to mention, the truth doesn’t matter. How do American’ fight back against such evil completely in control of our future? I don’t see the effort to change anything from the people. We have accepted our designed fate.

        • My Oh My! What a perplexing dilemma for AIPAC and the PTB.

          Who will we foist on most of the unsuspecting, dumbed down American public this time?

          Will it be:

          Hillary, who once was the “most hated woman in America”; with the help of the owned/controlled MSM they sure have certainly done a good job of rehabilitating that old blister.

          Or will it be Jeb Bush:

          The tried and true “Bush family” man, whose members included GB one (CIA head & ex-POTUS), and GB Jr.–you know–the one who brought us 9/11 and the Patriot Act.


          Hillary, the Clinton scum bucket swimming upstream in the DC sewer
          Jeb Bush, Another scum bucket, but much higher on TPTB food chain, wont need any schooling….knows TPTB agenda by heart.

          If TPTB select Hillary and she follows their agenda of destroying what is left behind by the Obama adm—the PTB can bring the populace to hate her again…..maybe even make us beg them “no more elections, no more presidents” just put us in the UN under your NWO. That could be the plan.

          With Jeb Bush, a large portion of the population hate the ‘Bush Tribe’. Wouldn’t take long to convince the population that he also was the wrong choice (and is) so like above bring on/in the UN’s One World Order.

          UN One World Order: both candidates can get it done for the AIPAC/CFR/Bilderberger/Bankster crew. Voter elected candidates, right. Some choice, huh?

          BTW: With the Clintons ‘elimination’ reputation, Jeb Bush might need some implant work done soon. Eyes in the back of his head should be high on his ‘bucket list’.

          • Granny, do you ever do anything but bitch, piss and moan about everything? Ever thought about trying something constructive or maybe get involved in some kind of effort to change anything? If you’re going to reply back there’s nothing you can do to change anything than at least put a lid on the constant harping.

            • You don’t like my truthful posts Anon? Your scrolling finger doesn’t work any more? Would have more cheerful news to report if the world wasn’t in such a mess due to your tribes interference in it.

              You and your clone trolls spend a lot of time on here as I do, searching posts and using your usual ad hominem attacks.

              Try as you might you will not run me off of here. I will not be answering back to you anymore.

              Why not take some time proving my truths are wrong. You cant. That is why the attacks.

              • granny, I think you just might be afflicted with a severe case of paranoia. When you start thinking everybody is out to ” get” me because I’m a truth teller. You best get some kind of help with that or someday we’ll wind up reading about you in a bungled assassination attempt on the ” tribe” that’s out to ” get” you. Sheesus grandma, your life must be miserable.

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