Scientists Warn of Worst Case Scenario: “Solar Flares… Will Short Circuit Satellites, Power Grids, Ground Communication Equipment”

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    Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder recently completed analyzing data from a Coronal Mass Ejection that took place in the summer of 2012. The CME, which was reportedly the most powerful electrical discharge ever recorded from the sun, narrowly missed earth. It was not “earth directed,” meaning the electro-magnetic mass was ejected by the sun when it was facing away from our planet. However, had it occurred just a week prior, the highly charged particles would have struck earth and, according to CU-Boulder Professor Daniel Baker, would have led to nothing short of a technological disaster across the globe.

    The CME itself was massive… and its speed was unprecedented, clocking in at 7 million miles per hour.

    While typical coronal mass ejections from the sun take two or three days to reach Earth, the 2012 event traveled from the sun’s surface to Earth in just 18 hours.

    “The speed of this event was as fast or faster than anything that has been seen in the modern space age,” said Baker.

    While early warning systems are capable of detecting CME’s and solar flares ahead of time, this particular event happened so quickly that it is unclear if monitoring groups at NASA’s Solar Shield Project would have been able to send alerts to emergency services teams in time.

    Had it struck earth, says Baker, it would have caused damage so significant that modern electrical systems would have been fried.

    Had it hit Earth, the July 2012 event likely would have created a technological disaster by short-circuiting satellites, power grids, ground communication equipment and even threatening the health of astronauts and aircraft crews.

    We have proposed that the 2012 event be adopted as the best estimate of the worst case space weather scenario

    We argue that this extreme event should be immediately employed by the space weather community to model severe space weather effects on technological systems such as the electrical power grid.

    I liken it to war games — since we have the information about the event, let’s play it through our various models and see what happens.

    If we do this, we would be a significant step closer to providing policymakers with real-world, concrete kinds of information that can be used to explore what would happen to various technologies on Earth and in orbit rather than waiting to be clobbered by a direct hit.

    Source: via Activist Post

    Most policy makers have not taken the threat of an earth-directed solar flare seriously, even though a senior member of the Congressional Homeland Security Committee recently warned that there is a 100% Chance of a Severe Geo-Magnetic Event Capable of Crippling Our Electric Grid.

    If such an event were to happen Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, who has advised people to develop individual preparedness plans based on the threat of massive solar flares or electro-magnetic pulse detonations, says that it would take upwards of 18 months to bring the grid back online because of a decaying national infrastructure.

    We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.

    There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability. And, I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city.

    If a solar kill shot were to occur and short out the electrical power grid, it has been estimated that some nine out of ten Americans would be dead within one year as transportation systems broke down, food delivery ceased, commerce systems no longer functioned, communications equipment became inoperable and utilities, such as water treatment plants, were incapable of delivery services.

    The ramifications would be serious and almost immediate according to a 132-page NASA funded report on Understanding the Economic and Societal Impacts of Severe Space Weather:

    To estimate the scale of such a failure, report co-author John Kappenmann of the Metatech Corporation looked at the great geomagnetic storm of May 1921, which produced ground currents as much as ten times stronger than the 1989 Quebec storm, and modeled its effect on the modern power grid.

    He found more than 350 transformers at risk of permanent damage and 130 million people without power.

    The loss of electricity would ripple across the social infrastructure with “water distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12-24 hours; loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, fuel re-supply and so on.”

    If you’ve ever wondered what a massive electrical surge from an electro-magnetic pulse weaponsolar flare or cyber attack might look like, then take a look at this footage shot in Montreal.

    Imagine a powerful X-class solar flare striking earth and sending a surge like the one above across the entire U.S. power grid.

    Are you prepared for such an event?

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      1. Boom-Boom…out go the lights!

        • Clunk-Splash Clunk-Spash….. Fried Chicken dropped, KFC standing by!

          • If the July 2012 CME event would have bullseyed
            the earth, how would the emergency services teams
            have deployed — by stagecoach?

            • FEMA has a goat herd…….

              • We need a Congress Mass Ejection.

                • If it will stop Helga from offering me a better credit card rate I’m for it.

                  • Para where were you last weekend, I watched KCWY news about the GunShow in Casper. And I didn’t see you. You must be overstocked with ammo! Trekker Out.

                  • Thought it would be a new story. We are running out of things to be scared of. It was some easier when we were just worried about missiles raining down on us. Ah the were the days.

                  • This could have happen almost 10 years ago if it had happened 2-3 days before. The mere fact that it did happen show that the Sun has regular eruptions much more frequent that the idiots over at the national geographic doomsday series said that it is a 300-500 year event. Of course these wortheless characters at NG only wanted to make the good people that are preppers into some sort of freak show to be laughed at. This is beside the point, 18 month recover is very optimistic because of the mere fact that the people that would be repairing the grid would be the same ones that would be suffering like everyone else in the same boat. Disease would become a huge problem as trash and sewage would no longer be a routine clean up.

                    So often people talk about a worst case scenario with the Sun, but there is much worse than this. An EMP would fry all long wires and send the country and likely the world into almsot a late 19th century to early 20th century of technology for at least many months, and probably years. The Sun is capable of something that would eclipse the EMP level and endanger life on this planet.

                    If you ever look at the different ratings of CME you will see that it not only affect electronics but biological tissue. They will actually divert flights to avoid cosmic radiation exposure to planes that typically fly above 30000 feet. IF there is a large enough eruption the cosmic radiation could easily reach ground level. This would affect people like in a nuclear war. It would take out much of the protective ozone level. It would affect crops and livestock. It would burn the atmosphere and life below it. It has been thought that the massive extinctions of the past has been at least once a result of either a massive flare or a gamma ray pulse. The one extiction at the end of the Ordovician period about 440 million years ago was a possible result of such a space induced disaster. The crab like trilobite was one of millions of marine species that died off.

                    These types of solar flares are likely as uncommon as asteroid impacts but they do happen. The real danger of a mass EMP would be the blind eyes of military satellites that would be knock off line. They will tell you that these satellites are protected against such flares, but the strength of these flares can be seen what they have done to land based electronics in the past like in Quebec about 25 years ago. Anything this high above the planet’s protective layers is likely going to be fried by a strong enough flare. What happens when enemies don;t know what other enemies are doing? Anyone’s best guess.

                    You look up at the Sun and the size of it in comparison to the planet and you can see that humans are totally at the mercy of what the Sun does. Preppers/survivalists however don’t have to be at the mercy of the results of what the Sun does to the civilization down here. The more prepared someone is the less affected they will be. Even in the unlikely event of a super flare, the prepper/survivalist will still fare better than anyone else. It is something though that all preppers should review in their plans, radiation protection. Lots of nuclear power plants that will fail, a possible nuclear war from such a flare going off that fries electronics is a good reason to beef up on the knowledge and preparations of radiation safety.

                  • It was an anthropomorphic CME caused by the propagation of solar panels. Build it and they will come or in this case, build it and it will burn. If we don’t impose a lumin tax we will not be able to prevent an anthropomorphic CME event.

                  • I know it Facebook….

                • Ovomit is the antichrist.

                  • I don’t believe it will affect
                    my heavy-barreled .308 at all.

                  • I’m with you on that one Out West…high in the Rockies.

                  • @Shooter – You are his Son you should know!

                    Free telephone, feed food Stamps, Welfare all for you, his favorite Son.

                • That was FUNNY

                • lmao…very true

              • Not useful information- the goats have nothing to do with disaster mitigation. They are restricted to the FEMA social-services/morale department.

                • SWFL

                  Truer words have never been said!

                • All right, I’ll say it….Congressional Comfort Goats?

              • That’s appropriate for that goatrope of an agency!

            • Oh for shit sake…….If it had been warmer than it was today, we’d of had rain instead of snow. The CME MISSED us! We can still keep prepping and enjoying life in case the next one doesn’t.

              • This rehashed article has the same lies about the transformers not being produced in the USA. Do you think gensets that are in the building basement or underground will survive? guess nobody really knows until it happens. I was thinking of tossing a small 2.5kw one in my root cellar.

                • @ gone under. I have linked this before when the topic of EMP has come up. Small generators would not be affected by a solar EMP as shown in this article. A nuclear EMP is an entirely different story. I found this site one of the most interesting I have read. The Sun is more than capaable of frying every long wire on the planet. They generalize that such a flare would be like Carrington or somewhere X-40 or so. The Sun can produce something much larger than this. What we really have to worry about with basic electrics is the nuke in the atmosphere. Check out this link, it is extrmely well written.


                  • Correct since it is talk about 3 times a week anymore. The most unlikely thing to happen of the real threats. We all know what you have posed each time.

                    What we going to do to survive its death
                    Find like minded people AFTERWARDS
                    Rebuild so maybe just maybe this doesn’t happen again.

                    We will survive but most will just go back to start and still head toward the same finish line.

                • So tired of the same old Doom and Gloom everyday seems to be a rehash of the same old fears.

                  How about something constructive instead of destructive.

                  I am running out of things i need to prepare for and will likely die from old age before even one of the predictions occurs. Then my family will have all the preps they need to carry on.

                  • CM, you don’t have to stay on topic, you can bring up a homesteading project that you’re working on or a prepping “how to”. Many here would appreciate it.

                    I’ll share one,
                    A couple of months ago I did a test of canning some Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix in a some jars. I used wide mouth pint jars and filled the jar about half ways up with the prepared mix. I substituted the egg portion of the mix with Knox. I cooked the brownies up in the oven per the package temperature and time. As soon as they were done I took the jars out of the oven and put a sterile lid on it and a band. As the jars cooled they sealed up.

                    Last night we opened a jar and ate it.

                    The results were:
                    1) it seemed just slightly under cooked
                    2) it stuck to the inside of the jar
                    3) the flavor was good
                    4) the smell was good
                    5) it hardly rose in the jar so a 3/4 full jar before cooking would be fine


                    6) leaving it in the jar and microwaving it without the lid on it to warm it up and then putting some whip cream or fruit or both on it would be a real treat for the kids, the half full jars would work best.
                    7) canning some up is something to do on a cold winter day when you have some empty jars that’s just taking up space.

                  • As far as the comment section, I’d like to see this place become better and move along into actually talking about some useful information.

                • It does not really matter where they are made. If an event of this magnitude were to happen that is the least of our worries. If it does happen then who will go to there normal job. We would have to build the hundreds of transformers required. If not thousand’s. We would have to have trucks to transport them. Then we would have to have the qualified people to install them all. Not sure how much damage would be done to supporting equipment either. What happens when the diesel fuel runs out at the power plants. Especially the nuke plants. We could have fires at the plants. We could also have radiation release from the spent fuel rods. We probably would not have a problem with melt downs because the reactor casing is designed to contain that.
                  If the event does happen then how do we recover from it. It does not matter where the transformers are made.

                • It’s not really a lie, Most transformers are made in mexico now. And the lead time for them NORMALLY is about a year. Just imagine what it would be if hundreds of them go down at the same time. It’s hard to say what it would do to smaller gas generators, but if it had any type of computer circuit board it would be fried. Get a faraday cage…a big one.

              • Roflmao! Thanks for making me laugh! I’ve needed that soooo bad this week!

            • If a big enough flare hits the earth, we will all be using one horsepower transportation—literally. And that’s if you can afford to feed a horse, or even get one. I suspect that most animals like horses will be used for food in a short time after a cme. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the truth.

            • Why even worry about it? If it will be as catastrophic as predicted there is very little that can be done anyway. The small number of so called preppers will just die a little later than the vast number of the unprepared. Then again this whole thing is probably just exaggerated.

            • in 1800’s forget exact date no grid aside from telegraph at the time

              • carrington super flare hit earth effect dateaug 28 1859to sept 2nd …look it up big cities all cities would be effected

          • Peterson, Proverbs,18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”. With all the red thumbs you undoubtedly haven’t shown yourself to be friendly. Trekker Out.

            • Does it matter at all there Amigo?

              • I guess it depends on the individual, as for me I hunt and trek alone, but at all other times I like to have as many (compadres) as possible. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

                • This place is like watching a million ping pong balls bounce around in a rubber lined cargo container that’s been thrown off a C130 into the mountains on the Afghan Pakistan boarder…. One day everyone is telling everyone to keep quite about being a prepper…. The next day everyone thinks they are going to convert the liberals and the blind…. Couple days ago everyone wanted to be Bravehearts and shoot up the countryside…. By this weekend everyone will be cringing scared to death that there won’t be any electricity…. Mean while they are ALL still falling into hostile territory…. Flapping their lips as they bounce around in the dark box.

                  Am I wrong?

                  • I going to try and eat solid food this weekend.

                  • LMAO!

                  • Peterson

                    I am not being rude but have one question to ask.

                    Why do you come to this site if you feel the way you do about it?

                    I see no reason to really speak with you unless you add value to the discussion. If you hate the site and the people then why do you come here?

                  • Most days everyone still hates your ass.

                  • Yes, Peterson, you are wrong. Plus, you know damned well I’ve NEVER said anything about shooting up the countryside. I’ve only made references to shooting in defense of myself and my home if I’m attacked. You have our site mistaken for an MSM site. “A million Ping-Pong balls bounce around in a rubber-lined cargo container.” That statement perfectly describes any MSM site, NOT this one. Get your information straight.

                  • Not everyone on here is retarded and in the container. There’s a few people who have figured it out. Forgot to mention that!

                    Ya I know Braveheart…. I’ve told you this before, you DONT want to be fighting it out on your front door. Do you understand that, and why that’s not a good plan?

                    Facebook, good job buddy!

                  • Mike in VA, this place could still be better. Did ya miss where Facebook Page listed everything else that could be taught here? If we could get past the chest beating and poached news this place might move forward. Right now it’s still just Happy Hour at Fastfood Preppers.

                  • Peterson.

                    We are a tortured bunch, A few solid posters that make a few hundred comments, read by a few thousand readers. Nothing changes on our side and we fight among ourselves while TPTP, stockpile munitions, enhance the police state and Congress spits out laws that destroy our rights.
                    One thing for sure is we are all going to die If you in your upper years, you only have so many more years to put up with the crap. The stick in the mud is if something does go down, we will all have to make a decision on what we are going to do about it. Not many choices and that simplifies the matter. Either it will galvanize us into a more solid group or the proverbial, “Your On Your Own”.
                    One thing I do find interesting. As I have stated before, I buy and sell military used web gear. Some Kevlar helmets and body armor to include LC1 and LC2 load bearing rigs. Some advanced chest rigs and Chicom.
                    Over the past eight months, more women have been buying gear. They are military trained from the conversations with them. Mess kits, canteens/cups, First Aid Kits, ALICE packs and frames, entrenchment tools included.
                    On the other side my sources for replenishment is drying up. Any gear in large or extra large is hard to find. Most do not have a 29 inch waist anymore for men. Many do not like Velcro because of the sound it makes.
                    So I wanted to provide another source to prove people are getting ready. For what, time will tell.

                  • Ya no doubt there Slingshot, is it enough or moving fast enough? Kinda doubt it. Like this place, the focus is on food and gear and not enough on training. The best piece of “prepper gear” is a persons brains, don’t think enough people understand that.

                  • At least we are consistent!;)

        • The good news is a CME hitting earth is likened to a needle shooting off a basketball and hitting a tennis ball in other city. It also dispels the rumor than individual electronics not connect to long-lines would be destroyed. The 90% death rate was eloquently discredited by an essay on SurvivalBlog, but it makes such good Sheeple chow that I doubt it will ever go away.

          • In case you want to keep up with CME’s
            Check it daily. It really is interesting to watch these things develop. Keeps you up to date on what’s going on.
            May give you time to put the computer in the microwave.

            • That’s a neat site. Thanks !

            • One of my favorite sites … thanks for sharing … the guy who maintains the site is an avid ham who takes this task seriously. If you are looking for a skill to add to your prepping … ham radio is rewarding in and of itself … great community of folks who enjoy the hobby and provide a valuable service.

              www dot arrl dot com … (amateur radio relay league) great place to start

              • One of my favorite sites … thanks for sharing … the guy who maintains the site is an avid ham who takes this task seriously. If you are looking for a skill to add to your prepping … ham radio is rewarding in and of itself … great community of folks who enjoy the hobby and provide a valuable service.

                www dot arrl dot org
                … (amateur radio relay league) great place to start

          • LMArseO. Good one Prepared Pastor! A “good evening” to you and yours.

          • A solar flare would fry the power grid but would not destroy cars, computers, small electronics (so no need to faraday against solar flares). On the other hand, an EMP would damage these things. They are two different kinds of electrical energy.

            So your stuff would work after a solar flare but there would be no power. So you better have your own.

            It would still take years to get the power grid back up.

            Interesting tidbit – to test if your faraday cage is effective, use a portable AM/FM radio. Tune in a station and put inside your faraday. If you lose the signal completely on both AM and FM then you are good. It does NOT help to check your faraday with your cell phone or a two way radio – these are different frequencies from what you are protecting against.

            • Puppy

              Thanks for the EMP info, it is SO nice to see actual Prepper “planning” on this site.
              I especially like the info about how to test your system. On that note anyone have advise on protecting solar panels.


              • Put your backup electronics in a metal garbage can. LABEL IT WELL!!!

              • Dick;
                I agree. How about a show of hands of how many of us have maintainable diesel gen sets, gardens, canned foods, tools, heating devices, wells that can be accessed, sewing ability, welding capability, mechanical skills to keep operation going, and on and on and on. I like to read the contributions from all the folks here but you can’t eat 10,000 round of ammo. Is it not possible to have conspiricy theorys mixed with practical articles and input.

                • I have all of the above. And keep that amount of ammo in my truck for “whatever”.

                • Everything you list pls more (general construction, electrical wiring, domestic household skills, basic farm skills) between me and the wife.

                  Who else?

                  • To the shtf family? I have just read some articles that i would appreciate your input,that are not fear based and actually enlightening.The first one is on waking tomes and is some research by a man who has been following the mayans and the prophecy of their calendar, not the end of the world but a new awakening and conscience. The article is entitled” Woman’s World or Mans Paradise”. Found
                    As iTruly believe that woman are much more intuitive than men,and that the aggressive,and masculinity of men, hence war and power, will soon be at our demise(military complex,industrial complex Geo engineering,GMO,etc ).
                    Which leads me to the next article found title Organic Food Party 2016 Which may lead to some hope of us surviving the shtf that is sure to take place!
                    Please read and give me your views?
                    Thank you in advance for your help. Ill check back later after work?


                  • Woops not tomes? Sorry!

            • @ puppy prepper- So are AM and FM completely different frequencies and modes of transmissions. Now days, post 1980, every item you mentioned contains printed circuit boards, computers, all with semi-conductors, transistors, and other very sensitive electronic devices. Some are so sensitive that they can be destroyed by the “static electricity” that the clothing you wear. If you are not properly grounded to allow the static charge to dissipate, before you touch or even hold one in your hand.

              Every piece of wire will act as an antenna depending upon their length and shielding. Either a Solar CME, (corona mass ejection), type EMP, or a nuclear generated EMP, Both will destroy most electronic devices, if, and that’s the big word, “IF” they are aimed or located in the right place.

              My “two way radio” (also called a HF transceiver) would definitely be effected by either of the “two different types of EMP’s” you mention. I will continue to use a faraday cage to protect all of them.

              Perhaps you would benefit from reading some books or reliable web sights on the subject.

              • I’ve been wondering; did they stop putting a fusible link on the main power ports of today’s devices? As I recall, the idea was to stop a major power surge at the link, before it could travel to the more sensitive guts of the device.

                Similarly, everything that uses electrical power has a breaker box with breakers in it. These “breakers” function like a fuse, to stop a major power surge, by severing the path before it gets into the building and damages anything further.

                Do breakers and fuses stop functioning as designed during a power surge, like the one in the video above? Would breakers/fuses stop a power surge from a positively charged CME?

                I understand that an EMP doesn’t depend on wired connections to damage circuits, it’s ‘connection’ is through pulses on air waves. But what seemed to happen in the video above should’ve been stopped at the breakers/fuses.

                • The breakers and fuses are designed to stop power surges. It is true for your house or large power lines. The problem with this type of surge is the speed of it. Damage will take place before the fuse can operate. At least that is my understanding of it.

                  In the video they show an arc flash. It appears that the flash has gone Phase to Phase which makes it more powerful. You have two lines of 120v coming into your house. Together they make 240v. If something goes phase to phase in your house then it combines both. Same happens on the large power lines which are 19900v, 13600v, 7600v or 7200v. At least that is what we have in our region in Virginia. The fuse on the line should have opened. I have seen several cases where the fuses don’t operate as they should. In this case the fuse did not open as it should. I am sure damage was caused to the lines, transformers and possibly houses in the neighborhood.
                  Hope this helps.

                  • Fuses and breakers are not designed to stop surges. That’s why you should have a surge arrester at your panel for surges from the incoming power lines. And you should have surge strips or outlets for electronic equipment for in house surges. Surge equipment is rated in clamping voltage the lower the clamping voltage the better protected you are

                  • Also power transmission providers have breakers that will open when it senses a abnormal power draw and phase to phase. the problem is that it will reclose automaticaly and cycle this way for a set (by the elec engineer) amount of reps and seconds before finally staying open. Thats why I never pick up a downed power line and move it off the road..sarc

              • Well golly gee Christian Man, I just pulled all of that out of my ass – you mean I should get edjumacated about that stuff? You are right, all those web “sights” are totally reliable sources of scientific information.

            • Most electronics not plugged into the grid will most likely come through an EMP with no damage. However with the grid destroyed what good will plug in electronics be unless one has an off grid power source?

          • Facebook Page

            On solid food take it easy the first time It’s going to hurt ( ask me how I know) try soft food small amounts, try to eat small meals or your are not going to like the kinetic after effects.
            It tales time
            for me it was almost 6 months before everything returned to a sort of normal.
            But it will.

            GET WELL

            Semper Fi 8541

            • I hate auto spell!
              Semper Fi 8541

        • Pat Travers!!!!!!! love that song. Saw him at a biker bar in Portland Maine back in the 80’s. Me and a few buddies were in the Law Enforcement program in college. We fit right in with the bikers. Eventually they accepted us. We all graduated but none of us are cops

        • PLEASE!!! Read about NWO coming down from Obama at They say that with all his betrayal to the American people, this is the very worst thing of all that he has done. I forgot title of story… will get back with you.

          • The story I mentioned in above comment (about NWO being brought about by Obama) is called, “America for Sale: Obama’s leaked DOC exposes foreign corporations’ radical new powers” and is found at PLEASE READ IT AND PASS ON!!!!

            • Interesting article. Trying to stop the treaty, or whatever they want to call it, will not save America; it is already all but lost.

              Only one thing will save America, and the US Constitution, now.

              • As I understand it (and I could be wrong), all the military satellites of all countries, our black projects, ect. getting fried would be a good thing. The long line electricity going out would not be all good but not all bad either. Let’s see, the cell phone towers with 300,000 watts power source are possibly being used for other than cell phone service. Them going out might not be bad either. As I understand it, my 5000 watt generator has rubber wheels, hence it is not grounded. Anything grounded will be fried for sure including solar panels. Since these panels are grounded through the house electrical system it would seem that cutting their electrical connection would be a good idea if there is any warning (18 hours to reach Earth?) Get some extra wire and reconnect them after it passes. Cars and trucks are not grounded by their tires which don’t carry electricity. Pull the plug on everything in the house till it passes and everything may survive. Hopefully the IRS and other government agencies will not unplug – and we will all be free again.

                This may all be to simplistic but it’s the way I will handle it. Hopefully it’s the way the nuclear power plants will deal with it too. Total shutdown. Preppers can deal with the rest of it.

                God bless you all. Please comment upon this and tell me where I am wrong. You guys REALLY know a lot and I will sit back and learn now

                • Personally, I’d happily do without power for a few years, if I thought for one minute the spy grid would be completely destroyed—but it won’t be destroyed. TPTB didn’t spend billions on it, just to watch it fry like a transistor radio.

                  I believe if there is ANYTHING that survives a disaster, it will be the banksters debtor records and the spy grid.

                  • It would also eliminate most of what they need to spy on also.

                • The power plants would automatically shut down. They have procedures in place for the grid going down. Problems would occur though. Damage would be done to the large transformers at the stations. Damage would be done to the transmission lines. This would take a long time to repair.
                  The nuke stations as well as others would be okay as long as there backup diesel generators worked. They have enough fuel for about a week. If the fuel were not replenished or power was not restored then we would be in trouble. Radiation would be released from the spent fuel rod cooling ponds. This would happen when pumps could not supply cooling water to the ponds.
                  Some say that the nuclear reactors would be a major problem without the cooling water. This is a big concern but there concrete frames are designed to contain the problem in a melt down. I sure hope they do. If not then we are all in trouble.

        • Britt Hume just said on CNN that NOBODY has been enrolled in OBAMACARE…O people…none…think about that and what’s about to come from that revelation…

        • Lights out isn’t the problem…. The problem is the many nuclear power plants that meltdown and create a global nuclear wasteland…. Permanently fucked… Electricity not flowing is not a the problem. ..

        • It’s coming soon. The number one black swan event. A badly inflated economy and worthless monetary system is like a teddy bear event.

      2. The sooner the better.

        • It may be sooner than we think.

          According to NASA, we can expect more solar flares as the sun nears its peak of maximum intensity along its 11-year cycle.

          • Nasa also say the sun has been very calm for the max of this cycles.

            Save me time and post both links so we all can argue about it.

            • @ Facebook Page. So was the case back in the Carrington Event of 1859, the calmness during the maximum cycle of the Sun. During this time the Sun was quiet, even more so than now, slightly. Then the Sun became twice as bright and telegraphs around the world were fried and fires erupted in the telegraph offices. The pattern is the same as today. Doesn’t mean that it will repeat the same eruption as 154 years ago, but like earthquakes follow cycles, so might the Sun.

              I can understand what you are saying about all to worry about. It really is not chicken little anymore that non preppers try to make us all look like, we have a lot to be concerned about. The worst nuclear accident ever. The worst oil disaster ever. The most intense earthquakes ever recored in Japan and the most intense strike slip ever recorded in west Indonesia. The widest and most powerful ever tornado. The strongest ever land hitting hurricane ever recorded. Largest ever recorded radiation storm from the Sun. These are just nature at work in the past few years. When you look at how stupid the masses have become and the amount of nuclear weapons and other mass destruction weapons available to so many different players. The debt and derivatives. The course of people in general in loss of morals and common sense. Of course BO and the worthless congress.

              The mere fact that only 1% prepare in the face of everything that is telling human beings to wake up is one of the most alarming issues I can think of. I mean what does it take from the universe to kick the common person into action? Makes you really wonder doesn’t it?

              • “People will suffer while evils are sufferable” Thomas Jefferson, Declaration Of Independence

              • I sleep good at night!

              • There was just an article here on SHTF that disputes the “1% prep” theory. I went back to find it here:


                44 percent don’t have first-aid kits—that means 66 percent DO.

                48 percent lack emergency supplies—that means 51 percent do have emergency supplies.

                53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home—that means 47 percent DO have 3-day emergency supplies.

                55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes—that means 45 percent DO NOT believe the govt will rescue them.

                So, which is it?

                • Perhaps “being awake” also means keeping track of the changes in your surroundings…even from a few days or weeks ago.

                  Just saying. If we can’t believe our own statistics, maybe we should stop using statistics to support our contentions.

                • Ok lets be honest you might be a prepper if you have a first aid kit, emergency supplies and 3days of datrex rations in your car. The majority of the 47% that say they have 3 day supply of nonperishable food are probably worse off than someone who picked up one 5 gallon bucket each of rice & beans.

          • @KY Mom:

            Good Day Miss.

            I was just wondering — do you have any burgoo recipes that I might try?

            Thanks in advance.

            ….be safe…..stay the course……BA.

            • If she doesn’t you might try visiting the MoonLight Cafe in Owensboro, Ky (if it is still there).

              • The Moonlight is absolutely still there and going strong! Great Bar-B-Q !

                Country girl

            • BadAmerican,

              Good morning! There are many burgoo recipes here in Kentucky. The very best burgoo I have ever eaten was at the Kentucky Horse Park. So, if you get a chance to visit there, try some burgoo. I couldn’t find their recipe online to share with you.

              Note: As Linda Allison-Lewis (in Kentucky’s Best: Fifty Years of Great Recipes) says, “Burgoo must simmer for 24 hours prior to being served.”

              “As with most stews, this improves with age. For best results, make at least a day ahead, refrigerate and reheat.”

              Many of the recipes will feed a large group. Here are a couple links with popular Burgoo recipes:



              • @ KY Mom –Boo –SWFL:

                Thanks to all for the info.

                Have not been to Kentucky since ’96 [Owensboro as a matter of fact].

                ….booyah burgoo …….yum…BA.

            • …now youre talkin some mighty fine eating there BA 🙂

          • We will be dealing with the effects of Fukushima, sooner than a solar flare. Radiation is now impacting the West Coast, we are not being told publicly what the radiation levels are in the atmosphere, and/or ocean.

        • I used to think like that until i started thinking about the horrible suffering that will come with it. Even though there are many stupid people out there that make me want to bang my head against the wall, i still would not wish the horrors on them that a grid down scenario would cause. On top of that, i don’t relish the idea of living in the 19th century. Be very careful what you wish for. The longer the chaos is delayed the more people can wake up and the more we can prep. Reminds me of the Bible in 2 Peter where it says the Lord is not slow about his promise as some think. He is being patient for our sake not wanting anyone to be destroyed but that everyone should repent. We should have the same kind of attitude cause when this does happen, whatever it may be, we will all feel the pain in one way or another no matter how prepped we are.

          • For every one that is woke up 10 are born that never will be. And lately I see the the awaken side losing more “people” than gaining

        • I agree. We’re not getting any younger and I’d prefer to deal with it now, not when I’m older and more arthritic.

      3. 18 months to repair? That assumes that the countries where the transformers are being made has functioning infrastructure. You need electricity to refine the copper, cast, draw, anneal, wrap and wind it into coils, provide light to work by, and your small pool of competent individuals who do this work are going to have far higher priorities if their grid is down as well, don’t you think?

        Just an ex transformer rewinders thoughts on the matter.

        What happens to electrical infrastructure on the side of the planet not facing the sun when the flare hits? Serious answers please.

        • Does it really matter if it’s sunny or not?

          • Howdy, Peterson. I don’t think the weather at the time will matter at all. The result will still be the same. No more grid, no more juice. One good thing to come out of it, it would kill the surveillance state since all of their toys depend on electricity. That’s one karma who will be a SUPREME bitch.

            • Braveheart,good to see you back.. thought the obanoids got you.

              • Sgt. Laughter, the obanoids would have to get past “Bertha” for that.

            • What I was getting at, I don’t think it matters if its night outside or if its during the day…. Doesn’t matter if you are facing the sun theres still a good chance that the grid could go down.

        • Just taking a guess here, the CME/charged particle shock-wave striking the side facing sol tends to compress the magnetosphere sharply, while elongating/stretching it on the dark side, which rebounds/snaps back after a period of time.

          As to which side suffers the most is a question for the experts.
          JOG is our resident astrophysicist. He knows his stuff.

          Hopefully he’ll post soon and help you out w/ a solid analysis.


          Either way, if its big enough and Earth is in the cross-hairs, I don’t think its gonna matter, either way.


          That said the sole/minor bright spot is obvious…

          ..we won’t have to put up w/ Pervert Peterless’s stalking obsessions anymore!

          • On one side the lights will pop. On the other, light fixtures will bend to a 45 degree angle.

          • Good evening, Hunter. I would miss SHTFPlan and the rest of the internet, but not the trolls.

            • BH-

              Agreed pal.

     had us concerned during your absence!
              Glad you’re back!

            • BH you would miss the trolls that is what gives your heart its daily aerobic workout

              • Hunter and FBP, I was out with a ‘respiratory infection’, according to the doctor I saw, but I’m totally recovered from it. FBP, maybe you’re right in one respect about the trolls. The exchanges I have with the trolls do help me get through the day. But someday that will end, thanks to EMP, CME, or cyber attack. Until then, gotta have the trolls to pick on.

            • Alcohol ??????

          • But…But…We’ll miss Dancing With The Stars! *sniffle*

        • Eagle Eye,

          I agree. The 18 month estimate to repair the transformers is not realistic.

          From an interview with John Kappenman:

          “It would be transformers that are exposed to the highest levels of these induced currents from a geomagnetic storm that would be the most at risk of being permanently damaged. In today’s world manufacturing marketplace, we really don’t have the ability to manufacture and replace large numbers of damaged transformers.

          We’re looking at, in the case of the US alone, something that could take FOUR TO TEN YEARS to recover from, based on the amount of transformers that we think could be manufactured and made available to us.

          And that might be a bit rosy because it assumes that somewhere a manufacturer will be unaffected by that storm and be able to begin manufacturing in a normal fashion. Under this sort of planetary event, I assume that we are probably making a rosy assumption that anybody would be able to resume any kind of normal functioning from a manufacturing standpoint.”

          “These are probably in the neighborhood of 300 or more (of the main key, high voltage transformers). That would be a significant fraction of the total large extra-high voltage transformers in the US. F

          or perspective, in the US right now, on an annual basis, we probably manufacture less than 50 per year, or having manufacturing capability for less than 50 per year. Of course we don’t have the manufacturing capability right now in the US to manufacture at the very highest voltage levels – 765 KV.”

          “…in the US right now, on an annual basis, we probably manufacture less than 50 per year, or having manufacturing capability for less than 50 per year. Of course we don’t have the manufacturing capability right now in the US to manufacture at the very highest voltage levels – 765 KV.

          …A lot of them are made in Brazil, Japan, Korea and so forth. They’re all non-domestic sources.”

          Off the Grid News

            • Now it is a story and the link, Are you trying to be a Drudge site replacement?

              • Come on, FBP, she’s just providing her usual service to us, and KY Mom, keep it up, I still enjoy the articles.

                • BH she is just adding to the repetiveness we all have fallen into. I don’t believe I am going to say this. Daisy was right. And she is still to young to give up on the hope. And her site shows it. Even though she has been getting a lot more political lately
                  Yes SHIF has involve into the who what did will do it site. But we have reach the next wall. We need to evolve again into a action site. And all of us are to much of a pussy to be the one to actually go out and “step up”. We have had to phycally intervene with some of the younger “member” to not go and do stupid thing. Maybe it time no to. But how will that feel.

                  Yes we will fight to protect our children. But I pretty sure that going to be about it. I have everything to provide for anything except for a direct nuclear blast on my small commuty area. And when you step back since 1954 it has been just to save the children.

                  I have been having a lot and I mean a lot of time to surf and think. Plus now I have to add myself back into the picture. Finding out your going to live longer than you expected can be a bitch.

                  BH you said the other day that I sound different. Well I feel different.
                  I still don’t trust the gov. Still believe the biggest conical social reset of all times is coming. But I thing I am evolving. Into what don’t know.

                  Hunter I do ramble. But you will never have to question what I said (within opsec).

                  • FBP, I agree with most of what you’re saying. I still don’t trust govt. either and there’s definitely a reset coming. I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way to the other side but I will give it my best shot.

              • Facebook-

                Actually in your case, I’d consider her second post (w/ link) as a courtesy, considering your past epidemic episodes of fumble-thumb syndrome typing skills…and dyslexic grammar usage.

                KY Mom is magnanimously…making it simple for your lame ass!!!!

                You should be thankful!

              • FBP…you sir, are a re-tard. It is always important to site sources when stating information. Crawl back up into whatever vagina manage to squeeze your pea-sized head out and just hold your breath until you are blue, at which point punch yourself in the nuts until you realize that your own mangina should never be used to procreate a generation of FBP re-tards. Thank you…bye bye.

                • You know fuck you And since it is official if I live 8 more month I will see another generation of my family. Crap we ether find women or have women that get pregnant early. What does that say.
                  I remember when the thought I’d a child was so repulsive to me. I just cared about nothing. Hove things change.

                  • You are constantly complaining about this site. Why don’t you start your own website?

                    Since you have already told us that Peterson has LOTS of good information to share. (You must know him QUITE WELL PERSONALLY to be able to say that.) You could highlight all of Peter$hit’s articles.

                    He could write about …
                    How to troll websites
                    How to continually offer useless comments
                    How he lives with low IQ and other setbacks
                    How he knows Obama really loves us all and ONLY wants the best for us
                    …plus lots more USELESS drivel

                  • Are congratulations in order? I hope so!

                • The content of KFC’s poached news is what sucks. It’s a waste of your time because it’s useless.

                  • @peterson:

                    Good Day.

                    The link please, to YOUR website that doesn’t suck, and lives up to your expectations.




                    …still waiting…..BA.

                  • When ya gonna learn that a great part of the news doesn’t affect you? KFC, you wanna chime in there?

                  • @peterson:

                    …you do not speak for me…

                    ….you barely speak for yourself…

                    ….I decide what is important…..

                    ….so shallow, so hollow , textbook impotent.

                    …fly away shitbird…….BA.

          • I’m not sure about the transformers, but from everything I’ve read, the pumps wouldn’t work cause vandals would have stolen the handles

          • I’m not sure about the transformers, but from everything I’ve read, the pumps wouldn’t work cause vandals would have stolen the handles

        • Well. If we had to go back to black smithing, smelting and hand coiling (my grandmother worked a “winding machine” at Emerson electric) it would ‘stimulate the economy’ and create work. We just need a CME to get our country straight. Work to eat. No work ethic, you starve and the entitlement ilk die off. JK, but its sad when one could consider that a disaster could do more to improve this country than the people who are supposed to ‘lead’.

          • Bravo!
            Good post,
            I miss the days of people doing REAL work
            Am sick of all the paper shufflers who feel all self important.

            • real work,honest work…ya I do a lot of it …real hard dirty work with my hands and I love it…only farmin don’t pay much if anything…you know whats funny though I was told the other day that it(my work ability) didn’t matter that because I havnt been in the official job market(got that…MARKET…can we say slave auction?)I wasnt qualified for a job that was open a simple labor job…mind you nothing was said about my experience which is mucho ,nor about my work ethic or skills, all that was excellent…BUT Ive been out of the MARKET for too long…which is fine as I really don’t want to re-enter the MARKET but that really sucks big time that they think this way…glad Im in no danger of starving due to the good Lord and this farm and my Lady has some work…if I really needed work I have to turn to robbing stagecoaches y’know?…its hilarious in a way but so sad in others that this is where we are…but you know we gotta let more 4th world losers in so they can do the jobs we Americans wont do(mostly because we cant QUALIFY!… really?…thank God Im a country boy and this country boy will survive!

        • Now you have said what no one else has put in print, at least that I have read. The reality is if the cme fries the earth, how does the electricity run a plant that does not exist for all intents and purposes…. Be that as it may, one way or another for one reason or another this world is toast. To burn it a little more would just add a little more charcoal to the mix…

      4. Adapt..

        or die..


        • improvise, adapt, and overcome

        • Oil lamps: check
          Wicks: check
          Oil: check
          Off grid solar power: check
          Fuel: check
          Faraday Garbage can: check
          Radio comms: Check
          Wood heat: check
          etc. etc. etc.: check
          Heck we don’t even need to run the fridge, just put everything on the deck lol.
          Hey Thinker, I wanted to ask you if you have a cb radio and a dipole antenna, I want to try an experiment. Let me know thanks!

      5. So we ALMOST had MEGA-SHTF in July 2012. That event could still happen and could be also caused by an EMP or cyber attack. ‘One Second After’ a la mode, anyone? In the last chapter of that book, it was estimated that 1 year after the EMP hit only 30,000,000 out of 310,000,000 people were still alive in the US and that was only an estimate. The true figure 1 year after we lose the grid may not be so high. All of my prepping is still geared toward a life without juice. braveheart

        • @braveheart:

          Good Day Sir.

          Survive the ice storms?

          I have always thought that a 90% loss of human life due to a CME or EMP event, here in America, to be too high of a number. The fact that three sides of the good ole USA are coastal, there is enough seafood for everyone.

          Anyone within five miles of the coast should not starve. If they do, they will die of laziness. Anyone farther than five miles, buy that fast horse now.

          Add in the major fresh water sources, there is plenty of opportunity to eat.

          I know many will die due to a lack of modern medical treatments. I think many will die waiting on somebody else to “fix” their situation. Some will die of shame.

          I, like you, gear my preps around a grid down scenario. Life without everyday electricity gives me more time to whittle.

          Best to you and yours.

          …..brrrr, more whiskey…….BA.

          • BadAmerican, I only WISH that estimate could be wrong, but with the level of retardation I see in this nation today, I don’t see how the true figure could be very far from the mark. Everyone on any kind of life support will be the first ones to be affected. Then violence, starvation, dehydration, disease, etc. will all take their toll. Some of us preppers might not make it all the way through. All of our lives will be changed and let’s hope for the better. there are some good things that can come from this. braveheart

            • @braveheart:

              “level of retardation” —-lol.

              I do not discount the amount of suffering, misery, panic, and yes, death that such an event will unload on us. I know that the core of Americans will respond positively when enough boot is applied to ass. We need a bigger boot.

              This USA decline by a thousand cuts, and planned social distractions, has created a lulling normalcy bias that can be hard to shake. I was part of the “sheople” until a few years ago. I saw the corruption, the greed and the fraud, but was unable to tie it all together. More people are awakening to the evil corp that is our fed gubbermint. I try to help them tie it all together.

              I do not underestimate the core of the American People. They will again rise up. I am applying boot as I can.

              The PTB had their chance to win the hearts and minds of Americans. They know they have lost. Their only out is force through deception. as DK says: “Engage”.

              Engage equates to “boot to ass”.

              Thanks for responding.

              Sometimes you just gotta shake the tree to see what falls out.


          • Would be a great point if it wasn’t for TEPCO dumping millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the ocean everyday. Soon, me thinks there wont be much ocean life left, and whats there, you don’t want to eat.

            Sua Sponte

            • Ender-

              -(for it is written)-

              ..LO!!! Behold, and a third of the waters shall turn to BLOOD!

          • Take into account those who dare not eat the shellfish due to amnesiac and paralytic toxins and either you’ll have more people dying of starvation in those areas or they’ll be suffering paralysis and/ or amnesia and then dying.

        • A national/global economic collapse or an EMP—which would be better and less threatening for the true preppers with supplies for a looooong time??

          • Emp would be safer. Hit all at once with equal force. Everything else will happen at different speed allowing the masses to move around looking for the one place that didn’t go under and finding it until they bleed it dry.

      6. Those in the know, will fair the best. Those in the no, they’ll have to take the crash course. Get those Faraday cage bags for critical electric devices. Keep some halogen/xenon lights non LED.

        • I don’t use Faradays. Just made tinfoil hats for all my electronic devices in the shape of………………… M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e.

      7. and there’s a million plus people in every city just waiting to get themselves a new iphone,the newest games, a 60″ TV and everything on the junk food shelves at the supermarkets. They’ll survive the first 18 days, after that, they’re in trouble, about two weeks from starvation

        • So…maybe in a month or so, I can have a free 60″ TV! Wait…there won’t be anything on….darn!

          • So, the programming will be better?

            • If the screen is blank, it’s an improvement in program content.

          • the people that do the looting could care less about the programing or if there’s electric, they just want one.

      8. Turn out the lights…..the party’s over.

        • The party is about to start. I am going to build a small 15 gallon moonshine still. All I need is a stainless steel beer keg.(a used cheap one) There is alot of potatoes where I live, so I would like to find a recipe that uses potaoes instead of corn.

          • I think that would be Vodka. Trekker Out.

            • I am so missing vodka.

      9. why am I always waiting for moderation?

        • 1940 maybe your to radical. Be moderate in all things! Trekker Out.

          • “Unless you are being censored, you are not saying anything worth hearing” – A very famous man…

            • Who also said ” !” and ” ?”.

        • @1940:

          If she’s cute, I’ll wait with you.

          ….welllllll Hellooo Moderation…….BA.

        • Because you’re probably NOT filling in an email address. You don’t have to use a real one, just a format that fits the convention format for an email address.

        • Are you not giving them an E-Mail address?

      10. A solar kill shot is extremely unlikely. The earth is 93 million miles from the sun so its orbital path is 584 million miles. Earth’s diameter is about 7900 miles. It’s the same proportion as the earth being a foot in diameter and traveling an ellipse 14 MILES long. Yes, it could happen tomorrow but it might not happen for another 100,000 years.

        • agreed , im not gonna wory about this one .
          if the grid gets fried , i am gonna bet on an EMP.
          Either way it is scary as hell .

          • I agree, too.
            There are far more dangerous disasters because they are ALREADY happening:

            1. Fukushima radioactive poisoning of the entire planet.
            – I hope the other hundreds of nuclear power stations all over the world hang on tight and don’t release their content. Fukushima is more than enough. Japanese GOV has just started censoring (made a new law) any information about Fukushima.

            2. Biological warfare:
            – Antibiotics-resistant bacteria;
            – the GOVs keep creating enhanced killer viruses, with much more increased mortality rates. Does anyone still have any doubts that they would NEVER play with Death unless they already had a cure for each one of those!?..

            These things are happening right now.
            SHTF has already started. When most people come to realize this, it will already be too late.

          • HH, your right. Why worry about something you can’t prevent. Will it add one more minute to your life. This guy Baker said IF we were facing the CME it would have been catastrophic. Big If!

            • “worry” is a concept I just don’t understand

              prepping is one that I do

              • But, Satori—worry causes prepping and prepping causes less worry…I think!! 🙂

        • Its already happened.. just not as severe. Your ignorance and denial is what will get you killed.

          • ignorance and denial ? LMAO
            I know it has happened , but the likelyhood of an EMP by an unfriendly is much more great.
            The result is the same , so i am prepared as best i can.
            thanks for the ad hominem comment.

        • Which of these has wrought more destruction to planet Earth?

          The FED, or the Sun?

          • YMWW, I’ll have to say the FED, no question from me on that one. When the FED is gone, that will be a real godsend.

          • I would have to say the sun has done the most damage. No sun, no photosynthesis; no photosynthesis, no grass; no grass, no food for horses; no food for horses no digestive end-products; no digestive end-products, no politicians. Q.E.D.

        • @ BarnCat

          Keep in mind two things:

          (1) CMEs are thousands of times the size of the earth


          (2) CMEs are common.

          Even if you note that space is vast and the earth is a relatively small target, the earth has been hit and it will be hit again.

        • the problem is the earth has had 3 solar storms in the past ~200 years including the Carrington event that affected the grid and the grids have never been weaker. Any CME we would have to worry about would be larger than the earth. Things people do to prepare for this also make them less dependent on the state.

      11. And to continue the analogy, it’s like the sun is 110 feet in diameter, the earth is a foot in diameter and its orbit is at a radius of 12,000 feet from the sun. How likely is a CME to hit the earth?

        • I guess it would depend on exactly how wide the CME is. It might be many times the size of earth, meaning a higher probability of hitting.

        • BC-

          Hrruummph! Analogies…smallogies!!!

          Never…say never!

          Case in point:

          Look who’s despoiling the White house for a second time around!


          How did that figure into your “probability equations”???

          • When I was a kid in high school,
            I was the class dummy.

            At the last class reunion we had,
            I was really surprised to see they
            had now even exceeded my stupidity.

          • Speaking of the second time around…

            How many people are even aware, the left is pressing for a Constitutional Convention, led by the states, to change the US Constitution?

            Any geusses on which Amendment they want to delete, and who’s term limits they want abolish?

            Methinks CME will be a minor concern, sooner than anyone considers…

            • J-Me…

              Give me a link please!

              Thanks much!

              • Just tried posting the link, it disappeared.

                It’s on Freedom Outpost

                Article: Is Obama Planning a Third Term

      12. The FBI; I believe; did a study recently on what would happen if the electricity in the United States was off for a year. Conclusion? That 90% of ALL Americans would be dead within one year. So; out of approximately 317 Million Americans; roundabouts 290 Million dead. Hopefully; a vast majority of American dead voted for O’ButtHut.

        • There is that! A parasite die-off is a nice side benefit. We’re prepared for life without electricity, including stockpiling hundreds of books and dozens of games. Humans have a terrible problem with boredom, and I hope we’ve alleviated that source of depression.
          My initial purchase of OTC medicines expires next year, so bring it on. Won’t it be nice to have Obama excoriated for not dealing with a CME? Bush is still paying for Katrina, and Obama won’t do any better with an EMP or a CME. Whatever will the MSM do about covering his ass? Of course, without communications, the problem will just fade away.

        • Sounds like it’s going to get smelly with all the dead people. Like a house full of fat guys after Thanksgiving dinner

          • I was thinking more on the lines of tons of free fertilizer for the gardens of the survivors.

      13. Its not just electricity and water supply, but the communitions that runs on electric including, credit card machines, ATM Machines, Gas Pumps, Food store coolers, EBT Food Stamp processing, streetlights, cars built after about 1982, and all of these devices that run on electricity or computers could catch fire and fry in an instant. If you begin to see or hear of this happening, immediately pull the MAIN ELECTRICAL BREAKER in your household, to avoid this damaging your house circuitry and appliances and anything else that is connected to the Grid. What happens is the power surges will topple more transformers in a cascading domino affect sending massive surges through the lines and neighborhoods to your home. It will cause all out “FUBAR SHTF Blackout.” Have various fire extinsuishers in your home to fight the fires, because nobody will be a coming to help you as the countryside burns and goes dark, other than the fires.

        The looters and chaos creators have been gearing up for just this event to spread their terror. So get your spare electronics in a “Faraday Cage” now, and back up lights, and dust off your guns and ammo, to fight the fight. I do not fear a long term electric outage, what I fear is the mass population not prepared, then fighting to survive no matter what it takes during an outage. Mass death will initially be from people killing people over scraps of food and water. Death after the 30 days will be from disease and plague. So plan to hunker down for month, maybe 6 months with food water and anything else you may need. Get it now and get ready, as it could happen anytime now.

        • why do i get the feeling that if a CME hit us , “they” would blame it on an EMP from the latest problem country.
          And how would we know ?

          • It’ll be Bush’s fault.

            • but which one?
              there are several !

              • ALL of them! And Clinton too! And Wilson, that scum!

          • Hammer-

            ‘Cuz you’re one of those who understand, sir!

            I assume you’re referencing the iconic phrase:

            “..never let a good crisis go to waste.”


            +1 to ya!

          • hammer….I bet Diane F and the rest of the tribe blame the CME on the 2nd amendment and the gun owners as well. The only positive side (if any) would be their tools won’t work either and it would be a good time to settle some scores.

          • I see your point hammer. I figure it dont matter much anyway around. If it truly takes out the grid around the world, then I don’t suspect too many of us will be listening to “they” anyway. If it is an isolated emp on our country, word will spread that other parts of the world still have power.

            • yup – and word of mouth is just that.
              I might trust a mans intel , but do i trust his informant?
              Strange days ahead if this catastophy where to happen.

          • “””What difference at this point does it make?””” 😉

            Hey, I used an appropriate response by the bitch!!!

          • @hammerhead

            “And how would we know?”

            If your battery-powered electronics fry, then we’ve had an EMP. If they still work, listen to shortwave news from other countries to find out what they know about a CME.

          • CME your watch and car will still work, EMP it won’t.

      14. Would a Faraday cage be effective against a solar flare?

        • Howdy, SilverSax. I’ve been told it will be just as effective against a solar flare as it is against an EMP. My Faraday cage is a metal trash can from Home Depot for only $20. I have it insulated with bubble-packing for the electronics I’m saving. The bubble-packing was an extra $15 from the UPS Store. I put separate sheets of it on the bottom, around the wall of the can, and another layer over the electronics. Hopefully that will do the trick. braveheart

          • BH-

            If you ever need/require an additional level of isolation/protection for your F-cage…

            Goto and search their anti-static bag inventory.

            I use them for the MUST SAVE night-vision stuff and radios etc.

            • Hunter, I do have one night-vision scope myself I’d like to save. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check them out.

            • When placing items in an anti-static bag, should one be grounded, via wrist-strap ground?

              Also, does a Faraday cage have to grounded, or can it be portable/mobile?


              • J-Me..

                Per “LAB” procedures…yes, you/the device/workbench/static-bag should all possess the SAME ground reference.

                ..that said, in the real world you have some leeway, especially in a humid environment and sans wool/nylon etc (clothing/flooring).


                Note(imo): Absolutely, your F-cage should be tied to a decent earth/ground rod if you’re seeking protection for critical electronic circuitry, per an EMP event!

                Hope this helps and good luck to you!

            • Would mylar bags work?

          • Good idea with the trash can. I’d like to save my CB radio and extra laptop.
            Anybody know how solar flares or EMPs affect solar panels?

            • SilverSax-

              With a big enough event, the pulse can backfeed trough your grid-tied inverter and or charge controller and house wiring. The electrical overload of transformers going south may very well be worse than the pulse itself.

              When the Carrington Event happened, telegraph wires caught fire and some systems even continued to work even when unplugged. I know people will claim that wires were not that well insulated, yada, yada, but that won’t matter. When the Russians did their EMP tests in the 60’s they buried the electrical wire 6ft underground, and a lot of it still melted and caught fire. That was from a small scale nuclear blast no less. Search for the following paper online, it is a great resource on EMP documented effects from weapons:

              Soviet Test 184
              by Jerry Emanuelson, B.S.E.E.
              Futurescience, LLC
              This is a page about the 1962 Soviet nuclear EMP tests over Kazakhstan.

              Also, never under-estimate mother nature- she is one mean biatch and will smack you upside the head like nobody else.

              • Good info.

              • Soc:
                You are correct!
                I have left my large solar panels in the box and wrapped it with a solar blanket (Faraday cage) and put in the basement. I have my deep cycle batteries in a wooden box covered with a solar blanket (Faraday cage). All my communication equipment, night vision, and just about anything I have set a side are in a Faraday cage.
                I can only hope a pray that it works. Like you said. “MOTHER NATURE IS ONE MEAN BITCH WHEN SHE IS PISS AT US”.
                All we can do is try to save what we can.

                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

        • No, solar flare energy doesn’t damage small electronics, just an EMP from a nuke. So if you really don’t think there will be a nuke EMP there is no need to faraday anything.

          • PuppyPrepper, EMP is always a possibility and I’m still prepping for it.

        • Electricity travels on the outer shell of a conductor so any way you look at it I think it would work the same. In reference to Bravehearts metal trash can in theory you could hide in side of said metal trash can and if lightning strikes it you should be protected even when touching the side. I am not sure if I would like to test this theory but this is one of the weird facts that I learned during my years of training to be a electrician.

          • When the charge is great enough in relation to the carrying capacity of the conductor you can get a “splash effect” where the current arcs and establishes an additional, secondary circuit, even though it is less efficient. This is why lightning strikes can hit a tree and still electrocute someone standing under it but not in contact. You don’t need to catch the entire charge, just too much of it.
            So, the more insulation the better.

          • Newbee-

            Mostly correct (per skin transmission/current flow).

            Bottom line real-world/backwoods/down-home and Smokin’-oh’s recipes included…

            Always remember, current flow(electron flow), will always follow the LEAST PATH of RESISTANCE to GROUND!

            ……the key function herein, is “ISOLATION”. -(high resistance)-


            Follow Braveheart’s lead on this.
            Ya wanna a cheap F-cage, buy a metal garbage can like he did…line the bottom/sides and under the lid w/ multilayer cardboard, particle-board or better yet bubble-wrap.

            Drill a hole in the side of the can and secure via nut/bolt/washers (I used stainless type 304 hardware/brass is good too!) and at least a 12-10 ga. copper wire connected to a good earth/6ft. length (copper-clad & deep driven into the local clay strata) ground rod.

            -(sandy soil is a real bummer in this case, unless its very wet)-


            The super critical electronic stuff like night-vision scopes/thermal vision/laptops/true ($$$)sine-wave inverters/ critical radios/comm equipment..are wrapped in serious anti-static bags and rest upon the insulating medium inside said can/cage.


            And its probably overkill on my part, but every can’s lid utilizes an automotive type battery to chassis grounding strap…between the lid and the can body!


            …I’m a believer in covering your ass, when it comes to dealing with…

            ..MURPHY’s LAW!!!!!!!!!!!


            ..’cuz Murphy is a smart-ass, mean son-of-a-bitch and he doesn’t cut anybody…much slack!


            Hope this helps!

            • Murphy always bites me in ass. Good idea Hunter with the ground rod per nation electrical code every home should have one and I don’t for see any problems using the one that’s already there.

      15. Don’t need no electricity to make Moonshine.

        Thank God!


        • Amen!

          • Hmmm…Do we really need to discuss your post about brains again?

            Sorry, had to toss that one out there…

        • And you can make it out of anything containing sugar. When I was in high school, we distilled alcohol from fermented raisins in the chemistry lab.

      16. A strong welding unit plugged in could cause a backfeed to blow a transformer. Think of how simple a takedown of the infrastructure would be? 2 easy?

        • I welded for a long time, never heard that one? How so?

          • JustMe-

            Its an overblown issue for the most part!
            Has to do w/ the phenomena of ‘inductive kick-back’ and is usually associated w/ large/serious capacity KVA spot-welders.

            Modern day MOV protection, committed buss-bar isolation and SCR circuitry circumvent said effects nowadays.

            • Thanks.

              Wish I could pick your brain for some electrical/electronic info…

      17. I am prepared, I got 4 huge bags of Doritos, a couple gallons of water and a couple candles, so I say
        BRING IT ON…

        • trailer , i got some velvetta cheese , we could make chips n cheese! over candles !
          hell , we got the problems of the world solved, right here.
          Who’s got the beer?

        • You forgot the Cheeze-Whiz.

      18. I am deeply mourning Mandela’s death and don’t know when I can get over it. Any CME can’t be noticed due to my deep sorrow for at least the next 30 days.

        • Tac-

          I know exactly how you feel, dude!!!!!!!

 celebratory drinking binge came w/ a 30 day hangover too!


          Oh woe, is me!

          • LOL Hunter . Have one for me brother as well.

        • Tactical

          I just caught Obama tonight speaking at the
          Mandela funeral ceremony, he bullshits to the
          world as easily as he does to us.

          • Tactical, Hunter, and OutWest, I’ve already celebrated the death of that commie POS Mandela. No loss in my view.

            • Braveheart:
              We are old enough to remember what Mandela did to his enemies. His wife was just as bad.
              You are right he was a Commie. He and his group planned an attack on a hospital and a school. He was caught before they pulled it off. If I remember right. The ANC slaughtered whole groups of people, They where also know to torcher their prisoners.

              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • Sarge, You really need to check the Russia Today ( site and do a search on South Africa on their archives. Last week they had a special about the white South Africans living in their secured community and awaiting for genocide to get started. It is not if rather is when it gets started per this report.

              • Sarge, good evening to you, sir, and yes, his wife invented “necklacing”, remember that one? Soak an old tire with gas and throw it onto the intended victim and light it up? Countless numbers of good people died with this tactic. The Mandelas should’ve both been shot and history would’ve been much different for South Africa. The next commie POS I’m looking for to die will be Fidel Castro. My wife lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers back in the 60s. I saw online earlier today where Obama SHOOK THE HAND of Raul Castro at Mandela’s memorial service. Raul himself was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Cubans. braveheart

                • Right Brave…I too will go on record as feeling a certain sense of justice/relief inside when I heard he(mandy) was dead to this world…I too remember this butcher and his partner in crime…winnie…I despised him and what he stood for but TPTB are on a lovefest right now and want all us to join them…lowering the flag to “honor” this butcher(spoken dripping with distain and sarcasim)Kudos to the sheriff in SC who refused and any others who refused too)Im hoping to soon see a flood of names removing themselves from planet earth so that good men/women can undo their evil…starting with gore/kissinger/soros/carter/clintonx2/rockyfellers/biden/polosi/reed/fienstein/shumer/roths-children/castros and so on feel free to add any I missed off the top of my head…may the proverb/scripture be true that says to the effect…the names of the wicked shall rot!

              • and all of govt, schools and the fucking corps had their flags at half-mast for the murdering cskr.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • Last:
                  What a FRIGGING CROCK OF B.S.
                  when I go to work this week end and our flag is at 1/2 staff. I will put her back to full staff. If Obullshit ordered it to be at 1/2 staff he can go to HELL!!!
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                  • Sgt. I fly Old Glory, the POW-MIA and the Gadsden.

                    I only lower them to change them…I build a fire and say a prayer for those that served. My flags are always destroyed by me, on my property where they were/are flown proudly.

                    I never, ever forget those who fought and served the people of this country.

                    Raise that flag brother. Standing fast and with you. lms

                  • @ Sgt. Dale ~ Not only that, Obama used an Executive Order to have all U.S. flags flown at half-mast until this coming Monday. This is another outrage and abuse of power by this narcissistic, childish, self-centered, and self-absorbed President of the United States.

                • I only wish I had a flagpole. I would be flying my Confederate Battle Flag High! You hear me Morris Dees? Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                  • @ Mountain Trekker ~ Actually, someone where I live Does fly the Confederate flag on his property. I was a little flabbergasted when I saw it. But, only a little, a very little bit.

                  • Emily in this day and age everyone whether Northern or Southern should fly the Confederate Battle Flag just to show your resistance to the Federal Governments Tyranny. Also these flags are about heritage. I really get tired of seeing these Nazi’s and other Punks flying our honorable Battle Flag. Trekker Out. Deo Vindice!

                  • Amen both to this comment and the one below…as Ive said here before many of my forebears died at the hand of this federal beast…I owe them the contempt and Ill keep flying my flag to show it!

          • OutWest-

            Yeah, but the real question is…did they swallow his bullshit like the herd animal demographics here do???

            -(excluding most of the SHTFplan crowd, of course)-

            • Doh!! — good point Hunter.

              I didn’t put two and two together
              when I saw all of the barf bags…..

              • LOL!!!! -(barf bags)-

          • OutWest.. I hear you. NGEO had a special about the speech named:

            “Audacity of Hope” and its effect on South Africa’s Cape Buffalo population. All safari hunts are now canceled in order to give the buffalos a chance and to distribute the natural resources equally.

          • Zero hedge has pics of Bathing Barry flirting with Cameron and some dutchess. The big dyke Mooshell is giving him the looks can kill stare. You have to go look at them and post a link. (I dont know how and could care less).

            • Gone under-

              The moose-piece is actually a (female Chewbacca? sp?) WOOKIE that’s been dipped in tankful of “NAIR” (hair remover)..!!!!!!

              BAWK is in for a serious ass-whuppin’ when he boards AF #1, methinks!

            • @ gone under – Michael Savage was all over that topic tonight. Obama showed Poor protocol at the funeral, grinning and yukking it up with British Prime Minister Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt with a cell phone being held by Barry and aimed at all of them for a picture. Another stellar moment by Barry Obama. (eye roll and I am being sarcastic)

              • Mandela sadly was too old when he was released to finish the job he and countless un named brave souls started. Would that each of us here if ever we are ever tested to such a degree would rise to the challenge with as much integrity, strength and love as this man did.

                His truth and reconcilliation commission prevented a genocide BUT allowed those evil parasitic tribe members to carry on their wholesale exploitation of South Africa’s resources unchallenged.

                It also allowed for the next generation of leadership to be infiltrated in the usual manner by the parasites. There was no adequate succession planning to ensure the uncorruptable would reach leadership positions. For this ommission the whole nation has suffered.

                This oversight sadly means that there will be a purging (Russia Today is correct). Many, many innocent lives will be lost as the sociopathic tribe members camouflage themselves by blending into the white community, just as they allowed the jews to be their scapegoats in Hitlers Germany. If you do not believe me, then play a quick game of follow the money to reveal which group yields the most power and control in today’s South Africa. It is that same group that ruled the roost in the demonic days of Apartheid, and that has infiltrated the power structures of Western nations.

                I am old enough to have watched my parents foster ANC child refugees and to remember when Mandela was considered beyond the pale by the same class of people that now pretend to honor him. One child would be sent to London, another to Moscow by their parents in the desperate hope that one would remain alive. The loneliness these children faced was awful. My son’s best friend is from a white family that have fled the coming troubles that are due to hit South Africa. It is so sad to see the current generation of leaders allow themselves to become so corrupted that this has become necessary for so many families.

                The likes of Obama have no place or moral right to comment publicly on a man who devoted his whole life to the freedom of us all. I find it so insulting, that so many world leaders who have done everything they can to support the Satanic elements in South Africa would DARE tarnish this humble Godly man’s memory.It makes me very, very angry, and reminds me that Satan feels no shame.

                • Lonelonmum, uh, I don’t know where you’ve been, but Nelson and Winnie Mandela were both members of the South African Communist Party and were murdering thugs. They were part of the ‘satanic elements’ in South Africa you refer to. They were not fighting for freedom. It is WHITE people who face genocide in SA, NOT black people.

                  • The ANC got infiltrated by the same evil so & so’s that were behind Russia’s purge, Hitler’s holocaust, and teh holomodor in the US (noone talks about those that died of hunger during the US depression). The same key players still own the mines and other key national resources that owned it during apartheid. All that has changed is the colour of the puppet used as front men. Bit like that Obama bloke you guys got in charge now huh?

                    Effectively Blacks in South Africa won a single battle but ultimately lost they have lost the war, betrayed from within their own ranks. This has happened too in the US – can you honestly say that your politicians represent “we the people”? If you believe that then the Western World truly is in trouble.

                    Watch what the left hand is doing while the right one distracts you. The sales Obama has made of your national assets this week are on a historic level, as was the world trade agreement.

                    White Caucasian people face genocide in South Africa, just as they did in Russia. The Koi San and other groups indigeneous are also at major risk with their water rights in South Africa and Botswana being denied them. The indigenous have fighting genocide from the time of the Bantu invasion – what’s new?

                    The shadow tribe however are facing no risk at all as they sit counting their profits from gold, diamonds, rare earths pillaged from South Africa just as they have done for the last century or two.

        • Just make sure your flag is at half mast, mumble something about his greatness, and you’ll be OK.

          • National flags should be at half mast and everyone should be in mourning.

            The announcement of Mandela’s death was used to slip a new world trade agreement past the attention of the masses. (Hint read it – we get screwed over!)

            His funeral is now being used by Obama to sell off many of the USA’s natural resources and assets to the highest foreign bidder. Public wealth (land, mineral rights, etc etc) is being sneakily siphoned off into the hands of the elite.

            The people are so predjudiced due to the propoganda machine that surrounds Mandela that once again the elite get to commit a wholesale theft & pillage of a nation or several without any resistance.

            SMOKE & MIRRORS!

            The whole “Mandela Mourning” fiasco is a smokescreen that allows the elite to meet publicly face to face and move the destruction of humanity and the implementation of the global plantation one step further forward. They hated Mandela as for YEARS he and the organisation for which he was the figurehead bravely blocked their path.

            It’s their revenge upon him to use his very funeral to do their dastardly deeds. (What is happening reminds me of ceremonies where the crucfix is displayed upside down). The elite HATED Mandela when he was alive and they now think to coopt his legacy now that he is dead for their own nefarious ends.

      19. Many people simply under estimate the tragic effects of a large X-Class Flare or CME. Our Magnetosphere is what helps protects the planet from the ionizing UV radiation from the Sun. A large enough hit collapses the magnetosphere/ozone layer and nasty UV ours in. This actually happens more than you may know.

        With a big enough hit it will collapse…and not recover for a long time. During that time the surface of the Earth is one big microwave oven and cooking everything. Better get your 5 gallon bucket of sunblock 2 million out, you are gonna need it.

        NOW do you understand why they built all the underground facilities and bases? Funny how movies foreshadow what is to come. The Nicholas Cage movie ‘Knowing’ comes to mind. Speaking of knowing- I really hate knowing some things.

        • Socrates – I have a theory.

          It’s somehow part of the Satanic Cult’s devotional ritual requires that before they instigate some new abomination upon humanity they must first reveal to us their plans. If we do not object then they are good to go!

          Their key medium for doing this seems to be via Hollywood, though if we look at the personal connections of some fiction writers we can see that warnings are also issued via this method. (huxley,orwell etc). Film is the preferred medium as so many of us are functionally illiterate and do not read. I may be they also use computer games nowadays, so for this reason I keep an eye on new releases.

          It’s just a theory, but its one that several teens on my old estate back in Londistan seemed to agree with, after watching the Hunger Games. I pray they were wrong and that film was not a premonition of times to come, but even in my most optimistic moments I doubt it.

          It is not a theory I have delved into too deeply as to study pure evil too closely means you run the risk of being corrupted by it. I dare not take that risk with my soul. However it would interest me to know if others on this forum have ever pondered over the same thing from time to time.

          • -lonelonmum

            That is actually a plausible theory. Remember the saying that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve”. This corroborates the connection between thought and action. Almost all actions start as thoughts first before they come to fruition. It is also said that evil cannot propagate action without corrupting the thought processes of the mind first. As you think, so you do. As you do, so it comes to pass.

            I have seen terrible technologies and weapons come to pass that started simply as a thought, which later became an idea and then an element in some book or movie. Some time later it becomes real and not just a work of fiction.

            I myself have had to discard many of my ‘novel’ ideas and inventions (of which there are many)could have easily been used for harm rather than good. Just because man can, does not mean they should. Einstein was faced with this harsh reality later in life when he realized the trap of the atom bomb and regretted it until his death.

            Moral of the story: When an idea ‘pops’ into your head you always have to question it, like everything in life.

      20. National Academy of Sciences estimates that of the 2100 major transformers in the USA, about 365 would be knocked out by a worst case CME. That is not a total lights out.

        A CME hitting the Earth is still like hitting a fly with a bullet at 1000 yards.

        A Carrington Event, in other words a full blown CME that hits the Earth, occurs about once every 500 years. The last one was 154 years ago. The chances of one hitting the Earth is about 7% per year.

        • Um, not seven percent, I think. Maybe 0.7 percent?

          • You are correct. I was in error due to typing too fast off of the top of my head. Yes, the according to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the chances of being hit by a CME is 7% in the next decade, not per year.

      21. Why am I not surprised that our elected officials are not preparing for this with backup electrical generators, transformers, or whatever you call them? I’m sure they’re expending all of their energies lining their pockets with all of the wealth that the steal! I hope that their jesus believes in retribution

        • Oh, they are, they most certainly are. But you and I won’t be allowed into that bunker.

          • Old Coach…. Bunkers can be penetrated.

            • Problem is that they wont be hiding from us. They are going to be hiding from a war, plague, or space disaster. Which means most of us will be dead.

      22. hmm… “Your comment is awaiting Moderation”

        And then it just disappears?

        Mac -I’m emailing you, something is not right in moderation land. (2 days in a row now).

        • Socrates-

          Several folks here, encounter the same!

          ..I guess we have to grin and bare it.

 it a small dose of cyber-hemlock.

      23. We’ve had freezing temperatures around here off and on over the last couple weeks. Despite that, the Spinach, Collards, Cabbage, Shallots, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, Beets, Mustard Greens, Broccoli and Brussel sprouts all did just fine. Had to cover the peas, Swiss Chard and Kale but they did ok just got a little frost burn. Don’t think a Solar flare “kill shot” will bother me one bit… I have thousands of books to read and don’t care much for TV. We’ll still have our corn bread, Collard greens and bone soup. Lip smackin good!! If I can find a Possum next week, I might have a big pot of sweet potatoes and possum for Christmas. There’s an unspoken message here so all you whippersnappers better listen up. Get a few tools and git out there and start you self a nice garden before SHTF. Make you some corn likker and stay locked and loaded. I made some golden dynamite awhile back. Nastiest tasting stuff I ever had but it would knock your socks off (you might have to mix in a little JD to soften it up.) Used fresh ground yellow corn, distillers yeast and lots of sugar. Kept adding small amounts of yeast and yeast energizer and a whole lot of sugar every week after the first two weeks. It fermented and bubbled madly from the first of August till the final rack in the middle of October. You can probably guess why it’s called golden dynamite especially if you use a high alcohol tolerant yeast. I would still rather drink store bought likker, this stuff is for emergencies in case the store doesn’t have anything.

        • …had below zero here a few nights back and the kale looks just fine…that’s one tough weed 🙂

        • Sounds good ..but id rather just likker.

        • This is a UK based site, but the varieties of winter veg I’ve tried from here have all performed as per the site’s claims.

          If you get bored with Kale perhaps you could look up some of the varieties mentioned and see if you can find a local source of seeds.

          It’s also got some really nice free instructions for new preppers on how to seed save, including which plants cross fertilise so ruining the next generation if you don’t take appropriate precautions.

          I’m keen on root veg as it doesn’t scream “food” to potential thieves and many varieties can be kept in the ground until they are ready for the pot. This saves storage space.

          This time of year is a good one for researching new gardening methods and plant strains to try out come spring. Looking through seed catalogues is a fun way to pass the winter away. For my climate slug control is a subject I keep coming back to, as I loathe the things & they’ve destroyed many a crop of mine through the years.

          I have yet to work out how to propagate slug eating plants (native to Scotland) but I’m determined to crack this one as it seems the best long term solution. (pest & vermin control pellets etc won’t be available after shtf)

      24. How will BHO take a selfie with the Danish prime minister??

      25. I’ll probably be dead before the big earthquake, an EMP by China, or solar flare destroys the grid. However, it would be prudent to prepare for anything. If someone ever invents a device to explode all hemorroids at once, I’m doomed.

        • I probably will be dead, too, but I’m praying that someone will have a time machine that will bring me back so I can enjoy the fun.

      26. Right now worrying about an CME that did not hit us is the least of our concerns.

        Cannot reach out and stop it from happening it it does.

        All part of your SHTF plan, be prepared as best as you can.

        Can’t have a fix for everything.

        Will it happen in the future, yes it will according to Biblical scripture, revelation 16.8-9 That the fourth angel poured his bowl into the sun was allowed(given power to) to scorch men with fire(also women, let us not forget them) verse 9 goes on to say that men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues and they did not repent to give him glory….

        Apparently there will be a harsh CME to hit the earth and the protective layers/gases around the earth will not be able to protect us.

        We live in a world of change….

      27. “…Congressional Homeland Security Committee recently warned that there is a 100% Chance of a Severe Geo-Magnetic Event Capable of Crippling Our Electric Grid.”

        Exactly how much experience in dealing with severe geo-magnetic events does this committee have? Must be quite a bit to be able to guarantee to 100% the occurance of a future event. How would they know this unless they will be triggering this event themselves?

        • The says…..if “Congressional Homeland Security Committee” is the source….don’t lose sleep over it.

        • Gotcha! Some folks I know wild say ‘they wouldn’t do that’. I say of course they would. I’m always referring folks to James Bamfords books on the NSA and history of false flags. Sme folks do show interest.

      28. Most here think this is a joke or minimize the situation. This will happen someday!!

        The cme does not go out as a fine point of energy. It covers a much wider area than most are giving it credit. Thus increasing the odds of it hitting a certain spot in space. Granted, a glancing blow is not as bad as a direct straight on hit, but no-one knows anything for sure until it occurs.

        AND, it musn’t be taken lightly. Why do you prep, have insurance, wear a seat belt or helmet (ok, bad example)..

        Everyone needs to be thinking, what will I do when the generators at the nuke plant run out of fuel?

        When the neighbors and friends kids are at the door hungry?

        When a group wants what I have and throws a molotov on the roof?

        molon labe

      29. Ok,,,,
        So the lights are out, anything electrical is fried, most solar that was grid tied is also fried, stuffs burning here n there, some cars run some dont, people are starting to freak out, you live in the burbs outside of a big city, so far everybody in your hood is dealing ok, figuring out whats going on, cranking up the bbqs, etc…..
        What is your first thing you will do?
        Where is your family?
        Where are you?
        Know what to do with your perishables?
        Lots to think about,

        • 1- Secure my family
          2- Get to the Sheriff’s Office to help out
          3- Organize watches for my neighborhood
          4- Pour two fingers of Grand Marnier

          • …and I have big fingers.

            • ….especially when they are pointing down, SS. lol

      30. Not this again, how come no one talks about nuclear power plants melting down everywhere,I know you as well as me would like to survive something like an EMP or solar flare with all our preps but this is a ELE. Extinction Level Event. Not to be a stick in the mud but you all know we are toast! A green thumb will show you know I’m right, a red thumb shows you are in denial! And that’s all I got to say about this subject.

      31. Search on “ORNL EMP” –should give enough technical source info on potential grid failures to satisfy anyone. Technical papers & studies have been done, and EPRI has even exercised loss of large transformers in coop with FEMA / DHS…

        • Did you used to work at ORNL? I used to live in OR.

          • Yep. Spent time at the “Y” also. Sure miss ET.

      32. if such a disaster ever happens it will be a disaster caused by corrupt government people, the pro government media will blame the sun, god set up checks and balances to protect us.

      33. President Nixon: I bugged just two buildings and was impeached.

        President Obama: I’m bugging the whole nation and you idiots still love me.

        • old Vet….Nixon didn’t mass produced EBTs nor gave away free phones.

      34. I just keep pulling the handel on the Dillon 650,pumpin out quailty ammo, and keep buying componets allong with everything else.

        • 550B here!
          10 thumbs up!

      35. Any mega SHTF, the real problems start afterwards with disease. So few people understand how to curb bacteria from getting into the food and water supply after all of it comes down. Look at how many people get sick now (before SHTF) just because they don’t take the basic precautions of washing their hands with soap and water. People don;t cook meats enough to kill pathogens. They don’t treat raw meat as dangerous and use the same cutting board, knives, etc. to cut up vegeatables that are not cooked. People now don’t even more away from someone coughing like they have TB because it might offend person. God help people when there are no antibiotics or treatments after SHTF.

        I cannot stress enough hand awareness now and after SHTF. I tell children and adults this. Imagine that you have little germs crawling on your hands like ants and maggots. Wash them down the drain. Also disinfect the water handles after doing so, anything you touch. It sounds crazy but it works, and after SHTF from an EMP or whatever other disaster it can save a person’s life.

        • Excellent point. I think I’ll prep 5 gal. of hand sanitizer. I try to keep soap stockpiled but we keep using it up.

          • The hand sanitizer is a real good product, good for a bug bag too, been picking up Action Wipes for emergencies too, can google them, excellent product for keeping sanitary,,

            • Also another good use for that moonshine discussed earlier. Germs also cause cavities.

          • SilverSax-

            Hand Sanitizer has its uses, but also a limited shelf life. Good to have some, but money is better spent on-

            -70% Isopropyl alcohol. Get the higher 91% if you can. (Walgreens has it). Great for not only disinfecting surfaces, objects like doorknobs, handles but also medical devices, tools, others. I have yet to see ordinary germs that can survive 91% ISO. BTW- that is the main ingredient in ANY hand sanitizer.

            -Hydrogen Peroxide- Great for surface flooding of skin (not deep cuts though).

            -Iodine- Also a medical necessity. Many overlook this in their field kits or paramedic kits.

            -Hand Held UV wand- This is a must have as you can not only sterilize germs on surfaces, but on foodstuffs and fruits, etc. Remember, simple washing of most fruits and vegetables does *not* kill Salmonella or Listeria, both of which can kill you. With a good UV wand at least you have a chance!

            Also- most procedures only *sterilize* germs to keep them from reproducing in your wounds or body. That’s what UV lights do and you can even treat small amounts of water if need be.

            This is repeat stuff for the regulars here, but just throwing it out there for any newcomers who just took the red pill and escaped from the Matrix.

          • I have several containers in all baths, vehicles, and my BOB, purse/carry bag and the refills are gallon containers.

          • Learn to manufacture soap using lye produced from your fire’s wood ash.

            It’s actually a much, much easier a process than people think (recipes can be googled). As I tell my son though, you MUST wear decent eye protection and leather gloves at all stages of the process.

            Soap is safe enough to make in the crock pot or haybox. Thyme is a crazily easy herb to grow and it contains many disinfectant properties. Add it to your home made soaps.

            The commercial hygiene products may not always be there. That won’t reduce the long term need and desire to keep clean though.

        • That brings to mind another couple of items I don’t want to do without – Lava hand soap and GoJo hand cleaner.

          • A product that will help protect from germs is CHG….
            chlorhexidine glunoate surgical scrub….you never know when that nasty flu is going to mutate…

        • I get what youre saying about raw meat etc.. however, constantly washing hands, and using hand sanitizer (simply because a little bit of dirt) will just cripple you. Your immune system has to constantly fight, in order to stay constantly strong.
          This is why, children who grow up with dogs in the house, have less allergies and are less often sick. Dogs make children’s immune systems work hard. same applies for us. stay dirty, let your body work.

      36. Now would be a great time for a Mass Ejection. Obullshit is in S. Africa. It would be our luck he could get back to the US. Oh well just a nice idea!!!

        All you folks on this site are being told what we already know. The Sun can burp and the lights will go out. I would think that 99.9999% of us are ready for something like that. I just hope it warms up a little her in central Illinois if it happens in the next couple days.

        Can you folks just think how the Zombies and Leaches are going to respond to no lights. Too bad we won’t be able to watch these clowns running up and down the streets. Talk about reality TV.

        Just keep Praying and Prepping. Keep in touch with your family, friends and groups.

        Aim Small Miss Small

        • I wish someone would wack AF1 with a SAM
          Be the cumuppins that prick deserves.

        • Sgt. Dale — a coronal mass ejection
          is whenever obama takes a shit.

        • What are they going to do with all the criminals? Will they let them out of prison to fend for themselves?

          • NO good answer, But consider this. Your a guard at the prison, you know the inmates, your wife and kids live 5 miles away. Which is more likely. you turn them all lose or you super glue the doors shut?

            • Personally, I would use the prison bus to drop them off in DC, Georgetown, and other hot beds of intelligence.

      37. We’d of been one big microwave oven(not)

      38. Before you start watching a hundred vids on Solar Flares understand that the Carrington event (when a flare took out the grid 100 years ago) that was an X25 Flare and the technology was shit. That’s a huge flare BTW.

      39. Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other Public Official.

        Theodore Roosevelt

      40. Iran pushes for Saudi isolation in the Gulf amid military buildup in Hormuz

        DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly Dec 10, 2013, 10:03 PM (IDT)
        Tehran wins two key Gulf emirates away from their close alignment with Saudi Arabia by two steps: Consent to discuss the future of three islands claimed by the UAE in the Strait of Hormuz; and the conspicuous absence of Oman’s Sultan Qaboos from the GCC summit in Kuwait this week. The Saudis were prevented from passing anti-Iranian measures, which must be unanimous under GCC rules, and were therefore isolated. The Obama administration’s silence – even when Iran posted assault aircraft on a Hormuz island – resounded across the region.

        • Glad to see someone else reads debka. I thought I was the only one.

      41. @ Socrates. I know that bleach also has a limited shelf life, but it is cheap in bulk. I don’t even fool around with fruits like avocadoes, cataloupes, and others, they get a “bleach bath” before being throughly rinsed off. I use about a 9 to 1 water to bleach ratio like the health department recommends. Bleach kills just about everything from bacteria to viral. The Noro-virus is an extremely difficult to kill stomach bug that doesn’t stand a chance around bleach water. Comet has bleach in it and I use this throughly when handling any raw meat. One of those typical gallon jugs of bleach that run between about $3 to $4 will make 9 gallons of bleach water to sterlize a lot.

        Many years ago I got real sick from fruit and ever since then I will not eat something unless it has been washed throughly. Cooking items enough is essential and something people often don’t get a high enough temperature for. I have known people that leave the holiday turkey pink and don’t even get it up to 185 degrees F and then complain about getting the stomach flu from being in crowds. I always go 190 or above to just make sure.

        I still say the absolute best way of killing pathogens with very limited amounts of supplies is boil it. Larger amounts of water I would not trust with an UV. It is just me, but I am so paranoid about germs that I would first filter water, then use UV, and then boil it. Giardia is something that spooks me, and when we use to go camping I was laughed at for boiling the water before drinking it. Everyone else did not get sick, but that was a hit and miss in my opinion.

        I also get critized for cooking food the old fashioned way in an oven at high temperatures. I have known a few people that have “attempted” to microwave raw foods and gotten sick from this. I guess the microwaves did not penetrate deep enough to kill whatever was in the food. Heat and pressure kills deadly germs. Remember those idiotic students that wanted to ban pressure cookers because of the Boston bombings? I could not even begin to fathom the utter stupidity of this in regards to the tens of millions of people that can foods.

        This is a subject that deserves massive prepper/survivalist coverage on, germ safety after SHTF. So many people I know fail to take that extra step in preventing getting sick. Not just from the flu, but basic hand washing and knowing what you eat is safe. It grosses me out to think of all the people I know that have gone to these “polished” fast food places to eat and gotten real sick because the people handling the food are too retarded and too lazy to throughly wash their hands after wiping their asses in the bathroom.

        An ounce of prevention prevents a ton of misery.

        I don’t even get food like this ever. Besides these foods are filled full of chemicals anyway that are bad for a person and EXPENSIVE as hell for what someone gets. One fast food outing could buy at least 3 days of canned food or several home prepared meals. Practicality and good common horse sense sure is becoming a rare commodity isn’t it?

        • You can also use pottasium permagenate. It is also a oxidizer like clorox, which should be stored in a cool dark vented space to avoid off gasing. Pottasium permagenate will dye everything purple brown in color including your hands and is highly concentrated. It is used in iron filter systems to remove iron from a green sand media based filter. Dont forget to stock up on borax too.

      42. Hello everyone.
        I should introduce myself as this is my third or fourth comment.
        My name is Doug, i’m in my 40s and I live in Australia.
        I’m married with kids, the oldest is younger than 10.
        Unfortunately we lost everything in the GFC- and in the last couple of years my neck and back have announced their refusal to play well with me anymore.
        Been off work for a time and I’m out of sick leave, holiday pay and savings now.
        Making ends meet is getting trickier, i’m at the point where I’ll have to put in an application for sickness benefits this week.
        If I won lotto tomorrow i’d be buying a hobby farm somewhere in this beautiful country, grow me some blueberries.

        Good article. Wouldn’t the shit hit the fan if every fridge in the world suddenly turned off for the long term? Have a look at youtube and search “sun ufo”.

        On a sad note, more factories closing down in Australia:

        Grow food and stack milk.

        • Welcome…to another down under 🙂 glad to have you…the more the merrier!

      43. wow
        what a great piece

        May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor – Part 1: The Reaping

        “Deep within the volcano the pressure is building again as the mood of the country darkens. It will blow again and the economic, social, political and military distress will catalyze into a catastrophic emergency that will tear the fabric of the country asunder. The existing social order will be swept away and replaced by a new paradigm which could be better or far worse.”

      44. The squirrels just aren’t listening today.

      45. No disrespect to anyone, but no one is an expert at what’s to come. While all of us have something’s we’re really good at and something’s we’re not, it’s best to just keep doing what we’re doing. Prep, practice and pray. All of us here are light years ahead of the sleeping sheeple. It’s good to have constructive conversation while on here. Bickering is of no use. I’ve picked up many of tips from most of you in my preparations. There won’t be just one event. We all pretty much know there will be multiple events in a row or combined. God bless you all and keep up what you’re doing. Mailguy out

      46. The elite have always known this will happen. They would see such an event as a bonus: it would mean there would be a window of opportunity to deplete the world’s population before the grid comes back online.

        Safe-T ‘tunnels’ and ‘corridors of safety’ are already in place and the elite will be escorted through these to the bunkers and safe zones. Once inside, they will wait out the depopulation event before coming back out. See World War Z for the best approximate of what will happen.

      47. from the Daily Sheeple

        Yellowstone Super-Volcano is FAR Bigger Than Previously Thought

        “A new study that will be presented at the American Geophysical Fall Meeting will show that the Yellowstone super-volcano is about two and a half times larger than previously thought.

        The University of Utah team found that the magma chamber is some 55 miles long, and it contains up to 600 cubic kilometers of molten rock. If even a third of that volume erupted at Yellowstone we would be facing a global disaster.”

      48. You actually think that criminals will obey Gun Control Laws?

        If you do, you’re a SPECIAL KIND of STUPID aren’t you.

      49. Saudi military delegation in Israel this week

        DEBKAfile December 11, 2013, 11:21 AM (GMT+02:00)
        According to news sources in London and Iran, a high-ranking Saudi military delegation visited Jerusalem in the last few days and met IDF and intelligence chiefs. Deputy Defense Minister Prince Salman bin Sultan, brother of intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, reportedly headed the delegation and was taken on a tour of Israeli military bases. No confirmation of these reports has come from any official source.

      50. That’s it…….I am wrapping myself in tin foil and moving into the cellar!

      51. governments and language
        gotta watch those bastards

        China “Fixes” Pollution Problem… By Raising Danger Threshold

        When All Else Fails, Change The Rules: Japan Increases Maximum “Safe” Radiation Dose Allowed For Nuclear Workers By 150% To Near-Chernobyl Levels

        and ketchup is a vegetable
        and a tax increase is just “revenue enhancement”

        • funny you posted this, I just posted a you tube ad on the PS10 and PS15 cross bows..these suckers are deadly accurate and will do some serious QUIET damage

          stealth at its best

          • Im looking to get a TAC 15, have a single shot AR lower with an ace stock that i think would be perfect,, better kinetic numbers than my PAE Revenge compound and shooting off a bipod in a stand at close range will be pretty much fool proof!

            • yep, dam nice equipment, I’ll be moving up from my compound bow to one of these real soon

          • PSE TAC 10 or TAC 15 is what I ment

            • Damn keyboard, !! Flat finger

              • of my co-workers has over 2,000$ into his PSE TAC15


                • Easy base unit 1200+
                  AR lower 150-300+
                  Buttstock 60-150
                  Trigger group 50-200
                  Bolts for bow 86per 6-skys the limit
                  Custom paint ????

        • Kula I love bows and that is what I prefer to hunt with, always hate to see gun season open, but have you ever tried to shoot a bow from cover? May be the best way to harvest food in a quite manner or even rain down arrows on a night raid against an enemy encampment. But sure would hate to try an use a bow against a combatant wearing body armor. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • I hear you, unless the arrow had a stick of dinomite strapped to it!
            Gotta design exploding arrows that use rifle primers and gunpowder in a metal case that frags

      52. Think they will steal your IRA , beat you to death for J walking, hyper inflate the currency into worthlessness before or after the lights go out?

      53. Actually,…
        There are two types of E.M.P.s, the most dangerous is the man-made pulses. These can fry electronics, and vehicle ignition systems, as well as the big power station transformers over a vast area. Solar E.M.P.s can cause considerable harm, but the effects will be far less pervasive. In some cases houses can catch fire due to the surge in the power grid, with all electronics being fried, but the house next door may suffer little if any damage. And, yes, a solar flare can bring down portions of the power grid, but chances are that some power producers will fail, and some won’t. It’s all about the percentage of power companies affected that will determine how catastrophic the event is. There’s just no way to predict this.
        Right now the solar max cycle is behaving very strangely. The predicted massive uptick in flare activity just hasn’t happened. It’s got the big heads mystified. May have to do with the Sun’s magnetic pole flipping, which it is, and which it does on a regular cycle. (You’ve likely lived through this before).
        Sure, add E.M.P. to your other list of things to prepare against, but it’s not something to totally obsessed about. Add it to concerns about a new deadly strain of flu that’s broken out in Hong Kong, or the likelihood that the Stock Market Bubble going on right now will burst and totally crash the economy. What I’m advising is don’t limit you prepping to just one worry.

      54. All this is fine – except that the sun has entered into a very quiet state.

      55. Maybe you can explain to me why the a-holes in Washington aren’t doing anything about this and other potential threats to our infrastructure. Is it possible its because they have so F’ed up the economy over the last 40 years that they are economically paralyzed. These so-called leaders in my mind should be charged with crimes against humanity either through incompetence or through deliberate intent; and should receive the equivalent punishment.

      56. I have long thought the EMP/CME possibility is quite likely and have noticed that most prognostications get some of it quite wrong? The idea that it takes 12 to 18 months to build or get another transformer is completely ludicrous. Why ? Because it would take power to build any parts no matter where they were manufactured ? And all the food supply would be gone in a few days, so an estimate of 12 months to 18 months is kind of absurd actually. So what happens when all the food supply is gone in 3 to 5 days or so? Will All the people on freebies and the illegal aliens just play nice and be good citizens or will they try to take whatever they can ? The scenario I mention is definitely quite real and I have no idea why anybody would think there will be a 12 or 18 month grace period and all will be resolved ? It won’t happen that way at all. Many people will die within 30 days and many will simply go ballistic as all the freebies are not available from big sis. It will be far worse than this article estimates.

      57. Major , I completely agree and it is even worse than you represent/claim !

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